Malibu City Council Meeting August 12, 2019

Malibu City Council Meeting August 12, 2019

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Good. Evening everybody. Welcome. To the August, 12th. 2019. City Council meeting and from. The ridge, line to the coast line and from Topanga, past Trancas welcome all in 9:02 65. Can. I get a roll call, councilmember. Mullin here, councilmember. P here, councilmember. Pearson present. Mayor, pro-tem fair here, mayor, Wagner here. You have a quorum, thank you who would like to lead the Pledge of Allegiance this, evening I see. All the highest. Norm, stand, by norm thanks. Norm. And. Can. We get an approval of the agenda I. Move. To approve the agenda all, second, all. In favor aye. Can. We get a report on the posting, of the agenda please the. Agenda for this meeting was properly posted, on August, 1st. 2019. Thank. You we. Have a couple of ceremonial. Presentations. And Ruth. Is, up, in Josh ty R is. Somewhere. Around, hi. Jen. I'll. Start with Ruth. Ruth. Would you like to meet me at the podium. Okay. Well. This is for, Ruth and she's done a terrific job and I've seen you here for so many years and thank you very much for guiding. Us through all the financial. Things that you do and taking care of business in, such a wonderful. Way so. I'm, just gonna read on. Ruth. Joined the city on August, 15th 2007. As a finance, manager after, a distinguished, career in the finance division of the Superior, Court system, for. The last 12 years Ruth. Has managed the city's day-to-day. Financial, functions assisted. In the, preparation, of the city's budget overseeing. All of the city's financial. Audits and annual financial reports and that's, about as long as I've been around City Hall you've done very well Ruth. Financial, acumen and attention. Some. May say obsession. I didn't. Go that far somebody. Wrote this to, detail has helped the city not only pass each, audit, with flying colors but, also receives, a highly regarded certificate, of achievement for, excellence in financial reporting every, year since 2012. That's. When I started it's all been good the, certificate, program acknowledges. Local governments, that go beyond the minimum accounting. Requirements, to, prepare comprehensive. Annual, financial reports. That. Truly, demonstrate, transparency and full disclosure and, this. Is true, of everything Ruth has done and I'll testify, that she is always willing to go beyond the minimum requirement. To make sure things are done right to the high standard she sets for herself. As. Seriously, as Ruth takes government, finance accounting and fiscal responsibility she. Is never without her sense of humor and is, always ready to crack a joke and share, some laughs with co-workers, and auditors alike the. Auditors that's the tough one too Frank, we, all wish her the best and she, begins, this new exciting chapter, with her dog whisky by her side. They. Really dug into this didn't they. Okay. Yeah. So. I don't know what's in here Ruth but it's, your gift, from the city and the city manager and so if. You like to say something take pictures do all that. You. Wanted you can hold the doubloons. And, I keep saying I. Have. To speak that. If you want to listen in English first one now. I'm. Going to thank to, the. City Council the. Past and the present and, special. Thanks to mr., Tolson who. Offered, me a position, my. Position and, Riva, filmin who, has been supporting me all, years, for 12 years and put, up with me, so. Thank you everybody, and I will remember everybody, including. Them. Thank. You so much. Well. I've got a long list, of things to read and it's not the laundry list I'm going to grab it right now. Just. On a personal note Josh. Was the first sergeant, we had down in the, beach when I started on a beach team I don't know how many decades ago but you.

Were Very patient. We. Still are any case, josh. Is up here Josh ty came to Malba law school sheriff station in 2016. As an acting captain, and became the permanent captain in March of 2017. But. This wasn't his first time here he previously served at Malibu lost hill station his watch commander, from 2005. To 2008. As watch. Commander, from 2011. To 2013. As. Operations. Lieutenant, for the North patrol division beginning in February of 2016. This. Experience, combined with his community, oriented. Philosophy, and dedication, to public service made, him a perfect choice for Malibu. He's, also highly respected, within department, and, had a full support, of the, station, and it's all--it's deputies, in, fact he was regularly ranked, as one of the top three best captains to work for in the deputies union that's. Also, a lads gave him the same documents. In. Addition captain ty has received numerous professional awards. And accolades for, his service including, the exemplary. Service. Award from LA County Sheriff Department the. Distinguished. Service Award from, the, esprit de corps award and the, US Air Force the outstanding Community Service Award from law enforcement Association of, Asian Pacific there. We go mal was extremely, lucky to have him as mal, who lost hills stations. Captain and he will be greatly missed by many people and many of his deputies, truly. Josh is one of the really well liked guys, and. That's, coming, from the soul, so. With, that we have a tile. These. Are hard to come by I've. Been at this seven years and I don't have a tile so you. Okay. There's. A budget on those gonna talk to Riva would. You like to say something. While, I you. Know I. Thought. I was prepared to come up here to say. A few things but I'm, just really, shocked and. You. Know thank you so much for for. This plaque. And but. More importantly I just want to say thank you so much for all city council members and. We. Have a city manager and all the city staff I feels, like for. Like I'm at home here and. It's. Unfortunate, that I had a medical issue but but. Like I just. Missed. This place so much and you, know this place has treating me so well I, appreciate. All the support all the trust to help everything. From the city to the station, but. I also felt that good, that now we have a new captain, captain. Matt van hork where, I know, that it will have. You. Know a great time here and. Please. Do, support, him and also. Give. Him all the love like you did you gave me I appreciate. A lot of you know I just can't can't, say enough about the city like I said I it's. Just been a privilege, to serve as the police, chief here and it's. Such a great honor for that. This is such a way more we know City. And. I'm just so, glad. To be part of it so thank you so much. Yeah. I. Creole. Scooch over a bit. Okay. I just want the city seal behind you up there so scooch, over a little bit more that way. Thank. You. Okay. Josh gets a new tile there. We go we'll, glue it in next time so. Am I good on this, okay. Thank. You for your service Josh. At. This point I'd like to introduce our new, captain. At Malibu, lost hills sheriff's station, Matt, Vander hork he's. Been with all ESD since 1993. As a BS in criminal, justice and a master's, in public policy and, administration we. Welcome him to the Malibu lost hill station you. Want to come up and say hi and yeah. Thank. You all and, know, that.

