Inside a Huge PCB Factory - in China

Inside a Huge PCB Factory - in China

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Circuit, boards are in just about every piece of electronics, in our lives but. How are they made and, why the heck is it so yellow in here today, we're. Gonna find out. Printed. Circuit boards or PCBs, may look really complicated but they're actually pretty simple they're, a bunch of tiny copper wires sandwiched. In between multiple. Layers of fiberglass. Now the wires are, there to connect all of the various integrated, circuits and other electronic, components, in an organized, repeatable, way to make up an electronic circuit today. We're. Gonna see how they're manufactured, I'm, here at the JL CPCB Factory, in play Joe China which, is outside of Schengen and I'm, here with Lilly who's. A technical. Support representative, that talks to engineers, all day long who, sends you design files for, PCB is to have you manufacture, them and so you know everything, about this process and you can answer any question I might ask right. Not. Every question so, you brought someone with you. Great. To have you mr. leo and you can answer any question that Lilly doesn't know the answers yeah. Great. I'm. Really excited to see this process step by step but. First we, need to rewind, a couple hours and go back to your main headquarters in, Shenzhen to see the very first step. So. We're here at your headquarters yeah. And, this is where the first stage in the process happens, right where. The very first thing, when, a when a customer, sends in their file to have a board designs it, happens here this is our, engineering. Department. This. Is where they review the design files to make sure there are no problems yeah. Yeah he's checking where, this fire, is okay for example Reza Sayah is some layer list. Whether. There has a, folder, for the fire weather, yeah whether the shooting fire is there yeah so he's just making sure that the engineer who designed this the customer didn't. Design it in a way that you can't actually manufacture, yeah, so he makes the production file and then he sends that over the Internet to the factory yeah and then the next step happens at the factory yeah right yeah, okay let's go back to the factory and see the exit okay let's go so, this. They're, printing, the design on, to, clear. Film here, Wow. So. These, now we're, gonna go see where they take this film and they, use this they use light to project this image onto, a. Board that, has some photoresist, on it that, will then expose similar, to how you would expose. A photograph, now we've got the design we need to transfer, it onto a copper, circuit board blank but. First we've got to prepare that blank so let's go see where you guys do that oh. I. Have no idea it comes this big so, we have to cut it of course, okay. So this. Is. Your, fr4. Fiberglass, yeah you. Have two coppers, on the top, and the bottom vaminos, yeah. When we remove the copper, then say yellow, yellow, pause that's the so called epithelium. Right what is your fiberglass, so that's your fiberglass, in between and, then the copper. Is our knee sandwich already glued on the outside yeah yep got it and so this, is the. Circuit board before. Anything's, been printed on it this, is the raw raw. Material, yeah that's, really cool so the next step is you cut this down you take these big sheets and you cut it right yeah oh wow. Okay. This, is crazy, this is the original size for this material and. So you're picking this up here and then this is a cutter machine here. So. It starts out as one piece here and it's getting cut down the middle by a song so, what's going on here it looks like it's. Cutting. The edges. So. Maybe man is very smooth got it so. Next what are we gonna see review see how the in in a year it's made of pressed yeah cut it and so these are the wires that run in, the middle of the board where you can't see them yeah okay so we got to put on outfits. This. Is like a proper clean room so we really don't want to damage the the, boards that are being made by right now by like bringing in too much dirt and dust yeah.

Tell. Your boss thank you for, letting us come and see the inside I've never gotten to see this, area. Are. You ready yeah, so we'll go through here. So. These are the boards that we saw yeah, been cut in the other room yeah so they have to load. Back. The joy-filled. On, homicide, and. Sigh okay so when they expose, this material, to light it gets hard and it sticks to the board and, in places where there's no life in where there's black. In the image. This. Disk, will wash off and that. Will protect the copper from. Being, dissolved. By, the alkaline, bath we're gonna see later in the process so now, that the film is on the. Blanks. We. Need to actually apply, the design right, so. She's got books like two films, there sandwich. Together. At. The same time. Oh I, see, and it's doing it behind behind there or, gets it oh I, see there's a light in the corner oh and, you could you can see the design already. So. Why. Are all, the lights of yellow in there. Because. The view, is ligh sensitive. Yeah. So we don't need allies so strong if, it if the lie is strong, then maybe the field will, be exposed, right because, the light is sensitive to blue light or that the film is sensitive to blue light and that, will make it hard and so, the yellow light doesn't affect it I understand. That. This stack of boards is ready to be developed, and they're, gonna feed it through the wall and, so. Then, that will go into the rest of the developing process yeah. Okay, so but I bet we have to take off the bunny suits and go outside to go see that okay. All right let's go all, right here we go this is like an activated, charcoal mask. This, is where we just were and. And, now, the boards are coming through that have been exposed to the light and now, they're going through the developing, process, everywhere. That there's copper, the. Copper is going to get removed so developing, over here where we wash off the excess. Photoresist. And then here is the actual etching process, and this, is like an alkaline, solution that. Removes. The copper chemically, a whole bunch of chemicals, going on here we totally can't see inside, but. When. We come out to this side. Have. A look now, where, there was copper back there there's. The yellow which. Is the fr4, right, that's. The fiberglass and. It's in that in the middle, got. It and so. Underneath this blue is, still the copper that we want to keep so, then it comes around over here then, it's yeah it says here film stripping, so that's removing, the blue now on top of the copper okay so it's a bunch of washing, and removing, oh there. We go the, blue has been removed and it just leaves the copper underneath that it was protecting, and now, we have our designing copper, so that this, is starting to look like a circuit board and.

Then. Drying, it looks like and. Then it's putting a protective, layer in between so they don't scratch each other each one of these now is a finished, inner layer is that right it's. Done, so. Next. You. Need to inspect, the, etching on the inner layer and make sure that everything is okay right this, is, very cool this is an automatic, robotic, inspection. Right you. Guys call this Aoi. Optical. Inspection, and. Then it's scanning it with like a light and a camera. It's. So, fast and so this is comparing, what the board looks like with. What, the design file is supposed to look like and so then when this is done then. This goes to be sandwiched with the with the copper on either side of it let's. Go see that this, is the clip, back we, we, call it CP we. Can see the light here, is its domain the surface may laugh we. Call it round, Tobin that put the PV to it to. Increase. The. Fighting. Boys. Binding, force let me see if I can really explain that a little bit. This. Machine, Witzel. Takes. The smooth surface, and makes, it a little bit more rough yeah so that when you put the prepreg, on there which is sort of like an epoxy glue, that. It can get, into the surface and find more and more strong. So, this is like a like, a sheet of fiberglass but, it's really thin it's flexible, and it, has an epoxy already, already. Impregnated into, it already soaked into the fabric I see and then you're gonna put this here and then we're gonna put another piece of copper and and. The sandwich oh. Wow. This. Is a huge, machine so. This copper, foil is the outside. There's. Only one worker for this whole area, could. Be one person so. That's the bottom topper now the. Prepreg, and the middle and the top. Yep and then, peepee and then another layer of copper and, then one of these metal sheets, one. Big sandwich. This. Is the room we were just in right okay. Oh and, he's about to bring some out right now oh. Oh. These. Are the board's that we just saw being stacked together I'm glad. He told me I would have gotten to run over well, let's go chase that robot cuz that's got the other stack right so, there goes the stack that that, the first stack that we made in, here is the press this is where they come next definitely, no safety rails here you just have to be standing out of the way oh. This. Is where he controls, they, do increase, the temperature. Sometime. Later. And then increase it to 200, I see, so this is the steps it goes through the basic deal is you load this in the furnace. Pressure, and heat up to 200 degrees and. You. Know 27, kgs, of pressure. That. Will melt, the epoxy, in the prepreg and stick. It to both sides and then, and then it comes out here and we can see the finish the finish yeah. Lamination, okay let's go take a look so this is what, it looks like when it's fully laminated, this is the copper wow, that is super thin, this. Is like yeah paper thickness maybe even thinner so inside, that is the inside layer that we etched and now, it's got two pieces of copper foil on the outside now. Now. It's four layer now we need to drill some holes all. The holes yeah, this, is the drill room oh my. God you guys have so many drilling machines underneath. All of this all. Of this stuff is the, circuit boards that we just saw right. And. They're in a standard why they're stacks are like three and, these are all the drill bits here yeah these machines can automatically, change what drill bit they're using yeah they they can drill all different size holes depending, on the design and, they. Just come out here and they they put. The one that they've been using and they pick up a new one and they go back in the kitchen oh it's here it's doing it it's switching heads okay switching bits so, these boards are fully drilled and Louch these.

