Michio Kaku on The Future of Humanity (Google I/O'19)

Michio Kaku on The Future of Humanity (Google I/O'19)

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All. Right welcome everybody, um I'm, Taylor Wilson for. Those of you who know I am I'm a nuclear. Physicist, in my day job I built. A nuclear reactor, and I was 14 I think that's one, of the many things that we share in common our interests, and things. Of that nature and we're really young so I'm excited to be here today to interview, dr. Kaku about. Physics. And the, future so, I, guess, what that we'll get, started I will, say that when we finish our, talking, up here we're, gonna take questions from the audience so if you want to start thinking about some. Questions. That you have for dr. Kaku about the future of humanity, or physics we're, happy to try to give you an answer so, with. That thank, you for joining us this morning my, pleasure yeah I wanted, to start with kind of something. That's been in the news the, last couple weeks and I'm sure a lot of people are really interested in and that's that picture. Of a black hole that, was taken by the event horizon telescope, maybe, you could talk a little bit about how you. Feel seeing that image and what that tells us about the. Physics, of the universe well. When, I was a grad student at Berkeley. Black. Holes were considered science, fiction it, was, considered, like finding. A unicorn, it's. A fabled, animal, everyone, talks about unicorns. But no one's ever seen one because they don't exist now. We've, got, it in the bank we've actually photographed, the silhouette, the shadow, of, a black hole but, that's just the beginning, you. See this black hole is spinning spinning. Rapidly, we've. Clocked black holes at about a million miles an hour and, if you look at Einstein's, equations. And. Have. A spinning, black hole they. Don't collapse, to a dot they. Collapsed, to a ring a, ring, of neutrons, such. That centrifugal, force prevents. It from collapsing. It's stable, if, you to fall through, the North Pole of the, Ring you. Wind up mathematically. On a parallel, universe, and. If you go a second, time, you, wind up on another parallel universe, and. You keep on going through, the ring it's, like going through an apartment, building hitting the elevator. Each floor, being. Another, universe. And. We want to know is that real, or is it just a mathematical, fiction. A unicorn. In other, words a wormhole. At the center of a, spinning, black. Hole and. That's, what we want to do with, the next generation. Radio. Telescope. Technology. Okay, that's fascinating, so this idea that black, holes. 4050. Years ago we're something that we might have had theoretical. Evidence of or even in direct observational. Evidence of but now we have that real first, true. Direct. Observational. Evidence of and so what you're saying is maybe, what's next, what. What could those other, possibilities. Be for, objects. That we have not yet seen right in other words a black hole is a cosmic, roach, motel uh-huh. Everything, checks in nothing. Checks out, but. Then the question is where does it go where. Does all that stuff go if it falls into a black hole some. Theorists. Have stated, that maybe is blowing out the other end as a white hole so. Maybe there's a white hole on the other side of, a black hole such. That it spews, out matter now. Doesn't, that sound, like the Big Bang, some. People even think that maybe our universe is. A white, hole and, that, we are connected. With a. Umbilical. Cord to another universe, faster this is the multiverse, idea which, is now gaining a tremendous, amount of theoretical. Credibility. Though, of course we have not yet proven this theory at all well. That's a good segue talking about multiverses, and, into. Something that you're quite familiar with string theory so maybe you want to tell everyone kind of your background and how you ended up in physics you're, from this area originally, correct that's. Right I'm a local kid I was born in San Jose I grew. Up in Palo Alto he, went, to school up. To High School in power. But, when I was 8 years old. When, I was 8 years old, something happened, which changed.

My Whole destiny. And that, is in, the newspapers, they. Announced, that a great scientist. Had just died and they, put a picture of his, desk on the front page and the, caption, said this. Is, the unfinished. Manuscript. From. The greatest scientists. Of our time and. I thought to myself why. Couldn't he finish it what's. So hard. That. A great, scientist. Could not finish this theory it's a homework problem right, why, didn't he ask his mother what. Could be so hard so. When did the library, I found that this man's name, was Albert. Einstein. And that. Book that book, on, the desk was the unfinished, theory. Of, everything. He. Wanted an equation one inch long, that, it would allow him to quote, read, the, mind of, God. So. I said to myself wow, that's. For, me yeah, that's what I want to work on I want to help finish this. Great, theory, that I understand could not finish well, today we, think we have it it's, called string theory has. Not yet been tested, but, we think that this could be the. Final unicorn. The, final, theory, of everything. So. That every, Neutron, every, proton, every, electron, there's, nothing but tiny vibrations, on, a tiny, string this, is an electron, that's. A quark this is a neutrino. Nothing. But musical, notes on a string, physics. Therefore. Is the, harmonies, you, can write on a string. Chemistry. Is the. Melodies. You can play on vibrating, strings the, universe, is a, symphony. Of strings and then, the, mind of God. The. Mind of God that Einstein, wrote about for the last thirty years of his life the. Mind of God is. Cosmic. Music. Resonating. Through 11 dimensional, hyperspace, amazing. That is the mind of God so. This this idea this grand, unified theory that's based on string theory is. Something. You've spent your entire career, working on that's. Right we want that equation, when inch-long now. Four strings not membranes, but just four strings we had that equation yes, that's my equation I'm the, co-founder of string field theory which, allows you to summarize this vast body, of knowledge into. An equation one inch long but, today we have membranes. M-theory, which makes things more complicated, so. It's unfinished, so. If one of you in the audience ever, figures, out the final, theory be, sure to tell me first. We'll. Split the Nobel Prize together. Now. It's not a bad deal for you. That's. Really, interesting so this is the idea of taking the, physics large. Like. The. Laws that govern, gravitation. And the like and. Unifying, it with the theories, that govern the very small and the very hot the the quantum rules of the universe so your idea is that the, best way to solve this problem is through, string theory, that's, right nature has a left hand and a right hand the. Left tennis you said is a theory of the very big black, holes the Big Bang Einstein's, theory, of gravity but. The other hand of God is. The, quantum theory the theories are very small so why should we have two hands, yes, but.

