KSAT 12 News at Noon : Apr 22, 2020

KSAT 12 News at Noon : Apr 22, 2020

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Live from, Kasich 12 The, News at Noon starts right now. People. In the area might want to still keep a little eye out in the skies there could still be some rain in your area justin horn has been tracking it all he now joins us live went outside a second ago may not be Iranian but sure is humid. Out there humidity, is still there storm chances o rain chances, are starting to pass this bite we had a couple of storms pop up and they, very, very quickly went off to the north and east now there is a tornado watch box not in effect for our area it, is off to the north and east of us and that's where we thought most of the severe weather it would be today as we look at the Doppler radar right now just, a couple leftover, showers working through new braunfels we've, seen a few showers here in San Antonio and there's still some wet roads here and there I will, zoom out some though and you can see where some of the bigger storms, are if. You're going up by 35 towards Austin they've had a couple rounds of storms in fact some, reports of hail just. About an hour ago some sizable hail up there, and then, we mentioned that tornado watch box again north and east of us and that's, where the severe weather will likely be today so the forecast about. A 20% chance of rain through two o'clock and I think things, really do quiet down this evening in fact we'll see some clearing tonight some. Drier air sunny skies coming, up tomorrow we'll talk more about that forecast, and look, ahead to next week two coming up in just a few minutes guys, Thank. You Justin happening today Governor Greg Abbott plan to reopen Texas, will continue, to be phased in starting. Today medical, procedures, that will not interfere with hospital, capacity, or personal, protective. Equipment can. Happen, and some, hospitals, in areas are already starting the process of rescheduling procedures. That were postponed, that includes the Christus, Santa Rosa health system and a Children's Hospital of San Antonio and later. This week retailers, that are non-essential, can, operate, via drive-thru, delivery, or curbside, the, governor said he would announce the next steps for opening, up Texas, in a new state declaration, on April. 27th, next Monday yesterday. Abbott, said he and his new economic, team are efforting, a program to get Texans back to work Abbott, said there are close to a half million, jobs available. Right now in Texas and he urged job, seekers to look for jobs on the website work, in Texas. Dot-com. That. Site also has video, tutorials. To help you navigate the process of, applying for unemployment benefits. Today. Economic, experts, from UTSA, are holding a virtual, panel there talking about how, coronavirus. Has impacted, the economy panelists. Will discuss various aspects, of the pandemic including, short and long-term, effects. On Texas revenue sources and the, potential impact, on healthcare tax. Policies. As well as education. The, virtual panel happening right now if you're interested in watching this live stream you can just head over to our website, and look, for the article of, this story under the local news tab and. A heads up for those of you who need to catch the bus today you now have to wear a mask if you are riding a via bus starting. Today the Annette R apollon Transit officially, requiring everyone riding buses to wear face coverings, in accordance with city and county rules anyone. Over ten years old will need to cover their mouth and nose or else you, can't get on the bus, if riders don't follow the rules bus drivers can kick them off or just, not them let them not let them on board at all the. Number of coronavirus, virus cases in Barre County is now up by 51. Cases however, no, new deaths, were, reported Mariner. Berg says there are now, 1080. Cases, of Cova 19 in Bell County of those confirmed, cases that 82 people are in the hospital, 325. Have recovered, from the illness that's, about 30 percent of the cases and 39, people have died about, half the deaths in Burke County occurred among residents at the southeast, nursing home and rehabilitation.

