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This. Episode is sponsored by audible, and, they. Say that for your 25th. Anniversary, you should give you a spouse silver, and for, your 50th gold, I wonder. What people might give in the future for their 500th, anniversary. So. Today's episode is coming out on Valentine's Day, and it seemed a good time to turn our discussion, to the various challenges, changes. And advantages. The future might bring us in terms of forging, and maintaining. Relationships be. They romantic, platonic. Or familial, the. Future, is not simply a place of giant megastructures and, advanced, technology, we, can't discuss the civilizations. That might arise without. Contemplating, that human component, and suddenly, romance, is a big chunk of that of course. It's a popular topic in science fiction - and often challenges. Us to look at our core assumptions, about human behavior, in the future, unfortunately. It also often paints a picture in which marriages, or at least long-term, monogamous relationships. All very, rare and often. The author makes it clear that's a sign of enlightenment. In their eyes rather. Than simple personal, freedom of choice in, a society that need not worry so much about things like accidental. Pregnancies, or STDs. That's. Always allowed me the long way partially. Because of the implied boredom, that people who live for many centuries would, have to regard lifelong, marriage as an unrealistic, thing, they. May be right of course but boredom. As we discussed, with Life Extension on other occasions has, always struck me as a hand wave I can't. Really imagine being, bored with existence, and in yet because I'm a few centuries old, there's just too much to do to keep oneself occupied. Or amused and by, the same logic I can't, really imagine getting bored of my friends, or family either, oh to be, sure like, most of us I've made, new friends but. I've never really drifted away from others unless, we want in contact, for a long time people. Do change and will Devore if they're not interconnected. Friendships. Are like sculptures, it, hopes to start with a good block of stone so, who is a good basic match but, you still have to call them out and like any creation you're changed, by the walk - that. Is one big advantage, of the modern ward that will continue to improve we, all now have access to hundreds, of millions of people, increasingly. Tagged and indexed, to make it easier to find good matches, and so, it's fairly easy to find folks with multiple, shared interests, and compatible. Mindsets, and to build a genuine, friendship or romance, with them even if they live far away that. Deserves a caveat, though because back in the old days folks, only could interact with their village or tribe a few, hundred people and it can seem to offer a conundrum war. Those folks just settling for less or are we fooling ourselves about. How compatible, we are with others the. Answer probably lies in, between because. If relationships. Are based out of shared interests, experiences. And adversity. When, your whole Ward is just, your village that, actually is the place where everyone shares your interests, experiences. And adversities. On. The one hand a lot of us develop friendships, with coworkers because. They oh they oh and we are stuck in their company on the other hand people, are not randomly, distributed and, do not arrive at places randomly, odds, are two folks sharing a cubical wall at a programming. Company share, a lot more than that wall with each other they probably do have a lot of hobbies and paola experiences. In common, and will, probably come to share a lot of actual experiences, too as they, walk together and chat and share hobbies, and thoughts, and challenges, things. Change when you force meet and discover you share an interest in sci-fi conventions. - 10 years down the road where, you can say do you remember that time we were driving to that convention, and the car broke down and, we had to change the tile in a thunderstorm, of course. Challenges, and adversity are another, issue in the future, because, in a very utopian. Society, it is rather hard to forge a relationship with someone you've, been through tough times together with or, distinguish, your Fairweather, friends, from proven, ones who stuck with you through a rough patch when. Neither of you has experienced, any tough times or rough patches on. The other hand such, things all relative, a utopian. Society is, likely, to still have challenges, and hardships, and I, don't think all relationships. Are less genuine, than all ancestors. Just, because they objectively, had much Hodel lives than we do for. That matter it varies even with the individual, to a lot, of my closest friends all my old war buddies but, they all quite a few of them I'm not really close with and, I've plenty of other close friends who I have not shared life and death experiences. Or epic, stress and hold ship alongside, you.

Don't Necessarily, need to experience, stress, or tragedy, with someone to be close to them and. It does have the opposite, effect a lot of times too lots. Of friendships, and romances, have ended, painfully, by some shared stress or tragedy, with, money problems or an early death of another loved one being, two of the big ones though. The latter is less common, nowadays and the, formal poppy will be - as civilization. Advances, and grows more prosperous. Some. Would argue with. Plenty, of justification. That, relationships. That end of such things were fundamentally, flawed or d'un from the outset but I think that's overly, simplistic, everyone's. Got their kryptonite and you, generally, do not get to pick which bombs life, holds, your way this. Arguably, makes a good case for not limiting yourself to friends, or levels selected, by algorithms for, maximum, compatibility -. Since. They might be less likely to be good at placing you when something in life knocks you askew it's. Good to have shared interests, but it's also good to have skills and strengths, that cover over each other's weaknesses. It, also helps ensure they have something to do which you are not expected, to participate in, since. Often it's not boredom, indian, relationship, but, an intense desire to mordor the other person, because they're always there. Fortunately. Technology really, does help with that since, it makes travel, so easy literally. And metaphorically. Also. Since the channel always aims to stay on the polite side of pg-rated, I'll, just opt to point out that the other type, of boredom, with your partner might, be something for Chilhowie, can deal with this. Chair does at all get watched by kids sometimes. Though I bet they do know exactly what I'm in fine they are such. Htech obviously, helps with long distance relationships, too but, that implies the other person, or persons. Are real, and just joining you in VR I suspect. Most of us would still view that as adultery, I certainly, would but if the other persons, were strictly, simulations. It's, a bit more debatable it. Needn't be quasi adultery, though a couple, bored where things can switch up their own appearances, as easy, as they can switch around the background, and setting this. Is where we start getting into some of the potentially, fatal challenges. To civilization. One. Pathway we've already discussed, is perfect. Matching, where, algorithms, help you find the person who really is according. To the algorithms, anyway your, most optimum, match even. Annoying badly, designed algorithms people. Line on their profiles, and concerns. Of hacking this has plenty, of issues and arguably. Represents, a move back toward. Arranged marriages, it's. Not how to imagine, there been a lot of social, pressure to follow the results especially, if is hearing good results for other people, and probably, for you with normal, friendships, since, you were kid, remember. Dee dee aside this, is the same sort of technology that's, advising, you on what gifts to grab your friends, that they are like and what resort. You'd enjoy visiting or movies, you'd like watching, or books, you'd like reading if it's. Got a great track record for all the minor things for your whole life, and you know it's plain statistics. Not hunches, when, it suggests you might want to ask out Jenny particularly. Since she almost only has been provided, the same prediction, and you know it you're, probably going to ask her out as things. Proceed the models get better and probably, a lot harder to hack or lyin it's, probably all based on data being, collected from, discrete extrapolation. Anyway you're. Not putting in your favorite movies or books or, games all, the subtle little gadgets, in sauk way or surrounding, you are noticing, that you read a book what its title was and your various physiological responses. Indicating. How much you enjoyed it it, knows what your favorite songs are even, that embarrassing, pop song you'd never admit to liking. It also knows exactly which sort of people and looks make you Tony Oh head discreetly, for a prolonged view you, don't have to swipe right or swipe left because, it already knows what your perfect ten is and, what it actually is to not, what you tell other people or even yourself, this. Is all assuming such things I'll handle privately, under, the radar by some machine that, keeps it secret and renders, no more judgments. The. Flip side is, the high-tech equivalent. Of the skull that lettle we, already warned people to be careful what they post online because, it stays forever a warning, a lot of people seem to ignore even, when not using pseudonyms. Even. Ignore misinterpretation. Or out lie lies by someone you know who, has an axe to grind, someone's, reputation can, get rekt and have, it follow them around every.

