Layers of Fear Walkthrough Part 1 Stop With The Scares

Layers of Fear Walkthrough Part 1   Stop With The Scares

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Welcome. Back is your boy average Jake and it's, been a while, I know everyone. Can't be a gun down gum down I had. A couple of months off to do other things that I needed to get done first before I could come back to this channel so now that I am back we're. Gonna start with really cool horror game let, it feel the like a hipster hipster, reviews, and it sounds like my kind of game and I'm ready to ship my parents so awesome. Also, um huge. Shout, out to Dan, Burke, he, helped. Try. And exposed my channel just a little bit more so it's really cool I think, as well you guys should go and check out some of his music he's, recently released, a song. Called. Over. An hour so, I will put that description. In the, link below and, I. Mean yeah, I'm ready, to get on it again alright anyway, let's get on with it I was going to take the lights off for a super sort, of scary experience. But then the. Lighting for. Me and you guys would be able to see my reactions, all that well so I'm just deciding to leave that um, yeah. I mean as you have noticed as well my backdrop. Has changed so I will be currently recording in a bedroom, for. A few months but, then we will be moving to a new, recording, space so that's, all pretty cool as well, and. If. You really want to say something impressive. Hopelessness. You. Probably deserves it. But. Even for you there. Is still a. Way. To bring it all back, how. Do. You live with truly, desired I. Finish. It. Mmm. Every. Portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of, the artist not. Of the sitter that is a very important, thing to remember guys, don't. Piss off the artist, because you will have a cheat, sheet portrait. What. Is this it's, like a muzzle, so. Muscle. Weird. To, just kind of keep in your house um. Yeah. Boys. Well. We have dogs. Well. I, ain't. Very. Good. Oh. How. Interactive, is this game you can literally, touch everything I love these moving options as roll up. What. Is going on an. Artist's. Triumph. Gallery. Opening wells critics. Some. Call him new, to. Kara. BA, see. You might even watch my channel just to listen to how I pronounce some, things because to me that's fucking, hilarious because, I can't get some of those words out and just to, me wouldn't, even know what it started anyway, uh. Or. Struct critic, who wish to remain unnamed. Went, as far as to invoke. The spirit, of Leonardo. Any, way you, slice it. The. Exist the exhibition, approved, an immense. Success. Distinct. Style has been prized for its unique combination, of Renaissance. Influence. And more, progressive, techniques, the, artist himself. Attended. The event in. The company, of his beautiful beautiful. Fiancee, looking, stunning, in her black, gown. Revealed. To, us, exclusively. That, the couple indeed, are expecting. Oh. This. Is good. Do. So we would like to ask you to cease bothering, our pest, control. Specialists. As well, as refrain, from sending us any more of your highly inappropriate letters. I'll have, you know that my mother is a respectable. Woman and does not take kindly to such accusations. All. Of our employees that, visited, your house reported, absolutely, no signs of rodent, infestation. Of any, kind and as. Such decided. Not to act further then. Pro-black. Blew. Up the bear spray you, know what I meant I. Proved. Flat, by lactic. Prophylactic. Prophylactic. Spray please, treat this letter as a final, warning or else the next epilogue USA will be from alloys with. Best regards come, I love that with best brush you. Know it like I will threaten, to sue you but it's with best regards that you just like, anyway um.

It's. Going on you. Wow. What's. In here aah smack. Ishii what. The fuck. She. Really got that cleaned up. Figured, you'd be up all night so, I made you a little treat you know I, bet. Even. Pemberton. Occasionally. Took time off from being brilliant. Timber. I'm. Guessing he's an artist took some time off bank brilliant, and. Shoved. His head off. Oh and, Snorlax, head off like the rest of us common, folk, I know. In. Other words get, some sleep you can go to follow me. Thank. You but no you're. Not on rest in. This skinny, house Oh. What. Is in here. Why. Isn't it working things, very. Door, but. And boss, your. Readiness. Every. Artist is cutter some, paintings, are some flour and some fruits, it. Is just what me TV I, don't. Know why put on that accent. I'm. Kind of hoping I'm gonna be shocked do something about it's. Terribly, awkward. Don't. Brawls let me. Why. Well. If my house in a mess or though it's a terrible, set I have, guests. You. Incident. But. Oh. That's. Me that's, me. Is that a good smile is, that good swell he's, so beautiful, I anyway. Oh piano I love, to play the piano or let me play all the piano, all. These, music notes I mean music have a listen, to me playing a piano. Didn't. Even tell what. Actually. See. Audio are backed up in the head of all this so that way every. Two chops care. Will. Make me shit my pants. Jumping. Around jumping. All around all. Right, it's gone on here. I'm. Jumping, everywhere, jumping. Everywhere, with, this cane in my hand I am jumping everywhere. Alright. So. I couldn't sleep the legs been acting up again figured, I might as well do. Some work, love ya. That. Damn leg. Galactic. Skirt opening, in flames that's, up. This. Is no board, there. Is, an accent again, who. Is that song jumping, all around jumping. All around. Jumping. All around. Whoa. Fuck no top down. Whoa. I, should probably, go, sing some help. You. Didn't see anything, add, in ethnic alcohol, alcohol, is, not for me. As. Little, that are not drink, the, alcohol. Whoa. What, do you think why, is everything, just. Falling, off and breaking. On me what, what, is this. What. Is it this person. Turn. The light on. I do, not like doctors turn it on. It. Is what I thought. We. Have got some keys that. Is, the Big Daddy, he. Is no good no, good I. Open. My eye. Like. This painting is my favorite. That. Is me. Oh. That. Is what the key was for, what. Are we doing in here. To. Read you some messy, your house is just broken, everything. Is just broke, why. You've not only broken. Paintbrushes. Why, do we keep them what, is this.

