Groundbreaking Study Shows Shielding EMF Improves Autoimmune

Groundbreaking Study Shows Shielding EMF Improves Autoimmune

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Groundbreaking. Study, shows shielding, EMF improves, autoimmune. Disease, novel. Research reveals, that blocking exposure, to electromagnetic, fields. EMF, produces. Significant, symptom changes, in 90%, of patients with autoimmune disease. No. Longer can it be ignored that man-made electromagnetic. Radiation. Poses, innumerable, risks to human health, concerns. About electromagnetic. Fields, EMF, are branded. Pseudo scientific conspiracy, theories, and relegated, to the realm of tin hat wearing quackery, however. A recent, publication, in the peer-reviewed journal. Immunologic. Research entitled, electrosmog, and autoimmune, disease sheds, new light on the validity of concerns, about this so called electra smog with which we are constantly inundated. Although. We encounter, natural microwave, electromagnetic. Radiation, in the form of cosmic, radiation from. Outer space the aurora borealis and. Thunderstorms. The vast majority of electra, smog that we encounter, is largely man-made, one, these. Atmospheric. Phenomena. However, emit, electromagnetic, radiation. At lower radio, frequencies. And are negligibly, weak in comparison, to men made sources which, have increased exponentially, due to the emergence of television, cellular. Phone technologies. And Wi-Fi. All of which utilize, microwave, frequency, bands one. According. To researchers, Marshall and I'll. 2017. For, instance the, reason to release of wicked and anti-collision, vehicle, radars in the 60 gigahertz region. Embody a 1,000, fold increase, in frequency and, photon, energy, over, the exposures, mankind. Experienced. Up until the 1950s. One, how. Electress, MOG interfaces. With the bio electromagnetic. Body it. Is intuitive, that electra smog would interact with human biology since. Human physiology operates. In part via electromagnetic, fields. Apart. From physical information. Superhighway. Such as the blood nerve. And lymphatic. Systems, the body uses, electromagnetic, forms. Of energy transmission, in communication. Which are several orders of magnitude faster. Than chemical, diffusion to, called. Biophotonic, emission. Bpe. These, quanta, of electromagnetic. Energy have, a visibility, 1000, times lower than the sensitivity. Of our naked eye and are quintessential, to cellular, metabolism and, to the powering of our energy intensive, nervous and immune systems, 3. Harbored. Within our genetic material bio. Photons serve, as a mode of instantaneous. Communication. From one body part to another and to the extraneous, world, for, and their emission is influenced, by our global state of health five, research. Even suggests, that mental, intention, and the fabric of our consciousness, is mediated, by these quantum, of light which, operate, as highly coherent, frequencies.

And Generate in ordered flux of photons for. Thus. Both, the stuff of consciousness, and the functioning, of our cellular energetics. Is premise upon, electromagnetism. Which, may be susceptible, to distortion. By electrosmog. Curtis. And Goethe described, the electromagnetic. Body as both an entire body distinct, from the chemical, body that interpenetrates. It in the light circulatory. System, operating, on an energetic, level in a markedly different manner, from that of its molecular counterparts. To that. There is an incredible, amount of activity, at levels of magnification or, scale that spend more than two-thirds of the 73, known octaves, of the electromagnetic. Spectrum 6, in the human body is emblematic of our vulnerability. To electromagnetic. Disturbances. Potential. Immune disturbances. Due to electric. Spark. Health, laws are predicated, on effects of short-term exposure, research, suggests that, dosage, and repetitive, exposures, likely, influence health risk of electrosmog, 7. Two-thirds. Of studies examined, report, ecological, effects of electromagnetic, radiation. And researchers. Stayed that current, evidence indicates, that chronic, exposure, to electromagnetic, radiation. At levels, that are found in the environment may, particularly. Affect the immune. Nervous. Cardiovascular. And reproductive, systems, seven. Although. The conventional, mantra, is that no harm is incurred from low energy radio, waves, low-level. Exposures, to ionizing, radiation. Are known to manifest profound. Effects, upon human, physiology one. Ionizing. Radiation, exposure, which, occurs secondary to, nuclear energy accidents. For example, produces. Immunosuppression. So, much so that some scientists. Have even suggested. Radon exposure as, a therapeutic, treatment, for rheumatoid arthritis, due. To its inhibition, of inflammatory, immune messengers. Such as the a depakene, vis Phaeton eight there.

