Muthoot FinCorp Scoot | Ep07 | Shaniyude Apahaaram | Karikku Fliq | Mini Webseries

Muthoot FinCorp Scoot | Ep07 | Shaniyude Apahaaram | Karikku Fliq | Mini Webseries

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What happened, brother? Yeah. We will come down. Yes. Immediately Ok. Sanju, Sanju... Why are we here? Da, Association secretary called me.

He asked us to come down fast. There is some problem. -What problem? -Maybe us drinking here. Da Kandy, Kandy. Clear this up. We are going downstairs.

Sunil, we can't allow them to stay here. Sir, I will talk to them. Where were you last night? How many times did I call you? I also have called. At least show the decency to call back. We were on the terrace. The phone was silent.

What's the issue? So these are the ones partying on the terrace. I showed you the beverage stickers last day, right? That's not the issue here, right? Yesterday some people got into your neighbor Douglas's flat and beat him. He is crazy. You know that, right? He smashed the intruders head with the violin. They ran and he followed them.

He came back in the night and started thrashing and shouting in front of your flat. Those who attacked him came for you people. They wanted to question you for damaging a kid's bike yesterday. He doesn't want the police involved. He wants to take the matter into his own hands. He was shouting in the morning.

As he couldn't find you, he punctured your bike tire and ran away somewhere. We can't ask Douglas to leave from here. It's his flat.

Also, it's better for you to not stay here. It's risky for you. -So -So, you should leave immediately. Otherwise we will call the police. There are some families leaving here peacefully.

These kinds of things can't happen here. I had warned you before not to give flat for bachelors. You people don't know. Association here is full of shitty politics. If you don't leave from here. Tomorrow I will face problems.

I talked to your owner. He told me he gave the flat to two people. But they are accomodating a third guy without him knowing. He agreed to evict all three of them.

You better leave before Douglas comes back and issue become complicated. -Please -Only two?. 3rd guy as well. See, when I was not here he came to my home and asked onion to my wife. For frying eggs apparently. Five minutes, brother. Your office looks awesome.

Get down. Doing 'Doom Machale' it seems. Sis, We are here. No. You come down. Ok. -What happened? -She will come down.

Shit!! Reina is coming. This tyre is full of air. She spotted us. She is coming here. Why are you in this attire? Where are you going with this stuff? Unexpectedly we had to change our flat. We got a luxury apartment in the morning itself. So we were thinking to shift there... What about your enquiry? -Enquiry...What? -Ah yes, it is happening.

We are not intervening. Reina lied about not knowing Malayalam, right? I didn't say I don't know Malayalam You just assumed. -Yes. Yes. -Then for fun I kept at it. Yeah it was fun. Anyway, I go back to Mumbai in 2 days. Now you can speak in Malayalam.

I am going back to Mumbai. Next time we will definitely chill. So Antony, keep in touch. -See you. -OK. Bye. Who is that? Reina, Our colleague.

That's why I said the IT job is better. Have you seen my colleague? Tired walking in Heat. Bend like a plant. are they recruiting here? Ask there. They might. Why in this attire? BTB, Why did you got evicted from the flat? We will tell you. Haven't even got time to change. Where is the key?

This is not the key to my family home. It's under dispute This is the key to the outhouse. Can you people adjust there? -Adjust?. Already done. -Give those keys. Some guy came searching for you both. -Who? -Some guy called Douglas.

Then? What is this problem now? We will tell you later. Now it's not safe for us to stay here. Who is that? -That's another problem. Tell you later. -We will be on leave for some days. -No, You can't -Yes, we are.

Brother, start the vehicle. You said to that girl luxury apartment This is a luxury resort. Anyway, comfortable for me. My office is nearby. Hello. Not this. That one.

Come there. Take that as well. That 'maramkothi' is calling.

-Hello -What is your issue with 'Kadapp' boys? Heard that they entered your flat and you both thrashed them. Da, not us. The day before yesterday, we had an issue with a boy from their team. They came to ask us about it. Asked someone else and got beaten. Put in speaker. Don't assume they are just kids. They are criminals.

They are looking for a chance. Are we in trouble? For sometime, they won't be a trouble. Everyone is hurt badly in hospital. But when they get out you should be scared. Can we talk to them and try for a compromise? There is no use in talk.

