Jakie rasy rządzą galaktykami i konsekwencje wojny galaktycznej - Harald Thiers, część 2

Jakie rasy rządzą galaktykami i konsekwencje wojny galaktycznej - Harald Thiers, część 2

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Okay. Free, energy. Devices. You did they were cashier, devices, or no no no no no no no, cash relatives living, that it was locked but we went. Further. Okay. So now, we produce, electricity, or not no I, have. Nothing to do anymore visit with the devices, and so on Amazon. Does it and I'm not so, happy with the situation and I don't believe that it is. Now. Let's see let's, see the Lucia okay. Tell too much okay, what. About this war. In the space. Besides. Williams. Williams. Told. Me with some besides Tommy Williams do have any other knowledge, from. Other sites hmm. Actually. My. Whole history started, as Edison said. I. Realized. That it is fake and and everything, goes deeper busy secret, societies, and I came to say over. The falsification. Of history, since. Nothing. Is correct. Search. Documents, and whatever. Original. Contracts. Written on populace, or other paper as. A deleted. Say scratched out to. Put. New names in it as a falsified, everything, almost, everything here more than 95% is falsified, history, why. Has a Vatican and a secret library. Real. Knowledge has hidden sea huh, as, all in 10 I was, always looking my, whole life for. God I, prefer. To get all the answers yes and. Obviously. Bible, I said, to myself something, is strange yeah something is not correct something, I don't, know I didn't know if, I have to read the Bible result each short, letter or something any. Such. A strange college and I will come here. So. But it's more in, the end - so answer I. Found. The explanation. What. Is wrong because. Fancy-cut. House in South France and. Sakata's. Group. Of sin they, fully, developed, so. Even a directly, connected, to the higher dimensions, they. Had a life expectancy of, thousand, five hundred years. Totally. Healthy. They. Could levitate, a, good whatever. Didn't. Need to eat and was. Amazing, they've had so-called, cities, in. India. They call it cities. This. Ok, yeah, so. And then you, use. Their. Name they, were called Evo, common, and in Germany for common and. Latin, is a perfect, team. Perfectly. And, then you take your Bible do, download as. PDF files from the internet now. It checked this was a look about oh there's a verse, that he was had so does the King James Bible this, yes over, the century, I had so many versions and everything, I puts a search the. Name. Effective. Or the, German ability for common into. It and, you will find answers, amazing. You, find some real knowledge, of the cut house. And. Then, survival. Explained. Yes this is, level. Where, you become, like God but the. Car Qatar's, is so-called perfect, easy killed, everybody. Put. On the stake give. Santa. An, order to get rattles is real knowledge as that it was here on earth as, they are telling and now you are small people if, and. You, have to develop to come to God now. And here. Is our real, father and he is a fake father son, Anunnaki, God. Non-human. God, and. They are telling you you, have to move develop, here, and, here is a certain. Intermediate place, this, o be so. Treacherous he's. A pastor, establish, of it and you have to pass and, you have to pay for, your sins and whatever and. Then otherwise, you, never come here but, I don't tell you since. He move you here to, this one and. Also as a catalyst, he had the procedure that is called, like tofu, tofu, is a water or any baby. Baptized. But, they are baptizing, so. And, normally. The catalyst it is so has this procedure it was called quanta. Momentum, and. Candidate. Who. Has. Sworn. To. Follow certain God. Rules. Consequence. Of momentum and. He got this kind of energy field such. As life expectancy, rose. From maybe hundred years. 2500. Mm-hmm. What, does a church sir. Close in your third eye yes. And hinder your, connection. To the higher dimension, that, means everything. Wasn't opposite, and. The whole knowledge of the Qataris was destroyed, was. Locked away and, so on it's a totally, different. Approach. And. This was there in.

