Is Technology Killing Triathlon Training? | The GTN Show Ep. 49

Is Technology Killing Triathlon Training? | The GTN Show Ep. 49

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This is the GTN, show and after a tech-heavy show last week we're, gonna be flipping on his head and debating. Whether all this tech in sports it's a good thing or, a bad thing, that's how you're getting out of your comfort zone a little bit there mark well I'm interested to hear by that we've also got gossip of a pro cyclist, thinking about venturing into triathlon. We have the winners of our a sauce and quark tie always giveaway as well as a swift and Norseman competition. Right. It's no, secret I love. My tech and my gadgets, and but. I have been wondering lately whether all. This technology, in sport. Well perhaps, maybe there's actually a limit, to all this technology in the sport is technology, and sport a bad thing is it ruining, the sport and I've come about this because I was reading an article recently about virtual. Reality running. So, we've we've, seen virtual, reality glasses and, stuff before the, idea is that you can wear these glasses and. Run. With others, online you, could maybe run the Boston Marathon course which sounds awesome I love the idea of it I'll start now I'm. Hoping, so I don't work, on wise. Then. The other part of me is thinking that's. Not what, runnings all about and so, yeah, I'm kind of in this torn yeah. It's. A set on she good or is it about this book yeah, I mean it's great that we it, is developing, and it's maybe getting people into sport because they like the competitive, side of looking, on Stryver and getting their king, of the mountains clear the mountains of running or comparing, to their mates and looking, at your PBS and you're driven by that but I mean when we spoke to Emma Palin for the running video and she actually talked about how, just. Still, enjoys going for a run and the actual, action of running without having, to worry about pace, and things and I think you, know we can all be guilty of sometimes actually losing the purpose, of running and that just pure enjoyment from it exactly, and I think actually, cycling, is a really good example of this the amount of Technology it's coming through it's coming through a rate of knots it's. Constantly. Stuff from last week we are showing how much technology is coming through and, yeah. We exciting, yeah and how, many of us actually go, out for rides without, tracking kilometres. Heart rates power, and maybe, buying new components, that make us faster reduce friction, we're, all guilty of it and then there's that whole joke of like when my friends arrive we let well that's nice driver doesn't count you know if it's not being recorded then you, might as well not ridden like so that's kind of a you, know a engrain thing now isn't it's becoming and I guess it's not quite as much in running but it's, going that way that now you know we've got Swift running as well and there's this how many it's kind of yeah it's kind of following the cycling, to end but you're saying yeah and do.

We Need that I mean. If you look at a lot of traditional runners I mean remember running with Alistar and Johnny Brownlee on British traveling camps and they would not take a watch with them you just got there and enjoy it and. So. Do you still remember that what I do sometimes still, roam about a watch but then I am guilty of looking I'll go for some runs and I'm constantly looking at my speeds, my, everything. Rarely say and I. Wonder. And I worry whether we're going a little bit too far towards the tech side of things whether it's necessary or, actually. Is this actually the technology going to help towards, in enhance. Performance. My. Gut feel is not, and. I'm slightly worried by that and, I. Think Tech is like. For me the running side is great when the weather's really banning contracts like because I hate, indoor training, but. I think like having, something that that would actually help me stay on the treadmill longer for some reason a 30-minute, run on treadmill even with a TV till about feels, like three times as long as a 30-minute, run outside and I'm probably getting faster outside I still don't get how your, brain tricks you but, if it can make that, easier when it's snowing outside or something then that, for me is positive, and, another side to that you can take from it is for those that perhaps, aren't, doing sport or aren't running at the moment this could be a really good incentive, or quite exciting to get them into sport yeah and. Maybe for the new generation, of athletes, younger, people coming through your tech is. Yeah. Or maybe it should be a nice escape from that and that's what runnings what about who knows anyway. We're, gonna throw this to a poll we're gonna ask you guys do you ever head out for a run or do you go training, without technology, without your watches without your gadgets you go into that you can say yes or no but doing that clicking, above Heather's, head here and, now for last week's poll.

