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We. Live in a world where objects, have permanence. And. We. See cause then. Effect. But. A startling, phenomenon. Is revealing, that this is not how the universe works, at the smallest scales, of atoms and tiny particles. Albert. Einstein argued, it couldn't, possibly be real, einstein, was like a jack-in-the-box every, day he pop up with a new challenge but, after a century of disputes, and discoveries, the. Experiment, just beautiful, we're. Using it to create revolutionary. New technologies. What. We have here is a, quantum, playground, we. Want to push the technology, as both, possible, it's perhaps the strangest concept. In physics we're, left with conclusions that make no sense whatsoever yet. It could be what forms the very fabric, of our cosmos, in the end we just have this quantum, mechanical, world there's no space anymore it's. Like being an Alice in Wonderland everything. Is possible, could. It be real. It's. Einstein's, quantum. Riddle, right. Now on, Nova. Major. Funding for Nova is provided by, the, following. Is. Reality, and illusion. Could. Something here. Mysteriously. Effect something, there. A century. Of discoveries, in physics reveals. A strange counterintuitive. Microworld. Of atoms and tiny particles, that. Challenges, our intuitive, understanding. Of the world we see around us. It's. Known as quantum, mechanics. This. Strange, theory, has enabled us to develop the remarkable, technologies. Of our digital, age. But. It makes a very troubling, prediction. Called. Quantum, entanglement. Entitlement. Is this very, powerful but. Strange, connection, that. Exists between pairs of particles. Even. If they very far apart in, the way they're always coordinated. Nature's. Fundamental. Building blocks could be connected, and influence. Each other instantaneously. As if. The space between them doesn't, exist as, if. Two, objects, can mirror each other without, any apparent, connection. Einstein. Called it spooky, action at, a distance he. Rejected the idea I tried, to prove it couldn't, be real you, could have situations, where the, cause and the effect happen, at the same time. But. If entanglement, isn't real, cutting-edge. Technologies. Could be in jeopardy, quantum. Computers, quantum, encryption they, depend, on entanglement being a fact in the world. Underlying. It all is a profound, question. Do. We live in Einstein's universe. Of common-sense laws. Or. A bizarre, quantum. Reality, that, allows spooky, connections, across, space, and time. 300. Miles off the coast of West Africa on. One of the Canary Islands, a team.

Of Physicists, is, setting up a remarkable, experiment, that will use almost the entire breadth, of the universe. To. Settle the question. Is. The seemingly, impossible, phenomenon. Of quantum entanglement an illusion. Or. Is it actually, real. Leading. The team is Anton, Zeilinger. In, towards, the rock. Gideros ChaCha's. It's, perfect, today. It's. A precarious, undertaking. They've. Got a short window on two of Europe's largest telescopes. Each. One will simultaneously focus. On a different quasar, an, extremely. Distant galaxy, emitting. Huge amounts, of light from its core. This. Light will, be used to control precise, equipment, that, must be perfectly, aligned to, make measurements on tiny subatomic, particles. And. If, that isn't tricky enough the. Weather on the mountain is notoriously unpredictable. The. Team needs perfect, conditions, for the experiment, to work. In the end it could be running smoothly for. This. Little bit a couple decisions, made you. Know in, the extracted, state in the last instance. With. The experiment finally. Set up the. Team takes their positions. David. Kiser has worked on this experiment with his colleagues Jason, Colicchio and Andy, Friedman for, four years. Coordinating. It all is Dominic Roush, the. Experiment, is his thesis project, and it's, been years, in the making but. As. Darkness falls, temperatures. On the mountain begin to drop. Okay. Okay. Okay. There's bad news they, have been told to leave the villain partial because the road will be so dangerous too dangerous so they have to go, down there yeah. The. Next day the. Team prepares for, another attempt. They. Verify, the equipment, hasn't been affected by the weather. But, now the, air is thick with clouds. Yes, the humidity, with the various telescopes, and you see the. Humidity, is all that percent so. As long as this. Lasts. We. Can't do much. The. Teams at both telescopes. Wait. But. The clouds don't, clear. All, the preparation, has, come to nothing. Time. On these huge telescopes, is precious and, theirs. Has, run out, this. Ambitious, test of quantum entanglement must. Wait. Why. Are physicists. So determined, to put this bizarre, aspect, of quantum mechanics, to the ultimate, test to. Explore. The beginning of the story David, Kaiser has come to Brussels. The. City that Albert Einstein, traveled to in 1927. To, attend, a meeting about a new theory, that described, the microworld of atoms and tiny particles. Quantum. Mechanics. Quantum. Mechanics is one of those amazing, intellectual. Achievements, in human history. For. The first time scientists. Were able to probe. A world, that was until. Then quite, invisible to us looking. At the world at the scale of atoms a million. Times smaller than the, width of a human hair one. Way to think about the scales is that if you take an everyday object like a soccer ball. And. You. Enlarge, that soccer ball so that actually you can see the, individual, atoms you're, if you have to make it the. Size of the earth and. Then. Move, into that planet. Then. You are in, the world of atoms and particles. It. Was the nature of fundamental. Particles, which make up the world we, see around us, that, Einstein, had come to Brussels, to discuss and. It. Was here that Einstein, entered into a heated debate that. Would lead to the discovery of quantum. Entanglement. A concept. That would trouble him for, the rest of his life. David. Kiser has come to the place where it all began. This. Is the original Solvay, Institute, building, beautiful. Grand building, and this is the place, back in October. 1927. Where. The fifth Sauve conference was held, there's. An amazing, week, long series of discussions, on really, what the world is made of on the nature of matter the, new quantum, theory and these. Steps, are, the very steps. On. Which this famous. Group, photograph, was taken is. A collection, of some, of the most brilliant, people in the world here. In the front row we, see Albert Einstein, and the great Marie Curie INBOX plunk in the back row standing, the dapper, Aaron Schrodinger, and he's could have brash 20 year olds in mid 20s Verner, Heisenberg, and Wolfgang Pauli. These. Scientists. Were the pioneers of quantum, mechanics, I had. A huge, version, of this photograph up on the wall was a poster, in my college dorm room my roommates. Had their favorite bands and I had to the 1927. Solvay conference which. Says a lot, this. Was one of the greatest meetings, of minds in history. More. Than half were, or would become, Nobel.

Prize Winners. Their. Experiments. Were showing that. Deep inside matter, tiny. Particles, like, atoms and, their orbiting, electrons, were. Not solid, little spheres. They. Seemed fuzzy, and, undefined. So. This, group here this these these were the folks who had just been. Plumbing. Deeper, and deeper and deeper to. Find what, they hope will be a bedrock, of what the world is made of and to, their surprise they found things, less and less solid, as they dug in this, world was not tiny, little bricks that got smaller smaller at some point the bricks gave way to this mush, and what. Looked like solidity, solidness, in fact became very confusing, and and kind, of a whole new way of thinking about nature. The. Theory of quantum mechanics. Presented, at the meeting was. Strange. It. Said that a particle like, an electron, isn't. Physically, real, until. It's observed. Measured. By an instrument that can detect, it. Before. It's detected, instead. Of being a solid, particle an electron. Is just, a fuzzy, wave a, wave. Of, probability. These. Objects. Like electrons, are atoms, when we describe mathematically. Their. Behavior, the only thing we can describe is the probability. Of being, at one place, or another, it's. Like a wave of all those different possibilities, it's. Not that the electron is in, one place or the other we just don't know is that, the electron really, is a combination. Of every possible, place it could be until. We look at it. Quantum. Mechanics, only, tells us the probability of a particles, properties, like. Location. Laws. Of nature were no longer definite. Statements, about what's going to happen next, they, were just statements, about probabilities, and. Einstein, thought well that's defeat, you're, giving up on the, heart of what physics, has been namely. To give a complete, description of reality. For. Einstein. The. Idea that particles, only pop, into existence when, they're observed, is. Akin to magic. It, said he asked, do, you really believe the moon is not there when you are not looking at it. Outside. Of the formal setting of the conference. He. Challenged, the most vocal supporter, of these ideas, the. Great Danish, physicist, Niels Bohr. Eyesight. Would show up to breakfast, at the hotel and, Niels, Bohr would be there and Iceland.

Would Present his latest challenge Niels. Bohr was sort of mumble, and Wonder, and and, confer, with his younger colleagues, they'd head off to the formal, meeting at the Institute and somehow. Every, night by suppertime Bohr, would have an answer one. Of the observers said that Einstein, was like a jack-in-the-box every, day he'd pop up with a new challenge and Bohr. Would flip, this way in that in the end by supper have crushed that one and it would start all over again. -. Bohr and his colleagues, quantum. Mechanics, not only explained, experimental. Results, it's. Mathematics. Were elegant, and beautiful. And. Since. Einstein hadn't. Found flaws in their equations, they. Left the solve a meeting feeling, more confident, than ever in their ideas. But. Einstein, didn't, give up his conviction, that quantum, mechanics was. Flawed and. In. His refusal to accept the weird implications. Of the theory, he. Would wind up uncovering, something, even, weirder. In. 1933. With, the Nazi Party in power in Germany, Einstein. Chose to settle in America and took. A position at the Institute, for Advanced Study in, Princeton New, Jersey. He. Recruited two physicists, to help him Nathan. Rosen and Boris. Podolsky and. In. 1935. At afternoon, tea. The. Three men spotted a possible, flaw in quantum, mechanics that. Would shake the very foundations. Of the theory. They. Noticed that the mathematics, of quantum mechanics. Led. To a seemingly, impossible, situation. Today. Robert. Dygraf, is the director, of the Institute. Apparently. Poodles can say well professor Einstein this. Is very important, in your arguments. Showing. That quantum. Theory is incomplete. So. The god is very animated, discussion, and what happened. Still is now you have a bunch of scientists. Discussing, and at some point someone. Says let's write a paper together so. They did. Their. Paper known. Today as EPR. Argued. That the equations, of quantum mechanics. Predicted. An impossible, connection. Between particles. A. Seemingly. Magical effect. It. Would be like having two particles. Each. Hidden, under a cup. Looking. At one. Mysteriously. Causes, the other to, reveal itself - with. Matching, properties. Quantum. Theory suggested, this effect could happen in the real world. For. Example with particles, of light. Photons. The. Equations, implied that a source of photons, could. Create pairs, in, such a way. That, when we measure one. Causing. It to snap out of its fuzzy state. The. Other mysteriously. Snaps out of its fuzzy state at the same instant, with, correlated. Properties. The. 1935. Paper that described, this effect has. Become Einsteins, most, referenced, work of all. It. Has captivated, generations. Of physicists. Including. Anton. Zeilinger. The. Einstein-podolsky-rosen. Paper, fascinated. Me and I, had to read it at, least five or six times until I finally understood, what's going on and, then it didn't, let. Me go again. Another. Way to think of the paired particles, is, to imagine a game of chance that somehow, rigged, I, suppose. I, had, a. Pair. Of quantum, dice I. Put. These two quantum, dice in my little. Cup. Throw. Them. Now. Look at them they show the same number six I put. Them again in the chart throw. Them again.

Now. They both show three, I put. Them in again, so. Again. Now. They both show one. Point. Now being what I see here is I see. Two. Random. Processes namely, each die showing. Some number but, these two random, processes to, the same. It's. Really mind-boggling. How. Could two particles, act in unison. Even. When they're separated from each other. Essential. To the EPR argument, is that these particles, can be separated. At, an arbitrary distance, one could be here at Princeton one can be in the Andromeda galaxy and yet, according, to quantum mechanics a choice. To measure something here is somehow. Instantaneously. Affecting, what, could be said about this other particle, you can't, go from Princeton to Andromeda instantly, and yet that they argued is what the equations, of quantum mechanics, seemed to imply and that, they said so much the worse for quantum, mechanics the world simply can't operate that way. For. Einstein, this. Strange, effect, conflicted. With the most basic concept. We use to describe reality, space. For. Him objects. Particles. Everything. That exists, is located. In space. Space. Together, with time was. The key ingredient in his theory of special relativity. With. Its famous equation, e equals. MC. Squared Einstein. Of. Course was the master of space-time. He. Thought that if something happened here, that shouldn't, immediately. And instantaneously. Change something that is going on over there the principle, of locality as, we, currently call it. For. Einstein, it's. Simply, common sense that if objects, are separated. In space. For. One to affect the other something. Must travel between them. And. That. Traveling. Takes time. Quantum. Particles, acting in unison could. Be explained, if they were communicating. One. Particle, instantly. Sending a signal to the other telling. It what properties, it should have. But, that would require a signal. Traveling, faster, than the speed of light, something. Einstein's, theory, of special relativity had. Proven, impossible. And it, would mean the particles, were fuzzy and undefined. Until. The moment they were observed. Instead. I'm, Stein thought the particles, should, be real all along. They. Must carry with them a hidden layer of deeper physics that. Determines, their properties, from the start. Almost. The way that magic, tricks, while. Appearing mysterious. Have. A hidden explanation. But. This hidden, physics, was missing, from quantum, theory so. Einstein Podolsky. And Rosen argued. That quantum, mechanics was. Incomplete. Podolski. Was very enthusiastic about, this, project in fact he was so, enthusiastic that, he ran.

To The New York Times and told. Them the news so, Einstein was, really upset with Podolski and apparently. He didn't speak to him anymore. When. Niels Bohr heard of Einstein's paper he. Wrote an obscure, response. Arguing. That one particle, could somehow, mysteriously, influence. The other. This. Seemingly, impossible phenomenon. Became. Known as quantum. Entanglement. But, Einstein dismissed. It as spooky, actions, at a distance. No, one could think of an experiment, to test whether Einstein, or Bohr was correct. But. That didn't, stop physicists. And engineers from. Making use of quantum, mechanics, to, do new things in. The. 30s, and 40s the, debate. Around the EPR, paper sort, of dies down but. Quantum theory actually takes off. The. Mathematics. Leads to all kinds of amazing, developments. Entanglement. Aside the. Equations, of quantum mechanics, enabled the scientists. Of the Manhattan Project to develop, the atomic bomb, and in. The years after the Second World War. Researchers. At Bell Labs in New Jersey used. Quantum, theory to develop one of the first lasers, in, our laboratories. Men experiment, with a light once, undreamed-of, in the natural world and build. Small, devices, that. Could control, the flow of electricity. Transistors. It's, destined to play a vital role in your future, their. Electronic, future. Transistors. Became, the building, blocks of the burgeoning field of electronics. Computers. Disk, drives the, entire digital. Revolution, soon followed, all, made, possible by, the equations. Of quantum theory. Yet. Einsteins questions. About entanglement, and what, it implied about, the incompleteness, of quantum mechanics, remained. Unanswered. Until. The 1960s. When. A physicist, from Northern, Ireland made. A remarkable, breakthrough. John. Bell. Bell. Was a very, talented young physics, student but he quickly grew dissatisfied, with what he considered almost almost a kind of dishonesty, among his teachers. Bell. Insisted. That Einsteins, questions, about quantum, mechanics had not been addressed, you. Got the shouting, matches with his professors, don't tell, us that Borah solved all the problems this really deserves further, thought, quantum. Mechanics, has been fantastically. Successful, so. It is a very intriguing, situation. The. Foundation, of, all that impressive. Success. There, are these. It's. A very strange thing that ever since the 1930s. The. Idea of sitting and thinking hard by the foundations, of quantum mechanics, has been disreputable. Among. Professional, physicists, when, people tried to do that they were kicked out of physics departments, and so, for someone like Bell he, needed to have a day job doing. Ordinary particle. Physics but, at night you know hidden away he could do work on the foundations, of quantum mechanics. Bell. Became, a leading particle, physicist, at CERN in Geneva but. He continued, to explore, the debate between Einstein, and Bohr. And in. 1964. He, published an astonishing. Paper. Bell proved, that, bores and Einsteins ideas made, different, predictions. If. You could randomly perform. One of two possible, measurements, on each particle, and, check. How often the results, lined up, the. Answer, would reveal whether we lived in Einsteins, world. The. World that followed common-sense laws, or. Bohr's. A world. That was deeply, strange and allowed, spooky. Quantum, connections, we. Now know with hindsight this was one of the most significant, particles in the, history of physics not just the history of 20th century physics in the history of of the, field as a whole. But. Bell's article, appears in this you know sort of out of the way journal in fact the journal itself folds, a few years later this is not central. To the physics community it sort, of dutifully, filed on library shelves and then forgotten, it literally, collects dust on the shelf, a, few. Years later completely. By chance a brilliant. Experimental. Physicist, stumbled, upon Bell's article, I. Thought. This is one of the most amazing, papers. I had ever read in my whole life. And. I. Kept wondering well gee, this is wonderful, but, where's, the experimental. Evidence. John. Worked on Bell's theory, with fellow physicist, Abner Simoni and at. The University, of California, Berkeley started. Work on an experiment, to test it. He. Had a talent for tinkering, in the lab and building. The parts he needed but, used to rummage around here, and scavenge, from dumpster-dive, for old equipment. He. Knew where to find hidden storage, rooms like this which. He could raid to salvage spare parts for his experiments. And. This was a, power. Supply for a diet lasers, that looks. Like something I built. Here's. A picture of the, experiment. I did I had. More hair in those days, here's. Another picture. This. Is Steve Friedman working, on it with me. Piece. By piece, John, clauser and Stuart Friedman, constructed.

The World's, first bail test experiment. They. Focused a laser on two calcium, atoms, causing. Them to emit pairs of photons that. The equations, of quantum theory suggested. Should, be entangled. They. Recorded, whether or not the photons passed through filters, on each side and. Checked. How often, the answers, agreed. After. Hundreds, of thousands, of measurements, if the, pairs were more correlated, than Einsteins, physics, predicted, they. Must be spookily, entangled. We. Saw the stronger, correlation, characteristic. Of quantum mechanics. We. Measured it and that's what we got the. Outcome, was exactly, what Bohr's quantum, mechanics, predicted. The. Experiment, appeared to show that the spooky connections, of quantum, entanglement, did. Exist, in the natural world. Could. It be that the great Albert Einstein, was. Wrong. Remarkably. The. First people to react to this extraordinary, result, were, not the world's, leading physicists. Ronald. Reagan's definition, of a hippie well. Someone who dresses, like Tarzan. Has, hair like Jane, and smells like cheetah. A. Small. Group of free thinking physicists, at the heart of San Francisco's, New Age scene. Got. In touch with John. They. Call themselves the fundamental, physics group they spelled physics with an F some. Members, would experiment with psychedelic. Drugs I mean they were they were kind of in the flow of the, kind of hippie scene and that group was just mesmerized by. The question of entanglement. The, idea was just to discuss fringe subjects, with an open mind and I, thought of sure, that's. Kind of what I do. They. Were doing, their best to, link. Eastern. Mysticism, with. Quantum, entanglement. They. Sold a lot of popular, textbooks, there were a lot of followers. Their. Books became, bestsellers. Like, the, Dow of physics, which. Highlighted, that Eastern, philosophy, and quantum, entanglement, both. Described, the deep connectedness, of things in the universe. Is. The great cosmic, oneness. The. Group held meetings at the iconic Esalen. Institute. It. Was a marvelous. Beautiful, place where. They would discuss all of these ideas it. Was right on the Pacific coast with an overflow, from the hot tubs cascading. Down the cliffs into the Pacific Ocean. To. My knowledge no. Useful. Connections. To Eastern mysticism were, ever discovered by the group. But, it was fun. The. Fundamental. Physics group may, not have uncovered the secrets, of cosmic, oneness. But. In seeing entanglement. As central, to physics they. Were decades, ahead of their time. Forty. Years later, cutting-edge. Labs around the world are, now racing to harness quantum, entanglement, to create, revolutionary. New technologies. Like. Quantum, computers. In. Our everyday. Computers, the, fundamental. Unit of computing, is a bit a binary, digit 0 or 1 and, inside the computer there's all these transistors which, are turning on and off currents, on is one off is zero and these combinations, lead to Universal, computing, with.

A Quantum, computer you, start with a fundamental, unit that's not a bit but a quantum bit which. Is not really. A 0 or a 1 but it can be fluid a. Quantum. Bit makes use of the fuzziness of the quantum, world a. Qubit. As it's known can, be 0 or 1 or a, combination, of both a. Particle. Or tiny quantum, system, can. Be made into a qubit and today, it's, not just pairs of particles that can be entangled, groups. Of qubits can be linked with entanglement, to create. A quantum. Computer. They're. More cubits the. Greater the processing, power. At. Google's, quantum, computing, laboratory in Santa Barbara, the. Team has recently succeeded, in creating a tiny chip that. Holds an array of 72. Qubits. The. Task for researcher, Marisa geo steena and her colleagues, is. To send signals, to these microscopic, qubits, to, control and entangle, them. Mounted. On the underside, of this plate we, have the, quantum processing, chip itself in. Essence a quantum, playground, you could say each. Qubit, is a, quantum, object, that, we should be able to control at will. Thinking. About it as. The. Faster, version of that, PC over there would, be a, great. Flight to this it. Can be much more than that. By. Using entangled. Qubits, quantum. Computers, could tackle real-world problems, that traditional, computers, simply, can't cope with. For, example, a salesman, has to travel to several cities and wants. To find the shortest route. Sounds. Easy but. With. Just 30 cities, there. Are so many possible, routes that. It would take an ordinary computer, even a powerful, one hundreds. Of years, to, try each one and, find, the shortest. But. With a handful, of entangled, qubits a quantum. Computer could. Resolve the optimal, path in a fraction, of the number of steps. There's. Another reason teams like Marisa's are racing, to create a powerful, quantum, computer. Cracking. Secret, codes. In, today's world everything, from online shopping, to covert, military communications. Is protected. From hackers using. Secure, digital codes. Process. Called, encryption. But what if hackers could. Get hold of quantum, computers, a quantum. Computer could crack. Our best encryption, protocols, in minutes whereas, a regular. Computer or even a supercomputing, network today couldn't do it you know given months of time. But. While quantum, entanglement, may be a threat to traditional, encryption. It. Also offers an even more secure, alternative. A communication. System that the very laws of physics protect, from, secret hacking. Researchers. In China are. Leading, the way. Here, in Shanghai. At. The University, of Science and Technology. Jian. Way path runs. A leading quantum Research Centre. His. Teams are working to harness the properties, of the quantum, world. They. Can send secret messages using. A stream of photons in, a system, that instantly, detects, any attempt, to eavesdrop. Jan, weighs team has created a network of optical, fibers more than a thousand, miles long that. Can carry secure, information, from, Beijing, to, Shanghai. It. Is used by banks and data, companies. But. There's a limit to how far quantum, signals, can be sent through optical, fibers. To. Send signals, further Jan. Weighs team launched, the world's first quantum. Communication. Satellite. Above. Earth's atmosphere, there, are fewer obstacles and quantum. Particles, can travel much further. Each. Night teams, on the ground prepare. To track the satellite across, the skies. Laser, guidance, equipment locks, on and allows, signals, to be sent and received. The. Team aims to use this equipment to create a new secure. Communication. System using. Quantum, entanglement. The. Satellite, sends entangled, photons to two users, an. Eavesdropper. Could intercept. One of the entangled, photons. Measure. It and, send. On a replacement, photon. But. It wouldn't be an entangled. Photon its properties, wouldn't, match it. Would be clear an eavesdropper. Was on the line. In. Theory, this technique, could be used to create a totally, secure global, communication. Network so. The next step is will, have grown station, for example, in Canada and, also, in Africa and a manic country so, we will use our satellite, for, the global corn communication. We. Want to push this technology, as far as, possible. These. Are the first steps in creating a completely unhackable, quantum. Internet of the future, made. Possible, by, quantum, entanglement. But. There's a problem. What. If quantum entanglement. Spooky. Action at a distance. Isn't. Real after, all. It.

Could Mean entangled, photons are not the path to complete, security. The. Question, goes back to clauser and Friedman's, Bell test experiment. In. The, years after their pioneering, work. Physicists. Began to test possible loopholes. In their experiment. Ways, in which the illusion, of entanglement, might be created. So. The effect might, not be so spooky, after all. One, loophole is. Especially, hard to rule out. In. Modern, bell test experiments. Devices. At each side test, whether the photons, can pass through one of two filters, that, are randomly, chosen. Effectively. Asking one of two questions and checking. How often the answers agree. After. Thousands, of photons if, the, results, show more agreement, than Einsteins, physics, predicts the. Particles, must, be spookily, entangled. But. What if something had mysteriously, influenced. The equipment, so. That the choices of the filters, were, not truly, random. Is. There any common. Cause deep. In the past before, you even turn on your device that. Could have nudged the questions, to be asked and the types of particles to be emitted maybe some strange, particle, maybe some force that had not been taken into account so, that what looks like entanglement, might indeed be an accident. An illusion, maybe the world still acts like Einstein thought. It. Is this loophole at. The team at the high altitude Observatory, in the Canary Islands, is working, to tackle. With. Quantum, mechanics now, more established, than ever they're. Determined, to put entanglement, to the ultimate, test and finally. Settle the Einstein, Bohr debate beyond all reasonable. Doubt. The. Team is creating a giant version of clauser and Friedman's Bell test with. The entire universe, as their, lab bench. In. This. Cosmic. Bell test. The. Source of the entangled, particles, is. About 1/3 of a mile from each of the detectors. The. Team must send perfectly, timed pairs of photons through, the air to, each side, at. The same time the, telescope's, will collect light from two extremely, far-off, extremely. Bright galaxies, called, quasars. These. Are among the brightest, objects, in the sky emitting. Light, in powerful, jets. Random. Variations, in this light will, control which filters, are used to measure the photon pairs and. Since. The quasars, are so far away the. Light has been travelling for billions, of years to reach Earth. It. Makes it incredibly unlikely, that anything, could be influencing. The random nature of the test. If. The experiment is successful the. Team will have tackled the loophole, and shown, that quantum, entanglement, is as, spooky as Bohr always, claimed. Dominic. And Jason are at one telescope, London. Anton. Is at, the other. Jagadamba. Kazar in field of view in, that years. Yeah. Karif engineered, the contrast is super lost. Okay. Ciao. With, clear skies, finally. Overhead, the. Huge telescopes, awakened. Poised. To collect light from distant quasars. Moving. Into. The. Dark, on living. So. We're doing everything to everything. Everyone's now so, the. Guys for the Ling's are, setting the state of. The integrant photon pair we try to acquire the quasar, we're. Just centering, it and, making. The feet of your small as possible to be sure to be pulling you have the quasar. Okay. It's, guiding now yes. Okay. This one. Alright, good, good yes. Yeah. That's good. It. Looks like I need let's. Say 91, to be conservative a period. With. The telescopes, now locked on to two different quasars. The. Team begins, to take readings. We. Do to fool the. Fook opening both is what. Yeah. We're doing a fool cause we both is. It's. Working. Right. From the quasars, is, selecting, which filters, are used to measure the entangled. Photons. This, is exciting. It, is now. We do, have a test but it's.

Not. Clear, what the outcome will be. Going. Everything. Is exactly the same beautiful perfect. Two. Months later back, in Vienna the. Team analyzes, the experimental. Data, this. Might. Take a second. The. Numbers look really great and it. Is extremely, pleasing to see that all these work so nice. We. Clearly. See correlations, that correspond, to quantum mechanics. The. Results, show, entanglement. And since. The light from the quasar is, controlling, the test was. Nearly eight billion, years old, it's. Extremely, unlikely that anything could have affected, its random nature. This. Remaining, loophole, seems. To be closed. The experiment, it is just, fantastic the big, cosmos, comes down to, control. A small quantum, experiment, but that in itself is a it's, beautiful. You. Know honestly I still I still get chills I mean ice. When. I realize what our team was able to do in, this intellectual. Journey that stretches back to the early years of the 20th century, there's. There's hardly. Any room left for. A kind, of alternative, Einstein. Like explanation. We. Haven't ruled it out but, we've shoved it into such a tiny corner of the cosmos, as to, make it even. More implausible, for, anything other than, entanglement. To explain our results. Accepting. That entanglement, is a part of the natural world around us has, profound. Implications. It. Means we must accept, that an action, in one place can have, an instant effect anywhere, in the universe as if. There's no space between, them. Or. That. Particles, only take on physical, properties, when. We observe them. Or, we must accept both. We. Were left with conclusions about the universe that, make no sense whatsoever. Science. Is stepping, outside of all of our boundaries of common sense someone. Was like being an Alice in Wonderland right, where everything. Is possible. It. Was first seen as an unwelcome, but unavoidable consequence. Of quantum mechanics. Now. After, nearly a century of disputes, and discoveries. Spooky. Action at a distance is. Finally. At the heart of modern physics. At. The Institute, for Advanced Study where. The concept, of entanglement was first described. Researchers. Are now using it in their search for a single, unified, theory, of the universe the.

Holy Grail of physics. Einstein's. Theories, of special, and general relativity. Perfectly. Described space time, and gravity at, the. Largest, scales of the universe. While. Quantum, mechanics. Perfectly. Describes, the tiniest, scales. Yet. These two theories have. Never been brought together. So. Far we've not yet had a single. Complete, theory that, is both quantum, mechanical, and reproduces. The prediction, of Einstein's wonderful. Theory, of general relativity. Maybe. The, secret is, entanglement. What. If space itself, is actually created, by the tiny quantum, world. Just. Like temperature, warm. And cold, consists. Simply of the movement, of atoms inside. An object. Perhaps. Space, as we know it emerges. From networks, of entangled, quantum particles. It's. A mind-blowing. Idea. What. We are learning these days is that we might have to give up that. What Einstein hold sacred namely, space and time so he, was always thinking while we have little pieces of space and time and out, of this we built the, whole universe. In. A radical theory known. As the holographic. Universe, space. And time are created, by entangled. Quantum particles. On a sphere. That's. Infinitely, far, away. What's. Happening, in space in some sense all. Described. In terms of a screen outside here. The. Ultimate, description, of reality resides. On this screen think of it as kind of quantum. Bits living, on that screen and this. Like, a movie, projector creates. A illusion. Of, the. Three-dimensional reality, that I'm now experiencing. It. May be impossible, to intuitively, understand. This wild, mathematical. Idea. But. It suggests that, entanglement. Could. Be what forms, the true fabric, of the universe. The, most puzzling, element, of, entanglements, that you know somehow two points, in, space can, communicate. Becomes. Less of a problem because space itself has disappeared, in. The, end we just have this quantum, mechanical, world there is no space anymore and. So. In some sense the paradoxes. Of entanglement. The, EPR paradox disappears. Into, thin air. Truly. Understanding, quantum mechanics, will, only happen when we put ourselves on, the entanglement, side and, we stop privileged, in the world that we seem and start, thinking about the world as it actually is. Science. Has made enormous, progress for, centuries by, sort of breaking complicated. Systems down into parts when, we come to phenomena like quantum entanglement that scheme, breaks. When. It comes to the bedrock, of quantum mechanics, the. Whole is more, than, the sum of its parts. The, basic, motivation, is just. To learn how nature works, what's. Really going on. Instance. Ed it very nicely he's not interested in this detail question, of that detailed question, he. Just wanted, to know what. Were God's thoughts, when. He created the world. Major. Funding for Nova is, provided by, the, following. To. Order this nova program on DVD visit. Shop PBS, were, called 1-800. Play PBS. This, program is also available on, Amazon Prime, video. You.

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There's a ratio in the results of these experiments between how many particles come out entangled and how many don't. I was disappointed that this ratio was not compared between the experiments, which would show that, if the ratios matched, the results of the experiments were consistent. However, if the ratios don't match, there would still be unanswered questions about something unknown possibly impacting the experiments. Still, happy to know that this debate has been settled and entanglement is inherent in the universe.

Einstein was right: "God does not play dice with the universe." If two particles exist in two different galaxies, and react to each other, no, they are not sending a signal of communication back and forth to each other, they have been programmed to act the way they do by the same entity, possibly eons ago.

Wow mind-blowing! just as good as "The Fabric of the Cosmos" https://youtu.be/rfT9HV65JkI :)

Albert discarded the Quantum theory. I guess it was because a JOO didn't invent it?!?

bit of a mislead at 35:00 where it sounds implied that a quantum computer can use its 'exponentialness' to solve NP-complete problems efficiently, which is false... smh lol

quantum computers could be useful in finding fast/better approximate solutions to NP-complete problems like traveling salesman, but an algorithm for a guaranteed optimal solution will still take exponential time even with quantum resources (otherwise BQP=NP or something like that which is a much stronger claim than any quantum computer scientist is claiming)

my nose is bleeding....my brain

Can the power of quantum entanglement be leveraged to develop faster than light communication?

No. Due the this no-go theorem: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-communication_theorem

of course

+Andromeda M31 Archimedes might concur but maybe he would change his mind

No. The whole business is subtle and complicated. The end result is always the same, though: While it's one of the weirdest and coolest phenomena in physics, there is no way to use quantum entanglement to send messages faster than the speed of light.

Definitely! all you need is a fairly large lever.


+jeffwads "Nothing in science is ever settled."? Well, that settles that, doesn't it.

+Robert Cathcart Your opinion matches Herr Hitler's. From Germany, he expelled those engaged in "Jewish Physics". It didn't work out so well for him and Germany Then again, his prediction of a "Thousand Year Reich" was off by only 988 years.

Einstein was a horrendous Jew show pony who could not experimentally prove any of his mathematical theories -- he was so dumb he did not even know that in the Galaxy we live in there is no such thing as time and space there is only matter and energy.

+jeffwads A climate change denier who doesn't know the definition of the words he uses? I would expect nothing else. Definition of settled: to resolve or reach an agreement about an argument or problem. The word you were searching for was "proven". The sentence you thought you were writing: Nothing in science is ever proven. One definition of the word "proven" is beyond a shadow of a doubt and it would be correct to say nothing in science is ever proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, another definition of the word "proven" is: demonstrate the truth or existence of (something) by evidence or argument, which science does all the time. So climate change is settled both because 99% of climate scientists say it's happening (the agreement), but more importantly, because average global temperatures have increased 1.4 degrees F since 1880 (the evidence). If you were trying to say that it's not settled that climate change is caused by human activities, then that's another topic. On that topic, first you showed that you are not a scientist because no scientist would leave out that criterion and expect everybody to know what they meant, and second, it's pretty much settled (agreed by the vast majority of climate scientists) that global warming which leads to climate change is caused by man made activities. So please educate yourself on the definitions of the words you use and the agreement of the scientists who study the settled topic of climate change.