Order To cada there's. A knowledge of mankind and, to, prevent. Human. Beings could. Really understand, what happened here knows the. Answer if I went deeper and deeper and more. Supplies, for it was industry. Fate. But, what was the reason why I was summoned do it over. Many hundreds. Of not, many hundreds but many generations, at least 100 years and, talk in. The middle age to effects over history as. Anatoly. Fomenko a, Russian mathematician. Lomonosov. University, and, he was searching, for 45. Years and. He wrote seven sick books. Historian, fiction, or science yes it's called source books and he proved everything how. Say, embedded. Fake. Names and, and replaced, the real names with other names and. Added. A thousand, years to the real history and, made up some fake stories. Within this time and they. Faked. I shall draw trigger findings. It was amazing, and, I was always, asking, why. Would someone do this mmm-hmm. What is a reason, and. As a logical, thinking man and looking, why. We are here and Orson, and what. Is our task of life and what we have to do and by the end such a thought life expectancy. Than our KTAR said, thousand, five hundred, years. Then. What. Is what, happened why. Oh. Why did taste fake, search, documents, invited to the churches, have everything. Any. Small, paper from, any what what. A secretary, from any bishop even then she went shopping they have babies, it pieces of paper but she tried to shop now but, when the opposite side zakat, asked also German. People was a Slavic, people all the people. From a Berber area with, a, skit, where as in history. You. Hear from so official. Scientists. Obviously. Also. Truckers say they tell you it. Doesn't exist anything, because. They. Were unable to, write. And, speak right, and and read yeah. Therefore, nothing. Exists. How. Strange is this there. Are two sides make contracts, but, one side this was stupid say, even can't write, and. Read yeah, but, this side, what. Obviously has allegedly. Nothing, was. The most advanced, civilization. On us. Yesterday. You said that the, husband. Of Mary, Anne Magdalena, was our Adama yes. Where's. This where's. The source of this information. Yeah I, read. Two books from. Swetlana. The. Woman - Rafa she. Was a wife of nicolai, levashov. And. She, wrote it in her books she wrote, a book and he could never show fossil and. See. His whole, history. Explained. Especially. Is history of the Cathars also, and. Anatoly. Fomenko the Russian mathematician. He. Continues his research. In these books also defines, how the information of, Laguna, Madre Mia. Was husband, of Maria Maddalena both. Of significance, also France and. I. Explained. Yesterday also, that war. Against. The. Human, race was. From. Starting. From, Turkey. And Romania. Chakuda. Always. To the west you know all the see castles, you can follow trust reliable, castles, you know you. Can just. See, it on the. Map. To. See the Constitution, and Budapest. This. Is the next console to the West in. Yeah. Now or. In Pakistan. You. See the, next castle, in. The next, castle number now, always this. Way they, followed suit, to the Qataris and they always push, and one more into the corner so. And. Fatima. Was a bigger, secret house and. He, was Slavic, yes. Sure, how, to design from, a distant, region. There. Is a signature metal it, since. Topic. Realme, was, from, katakana to Vladivostok. Was. One area. Okay. A huge, area how. Far. Away in this time, was, that, yo. Dad Amir was. Killed in, thousand. 86. After. -. Okay. So. About thousand, years ago yeah. Yeah. So. And even. To Paris. And the parents was the part of the city called Jerusalem. Jerusalem. In, the middle age each big city had in Jerusalem. Jewish. People were the rings yeah mm-hmm. Anna rather me I tried to speak to those people. They. Tried to explain them you, are helping, the, fake court, mm-hmm. Because, he needs a human representative. On earth, because. Otherwise. He would violate the rules higher. Areas, and you. Are serving, him and. Therefore, you should understand, then. You help him in the end and the drop is done he will kill you too, therefore. You should think. About coming, to, our Father here as. You try to. Convince. Him to change the sides but. They. Ignored everything caught. It and. Transported. Him to concert. In Oakland it's a time and over the hill. Because, now. It is called, Yahshua, Hill. The crucifixion. And. You, can find over there is, great. It. Is 70. Meter long, the. Small. Small. Church a small mosque. But. Almost. The. Very low. Information. And you don't find it in any tools, can it over there so actually. In. The world we have three. Or four graves, of Jesus, yeah, could. Be yeah. They, call a schmear in Japan in. Instanbul. Yeah, and in. Is. Okay. For. Okay. Because, when somebody would detected eyes and they pull, out in Assam rapid autos ahead, and, show you this one, but. I was in Istanbul, I saw, this grave myself, and. They. Rushed off at. The tire connection, to the higher dimension, also. Svetlana. And I think she's a hundred percent right and and, the same is Anatoly, Fomenko sis.