Center Where an outbreak infected, at least 74, residents, and 28, staff members, if, you want to take a look at an interactive map, and other, important, information on the virus it, is still being updated daily, on the city of san antonio's kovat 19. Website, it's, also up on our website at case comm, where we also have the latest case numbers in surrounding, counties just click on the corona virus section at the top of the homepage. Financial. Help could soon be on the way for small businesses, in hospitals, as another, multi-billion. Dollar emergency, relief bill makes its way through Congress ABC's. In desde la guitarra has more from Washington. This. Morning, fresh, scattered. Protests. Continuing. Around the nation, the, governors of Georgia, and South Carolina now, beginning to lift restrictions even, as a new NBC news/wall Street Journal poll shows, 58, percent of Americans, are more worried, about reopening, too quickly just, 32, percent in that poll fear reopening, slowly will harm the economy this as the Senate, unanimously passes. A new, 484. Billion, dollar relief, package, unless, we get our economy up and running again, there's. Not any way we can spend enough, to. Continue, to prop up the country. The plan aims to pop an additional, three hundred and ten billion, dollars, into the paycheck protection, program, for small business owners like Mary Moore in Atlanta, who's already had to layoff 43. Employees, they. Rely on this business for their livelihoods and, I rely on them but the program drawing criticism after, an Associated, Press investigation found. At least 75. Publicly. Traded companies, as well as Harvard University, received. Money, from the initiative Shake. Shack now, returning, the 10 million dollars it received, after public, outcry we, want to make sure this money is available, to small businesses. That. Need it people who have invested their entire life savings this new bill setting aside billions. In grants and loans for small companies, Democrats. Also pushed to have the bill include additional funding, for hospitals, and testing. You cannot tell people go out on the streets unless there's adequate testing New, York Governor Andrew Cuomo's saying in a meeting Tuesday with President, Trump that the president, pledged to help the state's ramp up testing, we now do on average of about 20,000, tests per day our, goal is to double the 20,000.

To Get the 40,000. Tests per day House members have been told to return to Washington on Thursday for a vote on that new relief bill meaning, the president could sign it into law by the end of the week in ASDA liqui Tara ABC, News Washington. Trouble. Has come calling for Westside. Man, at his home San, Antonio police say that someone shot him right outside, his front gate in the 300 block of Aldama, Katrina. Whoever has the story from public safety headquarters where police are still trying to figure out who that someone was. Based. On what officers, told us at the scene it appears they were off to a bit of a rough start as far as the investigation. Goes the, only information they had was a report, of a dark-colored car, that, was seen leaving the area police. Had received multiple, calls, about gunshots, late last night from the neighborhood, near Highway 90 and General McMullen, when, they arrived on Aldama Street shortly after 10:00 they, found a man identified. As 49, year old Carlos Chavez on, the ground near the gate right outside his own home he, had been shot several times, Chavez. Was taken to a hospital where, he died police. Also found shell, casings in, the street nearby, a couple. Of neighbors told us off-camera that, they heard the gunshots, ringing out repeatedly, over the course of a few minutes but, they only learned what actually it happened from watching The Morning News, they, say Chavez lived, in the home with his family they, didn't know if anyone else was home at the time of the shooting again. Early on police didn't seem to have a motive, for the shooting, and they had not made any arrests. Reporting. For Public Safety headquarters Katrina. Webber case at 12 News, we. Are still waiting to learn the name of the victim of a deadly shooting on the southeast, side of the city however at this noon police do say they found a, suspect, officers. Heard several shots fired around 9:45. Last night in the 4800, block of Pecan Grove Boulevard. They found a 39, year old man dead with multiple, gunshot wounds, police, tell us the victim was surrounded. By several shell casings and a, handgun officers. Later found, the suspect, in a parking lot with a gunshot wound to their, stomach, that person taken to the hospital, police. Want to know who's responsible after. A man was found with multiple stab, wounds downtown, police got the call just before 11:00, last night near the intersection of East Commerce and Navarro, streets officers. Say they found the victim at a bus stop si, PD says the victim claims he was stabbed, by someone down by the river says, he managed to get away from that suspect, and then it walked up to the street level and that's where police found him the, victim was taken to the hospital at last check his condition, was serious. Police. Are also looking for the driver who crashed into, an apartment building on the northwest side officers, say they were called to the 6100, block of whitby, Road around 3:00 in the morning when, they got there the driver was gone but, the damage was done, police, say the driver was seen, going toward Babcock, driving. A white. Vehicle. And. New this noon burglary, suspects, are on the run after here to get northwest side sports, bar early this morning officers tell us the crime was committed just, after 3:00 a.m. at the Catena sports, bar in the 6500. Block of Babcock, Road police. Said the suspects, broke in through the back door of the bar officers. Were searching the area at last check the suspects, had not been found and it's, not clear if they actually took anything. Hey. The Spurs are see if you ever gives us an idea of what things might look like when, and if the NBA returns to this summer Italy Ramirez has that coming up in sports and. After. The break why councilman, Manny Peleus is using, celebrities. As a way to spread the message of the, new mask mandate, in Barre County. The. Fiestas, especially, al Royal Court was at it again this morning with another check, giveaway, this morning they gave money to the autism, treatment, center but, they had a little fun with it they did the presentation through a carnival, game a frog, flip, game and even the Frog was dressed up and ready for fiesta, and as. If that wasn't enough there. Was even some confetti, but it's not all fun and games today's donation, will do some serious good in our community. This. Year is especially. Helpful. Because we. Are still serving children, and adults in our residential, programs, and our therapy programs, and so, this funding is really going to help right now and, Fiesta. Especially, Al's annual, celebration, day will be held on November 10th this year. Our, case that community partners are hosting a wish list Wednesday. Event today it benefits, wish for our heroes, a nonprofit. Dedicated to delivering hot, meals to, older. At-risk, veterans if, you'd, like to support this organization you, could donate online, through.