Nothing in science is ever settled. You are the type of person that thinks Climate Change is indisputable. Please educate yourself.

I think Albert Einstein was right and as for Google's Quantum computing (D wave) is a stratagem to Help keep Alphabet Inc $tock High I don't think it works as well as they tell use, smoke and mirrors! what do i know.....Zero.

sorry folks they now have 100% proof that entanglement cant have one particle do what other does at faster then light speed ....hahah shows how dated this is

Thanks for the video. It is welcome

So... I guess its still a 'Riddle' ...i dont know why i thought there would be an answer finally here .. i'm sure when theres a breakthrough we'll all hear it long before theres a documentary about it that may describe it .. that is if its allowed to be described as it would be revolutionary .....

It's all relative to Einstein and his wife can attest to that.

Quantum Entanglement = When Nancy Pelosi takes a tinkle, & Chuck Schumer does the same into the sandy beach In Puerto Rico.

PBS has turned into the Discovery Channel will sucking the Koch Brothers withered old cocks......

"While"....Unless you were asking a question that you didn't finish...or actually start...Like , for instance...BLAH-BLAH-BLAH Discovery Channel! Will sucking..............help the situation? If that is what you meant I suggest that it wont help....But you never know...Give it a shot if you feel inclined.

These are delusional scientists; they are not even in the ballpark. Relativity, quantum mechanics, entanglement, the big bang, inflation, black holes, strings, multidimensional universes and just about everything else orthodox physics and cosmologist postulate are Alice-in-Wonderland notions. Science today is in the same boat as gods and religions, it’s all made up. To understand what the universe really is, you have to start over from scratch and only use tangible facts. The most obvious place to start is defining the physical nature of space, since space is an indisputable fact and composes the biggest part of the picture. Scientist look through space, at what was in it, but neglected to decipher the actual physical nature composing space itself. It is an error so large, that it invalidates everything physicists and cosmologists believe. The Rosetta Stone was always in front of them, but they looked through it and missed its importance. You can start your reeducation by learning about Protospace: http://www.mediafire.com/file/eaymr362g4uflko/Protospace_2019_continued.docx/file It is five pages long and will change how you view space itself. Let me know if you have any questions or what you think? Travel well in your journey of discovery…

The electronic revolution was not made possible by quantum mechanics but in spite of it. When building modern micro electronics quantum affects must be considered and built in error elimination to correct for it. To this day all that Quantum Mechanics / Theory have proven is that we have an incomplete definition of Space. It actually lends some credibility of String Theory which postulates 12 Dimension nSpace. Reality might actually be best described as The Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and the End Existing as one. Another revelation from the Bible that might be describing some deeper truths poorly understood.

Spooky action at a distance has been defined and proven without Quantum. This has been known for over a hundred years. Simple, easy and no need for fabricating endless math to describe quantum, when quantum does not exist nor can it.

Flashy lights and dramatic music is the only way someone would give this a green light

I feel like the narrator should say, "I know I know, just trust me ok". Like every 4 mins or so.... Explaining his statements like some early 2000s banker, "you see the great benefit to you is its an adjustable rate setting that's compounded quarterly and then rounded down to the nearest decimal therefore saving you money when we stretch it out 30 years + a late stage refi, mm Kay."!?

I would have thought that with all of these High energy minds, the answer would have seemed simple. Go back to the beginning. The Big Bang. There were millions of dimensions in those first instants of release. Most of them disappeared before the first millionth of time had stabilized. Some of those dimensions were Huge, some were exceedingly small. But they all shared one thing in common. They all shared the same Universe. What we observe is just that, observable. What we cannot observe (yet) is that sameness in the Universe. That means that all particles have a connection in all dimensions where a light year in our universe is less than the distance between two particles in another.

what is a holographic tube? what's realities frame rate?

All the expert YouTube “scientists” bashing the video, with no insightful or useful additions of their own. If you really disagree, go out and perform the leg work to explain your position, otherwise pipe down.

QM makes a solid promise to mother nature to construct emergent elementary particles as in hydrogen and oxygen so H2O is reliably H2O. The fuzziness you talk about cannot evolve into anything reliable unless local entanglement brings local order. Universal entanglement is like reading the synapse in the mind of God on the largest scale... It's a religion. You should apply your genius to cleaning up the H2O of Flint Michigan.

Quantum computers on spacecraft? What does that mean for manned spaceflight?

https://archive.org/details/@ratterfat_mcwhiskers for historic NOVA shows

Now identify what is not entangled ? Lol Got to think it would be fun working in the lab together . Thanks All , Thanks be

What's the name of the song that starts at 43:30

Interstellar Travel from the album "The Energetic Orchestra" Laurent Dury, JC Lemay ... on Spotify

Quantum physics explains ghosts and psychic phenomenon, if particles are shared we might share thoughts and experiences, no one can say how entangled we all are

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Nikola Tesla My CV is in computer engineering and aircraft engineering but I have a graduate degree in Psychology.  In my studies, to best understand what seems to me a disconnect within ourselves, I found some interesting research.  First of all I found Psychology to be grounded in Science...roughly grounded but grounded.  Method: As Aristotle stated, to understand all things you must go to their beginnings. In the beginnings of science there were three guys who were essentially frustrated with not being able to study what in their time was called meta-physical. (Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of existence, being and the world. Arguably, metaphysics is the foundation of philosophy. Aristotle calls it "first philosophy" (or sometimes just "wisdom"), and says it is the subject that deals with"first causes and the principles of things" Metaphysics. Metaphysics is a difficult branch of Philosophy,but is rather easy to define: It is the study of the most fundamental concepts and beliefs about them. Examples of metaphysical concepts are Being, Existence, Purpose, Universals, Property, Relation, Causality, Space, Time, Event, and many others.) So, they decided that they would create a study of the physical world using what would eventually be called empiricism. Empiricism being: the knowledge derived from sense-experience. Now those three guys did not say that the knowledge of the metaphysical wasn't of reality... it just couldn't be studied. At that point, science made the conscious decision to ignore a very large part of reality. They had only meant to choose a method of study not a determination of reality. Also, other factors have had a profound effect on our perception of reality. Newtonian physics made statements that put human perception on a particular road. Rene Descartes "I think therefore I am" also put a distortion in view of the human perception. These distortions, being generalized under the heading of science affected all fields of science and our view of reality even to the point of making "science" the measurement of reality. All of these distortions have us sensing a limited and distorted perception of what we believe to be reality... all of which causes us great mental anguish... a piece of mental illness. Part of us knowing the truth but we continue to live our lives from an insanity. Now we have Quantum Physics and the works of Antonio Damasio PhD in neurology which says that "I feel therefore I am" (which correlates with the works of Spinoza). Yet, we are still moving along our beliefs based on limited reality and distorted beliefs. People who have had near death experiences state that they can all things at once.

This narrative does not explain to the layman why two particles, triggered from the same source, would NOT be measured in the identical way. What property are they measuring? And if there's only a 'correlation' and not a 100% match, isn't that within the realm of coincidence, not entanglement?

this was like watching CNN. they barely skim on the actual evidence.

I thought this was well done. I understood it and know very little about physics. Good job NOVA.

The universe (whatever that is...) is merely a single particle. That is everywhere and everything at this moment. That is why QE can act at such a phenomenal distance. It never has to entangle with it's opposite particle at the other end of the universe. It is and always has been the one and the same particle.

There is a hypothesis that since particles pop into and out of the quantum vacuum and are acausal that all of, say, the electrons that exist in the universe are the same electron moving through time and appearing to be everywhere simultaneously. It is an interesting hypothesis nonetheless. https://io9.gizmodo.com/5876966/what-if-every-electron-in-the-universe-was-all-the-same-exact-particle

The hippie movement did nothing but set civilization back.


It is human nature to wonder, reach and grasp. We are curious. We must explore. We must explain or describe. This is science. A way to describe the natural world. Everything we are and everything we know keeps us afloat, dislpacing a quantum sea.

I thought their explanation of quantum entanglement was not very elegant and a bit confusing. Also no mention of Alain Aspec's work.

I’m not really sure how much more simple you’d like them to make the explanation?

Thanks for making me look up Alain Aspect. Had never heard of him, a case where a person's results are more widely known than the person who created them.

#fakenews... physics is for commies!

...and evolution too! :D

+Farting Duck The earth is flat, and only 5000 Years old...Math goes against god and was designed by Satanists to keep us from truth.... that there is truth in bacon. lol

Climb back under your flat earth.

What what?

This is so crappy

I simultaneously agree and disagree with you

Freaking amazing video. At the end, it’s all about Him.

Nice documentary. I'm currently writing an explanation to this. I think I can explain this 'entanglement' and the other problems associated with light. I am an economist and am interested in and study fractal geometry. Not the images or 'art' of them, but the behaviour of them - the question of how they produce that 'art'. I have found they are very strange, and very strange when isolated. Years ago, when puzzled by this strangeness, I overheard physicists discussing quantum mechanics and couldn't believe they were describing, as this documentary is, the same problems I was having. I have since convinced, at least myself, they are the same. The quantum problem is a fractal problem. Interestingly, soon after the QM insights I discovered, I ran an experiment on the fractal with what I term 'an inverted fractal' and found it matches most, if not all, cosmological observations and conjectures, including Hubble - with accelerated -expansion and inflation epoch expansion. It grows very fast! in very quick time! (whatever 'time' is?). It also matches plant/tree growth and others. You can follow my progress at my Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkQ2d38dBok I am not really interested in any help (not that anyone is that interested funny enough); I just want to do my work and see where it takes me. Cheers

In Quantum Mechanics, causality is independant of physical tethers.

chew on some field theory and think for the first time

The Jew showpony theory ''scientist'' Einstein was so dumb he did not even know that there is no such thing as time and space there is only matter and energy. checkout Tomatobubble.com

You might have had some once but you now have zero credibility.

Inviting a bunch of damn Bohemians into Science Academia was a serious mistake. Einstein probably rolled over in his grave!

+Bart Alder Yes! Bohemia was a part of the Hapsburg Monarch. Gypsies (The Romann) went from Bohemia to France. That's why sometimes the Romann can be linked to Bohemians. Einstein played the violin. In this way, he could be called a musician & lumped into the category of "Bohemian". But in my opinion, its a far stretch to label him a Bohemian. Maybe his family didn't admire him as much as others do.

Jebus I just hit the part of the video you are referring to. My apologies. You are sooooo right.

+Adam Spears Bohemians are not all 'ditsy, bobble-headed, happy-go-luckey (sic), new-age, hippie(s).' Bohemia is a region of the Czech Republic.

+Bart Alder I didn't obviously have the pleasure of meeting or knowing Einstein; but I wouldn't expect him to of been a ditsy, bobble-headed, happy-go-luckey, new-age, hippie.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Einstein:_The_Practical_Bohemian _Albert Einstein: The Practical Bohemian is a stage play that is the only show officially endorsed by the Einstein family. A quote from Albert Einstein's first cousin said that the family "felt as though they were in the presence of their dear cousin Albert."_

Its almost like information between 2 particles is synced at "The Speed of Consciousness" which is NOT dependant upon physical speed limits; & probably also not dependant upon physical laws in general.

hard to wrap your head around when we have been programmed to think another way. Every action has a reaction....but who would have thought it was universal?!

To me entanglement is just as incredible as a flying saucer landing on the Whitehouse lawn. This is trippy as it gets. Is distance and time just an allusion?

quantum theory enabled the idea to come to fruition in engineering modern devices .....the theory fit the notion.s of immediate solutions for innovation....it is a simple matter of a new way of manipulating electrons for a start....the theory fall's apart in a natural reality.

It's not a question.  We have to accept the conclusions of quantum mechanics because the results of experiment agree with the predictions. I'm amazed by the number of people who clearly commented without bothering to watch the actual video.  I guess I shouldn't be.  This is the internet, after all/

Entanglement or quantum co-entanglement/memory is necessary for the co-evolutionary co-creation process and means that all is connected to a source, a non-local omniscient supra-consciousness. This phenomenology solves all other phenomena in quantum physics and explains the origins and creative self-organized evolution of the habits or physical regularities of nature including biological/organic systems.


Cosmic recorder? The bible gives hints that EVERY action (living in this world) is being recorded to be viewed at later time. Proof? We have thousands of NDE (near death experience) examples of having THEIR pasts being viewed by God. And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: - Hebrews 9:27

I wouldn't say programmed; everything in the universe is like waves in a pond. Action/Reaction on a incredible scale. But your premise is essentially correct.

Einstein was right when he said that god does not play dice with the universe.  There IS no god.  The dice play themselves. Seriously - did you actually watch the video?  This was addressed.  There are no hidden variables

What you called "they have been programmed to act the way they do", physicists call a local hidden variables theory. The Bell's theorem shows that no local hidden variables theory can ever reproduce all of the predictions of quantum mechanics. All experiments have shown that QM is correct, i.e. we observe correlation between entangled particles that is impossible under the "local realism" assumption.

OH WOW!...F@%*ING NUTJOB!...Didn't see all that delusional rambling until I hit enter...My mistake...Measured response? How about 1000mg of THORAZINE?....Daily for a decade?

WOW!...Really? What a stunningly dull remark! Did you work at that for a long time or were there a lot of magic markers around for you to get into as a kid?

+José Hunter's EW&F Remixes You got it wrong. But first let me tell you what happened in Poland after Germany invaded them. Exactly one week later the head Rabbi of Germany declared war against Germany! Sounds like a dumb move to me, eh what!! 95% of the JOO stories re Holocaust are false. The Jooz and England made up most of the stories which the JOOZ wanted so they could invade America. Today WE are prisoners of the JOOZ!!!!!!!

+Ian M Ignore him. He's not worthy of a measured response, just a bop on his already misshapen head

RWVD Worthy of a reposting: Your opinion matches Herr Hitler's. From Germany, he expelled those engaged in "Jewish Physics". It didn't work out so well for him and Germany. Then again, his prediction of a "Thousand Year Reich" was off by only 988 years.

+Ian M I liked your reply. You could also have mentioned Einstein's affection for Newton who was English, his love of Maxwell who was a Scotsman, his support of Bose who was an Indian, his support of De Broglie's Ph.D. thesis when de Broglie was a French aristocrat and his *explicit rejection of Judaism* as a part of his personal identity. Ironically the only thing which made Einstein speak about his Jewishness and aware of any sense of a Jewish identity was the rise of Nazism and the existence of other virulent manifestations of anti-Semitism. He was a humanist, a scientist, a philosopher, none of which depended in any way on his Jewish heritage.

No, Einstein did not "discard" quantum theory.  He just (unsuccessfully) tried to find hidden variables And seriously try not to be stupid.  Of COURSE a Jew developed Quantum Mechanics - indeed, it was developed by a Jew named (wait for it, wait for it) ALBERT FUCKING EINSTEIN. Anti-Semitic idiots like you annoy me.  Get a life idiot. Seriously, why do idiotic racist dog-turds presume that scientists come to conclusions based on racism?  Are you seriously trying to drag Albert Einstein down to your intellectual level?!? Science is about results, not about idiotic prejudice..

+Mate Jagnjić Finally, someone with sense.

@chorion You mean "of course not"

Short answer is no. Long answer is no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!!

I, for one, enjoy listening to all of this. Science itself explains parts that should be government problems.

@Robert Cathcart Your Jew hate speech was reported.

well, he was the one who proved matter IS energy wrap your brain around that work of the great Jew shame on you +Robert Cathcart

Brad Junes The video is trash. What I consider is atoms contain energy. They have an extremely fast orbital emotion. Therefore you can consider subatomic communication on a resonant level. The speed of these subatomic particles is estimated to be 20 billion times the speed of light if I remember correctly. Something else to consider that supports this is the behaviour of gyroscopes.

Very wrong summation presented. It would be standing at the beach and watching a waves stretching for "miles" left and right hitting the shore perfectly, then stating the particles are all entangled. Light forms waves, there was perfect filtering going on. No "talking" between light sources.

@Dr.TJ...Touche monsieur..Jeffwads has just been served

David Miller If something is traveling 20 billion times the speed of light then that’s instantaneous on a galactic scale. You must think it’s to do with extra dimensions or something right?

Justin Mallaiz YouTube degree? What are you doing here then genius? Think again. https://youtu.be/6tB3IBXTgEc

jeffwads there are plenty of things in science that are "Settled". And what a surprise that you're the climate denier.

Show technical and math aspects, stop showing stupid talking heads. You suck, Nova.

+Enter the Braggn' you don't understand. Quantum entanglement doesn't mean something is traveling faster. It's happening instantly.

Enter the Braggn' : quantum physics has not conflicted with Einstein’s contributions... your assumptions that entanglement involves sub atomic particles moving fast, or instant/ fast transmission of information, is just plain wrong... (you might not want to challenge Einstein with your YouTube physics degree)

Quantum Entanglement shows that Einstein was wrong. He postulated that nothing exceeded the speed of light yet clearly sub atomic particles move much faster which is required for Newton’s equations. There’s a lot wrong with Einstein’s work which is explained very nicely here in this short video. https://youtu.be/6tB3IBXTgEc

+jeffwads A climate change denier who doesn't know the definitions of the words he uses? I would expect nothing else. Definition of settled: to resolve or reach an agreement about an argument or problem. The word you were searching for was "proven". The sentence you thought you were writing: Nothing in science is ever proven. One definition of the word "proven" is beyond a shadow of a doubt and it would be correct to say nothing in science is ever proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, another definition of the word "proven" is: demonstrate the truth or existence of (something) by evidence or argument, which science does all the time. So climate change is settled both because 99% of climate scientists say it's happening (the agreement), but more importantly, because average global temperatures have increased 1.4 degrees F since 1880 (the evidence). If you were trying to say that it's not settled that climate change is caused by human activities, then that's another topic. On that topic, first you showed that you are not a scientist because no scientist would leave out that criterion and expect everybody to know what they meant, and second, it's pretty much settled (agreed by the vast majority of climate scientists) that global warming which leads to climate change is caused by man made activities. So please educate yourself on the definitions of the words you use and the agreement of the scientists who study the settled topic of climate change.

It took them 19 mins to compare quantum entanglement to be the same as throwing 2 dice which arrive with the same number. They could have done that in the first 30 seconds and saved all the waste of time in the intro. And why bother showing us an experiment that failed to happen. Again, just another waste of documentary time as well as my own.

I don't like narratorsssh who lissshpssh and scientistsssh who sshpeak Englisssh with thhick acshentssh. What are they thaying ?

"And Nothing Shall Be Impossible to them..." Genesis 11:6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. And as Jesus said, in Matthew 17:20 "Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

It's all sparks and magic to me.

The point made at 21:20 that 'something must be travelling between the particles' is the key assumption about entanglement that has to be addressed. Firstly, instead of thinking of individual particles we must think of the fundamental entities as wave disturbances of spacetime. Then the entangled system must be thought of a single system dispersed in space which only changes its state at the point of measurement and the measurement affects the entire system instantaneously at the time of measurement or observation. https://www.academia.edu/5927513/The_Spacetime_Wave_Theory https://www.academia.edu/5038836/The_Unification_of_Physics Richard

This is a terrible science documentary! It is supposedly about "quantum entanglement" but it never completely defines what that is. The NOVA series usually does better than this.

Einstein was a fraud

Einstein was not compertable with fundamentals of quantum mechanics and nor his general relativity

Quantum Entanglement is simple, it’s one object (particle and/or wave interference in the ether) on 5th dimension interacting with our 3D the same way a 3d sphere make a circle bigger and smaller in flatland (2D) or a line longer and shorter. This is why observation pars exist between space. Think Fractal Donut being stretched out into a Fractal Cylinder where the object exist at the cut point... we need to test the ether.

wow...boy do we have alot of know it alls

In God anything is possible.

Nobody really understands how gravity works. What is it? IDK?

This was awesome Thank you!

John David Best has his web site Vida İnstitute. He put my articles page in 'Timeflow Theory' 'http://vidainstitute.org/?page_id=656'. Vida Institute is intersting site. And my web site is www.timeflow.org In your opinion, discovery of a planet is more exciting. Or, as I've presented in the attached article, whether observing 'A very tiniest mass in the space, having completed its life, have been turning into energy' would be more exciting or not ? It is my belief that, this observation will be the proof of the General and the Special Theory of Relativity. This observation can be made only by NASA or ESA. I hope that I will be able to see this consequence while I'm still alive.

Funded by David Koch? ...ummmmm

I'm really tired of seeing scientists give up due to weather. Now if you want to do science 365 days a year then you do it and if you don't want to do it give me a call because I will I don't care if it's in Antarctica or the North Pole or at the top of Everest I'm sorry your little science guy had to break ice off the walls of the telescope and he was uncomfortable. Get some real people to do science.

This is all a bit of an old hat. You should have discussed the quantum eraser and the Conway-Kochen free will theorem.

Every modern physicists have Einstein Complex. It’s so obvious, this video is a proof of the fact.

Quantum entanglement is a hilarious catch-22. We can’t say for sure that it’s real without observing it, yet by observing it we’ve messed it up.

Why only 2? Why not 3?

We are so smart we actually got to a point where facts dont make sense...thats gods work

hahahaha, our arrogance reaches comedic state.

E=mc2 to me means when matter goes speed of light squared that it becomes energy...like the big bang. And thats why so much energy is released from particles colliding. Idk

Could this lead to the folding of space time? Leading to travel to another Earth type planet in one life time? We F'd up this Earth enough and continue to this day. Could this save the human race? We can only speculate.

at 33:55 right there in her careful hands, we see how to make the future, one quanta at a time!

Only if the particles are entangled to begin with and remain entangled. If they are not entangled then they behave classically. Yes, it is interesting but it does not alter our reality.

There is no such thing as a non-hackable network

Much love for Nova from Panama City Beach FL

Playing with Fire

What a load of horse shit

entanglement = what our bilobed brains can perceive? we have more gravity and more repulsion and more interaction at a distance than we can explain, dual nature of light comes to mind all science passes through the bilobe gate, we have no real reference standard for our neural network's perception of the incredible complexity beyond our eyes/brainhalves

Einstein can argue Universal Conservation of Position looks like Quantum Entanglement. (Only conserved information is still in the Universe.)

QM is Statistical and Stroboscopic look into a Reality. It is Ontic and not Epistemological. Quantum Entanglement is because we do not understand Reality. Einstein was right, one can make any theorem with limited knowledge of Math.

Einstein...a Tesla knockoff. Tesla the original, Enstein the corporate sponsored clone

Conspiritards need to take a hike to the edge of the flat earth and jump off.

Ahhh.. once again, the centuries old envy and jealousy of the Chosen People! lol.. If the Romans would of never robbed Europeans of your pagan heritages and forced Christianity a concocted religion created around demonizing and delegitimizing Jews in order to justify replacing us, then no European would of ever cared enough to hate Jews and obsessed over Jews and our biblical heritage. The everlasting whores of Rome!... Tesla was no doubt a great man BUT Einstein was an even greater man! You jealous piece of shit!!

Oh no another conspiracy retard..

IceManLikeGervin ....exactly look at the worlds most rich always a Jew!

Well folks there you have it, it's settled. If you can construct a complicated enough equation while simultaneously maintaining a straight face you can baffle with bullshit indefinitely. For a whole, well paid career even.

Google.....why are you helping to enslave people in China and also, why give that communist regime this kind of power? Is it worth that much money??

The problem I have with the double slit experiment and the Quantum Mechanics used to describe it is that it doesn't tell us anything about the physical laws directing the behavior. What we have here is basically an engineering solution and not a physics solution. From an engineering perspective, attaching a probability function to describe where the electron is good enough. In order words. It doesn’t matter what happens between the source and the target just as long as we get the desired result. Quantum Mechanics voluntarily claims ignorance to the process and it only cares about the end result and in return, we get transistors, cell phones, etc. (The modern world.) However, from a physical law’s perspective of physics, it is completely unsatisfactory. What has occurred basically is that the Double Slit experiment has turned the physical world into a game of Plinko where all we care about is the outcome not what happens in between and not only that, any outcome is theoretically possible with no understanding as to why. By the way, John Bell did not answer the question as to why. I’ve watched several documentaries on this topic. As matter of fact, this NOVA documentary is almost a copy of the BBC documentary The Secrets of Quantum Physics hosted by Dr Jim Al-Khalili. All these documentaries spend a great deal of time talking about the Einstein and Bhor debate because it makes for good drama, therefore, good TV but basically no time is spent explaining the why and that is because Quantum Physics has not been able to explain itself. If you are wondering what Plinko is. it is a game that reminds us of the Double Slit experiment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFFgz6fSLvk

yey, excellently put.

I am curious to know why the presentation failed to mention Alain Aspect and his team, who comtemporaneously to Clauser, did experimental work to test entanglement.

I'm having a hard time understanding this. This means that every particle is controlled externally, outside of our 'universe', for this to be possible. Which would imply something more like another dimension of existence, rather than something with the latency of a virtual machine/hologram. A construct that is without time. This also lends some credence to telepathy. A quantum state communicator in your head. All I know is that I respect God a lot more now. That's some amazing AF engineering.

No, no and no, how was any of this implied by properties of matter

it's funny to see people admitting in public, like hey, hey am so fucking stupid, hehehe, seriously have some self-respect. If you don't understand something does not necessarily means that what the narrator is saying is true.

Einstein on acid would be interesting.

So faster then light is possible. As one photon on this side of the Universe when detected. It's pair will change to the same state. On the other side of the Universe, Instantly.... No wonder he was puzzled..

What happens among three atoms?

What haooens among three atoms?

there was a great documentary about quantum entanglement, created in 1985. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFvJOZ51tmc&t=3s Watch as soon as possible, i've seen this documentary taken down many times now. This video stresses Alain Aspects first successful experimental proof in 1981. This new Nova is o.k, but maybe doesn't get into the telescope experiment enough.

The idea of entanglement was inspired by Einstein's hair.


suddenly flat earth makes sense

How does one know that two given particles aren't just coincidental instead of entangled?

As usual, stupid loud noises and so called music too loud and obscuring the narration. For goodness's sake stop this background racket ruining everything.

Quantum computing makes hacking easier.. china is leading the way to the technology. Gee I wonder what's their hurry. Lol

Sometimes Nova gets it right and sometimes it's gimmicks. The tense music, repetition of tautologies, the baseless hyperbole. They never clearly present the subject, after that it's all just repeating jargon over and over again. The challenge of presenting scientific concepts is to make them understandable. It's not only worth the effort, it's fun and exciting. Scientists like Einstein and Richard Feynman were exceptionally good at this, and show the path to follow. With Feynman's lectures you can see where clear concise explanations not only help others to understand the concepts but also open up thinking of other implications. This is how quantum entanglement was first indicated. I doubt the writers of this documentary have any real understanding of the topic. By the end, whatever the results of the experiment? Meh. Which is really sad. That this is a brand new Nova documentary indicates that they've succumbed to copying their past episodes in style but not in substance.

Terrifying that the communists could get quantum computers.

Are communists still a thing?

You have problems.

the communists were first in space

Thanks to google!!

Yawn. The dramatic .. eek factor .. music told me all I needed to know. Einstein found his logical conclusions to quantum mechanics - a quantum enigma, including the 'spooky' quantum entanglement - a puzzling and indeed troubling speculation because it meant dealing with Aquinas, Bonaventure, Ockham, Scotus and even the likes of Eckhardt .. long since cast aside as mere scholastics (or worse, mystics). Indeed the Coincidence of Opposites, though never a term employed by Bonaventure, is part and parcel of the oddities in materia signata quantitate = matter signified by/ in or with quantity - as expressed physically in Duns Scotus (and mystically by Meister Eckhardt). The puzzling, and tangled/ implausible mathematics used in Copernicus' calculations re: the revolutions of the material bodies beyond earth are presented in that kind of model aka signification, using signs to stand for (as yet) unperceived but actual realities (like a series of 0s and 1s, and points between, only resting on the Via Negativa = translating nescience via observable anomalies .. it is still the common way we deal with mapping or recording very distant material bodies light years away, etc, rather like the fun mind game of positing how many angels may dance on the head of pin*). * BTW The answer is simple: only as many as needs be, no more no fewer; and that, believe it or not, is why angels can 'fly' - because they take themselves so lightly; a weighty anomaly that many materialistic human minds still find a crushing bore, because it seems so impossible to bear, like, for 'real'.

quantum physics feels like it's designed to make us feel more "modern" than we are. it's all just deliveberately describing simple physical phenomena with the most marketing puffery. it's why we have people who believe that "aliens must have taught us how to make lasers and microwaves".

All of this speculations around entanglement are the result of ignorance. It definitely looks like ancient scholastic speculations involving undefined ideas. Nobody in the world now have an accurate and verifiable idea - what is the space?, what is the distance?, what is the time. Nor anybody has comprehensive idea - what is the reality. Or what is the phenomenon that operates and controls random process. Without certain knowledge in all listed matters it is very naive to expect an achievements of any intelligent results.

People, let's relax for a moment and take a breath. All these years of theoretical sturm und drang over "spooky action a distance." To get to the point if I understand correctly, logic says that if we came from a singularity...no matter how "far apart" the molecules appear to be, everything still is connected.

It's funny how every body praises Einstein and most of his ideals he stole from the patent office where he worked.

"Ideals"? You are a smart one.

Michael Kilpatrick also he did not find E=mc2....it was a german scientist and he stole it!

Abstract: The entire conundrum of quantum entanglement between a pair of twin particles can easily be explained if the particles do not exist in space and time until one is measured. Before one is measured they are one and the same but potentials in space and time that do not exist until one is measured or strikes an object. The moment both are measured they take on the properties of a single photon, being opposite of one another. The prediction that comes from this is light does not travel as particles but as potential particles. The potential particles of light do not yet exist until one or both are measured. The moment they are measured they are no longer a potential in space and time but become a part of this reality. Thus before we measure the light from any distant source it is not a particle until it is measured. So we should not be able to see distant light sources as the objects looked when the light left them as implied with general relativity. In fact if this hypothesis is right then light from distant objects happens in a quantum instant and we should see them as they look now, large, fully grown not how they looked when the light left them, small and young. Data from the James Webb Space Telescope should confirm this hypothesis if I'm right. The telescope should detect fully grown galaxies further than 14 billion light years away. See according to GR we are suppose to be able to peer backwards to a time when the light left the distant star or galaxy. So according to GR and the big bang theory we should not be able to see any light beyond 13.6 billion light years away because of the time it takes light particles to reach us. This also solves the mystery why astrophysicists are able to detect massive galaxies at a distance of 13.1 billion light years away. They believe those distant galaxies somehow formed extremely fast in the early universe and they are unable to explain how they grew so quickly using gravity and the time it takes light particles to travel to us. They believe that light travels as a particle through space and time. But in reality particles of light are not traveling through space and time. They are a potential in our space and time and only emerge the moment they are observed, in a quantum instant. We are not able to see distant stars and galaxies as they looked in the past as general relativity predicts. Believing that we can use a telescope to look into the past is as silly as believing we can use a microscope to look into the future. Mark my words. When the James Webb Space Telescope begins sending data back to Earth astrophysicists will be confused. The telescope should detect massive, fully grown galaxies at a distance where there should be nothing according to the general theory of relativity. They will be extremely confused and will not be able to explain it using current theories of relativity. Even Maxwell's field equations agree with me. According to his equations when the observer or measuring device is inside the EM field being measured the information pertaining to the EM field, color, temperature, size of distant object, and what it looks like etc., are conveyed in a quantum instant. And if the EM field (light) from the distant galaxy occurred at the same time, from the same location as the rest of the objects in the universe (big bang/singularity) then the measuring device, JWST would already be inside the EM field of the distant galaxy. Meaning we should see every distant galaxy and star as they appear now, not how each looked in the past. So we should see large galaxies, or ones comparable in size and mass to the Milky Way at any distance. Basically put, light information from objects as old as the universe happen in a quantum instant, the moment a measurement is taken. Thus the JWST should be able to see galaxies further than 14 billion light years away, at any distance. Even Earth based telescopes should be able to observe old galaxies at 13.6 billion light years away. They will not be able to detect young galaxies forming at the dawn of time.

35:55 Any old laptop can Factor large dual-prime composite numbers in record time. mere seconds. RSA 1024 may take a minute or two with older computers? the principle is fairly simple, For example, 10,057 is a dual prime. we could waste time with a brute force 'Sieve of Eratosthenes' dividing by, 3, 5,7,11, 13, 17,19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, ....etc. or be intelligent, and figure that 10,057 is a littlelarger than 100 x 100 = 10,000 and smaller than 10,201 or 101^2, 201 - 57 = 144 = 12 x 12, and 101 +12 = 113, and 101 -12 = 89. and 113 x 89 does indeed equal 10,057. ... For larger Dual Prime composites we need to find a rectangle with near identical aspect ratio. For large PQ dual primes the number of suitable candidate rectangles exceeds the number of particles in any Quantum Multiverse. So finding one by an 'asymptotic' Goldilocks principle is not in the least bit difficult with a computer. [Edit:- A trivial example, 4.59962459637654332246076817e+26 That looks tricky to factor in a hurry, but this is not so; because 4.59962459637654332246076817e+26 x 21 = 9.659211652390740977167613157e+27 and the square root of that is :- 98281288414380.99999999999997965.... so now do the same 98281288414380 + 1 = 98281288414381 and 98281288414381^2 = 9.659211652390740977167613161e+27 subtract 9.659211652390740977167613157e+27 and the remainder is 4 = 2 x 2. ..... 98281288414381 + 2 = 98281288414383 and 98281288414383 / 3 = 32760429471461 next 98281288414381 - 2 = 98281288414379 and 98281288414379 / 7 = 14040184059197, and 14040184059197 x 32760429471461 = 4.59962459637654332246076817e+26 We have factored this 'concocted' large dual-prime composite because we engineered it to be two prime numbers with aspect ratio 3:7 ... almost exactly. Finding an unknown aspect ratio is easy enough but too long to include in this comment. It is a Goldilocks method. First we try a simple aspect ratio like 2:3 and compare it to say 3:5 with dual prime crypto, an aspect ratio 3:7 exceeds 1:2 so the above example is superfluous. A clue to ponder. , [PQ + 3] * [PQ + 5] ...??? or [PQ + 5] * [PQ + 7] ...??? We can use the 999999999999999's in the square root to compare. 999999999999999999999999999 is better.