Bit As visibly, as if we branded, it on them and, I could easily see folks turning more and more to options, that left them protected, like a virtual reality where. Anyone, you are interacting with might, be a simulation or, genuinely, anonymous. This. Gets into one of those big threats I mentioned a moment ago we've. Been discussing perfect, matching, but, we've also got the issue of tail the lien that's. Forced, a problem with virtual, reality where, you've got the option to make everything look and act, the way you want and that, society might collapse from folks losing interdependency, on, each other in favor of Lybian tailored, wards with tailored, people something, we looked at more in post scarcity and reality, last year, this. Comes attached with Wars about slavery if you're using artificial, intelligence. Especially. Very sophisticated, ones, and that, whole conundrum, we've discussed before about. If it's ethical, to make an artificial, intelligence, that specifically. Enjoys, whatever, was built for along, with the blurry lines of what exactly a person, is when, we get into artificial. Intelligence, or uploaded, minds. But. We also have to consider that people can tweet themselves, too and, not, just in appearance, it's. Quite likely cosmetic. Surgery will get good enough cheap, enough safe, enough and common. Enough that it becomes routine, and. I have no particular objection of, that he, society, that tries to emphasize people. Having control, over their own lives it, would seem a bit hypocritical to. Say you can whale whatever you want and decorate. Your house however you please but. Should feel bad about wanting to change your own appearance to be what you want it to be, particularly. If doing so isn't, dangerous to you either, literally, or because, it leads you down a path of financial. Ruin or self-hate, if. I don't like my short or my hairstyle, or beard I change, them this.

Is Obviously more extreme pulminary. Altering, things but. Maybe not so much so if it's easily reversible. But. We wouldn't be limited in tailoring just our bodies but, our personalities. - and same, as we already can change all appearances, fairly, radically, and often, do so we, often change our personalities. - or try, to anyway the success, rates are not terribly high we've. Talked before about how brainwashing. In the future is a threat both for fear of externally, forced brainwashing, and because, so many people would voluntarily. Do it as proven, by the existence, of self-help, books and the, giant market for them but. Being able to quit an addiction, by voluntary, brainwashing. Is just half the story, everybody. Has habits, that irritate the heck out of some loved one or other and if, brought to our attention we, will usually make an effort to rid ourselves of it or Cortile, it around them or tell, them off for mentioning it all of, the above it. Seems a bit different if you can get yourself programmed. To act differently, it's. Also not too hard for me to imagine wedding-vow. Is, being enforced entirely. Voluntarily. And not, even with coercion but. By some brain implant, or scrubbing, or voluntary, surveillance. Not. Many people want to get bored of a relationship or, be tempted to cheat on their significant, other so, if there's a safe and reasonable, way to get your brain tweaked just a little so you don't do that lots. Of people might not only agree to it but, enthusiastically. Line up for it ditto, folks, with anxiety, about commitment, might get a little tweak to quell that same. For options like being able to play a log of your location, or visual, input, to prove you've been behaving though. Asking, a partner to do that strikes, me as no better than insisting they show you their phone log or sneaking, in to read their emails but. As usual, we're discussing plausible, options and scenarios, on the table in the future not, the ethic, so underlying, motivation. To choose such options. To. An even more extreme end it's, easy to imagine someone, getting infatuated. With another and paying, a hacker to crack a system, to make them appear as an optimal match it's. Also pretty easy to imagine someone putting out software, that could analyze someone, determine. What would likely rank someone higher for them and then, going out and getting all the necessary physical and physiological, changes. To, hit those moles and. We will bypass the even more sinister scenario, of kidnapping. And brainwashing, someone, to want to be with them instead or making. A copy of them still. That is one option that might allow for very long relationships. To be normal, just tiny, tweaks voluntarily. Made where, the person would do that anyway but, either cannot, or does, not want to invest the time and willpower, to. Make the change the old-fashioned, way, we've. Other scenarios, on this high-tech into for. Instance last week we mentioned a gulnur style Kony ship with people facing an issue of whether to get off at the newest ward they will colonize him or stay, on board for the next one, and the, heart-rending, choice someone would have to make if a loved one was disembarking. While another was staying on for the next stop we. Said there that a person, might have the option of dividing. Themselves a clone, or Android, or duplicate, complete, with memories, and UN. You to go separate, ways that's. An option he'll to a person. Torn between selling down in a marriage or staying, single could, potentially, do both a person. Who wants to marry two people could opt for this quasi form of polygamy, and a, person who loves their family but also wants to try new things fall, away need. Not necessarily choose. There. Is all sorts of problems and objections, to such a path but, it is a potential, option on the table in the centuries, to come just. Because technology allows. An option. I mean we all jump on board either and often, because, other Tech's offer options, we might consider more, palatable, personally. A lot. Of sci-fi features, civilizations. Where people will cross matched to, their genetically, optimal, partner but. We don't really seem to have gone that route thus far and I doubt we will as the, kind of genetic skill needed to make that walk also. Likely gives you the superior, ability to correct genetic flaws, or add in traits, after.

All Your, perfection, etic potent oh and you merely have an optimized, pair of templates, you, don't actually get to control by normal, breeding which, combinations. Of traits is drawn, off that template for your children the. Same tech also, opens the door to same-sex, couples having. Kids who were not adopted, or only, had one of them as a parent, and also, potentially, broto parentage, like three or more people having, a kid who was genetically, all of those like, james horan from the expanse series with, a parent's all contributing. DNA, I would. Tend to doubt this multi parent Val would be super common, but, I could easily imagine societies. With effective, biological, immortality that. Will getting pre full of people having, low birth weights to achieve replacement. Levels where not much replacement, is needed and opting. To share kids I'd. Imagine, that would have a lot of downsides, too but, I can think of Wars childhoods. Than having a dozen parents who were all full of centuries, of wisdom and doted, on that kid, note. These options, also opened the door for, children whose parents were, friends, rather than romantic partners, many, of us already have people we call aunt or uncle or kids, who call us that who, are no blood relations, of owls one. Could imagine future. Societies, will folks planning, a child asked. Many friends, to add in a little DNA each, as a variation, akin, to be in someone's Godfather. You've. Also got some weird options, for relationships, too we. Mentioned the option of folks having their minds tweaked to be happier, or more faithful, in a relationship, but, we also often talk about how a marriage becomes, a union into a new entity I have, to admit I usually, warm my eyes at that but, it's on the table, - it. Would be pretty extreme for two people to marry by literally, having their brains into, a mingled into a single body and mind but, I could easily imagine folks, sharing some actual, memories, indeed, that's a common marriage ritual in Alastair, Reynolds revelation. Space series, folks. Implant, each other with a few precious memories, when married, with. An increase in online relationships. It's, not how to imagine, we'd start adapting gifts and tokens, to be less physical, instead. Of a physical ring here, are some memories that, sort of thing similarly. It's common, to give people a locket, with a photo in it or share, photos, on social media, sites and air, screens get cheaper and power, sources battle, I could. Easily imagine lockets. That show slideshows. Of images, or video, clips instead, I don't. Feel like checking but I'd imagine someone. Already makes those and if not I doubt, we'll go another decade, before they start appealing or getting more common, giving. People lockets, with stored memories or recordings, they can experience, by virtual, or augmented reality, might. Be normal to a little, further down the road of course. We also have the option of technological. Telepathy which. Could take on all sorts, of forms, keeping. To the conceptually, simple, you, might both get implanted, so you could talk to each other quicker and easier, than a phone permits or, know, which direction they are or share, feelings or sensations to. One degree or another that. Might get very amusing, or irritating. I could, imagine someone, who hated chocolate, but whose significant, other love the stuff picking, up a fondness for it because they can not only taste it every time the other one eats it but, experiences, their pleasure for two we. Will obviously bypass. The more adult, applications. Of shared sensations, then, I'm guessing almost, everyone, is thinking about light now anyway. Telepathy. Gets played with a lot in sci-fi too often. With hive minds or group marriages, and, we mentioned people dividing, themselves up to follow conflicting, life options, usually.