One good thing is, they will go after the other guy who beat them first. So don't invite their attention by talking to them, Understood? Anyway, keep vigilance. If something comes up, I will call you. -What will we do? -How do I know? Lost the home and peace of mind.

Are you happy now? You told me to pack my bags in the morning and I followed. Actually what is the issue? No issue, my friend. Please carry on. Why?. Let him hear. He is also in trouble The day before yesterday, on the way from the office, he kicked down a kid's bike.

Those who came to take revenge got into our neighbor's house by mistake and beat him. I just kick every bike on the way. I am crazy like that. Tell the story in full. When we were at a signal. This kid's bike just touched his bike. He could have not cared.

He shouted at him. Kid bad mouthed at us back. Just his quality. He started following them. I warned him not to. Why do you want to teach everyone a lesson? Why do you have to kick the bike? I got angry. I kicked the bike in that temper. I know how you got the temper. You saw our colleague Reina in the morning, right? He kicked that bike to impress her.

I should have agreed to give that money when they called. Who they? What money? Some guy called me asking Rs. 20,000 for repairing the bike you kicked. 20,000!!??. Who am I? Rajanikanth? to make this much damage with one kick?

I was engaged in the plot business at that time. I ignored that call. I should not have said that. What did you tell them? They asked for money They will take it from us they said. Then I said do it. Yeah. That is the problem then. Why did you speak like that? Then what should I speak? That we will transfer the money to the account.

Because I spoke like that the beating for us have found its way to someone else. If we had cheated them off money. They would have exactly found us. You know what the funny thing is? We have not seen anyone who wants to beat us. So there is no use in being vigil.

We wouldn't know the guy in front of us is there to save us or beat us Can I ask a doubt? -Will I get beaten if I stay with you? -Yes, sure. I left home to stand on our own. Now it seems I won't even have legs to stand on my own. Then you leave us. At least you can escape from this. Where will I go? Anyway, you stay tensed here. I will go lay my washed clothes for drying. Who will do that if I lose my legs? One problem after other.

Then again next problem. God knows what's in the future for us. Antappa, don't lose your cool like this. You heard what 'Maramkothi' said, right? The problem will stay between them. Come to think of it, we are safe here.

No one will come here searching for us. Let's forget about this problem and start concentrating on our business plan. It's almost in place, right? How this milk powder is finished? I bought it last day. I didn't take your milk powder. You must have finished it for tea. I have not made tea from flat for 3 days.

It's not me and you. Then who? Don't scare him. Da, you finished that milk... My shirt. That's my underwear. Why are you laying my clothes? You washed it yesterday, right? I wanted to help you.

Don't help me by laying underwear on my shirt. I won't touch that shirt now. Wash that again for me. Leave it. Poor guy. At least he is going to be our partner, right?

Partner? Who? You forgot?. Yesterday he said he will invest 15 lakhs to become our partner Him?. Business partner? Then he will lay his underwear all over our turf.

What stupidity are you talking about? It's just that you forgot. This is the problem with heavy drinking. You forgot kissing him also? Go away. I kissed him!!!! This is the problem with over drinking. You will see unplausible things. You should drink less.

I shouldn't have drunk with these people with less capacity. Kandy, you should arrange that fund. We have to start our project. Fund? What fund? Yesterday, you said you will invest 15 lakhs to become our partner? I said I will invest 15 lakhs? Stupid!! I don't have that kind of money. You said your father is an innocent guy and he will give? I will never say my father is innocent. If I ask him 15 lakhs in this condition He will give a quotation to kill me for 5 and make 10 lakhs profit. Maybe you imagined yourself while drinking.

I should quit drinking. -What is this? -Plan to start our turf. You are right, We don't have time to think about this problem. We can start this turf only if we organize ourselves. That's why this plan.

Level 1 - Loan Approval To get the loan from the bank. Give the money to Ratheesh sir and write the lease agreement for the land. Meet the construction company. Get the plan drawn from an architect and build it. and final level inauguration. Finish the construction and inaugurate. We have 100 days to do all this. Today is Day 1. We will mark here each day.

We will check each level when it finishes. We will start our turf exactly on the 100th day. Deal? Deal. But I decided to quit drinking. No need to quit. Just reduce it. Get up.

