Episode 04: Satoshi Lightning

Episode 04: Satoshi Lightning

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This, he could at the roundtable was. That Ron. Paul is actually. Satoshi. Yeah yeah. Sign. Millions of transactions, in like ten seconds those was, amazing, deeply. Moved it makes perfect sense I don't know why we didn't think of it earlier well, I mean I think we've just believed that turn vases, atashi for so long that. That that's really you. Know this really came at it from a different angle and blew my mind that's, the only reason why it was here yeah yeah. And that's, why turn has never come to the wrong table, no. I still believe Craig Wright is Satoshi well, I mean I took a photo with with, Craig Wright as part of my decentralized. Craig Wright's. Persona. And identity. Project. And. Craig white became you know he, looked surprisingly like Elizabeth stock but it was Martha Lizabeth thought it was Craig rice. Charlie. Some people you are saying like Quinn's a scam how, do you respond to that it is it is it is asked a the biggest scam in the world it's a scam where no one realizes it's a scam it's that good oh, why. Did whitey crack has given us Mexican, white crackers, nice. Okay, so I guess now we can start the show. Shady, eyes here. Alliance. Courage. Even the darkest, out shadow. Unlike, the court Masood. Dreams about the moon. Okay. So I'm, here with Ricardo, at the round table somewhere in the middle of a jungle surrounded. By. Local. Guerrillas. Nobody. Knows what jungle, no one knows a jungle somewhere in South, America. You. Guys have random people walking behind you yeah. Well they're holding us hostage here. And. It's just about showing their guns on TV that was Paul snow from factum. Samsung. Is over at China and he's. Late again as always no no no Charlie is Lee this time early thirty minutes late thirty. Minutes in a set of times oh and Charlie, was also late this time about, thirty minutes. So. Yeah. I thought it's gonna be tomorrow, you. Know time zones yeah time, zones are confusing this. Implies podcaster, Brendan here we. Should record the podcast, but on the blockchain and. Time, samples and times are using open timestamps, perfectly. So. The first topic of the day warps. Rich lists I don't. Know if you guys saw it some, people were so smart thank you like, create, a hit list for like the most wealthy. Billionaires. In creepy ow I'm. Starting to refer to it as the kidnap list I. Can't. Believe you didn't make it Ricardo, I was expecting, you'd be number one so I mean as you guys know I lost all of my private keys in a terrible burning accident, in the, winter of 2016. And I just haven't, recovered since well, it's not smart to go boarding in the winter I know I don't that's, what I said to the boat captain and he was like fine yeah the key is you take the boats and. I've never driven a book of all what do I know about boats I'm. A pony. Yeah. So, the. Main issue here is talking, about personal security obviously like. The. Guy from finance. I don't remember his name it's, even on the on the cover of Forbes now so, obviously it's a huge liability I mean you're just putting yourself out there. That's like a very rich person with, bearer assets that, you can easily move but highly highly liquid assets, right I think. That's the key issue. Yeah. Yeah, extremely. Liquid, and. You, know beat, someone over with. A five-dollar beat them over the head of the five dollar range and they'll give up the private keys.