Well. I, wasn't. Expecting, this but I thank. You thank you for this warm welcome, I mean I've spent the evening with. Captain. Josh time, and, we've been talking about the. Things that he's done here and his experiences, here with the city of Malibu and the the, community, and and and I'm very very, excited. To. Be here and have this opportunity to work with you and and, I don't, want to steal anything I've got big shoes to fill that's obvious, and he was really loved here and I I hope, that I can live up to what he's, already done for you and and take us further so thank you very much, Thank. You captain, thank you very much. We'd, like to get a staff update, on the disaster, response in recovery. Good. Evening mayor Wagner and members of the City Council. I'll. Provide you a quick update of where we are in terms of planning from, a playing department, and then, Andrew. Sheldon will explain the building and safety aspect, of the rebuild process. Today. We've approved, 48. Approvals, that are for a like-for-like, construction. This. Could be a home, exactly. As it was prior to the fire or, smaller. Or no, larger than 10%. We've. Approved, another 57. Home so I'm sorry misspoke, is 48, or like-for-like or smaller 57. Are like for like or 10 percent larger. In size and. Then. 11th projects. Have come in that are redesigned. There's something very different about them that kicks them out of that like for a like category, it, could be the. Reciting. Of the home, completely. Or it could be something where, they've added, more than 10%, of the square footage to the home. Currently. We have 12 applications. Under review at this point and a total of 116. Applications. Have, been approved. We've. Been implementing, the fee waiver program, as approved. By, the, City Council we've. Issued this number is from last week a few, more came in today but we've issued roughly, about close to. 230. Thousand, dollars worth of fee waivers, now, this includes. Projects. That have come in since, the order the resolution, took effect and, it also includes, projects, that. Have been submitted, since, we, reopen, City Hall late. November, we. Went back if anyone, applied for, a fee waiver we, went back and issued refunds for those once. Again to discuss what we are waiving it's, the fees associated with the planning department and, the building and safety department, and the associated, reviews, within the city and this, only applies for projects. That are like for like or like for like with no more than 10%, so. If someone were to apply for a coastal development, permit we have not been issuing a waiver. In. Addition to the city issued waivers, the. Water Works district, 29, staff. Has indicated, that they do have, a waiver, program, for, that who we recommend, that, any, residents, who are interested, visit, either the, Water Works district, 29 office, here in Malibu or, make. Contact, with david admin we, have his information on the city's website and, we, can also give that to anyone who needs it from our planning counter or if they call our planning hotline but. Essentially, for homes. That. Were destroyed by fire the. Water Works district, is waiving, the infrastructure. Fees that they had been originally planning to charge and. The, connection, fee. For. Folks who are still having, questions about, navigating, through the rebuild process they. Can make contact with our department, at, the front counter we have someone there whenever City Hall is open that. Includes, during the lunch hour so from, 7:30, to 5:30, Monday through Thursday, and 7:30, to 4:30 on, Fridays, and that. Staff member can schedule either, a consultation. To go over a project like a pre designed meeting or if, we have the availability, and whoever comes in has the plans with them or materials, we'll be glad to sit down with them as time permits right at that moment I. Will. Pick up the building safety side from here so to date, we have 14, building, permits issued for. Replacement. Main. Houses, plus one, for, a guest, house and. Of. Those we don't have any completed yet but. We. Have actually, some photos I'm going to show you in a minute of construction. Underway at. The first house that's actually, being framed up in. Plan, check we have 35, projects. Seven. Of which are under review right now the rest have been returned, back, to applicants, to make corrections. I apologize. For this, slide. Being a little bit difficult to read but it's, a, graph, showing the types, of permits issued. Since. September. And the. Proportions, of the new Wolsey permits, and. Debris. Removal and so. Forth. Here. Is a happy, homeowner framing, up the first, house, actually going up as, sticks, in. Malibu. With. The, contractor, and the, architect and permit, expediter.

We're. Pleased to show some, progress here finally. You're. Also able to get the video. Obviously. Something we're hoping to replicate very. Much of over, the next month. And. I want to remind folks that. Have. To be passed through planning and your in plan check. You'll. Be visiting, the, city departments, and County, Fire Department again. With. Plans going through and so if anybody, is having any difficulties, or challenges I'd. Like you to feel free to reach out to me directly and I'm. Here to help my. Extension, is 251. Malibu. City Hall and I. Really. Want to do everything that, we can to move, projects, forward all. The way to permit, issuance. Thank. You Andrew a brief. Question, on it looked like that was a new slab did, he have to do all the work and then get the slab and, it Smurfs place I guess it. Is that Smurfs and I. Actually, don't have the particulars, on his slab with me right now. Wow. Look. Like a new slab, thank. You Andrew sure, and then. Everybody, should have debris removal done but I just wanted to put this slide up there there's maybe. A, handful. Of properties. That still. Are hanging out there that we're following up with making a lot of phone calls and if, anyone's, looking at this and knows they need to get a degree removal, permit for. Demolition please, reach out. Thank. You Andrea. Okay. Yeah. We're onto communication. From the public I have several speakers to. A, it. Looks like Anthony. Demos. Victimís. Hi. Anthony. You're. Up good. Evening everybody I'm Anthony McGinnis I'm. With the Malibu times and. Malibu Santa, Monica Mountains visitor, and Recreation, Alliance I'm, proud to present the, 2019. 2020 edition. Of what to do in Malibu it. Was last August I presented our first edition and I'm proud to present the second edition it's. A vision I've been working hard on for a few years in the Malibu times has given. Me great support in this. We've. Really focused in a lot of editorial, content. Similar. To samples. Of Sunset, magazine, we. Focusing, on some, articles, about the Malibu pier king Gillette ranch visitor center and Cielo. Farms so we're encompassing. Malibu, and all of 1982 65 really. Proud of some pages on page. 55, and 56, where. We, focus. In on some of the tribute 9/11. Memorial. And heroes garden and the. Pages. Right adjoining that we've gone into the Pepperdine in Malibu. Times. Archives, and got some really good Malibu memories of a historic, Malibu so. We've been working hard to do that we. Have over the last few years formed, a Malibu. Visitor, and Recreation, Alliance, which encompasses, both Malibu, and Santa Monica, Mountains we've met a couple years and these, are basically businesses. And entities who have recreation. Visitors in mind, kind, of a networking group to try to connect the dots between people. Who visit Malibu and great experiences. So whether it be family picnics, weddings. Learning, to surf. We really didn't working hard to make sure that we have a united front and and creating. Great memories in Malibu so, I've left you all copies I've got some more for people here and these are available on, newsstands. At, Barnes & Noble Bristol. Farms Whole Foods lax, Burbank. Airport and, we also do some free distribution at area hotels in, Malibu Santa Monica Conejo. Valley and, the, Woodland. Hills area so our job, is to our, goal is to make the best possible memories, for people to come spend time in Malibu so I just wanted to present this to you. Thank. You Anthony, look, forward to poking, through it thank you very nice. Tarted, on it about a year ago I remember, yeah well. Done Anthony sir thank you very much enjoy. Our. Next speaker is Hans Hans, is followed by Andy, Lyon followed, by Scott Dietrich, followed by Allen Armstrong. Good. Evening mayor and council preparing. A great summer. My, name is hans lutz from kbu radio and i have four projects, i want to update you on really quickly first. With the help of matt Meyerhoff and susan joining us the city of malibu who now has emergency.

