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Hello. Friends. And welcome to another video this, week I'm gonna be getting a Tokyo, street fashion makeover, yes we're going to Japan and we're gonna be getting made over, so earlier this year we, traveled to three different US cities to explore, how fashion, differs in different regions so this time we're gonna be taking our experiment. International. Right over the Pacific, Ocean, I feel like Japanese. Fashion, trends, specifically. What I've heard called Hara tjuku fashion, or Tokyo Street fashion, are talked about a lot online in, videos, and articles, to, the point where I definitely. Have an image in my head of what I think it looks like but I wanted, to go to Japan, and see for myself, so to do this we're, gonna be teaming up with the local who will guide us through three different current, trends, so we can get a little taste of what Tokyo street fashion is all about now, obviously, this won't cover everything, that people wear in Tokyo as Street fashion, is pretty different from your everyday wear and this probably, also won't, even cover every, inch of Tokyo, Street fashion, because from what I've seen there's. A lot but, we're hoping to find three outfits, that capture some of what's going on right now all right let's. Go so step one of our Tokyo, makeover. Was to fly, to Tokyo, and while there we stayed in Akasaka which is sort of a business sea area that's very picturesque, green, and quiet and it was also decently, close to her juku which is where a lot of the action is in terms of Tokyo street fashion to aid us in our search we met up with rinrin, who is a youtuber, and a lolita model, as well as being pretty well acquainted, with the local tokyo fashion, scene right off the bat rinrin, clarified, that tokyo street fashion tends, to be a little different than the common, Western perception. A lot of people tend to think that if you come to Harajuku, you'll, see a lot of people dressed, in like Lolita or, the most recent style, is like yummy, kawaii, which is kind of a dark kawaii, but you don't really tend to see that as much and for this video we wanted to focus on the current street fashion trends, and not, just on the more well-known subcultures. How would you describe, tokyo. Street fashion today there's less emphasis on the silhouette, and a more eclectic type, of style a lot of people like to layer and express, their creativity, and put color into their about fit also, Harajuku. Is a neighbourhood, and not just a singular style as it can sometimes be presented, which was news to me at least so I'm going to be showing you three styles. That are a, general, idea of what you'll see on the streets today with, the first trend being the vintage, remake, style which centers, around transforming. Old vintage, clothing a lot of kids like to take these items, and cut it up and add things, onto it so they're very one-of-a-kind. Styles, the second, trend being the minimalistic. Mode style, you'll see a lot of people wearing this and layering, black, on black that, sounds like my my, type of thing sometimes I like to dress up like a bat. Would. A bat, look work. There. No. Never. Mind and then the third and final trend, the colorful, layered style, you can layer things, on so, much and things, are transparent. And things are like colorful and it's basically you, could play with anything you want so without further ado, we were ready to start shopping for our Tokyo, street fashion inspired, outfits, and our first stop was the store an. Incapacity. Which specializes. In vintage remake, so, an in compute capacity is located, in the Oda wadda neighborhood. Which means that it's just behind the, main part of hora jakku it's a more hipster, e type, of vintage, area, hipsters, they're everywhere. The. Store itself is a former, cigarette, shop tucked away on the third floor of what looks almost like an apartment building inside, pretty much every inch of it is covered, in vintage, paraphernalia. From the 1950s. Onwards, and a lot of it is recognizable. IP with, a little bit of a twist looking, around the store many, of the remade, items, are sort of like vintage t-shirts. Spliced, with tutus, and though they're not all t-shirt. The general, vibe seems, to be bringing, together in Congress pieces.

Into One garment to make something completely new usually, with a new shape as well we were also able to ask the store's owner mr., Ohashi some questions, about the vintage remake style he led off by saying that there aren't really rules about, shape or style within the trend itself, he doesn't like tell people what to wear he says there's a lot of people who wear it like form-fitting, or, just, totally, loose it's all up to you what you see here and you just kind of put it all together and in terms of what is in the store it seems that mr. Ohashi, does a lot of the curating, and his wife Kathy, does a lot of the cutting and remaking so where, do you find like your inspiration, like when you see a piece like how do you know if you like it or if you want it to be in your store. So, his, inspiration. Comes, mainly, from punk. So music as well as the vintage, fashions. Which actually, makes a lot of sense because there's a strong, emphasis on, DIY in Punk style in terms of what I should be wearing mr., Ohashi recommended. That we just walk around the store and see what caught our eye yo easy this huh yeah it's a kind of like a devious. Mischief. Afoot immediately. I noticed, a bunch of breezy, tunic. Style tops, I know you said bats were not in but. It. Might be like an unconscious. Bat. Yeah. Absolutely the, bat just slides in and as if on cue the, next thing I found was this oh oh, it's, a Nike shirt with batwing, yeah. Yeah. It. Seems like fortune, had smiled down upon me. Mr.. Ohashi and rinrin, also found a really cool head-to-toe. Pink outfit and I found another blousy top that seemed to have been made from like a college, sweatshirt they. Didn't think I would be here, then, we grabbed a couple of bottoms, to match our tops including. A black skirt for our Nike outfit all the world. All black, know. I'm trying on other stuff too well we have to have one all black a day with the brand and a pair of embellished. Jeans for our Central, State University, blouse and with that we were ready to start trying on our outfits, I'll be, back I go. Did, they like the governador here, so first up was the head-to-toe, pink outfit, yeah. This look definitely had, a strong, visual impact, and I think that the different, shapes and textures were really cool I like the little but apron it's very, different but, I think it's fun like nope don't look here then to top it off mr. Ohashi styled, me with a little knit crown we've got a little like where the wild things are situation, I love it like this oh it's so cute hahahaha. And despite how pink it was I actually really, liked it you look like you belong in the store. I'm. Never, leaving but. Our second, outfit top some stiff competition. So. I think that this is definitely like more in line with like my personal, style I feel like the skirt, I'm not sure what, I'm doing with it despite the skirt being a little unbalanced. The top is amazing, and as if I needed any more convincing rinrin. Decked me out with some accessories. Hey. How, do I look after trying, on both of these looks I was kind of conflicted, because I feel like part of the style is like what you like but I also feel like maybe just because the other outfits, more different, from what I usually wear it feels more like the style you know I'm saying transformation, exactly a style transformation yeah.

Exactly, But we did have one more look to try on here it is. Central. State University, I thought, this top really accomplished. The vintage remake objective. By transforming. A simple, College t-shirt, into a romantic, almost, Renaissance, II blouse it's like sort of a Shakespearean, in a way and I really liked the jeans which featured, some nice real lace action, though I wouldn't say they were really transformed. Into a different shape or garment, the jeans are like pretty, normal. But embellished, in terms of which outfit, I liked the best I was still torn between the first and the second look I thought the first one definitely made, a very big impact, however, I do think the sec it's very you so it, looks, good I think we maybe, want to change the bottom for that one goes a bit short for balance purpose so we purchased, our bat outfit, thanked mr. Ohashi and were on our way all right so now having explored the vintage, remix style a little bit you can move on to our next location which, is ground, lie ground, why, why, is it, not the air no it's the ground. So. Next up we went to ground why to explore, our second, Street fashion, the, mode style, ground, why is an offshoot label. By Yohji, Yamamoto located. Inside of the law for a department, store in Harajuku, which has a lot of local, trendy, designers, and boutiques now when you first walk into ground why it's, very black and white which i think is in line with Yohji. Yamamoto s general, vibe for, reference Yohji, Yamamoto is, a Japanese, designer described. As a master, tailor who is known for his androgynous. And avant-garde, designs. Usually. Made in black sounds, like my kind of guy and in general he's considered, an important, driver of the mode style so to help pick out our mode outfit, we met up with rinrin's. Friend mika who is a mode enthusiasts. And Instagrammer, somos well I would say it's kind of defined, by, a monotone. Color palette, I would say is very unisex. Or genderless. Which is a very big thing going on right now in general and I think that androgynous. Vibe influences. The shapes and cuts of the clothing with most of the outfits, being unfinished. Flowy, or boxy, yeah I always. Loose like simple yeah like Oh simple, and minimal. So with some sense of what we were looking for it was time to start a shoppin I'm still, there always are. You doing this yes I do we do that yeah ready we'll do it again my, cousin. Like. Sneaky, sneaky. So. Right, from the start I was a little confused by some of the items at first glance they seem pretty simple, but when you approach, them a lot of them have unique. Cuts, what's this, like an extra arm hole it's open, so I think it's just a flat okay. So. The first outfit, that rinrin and Myka picked out was an asymmetric. Jacket, a white button-down shirt, and a long pants. Skirt hybrid, ooh kind of like a suit yeah, next, up we found a blue button-down, sheer, dress oh. We. Need an inner yeah, too, sexy too, sexy to, see, through which we D sexified. With like a matching, blue shift dress underneath, and for our last option, this looks yeah I recommend, this we went for a white maxi, shirt, with a geometric pattern on the right shoulder what would you put underneath this like for pant um no, this button yeah just oh just, like a long dress yeah a long dress which gave us three, mode options, to try on so first up was our three-piece, suit.

I. Like, like the asymmetry you, enemy like it's kind of like off center, because, mode style, pretty much ignores, the curves of your body the, designs tend to play more with draping. Asymmetry. And abstract, shapes and to finish off the look Mika recommended, that we add this wide brimmed, hat oh yes, oh, wow I can hear myself I'm like echoing, off the Hat overall, I really enjoyed this outfit I'm not usually a hat person but this look made me feel kind, of like a boxy, Carmen, Sandiego. All right ready for the next one yes, I don't. Know if you're ready so up next was our blue sheer, dress. Is. This sufficiently. D sexified, yeah, you're so not thick fearing now perfect, that is the goal I feel like this was more of a summer mode look I'm feeling easy and breezy with the blueness and with the lighter flowy, or fabric, rinrin also thought that a backpack might, suit this outfit, so we tried on this very round one turtle. Shell can I be a ninja turtle movie Leonardo yeah the, blue tinny turtle oh there you go this dress was definitely cute. But I just wasn't a hundred, percent sold, on it so we went on to option number three, oh. This. Looks nice yeah I love it I. Almost this, outfit, combines, elements, of the first and second, look and there was also a fun secret, there are pockets. There, means have everything. Yeah. You're a little going 1 2 I didn't notice before so we accessorized. Our long maxi. Shirt to complete the look and though we all liked this one I think we were kind of missing some of that mousse from, the first look alright so I think that we've decided that we're gonna kind of combine, the first and the third outfits, by putting this jacket, over the last outfit which I actually really like I think this is like the best compromise. Because it's like pretty much the vibe of the first outfit except without the pants so we went with our hybrid, fourth option as our mode outfit, thank you so much mica for helping us know you're on call so what's next, we're, gonna go to wall which, is another boutique, inside, of the same department, store it's right on the other side of the wall I'm. So sorry that I said no. But, it's it's literally right next door all right so let's go so unlike, ground, Y and an in compute capacity which, focused more on a singular trend or aesthetic, wall carries clothes from a range of designers, that reflect, a few different, trends the concept, of the store is Japan. In ten years it's also one of rinrin's, favorite, stores and in fact the dress she's wearing here, is actually, from wall but what we were searching for was, an outfit that would exemplify. What rinrin. Described, as the colorful. Layered trend, all right well let's get to it yeah so one of the objectives of, this trend is to just wear a lot of different garments basically. Piling, on ethnic, cliff saket and oftentimes, with, extra, appliques, or fabric, stitched on - or hanging, off of the layered garments. Would you even call this maybe they're like nap yeah napkin flowers, no. Lotus are more open I think you know I have no idea yeah what are you orchids. We never did figure out what kind of flower it is my, best guess is a campanula.