These Are little, tiny deals there are two kinds of bowls three. Kinds of poles in, a circuit board there RVs, there's. Through-hole, and then, there's just a mechanical, hole right. Yeah, like for putting screws so. So. Those are obvious those are promoting screws and bolts and things through those are these big holes around the outside then, through holes are for putting the, legs of components, through like resistors, capacitors. Right, yeah, and then vias these, vias, are the magic that makes circuit boards work makes multi-layer. Boards work when you've got wires on the top of your board and wires on the bottom of the board the, vias are what connect those two sets of wires together so, you drill a really tiny hole and then, you have to send two late. Copper, in, that hole so that it connects the two yeah, I can't, believe how big this drill operation, is so how many heads is this this is one, two three four five six, heads yeah, so they're all doing the same thing the whole time and. They're all working on their own stacks, of boards which, all have to be perfectly, aligned to each other so next, we'll go see plating, where. Where we actually put copper back in the holes okay. So, this is a copper, plating, process. Where. Every pole, has copper plated, on the inside this. Is a chemical process that I don't fully, understand, if you're a chemist and you, understand this process better than I do leave a comment in the comments and I'll make, sure it gets visible, I'm not sure I fully understand, what all is going on here, but. The. Important takeaway is. That we're putting copper in the holes. So, we talked to mr. Vieau and. It turns out we only saw half the process. This. Is the other half before we it was doing copper plating, but it was just putting a really thin layer. Right. Not thick enough for soldering and for oh you know electricity to flow through. Right. So this is an electroplating, line, but but in. Order to electroplate, you actually need to be able to run electrical current through it and the, first step gave us enough copper to be able to do this and then this will grow. The thickness of the copper in those holes. So. Now we're back in, the dark room. And this time we're putting the traces, on the outside of the board right. Okay so this process is exactly, the same as what we saw for the inside layers so. Let's go ahead and just skip ahead to the next step. So. This is a why again we saw Aoi for. The inner layer. Are. These, machines on any different than the ones downstairs. Same. Exact thing so, this. Is where. You apply the solder mask which, gives circuit boards that unique, green color yeah right so far they've been yellow turning.

Them Green you can do other colors too but green is what, everybody thinks of when they think of soluble. Yeah. It's. Liquid solder mask and. Your, squeegee aiming it on with these sweeties it. Goes back and forth so we're putting it everywhere here, and then in the next step we're gonna remove some of it yeah on, this machine, we're, only soldering, or or only putting solder mask on one side of the board right yeah but we want it on both sides okay. Right. Okay, so. Let's go down here oh I, see so you've got two machines that are exactly the same oh and, you've got you've, got a robot arm that, flips it over in the middle that is, super cool and then, next where do we go we. Have to make. Giant. So, you've got these big industrial dryers. Here, oh I, see, okay so all the board's are vertically, stacked up here yeah, it is, a jointer. That just makes the solder mask kind. Of tacky dry, so that it doesn't run off so. Next, we. Need to go see how we remove, the solder mask off the pads where we don't want it they, cover the, field, on. This, PCB the fil have the openings. For, the. That, means with. Me to remove, these. Films that printed out the same way to put the film as we saw for the traces yeah and, anywhere, there's black. Yes solder mask is gonna be ruined they put black where there are pads or, other things where we don't want Tata mask to, stick yeah, so he's taking boards that have, solder mask everywhere and he's putting the films on, both sides yeah so. I think this. Solder mask is UV. Curable, UV. Light and, so. When you expose this solder mask to UV light it. Makes it hard and. So. What that's what this bright, purple light is over here is a. UV light we're, just hearing the. Solder mask everywhere. That the the film, is clear and, anywhere it's black it's, it's staying uncured, and then. We can wash it off. That's. The washing line in there. This. Is the other side of the clean room where the boards were going into the wall. Come. Out in here and this looks just like the developing, line that, we saw on the in the etching process, right. So it's basically, just water, sprayers, that are moving back and forth and and spraying, off all the excess solder mask right that the solder mask that didn't get hardened by the light so we can see here, the, boards, are, have.