Programming. Capability, on the radio station the, city has been given computer codes and access. To our hard. Drive and they can upload an audio file that will play every 15 minutes if, i'm not in so. That, means i can go. To mammoth. Second. It's automatic, and of course they have to remember to upload an empty one to make it turn off otherwise. It's gonna play until I get back from mammoth. Second. Tomorrow we hook up the solar panels up at our transmitter, and thanks. To Skyler he's offered to help we had to bring in a DC guy because it's, these. Are touchy things this. Will bring us off of the Edison. Grid forever. We've, been on gasoline for 262. Days we've bought three thousand and two hundred gallons, of gasoline so far we, are really, looking forward to not driving up there twice a night. And. All. Right, now by October, we'll have the studio. On solar, also, right, now it's on generator in case of emergency, but all four of our microwave, relays studio, and transmitter, are all on emergency power now for, when the PSPs, happens. Third. K Buu is before the FCC right, now with two applications, for boosters, on on. The 99.1. Frequency, one, for Eastern Malibu at the Civic Center and one at Western Malibu at. Trancas. The. We, expect approval from the FCC because it's it's a compliant, project we're not asking, for any waivers the Malibu Foundation is helping us with the construction, costs which are not, insubstantial. This, is huge and we really appreciate from them once, these are up we expect clear reception of the radio station, along, all of Pacific, Coast Highway within, the city limits once, you get past. The. First quarter mile down, it at. The eastern end the city we're still gonna have a little problem but everywhere else we should be pretty clear and. Our boosters. Will also be solar and battery powered. Finally. K Buu has built and we've turned on a microwave, link from, our studio. Transmitter. About, Paradise Cove to, the roof at Santa Monica High School and, we're now transmitting. 150. Megabits per second, of blank data back and forth between the, high school and western, Malibu, this is the heart of the Malibu communication, system that we're hoping to build we're. Testing with it still we're going to we're, going to extend this microwave, system, to, Malibu, high school to Santa Monica High School at first we'll turn that on very quickly this, will give smusd.

Smmu, SD capability. To keep the schools in session during. A power outlet outage, they can teach people without power but they can't keep kids at school if they don't have phones and this, will keep their data system flowing back and forth we think that'll be up in about 30 days. We. Are hoping, to bring that we're. Doing a feasibility study right now to make sure everything's going to work we, anticipate tying. This building in as well to. Give the city of Malibu a redundant. Independent. Of SCE power system, between here and Santa Monica. Whether. There's a fire or PSPs. So the, one thing that's going to make all this work and we're coming before you I understand, in September, is a request for a very small very. Short. Communications. Facility, at Bluffs, Park could be a couple little antennas, we, think we can do it right, behind the lawnmower shed and put them as low as possible so don't even peak up above the lawnmower shed we're, very conscious of the view issues we don't want to be a bad neighbor it'll. Be a lot shorter than the Raptor Pole and we, think the Raptors will enjoy it so. Thanks, for your cooperation we're, going to come back to you with a complete report on bringing a city into this communication system, and again. The Malibu foundation, is making this economically. Possible they've, been very supportive and I am very appreciative to them thank, you for your time thank you Hans, thank you for all your efforts and thanks. Malibu foundation. Andy. Your auntie Lian is up followed, by Scott Dietrich followed by Allen armstrong, followed, by Judith Israel. Evening. Hans. Told me I was right about the legume so it's. Worth coming tonight. The. Last City Council, meeting we had here with, the skate park issue after I left I watched, the ending and I I was pretty discouraged. To see that the only place that you guys could figure out a temporary, spot was actually, the lot up there at the bluffs it's got Gillen has the police, on right now so, that means that the only temporary, skate park that we're gonna have is gonna be not until like December. 2020, on your guys figuring. Out. And. Let. Me see I took some pictures of what we could actually do I just press this thing how. Do I. Which. Way there it is oh so. The. Island property, that the city owns which is right down to bottom of the street. It's, like the perfect spot for a temporary, skatepark, I know you've got issues with what you need to do with it. Is. It not do, I have to like. They're. Not working out. Oh. There. You go so here it is it's already it's like graded, flat, there's no Asha it's, right in the middle of everything it's like a perfect spot there's streets. Right there underneath they used to come straight down Civic, Center away. And. Here. Is the chili cook-off site, that's already a parking, lot that's. Ready, to go there's the two acres that you were gonna sell to the fire department, but one, acre has to be for parking or something over there anyways. I'll. Go back and explain all this stuff but I just want to see you can see that the this. Is what you guys did with the SCE lot. You. Were able to give them, an overnight, permit, to dig that all up so what happened, was you. Know we've got this lot down there, we. Could use it you could switch, the one acre over to the chili cook-off put, that in with the acre that's. Just, sitting there you're not going to be doing anything with the chili cook-off for at least another year because you push the, budget. To have the, $250,000. Study. To see what we're gonna do and we push the sale of. Selling. It to the fire department. So we've got we've, got that area down there you, could switch it over we could use the, island, property, for a skatepark right, now like. It could have been done instantly. Just. Like you did here with this this, you know storage, yard that you have for the seu gave them an overnight.

