I Let My Instagram Followers Control My Self Care for a Day!

I Let My Instagram Followers Control My Self Care for a Day!

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Today. I am wearing black what is going on pop a rainbow, apartment, what is happening, this is the coolest I've ever felt you know I never related, to those like deep angsty, Tumblr, posts that were like I just wish all my outfits were black no. Part. Of. This. Video means. A lot to me so I've seen this trend going on where people let. Their followers, control their lives for a day and if it gets adorable, and super interactive but I decided to take it make it a little bit more interesting page especially. From, Mental Health Awareness Month I think this is so incredibly important, I decided to, essentially. Hope you guys plan, out my self-care. Day and I got to try out different methods, of self-care, through, you guys so basically let you guys control myself carob, for a day so, it's the same concept but it's all about self-care, and taking care of yourself and really needed that recently, part of my self-care, is this, is so cute. Getting. Stuff for you guys like genuinely, it makes me really happy we, love a supportive, father you. Don't know my branding, somehow, became being a dad a father basically, I, can't. Describe. It but you guys some books you'll have to watch the whole video to find out, oh they're really good I also bought myself the same books and I thought it'd be cute and I'm like a little father child book, club. Myself. That's, every video, just. Got really yeah. All you have to do to, enter is follow, and Instagram add Jessie page and you're automatically, entered I will be messaging someone that follows me on Instagram but no matter what time you were following me if you followed me a year ago you're still injured and you're just as likely to win and if you follow me right now which if you're watching this video and you're not following me. You, should be appreciate the extra entries that you follow my trash it, see trash let's. Get this to, 30,000. Likes if you want me to do a part, two where I let you guys control what I wear for, a week I. Don't. Wink a lot Clark game's strong incredibly. Important to take care of yourself even when you aren't burnt out hurting, or just mentally, it's pain or even physically, it's important I care about you all I'm just giving you some advice I hope you guys are hydrated, while you're watching this if you're not I'm watching, you I'm so soft threatened, in case you guys aren't hydrated, enough this. Is for you and for myself and, I think there's something incredibly, important about that I hope this video inspires, at least one person to go out and just take time for themselves today because, it's, incredibly valid, even just 10 minutes a day time, to meditate whatever it is that you need it's important, mental, health is incredibly. Important a thousand, times. And. I, know sometimes, you, tell yourself, you're just being dramatic whatever, it is and, I just want you to know that know your feelings are valid and you do deserve a break or time and pursue, that passion that really makes you feel alive and it's, really hard with school and so on and we stressed grades, over mental health it's horrible, and I've witnessed it firsthand I just, know I send all the love and this, makes you feel a little bit better get, started, hello, so I've seen, this trend going on and it's all about.

