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Necessary steps to adopting a digital first business mindset  - THR1079

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So, my name is Tracy I'm all the way from South Africa it's an absolute, absolute, pleasure and I'm, so fortunate to be young, thanks. For joining me, I had the session on Monday as well I had quite a nice crowd then as well and, I've. Got some cool stuff that I want to share with you which are things going to change the way that you think about tick maybe and about. People so. My session, is about a digital, business, mindset. And. I can promise you if you thought you were going to come to my session I was going to give you a link to a PDF that you download, you'd fill it in and then you have a digital first, business, mindset nope. It's not going to happen that's, also not how you get governance, and that's also not how you get change management by the way so, that's how you install that in your company it's not going to not, going to be successful that's not how we do these things a digital. First business mindset, is. Changing. Cultures. Okay. Whatever we've done in the last 20 years who's, working in companies, where they've had amazing, user adoption hands, up. So. Apparently what we did the last 20 years didn't, work am. I right that, didn't work so that means and I'm sure, it was a if, someone puts it on Facebook it's gonna be illegal but I don't, even know who said it you know Einstein. Most, probably if you. Want to achieve different, results you have to do different things so we. Have to completely change, the way that, we roll out apps and things and our companies we can't do it this way anymore it's got to be completely different so. My session is about a digital first business, mindset, it's about cultures, it's, about how we treat employees, it's about how we help people adopt. Technology. Because, whatever you. Think, your purpose, and life is if you. Want to call it consumption. If you. Want to say that you want to point to a graph in the user adoption stack, and power bi and the numbers have to be up at the, end of the day the only thing we want to achieve is. Happy. Users, who are efficient, and effective using, the apps and services that we've rolled out in the company, if you. Don't think that your purse or your your purpose, start, lying and saying it so that people can believe it, don't. Say. We want people to use teams so that people, use teams.

How. Much is that gonna help you, so. If we look at what are we going to cover today. Where's. My oxide screen. Can. You get that for me there you, know the bigger, one, does it not gonna come up I. Can't. Even read that small my man. One. Momento. You. Can go back to it if it's an issue we can go back to it's fine okay. So. I am going to talk about the evolution, of how we use technology in, short. Terms I, call. It the evolution of finding stuff so that's very very important, to me I am, gonna talk about digital literacy, and training I was, fortunate last year it ignites as well to talk about this anyone yeah that's ever been in any of my sessions and. You. Came back and you, all the way from South Africa came back as well oh by the way is there anyone in here that has birthdays today. I was just wondering anyone you have a birthday today, happy. Birthday, cupcake. Okay. So digital. Literacy and training I want to speak about citizen. Developers, which kind of like flows through all of these little things diversity. Roles, and responsibilities. Which is very important, to me and then, I'm going to wrap up with company culture, you wanted a quick win right you wanted me to start this so that you can leave in five minutes oh these are PDF link great sorted, is that what you want to do now is I'm gonna work like that okay, the. Evolution, of how we use technology this. Is this is quite an interesting little thing and, and. I'm, definitely passionate, about this for. Years and years up in training and every now and then I'll see the same students, come back to my training. So. At first I drank a lot of wine that some, soul-searching. Figure. Out am i bad trainer and then I thought I don't think it's that I would ask them why are you back in my training, well that's for a refresher course I'm like I'm not a refresher, trainer, it's. Not what you do so. Why are they coming back to my training why do they come back to read or course that I've done a year ago or something with him okay so, photo doing serious research on, this and nothing. Fancy, pens cuz I do crazy pens not fancy pants okay. Crazy, pens is practical, fancy, pens is theory. So. There's a lot of research because I thought that there must be a psychological. Reason behind why, people, don't. Do so well with training forget about adopting, stuff, people, just don't, train well I mean what's up with it how can we not train people are we using the wrong trainers, should. Be training, bars I don't know how can we change this okay. So, I, came, up with this and I've got a blog site by the way if there's any of this detail that you want that's in the slide I've written so many articles about this and I've done so many videos, this. Is something, I then went and kind. Of designed, in my head the evolution, of finding, stuff this. Is going to be the biggest barrier, when it comes to your user adoption again, user, adoption, leads. To change in company. Culture you see where I'm going with us it's, not the quick route okay I'm going to take you the long way around so. For me the evolution, of finding, stuff works, like that, who. In this room and come on be honest with me I don't, know you so I'm not gonna go into it Peter. At 1 2 3 doesn't, put stuff on his day stop who, in this place here, put stuff on the day stops. You. Save stuff on your day stops, kind. Of now and then yeah. We call it temporary don't we but what do you consider temporary. So. The reason why we put stuff on our desktops, and let's. Also say that you put stuff on a desktop right not Tracy which, is this so. Listen, when she goes on holiday okay, um what. Car do you have Liz a. Car. Honda. I'm like what the hell. Whoo. That was low so Hondo. Okay, I heard. Anna I'm like not, the name of the gone man. Honda so when Liz goes on holiday, she doesn't pack anything and I remember Monday I asked this question because in South Africa we call it a boot the. Stuff where we packed our stuff in apparently. Yeah you call it a trunk in, South. Africa we put dead people and trunks I'm just putting that out there okay but Liz doesn't pack anything in a car's trunk she's, gonna put everything on a car's roof I'm. Gonna go hey Liz what's up, with us cupcake wise nothing, going in the car trunk and she's gonna say no no I'm gonna put everything on the roof and I'm gonna go no Liz that, stuff's gonna fall off babe and she's gonna go no no no I got, duct tape we're, gonna stick that stuff down so I'm gonna fall off and I'm not clear why do you put stuff on your car's roof because. When I'm driving I could. Put my hand out the window and find my favorite socks and my toothbrush. Because. If I can see stuff I can find it, that's. Why you put stuff in your day stuff. People. Put things on their day stops because when they can see it they can find, it when we get home at night we throw our keys on a little table they by the door because, kind of if you put it on a little cupboard you won't find it if.