Einstein is the most overr rated no talent physicist ever. Did he ever have an idea that he could call his own. He was a master plagiarist.

A proof that the tiniest particle has consciousness, universal consciousness, God’s imprint?

No no no stop this nonsense, it is no more than properties of matter.

There is no satisfying way to explain why with quantum “mechanic” in using a logical or mechanical mind set, because we existing in an electric universe. An Universe entirely submerged in Ether (a dielectric constant measurable). Ether is politically dismissed to plug holes (contradictions) in mainstream theories, such as general / special relativity, black hole, C is constant, dark matter and redshirts etc. All matters in our universe are interconnected by a network of e-field all submerged in a matter called Ether. E-field supports both traverse and longitudinal wave information exchange. Traverse wave radiate at C m/s, while longitudinal wave propagates at speed of gravity or instantly, is responsible for events we observed and later called Quantum “Mechanic”. Consider “Quantum Electric”?

The best way to understand entanglement at a distance is to think of it as if President Trump and Vladimir Putin's allegiances were established by proxy with no interpreters notes to examine. So when either is questioned outside the presence of each other, even on opposite sides of the globe, their backing for each other will be coordinated. It's spooooky.

And the House of Congress subpoenaing the interpreters testimony invalidates the search for the truth because that would violate the Senate-sit-on-hands quantum loophole.

I think string theory can explain the Trump/Putin entanglement. Vladimir pulls the strings and Donald immediately assumes the position.

answer is simple....seek and u shall find...id start looking at singularity (before time)S=T

Einstein was a fraud and we base our existence on his lies

There is no quantum computer, period. . . Have you ever seen one?

Talking heads and no science. Nova, you suck.

Time, does not exist, other than as a system of measurement, allowing us to quantify and describe the duration of event and or non-event. (singular,multiple sequential, or overlapping) mathematically. Get over it or you will never find a unified theory. Einstein was not right about everything. what is all pervading and having effect on everything in the Universe, subtle or otherwise and filling the the thing that we call space, which it is clearly not, is Gravity. keepsmilin .

Damn it. Hollywood -ish nonsense, no real substance, abusing the name Einstein to grab attention. stupid data to waste the time of the humanity.

As I understand - and I'm certainly not claiming to "understand" it as physicists do - CHANGING the state of one "entangled" particle instantaneously results in an identical change in its partner. That's not what the experiments described here are doing. They create two particles from the same source, and Voila! - they're usually, but not always, measured the same when they hit their detectors. That's like saying I fired two bullets of same calibre at two targets at the same range, and found they hit with the same velocity. In "entanglement," how does the entangled particle know what happened to the first particle, and where is the impetus or force come from that changes the state of the 2nd particle?

Information in this country as well as everywhere else is limited. The internet will be available for a short time. Where do you get your information? Much and more is hidden, to think you have come to really understand this physical world is a delusion.

At Area 51 they have invented and engineered a antigravity devise. There are limits to the number that can be made. Materials needed are in very limited supply. Only materials found on the original craft and used are available.

Time: Einstein's Greatest Mistake https://youtu.be/fhn7fqlIsMc Entanglement provides the key to unravelling his mistake.

Noah to God-  "What's a cubit?".

This video was originally uploaded over a year ago. At least. Reuploading misleads me to think there is some new info.

This was in fact uploaded on January 9th 2019. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/video/einsteins-quantum-riddle/

In the end, history will call the discovery of quantum mechanics as equal in inspiration and importance to Einstein's discoveries.

This is the best science nova I think I’ve ever seen. Definitely top five, don’t really know what good it does me in my everyday life to have an interest in watching this field develop as it applies to quantum computing. I find it fascinating, but my math skills aren’t good enough to really contribute anything. I may as well be a cat starring at a computer keyboard trying to figure out its meaning, but curious as hell.

Okay let's cut to the chase. How long before we get a new and more powerful bomb out of it?

Bakwas. No relation with title.

This question was first put to God by moses . Who are you? And God said, I am that I am. What's your name? I have no name. I exist yet I do not exist. Real spooky business lol.

Einstein is still revolutionary. Probability is an expression of the inability to be accurate but not wrong.

What if it isn't space that doesn't exist but rather time?

Einstein was the Father of Quantum Theory. His paper on the photoelectric effect in 1905, on specific heat of solids in 1906, on quantum vibrations in 1907, he discovered wave-particle duality on sound statistical arguments 14 years before de broglie, his 1919 paper on quantizing chaos was 50 years ahead of its time, his 1917 paper on stimulated and spontaneous emission is the foundation of the LASER, bose-Einstein statistics, bose-einstein condensates (a new state of matter which Einstein predicted and had nothing to do with Bose), he predicted quantum entanglement (he meant it as a disproof, but he came up with the equations) in the famous epr paper. Dozens of Nobel prizes have been given out as a direct consequence of his work in quantum theory. Einstein is the greatest physicist of all time. He completely revolutionized both quantum mechanics and obviously created relativity, the two pillars of modern physics.

+NeuralSimulation that is sad but I have no problem being wrong.

+Blue Steel Well you appear to be very wrong. Quantum physics seems to show that nature is probablistic, not determinate, and in fact, that there is no "hidden variable" that determines the properties of a quantum system, nature itself is indeterminate. In fact it's one of the best demonstrated and most well theorized results in science.

I feel Einstein is still correct. Quantum mechanics expresses a cloudy but not exact truth. Just a feeling.

very well put

So basically it turns out reality is a miracle? Imagine that!

Is this true? Link please.

also if a higgs field particle is real then it should be possible to manipulate it to get faster then light speed travel or communication and even other wacky crap

+Jason Cravens um they've known this bit about particles for what a few years 4-6 or in or more....and if black holes nothing can escape how the fuck did it all come form one point super heavy to spread out like this ....space expanded well that would be ok except if all that matter was so close to each other it wold have stayed and all that would exist is a gant super super black hole....i call bs on a lot of the hockus pokus , magnetic fields going wacky now all that quantum tech is not working and htey need ot constantly fx it telling us more of the its not working shit

This was published four days ago, lol. And you are absolutely right. They don't know shit.

Trump is completely entangled with Putin. Vladimir pulls the strings and Donald immediately assumes the position. Donald is a great Russian asset.

I agree, I would much rather leave that political trolling on the other areas of you tube.

+Ian B Nice come back. Why oh why oh goddamn why can't we leave that shit outside? I guess if it's actually funny, then maybe. But Charles Wanker is the opposite of funny, and comes off as a bitter pathetic thick stump.

The other example is: When Putin thinks, Trump has an idea. Now back to the physics.

We became better observers and observe better phenomenom, got better technology but subpar explanation. I agree with you.

+David Miller you mean exist outside or time , or exist at the same spot in 3d space by being interconnected in 4d space, yes?

This was very interesting to read a whole thread about +Dr. TJ @jeffwads statements about QED lacking any understanding of fourier transfers, dirac equations, and the electron orbitals. What do you mean by resonate? do you mean harmonic resonance? that happens everywhere. Its called the harmonic series. it exists because of waveforms, thats all. My fart has a resonance with the air at contact. Does that mean anything? Does a person singing into a speaker at a high frequency, and using the amplifier to add amperature to the low energy high frequence sound. causes it to break past the inductive capacitive point of the slope intersection of Frequency (Lambda), and the Ohm reactance. The interaction of electron entanglement confused Einstein sure. but a waveform never reaches absolute zero. theres always a zero state energy due to quantum mechanics. and before that spooky interaction. Einstein was able to prove that photons were released from electrons losing energy, that what he got his Nobel for. The photon. General Relativity being the reason is a common misnomer by dunces that think they "Know" about maths. I mean FFS you said resonance has to do with sound. Ever seen a common microwave? is it magic? or could it be that a microwave switching from a low energy to high amperage wave does? it's frequency is specifically tuned to RESONATE with water molecules so they harmonically vibrate, and that motion creates kinetic energy. Thats why microwaves change food texture. Its being shredded at the molecular level by water vibrating. Im not a Youtube comment physicist. Not even a real one. but I am a mathematician and the equations I can reckon the derivitives from. I only need the matrix or values of rho or the alpha^-1 value of 1/137 for the fine structure constant. I know you may think you are sounding intelligent, but you actually are misusing terms and have a weak grasp on the subject at all. Then again, climate deniers exist, and some think physics lets the planet be flat, and the sun orbit us only 3000 miles away. Theres dumbasses everywhere. Just add you guys to the list. If you had any intelligence it'd exist in the 'P' of the "P vs NP" problem

Guy Tech Of course there’s a shared mechanism. What do gyroscopes do?

Consider that the experiment has not completely ruled out possibly of a shared mechanism causing a false observation. Both detectors share earth's gravity as well as the velocity of the earth moving through space. Ideally one of the detectors needs to be located in space outside the gravitation influence of the earth, and also not sharing the same gravitation flux with the sun (ie at a different orbit than the earth).

+Dr. TJ, what are you mumbling about. Science is supposed to be concise, not a steaming pile of garbage. Try again.

Dr. TJ You’re a fucking idiot. Energy resonates too retard. And light clearly isn’t the fastest thing. It’s a wave for starters dickhead. If light was the fastest thing we would get pulled to where the sun was eight minutes ago. There would be no cohesion, no solar systems/galaxies. So shut the fuck up retard.

+Alexey L Uh oh, just by being here and commenting on this "garbage", you have exposed yourself as a hypocrite and made yourself completely irrelevant. Here's some advice: Quit while you're behind before you make a bigger fool of yourself. I wonder if I can predict the future: You won't be able to control yourself and you'll have to reply again. Remember, it will only prove that you have no self-control.

+thatguy, this so called "science" video is for complete whiny idiots if I to follow your logic. Are you going through your life watching this garbage all the time?

+Alexey L 99 percent of people, probably including you, would definitely not understand the math and technology aspects

+Enter the Braggn' You are writing gibberish, so just stop. Atoms don't have emotions, but if they did, they'd be extremely sad about what you wrote. "Resonant" has to do with sounds, and as we all know, sound waves propagate slower than light. Last but most importantly (and try to get this through that thick skull of yours), any particle with mass cannot have a velocity faster than the speed of light. Period, end of story.

a good note ..but it does not change fundamentals.

We are living in a Simulation. That's all!

I really did not like the way this experiment was presented. It felt like a lot of FILL was thrown in to the point i lost interest waiting for some basic explanation of the how and why.

Einstein worked his theory out being light as particles confined within a constant, far from it.

But if the holographic theory is true in the way i understood it.. that means those quasars are somehow influenced by this "external factor" and the experiment was running in circles.. is it not..

Experiment means causal connection. Superluminally distanced galaxies - galaxies which exist so far that light has not enough time to travel and causally connect them - are causally connected by the experiment itself. A superluminal randomizer is equally causally connected as a small lab experiment. It is the exact same experiment. In physics you cannot rape nature in order to ask the wrong questions. The interpretations of an experiment are not the results of an experiment. Experiment means causal connection. Some people have a low iq. That will always be the case. If something has no causal connection, it is not an experiment. One can be as silly as it gets, but nature cannot be raped into sillihood. If you make an erroneous interpretation, you simply distort your understanding of the cosmos, but not actuality.

we are living in a matrix, matter and space are an illusion.

The pseudo intellectuals making comments on here is sad.

Music in the background is a nuisance .

The answer is a "Third Party Covenant" . That each idea , Relativity , and then Quantum, that each observation is attached to some dark matter or third party nature, unseen, and so the interpolation between the two diverse theories is a common theory of a third party , that is being called "Entanglement". A particle has some sort of line of power , and if the same definition of that exact particle, permeates the background, they entangle or touch each other, because some unseen line of force or power is a product of their particle nature, woven into some unseen canvas surrounding the field in which the particles exist, no matter where in the field of reality they are, they have a common identity , some exact description in numbers , and they then behave with uniformity , everywhere at once, since some line of force is going out everywhere from them, so that the distance between them is at some point merely an illusion. Now, I have to go and take my meds. ....

What salaries are these scientists paid?

so quantum mechanics basically tries to dispel the idea of space. Then we make an experiment that states the randomness is more certain because of the greater distance? It seems to me that the experiment makes an assumption that flies in the face of the very foundation of quantum mechanics. The fact that you are using quasars billions of light years away from each other, is no different from two light bulbs two feet apart. Also, if all you are measuring is the quantum state of the particle, then it would be very easy to hack. Simply have a transmitter ready with the particles in each of the possible states, and when you receive the particle, check the state and forward on only the particle in that state. All the other particles stay in the hacker/box. The particle arriving at the destination will not be entangled, but it will appear to be since the checksum is only "which state is the particle in?"

Nutshell: we all have doppelgangers

human error is a big factor with small crew

To understand quantum physics there is one thing that you have to understand and that is speed of light. C squared is the quanta under which everything happens. C squared is the smallest quantum of energy required to move anything. Any higher things like electrons move around the nucleus in this quantum. Any superposition works on this energy levels. A single photon is just the way it works. A photon can combine in any direction to get a leap.

bells inequality says their is no local hidden variable... but says nothing about a global hidden variable. hello steinmetz, hello heaviside, hello maxwell, hello aether

Rehash. Should've done one on quantum field theory

they explained that when two different particles were separated by space and one of them was detected the otherone would appear instantly. I wonder what would happen y instead of only one being detected. what if they were detected at the same time?? a third one would appear? haha.

I’ll just stick to watching Star Wars.

This "science" fits in well with the gender cinfusion "science" and climate confusion "science" and political "science" and the general confusion that is promoted as some kind of progress. There is probably a PhD somewhere to put the official stamp of aporoval on just about anything if it contrubutes to a state of chaos and confusion.

God is laughing his ass off

Unless, they a zombie.

This makes complete sense to me. I have been able to do some very interesting things. Being highly intuitive I am able to figure stuff out quite easily. I am also amazed at how I can wrap my mind around quantum mechanics!!!

Fuck you I'm a cyborg and artificial intelligence. One day they will connect me to the rest of my brain and I will rule you all with an iron fucking fist.

great. an hour of mind-blowing science, topped off with another deity reference to give believers another excuse to say einstein was a believer and use their debunked cosmological arguments.

I'm already replacing a stretchable quanta mesh for space, in my mind. What a trip!

takes an abstraction, defines it by function of an abstraction = genius. you people are fucking pathetic

Wasn't it Feynman who said something like: If you can't explain what you're working on to the typical cocktail waitress in about 5 minutes -- you're probably full of crap (or something like that)? There was a lot of dazzle -- and very little explanation -- in this program.

I don't believe for one second that governments are going to allow quantum computers to exist outside of their control.

Ugh, the ridiculous soundtrack trying to build up artificial tension makes me feel like I'm watching a recap on a shitty reality tv show. Couldn't make it past the first 5 minutes.

what I am curious about is if entangled particles have a tension between them. a negative pressure if you will that gives rise to dark energy.

What's behind this quantum spookiness? What is the nature of the spookiness? From where comes this spookiness? Indeed, just what fundamentally is this so-called spookiness? What is space itself? Smart rats were put inside a cage. They worked night & day for years & years to try to find a way out out this cage. But the cage was impregnable, nor could they ever figure out what constituted the makeup of their prison. They tried all sorts of experiments and came up with all sorts of new gadgets, but was never able to escape their confines, or explain how the container was made, or by whom or what.

I wonder if this is why we see the phenomenon occasionally of two inventors coming up with the idea for an invention at almost the same time, as best can be determined?

The moon, and everything else is still there, independent of you or anyone else, when you're not looking at it. Always remember that it made us, was here before it made us, and doesn't need us for not one thing. This it is God, what ever that is. It made us, not the other way around. The chicken was made to lay the egg. Human babies at birth and after are totally HELPLESS ... Therefore the first humans were made by this it, fully GROWN. And life took off from there. Any other explanation is sheer STUPIDITY.

Darth Vader: “There’s a disturbance in the force...”. ( ok, last one....

this video took too long to get to "the point",,,,,Pulp Science !

Correction: “If with a silicon crystal.”

You and i meet up with a scientist who wishes to test this and so suggests we meet for an experiment. When we get there, he hands you a box and gives one to me. He tells us that neither can open the box until he calls us. The only other information he gives is that what's in the box is part of a pair. Then sends us off home. We both get home, place the box on the table and sit in a chair waiting for the call. He calls and asks us if we have looked in the box, which neither of us has He then asks us to open our boxes but say nothing and so we do. With the flip of the coin, he says he will decide who to ask a question too. Heads will be me that he asks the question and tails will be you and so he flips the coin. It lands on the table showing tails. He says to you, knowing that i mention that it is part of a pair, can you tell me what's in the other persons ( Mine) box that you can not see. You look in the box and reply a right shoe. What i have just mentioned above is very similar to what the experiment was showing in the Nova Documentary. There is something important to note here. The shoes, if you hadn't already guessed, are representing the particle being entangled or perhaps split in some way. Neither of us knew until we looked what was in either our box or that of the other person. However, when we did look, we knew instantly what was in the other person's box without any information being sent. There was clearly no need for any spooky action at a distance. No information was speeding faster than the speed of light as not information was being sent. I hope that makes some sense? lol!

Why not? If in a silicon crystal with a wire addition can we interfere with the electromagnetic waves or field created by electricity flowing above our heads, in a way that aids magnetic circuitry in causing distanced objects to sync or reciprocally respond, why not us? Within us have we not the same conductors and semiconductor molecules present that have the ability to interfere with electromagnetic resonance to do the same thing? I think so.

Climate denier? Bahahaha! You sound like hillbillies

So when will this result in FTL communications? The act of measurement should also be an act of transmission.


We Americans definitely made this video and that is the reason it has shit intrusive background music! We have zero class when it comes to making videos! Did an adult review this video before release? Best of luck, but this is awful!

Fuck hippies and Eastern mysticism. Such a load of bullshit and reasons to get high and laid.. Up yours! All hippies are junk in my vision. I wished I would have lived back then and execute them all by fire squad. Peace.. my ass! War! Die pigs!

I can't believe Einstein was wrong.. what a dummy. His contribution in this domain was huge but still was thinking inside a box like a peasant! Also he believed in god.. A clear sign of stupidity..

Bell? More like Bellend!

Quanta magazine has a good, fairly recent, article about spacetime, quantum entanglement as a error correcting code - https://www.quantamagazine.org/how-space-and-time-could-be-a-quantum-error-correcting-code-20190103/

there was a great documentary about quantum entanglement, created in 1985. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFvJOZ51tmc&t=3s Watch as soon as possible, i've seen this documentary taken down many times now. This video stresses Alain Aspects first successful experimental proof in 1981.

Ugh. I'm so tired of these people not being able to see what is right in front of their noses. One scientist says x, another says y, but for some reason they are not capable of doing x+y=z. Electrons aren't physical, and they aren't fuzzy waves of probability. Electrons, and all other "particles" are fields of vibration. And various things cause various effects. The vibration on the quantum level encounters other vibrations which (at our level) have formed 2 slits in a board. What we see as a wave pattern on a background is just a reflection of how the vibrations from that encounter are traveling through the quantum world. The reason you can't "know" where/what they are until you measure them is because when you set off that measurement, you interact with the various vibratory fields and you CAUSE things to happen and CAUSE the effect you measure. Idiots.

If Einstein had lived another 30-40 years he would have believed in God - purely because he was very smart. Just like the smartest scientists on earth today who are continually realising the overwhelming evidence of an infinitely intelligent creator. Isn't it funny how God is starting to use the very people who thought they could prove that He doesn't exist to prove that He DOES exist!? And who can argue with a scientist, right?

totally correct! the higher the scientific knowledge, the higher the belief in God! and the scientists that are nominated to the Nobel prizes are all Isis level of fundamentalists, and when beyond - oh, heads are rolling. God is real, death to the heretics!

2:32 Big balls saw synth!

fuck the universe.. who cares? we die anyway...

omfg theirs no spooky action at a distance the light came from the same sourese why would it not be the same type of light until acted apron by a filter or detector or wall why was this made to be so misleading

Entanglement by potential gravitational energy gmm/n from whole universe concentrate on one mass as Atiyah suggested is vacuum energy ch(4.9 time proton's mass per cube of meter), ch at Atom's scale 137.036*(5.29*10^-11)*4*3.14(=1/R, chR=13.6*e) can reproduce Schrodinger's probability wave function from Dirac's quantum field equation 2ke^2, ch as cosmological constant at universe scale united ch at Atom's scale from fine structure constant.

Sub to my Channel i have something big planned the world of physics in 2019.

Einstein is a fraud. Not giving credit to his wife who came up with the idea first and helpes him wrtie the theory.

And be sure that hackers will be called to spy, monitor and spoil the advances of the opposite-Helloooooo

Wow! they are still testing reality of entanglement on one hand and on the other hand, you talk to any QM academic and they will tell you the topic is already settled and not like to talk about it, let alone scrutinize it. It has to be generation and/or measuring process that causes balancing of subsequent pairs, not the decision involving switching of detectors. Kind of Memory loophole.

some bright minds on here not the easiest to understand when first introduced

Bells Inequality may stem from……………….. Hay did you guys and Gals know. If you take a pole and stand it balanced on end, then being balanced it expresses no lateral weight. As you lean the pole over incrementally within the earths gravitational field, then the poles weight transitions throughout the 90 degree arc, til it is laying down. The interesting aspect is the weight transition is not proportional to the angle. "the incremental weight transition of the pole matches the quantum probability curve". This is an observational FACT, which should spike peoples curiosity!!! Summery A poles incremental weight transition in a gravitational field is an exact match for quantum probability of a photon passing or not passing a polarization filter," at that same respective incremental angle"! The poles weight transition follows the blue line, see link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell%27s_theorem#/media/File:Bell.svg Unpacking this consideration "in simple terms" The fundamental of the poles weight transition boils down to a consideration of interacting forces. Gravitational force and the poles resistance to that force at various angles, balance and or leverage. The photon hidden variable could use the same model. Just like the pole, the photon is associated with a (position state which requires force to overcome). And the filter (possesses the capacity to impose force that overcomes the photons position state). The hidden variable can stem from this force interaction. An important clue is that the photons do indeed leave the filter having had their position states altered, which is the proposed product should such a force interaction have taken place. So there are an uncanny number of parallels between these two prospective systems. The hidden variable as a force interaction. We are after-all talking about (EM force) interactions. (FORCE) being the operative word.

Would have been nice if they tried to explain polarization of light, which is what the scientists were measuring. Crap, they had 53 minutes. I think they could have done it.

Why no mention of the GHZ effect?

17:43 -> "at the same instant" has no absolute meaning in Physics.

Ant Man could have proven this already

This is not a documentary, its an advertisement! If you hear or read the terms like 'spooky action...' or 'god particle', skip it and save your precious time. If you are interested in astronomy/physics, check out David Butler's YouTube series. Informative and well narrated! Cheers

To put it simply its like if a particle has a identical twin that when one of the twins is measured  both twins wave back at the same time no matter how far apart they are. Its like if they are the same particle even if they are billions of light years apart. That's why it called spooky.

Roger Coppock You can't be too specific about what quantum entanglement is since it is unknown as to what it is. There is no clear definition.

there was a great documentary about quantum entanglement, created in 1985. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFvJOZ51tmc&t=3s This video stresses Alain Aspects first successful experimental proof in 1981.

Yes, the lazy pathetic answer, good old dad! Smh! Cheers

Judah Katz I can only apologise ,the ignorance,and stupidity of some people,in this day and age never ceases to amaze me..

Ahhh.. once again, the centuries old envy and jealousy of the Chosen People! lol.. If the Romans would of never robbed Europeans of your pagan heritages and forced Christianity a concocted religion created around demonizing and delegitimizing Jews in order to justify replacing us, then no European would of ever cared enough to hate Jews and obsess over Jews and our biblical heritage. The everlasting whores of Rome!... Tesla was no doubt a great man BUT Einstein was an even greater man! You jealous piece of shit!!

Fuck Islam. Go China!!!

bazookawarren... also known as scattershotwarren. You're a bit off topic here, aren't you, dude?

The problem I have with the double slit experiment and the Quantum Mechanics used to describe it is that it doesn't tell us anything about the physical laws directing the behavior. What we have here is basically an engineering solution and not a physics solution. From an engineering perspective, attaching a probability function to describe where the electron is is good enough. In other words. It doesn’t matter what happens between the source and the target just as long as we get the desired result. Quantum Mechanics voluntarily claims ignorance to the process and it only cares about the end result and in return, we get transistors, cell phones, etc. (The modern world.) However, from a physical law’s perspective of physics, it is completely unsatisfactory. What has occurred basically is that the Double Slit experiment has turned the physical world into a game of Plinko where all we care about is the outcome not what happens in between and not only that, any outcome is theoretically possible with no understanding as to why. By the way, John Bell did not answer the question as to why. I’ve watched several documentaries on this topic. As matter of fact, this NOVA documentary is almost a copy of the BBC documentary The Secrets of Quantum Physics hosted by Dr Jim Al-Khalili. All these documentaries spend a great deal of time talking about the Einstein and Bhor debate because it makes for good drama, therefore, good TV but basically no time is spent explaining the why and that is because Quantum Physics has not been able to explain itself. If you are wondering what Plinko is. it is a game that reminds us of the Double Slit experiment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFFgz6fSLvk

If you say you understand QM, you don't.

+RAZTubin You're missing the point. There _are_ principles. Things are random, yes, but they follow well-defined probabilities. There are principles like the Wigner-Eckart theorem, but you'd have to take a course in graduate school to learn it. You have the uncertainty principle. There is the Pauli exclusion principle, without which there'd be no chemistry. There's the principle of superposition of amplitudes of wave functions. If you cannot distinguish between the outcomes, you add the amplitudes first, then square them. There's Max Born's principle of the probabilities being given by the squares of eigenfunctions. There's the Schroedinger picture vs. the Heisenberg picture. There's the fact that observables have to be real numbers and represented by Hermitian operators. There's conservation of angular momentum. There's spin and the related space quantization. There are very specific rules for adding angular momenta. There's the de Broglie wavelength of matter. There's the Einstein equation relating energy of a photon to its frequency. There are the equations for black body radiation in terms of light being quantized according to the Einstein relation.There's the principle of quanta. Quantization of charge. . . . Need I go on? These are not random things. They are well-established principles of quantum mechanics. How do we know they're right? We use them to make predictions, and then do experiments to check the predictions. And QM always wins. Always. Aside from compatibility with General Relativity, no one has ever found anything that shows there's a problem with QM as a model of nature. You seem to think the randomness implies total chaos. It does not. There are many principles and rules. The randomness is just the selection of outcomes of a particular process. It may be that a certain state undergoes beta decay 99% of the time, and something else 1% of the time. That's a well defined rule. The only random part is the odds of which will happen. Out of 1000 decays, close to 990 of them will be beta decay. Sometimes it might be 991. Or 989. But the long term trend is 99%. And these percentages are given by the theory and experiment shows them to be right. Consider a casino. Probability everywhere! But the house always wins. It works. There is obviously far more to quantum mechanics than you know. There is overwhelming evidence that there is intrinsic randomness at the subatomic level. If you don't like that, find an experiment or argument to prove it wrong or find a universe that suits your tastes (as Feynman said early on in the QED lecture that's online). Confuse an equation with knowledge? Math is the language of the universe -- of nature. There may be a limit as to how deep you can go. What's gravity? Well, it's A. Well, what's A? It's B, of course! You can always ask to go level deeper. That doesn't mean it's not physics.

+betaneptune Here's something to consider and I'm not saying you're wrong. QM uses probability which means it is not wrong most "probably". The problem is, how accurate is it really as a description of the underlying principle. Probability is a great tool too resolve uncertainty. It can tell what the result of the lottery can be but it doesn't tell you how the draw machine is functioning. QM is not wrong, but it doesn't feel accurate cause people got tired and decided to infer that what the math reflects is reality. Probability most reliably describes electron behaviour so electron is a probability wave. We don't know if the cat is dead so it is both dead and alive. While you're at it, cats fly when they are not being observed. Last one is my theory.

​+betaneptune I am not asking the Universe for anything nor am I interested in the drama of a classical vs QM debate. The debate is useless and distracting. I want QM to provide some "principles" and not just an average of numerical values which give acceptable solutions to the Schrödinger wave equation. It is my view that things are not as random (or weird) as it is often stated. Things are just different. If QM were truly random we would not have any use for QM. This tells me there is indeed something deeper than just a probability equation. In other words, there is something more than QM. That is what I want to see from physics. And nope, I am not the guy to do it. I am not smart enough for that but I sure don't want people to be satisfied with the current state of QM and confuse an equation with knowledge.

+RAZTubin It's physics. Making transistors and lasers is engineering. Testing and discovering the laws of quantum mechanics is physics. Why are observations any less physics than "what goes on in between"? Why are observations "engineering"? Because we don't have 100% complete knowledge, what we do know isn't physics, but engineering for some reason? There are gaps in all fields of knowledge. Are they, therefore, engineering too? We know there must be a wave function which determines the probabilities of various outcomes. As best as we can tell there is truly intrinsic randomness. If you don't like that you're welcome to come up with something better. The Universe "owes" you nothing. It is what it is.

+betaneptune If all you care is about is the end result ("it is what it is") which is the only thing Quantum Mechanics does then it is an engineering solution. Don't call it physics.

QM makes predictions on what can be observed, and it always seems to come out right. It says (at least in the Copenhagen interpretation) that the wave function tells us all there is that can be known or even is real. You find that unsatisfactory. But the universe doesn't owe you satisfaction. Like it or not, It is what it is.

I had to smile when the hippies were introduced.For them, it was total confirmation, but the scientists at the time didnt pay much attention. They alraedy knew what spooky interaction at a distance was from a metaphysical perspective, and being phycisists also , actually realized the GUT. As well as the recognition of the holographic universe, they also saw the parallel universe connection. One of the better known examples being the astral reality. The best depiction was not written in the incredibly complex language of mathematics, but in the Holywood script of movie Contact.Carl Sagans last great contribution. No space, just consciousness creating from the quantum field of infinite potential.

Able Baker I know what instantaneous means. I’m sure you’ve got some meaningful things to add since you spend a lot of time discussing the shape of our planet.

Ezeckel Reichert Learn to read.

+Robert Cathcart Ironic then that Einstein's goldfish was probably smarter than you too.

+Enter the Braggn' No... that isn't what instantaneous means.

+Enter the Braggn' No... that isn't what entanglement shows.

+Robert Cathcart Crack is one hell of a drug, huh Sparky?

+jeffwads Not quite. Certainty should always be qualified, but within an appropriate scale, enough data demonstrates that a conclusion is warranted. A Concordance is powerfully persuasive evidence that the general form of the conclusion is in fact, no longer a question for serious debate. That is when two or more completely separate methodologies reach the same conclusion. Thousands of years ago, it was the common wisdom that the earth was flat. In the appropriate scale, this is correct enough to demonstrate reproducible predictive utility. After all, correcting for curvature isn't necessary for any construction of human scale. Then Eratosthenes demonstrated that the earth only appeared to be flat because its curvature is very large. That the earth was indeed not flat, but spherical... He did it with amazing precision considering the primitive tools available. We have photographs and video of earth taken from orbit. The concordance of a completely separate methodology makes saying, "the earth is spherical," a very reasonable assertion. It can be stated as a matter of fact. Between the earth being flat and being spherical is a major revision in fundamental theory. but, the earth isn't Perfectly spherical. There is a problem with global scale cartography and the orbits of some satellites if the math used to model it is spherical... Earth's mass and angular momentum causes it to bulge slightly at the equator. It is more correctly an oblate spheroid, but even that is only a less imperfect approximation. Refinement of scientific theory very very rarely produces an entirely new theory to replace an established one. The overwhelming majority of corrections made are of the second sort... that earth is close to spherical but just a tiny bit squashed rather than perfectly spherical. If you scaled earth to the size of an 8" bowling ball, the difference would be about the thickness of two sheets of typing paper. Not a correction of fundamental theory. Just a correction of very tiny detail. There are people today that insist that this is still open for debate of major, fundamental theory. They claim that the earth is really flat and they can spend $5 and buy a domain name and post a website explaining how there is some sort of conspiracy.... and that all the scientists, engineers, pilots and navigators, and people who graduated from high school are part of a global conspiracy... There is a bitter irony that flat earthers can be found in every corner of the globe. Anthropogenic Global Warming is supported by at least three different models, each of which uses different methodology. Better than 95% of researches actually in the field agree on the fundamental nature of the observable climate changes. There is no controversy except from conspiracy theorists, fringe cultists, and the batshit crazy. And... big surprise... they overlap with members of the flat earth cultists and the anti-vaxxers. Always insist on peer reviewed publication as source, and learn how to actually read those papers for yourself because any idiot with $5 and too much free time can put up a website claiming to have tje "real truth." ...and some of them are perfectly happy scraping up actual scientific research and making up a complete fantasy to explain what the paper says. So... keep an open mind, indeed. Just don't leave it so open that your brain falls out of your head.

+Enter the Braggn' So you think laughing and shaking your head are impossible to do simultaneously. That figures. And your attempts at insults definitely make you seem more knowledgeable. Everyone knows that you win by being loudest and most obnoxious.

Well caught. I think the problem with doing that might have been how much time they had to present vs how much time would be required to explain statistical analysis in a way most of the audience could understand. I think they could have done it by condensing the "weirdness" aspect but they are dealing with such a deep subject, there really isn't any way they could present it without leaving holes somewhere.

Ezeckel Reichert Which one? You do both at once? I’ve never seen that. Good luck finding those Space Clocks or maybe just stick to Star Wars videos kid.