Venmo, Or, you, can help by volunteering all, donations, are going to be used to put food on the tables for San Antonio veterans. For, more information, just head to the community, section of koat.com. The. Emergency, order for bear county has been updated, with the mask mandate. And now a city councilman is using, social media and, a new initiative, to help spread the message using, celebrities, max, Massey shows us how and why city. Councilman, Manny Peleus started, the hero, behind, the mask project. We. All have to together. Defeat, this virus, by. Staying, inside and by taking precautions, one of those precautions, is wearing, a mask where when you leave your home or when you're out in public so to help encourage people mamie playas started, the masked hero initiative. Having, friends of theirs and people that they trust right. Show. Them that they too are wearing masks right and encouraging. San Antonia, --nz and reminding them that we're all in this together it's, simple, it's easy it's harmless, and it's, happening, every, day at 9 o'clock in the morning we show, everybody the mask photo throughout, the day you get to guess who it is and then in, the evening we'll, unveil the. Superstar not only does this masked hero, initiative, help raise awareness and, raise importance, for wearing a mask but it also helps boost morale at a time where we need it the most you, know I was I was getting tired of just the slow drip of of, sad, posts, and I. Decided. That you know my job as a city council member is also to encourage people so, far the masked heroes, have been San Antonio police chief Willie McManus, and Spurs. Legend, Bruce Bowen but there are big plans in the works people, are going to be shocked at, the. The high profile. Quality. Of some of these celebrities, and so we've, got NBA. Superstars, we've, got Major. League Baseball superstars, we've got local superstars. Max, Massey Casey, at 12 News. Unlike. Some I don't really worry about a bad or a good hair day. Today. Is one of the worst hair days you'll, ever see because, it's. Still kind of drizzly, out there it is and don't worry Ursula we're all having Bennett not that your hair looks bad. You. Know the Cova thing and humidity. Yes a, lot of humidity out there we had some showers and storms a little bit earlier we're, watching most of that move off to the north and northeast. As we, thought this this is how we kind of thought this would evolve right, we had some storms here, on San Antonio a little bit earlier but they did not last very long, and now all the energy is moving, away from us at this point there's still a few showers right along i-35. But, they're very light let's zoom it a little bit closer here you. Can see around San Marcos we've still got a few downpours there may be a couple light showers tracking, through Comal County now moving into Guadalupe. County but, I think the threat for storms is basically ending here now that is not the case as you get into East, and northeast Texas that's where it's gonna be really busy today a lot, of severe weather expected they're already seen quite a few severe, thunderstorms, around. The Tyler area Lufkin this will move up into Texas.