It. Was. Well. We asked, you if you'd ever done an environmentally-friendly. Triathlon. And well. 18, percent of you said, yes, and, 82, percent of you said no and I think that's purely just reflecting that we need to have more of those events about yeah I mean I'm actually impressed, it's, even a team innocent okay I mean obviously I'm hoping it's more yeah but I I don't know if many have you environment, no I haven't because the other, than Otello was flying there. Aren't that many events, around that so really. Press one. Right. Now for the caption. Competition. And last, week we had a photo from, the World Cup in TT virus and. It, was of a, coach. We. Actually have like more than normal and it's really hard to know in a sense we've caught four, three runners-up and a winner this week and our first runner-up comes from Martin Kelly you're, gonna need a bigger boat, like it next, time from juban, ash later said, this, training is getting, to be a drag yeah. And. Next, our final runner, up transform Joshua Greely this. Isn't the lead that I was hoping to take imagine. Well. The winner and this one is obviously touching, a little bit on our environmental, touch. Or theme to our video, last week our show last week and that came from Nick Mick they said this environmentally, friendly, wakeboarding, is not, as fast as I thought it would be very, good, your. GT end cap is coming, your way just get in touch and we'll send it across, all. Right well this week we have before. We actually get to the final picture there were a lot of great. Photos from, the World Triathlon Series in, Hamburg, and it, was the mixed relay which throws up some brilliant dives, and I know you've been admiring these mark well yeah it seems to be a running, theme now so the guys really, take it upon themselves within. The mix relay to, perform the. Stupidest, dives they I can tell you want to do it makes me know just for the die there's, a video in this Heather, value. A let's run through a few cuz they're pretty good I'm. Not sure what's going on in the first one but they clearly, kind of gearing up for something there's, a lot of energy going on high next one's really, interesting, almost, like planking, midair it's like it's like he's been given a dare to see they figure the biggest belly flop yeah, he's, gonna go for a headfirst dive I'm, into butterflies I've done that before doesn't. End well it's, more than how'd you get out of the headfirst dive because your arms are stuck by Nature, now. It gets better, oh wow this is good I mean some. Volleyball, isn't it there's some style, points there I probably I'd give that a nine out of 10 it's. Very good, and now finally. Yet. Again I think this one's gearing up for something, it, looks I don't, know what's gonna happen. He's, got good height yeah, where and who knows it wasn't just in the men's race that things are interesting because it's. There's. Some good elbows, going on that's the shorts Mike across country it's coming out of the swim and I'm guessing this is after the first week because it's really close and yeah, I wouldn't want to be in that mess. Well. We've also got one more diving shot and this is going to be the caption, comp this a week now check this, one out. He's. Even got his tie suit is even like kind, of a little tail flying, off it as he's flying. It's definitely some sort of like a little gymnast, moving, on man he's got like touches knees. Well. Yeah please do leave your caption.