Permit. In. Esha I, mean. It's insane what was going on down there and why, we can't do that for the kids in Malibu, you know. You guys have let them down everybody, all those kids that came here thought they were getting a skatepark and they're not getting anything for over a year and. I think that all of you should be tell. Tell, the city what we, need to do I mean it's simple it's, simple switch, to acre that you bought that Island. Lot. Over. To the chili cook-off you got to have two acres it's, really easy it's simple give, the kids the island, or otherwise, they're gonna sink. In Malibu. It's. Really like I just, I'll. Stick around and, wonder, what you know listen to what you guys have to say about why you can't do this but, you can totally do this you, it's about time that you bend the rules for kids, instead. Of developers. All. Right thanks a lot you guys, thank. You Andy. Scott. Dietrich you're up sir and then followed. By Allen Armstrong, and Judith Israel good. Evening. Mr.. Mayor council. I, hate, to bring problems, to you but I'm bringing, one to you that's. Serious. But. It has a solution. Which. Seems, to be kind of unusual around, here. I've. Become aware that, a lot. Of people, after Woolsey, are seeing, huge increases in, their insurance premiums, I think. You're aware of it. 3700, a year has gone to. 15,000. Other people, are saying they've increased. 53%. Some. People a thousand, a month more other. People 2,000. A month and, they're. Emailing me and and. I put a little blurb in the next-door Rambla, and I. Think I got excuse. Me seven responses. And. Other. People, like I've got State. Farm, it. Never increased, but our, premium, came up right after, the, fire so, maybe they didn't have a chance. Another, guy said, he's had Lloyds for, 21, years without a claim and he, just got cancelled, so. We. Have a huge issue and a. Couple. Council. Meetings ago and at. The Planning Commission. We. Had people. Up in arms. Pitchforks. And pizza. I guess for. Paul. People. Worrying about property, values this. Is going, to impact, property. Values, like, nothing, before in, fact, that's been confirmed, by. Real, estate agents, I've talked to that's why our real, estates kind of in an odd situation so. What's the solution. Because. There is one. If. We. Have the inspections. The National, Fire, Prevention. Association. Inspections. A lot of us just took these classes. That were subsidized. Because don't worry those, two day intensive, classes are 500, bucks. And. Jerry. Vander Milland was over, there he, took it as well in spite of being you, know 30 years in in fire prevention. And fire department, but, if, we. Can. Get the insurance companies, to recognize. These, inspections. Because. We. Can stop we can't maybe stop the fires but. We can stop. We. Can stop homes, from igniting, we can stop, 85%. So what I'm asking you to do specifically. Is to, use our lobbyists. Go, talk to the governor, who an Insurance Commissioner, Laura and. You. Know get them to go to the insurance company see don't. Increase. People. Who, have had these inspections, and passed, them because. We can't stop fires we, can stop houses, from burning, so please. Use. That lobbyist, or anything else, because, otherwise, property. Values are just going to fall like a rock in, our city thank you thank. You Scott thanks for all that research. Alan. You, need hi Alan and you're, followed, by Judith tooth you're after Alan hi. Good evening mayor. Councilmembers. And the, rest of the crew thank you very much you guys do a lot of good work I'm just here on a, positive, note. I brought, a problem, forward to lieutenant, ce2, and deputy. Mike Tran and they, solved, it. We. Have a dog walker group at, latigo, cove and.

There, Was just an, individual, needed to be looked at and they took care of it and in. Days and it, worked out so we're, here to really commend. Them and the Sheriff's Department for. A good, job, appreciate. It my. Last closing, little, mark, would. Be on. Beach. Access ways, there's one at latigo Cove that's, open, 24/7. Which, does allow, some strangers. To come in and and. There. Was a case when a few guys got. On the guys deck broke, his stairs and. Caused. Some trouble. You. Know these are the sundae drinkers, basically. From way out of town but. They did leave their wallet, and cellphone which, were given to the police department. So. Nothing, but kudos for the sheriff thank you very much for listening. Thank. You Alan I'm glad you turn that material, in, Judith. I do, as good evening. I, just have one question, I'd. Like to know when. We'll see the. Comprehensive. Disaster, plan, for. 2019. 2020. I haven't. Seen anything and I'm getting very concerned because. We're in the middle of fire season. And. We. Have September, in October, November coming, up and, I haven't seen anything, and we've had earthquakes as, well, so. I just like to know when we'll see the. Plan the, fire plan. I saw. The recommendations. And. I was pleased to see how those but I didn't see. What. The, plan is for. Fires. Or, earthquakes, or floods so. I'd. Like to know. When we'll see that. Thank. You thank. You Jesus there is one. Thank. You Judith we'll get back to you in a minute when we come to. Sure. Good evening everybody, nice. To see everyone after our break I want. To start by thanking Ruth. Pm'n, for her many years of, service, she. Has been an incredible. Employee to the city of Malibu. She's, one of those employees who was here at 7:00 a.m. and, here still at 6:00 p.m. they. Don't really think she ever left her office she lunch, in her office and. Truly, took her, dedication, to making sure that everything. Having to do with our finance, and accounting department, was, completely. Accurate down to the penny. Even, when auditors told her she didn't need to balance to the penny but she always did and so she's been a. Wonderful friend and a great support, and I'm really going to miss her but I wish her well in her next. Chapter of being retired. I'd, also like to thank Josh Tye for his many years of service to. The. County and to, the city of Malibu. He's, sorely, missed and, we wish him the best in, his recovery. Just. A couple announcements. August. 17th, this weekend we have a hazardous, waste collection here. At City Hall. And we have starting, in September, is National, Preparedness, month and, we have a very robust, schedule of activities, and.

Classes. For. The community will also be doing quite, a few trainings for staff every. Week throughout September so, there's, a flyer in the back that looks like this I encourage everybody to pick that up or look at the information, on. Our website and, certainly, get involved, because we do want people to be aware of that, and. Also, one of the events, that we'll be having in September, on September, 10th there'll be a fire scaping, workshop, here at City Hall at 5:30, and that'll. Help residents, who are interested, learn how to heart, in their home, and property from fire. So. I also just wanted to address. And, elion your questions about the skate park and the location, the, City Council did direct staff to return, with. Suggestions, and the, feasibility of doing a temporary skate park on the. Crumber site we'll be returning next week at a special, City Council meeting on the 21st, at 4 o'clock, and. We. Wanted. To make sure that everybody a knows, about the meeting but also that we have been, able to come up with some very good solutions, for a. 5,000. To 7,000, square foot temporary, skate, park at, the crumber, site that, if a pending, council approval on August 21st, to move forward, with it we, think could be open by April, of may or may of next year and that, we can concurrently, start working on a permanent skate. Park there so, I, know you. Had some other really good ideas but we have taken the direction provided, by Council and think that we have. Some great ideas to get a temporary skate park open, very soon up, near Bluffs Park, and. Then, Scott. I just want to let you know that I know. You've brought those issues, forward and I have brought those to the attention of our lobbyists, already and I'll continue to work with them in any way I can so thank you for that I don't. Have any other updates. Unless you have some questions for me thank you thank. You Eva. Up. To Council anybody want to start yeah I'll start it okay Rick you're up I also, want, to say thank you very much for all, of your many years of service here, the city of Nauvoo, and for preserving our sterling financial. Status, and. Looking. Out for all the money that, belongs to the citizens, of Malibu thank you very much and I, hope you enjoy retirement can we have a kind of a you know deal. Like we had with. You. Know maybe, she could be on reserve status and we could bring her back period. Nevermind. Also. Josh time, enough you're still here but what, a great individual, and it what a great, American. Success story and, it's wonderful. To have had him here and the. Port of working with his replacement. And, we're, doing something right because law, enforcement is super popular here in Malibu and, well, liked by everybody, much more so than the firemen these days so, they, seem to be doing something right we, have a great. Everybody. Works in the Sheriff's Department out here is well liked by the community, and we. Really appreciate, all the great service that they do and, thank, you for sharing those great stories of the, you. Know the sheriff's coming down and helping you out I, was gonna address Scott Dietrich stuff but you've already done that and that's, all I have thank you. Thanks. Rick. Okay. I. Guess we'll go left to right okay. Um. I too, would like to thank Ruth and. Captain, Josh ty for their many, years of service and. You will be missed. Um. Let's. See here I'm. Sorry I don't know the person's name that put out the Malibu magazine, but it's really Anthony, Anthony. Did. He leave. He's. Definitely now back um. It's. Really beautiful, publication, and I also want to congratulate, him on the distribution network its extensive. And I was, surprised at some of the places he said it's been put but that's great. Hans. Great. Work thank you. You're. Just putting one foot in front of the other every week and I and, we all appreciate that, and thank. You for updating, us. Scot. Yes I've gotten your emails, about those things and. We'll. Be talking some more about that. About. The working. With our lobbyist perhaps and, with the insurance commissioner. Ellen. Armstrong, thank you for bringing positive, news that's, very. Nice and I'm glad to hear that the sheriff. Apprec--. Responded. So quickly although. I'm not surprised about that. And. As far as my, activities. We've had a break which. I think we all appreciated. Having. The late July council, meeting. Taken. Off the calendar. But. I've been continuing, to work with my public safety commissioner Doug Stewart. Particularly. On solving. Some of the communications, challenges. That we have during. Disasters. Particularly. With, PSPs. The. Power. Shut off with Edison and other. Loss. Of power causes.