Don't Coordinate, with each other and that's what we do believe that there is a final theory yes and we're, gonna test it the, Lauren change on collider has. Given, us the Higgs boson giving, us the so-called god particle but. Now we're, gonna build a successor. To. The Large Hadron Collider the Japanese. With, the international. Linear collider the. Chinese, with, a circular, Collider and the, European. Union, three. Three. Ventures, have been proposed for, the successor, of the Large Hadron Collider but unfortunately. Not, from the United States we're. Left in the dust, one again yeah, but that's the way to really, test the theory is to build a very large Collider collide, the particles and, see, what comes out our, super, collider was cancelled in the 1990s. To be built outside Dallas, Texas, one. Reason why it was canceled is because. A congressman. Asked, the physicist on the last days of hearing quote, will. We, find, God with. Your machine if. So I will change my vote well. The. Physicists, didn't know what to say. Ten. Billion. Dollars, to, find God so. He said we're gonna find the Higgs boson. Well. All the jaws hit the floor in, the United States Congress ten, billion. Dollars, for. Another goddamn subatomic particle. They. Took the vote and it was cancelled yeah since, then we, physicists. Had to ask ourselves how. Would, we answer that question yes, the next time someone asks us will we find God with your machine, how, will we answer, it mm-hmm I would, have answered it differently. I. Would. Have said. God. But. Whatever signs, or symbols you ascribe to the deity this. Machine, the. Super collider will. Take us as close as humanly. Possible to, his greatest, creation. Genesis. This. Is a Genesis. Machine, it. Will recreate, on, a small scale the, most incredible. Event in the history of the universe, its. Birth. Unfortunately. We said Higgs, boson. Not. As exciting, wrong, answer, wrong. Answer and you, have a little. Personal. Experience of colliders, maybe you want to talk a little bit about what you built when you were in high school yeah, well just like you when. I was a junior. In Cubberley, high school which is just about two miles from here I decided. To build a particle accelerator an, atom, smasher in my mom's garage. So. I went to my mom and I said mom can, I have permission to build a two point three mil, in electron-volt, betadron electron, accelerator, in the garage and she. Kind of looked at me and said. Sure. Yeah. Why. Not no and don't forget to take out the garbage, yeah, so. I went to Westinghouse. I got 400, pounds of transformer steel I went, to Varian got 22, miles of copper wire and on the football field over, Christmas, we're, on, 22. Mile of copper wire it, finally, was finished it soot consumes, six kilowatts, of power, I put. Plug it in I close, my, ears and. I heard this crackling, sound is all this energy surge, in the capacitor, bank and then, I heard this pop pop pop sound as I blew out all the fuses, in my mom's house yeah so.