Arkana Eventually, Shreveport, and. You see they have a tornado watch box in effect there that's, gonna go throughout the afternoon so, if you're headed east you, will run into some severe weather but as you go west the, air dries out and things really quiet down that's because we have a dry line in place some, drier air behind that and in this frontal boundary will pass by us tonight it'll. Draw in some drier air for tomorrow and tomorrow he's. Gonna be warm but at least the air will be dry it'll be a dry, heat so the severe weather risk today this area is shaded in orange that's. Where it's gonna be really active so northeast, Texas Louisiana Arkansas Oklahoma, all, under, the gun today here's, a look at the time lapse we started off with fog and drizzle this morning it was pretty damp and now. We're, just looking at cloudy skies seventy-five degrees of the airport dew point is at 73. Is extremely. Humid with southerly winds at about 8 miles per hour and. You can see we had some passing rain showers here there still may be a few sprinkles out, there at the moment a lot of cloud cover over Barret County temperatures. In the mid 70s but, as you go west, we're. Starting to see some breaks in the clouds and as a result temperatures, are jumping up very quickly, 86. Right now in Del Rio 82, in Carrizo springs 79. Gonzales, 83, Victoria, and. I suspect this clearing line will slowly make its way towards San Antonio still probably mostly cloudy in the afternoon but, there could be some Sun a little bit later today we're, talking humidity. Right with. Dew points in the 70s if you're ready for some of that drier air it, gets close this afternoon, this is at 5 o'clock the dry line moves, in across some of our western counties and that's why temperatures will be so warm out west but, it's tonight where we got a frontal boundary that the dryer really does start to work in here around San Antonio two points dropping off into the 50s, eventually, 40s. By, tomorrow and the, forecast, high temperatures today this. Shows 100 I don't know if we get there, but look at close upper 90s, potentially. Out west for that drier air moving in and the, Sun in full effect there the Future cast shows the storms moving away here. Comes that front and, here comes a drier air for tomorrow and sunny. Skies - I might add Thursday looks pretty good forecast, for today we'll keep on a slight chance for some showers through, two o'clock but I think by 5 o'clock this is over. With mostly. Cloudy skies into, the evening and then partly cloudy tonight sunny. Tomorrow 90. On Thursday 90, for Friday and then, we will get a frontal boundary Saturday doesn't bring us any rain but it does cool us down Saturday Sunday and maybe another chance for some showers and storms on Tuesday, guys, so, what you're saying is better hair days, that's. Right okay yeah of. Course the NBA players are like nobody, are just, like everybody else they get us to their homes like you and I do and Ursel does and everybody you know stay at home so. You know they're going stir-crazy you know they're going to get out and do so yeah a lot of these guys they really just want to get back on the court and start playing basketball that's probably what's driving them the most crazy, rudy Gay recently, talked to GQ, Sports who talked about his ten essentials. Right now, we got his top - coming up cluster Shante Murray well. The Spurs asked him about his go-to things, to, watch these days come, up. Come. On without this boy I had. No reason to wear, social. Dis isn't nobody should be able to smell me if, you smell me you too close. Already. Makes a good point, don't get too close right now in big board sports. Just like the rest of the NBA are waiting to see if their season is restored or canceled, that has left players coaches, and staff in limbo since the league was shut down on March the 11th after Rudy Gobert, tested, positive, for the coronavirus, NBA. Commissioner, Adam Silver, recently. Said the league hasn't considered, canceling, the remainder, of the year but there is still no timetable for a return, now, for the first time since silver, suspended, play Smurfs Sports & Entertainment president. And CEO RC. Buford is speaking, out appearing, on the team's Facebook, page through their charity arm of spurs give Buford. Was asked what changes, he anticipates, when play does, resume, I. Don't. Know that any of us will know exactly. What, it looks like but, there, are some if there are some parts, of of this.

That Are getting more clear and. I think that. Understanding. How. To build teams without, high-fives. Anymore, I mean that's going to be one you. Know that that, you. Know just may not be the case as. We. Move forward so how do you create. Engagements. And. Team-building. Aspects. And. Still. Include. Social, distancing distancing. Practices. Are. Sees guys like, I'm guessing most NBA players are doing these days are looking for things to pass the time while they work out at home and spend time with family the team turned to young deshante, Murray to ask him what his go-to shows, are during, the break I, watched. This, thing called Ozark on Netflix it's really good. It's. Really, really good I watch, that I just finished that you, know I asked, some my teammates, there and it's during, the season we were on flights and stuff it, was good to watch and they gave me a list and you know other people so I'm just going to a list of Netflix, series and stuff. Ozark. Is a fantastic. Series Spurs forward rudy Gay staying home with his wife and two young boys and working, out a lot and hopes the Spurs get to play their final 19. Regular season games he, recently told GQ sports, about his top 10 items while quarantined. And here's the first, two on that list. My. First essential was is probably. Really. Really important, right now this, is my bandana. This. Is because one. When. You want to be cool you can wear around your head and, to. Be. Around a bunch of people. It. Acts as a match so you, know this is very essential right now annex essential would be, Apple. TV this, is another one because you're supposed to stay at home so stay. Home watch, Apple TV I've been watching. The. Watchmen I watched a couple movies I want, to start back in Ozark I haven't finished that yet but you know in, between working out and trying to keep my boys, busy all I can do is watch folders so I always, watched a lot of kids show I feel like I'm reliving my childhood so, it's kind of cool a, lot. Of parents probably feel that way right now right no, votes for that lion whatever, they want Tiger