Free Guy (2021) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu Summarized हिन्दी

Free Guy (2021) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu Summarized हिन्दी

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The film starts showing such a city, which name is "Free City". And everything happens here independently. People do what comes in their hearts. They wander and do everything freely. It means , the lives of these citizens are very cool.

Then a blue car is seen where a couple is seated in it. Police is after them and they are driving speedily forward, crossing that city's road. Then a boy from the car begins to fire his gun , taking it as the blue car stops there. A mission had been assigned to that man and he had come here to accomplish it.

Nothing is more revealed about him. Then the story shift a citizen of this city. And his name is "Free Guy". He is also the hero of this movie. Being honest , he was going to enjoy his life. He used to reside in a small house. He had dull routine.

As he used to take the one type and one colour dress from the wardrobe, waking up. He monologues . He watches TV and takes breakfast. And he directly used to go to bank. He also used to take his favourite coffee on the way. One security guard used to accompany him on the way daily. He was the security guard of the same bank where he used to serve. And they together went to the bank. They both reach bank.

But the robbers intrude there. But it seems as it is the daily routine crime for them. Yes! It is. Robbers intrude here daily. They also rob that bank daily. But they don't take any action except lying on the floor.

Guard and "Free Guy" are talking as such as nothing is happening. Those robbers leave from there after robbing. On the other side, a girl is seen on the road outside. Who has worn black and white dress and sunglasses. She asks from a masked man that she needs a video clip. That man provides her this. And he asks , Why do you feel the need of it?

That girl who is the second main character of this movie says, pointing gun at him, Shut your mouth! And she leaves. Then "Free Guy" and guard are seen, They are coming out of the bank. And the same girl is also coming from the front. "Free Guy" continues to stare at her because he likes her very much. But his friend explains to him that girl has worn the glasses, And that person was considered upper class who used to wear glasses, The average people could not talk with them. So it was in vain for "Free Guy" to like that girl.

Because that girl was never going to talk with him. "Free Guy" chases that girl here. But he is hit with a car on the road. And he faces an accident. So he is died. Then it is revealed here that it is an online video game. Free Guy's character is over in the game after being dead.

Then a boy is seen in the actual World who was playing this game. His game is also over. Actually, the same boy had designed this game. And he designed himself the main character of this game. And the role of "Guy" was just as the employee of a bank. Now the next day breaks out. But the same routine is shown. That "Guy" comes out of his home, takes coffee and goes.

There is again the crime of robbery in the bank , And they again sit on the floor. When "Free Guy" is laid on the floor. Then he witnesses the same girl out of the gate. He continues to stare at her. Guard makes him understand, Why are you not understanding? We can never get access to her, "Free Guy" gets up instantly and he moves to a robber. And he requests him, Kindly give me those glasses which you have worn! I will return it to you soon! That robber falls him down while pushing. Now that robber is standing there, pointing his gun at "Free Guy".

"Free Guy" begins to direct the point of gun towards him, getting up immoderately. Meanwhile gun is shot. At that time, "Free Guy" had snatched his sunglasses. Robber has died . "Free Guy" quickly comes out. His surrounding World is changed as he wears glasses. The whole environment is converted into game area. He observes all signals which are in any video game.

Because he was injured. Robber had hit him. He notices a medical box before him. Using it, he becomes healed and recovered. It means, everything was going to happen like a game in it.

After this, "Free Guy" observes a very interesting thing. The money and the coins were appearing on the people who were dead there. "Free Guy" grabs them immediately. When he checks the balance in his account, Then it is in the form of dollars. So "Free Guy" likes it very much. It means that his interest is aroused in it.

Now the main creators of this video game are shown here. One is a person wearing glasses while other is his companion. They talk with each other that this player has himself chosen to participate in the game. While he has no role at any place in the game. And we will have to kill him, participating in the game.

They decide that they both will also be the players of this game. Their mission will be to kill "Guy". That boy wearing glasses takes the role of police officer. While other boy takes the role of a rabbit.

Now they enter the game where "Guy" is also seen. Who buys his favourite shoes with heavy amount of money. They say, coming to "Guy". It is good for you to listen us calmly. Otherwise , we will have to put you into death. So "Guy" says, How can I listen? Now I have become the player of this game.