Flower, Don't, at me but regardless we needed to find a bottom to complete, our first option oh. My. Gosh it's like pants, but pants, Wow they're, pants that have been written by other pant extended, pant and yes, they are also littered, with embroidered. Mice I needed, to try them on you've heard of Pizza rat have you heard of thigh, rats Pizza, Pizza, rats the rat that like was dragging, an entire piece of pizza in the New York subway subway, yeah, while, shopping we also encountered. Another aspect, of the trend which is that a lot of the items are loose and oversized, look at those sleeves. It's. Not quite a batwing it's almost like a manatees. Flipper, I'm not sure we could in good conscience, follow up the mice pants with the manatee jacket, but we did find another, oversized, item this long and patchworked. T-shirt oh you know what that looks like a baggy, 90's, teenager yes, almost, like the guys at, Cher's high school in clueless and to pair with it we, grabbed some also, patchworked, jeans, and for our third option we, wanted to try something that was a little more vibrant to, make sure we got to the colorful, part of the colorful. Layered look oh that's really cute I, like the pink but I want to layer something, over it of course we must we, must, so rinrin, grabbed this dusty, rose slip from off of another hanger we couldn't find another layering piece so we're just done for DIY yes, and with, that completing, our third outfit, we began attacking, our pile of clothes. I love. The rats more than I thought I would if, you can take a second, to not look at the extended Mouse pants rinrin, and i also really liked the top it's very spring, I'm a blooming, flower and, though I'll say I did enjoy. The rats I think it just overpowered. The other layers too much it's not called the colorful. Rat trend, so we moved on to our 90s high school boy outfit, there we go I, was. Surprised by how much I liked this look for some reason I feel like pretty comfortable, in it that might be because it's a giant t-shirt, but I feel like pretty like yeah like that I can wear this around this was also a big hit with the shop staff at wall. Who, suggested, we accessorize. It with a bold graphic. Earring though we were feeling pretty good about this outfit we still wanted to try our last one on for good measure which actually, turned out to be no easy feat it, took me so long to get into this. Rinrin. Like came off like a harem I like had to help me do this what, I will say about this outfit is that the undershirt. Skirt, thing is super cool and I love the sleeves yeah but I think that the over layer is like a little tight for my booty oh no sexy, which I don't think is the vibe we're going for as, we mentioned, with the layered trend, you usually want things to be oversized.

And Flowy and though I think we had the right idea, with the layering, unfortunately. Those ideas, were just eclipsed. By the booty, so. We decided to go with a little bit of a mash-up for our final look, alright. I, think. We nailed it, so this is, the second, outfit with the jacket, from the first outfit on top of it I think this kind of brings everything, that we liked from the second outfit and then just adds another layer on top of it what do you say I think this, is the perfect one so with rinrin's approval, we got to our final, tokyo street fashion outfit, so now we have three outfits that embody like three different tokyo street styles, but we don't have any of the finishing touches like the makeup or the shoes, and stuff we're gonna do a little um exploring. And see what we can find and then we'll see our finished looks for, a quick shoe stop we dropped by a store called Tokyo, Bopper, to pick up a pair of stumpy, shoes to pair with the mode outfit, and the next day we went with rinrin to a drugstore to, grab a couple of products, to put together a, Tokyo inspired, makeup look so what, I wanted to incorporate, this time is a trendy, like pop of color since we're heading into summer, the focus of this makeup look is definitely the, eyes as, we added some highlighter, to the lower lids to make them look bigger and used, some turquoise liner, for that pop of color that rinrin, had been joined so you, already have that droopy, eye look, which is an ideal look here's, to bring your eyes down it looks like your kinder. Oh that's, a very nice thing to say thank you we also applied, some cream blush on my cheekbones, and under eyes I'm hoping the cream blush will like bring in that to eNOS, since dewy skin is, a popular, goal in a lot of Japanese makeup looks and then with a dash of semi-sheer lipstick, you were ready to go but. This is definitely a summer look I'm not gonna say like this is like the general, like Tokyo Street fashion, look, do I look summer II like, a sweet summer child yeah. So. The first Street fashion look we took out on the town was the vintage to remake outfit, which included, our remade, batwing, Nike top these fluttery, adidas. Pants the pants have some Flair in fact they've got multiple flares, and a pair of black, combat, boots that I had brought from home on my face I was rocking our pop of color summer makeup look and for my hair rinrin, had gone ham with some bobby pins the, sideburn, unwhole. Display so for this first outfit rinrin was able to come out vlogging, with us for a bit you guys are the bat twins right now so she could help us take Street, snap or style photos, of the outfit I don't get hits up in Harajuku.

Photographers. Will line up on the Main Street and, to ask passerby. Who they think have cool outfits, on to take photos of them hence streets, now. Seeking Street snaps of me and Richard together and there was like a dude almost. It's, just posh as hell all the time I think that overall, this is probably, my favorite outfit, it's definitely, like more, shapeless. Than I would usually go, but besides that like it's pretty up my alley, I'm not usually one to wear Nike Sportswear but that's because they tend to not have giant bat wings attached, so in this case the vintage remake, style has bridged that gap for, me you look so dramatic, but comfortable, at the same time. This. Is comfortable, vampire. I. May. Have also felt at home in this outfit because it reminded, me of some, of the unusual, clothing items, we've tried in the past this outfit is kind of like if the band ruffled, t-shirt and the Y project, like long-sleeve, denim jacket, had a lovechild I think it captures a lot of the fun of the giant 4-foot, sleeves without the added danger of, hitting someone with a large denim, tube the only real obstacle. I could think of with this outfit, was that because there's a lot of stuff hanging off of it it feels like you could accidentally. Dip, it right into your food or drink. I think. We did okay with, our ramen, this time but it's definitely something, to look out for so next up was our mood look I'm a mode Gargoyle. Excel, like a nova babe for mode hashtag mode gargoyle, for the completed, outfit I donned our white maxi shirt, asymmetric. Jacket, wide brimmed hat and these shoes that we got a Tokyo Bopper for my makeup I substituted. The pop of color out for, some plain black eyeliner though I kept to the cheeks flushed, rinrin, also suggested. That we could slick my hair back for, this outfit but my hair has to be curled for the wall outfit, and there's. Only one time that the hairstylist could take me in so it's. Currently even, though this look is color, wise definitely. In my zone I would say that it's much more formal. And structured than I would usually go, I feel kind of like a business, casual, Dementor but, nonetheless there, was something, theatrical. About it that I loved. In. Particular, the Hat was like the best prop, part of you is bird-like. Yeah. And it kind of gave me a personal, cave under, which I could perform, my mischief, come under the brim. Like. There oh. My. God here I will say it was a little sweaty probably, since it was late made but the no-pants aspect, made it bearable at least so I've got Swamp bra but not swamp butt but despite, any swamp enos I actually enjoyed.

Wearing, And vlogging, in this outfit the most maybe, even though I wouldn't wear this entire, outfit, together in, the u.s. I might wear this entire outfit together in the u.s. you, should, and our final street fashion look was our colorful, layered, outfit, from wall which included, our oversized, t-shirt, patchwork, jeans and yellow, unknown, flower jacket, so for this outfit rinrin, recommended, that we accessorize. It with white, sneakers, that i have brought from home actually because, my feet are rather large for japanese sizes, these orange earrings that we also got at wall at la foret and some curly hair I also subbed, in some yellow eyeliner, to match our jacket, now for all three of these outfits, we were vlogging, in the same area, of Harajuku which happened, to be just a few subway stops away from our hotel. So. We kept going there because we knew how to get there so I think that this outfit, matches the aesthetics, of the hard Juhu neighborhood itself the most closely. Like. With this giant, teddy bear now that is some seriously around and this amazingly. Huge, multi-colored. Ice cream I think as is getting more melty I think we should get that away from the layered clothing though this outfit is definitely, the furthest, away from my usual style, and not just because of the color but also because, of the silhouette, and texture. Yeah. Though I didn't, mind being a moving pile of laundry and like how it flows if I mean I, weirdly like this sort of like guilt at the bottom yeah the half kilt the only thing I didn't really like about the layered look was, the effect, that the layers had on my body temperature as in I was warm warmer, than I was even in my full-on mode, suit but there's a nice breeze coming down this alley yeah kind of like opening up the air ducts I had to fight the inclination to, take off some of the layers it's supposed to be the colorful layered look so I had to stay layered, but I think that for more everyday wear I'll probably dawn these items separately as I like them all individually. Specifically, I love with pants which you can barely see yeah, all. Right so, those were my Tokyo, Street fashion, looks even, though these outfits, are supposed to represent three different trends. There are some commonalities, between, them, that are kind of emblematic, of Tokyo fashion, in general all of them are sort of like long and in, general I'm pretty like covered, just to provide I guess like maximum, area for more layering and they're all also kind of asymmetric, this one is a little sort of half kilt and all the other ones have their own little asymmetric. Flair's I think that all three of these outfits, are pretty different from current US fashion trends at least the ones I'm aware of and rinrin, seems to be right in that there's more of an emphasis on, layering, and draping, and the clothes seem to skew a bit looser overall, though regardless I'm, excited, to bring these looks back to the u.s. because I feel like I can incorporate different. Items from them into my own wardrobe, and in some cases just wear, them head to toe exactly. As is we're, going to make mode gargoyle, I think if it's the last thing I do thank you guys so much for watching and, a big THANK YOU to rinrin, for helping us out with this video I've linked both of her channels in the description below one, of which is in Japanese with English subtitles and, one of which is her English Channel so go check those out if you like that video make sure to smash, that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to shamash, that subscribe, button a big shout out to Rochelle. For watching, thanks, for watching Rochelle, and I will see you guys next time.

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Safiya Nygaard I liked the second and third outfits

I like the first, pink one Saaaf.

Safiya Nygaard the mode look

I think you pulled them off really well! My favorite would probably be the last look since my vibe right now is toward the lighter, brighter and comfortable realm. Although, my typical aesthetic is a combination of the first & second looks since I’m a sucker for black. The second look makes me think of a modern day Annie Hall. Loved this video! XO

Love the first one

Safiya is losing some subs she had 5.5M but now she has 5.1M subs so much people unsubscribe whyyyyy she's the best

that GiTS wallart is gorgeous

Rinrin is adorable!

That mode outfit is absolutely banging

Tyler eating the ice cream in the final section is amazing!

Is it just me, or does the second one looks like Mary Poppins XDDDD

Safiya why didn’t you include the prices? Dang are they expensive

omg that sneaky comment!! noooo not in Japan guys

Where have I been all my life?! How am I only discovering this channel now??!

Great video! I'd love to see you wear these outfits in America and ask people what they think :)

She slays everythingggg

The first style is soooo not my cup of tea

This was such a good quality video I love it!

you didn't get the pink outfit with the CROWN? i am GUTTED, saf. GUTTED! ^_^


Black on black

I'm obsessed with the nike look.


Legitimate video idea: Beauty guru do my makeup

this is so fascinating! love this video

Mode style is connecting with me and calling my name

America’s style is so basic. Everything has to be supreme, or Gucci, or Versace, or champion. But In other countries its much more unique I think some of Japan needs to rub off America

I’m really loving safiya’s channel it’s so unique and she makes her own trends such as mixing all of a certain makeup. And she travels. And her weird little funny personality. I’m glad I’ve been a subscriber for a long time

Didn’t she just get like 2 makeovers

She looks like Frida Kahlo

You should wear the same outfit but in the us and see the reaction

I love it!!!!! You look so cool in all the outfits.

I actually think that white shirt set looked good on you but I know you love the batwings lol.

Black on black

Near the end Tyler is just chilling eating his ice cream

Tokyo fashion needs to come to the US hunnieee. It looks like they took scraps of fabric/ fabric remnants and made it into a thing and I am living for it. Also living for oversized pieces

Business casual dementor omg

i love rinrin :)

You should do a full face of frankenmakeup

Im digging these styles

I know you're not going to see this Saf but omg you can pull off anything! You're so humble and modest about your beauty when you are so gorgeous!! Ily! Also the bat look will never die haha

I actually like the minimalistic look and its loose with pockets!! yehey! But I want to see the batwinged shirt with the mouse pants or with that patched work pants

The mode outfit makes me think of Nancy Drew

I love the hats so much!!! I would totally wear booth the crown and the black hat........mainly the black one. :) The bat wings are awesome and the mode look is cool. :)

i feel like the title doesnt accurately represent how cool this video was and how much info there was about tokyo street style. like this was so cool and informative

Pulling coloured eyeliner off effortlessly! The styles suit you so much Rinrin did such a great job

Ah, it's Rin Rin Doll

I love RinRin!

You should do a video with the same outfits in the us and ask people what they thought

you did amazing sweetiee (in escape the night) :))

@loganpaul and @ricegum ...this is how you do a video in japan

Thr amount of cool stuff I saw in this video and dream about it now...