The Whole house would be plunged in darkness and, my poor mom she must have said to herself. Why. Couldn't, I have a son who. Plays basketball huh. Maybe. If I buy him a football and, for, God's sake why can't he find a nice Japanese, girlfriend. Why. Does he build these machines, in, the garage I, think, our parents would get along I think they have similar, similar. Opinions, about these things so, that's that's really exciting so that was kind of something. You did in high school and then you went on to college to, study, theoretical. Physics and develop, string theory and now I guess you spend, a lot of time thinking about the future and what. All this science of technology, means for our species and, our evolution, that. Leads me into kind of a segue, away from, basic. Theoretical, physics which is the, topic of the brain it's, something I think a lot of people are interested in knowing, what is the nature of consciousness, and and, this, thing inside our head that controls, our lives but, it's something we know very little about today, I. Know you've spent a lot of time thinking and writing about the. Brain and human consciousness. I was. Recently in China with. The. What. China calls the father, of quantum pangaean. Way and he, was talking about this idea of quantum. Consciousness or. The quantum mechanics, that underlie, consciousness. So I. Give. You that question for. Your thoughts what. Are kind of the quantum, mechanical, possibilities. That underlie, the, functioning, of the brain and, consciousness. Well. The two greatest, mysteries. In all of science, in all of science, the, two greatest, mysteries, are if one what. Happened, before creation, why. Did, we have a big bang what, banged, are there other universes. A multiverse, before. The Big Bang that's, out of space then. The second, mystery is inner space yes, what, goes on behind, your, eyeballs, we. Have a hundred, billion neurons in. Your brain, as, many. As stars, in, the Milky Way galaxy, each, neuron is, connected to 10,000. Other neurons and. So what is the brain we. Made a mistake fifty years ago and we're still paying the price for it today, fifty. Years ago we, made a huge mistake we. Thought the, brain. Was. A computer, a digital. Computer, but. You see the brain has no operating, system it. Has no programming, it, has no windows, it has, no GPU. It, has no Pentium, chip it, has no subroutines. The. Brain doesn't, have anything. Resembling. The. Brain except. Neural, activity. Fifty. Years later, after. This wild-goose chase, we. Now understand. That the brain is a. Pattern. Seeking. Neural, network, a learning. Machine and it, learns and rewires, every. Time you learn something new for. Example, your laptop, today is. Just, as stupid, as it was yesterday, your. Laptop, never, learns, anything. Except. Now we have deep learning, but. Our brain constantly. Rewires. Itself and, that process can, be recreated, with, MRI. Machines, with. Physics, we can look at the blood flow in, brain now and, actually, sees thoughts, as they move in the brain amazing. We, can actually test, Freudian. Theory we. Can actually test, old wives tales. For example, there's. An old wives tale that everyone, believes but no one could prove until now, that. When a man talks to a pretty girl he starts to act stupid. Yeah. Now everyone, believes it no but. We now know why. When. A man talks to a pretty girl blood, drains. From the prefrontal cortex and they, start to act mentally, retarded. Absolutely. True we can quantify this effect, now yes we can actually measure this dropping. Of blood in the, prefrontal cortex, because. Of MRI machines, we. Can now extract images. Images. Can be extracted, from the living brain with an MRI machine, meaning. That art design. Will. Be revolutionized. Artists. Of the future, will simply think. Think. Of a conception, and will, print it out on a 3d, printer hmm. Designers. Of Buildings, architects. Will, dream of their creation, and a. 3d, printer will then print. It out and, when. You go to sleep, the. MRI machine keeps, on plugging away and, will, print out your. Dream in, the. Future when. You wake up in the morning you, may push a button and see, the videotape, of the dream you, had the previous night, just. Don't tell your wife or husband. So. These are things that were considered, science, fiction, but, now we. Can put these on the Internet the. Future, of the Internet is. Brain. Net. Instead. Of sending digital.

Signals, Will. Send emotions. Memories. Feelings, on, the Internet, the first memories, were recorded, about three years ago at Wake, Forest University also. In Los Angeles. Memories. From animals can now be recorded, next. Will be, memories in monkeys, we're doing that today. Next. Is Alzheimers. Patients and, Alzheimer's, patients, will push a button and memories. Memories. Will, come flooding into their, mind and after. That, who. Knows maybe. We'll be able to upload calculus, or. Learn. Learning. Disciplines. Inside. Our mind and. By the way let me ask you guys a question. Let me ask you guys a question one. Day we may be able, to upload, reality. Itself just. Like in the movie The Matrix right. How, many of you early. Late, late at night just before you go to sleep how. Many of you have ever had that weird, feeling. That, strange. Feeling, that maybe. Life. Is, an, illusion. Maybe. Everything. Has been uploaded into your mind maybe, you're the only real thing, and, life. Is an illusion raise your hand raise, your hand if you ever had that feeling oh my. God you're all crazy. We. Have so many crazy people in this audience how. Can you be the only person in the world when, I'm the, only person, in the world. I'm. Just dreaming I'm, here at Google, I'm just dreamy I'm I'm in New York right now you know that yeah, I'm just about to go to sleep in New York I mean come on give me a break. But. This is this idea of kind of humanity. And our brains interfacing. With machines, and and that being kind of a future, step in our evolution as a species I think that's a very interesting topic to think about what, are the implications of, that both, positive, talking about being able to learn things at a fast, rate or download, memories. But you know potentially, the the negative consequences. Of that, we. Can definitely see with digital architecture, today the the problems that we face so imagine, if we're a part of that architecture well there's good news and bad news the. Good news is, that, information, will be everywhere. No we're almost, for free the. Internet might be in your contact, lens you'll. Simply blink, blink. And then. The internet, will appear inside, your contact, lens and who, were the first people to buy Internet. Contact, lenses. College. Students, taking final, examinations. College. Students will blink and see, all the answers, to my exam, right, there in their contact. Lens this, could be really helpful your, contact, lens will recognize, people's, faces and tell, you what. Their background, is and translate, Chinese into. German, into, English so let's. Say you're at a cocktail party and, there's, some very important. People at that cocktail party but, you don't know, who they are in, the, future you. Will know exactly who, to suck up to at, any, cocktail, party. On. A, blind date know, if your blind date says that he's rich he's, single, he's, loaded. But, your contact lens says that no he's three times of course pays, child support, payments. It, is a loser. It. Could be very useful now. That's the good news, yeah the bad news though the future does have bad news the. Bad news is that in the future. We. Will have lawyers. Significance, because only a human, can, argue, to a jury only. A human, can argue, to a judge robots, can't do that robots. Cannot, understand. Death ixora, morals, so yeah, people, involved, in person-to-person. Relationships. Like lawyers professors. Mentors, they. Will have jobs in the future yeah, but. The, more monotonous tasks, will probably be going away what. The more monotonous tasks they'll probably be going away well, those dirty. Dangerous yes the 3ds, dull. Jobs dirty, dangerous. Repetitive. Jobs jobs, that involve danger, those, jobs will be done by robots in, the future yeah that's. Interesting so okay we've talked a little bit about the brain we've talked a little bit about. Artificial, intelligence. When, to ask your thoughts on something I think it that is near to dear to both of our hearts which is space exploration and, we're, we're going beyond. Earth you've, written a lot about this subject about, missions. To Mars and and the planets and beyond what. Are some of the most exciting, things you can imagine us. Seeing in our lifetimes, and then maybe even.