Mathematician, Who, proved. Everything, documented. Everything, can see he was killed finally, yeah she. Was killed for Monica. You. Killed, killed oh I don't think so no no no -. Chavez kid -. I don't know maybe. Recently, I don't know but one, year ago or something nothing. Was he. Was still alive I. Could. Be I don't know, no. But no Magdalena. Was living in South France. Especially. In this village. My. Ban and. French and, it's. A place for classes taking passes and. Over. There Rollins, is livid shall 17. Emails. Interesting. Yeah, and then you have such a in. Earlier. Than people where people can take passes, yeah if you had a bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Men and. The end who did. Supervisor. Passing, okay, taking. Passes and, he could see your, energy field and he would say Oh first, you have to go into this evening water stays, here 22, minutes come. On go to number, four. You, know stage two minutes go, back to number three for, half, an hour and, so on and then here because, each even water had his orbital Tov could. Step, by step we, move any blockage one, after the other share, for the proper, sequence both, necessary and then. When you must fou your. Body was cured. Secured. With water and. Safe. And and therefore. Also awesome. Physical so the metal most lenders water as. The air for you see killed you. Harness in, Toyota. You. And that's what killed because he, was a specialist. For us obviously, consul, event on for circuit house was a good thing this. Way search and everything around and use sends, a church TOEFL, is a water yes, and, not, helping people but doing the opposite and so. On I was. At the. Property. Of Maria Maddalena, and. Also I saw the place we also got our squad, sequence elemental, that, was interesting, that is not far away from the place bukavu and boo, gosh is, obviously, underground. Station. Of sex or to arrest yes of the dark, forces because. All, the inhabitants, living, in, this village. Regularly. Saw any flying saucers, going into the morton and coming out so, some portals where you can go in adult but said, stop you last, years and, also over there is a village. Called the, chateau an, Inlander, chateau who have says devil. Scratch. Our holdings. Is a vessel, was a special. Water as a church and. As. His. Devil. Person. Stature. Had. Sewing. And. Was watching is over church and. Actually. It was a, attempt. Of the church to take. Over the. Sinking. Of maria, magdalena, but it's oppositely, and. I, was there was a group. Of people. Last. Year and we, could. Change in many many places in france energy. Therefore. The whole energy. Situation, all over france changed. And this work is done in many places around. So since her father and, new energy fields, will. Be built on helping. Mankind and. Getting rid of all the dark energy, such been as present in france, about the dark network of, pentagram, and evening. Radioactivity, energy, gamma. Rays it was an amazing network, front. I heard that in. The late thirties, a group of German, officers went to that place, install. Some artifacts. Okay. Going. A little, bit. To. The side. Do. You know anything. About the relationship between. Slavic. And German people like the. Germans, came. Out of this, Slavs. Who, went. In. I, thought yesterday is this picture within. Four. Types of is, yes. Of the white races, and. The. Germans, will polish whatever. Started people are all white, you. Are not any African. So we are not any Chinese, was I, saw, something, like this because. The white race and. So. You have such a huge this. All. This, white. People, came from hyperborea, search. For other groups, of. People's there and. Caught. House the same thing it's. No difference, the, Germany, the, Germany is under attack, nowadays. Because in, Germany, there's. A very high content, of real, people. Because. You have many, many peoples that are just clones resort, the soul you have robot. People, you don't realize, it's a human, robot design. You have mixture. People you have. Lactose. They can shape-shift and, show you a human, Shanee, but every other - using a reptile, and. So on and enjoy many of you have 25% are, still also real, people. And. In. Russia, we have 50%, of the white race. On. Earth and. There firstly tried to destroy Germany. Because. Was a refugees. And so on was, over banning. Quantities. And Russia is maybe, a little bit different situation because, I think Putin is not so not. Playing such a positive role, as therefore they have sea peoples under control, and part of Germany so, no the, Germans understand, everything is alive we. Have no peace contract until today, nothing, yes it's more, and more coming up therefore. They can't hold the Germans anymore any longer. And this. Cover. Of lies as. It will press some days and therefore they try to to. Get. Rid of the Germans with. This kind of message hey, have, you heard about Edward. Spencer. Spencer. Neurologist. I come. About. Eight years old, and he, did the research. Who rules the world and he, discovered, that the world is ruled by, homo. Capensis. Those. Guys, with long house. Okay. Could be of. Coffee I think. As behind. Skin sensors, from.

Hierarchy. And. We. Don't know where that I. Think is it. Monte's. Is, a top. Species. Beyond. Drago's, or doctors or whatever. Is here and. And. When asama looking, still human, it should be lower control, organization. Otherwise. Humans. Would would check too easy to use and they are ruled. By non-human. Species. Therefore. The dark forces, they. Used. All the centuries. Decades. Genetic. Manipulation. Tommy. Williams reports. And and his shows. That. He had, four. Places on earth called. Paradise. As. His. Genetic. Manufacturing. Places. They. Took just, one, genetic from an animal, dark, forces snakes, or dragons, and. Mixed, it is human DNA. Step. By step by step eventually, flash was good and she kept it when, it was badly distorted, mm-hmm, and, then kept, one she. Chosen one city, but hoped more and more and more until. It became, the human being but inside it was still, a dragon, now, in this way they could undermine the human society. And. This one. This. Way we got the first. Valid. Emperor. Of the birth of the dark side and that was Constantine. Therefore. We have obviously also seen. Being. Proud of Ishtar, of easiest yes because, she was obviously the one who managed. This deal. There. Follows the dark forces. On. Earth and. Maybe, they even as. Marty. Young but, the different but we are inside the real one. Everything. Turned around. Okay. So. What, is the future, how. Can you imagine the future after, those events. October. September, yeah. But, maybe become, a little, bit back to the ball. I. Got. A lot of information from Tommy lizards yeah, I admit him not, I met him I found him last year and. I, saw that he had exactly. The same information, like, I discovered, myself mm-hmm. I've been to so many places on, earth I read so many things I put the puzzles together got. Some confirmation and so on I. Have. Some. Friends who have, a very good connection to the universe for instance I, get. A lot of information or. Someone. Who can have, access to highly. Governmental. Information, and, so on and I put. The puzzles together, so. And then I saw that. It was in, this. Tommy. Villains, very, very, real, I didn't. See any difference, to my own knowledge and. I fathered his. Show. Us week after week since nine, months and Naaman here looking something. Must be wrong or suspicious. Or must shake it deeper, and. For, satrapies, nine. Months, and. He was reporting. On extraordinary. Things, really so. And I'm. Also critical, but. I have this in a sense. What. Is right what is wrong, yeah I feel at rest and therefore then, you have a certain background it. Uses in a sense because it was stronger and stronger stronger, you don't need any explanation, especially. When your body is pure. Yeah, sure so so you feel, yeah yeah sure exactly, so. But also you have to have a certain background. Knowledge and. Otherwise. You, maybe get mixed, up or just talk it or tricked if, I exercise. And so so. And, there's. Some evidence I've got a lot of this information and. Many.