The Solder mask removed, from the pad so we can see the copper pads. That's. Awesome, now it's. Time to put some markings, on these boards this. Is. Your. Silkscreen, process and this, is just. What you would expect this, looks exactly like a t-shirt silkscreen. Yeah, it's a big frame and it's, got a piece of silk stretched in the middle and then. On there. Is the design, from. The design files of where, the. Engineer, has, drawn silkscreen, why do engineers, put a silkscreen on the board. Their. Logos. Maybe. Or. Special. Yeah. So they'll put text that says like what each component is. Alignment. Lines for, where where components, are should be on the board it's, purely for humans, right it has no electrical, purpose but, it's usually for humans to know what goes where how should it be aligned, logos. Part. Numbers things like that and in your life now, this is not the only way you do this you. Have a different machine so. This looks like a giant, inkjet. Printer like. What you would have at home, but. Maybe. With a UV, cured, looks. Like a UV cured. Inkjet. Printer why, do you use, the, old method at all why not do it all with this machine it's, only. The, quantity. It's twice more ah they, think that bitch won it's much. Lower, event, fashi time I understand. So, if they only have a few they, use the slower machine that. Doesn't require making silk screens but, if they're gonna make a lot then. It's worth making a silk screen and they can do it much faster so now we've got all the labels and the outlines, printed, on our board let's. Go see the next step the boards are coming out of the. Ovens that that, finishes the globe strand makes it hard and now. They're coming into surface treatment a service treatment on the copper that makes it easier to solder right. So it makes it perfectly flat and, and. Makes the solder stick better so, there's, a couple different options here, but this one is called hassle, hot. Air service, leveling right. Wow. So. The board is tipping down into the liquid solder. And. Then they pull it out and there's there's hot air blades, that blow. Off all the all the excess you, can tell it. Goes in copper, and it comes out silver. Okay. So. This, looks like the drill machines we saw before we're not drilling holes anymore right. On. One big panel. So. We have to cut out each PCB. According. To the shape the designer. Specified. Drew, these are basically cutting bits that are cutting around the, edges of each circuit board, so. What is this room. Okay. So this is related to what we just saw cutting. Out the profiles but it's a little different. Before. We, go. Our. Tennessee so each of these is a separate board right. But they receive it like this they'll, place all their components, on there in, their pick and place machine or, whatever and. Then, snap, it apart okay. So the V score here this machine makes. That makes that scoring cut so that it's easy to break it he's, getting a stack ready to go into the machine here oh. Wow. That's so fast. We. Have our finished boards we're done right no we have to test whether the. PCB. Is all okay. And. That's. The most important part right we, have to make sure that the things that should connect do connect and the things that shouldn't connect don't, connect so this is your, a testing room if. We, use flying, poke passing, this is one of my favorite machines in a PCB Factory they've, got little tiny. Needles. On the end of these arms, right and those, touch each of the pads on the, circuit board where, a component, is going to be soldered down. So. They're testing the, electrical. Connection, between, two, arbitrary pads, right. And the computer, knows. Where all of the pads should be because, it has the design and, it knows what should connect together and what shouldn't connect together and it, tests all of the combinations, of that one by one yeah, that's, amazing. Finally. Though. We. Have finished, circuit boards here, fully. Tested, wholly, manufactured. And ready to go to the customer yeah. So what's the last step. Packaging. And shipping so. This is a an, example ready, to ship it's got a label on it yeah ready, to go out to the customers once it's all packed up and ready to go it, gets shipped out to the customer so gets packing labels and and, on. Its way and. So how long we've, seen this whole process this is the very last step of shipping out to a customer how, long from, when the customer, submits their design until. It gets shipped out. When. It's, put into production. Is. It maybe four, hours four. Hours not, so, fast. Yeah so, in the u.s. sometimes. Weeks, is typical, or to, wait from the time that you submit your order to the time that it's ready to ship I know you have. Customers. In the US and Europe how long does it typically take for, shipping on top of that. DHL. Shipping three days so you're looking at you, know four days from the time you submit your file to the time you have your boards yeah four days that's pretty darn fast well.

I Think that about does it for this time I really. Enjoyed that I enjoyed seeing the full process I think, I had a couple interesting takeaways, from that I think. The biggest one was just how complex, this process is there, are so many steps and you have so many different boards, so many different designs flowing, through your Factory it's. Amazing, that you guys keep all of this straight that you keep track of whose orders or what and there. Are so many details you have to get right there's there's keeping things aligned, and keeping things clean I'm so, impressed I, hope. You guys enjoyed, this. To her as much as I did I wanted, to thank jlc PCD for sponsoring, this video and making it possible but more importantly I wanted to thank you guys for, giving me such deep. Access to your factory such complete access you, in particular mr. leo have been very accommodating and letting us go into all of the clean rooms and, see all of the different areas it, makes a big difference and Lily, and mr. Leo thank you so much for taking the time to show me around and the rest of your team I really. Appreciate it if, you guys want to learn more about jlc PCB and their capabilities, and, eventually. Order a board. Design and have them manufacture, it you can find a link to their website in the description below, I hope you guys enjoyed this factory tour I want to do a lot more of them this year so, leave, a comment below with what factories, you'd like me to go see and I'll see what I can do but. For now i'm scottie from strange parts if, you enjoyed this video hit that subscribe button down below and hit. That Bell icon next to it if you want to be notified about every video I upload but. For now stay, tuned for more adventures I'll see you next time.

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Untold amounts of passion coming from Scotty. Love it. Potential Youtuber of the year right here!

I am amased. This is another level documentary. Good job.Leveling up.

I love the smell of photoresist in the morning!

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! :)

Thanks you for this great videos. I didn't imagine that the process was so complex !

Its totally using I.Cs they will still use capacitors, resistors and diodes. This factory is fully automated.

I've ordered many pcbs for JLCPCB. Thank you for this video...

Nice business model you've worked out. Get factories to sponsor your trips. Good one.

i like how she just say yep yeah yep yep and his just explaning everything like his he knows everything then the girl is like why tf do you need me when you almost knows everything

No big brand makes the product themselves anymore.That includes the Laptop brands like toshiba, sony etc.All are contract manufactured.All that the brands do is marketing advertising and warehousing. Thats it.

A PCB, which is the heart of any electronic gadget is dirt cheap to produce. Maybe a couple of dollars at most.The most expensive part is the screen and battery. A mobile phone costs $ 10 to make. Really, its that cheap.

Electronic PCB making is a lot like Screen Printing. Im surprised they are using film for every blank pcb.I would've thought the laser is is doing the exposing part...but no, its still the positive film which is doing it.

Hi, I'm not a chemist but since I've worked in a PCB factory a while ago I know that they use a solution that has copper in it and it has positive electric charge and also they connect the pcb fiber glass part to negative electrodes so the tiny cooper particles in the soulution will bind to the pcb

As a retired PCB Engineer you got everything correct. I don't see any changes since I retired in 1985. Just more automation

Amazing piece of content.

Could you do the next step of the process? A factory that adds the components to the boards? Or maybe the step before, where you see an engineer design the boards?

Can you make a psp ?

Got my first PCB from JLCPCB yesterday, awesome quality und super fast delivery! Got a 4 Layer PCB within 6 days to germany :) This makes prototyping sooo much faster and cheaper for my company!

This is LETGIT

keep them coming

Ohh my god I love JLC PCB recently I received circuit boards and spare parts from JLC PCB..I am wondering about their service and product quality. 1000% of excellency in their works..Thank you so much dear for making such a video about JLC PCB.

excellent video, impressive factory.

Electric bike factoru :D ,

Wow this is amazing- thank you for getting a tour of this facility!! I'm blown away by the level of automation achieved by these factories, there are clearly some talented/hard working equipment engineers who are developing these processes. Such a cool a video :D

So we went there with our technologies, we built factories, taught them how to do it, turned our factories into warehouses, which we are now closing, as it becomes cheaper to ship directly.. and now they are teaching us technologies we.. forgot? Oh, no.. we didn't, she just pretends that she knows, he pretends that he's asking.. while he's explaining.. Man, I'm lost with it.

Your videos are so good....and the editing is getting better and better..

Lily is like: how do this guy know so much?

A well made video and a very interesting factory!

He is doing all the explanations. She just says yeah.

I used to work for an electronics manufacturing company a few years back. At the time all of our pcbs were purchased from companies in the US, however our purchasing department started outsourcing pcbs to companies in China. I can tell you from experience that there was no end of problems with quality of the stuff coming from China. - Starting with their lack of understanding of design standards. There seemed to be a lot of misinterpretation of basic manufacturing standards. I'm not referring to the actual engineering design that we would send them, but rather the manufacturing specs. - They always seemed to be on the low side of tolerances. Now that didn't always cause a problem but every once in a while it did create problems with designs that might have been borderline or with stack up. - They had very poor quality control standards. It seems their level of quality control depended upon what we insisted on. And when there was a problem, it was a hassle trying to deal with the factory do to the time difference. Hopefully things are different now.

