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Today. On golf life we head to the PGA Merchandise Show and, demo day where we see new clubs technology. And fashion for your game later. We head to Las Vegas Nevada, to bring it inside America's. Golf festival, all this and much more for your golf life now, let's head to Orange County National. Golf Center in Orlando Florida with our hosts, Nikki K and Mike Billingsley. We're. Here at Orange County National, Golf Club where, we have demo day for the PGA Merchandise Show welcome, back Nikki is going to take us around and meet some companies, some technology, all kinds of fun stuff we're at the Wilson booth right now and that's just one of many vendors, out here and I can't wait to show off some of the exciting new technology, that's gonna be on display it's, gonna be really exciting folks this is where people come and they get to try out the product they get to see really. Cool new innovations, like the phat scooter, which you'll see a little bit later as you said Wilson's. Got the driver vs. driver and all kinds of great companies what do you think it's a playground out here Mike why are we still talking let's get out there. Check. Out my ride I am sitting atop a fat scooter and I'm sitting next to the owner and creator and founder of, this bad boy Peter Johnson what. A machine you've created thank, you yeah we came out with this for getting around a single rider golf game we want people to feel comfortable riding. On it whether you're standing up sitting down we, wanted to keep it real easy to use so we put the nice big fat tires on it and, we put dual, disc brakes on it so you can stop and we put three speeds so that you can interchange those, whatever feels most comfortable for, you I know I managed not to tip it over so I'd say you, accomplished, all those things now tell me about the attention to detail on this little vehicle sure, we, want to put everything on there that you might need during a golf game you want to charge your phone we've got a little USB charger, here we've got your knife holder, absolutely. And, we've got your nice. Big cooler back there your, golf balls teas scorecard. And then we have the bag rack on the back one of the wonders, of this machine, is that you can ride.

It On the streets, absolutely. It follows bike laws it's not street-legal it doesn't have turn signals brake. Lights but. 20s. Illegal movement to be in the bike lane and we wanted to keep this it basically follows kind of the ebike rules in most, states all right well it's, been a pleasure but I'm having too much fun on this thing I'm gonna go take it. They're here at the Wilson booth I'm joined by Doug Thiele and we're, here to talk about the upcoming season. Of a really hot show, driver, vers driver we. Are super. Excited about season, 2 there's a lot of learnings with season 1 but, everything is bigger better. And we're, just more excited about it we're very happy, to be here at the PGA Merchandise Show and and to kind of show off what we're doing is there gonna be a little bit of drama in this upcoming season it's, a reality show you know we got to have drama we got to have people you know people. Have to go home we don't want to send people home but there's always gonna be that issue where people don't agree with us you know in sending, them home can you give us any sneak. Peek about the final product that this show will produce all, I can tell you is this can be very innovative it's gonna be the best performing, driver that's gonna be out there. The. Biggest technology that we're so excited by is in the face it's. Called twist face it's, all had, an opportunity obviously to work with some of the tour players early on and now now, with a bunch of people here at demo day and and the. Experience, that golfers are having on these off-center, shots it's really designed to help golfers. On those off-center shots to hit it straighter and ultimately, longer. By. Twisting, that face in a different form in fact I showed a lot of the players this you've probably never seen this this. Is an exaggerated, twist face so. This is the toe and this is the heel and see that so I'm traditional bulge and roll it's completely, changed and it's. Really was born off all the data we studied and so, we know that golfers, present the club differently, when they hit these off-center shots and we're, counteracting. What these golfers are doing to correct for, those tendencies, and so, both in m3 and m4 drivers they both have the twist face. Every. Year at the pga demo, day I get to find something, fun, and exciting, l we. Electric. We yeah, that's true it's electric vehicle Swedish, built from, Saab, involve engineers we're pretty proud of it actually well, I'm pretty, ecstatic. About it because, I tried to roll it it's, really. Performs, you guys worked. Hard on it yeah we've got told about having the safety on it because we have seen other types of vehicle that might not be as easy to ride and we think that this is something that you can relax and fun while you're playing golf obviously. You see we've got the golf bag here, it's well-built, and it's. Stable describe. Your idea well the idea is to speed up the game actually compared, to a two-seater. They, think that it speeds up the game at about 20-25 percent so that's the idea basically. All. Right joined by Marty Dirksen of ping and Marty, tell me about some of the detail, and attention to, such that you've put into this design so chief Horner max for example, is the highest inertia driver, so a couple of fun things we have here like, our matte black finish.