Your, Life for a day I really wanted to do it and I wanted to do it while I'm at home because I thought it'd be more relatable so when I'm in California I'm always just working a lot and I don't know trading it content, out for you guys and so on and while I'm here I like to just blocks and, just have a space from social media because it's incredibly important, for your mental health and I think today, I want, to like pull out just do a ton of things I typically do for self-care, and have, you guys choose, which, self-care, I go through with because I think that'll have a good message and that's what my channel is all about yeah, so, it's 8:30 and I just woke up I really, want to go get food. Do that right in the morning and I'm, trying to find like the best place to go this, is an act of self-care okay back, there there. Is a golf. Course and I want to recreate, the, bet on its music, video pan on it I mean. What. Would a Jesse page video be without the me maybe, here's, the bet on that golf course I'm gonna put up a poll right now and I, like this version I get to learn about what you guys do for self care too and I think that'll be really cool and, I don't know I'm really curious as to what you guys like to do for self care and I, think this will hopefully inspire a lot of people watching it to just take time for yourself mentally, honestly. I've genuinely just really been eating it recently I've been overworking, myself a, little bit and trying, to do everything and wanting to do everything I can't and that's okay that's, okay Jesse, it's okay to not be able to do, everything and, I think mentally. I've just really been needing it and I've also been needing just like a space from social media and I'm, gonna try to do things, that don't involve just like scrolling through Instagram and, stuff today yeah. There. You go okay so. Now I've been saying this to be relatable but whatever wake up in the morning it's like gonna, lie like yeah foods, the first thing I think about okay, we stand a healthy relationship in. A bit of my story and ask you guys if I should play panic. At the disco radio or if, I should do with Disney Princess because obviously you know they're like the same genre so now I'm gonna put in my story this is so exciting. Did. This one true loosen disney princess or panic a disco and then the second one for what should I have for breakfast, pancakes are avocado toast I don't know which I'm hoping for like they both sound great I think today's gonna be a good day, Wow we, stand. It's. Worth it the Queen Hannah. Hannah. Currently pancakes, are winning by like 73%. Which yes. Everyone. Friggin loves pancakes I should have put Eggo waffles in, there because stranger. Things stand yes Jessie we all know you stand that show more than your own soul, I'm dare, I say it trash. That. Show I said it in public. Like. I'm sorry I'm so awkward okay. Baby. I asked. My should you make, naturally. With. Jesse we stand, in this house, have a table, at home. If, you're new to use her name was glam with Jessie and can. Never lift that. There's, another baby boots. Warning. Up there just might be yours. Thank, you you. See my thinks like okay. I'm ready I'm, gonna switch now to panic, at the disco radio because that one yes, though. I love Disney Princesses, - what. This song just came on. This. Is perfect just came on the radio for his panic. That, really hurt my neck. Another. Bomb on the panic at the disco radio yes, Wow. Yes, we, stand I'm, gonna slam the table. I think, rummy the rat and ratatouille would make stuff this great I love my humor. Nice. Isis, oh my god yes it's like drenched, in maple syrup i Stan I just finished my food like, the whole freakin thing that, was insane, it had granola on top and, fruit and the whole bottom, of it was all maple, syrup and at the end that was like I'm a really gross person, I was like drinking the maple syrup yeah knocking some gross cuz I'm sweet, okay I'm, going to do, my makeup now my shirt says it cost zero dollars to, use the correct pronouns. You're just currently, staring at my non-existent. Food okay. Shaky, oh, I. Love, stinky, you guys voted for me. To do more natural makeup which is really nice thank, you so I'm gonna do my natural, makeup which is just like a little bit BB cream I'll, show you what I use so I like to put on primer first, because it makes my makeup stay, all day it's, green so essentially, I turn into Shrek for a moment um badi one, told, me my.

Neighbors Think I'm crazy, at least my people actually my people still think I'm crazy but this the difference is you guys enjoy my crazy so, here you go turn into Shrek with the green I take the Shrek green and now I, gonna, lay out all my makeup here. I don't get. In the world so I like to use this stuff I just get it at the drugstore it's, really cheap, I'm. Filming a meme come on. This, stuff is salsa acid, which is apparently, good for getting rid of acne which, your girl could always use to, put on my BB cream. You're. So excited you're, so excited you're. So excited. What a good doggie, go. Get, a good get. A good doggie. So my natural makeup, is done I love it I love it I love it I love it I feel good with it I'm going to go to Barnes, & Nobles and pick, out a book because that's something that really for me like allows for me to just totally disconnect, from my phone and just to focus on one thing because I'm the type of person I love to multi-task and things like that and sometimes like it's just not good for me to just like sure to focus on a thousand things at once it's nice to just relax and, focus on one, thing and also I want to find my books but yeah this is my natural makeup I like it I mean besides the eyeliner eyeliner, needs to happen for me yeah. Okay look what someone tweeted me one Elvis song they're. The local playing so, it's a lot later and we better go to Barnes & Nobles and pick, up my book this is my outfit, for now and, I get away this little checkered top my hair is also tied, up at this I don't know I've been loving this book recently it reminds me of like penis, aren't they but not as pretty issues. But. On my story and I asked you guys if you want a cookie or a cupcake and, so far it's almost 50/50, so. I'm gonna wait and look, for a book first and then go back there and get whatever has the most votes just to like give it more time sorry I'm like my minds and a million places this is so fun though I'm now going to look for a book and have to John, Rhys and I, also decided that whatever book I end up getting I'm gonna buy another one you give away to you guys we love a father that spoils as kids anyways here. That'd. Be so cute fuck John okay, let's, go there it is and there's only one left, oh my. Gosh that's, so cool that's, so, cool. Again. This. Is a mood. Okay, so a huge majority if you guys voted teen fiction and, teen fiction happens, to be like my favorite thing ever legitimately, when I grew up I lived in this section so I want to find a few books for you guys and a book for me that I will also get for you guys hello guys it's a lot later I set out by the pool for a bit I'm on my violin so Wow, sister. This is weird cuz like I don't really post a lot of like bathing-suit pictures, or anything so I feel awkward vlogging, right now and I'm just like kind of a self-conscious, person but, it's okay hello so I asked vegan cookie, or vegan cupcake, and vegan. Cookie, one by not too much though by, 55%, and. Then cuz you guys are all basically like to live in fictional, worlds to probably escape from your own problems, that's myself and quite the escapists guys chose teen fiction or nonfiction honestly. Who likes reading about the real world, unless, it's Jesse pages, okay my, camera died that's why I didn't get to film myself buying, the rest of the stuff here's, my cookie she broke so, I had half of the cookie already oops but there you go here, she is she. Looks just like a normal cookie, but she's vegan it's so crazy what you can do with the right alternatives, and stuff also, panic, released their new song high hopes conceptually, I'm obsessed. With it and so, the whole idea it's, so enticing you just want to keep listening to it and. Good. Good, good energy, and then I actually decided, I'm gonna give away the physical copies and then I'm going to buy these books on my Kindle for me I've never watched a movie and then read the book but I'm gonna try it with this one because, love Simon's my, favorite. Movie it's, so good so I really, cried watching it so yeah, we, will see it's, just the love child of John Green and Rainbow Rowell who are two my favorite authors this book I thought was so cool so, I guess I'll be giving this away to Bowman, Instagram addressee page and comment down below your Instagram, username yeah, yeah, and extra, entries if you follow my conscience well Jesse trash this is called. As old as time it's, a spin, on Beauty, and the Beast and it's like why dip situation.