That girl is so cute.

I get my hobby boards manufactured by this company. 4-6 days from submitting my files to delivery at my front door. And at US$0.20 cents per board. Fantastic service.

So does the factory use a licensed CAM 350 software? I am a Chinese, but infringing US's intellectual property isn't a proper business conduct.

another hole is for isolating high voltage.

Wait, I'm so confused who the host and who the guest is...

Felt like you were giving her the tour lmao

I am not sure how JLCPCB plates copper on their boards, but we've done this in our laboratory. Please research the process thoroughly if you attempt it, it uses toxic chemicals, especially formaldehyde. There are two steps: first electroless plating, then electroplating afterwards. I can explain how we electroless plate our 3-D printed parts. First they must be cleaned thoroughly, which for example can be done by using sodium hydroxide. Then the surface must be made hydrophilic by oxidation. We use hydrogen peroxide or sodium percarbonate for this, others use ammonium persulfate. Then we have to put a catalytic layer so that copper deposits on the surface. We use colloidal silver as our catalyst, which is deposited by alternately dipping in silver nitrate and tin (II) chloride. Then electroless plating is performed, with a mixture of EDTA as a chelator, triethanolamine as chelator and buffer, sodium hydroxide, copper sulfate, and formaldehyde as the reducing agent with the solution maintained at pH of 11 and at 50-60 C. Then the part is electroplated, which uses dissolved copper in an acidic solution, with copper sulfate, acetic acid, citric acid, and a few other chemicals that act to make the electroless deposition smoother, more even, and shinier. Then it is dipped in a protective solution like benzotriazole to prevent corrosion on the surface. The process we used is for an academic laboratory, so its likely JLCPCB's is more suited for mass production and not like the one I've described.

JLCPCB is doing a fantastic job. Delivering a quality product at a low cost. In emerging countries like mine, the lack of suppliers means that we are left without many options. Not long ago I made my printed circuit boards with pen and iron perchloride. Horrible results. After the easyEDA/jlcpcb I can even commercialize the boards that I designed. That's awesome.

You were on a tour with the person who worked there. Why would you ask us for something you didn't understand in the comment section at first rather than ask her? It's becoming more like you gave her a tour about the fabrication haha

She didn't know either, and Mr. Liu had left us to our own devices at that point.

Put copper in her hole xD

Nailed it. I went on a Shenzhen pcb factory tour last November. Strangely, they took us through in reverse and began with packaging, working backwards to file inspections. I have designed more than 400 different pcbs over the years and have seen tooling costs fall to about 15% of what they were in the early 80's. Mostly we now allow 5 days for manufacture and 5 days for freight, otherwise the price creeps up unnecessarily. Well done video. Great production values.

You know what I want to see... Solar Panels, or Batteries, to show how nasty that stuff is on the manufacturing side of things. Just so people realize it's not all sun and flowers powering their ride to Starbucks...

the best vias technique is still a big secret

youre like a louder, more intellectual Conan O'Brien

Thanks Again! I would also like to see some personal interviews as well. She did a great job of giving you a tour, but I'd like to hear stuff about where she learned English, what kind of business owners she deals with (good, or bad). Like the guy in Dubai with the antique cameras sharing his family history :)

When india have this?

I worked for 10 years at Burroughs/Unisys Corp. making PCBs in a plant in Carlsbad, CA (it is no longer there). Except for the enclosed high-tech aspects, it was basically the same exact steps back in 1979! We were more industrial in nature so only the Imaging Room (where the masks were created) were "clean-ish...had to wear smock & hair nets. A lot of the steps required hand-transporting rather than conveyor lines. We had a huge line to plate the Copper, Nickel, and Tin on the boards...the 700 line (The Baker Line)...huge gantries and computer controlled! Such great memories...thanks for the video! -) TQQdles™


This guy is a little hard to watch

Great video. Just Subscribed!

jlcpcb is the next squarespace. every tech youtuber is sponsored by them

the girl only know how to say "yaa" "hmmm" Is her ability to speak broken or something?

Right, but Americans, in general, speak no other languages. I'd be happy speaking broken Chinese!

you can see her getting less and less interested in doing this as he keeps yammering. started out laughing, ended up with ya, ya, and polite nods LOL he is annoying


Pretty much very awesome to see this, you are a lucky guy seeing this kind of manufacturing.

Solar Panels factory would be nice ! there a bunch near your location i think.

Amazing! just mind blowing Scotty ! i'm seeing how you work with your videos and edits, and pal, you are doing great work! loved the PCB factory


Supert cool

Amazing - thanks a lot for this tour

*IN CHINA* "Why is it so yellow in here?"

It's UV light used to shine on the boards. So nothing at the blue end of the spectrum.

"Wow, wow, amazing, wow". Not for "dummies", for really dumbs.

Oh hell yes! PCB plants are amazing! Kind of like getting your drivers licence and a car, and suddenly having the ability to go literally anywhere, but for creatives, and the doors to potentially create anything have just been opened. It's that big a deal. Short turnaround PCB manufacturing is what is putting the makerscene on the forefront, and competing with turnkey. It's 2018 and there is literally no eason not to have anything in your life not custom, handbuilt, utilising your own hard earned knowledge.

He's like the Steve Irwin of How it's Made

Great video. I ordered 40 small PCBs (inc two designs) from them a month ago and took the cheapest delivery option. They took less than two weeks to get to me (UK) and cost less than £10 total delivered!

It's funny, I started designing simple PCB's to create a SLA printer from spare 3D printer parts, and projectors, so his last few vids (which I've watched in the last few hours!) have hit home. Lots of youtube 4 layer PCB vids digested :)

This video was quite the eye opener. I lost my job because it went to China.Because of my technical background, I can tell you do not understand electronic development nor the process of manufacture. Nor do you understandthe impact of sending thousands of jobs oversea to increase corporate profit.. The ultimate goal of any company or individual is profit. Some would say,yes, so what. That's the way the world works and always has. But, put yourself in my shoes. An exemplary employee, loosing my job, family, homeand belongings.    Let me educate you. The design files are not designed/conceived in China.Other countries oversea them. They do not ( yet ) have the design skills tocreate. Very insulting to see your joy in thousands of skilled job loss. HMMMMMaybe a huge tariff is justified, if you haven't earned your way.   I only read a few comments, but it was sickening to me. Everyone so happy,everyone who didn't earn their place in the conception or development process.Without the West handing you everything on a silver plater, you'd be sweepingstreets.   I know this because I was a victim of cooperate greed. Beware, companies will move their production anywhere it's cheaper. I was overly confident too.Rated #1 several times, but if the same thing can be done cheaper, elsewhere,they'll move it. From a business perspective, it's the right thing to do.    My suggestion to China or any other country is, save your money. They'll leaveyou in an instant if they can get it done cheaper elsewhere. But don't be sador disheartened, you did a good job. It's about money and those at the top.Governments aren't necessarily to blame either.    I was so sad to see many misplaced joy in the comments glorifying corporations who are abusing the Chinese workers. They already work for less than anybody else. Maybe worldwide unions are needed.

When and why did he start to speak so freaking loud? Generic Youtube behavior

No, loud factory. He'll learn to trust the mic levels. Like... Nascar announcers ;)

Dude talks too much and too loud and doesn't let cute Lilly get out more than a "yeah" before cutting her off. Man, slow down!