Tiger, King. Ozarks. Getting a lotta Ozarks starring Jason Bateman is amazing. It's awfully, dark. It. Is dark yes, well. There's, there's, two critics that like it right there hey. Still ahead how the Blessed angels community center is making sure people in the area don't go hungry plus. A new website designed, to help renters. Find, out if they're safe from eviction, and financial, penalties. And. New today at 5 helping kids cope with Cova 19 it's the basis behind a new book developed, by humanitarians. From all across the world the, message behind my, hero is you today, at five after entertainment tonight. As. America, has locked in the grips of kovat 19, a potential, warning from, a leading, health official. That, this winter could actually be. Worse and there's, new information coming out of California showing the virus may actually have started spreading in the United States earlier, than previously thought now, states are rolling out new testing, and new methods to try to contain the spread, ABC's Trevor alt has the latest from New York a, new. Warning from the head of the CDC saying. A second, wave of kovat, 19 this winter could be even worse than what America is dealing with right now telling. The Washington Post, we're going to have the flu epidemic and the corona, virus epidemic at the same time this, morning President, Trump says the CDC, director was, totally, misquoted, and will be putting out a statement that. As officials, in California, say the virus may have started its spread in the u.s. weeks earlier, than previously believed, to, San Francisco, residents, died from the virus in, early and mid February, both with no travel overseas making. Them the earliest, known victims, of the pandemic, in the United States since, then the virus proving far deadlier than the flu and for some perspective take, a look at these numbers CDC.

Estimates That this season, over an eight month period there, have been, 24,000. Flu, related deaths in just, two months we've tracked. 43,000. Kovat. Related, deaths also in California, health officials, now expanding, testing, recommendations, to all people, in high-risk areas like nursing, homes even, if they're asymptomatic and. Massachusetts. Which is enduring a surge in cases, now employing a thousand, contact, tracers, whose job is to call anyone, who spent more than 15 minutes in close contact with someone who's tested positive, asking. Them to self isolate, for two weeks the more people we can reach and recommend, isolation. Or quarantine procedures, the less, likelihood. There is that we'll have an increase of this virus, president, Trump has been strongly touting, the use of the drug hydroxychloroquine. To treat kovin 19, well at the National Institutes, of Health say a large analysis, of the use of this drug on COBIT 19 patients and Veterans Hospitals showed, more patients, died when given, Roxi chloroquine, that wouldn't given standard, treatment, it's still a small study but, it is the largest so far analyzing, hydroxychloroquine. And Kovan 19 Trevor, all ABC, News New York, amid. Tensions with, Iran, President. Donald Trump has now said that he has given the order for, the Navy to quote shoot, down and destroy, in quote any Iranian. Gunboats found, to be harassing us ships, that's according to a tweet that he posted earlier today, this. Comes after new video, is showing small, Iranian. Boats coming close to American, warships, while, they operated, in the northern Persian Gulf near Kuwait however. The president did not cite any specific. Event nor, did he give any details in the tweet the White House and Pentagon have, had no immediate, comment. Outside. With live cam misty. Moist, humid, are we gonna get any more rain today had a little bit already but is any more on the way not a significant. Rain day but most of that is moving out so we're still gonna get some of this light stuff maybe. Another couple of hours of that but then the drier air will start to move in later, and basically, our significant, rain chances are gone the aquifer, is down to ten foot six seventy one point three we could have used some rain and the. Pollen count another. Long list here molds, in a moderate category to probably stay there because. So we're dealing with some of the wet stuff today hopefully, drying out next couple days of numbers will go down after that let's. Take a look at the radar right now we're seeing some showers up there around San Marcos up and down i-35. Those. Are moving, northeast and away from us you, know we still have some white stuff here in San Antonio I'm not really being picked up on radar but it, is still fairly damp out there there's still some fog to. Contend with as well but, we look at the big picture here and you can see the severe weather that's basically exploding. Here across, East Texas and that's where all the severe weather will be today so places, like Dallas Tyler, Far, East Texas, they're gonna get a lot, of the heavier, stuff we'll keep the 20% chance of rain in there through two o'clock but things will quiet down a little, bit later this afternoon and, eventually we may see some clearing, temperatures, up around 85, degrees today tomorrow even. Warmer despite, the fact the frontal boundary will be coming through we'll get some drier air tomorrow it'll feel pretty nice and then, even warmer on Friday we'll, talk about the rest of the week yeah look at the we Jim coming up in just a little bit guys, Thank. You Justin in your consumer news the price of oil in the u.s. is down another five, cents, today right, now it's sitting at around eleven dollars and 52 cents a barrel oil, has remained a huge concern, regarding supply, in the lack of storage space in the US the, combination, has weighed heavily on stock, markets European. Indexes are up by almost one percent after, Asia closed, higher while. Wall Street futures. Point. To moderate, gains, 446. In, the open. Delta. Airlines has reported his first quarterly loss in, more than five years. Delta lost, 534. Million dollars in the first three months of the year it is, the first airline, to report the financial effect, of the corona virus outbreak Delta, expects revenue to be down 90, percent, in the current quarter every, US airline expected, to report losses, for the first three quarters of the year Congress, recently approved a 50, billion dollar relief package for the industry. Texans. Living, in rental properties can now find, out if they're, protected, from eviction, and financial, penalties, for, not paying their housing costs the national Low Income Housing Coalition, launching.