So. What what are your thoughts on on, mitigating, the risk I mean. And I'm not talking about like you. Know a very. Large holder, that, can, all. Should, have, the private, security detail, what can the small holder, do to protect the crypto well small. Security. A. Security. Detail made, up of midgets. Well. You don't go about telling people how many coins you own first of all that's, one thing but if people already know how many coins you own, you. Publicly, announce, that you sold all your coins at the all-time high. Now. That's a clever technique I haven't, really seen that being. Used in practice but. I like that idea, let's see if that works yeah. Next. Next. All time high you guys should do it okay. Okay sure, something. I mean think you know is smallholders. Can use time lock transactions, so. You, know take, -. Send. It to yourself. But. You know lock it for a year whatever it is and. Then. No. One can steal it you, can't access it an emergency, but, that's fine no one can steal it no. So you. Have a second. Hardware. Wallet and you. Just placed a small amount of tokens on it enough. To like not piss off the, people who try to rob you and. Still. Move like make it the worst. While but. At the same time only have like a small percentage of your total wealth at. You. Can use different different. Passwords, for your like. Your. Real wallet, versus your like $5. Wrench wallet yeah. Lechery. Of like the possible. Deniability. Option. Yeah where you enter like your password. And then I chose like only the. Different wallets and, you can load that wallet with whatever you want yeah you put all your all your be cash into, the wallet you want to get stolen. Well. That's. That is that is one approach, but. I'm told it's the real Bitcoin so you know then. Then I'm, just confused as to which one the deep woods deal. You, Charlie confused. Try to confuse the your. Kidnapper, that this is the real Bitcoin, yes, Roger veer said so give. Me all your Bitcoin okay cool yeah it is not at work on cash but, it's the real Bitcoin take it please good. Take, all of it, the. Safest, ways to give, me all your keys that way I can keep them safely oh, yes, I'm that's, a pure ace right proof of Samson. Exactly. Another, safe way to just keep it all on coinbase, and like coinbase predict. Okay. No you, can't say that because your eggs coinbase well. That's the only reason I can say that because I'm along that quite invisible but. I mean my coin base does legitimately, have a product, right corn base Walt. Yeah. The vault is pretty cool it's. Example. Has one too I think well, as long as Charlie. As. Long. As what as long as Charlie didn't build the vote it's pretty safe if. You are Charlie the vault was your thing right you made it right I thought everything at canvas of course didn't. You know with your bare hands. Why. I'm sleeping well, you're also example. Also it's like the. The, cold storage in the mountain, in Switzerland yeah, no one uses a per matter. You can also use green address Green address will sign. For the second signature. So that way, if you have rare funds somewhere. You. Still need a second. Factor authentication before, they'll. Be signed in and sent away no. Samson don't. Show your own product. It's. Not a screen, address separate company. So. This is Susan. So. Susan, Susan very kindly donated this this, pillar which, was the official pillar, or the. Sadashiva on table. We. Did say that. This. Is a good guy. Of. Course like your pillow it will be my pillow that I will sleep on. Yeah. If you see me and asked about the pillow and I. Better have it in my back pocket now before I go what's. My crypto spirit animal, hmm. A cockatiel. Nice. You. Are you are now officially, a crypto cockatiel okay we. Can make it like. This. And and then they because they get the crypto spirit, animal, so. Go, for it go, for it, no no, what I had with I have an issue with like the multi CE mark if, they really come after you and you cannot pants over anything they. Might just decide, to hurt you until you can because, you cannot assume that people that, people who robbed you know, how that stuff works sure. Okay, so you want to give them something you want to give them a token. So. In which case why don't you just create your own EEOC trainee called. Panda coin and. Then, you give them millions, and millions of panda coins they're not gonna know what it's worth until they're gone there's already there's.

Already A tender coin so you have to choose something different so, say yeah well, panda coin whale coin. Or, you just call it something something, dollar you know and then like make them believe it's panel of cash and, a cash nice, good. Work okay, well. The other thing you could do is carry some physical, bitcoins with you with no keys on them and just. Unfunded. Coins well I still have some VC VC, C, BTCC. Points. Or not. Coins but like the chips, chips. Oh yeah but. Those actually with something well China China, banned bitcoins or those coins aren't worth anything anyway, you should just. Send them over yeah. It's fine we'll solve them in South Korea because they haven't been born yet and you get the kimchi premium do you guys see the cftc, thing. The. Sorry that was the Senate during whatever was yeah yeah. That, thing the SEC, SEC. CFTC. Shankar. Law is. S you, knows. So. We since we're stuck in a jungle we really didn't see any of the news we heard some rumors but I bet, Charlie, knows, more about that yeah, they had a data. Carry you talked about Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies, and, I cos that's. A pretty cool watching them, discussing. Crypto. I think, it's pretty it's a positive. Positive. News, not. Good for i cos though it seems like they're gonna crack down on my skills, yeah. That's the things that I got as well hey. The. Guys hit the feed from all I saw. They're all for securities. So yeah, well, that's. Kind of expected, I mean took. Them a while to to, start cracking down isil's in my opinion so, and I mean like it's you, know at the end of the day if you've created an IC or you've read a nice you're you've. Accepted that risk and it's, too late you can't go back on it sorry. For you, but. How far can you actually go back. Well. I mean I don't think that there's a there's. No like restriction, they could they could go and they could go after a theorem, okay. What's. Your theory, original. One yeah the one that I said was nice you're okay which means the theorem classic will become the real ethereum obviously. But, if they're in classic is the one that did the ICO right because it's the original chain oh. That's.