I Can see it I know where it is people. Put stuff on their desktops, because they believe that if they can see it they can find, it okay the, second, part, of the evolution, of finding stuff is navigating. Who. Can give me example, of navigating, to stuff you're, all masters. At it. Folders. Double. Click double click double click double click double click double click second, folder double click if anyone. Changes a folder name or move the folder. Not. Gonna find it again because. You've got this little path that your brains both on how to get to that documents. 2018. March. Bob's, files, that, Mary reviewed, that's in draft mode and has been printed, on Monday. That's, how we save things and folders isn't it that's navigating, to stuff another, example, would, be and. I actually don't know how that works anymore if I had to press the Windows Start button Amish. Or the old round one that they used to be and you'd go start. Button. Control. Panel, or, something, printers. I don't know how to get there anymore I, don't. Or how do I get to my old settings or how do I get to my Wi-Fi settings, okay that's still navigating, to stuff people. Don't even know that they can press the windows button by the way, how. Many people here uses the windows button all the time to open apps and services I. Saw. Like 50% of the hands have. You got any idea how much that slows you down navigating. To stuff having shortcuts, on desktops, having, files on desktops slows you down now. You can tell me that I have no need to be super fast let, me remind you that ten years ago and I can see every one years millennial so I'll tell you a story out of my life ten, years ago I had departments. They would double, the size with. Half the amount of work so. I need to speed up or I, will be replaced by a robot it's gonna happen if I don't speed up not, gonna stay up to date so. We need to stop navigating, to stuff we, can't click through folders anymore, we can't go through shortcuts, anymore I'm. So listen I'm sorry DeeDee I'm ADHD. Which is in high definition I, mean that's much worse okay, when, I take my mouse down to the taskbar to start looking for something I see something else and I start doing that, all. Their, time it slows, you, down that's. An example of navigating, to stuff an, example. Of search, of course is using the windows button on your machine I. Want. To see if I can minimize this. Windows. D by the way windows D, windows. Button Excel. Enter. Open, I don't. Go navigate, and find a shortcut, or something if if. I went to the browser. Can. I use Google is that gonna be, yeah. Of. Course we use Google okay we're not giving a joke about this is there something wrong sweets is it okay sorry. Ducati Monster, it's gonna work a bit different than Bing but I'll show you 1. Million results or, I'm gonna so mess this up now with Bing oh it's. Not on the screen that's why sorry my sweets. Windows. Be sorry, I forgot. There. We go I am. Going to play exercise go, to Google. I'm. A biker chick lots of motorbikes, Ducati. Monster, 44. Million five, hundred thousand. Results that's in that's crazy right your. Users, what they do all day is create. Stuff search, for stuff find, stuff share, stuff that's the job description, of every single person out of twenty five thousand people at this conference I know. That. I'm looking for the, owners, manual for my 2016. 696. Rights of space, -. Wikipedia. Why. Do I take Wikipedia, out. Anyone. Because. Crazy pants wearing biker chick type, goals who drinks a lot of wine writes Wikipedia. Articles. Think, about that next time you go and say oh this is how I do open-heart surgery, okay. So Wikipedia. I take out of it I want. To 2016, documents, and I want a PDF.