We Picture hive mind as many separate Minds merging, together but. An alternative on that would be something like you, duplicate, news a dozen, times over but, keeping those Minds all linked and synchronized, one. Could imagine such an entity having multiple, families that were themselves uninvolved. Of course. A duplicate, of you a classic, clone, shares, none of your memories, but, a high otech portion, of you could have those memories, or, might have those memories, but, a different body it's. Not hard to imagine someone, going that particular hivemind route, might, have different looking bodies for all that they shared a mind with more, like the classic hive, mind it's. Also not to you how to imagine, folks might go the opposite, gender with one or various, places in between or outside, the normal human templates, if, the Internet is anything to go by somewhere. Out there is, not only someone who likes you be a half-human, half-horse. Centaur but, someone, else who'd very much like to marry one to on the. Notion of telling one's partner as opposed, to seeking, the perfect match, such, cloning or duplication. Routes do, raise the option that you might copy, yourself on, the assumption, you're pretty good match be, that a straight copy or one treat in some fashion again. Not limited, just to physical tweaking like a gender, or appearance, change but possibly, a mental, one too if. We're assuming folks, have the right to brainwash themselves. That, could arguably, include your duplicates, too I think. Dating yourself would seem ultra, narcissistic. Even, with a change of appearance but one would have to at least acknowledge you'd, definitely share a lot of common interests. And experiences. Though. Personally I would take that as another good reason why perfect, matching, if focused, around shared interests, was, maybe not the optimum, way to find, partners or friends. Copies. Do divulge and over. A long enough time with, folks changing, over mind and body that, copy, might be no more you than someone who was raised in the same town or went, the same elementary, school heck. You might not even realize it, was a copy bumping. Into them decades later because, you both decide to go visit someplace you shared a memory of and both, of you have changed, appearances, as. We can see though the future holds a lot of potential, options for relationships. Romantic, or otherwise and. It would seem like there's nothing really excluding. People from, having classic, long-term, marriages in there, lots, of options for folks who want to go a different way but, nothing excluding, the traditional, many. Of these will need to tackle in the near future other, is not for a long time but. As we often note there's, actually a decent chance those of us alive pondering. The distant future nowadays. Might, actually live, to see it such. Being the case you never know your. Valentine's sweetheart, this year might, be someone you're shopping for a 100th, anniversary, gift a century. From now or, 1000th. Anniversary or, even, longer you might, still even be around and together, long, enough to watch the last sunrise before, the wardens, puts. A new spin on the notion of living, together happily. Ever after. I. Was. Mentioning a moment ago some of the stranger, scenarios, for clones and shared memories, and we see a lot more peculiar, options, for that in science, fiction one. Of my favorite authors for such topics, is Alastair. Reynolds and, I've recommended his revelation, space series, many, a time including. Today but. I've also mentioned my favorite novel by him wasn't, in that series, but, was actually the standalone, house, of Sons I don't. Think there's any book out there that really slams, home the scale of astronomical, timelines. Better than this book and to, the best of my knowledge it holds the record in sci-fi for, both the longest chase, scene and the longest romance, and as. Is often the case with this author he, really challenges, concepts, like identity, and what we mean by that the. Audiobook also happens to be done by my favorite narrator, John, Lee a good. Narrator can make a good book even better and a great narrator, before, me a great book and so, much to the story indeed. I've often found picking, new books by who narrated.

Them Is at, least as good a method for finding ones you enjoy as seeing, what other books folks often recommend, if you enjoyed novel, however. Taste vary by listener, not everyone, will enjoy the same narrator, and many, books have more one performance, available, on our wall and you'd, also listen to samples, of each performance, to see if you liked them before buying if. You'd like to grab a free copy of house of sons just, use my link in the episode subscription, audible.com, slash, Isaac, or text, Isaac to five hundred five hundred to, get a free book and a 30-day free trial, I really. Describe a book as mind-blowing, but, House of sons is a truly, epic novel, full of staggering, concepts. Next. Week we return to the earth 2.0, series, to discuss cloud cities, and look, at possible human habitats, city high among the cloud tops of mountains or, even floating in the sky in cloud. Cities, after, that will close out the month with, return to the alien civilization, series to, discuss the idea of alien, civilizations that. Infiltrate, other civilizations. Covertly, the, classic, flying saucers, case in secret. Aliens, for. Lords when those and other episodes come out make, sure to, subscribe to the channel and have you enjoyed this episode please, like it and share it with others, until. Next time thanks, for watching and, have a great week.

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I fail to see how making a copy of one's self to go onto the next stop of an interstellar journey with a loved one could truly solve anything. Unless I am missing something, making a copy of yourself won't allow you to truly live out the results of both choices. The one left behind will still miss the loved one they didn't go with and the other will forever be resentful for having to go through another long and uncertain journey. As identical as the original and clone may be, they would still have to be two separate conscious beings, unable to access the feelings and, newly formed, memories of the other. I suppose, given the level of technology required to make an identical copy of a person, they would be able to alter the mind of each of them to make them believe they had never even considered the path not taken, but that bring a whole host of ethical questions into the equation. I hope humanity has a good long time to work these issues out.

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The writers of Doctor Who should really get in touch with you. The concepts you talk about would restore the series to its former glory.

I agree with Isaac's characterization of "boredom" as a handwave. In my experience, boredom is for stupid people.

I lived seven lives at once. I was god to a god. I walked worlds of smoke and half-truths, intangible. Worlds of torment and of unnamable beauty. Opaline towers as high as small moons. Glaciers that rippled with insensate lust. And one world with nothing but shrimp. - Illyria (Angel) Or possibly plenty of humans in the next couple of million years.

Trust me, if you gave me the ability to modify my body in any way biologically plausible, not many people would be interested in a long term relationship, but the RIGHT people would be

The opening montage features 4 couples. All 4 feature white women, arguably 3 white women and 1 light-skinned woman of indeterminate race. 2 feature white men, and 1 features a black man (what is romance without a white female/black male relationship? Not of the 21st century, apparently, despite only being 1.5% of actual relationships in the US, one of the more diverse spots). Black women? Chopped liver. Asian women? Chopped liver. Asian men? Chopped liver. Apparently, white woman is the thing to be. Just sayin'.

14:13 I don't think making a clone of someone for that purpose is inherently sinister. As someone who seems to have very bad luck even meeting girls I'm interested in to begin with, this is an option I've considered (assuming of course, that this tech emerges in my lifetime). I haven't had a girlfriend since the 4th grade (I'm 22 now), and many prospective relationships I've had always seem to be quickly ruined by circumstances beyond my control. I have greatly considered getting clones of all the girls I've liked, of the sort like in the movie The Island, made probably through DNA printing; or Be Right Back or Westworld-style robot duplicates.   Another reason I've greatly considered these options is that from the time I was little, I've liked conjoined twins (like Abby and Brittany Hensel). Obviously, women like this are hard to come by, so being able to create conjoined twin wives through this tech is incredibly appealing to me, perhaps even more so than making duplicates of girls I like. I doubt I'd be the only person who'd use such technology to create an ultra-specific type of partner that they feel they absolutely must have, including types of people that are incredibly rare or would never occur at all in nature (like the centaur example).

I just turned 66 and regret not having children mostly to keep the economy, the nation, healthy. Immigration, uncontrolled does not preserve a culture. The idea of the "selfish gene" and the idea of us being a "survival machine" by Richard Dawkins comes to mind. I highly recommend that book relating to long term survival. I'd say I betrayed my genes. I was just was too selfish and might not have been a "good provider". I still don't think men and women can get along, but neither can room mates most times. Nature made it feel good for making babies.

Well pornhub says Emily is 2 miles away

Do you have a list for the stock footage you use?

Slightly unexpected topic but this is very interesting! Keep up the good work bro!

only thing issac arthur is romantic about are his megastructures

For my 500th Anniversary, I want a Charmed Quark Star!