Pathetic Still ended up with all the money so yeah. So. Another thing that came up here, what's privacy. Anyway. Yeah, we so. We had a we, had an interesting discussion about. About. The right to the privacy you. Know, we really want to enable people we want people to realize that the need privacy and to, take the, added steps because even if we make the. Perfect tool that is easy, to use people. Still need to learn basic OPSEC otherwise the, privacy, tools like. Mostly useless by basic object I mean don't get on the Forbes richest list yeah. Exactly like that you know I mean that would that would be an example a very very, basic opposite, on a scale of one to you. Know increase, the cop stick. That's. Like that's like what I played but. Some of those guys you already know that they're, they're. Billionaire, so even, if they weren't on the list people still know who they are that doesn't matter right be. PC for like in their own like a Wahoo pick quite, open about it I don't think he dumped all his babies were doing we just pop more. Here so you're saying Brian said no pointer I. Wouldn't. Say he's a no corner yeah, I don't like that term no corner, I think it's pretty stupid what, why don't you like a terminal corner I think sort of Awesome's because because. Hotties. A good point yeah. No, kleiner doesn't make new coinage yeah. No but seriously what don't you like about it, it just sounds stupid okay so so. Then let's come up with a better term, well. What's the term supposed to mean someone who doesn't want any coins or some who doesn't believe in cryptocurrency. It's. More like someone who doesn't have any coins and they're bitter because they don't have points, I'll bet there are you, I'm. Not bitter but. You're gonna miss out on my coin mooning. So. Be it well. He did was swap his like coin from an arrow so, he can still moon with Meniere's oh I've heard some rumors about like or starting.

Like, Merging oh oh. Not. This again, what. Do you mean of course we're merging oh we're, gonna create a new talker Carter and I are gonna pull off a merge yeah, you. Know like the Dragon, Ball Z merge, yes we're gonna go super saiyan okay yeah exactly. We have to do. That little dance. Yeah. You guys had an opportunity right you guys were in the same place together physically. That's. Right yeah that's, when we that's when we started practicing. Next. Time we'll think about it yeah. Okay but you were serious Charlie about about. Doing something is emerging, with Ricardo. I'm. Serious I'm, serious about, working. With with monaro not merging the coins I mean that doesn't make any sign or no, matter how you think about it thank you for like Ellie yeah like, coins really do it from one arrow I'm like how, would that even work oh but, you merged with those coin oh, yes. Yeah well merge merge mining. But, yeah like a like coin mineiro. Atomic. Swaps if we if we can yeah atomic swaps make it easy for anyone to switch. Between the two evil then, I, think it's a win-win because like Quinn has, like. One is on, all the exchanges or, most, of them and. Manera, has, one. Of the best privacy, system, out there so you, can easily buy, like debased. I mean I'm not saying you, know. It's. It's okay. Charlie's. Real plan is just to embed some Manero, mining software inside, every light coin wallet that's, a smart idea I know there, we go, well. Except, also a privacy, to do, the entire thing so that's also something. Well. I mean when you break out the chain you go back in like, you. Know assuming, that there's, well. It depends on how we do the atomic swap but could. Also work the opposite way and end. Up revealing information about, about. Mineiro so it. Has to be done carefully and thoughtfully I don't know that I learned, something new today thank. You, you. Had to come all the way to the secret jungle to learn something new yeah well here's a question can, Manero do lightning Charlie. Knows charlie has all the information, yeah. You need a hash hdl-c. I just I'm well contracts right so. You. Guys have to add that first and then you have to do I, think, you have to do a few more things but should be too hard to get lightning on Manero I don't know I don't. Know. At. All so I just. From what I know I shouldn't be too hard but if, you can do it over lightning if we can do the swaps over lightning then you'd protect. The privacy issue that's right you. Wouldn't have the privacy sure yeah. We, wouldn't oh the privacy issues yeah especially, if we if we've got tumble but running in the atomic lightning path that's. Kind of thinking anyway yeah, plus, you need you you. Should do a nice seal for, your lighting project yeah, that's, a great idea I'm like. No. No that's, stupid, great job plasma. Plasma the plasma is a dumb name listicle. Radin, no, no that's a Terrell that yeah, Thunderbolt. No no, that's bad lightning strike, lightning. Strike rock cloud. Laughs. Thunder learn that makes sense thunder we could do that yeah there, we go the, Thunder ICO coming, soon to an EOC 20 token near you this. Clock clap. And. Then we can have like you know that's not to make it clap. That'll. Be our theme song. Yeah. Next. Topic your, other topics uh uh I'll, show you guys the, I'll. Show you guys the litecoin hat design, oh good okay proof of that. Show us show us. So. What. Do you think oh that's. Okay yeah, it's like it's. Sort of it's basically the same design as a dragon. Very. Cool yeah. So the hats interesting, what, I'd like to know is why the dress why is the dragon eating, the litecoin. Honestly. Why does the dragon, why does it look like a dragon why, is the dragon eating the litecoin why. Do you hate litecoin, so much and isn't. Because Charlie's all those guys they're very deep questions. So. It's. Just holding a light coin in the beak just like the Dragons then hat the Dragons holding, the Bitcoin in its mouth. But. Yeah it's it's a Phoenix oh it's a bird and then the top.