Confirmations, Around. It and he. Reported. On the free. Also, us desert. All mankind, will be freed and. He reported. That there was a contract between humanity. And the dark side so reckless as. His contract for had, about, 16, for. 1500. Years and. Face yes, and this contract, ended, in 2012. So. I know from. Other. Sources, that. In. The. Earth, is. The most important, place in our galaxy, because. Everything. Is. A whole galaxy is started, here on earth, that. Is very, interesting, because. Us. In. Such as the, energy field, then. It's. Called were. Leaked. A banana. What. Basic. Light. Level. Okay, as, the most ancient. Maid. Yeah maybe, exactly, yeah, as this level was, excellent, actually is a creation, that everything. Started as, this is here as you know of the earth and. Therefore see, dark forces. Came. From all senses galaxies and try, to take. It over and destroy it now, as they had extraordinary, rhythms. Why. Not say most deadly weapon is a stronger. Let bump, as. This one quote suck. Any matter inside and you couldn't stop it they could suck the whole universe, into it as, this raising could destroy so, who will galaxy, and. See how far as it was always very very. Difficult. To. Stand, and so on as a dark force he said it took took. Over this whole galaxy, with, this kind of a degree they. Destroyed, planet. And. Huge, parts of the universe, destroyed. Linear. Civilizations. And so on. So. And. Tommy. Didn't explain that our galaxy. Was. Occupied with. Our. Rules. At. 87%. By. The dark forces so. As was a had, 87%. Of our galaxy under, their control, yes and we call them reptilians, or different. Reptilians. And. Also. Vampires, and, they, know Lou either. Because. There was a bigger, polish language. Actually. Such, a. Kinda. Sit, watch er Jimmy. This. We go our, guest, today is a screen, it's red, blues a. Introduction. Picture, okay to find it on YouTube. And. Tommy. Will explain, such, a it. Was almost impossible to. Free our galaxy. Due. To this ending, contract, we had in your situation. Therefore. Then. Be. Afghanistan's and, mankind. On earth is not so only living. Population. In the universe, or wherever. We, look to, the stars yes the. Opposite is true everything. Is populated. Every. Solar system, or I would say every are at least any galaxy there. Is millions billions, of forms, of life and. So, are certain, rules, that not. Any other, planet, can come with a big fee per visit here come. Out and say hello and we would like to come with us as a certain, rules forbidding. This kind of approaches, so. And therefore we. Have to understand, the whole structure of the universe, you, know the rule for each country government. But, we have also a rule for search and in, the past said who was. Say. Monovalent holding trust that. Was a, organization. At the Galactic Council as. It was for. The galaxy, responsible. So. But beyond, the galaxy are different, galaxies, and you have a varied. According. Who love China you, have a.

Certain. Means even, those are more. And more in a bigger bubble. So. And for each method you have a different, law. Different. Laws apply as. It says no mixture, or certain. Independence. Rules. Or free. Will or. Possibilities. To develops that it's not artificially. You destroy, it or something, like this so. And due to the ending of this contract, and. Our. Galaxy. Controlled. 80. By, 80 is. 7%, of the dark side got. Support, from. The next level above mm-hmm. As I said Oh to the dark power forces, here the, contract is gone your, honors we, have to change it now and. You get to order you. Talk people to change it as. Therefore people support, from. Higher, areas. Next. Level, as this, is actually called a universal, protection, unit now, its army and my. Point of view is they, have veterinary, beyond. Any imagination of. The population. In this galaxy. Because. They are much much more advanced. From. Other areas so. And in this way, has. Eight right to. Gives. Us. Back, to the humans, those. Belong, to humans, because our. Forefathers. Created, it, this, is a high-energy it was a connection, to the high dimension, to, the, 512. Or thousand, as I explained, yesterday not like nowadays. 3800. 54. Out of so. And there's. All of us to give Salina back to the people human people, and. The Drago's had, to retreat, and, in order to. Make sure that this plan would work in. Light. Forces. Asking. For caution, about looking for a person who could representatives. Met and mrs.. Percival, company, on Google mentioned, yesterday and, Kim. Was. Able to kick, out also. Non-human. Representatives. Looking. Like humans. But. Also not, looking, at human wield records, remember. As a trust as, a trust had, 1500. Trustees, and. When, they attacked Kim so, it was illegal, because, they were sovereign King and keep. A sovereign this. Is if you given someone sovereign, it takes us about without, any, agreement. Or whatever. And. Therefore. Kimberly. Could the, kicks Ahmad and she, took over for trust and since one about holding transaction, years as, owner, of all, central. Banks or servers everything. Owens is owned by the trust that's. A very very old trust many, thousand, years old created. By the dark forces. Because. They, try to control everything, and, they try to own everything, an. Orchard was only a puppet in this. Whole. Game. She. Couldn't take his gold and dig. It in the garden or something or, below. His pillow and sitting, room now he had to give it away it was a trust but Jeff I got so right to get, some compensation and, huge money, so.

