Let's Do Neo QLED 8K #UnboxAndDiscover | Samsung

Let's Do Neo QLED 8K #UnboxAndDiscover | Samsung

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Hello! Welcome to Unbox and Discover 2022. We here at Samsung always look forward to Unboxing. It’s that moment when we finally get to reveal what we worked on. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

This year, we are even more thrilled to unbox Neo QLED 8K, and to share our vision for #Team Samsung. Thanks to a wide variety of electronic devices, our lives are changing by the day Samsung plays a leading role in that change bringing you products of the highest quality and performance. We believe that improving technology to make better products can make life better. However, along the way, we also realized new technology could be a hassle.

The more products we made, and the smarter we made them, the more there was for you to learn. So we tried to remove that hassle while maximizing your convenience. And that became the new starting point of our efforts. Simply put, we worked hard so you don’t have to. We are proud to bring you unrivalled usability and convenience through seamless connections across multiple devices.

What’s more, our connectivity works without requiring your attention and can be customized to best fit your needs. In this, we were inspired by Calm Technology. Calm technology seeks to provide non-intrusive benefits that don’t distract from the user’s life.

It was the industry ideal for years Samsung has delivered - with a new level of personalized comfort. Take the Galaxy watch. It automatically checks on your health and recommends the best workout for you on its own. That’s just one example of how Samsung devices have evolved to give you optimal solutions and the convenience of Calm Technology.

But we took it a step further. We focused on creating a seamless experience of all these benefits for your everyday life. Now through SmartThings, we bring together an A-Team of all of your favorite devices and connect them for you. We call this, #Team Samsung.

And the team will take care of difficult settings, recognize problems and solve them even before you notice them. It’s like the air we breathe. #Team Samsung monitors air quality to protect your health and keep your home clean. When dust and allergen levels are high, BESPOKE Jet Bot AI will start Vacuuming while the air purifier works to remove pollutants. BESPOKE Smart Washer will even use AI to customize the cycle if it detects more dust in your clothes. Not only that, SmartThings will calculate and choose the most energy-efficient / and eco-friendly settings.

Pretty soon, others will also be joining the team. This is what human-friendly technology/ is all about. The key here is “personalization”. While users start out with the same pre-installed data, each smart device learns and adapts to your condition, weather, the layout of your home, and more. It then provides personalized solutions on its own. Since no two users are alike, each #Team Samsung set-up is unique.

Every year, Samsung manufactures over five hundred million electronic products. That includes mobiles, screens, and home appliances. We also make the semiconductor parts that turn ordinary products into smart devices. In fact, only we provide such a wide range of essential products and comprehensive solutions. But we continue to think even bigger as only Samsung can.

We know you have products from other brands. And until now, different appliances and smart home devices worked on different platforms - separate teams, if you will. That made things inconvenient for users. So together with others in the industry, Samsung launched HCA, the Home Connectivity Alliance. We also joined over 200 global companies in support of MATTER, a new standard for simplifying smart homes.

Through such initiatives, we aim to build a truly smart ecosystem, one/ where you can integrate devices -- no matter who made them. Ultimately, Samsung IoT technology will multiply the synergy between all connected things. The TV // remains the focus of these innovations and of #Team Samsung. Today, we introduce our latest -- Neo QLED 8K.

As the most important screen and device in the center of your home, Neo QLED 8K can unlock new experiences. With it, we re-define the screen, from something we merely ‘watched,’ into a gaming console, virtual hangout space, productivity-boosting workmate, and hub/ for controlling all your home devices. For so long, we matched screens with the Verb/ “watch”. We need new verbs for new experiences.

Here’s how we “DO”/ Neo QLED 8K! Under our vision of Screens Everywhere, Screens for All we want to provide everyone with experiences that defy limitations on when and where/ screens are used. The developments we share today will accelerate efforts/ to realize our vision. #Team Samsung/ will help expand Screens Everywhere while your participation will make Screens for All come true.

Now, it’s time to unveil Neo QLED 8K. Let’s unbox its features and discover new possibilities. Hey, come on in.

