Let's Talk Episode 4 with Michelle Morris

Let's Talk Episode 4 with Michelle Morris

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Hello, and welcome to a new edition, of let's talk. Um on chilean football, news, tv, with your host. Dan daniel campos, daniel campos, and. With us. All the way in sydney, australia. Um. Huge sydney fc and university. Fan. Michelle. Morris. Hola michelle how are you. Hey how's it going. Good good movie, very good um. Thank you for, for your time, um. We need to. Obviously. Um. Uh what do you say. Just uh. Yeah. Um. Clear up with our audience that. Where how much 14 hours away. On the time zone yeah 14 hours different, yeah. Massive. So you're still on saturday, i'm in sunday. Yeah, correct, so. Um. That's how it is uh. That's. That's how it all it all starts from. From greenwich. Meridian, time yeah gmt. So uh, thank you, um. For being with us michelle, where do we start, you uh you love sydney of c. Um. Which is, is is still a mystery, um, how on earth can you go for that club. Um. And and what's worse um you love when you say. I remember. Anyway of course. Anyway. Um. Okay, all right i'll i'll be serious now so you like uh sydney sea unisa catatolica. Obviously. Which, we'll go in detail. Um. You know, the socceroos. The matildas. You're a videographer. And also. A massive, football. You know, fan. In terms of these, the whole, subculture. Behind, um, being in the terraces, so. Yeah, over to you. Tell us, yeah. So. Um. I was born and raised in sydney, so. For me. Following sydney fc was just natural. Um. I live. In, in between. East sydney. And west sydney, so. It really could have gone either way of me following sydney fc or following the wanderers. But, there was no way i was ever going to support western sydney. I've never supported western sydney anything, in my life, so. Um. Yeah sydney fc, was the team for me the uh, the sky blues. I just love them forever, and. Yeah i started getting involved. With the active support. Um. Just a couple years ago. And. I was very much like a jersey wearer, so like just wearing a jersey wearing your scarf. Um. And then i started going to the games by myself. And then. Just, yeah meeting people and just filming, like. The. Like what match day would look like, but just from. The active. And then um. I. Spoke to someone, who was in the cove like. And i was like oh, you know maybe i can work with you guys and like film for you and, they were like yeah yeah like sounds good. And then, um, just started hanging out with them more and more and then. You know it got to a point where they were like you can't wear your jersey anymore you have to wear cove merchandise, and i was like okay, so i bought a cove t-shirt. And i just started wearing, you know. The hat like it just. It just became a thing i i have the gazelles. And for me it's not so much about the. The fighting, aspect like the hooliganism. It's more about like the fashion, of it like i really enjoy.

Like The fred perry shirts the stone island. Um. You know the jeans and the gazelles, like the adidas, and stuff i really like, the fashion of it but. Yeah not so much, big on the uh being. Part of a firm, and. Going out and and fighting people, for. You know, territory. That's. You know not ours anyway. But. Um. Yeah i just, yeah i really enjoyed. That aspect. And um. Yeah i guess. It's it's funny that there's like three national teams that i support. So like that's a uh where is it. That's, a, assigned. Jersey, from, the matildas. Um. I got like a couple years ago. And i wore that jersey once, and then. Washed it and then took it to a game and bought a new jersey so i could wear one. And then got them all to sign that one. And um. Yeah and then. Uh. Yeah so, my dad's from chile, my mom's from peru. But i was born here, and that's why i have three national teams. Um. And lots of people, get very confused, because, obviously, chile and peru have a very long history. And. Not just in football but just in life, and. Um, it's funny it's very funny and then when we have people come over they're like so michelle, which team are you going to follow today like are you going to go for julio, peru. But the thing is, and i have to say this, on the record. I am now. A citizen, of chile. So. I kind of have to go for chile more than i have to go for peru, so. There's that. Um so now people, will hopefully, get off my back. Um. But. Yeah and i guess that's where. Um catholica, comes into this like my dad. My grandfather. Went to the university. And, was like a big fan and he went to like all the games. And my dad. He's a fan and he goes to the game sometimes. While he's due now he lives here, um. But. It's just, kind of i don't know. It was nice to have that connection, with my grandfather, so like, we would talk about the games and. You know, i'd wear my jerseys when i go see him or like my jacket, or whatever. And he loves it so. Yeah it's cool to have, something like that and then my dad and i when we went to chile, a couple years ago we went to the stadium. Um, which was really cool like you could just walk in, like. You can't just walk in. To a stadium here in australia, like they're all like locked up everything's locked up, but we went over there and they were just like yeah you can go in, and we just went in and just. Walked in, had a. You know took some photos, or whatever, and it was great and i loved it and i. Really hope that one of these days i get enough money so i can fly back and actually go to a game. Um because that would be the dream. Well um. On the record. I'll extend, the the invitation. Again, um. You know you're most welcome. In santiago. And um. And yeah, visit. Um. Visit a match, um. You'll obviously want to be in the in the home section. Um. It's uh it's loud, it's rowdy. Um. Yeah. I i would say passionate, but i i i. Have a different belief, on that word i think it's just. Just a word, um, and and passion is individual, it can't be so collective. I think um. Yeah, um the rest of the world misuses. The word passion. Um. South americans, when they say they're passionate with football and, i don't agree, i think it's. The word is vocational. It's. Um you're born for it it's a vocation, it's a calling. That's why, yeah, it's not just a part-time, job or a full-time, job, it's um, you're born for it so. Um it's a reason why. You can just walk into a stadium. Um. Rules are rules but, there's a level of trust where. If you go to the stadium. There won't be, you know. Damage. Um. You know, during the day or during the week. There will be during a game, unfortunately. Um, you know south americans can't control themselves on the terraces, so, it does look ugly when you have fences, and gates. Um. You know even barbed wire, in saying that, like a lot of the games here. If it's a game against western, sydney. You i can guarantee, you, a game against western sydney or melbourne victory.