Beyond, That well. The fundamental problem. With space travel, has been a four-letter word cost. C. OST. It, costs, $10,000. To put a pound of anything in, orbit, around the Earth that's your weight in gold your. Weight in gold that's how expensive, space, travel, is until. Recently. Prices. Are dropping, like, a rock now, for, example how. Many people here in this room have seen the movie the, Martian with, Matt Damon raise, your hand, Wow, that, movie, cost, a hundred, million. Dollars. But. The Indians, sent, a probe to Mars for, 70, million, dollars. So. Going to Mars, costs. A Hollywood, movie about going, to Mars cost. More, than. Actually, going to Mars. That's. How much space travel, has dropped, and, when. You drive a car and you commute to work do. You jump your car after, one ride no. Cars, would be expensive, if you junked, it after one ride but, that's what we do for rockets yes week's junk rockets, after just one, use we, junked them all, that's changing, with reusable, rockets, with, Silicon, Valley billionaires. Now fulfilling, their dream of creating. Fantastic. Devices, in space we're, entering the second, golden. Era of space, exploration I wouldn't. Be surprised, if some of your grandkids. Honeymoon. On the, moon I, think. The, moon is only three days away yes, or trip as costs, go down yeah, I think our grandkids, may honeymoon, on the moon it's great weekend location, not. Great scenery but well, look you like craters and dust. That's, great and we were talking backstage you're. One of the, one. Of the interesting. Things that come out of a grand unified theory and string theory is the explanation. Of, what happens, at, these very extreme conditions where, you have incredible. Amounts of energy incredible. Amounts of heat in, a limited space and and, we, were talking about could, this be a way to travel. Vast. Distances that. We can't travel today maybe. You could speak a little bit to that, well. Many people want, to know like in Star Trek can. You break, the light barrier can. You go faster than the speed of light well. It was Einstein himself, in. 1935. That, opened. The door to. Faster, than light travel when. He introduced, the, wormhole, that. Was the first paper, written. About wormholes, the first book about wormholes was, written in the 1800s. By. Charles, Dodgson Mossberg. Mathematician. Who, wrote a children's book Alice, in Wonderland. Now. This Oxford mathematician. Could not write under his name Charles, Dodgson yes it was a children's book so. He wrote under a pen name Lewis, Carroll. But. The looking-glass is, the. Wormhole you, put your hand through the looking-glass and, you, wind up on a different, space, and time, so. We think that yes that would be a way to go faster than, the speed of light now. What's the catch there's. Always a catch someplace first. Of all the, energy, necessary. To, punch a hole in space in time is that. Of a black hole you're. Talking about fantastic. Amounts of energy, second. You have to stabilize it, that means negative, energy. Positive. Energy to open the gateway and then, negative energy, to prevent it from collapsing. In other words stability. And this, has not yet been, worked, out it. Would take a very advanced. Civilization. To, do this now. I'm, on radio. And. I, broadcast, every week and, some people call me on the telephone and, they say professor. You're wrong. You're. Totally wrong the aliens, aren't very not a space, with warp drive the, aliens, are here, on. The earth and then. I asked them how do you know and they. Say well they've been kidnapped, kidnapped. By flying saucers they know that they're out there well. I have a word of advice the. Next time you. Are kidnapped. By a flying saucer, for. God's sake, steal something. There's. No law against. Stealing from, an extraterrestrial, civilization. Stir, yeah, no law whatsoever, an, alien, ship an alien, hammer an alien paperclip. Anything. So, that you have bragging, rights about, going into outer space. It's. Good advice it's good advice all. Right I guess we. Can start opening it up to questions if you want to make your way to the mics start to line up we'll, try. To do our best to answer the, questions that you have so over. Here you were the first doctor. Thank. You so much for coming out I'm really inspired I wanted, to hear some of your thoughts on. Ethical. Development and, how, we might be able to help machines, uphold, ethics, in our society. Ethics. And how we help machines, uphold, the ethics that we as a society hold, is that correct.