As you just heard, at Samsung, we have a vision of Screens Everywhere and Screens for All. And when we say “for all”... we mean everyone. It’s a recognition that we are all part of one community.

We share a planet – and a responsibility - to take care of it. That’s why today we’ll start by highlighting our commitment to the environment and a better future for all. We’re always thinking about how our products - and packaging - impact the environment and the future. Take Samsung’s Eco-packaging, a box specifically designed to be repurposed and recycled. This year, we’re using 90% less ink than before by minimizing text and graphics. 90%?! That’s so much.

Plus, we’re eliminating all staples. This both decreases the amount of waste and makes it easier for recycling centers to process. We are not just improving the packaging, but also delivering Smart technology with our SolarCell Remote.

It’s 88% more efficient than our 2020 models, completely battery free and can be charged using sunlight or the ambient light in a room. When it’s dark, it charges itself through Radio Frequency Harvesting. That’s when it draws power from spare energy emitted by 2.4 ghz Wi-Fi routers. Samsung’s SolarCell Remote is eco-conscious on the outside too. The casing contains recycled resin, also used in our TVs, monitors, and digital signage displays.

The remote includes ocean-bound plastic recovered from coastal areas. We’re reusing materials that could otherwise become marine waste. Amazing! Finally, this is the second time running that Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K has achieved the Carbon Trust’s ‘Reducing CO2’ label, demonstrating its carbon footprint is reducing year on year.

These are just some of the ways we’ve been working to deliver the experiences~ you~ crave~ responsibly of course. And about these experiences.... We recognize not everyone sees - or hears - content in the same way.

That’s why Samsung has made it a priority to make our screens more accessible, to all. Since 2014, we’ve introduced features to help reduce visual - and audio - barriers. We started with 3 features and now, our models offer a total of 17 features.

We revamped our closed captioning with our new Auto Caption Position which automatically analyzes the screen so closed captions don’t obstruct on-screen details. And we created our own Sign Language avatar to help users understand and navigate TV menus - easily. We worked hard to bring these capabilities to our products.

For over a decade, we’ve partnered with organizations that help us develop the technology to make our TVs more inclusive. Take a closer look at this collaboration. As we continue to explore screen innovations for all, here’s our latest, the groundbreaking Neo QLED 8K. When I ask, anything good on TV? The answer used to be a TV show or a movie. Of course, you can still enjoy all of that.

But now, you can do more than just watch. Meetings, workouts, games, and so much more... Make it all better.

We put TVs at the center of a smart home ecosystem so you can take full advantage of all your devices. Neo QLED 8K. You’ve seen the stunning new screen. But here’s how you live with it. Umm, the hardest part of working out is actually leaving the house. It's harder than the actual workout.

So when my friend told me about the Neo QLED 8K workout…. He said that it was better than going to the gym. And I was like, really? But I gave it a go and it seemed legit. They even had Jillian Michaels. You know, she's pretty famous. And aside from the workout videos, they had meditation videos….

I saw the app Calm is on there. And I can keep my phone by my side and it checks my form as I go. So to my surprise, it actually did feel like a real workout session. (Grunts) And it was also correcting my form. It points out exactly where I'm slacking, right? Just when I feel my body getting heavy, it's telling me how to fix my position, right? So, it's pretty accurate too. It gets hard to slack off. (Laughter)

My Galaxy watch? You know it measures your heart rate and the calories burned… And while I'm working out, it throws those numbers up on the TV screen. And that same data that gets compiled… And then they show that at the end of the workout so I can get an overview. -- Are you kidding me? -- And see just how few calories you burn during a workout. It's insane.

Honestly, I don't miss my old gym at all. TV used to be my main reason for being lazy, Now it's my toughest trainer. When I moved in, I decided to join the smart home trend.

I thought it might be complicated, having to reset everything. Turns out I was wrong. (Laughter) No need for extra gadgets and cables. All I needed was a TV.

After I plugged in and connected everything, a map of my house shows up on my screen. Pretty simple! Look! I can turn on the light without going all the way over there. Pretty much use it day at night…. Now I'm getting ready for work. I've got a big meeting today. I say, Hi Bixby, start 'Working at Home' mode. his keeps my home quiet, clean, and under control.