Second outfit was FIREEEE , third also could work separately. I’m hoping you keep these pieces they are so fucking FUN.

I AM LIVING FOR 2:21 ❤️❤️❤️ Need to recreate this somehow but nothing really comes close to the asymmetric jacket

Heyy Saf... Could you please try Korean fashion

Ugh I love the mode outfit I want it

Dress as a Geisha!!!

I love the mode outfit! Charlie Chaplin but make it fashion

U should do the 24hr overnight challenge.

You should try Korean fashion next

I wanted the third outfit to be the chosen shirt and pant but swap the flower jacket for that dramatic, pink manatee one! That mix of very feminine with very 90s high school masculine would have been magic!

6:05 that laugh

RinRin's English is so good!



End results is looking like "trash"

AAAAAAAAAAAA that 90's shirt and the Adidas shirt are literally the most amazing things I've ever seen ~o~ gimme

Who else thinks Saf is pregnant?

"its like pants but pants"

I thought Tokyo in La Casa De Papel

I love the fact that you explore fashion not just to beautify , but also to understand the cultural, social and economic aspects of the society pertaining to the fashion. I have never seen you disregard any clothing because it may not look the best on you. You always keep an open mind about the clothing and the creator. You've inspired me to look at fashion as a reflection of the society. Thank you so much for that

you are beautiful , where are you from ?

Is this wall store online???? Damn this flower jacket thing!!!!!!! I NEED IT!! :P

omg rin rin just made fun of u, made u wear some rediculous clothes and called that 'fashion"... thats just not attractive... very very bad....

Shouldve named the mice one "Flowers for Algernon"

_POCKETS?!?!?!_ *_SOLD_*

Thanks for introducing me to Mode style, I like it! :D

@safiya I'm SO ready for #ModeGargoyle





I very much enjoyed the WALL behind the wall joke.

Hey saf

You honestly look so good in anything!!

On 25:46 she she sounds like Corrine from threadbanger

Oh my mode!

The mode one was my favourite!!!

So basically Safiya turned into a more fashionable version of Kimmy Schmidt... ok.

WALL just looked like a fancy thrift store

I LOVED your hair & makeup in the street style looks! Those earrings

Id love to shop in Japan in shops like this but I feel like they wouldn’t even have my sizes:/

Swamp bra but not swamp butt

all those outfits were sick

I looove the Nike bat shirt !!!

The hat look kind of looked a bit like one of Wonder Woman’s outfits from the movie

Thank you for putting effort into learning about asian culture. its actually refreshing to watch something that isnt poking fun at a culture that is very much different from western norms.

“Mode” in German just means fashion. Interesting that they chose that word for the style!

no one want to talk about how saf saved TEALAS LIFE?! no...just me a crazy fan in her natural habitat


Best video ever! RinRin is adorable! #modegargoyle

Loooove the Nike Bat Wing Outfit and the Mode look. Soooo good :)

you’re like my favorite youtuber i’ve never been so impatient for more videos to come out before


Safiya Nygaard *_ILYYY QUEEEN_*


You are the best saf

Loved this! Do more cultural fashion collabs. Maybe Indian and Danish since that's your background, I think.


Batty Saf!

Tell us about your Escape the Night experience

The Nike bat one is beautiful oh my

I loved the all black one the most!!

I liked the Nike vampire wings

I love this



Saf you should do one in Korea! I currently live in korea and while I’m too fat to fit into most clothes here (lol) korean fashion is fascinating. Some of it I think looks gorgeous, others not so much. I would love to see what you think. Love ya girl! Keep up the good work!

hi saf i love your videos and good luck on escape the night

Awesome video!!!! LOVED the second outfit!


i’m in tokyo i wish i saw you

anyone else love rin rin's outfit??

how much did she suit the mode look tho!!!!!!! yes saff!!!!!!

my favourite was the second look

Buzzfeed and LadyLike aren’t the same without you... the good old days

Buy a week's worth of clothes from vinted


Loved your vid! Didn`t expect Japan would be so inspiring :)


oooohh honeeeeyyyy i'm loving the mode outfit

Ruined the 2nd outfit by buttoning it

i think at 3:35 a guy in the background wanted a picture

i really want all of them asdfghjkl

you looked so good in all omfg!!

Omg, Rinrin is sooo cuteeee and sweeet

You are in escape the night season 3

Love the mode look

I think Saf really suits the cropped jean style trousers in the pink outfit, she should definitely start bringing elements like that into her everyday style!!

I'm so fucking into this

Omg the mode look is so goood on you!

Saf, not knowing how much of any of that cost is killing me.


So basically you can wear everyf*ck you want with everything in Japan no one cares because it’s some kind of streetstyle. I love it

Where can I get the boots from the Mode outfit??? or similar?

A rat once stole a piece of pizza from my school

The 26:09 is gold hahahaha

I loved this video except the really Loud talking and laughing on the train it made me cringe


I really like the second outfit

These fashions are everything

Loved the depressed flower transparent layer ^_^ and the embroidered rats on the pants! That’s just genius.

Rin-Rin's outfit at the end was SO CUTE. I loved the Mode one too, my first time hearing anythinga bout that style and I think I'm going to try it.. in winter, of course. Also, it kills me that you were doing street fashion in Tokyo, and though I know you were clear about not doing the stereotypical one, you were right outside of 6% Doki Doki and didn't even have a peek inside ;-;

*_can i, like, live in japan now?_*

My newfound mood is Boxy Carmen San Diego

12:04 we stan a fashion professor ^_^

Love genderless looks. Because I identify with being genderless ^_^. YAS to minimalist looks!

9:47 YAS Ghost In The Shell

I saw the Wisconsin shirt and my eyes zeroed in like "TARGET SPOTTED"

The top of the pink look looked like guts! Loved it ^_^!

YAS punk style ^_^

Love layering

We stan education

I need the bat Nike outfit

Ya know I avoided this video for so long because I was expecting a video dedicated to bashing Japanese culture just like every other youtube does. But after giving this video a chance, I really appreciate how you analyzed a different culture and made sure not to compare to other beauty standards/cultures

Saf makes me wanna go Japan just to snag all those epic outerwears. NAISEEE!!!!!

the mode outfit was everything

Please do a Q&A - I need to know why you pronounce your last name 'wrong'!

26:11 omg Tyler in the background. Nicely done

21:20 to 21:24 and 23:40 made me cackle

Trust Safiya to wear more black than any other colours


I love the second outfit

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Absolutely loved this video and all three outfits!! Oh my gooodness!

i love how your videos are always entertaining AND informative!!!

i LOVE how informative this video was,, good job saf

Next from South Korea plzzz

Do this in straya outback vs. City

I would most definitely be a #modegargoyle

Rin Rin's super cool

I love the second outfit on you

i always wanted to try japan fashion, though I haven't really touched anything much on it, other than Lolita/ Aristocrat. I feel inspired by this to maybe try making my own outfit, which might proof to be interesting


the second outfit

i actually really like the third outfit of the vintage style ...


I’m living for those combat boots with the first look!!


I want the last outfit.. Freaking AMAZING!!!!!

I love the Nike outfit

she looked like an orthodox jew in the mod outfit with the black hat lol



I hope you bought the crown I love that!!!

Plz come to Shanghai, Saf!!!

This is my favourite video from you Saf!!!!

i like WALL


The black and white look reminded me of Wonder Woman when she wears the “normal” clothes

"Harry Pottah" xD I died lmao I love H.P


LOVED this video But I'm sorry Saf you are overdoing the brows

It’s it just me but I love the way when Safiya looks at the camera in the thumbnails

How do you communicate in other places in the world??

Love Tyler eating ice cream in the back lol

The mode outfit was like a really stylish Amish person.

Been a bit since you put out something style fresh like this. Love it & that shirt shirt

Hey saf is your p.o box open I want to send fan mail

babashook is relevant again

This video was great and you looked bangin in all 3 looks but damn I wish foreigners would stop talking loudly on trains in Tokyo haha. Ya not supposed to talk gurl! :P I really loved the 2nd look the most! I've been living in Tokyo for 8 months now and I still trying to catch up to the fashion here! P.S. I'm sitting here watching with my Japanese model friend and he's friends with a lot of the example fashion people you put in at the start haha

Loved all those outfits and how different they are from western style, super cool to see!

You should mix all your blushes together

I’m just taking pictures of the outfits so I can wear something similar.. not just me

that second outfit/look gave me life. I loooove it so much!!!

I love how Tyler was just in the background devouring that ice cream like in the last five minutes


MODE!!!!! OMG but 90's teenager I LOVE.. i need all OF THESE pieces... were they expensive?

Safiya Nygaard hey safiya. Saw these jeans and thought of you instantly! They are crotchless jeans!maybe continue the terrible jean item trend and buy this? https://www.dollskill.com/the-ragged-priest-crystal-denim-jeans.html

The 2nd look (mode)

i looooove the mode outfit

Can you do a makeup tatorial using only kids makeup?

The third one

Safiya Nygaard you are so much prettier without eyeliner

Safiya Nygaard go to Korea !!


saf the flowers on the seethro jacket we have thouse floowers in Croactia we call them "visibabe" and i dare you to try to say 1 word in Croactia

Can you do a vid were you buy a box or kit of makeup from wish

Rinrin is so cute and funny omgoshhh

amazing i loved that video

I can't get over it Safiyas hair is so good

Safiya s new hair is so cute I think brad did a really good job!

Rinrin is so sweet and I don't say this often but I would love to be friends with her

I’ve been wondering about this for a while now but why do Saf’s videos always have so many dislikes? I get that the ratio from likes to dislikes is really good but it’s still a lot of dislikes and I don’t see the reason why

24:59 Love the cute kid

i love how down you are to try different things! you slayed every single look btw!

Do Philippines next!


I am Japanese but I live in Italy but I’ll go to Japan to meet my grandparents

"Casual Vampire" "Business Casual Dementor" "Walking Pile of Laundry" Saf i love you

lmao, I love when she says "Shmash"

I’m going crazy and falling in love with the “mode style”- I’m tempted to move to Japan JUST to go walking in the streets with that style❤️❤️❤️

Ah! I was at Ground Y a few months ago (beginning of May) with some friends! Well... I stopped by it. And then remembered I live on a preschool teacher's salary. Girl, that stuff ain't cheap.

Hi Safiya I love you and I love your videos can I please get a shout out?❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love Tokyo's fashion... It's Soo different and edge and just comfy!!!! I love love it

Rinrin is so cute omg

i need those rat pants

Not to @ you Safiya, but I'm pretty sure those are Ginkgo flowers lol

Their fashion is soo pretty ❤❤

Pardon me while I go stitch some bat wings on to my Nike hoodies.

That mode look is everything. It looks really good honestly. .

You know Safiya I have watched a good number of your videos. I am in love with your content. I am an introvert, out of touch 45yo and so pretty set in my ways. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, so watching your channel I get a good picture of what is new, hip and kind of out there(In a great way.) thanks, I feel renewed...



Rather than business casual dementor, that 2nd outfit is more of grim greaper from the korean goblin series. Search for it guys.

safiya you look different, are you expecting? your body looks bigger and in the face

Can u go to jakarta once aka indonesia

Omg saf looks like a grim reaper from goblin for the mode outfit

Ugh I love the style so much! How much did each outfit cost? I feel like they’re pretty pricey since they’re one of a kind

RinRin is so nice and cute


I fell in love with that GroundY store

Tyler at 26:11

you looked SO! GOOD! Hell! you did better than a lotta of western jfashion followers that I've seen. I'm a pastel/fairy kei/spank kid myself, but I've always wished the more "street style" part of harajuku made it over seas. With the rise in vintage fashion it's been easier to get away with these kinds of looks, but the emphasis on a curvy silhouette always makes me feel anxious about wearing boxier or drapped shapes (I'm super self conscious, so even tho i love alternative fashion and wear it pretty regularly, some days i feel the need to fit in). I loved everything about this video, you were super spot on! (And Rinrin is always fantastic)

I luv u and youre in escape the night

Wow you were probably there only a couple days after I left. Feelsbadman

at 7:50 “pink on pink” she looked like melanie martinez is th beginning of the mad hatter music video

7:17 pink jughead!


ugh that CSU top in the 3rd outfit at the first place was actually really cute!!! wish you would've got it, it looked amazing on you!