Comp Comments, in the, comment section below well, now for the exciting, bit a bit that probably everyone has been waiting for the, giveaway time. Two hours and so first of all the. A sauce winners yeah first up we have two winners for the men's short Satya keep Evo, and it is, Robert. Langer and Todd, Holmes. Congratulations. And now for the women's well the h la la ley Schwartz will be going to cluster sadness and cut, your ROM B I have to say you've really know those those, names quickly. Now. For. The quark tire, Wiz winners, and first. Of all we've got Ricardo. Bacame, a dare Lutie oh. And. Then we've got make over, man and then Eduardo, harissa and we will be in touch of all those winners by email. Right, it's time before, hot-or-not and, our first story comes from the Norseman extreme triathlon which is one of the toughest but also one of the hardest to actually get an entry for and they've just partnered, with Swift to allow two people a slot for next year's race but you don't just get it by entering you've actually got to work for, this so they're, gonna have a race on Swift over the course. That they're making up which basically, you've got to do under four hours to them being on a chance to get into next year's race it's gonna be happening at the same time as, a Norseman this year yeah so as Heather's already said it's gonna be four races for the different time zones around the world and that's going to take place on the 4th of August, 2018, the same day as the Norseman and the. Course takes in fifty. Five point five miles which is eighty, nine point three kilometers, weird almost 7,000, feet or just over 2,000, meters of elevation, game within that that's a lot of elevation gain. Yeah. So, they're climbing every, major mountain. Within the what Opia, island. Course and, yeah, everyone, that completes that will get the limited, edition, what hope yeah sorry Norsemen kit, and then, those that go under four hours will be entered into a random, draw yeah, so if you win you basically get to do it, all over again next year but, for real absolutely. Well that's pretty cool I think that's the hot right. This one's a slightly unusual story. And I'm, sure a lot of people out, there have done, things, to get out of tickets or parking tickets or traffic tickets well this, guy has gone to the extreme now they were two, drivers were changing nice and it collided in the middle and one of the cars ended up flipping over going off the, road and into the trees and the driver of this car thought. Pretty quickly on his feet and he didn't want to get, out branded, by the police so thought. I'm, gonna look like a jogger, quickly, take some clothes off and start, running, by as though he, was completely unaware of the accident, yeah, great. Idea. Didn't, work out from the day no, police. Caught, up with him. But. Yeah he did he did own up to the fact he was trying to be an uninvolved jogger great. Idea but, we, can't condone this this is a not okay. The, next one again it's not a brand spanking new one but it's something that's caught my eye relatively. New there's a brand that used to be called a kook owner it's, now rebranded. As, 37.5. And that numbers come about because they've. Learned that, the. Optimal. Heat, for, your body to perform at in the sport is thirty seven point five degrees. Celsius. Well. That's the point. Five fahrenheit thank you very much, Americans. Out there and basically it's yeah, aimed of being able to keep your body, cool, when it's hot and warm, when it's cold so, it's about managing that microclimate. And they use this in various, fabrics and it's thought that it, can actually dry. Five times quicker than other performance, fabrics and you might missed a very important oh yeah it comes from coconuts, oh yeah, yeah, activated. Carbon. Who'da. Thought I think it's put the coconut shells I hope that means there's more coconut, water and coconut milk available because I like that I mean it also the kid looks really cool it's, used in Bramblett had even asked sanam on so it's, pretty reputable, yeah good stuff yeah, like said oh really looks cool so I'm gonna give it hot, okay. And the next one I'm quite excited to talk about because it's one, of my sporting, heroes, and icons is Killian as your nay if you haven't heard of him ready he is an ultra, marathon trail, runner he, just does crazy. Stuff all the time last, year he actually summative. Everest, twice within one week without, oxygen you, kind of comprehend, their stuff well we're talking about him this week because he has recently won, the.

Bob Graham round, ultra, endurance race, but it's, more significant with the fact that he's absolutely smashed the records so the race was a hundred, and six kilometers with over eight thousand two hundred meters of climbing, 42. Fells, now the cutoff is 24 hours and apparently, only about 2,000 people have ever managed, it within that set up in 1932. So it gives you an idea of how tough it is now, he. Did it in 12. Hours, 52 minutes breaking. The record by over an hour that was 36 years old it's, amazing, I love, the guys. Next. Up for hot, or not you might notice, if you are an avid fan of the Tour de France there Adam Hansen is missing, from the peloton now he's known for being one of those that's often making the attacks at the run to the group but if you have been watching the coverage he's out reporting, for euros, for but. There, was gossip, about dress on apparently yes, so this has come about on an, online article and, he's, basically being teased in the fact that he's quit cycling, and maybe he's going into triathlon, I wondered where this is all coming from, but. Appears it's coming from Cameron, Werth who we recently interviewed, he's he's riled him up and, actually can Werth knows that, Adam. Hanson used to do triathlon which I didn't, actually I'm, actually Adam. Hansen's quoted here saying when, he did, triathlete. Said cycling, was my worst leg I was a really good swimmer and I was a really good runner and I joined a cycling club to improve my cycling, and, he did laugh at the fact that he might be taking a triathlon, he said it's, not happening anytime soon he's still sort, of racing, his bike but, he hasn't loaded to the fact that he does really like the appeal of Iron Man and the, alert Kona, so yes, said maybe in years to come which is really exciting. His. Cycling was his weakest leg okay great. So, I can give this a hot okay, now for some controversy. Within the, New Zealand triathlon. Team it's regarding one of New Zealand's premier, triathletes, Ryan Sissons. He, was actually one, of the fastest members of their mixed relay team for the Commonwealth, Games he. Actually since then well. Was, a little bit unhappy within the sport it took a bit of time well almost quit the sport and since has decided I'm, gonna come back to sport I'm gonna join a new squad to train with a new group and actually feels like he's performing, better but. Because New Zealand triathlon, don't. Know what he's doing in his training I don't have enough information on, it they've decided not to include him which is obviously left him very, upset and given. The talent he could have potentially, been very useful for them yeah I know it's obviously left a very bitter taste in this math and um there's. Always two sides to every story and, you, know we, don't know what's going on down there but it's the frustration for him it's. Black and white and it's sad to see if talented athlete not good in a team so I think for, us it is not where, we are midway, through, national.