We Have broken. I don't say that we as in me. Did not do anything illegal. But uh, their chairs break you know you're standing on chairs they're plastic, chairs that have, no. You know, support, or anything. And. You can't tell. An active support group or a bunch of football fans, to just. To stop. Because they will get mad and they will go ten times harder, at you anyway, and so. And that's the the problem with the the police that we have here and the policing. Oh boys, don't. Reason they don't, allow. For anyone to have any fun. Correct, um, and that's global, um, it's not, whether the police in one country or the other decide. Um for themselves, um, they've got superiors. They follow orders, um and, that's global. And, police, in general don't like football. Because, football, is for the masses. Police, are. Supposedly. There to protect the masses, which um. Only only. A few do there are only a handful of good honest. Um policemen. But the majority. Um are not, and they go where the money is and um, and, all the the amount of violence that we see. That is fueled by police, it's just unacceptable. The racism, the violence. The, apprehension. Um. And the uh yeah the passive aggressive, and and the uh. And all those power trips, um it's no different in south america, police. Um, have this culture, where they need to, and you see it in copaleptores. The fights. Um. You know, both, are at fault both the fans. And police. And, it adds more fuel even in australia, with the social, fabric, because it's uh. It's viewed as uh you know they're the immigrants, they're the second citizens, second-rate, citizens, who play and support, soccer and soccer is violent. But all those brawls and fights happen in the other sporting, codes. And the media cover it so, it's all very similar. Um, around the world. Uh. Where else do we go you're a videographer. Just how big michelle, yeah. Yeah, um. Is football. Um. With. You know television, revenue. And. Ott. Over the top technology, in this digital, age, before. Um. Yeah. You answer my question and, tell us a bit about yourself, as a, as a videographer. Yeah so i'll just quickly, go into my videography. Stuff basically, i. Um. Did a course at uni, did film in tv production. Um. Graduated. Loved it, loved filming. Um, have always really been interested in it and then i kind of wanted to take that and, do something more with football. Um. Since i started getting like, massively, into it when i was like at uni as well and. Um. Yeah and so i just started filming for the cove and at the moment we're working on a. Big project, with the active group so. That should be, a lot of fun and it's looking good so far and, i've done a lot of stuff with this other group called the ladies league where, we're just a bunch of girls who talk football, and we've made a documentary. We've. Um, done a bunch of interviews, with certain players. And um, yeah it's been fun, and. You know i'm, always trying to. To get new equipment, and. To to get better at what i do, um, but it's a very expensive. Um hobby, so. You know that's. That's just how it is but um. Yeah in terms of like how it is, for australian, football on tv. We were doing really well for a number of years. Um with fox sports. Um. But. The last like few years, everything's, just kind of gone downhill. The, you know we we have a. A deal with fox sports. Um. And i think, with, like. Abc. Where they'll show. Like one. A league game and one w league game, like, on a weekend, so they'll have like a, friday night a league, game and like a sunday, afternoon, w league game or something like that. And. Um. I find that there's a lot of problems with that i think. Free, air. Is would be our best. Opportunity. Because. Not everybody has foxell. Um or cable television. So i just think. Free to air would be great but the problem is, the a-league doesn't make enough money, to.

To Go on to free to air to be able to host it and. That's an issue in itself. Um. But people have been saying that they want optosports. To buy the rights to the a-league. Which i'm still even a bit iffy about, um. And. I say that because, i'm, not so sure what, their. Views are towards, the a-league. You know. Every, every time i watch their shows. It's, just a, lot of like negative comments towards australian, football and it's very like marketed, towards. European, football, fans. Which is fine like that's like there's always going to be a market for that, but if you're an australian, based. You know. Streaming, service. Then shouldn't you be, promoting. Australian, football, and, instead of tearing it down and saying this is all the bad stuff that's in it like. You can still talk about the negative, but, you know. Put that like as a minor thing and make sure that you highlight the positive, because. Otherwise people are just going to be turned off from australian football and i feel like that's what what's happened a lot in the last. Few months, with um covered 19, that people have just been seeing all this negative stuff about australian, football. And. You know there is a lot of negatives to it but i think there's a lot of positives, like, it's the, most played sport in this country, and i think that we should take that and use that, you know, why aren't there, grassroots. Kids, you know going to the games all the time. Because their parents can't afford to pay for the tickets, and which is a whole other thing there's so many issues that come in this, in australian, football. That are just like. So minor but if they fix them up like you could change the whole thing. But. Um. Again i i don't think that they should go to up to sports because, i just think that that's, not. Going to solve, an issue it's just going to put a band-aid, on something, but they're not going to make any money from it, well, so. Great points there yep. Um. Go on, you're, going to um, add more. Yeah i know i just think that. You know. Whatever. They decide to come up with it should be something that's going to work with free to air because, that's where you're going to get a lot of your audience.