26:11 Tyler is me

haaaa she said "bighit"


You should go to South Korea and see @megan bowen that would be insanely cool! Haha

Saf, I swear you reminded me so much of Wonder Woman after her shopping scene in your minimalist outfit.

you are only showing Decora key fashion from what I know

I’m sorry.. but this fashion is kinda hideous.

I liked this a lot more than I thought I would, go Saf

Ok the mode look was ICONIC

This was so fun and I learned so much! I love #modegargoyle and Rin Rin's eye smile at 20:03 was so cute I almost died!

I loved the long white dress shirt and the black over jacket look!! You rocked it!

umm ok glad you gave it a try, but not feeling it personally. It's just not your style

The Mode look is for sure my favorite out of these.

I loved the Ground Y oneeee, when you tried the maxi shirt I was like "you need to combine it with the Jackettt". When you guys did it I was like YASSS

@safiya nygaards best video yet

PLEASE DO A GIVEAWAY WITH MAKEUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "flowers" on your jacket actually look like Ginko leaves!

I LOVE RIN RIN’S DRESS!!! I’m not sure I spelled her name right


business casual dementor

Hey saf! This has nothing to do with the video but you love the Addams Family, so I wanted to tell you, I auditioned for Wednesday Addams in the Addams family musical! That’s all I had to say. I’ll keep you updated on the results. I screwed up the dance audition so I don’t think I’ll get in, but my singing and acting was ok i thought!!

VIDEO SUGGESTION : I'd really like u 2 try the "Magic Shaving Hair Removal powder". I remember in 1 of ur vids u said u have razor burn issues. I've heard this is suppose 2 help.

The Mode look is E V E R Y T H I N G.

saf I love your street style exploration. you can go miles with this! but really I love this.

I love the mod look. the asymmetrical black over white just looks like an art piece. the circle hat was a wonderful piece and the flushed cheeks was a nice touch of color.

I love the second outfit a lot

I love the Nike shirt outfit with the short skirt(?) !!

I want a follow up video of wearing these in the US and getting opinions

Q u a l i t y

Are you able to do a video where you try out Prime Wardrobe through Amazon Prime?

Is there anyway I could get that see through jacket with the flowers on it in America?? I need it!

I reaally liked the first outfit

rinrin:”oh no sexy!”

I saw you and Tyler today at Vidcon for your Q&A♡♡ You guys are SO nice and caring. Most pannels I went to didn't take pictures and you guys did. I also thought it was very cool how you wore the nike shirt you got from japan. Thank you so much and it was SO nice meeting you!!

SAF Please, my entire household wants to live vicariously through your trip to japan! we need /more/

The Blue Dress Wins.

as much as i hate to say it some black fishnets with the Maude look wood be perfect

"business casual dementor" is the best thing i've heard all day

Tyler struggling with an ice cream cone while saf talks in depth about clothing trends is my exact relationship with fashion lol

btw its tulips lol

Lol I love it when Tyler was eating the ice cream when safiya was talking

You should try out hush makeup

This video was so exciting!

i loved the dress Rinrin had on

26:12 Tyler just fails at eating ice cream Saf doesn't notice

I wish all these trends were popular in the u.s. :(


I need to live here because I never match

doesn't Tyler looks like Freddie Benson from I carly??

i love watching tyler eat ice cream in the background

Wait why do I love this style so much. Like can America adopt these trends pleadr

"oh no.. sexy" lmaooo me when i look at myself in the mirror


The colorful layered outfit

The third outfit is my favorite!

Go to Korea maybe soul.

P.S.- I loved the second outfit, but the Nike shirt outfit was just so you! Tyler and his ice cream::)).

The second one by farrrrrrrrrr... But also loved the first one

Safiya Nygaard Comme Des Garçons is very important in that world too. You should check out Dover Street Market next time you are here in NYC.

Safiya Nygaard please do mixing nail polish together

I like the first outfit

I wish it was as simple as just slapping on cute clothes When it came to USA Fashion

You should try Brooklyn and Bailey/next-door mascara

*Egsactlhy* (exactly)

wow is it weird that i really like the mouse pants? like they looked really cool

i like the outfits and the make-up.

Please do more of these j- fashion video's

Please post more



I like ur style ❤

If i would live in japan, i would wear cute dresses. Like this for example http://wheretoget.it/look/33858

In 6:06 I was like YA! Nike! Bc it was my name so ya that is all I wanted to tell you

obssesed with yoyr helllooooo


Mino would totally wear this hahaha

the last one is so so so CUTE !!!! omg

Um stay in Tokyo forever, this series is amazing and I need about 93242834 more videos

The ice cream in the last outfit looked like the ice cream Jennie had in 'As If It's Your Last'

omg rinrin is so cute and cool i love her!!

So I'm in love with the mode style holy

This is going to be one of my favourite videos from you!

mika was so confused the whole time it's so cuTE

ok but rinrin is the cutest


I like the mode one a lot!!

The Vintage Remake style doesn't seem to work well on Americans because it feels like part of the appeal is the juxtaposition of "found" Americana with Japanese style.

This video is EXACTLY what I signed up for!!

“Oh no! Sexy!!!”

love the third one so much

My favorite was the outfit you wore shopping.

Nike bat

It was so cute when Mr. Ohashi did the devious hands with you I wish I had a Rinrin

I absolutely love the second outfit. Its so good omg

Is she from buzz feed?

that college shirt is really pretty i want it in my closet

I like the middle picture of you

The manatee flipper coat thing was so cool


I really love the second outfit

if ya'll are wondering why her "ooh's" were weird, it's bc she kept trying to do the japanese ver, and switching to the american ver (j's do aaah! and a's do oooooh!) i was laughing at her thoughtfulness

I want to go to japan

They sure do love to bring colors i the world

Honestly love the unsexy looks. It’s pretty refreshing to see that style! I feel like in the US our liberation movement became too focused on sex appeal!

I saw some of these stores in my dream months ago. This is kinda freaking me out

I love how safiya can wear things like this I would be soooooo embarrassed and self-conscious to wear that out in public I am just that type of person and I admire how she can do this I wish I could be like her and not be so embarrassed and worry about what people think about me

You should wear hats more often!

when she said "Black on Black” did anyone else think what I thought? *cough* nct *cough*

This channel grow very fast and big!!!

ahhhh saf looked so cool, really honestly loved all of the outfits especially the last one.

I neeedd the Nike bat outfit

The black blouse and skirt combo you wore out shopping were so adorable and couldnt be any more on brand with the safiya look.

I LOVE this episode!!

Saf you are genuinely hilarious and witty. You make me laugh so hard. Love how authentic you are—unafraid of being your true dorky self!

Rin Rin was so cute!!!! Loved the mode outfit the best! And that college sweatshirt turned vintage!

oh Japan, one of my bucket list destinations ❤ i wish i could go there with my bf

Dollightful made a doll with the crazy street fashion sort of thing

At 7:16 whoever watches Riverdale if u have seen pics of the comics the nit crown is just like jugheads in the comics

I feel bad when people from Japan come to America and see how boring and angry we are compared to Japan lol

i haattee "smumash that like button" uggghhh lol

Normally I'm a floral/pattern top person and plain jean bottom but the mode style is one I've never seen and I kind of like . . .if I ever visit Japan I think it's would be a cool style to embody for my visit

tyler in the background struggling with that ice cream

I can't even express how much I absolutely LOVE the Mode outfit!!!!!!!!!

Mann this video making me miss Tokyo

Safiya's Mode outfit looks like an orthodox man going to synagog.

Mode clothing is everything


Do the stupid hacks form troom troom like cristen

I LOVE the second look

The mode outfit was kind of off kilter Amish boy. A Tim Burtonesque Amish boy.

K pop style challenge!

If she did this in the summer, it must've been really humid, really hot. Layers make me sweat >.< Edit: She looks fly.

this makeup is beautiful on u!!!

Rinrin is so cute :((( she’s the kind of person parents would love their kids to be friends with

Riverdale vibes from the knit crown!!!!!!


24:15 the person in the back omg yes slay my life

Omg Safiya! I have that same black shirt with red roses!

so fucking cool

Oh my gosh! Rin Rin is so beautiful


The white crown low key looked like Jughead Jones beanie but the Archie comics version

Hi Safiya. There’s an app call Hush, it’s like ROMWE and Wish. It’s really cheap makeup, and I think it might be a pretty cool video.

Mode look gave me ahs the coven vibes

This whole video belongs in the r/anattemptwasmade Sub reddit

The Central State outfit totally gives a bit of a retro vibe to me!! It reminds me so much of Sarah's blouse from the Labrythin movie.


Ughh this is making me wanna go to Japan so bad

It's so amazing to see, 2nd hand, the trends and fashions of the world! Thank you!

I wanna go to japan just to get my style better ; ;


The rat and flowers outfit could have been cleverly named Flowers for Algernon

In the thumbnail picture, you look ALOT like Vanessa Marano (Bay from Switched at Birth.) That isn't hate by the way, she is one of my favourite actresses and she is really beautiful.

You should make a video on styling those pieces with LA fashion

Y did Rinrin wear a mask to do Safiya's makeup.

This kinda reminds me of san myshuno on sims

‘Layering black on black’ My kpop trashed mind: uhh black on black duh duh duh duh dum dum dum dum dum dum duuuumm uhh black on black I don’t know the rest of the words


ugh i need stores like this in my country

Safiya Nygaard help me somebody just told me my breath stink

Safiya Nygaard Testimonios de Omnilife con Jorge Vergara

Safiya Nygaard I love these outfits so much

Tur last one was AMAZING.

The mode style looks sooo good

Wow I just want to like this a million times

You should do taiwan!!

Ok I need to move to tokyo

Why is rinrin so cute

Rinrin: people like to layer a lot of black on black My nctzen mind: black on black ? * sees the ‘touch’ book behind Safiya *

that pink jacket that they didn't take was beautiful... I want it...

7:03 Rinrin got rejected,lmaoooo

love the mode outfit!!

Also, I’ve decided Saf looks amazing in everything. Except maybe that blue shift

I need RinRin to upload more vids.



I just came back from Japan 0-0

Oh wow i really enjoyed seeing and learning about the Mode style. I don't normally wear long, shapeless outfits but wow, they were such beautiful outfits that the style spoke to me and also, you looked so good in Mode Style. ♡ I felt so inspire by it that i really want to wear and experiment with that style now, but man the U.S is not ready at all.... and I'm intimidated and terrified of the judgement from people, especially where I live

Safia the black and white dress u were wearing while shopping with your new hair makes u look like Robin schebotski (HIMYM)!!

Your haircut looks a bit like a two layer cut at this point. Not very flattering

I love the vintage remake style

I absolutely need Rinrin's red Wall dress. I'm in love with it.

You actually looked really good in those clothes

Lol amazing but no hontea to the first one but the rest look amazing (the vintage remix)

The mode is personally my favourite haha

RinRin looks so cute


This was such a cool and insightful video. I've never seen anything like what you showed us and you did it in such a cool way! Awesome video. Subscribed.


I miss your Safiya's new intro song


I think Tyler really wants to see you in colors

Why am I not in Japan

I don’t think I know anyone that speaks more articulate than Safiya

I am a mode gargole


is it bad I would so be down to wear the central state outfit everyday

It would be so fun if you dressed like the outfits from the movie Clueless for a week!

23:38 - 23:41 best footage in the whole video XD

This is my favorite of your videos so far. Style inspo for sureeeeee

Its amazing how cool you keep your content ✨✨

Your layers are looking not so blended...japanese hairdressers are amazing so I highly suggest getting a hair cut from one!

It's so cool to see kind of themed stores like that. Where I'm from we just have Walmart ;-;

This is so cool

When will you do another giveaway

Getting House it Style vibes!!! Way to go dude

Omg I love Japan fashion! Yas!

maxi dress with belt in usa

*21:40* when she finished that sentence I was like "And it was going through a faze"

i need that CSU look in my life now


Plz do a vid where you wear all the Frankin makeup

Do a full face of makeup from the dollar store

I actually love the colorful makeup on you

i love the mode style!!! business casual and formal type wear are my shit—and i particularly love how it’s gender neutral too^^

I love that guy's facial hair. He looks so cool.