Is However, often. A substantial. Lag time between exposure, and the materialization. Of symptomatology. 1 the. Detriment, to immune defense often, does not become, apparent until, the body catastrophic. Ly fails to overcome, an acute challenge, 1 in, addition, new, science, is overturning, the previous, assumption, that I mean a suppressive, effects are exclusive, to ionizing, radiation. Exposure, a research. Group headed by lush enough for, example, found, that repeated, exposures, to low-level non ionizing electromagnetic. Radiation. Impaired the immune response in mice negatively. Influencing. Immuno Genesis, or the ability of the immune response to respond, to an immune provocating. Antigenic, substance, 9, the. Exposure, to low intensity, electromagnetic. Radiation. Negatively, influenced, tymek, and splenic, cellularity, causing. A statistically. Significant. Decrease, in the immune cells generated, by these lymphoid, organs, 9 the. Immuno, competence, of the Aegean wall lizard, was also significantly. Reduced, upon daily exposure, to radiofrequency, resembling. The amount of electrosmog, emitted. From cordless, phones 10. Moreover. Gape, even colleagues. 2006. Elucidated. That exposure to low intensity, non ionizing electromagnetic. Waves. Exerted, equivalent, immunosuppressive. Effects to a single, dose of the non-steroidal. Anti-inflammatory. Drug and sad de, cloven ACK 11, in, another experiment, exposure. To low intensity, electromagnetic. Rate ei-chan reduced the footpad edema in local hyperthermia. Also, known as swelling and heat that accompanied. Injection, of Zion ascend an agent, that induces, acute inflammation 12. This. Constitutes, evidence that electrosmog, exposure. May impair the normal immune response, to potential threats, human. Proteins, are responsive, to electromagnetic. Waves. Biomolecules. Which are constantly, undergoing molecular. Collisions, and interacting, on the scale of picoseconds. Our subject. To forces, exerted by incident. Electromagnetic. Fields, one, according. To researchers, Marshall and tile it seems likely the signals a million times lower than those currently being used in research may be sufficient, to elicit, a tangible change in human biology one. Induction. Of stress proteins. Electra, smog yet both an extremely, low frequency, e.l.f. Or in the radio frequency RF, range. Has been found to stimulate, a cellular, stress response, leading, to expression, of stress response, genes, including, heat shock protein, 70. Hsp70. 13. As a consequence. There, is increased, production, of highly conserved, stress proteins, which, serve as chaperones. By refolding, and repairing, damaged, proteins, 13. Keeffe, shock proteins, have likewise, been observed to upregulate an immune response, transferring. Antigenic, peptides, to the class i in class 2 molecules, of the major histocompatibility. Complexes. As well, as increasing, activity of a class of immune cells which perpetuate.

An Immune reaction such. As macrophages, and dendritic, cells, 14. Aberrant. Antimicrobial, response. In. Addition, the function, of another human, protein, lysozyme. Has been shown to be disrupted, by electromagnetic. Radiation. 15. Also. Called Moremi daze lysozyme. Is an antimicrobial enzyme. Liberated, from cytoplasmic, granules, of immune cells such as granulocytes. And macrophages. 16. Contained. In human secretions, such as mucous tears, saliva. And breast, milk this, bacterial, lytic, element, degrades glycosidic. In peptidoglycan, a, molecule. Prominent, in the cell walls of grand positive, bacteria, 17. Lysozyme. Is a major contributor. To bactericidal. Activity. Facilitating. Elimination. Of inhaled airborne. Microorganisms. To prevent their colonization, in, the respiratory. Passages, which would interfere with sterile, gas exchange, 17. Studies. Have indicated that, depletion, of lysozyme, reduces. Bacteria, killing ability, of human airway, sections, by approximately. 50% 18. Animal. Studies also highlight how lysozyme, is especially important. And hosts pulmonary. Defense, since. Increased. Concentration. Of lysozyme, in the air spaces of transgenic, mice enhanced, bacterial, killing whereas, lysozyme. Deficiency. Resulted, in increased bacterial. Burden, and morbidity, 17. Turton. And colleagues. 2014. Published. A study in Nature communications showing. The non ionizing terahertz. Electromagnetic. Radiation, altered the binding of lysozyme to its ligand try, a style chin trios which, in turn would affect the biological function. Of lysozyme, 15. Although. This represents. A much higher frequency than, normal, background electrosmog. The, implications. Are that human immune defenses, against, pathogen, invasion, and virulence, may be adversely, affected due, to repeated, and cumulative, exposures, to electrosmog. 15. Arrangements. In vitamin, D pathways. Research. Shows that vitamin, D receptor vdr, pathways. Are susceptible to interference by, electrosmog, one. Functionality. Of the vitamin, d receptor a transcription. Factor that translocates. To the nucleus and influences. Gene expression. When bound to vitamin, D is fundamental. For immunomodulation. The. Cascade, of effects that occur upon, vitamin, D binding, to its receptor reinforce.