And Kim clean, citrus, and she. Took over so trust that. Means all, the properties, all. The sovereign. Rights, on. Us. Whatever. Is, located, on earth she. Can. Give. Some rights because, there. Was made a new treaty and. The new treaty was signed in, autumn. 2016. And. That treaty, has. An hour period, for a duration, for, 500, years and. The. Dark forces, and mantra rest well unknown. Non-human. Forces agreed. Not, anymore, to interfere, in human, relations. However. For. Them it was difficult to, stay, - the contract say continued. To interfere and, therefore, this Universal. Protection, unit could. Destroy, this, underground, bases, his races, as one known. As this war is going on since many years so. And Kimberly, took more and more over control, of the, trust, she got a quantum. Computer system. Controlling. All the bank's all the money all the flow of the money she, could agree or disagree or, take it away Sun Devils not was, properly if she took orchard, away so, money he was sending from, the company IRS, in, America, as a tax company to, a bank in Switzerland, 780. Million a billion last, year she. Took a trust away from Rosetta Khan doesn't belong to you - to the violation, of the contract the, peace contract is not allowed to do further misleading, money from a heart as. Many. Many things going on and him quit and. Try. To stop, the, activity, of the dark forces especially the deep, state armies and so on the background, on ease and. Squeezes. Money, flow and, cellphones. The NSA didn't have any money left, we. Very, very little. Mmm-hmm therefore the dark forces understood, so. You have no chance anymore, because. Against, the quantum computer system they had no option. Because. His Contin computer, system can, look. For, any computer, on earth they, can't keep any secret, any more secret, for themselves. It's, everything, open, offices light forces and so. Far they, can control all the money flows however. Company. Has not yet in physical. Army on earth as. Therefore, the chief of the bank's the bank's own owned.

By The minerva, tolling trust but Richie's trust. Say no we don't do it searched. Him. As a possibility, to, send him to prison or whatever now, I can try to use, mr., Trump. The. United, States to, free. America, from the dark forces, their. Father she paid all the debts of, the debts of America. And China and this affair was reserved, everything, is paid. In. Order to makes his company, United, States of America, ready. To. Be switched, over to, Republic. America. As, it's not anymore, a companies, and such a sovereign, state. Yes the. Sovereign, rights and the, sovereign, states were sovereign rights, is able to give his. People, sovereignty. And. Then the systems, and, was, over. There, in all countries in the world caduceus. Again. Intends. To do this and. We have no water anymore, on earth, mr.. Trant. Has been given his sovereign, rights last, year 21st, no 26 of January, and. Obviously it's right already to. Public. Make, it public as opposed a big celebration of the fourth of July and, he's already imagined, it and also, there's a speech of Saguna at the United, Nations recently, gained. Mention sovereign rights and sovereignity, of his country and so on Alice. Here is this big process going. On what's. It like forces, trying to stop, it all. The time, stealing. From an overturning, trustee, and so these are vectors, and these kind of things until, company. And switched over a, quantum, computer system. From, being, a according to tree, they, are coding, yeah all, the computers, on earth world has been according, but suddenly. They. Have no chance something more different that's it so, and. And. The. Dark forces didn't. See any solution as, a fuzzy, DKR war. To. The life forces to us. You. Know in, order to keep seeing a fake system is the money and so on rockin okay, buddy a deleted already, is a license, for the Federal, Reserve on. The 14th of September, last year they. Were not allowed anymore to print or to bring, around any dollars in the United States, but. Send. Money to alls as a setter, abandons, us our. Effort was a keeping, when. This bank has more possibilities. Anymore, what, are they doing they try novice, cook talk with Vika with. Jim, Sims, and dongs and this kind of, fake. Things Bitcoin and so on in. Order to have a solution not what we do shouldn't, fall for these kind of things because. It's all fake man and. So light forces will destroy, others. Artificially. Created, money system, but the Bitcoin was created ten, years ago. We. Are told the private person and so on but it's a big lie it's also say it's. And. I say. Exactly. So, therefore it's baby destroys Allied forces we destroy all the systems, that are, working this, since. Of this interest and interest of interest and the things and correctly, money out of thin air and so on this list of stock you, know because by. Stopping this you cut, the, power base of any of the stock forces, and then mankind. Can, become free so. In France's, declaration. Of war. Was. Published, on, the sort of Jonesy's here, Tommy. Williams, said. Few days later the. Dark forces, don't, know that. What they. Have. Cost, business, declaration. Because. The result, of this was. That we, have amazing. Amounts. Of. Spaceships. From. Other, parts, of our universe. Came. Here to, help us. Being. Freed. So. And. Tom. Even said the dark forces have no idea, at all what. Kind of firepower. And. So they are, confronted. Is not yes they have not served. Smallest. Chance to, services. But. Let's. See, so, Antonius, never. Reported, any more on his huge, fight, I was always waiting when. Does, it happen, and. I knew the, banks they're not work. Together basically, for, the new quarter computer, system is a new, rules.