It's been 2 weeks since you made this plan. Not one thing happened. If we don't give the money today Ratheesh sir will give that land to someone else. -We will lose that land. -It's not like we haven't tried. We can give him the money if we get the loan from the bank. But our manager is on a vacation without approving our loan, right? He will come today, right? Call 'chechi' tell her we are coming to the office.

We will talk to him directly Otherwise, it won't happen. Get ready soon. Hello Sis. Did he come? No da. He has not reached the office. I think he is on leave today also. You should look for other ways as well.

What other way? I can give some money if you need. No need sis. No problem. -We will arrange something -Call me for anything.

What about money? I don't think loan will get approved. Our idiot boss is trailing us. I have no idea what to do.

Better give the money fast. Ratheesh sir is very strict in business. Why are you sitting here? Let's go. No use in going to office. He is on leave today also.

What else we can do? This is our last day to give money. Call him and ask for 2 more days. -How can we ask extension again? -What else can be done?. Just ask.

Get inside. -Hello -Hello, This is Sanju. I was about to call you. You have to come with advance before 4 PM.

I need it in cash. Yeah. We will bring it before 4 PM in cash. -But we will be 2 days late. -Ok

What? 2 more days? It's been already 1 week late. I didn't say anything because I am a decent guy. If you want to extent again. It's better to forget the land. I don't want to deal with people who doesn't keep their word.

No Sir. We will take the land. We will bring the money today. Yeah, better do that. Bring the money before 7 PM Max. I will look for other people to buy the land Who do they think I am? If you have time left after laughing, complete the work I told. Laughing at work. How can we give? I don't know. But you heard what he said, right? We will lose the land.

-What did Sir tell? -No dice. Sir don't like people changing their words. -How can you arrange money now? -Who knows? Can't you ask your 'chechi' in the office some money? We can't ask to her. She has her own problems.

Problems we also have. Why don't we sell the bike? Bike is worth nothing. Yes, that's true. I have noticed 3-4 trees in this land.

Why don't we cut and sell? Nobody will know. There is another super idea. Let's dig this house.

Maybe we will find some treasure. It has happened before. Maybe not. How can we arrange the money? I am getting mad.

Why don't we pawn our chains? It's the only thing we have. We are not able to give advance to the land itself. What about turf? We will need more money in the future Think about something else. Why don't we ask parents? Will your parents give? What is the use of asking my parents? You know their conditions, right? I meant your parents. -My father? -Yes.

Are you serious? Forget it. Nonetheless, he is your son You are his father, He will give. That is not gonna work. I won't ask. Not you. Anyway, it won't work if you ask.

You don't know how to talk nicely. -Call uncle. I will talk -Not from my number. Dial the number. There is a way for all this. I will show you how to handle this. Hey. Check the injector. Change the filter also. Delivery is on evening. -Hello -Hello, this is Sanju. Sanjay Prakash.

Who? I am Antony's friend. I came home with sweets one day, remember? So? Uncle, you know we are about to start a business, right? We are in need of some cash. So Antony told me you could arrange it.

Did he? That's what I remember. I don't remember exactly. Ask him to call me. Will you give if he calls? No. Then I can say to him directly that I won't give.

Just for fun. Uncle, if you say YES today nothing will happen. but if you say NO This business is the only hope in your son's life.

He might commit suicide. Then that's better. Ask him to suicide. Otherwise, he might have to die in the streets without anyone to look after him.

There is another way. You try suicide. Maybe his life will become better. Ok, Uncle. All right. -Very nice father. -Happy now?

There is no use in knowing to talk nicely. You should have to talk to nice people also. That's why I said not to talk to him. Bro, there is nothing to think. Let's pawn our chains and give advance. Rest we will think later. Our chains won't be enough. What we will do for the rest of the money?

Hey, don't be tensed. God will find us some way. This locket is specially for protecting me from evil. If we could get that locket, we may get 15k more. But that's OK I don't want to hurt your religious sentiments. Shall I come with you? I am bored sitting here in the name of fieldwork. Yeah. That's good. In case of a shortage of money, we can pawn the locket as well.

When in need there is no issue in hurting sentiments. You will take it back soon, right? Sure. As soon as the loan gets approved. Go and get ready. -Excuse me. -Hi Sir Welcome to Muthoot Fincorp. We want to pawn some gold.