You get her / him an oil change.

Currently read Alastair Reynolds sequel to his novel Revenger, set in an impossibly remote in time, human civilization, with many rises, and falls. Beyond this, I think of Frank Tipler's Physics of Immortality, and ponder what or how, our resurrected selves, would spend their time? Marriages would like that of interstellar travellers, and I am quoting a forgotten space short. having, "Many departing's and many reunions." Like Isaac's future solar system, there will be lots of stuff to do, as in many, many projects to keep somebody busy, for centuries, milenia, and yeah, millions of years. For Tipler's omega point? Oh, maybe even more than that!

I'm just a few chapters into Shadow Captains, hoping to finish it this weekend

I think I may have developed an unhealthy addiction to this channel...

LoL you completly missed a totally obvious part. Regardless of compatibility or what not, you can craft love to someone. Love is basicly a pattern in youre brain (the loved one) hooked to a lot of memory, the more the stronger the love. While you mentioned brain washing, you didnt even suggested that someone could be trained to love you. Heck you pretty much do that here with these videos, ppl shouting I love you. Its such an easy thing to do and we pretty much got the technology for it since forever. P.S.: also not mentioning stock holme sindrome? WTF if you live like really long, become lovers or pretty much complete fan of each other is not hard its fucking inevitable.

500th Anniversary = Moon 1,000th Anniversary = Planet 5,000th Anniversary = Star. 10,000th Anniversary = Solar System

Hey Isaac. Re: your concluding remarks about great author/narrator synergies. Have you heard my favourite "The Peripheral" by William Gibson - narrated by Lorelei King? The events are set in one near future time frame and another not so near. The book deals memorably with the theme of romantic love mediated by technology, Naturally there is much more to it than that. After all it is William Gibson! Lorelei King uses the voice I imagine I heard in my head when I read the text version, which is to say that when I listened to her, my memory of that experience was overwritten by her reading. If that makes sense. Of course if I read aloud to others, the best I can say of myself is that I am better than any text-to-speech software that I know to be currently available. For example the Kindle automatic narrator, or that of the late Prof.Stephen Hawking. No: on second thoughts Hawking's device beats my wooden efforts. A good example of how great material transcends the limitations of the narrator! On the subject of material. How do you produce 20 to 40 minutes of script every week? I have written two comments on this episode and a couple or four more on another two channels that I subscribe to. It is 01:35 GMT as I conclude this comment and I started at about 21:30 GMT! That includes watching about 45m of content of course. Good Night! PS I just read what I wrote, adjusted and corrected a bit and it is now 01:43.

I really need to get around to re-reading sprawl and get to some of his other stuff, it's been forever. Writing-wise, I honestly don't know, but generally I only spend one day week writing, sometimes two, particularly if I get bored and decide to crank out an extra episode, as the writing is my favorite part of the process. Probably a mix of really bad handwriting and the speech impediment, which used to be way worse than even in the early episodes, I tended to use typing as a way of expressing my thoughts clearly, so I'm fairly quick at it from practice.

it occurred to me that if we can copy our selves to have 2 or more sets of experience that people may want to recombine themselves afterwards so that they had both experiences and could compare them. would this be a plausible application of the same sort of technology?

This channel made me look forward to the future again, something i have lost i recent years. I'm looking forward to meet all of you in a couple of hundred years on some distant planet or a perfect simulation of middle earth.

6:30 You are IMPLYING, other people Infer what you imply.

I'm gonna be blunt: there was a serious lack of non-heterosexual couples in this episode (and I don't buy that a token shot of two woman sitting on a couch counts as diversity). The aesthetic over all seemed geared towards straight men, and I think that needs to change. This is my first time not clicking "like" on this series.

Crystal balls rarely work, but the self-righteous never apologize when they're wrong and so never notice.

The future of relationships? That's easy. In the next few centuries, humanity will be a mono-gender (male) species that reproduces through artificial wombs and stem cells. Women will be 110% obsolete. Every baby concienved will be genetically pre-altered to be male. The ONLY other alternative is that human civilization never leaves Earth. Ever.

Omg you deleted my comment about sex robots and artificial wombs!

+Logical Mayhem ??? I haven't deleted any comments today

Real men make arguments, cucks censor people. -50 respect

This side of the international date line, this came out on my own favorite day of the year - Feb 15: international chocolate clearance-sale day!

You buy yourself a artificial womb for reproduction and a sex robot with a good AI thats much more pleasant and pleasurable to be around than the real thing. Meanwhile women continue to become more and more dependent on government subsidies and begin to take on more atributes of their feline companions like thick body hair and the smell of kitty litter.

No, thats your own ignorant a** your sniffing. Go back to Infowars.

7:27 Where is this algorithm man!!!!

"... an intense desire to murder the other person... " XD

if we have simulations where whe can turn a eternity into seconds all irl relasionships are going to work fine we are sick of each simulate a century alone and then you come back as the most loving being

is that stellaris music playing in the background? cool!

Am I the only one who thinks that's humans will be a non monogamous species in the future?

Ancillary Justice is a good book that deals with copying personalities in the far future and the implications for warfare and government.

Yep, thanks for keeping pg-13 since I'm a kid and I do watch everything.

Why do you depict black guys with white women? It is repugnant. Why not the other way around? Society does NOT need to be reprogrammed with your leftist filthy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNSUBSCRIBED FOR 500 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+Joseph Lefrancois Here you go, you f_cking twit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDTBsAoCFHs&t=8s

+Joseph Lefrancois You're a brainwashed soy boy snowflake fool. I am sick of seeing black guys kiss white girls in everything on TV and movies. It is disgusting. Someone has to stand up for what is decent.

That white woman is probably your ex, and most other females wouldn't want anything to do with you. Eugenics and the master race can be found on other channels, GTFO. I'm a white guy and your making me look bad.

Isaac: You're now delving into concepts that I've been wrestling with for a while. Male/female pairing and marriage formalities are the rule in virtually every society merely because it's so basic and necessary to the human condition and our natures. That's not going to end as long as we're healthy and human. But the inevitable impact of unlimited lifespans on this and other societal aspects is rarely dealt with to any degree by visionaries or fiction authors. Owing to the inevitability of direct mind/computer interaction in the near future, doesn't it make sense that couples of the future will undergo something similar as a part of a bonding process? You don't want to basically alter personalities, as those were part of the natural process that drew them together. The virtues that need to be strengthened as those inherent in the marriage vows we know today. This computerized "mind melding" would just be a part of the wedding ritual prior to the traditional ceremony. In fact, in an immortal society, it might be an established ritual to go on a retreat vacation every quarter century to renew one's self physically, mentally and morally with professional help before embarking on a new life cycle from the ground floor. This would keep such a society from its greatest weaknesses; boredom, fossilization and decadence.

In my universe a romantic match furthermore a perfect match doesn't exist, so no need to ponder about happily every after.

Thankyou for sharing your old Army days photos Arthur.  They were great!

Yeah damn pretty guy tbh.

Love your work, but this one feels uncomfortable. I think the problem is we assume tech will resolve issues or open possibilities is a good thing. I'm just not that optimistic anymore. Urbanization has brought a huge number of problems to humans: perversion, insanity, childishness extending into adulthood, etc. Not to mention "multiculturalism". Having an expanded virtual community seems that it won't solve these problems and may in fact exacerbate them. Maybe these are topics for another video or even a different forum. Still, thumbs up.

A most informative video as always Isaac. I can always count on you to open my horizons still further. And House of Suns is certainly on my list of things to read. Looks really interesting when I look at it.

That 'intermingling' thing is just fusion from SU.

Drink and a snack

Well...if me2 and the recent developments in feminism world wide continue rather than bouncing back through backlash, the relationships of the future will be Hareems based on the 80/20 rule, massive amounts of cuckoldry within the hareems and security measures to prevent such, and normal guys getting their love and family from Gynoids and artificial wombs. All this well before most of your cool ideas here. Arranged marriages will only happen if the backlash against current feminism is harsh and islamic.