Can you get at Foxconn?

I always wonder how someone got the idea of how to make something (like this factory are making PCB), and also how they found a way to construct the machines and software that drives the factory. It's really cool

That poor girl didnt had a chance to say anything. Have some respect for Asian people. You are a quest, not the director ceo. You only watch , and keep your mouth shut.

Incredibly detailed and informative factory tour, this was so damn interesting! This was so professionally edited and produced i really start to love this channel :) big thanks for this again, amazing journey through the factory!

You are my best channel.

omg this dude it's so rude!

Wow! =O

It's looks like so unreal....these people are amazing...wonderful video

What's the point of having Lily just saying "yeah" all the time in the video?

looks like you all ready knew every tying and you were teaching the lady

If this company would make circuit boards for nad 3020 amplifiers,they will make a killing

Great video

Oh man, I used to work at a PCB factory in Shenzhen.

Go to a CPU manufacturing plant.

She totally had no idea what he was saying most of the time.

Edward: I think, she understand.

super vidéo !! next time a battery factory

Plss make your own mother board from scratch

Does your component fit Lilly's PCB?

You should have gone to a PCP factory. Would have gotten wild.

Please don't put your PP into weird machines.

I think it would be cool if he did a iPhone USB C conversation kit, kinda like the headphone jack mod. Don’t know how possible this is.

so awesome and thorough.

167 time Yia , but i am not sure i am right , Is there somebody can help me correct it ?

Love There

Is she giving you a tour or are you giving her a tour? Haha :D fascinating factory, great video, documentary level!

I imagine that the factory representative explains each step to the visitor, and then he repeats a more succinct version to camera, and that's the one we see.

cool vídeo thank you

The girl dont know wat they doing .... yah yah yaaaaah yah yaaah hmm damn

Why you know more info than her?

Lily needed an orgasm. I hope you obliged.


I have a suggestion for the next vid. Why dont you step back and let the company you visit explain how things work.

I love to know the names of the machines and where to buy them.

Nice open toe heels in a factory!

Do you speak english ? Yeah

This was amazing. I do agree with the rest of the comments! Keep up the good work! I love your channel!!!

Wow that's amazing!

thank you it's step by step, not 100% clear but it's more than usual!

Incredible video! Many thanks! Keep on doing these videos

This is why China is the next world power.

No big deal. I have worked with a CNC machine that can make a circuit board without this process. The machine was German made.

Only an idiot would say wow to that!

It doesn't make sense. Leo or in Chinese, the correct spelling would be lio. Leo is Lion in Latin and I don't know what Lion is in Chinese.

Let me guess, Foxcon?

nice video


Wow, really great video, it was really nice of then to allow you to visit the factory, I have always been curious as to how all these process worked... Now, about Lilly and some comments I've seen here, she is a really cute and kind girl, very caring, I bet she was there, more to tell him where to go or not go, than to do all the explanations, it's obvious that she understands the process, and she gets what he is talking about when she sometimes intervene to correct or complement him, or to just answer some question, so for all of you who thinks it's funny all the times she said "yeah", or when she tried to explain things and got a little stuck, try learning all this technical terms in mandarim, and then try your luck explaining all of it in a fast pace, while speaking in a language other then your own. Once again, really cool video dude.

Some things help me learn somethings because my knowledge is .......... or other are smarter than me

Great tour you gave the Chinese lady!

I always wished to work there

I only watched this to learn how to fill the vias...... and this idiot couldn't figure it out ???? :-)

Scotty: Motoring throughout the video.. Lily: Yeah...!!

While I was watching this video,there was a PCB manufatoring ad


would be interested to see an electric motor winding machine, a wave solderer, lcd screen production, anything about electronics production really, but especially the industrial machines which make the world (sorry people, you're cool too

Could you see about a tour of the DJI drone manufacturing facility in Szenchen?


Aw man we need to start learning chinese

I was surprised how many phases there was to make a PCB board!

I want more Lily for future videos

Man, let her talk!! Haha

Ela tá tão na sua! :3

You were so excited in this video! Great to see your enthusiasm!

"flying probe" not "flying poke" but very nice, thank you Scott


Could you do a video on the tools and setup you have?

Take a shot evrytime she says yeah

Television is doomed it cant do this quality of content. Amazing.

Dude i love your videos, and the quality of the content/editing is rising up in every video that you upload. You should be fulltime youtuber. Keet up the good work!!! cheers from Chile!.

A really informative video, but it seemed as though you were giving her a tour instead of the other way round! Even though you know how the process works, you should have asked about each step and got a thorough and open-ended response.

Yeah! Yeah! é claro que ela ia responder isso ele ja falou tudo, chato... Deixa o funcionario explicar. Good video


Thank you so much for such a detailed factory tour. It was awesome !

Holy crap! This was amazing! Thank you for giving us a peak inside this other world!

They still use Windows XP for those machines


If I got dollar for every "yeah" they said in this video, I would be a millionaire.

Great tour and narrative. The budget for an infomercial is usually > $50k, these guys owe you big time! I've been to many electronics companies in China, have emails daily and conference calls several times a week. This video would be unwatchable and the narration unintelligible without Scotty. To all, not only did Scotty do a great job of narration, but organizing and editing. It's not that the Chinese do not have great English skills, but even in Chinese, the descriptions and explanations are very poor. While there are translators and narrators readily available, their usefulness in technical fields is equally poor. Scotty already knows how PCBs are made, which allowed him to make this great video. There are many schools in China, to teach English. They all insist on "native speakers", i.e. foreigners, for teachers. Chinese companies relying on exports should hire native speakers, very knowledgeable in the subject, to make their videos and manuals. It took the Japanese over 10 - 20 years to learn this and become the huge success "Japan Inc" became.

nicely done!

Sic video ....need a factory in England lol

This was just..... AMAZING!! Best video on youtube all year by far.


Any question Answer : yeah

I'm not a chemist but I've studied this process, Its known as electroless plating of copper wherein you use copper solution and a reducing agent, initially you drill holes in the PCB base and then carry out surface activation within the holes so that Cu2+ ions when reduced (reducing of Cu+2 is like giving electrons to the ions so that they convert to metallic form ) get deposited on the suface within the holes, surface activation is done by using Stannous chloride and palladium chloride or other agents, the base is dried and electroless plated, here the Cu+2 ions in the solution get reduced by the reducing agent and then the Copper atoms get deposited on the surface within the holes and form a thin layer thereby forming a connection between the two sides of the PCB.

Fantastic! Thanks to you and Jlpcb for giving us a peek into the technology used to make our PCBs.

Short conspect of the girl's speech: "Yeah :) Yeah! Yeah... Yeah >_< Yeah :C ....... Yeah. And here it ching chong ching chong ching chong. Yeah."

So interesting! Great stuff man. More like this!

I had used their service few dozens time. Cheap and good enough for me.

Syncing with the girl: yeah , yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah , yeah , yeah lets go ... yeah , yeah , yeah ,yeah , yeah , yeah , this is the room we have to cut it , yeah , yeah , yeah ,yeah hehehehehe yeah yeah yeah yeah uhhum when we go this machine this cut in pieces beacuae the edge is shapre we smooth it , we are going to see yeah, yeah , ueah , yeah ,yeah . Scooty : yeah

you lost me at the holes

amazing ... i will try order ...