Jetbot even keeps my dog happy so I can focus. With just a mouse and a keyboard I turn my TV into a PC. From a comfy couch, I can read files and edit reports. I wouldn't trade this for anything! And with Google Duo, I can turn my living room into a giant personal conference room. -- Yeah, I mean, I will do it that way. Opinion, so…-- Hey Adam, what's the score? He's more into soccer than my presentation.

So another productive day of working from home. Hey Bixby, start 'Game Night' mode please. Work, life and fun. I did a great job today! When you first turn on the screen, you’ll notice the difference right away. The all-new Samsung Smart Hub, powered by Tizen, brings everything we love to one simple-to-use screen. The sidebar lets us explore three main categories, Ambient, Game, and Media Say this is my Media screen.

It organizes all my entertainment options – linear programming from my set-top box, video on demand, streaming, and Samsung TV Plus with over 190 channels at no cost. Even as I switch between services, the Media screen quickly learns my preferences. How? With the magic of enhanced machine learning. In fact, it can recommend new content across multiple platforms.

And the experience only improves with time as it learns what I like. When I’m not watching TV, Ambient enhances my home’s aesthetic whether I want my screen to blend with my décor, or make a bold statement with my favorite art. We can even curate our own art gallery with classic paintings, personal photographs, and now, Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs open up a totally new market where anyone can purchase artwork from trendy artists and up-and-coming creators. Ambient mode will offer a one-stop NFT Platform that allows you to explore, purchase and display digital art.

And, we partnered with the industry leader, Nifty Gateway. Best of all, whatever the art you choose, our technology will optimize the settings for a faithful rendering of the artist’s intentions. Enjoy the complete NFT experience on your ideal digital canvas! Hello! Now you know your way around the new Smart Hub.

It’s time for something different. Get your controllers ready because I’m going to show you how we made gaming experiences better, faster, and more immersive. When we set out to reimagine games on our screens, We went right to the source- We listened to thousands of gamers and designed around what they told us. In 2022, Samsung screens are introducing the latest hardware innovations, with advanced streaming technology to deliver a cutting-edge, easy-to-use ecosystem with no barriers. Meet the Samsung Gaming Hub: a new game discovery platform including streaming services.

Everything you need to play the latest titles from our industry leading partners -Nvidia, Stadia and Utomik – with the performance you need to master even the most challenging games. It couldn’t be easier... Pair your favorite controllers to the screen. It’s compatible with the latest ones! If you’ve been playing a game, the Gaming Hub makes it easy to find and pick up where you left off. Or, you can easily browse new releases. Gaming Hub frequently updates the roster of exciting titles as they become available.

To find out more about specific games, there’s the Details Page. From here, we can see ratings, reviews, and video previews of the latest titles. Is the one you’ve been waiting for finally here? No problem, choose from multiple playing options.

There. Done. No downloads, no storage, no hassles. Just play! It’s an open-access ecosystem that brings all things gaming together in one place.

In 2021 we introduced technologies that took the gaming experience a step further. This year, with the combination of hardware improvements and Gaming Hub, we’re taking a quantum leap! To start, there are four HDMI ports with support for HDMI 2.1. So connecting with the latest gaming consoles is simple. Then there’s Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro. With a whopping 4K at 144Hz refresh rate and low input lag, experience fast action. The speed we need, when we need it.

On the new Game Bar, check vital stats and change values for individual settings like input lag, sound output, picture genre, and other new additions. From the gaming cockpit, review the optimized settings at a glance. There’s even enhanced visibility with the Super Ultra-wide Game View and zoom function.

Enlarge any area, including minimaps, to catch every important detail. With incredible Picture Quality improvements, RPG, RTS, FPS, sports – whatever games feel more real – and more thrilling than ever. And guess what? More good news! We’re introducing a TV lineup exclusively for gaming in 43 and 50 inches – which gamers love and it’s just the right size for your desk. Our screens have amazing new features. Are you ready to play? Hi everyone! For decades, the TV has been the portal to make us laugh, dream, and visit new worlds. (take a breath)

For years, TV has evolved to improve what you see. But if you think about it, that’s only one dimension of the experience. At Samsung, we are always asking ourselves: How can we take it further? We want to deliver not only rich colors and sharp details, but also powerful music and subtle sound. We want you to experience new levels of dynamic immersion. That’s where Neo QLED 8K comes in.