On cloning as a solution to divergent relationship desires, we still have no idea what consciousness is, let alone if cloning will duplicate it. With that in mind, you number one(the one making the decision to clone) would be the one that you experience. You number two would live your other desire without you being a benefactor, as its consciousness would be independent from yours. Or are you suggesting that we could have parallel consciousnesses? Without the ability to separate experiences in time it seems highly unlikely that one would be able to consciously live both lives. Furthermore, cloning seems akin to having a twin. Identical genetic material does not lead to duplicate consciousness, nor does it enable both copies (twins) to experience the life of the other. This is addressed to Isaac, but obviously I welcome and encourage any responses, as I am rabidly curious as to what I may be missing.

It would be awesome if you could download the experiences of your avatar so that both "beings" could essentially recombine back into the individual being. Sort of like the "fusing" in DBZ?

Nice video as always! I kept thinking where have I seen this before. Gotta be 3%. :)

ok... on second thought I see how the comment could look a bit rude. that was not my intention at all :).

I can't thank you enough for recommending Alastair Reynolds' books. Easily my favourite sci-fi author!

Some real weridos came out in the comment section. But you know what? I agreed with some of them and was sympathetic to others. I think instead of worrying, I am going to go and google if any good progress has been made on my Android s... The Android who's primary function shall not be named and secondary functions, such as cooking, cleaning, etc, will just be an after thought.

If there is one thing I am certain about, people in the far future are going to be giving each other diamond planets the same way you'd give your special someone a diamond ring.

Was House of Suns the one with "Ultras" - the interstellar navigators who lived so long, they spent most of it frozen so they wouldn't have to experience so much time? I binged on over 100 sci-fi books on Audible while at work, and I'm realizing that a big binge like that ends up giving me a lot of confusion as to which story is which.

Still reading Chasm City, but looking forward to House of Suns.

"In the year 6565 You won't need no husband, won't need no wife You'll pick your son, pick your daughter too From the bottom of a long glass tube" Sorry, but that totally came to my mind :D Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

One would have to get up very early in the morning to get ahead of you Isaac. One would In fact probably have to stay up all night. The only way I ever get close is in that I already paid for copies of most of the books that you reference, or - depressingly - give away. Especially the Audible editions! As usual your stuff ignites several wildfires in my mental woodland. Let me share one of them sparked by the idea ypu expound of a type of future relationship involving a Spockish coalescence of minds. The ancient greeks had an idea about the nature of attraction between couples that reminds me of this technology of the union of souls - only with a bit of backspin on it. The Greeks fancied that the human race was originally composed of self-sufficient beings with four arms, four legs, two heads, ferocious powers of concentration and very long spans of attention. The Gods became jealous - which usually meant that a thunderbolt set to "kill" would soon arrive. Not however in this case - what the gods did was to bisect each of these double beings. The resultant individuals became distracted. Where were their other halves? Problem solved! The gods were free to kick back and crack a couple of cold amphorae instead of having to fret about the threat of mortal humanity.

Yeah let's talk about psychology but then completely ignore actual psychology in favor of some imaginary brainwashing technology. :|

What happens when you are a resurrected human with twenty years remaining who is married to a genetically-adapted and long-lived Minbari?

and also nuked their previous spouse

Thought this might fit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yjEaqdDaiI

Probably clone slaves

Trouble in forming relationships? Good thing even immortality won't be long enough for me to get into one then.

The orgies in 2310 are gonna be off the chain ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Issac should go on the joe rogan podcast

Isaac saying it's relatively easy to find friends and romantic partners. I didn't realize he was throwing jokes!

im sorry but a 500 year marriage sounds like a living hell.

Is there any possible weapon that could destroy a Star? Galaxy? The Universe? I need ideas people!

Missed a good chance about talking someone becoming an attack helicopter but i guess that is to old by now


No concept has given me more cause for concern than the reality of actual furries.

accidently marrying yourself. oh isaac, what have you done? I can never unthink this!

I think a good algorithm would apply shared interests as well as different but similar interests. Like bands you don't know but might like. Part of the fun is finding new things

Hooyah to my Hooah brother!

Great episode. Have you read "Life 3.0" ? A bok about AI. What's your take on it in the case that you have read it?

Happily ever two years.

Steel Beach

I sincerely hope there will be a place for traditional lifelong partnerships in the Future.

Lack of options and immobility tends to be the glue responsible for long lasting marriages. Long youthful existence will more likely cause society to drift in the hedonism direction.

500th: The Divorce Papers Anniversary.

On the sponsor part. Damn the House of Suns is one of best books i read/listened. And yes, this one i actually listened on audible, just becasue of this channel, and i just couldn't take my mind of it. Like legit addicted to story, and narrative is top notch. So if anyone think if they should or not, House of Suns is MUST HAVE !!!

As near as I can tell, compatibility is about 50% choice. It's not something that your just stuck with like freckles. Two people have to pursue it more or less continuously.

I have to say even if I'm not that big a romantic. this ep gives me a lot to think about even in comparison to other ep on this channel. A real deep topic here.

I feel like this is a good premise for a Black Mirror episode...

Hey Isaac, did you ever consider creating a professional documentary series about the future, cooperating with producers or streaming sites like curiositystream for example? I love your videos and I think you make them really great but I think you could create a much greater documentary with more Money and also these types of documentary‘s sadly are very rare.

That chick with the robot guy didn't look any less uneasy second time around, I guess that's what might happen if you left the matchmaking to computers :)

Wow this is hideously monogamous.

I am confused though how having a long distance relationship and getting busy on VR with each others avatars would be adultery? Otherwise great video! Love it.

I'm confused as well. I think he was thinking something more than just a long-distance couple, as he says at 06:59: "But if the other persons were strictly simulations, it's a bit more debatable." My guesses as to what he meant might not be G-rated, but I'll keep it mild/technical and below the fold. Speaking of which, the broader subject could really use an adults-only episode - not in terms of stock video, but in frank discussion about sex in science fiction and futurism. ~~~ I take that to mean we're supposed to infer that other parties are involved physically while the couple were perceiving one another visually/audibly through VR. I wouldn't have gotten that from context alone, if it wasn't conceptually similar to the sex scene in Blade Runner 2049 in which an AI/hologram leverages a third-party to provide physical feedback that would otherwise be missing. That's more augmented/mixed reality than VR. Perhaps given the reference to other persons being simulations, Isaac meant for us to infer partners taking on different appearances or there being non-player characters in the session, to use gaming terms. If that's what was meant though, it's not nearly as smooth a segue as his recent sponsor introductions.

we will need to replace english because its inefficient before going to space.

8:49 "Always Yours" - Gary Glitter

"That embarassing pop song" ...Wrecking Ball.

A big part of the day i am surrounded by people that are not interesting in space and future stuff. So i am glad this channels exist. I can talk freely here. Just yesterday i saw an article about making hydrogen from water directly from humite air. But non of my coworks , friend or familie was interested. There mast more people that like those things here

I'm aways so excited for the new videos! Also, it seems like the hosts at PBS Space Time have started to just recommend watching your channel when they get questions that have too much to do with the future. I'm thinking the host is a fan!

For the 500th anniversary a very warm good bye !

0:29 HOLY SHIT THAT"S ME. That's me and my ex-wife.

I love audible, but sometimes they have books that are not available for me. Like Alastair Reynolds' Elysium fire (and ironically Aurora Rising/The Prefect IS available...). This is frustrating as hell :< P.S. I also think House of Suns is his best.

