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Digital technologies are becoming more and more part of our daily lives every day. And this is natural, because the process of digital development is a natural stage of progress associated with the transition from the general computerization of human activity to the consistent digital transformation of all economic activity and public administration. But the goals of the common good: both for the state, and for civil society, and for a particular person - this process serves only in states where social relations are regulated exclusively by legal norms, and human rights are ensured by the power of the Law. In modern Belarus, digital and information technologies are used, first of all, to strengthen the dictatorship of one person and the absolute enslavement of the citizens of our country.

One such technology is the KIPOD smart video surveillance platform, which is used for total surveillance, identification of those who disagree with the regime, and subsequent repression. Lukashenko: “You know, the main thing in the image of our state is that our people, both in the evening and during the day, with small children, including those with baby carriages, are not afraid to go out into the street. This is our achievement." Good day, dear Belarusians! You are welcomed by Counselor of Justice Oleg Talerchik. ВYPOL continues its investigations, telling about the secrets and crimes of the dictatorial regime that seized state power in our native Belarus. And today we will tell you about the so-called “All-Seeing Eye” of the dictator, namely, about the KIPOD smart video surveillance platform that became infamous due to the events of August 2020.

Well, Here we go. BYPOL investigations Criminals in uniform Covert operations Political assassinations Registration of crimes Schemes and Structures Department of Defense Documents Wiring of high officials Mobilization plan "Peramoga" Spread the information According to official sources, KIPOD is the flagship development of the Russian-Belarusian group of companies Synesis, whose competencies include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, chat bots, storage and processing of big data. KIPOD is positioned as a video and audio analytics platform - a cloud solution for the so-called "smart city" with unlimited scalability, which, according to the developers, allows its user to monitor security not only across the city, but even regions and states. But how is this, at first glance, a humane and peaceful platform actually used in our Belarus? Who is really behind the Synesis group of companies? And why did Synesis become the first IT company to be sanctioned by the Council of the European Union on December 17, 2020? "ALL-SEEING EYE" KIPOD Despite the image of Belarus promoted by the regime as an IT country, in reality, most regional police departments still have old computers from the technological past century, which should be kept in a museum. And employees still buy paper at their own expense and periodically manually refill disposable printer cartridges. But this is with regard to the working conditions of ordinary employees, because their comfort is of no interest to anyone.

But when it comes to increasing and strengthening the efficiency of control over the citizens of the country, the approach is completely different. So, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in other law enforcement agencies of the once law enforcement system of our country, instead of paper filing cabinets, automated databases have been introduced, such as AIS "Passport", AIS "GAI-Center", EGBDP, and others. Yes, yes, those very super-protected, according to the assurances of the police leadership, databases that were masterfully hacked by Cyber-partisans.

CYBERPARTISANS However, it was clearly not enough for the regime to simply replace paper filing cabinets with digital ones to establish total control over the Belarusians. Therefore, starting from December 2012, with the adoption of Resolution No. 1135 by the Council of Ministers, a phased and systematic work began in the country to create the so-called "All-Seeing Eye" - a unified video surveillance system. The need for such a system was explained, of course, by the plausible goal of ensuring public safety in crowded places. The work on the creation of the future “All-Seeing Eye” really began to boil after the decree of the dictator dated November 28, 2013 No. 527

“On the creation and use of a video surveillance system in the interests of ensuring public order”, published, by the way, only partially. That is, with hiding important points from the eyes of civil society. After all, secret decrees have long become the order of things in a country where "sometimes there is no time for laws." (Lukashenko's quote)

I'm not going to admit anything to you, I'm not under investigation. Therefore, you choose your words just in case. It was this normative act that formalized the political decision to create in the Republic of Belarus a video surveillance system for the state of public security, consisting of video surveillance system tools, communication channels used to transmit recorded information, and other equipment used to ensure the functioning of the video surveillance system. And here the Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk in 2014 came in very handy.