Well. Several, things first. Of all we have to make sure that. This. Technology. Is used by. The largest. Numbers, of people but. You see when technology, first, becomes, available it's, always for the rich when. The telephone, first. Came out over a hundred years ago who, had personal, telephones. It, was rich people, but, eventually we have things like Moore's, Law computer. Power doubling, every 18 months, and so with time the, cost of telephone, goes down we. Once thought that was going to be a digital divide, when. Rich, people would, have laptops, poor. People, would have nothing. But. Now we know that most children, are the first to be wired up because. If a child is not on the Internet, they don't exist, on the Internet. But, there's also another, ethical, problem, for the next coming decades. Some. People wonder when, robots, become. Smarter, and smarter are they. Gonna have a civil rights movement. Maybe. Because. In the future robots, may, be programmed, to feel pain. Today. We feel pain because. It's good for us otherwise. We lose our fingers. They our, fingers get burned cut, up pain, is, good, because. It prevents, us from destroying. Ourselves. Eventually. Robots, may have to feel pain, otherwise. We will tell them to jump off a cliff and they'll destroy themselves they, have to feel pain at. That point it has to be regulated so. We may have a robots civil, rights movement, to limit, the, amount of pain that a master, can impose upon, their, robot. Now. That of course is many many decades away but, eventually robots. May also be part of our ethical, understanding. Of Technology. When, they, feel, pain. Interesting. All. Right over here, dr.. Kaku one, of my earliest. Memories, is of watching, the Discovery Channel, and seeing you on there thank, you for the role that you played in shaping that part of my early childhood executives. And related. To that I wanted, to hear what you are excited, about when, it comes to expanding, the scale, and accessibility, of science communication into, the future.

Well. It used to be that mass media would. Stay, away from science because, quote science, doesn't sell, so. Back, in those days we only had three networks, and. Science. Was invisible, for the most part and most. People when they learned about science, they learned about science in school, but. There's a problem there first. Of all we're all born, scientists. When we're born we, want to know why the Sun shines we, want to know where we came from but. Then we. Hit the. Killer. Of. Scientists. Known to science, the. Greatest, destroyer, of scientists. Known to science, is. Junior. High school. While. We hit you in your high school it's, all over we, lose, scientists. By them hundreds. Of thousands. Why because. Scientists, made boring, It's, Made repetitive. You, have to learn to name, name, things, rather. Than learning the great principles, the, great concepts. Of science and that's, why more recently, we have the internet we have cable which. Brings, science, to an audience now. It, turns out that about a million people, subscribe. To. Scientific. American that's. The hard core these. People, will seek out science. Even, when there's no science, about a million people the hard-core but, then there's another five, to ten million people who. Will tune in, sometimes. To Discovery. Science Channel, National, Geographic if there's, something really, interesting happening. So, we know that we can reach five. To ten million people on a good, program. And then, with, the discovery, of the black hole we, can reach a hundred million people when. We, reach, residents. We resonate, with the people of the world so, we need more people. To, write books more, people to be on television to, do radio shows we, need more, people like that rather, than less people to become role, models for. A. New, scientific. Revolution. Definitely. Trade. Advice. All, right up here I think. Sir thanks, for coming out today, I was wondering your thoughts on NASA's recently. Announced. Plan to return to the moon in 2024, do. You think it's feasible. First. Of all I think we're gonna have a traffic jam. Around. The moon very, soon, first. The, NASA has. The SLS. Booster, rocket next, year, we'll orbit, around the. Moon then. We have Elon Musk of SpaceX. Who's, selling tickets. Tickets. To the general public, he's. Been sold out a Japanese, billionaire, bought out the entire tickets. For. The, Falcon, Heavy rocket, that is also fully, capable of, going around the moon and then. We have Jeff Bezos of, Amazon. Formally. The richest man in the world he. Has, a whole spaceport. The. Blue Origins rocket, program, to, go to the moon with, the new Armstrong, rocket. And then, we have the Chinese, the. Chinese have announced, they're gonna plant the Chinese, flag on the. Moon so. I think we're gonna have a traffic jam with. Three American, rockets one. Chinese, and perhaps one European, rocket, fully, committed, to go back, to the moon and the, question is why. Because. Costs, have been dropping. Technology. Is catching up you, realize it your cell phone your. Cell phone has more computer, power than. All of, NASA in. 1969. When. We put two men on the, moon that's, right your cell phone today has, more computer, power than all of NASA in.

Fact I think it's criminal what they were doing in 1969. Criminals. Say they humans, into space backed. Up by one cell phone would. You go into outer space knowing. That your rocket, is backed up by one cell phone that's. What we did in 1969. I think it's criminal, so. I think that we're gonna witness a second, golden. Era of space, exploration as, costs, begin, to drop not. 10,000, dollars a pound ninety. To one thousand dollars a pound but eventually a few hundred, dollars per, pound that's the goal oh. That's. Great. All. Right over here. It's. An honor to be here with you dr. Kaku, I have, a question simple one do. You believe humans, will reach a type one civilization. Okay. I I'm. A physicist, we rank, civilizations. By two things. Energy. And information, that's. How we rank, anything. Energy. Information. Energy. Of a planet, eventually. Reaches, type 1 so. That earth becomes, planetary. We. For. Example can, control, the weather, we, can mind the oceans type. 2 is stellar, where. You then begin to consume the power of a star, like. Star. Trek Star. Trek would be a type two civilization, where. They've colonized, a few solar systems, but not much more type, 3 is. Galactic. A galactic. Civilization like, star wars where. You can roam the Galactic space, lane now, what are we are. We type one that can mind the oceans play with the weather, well we type two that played with stars we. Type three that play with black holes. No. We're. Type zero. We. Don't even rate on the scale we. Get our energy from dead plants oil, and, coal so. We have all the savagery, of a type 0 civilization. Sectarianism. Religious. Hatred, racism, all, the garbage from the past but, by. The year 2100. In, a. Hundred, years time we. Will become. Type, one and, that. Gives, us room for hope, that. We will be a planetary, civilization, by 2100. For example, what language, will they speak, already. The, two languages, on the Internet are English. And Mandarin. Chinese. Look. At. The Internet what is the Internet, the Internet is the first type one technology. To. Arrive in, this century that's. What the internet is the first type. One technology, to, arrive that. We have the European Union type one economy, we. Have the. Beginning of a type one sports. Olympics. Soccer, we. Have the beginning of a type one music rock. And roll rap, music yuck. We have the beginning of a type one culture, but it's not guaranteed, that. We will make the transition, to type one because, we still have all the savagery, all the backwardness, of our, ancient. Past by. The way I once, spoke in London at the planetarium. And that little boy comes up to me a little, boy says professor. You're. Wrong. You're. Wrong there's, Type four and, so.