I'm not sure the dividing myself thing actually helps. If I go down to the planet with Carol I'm really going to miss Alice. But if I stay on the ship with Alice I'll miss Carol terribly. So I divide myself and now one of me really misses Carol and the other one of me misses Alice terribly. Of course I do have the consolation that I broke neither Carol's nor Alice's heart. Just my own. Twice. Oh! Maybe I *do* divide myself, but so do they. So I go down to the planet with Carol and Alice, and I stay on the ship with Alice and Carol. Everybody's happy! Even better, they've finally agreed to the brainwash tweak that will rid them of residual jealousy. Hey, now that you like each other, have you considered getting the bisexuality tweak? Huh? Well, OK, I will if you will. 22:00 You have just come up with the plot of a VERY interesting science fiction romance! I'm reminded a little of the movie _Predestination,_ based on Heinlein's _All You Zombies,_ only different, with xoxing instead of time travel. If you don't write it I hope somebody else does.

"So I divide myself and now one of me really misses Carol and the other one of me misses Alice terribly. Of course I do have the consolation that I broke neither Carol's nor Alice's heart. Just my own. Twice." I suppose it depends on the nature of one's affection: if a person is truly comfortable with replication and it's ingrained in their psychology and culture, maybe being jealous of oneself is considered primitive/throwback behavior. For contemporary minds, though, I can foresee too many cases of Alice's husband being jealous of Carol's...okay, now I'm picturing the two unhappy husbands swapping places by transferring memories, long distance, so that Carol's husband is now mentally with Alice and vice-versa. They'd need to carefully balance their memories so that they know enough to pass as the other version (which physically they would be) while still retaining enough of their identity that the swap is still tantalizing as a sort of cheating. "Oh! Maybe I do divide myself, but so do they." In fact, my expectation would be that if a gardener ship has this technology, then everybody divides themselves, every time: everyone stays to build the colony and everyone leaves, as it's how gardener ships reproduce. Past mentions of gardener ships described them as duplicating almost like a cell in mitosis, so it would make sense for the crew to be replicated, as well. That leaves an entire ship and crew behind, so that if the colony needs to relocate/abort or the ship is needed for some other reason, the ship's still there.

Happily ever after is a moving target. It's the nature of all life. Life that survives hard times anyway.

Duplicating yourself and majoring in every college course is something Dr. McNinja does in the webcomic of the same name.

hilarious stock footages.

If a youngster can watch and keep up with this channel, I imagine they are knowledgeable about the scientific facts of what people in a romantic relationship do in private. Haha...

In answer to your question, a 500th anniversary is a Neutronium Anniversary.

Diamond for 60th and a new hip for 61st Anniversary.

During my phd I made several friends in the lab on which I worked. It was remarkable how similar our mindset and preferences were. I expected it to be more than if I was paired with random people, but the level of compatibility was astounding.

Utopia is impossible.

IDIC. :)

the future is not necessarily race mixing either ;)

Tara Wright wouldn’t it be disturbing if instead of getting a rushed thank you note you know wasn’t heartfelt, you get to experience just how little happiness you really brought them.

+NonDelusional74611 good point.

Tara Wright it’s similar to the concept of knowing that although things didn’t work out between me and my wife, there are universes or dimensions where we are still happily together.

A computer started helping me by playing music it knew I would likely enjoy. That was years ago, and I’d never go back.

My work schedule only permits dips into the book. Shadow, and Revenger, are like Charles Dickens characters, given better technologies, and 10 million more years of civilizations. Clever cove, Reynolds!

+Isaac Arthur Thanks for taking the time to reply. I never foumd your speech impediment difficult. R is for Redundant after all. I think you are right that it has improved, it adds a sort of mellifluous quality to your delivery. I was being kind of rhetorical when I asked you about the writing. I will start practicing more when I retire later this year and I may eventually develop a clearer style.

It's funny how say that people enjoy differet narrators. I actually returned the Alastair Reynolds book because I could listen Lee's narration. It was too "theatrically" read and I just could not follow the plot. I'm curious if anyone else feels that way about Lee's narration.


This reminds me of "The Void Trilogy". Some people are thousands of years old, some are young, some have copies and some have hive minds. Some are even completely virtual. This channel got me hooked on Peter F Hamilton's novels.

Are you allowed to be using the Stellaris soundtrack?

Gotta agree, i always disliked how a lot of people portray the future of relationships as non-monogamous "enlightened" people, so this whole episode is incredibly refreshing. Thank you Isaac.

Arthur: How about a really difficult topic? How to make elections secure and accessible to everyone?

look at all those people pretending to work in the stock footage.

06:37 this channel does after all get watched by kids sometimes 06:41 though I bet they do know exactly what I'm inferring there - Isaac Arthur, 14 Feb 2019, SFIA; Happily Ever After LOL

When you talked about arranged marriages for "best match" purposes, I was reminded of Robert Heinlein. In his novels, that was a connecting thread. Though it was completely voluntary and very secret. If you married and had children with the mate that was chosen for you, you got a lot of financial bonuses and help in getting education and a good job. If not, you were completely on your own.

https://youtu.be/vTNP01Sg-Ss what about this Von Braun station?

All of my perfect matches on the dating sites are horrifically ugly. What are the dating sites trying to tell me?

I want to be a centaur!

Lol these videos... XD

At minute 14:00 or so the issue of tweaking oneself to be a better match is brought up. We already do that today (hitting the gym, wearing makeup, finishing college, etc). It’s all self improvement to make oneself a more desirable candidate, right?

I'm sure a matchmaking algorithm, after a few decades of collecting data from successes/failures, could be tailored to find you someone that also provides you enough of a challenge. You know, using actual psychology, neurochemistry, genetics rather than eHarmony's crappy model.

This was very tactfully covered

+Nick Kordich I hadn't thought of this not-quite-adultery memory-swap. If somebody tries to reboot _The Outer Limits_ again, they should definitely do an ep or two on this. The twist at the end: Alice and Carol also did the swap, without telling me. My thought though wasn't so much that I'm *jealous* of the me who stays with Alice, as that I *miss* Alice. Sure, there's a "me" who sees her quite often, but this me will never hold her in my arms again, will sever again see her sweet smile, will never again roll my eyes when she starts going on about the obscure band from the 2180s she thinks is the greatest thing that ever hit music, will never...... {stops to cry} Your idea that the entire crew divides is great, though, as it both spares everybody from that sort of heartbreak and ensures that any skill available is, well, available to both the colonists and the crew moving on.

I'd love to see a kid (around 21-25) getting married and finding out his parents don't believe in marriage. They've raised that kid along with 30 others and not once have they considered marriage. Son: Why?! Mother: Well you know how me and your father both look your age? Father: Marriage would not let that happen.

Yeah, but imagine if you mixed social justice warriors with life extension. Thomas Jefferson would be deplatformed for his published views 200 years ago.

Your significant other should not be a carbon copy of you, your significant other should complement you.

Promoting multiracial proaganda is so cool these days...

There have already been people born with genetic contribution of three parents.

House of Suns was excellent. I couldn't put it down. Binge listened over xmas and it was simply incredible. I can't even to begin to express the way it's changed my perception of the long term future of humanity.

8:54 Big Brother knows when you are listening to Justin Bieber:)

WTF dude! Why are you pushing inter ractial relationships? 0:36.

I could finally go on a date by myself and not be alone!

Except with immortality, everything considered and mentioned in this video will become outmoded and irrelevant. Procreation related activity and urge are just the craving for immortality. Therefore that activity and all associated structures and institutions will decrease with increasing lifespan and cease when immortality is achieved.

I just watched your video about Interstellar Empires, and I have to wonder resulting from that info, what kind of government system would be the most efficient at ruling such a massive territory consisting of hundreds of billions, or perhaps trillions of individuals? Would we have an Emperor, a Congress, or something utterly new? This is of course theoretically they can travel between stars in a quick and manageable time in response to incidents.

the thought of living to be several hundred years old doesn't interest me if I am old and feeble. Give me 80 good healthy productive years and I am good.