Triathlon. Week admittedly it is a concept, for the USA, it's the second they've run this triathlete, can I mean I think it's great that you're getting more people to do triathlons making people more aware of it and they quote, that they are contracting this week on being celebration, education. And participation, lovely. Well their schedule for this week is what they say is it Monday swim day Tuesday, bike, day Wednesday. Run, day Thursday. Recovery. Friday. Member. Appreciation Day I don't know quite what that involves it sounds like a bit of the past it does it sounds like a bit too early with what's coming because Saturday, and Sunday, are race, day oh very. Cool. I. Think we should anything to raise the weather's get more people doing 12th, got to be good brilliant well we're gonna give this. Okay. Now for the, race news and we're gonna start things this week with Xterra, Czech, Republic. So in the men's race it was a Maxime Shane that led the swimmer and then about 20 seconds, back we had salmon, spawn and then, Alan then just under two minutes back from them we, had Reuben. Lucifer. And actually Reuben Rose offer absolutely, hammered the bike by the 19 kilometers, caught, the leaders and put, 40, seconds into them quite impressive and then into, the final stage of the bike it became quite technical, quite a far two conditions, Reubens rose offer absolutely smashed that no problems at all whilst others actually got punctures and crashed. Rosetta. Went on to win it Bradley vise it came through to take second then Lucas of Kovar took, one. Of the women's side it was quite spread, out after the swim so we had smart kings for coming out first but then it was only four minutes back to Hurley Nokomis gobo who was competing in front of her home crowd, and she hasn't won this race before but it, wasn't until the run, and the bike that actually made the difference in this event and she came through on, the run to take the win in front of that home crowd it's Karina of asla who finished second and then Elizabeth Orchard, was it that well, this next race had all sorts of rumors ahead of it about cancellations. Due to algae in the swim and fires, on the bike and yes. It was in the UK, as England's, only full distance Ironman, Ironman Bolton. Now, apparently the water levels of algae, meant that there was no swimming a few days before and there was all sorts rumours around the bike course but it, went ahead and the swim was actually for distance but it was so warm in the UK though, there was no wet for the pros so that did throw things up a little bit but it's a bike course that caused more issues, I suppose they had to shorten it so it came down to just 95, miles instead of 112. But, it was also a different course so the, athletes weren't familiar with it and it meant that you, know the cycling for the men was about 45 minutes less on the bike in about 52, minutes less for the women well into, the men's race and it's ballast coats of Hungary, and that led the swimmer and the next fastest swimmer was, 2 minutes behind him and then 5 minutes behind the. Lead. Swimmer was, Jo skipper quite, a big deficit but, on a to the bike and that's where everything went, a little bit wrong because, we, had one of the favourites for the race world Clark actually, went 9 miles off course and then, suffered, a mechanical, ballast Coates actually had a mechanical, so he was out of the race. So. It's actually Mark Jillson, who came with the fastest bike split of the day he came into t2 first, and then it was Jo skipper, that she had the fastest, run of the day 245 marathon splits that saw him take.

The Lead and take the eventual, win it was March Ilsan that took a second, and then it was Fabian Ron it took that while, due to it being a non wetsuit swim for the women the times were a bit slower but this didn't, deter Lucy cos if she had a two-minute, Vantage coming out of the water and then back, that up with the fastest, bike split of the day the second fastest, run of the day to, take the overall win by a whooping, were more than 30 minutes, it was and that was actually her fifth I'm on UK title Wow impressive well second place went to Camilla Lindholm Borg and then third it was Angela Neath and then just, add to that we also had the Swift a tri Academy, Beck's Rimington, yeah taking part in a first-ever, Iron, Man, I think, it's fair to say she did pretty, well because she was the fastest age group er overall, 20. Minutes ahead of second, place in their age group to, secure, her first ever Kona spot so congratulations. To her, next. We've got the WTS, Hamburg which was the fifth of the series and it looked like it was gonna be a pretty open race because of a few athletes who returning. From injury and maybe aren't full fitness like Florida fee and Johnny Brown me and Rob the women's side it definitely did throw up a surprise winner it started off with a lead from, Jess leer month and summer cook but they would soon chase down on the bike it was a group of flora Duffy included, in that Game six, riders and they looked like they were gonna be pretty strong for much of the bike but it wasn't until I think the final lap the bell but then this chasing pack which included Katie's Affairs and Nicolas barrack who were doing a lot of the work saw, that they had to make that move and they closed I think pretty much just, as they came in to t2 so it meant it was gonna be a 5k, running, race, now we haven't seen Nicolas break race for a while but she was certainly strong she led the run out but, then he was actually Cassandra, bagua and who had a lot of work to do she got I think dropped off that group somehow coming, out of t2 but, she caught up and she didn't really look back and opened up this lead which I think someone thought off you know she'll come back to us she, never did so the young French, girl went away to take her first, WTS.