And That's. You know, it's super important to go free to air especially in australia, like because that's where a lot of people are watching. You know tv, especially when it's like. Rugby, and crooked, are all on free-to-air, tv. And they're like. On big networks, as well so. I think they should. I don't know. The problem is, the australian, media doesn't like football, so, there's no way that we'll ever get free to air on like channel 7 or channel 9.. Unless, uh the matures, of the socceroos, that are, you know playing at a world cup match, um. And then they decide to jump on. On the bandwagon. And, bask in the glory, um, it's very similar, to how it is anywhere, in the world, given the fact that um. You know we're all affected, by. Covert 19, and. Australian, football much to, you know, similarity. Similarities. With um. United, states, where, mls. Again. Very similar, very different, um scenarios. Um massive latino. And hispanic. You know market. And they've even got a, spanish, speaking, um you know communications. Department, in the mls, so, you know that's never going to happen in the a league. Um, australian, football, hasn't, reached its full potential. In terms of talent as you say it's expensive, to play. No one nowhere, and no one in latin america will pay to play. You know in junior football. You just play, you just get registered, all you need to do is bring your id. Your national, line, id. To identify, yourself, and that's, eat. And wear the right key. You don't pay, to play, so that's um detrimental. That's made. Football in australia. Um. You know an elite sport. Football has never been an elite sport. And um in latin, america. Um. Football, viewing on television, has become elite. Um, elitist. Where you need to pay to watch football, so. You've got all these massive, uh conglomerates. Like uh. Fox, um. We're now, owned by disney, walt disney channel. And espns. So, it's a massive game changer. Um. So, the future is streaming, as you said ott. Over the top. Um. Like the zone. Um. You know and plenty of others that i just can't um think of right now. And um, the turner group, um. You know. Run, in in the, usa. Um think of cnn. They own chile vision. Chv. And tnt, sports latin america, so um the chilean football league. On the cdf. Um so the fa. Is also, um. You know, in a. Already, in an in an establishment. Um. On contract. Um. To. To broadcast. A match. Um. During, each uh, you know. Round, on fredaway. So actually. So that there's a bit of leeway, there and a bit of an idea, where. That can be done. In australia, and uh what's done in europe, it's also. Paid tv, but, some games are also. Um. You know. On free to wear, all the, the the. Other alternative, is yeah you know have it like uh again ott, like netflix, um, you watch it on your phone on your tablet on tv, and your smart tv. Or go to a restaurant go to a pub and watch it live with, mates, so. Um. You know it's just a changing. Environment. Any more, um to add on that topic michelle, and you're. You're a videographer. It's it's, you know. It's your i mean i think. Part of the problem as well is that. This. Lack, of. Advertisement. For the game. You know. They will have, ads for rugby, and for the afl. You know. Coming out like. Months before the league is about to start, whereas, the a-league. Because it's, right at the tail end of. Rugby and afl. Fox sports doesn't want to promote it they're, you know they're no no no no like, we have to promote, the grand finals. And so. You'll get, an a league ad, a week, out, before, the a-league is supposed to start, which is to me absolutely ridiculous. Like. Why not promote the sport. That is gonna be on your network. For people to watch so they know that, that it's on like it's just it seems ridiculous. Um. One year. They had a whole campaign. And i think the ffa, worked with it and, it was called um you got to have a team basically this kid called yoshi went around to all the different clubs in australia. And new zealand, and um. It was like, don't forget the keywords you know i gotta. Yeah i, can't forget them, and, um, he basically went around and was like, this is. Um, sydney fc this is western sydney wanderers this is melbourne city like. Um, let me show you like let's see why, i should pick, them. To be. Uh for that to be my team right and so he does all these cool videos with them and they would just like, make them really short and they would come up on commercials, like on tv and stuff right. And they had billboards, they had, bus posters, they had. Advertisements. Everywhere, and this was a 2016-17. Season, and this season was incredible. Not just because sydney fc went almost completely, undefeated, except for that one game that i will never talk about.

But, You know they won the grand final, and everything it was really good season for sydney fc. But, um, it was a good season for the crowds, like. Numbers, were, were looking good people were there people watching on tv. Everybody knew that the a-league was on this season because there was advertisements. And the next season, they recycled. The ad, and they just it didn't work. And then the season after that they just completely forgot. And. It just, that that's the problem is that. Either they'll do something really good and then they'll just get lazy, and they just don't do it or they just don't have the money to do it or they don't have whatever. But there's always an excuse and there's always a reason. And it's just. I don't know. I think that they should put more effort into advertising, the game. Behind money, um, revenue. You know streams, and funding, unique. Ideas. And the ideas put into structures, so. As, much as they sound beautiful. You know from. You know in writing, or you know from the mouth, um. You've got to implement, it, you know actions speak louder, so. As you said they got lazy they didn't. Become creative, enough. With the advertising, you gotta have a strategy. And in cases, like south america and europe, the marketing, is a different level because, in the advertising, because. You don't need to advertise, the sport because it's passed down from generation, to generation, it's in the dna. So, um. You need to market. Um. In a different way how well you got to market. You know a new product. In the season. Market. Say maybe a jersey. Market. Um a new referee, that will feature. In the season whether she's female, or male. Market, uh you know different ideas, like uh, you know a new a new redesigned, stadium. Or, v8, vir, is coming to town so. You market. Small, things, you know you market the fact that. Um the game now has changed, you know.