Which I am infatuated. With that type of concept, they created. It with Disney press I will read the back to you all those a lot of thing smart, resourceful restless, she, longs to escape the poor provincial town for good she wants, to explore the world despite, her father's reluctance. To leave their little cottage in case but all some other returns a mother she barely remembers Belle, also, happens to be the captive of a terrifying, angry beast and that is her primary concern, but when Belle touches, the beasts enchanted, Rose and trading images of blood her mind images of the mother she believed she would never see again stranger, still she, sees that her mother is none other than the beautiful enchantress, who cursed, the beat would, she, see, I'm. Like I'm shook. As the kids would say I've never seen that one of my life wow that felt weird stranger still as she sees that her mother is none other than the beautiful enchantress, who cursed, the bees his castle, and all its inhabitants shocked, and confused Belle and the Beast was, work together to, enroll a dark mystery about their families, that is 21 years in the making. But. Essentially. It's a what-if situation, where, Bell's mother is the one that cursed the beasts and their families are interlocked, and I thought that was so incredibly. Cool and I think everyone can relate to that because everyone knows the story of Katie the beast it seemed really intriguing me so I hope whoever wins it also loves, it too I'm going to go. Read it for a bit I think so I just did two, more poles so I did one and it was should I tweet about social, anxiety or doing, tweet related to LGBTQ, because, if you don't follow me on Twitter I like to tweet, about just, serious topics, and, I got, like almost 50/50 more people said social anxiety bride lingo it's gonna do both I, don't know or I'll just draft the tweet for tomorrow I'm an lgbtq+. Tweet especially, with Pride Month coming up I think it'll be really appreciated, and I also tweeted should I clay I write sins not tragedies on. Electric guitar or should, I learn a new song and let's see what happens, yay. Another, pulling my story and it was should I eat out or didn't. You guys said go out I'm excited cuz that's kind of like out of my comfort zone and I feel like I think an element, of self, care is just putting. Yourself out of your comfort zone. And treating, yourself to, things that you don't always get to do I'm looking forward to it because I never really give myself the time to do that and I think it'll be good for me so far it's been really interesting to try two new, methods. Of self-care and I feel like it's helped me a lot because I didn't realize how impactful, they've been sub-state, away and sometimes when you get into routine, like it's not as effective trying, out all of your ideas it's been really interesting all day and I actually genuinely, think, this video is so I don't know it's important for me and I hope it's important for you in some way yeah okay I. Eat. Now and then I'm going to after, I put on my pole I said should I learn a new song and guitar or play a song it already know which is high rate since wow that's um twice today and you guys said new songs someone by 56%, I'm gonna try this sparkling, tea I ordered. That's, really good a vegan cheese queen I literally ate half of hers half, of hers and my, treat. Yourself. So. I just ate her food and mine now. I'm going to go, play guitar, that vegan, cheese like vegan nacho, cheese was probably the best thing I've ever had in my life I honestly feel like I'm about to give birth right now but the. Best way possible. Yeah. And Frank just uploaded this video where he turns, me into donkey. And I have four Twitter accounts, already dedicated to me is the donkey, my. Favorite one is donkey, Paige this is amazing, I'm gonna go walk the dog eat and then play guitar yay hello, it's a lot later it's, currently. 9:50. P.m. I, just posted to Instagram right now I'm, going, to, play. Electric guitar yeah I'm going to play, guitar I said I would do that I said I would learn a new song and then. I'm gonna end the video ah but, today was fun I've never liked blog ever or even daily vlog so it's really interesting, to be able to I have an early flight tomorrow I'm going back home it, was really nice to get to see my puppy and oh, here's some self promo, subscribe. So. This is the first electric guitar I ever bought and it's so out of tune it's crazy. So, I brought, on my story I asked.