So. That's all I have thank you thank. You Karen. Thank. You mirror. First. Of all yeah echo. Thanks. To Ruth thank. You so much and for being so nice to my doggie. When I brought Jack by you, are awesome and. And. Of course the Josh Ty and looking. Forward to getting to know the new captain very much, Hans, thank, you as. I said before so I can say in public now if you need any help just let me know what it is how, it is direct, me I really. Appreciate everything you're doing thank you so much. Andy. Number, one I hope your knee, heals see. And get back out there that, doesn't. Look like any fun you, know we looked. At the, island. Property, but I never thought of a temporary, there actually I hadn't thought of a temporary at the time we were there so, that was in and, me, and thought, of a temporary there so, I don't know the what. The issues are that I don't know but thanks for bringing that up. And appreciate the little video. Scott. You know I've talked about this thank, you for bringing it forward look, it's a definitely a real issue. It. Is interesting though isn't it like my own house is that you. Know I just. Tell this quickly it was interesting State Farm, actually, when I went when we rebuilt our house and all the West. Nobody. Want to insure it farmers, didn't Lloyd's. Said. They they did temporarily, was super expensive and, no one liked him even then this before the fire and. Then I talked to State Farm and they weren't gonna Naitonal house was basically fireproof, you know we built it to be in. Malibu metal. Roof no, landscaping, that could burn nothing on the outside that could burn nothing but hardy board was, villain so they came out and looked at it and they, and they said you know we will insure this house and. That was two hundred and fifty, something dollars a month before the fire and we had pretty extensive smoke. Damage. And. You, know we had a claim and. Now. It's two hundred ninety five dollars so. I don't I think you're, on the right track, and I've talked, to. Commissioner. Laura about this in the past and I don't know what's happening, there when he was here we discussed this very issue and he said yes that was his issue I haven't, heard a word so I would love to follow, up on that and see. What's up on homes that are resilient. In a high fire zone. Makes. Sense to me it made sense to State Farm at least the day they came out to my house though, thank. You on that and. Judith. We have an issue here just to discuss, exactly, that item 6a so hang out we're gonna get to all, of, our fire stuff here in a little bit, and.

Besides. That I. Attended. A meeting the Santa Monica. Organization. Active in disasters, agenda, I mean I they're not their agenda I attended, that very interesting group run. By their head of resiliency. In their Emergency Management, Department all. About bringing groups together to. Just. Be. Ready for emergencies. Pretty. Well done I brought, a few things I don't, know what Suz as or not I'm gonna share with her and emailed her about that but they, have a pretty cool program I'm really big on all. Of us taking some responsibilities. And yes the City Council and, the city will do what they can but this is a map your neighborhood program through, the Red Cross which is where the meeting was and it's all about preparing, your neighborhood for disasters, I brought I have some extras of these it's a great program and the Red Cross will come out and help, neighborhoods with it so, a. Interesting. Program very. Worthwhile meeting, they do it I think once every three. Months or something like that. During. The break I met with quite, a few people, in Malibu and a lot of issues including a couple. Troublesome, STRs, our short-term rentals. Fire. Prep and different neighborhoods I met with a number of people and in several, different neighborhoods on that and fire. Rebuilds, of course and. It's. Been set a hundred times so I'll just say it again so it's 101 if you're having trouble and your fire rebuild. Communicate. Communicate, communicate it's. Really really hard to. Build a house under any situation and. It's frustrating and, it's full-time and it's overwhelming. And I. Know most. Of the people that reach out to me I have been able to help it's really. Have to communicate at a high level come. By City Hall constantly. It. Still can be tough even in the best of situations but, don't a, couple. People that were able to move forward really quickly you're basically sitting home waiting for someone to get a hold of them. City. Hall's here they're open every day come by I think. That's really important. I. Also. Chaired, a meeting. The. Santa Monica's homeless steering, committee we did a we do a hygiene, kit building, event, to, put kids together to help people. That were trying to transition out of homelessness it's a men's kit a women's kit and it's, a it's. A great model it's it is in Santa Monica where I had my business but we were able to build 500 kits, and it's, a tool to sort of an engagement tool to try and help get people into the system and they've been very very successful at getting people off the streets which. Is. The whole goal, to get people home I even have a program there where they they, get people, connected. With family and fly. Them home sometimes, in they've gotten hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people off the street over the last few years a good program I also. Had attended, Ted Silverberg, surf swap here and another. Success, teddy loves to do charitable events for Malibu and the city was gracious enough to hold one and there was all sorts of surfing stuff in the parking lot and people, were it was a pretty good crowd here Mike, was there we got to talk and, it.