It's Rules from the iff. Hs. Um. So. It's fascinating, how in different parts of the world marketing, and football, um. You know. Changes, and the fun and and just like you said the fabric you mentioned all these other sporting, codes. And um, they, unfortunately. Uh. You know, are in are in the aussie dna, when when football, has this huge potential, and it's the only world game, it's the only war game that. That you know australia, just takes this. Massive, insular. You know approach, and and actually. Acts all arrogant, around, around asia when asia is the biggest market in world football it's not europe, europe is a centralized, one yeah. So. Great points there, how do you link that with um you know the television, in football. Um. To, the fact that, yeah you um. You are a videographer. You, you're in the. Women's game, um. Silly question, stupid, question. Women's football, or men's football, for you. Because which one do i prefer. Well. That's a silly question with a silly answer but, the question would be. What does a women's game have. That the men doesn't. And vice versa. Because, um. You mentioned the ladies, league. Um. You know, that's got its that's got its uh. Niche. Um it's demographic. And then as a sydney fc fan you've got another demographic. Two different worlds correct. Tell us. Yeah. Um. One thing that i'll say that the men's game, has, that the women's game doesn't have is. This idea. Of. Um. So that act so one act of support. Is is a big thing. That the men's has it the ones just doesn't have it, um. And two. Um. At, immense, game. It is. Fine. To like swear at a game, and it is fine to get angry, but at a woman at a women's game. You cannot, be angry, and you cannot swear, and everything has to be family friendly, and i hate it i absolutely. Hate it, it drives, me up the wall. Because. At a football game. The players on the field are getting angry themselves, right. Those girls. They. They'll be swearing at each other on the field, it's just that everybody, in the crowd, is like. I don't know like a six-year-old, girl or something and so you're not allowed to swear you're not allowed to get angry, you're not allowed, to drink you're not allowed to do anything that you can do at a men's game.

And That's what frustrates, me, what women's game has that the men doesn't have is that, there is um. More personality. I feel in the players, i feel like they can kind of get away with, you know having. Um their personality. And in their interviews, they can, you know get away with saying. You know certain things or whatever like they don't have to be like so strictly, robot, and media trained. Um. I feel like a lot of women's players are very like. You know they're taught to say something and they'll say that and they won't say anything else. But. Um. Yeah, but i feel, very. Much, angry, at the fact that i'm not allowed to swear, at a women's game because i'll do it anyway, like then, i'm not going to listen to some old man tell me what i can't do because i'm going to do it anyway, because i'm going to get angry. Because, the referee obviously did something wrong. Um. He might have got the right call but obviously it was wrong. Uh because it went against my team so. Yeah i just, i don't know i that's. It frustrates, me let me square it again let me get angry let me sing, yeah, that's part of the. The banter, and the folklore, in football. Um. Whatever happens on that bitch. You know stays on the pitch, um. Now, um. You know, i need to put this out there um. Catholica. Women. Play, your your other, your other club, your other half. Um. They play. What do you. Call. Unfortunately. You know, we're in 2020. And the, the first team, uh still plays on galapagos. Pitch number two, picture number three pitch number 19. And it's disrespectful. Um, it's it's. It's machismo. And um. You know they. They have to play, where. Where where it should be you know, at the main stadium. Um, so. Um, still things to, to to follow, sydney fc. Uh including, shay evans who i coached when she was 11. Up in the northern territory. Um in bora lula. They, correct me from wrong they playing kogra. Or they play it like hard. Both. Both. Right now. I was shocked a while back when um, you know you told me that uh off air that. Sydney football stadium has been, knocked down temporarily. For for. Reconstruction. Um i mean, yeah. You know that's, that's. That's the stadium that uh. That's where all all began for me so you know having been born across the road from from that stadium. Um. Michelle. What else i mean we've touched on, you know. Um. Television, in football. The fan culture tell us about the fan culture. I mean, yeah it's quite. It, really varies. Like so. You know if i'm going to a men's game. Um like a club level game so if i'm going to go watch. Like sydney fc play, um. Usually. If it so if it's like a big game like it's a derby. Um or a game against melbourne victory, you know people meet up at the pub. And, because i film for them i usually bring like a little camera, it's got like a gimbal on it so, everything's like stabilized. And i'll film like, you know the. Pub antics or whatever and if there's a march it's always great because you get really nice footage from it because everybody's, like in unison, and everybody's, walking together. Um we got our, cove banner at the front. Um. But. Yeah usually. Match day is just, pub. Walk to the stadium, whenever you get the chance, and then. Um. You know, get another drink, at the stadium. Which is very expensive. Um. And then. Yeah you head up to. Your spot you go to the terrace, and like if you're in the cove like there are people who have like their spot, like that's, where they stand, and, you don't touch that space. And um. But i hate kog'ra. I think cogger is awful i think it's not a place to watch football, it's the worst, um, the cove is so, high up, and far away. From everything. Where, at alliance, we used to be like quite low and quite close to them. Um like heart isn't so bad because.