Con los nuevos aranceles de Trump a China dificilmente veremos a un chino en una ensambladora estadounidense haciendo lo mismo que en el video.

Made in China! Great video.

Compliments to you Scotty! In a sort time such an awesome & growing channel! You are very polite and respectfull!! I think it was an good choice to travel in Asia, it looks like they are so much more in modern progression than the West. I would like to go there too in the (nearby) future! Maybe we'll ever meet up ;-) Enjoy your day!

... yer jobs, kiddies! - better hurry on up - those fries and 'hand-crafted' hamburgers are gettin' cold... ... ... Y'all can thank the 'hippies' and the 'hip' capitalist pigs in Das D'Strict Von Columbia for the big, American 'dream' give-away!

Why is this a-hole shouting

such a Bambi.. ya ya yah

Nice video, yah

I wonder who design / manufacture those machines in that factory , shown in the videos .

Oh i see

Thank you got making this video. I get my boards from them and I love them fast service and shipping.

what was up witht hte image quality at about 14 minutes? is it the lighting that made it look like vhs quality?

Fascinating! Enjoyed this very much. One little critique, I think maybe you talk a little to fast for them to understand you completely. :-)

looks like he knew more than her

72 times yeah yeah

Wow its so cheap to get stuff made here too, insane!

انهم بعملون بكل دقة وامانة وقناتك قناة رائعة استمر وفققك الله - احببت ان اكتب بالعربية للحفاظ على تنوع الثقافات

Rather than a factory, I'd love to see how the distribution and shipping asect of sending these phones overseas works. There's this russian guy that does tours of all the most important internet sellers of Chinese goods - Gearbest, DX, Pandawill - bur again his stuff is entirely in Russian. Also cool would be a look at what happens to your package while it's still in China, always wondered how that worked and sadly just the tracking just didn't do it for me.

Great video!

Scotty:Trump is the best president. Lily:Yeah ,Yeah.


You brought that girl just to say YEAH? wtf...

Space x

I couldn’t believe my eyes, what a factory that is..


Drink every time she says YEAH...

Yeah!! Is the national word of china.

Lily: ya ya ya .. ya ya

I don´t want to be a hater, but I really don´t like the fact that you explain almost everything and the professional only says ¨Yeah¨. It should be the other way around, the one who knows about the subject should talk about it and you should say ¨yes¨ when you understand. It seems more like a forced prescripted conversation with interesting video footage from time to time instead of a fun to watch video with educational purpose.

Irritating presenter making a 'hey wow' video about printed circuit board manufacture. The camera operator does a good job.

The guide

Wow. Amazing. Great video too :)

Shot every time she says 'yeah'

Wow, great video, mind-blowing process in such a short time. Thank you!

where do India stand?


Did you two go on a date afterwards? Yes Chinese Girls are HOT! 14 years experience of a wonderful one!!! David and Lily and Katie.

Awesome, Amazing China, Fabulous, Hard workers of China, Thanks China for delivering Global demand & needs

And Donald thinks he can bring these jobs back home. Rising labor has turn 80% of their jobs to robotic automation. Think USA company can jump in and build these machines? These mechines are the result of million of hour of manual labor fine tunes experience. These are the machine that make the machine, musk wants.but to get there wasn’t stolen but 10+ generations of learning. Beside this is back bone of electronic that by product o in waste water would drive the epa nuts. .

Seriously good content. This company deserves more business for being so open about their process. Good on them!

they're fast and good for their price. can't complain anything at all!


Yeah, yiah

she's super cute, love Lilly!

Wow this is fucking legit, I don't know where you learned to be a host but you're damn fine at it.

Hahaha... I feel you are the employee of the the company not the girl. She only know "yeah".

See how the US steals Chinese technology.

This was a freaking awesome episode!

I pray that we have a "shut off switch" for these plants in the event that we go to war with them.

Great video as always. This is some very interesting stuff! I'm currently in Shenzhen at the moment and I am pretty lost on where to go and where everything is. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of specific places?

Come on man let her talk lol

Do you ever plan on releasing any more merch, or putting anything else up in the store? Would totally buy some

So this is where my job is gonna end up

You have single handedly changed my entire perception of China and its people. Thank you. I would love to visit someday!

i felt like post modern ' how its work' video. its so great to see videos keep developing. Thank you sharing!

I came across this,while looking solution for my IPad. Its a universal charging board made specific for Iphone/iPad, I wonder how it'sgonna works. Maybe, Strange Parts can do some review on it. I got a few question for it; 1. Will it work? 2.If its Yes, does the charging symbol will shown up? 3. What was the actual price for 1pcs? ( it was 8.8$ -15$ on Alibaba website ). Thinking to get one for my iPad. Thanks in Advance.

clean. nice edit

Incredible videos, I'm so glad you took the time in your life to truly explore your interests. I'm even more glad that you shared it with us, this has been a great experience. I traveled to asia as a kid, and I traveled a lot of other places too, this really takes me back. Feel free to send me a message sometime fam :D

That was interesting, yeah!


I used to work for infineon and this cleanroom looks horrible haha

The question is how do they handle toxic waste.

so.... could I make my own sticks of ram or ssd?

what about TSMC lol

I love you Lilly, but, oh my god. If I hear another "yeah" I'm gonna blow my brains out


Hey Scotty. First, congrats on the video, it is really interesting. It is amazing to see the scale those factories operate and their attention to details, it helps removing that image of "oh, it is made on china...". Please, go to a factory that produces screens, or any type, that would be really cool, or even better, to a factory that produces ASICs from FPGA designs! Your videos are amazing and really informative, keep up with the great work! Hope you are still over there when I come to visit Shenzhen again, it would be really amazing to talk with you in person. Cheers.

Did you get her Wechat then or no? She seems interested ;)

Lol you should've slowed down your English, clearly she can't fully keep up at all

I am impressed beyond my own comprehension. I used to be in the consumer electronics industry in the early 1970s and got invited by Sony to visit one of their factories. How much things have progressed in 40 odd years. When I used to make my own PCB boards with first an etch resist pen and then stencils I never thought things would become so advanced. Many thanks to JLCPCB

Outstanding video ! Great effort , thank you guys :)

I literally just ordered some pcbs from these guys lol

I understand that you would want to speak when she doesn't have the English required, but it was kinda awkward with you explaining everything as if you owned the factory.

"There are two kinds of holes...three kinds of a circuit board" looking awkwardly at her. Also its very nice that you explained to the people working there what they are actually making.

WTF! Couldn't you just talk to the camera instead of talking to her????!!! Yeah! Yeah! Next time talk to the camera and forget about asking her questions! Yeah? Yeah.

Is Lilly visiting the factory? Seems like the guy already knows everything, Lilly just confirms with "yeah" lul

This is one of the best video I ever seen! Amazing!

Тупая китаянка))) Чувак больше знает о технологии чем она))) Yeah!

Most stressful video I have ever watch. Yeah!

Truly amazing talent, skills, organization, innovation! Thanks for sharing!