Details. We have it, it, looks cool but it also distracts. You on a sunny day like today from the the glare of the club so again this is something that's cool but functional, just, the finishes, we have I think that the PVD finish here, on the weight and then the shaft in the G 400 max driver that we're looking at here it. Has color, shifting, technology, so it has this vibrant, copper, when, you look at it face on but when you put it in the playing position it turns dark so. You see the color kind of shift when you look, at it at this we call it the incidence, angle but, the shaft actually goes dark so again this is something that's really cool some people might have seen this on some you, know custom paint, jobs on cars we, brought it in and used it to give a performance advantage to our customers when we return to golf life we bring you future stories from the PGA Merchandise Show, stay. Tuned. One. Moment changes. Everything. Distance, precision. Decided. In a Micro Center so, reduce your ball spin and get the most performance, adding, that with, four yards, more a next-gen. Golf tee proven, by pros and players, like you, the unique durable, design flexes. At contact, reducing. Ball speed giving, you tighter control, and more. Distance, so, change your game. Yeah four yards more brought, to you by green keepers golf, smart your. Short game shots from, bunkers or rough, around the green these are the shots that allow you to score, and enjoy the game the, hybrid wedge solution, from Blackmagic makes all these shots automatic. Use our patented face-forward hybrid wedges, to hit perfect, approach shots hit the ball higher from, the fairway the sand and the, rough to, order your hybrid wedge now visit, us at h wedge comm or call eight seven seven seven, nine nine six, zero nine nine order, now at h wedge calm. Welcome. Back to golf life your golf lifestyle, show golf, life is sponsored, in part by high heat 257, plus the, hottest metal woods and hybrids across, the face available, tri, high heat risk free and gain distance, guaranteed, at high, heat golf, calm, and. Level. Head the ball marker that reads the Greens enter, code golf life to save 20% at iron, led golf calm. Here's. Your host Mike Billingsley, from the PGA Merchandise Show. We're. At the PGA Merchandise Show at Orlando, Florida, and we're gonna take you inside to, check out some of the new gear for this year. One, of the great companies and great people that I know in the game of golf is, Adam. Sheldon how are you sir I'm good it's so good to see you good to see you again so Adam has taken. And brought a brand, that has legend. Status. Across the world into, the United States and it's amazing, what you guys have done in such a short time with, honma tell, me the story of Honma for those that don't know about this unbelievably. High-end product. Yeah hummus it's, a company, that's been around since 1959. 1915. So we've got almost 60 years of experience, in making golf clubs if I tell you the the average 10 year of our master craftsmen and, we have about I think 300, master craftsmen. 27. Years and some of those guys have been there up to 37, years so how did you decide, to bring it to the US and what what. Golfer, were you looking to try to attract, with the product I almost say, this a lot where I say it's a strength, but it's also our weakness we look at the market totally, different than, in any other brand that I've seen before and the fact that we kind of break segments, in the market into, nine different types of players so. What that does Elvis Lee means we have a wider product, line offering, but, it means that we can service those players to much better equipment by, concentrating, on certain aspects, of that type of demographic. Or type of swing speed so. It really helps us improve, people's. Games well I I know that you, folks out there now want to at least try, on mode that we've convinced, you how would, you advise folks, to get, involved and at least learn more if not purchase. And acquire yeah. I mean obviously, go to our web site I'm a golf comm and.