In the past, the content had to evolve along with the TV for viewers to appreciate the higher resolution. So you might ask why do we need 8K now? Well, for one thing, we want larger and larger screens. Years ago a “big” screen was 55”! Then 65” Then 75” Today, we want even bigger... and more of us have adopted screen sizes of 85” or more At the same time, these larger screens are still placed at the same viewing distances in our homes.

What once looked sharp and crisp on a 55” screen now appears very different on an 85” screen when viewed at the same distance. 8K’s greater resolution allows for super crisp detail and awesome picture quality we’ve come to expect, no matter how large the screen or how close you are to it. You can see clearly now, down to every last detail. At Samsung, we innovate technologies to bring visual experiences to life. The heart of our Neo QLED 8K technology lies in the genius of the Neural Quantum Processor 8K. The processor has 20 independent neural AI networks, made possible by our leadership in the semiconductor industry.

Each network analyzes the content you are watching based on its characteristics and picture quality for optimal viewing. This holds true even when we’re watching lower resolution content. The processor will convert and enhance the content to deliver the 8K experience, and it does even more. It powers what we call our Real Depth Enhancer which scans the screen, zeroes in on a focal area and maximizes contrast with the background. Similar to how our eyes perceive images in real life, the object stands out as a 3D image.

When combined with Neo QLED’s Quantum Mini LEDs, which are more densely placed The processor helps contain blooming – that HALO effect you see when a bright object bleeds into a darker part of the image. Think of a large bright, full moon in a sea of space. Thanks to this Quantum Matrix Technology and the innovations it enables... bright areas like the moon stay bright, dark areas like the space around it, stay dark. We even have a name for it –“Shape Adaptive Light Control”.

Rounding out some of the key hardware upgrades, in 2022 we’ve even upgraded the backlighting on our new Neo QLED screens from 12-bit to 14-bit. Much more than just a numerical improvement, it means we’ve added more luminance points – thus delivering better light control. The lighting effects are so precise and true that Pantone, the global authority on color, awarded all 2022 Neo QLED models its ‘Pantone Validated’ approval – meaning the models authentically reproduce the diverse set of colors found in Pantone’s guidelines. Samsung Neo QLED 8K is far beyond improved resolution. Its cutting-edge hardware combined with its advanced processor technology delivers not only stunning visual experiences, it also makes them more comfortable to view.

What does this mean you ask? If you’re like me and watch TV before going to bed, the blue light emitted from the screen can often cause restless sleep. Something I’m sure we’ll all agree isn’t ideal. Our new EyeComfort Mode uses the AI technology we spoke about earlier to automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature based on how light or dark the room is.

At night, EyeComfort Mode will reduce the blue light and brightness to lessen the negative impact. As we’ve seen, no matter what we’re watching, in whatever original resolution it was produced, We can experience 8K performance from our screens right now. This year, with the new Samsung Galaxy S22, we can even create our own 8K video content And enjoy it in full, native resolution just by pairing the S22 to our Neo QLED 8K screens. Imagine the family trip to Paris, the Grand Canyon or even Seoul, playing back on the screen in stunning 8K resolution.

Well, we don’t need to imagine anymore. Making what we watch, how we play, what we do...... Even better. That’s the foundation of Neo QLED 8K With that, I’d like to introduce my colleague, Nicole Murakami.

Thank you, Lydia Performance like this deserves a design to match. Sleek and tastefully discreet, The Infinity Screen looks like it’s floating on air, the bezel, barely perceptible, all part of our effort to remove distraction and prioritize the visual experience. In this, we’re guided by the Infinity One Design philosophy.