Half Will be on top of the Hat and the tail will go on the rim, of the Hat just, like the Dragons did that. Just. Don't be hater because there's no one arrow hat yet yeah, no. Dude. Like I love a man arrow hat but if you make a dragon, eating a man error like. Quite like blogger then I think you know all, these things it's gonna be a pony a pony. II think I'm not an only eating a man error, okay. It's it won't be eating I'm gonna be a pony pooping, out in whenever there. We go like. You know I'm, the central issue of an, arrow coin. Any. Exactly, yeah that's. Right that's why I'm three Pigman arrows in. This hypothetical hat that does not exist, Samson. We'll make it we, make a prototype so. How, much did you did, you pay some sort to make it. How. Much did we agree on something I think it was, 10,000. Light, coin I thought, it was like the rest of the like ones at home yeah, which, is zero, yeah. I. Believe. The agreement was a thousand, - so that. Samson. Can find you bundle in Boston oh. That's. My lifelong dream. So. The basic idea of the round tables, house. Rules so we can see what's being discussed. Or. What's there or whatever, sometimes. Sometimes, in some things people might say that you, know this is private or whatever then you can't mention it to anybody yes. Pictures. But if you don't publish, it pictures. Or. That's. That's the. Yeah. Plus they know it's being recorded so you, know one, of those things so. Anything interesting those talked, about at the conference other than privacy, well. It, was it was interesting the way that. Everything in like six. Different. Tracks. Tracks, prices right word but it's what like so that's all like self-organizing, right so you, know like at the beginning people just suggest. Topics and, then the topic run has to hike. And. And. In. The actual session that need to run with it so. You, know one of the things that I suggested, was. Fluffy ponies but. Connect maximalism, track. Which was not, not, very widely attended unfortunately. Yeah. Yeah. So you know there was that and then, oh there was naked twister which, I which, was at like nine o'clock in the morning so it was just me yeah, so it's just as. Well and ER it was kind of awkward you know but. I believe it's difficult to stamp on like three things in it yeah. Exactly exactly but, I believe someone took some good photos so you know there's that. But. I didn't give him permission to publish him that, those photos are forever lost on the. Kodak coin blockchain. Someone. Say they're shorting, the Kodak coin I saw that on the news there's. Some, investor. Or group saying that they're going to short the Kodak coin. Because. It's a. Section. Poster yeah again, but. The funny thing was that the. Main plaintiff, at like 0.35. BTC, yeah. It. Was just obviously, just planted in there to do the class action yeah so if you're doing I see on now yeah. Free dispute, yeah, you're just at risk. Okay. I'm sorry I didn't prepare an agenda because, I was still busy drinking, all, day and drinking all evening and sleeping, there was there was a lot of drinking that happened. Well. Pam well panda was did most of the drinking for all of us. Right. House. House house. Ron Paul was that big surprise Ron Paul was interesting he he gave like, his. Speech was very like anecdotal. Lots of you know anecdotes, about his life and all that no. Idea like, how any, of the stuff works. Yeah. Deary honest apology uh he doesn't really need to know so is that so you tell me he doesn't understand, the signatures, I know I know I you know I try to give him like a deep dive into Manero, you're. The loss of like 10 seconds. The. Falcon. Heavy lunch that was really cool that was cool though you like it was someone. Described, it as rocket, ballet those. Rockets are huge, they're. Like insanely, big cuz they're going to the moon well. They're going to Mars right. They're. Sending a car to Mars this is very important, yeah well, now Tesla. Tesla can really claim that their, cars are the fastest nice. They're. Out of this world yeah that's, true overall, it's like great marketing right like when you think of cars in space they have total mind chair know what no one else has done it no one else will do it for a while maybe someone will try but at, least their.