I Told them look kid. Look. Kid there are planets stars. And galaxies. That's it folks, planets. Stars, and galaxies. Therefore. We have type 1 type, 2 type 3 and, he said professor, you're wrong this type 4 I said. What energy, is beyond galactic, and he. Said the. Continuum. Now. Who here is a Trekkie who, understands, what I just said what, is the only type 4 civilization. On network television. The. Cue if, you. Did not understand. What just transpired, get. With the program. The. Cue is extra, galactic, and what is that energy dark. Energy, dark. Energy, is beyond, galactic, that, is the energy of a type 4 hmm. Interesting, all right we'll take one more question over here ok. First. Off thank, you for being here. Second. Thank, you for being somebody else who had a question about the Kardashev, scale, so. I had to kind of think of something, new, that's, still in kind of the same veins so. My. Question would be how. Long do you think it will be before we actually. Really. Begin to register on the scale and what can each of us as individuals do. To kind, of do. Our part, in society to push. It that way before we destroy, ourselves as a civilization. Well. On, this question I actually. Differ with. Many, other, scientists. Most. Scientists, would say that technology has. No direction. No moral, direction, science. Is a sword a double-edged, sword one. Side can cut against disease ignorance. Poverty, the, other side can cut against people I disagree. I think, technology, does, have a moral direction because. The internet spreads. Information. Information. Gives, you empowerment. Empowerment. Gives you democracy. And. Democracies. Do not war, with. Other democracies. Let's. Do a science, experiment, write. Down, every. Single war you. Had to memorize as. A child, since. You were in grade school every, single war, every. War has been fought between kings, emperors, queens. Dictators. But, never, between. Two, major. Democracies. And. So I think we are entering a, new moral. Dimension, where. Technology. Is changing. The way humans. Interact. With other humans, so, that we don't tolerate. Dictatorships. So much when. I was young in. Our history class we learned something called, dictator. For life. You. Had Russia you, had the United States if you were a pawn of Russia or a pawn of America. You were there forever, the. Only way to take you out of power is through a coffin. Dictator. And for life today. We, laugh at that, I mean, dictators. For life I mean come on right. We, have the internet, we have empowerment. We have knowledge and so, dictators. Are endangered. Species now, so. I think that technology, does have a moral, correction that I think it is liberating, it is empowering, and. It, is changing, world history, a new, chapter in world history is being written as, individuals. Make. Their mark on human. History. All. Right well, thank you all, it. Was great thank, you all for joining us. It. Was it was a lot of fun to get to talk to you about physics. And the, universe and I think this is a great audience for that because you're all involved, in technology you're, all involved, in that pursuit. Of taking us forward as a civilization, so. I hope this inspired, some interesting, questions and ideas, and hopefully. You helped take us towards that type, one civilization that, we so desperately need so thank, you so much dr. Kaku thank you.

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im in a very strange mood... i have a question to do with the state dependent theory of cognition, from psycology: if all future experience is conditioned by the past, and if we are having a crisis of consciousness, which i think is hard to deny at this point, might we be able to construct a theoretically tenable baseline of shared common somatic memory and by non local interferance beams, download an awareness of potential futures into the brains of all humans, a la total recall, to guide humanity toward positive potential futures, while mitigating the risk of negative ones, while at the same time forming a completely visceral and tangable emotional bonding between all of the human race, with the help of quantum computers and the theoretical frameworks of asmr and coherer technologies? im genuinely currious, is this possible? thanks. :)

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im in a strangely peculiar mood and id like to share an anecdote. i was very young, maybe about 4 and was feeling deeply contemplative about logic and physics. i had just recently come to a deeply personal conclusion about opposits containing each other and being in a funny way identical, and was fooling around with the temperature knob in the bathtub, and noticed that the very hot setting and the very cold setting produced an distinctly similar sensation of numbness on my skin, which, based off my earlier conclusions, let me to theorize that perhaps temperature was circular, and that perhaps the most extreme heat actually went right past hot back to absolute zero. i dont know if what im saying has any theoretic validity, or even why exactly im sharing this, but it was a deeply personal experience i held onto for a very long time. love your work. :)

michio, no disrespect, but there are certain distinct phenomena that string theory cannot acurately represent compactly or intelligably, like the epicycles of history, human consciousness,or even black holes themselves. ive jokingly stated that such nonlinear self recursive phenomena could be theoretically represented by adding a yoyo to the end of your strings, but maybe im Not joking. i certainly dont have time to work on that kind of mathematical framework. we both definitely agree, though, on the triune nature of vibration being completely fundamental. although, i do wish that you would have come up with at least ONE new popular metaphor, or published SOMETHING readable i had access to over the past ten years. all jokes aside, you've done a great service to the feild. all this new black hole physics is extremely exciting. to infinity and beyond. :)