And it is incredible for me to retreat now. Saying it, he runs away. They both boys also come after him. Then "Guy" notices a button on his shoes which can increase his speed. He can also fly in the air. When he presses that button, He loses his control because he has tried it for the first time. And he did not know how to control it. Contrarily, those both boys are firing their guns at him.

But "Guy" is running away covertly in order to rescue his life. "Guy" instantly learns to control his shoes. And he jumps highly on a building. Unfortunately, his shoes battery is gone low. Those both boys also come after him and begin to fire at him constantly. "Guy" notices a place in front of him.

They are dangling ropes. "Guy" thinks that he will catch them while jumping. I will hang with them for support but of no use. And he falls down. But he gets no harm, Because protective circle is created in his surroundings. As he comes out of it then he is crashed with a car. Both boys say after observing him, "Guy" is finished now! They come back from the game.

But the boy wearing glasses who was the main developer of this game, He is worrying very much , How did "Guy" become a player? Then the interview is shown of that girl and developer boy, Because they both had created this game collaboratively. They were angry from the company owner as they did not only credit both of them, He rather used his own name. While they both were main developers. Then that girl is seen who continues her game.

From that level where she had left. That girl is at a very secret place where she notices "Guy". She begins to attack him with knife , pushing him down.

But "Guy" says to him, Don't hit me! I am the same who met you ton that day. So that girl leaves him asking, Who are our real opponents? Then she begins to search for them and starts firing while standing up. But the opponents also begin to fire their gun back at them. That girls opens a portal with it and moves into it back. Which was the way , leading to her house. "Guy" also goes after her.

And he is left shocked, noticing her house. Because she had everything which may be the wish of any person. There were new technological bikes and weapons, Which she used to utilize to complete her mission. "Guy" is at the first level of the game because he was a new player in it. When this girl reveals her level of game to "Guy", He is left astonished because she is at the level of 195. Then she begins to suggest "Guy" , How can you upgrade your level? She tells that you will have to accomplish some tasks.

You will have to fight and kill the video game players. You are going to get money in return. "Guy" says, How can I get the money as such while hurting others? That girls says, It will have to be accomplished as such! "Guy" himself observes , going outside , How much destruction the people are causing. All people are battling. "Guy" was excluded the game whenever he tried to complete his tasks.

Now "Guy" begins to grab the money of the people, taking the advantage of 200 people's fight. In this way, his credit continues to increase . Now the days continue to pass and "Guy" is interested in it, That he may collect money, completing his tasks.

So he hits upon a plan. The people who at the top, crossing many levels. When they were fighting then "Guy" then he goes to touch them. Due to this , his level of game begins to increase.Co Consequently, much money begins to appear. So he has his personal glasses now.

No one knew in the actual World that he is "Guy", They used to say that "Blue shirt Guy" plays best. He becomes the sensation in YouTube and throughout the internet. One day, he goes to the bank to meet his same friend guard. He is shocked, seeing him. He asks, From where did you get glasses?

You are also looking very powerful! They are still talking, Then robbers intrude there. "Guy" points his gun at them. He hands over the glasses to guard, taking it off. Guard says, No! I don't want to use it. Then "Guy" keeps it in his possession. He gets him out of the bank. And he also says to a girl who is with him, Stop robbing! Now "Guy" says to his friend guard, I have these glasses! There is no issue if you are still not willing to become the player of the game, You can take the glasses from me when you want.

The same girl is seen in the game who was more fighting to level her up. Now the game of this level is so tough. That alone girl had to fight with many wicked people. Then "Free Guy" appears there. He comes there speedily , riding on his bike. But he does not harm anyone.

Because that girl was already killing those wicked people. A man also blows a punch to "Guy" and he starts his bike immediately. And she also makes that girl seat on his bike. That player girl is firing at them, holding the gun in her both hands. In this way, "Guy" comes out of the building, driving his bike speedily.

It means, breaking the glass of the building. And that player girl in the game opens her parachute. So they both don't fall and they begin to descend slowly. Now the game developer of this game was worrying that, How will this level cross? Because he had forgotten to add another player with the girl. But he becomes stress free thinking that, "Free guy" has saved that girl without my manipulation. On the other side, it is seen that the company owner arrives in the headquarter.

Who was not given the credit to the developers. He used to pretend as he owns this game . He instructs these both male developers that you will create the part 2 of this game. And you will keep "Guy" as a main player. But that developer wearing glasses did not want it. Because he himself wanted to be a main character.