We We partner with a couple of key retailers, PGA, Tour superstore, and worldwide golf and. Then we're actually starting to go to green. Grass locations, and, do some demo days so. Just if you go to the website you can look at the demo days and you can also look at the locations, at where you can see and try. And buy Hummer. These. Brent Stefan's with monument, golf now Brett I go, to the green I get these I got all kinds of nice towns but. Invariably. My ball is dirty and my wedge is dirty and because I didn't bring the towel, how'd you solve that forget, this towel it's a magnetic towel, stick, it designed. To be stuck, to cart stuck to clubs pull, it right off the car post when you get up there you drop it on the green you do your chip without, bending over it sticks right to the wedge base it's, the simple, things in life folks, that it, just helps, our, game now what if I just had my putter I didn't need to chip or whatever so putters they stick to those as well every, package, also. Has the putter assist, it's a little plug that goes in your grip and, you're. Done with that putt you sink that three four footer you pick it right up and you're, walking and this is cool guys I like this so you, wonder why these snaps, are here but why would why is this, yeah you don't want to wash that magnet, patch you want to take it off just throw the towel in there this magnet, it's not gonna fall off your bag right you stick it out there it's got 25, plus pounds, of pull so, you, got a really jerk it to get it off there won't fall off if you're traveling driving down the fairway even, hitting through the rough so if I want to get a stick, it for, my golf cart or my golf bag where do I go yeah you can find it it's ticket towel calm, it's real easy stick it towel calm and I could go right in and buy it right now yep we'll have all the colors all the products available for you and it's an online purchase from there that's awesome stick it towel calm, all right. So. We found a great product here at the PGA Show that we feel could, be a lot of fun at parties beer. Pong golf, mark, you were telling me a really, kind, of a heartfelt. Story, that's really amazing, you're, a former, stockbroker. In, New York and went home to see your mother and spend about four weeks with her and then yeah, you know I came down to South Carolina from New York that's in New York for about 17, years didn't. See my mother at all in those 17, years decided, it was time to come back down in that, time she actually passed she had a brain aneurysm, sorry so then for me it was more of like a little self evaluation, so, it was really like you know what's the purpose of why I'm working so hard you had some cousins, that I had a couple of other cousins, in South Carolina. You. Know in the teenage your typical teenagers, that they just have their head in video games don't really care about school. Or anything like that and, so I said hey teenage. Boys you're gonna come you're gonna work with me I'm gonna teach his business you know we're gonna take this business we're gonna take it online we're gonna do some private labeling, I thought about it I was just like hey you know a beer pong golf you know in my head it sounded great but I don't know how to actually make, me, any think with my hands I'm not the tool guys and one of the boys I drew, it all up and I was like hey you know however you assemble. These little boards oh but can you cut holes in there good off woods and he was just like yeah, let's go to Lowe's and I was like we went to Lowe's and we got everything we needed made. The prototype, on a Thursday, by. Tuesday, we throw it on Kickstarter, in like, a matter of three days it, just exploded, you know we set, a goal for like $20,000. They're like the first three days I think we had like 80 grand Wow so what do people think of, the product now that you've put it together it's basically, it's beer pong so you can play it take it anywhere break it down one. With beer pong golf because it's like readily, identifiable. And I think it's because we decided to do the customizations. So, we've kind of made it where you know you could interchange different, logos you know we also have the tools to customize, them, ourselves and to adapt to everybody, whether it be country clubs breweries.