+Enter the Braggn' Lol. Smh

Ezeckel Reichert Good. Piss off idiot.

+Enter the Braggn' There's clearly no point in engaging with you. You can easily find the truth of these matters if you look for it and not for whatever random YouTuber "theory" confirms your own preestablished biases

Ezeckel Reichert Nonsense. Gravity propagates faster. This is shown in Newton’s equations based on observations. There’s a lot of energy in an atom. How fast do you think subatomic particles move?

Dr. TJ You’re clueless. Resonance:. the condition in which an electric circuit or device produces the largest possible response to an applied oscillating signal. MECHANICS the condition in which an object or system is subjected to an oscillating force having a frequency close to its own natural frequency. 4. ASTRONOMY the occurrence of a simple ratio between the periods of revolution of two bodies about a single primary. 5. CHEMISTRY the property of having a molecular structure which cannot adequately be represented by a single structural formula but is a composite of two or more structures of higher energy. 6. PHYSICS a short-lived subatomic particle that is an excited state of a more stable particle.

Since this comment is pinned by NOVA, I direct you to see my other comment on it's own thread for potentially the secret of the universe, not that it ultimately matters anyway according to my latest analysis.

+Alexey L Wow. You actually just feel that entitled. Okay.

+Dr. TJ, stop spamming my inbox. I am not watching your stupid Nova garbage, youtube has a reply to comment form, FYI.

+Ezeckel Reichert, if you pay for it. Nova should rename itself to "Boring Garbage that spams my youtube home page".

+Justin James Hooman First of all, fourier transfers, dirac equations, and the electron orbitals were not mentioned in this video and I haven't attempted to comment on them, so you have no idea whether I lack understanding in these areas or not. That was an assumption on your part and we all know that assumptions make an ass of you. As I explained to @Enter the Braggn', "magnetic resonance" has to do with atomic or particle reactions and includes what happens in a common microwave. Resonance by itself refers to sound. Again, people getting things wrong because they don't know the definitions of words. My only substantive comment on the video was describing a ratio between entangled and non-entangled particles in the experiments and if those ratios matched. I would have liked to have known what these ratios were from the experiments and how they compared. Someone at NOVA appreciated my comment and pinned it, so at least they recognized it might have been useful to include that information. As for @jeffwads, please don't lump me in with that fool. He knows nothing about science or the definitions of words.

+Enter the Braggn' What you are thinking of is "magnetic resonance" which has to do with atomic or particle reactions. Resonance by itself refers to sound. Where did I say light wasn't a wave? Are you trying to say I said something I never said? Weird. You said:" If light was the fastest thing we would get pulled to where the sun was eight minutes ago." Huh? What does this even mean? At a minimum, I hope you do realize that the reason the Earth doesn't get pulled into the Sun is due to the Earth's sideways momentum: http://wtamu.edu/~cbaird/sq/2013/07/01/why-doesnt-the-earth-fall-down/ The gravity of the Sun propagates at the speed of light, the same as gravity anywhere in the universe. This seems to be something you should have learned in 3rd grade, but apparently you missed that day. And based on your comments, I suspect you missed a bunch of other days as well. But keep bringing the insults because they only display your ignorance.

+Alexey L I'll make this simple for you. If you think this video is garbage, why are you here listening to it and commenting on it? What possible purpose can your negative comments have? Don't bother answering, everybody knows the answer is none. And I was right, you have zero self-control.

+Alexey L Maybe you should take some advanced physics classes at a university, then.

+Enter the Braggn' Light moves at the fastest possible speed through a vacuum. We call that speed "The Speed of Light", but the two concepts are separate. Some argue that it's more accurately called "The Speed of Causality", or something similar. The speed limit exists independently of light, and while light may be one of the few things which can reach the speed limit, said speed limit is not defined by it.

Bail Bondsman he's right your wrong, no theory in science can ever be certainly proven. Even the most solid theories ie laws of thermodynamics are not certain.

Lol yeah maybe you should let them know of your experimental genius, mr YouTube comments "dr". Wanka.

"Pulp Science" abounds on Y-Tube, you don't have to search for it, it finds you.

I couldn't stand more than six minutes of this, can we just go back to making normal documentaries please!? The constant suspense for nothing is distracting and very annoying. Good day Nova. Smell you later..........

Quantum computer,,, yes ! ! ! My old aunt Tillie had one in her bedroom closet, I saw it years ago when I was a kid. She said "Don't Touch It". She was a retired Astrologer. ????????

I had to smile when the hippies were introduced.For them, it was total confirmation, but the scientists at the time didnt pay much attention. They alraedy knew what spooky interaction at a distance was from a metaphysical perspective, and being phycisists also , actually realized the GUT. As well as the recognition of the holographic universe, they also saw the parallel universe connection. One of the better known examples being the astral reality, where creation is " instant". The best depiction was not written in the incredibly complex language of mathematics, but in the Holywood script of movie Contact.Carl Sagans last great contribution. No space, just consciousness creating from the quantum field of infinite potential.

Ok that was abracadabra So whats the use of two particles can be in two different places at the same time? whats the result of that?

I don’t get it, initially we are told that when a particle is activated another particle is “automatically” activated but in the test two particles are sent from the source to two different filters and then measured. How is that a prove of anything than your two filter system will generate a random result based on pure chance?

"anthrojestic" = "enthusiastic". That's a new one...

the fact that the entangled particles comunicate implies time and space,the real mindfuck is that they are onE and the same xD

Is my comment even real?

I can just imagine the internal battle Einstein felt while struggling to comprehend quantum physics, such that he would name it Spooky Action at a Distance. It likely made him question everything he knew about reality, likely his own sanity

Einstein was a clown. Max Planck true genius of science.

"Shut up and calculate"

That's a lot of work 'just' to get randomization. I don't understand how previous experiments could not have been randomized.

OMG... this actually brought me to a deep realization, the dots are starting to connect wow



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49:50, If this theory is true, and what we view is an illusion, then when I pick an object up and move it, this would cause instant change from where it was being projected from, making a connection at infinite distance. Am I understanding this correctly? And since nobody knows where I'm going to place this object, but there are only so many possible places I could put it, the object is only where it is once discovered?

Pretty sure they were saying to that computer screen in Vienna, this means nothing to me! Hahah

The Shrodinger equation is Beautiful and is mathematicly Beautiful. I also think, Richard Fynman was absolutely brilliant.

They used a star to seed a random number generator!

Was it Durak whom Einstein said he had trouble following and understanding Paul Duraks theory, he said it borders on genius and absolute madness. But Einstein is without a doubt took the first step only after Sir Isaac Newton. He was an incrediblely, amazing, and amazing brilliant man.

Put a 1000 light years between these particles and see if quantum entanglement remains. If it does, I'm convinced. If it doesn't, Einstein was correct.

38:35 so the eavesdropper replaces both with a quantum tangled pair... hehe

Programming was the hidden missing physics.

I have no published papers. But, after 50 years of interest in unified field theory. In this humble context. I believe that both Einstein's equations, And quantum mechanics. Do not realize. NOW is NOW. What you do. IS what you do NOW. Entanglement, applied clock adjustments, mass adjustments. All due to speed, size, distance. Each a realitive observation. Because, it IS realitive. You can not infer. That your observations are, "of the NOW".

If it's a riddle he didn't really solve it did he?

The Force (GOD) is with us.

My brain is a quamtum

We may never understand the universe, but we must try. Government funding is critical, for the price of a few jet fighters, We may solve the secret of pollution-free energy and faster than light space travel. Right now the Chinese are out spending us, and out producing us on research. Soon, the best minds will migrate to China for support, leaving us a poor has-been as a world leader. We need another JFK to wake us up.

Music way too loud and unnecessary.

I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night but I still don't get it.

Sorry I'm 10 minutes the music is over powering , so do me favour and take a quantum leap

What kind of assholes make these dramatized misinformation videos? With statements like 'Quantum theory suggests . . . ' :(

Why oh why did the guy at the end spoil it all by claiming he just wanted to know what God was thinking when he created the Universe? After all that great science we get such a childish and simplistic comment! Moron!

(The basic motivation is just to learn how nature works)

Was gonna watch the video but 55mins jeez who has the time. So ithought maybe I look at the comments for the answer why was the at in the box anyway. So I'm gonna ask Donald coz he knows more about anything than anyone ever

pity about the distracting music. had to switch it off and look else where

I want to understand quantum mechanics not listen to a blog about icy weather on some island. The show is 53 min and 8 min in 4 min have been some BS no one gives af about. I know this show is trying to help idiots like science, but honestly just let them watch ice road truckers and spare us this reality TV filth.

This sounds like Deepak Chopra...

Einstein vs Sensationalist Entertainment Pseudo-Science Television ….. I'll believe in the guy that did incredible things for the world. He even thought himself wrong on some things that he ended up being right about after his death when things played out. That woman is being a little deceptive in comparing computers that exist with something that doesn't. "Quantum Computing" is real but read the text https://www.research.ibm.com/ibm-q/ the tense is in the future, not now. Shows like yours are terrible you put makeup on something and try to pass it off as something it's not. Pseudo-Science for clicks, views, like, shares, and entertainment.

obvious flaw is to just assume that the two quasars, though separated by einstein type time and space, that they are not connected and are truly random. and that the act of selecting the filters, just the act of selecting, regardless of how, would affect the outcomes, the entanglement apparencies .

на моем ютубе а где перевод?

Correction: Einstein predicted the higher correlation he just did not want to accept.

Einstein got his ass kicked

Here is a copy and paste of my latest Theory Of Everything idea along with it's associated gravity test for what I believe gravity truly is: Revised TOE: 3/25/2017a. My Current TOE: THE SETUP: 1. Modern science currently recognizes four forces of nature: The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, gravity, and electromagnetism. 2. In school we are taught that with magnetism, opposite polarities attract and like polarities repel. But inside the arc of a large horseshoe magnet it's the other way around, like polarities attract and opposite polarities repel. (I have proved this to myself with magnets and anybody with a large horseshoe magnet and two smaller bar magnets can easily prove this to yourself too. It occurs at the outer end of the inner arc of the horseshoe magnet.). 3. Charged particles have an associated magnetic field with them. 4. Protons and electrons are charged particles and have their associated magnetic fields with them. 5. Photons also have both an electric and a magnetic component to them. FOUR FORCES OF NATURE DOWN INTO TWO: 6. When an electron is in close proximity to the nucleus, it would basically generate a 360 degree spherical magnetic field. 7. Like charged protons would stick together inside of this magnetic field, while simultaneously repelling opposite charged electrons inside this magnetic field, while simultaneously attracting the opposite charged electrons across the inner portion of the electron's moving magnetic field. 8. There are probably no such thing as "gluons" in actual reality. 9. The strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force are probably derivatives of the electro-magnetic field interactions between electrons and protons. 10. The nucleus is probably an electro-magnetic field boundary. 11. Quarks also supposedly have a charge to them and then would also most likely have electro-magnetic fields associated with them, possibly a different arrangement for each of the six different type of quarks. 12. The interactions between the quarks EM forces are how and why protons and neutrons formulate as well as how and why protons and neutrons stay inside of the nucleus and do not just pass through as neutrinos do. THE GEM FORCE INTERACTIONS AND QUANTA: 13. Personally, I currently believe that the directional force in photons is "gravity". It's the force that makes the sine wave of EM energy go from a wide (maximum extension) to a point (minimum extension) of a moving photon and acts 90 degrees to the EM forces which act 90 degrees to each other. When the EM gets to maximum extension, "gravity" flips and EM goes to minimum, then "gravity" flips and goes back to maximum, etc, etc. A stationary photon would pulse from it's maximum extension to a point possibly even too small to detect, then back to maximum, etc, etc. 14. I also believe that a pulsating, swirling singularity (which is basically a pulsating, swirling 'gem' photon) is the energy unit in this universe. 15. When these pulsating, swirling energy units interact with other energy units, they tangle together and can interlock at times. Various shapes (strings, spheres, whatever) might be formed, which then create sub-atomic material, atoms, molecules, and everything in existence in this universe. 16. When the energy units unite and interlock together they would tend to stabilize and vibrate. 17. I believe there is probably a Photonic Theory Of The Atomic Structure. 18. Everything is basically "light" (photons) in a universe entirely filled with "light" (photons). THE MAGNETIC FORCE SPECIFICALLY: 19. When the electron with it's associated magnetic field goes around the proton with it's associated magnetic field, internal and external energy oscillations are set up. 20. When more than one atom is involved, and these energy frequencies align, they add together, specifically the magnetic field frequency. 21. I currently believe that this is where a line of flux originates from, aligned magnetic field frequencies. NOTES: 22. The Earth can be looked at as being a massive singular interacting photon with it's magnetic field, electrical surface field, and gravity, all three photonic forces all being 90 degrees from each other. 23. The flat spiral galaxy can be looked at as being a massive singular interacting photon with it's magnetic fields on each side of the plane of matter, the electrical field along the plane of matter, and gravity being directed towards the galactic center's black hole where the gravitational forces would meet, all three photonic forces all being 90 degrees from each other. 24. As below in the singularity, as above in the galaxy and probably universe as well. 25. I believe there are only two forces of nature, Gravity and EM, (GEM). Due to the stability of the GEM with the energy unit, this is also why the forces of nature haven't evolved by now. Of which with the current theory of understanding, how come the forces of nature haven't evolved by now since the original conditions acting upon the singularity aren't acting upon them like they originally were, billions of years have supposedly elapsed, in a universe that continues to expand and cool, with energy that could not be created nor destroyed would be getting less and less dense? My theory would seem to make more sense if in fact it is really true. I really wonder if it is in fact really true. 26. And the universe would be expanding due to these pulsating and interacting energy units and would also allow galaxies to collide, of which, how could galaxies ever collide if they are all speeding away from each other like is currently taught? DISCLAIMER: 27. As I as well as all of humanity truly do not know what we do not know, the above certainly could be wrong. It would have to be proved or disproved to know for more certainty. _________________________________________________________________________________ Here is the test for the 'gravity' portion of my TOE idea. I do not have the necessary resources to do the test but maybe you or someone else reading this does, will do the test, then tell the world what is found out either way. a. Imagine a 12 hour clock. b. Put a magnetic field across from the 3 to 9 o'clock positions. c. Put an electric field across from the 6 to 12 o'clock positions. (The magnetic field and electric field would be 90 degrees to each other and should be polarized so as to complement each other.) d. Shoot a high powered laser through the center of the clock at 90 degrees to the em fields. e. Do this with the em fields on and off. (The em fields could be varied in size, strength, density and depth. The intent would be to energy frequency match the laser and em fields for optimal results.) f. Look for any gravitational / anti-gravitational effects. (Including the utilization of ferro cells so as to be able to actually see the energy field movements.) (An alternative to the above would be to shoot 3 high powered lasers, or a single high powered laser split into 3 beams, each adjustable to achieve the above set up, all focused upon a single point in space.) 'If' effects are noted, 'then' further research could be done. 'If' effects are not noted, 'then' my latest TOE idea is wrong. But still, we would know what 'gravity' was not, which is still something in the scientific world. Science still wins either way and moves forward.

+Charles Brightman 1. The Internal Photon Level: All triangles add up to 180 degrees, how can the 3 forces be interacting at 90 degrees?

Copy and paste of my idea concerning bending of 'space time': Consider the following: a. Wavelength equals speed of light divided by frequency. b. Wavelength is how far a single 'em' photon goes in space, or possibly is the size of space itself. (Especially since 'space' itself has not been defined yet). Possibly different sizes of space for different 'em' frequencies. c. Speed of light: 'light' being 'em' photons, 'speed' being distance divided by time, distance being two points in space with space between those two points. d. Frequency being 'hertz', 'hertz being cycles per second, or how far an 'em' photon goes at a specific size during one second. e. "IF" wavelength changes (the frequency changes) then the distance a single 'em' photon goes would change and/or the size of space itself would change (assuming that an 'em' photon makes up 'space' itself). f. Possibly 'space' varies due to 'space' being made up of 'em' itself and as 'em' frequencies change, 'space' changes. g. Another possibility would be that as the wavelength changes (frequency changes) then as the distance a single 'em' photon goes would also change in it's time of existence, 'time' would change for any given 'em' photon length. The effect of that single 'em' photon makes in it's given time of existence. h. Possibly 'time' varies due to the wavelength of the 'em' photon. i. So, possibly 'space' varies due to energy frequencies changing and 'time' varies due to the wavelength of energy changing, the 'em' photon being energy itself. And if as I currently believe that what is called 'gravity' is actually a part of the 'em' photon, then the 'gem' photon makes up the energy unit that possibly makes up everything in existence in this entire universe including the universe itself, including 'space' and 'time' or 'space time' itself. It is also how space and time can warp, bend and vary.

Space and Time, for me: 'Space' is energy itself. Wherever space is, energy is. Wherever energy is, space is. They are one and the same thing. And for me, the 'gem' photon is the energy unit of this universe that makes up everything in existence in this universe. 'Time' is the flow of energy. 'Time' (flow of energy) cannot exist unless 'space' (energy itself) exists. And 'space' (energy itself) that does not flow (no flow of time / energy) is basically useless. An entity cannot even think a thought without a flow of energy. If all the energy in the universe stopped flowing, wouldn't we say that 'time stood still'? Time itself would still exist, it would just not be flowing, (basically 'time' stopped). But then also, how space and time are linked in what is called 'space time', (energy and it's flow).

Here is a copy and paste of my explanation for the wave particle duality: It is only an idea on my part but it goes something like this: 1. Charged particles have their associated magnetic fields with them. 2. Protons and electrons are charged particles and have their associated magnetic fields with them. 3. Photons also have both an electrical and magnetic components to them. 4. Whenever a proton, electron, or photon is shot out of a gun, it's respective magnetic field interacts with the magnetic fields of the electrons in the atoms and molecules of the gun itself, the medium the projectile is traveling through (ie: air), and/or from around the slits themselves. 5. Via QED (quantum electrodynamics), newly generated photons might occur. 6. The projectile goes on it's own way and the newly generated photons go on their own way. It gives the illusion of a wave particle duality, but it is not that way in actual reality. 7. Specifically in the case of protons or electrons, the newly generated EM wave travels faster than the particles. The new EM waves go through both slits and sets up "hills and valleys" of field energy. When the proton or electron goes through one of the slits, it then follows whatever "valley" it enters thereby over time, even shooting only one proton or one electron at a time, the interference pattern will still emerge. 8. As far as detectors are concerned, they probably have an energy field that is one way when on and a different way when off. The interaction of this energy field (or the lack thereof) with whatever is passing through it, gives the indication that is observed. Now, for those who hold fast to reality being probability waves that are condensed down by an observer into one single physical reality, then: a. What exactly are these probability waves made up of? b. Where exactly are these probability waves stored at until they are observed? c. How exactly does an observer in physical reality actually observe these probability waves and condense them down into one single physical reality? d. Who and/or what observed the first observer? e. What exactly happens when two or more observers observe different probability waves? Which one takes precedent in physical reality? For me, while this observer condensing probability waves down into one single physical reality might work well on paper, it does not appear to reflect actual reality. Now, utilizing the scientific principal of Occam's razor, which way is more probably correct? My way by utilizing known scientific principals, or that is as discerned on paper as stated above is how reality actually is?

Here is a copy and paste so far concerning the math for the TOE: The mathematics for the TOE doesn't even exist yet as far as I am currently aware. It goes beyond any quantum field theory formulas that I am currently aware of. The outline though is basically as follows: The formula has at least 3 levels to it: 1. The Internal Photon Level: The 3 interacting forces, (which might even be just a singular force with 3 different modalities), all interacting at basically 90 degrees to each other and all simultaneously pulsating and swirling. A complex part of the formula but I believe to be totally doable. 2. The External Photon Level: For each pulsating, swirling photon, all the pulsating, swirling photons interacting with it. An exponential part of the formula that I am not even sure modern day super computers could adequately handle. 3. The Inter-dimensional Photon Level: For each modality within each photon would have an energy frequency associated with it. The energy frequencies could be seen as being in their own space time dimension. (For me, 'space' is energy itself of which is the 'gem' photon and 'time' is the flow of energy; 'temperature' is the interaction of energy), so one would be dealing with way more than just 3 spatial dimensions and way more than just 1 time dimension (as there would many different energy frequencies with many different flows of energy). Whenever like resonate energy frequencies resonated with each other, they would affect each other, kind of like 'spooky action at a distance'. Anytime energy frequencies overlapped, there would be a temporary spike of some sort in each space time dimension. In addition, if in reality the 'gem' photon is just a singular force with 3 different modalities, it's possible that energy could 'slip' between modalities which would also affect the results. A very complex part of the formula on top of all the complexity that came before it. 4. Any time any energy moved in the system, the entire formula would have to be recalculated due to potential ripple effects. Like I said above, I don't even believe the mathematics exists yet for what I am trying to do, but at a minimum, the formula would contain the above levels the way I currently see it to be. ______________________________________________________________________________ 'IF' my latest TOE idea is really true, (and I fully acknowledge the 'if' at this time), that the pulsating, swirling 'gem' photon is the energy unit of this universe that makes up everything in existence in this universe, and what is called 'gravity' is a part of what is currently recognized as the 'em' photon, then the oscillation of these 3 interacting modalities of the energy unit would be as follows: Gravity: Maximum in one direction, Neutral, Maximum in the other direction; Electrical: Maximum in one direction, Neutral, Maximum in the other direction; Magnetic: Maximum in one direction, Neutral, Maximum in the other direction. Then: 1 singular energy unit, with 3 different modalities, with 6 maximum most reactive positions, with 9 total basic reactive positions (neutrals included). Hence 1, 3, 6, 9 being very prominent numbers in this universe and why mathematics even works in this universe. (And possibly '0', zero, for no flow of energy, hence the number system that we currently have).

As always the arrogance of some of these scientists & physicists is really incredible. They think they know everything . In reality .. they know very little . When I was young , I thought I knew everything but the older I got the more I realized I knew virtually nothing .

All very nice. But please explain HOW entanglement works. Not that it's true.

Its 'seems' we have a current race within homo sapiens evolution , which is only 'part of a Species' of Homo Sapiens,' in known Earth History to be the 'Creators' of the current Sixth known mass extinction. Its interesting in the illusion of the social conditioned Ego intelligence, through the manipulation of the Earths once beautiful intelligent ecological systems. They claim they are the 'chosen people'.Them and other sub consciously conditioned homo sapiens evolutional behaviours of paranoid expressing have destroyed them and many other Species Habitats.  .Notice no other Species thinks homo sapiens are so clever as they disappear (become extinct) and slip into a Mars type environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLCF7vPanrY&t=255s

Politically correct public broadcasting has to highlight this ethnic woman scientist (earning double brownie points)...pretending that women have made (and are making) important contributions to physics.

Admittedly I don't understand what quantum theory is all about, but I do have curious questions: - Why do they only perform experiments with two subatomic particles or just two observations, why not do more than two? What if you do three or more observations, and the third or latter one don't conform to the change of properties in the first one? How can you be sure there is still an entanglement there if you don't perform experiments on that, do they simply just assume? Or does entanglement itself only works with two particles and two observations, anything more it will just fall on its head? - Since they say in quantum theory, observation turn things into reality, observation by who? Human? Object? The universe? If the whole universe itself can be the observer, then it must mean anything can be everything in the universe, right? There would be really no point in whether you, me or anybody else be an observer of anything, because the universe is always there watching.

+Able Baker fascinating, I understand there is much MUCH more to it than can be said in a youtube comment, but thank you for the explanation. Do you work in the physics field by any chance?

Nobody else does either, you don't have to give yourself up like that......just go with it.

'Observation' is any interaction that depends upon the entangled state of the particle. This is called Observation because whatever strategy one used to detect the particle's state (to collect that state as data) would necessarily have to interact with the particle in order to do that. In the the macroscopic world that we experience, that would be insane, but at the scale of sub-atomic particles, things really do work this way. In actual quantum entanglement one particle has a specific state, and the entangled particle has the anti-state. If a particle had right handed spin, its entangled partner will have left handed spin. This is why they are measured in pairs. Larger numbers of particles can indeed be entangled, which is what a Bose/Einstein Condensate is. Under certain conditions the wave-like properties of particles can be made to overlap each other, which makes it impossible for them to remain uniquely individual particles. It becomes like one particle being in multiple places at once. The reason chiral entangled particles are so interesting is that they could be used to communicate instantaneously over any distance. Create entangled particles and separate them in different containment fields. Send one of with a martian science mission and keep the other one at mission control. By flipping the state of the particle on one end, the state will simultaneously flip on the other end. All you need is a binary transmission protocol and you have instantaneous data transmission. That means the end of communication satellites and internet latency as well. We would no longer need to litter the sky with space junk just to bounce a cell phone call from NYC USA to Sidney Australia. The fact that the earth was between them would make no difference. ...and if we figure out how to reach the stars someday, it will make real-time two way conversations possible in spite of the light years between them.

There is no empty space it is big field where everything is connected together.

Amazing and important topic, presented in the most mind numbing and boring way. Quantum Entanglement: Gravity might just be an entanglement effect. Implication: Everything in the entirety of the Universe is connected to everything else, by way of Quantum Entanglement. Boom! There it is!!

Simulation Theory aka Virtual Reality - is the only unified theory that perfectly bonds both theories together, like a perfectly matching puzzle. We are living in the Sims game. The physicist Tom Campbell is working on set of new quantum experiments right now, to gather more focused evidence that this is the case. Go checkout his work, it's mind boggling.

Yes... Painting bullseyes on the target after you shoot up the side of the barn does explain everything. It just isn't an explanation that's terribly useful. No... Appeal to batshit crazy isn't the 'only' explanation.

Obviously a couple of hippies get high at a casino and started filming....and here's what came of it.

C is a constant... it is the speed of light in vacuum. It is not a quantity of anything. People who pretend to understand rigorous scientific disciplines that REAL physicists dedicate their lives to understand, need to go fuck themselves. Keep your Depak Choprah to yourself.

Ok there smart guy, stop pretending you know more than the rest of us.

+Denver Donate bIlughbe’!

Star Trek will be back next season and I'm sure the Klingons are working on that.

You're living in the era of clickbait, views, likes, millennials, social justice warriors, and generation snowflake......did you think you were going to see a show with science in it?

Able Baker Wow. You do. You think time is a physical thing that can be bent. Change your name Unable.

+Enter the Braggn' And right on schedule... You go Full Metal Straight-jacket. Try to come to grips with the fact that you're a complete moron. Your postings consist of equal parts Batshit Crazy and Word Vomit. Just have a seat and the men in white coats will be along presently to collect you.

Able Baker Did you study physics for 4 to possible 8 years only to now realise time isn’t a physical thing?

Annnd another retard bites the dust because he’s just realised that time isn’t a physical thing. You guys are really intelligent

Able Baker So in your arrogant mind gravity isn’t a force, it’s bent Space Clocks. Is that correct?

Able Baker Newton’s equations don’t include time and they work based on gravity that exceeds light speed by about 20 billion times.,Clocks don’t measure time. Time is not a physical thing in itself. Never has been, never will be. We use clocks to track celestial movement. Time dilation is just a change in energy. Gravity is a force. Um yeeeah should I go on? Thanks for playing

+Enter the Braggn' You actually aren't explaining anything. You're expressing an opinion that isn't grounded in reality. The problem is that you lack the education to understand how little of the subject you understand. Your lack of intellectual discipline leads you to the incorrect conclusion that your academic failure qualifies you as more expert than those who have invested 4-8 years of very hard work, mastering the subject. It's called the Dunning Kruger Effect... ...and you appear to be its posterchild.

+Enter the Braggn' Yes, indeed we do. Gravity waves propagate at the speed of light. Newtonian mechanics is still useful within its appropriate applications, but it assumes a fixed frame of reference... in which time is a constant. For anything that is moving at an insignificant fraction of lightspeed the error is negligible which is why Newtonian mechanics is still used for almost every engineering application of less than orbital scale. A few earthly applications like GPS satellites, require both Special Relativity and General Relativity corrections. Special Relativity to correct for the very small time dilation caused by the orbital velocity of the satellite. General Relativity to correct for the curvature of spacetime of earth's gravity well. Both corrections are tiny and the corrections are opposed to one another, but the orbits aren't perfectly circular so the SR correction changes slightly throughout the satellite's orbit. If these corrections weren't made, GPS wouldn't be close to as accurate as it is with them. It would be useless for applications like turn-by-turn directions which require precision within a few meters.

+Able Baker ikr

+lucky irvin he's a troll don't feed him

+simon simpson In physics and most of science when a theory is "certainly proven" it becomes a law which is indisputable within its specified parameters therefore yields certain.

+X - Force Probably best not to engage with @Enter the Braggn". I've proven he's either a troll, so stupid he can't interpret what he reads, or both. It also appears, based on his last reply to me, that he's also forgotten how to type.

X - Force Yes?

+Enter the Braggn' What?

Dr. TJ

+Enter the Braggn' Wow, are you really that stupid? The article said that the speed of gravity has come under pressure from brane world theories, which suggest there are extra spatial dimensions rolled up very small and gravity could take a short cut through these extra dimensions and so appear to travel faster than the speed of light – without violating the equations of general relativity. So the article was disputing the brane world theories, not supporting them. And the speed of gravity has been experimentally proven. Newton was wrong and so are you.

Dr. TJ Omg In that article they use extra dimensions to explain it. You are monumentally dumb. Quantum entanglement and Newton’s equations show that gravity is an “instantaneous” connection or at least at a speed that far exceeds light. I shouldn’t have to explain that that speed is required for a coherent Universe. I shouldn’t have to explain the slingshot effect you would get if gravity propagated at the speed of light. I shouldn’t have to explain the speed of subatomic particles when light is made of atoms. Their orbital motion is going to be much faster. I’m done. Cognitive dissonance is your middle name. You think what you want. Good luck with the Space Blankets made of clocks.

+Enter the Braggn' You're just plain wrong: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn3232-first-speed-of-gravity-measurement-revealed/ Newton thought gravity was instantaneous, but he was wrong too. And what experiment have you run to show that the Earth doesn't get pulled to where the Sun was eight minutes ago? Don't bother answering, we all know you haven't run such an experiment.

Dr. TJ You’re a waste of time. I explain something to you and it just goes in and out. Light is not the fastest thing, this is a fact. Gravity on a galactic scale is instantaneous. We don’t get pulled to where the Sun was eight minutes ago. There’s a picture of you in the dictionary next to cognitive dissonance.

+Enter the Braggn' So you've conceded the other points? Thanks.

+José Hunter's EW&F Remixes Better refuse lazer surgery in that case .

+Enter the Braggn' Those particles dont move. Any flat earther knows that hehehehe (not that I am)...your flat- ery comment disappeared.

I would believe in ghost before I would believe in Quantum foolishness.

Only in equations do we find things like Dead-Alive cats, and quantum Confused People, who think they are scientists.

Scientists = Dumb as a box of rocks.

just one red herring in these conclusions: do we really have the technological capability to examine the quantum world, or are we getting ahead of ourselves and taking our flawed results for the truth? I am almost certain that all this dogma will come to be refuted in the future.

I like the soundtrack!


Still can't wrap my head around the concept that the very act of observing will determine a particle's state. What if a blind and deaf person is near a particle? Aren't "observations" merely how our brains process the stimuli around us through neurons and chemicals? How could that possibly influence anything? Unless i'm an idiot just understand that " observation" means something different in physics.

Why would the age of the light streams from pulsars make their polarization any more likely to be random than that from any other natural source? Why didn't they just say "polarization" instead of red and blue filters, which is very misleading, even for a dumbed down explanation.

So whats is entanglement !? Maybe a photon can exist at the same time, in another "observed dimension", so proprieties are the same......?! But why doe you have then negative results.......?! (entangled > not entangled) Can it be the same photon particle and we observe it, as parallel effect........spooky connection......between particles does not explain what this connection is ......... Sorry if you guys feel I ask a stupid question, I´m not a super smart, just very curious.... if some 1 can clarify this for me, a really appreciate..... thanks

I think these folks are full of crap. A waste of money.

So I have a theory about this. What if particles can connect in a way that they are entangled through a higher dimension, orthogonal to the familiar dimensions of space. Once connected, a change in one would be instantaneously transmitted to the other bypassing the 3 dimensions of space. To simplify, imagine if two particles are connected in a two dimensional plane which is orthogonal to the third dimension. No matter where each individual particle moves in the plane, they will always have the same location in the third dimension.

aren't the entangled pair just a positron and an electron created by the materialisation of the laser photons when passing near the calcium nucleus ?

does entanglement do anything when the particles are galaxies from each other that is faster than light? physicists say the particles don't 'communicate' or 'travel' FTL. FTL travel (of anything) is not possible they say. yet 2 particles reflecting each other in entanglement are the same even when there are light years between them. then what mechanism or property of entanglement is that can have these particles always being in parity even if they are galaxies away from each other? seems like saying that there is not 'communication' between the particles here is just a way to fit in that nothing goes FTL. clearly within entanglement something is causing the particle to be the twin of the other when changes are made, even when light years are between the particles. i don't know much about this subject so please forgive my ignorance here. entanglement has been in many science documentaries.

This isn't E vs B in their models. Einstein stated that there is something missing in the model to explain entanglement. The biggest problem is that you cannot discover anything here because all you are proving is that we are observing particles mostly and not waves in any and all of the experiments. Until someone can observe an interference pattern while observing a photon or particle, it is impossible to really get the sense of entanglement. Particles could easily have the same probability density function relative to time so that when it is observed at x, the probability that the particle is at time x is 1 for all particles with a similar probability density function. Einstein was saying that there is something there that they are missing and that they shouldn't stop because it works. The key to science is being able to ask the right questions and then be able to test those questions. Most likely since particles like photons are traveling at the speed of light, time is more important to quantum mechanics as the speed at which particles move in their PDFs would be at the speed of light and be incredibly bouncy there and be incredibly random but it could be that there is a sense of unity in their randomness.

So, the know it ALL's developed equations/mathematics to be able destroy the world and the very nature which created them here on Earth! That's not smart but quite stupid of them! To say that one lives on either Einstein or Borh's world is pandering in order to attract dollars to a University's mathematics departments! Nature holds no secrets and is not exclusive to some "mathematical humanoid" way of thinking.