This is just like that TV show "How its made" but way way better because it goes into more details and it has "Strange Parts" associated with it as well so of course its way better. WOW what a great video. I loved it and wanted to say thank you for sharing this with us.

"Why the heck is it so yellow in here?" Because you're surrounded by Asians HEE HEE HEEEEE

i think the guy who ask questions, knows more than "enginier girl".

go to a Ceramic resistor factory, I want to know more about the issues companies such as AVX, Murata or Kemet are facing!

This is where your Iphones come from, designed in California, manufactured to perfection by skilled Chinese engineers, and interviewed by a random American. Full circle :)

I can listen to her saying "PP" all day!!

I prefer your old method with a bit more casual feel to them, I don't mind this at all mind you, just a bit of personal preference Also do more of the wholesale or factory machines market in Yiwu, I'm trying to convince my parents to let me start my own business

Scotty: This is the zone of the fabric where they dismember people, right? Lilly: Yeah.

Great video but I wish you let your host speak more.

How many times did you "got it"?

ja That chinese starts sounding like german after a while... He actually knows a lot more than she does.

her level of english "ya" :D I'm pretty sure that she don't understand everything what is he talking

I like how they were so open to you as a visitor.I thought factories like this are strictly restricted for outside visitors ...anyway amazing video.Loved it scott

You did a very good job. It's like you were showing them. :P

Windows XP at 25:18

wow amazing tour

This video deserves suscription! Well done!

This is like willy wanka factory

seems like u gave her the tour dude.. u did much of the talking

Poor girl had to try and keep up with English being spoken at breakneck speed!!

Dude that's an awesome video thanks !


This is the video I wanted to see. Thanks.

this is epic, thanks for showing us that :D

Having played around with NI Multisim and having made some PCBs by hand many years ago I'm no longer impressed by the fundamentals of PCB making but rather by the industrial machines that actually make them!

Wow, well done!. It's good to see where my PCBs come from. JLCPCB is such impressive factory.

voice was annoying

Dude took his geek pills this morning!

can't say other words... only wow...

I wish he didn't talk so loudly and just let her explain the processes

That Lilly is cute. Worth the watch.

That throw at 24:49 :D

Her Yeah hurts my ears!!!!!!

I see a Windows XP desktop background there. Makes sense, was a great OS and updating to the latest Win OS would cost way too much. Still use XP myself for programming EPROMs and debugging old tech. Great video, cool to see the process from start to finish.

This is actually where the death star is build. :D

why are Asian girls so bad lmaooo

have a look at the factory kids.. 1 employee for the entire drill room. manufacturing is not coming back to the US and the sooner you realize trump is full of shit, the better

No you are going to find out now! They are made without bare hands and that is good because the average bear isn't as smart as yogi the bear. The average is only slightly smarter than Winnie the poo. Now to why the a clean, which is what our star is in is yellow. Answer: It is not because the machine is color blind, it is because the photo sensitive coating wafers are color blind. OK, I am playing with your heads. You've got to understand British humor. Only John Clease and Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth, the queen of England. There are too many more Brits that would I get so tired listing them all by name it would take the rest of my life and then some.

I would love to see those PCBs get mounted with components in a factory. Like the machines that solder CPUs and other complex components as well as simple capacitors and are able to align them, that's gotta look awesome !!!

Would like to see something from a Graphics Card Factory

That YEAH YEAH breast less girls blown up my nerves

I would love to see more on DJI drone factory

I love it! You serve perfectly the subject!

Scotty, I am a Brit (design engineer) based in an FMCG factory in Shenzhen. We specialise in plastics, IM, Blow molding, and Brushes, as well as final assembly. If you would like to come for a tour (assuming my boss will sign off!) I would love to show you around.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah............

That smarmy grin is on my screen AGAIN hell no

Impressive. I realize that you were probably translating or rephrasing the processes that she described, but it almost looked like you were giving her the tour in some parts.

The guy has more clue about the factory than Lily, but she's cute :>

Is it still a clean room if there is a giant hole in the wall to let the PCB sheets through it?

Her Engrish is awesome ...

Make a Nintendo switch

Yellow I see Green God Am Color Blind

Great video! Seeing the whole process from raw material right to the packaging is very informative.

I want to know what that hot Chinese Engineer is doing for dinner........

I see an american explaining to a chinese woman how the PCB's are made in her own factory XD


Dude just keeps getting more and more excited. Lol

Looks like you were the boss showing her the ropes on her first day xD

Weird video. Why interact with anyone else at all if you are just going to explain everything yourself?

now I'm convince you're walter white lol

Wow. China is well ahead of the West now.

The 1st process, in order to get the copper to stick to fiber glass, it's all done chemically, with no electricity. You have to dip it in a series of chemicals, and the reaction is chemical electricity. it later goes to a different line where electricity is used to put copper through the holes. This is after the lamination, the routing of the board, and the holes are drilled. it was called the automated line, and we hooked computer board to a giant rack, and it was dipped into large tanks of fluid. One of the fluids was sulfuric acid. In the giant takes of sulfuric acid were copper anodes, or chunks of copper. Electricity was run through the tanks and the boards would rock back and forth, and after a few hours or so, it would have a shinny plate of copper on it. We also did nickel a lot. I probably left off some steps because I'm not an engineer, I only labored there. It was a very shitty, stinky job, and your Levi pants would have holes in them in no time flat, just from all the chemicals that were used.

I worked for a Plate shop in Utah back in the early 80's (Sperry Univac then Unisys) and worked in every single one of these stages. We had to change the drills by hand, and feed the computer a big paper ticker tape into an old fashioned computer that read the hole layout. We had one board that was 16 layers thick. Brings back a lot of memories.

Why did they let you do this video? They have little to gain but a lot more to lose in terms of IP and proprietary processes? I am guessing you gave them the raw video so they could make their own promotional video?

Mind blow , great factory

You can thank open-source software for the reduction in price and the increase in scale. But maybe next time you can take a look outside a factory at their waste water facility.... what...oh ... it's not there or not actually activated....

Really nice video. I order my PCBs here. Thanks for your great service.

Great Video!. Thank You :)

this was done in the US back in the 70 -80s i was part of it then, thanks to china it is there now thanks for putting people out of work


Cool BUT less ads please. Im a subscriber and believe you should earn money but calm down on the adverts.

You did a really good job presenting this video given the language barrier between yourself and the "co hosts".

I like how he starts by asking her questions about what's going on, then geeks out so much that he starts telling her what's going on. I wouldn't be able to contain myself, either.

Hello Scotty. If it's possible, could you visit a Photovoltaic Panel factory? Thanks and keep up the good work.

"Why the heck it is so yellow here" *Because it's China, duh*

Do they make PCB for machines that make PCB?

Annoying dude lectures the lady who's giving the tour the entire time and then gives extra thanks to the guy who wasn't really even in the video.

Next steps would definitely be SMT, DIP, and assembly. However, it's really difficult to close to these processes since you can almost see the finished goods, which is sometimes highly classified.

Electrical Engineer here. What a great video. Currently working for a start-up and we are doing a lot of prototype pcbs. We've ordered a LOT of JLCPCB pcbs over the last couple months. Great to see how this process is actually done. Really is amazing. I don't know how they can be so cheap and so fast. Amazing stuff.