Win Quite. Convincingly and then it ended up being a bit of a sprint finish again for Katie survivors, with Laura Linderman in front of her home crowd and it was Laura Linderman who finished second, just one second ahead of Katie's various and third a Nicholas Berg finished fourth well that sounds like a very exciting I, love this because, it's just like it's full gas and so, tactical, second I was try and say yeah the others and it's the same with the men's race because it was Martin van a real and of ansan Louie that led the swim out and then Jonathan, brownie just around 9 seconds back and then there's a bigger gap back then - Mary molar and Richard. Murray who they're obviously trying to drop onto, the bike there was a small, breakaway about 11 men on the first lap now on the second lap there was a three-man, breakaway from Jonathan Brownlee, Christian. Bloomer felt enfants, on Louie and that. Managed to stay away until the end and when, they came with transition they had about 20, seconds on Mario, mola, and those. Guys look like they were maybe, gonna maintain it, but Mary Miller just clawed, back, and back and measured, take the lead from Jonathan, Brownlee, a way of about one, and a half kilometers, to go look. Like Jonathan might hang on a second, but then Murray, and Louie both, came through - for. A surge right at the end and it's actually Louie that took second, and then Murray that took third and in Jonathan had to settle for fourth well, just one day after the individuals, at Derby TS Hamburg, it was the World Championships, team, mixed, relay and all the teams put together a pretty strong quartet I mean this was the first World Championships, within the Olympic qualifying period, as, well and it was fast furious and they were soon changes that throughout this race, it was obviously hosted by Jeremy they had quite a lot to EXI for at the beginning because Laura Linderman handed, over just, in the lead but I think that soon changed it became a group again and the second leg in the men's and then it was Dorian connects with a strong run, to finish who, handed over with France just, in the Lisa Cassandra Pro granted won and the women's individual, set off in front but she was soon caught by the chasing, girls I think it became a group again but she did there managed to hand over just, in the lead to France to, Vincent, Louie was Casey de Paris who was hot on her heels and that was then on to the final leg well well, son Louis didn't. Really need to look back because he set, a blistering run, split he went on to take the win and made it very successful, weekend for France they took, the mixed team gold they took gold, in the women's race and silver, in the men's, but.