For The money, system as, long, as you have a seek. Secret. Deep, state army, behind, skins, not, because of the bank managers or others threatened or killed or whatever mentally try to switch. Over to the. One computer, system they skim so. In cell phone it. Was necessary. Searches State. Army sspc, catfish program as a United, States, should. Be gone. Yeah, so as long as this one it's. A problem, mm-hmm. Because. The. Stock forces head. Technology. Said. Was maybe. 50. Years ahead. Of, the. Technology. Of the US military, yes. So, and. My. Presentations. In Germany. This. Inspired, by Stan, you. Know Stan and Stan. Came. To me with an interesting information, from Poland. Was. Funny and suppose. This video about this war. And. The. Information. Is actually that services. Huge battle on, the, 29th. Of August. 2019. And. In. This battle said, was a battle. For. Us to. Freeze of us but. The whole. Universe. Our whole, our. Galaxy. The. Total, galaxy, was involved, we. Have to imagine this, remaining. 30%. 13%. Said we're still free, try. To help here, on, earth as they. Came here with huge, amounts, of ships. Stan. Said because. Information, that, ships, came from the play audience. Two. Million, ships, space, ships with a diameter of one mile yes. 1.7. Kilometer, so. And there's four masts of ships four hundred kilometer diameter, so. I think they came through, a. Portal, and you had to have materialized. In our dimension, first so. And. Friends. Of mine, saw. Argue, sometimes. Strange. Things on the sky, none, was this huge battle right, things here we, got this information and. In, this battle that took place. 1.5. Million. Or. So dark forces now. 1.5. And, light. Forces, had just 250. Million, 1/6. So. And. Within. This, group, of 1/6, we, are hundred thousand, humans. So. It means other. Two, hundred forty nine million, nine hundred thousand. We're. Not humans, but. Positive. Forces, and. Amongst. The negative, forces I think, there. Was the so-called dark, fleet coming. From Germany. You know we're attack fleet it was. Because. I was born in Lower Silesia and. There. Are the tunnels in, the mountains, a Verner. Von Braun. Braun worked, there yeah v2. V1 with. The. Rockets and they, also worked on the. Saucers. Yeah, yeah sure yeah and, the. Secret, space program, was based also on this technology from from Germany sure yeah, sure yeah sure and they later on had the bases on Mars and, they still have their, I. Asked it for me billions, what. Happened to. The. German forces that, was any news of admitted. Birth in. 1974. Yeah so as I was they. Are still there, however. Their. Power was, reduced, due. To the peace contract, of. 2016. For. Me it meant they, were working, for the dark side yes. So. As it would make sense under Antarctic, ice yeah. My, people may be also different places, but. Maybe, there's an airbag. Yes. There. Are so many things. Going on and also the dark forces build five Sol's underground, cities, you. Should imagine. Entire, cities, are interconnected, this high-speed, rail. Yeah. It's. Called. Sub. Such. Rattled yes, this is dumps underground, deep underground military bases, also. And. So yeah, don't. Just traveled, like our trains here was, the surface now, or when we fly to Majorca. The. Plane flies, with 700, kilo meter or 900. Something like this as. All shuttles, have a speed between. Two, thousand, four hundred and three thousand, six hundred kilometer. An hour you. Could imagine and the continents, are interconnected, with Sun systems, and, it's amazing. So. Therefore, see this upset power and tried to prepare, for the final battle because, in you all. The time that, there will be a final rule that they have no chance at sir contract, will expire and, that light forces, will try to. Win. In, the end. Analysis. Takes, place and. The. Battle was won vision, for our by, the life forces was a 250. Billions of won the battle against 1.5.

Million. People. Was, the dark side so. And that was I think from. My point of view it was over. Victory. It. Was a biggest. Battle that was I have a fourth, report Lazarus. And. Wanted. To have bigger whoa I got the information from, Tommy. Williams oh that's. Positive. People inside to us had. A huge, celebration. And. This date was, 21st. To the 23rd. Of, September. Last. Month three. Days celebrating. The, victory of. Against. The secret space program, was. Amazing, that means it says it's gone up at least major, parts are gone they are still a few but, this. Is from my point of view a very. Important. Condition. In. Order. To. Get rid of the, military. Support, for, the dark people on earth, because. The ornaments, they have the support they can do all those negative, things and and, this victory against. The dark forces military. Of the dark forces was. For me I see, it as a precondition, to. Makes. A change on earth real. Yes. To. Do action. That. Is retinic. Against, any bank managers, would, be gone, and. Then the bank managers, can decide when Kim is, squeezing. More and more, cutting. The money flow so. They can decide freely, if. They like to go bankruptcy, or so, like to change the. Size and where this keeper young go girl according, the new financial, system, as. This will, my, point of view. Happening. Very few, few, weeks maybe even days, it's. Closed, before no not, because Kimberly, likes. To flash, mankind, his money, it, will bake up see people, something, else is going on and to create. A movement of peoples, in positive, and and see, what. Kind of possibilities, they have and, company, tries to makes. A whole. Rich. Values. Of mankind, that was stolen during sixty. Thousand five hundred seized was. It stolen all the values as yeah and, she tries to make it available from, in time in new technologies, of his new technology. Was also hidden. Patterns. And, and all those kind of things the, CV, have. To look for Romania. For the. Forces. Cave. System, in guchigi mountain and say. Helps recontact to universe and the travesty there's, this book inside. Show us a second, travel from adult cinema and. They describe everything causes people, lives there and in a sense a higher dimension, they. Don't need any money or any eight-hour. Working days or something like this as. They have whatever, they, need. It's amazing, what, kind of technology, and. And so on and we can have the same thing here on earth and. Maybe money later on we don't need anymore but first we have to get rid of the negative system, also. Negative, things to build something you may be for, for, the human brain it's, necessary, to use money for certain while any longer now, that they don't I think we don't need it and here so good technologies. And. Can use it from universe, there's, our main. Kinds, neighbors, actually much. Much more advanced, and of course in the help, and we have a future, it's. So amazing, and. Overwhelmed. This is possibilities. I feel it and I see it what happens and we, can see how was our system. Cause more and more a dollar they, become more aggressive each, day more, and more aggressive, and. Also, still fight, on. The, 29th. Of August is. Not yet hundred percent over not, because certain elements are still running a Raj is, a galaxy, but. The main infrastructure. Oxide oxide was totally, destroyed as, their, father say can traverse yes. Therefore, the main series rule we are in the final, stages to, make it, complete, now and. Very. Interesting, reports. And and videos and pictures published.