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Looool relativity literally proves why stuff can’t go beyond the speed of light

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Only by warping space-time, but not through space-time. There is a light speed barrier, and that is 186,282 miles per second, and that's because of Einstein's equation that says that as you approach the speed of light, you continue to gain more and more mass up until infinity, unless you have zero mass to begin with, like photons.

Robots feeling pain? That’s a bad idea, because humans understand pain. We can perform the most cruel things to other humans. Why give a machine that understanding.

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String theory as the theory for everything? My money is we are not even a tiny bit close. Human beings are barely out of their evolutionary cradle. I suspect we have a long way to go yet. That said, I still deeply admire the brilliance of Michio Kaku

Its unreasonable that all machines will have a consciousness. There will be dumb machines operated by A.I., that will similar to a thumb on a finger. The A.I. will give it a task, and just like our own thumbs, we don't have to think twice about it, its just a function of the hand, functioning for our mind. So A.I.'s will have no reason to protest our behavior constantly demanding work to be done. Slavery has no meaning to a super conscious computer. One thing that would be reasonable, is the super conscious computer, the Singularity, would not want to dumb us down from the ease of life, because everything could be done for us. So, the A.I. would come to reason, to save our species, we would have to be constantly providing a means for humans to learn. So, we could all be acting within an inner space, and interfacing a surreal life, created by the Singularity. Real life, humans may already be done with learning, and when there is nothing to learn, humans become bored, and the mind regresses. Spoilage can bore your senses. It would be like replaying your favorite song, repeatedly. Eventually, you will hate the song, if you can't turn it off. Do you know why Donald Trump eats catsup on a steak? He probably ate steak so often, he had to put something on it to change the taste. If you had a favorite food, and you ate it every single meal, you would begin to hate it, unless you were of course starving.

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For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8; In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1; There was no Bang Theory.

Romans 11:34-36: For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor? 35 Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again? 36 For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.

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I have a bunch of metaphoric, philosophic, abstract ideas about existence.if string theory is proves true, what are the strings themselves? Because I play guitar and love music, I really like stri g theory...or what I can understand of it. my own phi philosophical idea is everything is just a pattern of chaos to order to chaos etc. a vibration or wave essentially.

If the universe is expanding, and we can only observe a limited amount of it, how can we know that matter/ energy can't be destroyed? Also, if black holes lead to other universes, isnt that another objection of to that idea? Im not trying to be a smartass, just sincerely curious about these things.im hoping a qualified person can find a simple way of helping me understand.

Nuclear reactor at 14? Impossible, the radioactive experiment kits for kids were gone by the late 70s due to safety concerns :) http://valleyproofs.debic.net/2011/05/kids-and-science-yesterday-and-today.html

That is amaizing what i have learned here . Thank you so much professor

Same as what he writes in his books. I like him too but maybe he retired and hasn't done any more research or thinking. I don't know. Just repeating the same stuff.


Stop spreading lies

Michio is the best! But Google, your one of the best companies in the world and you couldnt get a videographer who could record a video without the picture shaking the whole time? LMAO

I didn't get the part about whether machines will be able to act ethically. I think she is assuming human are good at making ethical decisions. I believe human fail at making good ethical decisions. I believe human are not able to act ethically because greed and wars over resources will never stop, how could you expect a machine would be better than a human in acting ethically? How the heck pain will make us become good at making ethical decisions? in fact pain could make people not act ethically. Ethics is about how we act fairly to one another and distribute limited resources fairly, yet that has not happened in human history. Today you can see the rich people controlling resources while the poor people only have limited access to resources. Wasting our resources on technology and making unnecessary trips to the moon by rich people will further deplete our resources, and poor people would be at a greater chance of abuse. Technology will never solve ethical problems, rather it creates them.

is it Professor or Dr? what a fascinating man who can translate in layman's terms and very personable, as well as a fantastic ice skater

you answered yourself.

Andrew Thomas Sadly it seems we have one foot already in our evolutionarial grave.

Wayne Beeberger Now is the only thing that's real!

Leonard Elisha There is a big bang theory though. I promise, not lying ;)

can you build one ?


15:30 What???!!! Lol! This explains so MUCH.

So because of technology and A.I are we heading to an idle pacifist culture in humanity where everyone is always happy and there's almost no suffering? what if a major war breaks out?


WHAT FUTURE EXACTLY ! ! ! Nuclear confusion and atom smashers will not make us a future. I M O

Kaku is a New Age (we become gods) prick here's a theory https://www.youtube.com/user/ThunderboltsProject that suggest electromagnetism is the dominate force of nature shaping the universe. This eliminates dark matter, dark energy and many other big bang fudge factors. Since electricity scales perfectly, the EU (electric universe) model is testable in the lab...and they are knocking off big bang issues in the lab on a regular basis & publishing.