But the owner of that company leaves, ordering them furiously. Do what I commanded! We are getting more profit from it. On the other side, "Free Guy" is seen who brings that girl player into his house. He displays all his bikes and cars to her. He has also helicopters. That girl is very inspired, seeing them.

And she asks him , Too soon! You were at the first level a few days ago. How did you get it? Because she was thinking as he is game player. And someone gamer is manipulating him like me. But it was not at all. The tasks what "Guy" was accomplishing in this game, He was doing it, using his mind. Now they both eat ice cream and talk a lot with each other.

Now they are befriended here closely. Now it is seen in the actual World that the same game developer , Who is the gamer of this player girl in the game, She is feeling confused with astonishment. That her player girl has befriended another player of game. Then someone comes at his doorstep and he is male game developer wearing glasses, Who reveals the whole fact to him and says, That "Guy" is not any game character. But he is artificial intelligence character, Which is getting ability to use his brain.

And he can think himself. And it had not yet been done by ant company. Nor a develop had got the ability to create it. So it is the our greatest progress. I don't know how it happened. But it is perfect what had done. Hearing it, that girl is also very excited.

Now they both begin to discuss "Guy". Where that developer wearing glasses also remembers something more. He says, Stop! Let me watch. He is not major character. He is a side character. Main characters are those who fight.

And they are being manipulated. They take a mission in the game. "Guy" was among that side where the public was passing. How will he appear in the main character? Then that girl says, I again enter the game.

And he says to "Guy" , entering in the game, We should not befriend closely! It is imaginative World . We are in the game. But "Guy" face expressions are little changed here. Then that girl understands that he has started to like her. He tells "Guy", Look! Someone is manipulating us.

But you are not being controlled by anyone. You are an artificial intelligence character. You are not a human being but a character of this game. So it is not possible that we may unite. Hearing it, "Guy" is saddened and he says to her, But I really like you! But that girl forbids him. So "Guy" visits at the bank of sea after being dejected. There is a portal. When "Guy" puts his hand into it, Then he begins to disappear. But "Guy" does not go in it.

And he begins to tell all game characters that you all are unreal! And you are game characters. Being programmed, they had no their own thought, So they were not getting ability to think. Now "Guy" tells the whole facts to his friend, going there.

There was the guard in the bank. As you are also unreal character. I am also an artificial intelligence character. So guard says , we are also unreal but our emotions between us are real.

The conversation that is being held among us, is not programmed. We had just programmed so we may be in bank, There may be robbery and we may lie down on the floor. Otherwise, our friendship is truthful. "Guy" is encouraged, knowing it. And they both move to house together. On the other side, when owner of company knows about it, That there is not a human being to manipulate "Guy", So he gets furious. And he says to these developers that, Decode the whole game! I want to know how is "Guy" thinking? Now those developers have to decode reluctantly.

It is obvious that the game will also stop for a time. It happens the same. "Guy" notices that everything has stopped in the game. And game players are also worried. Why is the game not running? But game resumes from the very next day, Where it has stopped. Where "Guy" is seen again. He is again moving to a bank, getting ready.

And nothing is in his memory about past from today. That he used to be a game character. Then that game girl runs to him. And she asks him to accompany him.

Saying your one of the tasks is incomplete. Nothing is in the mind of "Guy", So he ignores her. She is gone very upset. And she talks with the male developer. So he tells her, Our game got more profit when he came as a game character, And we also became renowned. So bring everything in his memory! Give him glasses. Do everything to restore his memory! Now that girl moves to Guy's bank, coming into game player.

He brings him along with her after abducting from his bank. And she gives him glasses . When "Guy" wears those glasses, So he remembers nothing. That game girl makes him recall, Telling him past memories, when they had started to like each other. Now "Guy" recalls everything here. "Guy" has remembered everything, So that game girl also tells him about the owner of the company, Who is so rude and egoistic. Then "Guy" presents an idea to them,

Look! Company's owner is nothing without these game developers, And these developers may design such game if they want, But at another location! So owner of company may not know about it. But the game characters don' t listen them there. "Guy" tells them, you all are programmed here and you are not let to do what you like. You will act according to your will in the game what you liked. You will be independent! It will be really "Free City" for you.