A New website it lets. People check, whether, a federal, moratorium applies. To, where they live you can search by zip code City, and through, a map, renters. Will still be covered if their property, is not listed on the website if that's the case you, should contact, your landlord or search property, records find, out if the building's mortgage, is backed up by federal institutions. And, here is one way to thin out the crowd to the grocery stores h-e-b announced, yesterday its stores will be extending, their hours right now there from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but, they're going to extend them from 7:00, in the morning until 10:00 at night that. Change will go into effect on Monday, April 27th. It's still important to keep at least 6 feet of distance between you. And those around you and to follow other public health protocols. If. You're currently looking for a job the Career Center of, the Carolinas, is hosting a free virtual hiring, event, that's happening. Right now for combined. Insurance, the, hiring, event started at 10:00 this morning it ends two this afternoon you, just have to go on - Carolyn Carolina. Career, centers dot-com, and. Career. Center will also be offering resume assistance by email the, event will provide opportunities. For those who are looking for a job to submit resumes and, even, talk to hiring managers. Still. Ahead how you can still, enjoy the, oneworld together. At home concert, if you missed it this past Saturday. Also. After the break what one local organization put, together to make sure nobody. Goes hungry during the corona virus pandemic. Never. Miss a story watch live or when you want san antonio's latest news and weather streaming, breathe on KCTV. The. Blessed, angels community center helping make sure people, don't go hungry in our area, during the corona virus pandemic they're holding a grocery, giveaway, it, started, at 10:00 this morning and they tell us it'll run until, they're out of food to hand out this, is at the Blessed angels community, center located at. 1407. Eighth Nacogdoches, Road they are giving it away drive-thru, style so all you have to do is pop open your trunk and the volunteers, will load it up you, don't need to pre-register for this event its first come first serve blessed. Angels also giving out free math. We've. Got lots, and lots of food we're prepared, to take care of five hundred families, if, we get more we'll pull out of our Thanksgiving.

Inventory. Because. We don't want anyone to leave without any food. And. The organization, says today's giveaway was made possible by local philanthropist, Kim ripp you. Unfortunately. We, can't go to concerts. In person, right now due to the pandemic but we can definitely enjoy, them from the comfort of our own homes, and that, is the case today at 2 p.m. with luckily Mendez hits the virtual, stage the, well med, Wednesday's. Live, virtual, concert, series is kicking off today at 2:00 p.m. it's, going to be available live, on Facebook, and YouTube. These, concerts are gonna air every Wednesday until May 6 the next Wednesday. Concert, is gonna feature a Raleigh tone of IVA you, can find out more about the event the lineup head over to kake.com. If. You miss the one world together at home concert, meantime, that, one aired on Saturday, night and you still have a chance to enjoy it there's actually, an album. Available across, all major streaming, platforms. And includes, more than 70, performances, from stars including, Lady Gaga Paul McCartney, according. To Nielsen, more than 20 million people watched the concert global. Citizen, organized the show to celebrate, the heroes of the pandemic and to stress, the importance, of social distancing. Probably. Some. Kids are stuck in the house look at that yes those, aren't really raindrops, just all the moisture in the air on the camera so you're stuck inside because, it's just a yup day it is we'll be right back. Still. Drizzly, out there as, if the kids haven't played enough games indoors, but yeah holes, and board games and everything else but after today Justin we, got a pretty good week ahead yeah it tomorrow is good weekend, looks good so it's just today it's, one of those days I've, been told I don't wear glasses but if you go outside, glasses. Will instantly fog up it's that humid out there very.