Both to explain too curious people the creation of a system of total surveillance in order to ensure public order during the championship and at the same time test the video surveillance system in practice. Very convenient! After the hockey championship, work on the improvement and in-depth implementation of the All-Seeing Eye continued. In May 2017, a new Decree No. 187 appeared, according to which, WE QUOTE “in order to increase the level of public security through the use of modern information and communication technologies”, it was decided to create a Republican system for monitoring public security in the country. Or, as it is customary to call it in abbreviated form - RSMOB.

KIPOD. RSMOB - Republican Public Safety Monitoring System. Remember how in Minsk, especially in the center of the capital, work was underway to lay new fiber-optic lines, when kilometers of cable in huge cable reels were stretched along the streets? Residents of other regions of the country also remember the excitement about the installation of fiber-optic by Beltelecom — In every high-rise building, in every house in the private sector until 2018. “You will have a great connection and super fast internet!” - it's so beautiful, it sounds so tempting, right? Well, the department responsible for the implementation of the decree on the creation, operation and use of the All-Seeing Eye, of course, was determined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Already at the end of May 2018, the Ministry of Internal Affairs posted on the public procurement Internet resource an invitation to participate in an open tender to select a technical operator of the RSMOB. And here, ATTENTION - the first tender, due to legal formalities, was declared invalid due to the fact that only one applicant applied for participation in it - the Synesis subsidiary, "24x7 Panoptes" Limited Liability Company. And just ten days later, a second competition was announced, according to the results of which on August 22 the winner was announced ...

who would you think? - That's right, all the same 24x7 Panoptes LLC! And what is interesting, instead of a protocol for summing up the results of the competition, which should reflect the proposals of all participants and the voting process to select the winner, on the official website for public procurement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs posted only a brief notice to all the "secret" participants in the open competition about the victory of LLC " 24x7 Panoptes". In this regard, in addition to doubts: “were there those very other participants in the competition at all?”, another logical question arises.

Isn't the reason why the choice fell on 24x7 Panoptes LLC is because its director was the former security official Alexei Knysh? Who worked in various positions in the so-called law enforcement system, and the last place of his service was the notorious OAC, that is, the personal cyber intelligence of the dictator. And again attention! Knysh came to the position of director of a kind of private commercial organization on February 19, 2018 - right before the start of the procedure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to find a technical operator for the All-Seeing Eye. Just a wonderful coincidence, right? However, where is today in Belarus without the security forces?! Who better than a person from the system to know what exactly the punishers need, so that they can control everything and, in some cases, immediately respond! So, after the signing in September 2018 between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and 24x7 Panoptes LLC of the contract for the supply of the latter with a set for servicing the RSMOB, gradually all Minsk police departments and other regional departments of internal affairs of the country were connected to the All-Seeing Eye, that is, to the same KIPOD .

By the way, you will be surprised again, but the delivery dates under the named contract are set until January 1 ... ... 2038! I wonder what other private commercial organization, allegedly unaffiliated with the dictatorial regime, can boast of a 20-year state contract in modern Belarus? Well, now is the time to figure out what this notorious KIPOD is and how it is used by the regime in repressions against the Belarusian people. Let's turn to the demo video of the civilian version of the platform, which was shown at its presentation at the Ministry of Internal Affairs: KIPOD.

Intelligent video surveillance monitoring of remote objects. “Find any data: people - with the help of facial recognition; vehicles - according to license plates; other objects and events of the specified type. Use the mobile application to receive push-notifications about alarm events, search for events and watching videos. Connect an external device such as: access control system, fire alarm system, cash terminals, scanners for generating an alarm signal, markup and text field in the archive. Control PTZ cameras with mouse or touch screen. Create tabs on videos and share them with other users.

Manage a distributed system through a single web interface without installing software. Connect objects even over wireless channels with limited bandwidth. Use the services of a 24/7 monitoring center for guaranteed processing of an alarm event by our trained operator or use your own operators. Visit our website KIPOD.BY for more information and online demonstrations » Find any data, including people using face recognition, vehicles by license plates, other objects and events of a given type - like this in a calm and ordinary voice the announcer behind the scenes peacefully broadcasts about the possibility of a KIPOD user - to find absolutely any data, including people - of course, without their knowing.