Was Good now Ted's actually gonna be moving out of Malibu I've just learned so we're, gonna have to find someone's got to step up and replace Ted on doing these charity events he's been fantastic, at it and done it for years and really supported, the city and, so. Yeah Teddy's movement moving to Hawaii a long dream of his and, lastly. Some of you know JD slacker. That's been here he's uh the basketball player has done all sorts of charity stuff I went to his, Luke. Strong event, recently. Was the same day as Ted's event same day as the homeless steering committee hygiene kit event but, I went to that in Newbury Park and that, is a wonderful, man doing amazing, things to help people, he was helping oh. My. Gosh there's so many people. There including, the Red Cross and a lot of other organizations he, just brings everyone together to support their events it was a kickball, tournament and, just, if you don't know JD. He's a wonderful, wonderful young, man an author. And, just, I, know. Lou Tennessee to knows and very well also just just an awesome guy so, that's. It. That's what I've been up to thank you Thank. You Mikey Skylar good, to go Thank. You mayor. Like. Everybody else I'd like to thank Josh for his service to community, and all the men and women in uniform and welcome our new captain so I look forward to spending time with him and him getting to know and get, acquainted with our community, I. Attended. The surf swap and I, guess. A lot of the things in the time that we had offered but, I. Sense. A lot of frustration, when people in regards to the insurance, stuff I know, I think I echo the comments that my key made about mr.. Lara. There's. A. Lot. Of I think interesting. Things that are going on in the insurance world in California, if those like there come a grating for the state and kind of seen what regulations, they're gonna come up with. Any. That's really sad. For people and that. Those costs are going so high so I hope that if there's anything that the city can do and we. Should all step up and do that, I. Hope. That people do come to the skatepark meeting. Andy. I explored. Doing, different. Things with a site that you're referencing in. Regards to escape, boarding. Those. For. Various, different reasons did, not work out I did, not look at it as a temporary, location but. Maybe. That's something that can be discussed on, I, think it's the 21st is that correct Reva Wednesday but, I think that we're kind of right. Now set on something going on up a bluff so I. Will. Wait, until that meetings when we can have those discussions. That's. It thank, you thank. You Schuyler I, have. A couple of updates from, out of town that affect, the city up.

In Eureka the California, State Coastal Commission authorized. Signage. At the Topanga from maestro's restaurant, to coastline Drive and, I hope to implement that type of signage. Now, that we've got that through the courts. Along. Corral, Canyon and, from, corral Canyon to. Corral Beach what. The Coastal Commission ruled, and that's. The end of it and it's done there's no more review. Ting is that. They can sign, two, hours parking, at night on opposite, sides and. I've had a number of comments from many of you and many of the residents down, at coastline, about the motorhomes down there we call it the motor homeless village, the. New motor homeless village it's starting at Laguna. Canyon as. Well as the one that we're all familiar with at the west end of the corral so, once. We can start posting that, to. Our visitor. Time then the sheriff's can have some authority, with, motorhomes. And move them around I, have. Seen the videos of people dumping, their sewage. Their raw sewage right on to the parking areas. We're. Depending on Caltrans, to do the trash pickup several, times a week Caltrans. Has to go through there and pick. Up the litter that exists. Behind the motor homes so. I was happy to hear that you can look it up online it. Was at the last Eureka, meeting at California. Coastal Commission I think that'll really help the city out with the issues. We're having here in town too now. That we can do the signage thing. Skylar. And I have a environmental. Sustainability, meeting, coming up in a couple weeks hope to see some of you there, Andy. On the skatepark of course I'm. All for it. Let's. Just get one done if. Reva says April I believe, will, we'll get it done in April not, December, but. Everybody, come on the 21st. At 4 o'clock is, we even mentioned, look, forward to great, participation, there and bring. Their signs. Scott, on, the, insurance, thing I know we've spoken about it I don't. Mind headed up to heading, up to Sacramento meeting, with Ted Harris up at Cal. Strat. Powerful. Lobbying group. I'll. Go up there I'll do whatever it takes but I think we need a white page and I know you're good at this so if you can formulate a white page so that I can get, that up to Ted so that he can kind of get an idea and get his grasp, around what we would be asking from him and as a municipality, what. We, could take is a course. To follow so. That when we do get another meeting with Laura it's. Not in, an audience but we can get face, to face and pen to pen and hopefully, get something done at least have him go, to the insurance companies, and let, them let them realize, that we're watching and. If, you were at that meeting a number of people had filed complaints, at that meeting when he was here at City Hall and I haven't heard about the follow up on those complaints, but I, imagine.

I'll, Have that discussion if we can get up to Sacramento and get. Them in the office, remember. This is - is this insurance, rate and is anomaly. Of change, it's it's. Gonna be a five to seven year program, for most these companies and. I don't think we got into the details of it but I think everybody in the room would like to know that. They're. Gonna be feeling out the. Temperature. Of the homeowners, with. These new policies if. You look at Paul Gross aunty's prompt the property, he started out at three to four thousand, now he's at twelve and. That's a regular 3,000, square-foot home here in Malibu so those. Increases, really, impact people, buying homes and, financing, their homes I, think. That's it for me anybody. Else have anything else. Okay. Well we've got more speaker slips here. Okay. So, now we're moving on to the consent calendar. Let's. See. It. Looks like 3, B 10. 3. B 15. And. Another speaker. On 3b 15, so I'd like to make a motion to approve the consent calendar pulling, items 3 b 10 and 3 b 15 I'll. Second that all, in favor hi. Honey. Good. Evening council members did you want. Any, kind of a report, or this. Is our annual report of the emergency. Coastal development, permits that we've issued I. Think. I remember the public pulled this, item so unless, you have any questions. We. Go to public comment and then see, if we need to ask anything else about me. Yeah. I think public, speaker Bruce silverstein, on 3b, 10th me. Me Bruce. There. Is there a particular property, that you have we'd, like to hear that I would like to hear the report before I'm able to comment on it I thought, that that was a permissible option, I looked. At council I don't have a problem with. I don't, have a formal presentation prepared. Basically. This is the emergency. Permits, we've issued this year as a combination of. Things. Like. Failed. Septic system permits, emergency. Pile repairs. Of, course the staging yard for Southern California Edison, which was done on an emergency basis, is one of them so there's a variety of permits. Like that that we've issued this year. For. A moment of clarity I'd look to the city attorney because, I have. No problem with it I just look. To the council for an opinion. That. Each, of these permits, requires. A follow up regular. Coastal development permit some of those have come in some of them are being processed right now. The. Public owns that satisfy. Use is, that the entire report I'm. Bonnie, is that. Okay. So, thank you for the opportunity speak good good evening everybody um, so. I think there's a problem here there. As, first. I want to thank mr. Lyon, for putting up those pictures of the SCE work yard before. After and during, I, had actually supplied them. Application. Number 1902, 5, says. It was granted through August 2019. In fact it wasn't it was granted through may of May, 15 2000, 19 that was subject of some problems, earlier in the year it, says August interestingly, there's. Then another application, which. Is file number II CDP, number 19, - Oh 14, which. Is the same, CDP. Number 1902, 5 and is, granted that, time through August it says as. Is stated in the memo and the council report these, applications. Are limited, to 90 days you, can't make the same application, twice that's, exactly, what happened here the city allowed the exact same application, to be made twice to, avoid the proper process, now. Residents. Of the city are trying to rebuild their homes and they're, getting all kinds, of red tape I know the city is trying to help but they're getting all kinds of red tape that they need to compile if SC E which did a good job of destroying Malibu, asks, for permission to use this yard as a work yard which isn't zoned. Industrial. It's. Not permitted, but, the city bend it over bent over backwards, to, give them the ability to destroy this open space in Malibu and then, ignored, the fact that they disregarded. The time limit let them file a second emergency application.