Very Sticky with high dew points Before we jump in the weather though let's, talk about Earth Day today is the 50th anniversary of, Earth Day NASA, is putting out some really cool animations, of. The. Earth using. Their satellites this one is of sea surface temperatures, and it's. Animated over four years but it shows you how the temperatures, of the ocean change back, and forth and, sort, of interesting you El Nino La Nina playing, a role, in all this but very. Cool if you go to NASA's website they have all sorts of cool stuff for Earth, Day as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of that and we've, been noticing some lower, pollution. Levels across the country because of kovin an interesting, byproduct, of all this so. The interesting, times, for sure ok. Let's take a look at the Doppler radar, and. We've got some showers still, up and down i-35 these are really, really light, we had some heavier stuff earlier, up around Austin we even had one, little cell try to move through Northeast San Antonio dropped, a little bit of rain but all the action now is moving north and east of us that's not to say we're, not still getting some of that light drizzle, it's extremely. Humid out there as I mentioned a little closer look here at some of the showers along i-35 you'll. See some light rain San Marcos up to Buda and down towards New. Braunfels and then off to the Northeast this is where the really heavy stuff is, places. Like, Bryan, College Station Huntsville, Lufkin. Nacogdoches, up towards Tyler and that's where there's a threat for some severe, weather today there's, a tornado watch box in that area does not include any of our area but, you see it right there East, Texas, and then that stretches into western parts of Louisiana also, as severe thunderstorm watch box across, parts of Oklahoma that includes Oklahoma. City and up towards Tulsa. Reason, for all this area, of low pressure moving, through Texas, here's a dry line at play here and then a frontal boundary that will move through tonight that's what's gonna bring in some of that drier air for, tomorrow which will feel really really. Nice severe. Weather risk today, it's. Basically those areas I pointed out also parts. Of Arkansas and Louisiana that, area there, in orange is where there's an enhanced, risk for, severe weather meantime. Back in our neck of the woods we've got to the cloudy skies a little bit of drizzle coming down some wet roads still 76, degrees dew point is at 73. That is extremely, high with, southerly winds at about 7 miles per hour still, a little bit of fog out there too visibility, down host, a mile in some spots and trans, guide well, this looks ok this is i-10 in 1604. Visibility, looks good there but there's gonna be some spots perhaps, where, visibilities down just a little bit as, we look at satellite picture cloudy, skies drizzle. Here across the set bear County but as you look at the top of your screen there there's some clearing going on across. Parts of Bandera County up towards Kerr County and that's, where temperatures are gonna start to jump up 75. Port si 75, Randolph 74, right now it's Stenson but, we zoom out and you'll notice it's 86, in Del Rio 86, increase so Springs are starting to see some Sun and some drier. Air so that's gonna allow, them probably to jump into the 90s today, we're. Looking for 80s here across the San Antonio area, dewpoints will still stay high into the evening I think the dry line which. Is a separation, between very humid air and very dry air does try to get a little bit closer but probably, stays west of us so. The dry air stays off to the west but tonight that frontal boundary dives. Southward. The dew points, and dewpoints will be in the 40s coming up tomorrow Futurecast. Shows, all the storms moving away here. Comes that front I was speaking of push this out so sunny skies again. Tomorrow and into the weekend probably - we'll see plenty of Sun forecast. A slight, chance to two o'clock but really, things, will. Remain quiet this evening 85, the high temperature here in town will go 90, tomorrow 94, Friday a little, cooler on Saturday behind, a frontal boundary 82 83 Sunday, the weekend actually looks really really nice and then, we'll get back to some more active weather it looks like middle parts of next. Week guys so. Much for reminding us about Earth Day but you know it used, to be such a huge deal and we need to be reminded at. Least once, a once, a year yeah 50 years later yeah thank, you mm-hmm you. Know if you don't have much of a relationship between, a player and a coach because you don't have much bad blood between a player and a coach you know you would think an, NFL head coach would, want to have a friendship with all of us players in particular, QB.