"ALL-SEEING EYE" KIPOD A vivid example of using the capabilities of the KIPOD platform in the interests of the dictatorial regime is the illegal detention on November 12, 2020 of political activist and blogger Nikolai Dedok, who was identified among the passengers of the Minsk metro after analyzing video recordings from surveillance cameras using KIPOD. BYPOL told about this in December 2020 on its Telegram channel. It is worth recalling that after the activist was detained, which was accompanied by torture and beatings, the punishers continued to mock him already in the GUBOPIK building, which, in a conversation with Dedok, the punishers themselves called the “Gestapo”. How does the search for a specific person among metro passengers happen in practice? Let's listen to the example of the conversation of the now former head of the main criminal investigation department of the criminal police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Maxim Svirid with his subordinate - the head of the CID of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk City Executive Committee Sergey Ushakov *Wiretapping Maintenance of the practice of searching for a specific person through KIPOD * Svirid (S) - Sergey, tell me, what is the name of the officer, detective Moskovsky (RUVD - ed.), who was involved in KIPOD? Ushakov (U) - Balbutsky. S - Balbutsky. And who taught him?

U – By himself. S - By himself? That is, he is like... smart? U - Well, let's say Kravchenko himself studied... in Frunzensky (District Department of Internal Affairs - ed.). Well, in almost every area there is a person who, well, normally uses it. C - He reduced the quality to 30%...

U - Well, yes, yes, yes, that is, in the same place, by percentage, you can look for matches. 100% rarely gives out anything at all, usually from 50% to 80% we work, and when you lower it down a lot and you need to watch it manually. S - Enough! Don't yell! How many matches does he have? W - Oh, I don't know! I won't say how many! But it's not even dozens! S - Hundreds! Okay, and he went on clothes to move? W -Yeah, it's not even dozens. U - And he began ... i.e. well, when it says “coincidence” in KIPOD, it shows this piece of video. You press it, open it and you can see a fragment of the metro recording. The transition of this particular person to whom the "coincidence" gives. What does he look like. Yes, like I went and looked at something similar on Kamennaya Gorka.

S - Metro? U - Yes, in the passage of Kamennaya Gorka! C - What time did he install it? U - Well, I won’t say it clearly now, but they went there in the morning and at 7 captured him in the passage. As soon as he walked. In the same clothes. S - That's it, Sergey, see ya. W - Yes, yes, yes sir! It was for the provision of KIPOD at the disposal of the Lukashenko regime that the Council of the European Union imposed sanctions on Synesis on December 17, 2020, motivating its decision as follows: "LLC Synesis provides the Belarusian authorities with a surveillance platform which can search through and analyse video footage and employ facial recognition software making the company responsible for the repression of civil society and democratic opposition by the State apparatus in Belarus. Therefore, the company benefits from the support of the Lukashenko regime.” Recall that almost all law enforcement agencies of the regime are users of the KIPOD platform within the RSMOB: Including: - agencies of state security - dictator's security service - operational and analytical center - internal affairs agencies - border Service - customs - department of financial investigations - bodies and divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations And subscribers - all institutions of the organization and enterprises of any form of ownership, as well as individual entrepreneurs who have at their disposal facilities that are subject to mandatory equipment with video surveillance systems, that is, restaurants, gas stations, retail chains, sports facilities, banks, hotels, residential buildings, etc.

Remember how independent media described cases when the police insisted on installing CCTV cameras connected to the RSMOB: if you want your cafe to work after 23:00? Get connected! At the same time, the punishers demanded from the owner of the establishment a copy of the statement addressed to “24x7 Panoptes”. And yes, of course, it is the subscribers, and not the specified users, who pay money to Synesis, represented by his branch “24x7 Panoptes”, for issuing technical specifications for connecting their video surveillance cameras to the All-Seeing Eye, as well as for the connection itself, for processing and storage of video surveillance system information. Well, what, it’s very convenient: you follow everyone around the clock, and the objects of observation even pay you for this surveillance! Interestingly, it is precisely this circumstance that Synesis is trying to justify in its defense, challenging the decision of the EU Council on sanctions. Like, they never received payment from the KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs - they took money exclusively from those whose cameras are connected to the system! They even posted an announcement on their website: so they say, and so, they did not receive any benefit from cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other state bodies of the Lukashenko regime, "All this is a fake!" That's just on a gratuitous basis, according to the decree of the dictator, only three of the eight law enforcement agencies are connected to the tracking system.

