My days in the coldest time - Winter in Sweden | Ep. 59

My days in the coldest time - Winter in Sweden | Ep. 59

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my first video of this new year. 2022. It's been a pretty rough winter so far But I finally begin to feel how my energy is coming back again. Before we jump into the present week here in the end of January I want to do a little recap of December.

My plan was to make a video to you before Christmas. But wow...December was really busy. And also, it was really cold here. For two months it was mostly over -20 degrees C outside.

And sometimes around -30 and 35- degrees C- And we had a lot of struggle keeping the house warm. I feel like I spent most of my December freezing and working. There wasn't much energy left for doing anything else. When I feel constantly cold I get very drained and feel a lack of energy.

But for next winter we really hope to get some things fixed on our house so that it will be easier to keep it warm. And December is the most busy month of the year when it comes to the work with our webshop. So we spent a lot of time here, in the old school in the nearby village.

Where we pack and ship all our jewelry. For two weeks we worked every day of the week until late in the evenings to make sure all the orders would be shipped so they would arrive to our customers before Christmas. It was a huge challenge, but we did our very best. And I am so thankful for Adrian and Marie who worked so hard this whole month. We can always count on them and that means so much for us.

It was an intense time and in the end we were so tried, but we also had so much fun during these weeks. I have the best team in the whole world. - Do you have anything you want to say today? - I'm tired and I'm busy. - Yeah...crazy, crazy days. - I'm so tired. - We will get through this.

- Yeah we get through it. - Wohoo! - Sexy! -Hey... - We are just happy - Can you allow us to be happy? - You can be happy...just not weird. - Safe journey. - It feels a bit sad.

- It's a bit sad...because - I don't know - I know what you mean - When you been working so hard for so long and then suddenly it's gone. - Yeah it's what? - What's life about now? - Well we can live again now! And then it got closer to Christmas And as always I try to squeeze in some baking and Christmas stuff in the last minute.

- I really feel like an "old housewife" now. - Yeah, with this cap on. - You go to work and I take care of this. - Go and chop some wood. - Yes I thought about that.

- Now it's time to do a healthy summer drink. - With berries from the summer. - This is called a "Saftmaja" in Swedish. - It's a thing you use to make drinks or juice or lemonade out of berries. - I have put in lingonberries and in the bottom there is... - Blueberries - So blueberries I have in the bottom.

- And then we have lingonberries and then... - This pile is a bit frozen still. - This is blackcurrant from our garden. - It has to melt down a little bit. - A big lump. - So before I start...because I have to put the lid on.

- It wont work yet. - So it got to stand here by the stove. - Rest a little bit.

- Johan can you hold the camera for once? - Oh my god this is the first time Johan is filming me. - Yeah...big moment. - I just want to show how this "Saftmaja" works - Because it's the most genius design. - Yea it's nice. - What you do is have this part first.

- It's like a bucket, you fill it with water. - Then you put this thing in. - Which is empty - Here is where all the juicy stuff is going to end up. - And then you put this thing in.

- It has holes in it. - When it starts boiling - The steam goes up here - And it takes out all the juice and nutritions from the berries - And it's going to come into this one. - And we don't add any sugar to this.

- We just pour it into plastic bottles so that we can put them into the freezer. - Because otherwise it would not last for so long. - this is directly from the forest. - Or maybe not's been in the freezer for some months. - This is from our garden - And the berries comes from the forest - I just love this with all my heart. - I'm going to make some nice and fresh juice now.

- Thank you for filming me. - How did you feel about it? - was ok. - You are not so much for filming and photographing? - No - It's not your thing? - No - You are more of being in front of the camera. - Yeah that's my talent. - Look at all the juice that we got from the berries. - Blood! - I feel like we are alchemists right now.

- Yeah - We are making something that no one in humanity has ever tasted. - So this is the result. - So many good bottles of fresh forest juice.

- I think this will keep us healthy this winter. - Good job! - Good job doggy! - It's super early in the morning. - Maybe 4.30 something. - And I've been awake almost the whole night.