We're Quite close, to where they are. Um. I like leichhardt, a lot more than kogra, i just don't like, the, traveling, to get to, leichhardt, because it's like, a bus and then a train, and then, the, the light rail and then, another 20 minute walk and it's like two hours, um. So, not a fan, um. I can't wait till we get sydney football stadium back because. Then it'll only be like an hour to get there from mine by public transport. Um. And it'll only be like two buses or like a bus and then the light rail. So, can't wait for that, um. But. Yeah match today, that's pretty much what it is it's just like a long journey to get there and then i usually just skip the pub because i don't want to have to like, walk any more than i have to and i'll just go to the stadium. And then. Um. Yeah just film. Whatever i can. Um, during the game. Um. I will say this, one thing that i get really frustrated, at um, with like australian, football fans, is that. If, we can see the goal. Like, people just stop singing, and they will just be quiet and i hate it and i'm yelling at everybody i'm like, you keep singing don't stop because. Somebody just scored a goal like you're gonna you gotta support your team you gotta keep going right, the chance, i guess yeah, it's. Yeah and they don't get that. And i'm trying, to football culture i'm trying to bring it in, i'm trying to bring it in i've you know i've. Made my way into like. You know. The group of the the cove, yeah you're gonna win. Exactly. Um. But, it's one thing that i've, you know been wanting to do a lot as well as like the women's game is to. To have an active support group and to try and get that started, as well for the women's, because um. They they love it the few times the code has been there, for, the women's, games, um. They absolutely, love it and. Sometimes, it feels like they appreciate, it more because. Because they never get it so when they get it it's like a big deal. And. That kind of sucks, like, the fact that. That all they want is just people to come to their games you know and to just support them and to see them win. Um, support them in their losses as well and it's just like. That like that's what i want like we do that for the men's, and we're one club it's not sydney. Women's football club it's sydney football club you know everybody's sydney fc and i think we should be supporting, them, um. And. Um. And you know and i say that for all the codes. You want to get over all the teams you know, you want to get rid of that stale. You know very neutral. Cold. Um, you know. Feeling an experience, at a game when you know sydney of c encompasses, everything correct. Yeah, and be more active. Well, um there's another area, in australian football you know with. Futsal, you know there should be an a league for futsal, so in your case you'd have your club with a footstool, team, a beach football team. Um, and and. Well. Their reluctance, to a second division that's unheard of you know um. You know. I think they're just trying to figure out how to work with the mpl. With a second division.

Well It's not it's not, i think. Yeah, hard, and um wearing, we're in covert 19. Which is the best time to. To fix all your problems. Um. Here in chile. We've got issues, with with. Just, health and safety. Um. You know so. Players, uh. You know for more clubs, uh returning, slowly. Um. You know. To to team training but they're all training at home, um, the idea, is, that you know. On the uh. Last day of july, to to. Just to, to get back and running at the season going but where, and it's probably, an idea to play. Up north, in the one city, or in the one region, in different cities, and just play it up there. Which is sort of like the idea, i always used to say, build an island in australia and just put all the afl, all the rubbish the league and the union and the cricket in an island so they can just well, australia is an island but a smaller island just away from mainland, continent. Because i. I just find them. I find them uh, uh. Like a. Like a um. How do you call it like a. Like a cancer, like a tumorous. Um malignant, cancer. Because it's a wall game. It's a wall game and these. I think we should get rid of nfl completely. Well it's one of the reasons why i won't ever live there again i'll only go on holiday. Um. So, the link. Hold it come visit me. Sure, sure, um. But uh i've got to be careful not getting lost and. And uh on the train i'll end up in gosford, or somewhere you know. So. Probably around the north shore korean guy area correct. Somewhere around there yes. Yeah yeah that's um, yeah i got some memories of. Gladesville, and ride, and when the northern spirit were up there in christie park where all the technology, companies, are. Yeah yeah. Good, good old days i'm i'm of the generation, of mark milligan, and and luke wilshere, and. Um, they end up being socceroos. Um, so yeah we're in the in the super and premier leagues of new south wales. Um. Strong teams there, um. There were some, australian, chileans, some australian, argentinians. As well. Um, if you're watching, you know, um, yeah, you know. Vasquez. And um. Generation. So. Yeah you know australia's, always had. Massive. Potential. In talent. Um. Michelle. And for everyone. Um. Listening and watching. Um. In the early 90s. A couple of australians, arrived at colocolo. Um, same as in catholic, catholica. Marcelo, pena, who grew up in sydney southwest. In. You know at catholica. He played. For catholica. Italiano. Colocolo. As well. And. I did interview, him. In melbourne when he was assistant coach at bocca. One of the biggest clubs in the world. What computers. Um. Yeah so, grew up in in sydney south west. Played for the chile um. B team against the england b team in 1998. In birmingham. Um. Historic, win there, and um. And then we've got a colocolo. Um. A tall defender, born in darwin, dion, dion, bayer. He played in the 1993. Under 20 world cup for chile. Um. You know alongside, big names dante polly sebastian, rosenthal. Who, who had a. Brilliant career, cut short by injury, featured at glasgow, rangers. At one stage with paul gascoigne, straight from catholic, straight to rangers. Fantastic, player. Um, so, you know great defender dion valle, um. You know, ended up, finishing his career perth glory, and um. And blacktown, city. In the old uh, what use, premier league before the npl. And john crawley. Uh well andy vargas. Um. You know. If he's watching or listening, um, the youth team for colocolo. From melbourne. Roddy vargas, is a. Older brother, from from the victory. Melbourne knights. And uh yeah he's toma colocolo, and john crawley, um goalkeeper. Colocolo. Lotta schwager. And uh. Yeah you know then, um. Playing. For uh blacktown, city the central, coast for a bit and ended up as uh. You know it was it was pretty much destined. As a goalkeeper, coach. A, huge responsibility. For matt ryan, who we know where he's playing at brighton english premier league now he's at the soccer rouge. Um tell us. A bit about. Um. Sydney fc, and, um. And the. The hispanic. You know the latino, kind of. You know connection, he is, a do you see a bit of that um, you know in the act of support. Um, do you would you like one, um. You know in the team i mean milos nikovich. Plays like a south american but he's serbian. Um. We had nick carl there. Um. You know who i understand, is now retired. But we had alex brosky. Um. You're blind, to uh uruguay and aussie uruguay. Um. So. Tell us a little bit about. You know, how sydney fc. Can be. Sydney. Football. Yeah. Well. So john crowley was also our goalkeeping, coach, while graeme arnold was around. And um. He transformed. Andrew redmayne. From. Being this tall lanky skinny guy. You know.