He means when BOTH are legit choices and not "one is better than another". An example was also given in the video: when you want to live adventures/move on but also want to settle down for your loved one's sake. Of course, there is a chance you regret picking said path and that's entirely your fault, not the clone's. Or maybe your want to experience both paths? That's just greedy.

Being able to adjust every aspect of yourself mentally and physically kinda whenever you want, sounds like cheat codes in a video game. Put in a code change the stat, one thing I've learned about cheat codes is that it makes the game very boring very quickly.. Though I suppose when you can remove the sensation of being bored as well, it doesn't much matter does it?

500 years of monogamy... think about that for a while...lol

Bring back orgies. And make them mandatory. Problem solved.

Hiring a hacker to alter someone's matches, as if the future internet of things isn't going to run on blockchain ;)

I can't imagine dating myself, but it could be a lot of fun to get a gaming group together that way.

As for copying - I can imagine Lucy Liu-bot equivalents being popular. I'd pay to have Summer Glau as a virtual partner, if her personality is as interesting as her characters. Thus, an interesting person could market their personality - assuming some sort of payola equivalent doesn't spring into being to make the personality poor and the agent owning copyright on the personality very rich indeed. Who owns you? A lot of musicians are shocked to find they do not own their music. People have even found their youtube revenue diverted to third parties when playing their own music, because youtube chooses a company over a person every time.

Instead of the romantic database getting harder to hack, i'd say the reverse will happen. The logic is this: At one time, Google was a search engine. It ranked by popularity. Now, it is a weighted search engine, that heavily skews the results. If you search for a video, it returns a youtube video with preference for example, because Google owns Youtube. If someone at Google doesn't like you - and the Damore case revealed they are extremely partisan now, very far left-wing indeed - then your results will be buried or removed altogether. And it gets worse. Google accumulates information not just by searches, but according to all sorts of apps and even gmail, and it can sell that information to all sorts of third parties. Imagine if your father was doing searches for handsome men. He didn't act on his urges - but they are there. Google can sell that to your government, who might decide it is time for a little 're-education'. And they store that information indefinitely. Say you are running for office thirty years from now. Your political opponent calls you for a meeting, and when you are alone, tells you that they have found out about your father's disgusting desires. But it doesn't have to come out. All you have to do is resign from the election, and it all goes away...

17:50 Oh, I seen that in Steven Universe. Gem people can fuse together creating a new, unique person with the shared knowledge of all the base forms and a blended disposition but still a unique identity. Although based on a throwaway concept from DBZ, SU push the whole concept to more well thought out conclusions to the point of being a major linchpin in the series. The showrunners use fusion to highlight adult relationships -- romantic, platonic, domestic abuse, etc. -- suitable for a kid-friendly show.

20:50; Damn furries, they made it to the 41st millenium as well

vr in the woods, is that what the future will look like?

This video gave me a boner

20:26 So... Bondrewd? "Why be a normal, ethical scientist, when you can instead split your soul over like fifteen bodies and turn children into furries?"

"Not what you tell other people or yourself" I don't wanna know...

Imagine the divorce rate if people were to live for 1000+ years...

I think the 500th is a black hole.

I cannot wait for the sex robots.

I have no doubt that if it were possible, some couples would wish to merge into one person. Although it was accidental, who can forget the blessed union of Tuvok and Neelix in the form of their bouncing baby boy, Tuvix?

Some people will make the opposite gender clones of themselves and then marry them. That will be incest and masturbation all in one but with extra steps.

In this episode: Isaac kinkshames all of future humanity

I think that, judging on how society's stance on relationships is developing, strict monogamy may become less popular, but long term-committed relationships will continue to be just as common (or even more common, potentially) So, people might have a few committed partners instead of just one.

This gave me new ideas.


Service and entertainment tech will not increase or regulate populations. Among the countless exoplanets, this one is flawed beyond any short term repair or mass evacuation plans.

Love your work Isaac, I listen without subtitles I understand everything you say. Keep up the the great work.

Lol.. Funny seem that she would do anything. Money ant that serious.

Sorry Isaac but I can't stand John Lee's narration. That oscillating-volume staccato thing he does always makes the last two words of every sentence inaudible, and every accent he gives to a character just comes off as some kind of French-Russian fusion, no matter their background. To be fair, like many people I do most of my listening before sleep and driving on highways, but it is specifically these two situations John Lee's voice is absolutely unsuitable. I tried looking, but I couldn't find Revelation Space or any of Alastair Reynolds' other titles given by another narrator on Audible. Is there another edition available?

Very optimistic of you to believe relationships could last centuries when only an extremely small number of them even last longer than a year or two. I'm more inclined to believe in the elven village hypothesis - eventually almost everyone has fucked basically almost everyone.

"I'm sorry, John, I can't be with you." "Why? We're perfect for each other? What could possibly stand between us?" "Because John...I WAS THE CLONE YOU LEFT ON ALPHA CENTAURI!" *dramatic music* The soap operas of the future, ladies and gents.

We are too selfish to clone ourselves and go separate ways. More likely we would create a copy of ourselves that would record it's experiences and send those memories to the original so they could download/play them while they sleep. And if the original wanted to actually believe he/she was in both places they could send their own memories back to the copy as well. Once they started doing that it would become impossible for either one of them to know if they are awake and experiencing reality (with memories of the other self) or if they are asleep and experiencing recorded memories. And since they wouldn't know if they are experiencing reality in real time or just having it downloaded into their head, they would have no way (other than stopping the downloads permanently) to know whether they are the original or the copy. Btw, the real spooky part of this concept is that you could do neither. Once you had this tech you could do absolutely nothing but sleep 24/7 in some kind of life extending chamber or something like that while a copy (or even dozens of copies) of you go out into the real world and live life, sending downloads back to you.

Never quite understood the "copy myself" thing. it does not solve anything, anymore than having a surprise child woul. If I have to make a heartwrenching decision to either stay on board and lose friend A, or get off and lose Friend B, then after copying myself - I still face the same decision. Which of us stays? Second, if friend A is a longtime lover, why would she be interested in getting a copy of me? Imagine the conversation: "Do you remember the first date I ever had with the guy that is just like you?" How many of us want to hear that? Not to mention, in light of the technologies ad dating methods discussed here, she could just find a new guy who was just like me easily enough.

500th Anniversery? LASERS

So many people these days are claiming they wouldn't want to live forever. What does that really say about their outlook on themselves and others? Or are they being revealingly honest? Either way, in dont think that it is true, but if it is, that's sad

X,Y,mitochondrial DNA already exists.

Directly got myself house of suns on audible. Thanks for the suggestion.

Damn the notion of that becoming a possibility really gave me goosebumps: 22:01

I think we'll figure out brain chemistry sufficiently so that everyone who wants to be happy will be without desensitizing receptors. It's just chemistry. The question I have is, what will be the reasons someone will have for ending their life of they can flip a mental switch and be entertained for eternity by watching paint dry? Ideology? Will there be ludites that simply refuse to use the technology 1000 years after it's in common use? Will people find it somehow immoral to live forever? I also think there will be an end to war with neurolink connections. When you beat your wife and see her Facebook post that gives you a perfect empathetic link, do you beat your wife again? So with war, will people kill eachother with the capacity for perfect empathy? I also assume sociopathy will be perfectly curable. The limited resource argument has always be fallacious. Of course there are always limited resources, but free populations have always been able to out innovate scarcity, more minds is more innovation. With AI enhanced cognition innovation will skyrocket to unimaginable rates, with every one in the world knowing every innovation instantaneously. I think the future is bright. (Though the future of freedom in the west is on a cliffs edge. That's gonna hurt.)