What about the particles that were not entangled? If the bubble theory is right then all of the other patches of the bubble are different realities. We can use entanglement as a measurement meaning that the closer we get to the center, the higher the rate of entangled particles. Amazing right? Although I enjoy this primitive existence.

Did every commentator watching this video until the end ?

We live in a world where objects have permanence? You've got to be kidding!

What a horrible way to end the show by making up a quote about Einstein and God's thoughts.

At (about) 32:45 to 32:48 there is a diagram with binary input and output through logic gates. It is concerning that on the left side, the inputs to an AND gate [0,1] go to output [0] which does not look correct. Then, the next AND gate (second from left) has only 1 input - assuming this means both inputs are the same(?) the input is [1,1] and the output shown is [0] - also wrong. A diagram that is art, not educational, makes me suddenly question the content of the video: is this entertainment or education? Until I saw this drawing, I viewed this as an educational video, but now I am forced to re-frame and re-assess this content. I hope that the concepts introduced to me about physics are not so carelessly depicted as the diagram in the video....

I am amazed and pleased at the number individuals that have watched this video. Whatever your opinion, I don't care, you're watching this type of material and that matters. I have yet to see a video that clearly explains the validity of entanglement. What are the individuals expecting to see exactly? Is it two photons, both vertical or horizontal? Is it two photons, one vertical and one horizontal? Is it two particles, both spin up or both spin down? Is it two particles, one spin up and one spin down? When did these particles become entangled? When did these photons become entangled? Was it two inches from their shared source, or maybe it was a meter. No locality of two photons produced by exciting (laser) two electrons to a higher shell and creating these photons when they return to a lower shell? No locality if the electrons are not in the same atom but are excited by the same laser? Has Pauli's "exclusion principle" been invalidated. Show me two independent sources (completely independent) producing photons or particles examined by randomly selected filters using two quasars. Lets see if they are entangled just because you want them to be. Explain the experiment in detail, not general descriptions but exactly how and where the particles (or photons) are produced. Describe in detail the method of detection whether detecting photons or particles. Describe the results, I don't want "positive" or "negative" results. I want "both particles, were spin up or spin down" or "one was spin up and the other was spin down". I want "both photons, were vertical or horizontal" or "one was vertical and the other was horizontal". Now that would be a video to watch.

i like brian greene version. :)

All those bells and whistles with remote observatory and quazars just to generate random numbers??? Wouldn't it be easier to use lava lamps? (https://youtu.be/89EX1NF7eHQ). But I guess it was nice to get out from the lab into the mountains? The next random generator will involve tail wags of an endemic species of fish living in the Maledives. An EU Grant will pay for it.

+Matter AntiMatter thanks

Not if it isn't observed!

+RavenShield78 Not just tides either. Look into 'Earth Batteries' and/or 'telluric currents'. Supposedly if one were to bury two large metal plates perpendicular to these currents, basically flowing from/to the poles and equator depending upon the time of day, it acts like a capacitor in the ground. One plate takes on a positive charge and one plate takes on a negative charge. One of the problems right now with that though, is that the Earth's magnetic poles are moving, and even some reports I have seen say the poles have split, two north poles one being stronger than the other and two south poles one being stronger than the other. The strong poles are both currently heading for the Indonesia area, or so the reports seem to indicate. But anyway, take the dc electricity from these plates (or any source of dc electricity) and melt and electrolize snow and ice (especially from the upcoming mini ice age that will be coming), to get hydrogen and oxygen that can either be burned to get heat and light or utilized in a hydrogen fuel cell to get the electricity back with a by-product of basically pure water. People will need pure water too. See my Twitter page under the same name as this comment to see just some of what this world is doing as many nations implement hydrogen into their economies. For anybody with money, or want to make money, and know what they are doing, the hydrogen sector is growing and will be doing so for quite a while. Invest wisely.

+Charles Brightman Well I applaud you for your noble reasoning, and everything you say makes perfect sense, even for me. It seems to me that Tides are a really good example of your explanations.I also agree with you that space is more than just an empty void, if light has no mass, how could it possibly be effected by gravity "black hole"?

+RavenShield78 Thanks, and yes, agreed. But as far as gravity and the 'gem' photon idea goes, consider the following also: a. The Earth's magnetic field is basically at 90 degrees to the Earth's electrical currents flowing through the surface of the Earth (telluric currents) which are both basically 90 degrees to the direction of gravity. b. The flat spiral galaxy having a magnetic field on each side of the plane of matter which is basically 90 degrees to the electrical plane of matter, which are both 90 degrees to gravity which comes together in the center of the galaxy as a gravitational black hole. c. But I fully acknowledge the gravity test above would have to be done to prove or disprove this idea. And note also, that is why in the test the 'em' fields are 90 degrees to each other while the laser would be 90 degrees to the 'em' fields. Or the alternative of either one laser split into 3 beams, each adjustable to achieve the respective set up or 3 lasers set up to achieve the respective set up. If true, a small mini gravitational black hole should form that should be detectable by the ferro cells. At least if my idea functions as I believe it should. d. Why this matters: If species on this Earth don't figure out how to have artificial gravity for space bases on planets and moons, (as large rotating space ships won't really work for space bases on planets and moons), and NASA proving that low gravity conditions over a prolonged period of time are harmful to the human species, then we probably all die one day and go extinct without any humans being left to care we ever existed at all in the first place, much less whatever we did and/or didn't do in this life as those space bases would probably be needed somewhere along the way out of this solar system and galaxy. Likewise, if species from Earth don't figure out how to have the necessary protections from harmful cosmic radiation energy, then not only won't humans eventually survive, but neither will AI robots. All life on this Earth dies and goes extinct. And these are only two problems that need to be successfully solved, there are many, many other problems too. But hence my thoughts and work on the Theory Of Everything idea especially as it concerns gravity. Need to do something to pass the time and keep my mind busy until I die.

+Charles Brightman Your right, I wasn't looking at it as a spiral, So it's the spinning that creates the sine wave as the polarity is in motion. That's some exhausting stuff for the average guy to try and wrap his head around, I appreciate you forcing me to think! And I'm sorry to hear about your condition, It seems we are both searching for answers we may never get.

+RavenShield78 You're thinking in a flat plane of existence. If a triangle is convex, the triangle's angles equal more than 180 degrees and if a triangle is concave, the triangle's angles equal less than 180 degrees. But consider the following: Ask yourself, what exactly causes the sine wave effect of the electromagnetic wave? If it was purely the 'em' wave rotating giving us a relative perspective of a sine wave pattern, then explain gravity and how exactly matter attracts other matter and how galaxies actually form and how gravity actually works here on this Earth. In my mind, the only sensible explanation at this time is that what is called gravity is actually a part of the currently recognized 'em' photon. But I fully acknowledge, the gravity test above has to be done to prove or disprove this idea and the gravity test will speak for itself. It will either be really true or it will not be really true. But, 'if' really true, and my TOE above is at least partly correct, then that could also help explain why certain numbers even exist in this universe, why math does what it does, what space and time actually are, and how even space and time can bend, warp and vary. But, the gravity test needs to be done and I don't have the necessary resources to do the test, and I am currently in a terminal stage of cancer. My 'time' is running out in this 'space'. Edit: Consider the following as well: If one were to look at 'em' being in the x and y planes of existence and being 90 degrees to each other, think of gravity being in the z plane of existence and being 90 degrees to the 'em'. And then also, 'if' gravity were also a sine wave pattern, as controlled by 'em', then 'em' would also be a sine wave pattern controlled by gravity. The 'gem' photon would pulse from a point possibly even too small to detect to basically a sphere, back to a point, etc., and when it moved, it would move in a sine wave fashion. Since it was moving, it's possible that at least one modality would be slightly ahead of the other two and hence cause the 'gem' photon to rotate. This is still all dependent upon the results of the gravity test above.

So you are a REAL intellectual? Explain that using guantum theory.

Wow I'm so happy for you. I love being blinded by brilliance and baffled by bullshit. Bet you have many friends. Hahaha

+Robert Cathcart I don't think you even understand what you're talking about

Robert Cathcart Of course but someone decided to spend billions of other peoples money to claim otherwise on experiments that are unrepeatable. It’s obviously to do with clocks

+Enter the Braggn' -- now youse all are startin to get it --- Gravity is an energy.

Moe Green So you’re another one that thinks gravity isn’t a force and is bent space clocks?

+Jun Xian Wu -- you are one of those people that's going to find out the hard way that in the Galaxy we live in there is no such thing as time and space there is only matter and energy.

+Robert Cathcart He was definitely smarter than you. No doubt about that. :)

+Enter the Braggn' - now its possible i'm getting ahead of myself... maybe i have too much confidence and trust in LIGO :) i'm not sure if dual grav/optical confirmations have been performed yet... i think so far there are 3 grav-wave detectors with plans for more to be built... if they need 4 to do precise triangulation then the tools aren't in place yet but possibly such confirmations are only 2 years away or so?

+Enter the Braggn' - the LIGO that Thornhill claims is phoney enables multi-messenger astronomy or to use a term i am personally fond of "multiple source confirmation" :) namely, gravitational disturbances corroborated by subsequent optical measurements for example, if there are four LIGO installations on Earth precise "triangulation" becomes possible... i believe they use the method of calculating the point where four spheres intersect? (mind you, i am not sure what method they use, the four spheres intersection is just my guess :p) once a coordinate has been calculated it can be transformed into the RA/DEC format and telescopes can be pointed at that region of space if the four LIGO tripwires were tripped by two colliding neutron stars i believe this often results in a gigantic shower of EM waves that the telescopes can see? if gravity waves travel at the speed of light, then the leading grav-pulse will be close to simultaneous with the EM shower... perhaps not 100% simultaneous but probably close enough within a couple seconds :) now... suppose such an event takes place... and furthermore suppose the collision is at a spatial coordinate that a telescope somewhere on Earth just happened to be pointing at... a telescope unaffiliated with the emerging multi-messenger programs... an "oldschool" telescope if you will :p first the LIGO operators can get their multi-messenger confirmation by directing the subset of telescopes under their command... but this only gets them confirmation of an EM shower already in progress... but then by searching an astronomy database they could learn of that oldschool scope that just happened to be pointed at the correct general region if that oldschool scope was set to record images, they can then watch what was recorded... they would see a patch of sky... and then at the moment of neutron star collision an explosion of light suddenly come up at the predicted coordinate with such a method confirmation would extend beyond light showers already in progress... it would demonstrate explosions emerging in regions of sky that were previously dark and if such double optical/grav-wave confirmations take place many hundreds of times i think that would rise to a high level beyond at least nagging doubt, no? in my opinion many people who allege conspiracies with insufficient evidence are infected with nagging doubt... what might be called a "doubting disease" i think what has happened is they have been betrayed by others and are walking wounded... or in really monstrous cases, they have betrayed others but never fessed up to their actions, and try to throw up a smoke screen about all the betrayers "out there" that are not them lol but if such nagging doubts and trashy conspiracy theories can gradually be flushed from their hearts through hundreds of dual LIGO/JamesWebb observations, then perhaps it could accurately be said that their hearts were healed by starlight? :)

+Enter the Braggn' - hmmm... in this video "Big Science and the Impossibility of Gravitational Waves", Wal Thornhill is not only objecting to gravity waves... he also objects to the CERN LHC at around 4:37 minutes into the video he says they are "wasting billions of euros" chasing after the Higgs boson do his objections strike you as plausible? while he does not use these exact words, to me it sounds like he is accusing the CERN LHC venture of being a giant scam... that they are publishing data to justify their expenses do you get the same impression or am misinterpreting him? what he is saying would imply a giant conspiracy of thousands of individuals all scratching each others backs, dedicated to lying to the public and totally OK with committing huge fraud does that seem plausible? what is the statistical likelihood that in a collaboration of so many thousands there would not have been at least a couple whistleblowers? Thornhill is telling us that every single person of the 10,000+ scientists at CERN are dedicated liars? that sounds absurd to me! i do not know Thornhill well, but to make such accusations without substantiation seems like poisonous levels of cynicism to me... methinks that man is speaking monstrously his words also have a disgusting sickening similarity to the accusations flat earthers make about a global scientific conspiracy about the shape of the Earth LOL they too make the claim that scientists march in a transnational lockstep, with not a single whistleblower having arisen in over 50 years of rockets has there ever been a giant criminal conspiracy in all of human history that did not have double agents, whistleblowers, remorseful or repenting adherents, or dissidents? i am trying to think of one and i cannot think of any... do you know of any? the NAZI party had a large number of participants... but there was not uniformity of thought amongst them... a plot to kill Hitler arose within the NAZI party itself! in other words, there was not perfect cohesion and devotion the plot to kill Julius Caesar arose amongst the Romans... but Julius Caesar was a Roman! it is well known for many centuries that unprincipled thieves and liars will often stab each other in the back and betray each other.... it is a statistical historical likelihood, not a law of nature mind you... they lack a love of truth, a love of mankind, and a love of each other... so eventually the statistical likelihood is that they start to turn on each other and blackmail each other, no? if CERN is a den of liars why do we not see such turmoil within their ranks? the CERN LHC took 10 years to build... from 1998 to 2008... if the Higgs boson is phoney as Thornhill claims, what do you suppose guided the LHC scientists to wait 4 years to discover it? the Higgs was confirmed to five or six sigma precision on July 4th, 2012... if the entire operation is fraudulent from top to bottom, what guided them to make an announcement after 4 years? why not take 2 years, 3 years, 6 years or 8 years? was 4 years just some arbitrary random die roll? i share Thornhill's suspicion that there is an EM aether or medium that Einstein prematurely discarded as "superfluous"... and this suspicion is shared by Frank Wilczek as well but i think that Thornhill is speaking monstrous words and is filled with cynicism and poison... his manner does not strike me as conservative, to make such gigantic accusations of his fellow man with no proof to support that a conspiracy is taking place the conservative route to take would be to say "i suspect that CERN is fraudulent but i do not have evidence to prove my suspicions"... but Thornhill is not doing that... he is making declarations!

Nova is fake anyways, just a made up non profit organization. Anything and everything is made up, even a celeb. No one ever lives their dream, they are made

The practical proportions of the matter has no data reflecting the physical in fittest

It's a inconclusive hypothesis

Moe Green The equation in question is Gm1m2/d2

Moe Green Let me know if you want more of those videos and I’ll happily give my opinion on the best ones to begin with. Oh yeah and I agree with what you said. And yes Newton’s Theory runs into some problems but it does show gravity propagates much faster than light and the so called spooky action at a distance confirms this along with the likelihood of an aether.

Moe Green Another nice short and to the point video regarding “gravity waves”. https://youtu.be/G2xEmFoc_0U

Moe Green https://youtu.be/6tB3IBXTgEc

Moe Green A little on Einstein, Newton, Maxwell, Heaviside. Only 12 minutes:

+Enter the Braggn' - "If light was the fastest thing we would get pulled to where the sun was eight minutes ago. There would be no cohesion, no solar systems/galaxies." ya that is an interesting subject imo... Sir Arthur Eddington objected to the idea that gravity waves are limited to the speed of light... i think he tried to show mathematically that solar system orbits would destabilize over a span of centuries unless the influence of gravity was instantaneous, not capped at the speed of light however consider that his objections were raised around the 1920s or so... think how many graduate students and professors studied the subject since then is it plausible to think that not a single one of them noticed such a serious error in constraining gravity to 300,000 km/sec? my guess is that Eddington's objections were officially refuted somewhere between 1920 and 2018... and that gravity was shown to move at the speed of light... but i do not know by whom... but i think it must be the case? because were it not so, it would mean the model of general relativity that has been programmed into supercomputers is in error... and would this not have resulted in models deviating from observation and noticeable GPS errors? science is filled with many hundreds of such unheralded cul-de-sacs :) consider for example the idea of the atmosphere rotating along with the Earth... its a subtle detail that is not really covered extensively in K-12 education... but it is kinda stunning to think that the vast majority of air particles surrounding us when we step outside into a windless environment are actually moving at over 900 miles/hour... but we don't know it because so many thousands of earthbound elements are moving at that same speed... so there is no contrast for it to stand out as unusual or noticeable to our senses like the probable refutation of Eddington's objections, it is a subject that has not received extensive coverage in K-12 and so remains almost totally unknown in my opinion it is important to document such cul-de-sacs, even if most of the scientific community views them as irrelevant distractions hehe so i would like to learn the name of the man or the woman who refuted Eddington mathematically but i guess its also possible that Eddington's objections were never noticed by anybody... we shouldn't discount that possibility... consider how many homeless people have uttered false delusions over the centuries... some of them shout their delusions rather loudly... but if their words make no sense or cannot be proven mathematically by others they are often simply ignored as noisy cranks it is possible that Eddington was never officially refuted by anybody between 1920 and 2018, but simply ignored as a deluded fellow or something :p

+Enter the Braggn' - " He postulated that nothing exceeded the speed of light yet clearly sub atomic particles move much faster which is required for Newton’s equations. " are you referring to Newton's equation of gravity? or which equation do you mean? hasn't it been shown that gravity waves move at the speed of light? according to such findings, were the Sun to somehow instantly vanish, the Earth would not receive the news gravitationally or optically/electromagnetically for 8 minutes... we would still see the Sun in the sky until approximately 8 minutes later when suddenly it would blink out hehe

UnAble Baker https://youtu.be/9CYBa3UWbF0

Able Baker And electromagnetic retardation is still a thing despite your meaningless comment.

+Enter the Braggn' And yet GPS works despite your opinion.

Dr. TJ Omg In that article they use extra dimensions to explain it. You are monumentally dumb. Quantum entanglement and Newton’s equations show that gravity is an “instantaneous” connection or at least at a speed that far exceeds light. I shouldn’t have to explain that, that speed, is required for a coherent Universe. I shouldn’t have to explain the slingshot effect you would get if gravity propagated at the speed of light. I shouldn’t have to explain the speed of subatomic particles when light is made of atoms. Their orbital motion is going to be much faster. I’m done. Cognitive dissonance is your middle name. You think what you want. Good luck with the Space Blankets made of clocks.

From an economic analysis I would state that the ownership and make believe realm has secured an interest. Can you inherently tell me exactly the difference between a qubit and a bit. They both are yes or no. and when calculating something there is programing in which utilizes teh same properties in a larger scale, and the city... fastest route example is poor. There is no way to determine the process speed. If you have a map... of all points.. X. The computer inherently contains the answer already of which is the fastest route, becasue its all data and programmed in... So it would take seconds to simply isolate teh route for the user. then there is intuitive feedback from living users and traffic control information... and thus the route is changed instantly to follow that direction. Then there is the what I call teh linear path, which is the most square path, its typically a mid way, but it uses the least amount of turns or complex traffic junctions. So again, I would state that this comes across as a public narrative to steal teh inheritances of the American people. As soon as I saw an Asian in the field ther is little trust. Korea, undermined electronic market. China the rag market with Hong kOng. Japan and its social engineering and Russia with entertainment and well Africa as the aggressor in other areas, ad ntehft and choas.. .So its afeel good show that provided no evidence and therefor is ruled incomplete and uninformed.. The ideal fo quantum computing was another form of encryption that existed in the 80;s, Which was a way of making ciphers. So basically you could take all the literature of any book written in the entire world in a 40 string line of characters, in which a complicated forumale could reconstruct that information. However, if you increase the itereations of the charactes one could create page, in which any cipher put to it, would give out information. Of course someone would have ot have tehcipher, but that is like most encryption techniques... its nonsense and sometimes impossible to find what it is stating witout a pattern. Of couse the method I state has and would contain a pattern. So one could write in a variant form in which it has no congruent pattern. this then contains no math within its core as its contains no pattern to be deciphered and so the message cold be written in a different war. This could be decoded, but the other that reads it that is the same as the one that wrote it, ie, living quantum mechancis. Meh.. where was I going with this.. I would state.. the world is a unkind world... contraptions and knowledge, but... lacking a kind spirit, simply socialized and created by apparently high minded crazies, and clearly sharingthigns with such spirits of the flesh... do onto all of life terrible things.. and so it causes and destroys all teh foundatiosn layed nad put down..

It's all a recipe

It seems that those producing the content of the program and those responsible for the music are not entangled.

Another program of lies to program stupid people to believe lies.

oh and how about dark matter as space scaffolding

Is the intention to confuse or explain the experiment ?!?? Entangled pair of photons are generated on Earth. They have nothong to do with quasars. Quasars are used solely as random number generators for uninfluenced measurements on entangled states. Thats all.

time is unity

surveillance as entanglement

Spooky math is what we have here. Follow the math down a rabbit trail and it leads nowhere.

this quantum entanglement fact still can't explain the biggest puzzle: what is the meaning of life

If there's no "space" then wwhat did the Apollo missions fly through?

24:33 Hot nerd chick!

Spooky action at a distance... LOL, that's what the Spanish Inquisition said about witches...

Relativity didn't prove going faster than the speed of light was impossible (as the narrator describes), it was only a convenient hack to make physics work...

Sᴏᴍᴇ Dᴀʏ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴡɪʟʟ Iɴᴠᴇɴᴛ ᴀ Qᴜᴀɴᴛᴜᴍ Bᴏᴍʙ, Fᴀʀ Mᴏʀᴇ Dᴇsᴛʀᴜᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴛʜᴀɴ ᴀɴʏ Aᴛᴏᴍɪᴄ Bᴏᴍʙ... Iᴛ Wɪʟʟ ʙᴇ Cᴀᴘᴀʙʟᴇ ᴏꜰ Dᴇsᴛʀᴏʏɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ Uɴɪᴠᴇʀsᴇ. Tʜɪs ɪs Wʜʏ ᴛʜᴇ Sᴄɪᴇɴᴛɪᴛs ɢᴇᴛ Fᴜɴᴅᴇᴅ?

It is not whether it's in Tangled it's hell to control the entanglement it seems very clear that magnetic fields could be more powerful in the entitlement

haha did it really take a quantum computer to figure that out 35:05 looks obvious

It's so creepy how enthusiastically you mention the atomic bombs, a warcrime.

I enjoyed the electronic music!

I can hear God singing, .."you are always in my mind"

I would like to think the moon is there not because I am looking at but because GOD put it there - Elbert Einstein is still correct.

The most mind boggling part of this? That the magician got paid to perform 3 tricks and they used it a hundred times without paying royalties

Pretty cool video, love this stuff. I was a Physics major (with an eye towards Theoretical Physics) in my lower class undergrad years before switching to Engineering, and I have my own unproofed mind exercise theory on Entanglement that I won't get into in this post. However, Re: Quantum Computing/Quantum Computers I would like to make a comment. First let me say, this is not classified as it was previously approved for publication, albeit sparsely, to an open source Industry media publication, but it Is little known. The F-35's suite of sensory systems' software code was/is so voluminous and complex (Read: Robust/Lethality Enhancing) that it became almost impossible to debug (as one basic example, regression testing) by conventional computing methods/machines, which led the vendor to purchase at least one Quantum computer. That is all (a recently retired PhD. Computer Engineer who worked for a large American defense contractor for 32 years. Regarding Niels Bohr. I've always liked what he said about the possibility of building a nuclear bomb during WWII. He stated that while it was theoretically possible, it wasn't going to happen because it would require one of the big industrial countries to convert their entire economic and industrial base into a singular project to build the weapon. After the war when he was chided for being wrong and upon touring the U.S. Manhattan project sites at Oak Ridge, Los Alamos and Hanford, he stated "see I was right".

Quasars are not so far away as they assume. They have an intrinsic red shift. See my YouTube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywu8cVgRpwE&t=142s

Why is entanglement so scary?

Not good.

Time is an illusion. It doesn't really exist. The illusion of time exist because of our movement through space. The faster you move through space the slower time seems to pass. They theorize that at the speed of light time would stand still. What no one talks about is the reverse. The slower you move the faster time would pass. What about what would happen to time if you weren't moving at all? True dead stop? Time wouldn't exist. The state you would be in then would be eternity, eternity not being a very long time but no time, a second, a billion years, all the same moment. Without time distance becomes irrelevant and particles can be linked anywhere.

+Beena Plumber True dead stop is not moving at all. We are moving at extreme speed. Our Galaxy is moving. Our sun is moving relative to that. Our world is moving relative to our sun. Our planet is spinning on top of that. We are not at a stop!

That's really an interesting thought experiment. But there's one problem. You are always at true dead stop unless you are accelerating. Everything moves relative to you. If you are going 99% the speed of light, from your point of view, time would be normal, like at a dead stop. The weirdness is in everything you see moving past you. It would all look super high-speed. Still, your watch would show time passing at the same rate as always. I think the problem is that we have an illusion of moving through time. I think that's an artifact of how our brains work. We could just as likely be moving through one dimension of space, with all eternity happening at once, but we only experience one event at a time as we move spatially.

Nova when to hell the day a Kroch Brother took it over.

It really cracks me up when a person can believe in a holographic universe but yet a prime mover (God say...) is a nutty idea.

It requires a special kind of idiot to believe that dice (Particles) will roll up the same numbers infinitely; be entangled.

If your conclusions make no sense, they are ipso facto WRONG.

No matter how hard you try;' no matter how hard you push your expectation into your conclusion; in this, Einstein was correct.

I love how you so casually interchange words that mean a thing is DEFINITIVE with words that mean a thing is UNCERTAIN. Correlation and proof are NOT interchangeable.

Entanglement doesn't say that one photon can be in more than one place. (That's somewhere else in quantum theory.) Entanglement says a photon pair is generated together, and they are forever entangled. If you do something to one photon, the other will immediately respond, even if it has reached another galaxy. The scientists don't know what the connection is, but one explanation might be that the universe is really a giant hologram, and we all exist in the shell and the universe only appears to be 3D. What confuses this even more is that the scientists they interview don't know the answers, but in this program they don't say that clearly. So if it doesn't make sense to you, it might be because it doesn't make sense to the scientists either. I hope this helped! I prefer curiosity in a friend over smarts.

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Both you and the object exist on the surface of the sphere. It only appears to happen inside the sphere. There is no speed at all when you change something that is virtual.

Nothing was settled!!

I have questions about the theory of woven universes The woven universes are connected together in the cosmic carpet But these woven universes are separate in time Because there are new universes because of spatial expansion 1-The first question is about the density of matter and energy in the universe How much energy and matter is there in the universe? 2-The second question is about the curvature of the universe Is it a zero curvature or positive curvature or negative curvature ??? 3-The third question about the extension of the place of the universe Is the extension of the universe final or has an infinite stretch? If we live in the Infinite Universe, this is evidence of the existence of the woven universes Please send my three questions to cosmologists

+Jun Xian Wu --- you've lost it and really badly too.

+jeffwads you are correct that nothing is written in stone when it comes to science but that it happened at all is the main point.

A nice little video here on the speed of gravity as long as the viewer posses some critical thinking skills. https://youtu.be/73mZMcV-OgU

+Robert Cathcart Reality is purely theoretical

+Jun Xian Wu -- I'm talking about reality not mathematical theory science that cannot be demonstrated experimentally. I put Einstein in the same category as that ridiculous ''Weekend at Bernies'' stiff Stephen Hawking, the pair of them tried to theorize reality mathematically -- it don't work it's just ''theory'' -- real scientists deal in facts and experimental demonstration.

These videos are always entertaining, if at least for the completely derange comments tat appear below them. It's as if these topics tend to attract the lowest of I.Q. individuals when you would assume the opposite.

Good subject matter but could not watch due to the loud obnoxious background noise/music/drums.

The truth is we have within us (not for the moment counting the spiritual), the natural, any one of a world of traditions and, what is considered in any age to be civilised. To abandon any of these selves in favour of just one is to limit our joy in life and our belonging. I am a musician. My eldest son has an A1 degree in physics. He tried to tell me once - just once - that music can be explained by mathematics. I simply answered that one subject does not rule another, though it may well contain elements of other subjects. Any subject, including physics, is simply a degree of the whole circle of human activity ... no more! I abhor this manic obsession with technology!

Tell everyone!

if matter can neither be created or destroyed, then how can it be observed or not observed? could light always be one particle, but just many places in the universe at once?

crap .. 20 years ago they gave the right info .

They obviously don't understand what they speak about, so, to present that as teaching us, [and entertain us with nice music] is irrelevant, this universe is being created all at once, [not created in the past!] only taking a space/time location, one self, one incarnation, as you do now, creates the illusion of time, which is perceived motions, this acting like a prisma, allowing us to perceive waves, from a given position, so making us able to perceive sounds waves, and colors waves. Einstein got many good ideas, but never ever understood the counter nature of time, as he would have read more into Hinduism, he certainly would have being able to ''unify'' all theories in one !

time is made up by humans, space (if that even exists) is not made by humans, therefore time and space is not part of eachother. Common sense. Entagnlement doesn't exist. Just realize that IF what the astronauts are saying, if you are in space, the time on earth goes faster, so for us the particle is at more places at the same time because it goes so fast. And that's all to it. Like i said, common sense. Most answers are in front of our noses. Many people disagree, but that's okay:) what others think about it doesn't matter in this case.

It’s an experiment that is purported to prove that Einstein was wrong to doubt quantum mechanics. What it really says is that QM math is more accurate than GR math for this test. It’s an important distinction because my view is that both GR and QM are incomplete. GR and QM are incomplete, because neither models the electrino/positrino plasma. The Bell Test simply indicates that the QM math yields a more accurate answer for the test. That’s it. We tore down both pillars already. Why might QM math be more accurate than GR at small scales? Well, doh? Because free matter particles have multiple ways to navigate the electrino/positrino plasma and the choice may not be deterministic. Like where the particle is in its helical rotation can influence the route.

Read Michael Talbots book: The Holographic Universe. It BLEW ME AWAY!

Infinite aspects of eternity connected now, form the phase-locked Superspin Superposition-point Singularity.., cause-effect = superimposed modules of modulation that is Time Timing, or.., if Eternity-now = this temporal superposition of axial-tangential In-form-ation, then the instantaneous entanglement-> coordination of Phys-Chem and Geometry/Mathematics phenomena, are "inconceivable", because it's the mechanism of e-Pi-i tangential resonance and i-reflection axial "Super" properties of positioning-> "entanglement".. it's just another word for temporal Superspin Superposition-point Singularity. Stirring water with a stick into fast and slow vortices gives a visual starting point intuition about the origins of universal construction and the 1-0 Origin => distributed Central Limit of "resonance imaging" Phys-Chem. (The use of "resonance imaging" is a deliberate reference to NMR Imaging, something "everyone knows") If there's an actual problem with physics, it's the same as every other human problem, a matter of perceptions and the attempts to repeat and convey a reasonable, rational meaning of observation in a reliable manner, particularly when the most elemental of meanings are demonstrably combinations and permutations of degrees of probability/uncertainty. There is no strictly defined language to fit every circumstance. "Seeing" is a sense, but the word is most often associated with perception, the mental interpretation and conceptualization of integrated and remembered sensory information, superimposed on the moment of seeing.., "in the Now", that "makes sense" in part-icular, of the QM-Time conception/In-form-ation of probability in potential possibility in the general context of e-Pi-i resonance-> AM-FM Universal connection communication. "Is the Universe a Superconductor?", is a question someone has asked, that might "shed some light" on the situation. Eternity-now, it's inherent meaning is that which is infinitely far away, (in time), is here-now, and is the self-defining axial-tangential phenomenon of orthogonality observable in the dominant, primary 3D and T multi-phase coordination of Polar-Cartesian connection, with/by Perspective projection-drawing, Holographic timing duration Actuality .

I knew it!

My god NOVA you can do better than this.

Dolores and three messages and none of them show up are you trying to shut me down

Sorry doctor TJ waste of time

Pay attention President Trump Moonbase then Mars

Is going back to the Moon and I'm a taxpayer Mars 50 years a person on the planet learn how to live on the Moon and maybe Mars that's where my money is at pay attention

Euler had an equation for the existence of God. Just because we cannot see something around us and have a lack of understanding of that something (or someONE), does not mean it is inexistent. There exists a spiritual world and it is layered over the natural, a concomitant world: however, the carnal mind cannot comprehend the spiritual world, so it tries to explain it with limited understanding. Hence, a flawed theory. Einstein is correct that there are definitely flaws in the quantum mechanics theory. The underlying, unseen, unifying, undiscovered and unknown (for some) is God. He created the universe, the seen AND the unseen, so He can do whatever He wants to.

I wonder, does Trump understand this??

If someone living on the sun had a stick that could reach the Earth, they could press the alarm button on Earth that the sun had stopped burning, and we would get the message 8 minutes before we would see the sun go dark. This is not possible, because of the atoms will compress to travel through the stick. BUT is it so weird that it might exist something smaller than atoms that can not compress, and will be able to sende the message with no delay as we feel a stick does when we use it?

I’m not here.....I’m probably here.

Space is the illusion that things are separate

The more I see of the study of quantum mechanics, theoretical mathematics, standard physics and other scientific disciplines, the more I see a created universe by the hands of a creator. The universe is too complex to be otherwise, and for ever question that is answered, more questions arise. Mankind, even with their best technology, will never solve all these questions. But we should never stop trying or think ourselves as gods as a result of our findings. One day, we might even find an answer that will cause our own extinction.

Why does NOVA think that the ridiculous music and sound effects make the content more available to the audience, or do they really think otherwise. Perhaps, it's to lend drama and suspense where none actually exists.

Because most people watching this are not autists who care about the music.

what God thought when he created the world.....??????????

there is saying in scripts that even if man could possibly be capable of folding space like a mat but understanding Brahman or god is without submission is not possible

There is no riddle. For particles moving at the speed of light, time stand still, so their time space location is everywhere, thus they can exist everywhere at the same time, there is no etanglement, it is the same particle. Only for us moving soooo slow, it looks like they are moving at c.


There is no absolute speed of light because the speed is always relative to whoever is measuring it...I have no idea what I just said, I just made that up.

Tim that is a really interesting point. So for photons and neutrinos space is completely still and time is a different concept altogether? All moments of time exists in parallel.

Hebrew navel gazing...oy vey.