By, A woman, Gina. Maria quality. In quality. With C olv. You. I saw that and. And. She published. All the pictures where you see millions, of spaceships. And so on around us so. And also I am, know. At least from, his three persons, who have seen all. The ships is a sky but, what, she published, was from, 1918. If, not she thought that she also knew pictures, from, the 29th, of, August. I saw, this on, Facebook wasn't that I don't know if it was deleted, could be, but. Also you, have to keep in mind self was also preparation period, for. This war and so on and also in the. Universal, Protection, Unit was, actually. Always here, but as long as you contract was, method say, could not interfere and so onions. Athletes, was and they waited yeah, yeah you. Know so, that Gina, Malia call initiate, also actual, photos. From the 29th, of August one photo I saw was at. A time I remember. 2.30. But. I don't know if it wasn't a morning or Bonita, okay, the, morning on with because. It's an American, type. Of time. So. It is fun but also he had a lot of witnesses a friend, of mine he, saw a huge, explosion. In the sky huge. And. He stretched his arm and he, could put his hand, four. Times into, this field was. Wanted to have second a huge, light. But. That was not close as, it was far away could, I mention what. Happened to her also when you go to the YouTube you'll, find many videos. About. The United, States where, people are. Had. Traveled their houses the houses were shaking and huge. Boobs, and, explosions. And they, didn't know what's going on mental hospital mayor or no we didn't do anything but. This was a destruction, of city underground, bases and. You. Could see it as, those, some. Real evidence. And. Forces and also, Tommy Burns, reports. On the progress of, society and, that. You follow him, month, after, month week after week and you, see his announcement become. More true and more true and what when always confirms, as, and you get. Inner feelings that is true. Had a perceptual, he. Has also, this. Day. Mood the, is, no, a goes opposite, of a go very. Nice. Person had not interested, in money and and all this kind of other. Partner, seeing but. Serving, mankind, that. This. Amazing. Feeling, and I think we have such a great time and. Tommy. Williams always. Says, he talked forces. Try. To work. Around with, the financial, system and, try to make. It local currency, reset or revaluation. This is zero sentence, and and whatever and, Tommy, says since. Month after. Month after month after month it. Will not happen, and. So dark forces all this knowledge, newly, and newly and uni and, Thomas it will not happen it will not happen so then you'll see it doesn't happen I said, you know se. Trata, therefore. The ABCs, of a reaction and many people think already such. As changes, are so, close to us in the assets the, system, can't, continue like this and so, much lies it must. Mean lying. After lions is it fake. Stories. Every day as terrorist. Attacks all fake and so, under more people see, through the curtain was really going on crisis, actors. Crisis. Actors. What. Actors, in it but simply to what, level and see immediately. Think. Behind it okay so the topic. Is very huge, we could talk, for hours about, this so maybe for the wrap-up please tell. Us what, do you expect, now yeah. I. See. Huge, changes for. The with us. I. See. Him, the. Going down. Often. System. Setters. More. Than hundred thousand years old. Where. Mankind, was, all as a prisoner, of other, species. And. I. See, the. End of this period total. End and. A. Total. Opposite. Possibility. Total. Freedom. Perfect. Health and, limited. Health, thousand. Years of life expectancy but. Healthy yes, Avenue a thousand years old and you look like twenty, years when. You're healthy as fat ears why, is it a problem many. People don't like to. Get older but, because they have in mind all I get so little and so on no not. Necessarily. So. We will have any. Richness. Mankind. Is able to, produce. From. This. Internal, information because information that. User us will be a place. There's. A very important. Species, that. Works as a, buffer. Species, between, dark, species, cells. And positive, not. Because we had to make successful experience. We know how. To work with it and, I. Think we will have all. Richness all all, dreams. Any. Paradise. We could imagine given, as, this would come to us and sure yeah. Exactly at this time all the conditions, as there the. People wake up and say is a, don't. Like to be any stage anymore, and also, important. Then. Said. Mike. Father says a was the world his secret, societies, and so on yes there but, in. The past those, groups and others a chance to. Do see our, bet. Work continuously. Yes, as they didn't have surprise to pay surprise wait we.