Gut Barrier integrity. Establish. Your tolerance, and suppress. Autoimmune. Responses, by enabling the immune system, to differentiate. Self, from non-self. According. To researchers, the shape of the vdr molecule. Transforms. With electrosmog exposure. Within, the frequency range of Wi-Fi, routers, groups, of hundreds, of atoms which form the helical, backbone, of the VD r dot shift together at the lower frequencies. Present in electrosmog. One. Sophisticated. Molecular dynamic, software, which illustrates, the lock and key interaction, between the vitamin, d receptor and, its native ligand 1, comma 25 died, Roxie vitamin, D 1, comma 25, D, have, shown that so-called Lorentz, forces act upon charged, oxygen atoms, and carboxyl, groups of the vitamin, d receptor 1. These Lorentz, forces, may either promote or hinder, activation, of the vitamin, D receptor depending. On both the frequency, of the molecular, interactions. And that of the impinging, electromagnetic. Waves 1. Electrosmog. Affects human brain activity, and behavior as far. Back as, 1987. Buy's published, a pilot study where, an Electra smog exposure, at levels dramatically. Lower than that observed in urban areas elicited, transient, changes in human brainwaves and behavior, 19. He. Reports, constructive. And destructive interference, patterns. From standing waves within the scope Asli interact with the bioelectric, generators, in the brain, since, electro encephalogram wave. Amplitudes. And frequencies. Increased, or decreased respectively. At different radio wavelengths, 19. What's. More the, literature, reveals the neural imaging and, electroencephalography. Studies. Demonstrate. Enhanced, cortical, excitability, with EMF exposure, particularly. In the front temporal, regions which is paradoxically. Correlated, with faster, reaction, times but, may also interfere, with sleep 20. Alarmingly. The, patterns, observed in human. Electroencephalograms. EEG. Was, altered by wave amplitudes. As low as minus 100. DBM, 19. Bys, was able to induce an immediate, frontal, headache at a level of minus 60 DBM, 19. Unfortunately. Boring use of a Faraday, cage these. Experiments. Are impossible, to replicate since, electrosmog, background. Levels, and cities are now 100,000, times stronger, at minus, 50 DBM. 19. Silver. Threaded EMF blocking, caps improve, autoimmune, disease in a. Recent case series, patients, wore shielding, clothing, and tenting consisting, of silver, coated polyester threads. Interspersed, with bamboo, fibers, that were partially capable. Of blocking penetration. Of microwave, electrosmog. One, due. To anecdotal, testimonies. Of improvement, researchers. Decided, to distribute standardized. Garments, that would shield the brain and brain stem in order to systematically. Analyze the results, one, in this. Study 64. Patients, with assorted autoimmune, diagnoses such as systemic lupus erythematosus. SLE. Rheumatoid. Arthritis. Rahhh multiple. Sclerosis MS. Sjogren's. Syndrome and, celiac. Disease many. Of whom were disabled, and housebound, were recruited, one, subjects. Wore the silver threaded, cap for four hours at night and for four hours during the day and patient.