See for yourself. As we’ve seen, Samsung’s 2022 screens are built to deliver the experiences we crave no matter what we’re watching or where we view it. What Neo QLED 8K does for the visual, It does for the audio. Here again our Quantum Processor 8K AI technology places us at the center of the action. By analyzing what’s playing on the screen, in real time, as well as where the TV sits in the room, features like Adaptive Sound and SpaceFit sound automatically optimize where the sound is coming from and how it’s delivered.

And this year, all of that sound comes from an impressive 90W 6.2.4 channel audio system, featuring new top channel speakers and Dolby Atmos with Object Tracking Sound Pro. This technology has also been applied to voice recognition - Voice Tracking Sound. But sometimes we all want even more... ...More power, more boom, more immersion. Thanks to the ingenuity of our designers, we deliver the more.

We brought in some of the most innovative and talented sound engineers, based in our Samsung Audio Lab in Valencia, California. In 2022, the synergy between Neo QLED 8K, 4K and our new portfolio of soundbars will deliver more powerful results than ever. In an industry first, we’re adding wireless Dolby Atmos.

No HDMI cables, no loss in audio fidelity. So now when the TV meets the Q Series 990 Soundbar, It’s the combination of TV, Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and Q Symphony, a feature that plays sound from your soundbar and your TV’s speakers at the same time. So you get that synergy of one plus one equals three.

We’re also introducing the Ultra Slim Soundbar, a soundbar that’s not only music to the ears but easy on the eyes. The conventional soundbar looked bulky, especially from the side. Hardly ideal, aesthetically speaking. So Samsung came up with the Ultra Slim Soundbar. Less than half the usual depth, it fits perfectly with a slim wall-mounted screen.

Featuring wireless Dolby Atmos, true 3.1.2 channels, and a subwoofer with passive radiator, it performs as well as the Q Series – flawlessly. If all this piques your interest, the Samsung Neo QLED lineup comes in a variety of models and sizes. All of these models are available right now at retail or on Samsung.com.

The bottom line: experience the screen like never before with the right Samsung Neo QLED for you. We’re happy to expand our lineup, but we want you to make the screen yours. So we’re offering simple yet ingenious ways to customize the screen in your own personal style. Here’s how you can create the perfect viewing environment for you.

Your lifestyle and tastes keep changing. So why should screens stay the same? That was the question we grappled with. We thought it was time for screens to step up. But then, how could we design simple additions to transform your whole screen experience? Here’s how.

Let’s start with the space between the wall and screen. Screens are getting sleeker every year. But let’s be real.

That gap could be an eyesore. Getting rid of it meant tackling a big home renovation project which was a real hassle. So we made it our mission to minimize both the mount and the space.

The new SlimFit Wall Mount. The screen lies so close to the wall, there’s hardly enough room for a pen. There’s no better way to showcase the ultra-thin Neo QLED 8K. That’s not all.

Our new Full Motion Slim Wall Mount, half as slim as before. and moves forward, up, down, and sideways so you can find the ideal viewing angle from anywhere in the room. Then we asked, are TVs just for watching? We think it should enhance your space, just by being there. So if you want to find a new place for it that doesn’t take up wall space, if you don’t like the look of a media console, There’s the Studio Stand, an elegant way to display the screen, now in black and copper. More than a stand, it’s an expression of your taste that can elevate your entire home. Now for our trendiest accessory.

With The Sero, we brought TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and other vertical content from your phone to a bigger screen. It was such a hit, we wanted to expand that experience to the Neo QLED 8K. So we came up with Auto Rotating Accessories, a clever new way to optimize paintings, photos, and NFT art in full portrait and landscape modes. Pretty brilliant, right? And with the new three-way MultiView, you can watch highlights on YouTube, live games, and online reactions. all at once.

We offer Auto Rotating Stand and Auto Rotating Wall Mount. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle. Enjoy what you like, how you like. On-trend options to revamp your space and complement your style.

Enjoy the perfect screen experience for you. Hello again! I hope you had fun. Today, we talked about how our screens look, sound, and fit into your life and the world around us. In a sense, we are redefining the role of the screen together, because your experiences and insights inspire our innovations.

You are always at the center of our efforts. We build our technology to empower your needs, passions – even your desire to go green. And you drive us toward our vision of Screens Everywhere, Screens for All.

Thank you for joining us.

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