First Mover on that so I've. Got a model rocket that I can attach like a lego car to see. How that goes a tiny. Lambo a mini, Lambo, yes, that's. Gonna be the project for well panda and I yeah we just we need we need some advice from the block's team satellite people so. How did you launch a satellite the. Velocity of satellites are actually, least on commercial, satellite so they're geosynchronous. That's. So boring, why. We. Expected, that you all created a silver turn engineer, like. You and Adam Beck in the garden, yeah, creating, your own satellites yeah, no I'm saying it the the Falcon light exactly, it's, the atom back late anything. Else from the lots. Of interesting side conversations, about. About. Things surprisingly. No. I guess not surprising, these, during the that it's largely a group of orgies, um. Very little discussion about price. No. One no one really cares price goes up price goes down we've, survived so many, like. Crashes, over, the past six. Seven years really, no in case and you talk about tether I can neither confirm nor deny that we spoke about tether. So. Is this where all the important. Decisions are made for the, currencies, yes so yeah. This is where the Monaro Enterprise Alliance has its annual meetup saying, at the, last approach here on tape we they're sampling we decided to get. Stag word activated, to kill Bitcoin and Linda you know like those decisions, were made at the round period I was. At the last one and that definitely, did not happen I. Remember. I remember that I think I went to like to sit around tables and it's just people talking about scaling and no one was able to like my. Agree on anything, well actually this time it was a very nice from, other people that I hurt yeah, not gonna name names obviously. But. Yeah, I heard also that this. Year was just a much nicer because, it was not like yeah. People yeah actually yeah this was a lot of we've, sort of moved past the scaling stuff and we, have other things we can chart each other about so this, was the base of of. The, lucky coin, cash people show up yeah, there was Benjamin cash developer, we can name, anything who. I will not name but there was a big good cast developer. And. And. You know I mean like even. Even the Amin the Bitcoin cash developer, I can, neither confirm nor deny it, was more than a is only one there's, only one I thought. I thought you. Know every. - a people come from using the Bitcoin can who knows there's.

Certainly No way to tell I heard Greg is also yeah they have bring signatures. Every. Developer just uses a reg signature so you can't tell. So. I heard last year at their own table that, was people. Were trying to talk about scaling and then some. Person, was kind. Of disruptive, and like. Arguing. Against everybody, that may have happened but that's not happening this year that. Did not happen it. Was. Chilled our. First one was very nice yeah oh look, it's all right dr., Wright. Come. Into the scene, we're. Very privileged to have dr. Craig writes. With. Dr.. Crane right as you know it has 73 PhDs. Five, Lambos and an, island, Craig has gotten better looking, recently. And. And and I know that that looks like Elizabeth stock but it's definitely not it is definitely, dr. Craig white or Elizabeth stork or a little yeah what. Are the two we never know it's. Like a ring signature but. For dr. Craig right well, you know how the song goes if you. Like it you've got to put a ring signature on it. It's. A cliche show up or, it's associative so we really discussed this yeah war, which Satoshi at which one which it's Ron Burgundy. Know. What I wanted to say. No. Indeed, not lot of talk. About the price but like if you check Twitter was like all price price price yes, it's. The interest in here but yeah and. Here. Everyone was just getting. Drunk, everyone. Yeah, dancing, okay. So thank. You for joining us Elizabeth. Thanks. For having me I didn't even know he's gonna be here so, Charlie. Asked for a bit of late okay, so the question I have for you Elizabeth, yes well. Lightning Network launched. Before. 2025. Wonderful. Question yeah so, Jamison lob had a great tweet about this this. Whole idea of the lightning the launching doesn't really, it's, a rollout right like for example people, are using anime net and for you know their multiple implementations, Samson is involved with one of them called, see lightning my. Company lightning labs are building one called L&D people, are already using lightning on the main Bitcoin network, even.