Rinrin is so adorable!!!

Why you take so long to post new videos :( wuahhhhhhhhh

maybe you should do a "dress up as one colour a day for a week" video, each day you dress up as the one singular color and change to the next one on the next day, head to toe. cause i do find that to be a huge challenge seeing as there are so many different colors out there in clothing stores


You should buy stuff off of threadless! It's a really cool online store that sells different types of shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, and even pants. You basically choose an art design and what clothing type you want it to be on. There are lots of different, unique, and beautiful art designs to choose from.

I think the Mode one is my favourite, it's giving me dark, futuristic Agent Carter vibes

Your videos get more views than buzzfeed's lol

And was planning to go to harujuku.......

I didn’t went to Japan this summer. If I did. I’ll have a small small chance to see her. Man what luck! 0-0 Wahhhh....

This has become my favorite video that you've done!

Did those rats remind u of coralline too?

Hi mom


I hated all of them.

Get you a friend like RinRin.

i don’t know if y’all realize but harajuku has a bad side to it, it may seem “kawaii” and all but there’s a dark secret behind it. there’s a video on it too go check it out. it’s kind of scary once you actually know what the fashion trend means...actually it means suicide and death..

She mentioned in the video that "harajuku" isn't a type of style, it's literally a place. There are many fashion subcultures under the title. "Yami kawaii" is what you're referring to.

Why is Japan so amazing??

I need everything, I love the clothes, especially the vintage remake things.

Godddd, I absolutely ADORE the 2nd outfit!!! i need it...

You should collab with Colleen Ballinger

Idk why, but Safiya reminded me of Demi Lovato

LOVE the Central State sweatshirt!!

My sister-in-law showed me your videos! You’re hilarious and I feel like we’d be best friends!!

The mode look was so good!!

This is the most interesting channel I have ever seen I'm binge watching it all❤

Are you happy to be in escape the night

That mode outfit is like a dark version of mary poppins

It’s okay to say that they’re ugly, Saf

The white centere state university look looks so pretty. :(

If I’m being honest the Mode outfit was my favorite.

You should make a video of wearing japanese street fashion in america :)

I want the bat outfit .-.

Has she ever made a video about how she got into Stanford and some advice ??

The second outfit looked amazing on you! Wear it back home!!!!

this was EVERYTHING! and Tyler eating and struggling with the ice cream towards the end had me dying.

Keep it coming is the Japan videos!!! There so much fun and this is my third time watching these! xD

7:06 *Female comic jughead Jones*

The White & Black outfit killed it!!!

U should try kpop style !

Ok but why did I love the rat pants

your hair looks awesome

I want to see safiya in Lolita fashion

Why do people dislike videos at all? I don’t get it

To the windowwwwww to the WALL

26:00 Tyler in the background though

You should do a full face of all of your franken makeup that would be so cool

Safiya Nygaard pink one was awesome ^^

Hi safiya! i have a great video idea for you.. you should do "dressing in kids clothing for a week" or "dressing like kids for a week" love you

I got in the first 500 replies to your comment! Yay! Anyway I love you and your content. Please keep making content like this!

Safiya Nygaard , can you try Hush makeup products???

you should do the mystery box challenge . that would be amazingggg

Safiya Nygaard please PLEASE PLEASE have a react video of these outfits in the US!!! I beg you lol

i liked all of them but for the last mashup outfit of 90s teenager and flowers and mice i honestly thought that flowers and mice was just a little better than the final look of the mashup

Safiya Nygaard you look like rclbeauty101 when your in the process of putting concealer..... #Doppleganger

Safiya Nygaard you look like rclbeauty101..... She's super like you when in the process of having foundation and concealer #DoppleDanger

Safiya's haircut seems kind of chunky, choppy... Or am I insane idk. The layers seem wrong

My favorite street style makeover is the colorful layered outfit from wall! :D

I don't know why but I hate all the dresses


27:13 love the outfit it beautiful

Tyler struggling with the ice cream in the back is me


I love all of these. I loved the first store, so different!! I like the androgeny and loose style as it about the style rather than the body

RinRins red dress was so pretty

I really like the Mode style


The fact that I’m in Tokyo as you uploaded this is so crazy!! Love you Saf

Do a video on Mini makeup plzzz .....expecially the mini matt velvet lipstick


lol desexyfied

I love the mode look!!

saf looks good with that make up

Yass I’ve been wanting for this forever thanks saf

SO KAWAII!! burry~chan is dieing!

That looks so much fun! Would be fun to see you dress up like a celebrity for a week

lol at the end tyler eating ice cream while safiya's talking

Business casual dementor

this is so fucking cool

Safiya, can you please try Hush makeup products???

Safiya!!!!! You forgot to mix setting powder and contour in bad makeup science!!!!!!!!

Okay so I was skeptical of the last outfit but once you added those accessories bitch it’s a LOOK

Rinrins eyes are soooooo big

How much did the Ground Y maxi-shirt cost?? I'm just curious to see how the prices compare to some of the stuff we have in America

I am tempted to Diy some sweater to like like the Nike bat wings look looool. This content is why I love Safiya. Entertaining and very informative! I love Rinrin! ♥

26:08 Tyler just like tries swallowing the ice cream cone whole

Do 100 layers of lipstick plz


Can you please try Amazon's new prime wardrobe deal!

Saf can pull off literally everything.

26:09 lol Tyler in the background tho

Non related but, that short hair looks really good on you!

Anybody else catch that Keith Haring painting??

Is anyone else just loving Tyler scarfing that ice cream cone in the background? lol ;) Also, I am immediately going out to get a mode look for Chicago this fall.

I freaking love the second outfit!!it's so amazing!

she looks high in her intro and her eyebrows are giving me problems but I hope she had a fun time in Japan

The kid at 25:00

Heard Mode and automatically thought of Edna from The Incredibles lolz


I wish i could go to japan, my dad kinda makes fun of me for wanting to

For video ideas maybe you could do buying the first five things from infomercials or styling outfits with cruggs. It’s an ugg croc hybrid. Basically a croc with and boot inside.


I loved everything about this video

"It seemed that fortune shmiled down apon me" "Exshactly"

at 21:46 you can see three Japanese school girls in the background #Japan


I love the mode look

I didnt even watch the video yet and i already thumbs it up cuz i know itll be good lol

Tyler eating the icecream at 26:09

You should do another Franken-lipstick, with either every lipstick at Ulta, Walmart, Target, or Dollar General.

Hey u should do “I bought the first 5 verified things on wish” video

Hello Safiya.... I like watching all the videos on your channel .. You really keep things interesting

Oh my god Saf I love you

Why is rinrin wearing a surgical mask when doing Safs makeup?

I love those shoes in the mode outfit!

I love their fashion. My favourite was the first one

"He's just posh as hell, all the time" HAHAHAH


ok but i need those mode shoes


Tyler eating the ice cream cone behind Saf and slowly realizing he bit off more than he could chew and trying to fix it but kinda failing is just a metaphor of my life

Love the 2nd outfit

uwu safiya is a whole cutie look @ her go n be cool and cute and colorful

Lizzie McGuire (Safiya Nygaard) you are an outfit REPEATER!

I just love the mode look!

I actually like the colorful fashion that Japan has, I will love to go there one day and see it for myself. Not sure I would have the confidence to wear it though.

the mode shoes were SOOOO cute can someone link me

I love the 3rd outfit!!

I don’t want this video to end

I love it when you go to Japan

The second outfit is just wow!

Jake Paul: But how do you visit Japan and make videos that aren't crap offensive? Safiya Nygaard: Hold my beer.

ROFL Mika was so confused to why y’all were doing the sneaky fingers

I need to do a full face of Frankin makeup

omg the mode look reminds me of the bowler hat man from meet the Robinsons

I love tyler eating the ice cream cone behind safiya

You should try semi-permanent tattoos

rinrin is so cute omg let me give her a hug

I ahhhhh, I’m not even sure what to say about these clothes. Hot damned mess . Hell I need to move to Tokyo and start sewing together goodwill clothes. The

I loved this video! The mode and 90s looks were my favorite.

I love both mode gargoyle and batwoman ! And the third outfit as separates were also hella cool ( actually loved the T-shirt and jeans as an outfit ... hm am I secretly japanese ?!?)

The nice girl who's helping you reminds me of a japanese melanie maritnez

They look like a hot mess

Hey saf do you now where H&M letters came frome??? Becouse I know

Just watch Sukekiyo or Diru (Dir En Grey) for Tokyo "street style" from madara ningen clothes that adults wear in public. This is teeny bopper bullshit.

Full face of makeup from insta

The mode outfit

definitly know where im heading when going to Japan...could you like catigorize them Price vise?

I loved that shirt I wish the last outfit wasn’t so tight

Your haircut looks kinda ruff. Chunky, choppy? Or am I insane

OMG! I love the outfits. Too bad I am a big lady. Just wouldn't work. But goes that Bat Wing look! OMG LOVE!

Ok it was nice but honestly the only one that looked good on you was the Nike vintage one :/

@SafiyaNygaard I was just in LA over the weekend. Have you tried Moby's all-vegan restaurant, "Little Pine"? I think you'd like the 'Smashed Potatoes'. Oh and all proceeds go to animal organizations!

Just look at Tylor eating his ice cream in the back 26:08

You probably won’t read this, but I am from Mexico and ultimately I feel sad but I feel happy when I see your videos. Thanks...

Safiya Nygaard hey safiya i want you to know that thr flower name is (Lapageriarosea 'superba')

This mean there’s going to be a part three to the series

Safiya you should def try and review colored contact lenses with prescription!!! I would love to see those videos and trust your opinion! Like so she can see !

Safiya Nygaard can you do a BTS wish clothing haul? Or a Kpop haul? Just wondering I just think it would be interesting.

I like the third outfit the best!


oH nO “SeCXy”

Do a, video when you buy everything in a tutourial

The half skirt shirt is something i would definately wear everyday

oh my god everything looks so good on you i swear

i love those tokyo bopper shoes.

LOVE the university top sm!

Those outfits are freaking awesome. I'd wear those in my day to day life haha.

Ur getting paid to spend money on shit . And ur videos suck btw



Man! I was SUPER hoping that they’d put Safiya in some Decora Kei! It has so much color so it would be so out of safs comfort zone!

How about a Frankenfume? Mixing all your perfumes together..

Ooo! Make a video about trying wish extensions for a week!! Like if you agree!

domestic pop challenge engine french evolve piece islamic engagement choice.

Franken eyeliner

Tyler's ice cream cone fell apart

i cant tell if saf had a little bit of a glo up or if that hair transformation actually brought out features in her face because i could not stop looking at her w heart eyes like shes so gorge!!!!

Dang, I'm in California, but I love the Tokyo style!!

The second outfit was my favorite!! I love the hat! And coat!

I do want to see you try lolita some time! Based off how you did this video I think you would be able to portray the fashion well!

for your next thing you should use grease as highlighter for a week. i know it’s like super weird but it just came in my head

you have some of the best quality videos on youtube. i love how you never use clickbait and all of ur videos have so much quality content and are so thorough and genuinely enjoyable to watch. i am always so shocked and pleasantly surprised at how much you actually pack into one video. i really wish more youtubers would hold themselves to this standard. also you are so stunningly pretty and you arent even constantly staring at yourself in the viewfinder or posing like its americas next top model lmao

can we take a minute to talk about how good Safs legs look at 24:56 in the center picture ?? dangggggg Saf

Would you do a Romanian fashions video? I'm volunteering out there next March and am just really into researching the culture.

I feel like Saf was particularly more weird in this video for some reason


My favorite is the bat outfit :)

I really love the mode style! It’s so cool and a nice break from the very westernized fashion trends. Also thanks for being a very respectful YouTuber, love you Saf!

I am so fascinated by Japanese culture, this is one of my favorite videos I've seen from you (and I love them all!). I'm so glad you traveled there and made this, I am living vicariously through you right now. Lol

U r more pretty then a dementor

Can Tyler try to do your makeup Safia. He watches you so he can know you like

For those clothing 7 day challenges, you should try the Tailor app!

Do you remember all the makeup you mixed and then you should a put it on as a full makeup look plz do it

Just wonderin, can you come to Canada (like Toronto)?

i need those black shoes from tokyo bopper )’: are they online/is there a style name?