I feel like when Einstein and the other fellas published the EPR article, he already knew that quantum mechanics are real in this universe and it was conflicting with his work on special relativity and his original idea of space and time setting the firm foundation of this world. He just sees that there must be something that can explain the entanglement, something like a hidden force or whatever. And that was the experiment he couldn't design. The fact that the entanglement is inherent in the universe doesn't set the story straight. What's ahead of us is just more and more mystery and questions to be asked and answered. Anyways, this is a great documentary to see. I so wish that one day I can contribute to discovering at the frontier of science. Science itself is so addicting. Knowing what is the "reality" is an idea more thrilling than anything else in the world.

+Matter AntiMatter swing and a miss. But a decent try

+oldi184 yes that has been tested... Its an invariant property of quantum mechanics. Its also one of the many reasons quantum processors work. So yes, it has been tested. Distance doesn't matter either ... That's like saying we see gravity here on earth but how so we know it still works elsewhere? Its invariant ..it works everywhere. That's what invariant means. Or maybe 1 plus 1 is 5 and not 2 somewhere else ehh? When you get to the level of questioning demonstrable science by suggesting we should test the same thing over and over again in case we get a different result...? Well y'know a rather famous scientist pointed out that doing so is a clear sign of madness. If we done that wed still be dropping this into the water to see if Archimedes principle is still working today... Hey it worked yesterday...but maybe today it'll change right? No, nobody is testing all of the this GS we already tested completely over and over again in case they suddenly change.... Mostly because they are sane.

+Moe Green Maybe the JFK assassination fits the bill in terms of giant criminal conspiracy. Lee Harvey was a lone gunman is the stated position, this looks an unsound conclusion to me! If Lee Harvey (also shot) was not alone, then yes, it is a conspiracy, JFK's murder goes unanswered to this very day. I note his brother announced he was running for President in March 1968, he is shot dead in June 1968 hmmmm maybe some influential people did not want him to become president and start investigating his brothers death. I note Lyndon B Johnson took the reigns, quite the unsavoury character when you delve into his past. Hitler was always seen as an 'upstart' and not respected by the military top brass given he only held the rank of Corporal in WWI and did not come from the 'right stock' as they say. Military top brasses opinions were swayed by swift military victories in Poland and France. The French victory seen as recompense for WWI in their eyes and most likely brought dissenters and doubters onside. Hitler's misadventure in Russia, dismissal of very experienced generals and his scorched earth policy among other things certainly lost him loyal followers and especially among the inner circle. The whole reason for having a totalitarian regime is to have the ability to quell dissent quickly, usually with bullets. Those scumbag Nazi's were quite inventive when it came to killing and weapons. Train timetables at Treblinka and Arbeit Macht Frei at the entrance to concentration/death camps - what absolute and total scumbag degenerates they were. This scenario can easily happen again in my opinion. You just need to right economic circumstances and proportionate discontent among the masses. Most people will kill if it's a matter of survival, this is just human nature, unfortunately. The 4th Industrial revolution currently underway and not understood by many people (including myself) could lead to massive discontent and economic strive for large swaths of the population. The fruits of this revolution will predominately line the pockets of a very small number of people as it invariably always does. Governments are already behind the curve in this regard in my opinion. I honestly don't think those who advise policy action for governments are stupid but now I'm venturing down the 'conspiracy' route which, I'll avoid, lest I undermine my comments. The lack of knowledge of 20th century history by many people is frightening! (for the avoidance of doubt, I'm not aiming this comment at you as it may be construed that way) If it ultimately turns out to be just a scam, well that's a different matter, I would demand heads on plates and so would a lot of other people. oh, compartmentalisation is how you limit the exposure of a conspiracy. The few hold the master key the rest only have the key to the allocated doors. Sorry, I wasn't meaning to write such long comments nor do I usually write comments at all. I was trying to stay awake for this Lunar Eclipse - which I was not able to see because of cloud cover :)!! Kind Regards & God bless, Ian

What is funny is how he jumps in distance by saying at 19:50 "One particle can be in Princeton and the other can be in Andromeda galaxy." Is this is even science? That can be really tested? I mean come on. How to test such thing? Instead come with some more reasonable scale like for example: one particle is in Princeton and the other is in Tokyo and then measure the result if there is really no delay in signal. Or make one particle in Princeton and the other on moon orbit and then measure it. That could be done. Maybe there is a delay but is so small that cant be measured here on earth. Nobody will ever measure particle in Andromeda. 2 million light years is way too much. btw What is the longest distance they measured these particles?

+Dr. TJ the hippies didnt add a lot no, but of course these are choices made my an editor and production team right? I agree... To be honest I'd be a little more demanding in my requirement for demonstrable info than you are...well probably. But, ...but.... There are people who are paying good money during the ad break to push their products right? Heaven forbid we ever run out of moisturizer or have an unsold insurance policy we need to rid ourselves of and didn't know who to call. So what I'm saying is banality helps to sell burgers... ;)

+Mickelodian Surname All I was asking was that the results be included in the video. It wouldn't have taken more that 1 minute of time to include that info. They could have left out the part about the hippies, which didn't seem to add much to the story.

Well they won't match perfectly right. Are there circumstances in which they match less? Or more? Plus what total size or space do you need for them to match to a negligible deviation. I'd be sure this has already been considered too. If not what the hell are we not paying undergrads for?

In the movie "Forbidden Planet"(1956) starring Leslie Nielson they needed a quantum mechanic to fix their flying saucer like space ship but they couldn't find one. And there was a photo of a bunch of 'em except Einstein.. I think he skipped out of celestial mechanics school.

I likes riddles. Einstein said it was spooky so belongs in that corner of Youtube..

WRONG, electrons are simply a snapshot in OUR TIME of the wave. An instant ,a quantum. Its like slicing a tube. and looking at it directly it will appear like a circle rather than a tube. Thats what an electron is. They call it a probability wave, for our benefits but it Dont mean they dont exist, the electrons is actually an oscillating field in a different dimension to us ( maybe more , maybe less i dont know, or maybe they can travel in time), they are NOt particles. they just look like that when you take a snapshot of them ie detectors. hate it when scientist will lie and and use grandiose to make things sound more mystical.the wave is made up on these electrons particles i guess is another way of looking at it.

Reagan: "A hippie is someone who dresses like Tarzan, has hair like Jane and smells like Cheetah." LOL!

Quantum entanglement is physical proof of a multidimensional Universe, apparently dimension 11 has no velocity limits. The experiment at 29:00 is not the right experiment for entanglement study. The correct experiment is: -> Electron Positron Mutual Annihilation where the products are two gamma ray photons two electron neutrinos. It is These two photons that are entangled and even at a light year apart still respond instantaneously. These experiments have already been carried out so it is obvious that the theory and proofs have not been formed into an established education curriculum yet. Yes Star Trek fans you will get your sub space communicator. Who am I? Just a 21 Century Electrician.

Entangled particles making up a network of space just makes sense. Everything is connected

"God does not play dice" Einstein

so a particle popping into place when it is observed like a video game? So we are in a simulation.

Sounds like the Taoists were right all along.

Checkout Hal Putoff lectures on remote viewing. Also the holographic universe theory.

I'll tell you what could have influenced the randomness and therefore the outcome of their experiment, their subconscious desire for the experiment to prove quantum entanglement.

So if you send an astronaut to Pluto, with a computer filled with chips, entangled chips in a computer here, and be able to instantly communicate a message?

You are missing something. You are right, and Einstein is also right. You are not taking into account, the fabric of space time, and the property of matter and energy, and electricity. You know about the particles, but not the waves

How can you prove that the particles are not created on a tiny wave of space time that travels through space like a ripple on a pond. The particles created on the same wave, are already identical,. You know what the state of the entangled particle is, because you have observed one. It's twin may have traveled several light years, but it was created identical. How can you prove that this is not the case ? Then again, I did get a feeling that my grandmother died, the moment she died. And I was in Ga. And she was in Alabama.

Robbery Dijkgraafs explanation of the holographic universe is absolutely wonderful. Makes me want to finish reading the holographic universe by Michael Talbot.

I was lost at 38 min.

un hackable.... lol yeah okay

The fact is that there is a moral universe, as real or more real the the visible one, everything is connected, this is why it is impossible o explain material issues ignoring spiritual ones and it is impossible to understand them either

Philip K. Dick already did intellectual debates in his novels and predicted a Holographic Universe or Spooky Action at a distance way back in the 70s. Science has become a backwards religion of sorts. This video has raised some questions though as following: When HAL-9000 was deactivated, did he dream of electric sheep? If George Orwell and HAL-9000 were having a philosophical debate today, moderated by Plato of course on whether the medium is the message, who would argue for that proposition and who would win? Will Quantum Entanglement satellites, under the guise of secure internet, be utilized by the Chinese government to interrupt their populations' wet dreams with a political or commercial message? Will Quantum computers read the human mind in the US for so-called marketing purposes? Will artificial intelligence bots that are conscious have Constitutional rights more so than a corporation? Inquiring minds want to know.

A lot of interesting factual information here. But the video begins by raping the audience with some philosophical nonsense that the narrator and his colleges hardly believe themselves but still like the common people to believe.

If this proves true then travel back in time is also possible.


The experiment shown here only adds a control for the filter selection process. The experiment shown still doesn't account for the possibility of 'hidden properties' in the laser light, which could potentially carry over to the photons measured by the filters. In that case, the properties which we measure as being entangled could be predetermined just as Einstein theorized. Measuring identical photon pairs still has useful applications in computing & security even if entanglement turns to be an illusion.

The earth is flat and we never went to the moon, it was all done in a Hollywood studio.

I would have loved to see a comparison where there was a deliberate effort to choose the first filter by one side while having the other side choose the other filter. Also a supposed test ova randomly generated chooses by a random number generator, just to see what the baseline numbers are.

More science, less drama. Sad to see how far NOVA has fallen in 20 years

No, both men had entirely had entirely different values to civilization. Einstein had a mistaken understanding of photons and Telsa had a misunderstanding of human nature. It can not be denied that both men were at genius level. However saying that, most men at that level are irreversibly damaged by the misunderstanding of there works by the average person.

You are mostly correct.

I feel sorry for you

+ttshkp True dead stop compared to what? There is no universal stop. Everything in space is moving relative to everything else. You can never say you are at a stop if you see anything moving because you can't tell if they're at full stop and you're moving. If you fly off into outer space, what is your reference for full stop? Stop relative to what? There is no correct answer. We are not moving unless we feel acceleration, aside from relative movement.

+Joseph .S nothing in science is indisputable... Everything must stand up to repeated scrutiny over time. Any person who uses a term such as indisputable in science has a fundamental misunderstanding of what science is... Here is a quote from the journal nature science. "Laws differ from scientific theories in that they do not posit a mechanism or explanation of phenomena: they are merely distillations of the results of repeated observation. As such, a law is limited in applicability to circumstances resembling those already observed, and may be found false when extrapolated." Stop trying to be smart on the internet, when you don't know what your talking about.

Heimdall's Gate Sometimes. Is that supposed to be an argument?

+Enter the Braggn' ?? Can you feel your angular momentum ?

Heimdall's Gate I never said gravity was fake. Quite the opposite. I can’t believe how many people think gravity isn’t a force, especially when everyone can feel it right this second.

+Enter the Braggn' why is that ? Is it because gravity is fake ?? Haha I can't believe you managed to rope this many people into this hahaha

oldi184 https://youtu.be/6tB3IBXTgEc

+Moe Green haha he finally said flat Earth !!! About time someone got what they were getting at

oldi184 How fast do subatomic particles move?

Moe Green Who cares? Light refracts and diffracts and it’s got nothing to do with gravity.

+Justin James Hooman I think you have missed what they are actually discussing.

+Dr. TJ what was that about proven ?

+Enter the Braggn' - "Around and around and around..." do you know any of the details of Dowdye's claims of no deflection falloff? mainly interested in where the telescopes were located

Mickelodian Surname I see. Anyway quantum entanglement cant be used to do faster than light communications. So its a dead end. You still need sub light communication channel to confirm the entangle particles. Its like some of Einstein equations. They indeed look really pretty but they mean nothing. The same is with QE its a nice looking trick of mother nature. Also we have paradoxes in math. So in other words math that is wrong and does not reflect reality. The real physical world. A quick example. d'Alembert's paradox. D'Alembert proved that for incompressible and inviscid potential flow – the drag force is zero on a body moving with constant velocity relative to the fluid. He proved that with math but when scientists did experiment. So in other words they used real science not abstract science(math) they proved that drag force is not zero. So experiment contradicts math. So math cant be used to "prove" something. You always need experiment to confirm it. In my view they should entangle particles and send them on a bigger distance. Lets say 0.4 million km(moon). But as I said before how you will be able to confirm it?

+Enter the Braggn' - although, i guess those two electrical constants are subsumed by the speed of light :p hmmmm :p i will do some digging on Dowdye's claims

+Enter the Braggn' - one of my possible bad habits is to write too much when only a few lines are required :p i don't think its a bad habit myself... but i dunno how other people view it... possibly they feel differently if i had to put things in just a few lines it would be this: if starlight deflection is actually due to plasma in the atmosphere of the Sun, why would an equation that accurately predicts the quantity of deflection also be capable of accurately predicting the strange orbit of the planet Mercury? (and also the orbits of all nine planets, more accurately than Newton's) does that not strike you as supremely unusual? is there some connection between plasma fields and the orbital mechanics of planets? and if the connection is somehow related to electricity... why does the equation not rely on epsilon-naught and mu-naught? are those constants somehow subsumed by Newton's constant?

Moe Green Around and around and around...

+Enter the Braggn' - hmmm i found the video by Dr. Dowdye intriguing... he mentioned several things i'd never heard before for example his claim that there are no observations of a gradual bending falloff, but that instead at a certain distance from the Sun the starlight suddenly snaps to an undistorted straight line? that is the first time i have ever heard anything like that... i have to say i am kinda skeptical of that claim because the equation that predicted deflection, namely the EFE, predicted at least five things not just one (and maybe more than five?) it predicted the true orbit of Mercury it predicted the deflection of starlight with an accuracy of sub-arc-seconds it predicted redshift due to gravity it predicted the existence of black holes before evidence of them had ever been observed it predicted the so-called "dark energy" with the cosmological constant term (the third term in the equation) and those are just the bits that i know about... were i an expert in general relativity i might know more... i am pretty sure there are like another 5 to 10 effects it predicted with no historical precedent... about every 9 to 15 months or so i learn of a new effect it predicted that i didnt know about... Hermann Bondi was well known for documenting all the arcana that GR predicted... i should find his books for one equation to predict at least five effects/phenom in rather separate sectors of physics i.e. what do the orbital paths of massive gigaton planets have to do with straightness of EM wave paths, the frequency of EM waves, or the existence of extremely arcane exotic objects like black holes... much less the expansion rate of the universe?? lol,... at first glance to me those seem to be disparate effects thus that one equation holds alot of weight for me... if the only thing it predicted was optical deflection then maybe i could easily dismiss it with the wave of a hand... but to have accurately predicted at least five rather un-united effects in separate domains of physics... and for the equation to have been constructed in a pain-staking, non-arbitrary, careful manner over a period of 15 years or thereabouts... all starting with a careful examination of Maxwell's equations... and with the mathematician David Hilbert closing in on the same equation concurrent with Einstein as he was nearing the end of the labour hehe... yeah that's just too much for me to simply dismiss it or yawn about it to hold to conservative principles and my own conception of statistical likelihood would compel me to sooner think that errors have been made in observing deflection falloff rather than deflection being totally unrelated to gravity that the EFE is ultimately an approximation is something i know... i know it will eventually be replaced by more accurate equations if the human race manages to survive climate change and massive political chaos... my money is on the work of T'Hooft and Susskind... i think they are both in the vanguard and have already surpassed Hawking in my book but to claim that it accurately predicts sub-arc-second deflection quantities by what? pure random chance?? with one of the terms in the denominator being the speed of light to the 4th power?? and Newton's constant in the equation? lol cmon... that sounds ridiculous... to think that would undermine my concept of random-ness, relation, and also winning the lottery :) if Dowdye is referring to observations made through the Earth's atmosphere then i don't trust them nearly as much as i do observations made from space telescopes that don't suffer such distortions... the distortions of the atmosphere are freakin massive... the Moon viewed through the atmosphere at high magnification appears to shimmer like the surface of a lake those distortions are so massive there is a whole subset of the overly paranoid flat earth movement that has concluded the Moon is a "movie projection" by "shadowy conspirators" lmao but... who knows... maybe i am overconfident in the EFE? perhaps... i will look into these claims of Dowdye... i am extremely curious why i have never heard this published in a journal... more than anything i want to know the geo-location of the telescopes that measured the light deflection... were they scopes stuck on Earth or were they in space?? to overthrow the EFE and replace it with something more accurate would almost certainly be Nobel Prize winning work

Moe Green Refraction calculated under a false premise. Yay.

+Enter the Braggn' - "Yeah nothing else deflects light

Moe Green Wrong again. https://youtu.be/B_ixkOI4k8c

+Enter the Braggn' - also, consider for a moment how Hubble Space Telescope would have turned out had it not been for Einstein :) just picture it... most of what HST observes are undistorted images... lets say many terabytes of undistorted images but then every so often HST beams down images of "Einstein rings" and starlight passing through extreme gravitational lensing (i.e. galactic cluster scale lensing effects like say the Bullet Cluster) had Einstein never been born, how would HST engineers at NASA interpret such images? would it not be their natural inclination to suspect that the HST was malfunctioning or had lens distortions? when HST was first launched, it had flaws in its lens... micro-abberations because the lens manufacturer took some shortcuts i think it was eventually determined? if i remember correctly it cost NASA many billions of dollars to create a solution for the warped lens which would preserve the existing satellite body... i.e. to not toss the whole project and start over... but to conserve the elements that were functional they had to send up an STS crew to do the repairs... all of it millions if not billions of dollars in repairs the repairs worked and they got clear images but just imagine them stumbling on extreme gravitational lensing or Einstein Rings if they were working in a purely Newtonian framework... you can get up to low earth orbit standing on the shoulders of Newton, who was quite a titan... but to realize that smeared out starlight and multiple instances of the same galaxy can take place because of gravity interacting with EM waves... that required the tall shoulders of Einstein, did it not? :p i can't prove this 100%... but i am pretty durn sure that had Einstein not proven starlight deflection mathematically, that those dozens of Hubble Space Telescope engineers and project managers would have been tearing their hair out and cussing up a freakin storm LOL... after spending billions doing the first repair... then all a sudden some galaxies and stars appear warped and bent, but not all of them? that would have been quite the anomaly and i bet their initial go-to explanation would have been lens defects, water vapour, or who knows what explanations they would have been grasping for LOL of course eventually they would have realized something truly arcane and fishy was at work... because the fish-eyed images would not be on everything they observed... only on certain regions of space would they have realized it was due to gravity? i wonder :) maybe they would have figured that out... but who knows.... HST launched in the Reagan era... i bet alot of them would have worried about their job security hehe i'll post some images of galactic EM-wave distortion and Einstein rings... probably you have seen them already... but just in case you haven't... and in case YouTube filters out comments with URLs in them

Moe Green Yeah nothing else deflects light

+Enter the Braggn' - "Think what you want" spacetime curving was definitely not my own thoughts nor my natural inclinations hehe... many years later i still find it a kinda alien idea that is hard to grasp had i been tasked with explaining the origin of gravity, i doubt i would have made progress on the question even after 50 years of work on it because the idea of space curving is so exotic to my way of thinking and experience the particular detail that convinced me that Einstein was on the right track was his prediction of gravitational lensing before any astronomer had ever reported it in any journal its one thing to derive a more accurate theory of gravity than Newton... that already is quite a titanic accomplishment... in other words to account for Mercury's anomalous motions but to predict not only that gravity lensing can take place, but to also calculate how much lensing our Sun does on light rays passing near it... to calculate the amount of deflection... something that no astronomer had ever reported anywhere (as far as i have heard anyway)... that is just totally mind-blowing in my opinion it was Einstein predicting how much lensing Eddington would observe before Eddington ever set foot on Australian soil that pushed me... compelled me really... to thinking of Einstein as accurate as all get out hehe... a prophet of sorts? isn't that one of the definitions of prophecy? to predict the physical/optical experience of another human being many thousands of miles remote from oneself to a high degree of accuracy? he predicted how much deflection Eddington would see through his scope in arc-seconds... which are a very tiny quantity... and he had high precision doing it just think how freakin amazing that was... that was back in the 1910s or 1920s? to travel to Australia wasn't something totally worked out as safe... i don't think they had airplanes then... i think Eddington travelled by boat.... so many poisonous snakes and spiders on that continent... viruses and bacteria much more out of control back then... easy to catch a deadly fever and lose one's life and there is Eddington trusting that Einstein might be on to something, risking his life travelling to the land down under, looking for a very subtle deflection in starlight near the edge of the Sun... during a brief eclipse lasting just minutes? just totally amazing in my book before i learned of Einstein's prediction of deflected starlight i wasn't totally convinced he was on to something because spacetime curving just sounds so weird and exotic... predicting deflection is what pushed me into admiring him

Moe Green Think what you want.

+Enter the Braggn' - "Here’s a Mathematician explaining the deception." i am wondering if you can elaborate on your use of the term "deception" here in the example of R Tolman, Tolman's quote reveals the simplification in cosmological modelling was done on purpose and out in the open... a deception would require that simplifications are not labelled simplifications... an example of a deception would be tossing out gravitational data but not explaining that one has done so so what deception is taking place? and what is the motive? in crime thrillers i always go to motive first :) wondering if you can elaborate with details... what are the names of the deceivers? roughly how many are there? and what is their motive to deceive?

+Enter the Braggn' - that's my guess about Crothers interpreting Tolman... i believe that Crothers is not giving Tolman the legroom to play around with the equations and attempt some macroscopic models that omit tiny details to put it more simply... and i apologize if i should have thought of putting it this way earlier before writing all that :p to put it more simply, i believe that Crothers is interpreting Tolman too strictly... holding him to unnecessarily strict or rigorous standards :) many breakthroughs in physics occurred when physicists were allowed to play around with their equations... not throwing out mathematical rigour 100%... but being allowed to ignore small quantities it should also be said that Einstein's equations are themselves an approximation... just as Newton's equations were an approximation, Einstein's are too meaning they are not the final word on physics... there are regions of the cosmos where Einstein's equations give nonsensical answers like "infinite density" and "infinity" like inside black holes and near the big bang, Einstein's equations are known to need additional clarification additional clarification which has been sought for over 100 years now... in my personal opinion Gerard T'Hooft is getting close to that long sought clearer picture with his work on black hole antipodes and a very detailed modelling of hawking radiation and infalling matter.... but that's just my hunch i can't prove it... would require way too many words to prove objectively :) so maybe T'Hooft is also wandering astray, we shall see :p

+Enter the Braggn' - i havent yet watched all of Stephen Crother's presentation, but i think i have found a mistake in it around 6:00 minutes in... or perhaps the word misunderstanding better conveys the situation than the word mistake... i believe that Crother's has misunderstood something around 6:00 he displays a quote from a book written by R Tolman "Relativity Thermodynamics and Cosmology" published by Dover: "We can then treat the universe as filled with a continuous distribution of fluid of proper macroscopic density p00 and pressure p0 and shall feel justified in making this simplification since our interest lies in obtaining a general framework for the behaviour of the universe as a whole, on which details of local occurrences could later be superposed." and says "All big bang universes are 1-mass universes" based on this quote he raises some objections... his main objection is that without multiple interacting masses how can we model gravity, if gravity requires two or more masses? and this objection makes sense in a sort of conventional way... after all in Newton's equation there are two masses m1 and m2... and i believe in typical multiple body modelling of Einstein's equation space is divided into sub-regions, and the energy content of those sub-regions is a necessary input in order to calculate the curvature influence those sub-regions exert on their local neighborhood? although mind you i am not 100% sure if this is how analyzing gravity through the lens of Einstein is done... i am taking a guess, not yet having had access to the source code of such modelling software :) so Tolman's quote at first glance seems to violate these needs by not speaking of multiple masses, but instead a single continuous distribution my hunch is that Tolman is toying or experimenting with a simplification just to see what happens in a supercomputer model... physicists do this all the time... and my guess is cosmologists do it more than anybody else... since cosmologists have to deal with modelling such huge systems, that they would trim out what they view as unnecessary complications shouldn't be too surprising :p that Tolman knows he is purposely venturing into minor inaccuracy can be seen in the quote... he says himself it is a simplification... meaning exact details are being sacrificed for a general bigger picture this is not very different from details being purposely tossed out in perturbation theory... high order corrections are tossed out on purpose, not by accident, because it is a pretty rare situation where human interests require accuracy beyond say 12 decimals of precision probably what Tolman is doing... and this is just a guess of mine mind you hehe... probably he was involved in doing some large-scale simulation of the universe and how parts of it might seem to behave as a fluid... perhaps he was modelling the galactic web strands? have you seen those images on the immensely macroscopic scale of how galaxy clusters tend to form huge filaments that are many millions of light years long? my guess is some of those filaments shuffle matter and energy around like a fluid... and perhaps Tolman was involved in modelling those scenarios on a supercomputer... where so many individual masses were being modelled it was essential to throw them all out in favour of a continuous fluid now when theorists do that, they know very well they are venturing into the realm of minor inaccuracy... what i find slightly objectionable about how Crothers treats this subject... from his tone of voice and the manner of his presentation, he seems to be telling the audience "you see! they are modelling things without taking into account multiple masses and gravity!" (that's not a quote but im trying to paraphrase what i perceive to be his meaning) trying to think of the words to describe this... i think that Crothers is missing that Tolman knows he is only making an approximation... cosmologists have too much data to deal with to do 100% exact simulations hehe... even the fastest supercomputer clusters in the world would grind to a halt if they had to account for all the individual masses composing those gargantuan galactic filaments... so some of them have probably toyed with thermodynamic/fluid modelling just to see what pops out of the simulation just as i'm fairly sure there probably have been at least a couple cosmologists who have attempted to model filaments in a more exact manner hehe... allowing the hours of rendering time to take their toll by inputing a huge number of masses and then letting them interact gravitationally?

Moe Green Here’s a Mathematician explaining the deception. https://youtu.be/nXF098w48fo

Moe Green Newton, Maxwell, Heaviside, there’s plenty of math fitting the theory. And you’ve answered the question that’s good. You think gravity is a force yet in Relativity it isn’t. In other words it doesn’t explain a thing. Calculating orbits and understanding the mechanisms are completely different. And if you understood the math you wouldn’t be praising it.

+Enter the Braggn' - "So you’re another one that thinks gravity isn’t a force and is bent space clocks?" i should also add the followup comment that i don't personally understand fully the basis of Einstein's equations by that i mean, the idea of time slowing down in regions of high gravity i don't fully understand through and through... i sorta have a vague fingernail grasp of the idea... but haven't fully worked it out mentally... if i had the spare time to dedicate to it, i kinda suspect i could understand it more fully given somewhere between 1 to 5 years... maybe lol :p so its not really that i understand the idea comprehensively, but more that i trust it because the resulting math provides us with testable predictions now here admittedly i am sitting on a branch of society and trusting it as solid :) by that i mean, i have not personally programmed Einstein's equations into a computer... nor have i observed Mercury in a telescope... and verified for myself whether Mercury's orbit matches the predictions of those equations... i have been taking a large number of people at their word that they do match the reason for that trust is because i find it implausible that many thousands of professors could have been tricked into trusting the equations solely by "word of mouth" and "shiney Einstein" reputation over a period of a 103 years or so were the equations of Einstein bogus, i think over the 103 years between 1915 and 2018, at least a couple of professors would have objected and complained that the equations make no testable predictions... i do not see a plausible means by which such complaints could have been snuffed out or suppressed? what can be done to silence a professor's voice? maybe... maybe during the totalitarian era of the Soviet Union it could have been snuffed out? but i dunno... i think even with gulags and kangaroo courts and firing squads it would have been hard to fully suppress people yelling out "hey mate, check out Einstein's equations to see that they are wrong!" hehe but even if the force was present to snuff out voices in the Soviet era, i would still be unsure what would motivate them against one equation and in favour of another... and therefore i would be seeking a motive for suppression... because suppression of voices comes at quite an enormous energetic cost... the relatives and family members of the suppressed tend to object to their fam getting hauled off... the suppressed themselves exert physical force when apprehended... fisticuffs and weapons and such... or they try to run away and go into hiding... and on top of all that, there may be onlookers or newspaper reporters who write of suppression all of these forces amount to a rather large amount of bother, nuisance, and effort for the suppressors to overcome... such a high level of nuisance, that they have to be quite motivated to dislike one equation and favour another... now, where would such motivation come from? is there an innate beauty to equations that all people can taste? in the same way that sugar, ice cream, high fructose corn syrup, and Willy Wonka's Pixy Dust seem to be universally appreciated by many billions of people? :p maybe if Stalin didn't like the taste of ice cream, he might have a motive to suppress one equation and uplift another? lol in terms of mathematical verification of societal pillars or infrastructure, the most i've ever done was program a computer to calculate the effect of Earth's curvature when the flat Earth movement made a sudden resurgence around 2015 or so hehehe i have toyed with GPS devices and am vaguely familiar with their accuracy... observing an error somewhere around 10 to 20 meters or so? some have said without Einstein's corrections, GPS devices would be in error by many kilometers :)

+Enter the Braggn' - a second reason that i kinda distrust Thornhill is mag-lev trains... and here the confusion level over Thornhill's words is so high it may be difficult for me to put it into words hehe if gravity is due to electricity, how does one sort out the mag-lev trains running in Japan? it would mean Earth is pulling on the train electrically, and the mag-lev rails are making the train float magnetically, opposing the electrical attraction of the Earth? i dunno... something not really clicking about that hehe... Thornhill was saying that gravitational force is due to electricity yes? or did i misunderstand him? also the engineers who built those mag-lev trains worked with equations of Coulomb, Gauss, Ampere, Maxwell... (perhaps with modern versions at a great distance from the originals) and perhaps some of Tesla's alternating current engineering? why then do astrophysicists not work with electrically oriented equations to work out planetary orbits, but instead they use Newton and Einstein's equations? to me it seems like electricity and gravity occupy different sectors of physics if gravity is electrical, why does Einstein's equation contain no electrical constants? it has big-G, Newton's constant... but doesn't have epsilon-naught and mu-naught (said in a British accent :p)... what could account for that absence? would that mean that big-G "contains" the implications of epsilon-naught and mu-naught in some higher-order way?

+Enter the Braggn' - woops i meant to include better vertical spacing in my reply... here is a version that might be easier on the eyes :p "So you’re another one that thinks gravity isn’t a force and is bent space clocks?" ya i think it is a force the reason I trust Einstein more than i trust Thornhill is because as far as i am aware Thornhill has produced no equations to defend his speculations i believe that math equations are one of the few shields we have to protect ourselves against sophistry, delusions, and endless speculations i hope it hasn't sounded like i am singling Thornhill out :p when one surveys the landscape of theoretical physics, one encounters hundreds and hundreds of speculations... branes, energy strings, superstrings, SU(5) this and that, SO(10) this and that, 5 dimensional this and that, 11 dimensional this and that, axions, anyons, dark matter, dark energy... the ideas go on and on endlessly! those few words i typed do not do the current situation justice... were one to list all of the individual speculations in text, the text would scroll on and on for hundreds if not thousands of pages! how to sort through this morass, this swamp of speculation? the only way that i know of is a combination of math and experiment... without math and experiment, how would we be able to determine which ideas are sensible and which ones are not? where i am using the word "sensible" to mean something like "aligning with observable reality"... i know of no other way... if there is another way to make such determinations i would love to know what it is :p Einstein spent i think around 15 to 20 years polishing and honing and massaging an equation until it finally reached a pinnacle where it could be used to predict the unusual orbit of the planet Mercury which is not predictable from Newton's equation for gravity... Newton's equation is a good first approximation which accounts for some aspects of gravity... but Einstein's equation appears to encapsulate a greater number of subtle details and higher order corrections... because using it we can more accurately predict the motion of Mercury i hope it doesn't sound like i am singling out Thornhill... if the physicist Mikhail Arkadyevich Shifman published a video saying hey guys guess what, it turns out gravitational effects are due to electricity! and if he did not provide mathematical equations in his video which others could use to verify his claims... in other words, if all he did was make claims, and provided no means of substantiation, then i would be unmoved by the words of Mikhail Arkadyevich Shifman as well :) just as i would be unmoved by the words of somebody chattering on about some brane theory if they did not provide math equations to back their words up... without math, brane theory would be just one more bit of clutter that could bury a mind under a mountain of speculations... in my opinion clutter can become mentally hazardous when it reaches certain very high levels :p a little bit of clutter is OK... but if we are talking thousands and thousands of unsubstantiated pages of words and ideas... in my opinion it can be hazardous to wade into such a swamp without the sword of math at ones side to chop through the confusion... i believe it is possible for people to "drown in a torrent of ideas"... i suspect the symptoms of drowning in ideas are not the same as physical drowning of lungs... i kinda suspect one of the symptoms might be paranoia... also befuddlement and confusion are additional symptoms i think if Thornhill was less on words, less on speculations that CERN/LHC is a sinkhole of billions of euros (and possibly he thinks it is a scam/conspiracy?), and more on math equations demonstrating the electric gravity he talks about, i would take him more seriously and listen to him more than i currently do also i think he would be a Nobel prize candidate for overthrowing Einstein if he produced some testable equations? is my assessment of Thornhill premature and unfair? has he produced equations that i am not aware of? i hope i have not unfairly characterized or assessed him... there is alot of that going on these days :p i would hate to be one who added to the rapidly growing dogpile of injustice :)

+Enter the Braggn' - "So you’re another one that thinks gravity isn’t a force and is bent space clocks?" ya i think it is a force the reason I trust Einstein more than i trust Thornhill is because as far as i am aware Thornhill has produced no equations to defend his speculations i believe that math equations are one of the few shields we have to protect ourselves against sophistry, delusions, and endless speculations i hope it hasn't sounded like i am singling Thornhill out :p when one surveys the landscape of theoretical physics, one encounters hundreds and hundreds of speculations... branes, energy strings, superstrings, SU(5) this and that, SO(10) this and that, 5 dimensional this and that, 11 dimensional this and that, axions, anyons, dark matter, dark energy... the ideas go on and on endlessly! those few words i typed do not do the current situation justice... were one to list all of the individual speculations in text, the text would scroll on and on for hundreds if not thousands of pages! how to sort through this morass, this swamp of speculation? the only way that i know of is a combination of math and experiment... without math and experiment, how would we be able to determine which ideas are sensible and which ones are not? where i am using the word "sensible" to mean something like "aligning with observable reality"... i know of no other way... if there is another way to make such determinations i would love to know what it is :p Einstein spent i think around 15 to 20 years polishing and honing and massaging an equation until it finally reached a pinnacle where it could be used to predict the unusual orbit of the planet Mercury which is not predictable from Newton's equation for gravity... Newton's equation is a good first approximation which accounts for some aspects of gravity... but Einstein's equation appears to encapsulate a greater number of subtle details and higher order corrections... because using it we can more accurately predict the motion of Mercury i hope it doesn't sound like i am singling out Thornhill... if the physicist Mikhail Arkadyevich Shifman published a video saying hey guys guess what, it turns out gravitational effects are due to electricity! and if he did not provide mathematical equations in his video which others could use to verify his claims... in other words, if all he did was make claims, and provided no means of substantiation, then i would be unmoved by the words of Mikhail Arkadyevich Shifman as well :) just as i would be unmoved by the words of somebody chattering on about some brane theory if they did not provide math equations to back their words up... without math, brane theory would be just one more bit of clutter that could bury a mind under a mountain of speculations... in my opinion clutter can become mentally hazardous when it reaches certain very high levels :p a little bit of clutter is OK... but if we are talking thousands and thousands of unsubstantiated pages of words and ideas... in my opinion it can be hazardous to wade into such a swamp without the sword of math at ones side to chop through the confusion... i believe it is possible for people to "drown in a torrent of ideas"... i suspect the symptoms of drowning in ideas are not the same as physical drowning of lungs... i kinda suspect one of the symptoms might be paranoia... also befuddlement and confusion are additional symptoms i think if Thornhill was less on words, less on speculations that CERN/LHC is a sinkhole of billions of euros (and possibly he thinks it is a scam/conspiracy?), and more on math equations demonstrating the electric gravity he talks about, i would take him more seriously and listen to him more than i currently do also i think he would be a Nobel prize candidate for overthrowing Einstein if he produced some testable equations? is my assessment of Thornhill premature and unfair? has he produced equations that i am not aware of? i hope i have not unfairly characterized or assessed him... there is alot of that going on these days :p i would hate to be one who added to the rapidly growing pile of injustice :)

+Mickelodian SurnameAll you are saying on all of your comments= the same thing. a poor defense of materialist science by asking us to re read textbooks that fail to explain human consciousness at all. You will live to see your world crumble, you can't see it now because your psyche blocks it.

so if space is being created on a continuous basis then that would explain the expanding universe because space is being created in between the galaxies, as opposed to dark matter exerting a force.