Not like this game ! But they still don't agree. Now a man comes on the scene. "Guy" says to him, Just show , lowering your hands! That man does not get power to lower his hand. "Guy" used to ask her to make coffee. He also asks her, Can you make any other thing except making coffee? That girl says, I want to make but it is not allowed to me! I have programmed only for this! Then "Guy" says, Behold! The same thing. "Guy" says,

I want you to do what you like. All understand it after seeing its practicability. They all agree and get excited and they begin to embrace one another. At last, they will be able to spend an independent life.

They all move to club. On the other side, it is seen online, There is being seen no game character in this game. Because all are with "Guy" and that girl. Owner of company is got aggressive after knowing it. And he thinks as all have been done by that female developer. He orders to that female developer to eliminate this character.

So no character of game may follow it. Now that male developer was not willing to do it, But he has to do it! He begins to throw a building on that game girl , destroying it. But that girl says to the game developer wearing glasses. Kindly help me! That developer mould the road in such a way that, Girl and "Guy" may drive their car from there. Seeing it, the owner of company begins to be furious. Now he creates such a game chracter , having only one task.

As he may kill him where he notices "Guy". Now the company owner says to the developer of glasses , calling to him. Just struggle to end "Guy"! But that man says while abusing, No! He brings a change in the system that all characters of game begin to disappear themselves.

But "Guy" does not disappear. But a wrong happening occurred, That game character had reached there till that time. Whose mission was to kill "Guy". He is looking muscular. "Guy" is seen lying down there.

Then guard appears there who was the friend of "Guy". He says, going to that muscular man, You resemble with "Guy". And you have also the sign of blue shirt on your body! So I am also your friend. But that muscular man smashes him. It indicates that he has no feelings for anyone in his heart.

Now this game is being watched online, Where all Worldly people and YouTubers are feeling very bad for "Guy". Because that muscular man is throwing "Guy" down violently. "Guy" has not his sunglasses. When he gets them soon, Then he finds an option, Which weapon would you like to choose? Then "Guy" chooses Captain America's shield with intelligence.

All viewers are left shocked for this. Now "Guy" keeps changing his weapons here. Now the weapon that he gets, is a light sword. He begins to spin it. But that muscular man is combating with him. Now he pushes him here. Now muscular man sits on "Guy" here. And he presses him with full force. Consequently, he begins to feel pain. Guy's sunglasses are again taken off here.

Now Guy's friend throws those sunglasses to "Guy" now. But "Guy" makes that muscular man wear those sunglasses. Due to this, he begins to view a game world. He begins to see the controlling system everywhere.

Now he begins to enjoy it, going there. Now company owner who has started this game. He becomes aggressive , seeing him. The man whom he had assigned a task to kill "Guy", He is showing a childlike behaviour. So he says in fury, Finish this game! He directly goes to the server room, All forbid him so much saying you are destroying your game in order to kill "Guy".

Now this is told to the game girl by the man wearing sunglasses. She instantly goes to the server room. It is seen in "Free City" game where everything is being destroyed. When "Guy" and his friend are leaving while running, Then that building is also cracked from its centre. Guy's friend is left to another side while "Guy" is advanced. "Guy" says to him, Come with me! I will not move forward without you.

Then guard says to him, You had been my close friend! I am happy that we spent a very good time today with each other. You may go! I embrace my destiny. Now "Guy" moves away after being sad from there. Now that bridge path is going to complete on which "Guy" was walking. Fortunately, he jumps over it in the last second and enters in another city. Which they had created for other game.

Now those characters who had entered in other "Free city" , they are over excited. When that female developer is in the server room with the owner. She says to him, Enough! Don't destroy it more. Give it in my possession! And I will make you the owner of the next parts of this game created by me. So that owner is agreed with this deal.

But it is soon seen that police soon leaves after arresting him. It means that his game is over! On the other side, it is seen, Three game developers create the second part of this game. Which is actually separate and the unique game. Its title is "Free Life" instead of "Free City". Where all people can spend their happy life.

There are not so many advanced building, So the people may be connected with him more and more. Then a climax arises when this movie is going to complete. It was a developer wearing glasses who was manipulating the character of "Guy".

He used to like this game girl character very much. That girl also becomes aware about this, And she hurriedly goes to the developer to meet him. Both accept that they both like each other. "Guy" is seen at the end of the movie.

Who has been befriended with that muscular man. Now both witness the same guard. And they all feel pleasure catching the sight of one another. And the movie completes on this scene..

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