What is the environmental impact of this all ? It must be kinda terrible

Let Lilly speak!

This actually was amazing.

very interesting video i never saw before even i'm technician

that girl is like she does not know anything and had been hired just a day before to say "yeah", "yeah" "oh yeah", " yeah"!!

Although PCB has been around for many many years, it is still part of China’s intellectual properties and trade secrets. Think China is a bit too generous; doubt US will show other people how it makes computer chips

How many yeah! is she goin to say??

Kapton tape all over the ceiling lights!

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the legend says she is still saying "yeah"

I just want you to know that your videos make my day! And no joke they inspire me when i feel like its just out of reach or too hard, i think of your videos! They give the energy to at least try. I hope your having a wonderful day!!

Scotty: a big THANK YOU!!! That was AWESOME! I am sure Lilly gave you behind the scenes schooling but thank you for 'translating' it in quick english; you really enhanced the amount of info about the whole system. Thanks to JLCPCB, Lilly and Mr. Liu!!!

the real question tho, did they bang?

Wonderful video, go for li-po batteries!

Drinking game, every time she says " yeah" you take a sip of beer.

Lily: Yeah

they probably just use electrolysis to copper plate the holes.

Got to make sure the copper gets in the holes.

Fantastic tour!

Easily one of the most under rated channels out there.. Appreciate all the hard work you're putting into these videos.

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21 videos, almost 800k subscribers. Nothing but pure quality content.

Can anyone see their projects being printed :D

she's cute!

There are a few parts that you might have wanted to re-shoot while on site, so your guide didn't look like you were teaching her ;) (you can tell the audience thing like we're idiots)

This video is truly brilliant. I enjoy, I learn, so I'm happy. Thanks

I love how shes not explaining anything, hes just figuring it out himself on the go

I have a idea dont know if its possible . But here it is could you add the ability on a Wi-Fi only iPad to get carrier connectivity or add a sd card or both. Or sd card compatibility on iphone or ipod ect

what a cute girl

Do you have any info about why so many large Chinese manufacturers are selling products on eBay? Many of them are from Shenzhen. They don't like to admit they are manufacturers, but after doing business with them several times, I can get them to admit they are the manufacturer. I have my own theory, but I'd sure like to discuss it with you.

Very cool!

It would be cool to see how ICs are made and the process of designing them

Always providing great content for me to show to my professor and show to the class. I appreciate everything you do, thank you for being so informative and I would love to see more videos of this educational nature. Watch every video

Hearing protection isn't invented yet, lol. Poor working

Amazing!! thank´s for this vid

Seems like a "very easy" industry to create a start-up ... LULz... so friggin complex...

so mesmerizing!

Обалдеть можно. Не думал что JLCPCB на столько разогнался

Electroplating is pretty simple really... You'll have an ionic solution, a copper electrode and the piece being plated. Apply a positive charge to the copper electrode, which strips electrons from the copper atoms and sends them into solution. A negative charge is applied to the part being plated, the copper ions move through the solution, attracted to the negative part, where they pick up the lost electrons and turn back to solid, elemental copper.

How many times she said "Yeah" in this video?

Et le journaleux, il ne pourrait pas laisser parler un peu la dame ?


I assume Strange Parts got cancer and now he is trying to learn PCB manufacturing for easy money. I am cool with that as long as he keeps uploading.

video made by nobs for nobs, lots of errors and wrong informations

suddenly i thought i saw my pcb being manifactured, but it wasn't :(

I would love to see a mobile phone factory like Xiaomi or one of the brands that make cheap Android phones.

Wow he know everythink! Lilly is just there for say Yeah!

Please visit BYD factory!!!

Awesome video. This is what I wish Discovery channel was today! :-) Great job Scotty.

Hey Scotty, Please go to led light factory !!! BTW, this video was awesome and cleared a lot of doubts I had in my mind. Next time please mention the production size of the factory. For instance whether the factory is one of the biggest among all other factories producing the same product or is it medium or small. This factory seemed to be very big. Also please try to give an approximate amount of capital required to set up whatever factory you show and the amount of people working in the factory.

Its so cheap, for 10x10cm, 10 pcs, 2 layers, only cost RMB$50

In China women work in the tech fields and don't need help from any feminist dumb movement.

I just subscribed may I ask why are you in China?

He is a spy.

HOW IT'S MADE Channel. haha

Why are you keep asking her questions when you already know everything Lol

Sooo annoying to listen to, especially when the guy is telling the local tech how the stuff works, not the other way around. Better rename the vid to: "Factory visit for dummies by dummy"

штамповка ,

Worked doing this for a long time, funny that they have full cover suits but not face mask, or gloves to keep oils off print films :)

YEAH !!|

who is giving the tour here? what a nightmare for this women

As requested here is a suggestion for a place for a place to visit. The WowWee Robotics Factory.

Lady Yeah.

OMG that was such a good video.... All of your videos are amazing to be honest. You're one of the reasons why I subscribe to YouTube Red. I don't want commercials interrupting this eye candy of videos. Very good job of taking us inside that factory. It was awesome. Quality of the video and video editing is top notch. Excellent job my brother!

I've followed your channel for a while and really amazed by the quality of these videos. As a Chinese myself and I was hugely into hardware stuff, I ordered some sample PCBs from them years before. I never realized how fast and convenient they were before I went abroad. China is really a great place for any hardware enthusiasts. Like what I told to my friends, you can buy every electronic components you need in one building, which is not possible for any other countries, at least those I have been to.

The CN girl is cute.

Me in my broad Mancunian accent :- "Lily..... back to my hotel for a night of hardcore action and tons of bugle?" Lily :- "Yeah" Such a sweet girl....


i dont understand do you live in china but from the us?

That woman was useless, the host just explained everything and she kept saying yeah


You would expect a video as informative and of this production quality to be a TV documentary or something.

Conor McGregor Lol!

You deserve my like bruh

Gawd! I had to stop half way through - I can't stand the presenter pretending to know more than he does and the female company rep going, "yeah, yeah, yeah" to everything he says. Arrrggghhhh

My head explode

That's awesome. IC factory next? :)

I subscribed your channel because of this video. Thank you for your effort. More like this please. This is TV production quality stuff.

Go to the memory making factory next time

pretty sure I've had PCB's from this factory!! Really Great Episode!!! I've always wanted to know about multi layer PCB's. I make PCB's in house on a mill and seeing this makes me feel great as its so similar i just take way longer doing the steps...

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We need a "Yeah" counter for Lilly

Китайці молодці, просто неймовірно за 24години, скільки технологічних машин, в нашій країні до такого років 20...відчуваю щоб бути в тренді і все розуміти, крім англійської вчити вже потрібно і китайську. Дякую!

you missed to show the shlami that shows up to rub and spit on it

i think you should be the guide because you already explain all lol \

Not his first rodeo "this is my favorite room in a ocb factory"

She's learning a lot on this tour. She'll be a much better tour guide her next time.

This was my dream .. To watch this happening Thanks man

I just love Scotty’s enthousiasm in this video

I like how you take the worker of the factory through a tour of their own factory, explaining the process to them.

1000 process

Like right out of a post modern futuristic industrial age revolution from 1895. This is amazing.

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