I got to thinking about this not long ago. Government assigned marriages are a common trope in dystopia stories. But in those cases the interests of the State are placed above the interests of the people. But what if the government assigned partners with the goal of creating happy, compatible couples? Most people in a culture where arranged marriage is rare have a visceral reaction to to being assigned, rather than freely choosing, their life partner. But really, we kind of suck at choosing life partner's for ourselves. We tend to go out with several people, almost randomly chosen before we find someone we like, and even then things don't work out in the long term as people get to know each other. Even if we find someone we can live with, that person is very unlikely to be the most comparable match for you out of those people who are available. I imagine a future in which when a person comes of age they have their full personality accurately annualized and are matched with the most comparable person available to them. If such a system existed, and it was say over 99% accurate in forming the most compatible partnerships for each person would you prefer old fashioned dating or getting married to the person the government finds for you. Of course, the government would need to be much better than anything that has ever existed, but assuming they were, I think most people would do this over dating. Because, lets face it, dating sucks.

it would destroy our genetics if we normalized cosmetic surgery

People say they'd have it easier in a utopian society, but they don't know the anguish of going to the fridge and grabbing a beer, only to find that the integrated artificial intelligence malfunctioned and that your beer's 0.5 degrees above your specified ideal temperature and is thus literally undrinkable. Truly the future is bleak.

6:25 Are you implying that in the video clip shown, that couple is dealing with that other type of relationship boredom?

Kinky Isaac. ;o)

Thank you, Isaac, for the House of Suns offer. First audiobook I've made time to listen to in many circuits. Totally worth it. Thank you.

Everyone seems to forget one simple fact about cloning: a clone is not identical, it's just genetically identical. For example, if I, a 35-year old male, got a clone today, that clone would be a newborn baby boy. I would be 35 years older than him and there is no chance one could implant any my memory into his brain without him realizing at some point the memory is fake (simply because it's dated before his birth), which is, in essence, something like waking up from a vivid dream. Without that, I and my clone would probably not share many more common traits than me and my son. VR clone is a different thing: while for an outsider in the VR, it may seem that a person got its identical twin with shared memories and feelings, one of these two "persons" is an actual person which exists in the real world, and the other is a simulation of the real person's behavior, in other words, nothing more than an avatar. The latter would make some sense in a post-biological civilization but in such, the concept of an interpersonal relationship, let alone a romantic one, becomes blurry (I'm ready to argue that the concept of identity and personality in today's sense is undefinable in the post-biological civilization).

500 years with the same person, forgive me but that sounds more like living death then happily ever after. I'm pretty sure that your average person would hate they're spouse after 500 years of nagging.

Being in a relationship with yourself would make things a lot easier, at first...

have u planned any episodes on super soldiers

@Nick Kordich I hadn't thought of this not-quite-adultery memory-swap. If somebody tries to reboot _The Outer Limits_ again, they should definitely do an ep or two on this. The twist at the end: Alice and Carol also did the swap, without telling me. My thought though wasn't so much that I'm *jealous* of the me who stays with Alice, as that I *miss* Alice. Sure, there's a "me" who sees her quite often, but this me will never hold her in my arms again, will sever again see her sweet smile, will never again roll my eyes when she starts going on about the obscure band from the 2180s she thinks is the greatest thing that ever hit music, will never...... {stops to cry} Your idea that the entire crew divides is great, though, as it both spares everybody from that sort of heartbreak and ensures that any skill available is, well, available to both the colonists and the crew moving on.

From 22:12 to 22:25 there certainly is something excluding classical long term marriages. It's what we see now: laws and social rules giving all power and none of the responsibility to women in marriage and any other intersexual relation. This is why women are free to act as selfishly as they want and men suffer the consequences. This is why men in exponentially growing numbers decide to avoid women already. This can and probably will cause the collapse of the advanced civilisation we have now. The number of men who decide to avoid women doubles every 15 months since many years. The only investment I know of that is doubling faster than that on a similarly long time frame is cryptocurrency.

I storngly disagree with 11:00 to 12:00 about cosmetic surgery. Changes to the body should be made by changing the genetic code of all cells, not by cosmetic surgery. Here's why: If someone decides to have kids with the person of altered appearance, if altered by surgery, their kids would inherit the original genetic code, and this makes the surgery an act of deception with very severe negative consequences for the deceived partner, including but not restricted to irreversible loss of extreme investment of time, resources, mental and emotional effort into a project that is not what they were lead to believe it would be. People who undergo cosmetic surgery should be required by law to disclose their situation to all people they date and to all who show any interest in them, and failure to comply to this law should be punished similarly to financial fraud that caused damage up to the range of a life's earnings, depending on the time and resources invested by the deceived person.

Stellaris in the background. Do you play it Mr Isaac?

What about a episode about human and alien relationships? Surely if Capt. Kirk has space fever I'm sure if intelligent life exists out there we may be considered exotic by some standard. Or romantic relations with AI? I'd love to see you explore the possibilities, implications and possible consequences of these interactions.

Hopefully, in the future, people will be less of a slave to primeval, obsolete instincts like lust, and be more celibate and have deep, meaningful relationships (platonic love ftw!). With all that technology and life extension, less people would go through heartbreak, understand and connect with one another better, strive to achieve their dreams and work towards massive progress as a civilization.

I would not be surprised if we eventually got to the point where we could make virtual partners and family that adapted in real time to our psychological and physical needs, as well as personal development. If BCI's got so good that the virtual became indistinguishable from the real, why would anyone care? You would live in a literal paradise every time you log-on.

I'll wait till I solve IT and then I gotta get the fuck outta here. I don't know if I'll solve it in my lifetime.

3:35 How do biologists get two mammals to mate? They place a pair of opposite gender in the same container. There have also been some studies searching for the most important characteristic shared by human couples, and "convenience" (being nearby) seems to be the strongest. It may be fun to think that your mate is your soulmate, but she was probably just who was available. (Change the gender of the pronouns if necessary.)

I don't see how copying yourself solves anything in many of these scenarios. If you want to do two different things, knowing your copy is going off to do one of them doesn't extinguish your own desire to do it. So you just end up with two unhappy people in different places instead of one. And how would you decide which one goes and which one stays? You'd both feel like you got the raw end of the deal and the other one is probably happier. It sounds like a mess.

Gross race mixing

Future of parenting please

What do you say to someone that wants to "See Other People" at your 500th anniversary?⏳

500th anniversary. A ring made of metalic hydrogen held im shape by a magnetic field. Or you know. Enriched uranium. XD

I wholeheartedly agree with your recommendation for House of Suns - I've got the book on Paperback and it was an amazing journey.

The gross thing is weak-minded comments like yours.

"The number of men who decide to avoid women doubles every 15 months since many years." Source? This sounds like something you picked up on a gender conspiracy site.

@MiqelDotCom wasnt talking about the robots

Are robots considered a "race" now?

@MiqelDotCom theres just alot of images of race mixing and I do not approve

Perhaps I misunderstood your comment. In what way does that relate to this video?

@MiqelDotCom well that's rude and a little childish dont come at me insulting my opinion with no backing

@MiqelDotCom Depends how do you look at it. It's like... how do I put this? I think in Alaska there is a saying about men there that describes the high men/women ratio of the population. Something like this "The odds are good, but the goods are odd." Now the same will be true about women for you. You will have plenty of desperate, back-stabbing women hoping to get your attention, and then #MeToo you later or worse.

@Mr A-H0Ie - this would be great news for those of us who still like to date women. If it doubles every 15 months and has been happening for many years then it wouldn't take too long (relatively speaking) for nearly all women to be single and available.

@MiqelDotCom It's based on my own keyword research done in 2017. imgur.com/a/Tgggj Ask anything and I'll be glad to answer.

My paranoid, nosy boss recently had a camera installed in the office where I work. Yes, I plan on quitting soon, but before then, I've just been sitting here watching YouTube. I really wonder what he's going to think seeing this video on my laptop without the context of audio.

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