It Was at the race for silver and bronze that got really exciting because we had Jacob Burt whistle from Australia, who started, off in fifth place but we know how good a runner he is he, actually passed fourth place Great, Britain Tom, Bishop, he then went on to end. Up in a sprint finish of USA, and ended up taking a second, USA, took a third and in fourth it was Great Britain right, next it was another ITU, race it was the ITU, long-distance, World Championships, held in Denmark now, this race is a 3k swim 120k. Bike followed, by a 30k. Run and then the women's race it was pretty, much the top four stayed together on the swim and the bike so it meant it came down to a running race and it was hello Frederick Stone who finished second, last year Welles competing, in front of her home crowd, got the fastest, run of the day to, take the overall wins I think she was delighted in front of that yep doing it in literally in front of her friends and her family, second, place went to Barbara of Eros and then third with a bit of a fading, run, it was Annabel Oxford well over in the men's racing is Pablo de pinna Gonzales. They came out of the swim pretty much with the lead just two seconds back and then he overcame a 36, second deficit, after the bike but, then posted. A race best, run split of 147. For the 30 kilometers, to take the win in second, it was Rudy wild and in third it was Marco Albert I just, after the show last week we had the ITU, cross triathlon, a world, chance now interestingly, a, lot of these athletes race. This race and then, head over to race, Xterra Czech Republic which is quite impressive just well more less less than a week, but. In the men's race it was a Reuben Lucifer that took the win in second it was Sam Osborne in third. It was a priest, aboard, and interestingly in fourth we had the Xterra world champion, of Bradley vise yeah, well on the women's side it was Leslie, person who took the win and we haven't had she's seen her doing that much Xterra yet this year it was Nicole Walters who's been consistent, on the Xterra circuit he finished second and in third it was Eleonora Jeanne. Right. It's time for the, GTN, tribe, and this week Italy we are staying, in the UK but we're going back in time a little bit to start with because it's North Shields Polytechnic. Athletic Club which, was founded, in 1903. As a, walking. And cycling, club. Now. I mean I point out to you that you know they could have realized about trying on a bit sooner but you pointed out it's walking not running but. Then lends. Itself very well to I'm with, the Ironman shuffle so well set up with the walking actually, but having said that it did take them a hundred and ten years before. They actually entered, into twelve or so 2013, they, got their triathlon, license from the British track and Federation yeah very impressive and they now say that they have well, they've got around a dozen, members or so that have represented, Great Britain, or in group. Teams through, different, disciplines, they. Said in its first season they had around dozen people taking part in events and this year that have easily, over 50, so they've really come on as a club really impressive, they, also say, that they've got members competing, in iron man's they've got them, in the ISO mans, the Brecker swim, runs. And. The ANA statement, yeah and it sounds like it's fairly competitive in the local region as well not, exactly sure what the event is but they, seem like they have they've got I've got a point to prove next year because they lost that this year the Northeast Team GP, title by, just, one point when the, overall points, for mm, I think that gives you an idea very how close. It was but, they, do say the consolation, was they still have the overall individual winner oh cool yeah looking through some of the phots, they, look like a very active and fun Club they've got some athletes. Competing, abroad it looks like a Spanish race there I. Know obviously some competitions, in what I guess is the UK by a very British day, alright. Well that's it for this week's show and if you want to catch all of our videos make sure you don't miss any just hit the globe to, subscribe, and if you're interested in the team mix relay that we've talked about in, this week's show we've made a video explaining exactly how it works just, here if you'd like to see our latest, triathlon.

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Do you ever run without tech and data?

No, but I'm not massively obsessed about it. I like to take my basic Garmin just to keep an eye on things... ;)


I'm a big geek for numbers, so even if I'm on a fun ride, I still like to know how many watts I'm pushing up a climb. I think being able to compartmentalize is useful, rather than completely stripping yourself of technology. Use the tech, but give yourself permission not to care about what the numbers say.

Honestly i feel incomplete without my watch and computer

Only with my dog because she is too young to run for more than a mile. But that will change when she gets older. That said, I don't pay much attention to it if a coach is taking the responsibilities for me. So when my swim coach is there, I have it recorded for Strava, but don't really pay attention to the data. Same with the run interval coach.

Yes, most of the runs. It's for fun, and once you have it, your fitness progresses. Tech is needed to adjust training routines or to test youself periodically, but if you can't gasp the feelings with tech data, and have unbearable urge to look at the screen, good luck with obsession progression.

Never without HRM - as an overweight, older bloke, don't care about speed, but I always clock the HR.

Not really unless I get grounded LOL but honestly I just like knowing my speed and pace and stuff.

Mostly use it to pace the training. Got very poor body perception :) But all I got is a smartphone and a very basic bike computer with only distance, speed and a clock.

I like to do my races with out all the extra worries of starting and stopping my watch and wondering how much more I have and what speed I'm going at.

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I don't know much about the Bob Graham Round, but I'm pretty sure you don't "win the race". It calls itself a fell running "challenge", anyone can attempt it on any day, any time - no mass start, no organisers, marshals etc.The original challenge, which Bob Graham set the bar - hence the name, was to get to the top of as many Lake District hills (> 2000 ft) as you can within 24 hrs.After that, it evolved into: run the route that Bob Graham did (with a few tweaks) within 24 hrs to successfully complete the challenge. To summarise, here is a quote from The Bob Graham club chairman on their website: This is not some elite clique but a friendly bunch of like-minded individuals who revel in the freedom and beauty of the fells. You are most welcome to join us - if you are able!

killian is a fraud and the bg round isnt a race :/

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Not only triathlon but every sport.Personally i have a vegan nutrition and i dont even use energy gel.I am not a competitive guy and of course i am not critisizing the people who use hi tec ,i just love trainning in its pure form and that gives me joy.

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When it is on strava, someone made it up. No story left.

caption: when you mastered your Flying Mount!

Caption 1: French football players were asked how the world cup final was going as they slid on their knees towards the corner flag in celebration of a goal. Their response: "it's going swimmingly for us but for Croatia the game has really taken a dive". Caption 2: "Heads, shoulders, knees and pose."