And who pays for access to the RSMOB for the other five? And the monthly fee for the surveillance cameras installed on the buildings of the punishers, who pays? At the same time, the company is hypocritically silent about the fact that they are the only technical operator of the RSMOB, having a state contract for a period of 20 years. And that it is by decree of the dictator that it is endowed with the right to charge for its services, and the obligation of numerous subscribers to buy these services is ensured by state coercion to connect them to the All-Seeing Eye. "ALL-SEEING EYE" KIPOD Only by decision of the Minsk City Executive Committee dated July 29, 2021 No. 2268, Minsk alone is required to connect 1091 objects to the RSMOB - and this is in addition to 261 objects connected to the system earlier on the basis of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 89

as amended on 06/30/2020. Similar decisions were made by all regional executive committees. For example, it was decided to connect 1393 facilities in the Minsk region, 1090 in the Grodno region, and 867 in the Mogilev region. And each such object is equipped with more than one video camera. And for each monitoring device and detector, the RSMOB subscriber is obliged to pay Synesis, represented by its subsidiary Panoptes, 42 rubles (16,4$ at 02/08/22) a month - this is not counting one-time payments for issuing technical specifications (132 rubles(51,5$ at 02/08/22)) and for connecting any of the monitoring devices to the All-Seeing Eye (according to 24 rubles (9,4$ at 02/08/22) per unit) Convenient position, isn't it? “I don’t take money from the dictator, he just gave me a flock of his sheep for free use, and I shear wool from them ...”

But as the main argument of its non-involvement in the suppression of civil society in Belarus by the dictatorial regime with the help of KIPOD, used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the mass identification of protesters, the Synesis company makes the following statement, WE QUOTE: “Mobile communications, social networks, photos in the media allow mass identification of protesters. Kipod is built on a completely different logic and is designed to search for obviously identified people - wanted people, missing people, etc. The fake is based on the technological phobias of citizens.” "The fake is based on the technological phobias of citizens.” And again, the top management of Syneziz is very cunning, manipulating technical information about the principles of the KIPOD platform.

To see this clearly, let's turn to such an official source of information as the decree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "On uniform technical requirements for video surveillance software" dated July 2, 2019 No. 181, signed by the then Minister of Internal Affairs Yuri Karaev. In this document, we are interested in the last part of paragraph 13 of the Common Technical Requirements, according to which the RSMO software should provide, and again the quote - “the presence of an automatic face recognition module, including allowing integration with third-party information systems and databases containing photographs people".

In plain language, the version of the KIPOD platform, on the basis of which the All-Seeing Eye operates, is in practice integrated with such databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs containing photographs and personal data of all citizens of Belarus, such as AIS Passport and GAI-Center. At the same time, each citizen and stateless person who has received a residence permit in our country is assigned a digital identifier in this special version of KIPOD, similar to a personal number in a passport. Therefore, any Belarus citizen that fell under the All-Seeing Eye video cameras or was filmed or photographed by the punishers themselves, with the appropriate image quality, can be identified using the specified identifier through the Passport and GAI Center database. It was for this purpose that all protest actions, without exception, were so carefully recorded on video by these henchmen of the regime, including the peaceful marches of protesting Belarusians in the period of August-autumn 2020. Do you remember how the Ministry of Internal Affairs boasted that by the end of 2020 it had created a card index of participants in unauthorized actions? “Shoot this one, waving his hands. Let him turn his face.

Get him close. What? Shoot the bald one, this one was just filmed. The man with icon is standing.