- Because I've been on a "Award night" tonight. - Maybe it doesn't look like it - I'm sitting here in my pyjamas. - As some of you know I was nominated to the category of "Cinematography" in "Streamy Awards" - So tonight, the 11:th of December - Was the award night online. - I honestly didn't think I would win. - So I was just laying half asleep in the bed - Having the laptop beside me - Just so that I could kind of hear what was going on. - Yeah then I just saw...

- I saw a screen from one of my videos - and my name popping up. - I just got such an adrenaline kick. - My heart just started rushing because I couldn't believe it. - If you won you were suppose to send an acceptance speech video within 30 minutes. - So I just ran up trying to find something to wear.

- And then just trying to make a video really quick to say thank you. - I really didn't think I would win - But I did! - And I am so happy and so grateful for that. - I haven't even told Johan yet because he was sleeping beside me so I didn't want to wake him up. - I just ran down to the living room to record the acceptance speech video.

- And now I wanted to tell you as well. - So I think I will go to bed now - and hopefully get an hour or two of more sleep so I'm ready for the day. - But it's hard to fall asleep when you are very excited - And your brain is going like crazy because of happy thoughts. - I'm gonna go up and tell Johan.

- I won! - You did? December ended in the best way possible. Because one of the things that I'm most grateful for in 2021 Is that I got new friends for life. Friends that feels like a family to us now.

In my earlier video I shared when they came to visit us in October. And now some of them came back here in the end of December to celebrate New Year with us. We had a couple of wonderful days together. And of course we spent a lot of time in the water and in the sauna. - I'm gonna prepare tea for everybody. - Nice - Thank you 2021! And then a new year began.

And so far January has been very beautiful here. - So beautiful! - Do you see the light? - January...I love you! - Light... - Sun! - My body is just exploding with endorphins and everything good chemically. - Because of the light.

- The sun is back - The sun is rising higher for each day now. - And it just feels so good to get a real bright day - It's so quiet. - The only thing you can hear is... - That sound.

- That kind of cracking or shooting sound that you can hear is coming from the trees. - Yeah that sound. - That happens when it gets really cold quick. - And the trees kind of crack inside because of the cold. - The first winter that I lived here... - ... I actually thought it was someone shooting in the forest with a gun.

- Because it was so loud. - It can really be loud sometimes. - So I remember that I ran up to my grand uncle Tage, you know. - And I was like "There is someone shooting in the forest!" - I had no idea.

- I had never heard that sound before. - It's full moon tonight. - It's so almost looks like a sun. - And I love to be out and take photos and film when it's full moon because... - It's so easy to shoot/film in the night - If it wasn't for this strong moonlight I would not be able to record films as easy.

- Because that's really hard when its very dark. - I think it's around -15 degrees celsius right now. - So it's getting a little bit colder again. - It's been warm for a few days.

- But after this super cold winter -15 degrees feels ok. - We have had around -30... - Minus 34 as coldest...or maybe it was minus 36 one morning. - Thats really cold. - That's a lot of struggle with the house and everything.

- So minus 15...that's perfect. - That is like the perfect coldness because it's cold enough to make it really fresh and beautiful. - But it's not so cold that it drains me. - Because when it is around -25 and -30, my body goes into hibernation or something. - I actually don't deal with that kind of cold so good.

- I get very tired and I freeze a lot. - Like within my body. - My bones are freezing. - So when it is around -30 I dream about... - Spain! - A nice warm beach... - And maybe some...

- Flamenco! - But...minus 15 that's perfect. - Then I want to be here. - And no where else. - This time of the year... - It's hard to move anywhere else than from the road. - Because of the snow.

- But Nanook...he's a fighter. - Hey love - Good boy! - Hello! - Good evening! - It is Friday evening. - Around 9. - And it has become colder again. - It's almost minus 20 degrees outside right now. - I was going to my studio to do some evening work.

- But then I heard a noise outside. - A very familiar noise. - It's the ice! - I wouldn't say that the ice is singing - Because it doesn't sound like singing anymore. - It's more like a humming sound. - Usually the ice dosen't make any noise in the middle of the winter. - Only in the beginning of the winter.