Charities. So, when, someone approaches us and says hey can you tailor a board to fit our needs sure, tell me what you need and we'll, make it happen people love beer people, love golf I think, this is kind of kind of - the speech speaks, for itself, custom. Beer. Pong golf. Whatever. You need customized, they can do it Jana thanks, for your time, great story. Here, in the wonderful Callaway booth Samara you are the director of design. You. Have, influences. At Callaway golf talk about the history, and the philosophy, of the company well really we're, all about technical, pieces. And innovation. We, take a lot of our inspiration actually from hard goods as well because we want to be just as technical, and we. Want to be able to support. Our players how long has the company been designing. And is there a heritage, there or is it more reaching. Forward all the time you know what good question because it actually has to be both, because we always want to be authentic. To Callaway, but then in order to do that you always have to push the envelope and be more innovative and always think about the future and what's the next thing and if you feel good and you look good you play better right and, well Callaway is a great brand and thank you so much for your time we're very proud to be involved with the brand as well I'm very proud to be here as well thank you so much we, head to America's, golf festival, when golf life returns. Here's. A great golf solution, called grip drop it's, simple, and easy to use saving. You money and keeping your grips in great condition, grip dry simply, snaps on the shaft of your putter or wedges, for, chip shots into the green snap it on your putter to keep that grip dry, and if you're carrying a couple wedges, simply, stack your clubs on grip drop once you're on the green just, snap grip dry on the shaft of your wedges to protect your grips grip, drive fits in your back pocket, for easy access or, use. Our powerful magnet, to snap onto your golf cart so it's easy to take to the green grip, Drive provides a convenient, ball marker, that is always with you when, your grips are dry and in great shape you will simply play better order, your, grip dry right now at, grip dry calm, into. The code golf light and save 20%, on, your order head, to grip dry calm, and use the code golf life grip. Drive snap, it on your shaft. Sit. Tight you're on the back nine with golf life in a moment. Welcome. Back to golf life your golf lifestyle, show sponsored. By fat scooters, the all-electric. Modern scooter is coming to a course near you at fat, scooters, calm, and, by. Stickit the innovative, magnetic, towel and rangefinder strap available. At stick, at towel calm, and by. Beer pong golf get, your customized, golf game for your next party or event at BP, golf. Let's. Head out to Las Vegas Nevada where golfers, come from around the world to take part in a scramble competition. Like no other called. America's, golf festival. Yes. America. Every. Year hundreds, of golfers from around the world descend, on Las Vegas to participate, in America's, golf festival, how, do the fellow golfers work, from Stockton, California San. Louis Missouri. All right from Mexico. San. Francisco California, where's Wichita Falls Texas from, New York Pennsylvania, we represent Texas. The. Main event at America's, golf festival, is America's, Scramble Championship, where, teams battle, it out on several different courses teams. That play well enough in the championship, rounds then advance to the finals, at the beautiful Bali Hai Golf Club right, on the Las Vegas Strip. Aside. From the Scramble championship, participants. Also compete in six different golf championships. During America's golf festival, we.

Stopped In to the Las Vegas golf center to check out some of the action from the skills short. Game and putting, Championships. You. Know you finished up five there tell. Me what the putt you. Know what the Sun was in my eyes the, wind was coming from the right but the break was going left, so it was kind of a deceiving part. Aside. From the competition, one of the players favorite, aspects, about America's, golf festival, is that the event takes place annually, in Las Vegas. Excuse. To go to Vegas and play golf. Which. Is truly the entertainment. Capital of the world and is bound to create memories, that last, a lifetime. If. You, haven't heard about America's, golf festival, you have to check them out at America's, Golf best of all calm, greatest. Venues the daddy's yeah. I'm. Looking forward to next year already. I'll. Definitely come out we'll be waiting here for you we'll, see how you can do. Come. Out have fun stay, on Vegas and play some golf. Learn. More about all their events and see just how affordable it is to put a team together to compete, in this amazing, event. Golf. Life's Mike Billingsley, joins us to show you a great tool that helps you learn to make more breaking, putts hey. Here's a product review we're coming to you from the beautiful fairways. At the stable right here in superior Colorado and this product is called Louisville, head it's from a company called iron lad golf it has a level, or a bubble level and what that will do is allow you to, learn how to make more breaking, putts how does it work it's pretty easy you, take it you set it on the green and when you set it behind your ball you're, gonna notice that if the bubble goes to the right or left you obviously, have a breaking, putt you're on a side slope now, what you do is you take the notches and line that up with the hole the, bubble will then be showing. You the amount of break that you have if you line the ball with, the line on it up with, the bubble that's, gonna help you to learn what that break is you're, gonna work on your breaking putts also. You're gonna see if the bubble goes forward, you're gonna work on uphill, putts if it's backward, you're gonna work on downhill, putts it's a great little product to put in your bag you can get the level head over at iron dad golf comm head over there today and get a level head for your bag it's gonna change your putting. We. Return to PGA demo, day for a groundbreaking technology. And Driver distance, when we return. One. Moment, changes, everything. Distance, precision. Decided. In a Micro Center so, reduce your ball spin and get the most performance, adding that with, four yards, more a next-gen. Golf tee proven, by pros and players, like, you the unique durable, design flexes. At contact, reducing. Ball school giving, you tighter control, and more, distance, so, change your game and get four yards, more brought, to you by greenkeepers.