What. Is this. Open. More. Alcohol, I am, an alcoholic oh my god more alcohol, these pants I'll. Give you the benefit of the day or an outsider pants Oh what is this I. Wonder. 2,000. Steps and, I'll take a thousand. More cuz I'm just so cool to a. Weird. Weird. Message. Lost, it. You deserve but, you. Lost. Uses a finishing. No. Another, one to finish. Well. In my house girl. Hello. This. Is why you shouldn't, drink, come. On. Stop. Anyway. What's, out here that's. Out there, what. Is that yeah hello. Oh. Look. Tony's box. Zero. On my books. By. The way my name is Frank. Oh fuck, Jesus. Jump-scare. Hold off. Jesus. Christ. Hello. Why. You gotta be so rude I, don't like this. Hello. Oh, my god shit my cancer. Please. Stop with the scares. Please. Stop with the scares. This. Is my house. Please. I. Can't. Hello. Beautiful. Fiance. Is. Anyone there hello. Oh. Hi. Very. Nice very. Nice. MTV. Cribs is this you. This. Is my house. Don't. Appreciate that it was really, quite people. Eight. Five, four. Once. Her numbers. Great. Awesome. Do. Anything, with the paintings no. Usually. Does like a secret button or. Hello. Should. Not turn it up so loud Jesus, I'm going to die oh. It's. Quite scary. Oh. Got. It I'm all over it. 485. Hey. Why. Don't go this way no oh. Yes. Oh yes. The. Past holds back why. Sorry. Will. You marry me. Hey. I'm. So, sorry guys. It's. Gonna be all good backlash, today with some say I'm not stuff and just wants to make sure that it was perfectly, quiet. Alright. Now what. Never. Forget she. Broke. My heart. This. Makes me so sad. Rocking. Chair can. You stop. Do. I have to. Can. I stop you know. It's. All for the views so. All for the views perhaps, that's. Up seriously. Subscribe. To my channel. Getting. Here. Hello. No. More jump-scares please. Dust. Wise even. In my lungs there's. Always more grotesque. Vermin. Dead. Okay. That's, cool cool. Cool. Cool, bands. Don't, know the. Artist's, impression, collective. Rat sketch. Sweet. Very, good that's how you click that bat sketch. That's. All. Yeah. What. Sort of elaborate house but elaborate, house, is this this is really odd I. Mean. I, mean. It's kind of common doing, your last do this. And. I all my houses have always sick. Little, compartments. And stuff and there's another like. Yeah. Okay. Every. Time I open the door goes somewhere else so do not appreciate this, what is. Just. Cornet I. Take. Four jump scares and last seven, ten minutes or three widow. Scam. Is gonna be riddled with them I'm. Gonna be so tough at the end of this, yeah. So. It's. The dust mites, where. Are you dust mice. Well, that, one got me. Oh. My. God. If oh. It's. Go types there's so much fun. Said. Don't whatever. So. This. Is my crib it's pretty cool. I'm. So glad you, all think the same. I'll. Leave, I. Feel. Real tense. This. Is a horrible, game. It's. Really good but it's really bad. And. Now we have, sad. He. Does it better I. Think. I do that though. Let. Me know in the comments below. Just. Cut off automatically. Bitching. In your job oh here we go more. And. More. Appeared. Do, I get to do painting this game I hope I get to do some painting in this game oh. So. Good. So. Good I love the crunchiness of broken glass, first. Step is the hardest, I. Mean. After all those jumps go surely you can't get any worse than what it has been. So. Far I've, dropped the controller once.

We. Stop. Hello. It's. Gonna cook, some food it. Is that. What. Is this. Can. We stop. Please. Please. Don't. Leave. Me alone please. I've, had enough of this bullshit, please. Just, leave me alone, I'm. So sorry. It's. Not enough to look away. Please. Just, make it stop I. Didn't. Even want to look anymore, I'm. So. Terrified. First. I'd. Like for a canvas. Not. Just, any canvas, I had. To find a knife, not. One of those bread ones it, needed to be as sharp, as a razor, so. I used. A razor in fact and then, carefully. Flayed, the skin, booze, helped, keep my hand steady. We're. Gonna. Finish. That with um. Copra. Now. And. I see the tears dream. Well, over. An hour.

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