- But now we had like a week with very warm weather. - So the surface of the ice melted a bit. - And now when it gets really cold again it's freezing. - So now it's actually making a lot of sounds again. - I brought my lantern. - Because I thought that would be so much more cozy than to bring the phone with the flashlight.

- I think this suits the situation much better - Don't you think? - And actually this lantern is giving off heat. - Like it's warming me a lot. - Okey we are getting closer to the ice now. - So the ice isn't really making any beautiful sounds right now because the sounds are so deep. - It's more like how your stomach sounds like...when you are hungry.

- And the reason to that is because the ice is so thick now. - The thicker the ice is, the deeper the sounds is. - So the most beautiful sounds you get from the ice when it is just about to grow in the beginning of the winter.

- When the ice is really, really thin. - Then you get these more singing sounds from it. (Footage from November 2021) - But I thought I would just record some sounds just for fun. - It's cold - It's really cold.

- Wow! - I've never heard the ice make this kind of noise. - Not so much as it is right now. - I'm just so fascinated by all this.

- The moon is rising over there. - It's a lot of stars. - I can't really show it so good on the camera. - I can make a time lapse with photos for you so you can see. - Maybe I can just put it in here. - And then this freezing temperature that makes so much noise in the nature.

- Like the trees...I can hear them from far away making these shooting sounds. - And the ice who's just...I don't know - It's a very strange sound.

- It's like a big whale under the ice. - Or maybe we are inside in the stomach of the whale. - That's how it sounds like.

- I just feel so lucky. - So, so lucky. - I'm sitting here out on the ice.

- All alone. - I have the whole lake all by myself. - There is no one around. - And I see the most beautiful night sky because there is no light pollution.

- Except from the moon. - When the moon is up you can see less stars. - But then the moonlight makes it really beautiful as well. - My heart... - It's really fascinating. - It's like everything comes to life.

- Everything is moving. - There is so much going on around me. - It's a little bit scary in a good way. - I think the ice was cracking right under me. - But don't worry I sit on very shallow water just by the edge. - So I'm not taking any risks.

- It's getting really cold. - But I almost feel like I'm spellbound by these things going on here. - I could just sit here and listen. - But I think I should actually get back now.

- Because I'm going to my studio tonight. - I felt like I had so many things that I wanted to say for this video. - Since we haven't really met in a long time. - But I can't really remember now what I was going to say.

- Well... - I really want to thank you for... - Everything! - For being here....for watching my videos. - Especially now because I won the Streamy Awards in Cinematography. - And ya that's just...

- That's really cool. - It's actually quite hard to believe... - How fast things have evolved for the past years. - I see that you are almost 4 million people on my channel now. - If someone would have told me that like 5 years ago...

- I would just drop dead. - So many people... - And I just really love that you are all from so many different all over the world. - If some of you would like to write a comment... - And just share something about you - Like...where do you live?

- What do you like to do? - What's your name? - What's you pet's name if you have a pet? - Anything! - It's just so fun to get to know you guys a little better. - I mean...yeah you are so many now. - But I my head when I talk to you... - I see like a bunch of 20 people in my mind.

- That you are sitting there and smiling. - But I am really, really happy that you guys are here and that you are.... -...spending your valuable time here, watching my videos. - It really inspires me to keep doing this because...

- Everything I love to do becomes extra fun because I get to share it with you. - For example this evening... - Even though I would love to here all alone without cameras as well...

- But to know that I can capture this and now go to my studio - And start editing a video so that I can share this moment with you. - I dont know...It's almost like we experience it together - And I really, really love that. - Technology... - It's like a trap but it's also such a cool thing.

- Imagine how we are all connected today. - You can sit on the other side of the world and watch this. - The ice is cracking underneath me! - Maybe it's time to leave. - So I think I'm going to my studio now because it's getting really cold. - I hope you have a good start on this new year. - And that you take care of yourself in this crazy, crazy time.

- I hope you stay healthy and strong. - We will see each other soon again. - Thank you so much for watching this video! - I'm sending you so much love and big, big hugs from this cold land. - Love you!

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