Though At least for our implementation, we've said not to because, we just had breaking changes, that means you don't have to close their channels but that's that. All said people are already using, it so I don't think there's going to be any launch per se I think it's just going to be more, and more people are adopting, it there'll. Be mean that betas that people will release but that's not a launch that's a that's a first step we have the lightning, sparks ICO, we're, going to evaluate it 21, billion dollars. It. Yeah, it's gonna do like this we Tony Tony. One trillion ICO every. Subscribe. Exactly. Gonna, be awesome and, Satoshi's. Those, are the coin that you know work, septic a perfect, just, kidding. To answer your question I don't think there's necessarily any, particular, like rollout date, it's, just going to get adopted and more more people are gonna use it and it's going to progress from alpha to beta to, later beta for. Example and, on the litecoin side of things totally, welcome, you know Charlie your involvement in the foundation, in terms of getting. Something out for the litecoin Network, and then something we've worked on as well as costing swaps, which. I know some people have tweeted also are gonna be ready in like a month I don't, think they're gonna be because. We've been working on them we. Have a lot of other things on our plate so far people want to build out talk technology awesome, but it'll it'll take a while when do you think, when. Would you comfortable, to tell people to actually use. Lightning. On Maine med yeah. Different developers, of different implementations, you know are telling, people different things for. Our implementation, which is lndeed we. Will have a release that we say this is a main net beta release so that's our next release we're, not saying what it is cuz honestly I don't even know when it's happening at 4°c. Lightning we, tell them that it's okay to be reckless and buy stickers. We. Have different thoughts on that issue the same said I know we've we've, had debates on this we, see a lot of users coming along that don't know what they're doing that are trying to use this stuff and they are losing money and then they start freaking out but. It's, always going to be some level of riskiness because, even a beta is a beta they're gonna be bugs yeah, plus. It's still like 10 times safer than using ethereal, luckily. And lightning only a small amount of funds would get locked up not you know 150 million dollars or third whatever it is today exactly, exactly. I can't. Wait for like the parity. Do. You see any issue with. With. Like big exchanges. Adopting lightning I've, heard that for. Like AML. Watch. Me roll my eyes 20, times well it's, it's, some criticism, that you read I actually think the same issue is present if you're accepting, Bitcoin so, I think you just need to adopt the similar, practices, involved. With taking, the coin deposits, and having, to clean withdrawals okay I'm not terribly concerned about that I know Andres has mentioned in the past yeah. People. Love to spread, this like a regulatory, Fudd around, you're. Gonna be a money transmitter if, you're running a lightning node well guess what we don't have a client-server, model in Lightning the whole point is anybody, that it has more than one channel open can. Function as a node and you don't need like a massive, setup you, can route on a mobile phone I believe Jack Muller's has done so when he has gotten L&D running on his phone. You can run on a laptop you know you can set up a more dedicated server as well um, routing, is non-custodial, it's, just like forwarding packets on the Internet it is not the model that regulators, look for when they talk about money transmission, so it's, also totally peer-to-peer good. Luck you know getting somebody's mobile phone to, be registered it just doesn't make any sense for, example coin Center has actually done great work on this and I've collaborated with them to, craft the regulations, around. Bitcoin. And cryptocurrency just, specifically, exempt, this, type of not custodial, behavior so it's not something I'm really I don't worried about but, people love to thread, unfortunately. Lighting doesn't fit into Satoshi vision sorry. Channels. Right oh. Not. According, to certain. Flow lightning, it's really, wrong to Satoshi lights vision so you, get, that. We're. Gonna have our light clients, with lightning on litecoin it's gonna be awesome. If. I have one final question are you related you call me start yes. I'm. Also in Game, of Thrones I. Am. Entirely. Related, to every single one. It's. Just like Charlie's related to Bruce Lee exactly, yeah.