Mr. Banana face mask and you guys said yes I'm gonna put, on my face mask and go to sleep but thank you so much and I hope you take care of your mental health like you took care of mine I hope this video made you happy in some way or helped you out and just gave you hope and just know, that you deserve, to give yourself that time even if you're not burnt out in a preventative way it's important, take care of yourself seriously I love you stay strong got, this I promise, it's. So much, easier said, than done I know but, I'm here I know you're. Not the only person it, might seem like it right now I might seem like you're stuck inside your head but I promise, you to promise, you there's a world out there that's waiting for you when you deserve to live it and I, will teleport. To the Acho hope. You guys enjoyed I stand you all I'm gonna feature your pages I love your usernames I stand you all and your tweets and Instagram posts a lot of you guys have been nominating, me for like the Teen Choice Awards and I don't really have a chance but it's just really nice you said I really appreciate, it really proud like you guys are so like make cute little graphics, of like what time is it time to vote for her Jesse, page we were just say for my father at Jesse page, father. And kids that support, is. Enjoy it and I'll see you guys in the, future and I send all the love know, your incredibly strong and I, know it's hard to tell yourself that but if you believe it you will become more strong if you're constantly telling, yourself you're weak and that you can't do things you won't be able to but just please know, you have the strength to do it whatever it is that you're nervous about right now know that it's okay you're not the only one in the world and, you're important, and your, friendships, aren't important, and your, environment, that should be healthy, for you you deserve that yeah we see you guys in the future.

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Love the intro!❤️ Stranger things

Hi bo I saw that ur losing really fast I see that ur ribs are even exposed I know what it's like to have an eating disorder and I'm really concerned about ur health pleas get help or talk to me I know it's hard but I don't want to see u get hurt or end up hurting ur self please take to me or any one for help

I saw this on your insta stories and I knew exactly what was happening

Her hair

I really liked this video Jessie, ilysm and my IG is @akahaleemur and I follow both of your accounts

Pause at 1:57

Hey Jessie! I'm following you on Instagram and my account is "@sydartz_"! I Love you!



Space Kace mhm

Jessie is such a good singer OMG

Insta. @Mimisminislimes

Instagram- @chloe.is.not.hipster love ya Jessie!

there’s no way she ate this. she clearly made an extra effort to mention her love and passion for food. SHE NEEDS HELP

preach self care and PRACTICE self care.

ßhes lost so much weight oh my gosh please be careful and take care of your body


you're amazing jessie


Sorry, I'm not allowed to have instagram. I'm following you in spirit.


I always overthink everything, which includes writing comments on youtube, so I’ll write a long comment and then over analyse it and delete it (I also don’t like talking about how I feel, but yeah here we are). But anyway since this video is about self care let’s just post it anyway and go out of our comfort zone. Simon vs The Homosapiens is such a great book! Also I burst into tears at a point in this video.

I want to win the book and I follow everything of yours how do I win



while watching the video: *constantly slams table* wE STAN WE STAN WE STAN


Ashley.joy7 (that’s my instagram btw) ily so so much Jessie your a great influence

Always so sweet i love you jessie you've helped me so much

Jessie is such a good singer omg


also I haven't even seen love, simon yet bECAUSE IT ISN"T OUT YET IN MY COUNTRY IM MAD but it's coming out in a week I think but idk if I can watch it cuz going to a movie theatre is just really hard for me, especially alone and I don't really have someone to go withand I'm not really out to anyone and stuff and yea idk it's gonna be hard, but I'll find a way

The entire video summed up in two words "we stan"


10:42 yosss Shreck

I’ve read this book is gay. It is very gay.

I said cookie

omg in the car when doubt was playing i was shook i love you smmm

@peachyblxss is my username AHHHH i really want the book

"sorry you had to wittness that!"