Caption: 'Vindaloo Compulsion Test - Success'

Caption: "Cannon"dales' Athlete sponsorship requirements might have gone a step too far

Caption : When your tech watch tracks elevation gained

Caption : GTN taught me how to do a flying mount

Caption : need to watch GTN video on how to do a flying mount

Caption : high jump = Extra elevation recorded on my garmin

Caption : 4th discipline in triathlon is high jump

Caption : When your garmin watch has a feature for high jump

I don't think, that technology is bad for the sport. Because nowone is forced to use powermeters etc. But if a Powermeter helps you to pace a big bike-ride you can enjoy also the last 20km because you didn't burn all matches.

Global Triathlon Network Only with my Roadbike, but often I ride just to ride, without any particular Intervalls or Ttraininggoals in mind. Just to keep my love and passion for the sport or to flee the everyday stress.

That's true Andreas, do you always train to power?

Caption: Boy those new breaks on my bike work well..

#caption: I shall now perform how not to do the silly salmon.

All road rides and one run per week not monitored with tech during the activity. Just go out and listen to your body; it knows best.

And it's important to get in tune with your body when training, to know when it needs rest for example

CAPTION: Emil Holm was taken off-guard by the early catapult start at the mixed relay World Championships in Hamburg. /should this half-arsed effort be picked, please give the award to a runner-up as I've got a couple already!/

I just recently did a sprint triathlon without my Garmin (the battery had died). As soon as I realised I'd be racing purely on feel - no power, no HR, no speed or pace - I was angry at myself for a split second, and then I felt amused. I'd spent 14 tri races obsessing about numbers, might be time to try something else? Ended up having one of the best experiences AND fastest races ever on the day. Strongly recommended if you have a few triathlons under your belt and a short race ahead of you.

Wow, great work! Interesting how it was your fastest race, maybe it has a place in training but on the day just listen to your body?

Caption: "Yoga time everyone. Make sure you breathe i-" SPLASH!

#Caption: Not exactly what coach meant by aero-tuck.

Overengineering of bikes are taking the ability to compete away from some riders. Athletic competition should be about the athlete, not the gear that can make them faster.

That's a good point Michael, are beginner's being put off feeling they need all the new tech to compete?

Caption competition. “Of course this what I wear playing patty cake. What do you wear?”

Okay that 858 has been in the background for so long let me have it

Caption Competiotion: Head and SHoulders, Knees and Toes. Knees and Toes.

#caption "seriously guys wind tunnel tests suggest this is the most aero... Damn wrong discipline!"

caption: "I hope my bike aero position translates to this dive"

Caption: Competitor 17D is going for a 3.8 difficulty dive, 1/2 summersault in tuck.

Should mix it up a bit with some new segments

Hi Bretzky, that's a great idea, what would you like to see?

1) I've a basic careers vanquish (heavy) 2) cage pedals no cleats 3) watch and bike computer both from aldi or lidl for 5.99 each 4) everything else from wiggle as cheap as possible And this year my results have got better and better train by feel !!!! And by learning from internet as I coach myself . TO thing too much technology give some athletes a belief it will make them faster !!!! Not !!!

You can have all the gear but you've got to put in the training!

Caption: a quick yoga routine before the swim for a relaxed race - the diving dog

CAPtion comp: some triathletes are taking their yoga cross-training to new heights these days!

#caption: this is my best aero position

Thanks Mark and Heather for choosing my comment as this week's winner! My caption for this week is as follows: Never knew that the Frog Splash makes is valid wrestling and diving technique! Obviously I'm not entering to win, gotta give chance to other people, but feel free to feature it if you like it!

Nice work NikMic!

Caption: CANNONBALL!!!!

Caption: I don’t think Tom daily needs to worry!

Caption: Everyone expected French to perform well, however it was Danes that dropped a bombshell

My two cents: I think this is worth a longitudinal study to determine whether it enhances progress or hampers it. For the indoor training, I think the gamification aspect of it, I think, would help someone like me to the detriment of being exposed to the elements (wind, rain, snow (i.e. Canadian winters) etc etc).

That would be super interesting!

I never leave the house without my GPS but I remember reading that Dave Scott declined a watch sponsor because he did not want to run with a watch.

Caption: "Head, Shoulders, knees, and toes..."

Caption: My coach told me that I couldn't do a tumble turn in open this!