One Wide receiver, one etc etc, well, DeAndre, Hopkins Texans. Former, number one riot receiver said he had no relationship. With head coach Bill. O'Brien Plus, Josh, Richards. Is giving. Sa FC fans something, to cheer about we, got it coming, up. Go. Football, government, powered, by Davis, Law Firm wide, receiver, DeAndre, Hopkins says, he had no relationship, with head coach Bill O'Brien in his six years with the Houston Texans, and is now defending, himself against. Criticism after he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals in an interview with Sports Illustrated Hopkins. Said there was no relationship make, sure you put that in there there's not a lot to speak about he, statements the SI support, former Dallas Cowboy Michael, Irvin's comments, that there was bad blood between the two and O'Brien had compared, his situation with, hop with one he had a New England with Aaron Hernandez, who was convicted of murder and later took his own life in prison Hopkins, wouldn't go into details about his meeting with OB but defended, himself against, claims he, skipped practices, saying injuries, limited workouts, but he did not miss games O'Brien. Claimed he had no choice but the trade hopped Arizona, after the wide receiver made future, contract. Demands Hopkins, said he knew how to get out of the situation in Houston by asking for a little raise knowing, the team would shop him as DeAndre says which is the outcome, that I wanted. Even, with United Soccer League still in the midst of their hiatus San Antonio FC fans have a lot to. Cheer for McArthur, grad Josh Richards, has represented, the Alamo City in the USL, Z Cup tournament, and is currently prepping. The play in the quarterfinals tonight case, at 12 sports Andrew Sealy caught up with Josh who was currently living in Milwaukee and he has more. Josh. Richards, journey to the Elite Eight began, in the most unlikely fashion. Basically, I was on Twitter, as the USL announced that they were going to do this tournament, and I, grew. Up in the SAF, C's program, with the ETP, and. I was like hey. I'm just gonna I'm a tweet at sa FC see, if I could be a part of the team and here, we are since, then Richards has dominated, winning every single match he's played so far and out scoring his opponents by a combined 83, goals that, success was a shock even to himself it's going in I had no idea what the competition was gonna be like I was so scared. Giving. Me a spot so going to the first game I was super nervous so, then to. Be able to drop like 20, something was, like a huge weight off my shoulders I was like okay I'll be able to compete in this tournament since, he purchased, rocket League in January of 2017, Richards. Says he's played the game for around 500. Hours that, experience, is a big reason why he's ranked as the second best player in the tournament so far but. From here on out the competition will get much tougher I think everyone in this has, played a couple hundred hours now everyone, will be decent on the other side of the bracket with SC Tucson their player Trent 2018, college rocket league national champion and now professional, rocket league player that's gonna be a challenge if I get to face him time will tell if those two will square off in the championship Richards, will next take the virtual pitch against Charleston battery on Wednesday night at 7, p.m..

We're, Chased at 12 sports I'm Andrew Sealy and. You know what guys has a match today very. Even, perhaps will be the closest, one in the quarters David, Ursula, very, cool very interesting, so you hear this jingle jangle, in the studio well. We well, they couldn't hear it because we were we were running Andrews, story but believe. Me it's been allowed in here though it's either one of two things Santa, Claus. Mike. And Fiona with all their medals on their SATs I tell you we can't sneak up on anybody right now. Well. We are in the middle of Fiesta, at home and it's all about food fashion and fun so today we are gonna be making our own Fiesta. Hats animals gave us these supplies, along, with these amazing, has we got a whole bunch of stuff and we're gonna see how, they turn out because Deena our creativity, is just over, the top is it off the charts Mike. Justify. Your hair at home a local celebrity hairstylist, shows, us some easy ways to add some color and sparkle, and. Sugar. Rush time is one of those treats that you can only get at the carnival or Fiesta you'll, be surprised how easy it is to make funnel cakes at home, mmm, yum yum yum and not only is today, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day but, we also want to give a shout out because. It's Administrative, Professionals Day. So. For all those Administrative Professionals in your life share, those photos on facebook and twitter @sa live case that you may see your post on today's show because, without, some of those folks where would a lot of people be so we have got a whole lot more cat what should I do on this hat mmm, well think about it in the break si live is coming up.

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