Another good twist on beauty and the beast is a book called Beastly

When Jessie was listening to panic! in the car she is litterly me when I listen to panic at the disco.

Insta: @eliza.daviess

My nickname is pancakes

Jessie is such a good singer OMG!

My instagram is @adamlrobets I love you so much you have changed my live your amazing we stan dad your incredible and your name should be everywhere I have your books and everything your amazing

my instagram is @katnathania

You look like Avril Lavigne! A vv tall Avril, but an Avril from the Girlfriend era nonetheless

I guess all wierd people love P!ATD and when I say that I mean only Brendon because here I am

You remind me of a bowl of Lucky Charms

I have social anxiety also part of LGBTQ ✋


Sorry I do not have instergram I am 9

@mallory.barnlund and I just noticed your channel, but I'm already in love I really like your idea of things and just the vibe of the channel lol

Thank u Jessie :)

I love you Jessie so much. Please follow my fan account on Instagram @__.Jessie.is.a.bean.__ please I love you so so much❤️

She’s so pretty without makeup.

I wish I could follow you but I don’t even have an Instagram

her thumbnails are disturbing to me. i’m in recovery for anorexia and i can’t look at people who are clearly starving themselves like her. it’s triggering.

I love your videos! My insta username is Starvialya but I can't read any dm's, so if you do pick me, could you please comment on one of my posts?

i got pretty upset today because i'm finally getting happier and now people are starting to question my anxiety because i don't act 'anxious enough' or 'am not panicking 24/7'. anyone have any advice?

We all love a good emo ❤️

My username is silamitty~ I LOVE YOUR POSITIVITY SO MUCH

I just saw mr Kate make your apartment and I was like I NEED TO SUB TO THIS GIRL and now I watch all your videos love you


me:quits everything i'm doing,FATHER HAS POSTED

We stan a panic at the disco queen:)

i keep getting the collab ad with connor and jessie. yes please. my instagram is troyepaeges.

i think her mom is driving a tesla

your youtube ad wants you to collab with connor franta

I would follow you on instagram, but I don’t have it

Hi Jessie!!! @haylielesmons

do you someday want kids of your own?

Idk if the giveaway is over, I hope not because I LOVE BOOKS!! My username is @abigayle.dawn I'm on private but if I need to be public then let me know :) ps I love you

Hey Jessie I Stan you so much and watching this video like it made me sad because you don’t look confident which means you probably don’t feel confident and like tbh if you just stand up straighter you will feel so much better no shame love youuuuuu

I love this queen

i love you soo much!! btw i voted for the avacado toast lol @kathleenprotzz


I'm 9999999% sure its too late but sorry its been a crazy month so I havent been able to watch this until now, but I now I really want to read that Beauty and the Beast book, my Instagram is @abigail.durgin

I think the difference between Jessie and Frank is that Jessie dances to panic! and lip syncs but Frank literally just screams

I just subscribed and she really pretty

You don’t know how much I started bopping when I heard FOB’s cover of Beat It

Nice Tøp in the beginning

Ariana the unicorn sorry hun, ur possesed. ...


She’s gay


7:49 when you ate the last donut and someone asks where it is

dear god she's annoying

extreme followers control my life "should I got to sleep tonight or no" lmao

love this video ^^ so cool to feel like im hanging with you for a day. it makes me happy, altho i havent gone outside today. hehe. i love to see you happy! *insert meme here* youre like my spirit animal X> hugs from sweden :*

5:50 I just started singing along to the song in the background

Instagram: @annhelen_lerum


Ig: @yurgurlalexsa, Jessie yur amzing!!

omg as soon as she said " make shore you stay hidrated" i literly started drinking my juse box and i did not do thta on purpse lol.

Honestly Jessie' s book and Dodie's book are like the only non fictions books I read.

I've over here singing with ya man

8:15 what's that panic! song i'm trying to get into them

liz :3 The Ballad Of Mona Lisa. Happy listening!

I love your videos so much you are such an inspiration to me ❤️❤️❤️ilysm

Your videos are really inspiring me to be less anxious in social situations thank you jessie paige!!! Love love love everything you give the earth!!!

I love this girl so much she’s so funny she makes me laugh and she inspired me to come out about being bi.❤️❤️


Thank you queen! Such a loveable bean

my favourite part was 21:49

You're thin u have no ass no boobs ure lying faking pretending. . U can't fool me.

I love you so much thanks for all the help ❤❤❤❤❤

@ living_with_boys_5

"Hello my people." *”Hello my father.”*

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