44. Million five hundred thousand. Results. Seven. Hundred and fifty thousand, results this. Is what we should be teaching our users, is to search better am i right don't, come criteria, cuz shape point doesn't have a little button anymore to any filter on PDF so I'm not user -. We. Should be teaching people these things. Just. Go back to my presentation. That's. Fine. Wrong. Way around, oh sorry. There. We go so. That example, is, is. Searching. For stuff right you get where I'm going with us search, who. Can give me an example of discovery, that we experiencing, an IT today, what. Is the example of discovery. Can. Someone like speak that through. Spotify. True. Story so, I was in New York now for two days never been to New York so that was pretty cool and this is little stains you get on the corner of the streets called I think the Halal boys or something they, make these amazing schwarmann, type things, and I. Went there I had did not have data South Africans don't have data outside of the hotel door, no. Data okay I went, to this little stall I didn't, use a credit card we paid for cash I did not take a photo, I did not check in at the location, when, I got back to the hotel and my, wife I came up I got a please rate our service. From their low boys. That's. Discovery. My. Phone knows where I am people even when I don't. Another. Example, of discovery. Is office graph valve. Let. Me show you things that you're interested in let me show you people that you should be talking to let me show you files you might be interested, in right so, that's discovery, do, you know where your users, are still stuck we. Do you think your users are you earn this journey. About. There. Am. I right if you. Make Microsoft, teams more purple, they're not going to use it better, we've. Been pushing out apps for years and years that we think that if it's pretty enough they will use it better, they won't we, need to train our people them to take them through that path.

Very. Very important. It's. Not on the don't, you want to get up that other screen for me again please sweet so I can just do it yeah that's fine. Okay. So, digital literacy, and training I've already spoken about that is about training the basics, helping, people these, are statistics, that tells me that about 75%. Of my users are not PC literate they're. Not using the Windows patterns they're not searching correctly, they're not finding the right stuff again. We will be sharing this again I've written a lot of blogs on it so Tracy from the SCAF comm you'll get all this detail. That's. The biggest barrier to your user adoption people, are scared of this they're not using this correctly it's not about the cloud it's, this this. Is between you and them we. Need to get them to use this better so please think different about the training that you do and how, you roll that out something. Else I want you to remember is that you've learn new things you have to first unlearn, things. Something. That people at conferences, tell me a lot no. Not a lot I'm lying but they have it try, it you won't have a job soon and like what does that mean maybe. They know. Because. The training is going to become obsolete, once Microsoft, learns to be more intuitive like, Apple we weren't here to train people anymore mark really. Give. An example of that why would you say that because my two-year-old, little daughter I can give an iPad, to and she can use it which means iPads, are intuitive. I'm, not now sweetie your, two-year-old can use an iPad, because she's never worked indoors before she's. Never worked in office 2003. She's, never worked on Lotus Notes or in Lotus 1-2-3. Muscle. Memory that we build with other types of systems makes. Us resistant, to learning new ways of doing things the, lace systems, you've worked with the easier, it is to adopt new systems, don't. Throw away the old people, in your company like me we. Come with a lot of experience, we might be slower but. We have a lot of cool experience, we just have to be trained a little bit more to be helped because we have a lot of muscle, memory with other systems so, please remember that someone who's worked on a lot of systems is going to struggle to learn to new technologies. Citizen.