Nobody wears black in here so who's the different one?

Rinrin is so kawaii

you should get your eyebrows done, i'm not saying that as an insult. I actually really like your brows, but it would be interesting to see what a professional would do to them since they are already really dark. opposed to a lot of YouTube videos of people getting theirs done that have light brows.

I want to go to Japan! I love the styles!

I love the mode style..

I love the knit crown!!!

I watched soul eater too much and now i am SUCH A SEMETRY FREAK

This episode is fantastic--so enjoyable. Thanks for branching out.

Bahahaha "ive got swamp boob but not swamp butt..."

try makeup from Hush

please do a " i dress like the kardashians" for a week video Saf!

Safiya has such an eclectic style that I'd really like to see what she has in her closet that she hates/doesn't wear.

Loved it all I would wear all 3 styles

I love Tokyo it is my favorite town in Japan i am nine years old i am moving there when i turn twenty-four

“Amazing your a bat” I’m going to cry she is so cute

Is she still dating Tyler??

You need to do mixing all my blush vid

I think it's adorable referring to something sheer/revealing as 'too sexy'

10:13 Can we just take a moment to appreciate the dotted shoes back there? I mean, I love this type of shoe! This shoe is so me

The 2nd outfit looks like marry poppens

Rinrin is so adorable I think I'm dying. I never say that.

26:11 dying in the background

You should try full face of makeup from Aliexpress


Rinrin is so cute hh

Saf I love your editing so much! Your videos are always entertaining, no matter what you do in them. I'm glad you are so successful because you really deserve it in my opinion (:

In every outfit that you wear was so adorable on you.

You should try makeup from Hush which is an app where they sell makeup items for discounted prices

Hey saf, I was wondering How much the clothes cost

You should do a give away

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I re-watched Tyler's ice-cream massacre thrice. That's how cool it was.

I love the video and your attitude! Vert good and rinrin was so nice! On the other hand i could never wear any of these i would burn up! But the 2nd one was bomb

saf looked incredible in the mode outfit ashdisjdbdbjs

26:10 tyler in the background lmao


I'm SO into this!

You should wear cruggs

Idk why, but the part that made me laugh the most was when Ty yelled out ORCHIDS! all "matter-of-factly", hahaha you guys are the best!! P.S: RinRins outfit with the red dress & adorable black dolly like shoes is totally amazinggg!!!

With slicked back hair in that structured outfit, you would have looked so bad-ass! Like “Who IS that!?” Sort of bad-ass. All of those looks had something oddly reminiscent of 80’s alt culture to them. I would wear the bat look and the Cluless dude look (without the flower overlay) any day in Manchester, UK.

You should try decoration kei

11:57 wow

7:21 uwu

Omg your on esape the night

“Oh no sexy “

People thinking cosplay is street fashion

you look like diane keaton

https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/product/f21/app-main/2000298390 you need to try this

OMG. This is such not only informative, but very interesting to watch and relax after hard day. Loved it

Have you ever done any reviews on hair removal ipl?

Safia I lllllllloooooovvvvveeeeeeee u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I can't even explain can u pls dress like they did in Greece or like musicals ppppllllllssssss thx love u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

You should try ipsy glam bag

Safiya is so gorgeous she literally looked good in all those outfits which weren’t even her style and she wouldn’t have even picked out herself. I love it

My Wisconsin cross country fam

Try Juno & Co.

tbh i hate this style and would never wear it, but it's soo interesting to see how fashion differs so much around the world in other cultures.

I know you have done a lot of clear plastic stuff already but could you do “I where a clear plastic backpack for a day” because my school is making us use clear plastic backpacks!!

The mode look was the best in my opinion! Saf looked so cool

the second outfit is really nice, I like you mixed the long shirt with the black coat in the end ♥

Beautiful japan.... Big like.....

plese make a video were you serch for your name

I wish we could be wierd friends ♡

Cotton candy hot dog: https://youtu.be/PfD_HunnX3Y Enough said.

Safiya Nygaard Hi Safiya! Can you do a ”DIY SKINCARE FOR A MONTH” ? Where you make produkts like ”Apple cider vinegar toner” and just other DIY natural stuff and try it for a month?

Safiya Nygaard have you ever worn all your Frankin-makeup as a full look

Safiya Nygaard u should buy a week worth of outfits from aliexpress

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You should totally do a "My cat picks my makeup" video! Please, with chocolate and cherry on top!

You should wear all your mixed makeup for a day

Why does this just make me want to go to Japan more?! I love the styles of clothing there so much along with the Japanese culture in general. :'(

The mode outfit was like Annie Hall meets Lydia Deetz.

"Strong visual impact"

Saaaaaaf pleeeaaassseeee do more "bad make up science "


Picnic pants and hairy leggings

Can you try blanket cocoons for adults?

this was such an entertaining video hahaha

They're like ginko leaves

I know this is kind of late, but Saf I freaking love your channel so much!!!! I have watched you since the beginning of your buzzfeed days and have continued watching your absolutely amazing channel. I know this is also rare, but it would be so amazing/incredible if you got to read this. ILYYYYYY! Keep being so amazing and producing great videos. Follow me on instagrammmm lol.

I’m obsessed with these????

I need a friend like rinrin


i would wear ALL of these outfits! lol.


This is an odd request but can you please get your eyebrows microbraded or tinted/dyed? Thanks!

it kinda looks like ginkgo leaf. the dangling things on the outer


Could you please do an "I dressed like a K-pop star for a week" video??? \(0o0)/

I may say this a lot, but that rat carrying the pizza? Yeah, that is, without a sliver of doubt,,, me.

U should do a frankin pencil liner

I really loved the first outfit from Ground Y! The long shirt dress reminds me of pajamas that male and females wore in the old old days aka “Little House on the Prairie.”

I enjoyed your video very well. Good editing music and you are also smart with what you say. I hope for a brighter future for you

Tyler struggling with the ice cream is a mood

When you get back into making videos, can you do a TopHatter haul and review? It's an app that has cheap stuff like wish, but you bid on it like an auction.

hey you should to a house/apartment tour

If/When saf decides to have a garage sale in the future.. I hope she sells these clothes (esp the Nike one)hahahaha would love to buy it hahaha...

yo I can't even imagine how much those yohji yamamoto clothes cost so in love with the shoes for that outfit too

after you picked out the pieces, I didn't know how they'd turn out but you looked so good in every outfit!! the accessories, shoes and makeup did such a difference in putting them all together :O makes me want to try this kind of fashion

You should live a week based on instagram self care threads!

l. m. bbb,bb l. b

For the next buying clothes from the internet can you buy from Zaful.

Those are some styles my sister would wear and she doen'tr live in japan, and has never heard of it before! XD

You should try out roller skate heels. Dangerous? Probably. Entering? YESSS!!!

i love laughing at westerners that are completely oblivious to harajuku's different fashion types and just call every single style "harajuku fashion"

fascinating, but horrific at the same time. I can't even imagine putting something like this on and thinking I look good. No, no, and no.

Hi Safiya! Can you do a ”DIY SKINCARE FOR A MONTH” ? Where you make produkts like ”Apple cider vinegar toner” and just other DIY natural stuff and try it for a month?

Do a full face of your custom Frankenstein makeup.

I love the mode look!

I think the layered look was my favourite but the flowers on the jacket just looked like tea bags to me

Saw your first vid

Mode Style=Japanese Witch

You should do an opposite of your regaler makeup ruteen

I feel like Diane Keaton would love the Japanese mode style since that’s usually how she dresses haha.

Loved Rinrin she's so cute. & yes!! Loved the 2nd outfit. You rocked that hat!

I loveeeeee the second oneeeeee!!!!

Rinrin is so cute!

Use dry shampoo to bake your face! xx

One of the Dementor's friends, Grim Reaper, threw a party, and the dress code was 'Business Casual', so he wore Safiya's second outfit, because of her suggestion. Thank you, Safiya, for making this Dementor's life easier.

I can’t believe no one has made an Edna “Mode” joke yet

Tyler dying in the background at 26:11 lol

can you try kawaii style for 1 week or day?

Count how many times Safiya does this

Did you go to Edna for the mode Look

Lmao I'm from Wisconsin and seeing the Wisconsin cross country shirt in the first shop you went to was really trippy

"Amazing! You're a bat!" Rinrin is too cute

Song mino would love the patched jeans and oversized shirt from the last layered style.

Next bad makeup science could be that u mix al ur nailpolish together like if u agree

Vampire athleisure is what we all need

I think the flowers on the shirt were supposed to be ginkgo leaves

I freaking LOVE the Mode outfit!!!

for someone who loves the colour black, I LOVE MODE STYLE.

rinrin is so cute

The mode look reminds me of the babadook

Awwww @ 10:02 her name is mika and that'd my name too!!!! Saf said my name ahhhhh!!!

you should do a zaful review!! love you

You should do a video Like "i dressed like a randomised sim for a week"

Pls com to Denmark like if you live ind Denmark

You should try out the app MDacne. I saw an add for it and apparently it makes a custom face wash. Love your videos, and I hope you have a great day


The video is so good! Although I recently got a pixie cut, I can still incorporate some inspirations from this! Anybody has a fashion tip/inspiration for me with my pixie hair?

i want this creativity to trend in canada

omg i want the crown!

i love yamikawai and yumekawai

Safiya Nygaard To get a tattoo when you have 5 million congrats now you need to do a tattoo

could you please do a video making a whole week outfit from https://www.glamshell.com/

Hey I know this sounds goofy but make a video of a 24 hour challenge of u wearing a eyepatch or for a week. It would be interesting to see the light difference when u take it off

We love a buff queen

You should checkout clothes from Yesstyle

You should give Tyler a full makeover

HAHA tyler at 26:09 is mood. mood.

The mode outfit looks sooo good!

haveeee ann idea safff would u try out companies that produce zero waste makeup? and also skinn routiness? like 100% pure?

4:31 Where did we go? What did we do? I think we made something, entirely new

AYE WISCONSIN! I'm from Wisconsin so that just made me happy! Lol

Real across local prayer signal anybody commit alternative Christmas.

2:23 is that the worlds ugliest jumper?

Western people should start dressing like this

I'd wear the fuck out of that mode look and I usually find neutral colored minimalism super boring

Not to sound like a weeb but Japanese fashion has always been top-tier. Also I'm so glad thrifting and DIY are super trendy. I hope they stay on trend tbh

Safiya, you don't do nextbeat anymore. I'm sad.

I’m from Wisconsin and I literally had that same cross country shirt when I was in high school circa 2010. How does that even happen? That shirt has seen more of the world than I have.

Do boyfriend chooses my outfits for a week!!!!!!

Who watches safiya in escape the night

You should try sleeping in one of those Japan pods capsle rooms


The blue shear dress reminded me exactly of a doctor XD

I love all of this! I need to go to Japan!

You should try to do the decora kei style!! It would look crazy on you but I feel like you would have fun.

3:05 the guy in the middle is wearing a shilwar for sure

Safiya You Should LEt SimplyNailLogicail Do Ur Nails!

I LOVE THIS! All the outfits are so fun ^u^

safiya: i think its a little too tight rinrin: OH NO toooo sexy

I think Safiya should go thrift shopping!! That would be so cool


Can you do a romwe part 2 who else agrees

GOD! Tyler eating that ice cream kkkkkkkkkkkk

tyler looks like a mermaid from h20 the tv show on netflix

YOU HAVE TP TRY THESE UPSIDE DOWN DENIM SHORTS!!! OMG LOL http://www.thisisinsider.com/upside-down-jeans-denim-trend-2018-6?utm_content=buffer92f63&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer-new-york

I fukin love when Saf pulls out the witch voice


Turkish makeover plss!

Where is the town of Everlock

Tyler should pick out your make up

Definitely one of your best videos!

You should try curology

Love this...

Tyler eating that ice cream and trying to hide 26:11

26:10 ice-cream dooooown!

Second style is so cool but all of these over-sized stuff tend to make you look like a tent (have this problem with super-comfy stuffs meh for having hips haha) if you not as tiny and skinny as these fashion people ;_;

Buy 5 things from billboards!!!!!

are you guys ok? it's been more than a week since you last posted...