They understand perfectly. They provoke – we’ll beat the sh*t out of them. Look at your right, the one with a guitar. They go away, saying “Stay you’re your Lukashenko" - Everyone's registrator works? - Yes, everyone's It will also be important to understand what technical requirements are for image quality so that KIPOD can recognize and help punishers identify the person they are interested in. To this end, let us turn to the Plan-summary of the training of personnel for monitoring system users to work with the Kipod software.

So, the module for detecting, tracking and identifying people by biometric features of the face - "FaceTrack (Face Recognition)" - has the following technical characteristics: “The maximum simultaneous number of faces in the frame is up to 10. The maximum deviation on freeze-frames of the face from the frontal view should not exceed: +/-15° vertically, that is, tilting the head up and down, and +/-45° horizontally, that is, turning the head left-right. The minimum size of a face image for detection is at least 45x45px, the minimum size of a face image for recognition is at least 100x100px (the interpupillary distance on still frames of a face from a frontal angle must be at least 50px). Simply put, KIPOD can identify a person of interest to the user with a probability of 94.21%, one frame per video, where the person of interest is captured. It should be noted that with the help of this platform, the punishers not only identify protesters by a specific event (street march, yard action), but also establish other episodes of his street protest activity for a specific person of any of the Belarusians they captured. It is for this reason that in all regional police departments, those detained for political reasons are filmed or photographed.

“From all angles. Muzzle to the right, to the left. So we can catch this snout, this damn mug. We repeat once again: the algorithm of the work of punishers on "political" topics includes the mandatory use of the KIPOD platform. MANDATORY! And the use of this software, as well as its results, is personally controlled by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Gennady Kazakevich, Deputy Interior Minister, is especially partial to the All-Seeing Eye.

- Let's introduce ourselves again. - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Kazakevich Gennady Arkadyevich. Svirid Maxim Alexandrovich - Former head of the GUUR KM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kazakevich Gennady Arkadyevich - Head of the criminal police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kazakevich - Well, well, but knowing his route, we can significantly reduce it.

Svirid - We can, yes. Ilyasov studies with me, but also, Gennady Arkadievich, not a quick job. Technically, you have to move, move. K - I understand. Okay. Did KIPOD give you anything? S - Ummm... Nothing yet.

K - Did you finish the check or not? S – Weeeell… Yakubel went with me there ... we will report in the late afternoon, until I say, Gennady Arkadyevich. So, knowing perfectly well all the ins and outs of the use of their creation by the dictatorial regime, the Synesis top management nevertheless has the courage to assert that the fact of their cooperation with Lukashenko's punishers has not been proven, and the use of the KIPOD platform by the latter has nothing to do with the implementation of political repressions in Belarus. On March 16, 2021, the company even filed a lawsuit with the Court of Justice of the European Union, in which it demands to invalidate the decision of the EU Council to include it in the third package of sanctions. We hope that today's issue of ours will help the Court to make the right decision on this claim. And by the way, having loudly trumpeted in all the media about the fake nature of the charges against Synesis, the company's management for some reason hastened to withdraw from its founders and re-register their business to other persons, as well as rename their other business assets, excluding them from their names dissonant now in Europe and the USA the word "Synesis".

Recall that before the imposition of sanctions against Synesis LLC, 75% of the shares in the authorized capital of the company belonged to its founders - brothers Alexander and Petr Shatrov, as well as Nikolai Ptitsyn. Among the co-owners of the company with a total share of 25%, in addition, included a Russian citizen Inna Oleksina - the wife of the “wallet” of the dictator, Alexei Oleksin, the leader of the rating of Lukashenko's bribe givers from the recent BYPOL investigation, as well as his company "Energo-Oil-Invest" . After being included in the sanctions lists, without waiting for the decision of the European Court of Justice on the claim, all these persons, except for Alexander Shatrov, withdrew from the founders of Synesis LLC. Yes, and the founder of Synesis himself ceded almost his entire share in the company to one of its employees - Yuri Mikhailovich Serbenkov - by no coincidence, a former police lieutenant colonel, head of the 3rd department of the 5th directorate for the city of Minsk GUBOPiK - a sort of former “like-Misha Bedunkevich”, only responsible not for the whole country, but exclusively for the capital region. Another ex-enforcer. This fact does not surprise you anymore, does it? And yes, the same Serbenkov miraculously headed other subsidiaries of Synesis - such as Synesis Stratus LLC, Synesis Phoenix LLC, Synesis Sport LLC, Sababa Labs LLC, Atlas Akme LLC.