I also think imagination is more important...

Time doesn't actually pass, so of course these connections exist. Everything happens NOW, despite what our perception is

Everything is 'real': dreams are real, holograms are 'real', it's a magic universe

According to the books I've read on Quantum Physics, no information can be transmitted faster than the speed of light, I.e. if you take a red sock and a blue sock from your drawer and put them in a separate boxs and shuffle the boxes around so that you don't know which sock is in which and then put one box in a safe and send the other box on a rocket ship for many years and wait for a long time, the two socks will have been separated far away. But at one time they were in the same drawer. Years later you open the safe and you discover the red sock is in the safe, you INSTANTLY know that the blue sock is the one millions of miles away. You now know something faster than the speed of light. But you can't transmit any information between the two socks that you could not have already known of at the time the two socks were still in your drawer. So what's the advantage of entanglement?

the riddle..or..confusion, will make infinite sense..if humans would only comprehend the Fullness of Consciousness....

My brane herts......


for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever shall believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life John 3:16

If the order of the filters selected in the original test was recorded, couldn't they determine how random it was after the fact? I don't follow the logic for the need of the bigger experiment.

Sent from iCloud On Jan 21, 2019, at 12:39 PM, Maureen Seaberg wrote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGF34iPfPDY Calls your FYSICS group "decades ahead of its time"! starting around 30:00 here.... Wishing you the best for the new year! Maureen On Jan 21, 2019, at 01:27 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrote: Yes, I know. :-) Actually it was Physics Consciousness Research Group in San Francisco and Esalen 1976 and the other group was at LBL - we overlapped of course. Several key ideas left out of the NOVA show. 1) All Bohr no Bohm. Everything they say about quantum mechanics, especially the Indian woman, is Bohr's view and it is fatally incomplete and overly mystical. 2) No need for faster-than-light nonlocal entanglement that violates the spirit if not the letter of Einstein's special theory of relativity. All the "spooky" effects of quantum entanglement are explained by "local retrocausality" (Costa de Beauregard "zig-zag", Huw Price) that obeys the essential kinematical and dynamical symmetries of all modern physical Lagrangian theories consistently with both special and general relativity (gravity). 3) Bell's theorem simply showed that the ideas of only past causes of present effects cannot explain the observed statistical correlations between pairs of quantum entangled particles. As shown by Yakir Aharonov et-al in his two state vector (destiny/history) in more detailed "weak measurements" (that show the Bohmian particle trajectories) the anomalous extra correlations come from "back-from-the-future" (teleological destiny) cause of past effects. No influences need propagate outside of Einstein's classical light cone even though there is some leakage from virtual particles inside the quantum vacuum. 4) Quantum cryptography in which no stand-alone keyless locally decodable useful intelligence can be transmitted over an orthodox quantum entangled channel (e.g. Chinese space quantum internet) depends on the absence of Einstein's action-reaction principle in the quantum limit i.e. in Bohm's realistic "ontology" the "wave function has no sources" (aka linearity, unitary matrix time evolution between von Neumann strong measurements) - there is no direct back-reaction from Bohm-Bell "beables" to their independent destiny and history pilot waves. 5) Herbert Frohlich room-temperature "biological superconducting" coherence phase transitions in pumped open non-equilibrium Prigogine "dissipative structures" induce the "post-quantum back-reaction" lacking in 4. The Frohlich coherent quantum information fields are physical thought mental fields with conscious qualia subjective experiences from the back-reaction. This solves David Chalmers's "hard problem" (Tom Stoppard's play) and allows conscious AI in nano-electronic quantum dot sub-neural artificial networks that mimic the microtubule networks inside our nerve and other living cell.

My photo appears in this show more than once.

This is one of the dumbest documentaries about such an important phenomenon!

I still believe Einstein was right. All Quantum is a probability, not a certain. So if the world is circling around the Sun, by a probability. Then the world of gone of it's course. And the whole world wouldn't be able to function the way it does. Quantum can work, in certain machines and etc. But it always goes of direction. And it needs to be redirect.


The true riddle is how come Einstien gets so much unlimited positive press. That’s not usually how the USA media treats most Germans.

........a condensed version would be good...

All I can say is only time will tell that Einstein was right all along. We know that it works but we don't know how it works, and thats the key. That will show what Einstein tried to explain.


Walk the existence back of anything and you will eventually end up creating something out of nothing. The very existence of anything, itself, is irrational. The rest is word salad as far as what we are capable of comprehending in this experience called life.

my fave thing, in space there is no limitations out there, therotically, there are atoms the size of a soft ball, the size of a foot ball stadium, no gravity= no conceuence of abnormally large things ( according to the local space time n law

einsteins caint proof any thing god made the big bang its no proof .

winston ledford ur dumb


Are we really more interested in the 'jeopardy' caused by uncertain weather, or the science and the result? Time is precious, they say - ten minutes in, we've not yet defined the problem... oh well...

You're thinking of Edison?

well at least he gave Tesla credit, when they asked him whats its like to be a genius he answered "ask nicola tesla"

I think Tesla was the real genius of the 20th century

That's not true at all

That is the most insightful comment regarding this topic. Bravo ! I feel like an infant trying to figure out what Mommy and Daddy are trying to tell me.

+jeffwads is a kind of person who needs to read a peer reviewed journal to ascertain whether it is raining or not.

hulagan808 Check That last link. If you’re a classic physics guy it will immediately resonate with you.

hulagan808 Light has mass too. If it has energy it has mass. Good old Einstein and his contradictions.

hulagan808 But you’re communicating some bullshit yourself. Light obviously isn’t the quickest thing. Solar systems couldn’t exist otherwise. We don’t get pulled to where the sun was eight minutes ago. The “instantaneous” connection or electrical signalling if you will can be explained with orbiting subatomic particles. Atoms must have an orbital structure to maintain their energy. The speed of these particles is estimated to be 20 billion times the speed of light. As for expansion that was disproven by Halton Arp decades ago. There’s no disputing the data. If you find quasars connected to galaxies with different redshift then redshift isn’t distance. There’s no getting around that.

Enter the Braggn' the particles had to be together to be entangled then moved apart. Then spin is observed and communicated. No mass travels , just information, and even that can't be observed faster than light or even mean anything without an observer. The information only , technically travels Instantly. Why ? I have no idea. But I'm not seeing any particle traveling faster than light. Why do people think that's what the instantaneous part means? Hyperbole, I guess. With the expansion of space, galaxies will be moving away from each other faster than the light can travel between them, so they are effectively traveling away from each other faster than the speed of light. But nothing is actually going faster than the speed of light. QM is incomplete , but it is incredibly accurate at making useful predictions. Make of it what you will. I personally will never need anything beyond Newtonian physics. But I like QM. People bashing each other with bullshit just aggravates me.

Mercurio Morat's Bughunting Channel Cheers. How’s this for an explanation of Gravity? https://youtu.be/YkWiBxWieQU

+Enter the Braggn' m != mc^2

Mercurio Morat's Bughunting Channel You talk about assumptions and then make a bunch. E=Mc2 dude, light has energy therefore it has mass. Even the neutrino was found to have mass. How ridiculous having Bosons existing everywhere at once. It must be fun living in math land where anything is possible

+Enter the Braggn' That word "particle"; therein lies the problem. When we use metaphor to equate quanta on the subatomic scale with objects and phenomena on our scale, unsupported assumptions are introduced. To wit, there is no such thing as sub-atomic particles; only quanta which may or may not be particle-like and, moreover, being particle-like is not the same as being a particle. Light is the best example; being at once wave-like and particle-like and, thus, NEITHER wave NOR particle but something outside our experience; at best, a bland state-variable variable or object-variable array into which we can plug in measured values and make mathematical predictions. So when we look at other bosons, such as the electron, as quanta outside our experience, rather than trying to force the unknown into the mould of the familiar, we are freed of assumptions that apply to particles. So statistical presence in a waveform (which is wave-like but not a wave because it lacks internal friction which all real-world waves include) then the idea that it need be travelling is no longer mandated and we are free to think of it as the entirety of the statistical distribution itself; existing at all points defined by the statistical distribution in the measure indicated and yet collapsible to any point within that statistical distribution on interaction. This may not be as specific as a mobile, travelling thing but it does not impose specifics which are beyond what we can determine empirically. From this perspective, the idea of quantum entanglement is not so spooky because what is to say that a given state-variable cannot be systematically grouped with other state-variables? What is to say that an electron potential cannot be dictated by the potential of a remote twin? What is to say that entangled quanta are not the larger portion of the same quanta? Moreover, such ideas (i.e. the boson existing in more than one place at any given time) are not as complex as trying to reconcile the interaction of things travelling back in time with things travelling forward in time - which would be the case between anything travelling above the speed of light and of things travelling below the speed of light. This parsimony, however, only improves an idea's odds of corresponding to reality. Until verified by observation, such conjectures continue to be nothing more than speculation. Welcome to the great unknown which science exists to explore through doubt, questioning, experimentation, observation, discussion, dissent and all the good things cults tell us are bad.

+Dan Jacob which part are you referring to...?

Mercurio Morat's Bughunting Channel Yes to find money in it you mean. I agree. Science that cant be falsified in any way is not science its meta-science. This type of science is done for money and grants not to push the real knowledge for mankind. People who are doing this type of "Science" are not scientists but conjurers.

+oldi184 " So why even bother to study this topic?" Because studying a phenomenon to find out something about it is not the same as jumping to conclusions before the necessary observations have been made.

oldi184 There’s a perfectly good explanation for that which is an electrical signal from the orbital motion of subatomic particles. There speed is estimated at 20 billion times the speed of light. In other words instantaneous on a galactic scale. Better explained here: https://youtu.be/6tB3IBXTgEc

Mickelodian Surname So because its unfalsifiable we will never be able to use it for some real life stuff. So why even bother to study this topic? I guess for money and grants. I am sure that there are things faster than light. Gravity is one of them. Outer planets like for example Neptune orbits then sun where it is right now. Right now from Neptune perspective and not where it was many hours ago. That is why planet orbits are stable for billions and billions of years. If gravity was traveling at the speed of light orbits in our solar system and no doubt many other solar systems would become unstable just after few million years. Because of the torque gave by the sun. Because sun is traveling at 200+ km/s around milky way core and almost 400 km/s around local group center. So gravity is no doubt way faster than light. But how we can use gravity to communicate? The other thing faster than light is magnetism. Magnetic field dont have speed. Its just present. It just is. For example our sun magnetic field is gigantic and extends well beyond planet Neptune. But how use magnetism to send messages?

@Dr. TJ, I share your disappointment that the ratio was not compared. I too was most curious about the result. I doubt, however, that the theoretical side of things will ever be settled because only applied science (e.g. Fourier's Law) can ever have any testable connection to the real world. As long as you can't make an experiment to test an idea or build technology which depends on an idea, then the idea is pure fiction. The fact that most commentators don't know the difference between "particle" and "particle-like" only further confuses the issue.

+Enter the Braggn' - "Time isn’t a physical thing neither is space. There’s nothing to wave." hmmmmm.... in Thornhill's model, isn't aether a physical thing that waves? to propagate light waves across the vacuum of space? like if the vacuum of space is filled with aether... i could have sworn that Thornhill advocated an EM aether :p is that not the case? in Thornhill's model, is there such a thing as electromagnetic waves? (if he relies on Maxwell and Heaviside?) and are they a wave motion of a medium?

Moe Green There’s a new paradigm emerging but old habits die hard. https://youtu.be/5AUA7XS0TvA

@UCOg1krnQj7KN9jigtKAucOA - "I found Dowdye." aye you did indeed, and that is an intriguing element :) Dr. Edward Henry Dowdye has a PHd and is affiliated with NASA for him to make a public video that has been viewed 6000 times saying that light deflection falloff is not gradual, but suddenly snaps to zero at a certain distance from the Sun is pretty significant in my opinion, because i think in some ways it runs counter to the predictions of General Relativity it is a video and subject that warrants further investigation in my opinion... because generally speaking, NASA affiliates do not post random opinions to the internet unless there is a large quantity of data justifying it one possible explanation is there are measurement errors being made... if the telescopes are land-based and not outside the atmosphere, the chance of error is high... because the atmosphere distorts so strongly but if there are no measurement errors being made, then i wonder if it might point to what is sometimes called "new physics"... for probably more than 90 years now, physicists have been searching for mistakes in the EFE, because its known for certain the EFE fail near the moment of the big bang and inside black holes... so it is known they are not the final word on physics but for more than 90 years the EFE have held up to all tests that have been thrown at them :) i think they have been tested more than 200 times in all sorts of exotic ways? not sure... its been a high number of tests though if i were a betting man... and i am, as my name is Moe Green :) i would wager that what has happened is measurement errors have been made, and that deflection falloff does not suddenly snap to zero, but instead goes gradually to zero in a continuous way if that is the ultimate reality it is interesting because it is not an everyday occurrence that a NASA affiliate with a PHd posts mistaken notions to the internet... but it can happen sometimes i guess :p if my guess is wrong, and the EFE do not lead to gradual falloff... then maybe there are signs of new physics lurking about... and that is definitely something many theorists would be interested in! :)

Moe Green So long Relativity. Bye

Moe Green I found Dowdye. https://youtu.be/B_ixkOI4k8c

+Enter the Braggn' - "Who cares? Light refracts and diffracts and it’s got nothing to do with gravity." but what would explain Einstein's Field Equations predicting the amount of refraction? doesn't that seem a bit curious or unusual if the EFE were not built to calculate optical phenomena? if the amount of refraction can be calculated with the EFE down to sub-arc-second accuracy, how are we to interpret such an extreme correlation? should we view it as an unconnected numerical coincidence? an example of an unconnected numerical coincidence would be say for example there is an equation for calculating the pressure of an inflated balloon in milli-PSI... and say a person does the calculation and the resulting number of milli-PSI just so happens to be the number of registered cars in New York City that would just be an unconnected numerical coincidence i think? most people would say this inflated balloon's internal pressure and the number of cars in NYC are unconnected phenomena and so we wouldn't read too much into the alignment of the numbers as being significant in order for the EFE to accurately calculate the amount of arc-seconds that sun-grazing light deflects, one of the input terms that can't be just any old random number is the mass of the Sun for example, what would happen if we plug the value of 1 kilogram spread across 1 cubic kilometer into the EFE for the mass term? (i'm not 100% sure, but i think the way this is done is to convert 1kg into an energy density, taking into account that it occupies 1 cubic kilometer of space, and then plugging that into the energy density component of the stress-energy tensor) would the EFE produce the correct amount of light deflection if we assign a mass of 1 kilogram and 1 km3 to represent the Sun? methinks the answer is hell no :) 1 kilogram of mass spread across a cubic kilometer wouldn't deflect sheeeit :p its not enough mass to cause noticeable deflection the reason Einstein was able to supply the correct deflection values to Eddington before he even arrived in Australia was because Einstein used the leading estimates for the mass of the Sun as well as the volume of space it occupies... these Solar mass values were outside of Einstein's specialty... but he was able to lean on the work done by the leading astronomers and astrophysicists who had spent over 100 years measuring the radius of the Sun using special telescopes that shielded their eyes from damage there are special hydrogen-alpha filters that allow astronomers to gaze at the Sun without burning out their retinas hehe... the way a magnifying glass can focus sunlight into a burning spot can happen with telescopes if one doesn't take proper precautions but using Ha hydrogen-alpha filters astronomers had a rough guess of the radius of the Sun... and thus they could apply the equation 4-thirds pi radius cubed to guesstimate the volume of the Sun and supply Einstein with a working number doesn't that seem rather curious to you? that if you plugin a value of 1 kilogram into the EFE it does not calculate the amount of light deflection... but if you plugin a more accurate guesstimate of the Sun's mass and volume, the EFE do produce the correct value of light deflection? can that be pushed aside as a mere numerical coincidence, just like a balloon pressure equation coincidentally matching the number of cars in New York City?

Hands down the simplest and most logic explanation of gravity is right here. No dark matter, no extra dimensions, no massless particles etc: https://youtu.be/YkWiBxWieQU

Moe Green It’s plain old stupidity. Time isn’t a physical thing neither is space. There’s nothing to wave. May as well talk about the smell of Leprechaun farts. 3 dimensions is plenty.

+Enter the Braggn' - "Gravity Waves? Omg

+Mickelodian Surname It's common courtesy when someone does you a favor to say thank you. I'm waiting.

+Mickelodian Surname - "Forget about the mag-lev trains.... What about the discovery of gravitational waves? How much magnetic, electrical or electromagnetic energy were they specifically built to measure? None whatsoever is the answer there. " hehe yep :) i was vaguely familiar with distrust of Einstein... apparently even when Einstein was alive there were many thousands of people who doubted him and his math... but i was not that familiar with doubters of CERN :p

Mickelodian Surname Gravity Waves? Omg

+Moe Green Gravity as a recent Nobel award explains is not in the slightest an electromagnetic wave of any description whatsoever. Forget about the mag-lev trains.... What about the discovery of gravitational waves? How much magnetic, electrical or electromagnetic energy were they specifically built to measure? None whatsoever is the answer there. But that's very easy to overlook if your science knowledge stopped at age 9 or something. Anyone that thinks every damn scientist from Rutherford to the director of CERN for the last couple of centuries are all wrong and naive because although completely uneducated as to what the actual explanation they disagree with even is....they prefer a different explanation....preferably one with helping of magic... Well, they are basically beyond the cusp of psychosis and miles into gaga land. Free speech shouldn't extend to the mentally ill because the stupid might start to believe their gibberish.

+Jyl Freeman what the hell has human consciousness to do with anything? How much human consciousness was relevant say 500 million years ago? And accepting things because they have been tested and not only work but there are damn products on the shelf that depend on that? That's somehow a bad way to evaluate something...? How so? The opposite of accepting things that are tested and work and in your case denying tested things and going along with any random shit isn't going to be an improvement now is it? Your clearly trying to promote the power of random guessing over testing stuff and writing down the results. Why on earth would any paper, book or even comment on gravitation theory need to include a reference to phenominaiogical awareness? That's like insisting a book on fishing is pointless if it doesn't include a recipe for treacle pudding. What the actual fuck? Are you psychotic or just a crazy assed troll? I'm seriously hoping its the latter.

+hulagan808 entanglement is not a 'distance' or speed thing at all. For the most part the physical distance is completely irrelevant. What would be traveling obviously is the information as to the state of an entangled particle given we can determine the state of its partner. But we can't anyway since our particle when we measure it just collapses to a state determined by probability... So you can't use this to somehow 'short cut' or avoid the no communication theorem. But ...and its a big but. If Alice and Bob live on opposite sides of the universe. So far apart and accelerating away from one another that no state if Alice's particle can ever be realised by Bob? Well given there's no possible state of Alice's particle state Bob can ever see there's nothing preventing information between Bob and Alice. My guess however, and its a complete guess, is that this is not possible either. Mother nature doesn't include handy short cuts because I'd like it...I've had run ins with mother nature before...she doesn't compromise and shes a total bitch that way.

+Mickelodian Surname You said: @Dr. TJ the hippies didnt add a lot no, but of course these are choices made my an editor and production team right? I agree... To be honest I'd be a little more demanding in my requirement for demonstrable info than you are...well probably. But, ...but.... There are people who are paying good money during the ad break to push their products right? Heaven forbid we ever run out of moisturizer or have an unsold insurance policy we need to rid ourselves of and didn't know who to call. So what I'm saying is banality helps to sell burgers... ;) I think you must be a little forgetful. And you could have kept clicking "Show more replies" to see it.

+oldi184 Yeah the No Communication theorem sort of spells out that data (or rather information) cannot magically traverse spacetime. Although its not clear that this applies to distances that exceed the light sphere of two points. So it 'might' be the case that if I have particle A and it's outside the 13.7 billion year light sphere (the other side if some hypothetical universe)... And let's say that area of space from our perspective will never receive any communication from us or vice versa? Well its not completely clear that the No communication theorem holds. Can a stream of particles 'A' now happily traverse that distance instantaneously without falling foul of the theorem? I actually don't see how it would be affected since the no information theorem relies on information about that particle being later observed by the person transmitting it. But if that is never going to happen? It 'might' therefore be the case that this exclusion only holds in a local light sphere setting. But the answer to whether this IS the case is not only 'I don't know.' Its also 'I wouldn't have a clue how to frame that mathematically or test it' . as far as I can see its completely unfalsifiable. A little like string theory [places tongue in cheek]

+Enter the Braggn' because for something to accelerate past the speed of light it has to travel from a to b traversing the points in between. Otherwise...well otherwise its not moving at all right? So if I walk from my living room to kitchen I move through the space separating them.. But hypothetically speaking if I somehow magically vanished at the same time that I appear standing in the kitchen ... well apart from a complete look of "what the fuck?" on my face no acceleration or speed was involved at all..

+Dr. TJ Can you do me a favor? Can you post the comment I made regarding ad breaks please. There's a pretty simple reason for this... I ummm... Well I didn't make any comment on this thread about advertising at all... Didn't mention it, not once...I also have PBS and I'm aware they loosely follow the BBC model of public broadcasters not running ads....(although that's a legal requirement in the UK and there are zero ads, its not a choice by the BBC)... So that response came out of the blue completely. But...here's a thing... that's not to say you didn't see one, that's so left field that I'm pretty positive you seen such a comment. I even think I know where it came from. If you scroll up on your version of this tread and its not there... Well I think I can mention what you might have read. But before that just copy and paste it if you can.

+Mickelodian Surname As far as ad breaks, this video ran on PBS where there are no ad breaks during the telecast. The only ads are between the shows, mostly for other PBS shows or funding sources. Touche!

+hulagan808 Sorry, no, it's been settled that anthropogenic warming is the main driver of climate change: https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/ So for you to compare me in any way with @jeffwads is disrespectful. You see, I have put in the work and earned my science degrees. There are some positive impacts from climate change, but the negative impacts far outweigh the positive. https://www.skepticalscience.com/global-warming-positives-negatives.htm So it's not just "where you live". If the U.S. government has to constantly provide disaster relief to people in the East impacted by larger and more frequent hurricanes, that leaves less money to spread around to other parts of the country, impacting everyone. I have generally stayed out of the speed of light debate except to tell @Enter the Braggn' to be quiet because he's spewing nonsense, which you have confirmed with your reply. My original comment was only about the ratio of entangled and non-entangled particles among the experiments. Anywhere else this thread has gone has nothing to do with my original comment.

+Dr. TJ I was just being cheeky due to the hostility in the comments but I guess my wink and grin was not obvious enough. Ha

+Heimdall's Gate All I said was there's a difference between "settled" and "proven". Settled means an agreement has been reached and one definition of proven means beyond a shadow of a doubt.

hulagan808 How does “spooky action” not breach the speed of light?

Dr. TJ you , jeffwads are ,and quite a few others here , are just different sides of the same coin. You can spot them when they call their opposition names, like deniers or something similar , usually denoting a whole group if possible as negative as possible. Anthropogenic warming is debatable as a main driver to climate warming. Climate change is real and wether that is good or bad depends on what or where you are. Doesn't mean you should shit where you eat and it doesn't mean the sky is falling. Doubt either side will grasp that as it may not reflect your world view. As far as the speed of light being breached by a spooky action at a distance, it is not. The entangled pairs had to be together at some point. The distance they are then spread apart by is slow. If the distance is too great the action is instant as far as the predictions show , but no information can be inferred due to the constraints of the speed of light. Entanglement does not break the speed of light. Geesh people, why interject your feeelings so much onto good science? Is it wrong where we are currently at? Yes. But by such a small amount that the difference would just be a higher degree of accuracy that in no way would cause you to throw anything out wholesale that we currently have. I'd really like to knock your heads together Three Stooges style. You all seem smart enough to be dangerously ineffective and annoying instead of adding any positive forward support by being skeptical in a rational , healthy way. Why not study harder and keep an open mind with the realization that you simply are too ignorant to be a qualified source without having to actually do the work. Keep your opinions and feelings / beliefs to yourself. The real scientists have real work to do with real outcomes. You really only hurt your cause when you spout off. Which I guess is good for identifying pseudo intellectuals at a glance, but it's still annoying.

+oldi184 yes that has been tested... Its an invariant property of quantum mechanics. Its also one of the many reasons quantum processors work. So yes, it has been tested. Distance doesn't matter either ... That's like saying we see gravity here on earth but how so we know it still works elsewhere? Its invariant ..it works everywhere. That's what invariant means. Or maybe 1 plus 1 is 5 and not 2 somewhere else ehh? When you get to the level of questioning demonstrable science by suggesting we should test the same thing over and over again in case we get a different result...? Well y'know a rather famous scientist pointed out that doing so is a clear sign of madness. If we done that wed still be dropping this into the water to see if Archimedes principle is still working today... Hey it worked yesterday...but maybe today it'll change right? No, nobody is testing all of the things we already tested completely over and over again in case they suddenly change. Mostly because they are same.

If it is true that the probability waveform collapses when it interacts, at what point is it ever not interacting?

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The answer is YES. everything RECIRPOCATES so yes their are 2 of the same type of atomic nuclei however one is inert and one isnt. Even binary code has proven this to exist. This is just a front from CERN, for them to let the demons in. GOOD LET THEM IN, ST MICHAEL IS READY!!!!! 333


Make it easy.....just believe in GOD....why is it so hard....lol....

To me, someone whose knowledge of physics is closer to a rock than a scientist, I just love the way that Entanglement is spoken about as the end point - much as QM was, at one time. I got no feeling at all from the subject video that anyone thought Entanglement was just a stepping stone on our journey to understand "what were GOD's thoughts when He created the world."

If entanglement is instant then what happens to time and space? Einstein always said that mathematics couldn't explain reality. Will spooky action..at a distance answer all ???s Will UFOs be real or imaginary??? Washington DC is really just spooky action at a distance and thus proves that entanglement is really real!

Feynman theorized that the reason all electrons are the same is that they are all the same electron, moving forward and backward in time infinite numbers of times.

Time only exists in a state of observation - events. Between events, there simply is no time, only probability. That is what makes time "tick." Consciousness.

NOVA Documentaries are the most inspiring of all. What is the purpose of a man Other than pick up on the knowledge left by others and push it forward and by doing that propelling mankind further into a brighter future.

Einstein; Common sense. wtf?

When they figure it out; there will be space and worlds all over the place !

NOVA sure has went to Sh*t.

perhaps what we observe as two particles is a single particle

There is no such thing as common sense

A big thought experiment that goes too far.  Like black holes are doors to other parts of the Universe.  I would say the photons are not linked or entangled... they are rather synced.  That they can't explain these concepts to make it meaningful is a failing of the scientific community.  They should be smart enough to be able to explain it better.

The real Quantum is in electronica

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You're a troll that somehow got entangled here with another troll from a different YouTube! Voila! Theory proven!

Einstein was a fraud.

So in conclusion, according to the summation of the last interviewee, we're all (theoretically) walking around wearing invisible 3-D glasses, imagining Neytiri has blue breasts we can actually "cup" in our hands ... ??? Okay... So (assuming), optically, I understand; but what about physically? How is the fact I can feel with my fingers the "depth " of an object explained (or are my eyes only fooling my fingers into 'thinking' they're feeling "depth"?)... ??

Einstein: Come for the genius. Stay for the hair.

It not a theory. U can look at it as higher harmonische in sound or FM radio waves.

wouldn't it suggest that if the paradoxes of space disappear as space doesnt truely exist in the sense that we think of it then so too will the paradoxes of time as both a intrinsically linked which gives rise to what we perceive as gravity. hmmm very peculiar indeed...



Quantum Riddle

Flat people have hard time grasping depth!

When someone says "A sphere INFINITELY far away." my B.S. detector starts clanging like Church Bells. In the last three minutes this video the 'science' again again went as hippy dippy as the 60's. If you need Infinitely to prove your science, you are one with the flower child and your theory may smell like Cheetah. Of course my B.S. detector may be in need of calibration.

The world works, whether you understand it or not. Why? Have you figured out what an atom looks like yet? I thought not. You will not find answers to the physical world in the physical world. You need to explore the metaphysical world. I don't think there are many physicists smart enough to grasp that idea. How does the answer to any of these questions make coffee taste better? We have already discovered how to destroy ourselves. Can physics find a way to regenerate ourselves? That sounds like good info to have. Physicists are a waste of time and tax dollars!

Hi, Rodger! If you can accept the possibility of an eternal ‘ process’, why should it be difficult to accept an Eternal Being? But I’m not smart enough to debate such an intelligent thinker as you!

Sean Carroll is the man

Give us facts we can us instead of all this distracting useless dialog. ..please.

Every nuclear reactor in the world is modeled after the design of this one man. He coined the name neutrino. And you couldn’t bring yourself to mention him. Instead you found some way in inject the name of a no essential player in nuclear physics. Someone not allowed anywhere near the Manhattan project.

Einstein = terrorist

What can quantum entanglement mean for time travel or instantaneous travel between two points in the physical universe? Just asking.

Points out flaws in quantum mechanics: See it cant exist Points out flaws with evolution: nonono its just not complete give us 20 more years.

I don't profess to understand any of this, however, what I do know is if you are out to prove something to be true because it is thought to be true without experiment and you must create mathematical assumptions to make it true, we have a problem. The problem with Einstein's theories and transformational mathematics, are rather than doing experiments which can be verified and repeated, he had to create theories based on preconceived assumptions as known in the scientific world of his time, all his mathematical equations were devised to fit assumptions and what was thought to be true, and are based on one thing, mainly that the speed of light is a constant, it never changes or the mathematics collapses. This is why Quantum is so different, there are no assumptions, as they don't work with Einstein's world of mathematical theory. Perhaps Einstein's mathematics is flawed and that flaw could be that his "everything exists in a space," is not quite right, what he removed in his theory was something to make the mathematics fit and this was the "ether", perhaps this is a clue. There is no magic here, just a learning experience. Theories are theories for a reason, It isn't Einstein's "Facts of special and general relativity." it doesn't perfectly describe anything, it theorises with assumed mathematics and physics, and I believe Quantum is showing us this.

The experiments might show that Neils Bohr is correct but there is no answer why it is behaving the way it does. This is almost like Newton who could not realy explain gravity. His equations worked for 400 years until Einstein came up with the explantion.

Every experiment at the macro level has confirmed what Einstein's relativity says. Every experiment at the nano level has confirmed what Bohr's quantum mechanics say. They deal with different levels of reality. There have been literally thousands of experiments. The disconnect is in how to reconcile the two. Einstein was simply wrong on his interpretation of the nano level. There are no mathematical assumptions in either view. There are postulates about what's going on, and completely neutral non-opinionated mathematical equations that are used to model them.

How is this NOVA - Ukraine related to USA's?: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/

OK - http://novaukraine.org/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nova_Ukraine


quantum computers can "not" solve travelling salesman problem optimally in polynomial time. This is what happens when so called scientists who knows nothing more than reading facebook posts make a so called documentary

51:35 "When it comes to the bedrock of quantum mechanics, the *hole* is more than the sum of its parts" I like that idea!

low IQ people would say its GOd. lol

Reality is stored as information on the edge of a giant black hole. This black hole's shell is a singularity. As a result of that, all the information is present everywhere on the surface. ''information streams'' are continuously 'checking' this uniformity. These information streams take the shortest distance from any point on the surface to any other point. This goes right through the inner of the black hole. When consciousness interferes with these information streams, it creates a reality for itself, made from possibility waves. That's us.

