IELTS WRITING TASK 2 How to generate ideas task2-Technology internet impact agree/disagree#ielts-9

IELTS WRITING TASK 2 How to generate ideas task2-Technology  internet impact agree/disagree#ielts-9

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hello everyone i am monica from ielts 9 channel so here we are going to discuss how to generate ideas for these type of questions right questions that come in um writing tasks too okay so but point here is how we are going to get ideas so there is an activity i have designed it for those people those who have complained that we can't generate ideas we don't have ideas we can only convert into mother tongue or national another language that you can say but how we are going to discuss it how we are going to get ideas so there is an activity i'm going to explain it okay let's start with the word so i have taken this word okay technology so from writing task to point of view this word is really important okay so our main activity is we have been provided this word okay so you also do uh along with this video so you can pause it and try to create so many words try to write it in front of it technology so so what you can write about technology so first thing that uh it is in mind technology means different devices okay different devices like iphone okay laptops whatever comes to your miner you can just write it so it it's a good activity laptop computers just a minute so computers okay and uh computers uh devices like okay so these are the devices alexa also you can write here okay uh technology means it's like you you can just just take it as a different kind of things you can just write it over but here we are focusing about this writing task too okay so technology different devices okay now uh softwares okay softwares are there many apps are there social media is also part of uh this technology kind of thing okay websites are there so websites like uh we can have uh like uh google search engine okay what else we can write google search engine so basically here uh we need to write many words related to this topic okay so we can discuss with the help of these words this topic so search engines have like a facebook account is also there sorry facebook is also there instagram is also there uh of course the main important one i have forgot internet so initially i should just write it here primarily word internet facilities because of this internet you can access to this social media website google search engine and internet facilities on where on phones and wi-fi at home okay anywhere okay so next uh so uh accord after this internet facilities it has revolutionized what technology world okay technology world okay what else we can write it here after this i will be picking another pen okay yes the another word i digital marketing digital world after that digital world i have write digital marketing digital information [Music] okay what else we can write digital world also we can write digital world okay and we can write access to the internet this is also the phrases you can write it in your access to the internet facility okay internet okay next yes information technology world is there uh i t word what we call it now it is i t world i think world okay yes another word it has come into my mind like backup files okay just backup files with the internet we can easily call to the district call to the distance places or far-flung areas distance places by video calls okay what's up video calls and all we can have online classes just because of this technology classes like google up okal okay google meet okay next we have advancement in technology this is also a good word advancement advances in technology or advancement in technology okay what else i can write it i'm changing the pen now okay some uh innovative kind of innovative uh things we can find on internet especially on especially on youtube nowadays insta facebook also nowadays people are saying you will get different variety of things okay so yes sometimes uh sometimes internet is providing a uh absolute episode so lead abs absolute information okay so it provides instant knowledge instant news around the world because initially first of all news important news you can say it comes on twitter as soon as something had is happening in this world so any tweet any person who is having twitter account he can tweet our twitter account okay on twitter okay uh yes of course uh some censorship is also in uh censorship is also regarding youtube videos on youtube is also there so just think about and how uh like internet phase technology internet facility or you can say technology has improved our life this is also a you can say technology has a uh as you can see impact technology is impact i am writing it here impact on human life okay so here made it easier or convenient you can say easier or convenient to everyone so many words you can write out of this word technology thing okay uh next we can write yes education no education thing we have already written her classes where so we can write here reverse revolutionized education knowledge okay education knowledge everything you can write it over here technology has improved even even medical medical things also we can write medical improvement also had done because of this technology medical advancements in ah medical advancement technology you can just write okay so you so you can write so many words first you practice for any topic but in fact you should practice for those 10 15 topics only those who are very important from the point of view writing tasks too okay just pick those topics and just try first you write the words and then try to write the phrases or the this kind of call to the distance places by video call innovative things in the internet especially censorship on youtube technologies impact on human life whether it has positive impact or bad bad impact so convenient to everyone revision revisionized educational knowledge medical advancement technology so many things you can write now let's move on to the question what we are going to cover it here for getting ideas okay now this is my question the internet has a bigger impact on people's life because it it is more popular than television so this is task two okay i am writing it here task two okay so how we can generate ideas for this question so initially i am going to uh tell only how to generate idea ideas for this type of question then in later videos we will be discussing how to just use those ideas into sentences okay first just focus on creating ideas keywords for for body paragraph one and two okay so topic here is internet has the internet has a bigger impact on people's life because it is more popular than television so what is the main topic so always so my steps always please remember it how to just uh how to attempt this these types of questions these types i mean to say task two okay steps so first read it read it three or four times okay second what you can do it find out type of question okay type of question so here we have do you agree or disagree this is the question r so we will be doing it we will be telling whether we agree or disagree okay so question now next step is what topic main