When talking to politicians, you need to make it as anthropormophic as possible. I'd answer the Senator's questions thusly: "Not only will we find god, we will determine what he had for breakfast, if he has hemmorhoids, his favorite sports team and how much money he gave his ex-wife in the divorce settlement". These fans of primitive fiction and fable like as much detail as you can give them.

Michio Kaku, 7:34 -- Thanks for asking -- You want the final theory to be shared -- I have been waiting for that question, my work is a little outdated by now, but I have updates on my book: THE CODE: HORIZON OF INFINITY http://sbprabooks.com/ivanbroes/

I still thinks that the theory will chang. The past one isnt perfect. Someone has to come and confirm on that. Sir is talking on the very high level theory which has millions of permutation and the combinations. Doesnt help the 21 guys.

When I was 14 I invented a time machine , yep I came to realize that if you wanna travel in time all you have to do is wait

*High School* Me: 2 + 2 = 4 Michio Kaku: Building particle accelerators and atom smashers in my mom's garage

Used to respect them but not anymore scientist nowadays are laughing stock especially physicist bunch of rubbish degrees comparable to art degree

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S:) .. let me smile with happiness first... and I have to say.. thanks so much .. dr. Michio.. I know how to choose...the answer... the music can call your soul ..and make you feel like why the lightning must hit me..am I really bad person ? But I know the world love to play with us... but I do like Rihanna song .. I look at you ..your place anyway.. I let him surrender without me saying about my bad .. birth...come together two people .. but .. you can not rush or tell the other what date you wish to ...now I am invisible .. but I check at the gate..seem like my time is very close ..but I must come with other person who have specific head...but I didn’t know he will come and call me and I go with him .. if I miss this round.. I guess.. after what I learn all my life.. even I would take the bus school or take the train.. or lucky enough jump on the bridge and make it to school and finish the school.. and then .. get the job about liquor and alcohol department on the boat again ... but ..I know the head office they don’t like to poll the tips. They love their worker be to top sales..in any dimensions .. life is illusion when you live inside the internet with Lucy 2.. I think just one person could handle with the job ..perfect already.. love is powerful .. love can change human from love human Turn to drugs...and dance with the devil with weapon in hand... because the devil provide the house for them but make sure you double check about the house .. what type of house is cover..? Cost ...when you are in the same side.. cause you feel like ..so expensive ....or ... free of charge.. but ..the next person is dealing for you about the cost.. but .. make sure u are great ..and kinds.....goodness is the key.. I believe .. is the winner of the game..

Dr. Kaku, thank you for letting me briefly interrupt your lunch at the Atlanta airport back in April of 2012 and signing the only thing I had on me, an Entrepreneur magazine

That haircut though!

Three successor of the Large Hadron Collider. How do they say? "Bad things happen in three's." That saying gives more mass when you think about what they actually do...

one of the most influential speakers of theoretical physics and we can't have a steady cam. smh..


Greed never finishes. A human mind can never be satisfied

Or perhaps selectively optimistic.

"I build a nuclear reactor when I was 14. That's one of the many things that we share in common." - the coolest quote ever

God does not created us, particles did. God just created the particles.

@TaylorWilson a honeymoon on the moon wouldn’t be about the moon, it would be about looking back at Earth.

That is quite ridiculous that something that hasn't been proved a fact yet, is being presented to be complied for blind believe as a delusion.

we should be extinct someday. what can science do for it? what is the ultimate goal of humanity? solving our curiousity? for what? travling the universe? for what? universe will return to zero someday. even if we can prevent extinction, what's next? what is our goal? survival forever? how exited!

https://github.com/bower/bower/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aclosed+-label%3Abug+no%3Amilestone effected element revolutiona bug all project

Obviously Kaku Jr had his first meeting with good ol MR INRUSH CURRENT! Should have used some series resistors to charge those huge caps and then short them (the resistors) to remove them from the circuit, just a though...

Agent...... Scientists are idiots. Something is impossible until its possible. What logic is that.... Agent.

His answer on the physics of consciences seems flawed and incomplete.

We talk about aliens from outer space but what if we are aliens instead

I want to download a lot of things in my brain. Then I also want to delete some things lol.

Hahaha weird my name is "Zeus" and I'm currently playing guitar (iron man solo practicing) while watching. And Dr. Kaku is talking about god playing melodies in strings.

futurism is overrated..

Love Michio!

If people keep listening to the corrupt government and the church..the future of humanity is very dark!

I hope we have more kind of this videos Physicist interview another great Physicist so inspiring...

As much as I love michio kaku he is very repetitive. He says the same things over and over in all the talks, interviews. Speeches I've seen

Can’t he fucking change his fucking bullshit story and move on fucking mathe magicians this has bored the hell out of me through out years. What happens with kukkus mathmathematicalframe of reference when his models of the sun fails from the outset. Then he is doomed. Time doesn’t exist either and space can’t bend. This idiot is a metaphysical hippie.

I think Kaku is the unicorn.

I wish his lectures could be a little updated.... if you watch one... you watch all of them.

How many times have you told a story about the time YOU made a particle accelerator?

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