It is also interesting that all these companies are located at the same address: Minsk, Platonova Street 20B - in the same place where the technical operator of the All-Seeing Eye, 24x7 Panoptes LLC, is registered. Here is such a private commercial structure: in Panoptes - the former OAC member Knysh, and in Synesis itself - the former GUBOP officer Serbenkov. By the way, both of them are pupils of the Minsk Suvorov Military School, which they graduated together back in 1996. And they were brought to Synesis by another cadet-classmate and part-time director of a company with an education received at the military academy of the Republic of Belarus - Shvedko Dmitry Nikolaevich. And after that, Mr. Shatrov will declare

that his business has nothing to do with the dictatorial regime and its security forces? Apparently solely because he is not connected in any way, at one time Alexander Shatrov, in the person of his wife Natalya Mironova, received land plot number 7 in the horticultural partnership "Moya Otrada", located on the territory of the Goransky village council in the Minsk region, on which, by the summer of 2018, he erected a modest garden cottage with an area of 349.6 square meters. Here it is on the map: An amazing man, this Mr. Shatrov! Well, an amazing person - and amazing neighbors! It was quite by chance that in this same gardening partnership, in addition to Alexei Knysh from Panoptes (plot number 27), Dmitry Shvedko (plot number 10), the head of the Operational and Analytical Center under the so-called president Andrei Palyuchenko (plot number 137), as well as a whole cohort of acting and former operatives of the OAC and the security service of the dictator from military unit 01549. In general, it should be noted that 2018 was a truly significant year for Alexander Shatrov. Judge for yourself: in August, his company signed a 20-year state contract for the supply of KIPOD to the dictator's regime for the needs of the RSMOB, a little earlier - in June, he built a country house in an elite location, but the beginning of this streak of luck counts from April 6 2018 when, due to special merits, Alexander Shatrov acquired Belarusian citizenship without parting with a Russian passport.

Here is such an independent, but very useful businessman for the anti-people regime. By the way, Shatrov’s Synesis once worked on the creation of such a popular messenger in Belarus as Viber, which is voluntarily installed by careless citizens of our country on their smartphones . And again, it is no coincidence that the office of Viber Media LLC is located at the address we already know - yes, the city of Minsk, Platonova Street, 20B. It should be noted that after the imposition of sanctions against Synesis by the European Union, not only its founders, but also the dictatorial regime itself are trying to disown the company, especially in the part that connects Synesis and its branch Panoptes with the All-Seeing Eye, that is, the Republican public security monitoring system.

That is why, already from the beginning of 2021, work on the so-called improvement of the All-Seeing Eye, which, among other things, includes a change in the technical operator, has again begun to boil in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Let's listen to the February audio recording of a conversation between the then head of the Main Directorate of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, police colonel Maxim Alexandrovich Svirid, and the head of the department for operational and information work of the criminal police Ministry of Internal Affairs, police colonel Podgrusha Mikhail Ivanovich: Podgrusha - I listen, it’s Podgrusha. Svirid - Alexander Ivanovich, Svirid. Please tell me, is there any information, on the operator, on the proposal of Beltelecom, what we will do, how we will move on? P - Ahh, following the results of yesterday's meeting ... well, not yesterday, but what happened on Thursday, BTK (Beltelecom), sent their proposals, ahh well, the minister agreed on them today and we sent them that the Ministry of Internal Affairs supports the proposal, but we point out the need for coordination not only with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also with all users of the system S - Interested. P - Yes. So they write about changing the construction of the system itself. That there will be a single entity and it is assumed that it will be BTK,

which installs cameras, maintains cameras, is responsible for the communication channel between cameras and the processing center and provides video analytics, ahh, the processing of this information for users. S - That is, are we replacing Panoptes ?! P - Yes, but the proposals that they sent ... after all, "Panoptes" is now only a video analyst. Processing only. And here is one entity responsible for everything. They wrote it in such a way that they do not exclude the participation of Synesis, i.e. Panoptes, S - Good. There is. Understood.