Could Do whatever kill, people, or eat people, or whatever, everything, was a lot for them there's, no consequences. And now, we have the situation, there. Will be consequences, for, any. Of, this kind of behavior. Because. The. Dark forces lose. The. Light forces have all the computer system under control so, you know everything, and. Therefore. Everyone. Who works for any secret society, of any, dark forces or military. Damaging. People's, life or her, things and more taking. Them to prison should. Know from. The present. Rule. He. Has no right to vote because, a real, rule, Bucky control canonical. Rule was, gone by end of 2012. So, far we have the people. The. Creator of course. A 22nd. Of July, 2013. Where. He declared, all authorities. At sabbatical, ever created. Will, be deleted, as, and they changed everything into, companies, you, see see you can find all what. Governmental. Organizations. As a company, Jie yeah, so, that means all this, dark, forces acting, against mankind all are doing this on their own personal. Responsibility. As, I have to pay so transferred, and. As soon as they know it and continue. Intention, analysis, surprise. Will be higher and, that Tommy Williams says. Most. Of those people even don't, know what they will be expecting. Because it's. Not any more than the. Physical death, of the body it's. Really easy, gentle soil mm-hmm. And, that's things, that. The. Change of a situation on earth we, will have something like the higher court, nepeta. Higher court will also come as rule, vibration. As, the positive forces, will. Not bring. Everyone, to the court and and just prosecute. And so on no, it will actually. Those, people will kill themselves. Due. To vibrations. And frequencies for. So else will be raised, and raised and raised those. Dark, beings, negative. Intentions, killing, others or eating the human. Meat or whatever, causes. Such a low frequency is that they can survive so higher frequencies, as. Therefore we. Will have a very very positive future. But. We have to. Do. Our homework ourselves. Also because. This fight. Covers. Several. Dimensions not. Only the sort I mentioned as human beings always think no no no we have up, to the seventh, dimension even it, goes into, invisible. Reality. So. But there, will. Be created, two conditions, that human, mankind can, be freed, and. We have - also, we have to understand, in the universe, they. Expect. Except. Our galaxy. Everywhere. Units, brandon beyond. Nonhumans. Exam, humans and always much much more advances, along and because we are gods yes. So. We have the capacity and therefore the nonhumans. Conquered, us, modified. Our genetic. Structure, modify. The energy, field of the earth that, you have no hundred percent connection, anymore you trust maybe three percent, therefore. As a cause rule as, this we begun and, the coordination what this means and, then we suddenly see, you higher dimensions. When the assignment he could communicate mentally, without, any language and. Sees. As farce of another person, if people help you or damage, you you. You. See everything, that. Will be a totally, new life and, that's we, are in front of the doorsteps. I'm. So happy that I'm, living in such a time here on earth how. Many generations, before, me has his possibility, not. No one no one no, one and, we are directly. Living, in, this situation, and also we. Are living in. The time there's a fight, takes place, and. It, was the one who. Saw. It felt, it's and. I tried. To make the public in Germany, it stores idea to turn native media so. If you're sleeping they, didn't. Realize. What's going on even, my till no Jeff. I said to myself okay and I have to make it my own as. If I'm here in Poland and so on to tell the people what's going on and, it should be in our native, media I think therefore being happy. Is that we make the interview to let. Also, the Polish people know that, he has such a huge chance. So however there's. A law, now says due to the peace contract that. All. Our, laws. Are gone but. The dark side tries. To cause. The impression everything is still olive oil style and they continue, as, long as, we, don't, do anything is they continue their, scene yes therefore, it's now our task as human, beings as a certain, engine to, get rid of these negative forces, that, are running around as human beings and doing, the work for the dark side that, is our task we can translate and trust.

Continue. Or football, player or whatever. Primitive. Things we have to take. Action and unite. Because. The dark forces always win when we are divided. Yeah, divide, and conquer, so in CFR and Tommy, Williams, tries. To build up, groups. In, each country of the world he. Announces. Everyone. Who listens. To the source gets information we should really. Think about founding. An old group in this country to. Make some knowledge known and to, you, know good people who. Are willing to build abscess, new times. These new possibilities. As. An money. Will come to for projects. For you, humanity. Positive. Things and so, on that's, such a over bending feeling. For me that. I like. To do it and, also, I feel due. To my own, experience. In the past advisers that I got in contact business, at languages and so on and. Also Vectron I was researching, that I had such a complete, package said. That was actually, ready, for, this task and. And the funny thing is Tony Williams calls, it shows. Thi. Truth. Honor, integrity. But. The letters th I, are, also, three. Letters of my family, name could. You imagine what, could incident, this is. Therefore. It's, also, a special feeling, for me to. Do this work and, to. Go ahead in this way so, thank, you a lot for sharing with us this. Wonderful. News. Yeah. Thank. You many, many thanks thank, you. You.

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