You Know second string goalie, to being. You know, an incredibly. Talented, goalkeeper. You know, saving penalties, in a grand final which is incredible. Um. And. So i just think you know john crowley is, incredible, at what he's done like well i mean just looking at ryan, like he's. If you see john crowley. Cool cool yeah. But yeah so, i don't know i i feel like. Sydney fc's active group, is very european. Um a lot of the people there are from, you know croatian. Descent. Um. Greek. You know. They're very european. Um, there's not a lot of south americans. That are within. The. The active a lot of south americans, are out in western sydney they're at the they're out west yeah. Yeah they're they're all out west and you can see it because they all have, like the, the west the rbb's, band is literally called lavander. And. Every time i see them i hate it because i hate them and i just like want to throw a rock at them or something um. But. I hate it because, it's so south american, and it's like it's it's what i want but like we'll never get it here because this is, eastern, sydney like this is a very different, area. Um. It's a little posh, for all of you out there who don't understand. Yeah it's uh. The latte, drinkers. And the bmws. In, uh. Yeah. And um. The. But yeah in terms of players i really wish that we could get more, like. South american players in, um, like you said we have alex grosk and he's. Well he's retired right now. They say brosk, yep. Yep they all come brosk. Um. And then you have, um. Anthony, caceres. Is how they call his name here. And he's. Uh uruguayan. And um. I think he's also very much underrated, i think he's an incredible player. Who, just doesn't. Get, the minutes that he deserves. But he's been playing a lot more. And he scored an absolutely. Banging, goal against melbourne victory. In melbourne. And. It was just a beautiful moment, um. But. Yeah, i. I always want there to be more south americans, we've had, bobo, who's brazilian. Um. And he was the top, goal scorer, for sydney fc. Um. I think he still holds the record. With, 27, goals i think. Uh in one season or something i can't remember. But. Um. I think that the problem. With, south american, players. In. Sydney fc, in our club is that, it's. The culture is so different, um. And. Like people always, bring up the language barrier thing, but, i don't know i feel like there's a lot of players who, can deal with the language barrier everyone speaks the same language when you're on the field anyway. Um, exactly, exactly, i mean you look at. Once upon a time you nino, and sydney of c. Nino you know, junior, paulista. Amazing. In the first years. Alessandro, del piero, you know with that, that flair and touch even though he's not south american but he is latin he's an italian. One of the best. In in. World football history. Um, so there have been you know the panamanian. Yada. Yao. Um. You know from panama. Um. At sydney fc, maybe it's it's probably a bit of. A. Work, you know, fabio as well as a brazilian fabio. Um. Work with with with an with an agent, um, you're you're right it's the culture, it's very. You know europeanized. Um. And yeah and i feel like. Part of it is that. Like the club has. I don't know i feel like people think that south american, football players are very like. Um. Not pretentious, they're very. Like. You know they have an attitude, to everything, and i feel like that's what. You know maybe people see like. You know from sydney fc maybe that's what they see when they look at south american players they're like oh this guy's gonna just be trouble he's just going to be. You know wanting to the ball all the time and wanting to score all the goals and won't be a team player and stuff and i'm like. There are players on our team, already who are like that, you know so.