Yes. Oh thank you very much all. Right thank, you hi guys nice, seeing you. I. Have. To like. It's. A Bitcoin girl oh yeah. Okay. Welcome. There we. Thank. You for having me tell. Us about Bitcoin, in Australia, well. In that country, I haven't, lived in for seven years I heard. That. That. Happens. To be related, to Creek rights, related. To everyone in Australia actually, and we're all convicts. Everyone. In Australia says, that all the, time it's, like it's, a bunch of different things like Eskimos. Have about, 17, different words for snow and, we just have that one saying, that, means. How. Are you hi exactly, we're, learning so much about many, cultures, like, Australia, this, isn't the best interview I've ever done this is yeah well you know this is a very educational podcast, we. Like to teach. So. I have, seen you guys a lot, on social media okay yeah I've never watched one of your episodes all the way through. To. Enjoy snippets, of them but I really want anything all the way through just to be fair I, have, you guys watch one of my episodes all the way through, I've. Both. Seen any of any. Like. Manic episodes. Even. It's, not I didn't even want you to watch. Like. I do have a show and it's. Really. Good I, really like it I. Sometimes. Say okay. Yeah watch, I will watch your show only Taylor, Swift songs that I've written about, being nice, consider. Trademarking. Goes on the blockchain, exactly. Because everything, has to be on the blockchain otherwise does it even exist I exactly, get, married on the blockchain the blockchain is forever, it is like. Marriage. I. Can. Be a better dancer I don't, sing. Participate. In the dancing. But. Charlie, it's a great dancer, he's. A great ping-pong player have you seen that I. Know. Video, play you. Have, he's. Amazing. Yeah this was years this was at coinbase, years. Ago. No. He's actually it was like he's like doing like a look, that he's like going crazy it was pretty it was very impressive my career, well I sold, all my ping-pong. Balls at the top. Exactly. A ping pong in. The crypto space of course. It. Is a five pot of prime spot on exactly. What, we're writing about a failed ping-pong champion, that, goes on to Norge adult, coin. And. May I see our raises, 16 billion dollars. And. Then the government shuts them down yep, wait, wait and then his brother has to like get, him out of jail. Okay. Well thank you very much for coming on the show and. Then. The next episode. So. A bit more organized I'll meet you guys in rehearsals. I'm, still attached to the thing he's gonna make an exit, and so I'm just go step. Thank. You. You. Want to take one question there's one question on Twitter okay, yeah okay, it's from Katherine. She's. Asking, one, road will spend many countries, with different currencies, could crypto become a medium of exchange love, your show good. Crypto become a medium of exchange, isn't. The medium of exchange I mean. Like I don't I don't see why not I already, envision. A. Scenario, where Bitcoin, becomes a reserve the world reserve currency oh.

No. Not. Me. Never will go to zero. Who. Knows I'm. Just I'm just you know really looking forward to charlie also selling all his Minero at the top I. Definitely. Will. Definitely. Well but yeah back. To the question, I do think that. Bitcoin. Will become like. Some kind. Of reserve currency, between like countries. And bags, I, think. That's bound to happen just matter of time agree. On. That high note that's. The end of the show, that's the end of the show well. Some, some didn't say anything from like the last hour, or something but thank. You for being um and being on time well that's. The punishment for being late yeah perfect, yeah, laters, in the late Samson Mao. By. The way did you know why he's a lion, no. Excel. Lion-o, yeah. It's. Not Excel yourself. Why I'm almost the smartest great. I'm. Like, nineteen PhD short of Greg right so, whale Panda, did you go to Satoshi. Round table like anonymously. Or or, no do we know who you are well. No, I, had, my real name on it so but. He wrote well panda eyes that I wrote no I just, been there oh you're just Bandar it's like informal, well how nice like formal yeah a pen well, well panda is the thing you use when you're angry with your child, otherwise. You should only call him panda. All. Right on that note we're. Done we're done so, thank. You for joining us see, you guys next until, the next episode bye. Well, the connection was really crappy. Yeah. That's, really bad oh that's a huge I think. They cut or they follow this intentional, compare or normally. Better organized. Yeah. I think this show is not gonna be that good.

2018-02-25 22:58

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