For The same site it. Now turns out and this will be before the Planning Commission next week they use concrete on the site that they weren't supposed to use. There's. Other problems as well which will be discussed before the, Planning Commission but ice this. Is unacceptable. In my view the. City is being told you, the council are being told that, this is a routine matter that, there was this one application. Here's another application you, heard the entire report it, wasn't a report it was an on report, but, there something's, rotten in Denmark and it, needs to be addressed thank. You. Thank. You Bruce appreciated. After. Bruce we're, gonna move on public. Comments. Would. Just. Ask that we bring back something and, just clarify what's going on with this item I'd be happy to clarify. A, couple of things right now first, of all the, coastal the local, coastal program requires, that, within. 90 days a follow up coastal. Development, permit be submitted. By the applicant it doesn't require that the, emergency, work be completed, or removed in this particular case, Edison. Thought that when. They applied for the first CDP. That they, would be done with their emergency, repairs within. By. May 14th. Or 15th, it, turned out that they identified, many more items. That needed immediate. Attention and, so, they. Applied. For a follow-up not a follow-up but an additional emergency, permit because there's really not an extend. An, E CDP so we rather, and we built that into the first one if they, need it if they weren't going to be done that. They apply. For an extension and then we realize you can't really extend it so they applied for, get one, before. The, original, one expired, so that's what the the EC DP 1902, five is and that's the one that runs through August. Prior, to the 90 days. Under. The first application, they did submit their follow-up coastal, permit as they were required to that, is what is being processed right now and is coming before the Planning Commission on Monday, an. Extensive, staff. Report was released on Friday it's got tons. Of reports and details in there I'm happy, to come back to the council with more, information if you'd like but we, think the Planning Commission will be taking that up on Monday I I, don't I mean if there's consensus, here I don't need to see a doc I think it's a benefit to the community to have the polls that are paired in the most timely manner possible and have less trucks on the roads and that's why the sites there so I think, that's a matter of public safety in the most inherent. Emergency. Risk which, is. Largely. Repairing. A large amount of poles in the eastern end of Malibu and elsewhere were they all melted or disintegrated. Or vaporized, whatever term you want to use so. I. Don't, know whether the council's on this but I imagine, if they're following the proper protocol that that's what we have to do well. Yeah. I'm. No fan of big concrete or. Gravel. Lots but I mean. The. Entire town rightfully, is screaming for fire protection and, I've, met with se and I mean. I you, know I'm not with them every day but I, think covering. These conductors is huge and I. Asked them for evidence on how much it improves safety and. I. Don't know what damage was it was not done by that lot I've been. Waiting someone's supposed to give me photos proving, it's a wetlands, I've still never seen him he's a kid growing up I don't remember that being wetlands, I remember being off to. The side so. I. Say. We go ahead and and finish. Protecting. Our you know electric, grid as best we can right now you, know I understand Smee a couple more months or whatever it's going to take to finish it to. Me that's a huge priority because I'm very worried about future, fire events it's not like they're not going to come and I don't want to make it easier for one to happen so, I, whether. Bruce has a perfect, point or not I really hope we can. Get that project done in other projects, that they want to bring forward as well that don't involve that lot and.

That's. B work that's where I'm at. Any. Other comments, because. I. Have some comments on this one. So. At the Business Roundtable conducted. By Malibu, Times last Friday we the our. New guy that took Diane Forte's spot. Gave. Us an update on what was going on with the lot and he had indicated that it, was also a cost savings, for a seee and, that, kind. Of didn't. Sit well with me because I thought, we should accommodate for, emergency. But. When. He made that the biggest point was it's a rural cost savings to SCE. The. Tree trimming that was necessary, not having to move the equipment not having to have the manpower move, the equipment bring the equipment in and out it. Became, too evident, to me that this, was now his new, location. For starting. Business days, and. I get it like. You mentioned the the hardening, of the lines and there are some activities that are beneficial, to the community, but. At. What point do you say. To yourselves, we've, accommodated SCE. You've done, the work now, you're moving into other areas to complete work and, a more. Expedient. Timely. Way. Of doing it which costs, you less mr., SCE so I, guess. We're handing off the cost to the ratepayers, eventually, because the governor did sign that bill the. Unfortunate part is when we looked at the properties, before Mike, and Karen were on, the council, we. Were actually told by the property, appraiser that, that, property was, a lower, right corner, did. Have some. Environmental. Concerns if we were looking at it to purchase it so, I've. Heard from two different sides two different stories and I can't get clarity, myself, but I really, think we should follow up on this give. SCE their day in their time, and. Conduct their work but we can't just be accommodating. Them. With, that. Property I know it's the bail property, it's private. It. Needs a definite, magnifying, glass so. I'd like to keep the conversation open. With the city manager, and Bonnie and then, make, some transparency, here, and. Satisfy. Mr. Bruce. Silverstein's. Requests. And. Maybe. Come back to that at the council meeting or at. Planning, mayor. There is a hearing on this site on Monday at the Planning Commission at this time I'd like to make a motion to approve item 3b ten, receive. Receiving. File on favor aye. Moving. On to 3b 15. Good. Evening mayor and council. This. Item, is. Regarding. The Community. Development, Block Grant, Program and. Every. Year the city receives, approximately forty. Five thousand, dollars from. CDBG. And. Of, that, amount. The. Agency. Has implemented, a 15%. Cap. On those. Dollars that can be applied to service. Programs, the, rest of the funds typically. Have to be used. On capital, projects, historically, the city has had a difficult time finding, capital projects, last. Year. CDBG. Allowed, the city to use, additional. Funds to help pay for the. Rental of the trailer, that, the, labor exchange has, been using. And. We, were lucky enough this year, in, July that they told us we would they would allow it again so. This, item. Basically. Authorizes. Us to to. Do that to extend, the agreement with the labor exchange and, to authorize. The use of the CDBG, funds. Thank. You Lisa we, have two public speakers. Kay. Kay, is followed by Robin. I guess, we're all coming up that's. Okay. We. Are here to thank you for your support. We. Are the labor exchange board. And. You, have for 26, years I've been strong supporters of the labor exchange, this. Is an unusual time for us it's not we've. Had ups and downs since the fire we've had ups and downs in 26, years but, we.