First when i saw your channel name i thought that your name was Nygård because my favourite singer is named Petri Nygård :D (go watch his epic music)

We rlly need a Rinrin in our lives

can you make videos where you try clothes from unique vintage.com and asos.com


I love Rinrin! I want to be her friend!

You should do a video with your old buzzfeed coworkers

So in Japan people always clap, hate sexy stuff and dress in strange ways

How is street fashion different from everyday fashion?

When will the next video comes???

rin rin is precious she just gained a new subscriber

Can you do a vid where you were all ur Frankin makeup

Hey Saf! I had a fun video idea (which you can accept or ignore lol) I recently watched your video where the app Pureple picked out your outfits for you based on things in your closet. What if you did this kind of video again but used the weird clothing items like the Denim jacket, hairy chest swimsuit, and woolen sweater-dress?

I just realized the whole Safiya is talking in the video she was wearing the Nike shirt.


the mode look makes you look like some sorr of avant-garde detective i love it

You should do a video where you buy products you see from Spotify ads

For your next Frankein makeup, you should mix all your liquid eyeliners!

22:20 mary poppins wHO

Love Love Love The Mode look on you xx

Taylor and his ice crem

The mode style is like Snape all the way

Most of Asia is so ahead of us especially fashion wise. I looked at most of these like "what the hell" but they look really good on

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Oh you should do a "Live like a sims for a day challenge.

you hit 5 mil

No offense, her bf is ugly. Why is she with him? She can do much better :)

Rin Rin is very cute!

some times i mistake you for gabbie hanna TuT

Safiya Nygaard I turned your notifications on

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I’m i the only one who realised that Safiya hasn’t posted a video for a while

This was so interesting. That first store seemed so amazing. If I ever go to Tokyo I have to go there!

Aww RinRin was so sweet!

I love this! So interesting to see fashion in Japan! I want to go there so bad!

Compensation college admission cbidfh pie reading their stake treat light naturally young.

oooooooo girl that new hair, that makeup and the blue dress ??? you look so good

I adored these outfits! Now I wish that I could find such clothing here in Washington.

amazing video!! love the outfits you picked out

Safiya is my Nygaard ✌

Hi! Could you mix all of your nailpolishes together? I think it would be fun.

3:02 Mode Style more like EDNA MODE STYLE *Baddum TSSSS*

I love it!!! I also love Tyler eating his ice cream in the background

Whenever I hear some one say what do you think. It makes me think of simply nailohical H

The knitted crow reminded me off jugheads beanie in riverdale

Am I the only one who thought the translator girl looks like Hyerin of EXID?

I turned your notifications on

in love with the third outfit! the earrings are so pretty

i lovee japan

Yo I'm not hating on anyone who dresses like this, I myself wear some dramatic and colorful shit, a lot of it inspired by Harajuku. But all these styles shown were so busy and kinda an eyesore, except the Mode outfit Saf chose. Am I really the only one here? I scrolled through a bunch of comments that totally love the styles, and dont get me wrong I love the uniqueness and individuality behind it... but it ends up looking like a hot mess here lol I'm sorry

I think I love the second one the most. I see it being rocked anywhere any day!

Mix all of your contours together

Okay but those patchwork/Lacey jeans from nincompoop capacity and that patchwork shirt from wallI gotta diy those!

Someone tell me how many bobby-pins Saf has in her hair at 21:18

I really want that Nike top with the bat wings. It’s Amazing!!

Shook that I saw that Wisconsin shirt because nobody knows we exist

Safiya is so Likable‼️❤️️

I don't really like the last outfit tbh. 1- I don't like the jacket 2- I actually feel like it's not colourful enough lol

waiting for ur NEW VIDEO HURRY UPPP SAFF. love u

Im living for the vintage jeans

I love how at the 26 mins mark you just see Tyler struggling to eat the ice cream whilst Safiya is explaining away

my first time watching you i like your channel :)

do a look like a sim challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel luke the mode outfit would work in NY

You NEED to do a video with James Charles!!! He'll give you all the makeup tips and how to keep your face from getting super oily when having makeup on!

might be my new fav videos of yours so far

I would totally wear mode style


Hey it's me again thanks for posting it means so mutch to me and meny uthers to thank u for always being ther for us

Saf you are my favorite

Love Japan need to go back

I don’t know if it’s the same. but valparaiso is a college in my home town!

Hey Saf! Could you do something like (Buying from channel Gucci Luis Vuitton Prada) please?

You should do 'Wearing all my Franken make-up

I love this series!! Please do more of these

I wonder if saf pins comments

I love your videos! I was thinking you should do Full face of only kids makeup.

You look so great in all those outfits!

Safiya should have more subscribers... I mean.. She has the best contents ... I love u saf


Loved all of these omg

I hope I can subscribe more than once

Remember comfortable vampire??

The first one reminds me of Snape's usual outfit.

Who else loves it when Safina says, "Alright'

Your my faret cereter from escape the night

So..... After a Few Intro Listening..... I see most of the “ I Bought “ or “ Wish Vids “ Is the New Intro song... And the rest Old Intro.... I luv both, And like how she switches both the intros

Can u review Hush products in another video.

The flowers remind me of Jacobs Ladder flowers

Were Are you from? Your last name sounds kinda Norwegian.

Hey saf, since you are our ambassador to weird fashion trends... I just found a new trend for you... UNICORN SKINNY JEANS

I have a random question. Are you still a holosexual? I'm not trying to be mean or to shame you I just wanted to know

She is so beautiful ❤️ it’s not fair

I saw this on my Instagram and thought it would be something cool for you to try: it’s called beautonomy and I create your own palette and name it and stuff

Should've done lolita too. Great video any way.

Instead of carmen sandiego I thought you look more like the woman from law & order svu!

You look so pretty and soft with shorter and light color hair

i was just in Tokyo and it’s honestly AMAZING i loved my time in Japan, and i’m sad to be back ((i just got back yesterday))

i just realise that she was wearing the nike sweatshit with bat wings the whole time

sign me up for the #modegargoyle movement!!!

I love these looks & styles so much! The focus on personal creativity is amazing, and it's so refreshing seeing trends that are about the clothes more than the bodies underneath! I wish I lived in a place where going out in any of these would be seen as an expression of creativity, and not just get you judgemental glares... I'd go to Japan for it but think I'm a bit too curvy & broke! hahaha

This brings back memories of when i stayed in japan! i mostly stayed in harajuku and i recognise some of the places in the video. I did only see only 1 or 2 examples of tokyo fashion though, even when i frequented takeshita street a lot. i wanna go back to tokyo nowww

Why was Rinrin wearing a mouth cover thingy ?

Safiya Nygaard I loved this video so much!!

Can you please please please do a full face of Franken makeup , I think it would be amazing

Honestly, I love how she rocks all of these looks. If i wore any of those, I'd look like a potato.

I want to go to japan

I am so I N L O V E with the Nike shirt!!

Mod style. O M G. So me!!

22:39 Marimekko... Suomi mainittu

Loved all this! Did Ryan get any clothes tho??? Second outfit is my favorite; definitely going to try to make this a thing in Austin, Tx lol

The mode outfit reminded me of fiddler on the roof!

Smashed the like button for tyler trying to not be messy (?) and finishing the ice cream while saf is vlogging at the almost end of the video cUTE!

You look so great with this look! Definitely looks weird up close with the contacts but I still love it. Cheeks look great; I definitely think I’ll try this soon! And I LOVE, LOVE RinRin!!!


Dracula strikes again

Why do I now wanna thrift a college shirt and add skirt to it? I loved that college shirt.

I agree with saf! Mote gargoyle style must happeeen

Finally someone who goes to Japan and is respectful to the culture

11:56 Death the Kid is pissed

U have those hair clips in your hair just like @Toopoor

The mouse pants gave me major Coraline vibes.

I like how in the end, when Safiya was talking about the clothes... Tyler was busy eating the ice cream, lol

Her: so what would u wear with this for pants? Them: uhh...no.

i NEED that blazer

When Tyler is trying to eat that ice cream and it’s falling

I personally find the tokyo street style incredibly aesthetic and such inspiration

I would where that yogi Yamamoto all day long!

I notice you were wearing your nike bat shirt while you did the narraration...


*and as saf talks Tyler drops his ice cream

she's annoying af im here for the fashion she seems really innocent random i think she's a virgin still

24:52 Linzor was there (I think... it might be a different vending machine)

Gosh it look hippie and trash like design..gross...that how they dress..la la land comic doll look.gone wrong

I thought the central state shirt was actually super cute tho

would it be stealing if I remade the nike top? lol

I really really reaaaalllyyyy in love with their trends

the whole time I watched this I had a moment of realization that my style is these styles. like my style is most closely related to Japanese styles and I didn't even know of them before this video, other than Harajuku style. I've just always been into what isn't normal or "trending" but more so into being an individual and wearing what I like (which isn't popular in the US and most people follow what's in the stores). The very first store you went to was so awesome! I loved the pink outfit so much and honestly if I lived there I would shop there all the time! feeling like I need to make a plan for a shopping trip in Japan soon! edit: to sum up this very long comment. I feel like I learned something about my style and myself today.

i really love the first two outfits. they feel like something i would wear. i think the first one spoke to me the most because just...yes.

The MODE outfit was definitely my fave

I just wanna buy a whole new wardrobe with Japanese street wear now

21:47 I died XD

Finally a YouTuber who does japan right

I love streetwear. Most of this is preeetty ugly?

Tyler eating ice cream at the back in the end

For sure went Ham with those bobby pins lol

but that's because they tend not to have giant bat wings attached LOL

Ok, you look like Pixielocks (minus her colorful styling) in the thumbnail. Too cute!

Wisconsin Cross Country!!! Yes

I want to play with my clothes too LOL

Subbing to rinrin asap


Saf, this was really great. I like that you research and got local opinions and help. You just dove right in and embraced it. I loved the second outfit, it looks like something I'd wear anyway

lol don't @ me

7:19 that’s cute

was rin rin sick?

Omgosh! You always make me laugh! Tyler and his ice cream

you've heard of Pizza Rat, now behold! Pant Rat!

I would have loved to see her in Lolita....

“You can layer things on and they’re colorful” Kimono’s were too ahead if their time

I love the very first black outfit that top is amazing!!!!

the mode outfit looked the best!

Ahhh! I love Rin Rin! What a cool collab!

Anyone else wondering how a shirt from Wisconsin ended up in Tokyo?

Waaaoow the looks really came together :O i love the mode outfit!! you look so good

I love these outfits so much

Pretty cool you mentioned and wore some of yojis pieces. The Olsen twins, founders of the Row love him.

Did anyone else notice the Wisconsin CC T-shirt lol? I wonder how that ended up there

I love love love the shirt from the first outfit from wall it was so cute im mean id wear that lmao

Your mode outfit

The mode look absolutely reminded me of a look that Diane Keaton has done in the past.

Oml option one is so cute but option 2 us better

i love rinrin’s voice it’s so soothing

"Oh no sexy." lol

i was distracted half of the time by the persona 5 music in the background

The boxy fashion trend reminds me a lot of Annie Hall's wardrobe. Saf, you looked supercute!

She looks like the babadook in the mode outfit

I loved that white top and Jean outfit SO MUCH !!!! Super cute

I really love the mode style!

Do a pic of your cat for tattoo

Omg Mika doing the sneaky hands and saying “sneaky”

That blue dress is so Saf’s color

Rinrin: All of his designs have pockets. Me: where is the link to the online store and is there international shipping?

Why was Rinrin wearing a mouth cover thingy??

I swear Japan is like in year 3039 and the world is still in the 20 century

You should come to Croatia,i'm not saying you need to come,Croatia has a interesting street fashion

Aww, Rinrin is so sweet.



I want the black jacket so bad

You should dress in Bitmoji style for a week!!

"Ohh nooo, sexy"

I live rinrin but that last outfit was really bad the first one was awesome the second was decent lol

I neeedddd that white sweatshirt top thing *.*

Ughhh in the first store she visted i fell in love with that Keith Haring artwork! * colorful characters that looks like they're dancing *

I want rinrin as a friend now !!!!


Your content is getting better and better!

is it just me or dose she look boom in every outfit

26:10 Tyler is literally me omfg XD

I love that Nike shirt! I might make my own lol

I really like the bat look

The mode style just made me think of Edna Mode from incredibles.