P - Another point on the cost. What they prescribed S - Is it cheaper there ?! P - Well, more than twice the cost reduction than it is now. S - That's good.

P - Plus, they indicated the possibility of quickly deploying... ahhh... the number of cameras, taking into account the video service they provide - "Video Surveillance". But in response, the minister signed that... ahhh... we draw attention to the need to reduce the time as much as possible, because the letter refers to 9 months

for the deployment of such a system so that we do not lose the opportunity to work at all. S - Good. Accepted. So, from this conversation, we learn that instead of the branch of the private company Synesis, LLC 24x7 Panoptes, the state enterprise Beltelecom should become the single technical operator of RSMOB.

At the same time, Beltelecom will become a kind of responsible coordinator for the technical part of the functioning of the system, which does not at all exclude further participation in the Synesis project in terms of providing software for video analytics and data processing. Well, how else? After all, we all remember that the state contract originally concluded with 24x7 Panoptes LLC expires only in the distant 2038. And already in August 2021, through the mouth of the most public of its leaders, and even a passionate supporter of total surveillance - Gennady Kazakevich - the Ministry of Internal Affairs officially announced the regime's plans to make the RSMOB “smarter”. There are problematic moments in ensuring security, and in this case we are already talking about national security as well. Accordingly, the proposed draft decree provides that the system should become closed, which will minimize the risks of a cyber attack - this is on the one hand. On the other hand, we foresaw that the software developer would be a national IT company.

In other words, this is an additional factor of ensuring the security of the system. According to the draft decree, this company should determine “Beltelecom”, that is, on the basis of a competition, but I can only say that there are such companies in the republic. We not only position ourselves as an IT country, but we will be able to provide it. This is an extremely effective tool - both for the protection of public order in general and for the fight against crime. At present, the system has shown that even those intellectual abilities that are already there allow for sufficient identification of persons, vehicles, which in turn allows detecting and preventing crimes. That is, it works.

In conclusion of the topic of today's issue and to the attention of its defendants, the vocabulary adopted in the criminal prosecution agencies, which so often ends with the materials of the relevant inspections, will come in handy: “Based on the foregoing, it has been established that the KIPOD smart video surveillance platform, owned and developed by the Russian-Belarusian group of companies Synesis, is not only in technical armament in the power structures of the dictatorial regime, but is also mandatory for use in their practical activities, which indicates justification for the inclusion of the above company in the sanctions lists of the Council of the European Union”. Well, to all the punishers who have violated the criminal law in the service of the dictator against the Belarusian people, BYPOL reminds that all of you will inevitably appear before a fair and impartial court of democratic Belarus in the near future. And in order for every criminal in uniform to bear the legal responsibility for their deeds, BYPOL has developed its own face recognition system! As they say - beat the enemy with his own weapon! We promised you - no balaclavas will save you! In this regard, we appeal to all Belarusians: If you have photo and video materials depicting the moments of the crimes of punishers and their faces including those in balaclavas, send these materials to our Telegram account indicated by the link @infobypol. And in order to quickly establish law and order in the country, join the Peramoga mobilization plan! Feel free to get in touch with a representative of ByPol or the Situation Analysis Center when you receive an alert ONLY from the original chatbot. Be vigilant for provocations and remember that we do not give plan participants any preliminary tasks. The PERAMOGA plan will be implemented simultaneously throughout the country, and we will warn everyone about its imminent implementation by publicly announcing the degree of readiness “Increased”.

Be sure to install a VPN on your smartphones and computers, and in case of suspicion of a provocation, require verification of the person who contacted you through our official communication channels or a video call. With PERAMOGA, we, Belarusians, will become free! Long Live Belarus!

2022-02-10 13:55

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