topic and its subtopics okay so here main main point main topic is internet has a bigger impact on people's life because it is more popular than so main topic is our internet but i know we you have come to know that this is your topic but it doesn't mean you have to write it as unnecessarily things but you have to focus on this whether it is popular or not it means whether it is more popular than television uh than television yes or no you have to tell only this thing so so toss up topics means bigger impact on impact we have to focus on this impact on people's life okay then people's life because it is more popular than television so here we have two two parts of this question okay first we will tell uh what kind of bigger impact on people's life and in second we will be telling which is more popular if we are like saying yes yes we agree then of course internet is more popular than television so it why i have written this because always remember you have to give answer for each and every part of question so here question is saying the internet has a bigger impact on people's life you you when you are saying yes i agree means you will be covering this portion also bigger impact kind of thing and because it is more popular than television now you have to explain also whether it is popular or not yes if you are agreeing with the asset means you have to agree with this also that it is more popular than television so in first paragraph we will be writing bigger impact and second why it is more popular okay okay now planning for paragraph one body one and two okay i am just doing it here okay so in one what we are going to write bigger impact so what kind of impact it has on our life internet so first it comes into my mind bigger impact what it can be bigger impact on people's life because it is more popular than television so it has bigger impact on people's life uh okay so like what i think about that it's a knowledge giver okay knowledge giver okay a knowledge giver any time anywhere how how through google search engine okay google search engine next what we can write through youtube videos okay and uh twitter some okay twitter's facebook and so many apps and softwares are also if you know then you can write it my knowledge is limited up to these apps okay so uh these for if to prove it prime example you can just give it in examples but you have to explain this point why it is knowledge giver so what uh um you can give example if somebody um is looking for looking for the meaning of any typical word then he can go for google search engine google google bar so here he can find uh the meaning of that word also the form of that also and if someone is not aware about he can't speak and read english and if he's outside the country then he can use uh translator also google translator facility also okay so you can always give these kinds of examples so internet has so much impact on so it will be helping it it will help the person those who are in another country for translation uh this thing or for getting good knowledge or sometimes if some person is not aware about uh the map of that city or and any kind of road so or if you want to know the knowledge about the traffic jam then you can use internet facility uh okay so everything though life has made easier you can see okay life has made more easier in fact i have started with this point knowledge giver uh so first you can just give give the thing ah it it has bigger impact so anything we can we if we want to know then we can say it is the knowledge giver and anytime anywhere we can find our questions answer through these google search and second point um you can write it here life it has made life more comfortable comfortable here you can say uh you can give example of online classes okay especially during these pandemic situation and all covered this thing online classes as well as you can write you can like write yes video calling you can through internet we can do video calling okay and normal calling also through internet services okay so video calling through those relatives and friends who are sitting far flung from your own place okay so life more life has made more comfortable you can give second second question okay so for the second paragraph what here two two things we have discussed it's a knowledge given and it has made life more comfortable so third in third paragraph what you can write yes of course now you you have to tell why it is more popular than television first of all easy access okay how it is easy access because because one can easily access it through through one's phone okay so phone means you can carry anywhere and get knowledge anytime and anywhere so anytime anywhere we have already written over here so you can say easily accessible this internet facility as compared to as compared to television so here we have to cover another point also we are not going to ignore that television part okay so we have to cover this television part also so here so as compared to television that is very bulky that is too too bulky very is not a good word i mean informal word is this too bulky to carry to carry anywhere okay so it has to be mounted on wall or it has to be put on on at home so we can't carry it along okay so we can carry our phone and we can access anywhere or this internet facility and why it is more uh accessible because uh you can say uh what you can give and any other example you can always get uh because internet uh so what internet is providing every kind of every kind of knowledge so knowledge we have already discussed but every kind of knowledge as compared to and now here you can give example no give example about tv you can give every kind of knowledge however tv television i mean to say television provides only only daily uh like television provides only recorded things and on internet we can have live things only recorded things ever like recorded things and having uh daily soaps kinds of things kinds of things on television on television okay so but internet whatever we are interested in watching we can whatever interest is there in person's mind okay he can watch it but tv will provide the information whatever they are having plan in their mind okay so a tv is known as idiot box you can write it idiot box nowadays okay so these kinds of things we can always write in planning one and two so just combine it first you should know how to generate ideas and first before that you should know what type of question we are going to have and what is the format of this question in what paragraph what we are going to write in uh so here there were two situations it has a bigger impact on people's life because it is more popular because it is more people you can combine it no problem so i have just segregated the things for you because it is popular than television also so we have to compare this thing also so ah always i i told you earlier also not to ignore any part of the questions you have to cover each and every point of the question okay so this was my planning and this was my topic okay so hopefully you must be uh getting good knowledge from this video and thank you so much

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