It's Uh. It's an ethnic divide, there, clearly. Um, you know. The stereotype. The stereotype, the latinos, don't pass the ball they hog. Um, and as you say there are players who are hogs so well. As a player. Um. In australia. Uh, coaches. At trials, or whether they're scouting they say oh he's fantastic. Yeah okay, he's south american. Or of heritage, he's too, short. But uh, leonel, messi is in a meter 90.. He's not a leader 90.. And messi. Missy's, father was going to migrate to australia. So. Everything else. Went, you know another direction, and ended up, you know. Getting the hormone treatment at barcelona, and moved to spain. Messi would probably, be, probably. In the mpl, because he's too short, no he doesn't pass the ball. Had he moved to australia. That's the culture from the from the cult from the coaches, and it's disappointing. Here in chile where. There are coaches. You know, implementing, a, a culture, or a playing style of playing along. It's it's. It's a it's a different scenario, where, here there's too much dribbling. And they need to pass the ball more, so. Teams that pass more. Are winning like, you know. Catholica. Or in the women's, santel, money and colocolo. So, tell us. The last, uh, encounter. Late last year between. The midfielders. And la rocha, femenina. At parramatta. Oh. What a fun day that was actually one of the, like best days that i've had we lost, right we lost 2-1. But i had so much fun. Like. So, hang on. Hang on. But who's we because. You know, people like you and i and thousands, who go from both countries, so. Yeah. Well i was going for chile. I had my red chair i had my i'm a flag. Everything, bro there's like uh. They put me on tv singing the national anthem with me holding my flag up and i didn't even notice, until someone sent me a photo. And and then like you know the anthem right, come on. Yeah i do know the anthem, of course i wouldn't sing the answer if i didn't know it what a relief because you'd be surprised, there's so many who have the nationality. Um, by heritage, or, or born and then they barely know it well they barely speak spanish, and they believe they are so. Um so you're in the act of supportive, uh. End, where you know. Fernanda, pina got out of her little political, message, which. I don't disagree, but. I don't disagree but you don't do it at a fifa sanctioned, match. Um so. Tell us. Yeah so. Um. One it was just a beautiful day it was like a perfect, day for football, like. Sun. Blue sky. Um. Not too cold. It was great. It was perfect, it was just everything that i needed, and. Yeah i met up with my friends at the pub. I was the only, chili in there, because everyone there was like, all for for the matildas. Um. We had a drink, and then, we walked over to the game and i'm there with my flag, and singing and jumping, on the street, and you know. Being, being a pest. And then um. The group didn't form until, like, the end, of the first half, so i'm just like kind of like wandering around the stadium trying to find like, where all my people are so i can like hang out with them. And then. Yeah first end of the first half, they're right next to where the matilda's, active support, is, and so i go down all the way to the front so like i'm like on the barricade, part. And um. Yeah we just start singing and i'm like banging my hand on this thing to like get some, noise happening. And it was so bad that my hand all here, was bruised. For like two days afterwards. And then um. But yeah it was fun and everybody was just having so much fun and, then. Obviously we scored and everybody just went wild and i. Knew no one there i didn't know anybody, there but i was just having so much fun with all these like random people.

And Um. And then. Uh yeah at the end of the game they all came over to us and was like giving everybody high fives, i did ask emla if i could have her gloves and she said no, but. At least i asked, and then um. And then i went to adelaide to watch him play, which was a whole, new experience, as well like. Um. The. The community, there. Was much more apparent, than it was in sydney. Um because they organized, this whole thing it was like okay we're gonna meet up here we're gonna do this. And i just messaged some random person and i was like ah can i come like where is this and then they were like yeah yeah come along. And so we go. I had my face painted. Um, i had an empanada. Yeah. I think i had another beer, and then. We all walked together. Um to cooper's. Big shout out. Big hello to maria jose. Rojas in adelaide yep, go on oh yeah she's. I met her girlfriend. In in adelaide, during that whole thing as well. Her wife is really cool. Wife. Are they married. Oh well yeah well i met her, and she was super cool and i was like oh my god i was like. I just wanted jersey that's all i wanted. Um. And then i was also really angry because, um she's not on the squad, and, i was just like, what's happening. I think that's a whole other issue but she deserves to be on the squad because she's probably. One of the better players. And um. Yeah i went to the matilda's, open training. Um. Went to. Um. We went to the game and everything and it was just it was fun it was so cold though in adelaide, and this is when australia was burning like. Sydney was on fire. Um with like. A bunch of bushfires. It was like 45, degrees. And. Adelaide, was like, 13, degrees, and freezing, and all i had was a very thin jacket. Was not prepared. Wow adelaide. It is a continent, and adelaide. Is windy. Adelaide, has amazing, wine. And all that wind, goes out to southern, to, you know the southern part of australia, to victoria, so. Yeah, you know we're both originally from sydney, and australia, view us as snobs. And it's probably, true. But anyway, it is the big smoke in australia. The big apple, um. I'm surprised, you didn't mention. That, saved, by natalia, campos. United, stand. Sam kirk come on. This was, the moment, i was just like. I could not believe it, i could. Because i knew sam carr would miss the penalty, right, really, okay, tell us why, yeah, tell us what because sam kurt. Simko can't score penalties. I don't know why they keep giving her, the penalty kick when she cannot, score, from him give it to someone else because she's a global. She's a global superstar, but you're right she can't score.