That's over there. Please proceed. -Thanks. Your name?... -Come. Come. Sit. We wanted to know about the gold loan. We provide gold loan as low as Rs. 1000. You will have an initial interest-free period.

Also, we assure you the maximum value for your gold. Any extra money for worshipped gold? Get that extra money for my gold. I will tell you once we reach home. Ma'am please continue. You can close the loan anytime you want. No extra charges for pre-closure.

No other hidden charges as well. Shall we have to pay back at once? No Need. You can pay one time if you want. You can pay in installments as well. We are very much flexible in payments. We will pay in installments. -We can come here often then -I will bring you.

We calculate interest based on dimnishing balance. Which is actually good for you. Can we get the amount in cash now? That's possible if you need in cash we will provide it. Otherwise, we have a 24/7 SMS top-up facility. If you send your cash requirements as an SMS, we will top-up your account with that amount.

Do we need to send SMS to you 24/7 No, we will provide you a number. You can send to it. OK, then we will give our chain. Also, you will get cashback if you do the digital payment.

This is the gold we have. These are two chains and this is... This is also a chain. -Can you estimate the value, please? -Wait here. I will check and come. OK, Wait here. If you talk again, I will slice your tongue.

The money in our account and the money we get from here We will give directly to Ratheesh Sir. He will be there in office till 7 PM. -I won't come to the office -We don't intend to take you. Ah. That's right. I have told him I am in the field now. I have given it there. They will tell the value and other details.

You can also collect cash from the counter. -Thank you. Madam -Thank you. 10 Lakhs. This is manners. OK. I will mail all the documents. -Draft the lease agreement -OK, Sir.

So as agreed, you will buy this land after 3 years, right? -Definitely -Sure. I don't care if you don't buy it. But I won't give back the advance. No Sir. We will buy. Then you come tomorrow morning We will go together and sign the agreement. Where is your friend? My Staff. Haven't seen him today. Shyam is in the field. He said he will be late.

Yes. He is very hardworking. Yes. Very hardworking. -Yes. He is in the field every moment. -Ha. Excellent. -OK then Sir. -OK. Ah. Tomorrow 9AM boss has asked for a meeting. He wants to meet you both.

You are on the inquiry period. Be on time. Don't be late as usual. Oh no. Tomorrow we have some work related to turf. Make some other arrangements for that. Otherwise, you leave after the meeting. I will do something. But don't skip the meeting.

You know you both will lose the job, right? -OK Sis, we will come -Don't forget. No. We will come surely. What happened? We have to go to the office tomorrow. Boss wants to see us.

Otherwise he may fire us. Utter nuisance he is. What about our plans for tomorrow? But we have to go. Money is our need.

Somehow we have to get our loan approved. That will happen only if we go in person. So we will go. We can do one thing. We will ask Manoharan to take care of things in the registrar's office. We will give him something. He is a good guy. We will ask Shyam to come with Ratheesh sir.

We will go there from the office. OK, then you tell Ratheesh sir about this. I will call Manoharan and inform. -Sir -Yes, come in.

I called to tell you some matter. Two weeks before First time in the history of cyber data solutions We were not able to deliver on time and thank to you guys your tech lost it's one and only client. We did it on time sir That Johns...

There is a rule to not share password in this company and you did. You are framing Johns to hide your inefficiency is what I believe. Sir, that's not the case. Indu will feel like that. Even after so many warnings, they didn't do. See, if you can't manage this team tell me I will find another person.

Anyway, as John's team delivered the product. The company is out of trouble. But, if you want to continue here you have to undergo a six months of training and learn new tech. at least do that properly.

Wasting my time. Sir. they will do that. Sir, they have applied for a personal loan.

If you can approve that when inquiry from the bank comes... Nice. I can do that easily. But for this fellows I won't do it. Half the time not in the office. Works are not completed. See, you don't have any other option. Finish that six months training or otherwise...

Otherwise? Otherwise what you will do? You will fire us? -Then fire us. -Indu. -Da -Calm down, sis. We don't need to hear this. Who does he think he is? Shut up!! Who are you scaring? We are going, sis We have a lot of work. Hey. Stop. I will show them.

Dear, this is a scam. Where are you? I have been calling you. The plot you said is in the Green Zone. No construction can happen there. You can't build your turf.

You have not given any advance to him, right? What have you done? You guys are fired!!!

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