Are, Recovering. We are an important part of the Malibu rebuilding, program and we thank you very much for the support that you have given us thank you thank. You Kay Robin. More. Time. If. You've hung around what, we do and. I'm around Oscar doll you you. Know Oscar. Is is, the star of course the, rest of us are just volunteers and. He. Does great things I, would like to think we do great things we, are very. Thankful every, year we we, battle, to, raise enough money to. Balance. Our budget and we are dependent, on the, city and we are we're. Very thankful so, we, appreciate it. Well. Thanks very much an Oscar good evening I I see, you time to time down there as I gather. Up my workers. And. Thank you always, working for everything. Thank. You for everything you're doing really appreciate, it I. Like, to make a motion to go, with a staff recommendation to adopt resolution 19. - 36. And improve the allocation, for the fiscal year of 2019. 2020. CDBG. Program funds. Second. Anybody. Second, pickle. Second home favor hi. Moving. On. Okay we're, at for a. For. A was, continued, a crown approval of the agenda oh. It's. In my folder. Okay. Six eight we're on to six a. Number. Of speakers. Okay. First get our presentation. Good. Evening. Thank. You mr. mayor members of the council and, city, manager Feldman and City Attorney Hogan, I'm, Andy Bowne lamp was managing partners. We. Are here. Tonight, to present a, draft report on, the fire. Response, it, is a draft, we, do intend to finalize, it following. Your input, and following, some further refinements. With city staff so, I'm going to give you a an overview. Of where where, we stand with it, I. Just. Want to take a minute and talk about our project team. First. Of all on just in terms of introductions, management partners, as a local government consulting. Firm we, work nationally, we have offices, in Cincinnati, Costa, Mesa California in, San Jose California. We. Worked for literally. Hundreds. Of California. Municipalities. And counties and special districts, but. On, this particular project which is an unusual, project, for reasons I'll explain in, a moment we were lucky to have a very experienced, project team, I. Have. Worked. In local government for 30 years for three, cities in the county but. I've been joined on, this on this project by Dan singer, who's here who's. Been a city manager in, three California cities. Cynthia, Coates who has. Been a city manager in, Pasadena. Covina. And Santa Ana, as. Well as the public works director in, past. Mark. Bisby who's not here tonight was our fire expert, on this project, has. 17, years experience with, cAL FIRE and, 13 years with the city of Watsonville he's. A master. Instructor. As. Well as a certified. Incident. Command specialist, and Mandy. Brown our analyst, who did. So much to help us get, this report to you, which. Was released on August 1st, so. I want to talk a little bit about the nature of the report as, I mentioned, this is a draft document, in the. Normally. Our, reports, go through a two-step, vetting, process, they we do an internal company review, then, we do a review. With our client, to catch any any you, know mistakes, about dates or errors, in this case we release the report without. Going, through the normal a vetting, process with, the client, because we wanted to make sure that this was our work it was transparently. Our work that, was important, on this engagement and so. We intend, to now work with staff as well as. Stakeholders. In the community to finalize documents, eliminate, any errors that we have and make corrections already. Have one correction just, concerning volunteers, to make but I'm sure there be a few others I. Also. Wanted to mention that, and. There's, no requirement, for a municipality to do this kind of review. The. Only mandate, that, a, municipality. Has after a disaster, declaration is, to file what's known as an after-action, report, an aar, with the state operate office, of emergency. Operations. And, the city did that it's mostly a form we check, some boxes, and fill out some some, standard questions anyway, I wanted to mention this because. Malibu's. Effort to go above and beyond what's, required. By. Commissioning, this report. In. Order, to improve your understanding and, operations. Is, just worth noting, that, this is something that you did to, become better at something that's obviously important, here. You, all know. More about, this particular emergency, than, I do but I think it's important, just to sort of set the context.

This. Was a very devastating fire. Probably. And I there's just, some facts about it here. Maybe. The most notable, notable, feature about. The, fire was the, speed with, which it spread, and the. Size of the evacuation area, in terms of the population involved. And the, number of structures involved. A. Very. Devastating fire. In that, three, people were unfortunately. Killed and many structures, were destroyed. But. It's also worth mentioning that, the. Loss. Of three lives while. Tragic is lower, than it could have been and in fact. We. Can there's, there's, some out. Of that, out, of those over. A hundred, thousand. Nearly. 300,000. People evacuated. It's. Fortunate there were about three fatalities. So. In terms of our project methodology, is pretty straightforward we, did and we did concentrate. On what can be improved. And. Sometimes. A report like this can read as a criticism it's not intended to be that way it's, meant to improve, going forward so. It's not meant to be critical, can read that way sometimes I also want them I. Want, to mention. That an awful, lot went, right, as I just mentioned with the with, the response. There, were so many such, a large population at. Risk and fortunately. Limited. Potala. Teas and injuries. Our. Objective. Was. To focus on strictly. How the city, can improve and so, I'll be focusing on the city's role in an emergency. And. What. The city of Malibu, can do in. Terms of, playing. Your, particular, role which is really important, but, it's not as extensive as some might assume. So. We're going to talk about the role of the city right now. Malibu, is really an interesting city it's got to be the, longest and narrowest, city in the state it's got a really interesting boundary. Interesting. Geographic. Layout, and. It's not the. Matt the city of Malibu. I. Suspect. This is a reality that all the councilmembers and pretty much everybody here is aware of Malibu. Is a place where Malibu, as a concept, is a lot, bigger than the, city of Malibu, and this graphic just kind of shows that the, city itself is one, of the smaller cities in California, in, terms of population. Geographically. It's notable, because. For much of its length, it's it's a it's a mile wide or, so as. Somebody said here from there from the ocean to the ridge top. It's. It's. Narrow, and. Of the I. Had. To in in thinking about this though I had to say to myself of the, about a hundred, cities in California, that have a population, of less th

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