Safiya Nygaard I went to Japan where were you


When YouTube somehow changed "When RinRin came off camera-" to "When RinRin off a harem"


Rinrin nailed that makeup she puts on you

Why was rinrin wearing mask at home? I know that some Asians wear masks but I'm confused why she only wore it at home

I love that blue outfit. It's so flowy & fun in a calm way Edit: Nevermind, I love everything. I just like baggy & loose clothes. Who can choose orz

Honestly this is the best and most realistic view I've seen of streetstyle in Japan. Love it so much!!

*casual dementor*

Mode was perfection!

Did anyone think on the first outfit that the crown reminded them of Jughead’s/Cole Sprouse’s crown beanie in Riverdale? Just like a very very girly version or just the opposite of him

Tyler says: "I think we should get that away from the layered clothing" Tyler's thoughts: "This is gonna be good!" *licks*

Your videos are so unique! Haha 22:00 dementor.

Girl , you were born to wear black !

shell proceed talk child airplane principal largely worth outside question experimental.

This really makes me miss Tokyo. I hope to splurge more on clothing when I go back to Japan.

Mode was the best

I need this black mode jacket in my life

You should come to Pakistan

I need an adult. I am an adult.

Those outfits are so cool!!!

Did anyone else get a stitch fix ad before the video started?

Tyler struggling to eat his ice cream in those two clips

GroundY is my style lol.


6:05 21:49 23:22 I’m in love

Why is rinrin wearing a mask ?

The first mode outfit with the hat gave me mad Diana Prince vibes in Wonder Woman

Omg I love the two first looks, this is so cool

Great video, Rin Rin was so lovely!

hahaaa tyler eating the ice cream in the background

im in love

You should come to Guadalajara, Mexico!

Can I order the pink coat/jacket seen at 15:39 ? And the beige dress with the blouse at 16:27 ? If possible where do I order them ?

I snickered like a 12 year old boy for like 20 seconds when nincompoop came up

I didnt know about RinRin before! Thank you for introducing me to her channel! She's so cute :***

Rinrin brought back my happiness

Why so much hate?

I loved all of the outfits, weirdly enough

Omg that mode look!!! I want!!!!

26:32 - World's sexiest Hasidic Jew.

Why does the makeover have a mask on?

I liked the Central State University Outfit the most

Business casual dementor!

Rinrin is so cute omg, straight up Yukio personified

Anyone else think that the background music sounds the Persona 5 soundtrack

I actually learned so much about Japanese street style in this video and I am in LOVEEE with this fashion style

the Mode outfit is very Diane Keaton and I'm here for it

I feel like all Youtubers r complaining about Youtube messing with stuff so their views r dipping a lil bit to a lot of a bit! But Saf is just like BITCH I CANT RELATE!!!

That girl at 24:24 looked all pouty and annoyed xD

I like all of the looks, but the mode outfit is my faaaavorite! It looks so good on you! Also, shoutout to Tyler who has trouble eating ice cream at 26:10

I think a cool video would be to see how saf incorporates all the clothes she got into her everyday wardrobe

Damn girl you look fine with that blue dress!

idk if anyone else thought this but at 21:15 when the "bat wings" were flying behind her she reminded me of Snape when his cloak flies out behind him

They Are weird

You were with a Lolita model and you didn't do that?! Obviously you have to go back and do it again.

21:52 the lady was trying to get of your photo shoot XD (on the right)! LOL

Okay I have a question. When Rin Rin was doing your makeup and she had the mask on is that a fashion choice or because of germs? Truly no shade I’m genuinely curious and intrigued by Japanese Pop Culture

That makeup suited safiya so much it looks beautiful!! a really fresh summery look

13:04 that’s basically a thoob

Yaaaahhhh.... Wisconsin forever people.... GEHDHRHFHJFFHJDHEHDBFHFRJRJFNRJFHJ

you should smile more than closing your lips during pics, it makes you look more beautiful!!

HELLO FRIEND’S, ahhh I love SAF ❤️


Haha Japan is the best


Clearly they are white ginkgo leaves on a clearish bomber jacket

Those outfits are amazing! They're totally match you(and the crown was so cute!). I'm actually in love with the bat-dementor-nike blouse, I think I would try to make something similiar :D The whole video really inspired me to do something with my clothes

linlin is shook

very sesi xD

Omg she’s so cute

Sad I’d just like to say you’ve had such a glow up. Like I was here when you started your channel and you were cute but now you’re CUTE AS HELL DUDE I CANT GET OVER IT anyways love ur stuff

did they really talked this loud in the underground D: ?

"I got swamp bra, but i dont have swamp butt" me everyday

26:09 tyler is me whenever I eat anything and end up making a mess

"edna mode"

You fit REALLY well with literally every street fashion style at this point. I am what you call ''shooketh''

The first moment I saw the 90s teenager boy outfit I immediately thought how the transparent jacket from the first outfit would go super well w the second outfit

Does anyone know where safiya got the casual black dress she was walking in between shops from?

I think Saf looks great in those transparent raincoat type of outfit with a colourful outfit inside

"Oh no sexy!"

You should wear these outfits around the us in a video

not to be rude and if this is offensive i am so sorry, but i was just wondering why Rinrin wore a medical mask while doing Saf's makeup?

Tyler photo bombed at 26:10

26:09 tyler struggling there

Business casual dementor: how my friends have been describing my style for years

From the mode outfit I was getting a my soul vibe

I love this Can you explore Indian style since you're half Indian Thanks

Did you go into 6% doki doki??????

I love your videos. Japan trip looks amazing!!! Fashion in Japan is so advanced as well, I love it.

omg i pissing myself with laughter

Lol. Tyler and that dang cone.

AHHH Rin Rin is so kawaii >///w////

I would gladly endure ads for this type of content. Great work Saf!

Safiya Nygaard hi

The layered look reminds me of “the chair” in my room


dude i’m mexican-japanese and was born in california and have never been to japan( but i really do want to go) yet i love all of these outfits so much and now i just want to go to japan even more so i can get these styles and wear them when i come home to school and omg

I liked the 2nd outfit

the second look was so nice!!

Who else would love to see Safiya travel to other countries to get makeovers


the hat looks inside out 23:09 it's just weird looking on top with all the seams showing.

what happened to her lipstick?! 1:19

My dad is Japanese so I have been there a lot of times. Safiya kind of looks weird because she is not Japanese and when I see people dress like this, they are Japanese. No hate! Still love you video Safiya! Btw I have been to the first and second store when I went to go visit my family hat lives in Japan. My aunts wanted to get me an outfit to wear here in America. I got three outfits with them.

I just found out my mom is cheating on my dad…


this is making my need to travel BURN

How much did the outfit cost??

layering *black on black*

I want the university shirt

I love mode style.

RinRin was soo cute! Great job, RinRin!

Bruh i love that nike air bat thingy

I ALSO WANT THE 90s TEENAGER OUTFIT RN. That outfit with a pair of sk8 hi vans would be gold

Ok but I want the vintage central state uni blouse and those jeans thanks

I love the colorful layered style, it makes people look like comic book or video game characters!!

the mode look makes you look jewish idk why

Tyler eating safiya’s ice cream in the background gives me life

is it just me that thinks she looks like wonder woman in the mode outfit??

Noooo the rat pants

the second outfit was my favourite but they were all so good!

who else searched their country on the world map?

10:37 I love that expression on Mika!

When you went to Wall, did you see Claire Danes falling from the sky ? GOT IT ? GOT IT ? No ? Ok. Anyway, I wonder how much all of this cost

It's hard to sport tokyo fashion if youre not super skinny or petite I feel.

Why was she wearing a face mask whilst doing safiyas makeup?

Rinrin is so kind and cute

Saf that central state one was so beautiful you should do a video on how to make it and other cute outfits

RinRin is the cutest thing. "AM I A SWEET SUMMER CHILD?" "Yes!" Oh my GOD I am dying.

All of these outfits were amazing! I'm impressed by how well you pulled it off! The Mode look and the maxi shirt of the third look were so amazing!

Mode style reminds me of the 80's

you should totally wear these full outfits out in the US and get the public's opinion and stuff that'd be a great video

Do you and Tyler not work for buzzfeed anymore??

Omg that first store looks like my form of a heaven

Honestly rinrin is the cutest human alive. I need a friend like her

In second look with the hat you look like Gal Gadot!!!

The lipstick shade you are wearing (@7:39) looks so flattering on you and so does your new hairstyle! Fun video! :)


Where is the shirt you're wearing in the beginning from? the black one with the roses?

Safiya: renaissance vibes, *cut to the ETN season 3 trailer*

As soon as I saw the first mode outfit I thought of the babadook in the best way possible

I’m dying at the fact that a Japanese vintage store has a sweatshirt from a historically black college in a rural Ohio town. I love you Japan, I don’t understand your fashion but I’m still living for it

The mode outfit reminds me of Tina Goldstein from fantastic beasts!!

i think it would be soo fun to see saf do a "what i wore for a week" video but using a mixture of items she's bought in her videos. it would be cool to see her mix stuff she bought in japan with the platform crocs or clothes from the different decades

I loved that girl! Is her channel in English?

please do one in south korea!

I wish she dressed up in full fairy kei, that would have been amazing!

The mode outfit made it look like safiya became a man in black

I’m down for making mode a thing in America. It needs to happen. It looks so dramatic yet classy.

The 'nimcom poop'? Shop is amazing

Saf is the original content queen! An idea powerhouse! Your videos are always very enjoyable thank you for all the hard work you put into your channel. Out of all you tubers you and Shane Dawson are the only ones I’d ever like to actually meet.

The mode outfit reminds me of the scene in Wonder Woman when she was trying out all those outfits

Also I wish Safiya was my friend. She’s amazing.

I don’t love the outfits but I kinda like the styles.

Rinrin is beautiful!!!! Her voice is so sweet

11:12 Why she so mad at her

LOVE the Bat ensemble.

RinRin is a doll!

oh yaaaaaaassssss

Mode style

I really really loved this video and now I just want a Tokyo fashion stylist to style me 24/7 I love it!!

I want that over sized t-shirt so much

HELLO I LOVED THE VIDEO, But please show how did she make the Harajuku video it was sooo dope

oh my god i love the nike outfit so much

i would really love to see a video on you wearing these same outfits in LA

I am SO remaking those rat pants!!!!!!!

IN Spi YERD!!!! I love this

Wow I adore the mode style

"Amazing! You're a bat!" OMG, stop, Rinrin is too goddamn cute.

Rin Rin is the cutest

I love all of them

Boxy Carmen San Diego yaaas!

this reminds me so much of Bjork's style fashion in the 90's

I love this video ! It just made me smile somehow

I love the horse shirt so cute

Love the pastle colors


U need to stay in a capsule hotel!!!

Wish we knew the piece ranges bet it was hella expensive

the plaid maid me think of Hey Arnold

Damn I don’t even care about stuff like this but the host just made it so much fun I had to watch the whole thing

Mode Gargoyle FTW!!!!!

“Business casual Dementor”

My favorite outfit has to be the mode outfit

Rin Rin is so kawaii ♥️

this isn’t tokyo style this is kanye west style

I live in the most fasion-boring country - Israel. So I look like a funny freak with my outfits hich could do great in Tokyo or elsewhere :((

“what would you put under this, for pants?” “um no” this is me w every outfit tbh i hate pants

24:47 that looks like jennie’s as if its your last ice cream

14:00 the puns

7:27 yasss the brand

5:58 - 6:00 that was made for safiya

I want a Lolita Safiya

The mode style is so bomb

am i the only one that sees a riding crop on the mode backpack???

Every time I hear someone say Tokyo, I say... TOKYOOOOO GHOUUUULLLLLLLL


14:36 I just noticed RinRin was wearing that dress lol

safiya is a fashion icon. thank you for exposing yourself to different styles of fashion, including ones from different countries. please try visiting south korea. i know people get annoyed but honestly there's more to south korea than just k-pop, even though fashion makes a big part of that too. koreans have very stylish fashion trends and i think they've put a huge impact in westernized fashion. you'll be surprised how amazing it is.

"layering black on black." nctzens: NCT IN THE HOUSEEE

Wall is like Japanese target


i love mika she's so cute

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