Developers. Citizen. Developers, is your new end-users, becoming power users, we, have to empower them and if we help them to become self-learners. Creative. Curious. They'll, be able to adopt the technologies, faster. You can't send someone a URL in an email and expect them to go figure something out we. Have to help them become soft, learners we, have to support them we have to give them environments, where they can learn the, important, thing about citizen, developers, is not giving, them access to. Power apps. It's. Also giving, them the right tools so, you might give them all the cool office365, stuff, to go do amazing, stuff you have to help them with the right tools. Just. Click this again so. When I talk about the right tools I talk about digital literacy these. Are the skills that everyone in your organization should. Have it's, digital, literacy, skills, be. More creative be, able to create content I've written a lot of white papers, and stuff like that about this as well with a lot of information, if we, help people be more empowered. In these different areas then. They'll understand, the technologies, that we deploying if you, explain, to people what. Each safety, is e. Safety. Is why you change your password regularly, each. Safety is keeping your safe when you browse East. Safety, is why we do exploration on links and onedrive a safety, is the passwords, we put on sways. Then. People understand, why we have those restrictions in place but they don't understand, they don't have their awareness and they don't have the need start. With digital, literacy campaigns, like this so. That your users can understand, the need. This. Is like serious power thank goodness I strapped. A Red Bull under everyone's seats. Roles. And responsibilities. Comes back to the citizen, developers. Training. Roles are going to change into more therapists. In the beginning believe it or not IT. Supports, gonna change into training roles IT. Support, should be training when someone finds for hope do, not fix their problem fix, them so they can fix their own problems that's training, that. Is the gift that keeps on giving by, the way stop. Paying for IT support, pay, for training it's. Different, to help people to help themselves and that. Brings me to company, culture as I wrap up, such. A cool thing by Peter Drucker is this culture, eats strategy for. Breakfast, and the, three main things in this of course is culture strategy. And capabilities. Capabilities. Is one of the strongest, pillars, when it comes to company, culture, and capabilities. Means. You. Have to allow, people, to be skilled, and empowered, this is such a beautiful, statement, fire, for such as well that talks about what the digital first, business. Mindset, is they did a whitepaper digital. Transformation. And Microsoft, you can go and look it up so, if you want to take a quick photo I'll just go up to the next slide and show you what they consider, the four core. Pillars, that help them digitally transform. They. Said if they empower employees if, they transform. Products, if they, optimize, optimize. Operations. And engage customers, they. Can be digitally transformed. This. Is very very important, and these people will do that for you, internally. But. Without this you're not gonna get it right people, this is very important, for me training is the biggest best thing you can do to, change your company culture and. That's. Me I've given you all the advice anymore. Everywhere. So that's. Me thank you very very very much I went a minute over sorry my sweetie, thank.

You So much please evaluate it I think you guys get reminders. On your apps thanks, for being in the session I've written articles about all of, these things Tracy. From disguise calm, lots. Of videos on YouTube you can go download them, inside was yours RN came you, can copy and paste my blogs and put it out in the company, I don't care as long as you can help people with it and I'm, Tracy VD is on Twitter as well if you want to follow me if you have questions to ask thank you very very much for being a have an awesome day at Microsoft, ignite.

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