Caption: Even Eddy the eagle started small once :)

NO WAY!!!! I WON!!!! you guys are awesome!!!!


The best reason not to have tech is not to have money

lol I feel you

Caption: The panicked dive of a triathlete who just realised he didn't start his watch before jumping

Caption: Studies have shown that diving like a running dog is more aero!

Absolutely Love This Show!

Thanks Michal

Caption: "Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Kees and toes."

I was Hamburg for the WTS Event. Always great 5th year attending the event.


Caption: Heeeeaaadd, shoulder, kneeeees and... what was the last thing? *belly flopp*

Has GCN or GTN ever taken a solid stance on a subject? Seems like every one of these “debates” is just a list of points and counter-points with no conclusion. Are they just trolling for comments? Let’s debate!

Hi Selino, it's a really interesting topic and difficult to come to a conclusion as it's so personal. But you're right, we love to read the comments and see what our viewers' opinions are on the subject!

I've recently started training for triathlon and I'm very passionate about it. I've made my resolution of steering clear from hi tech stuff, from protein powder and exercise bikes, from apps and indoor training. Just the pleasure of going OUT THERE and measure myself naturally with my limits. Will I be frustrated and unable to achieve any results at all? Only time will tell...

Nice choice Paolo, it's always important to have fun!

Head shoulders knees and toes!

Caption: When you haven't practiced your dives in awhile. Caption: When your coach told you to come out of the blocks like a cannon.

I feel like it does. I usually set my training to a certain pace and if I don't hit that pace then I have to work even harder. I like to see my data and being really purposefull with my training.

That's fair enough! Does the data help with your training?

Caption: That wasn’t very aero

Always have my garmin with me when training to record the work out. But I do like sessions where its on and recording but I just go by feel.

How about when you race? Do you have your Garmin on then?

Where’s the pain cave?


Caption: “Coach said get aero on the fly”

Caption: How can you swim when you are doing a bellyflop?

what bikes do you GTN use?

Hi Lucas, we use Cervelo and BMC bikes

Caption: Maybe the canon wasn't a good idea.





hey guys, just caught the episode. great timing for the topic. I had a 18km trail race last weekend and, as fate would have it, my Garmin was off being replaced for a dud battery. I still tracked it on Strava, but on my phone in my pocket, so I had no idea how fast or how far I had gone. Was the most enjoyable event I have done in ages, the mental freedom of not constantly looking at my wrist. Not to mention I went 8mins faster than my pre-race prediction.

I always keep my devices to monitor my training load. But I often don't use an HRM for commuting and no power meter because it's low intensity anyway. But I'm not a slave to these devices, I often record without even watching it. Except power on group rides to avoid blowing up

Can you do videos on duathlons

Caption: Need to get the pre swim stretch in

#caption I'd rather be sitting in my office at my desk and undo my registration. #caption2 hot to book a parabolic flight

Caption: head shoulders knees toes string flip water wait what?

Hey GTN, so stoked to win the women's shorts, thank you for the cool opportunity! Just wanted to ask if I missed your email? Kind regards, khadija rombi

Caption:  I see your dolphin and raise you a frog.

CAPTION: When you see something in the water! :o

Caption: Head shoulders knees and toes!

Global Triathlon Network hello

Caption: I think my baked bean carb loading strategy has back fired...

I have a question regarding the stuff my garmin connect is telling me: there is so much data that is beeing tracked and I don't really understand all of it. E.g. the Vertical Ratio (%). Mine is at 11.1 and I'm supposed to be around 7 or 8ish. Does anyone have any tips how to improve that or can explain maybe why this ratio is so high and what it means. I think that the data from all the tech can only help if you understand it so I though I'd ask :)

Caption: Which stroke am I swimming again? Caption: I've forgotten my Gels again havent I?

Hi. So just to break it down, Vertical ratio is the ratio of vertical oscillation to stride length. Vertical oscillation is your bounce while running. It's essentially saying you have too much bounce per stride. That's generally regarded as a waste of energy. I am actually looking to do a video on this soon. So keep an eye out. Thanks, Mark

Ha! Missed this episode when it first came out and just found out that I won the Assos bib shorts! Thanks GTN!!!

I won and have still not received my prize. No answers on my e mails.

Dan Thorbys’s playsportnetwork email and the globaltrinetwork one.

Hi Pamzy, what email address have you contacted us on and we can follow up for you?

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