Golf, Smart. Welcome. Back to golf life your golf lifestyle, show sponsored, by zero golf net, the, impact, training mat you can use anywhere, get. Powerful, impact now at zero, golf net, and by grip dry snap. It on your shaft and protect your grips and keep them dry get. Yours at grip try calm here's, your host for golf life Mike Billingsley. I'm. With Dean Knuth, now Dean you were with the USGA, for many many years you've seen everything everybody. Tried to get hot with the face right that was the whole thing right what what did the USTA, do to limit the. Speed, of the face the USGA, decided. That. 257. Microseconds, on the face by. Their testing, gear was. Gonna be the limit if it's longer, than 257. Microseconds, on the face and that it's too hot it's too much trampoline, effect okay. So what happened on the toe and the heel in, general. With technology. It was available. Recently. The, USGA, changed. The rule to allow outside. Of the, width. Of a golf ball to. Be up to 275, microseconds. In in. The trampoline, effect so in essence, you, gain more, trampoline. And more heat on the heel and toe this. Thus, counter. Balancing. The, loss of. Performance. That you would normally get yes, that was the theory that it wasn't, going to hurt, their rule and they allowed it to go on the, outside which was a very, very good thing for us because. We, actually, proceeded. To develop, a, driver, in, metal. Woods and. Hybrids that, can. Achieve that what did people tell him well. We. Haven't had a single golfer that hits it on the center of retirement, they all hit it in other parts of the face and, when. People hit it all over the face they just are amazed, because they think they hit it on the center of the face but, when they look on the face after hitting it they. Did it's somewhere else it could be on load all the way on the toe or on the heel well, I can tell you guys just this is the night I know I called you and and your partner and I said I dropped, six strokes and I. Was, hitting it past guys. Much. Bigger than me and I, was in the fairway and I was passed them all day and, so, I know it works but this is new rights as new so this, is coming so it's coming where to my bag. Absolutely. Okay well I'm gonna try this out I'm really good at hitting on the show and I know how to hit on the heel because they do come it up and see if I can do it. Where, do you think Dean's that play this awesome. It's not bad look, at where I hit that I. Mean. That's just far out on the toe as you can hit it and it was a draw into the wind pretty darn good shot, considering. The conditions, and what I did now, let's try the heel. I would. Play that all day long a sauce all day long now that one was high, inside. Not, as far inside but quite, high on the face play, what you want it's up to you but. Technology does, work and Dean thank you for this, because I know I'll. Be playing why, are you so passionate about this I've, always loved. Amateur, golf I will, do anything, for amateur, go volunteer. Whatever, and I want to help amateurs, enjoy the game or you know that's that's a great, testimonial.

And Thank, you for what you've done for the game of golf we all appreciate it, Dean. Knuth guys head, to high heat golf comm now and use the code golf life to save 25%. On your order put, heat in your golf bag at high, heat golf, comm. Thanks. For watching golf life make, sure you visit us at golf life comm, Slash golf life or, slash golf, life to sign up for our driver giveaway, head. Over to golf life calm or free videos news, and gear reviews I'm, Kate, Collins, look, for golf life' next, week on this, channel.

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