The Penalties, not because she can't she needs more practice. And for penalties. Um. Penalties, uh. Luck, but penalties, are practice, penalties. Are about. Well. Placement, or power. And she went she opted for placement. And, what happened. And then. Nutty campos. Died. Bam, big save. Boom. I was jumping, and screaming, and i was like take that, suck on that one semi. Not really i didn't say that no but i was very much like. Right, i laughed, so hard, great performance, by you just now um. Yeah you know um. Natalia, campos, uh. You know, playing her trade in spain, she denies, um, you know the chelsea, forward. And uh. Endless flew back to paris. So, um yeah. Poor adelaide, they didn't get to see, endless, but um. Uh. The reaction, from, from. Chileans, were that uh it's a beautiful, boutique, football stadium tell us a bit about that. Hindmarsh. Cooper's oh yeah. It's great come on. Leons. And coopers, come on sfs. Hindmarsh, come on come on, i'm so used to calling by their then their. Sponsored, names, yeah. You know. Yeah, i'm kidding. It is great. It is a good stadium. Um. It's really small. Um. But it's it's cool like. It's. It's a proper rectangular, stadium like you know like, no one else is going to be there other than like, a football team is going to play there. Um and it's all like decorated, for adelaide united. Um. So. Which is really good, um. Because it's like one. Like, it's a it's a stadium, for, one team, like this team is the only. Like users of that stadium which is great, i think it's something that. More. Teams, should have. But um, they don't. And um. Yeah i just i i i like taimash. Um i think bankwest, though is probably our best, um. The best stadium that we have at the moment because they got their safe standing you putting your hoodie on. Yeah you have to. Get a wrap up. Soon, as a. As. Part of that you know. Subculture. Yeah of. The terraces, go on so. Thank, the terrorists. Bankwest, is great. Um, they've got their uh, yeah in parramatta, they've got their um. Their safe standing, section. And. Um. I've never been in it because. That's like for the rb. And there's no way i'm going to be anywhere near the rb. Um. But i have been in it like. Like in, the next spot for where when the matilda's, playing stuff and, it's fun, it's good stuff, um. But i will say this my favorite piece of commentary that i've ever heard. Was um. At the, 2016-17. Grand final. Simon hill, dreams have come true in sky blue. Uh, beautiful moment. And i'll say, that i cannot wait to get back into the terrace, because, i miss it, i miss jumping, i miss, screaming. Um. And singing. And supporting my team. And one of these days i'll be back. Um but i will not be fighting, i'll and i'm not wearing this to a game because i don't want this to get ruined. So i spent a lot of money on this, and you'll be without the plaster. Yeah well. No no more casts i'm back to running again, so one more cast. Great news, and some. Obviously, something that. Um, it's taken away we're taking away a bit of, you know. A bit of our. Our, schedules, going to work and leaving home because we have to stay home it's reason why at the bottom of of the screen. We've got you know. Um. Stay home. Um. We still have. You know, covered 19, going around um michelle. Um anything else that you want to add. Some humor. Some i don't know some football stories. And observations. I love the past digital, tv, for the future of football. Yeah i mean. Well my dad's outside, um. Yeah i i just really hope that. The ffa, can um. Oh my god sorry my dad's outside and he's. The hose, like the tap is right outside my bedroom, and now you can just hear water. Um. He's the groundskeeper. Um. But. I think. Yeah i really hope that the ffa use this time wisely, to think, you know.

Um. What we can do to better. The game here, you know whether that's, you know coming up with a second division, or, you know spending more money, in terms of advertising. Um. Or just allowing, us to be, wild and use flares, all the time like let's just rip a flare, because i think that is the essence. Of what football is, in australia. Flares. That's all they want. But um. Yeah i hope everybody's staying safe, and, obeying, the. The rules to each of your. I don't know your country or. It's yours as well. You're a citizen, too, um yes well i mean this is for, just in general, everybody's, country, is different, our country, is much more relaxed, than, um. Where you are currently. Yeah, way laid back way late but too late back um, so yeah, well we've got like almost, no cases now so um. Parts of the geek. Well, in fact, kiki. Thank you very much. Um. Yeah there'll be plenty of other stuff, off there but um yeah we'll we'll have you back. Um, all the best with your. Um. Filming and video projects, i mean do i need to really wish you all the best i mean you are you know you you are the best um and and one of the best there so. Just uh weave your magic. With your magic have some personality. Um stamp your authority, don't then, you know, and that's for anything, anyone, anyone in the women's game i keep telling, um. You know people in women's football don't, don't sell yourself, short to. To uh someone else. In in football just because they're men because um there's too many egos, flying around, and people with big egos, you just gotta. Pinch them, or punch them, pinch or punch. And deflate, their their, stupidity. Um. No matter. No matter if you, even if you're a world cup champion. You've got to stay humble you've got to have your feet on the ground so. Um. Keep going don't stop. Uh michelle, keep going with, with your projects, and football. Um. And. Yeah i just can't wait to, to keep, laughing, off air right now so. Um. Anything that you would like to share on your channels, um please now's the moment. If you're on instagram. Facebook twitter. Youtube. Yeah, i'm. Michelle morris, tv, on instagram, and youtube. Um. The youtube channel i haven't haven't uploaded, anything in a while, but, i know we're working on things, um. And make sure to follow us at the ladies league uh we do a lot of really cool stuff with, uh, not just women's football but men's football, anything that's australian, football related. You know we're there and, you know we. We, we do it in a. In a fun way that it's, you know it's humorous, and entertaining. And, um well at least we hope it is but we've got a bunch of videos on tll, tv, so. Check us out. What is it again, so you can um. The ladies league. Okay. Thank you and uh for all of you. Um, thanks for your patience, um yeah we're, here at chile football tv. For the, chilean football news tv rather we've got our.

Subtitles, Now working, and um. So. People can practice and learn their english. And obviously, in spanish, so. Uh don't forget. Again, uh chilling football news we're on facebook, twitter. Instagram. And here on on youtube. Thank you, gracias. And, i'll, see you around the traps, take care stay home. Guys. You.

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