Reported, Outcomes, were collected, one, impressively. 90%. Of patients indicated. A definite, or strong change in their symptomatology. Which is at variance with the 3%, of the population that is estimated, to be sensitive, to electrosmog. One. Some. Researchers, have attributed. This so-called electro, hypersensitivity. EHS. Or idiopathic, environmental. Intolerance, III, to, the nose bone effect however. D, don explores, the possibility, of a psychosomatic, mechanism. In the journal bio electromagnetics. And concludes, overall. Symptoms, appear, before subjects, start questioning Effects, of EMF on their health which, is not consistent, with the hypothesis, that AI EMF, originates, from no slow responses, to perceived, EMF, 21. In this. Groundbreaking, study, it is also telling that the researchers, found the therapeutic, efficacy of the silver coated caps to be so theoretically, plausible, that they decided the idea of using a control group was unethical these. Authors, concluded, that autoimmune. Patients, exhibit, a pronounced, susceptibility. To electra, smog at levels normally, encountered, in home and occupational. Environments. And hypothesize. That the exposure may be contributing, to their disease, etiology one. Elektra, smog and medic, and aerial dysfunction. Because. Electric, fields result from voltage, differences. Whereas magnetic, fields from the flow of electric, current EMFs. May be capable of disrupting, define the orchestrated. Proton gradient, and flow of electrons, within the inner mitochondrial, membrane upon, which the process, of oxidative, phosphorylation is. Contingent, thirteen. Oxygen. Dependent aerobic, respiration which. Relies upon oxidative. Phosphorylation is. The process, that drives production. Of the cellular, energy currency adenosine, triphosphate ATP, in. Our cellular energy factories the, mitochondria. These. Organelles, are fundamental. To every energy dependent, process, in the body but especially quintessential. For the energy demanding, nervous system thus. EMF. Mediated, changes, in Mitte chondral, function, may affect cognition, and even perpetuate, development, of neurodegenerative. Diseases, such as Alzheimer's and. Parkinson's, in which mythic and real dysfunction. Has been demonstrated in, fact. EMF. Induced disruption. Of mitochondria. May play a role on many diseases, in which mitochondria, collapse. Is implicated, including. Psychiatric, disorders, autoimmune. Diseases migraine. Headaches. Ataxia. Stroke, diabetes. Heart, disease, neuropathic. Pain chronic. Fatigue syndrome. Fibromyalgia. And liver, disease. 22:23. It. Has also been proposed, that EMFs, can interact, directly with electrons. And DNA, so, it is not a stretch, that EMFs, could interact with the electron, transport, chain et, Cie in mitochondria. 24. This. Concept, is supported, by a study where pulsed, electromagnetic, radiation. EMR. Resulted. In alterations, in the etc leading, to adverse metabolic. Changes, cellular. Hypoxia, and increased, generation, of oxidative, stress inducing. Free radicals, such as the superoxide anion. 25. Electra. Smog and cancer, although. The undoubtedly, industry, influenced, mainstream, consensuses. That EMFs, do not play a role in the development of childhood, cancers, piaf, attention, Tata 2005. Stated. That epidemiologic. Studies of e.l.f, EMFs and childhood, leukemia. Are difficult, to design conduct. And interpret, due to the fact that EMFs, are imperceptible. Ubiquitous. Have multiple, sources and can, vary greatly over. Time and short distances, 13. Also. In an animal, study a correlation. Between the aleph EMF, radiation and, development, of malignant, tumors, specifically. Gliomas, and schwannomas, of the heart was discovered, 26. These. Findings, led the American Academy, of Pediatrics. Aap, to. Revise their criteria for EMF, exposure, and children, and include, recommendations such.

As Using hands-free, and wired headsets, holding, the phone away from the head limiting. Television, watching and texting. When possible, 13. Currently. A 14. Countries study called Moby Kids is being conducted to examine the carcinogenic, effects, of RF EMFs, from mobile telephones, on the central, nervous system and children, and adolescents. 27. Further. Upstream, Electra. Smog has also been shown to induce DNA, strand, breakages. Such, that any extensive, damage or changes, to DNA that need repair, may increase the risk of developing cancer of, cells 13. Studies. Also suggest, that electrosmog, causes. Genome-wide, alterations. In methylation, 28. Or the attachment, of one carbon tags - DNA sequences. Which modulate, gene expression. Affecting. Everything from neurotransmitter. Production to, detoxification. Mitigating. Electra, smog exposure. Although. More data is needed the science, warrants, exercising. The precautionary, principle and taking simple steps to minimize, the EMF exposure, to. Remediate, electrosmog, renowned. Doctor Dietrich clean heart recommends, removing, cordless, phones from the house turning. Off Wi-Fi. Switching, off fuses, at night considering. An EMF reducing, sleep sanctuary. Or canopy, and grounding. Moreover. Fundamental. To neutralizing. The toxic effects. Of electra, smog is, time and nature and grounding, in order to scavenge, free radicals, and in gender antioxidant. Effects direct. Contact, with the surface of the earth precipitates. An influx of electrons, which, are absorbed, and distributed throughout. The ground substance, of extracellular, tissue, as well as intracellular. Bio polymers. Neutralizing. Oxidative, stress in the body 29. Studies. Have elucidated the grounding, decreases. The voltage, imposed, on the body by a factor, of 70, upon exposure to alternating. Current AC, electric. Potential, 30, this. Transfer, of electrons, that occurs as a result of grounding, therefore. Can, minimize, electra, smog induced derangements. And the electrical, activities, of our bodies which, is meaningful since researchers, state, that there, is no question that the body reacts, to the presence of environmental. Electric, fields. Thank. You for watching remember. To subscribe for our new videos to, your health body, and spirit.

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