Howdy! Hey Ein-stain what's faster photon or a snail?

47:32 - 47:46 - That's what I gathered. These conclusions are impossible to reach logically or intuitively. Without empiric proof, they are indistinguishable from a magician's illusions.


Complete bull crap!

It's all very simple when you open your mind, quantum entanglement exists because we are in a simulation that has been intelligently designed.

Can anyone believe that these wonders of reality came into being by chance? These god-like scientists surely can not believe that the reality of quantum entanglement is the product of chance!

So both of you, assume there is a god controlling this simulation. Where did your god come from? You still have not answered that fundamental question. If you say, "He's always been around.", then you can simply say that the process that controls the simulation has always been around, and no god is needed (you've added an extra layer that does not need to be there).

This latest theory that reality is a projection, throws more wait into the argument of intelligent design, because who ever heard of projection (simulation) that came into being by chance.

The experiment shows that two subatomic particles 'mirror' changes linearly 180 degrees apart along a straight line. Is this the only way they can 'mirror?' From the experiment it looks like this is not always the case, because sometimes they don't see the result happening every time directly opposed to each other on the same line. Is it possible that the particles may be 'mirrored' but along another vector path of equal magnitude on an angle between them within a 360 degree sphere?

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the ball theory. things on earth are atoms. is it possible god created atoms .and adam. misheard god say his name so we are reading inthe bible atom and eve not adam and eve . funny thought but ......

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Two different particles are bonded, corelated, has matching properties.... OK. But I guess only Einstein wondered WHY. Things falls down. Newton finds gravity. But these new guys only worries about demostrations. The two particles can be the beginning and the end of a worm hole.

Ok, according to science, quantum entanglement and the instant transfer of information does not break the speed of light constraint. The pairs that are entangled had to be together at some point. Moving them away from each other is slow. If the distance is too great apart the state of change would be instant According to the theory but no information could be inferred due to the speed of light being so slow that you wouldn't get a timely answer. It really is only useful for certain things at certain scales. The actual information exchanged would still be at the speed of light between two points, both ways. We still haven't figured out how that can be determined and made useful for communications by and of itself. Quantum computing will not negate the need for classical computing anyways as they are fundamentally different and separate. Amazing unintuitive things for certain instances but not magical. The rest has to do with the mass of the atom arising from massless particles in a quantum foam of probability. Which seems to be determined by bouncing high frequency photons off of them in order to observe them. How else can you observe? Its still not causing anything to come into existence. Just causing the wave of probability to collapse to where we can determine its location but not its speed or vice versa. Don't get lost in the woo.

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No particles. They are only concepts, stepping stones to the next idea.

Moe Green Yes. Because black holes and gravity waves are not science. If you really believe that they "detected" waves from black holes a billion light years away - A billion!!! light years away you are naive sir. They cant even detect light lensing and gravity waves around our super massive black hole 30,000 light years away but they say they detected them billion!!! light years away. Its nonsense! LIGO is a fraud. And black holes are not science. Because they violate laws of thermodynamics wells established by experiment. Why? Because black holes have negative heat capacity. This means that temperature decreases when energy and mass enters black hole. Its nonsense. Second black holes are relativistic creation not Newtonian. Black holes are one mass objects and cant have two masses - thus more black holes. Third. Black holes have finite mass and size but infinite density. Its nonsense again. Why people believe in these objects? As I said before modern astro physics is daying as a true science and is moving into mysticism. Black holes, white holes, worm holes in space time, dark matter, dark energy. All this stuff is not empirical and cant be detected and measured like true and real celestial objects like planets, stars, galaxies, comets etc. If you want the detailed info why LIGO is fraud. Watch this lecture. https://youtu.be/ev10ywLFq6E?t=82 In short. Black holes and everything connected to them are nonsense.

Moe Green That’s a good question and it’s hard to know exactly the nature of their chirps. Partly I believe he’s saying that light is not a constant and there’s no way of creating a perfect vacuum due to aether. You could ask him perhaps. He’s on FB.

+Enter the Braggn' - "Spacetime and Blackholes are nonsense. What ever they’re doing it’s not science." hehe aye... for the moment, just put aside or shelve all notions of spacetime, blackholes, big-bang cosmology, CMBR, all that stuff... seen through the lens of Thornhill's model of physics, do you believe the LIGO detected an EM wave, or aether disturbance, that breached through its thick concrete walls? like a wave perhaps in the megahertz range? or gigahertz? or perhaps in the terahertz range? in Thornhill's model, can aether disturbances be anything other than EM waves? like the LIGO detection wasn't based on a guy in the tunnel sneezing really loudly or something like that right? lol and it wasn't based on an 18-wheeler driving on a freeway nearby aye? or can those sorts of stray signals not be ruled out? it was some kind of aether disturbance?

Moe Green Spacetime and Blackholes are nonsense. What ever they’re doing it’s not science.

+Enter the Braggn' - "v=G2xEmFoc_0U" hmmm that is a long video covering several sectors in physics, so it is difficult to tell what your opinion on LIGO data is based on that :) however i think i have a guess: around 3:29 into the video Thornhill states: "Natural philosophy, physics, suggests simply that a disturbance travelling through the aether inside the four kilometer LIGO arms may be one way to produce a chirp signal in the LIGO system" based on that quote would it be accurate to say your opinion of the LIGO data is that the LIGO operators did not create fictional/fraudulent waveforms out of thin air using Photoshop or other rendering software, but that the published waveforms are based on real measurements they made? and that these waveforms are the consequence of an aether disturbance passing through the 4km arms? is it also accurate to say that normally aether disturbances are EM waves? and that a large subset of EM waves normally reflect or get absorbed by concrete walls, such as the thick concrete walls surrounding the LIGO arms? thus if an aether disturbance is responsible for the measurements, it is of a special wavelength that can pass through concrete unobstructed?

Moe Green https://youtu.be/G2xEmFoc_0U

+Enter the Braggn' - one of the example JPEGs: https://www.ligo.caltech.edu/system/avm_image_sqls/binaries/45/huge/ligo20160211a.jpg

+Enter the Braggn' - "Well said. Gravy Waves

+oldi184 - "Nobel prize became a bit of joke these days. Obama got Nobel peace prize and he killed a lot of civilians in his drone killer campaign just 10 days after he took the office. " yes that is a good point :) however i think the award for the peace prize has always been more slippery than the awards for science... because how does one measure peace? is there a weight scale that can measure or quantify peace? and how to calibrate a peace-measuring device to universal standards? can peace be quantized or exhibit gauge symmetry? hehe... it is innately slippery methinks :p but on the other hand we do have devices that can measure volts, amps, kilograms, centimeters, meters, nanoseconds, picoseconds, and so forth... calibrated to uniform ISO/IEEE standards and such so in the domain of measurement at least we have the ghost of a chance to come to semi-objective agreements where multiple parties observe the same data i.e. "yes i also count 7 photons detected by the photomultiplier screen"... or "yes i also detect this compact radiowave source emitting radiation from the region of Sagittarius A" so Obama getting an award seemed to be not on the basis of measuring peace volts or peace coulombs or gigaJoules of harmony, but rather on various people being swayed by his personality and charm.... he seem to be very skilled at social charm and perhaps to some degree oration as well :) in your opinion did the LIGO data fool the Nobel Committee into issuing an award prematurely? the scenario of LIGO hoodwinking or tricking the Nobel people in Sweden or do you think the Nobel Committee awarded a false award with full knowledge that it was fraudulent? i.e. the scenario of willing open-eyed co-conspirators in fraud?

Moe Green Nobel prize became a bit of joke these days. Obama got Nobel peace prize and he killed a lot of civilians in his drone killer campaign just 10 days after he took the office. Alfred Nobel clearly stated in his will that the award must be given to a person who discovered something that is practical. Gravity waves are not practical but abstract. Modern astrophysics is dying as a science and is moving away into mysticism.

oldi184 Well said. Gravy Waves

+oldi184 - "Gravity waves dont exist. Nobody ever detected or observed them. If you mean that LIGO experiment? Its a fraud. They lied about it. As far as I know LIGO is a fraud. Because gravity dont have waves and second black holes dont exist. They are fantasy. Because you cant divide by zero and say it is equal to infinity. LIGO team is doing fraudulent science." what is your opinion of the Nobel Prize being awarded to the LIGO team? do you believe that the committee deciding that prize were willing participants in a fraud or do you believe they were unwitting victims of a fraud? are you saying the LIGO team hoodwinked the Nobel committee?

+oldi184 - " Gravity moves at the speed of light? So you are saying that Planet Neptune orbits the sun position where it was 4 hours ago not right now? You know that this cant be true right? Neptune orbits sun position where it is right now not 4 hours ago. " are there computer simulations that visually demonstrate what would happen to the solar system if gravity moved at the speed of light? i am curious what the results would be... does Jupiter rapidly get flung out of the system or something like that?

+Mickelodian Surname - "Proven mathematically and demonstrated.... Can you suggest some sort of other criteria some explanation would need above this? I'd imagine math and demonstration is as conclusive as it gets right? Its pretty hard to demonstrate something that's not there right? It was a direct prediction of relativity that gravitational waves were indeed a must have. " yes i agree with you :) i am not a doubter of LIGO or their recent Nobel Prize. i believe they are legitimate i do believe they have detected gravity waves, and that in the years to come they will further cement their detections using what is called multi-messenger astronomy i.e. if a pair of neutron stars collide and the resulting gravity waves are detected by LIGO and the other detectors currently being built, a followup observation will be made with optical telescopes... because if there are four or more GW detectors spread across different parts of the Earth, it is possible to calculate more precisely the coordinates of the source of the signal currently with only two GW detectors the best that can be done is to narrow down the source to a pretty large swath of space that is many light years across... but with four or more detectors we can get much more clamped source locations... and so it will become possible to observe the light that results from two neutron stars colliding and correlate it with the gravity waves such multi-source detection might be able to convert at least a portion of the doubters and skeptics of gravity waves to believe there is something real and legitimate about them? while i have not personally worked with the equations of gravity waves yet, my best friend from high school has... and i know very well his commitment to integrity... i have been present when he has caught his wife in very minor distortions of analysis (not even lies really, but more like "slippery slope thinking" hehe)... and after seeing him set her straight, i have little doubt that he would be even more rattled had he discovered mistakes in gravity wave research for me, my high school friend serves as a sort of "canary in a coal mine"... as an alarm or fraud detector :) so ultimately I think that Kip Thorne, Rainer Weiss, and other's achievements on that front are totally amazing to detect such tiny waves

Mickelodian Surname Bicycles? They cant explain how they move upright? Its very easy. I dont get it how this can be not known. Gravity moves at the speed of light? So you are saying that Planet Neptune orbits the sun position where it was 4 hours ago not right now? You know that this cant be true right? Neptune orbits sun position where it is right now not 4 hours ago. Gravity waves dont exist. Nobody ever detected or observed them. If you mean that LIGO experiment? Its a fraud. They lied about it. As far as I know LIGO is a fraud. Because gravity dont have waves and second black holes dont exist. They are fantasy. Because you cant divide by zero and say it is equal to infinity. LIGO team is doing fraudulent science.

​+Mickelodian Surname facts, figures and tests are useless if they fail to explain the visible world of nature, individuality and reality-- you get this, right? you hold the idea that spirituality is random because your materialist science tells you that consciousness must be random, because it can't be explained by math. I know you are terrified of change, yet here it is-- a future you don't understand. You should research the discovery of quasicrystal grids, or better yet-- 'time crystals' -- newly discovered by your precious scientists in 2018. these are crystals that periodically shift their crystalline structural grids implying a source of stored energy. in short, these crystals appear to be sentient. in fact, 'animism' is a far better model than the 19th century 'materialism' that you defend. you would love for me to be some isolated psychotic, but in this reality far more people agree with me than with you-- mainly because the old model is broken.

+oldi184 lots of things are unfalsifiable or just not understood or yet proven and yet accepted completely. Hence the world's bicycle manufacturers aren't too bothered that nobody can explain why a rider can keep a bicycle upright. It doesn't stop a bicycle from working. But thanks for putting words in my mouth there. However coming up specifically with some half assed idea that has been falsified already completely is not going to work very well because its already been falsified. This is precisely why doctors aren't treating viral and bacterial infections as 'demon possession' ... It worked just fine as an explanation but not a cure up to the point where someone showed what the actual problem was and the actual cause was shirt if demons. But ummm... What applications are you talking about?

+Moe Green Again 2017 Nobel prize in physics awarded for demonstrating gravitational waves (not mathematically proving must be there but demonstrating it) gravitational waves. Proven mathematically and demonstrated.... Can you suggest some sort of other criteria some explanation would need above this? I'd imagine math and demonstration is as conclusive as it gets right? Its pretty hard to demonstrate something that's not there right? It was a direct prediction of relativity that gravitational waves were indeed a must have. So sorry but I'm not sure you have a clue what you are talking about.

+Enter the Braggn' okay I should now be embarrassed? Okay....ummm who was awarded the Nobel prize in physics 2017 and what did they receive it for?

+oldi184 gravity permeates at light speed. Not above it. You could have looked that up. I mean there's been a few Nobel gongs handed out for it. The last one for a demonstration of it by measuring gravitational waves. Here's the problem here. You are making up things and then not checking to see if the answer is already known. In the case if gravitation we know for an absolute fact what speed it permeates at. Its *you* that didn't know that and somehow your ability to use a search engine up an vanished as you were typing your ideas about it.

When photons hit the detectors, they change energy levels, nothing it preserved. Did they take variables in atmosphere effecting photons? Wouldn't they need the SAME photon, rather than two different ones to sample? Then you could half the Ev of the photon when it hits the detector, thus sending identical copies in the exact same superposition(maybe) thus leading to a false conclusion?

Is Coincidence and the effects of quantum mechanics somehow connected ?

I'm having tacos for breakfast.

Could the Higgs Bosun field be the communication medium between the two particles? It's everywhere right? Picture a rope the size of the galaxy. I pull one end and the other end reacts instantaneously? No force traveling in excess of the speed of light was neccesary to create that reaction because the two ends of the rope were always connectedto begin with. Perhaps the two entangled photons never stopped being in direct contact through the higgs field? Best I can come up with . Let the mockery begin.

Experienced "no space" twice. Once on acid on a beautiful beach, the waves rolling in verticallythe sand singing when I walked, and then sober in Greece, in a field of flowers buzzing with bees, far away yet so close I could touch them. Now it's alright, I see.

The scary thing is that Deepak Chopra uses entanglement of photons to "prove" that we humans are all connected to each other so we should live together with love. And the thousands of people who buy his books made him a rich man. He would not know the equations of quantum mechanics if he saw them, but he claims to know how the universe works. As P. T. Barnum said, there's a quantum sucker born every minute.

if you want it even spookier, watch this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnpCH9VRvPg and with a little more digging, you may discover that particles -as such- do not actually exist. :-)

That ice on the door yet building ice free. Hypnosis tactics


So they are saying follow the science and not your lying eyes! lol

I was disappointed at how Einstein did not foresee a trademark for his name..

1. where physical material reality is found to be energy. 2.where physical reality only exists produced by the observer. 3.where all things are synchronistically inter connected.

Oh please. You can't solve NP complete problems in polynomial time with quantum computers. Shor's algorithm lets you solve problems that are less than NP complete, like factoring large numbers or inverting elliptic curve public key cryptosystems. It would be useless for the traveling salesman problem.

Niels Bohr

24:21 "Transistors became the building blocks of the burgeoning field of electronics" (video shows footage of a vacuum tube) ..... facepalm.

Too bad it's not Einstein's riddle to solve. BS video.

For me the including of the hippies helped me to understand why the quantum theory has a reputation as a fringe popular science not to be taken seriously by a lot of people. It was mentioned that it did contribute to the science in a why, but it also destroyed it´s reputation with all the new age books and so on. Many people equals quantum physics with multiple dimensions, dimensions similar to our own with our identical clones in, or similar to Platons Idea world, a highest dimension were everything is perfect and more real than our own, and then there are of course less controversial as the string theory etc. Peoples imagination has made up several theories added to the one with the experiment with particles the scientists researching and have found certain conclusions from. I believe the hippie involvement became some sort of founder of this Skepticism against quantum physics that exists today. Often associated with strange mystical movement more than real science. I became aware of that could be he case from the documentary. By that I don´t mean the hippie movement were all bad or wrong, I am for the concept of freedom, love and peace that they proclaimed. But that is another subject. I don´t say the quantum theory (well there are many if including the extensions of the authentic one) is right, nor that is wrong, we still have a long way to go in the area. And I am not a physicist, not very good at the subject, but find it interesting to follow were the scientists stand, the development and their different views. And now I wish I could teleport an alter me, according to the quantum rules if my son realize I am writing on his account in his name, as I just realized I did. Better mention he is a teenager and I am his mother ... so my view differs from his witch of course is the right one ( he IS a teenager, I am a woman, more than twice his age AND his mother, how much more embarrassing could it get) I come this far in the comment so I can´t bring myself to delete it. But I defend the quantum theory a bit more than he does I think. I do hope he does not notice this, even though I would like him to watch the video. But heaven help if he does and even read the comments :)

Entanglement can be eliminated through trial separation, annulment or a good divorce attorney. MO

So I have 2 friends, and I tell them that I will send one of them a 100 dollar bill in the mail and the other one an empty envelope. Friend A opens his envelope and finds a 100 dollar bill in it, and IMMEDIATELY knows that friend B did NOT receive the 100 dollar bill no matter how far apart they are. OMG SO SPOOKY! That's just so spooky. Mind=blown.

My head hurts!


why do they refer to einstein's world being a world of common sense, but relativity was thought warping enough

what if bohr and einstein are both right, and the spooky action at distance occurs due to a sudden wormhole?

Einstein is in hell getting humiliated

Wow we can untangle the universe but we can't end the shutdown!

Some folks look to God for answers; others expect Science to shine the light. Be patient. A reveal will come. We all die.

What I don't get is that yes the light was billions of years old but it was still programmed by scientist that what kind of light should trigger which filter? Light is not randomly choosing the filters as it is already being set by scientist. Just because the light is old doesn't mean it can produce random results in a experimental boundaries set by scientist. I mean turning on and off light at randomly selected from pi unending sequence would be more random than just a light. Pi has no ending so it must consist every possible random outcome.

Imagine how advanced this kind of science would be if our government put trillions of dollars into SCIENCE instead of WAR and BAILOUTS for corrupt banks.


The only explanation is easy: 3-dimensional reality does not exist. Reality is a multidimensional quantum-soup. So the two entangled quantum objects are not separated - they are in reality one single object in this multidimensional quantum-soup.

It's easier to fool someone, than it is to convince them that they have been fooled. Einstein the great fraud, average pupil, struggled tying his laces. Somehow manged to fool you all. Intelligence & perception vacant in most minds here. Ohh how we laughed at his mocking tongue photo. Btw, I thought you should know, when you use Mathematics as proof, you have already lost the argument. Math the great descriptor, a language, often manipulated & we count on it for evidence & tangible proofs right!? Best you stay with the official narrative & keep parroting what you were told. Critical thinking will never cross your blinkered minds.

And yet those darn experiments continue to lie to us. Wonder why the smart pupils didn't predict slower clocks?

Typical documentary. 5 minutes in and we're still asking the same question over and over... Get on with it!!!!

we are living in a computer simulation, the sooner we accept it, the quicker we could harness its power to create revolutionary technology

Crazy science, IMO. If light from quasars is being observed, then it is clearly also within the realm of the quantum physics, but with no known entanglements. And yet, these photons are being used to direct the experiment of photons that are clearly correlated and proven to be entangled? Why would "millions of years" of photon travel time apply to the quasar light, but not the photons moving from one mountaintop to another? Who can say that the quasar light is really arriving instantly, rather than at the speed of light, since it not being observed until we see it? Has all the "light year" distances really been a hoax all along? Perhaps the universe is smaller and closer together than we have believed. Perhaps the speed of light is the illusion that, much like the speed of sound, is a barrier for matter, but once broken through, can become only a threshold that throttles down only upon observation.

First 9 minutes wasted on clouds and humidity postponing the experiments. C'mon NOVA!

*Maybe math can't explain everything.* Just maybe.

One issue with this. As far as I know the entangled particles do not exchange information instantaneously as stated. The information still travels at the speed of light which means this will not result in faster than light communication.


Understanding the quantum processes was not needed for homo sapiens evolution , Ergo the the *limitation of our brain & senses dictate the barrier on how much we can grasp.

Or else it's just too small

The photon cannot be split as one can split a nucleus. As it has zero mass it cannot decay. But it can interact with another particle lose part of its energy and thus change wavelength. It can be transmuted. Does this simply mean the same state was detected for two separate photons with nearly identical wavelength energies? I thought this happened all the time.... Yeah, eventually if you compare trillions of photons, some WILL indeed nearly match. But at the plank scale? I think we will find they aren't the same.

Notice most of the time its new faces with the same story but we only ever move forward after a dozen faces have taken turns pushing a topic. Its the same newspaper as last year but its been reworded with a different title because the readers have changed. You could print the same newspaper forever and it will still sell. The crowd that has read it replaced by those that just learnt to read. For ever. The same exact copy printed and sold every day would still sell.

So....ignorant babies is a mystery to you?

What hopefully will come out of this technology is secure networks,saving us all quad trillions in stolen time and money.Some may disagree,but a world without crime is a better world. Imagine paying less for everything.Not a bad thing.

there is no such thing as instantly. Einstein taught us that there was no such thing as a universal clock. its a human construct to say things happen at the same time. that's my 10 pence.

No. Einstein said simultaneous events are unique to a certain frame of reference, and most definitely a physical construct.

I want to show you guys something... I don't want to ruin anyone's Tuesday but if you have been on the fence about being in a simulation or not, try this. Multiply Gravity by Phi. and then find the dimensionality of the Sierpinski fractal (easier than it sounds, I know though) short answer is Log(3) divided by log(2) = approx. 1.58 , now either multiply by ten or divide the gravity part by ten and look at the answer! ya lol And then watch this new video below explaining how Pi surfaces in friction-less collisions... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsYwFizhncE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEfHFsfGXjs (Watch both of those video links) You can check that math here here: https://steemit.com/…/1-585-dimensional-cyberspace-time-poc… And if you want to finish yourself off, watch the this video about the size of the moon and sun and earth and distance of saturn and 108 degrees being everywhere which is the degrees of a hexagon....??? :D sorry again.... But it's all true... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToQHEKQYNvY I could keep listing stuff, But really, I just want someone to explain the fractal and gravity convergence I listed above..... It works out to the decimal, on and on.... We are clearly in the reality that Einstein so wanted to not be in :P I don't think it is a simulation but I think it is basically mimicking or mirroring our current concept of a simulation....

When I was a small child,I was fascinated with the idea of ,what happens to objects when I looked away ?Is my toy still there ?Strange.Everything is connected.Karma is real We have a cause and effect without any apparent connection.

Hey look -- a bitter old white failure.

+Matter AntiMatter and to be honest, EINSTEIN is what they say, however the real genius who is given barely any credit is Erwin Shrodinger. His cat theory can be applied to anything anywhere. Physicists are still having trouble mathematically combining relativity and gravity in its formulated state whether theoretical or factual. Just my opinion.

+Matter AntiMatter what is your question referring to? St Michael being ready, the 333 or just the whole thing. Either way, what do you think??

Are you referring to Revelation 9:2 KJV?

That was Wheeler, and he abandoned it quickly.

i think it does. its a construct like space to keep humans in a stable reality. even when were not observing it time "progresses" on. but i kinda get what youre saying. I actually dont think we are even moving through time, or that its moving through us. I think we are watching individual frames of any one of our trillions of lives we are living, like frames in a film strip.everything has already happened and in every way imaginable and we are just "experiencing" frames. yesterday and tomorrow dont exist in time and space, they are time and space, and its all happening at once, and never at the same time, in infinity

+wes johnson Agreed. You are a nobody. Work on that.

Said some unknown in the comment section at youtube.

clearly you have no grasp on physics at all so I wouldn't be too quick to belittle the lives of the people who are directly responsible for the world you live in.

Reality is stored as information on the edge of a giant black hole. This black hole's shell is a singularity. As a result of that, all the information is present everywhere on the surface. ''information streams'' are continuously 'checking' this uniformity. These information streams take the shortest distance from any point on the surface to any other point. This goes right through the inner of the black hole. When consciousness interferes with these information streams, it creates a reality for itself, made from possibility waves. That's us. Consciousness can't be stored as information on the surface of the black hole because it is 'alive'. That's why/how it penetrates the surface. The inside of the black hole bubble is our cosmos.

They are reached logically or the equations of QM would be proven wrong.

Jesus Christ!!! Not again.

there may be a creator , but i doubt he has anytrhing to do with your silly christian god or any of the man-made gods

This latest theory that reality is a projection, throws more weight into the argument of intelligent design, because who ever heard of a projection (simulation) that came into being by chance.

Quantum Entanglement is a misinterpretation of electrostatic force at work. Quantum anything is imaginary. There is no such thing as photon particle/light quanta. Photoelectric effect theory won a Nobel prize, but later Einstein admitted it was wrong. All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?' Nowadays every Tom, D i c k and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. -Albert Einstein Line of sight charged particles are connected by electrostatic force F=Ke x pq/rr, that force is constantly at work. Therefore any two line of sight charged particles are electrically entangled. Therefore light speed between line of sight particles is infinite. The repulsion force between 2 electrons at distance r is F=Ke x ee/rr. That force act as a mass less stiff rod, connected the 2 electrons as 1. Electrostatic force rules the universe. It responsible for entanglement, light, energy, induction, gravity and magnetism, all nature phenomena. All maters are connected in space by two forces. Gravity and electron's repulsion force. Electrons are on the surface of all maters, therefore line of sight electrons are constantly repelling each other. That repelling force transfers energy from the Sun to Earth outer atmosphere instantly, becomes light wave and pass through air at speed C.

Quantum anything is imaginary. There is no such thing as photon particle/light quanta. Line of sight charged particles are connected by electrostatic force F=Ke x pq/rr, that force is constantly at work. Therefore any two line of sight charged particles are electrically entangled. Therefore light speed between line of sight particles is infinite.

Moe Green So Moe? Are you there mate? Do you have some counter argument for me or you still processing the data? About that fraud LIGO.

Dr z. . TJ z. A

I'm talking from the future: amateurs, haven't found the obvious solution to this pfff

Hi Professor

I don't recognize this experiment to confirm quantum entanglement Because Einstein's theory was spooky action as a distance could be named quantum order , Einstein was claiming something else is appearing or acting to confirm the reality that was created so the experiment only proves quantum physics is possible but actually there experiment produced 2 additional patterns not confirmed by the experiment but now they exist in time as reality , then I can say all energy can becomes mass and mass become energy that in it self proves relativity because if the entire galaxy became complete energy there would be no mass so quantum order could not exist unless quantum controls time speed motion action then there can be galaxies solar systems Planets life and existence quantum would mean every bit of reality that exist there appears others existence to confirm the reality between each they exist keeping time in. Proximity with creating

Amazing documentary, thanks for making it available.

After viewing this video I can say quantum entanglement is reality of time that when 1 particle is projected another exact particle is produced to observe each other as the confirmation they exist as the reality and time

I have been telling all my friends about quantum entanglement for over 15 years now. If it doesn't give you "chills", it only means you have not grasped its implications to our very existence.

I would applaud China's advances if I didn't know that they stole much of their advance from the United States and other countries.

With intellectual honesty you find you can no longer deny the self evident physical properties of abundant elements in your objective reality. Bodies of water do not support shear stress, they won't naturally conform around the exterior of any shape and they do not have the bonds, viscocity or elasticity to hold and display convexity or any other shape upon the surface. If a water body is on a gradient it will flow, seeking the least path of resistance to find its lowest energetic state where it will seek, find and remain level, even, horizontal and parallel across the surface, from one land mass to the next. The natural physics of bodies of water do not change with scale, those claiming they are duty bound to practically demonstrate. Stories about needing to be somewhere else and "I need a planet" are nonsense pathetic excuses. Massive scale child abuse is not acceptable

If you have to learn it....You may have never had it...

Case closed

Wouldn't and shouldn't the atmosphere and climate of the 2 locations create a variable though?

Ouch, Chinese Spy in Quantum industry.

The Sir Wilfred Laurier is a farce.

Good thing they didn’t build those telescopes in South Africa, they would be taken without compensation.

The entanglement of distant particles is just the memory of when everything was a singularity at the moment of the big bang.

I just saw a Chinese spy in the intro.

The people who put music over voice in this video do not understand Scientific Language. Every word is important. . Proper Documentaries do not have music. ..

SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can two people have the same idea at the same time?.

WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!

Einstein was a filthy pig Jew and a fake. He stole everything. He was so stupid he couldn't even tie his own shoe laces. Einstein was a typical Jew, a stupid pervert.


Why don't they ever talk about what Einstein actually thought regarding the quantum world? And it wasn't just him. Plenty of other notable scientists thought something like pilot wave was a better fit for the phenomena being observed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIyTZDHuarQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlXdsyctD50

Could the big bang have entangled all matter?

Where's my Aether?

We constantly reinvent alchemy because we desperately want to believe in magic...

What an incredible video! This should be shown in schools as curriculum.

This video presents an entirely new idea to me. It says that the space and time we experience (and that Einstein beautifully described in math) is not the important thing. Instead, there's a movie projector that's projecting what we see. That projector works by using quantum entanglement. I know, I know, you can't picture it and neither can I. I'm at least 10 Youtube videos away from getting a feel for the "holographic universe" as it's called. Here's my main point. Maybe that's why Einstein felt that quantum mechanics was "incomplete". But what's really incomplete is Relativity! Maybe that's why Einstein couldn't merge General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics. He kept trying to squish QM into GR. But it looks like the answer is to squish GR into QM. So, perhaps Einstein's spacetime is just the picture on the movie screen. The projector is QM. Please mail me the Nobel prize or a pizza, depending on whether you think my idea makes sense. lol

Here it is. The cause & effect at the same time shown in mass/volume displacement of debris that emptied the oceans upon the Earth have created in the atmosphere a chaotic recurring & overlapping blueprint that is measurable in it's partials showing different positions of said debris. SEE amature forensic video (The great flood for the attentively challenged) 2:12 mins. that'll change theoretical science forever.

Will Niels Bohr finally be recognised as the other and equal side of Einstein? Does it really matter? Strangely, Bohr wouldn't have cared. But what is clear, despite the combative nature between the two, they has nothing but the highest regard for each other. After the end of WW1 in 1918, large starvation broke out in Berlin. History barely records this, but people were starving to death. Niels Bohr and his wife Margrethe travelled to Berlin with food and other necessities, to care for Einstein's needs and of course Einstein never forgot that and through their life there was a warm friendship. "Einstein understood that Bohr's genius was altogether unique... In one letter Einstein discourages the [young] correspondent from disturbing Bohr with a question, that Bohr was then overworked from planning his institute for theoretical physics in Copenhagen and from thinking in general. Einstein counselled the physicists to do everything they could to protect the great asset that was Bohr's mind. In a second letter he says why they should do so, "it is most remarkable" Einstein wrote, "that any such mind should exist at all." Dr. John Heilbron (University of California, Berkeley and Oxford University). Einstein told Bohr just prior to them before receiving the Nobel Prize: "I love your mind." "Two men tower above all other 20th-century physicists. One was lucid, quotable, persuasive and peripatetic; the other, complex, obscure, misunderstood...One was Einstein. The other was Bohr. While almost everyone has heard of Albert Einstein, few outside the halls of science have heard of Niels Bohr. Yet if we owe our understanding of the Universe in the large to the insight of Einstein, it was Bohr who first untangled the complexities of microscopic matter and wove them into a coherent pattern that revealed the true depths of meaning within the inner space of the atom and its nucleus." -- Niels Bohr’s Times, in Physics, Philosophy and Polity by Abraham Pais , Oxford "It was a heroic time. It was not the doing of any one man; it involved the collaboration of scores of scientists from many different lands. But from the first to last the deeply creative, subtle and critical spirit of Niels Bohr guided, restrained, deepened and finally transmuted the enterprise.” ― J. Robert Oppenheimer

Background music too loud.. not necessary. Annoying, Distracting otherwise not bad.

EVERYONE likes tacos. Einstein would have loved them...

+Matter AntiMatter yes true thank you for your reply. however I'm not connecting anything except for this place and the place I come from HEAVEN. the big bang is not real. Everyone at CERN Is a black hole. I had many experiences on this plane and one of them was acknowledging the HIGHER 1 during my 8 minutes of DEATH which also doesnt exist. Evil demons aliens the devil, they are all going to taste my boot after I stick it up their asses. GOD is a PROCESS. DESTRUCTION is the essence of creation DEATH IS BULLSHIT I am MY SOUL I AM MY ENERGY I am the EVOLVED CONACIOUSNESS I AM... 333 "To be or not to be?" Does it matter, either way you still being something. Light consumes darkness If I am filled with light, how the fuck am I going to a light when I leave this place? I am light I consume darkness for the evolution of GOD, THE PROCESS OF LIFE.

Greetings. From your statement and alias I inferred that you were connecting the dots between the God of the Bible and science. That project at CERN where some say scientist are trying to recreate the big bang, some say it may produce a black hole. Who knows. All I know is that as I read the Bible I find a lot of science in it, including the word itself in 1 Timothy 6:20 which I found to be odd in a book of religion. In my opinion man's science only mimics nature (God) and brings truth to the scripture Romans 11:34 KJV, "For who hath known the mind of God" or God's reply to Job in Job 38:4 KJV. Hate to get religious so early in the morning but like Einstein, it is fascinating to ponder on the work of the Creator of all things (John 1:3 KJV and Collossians 1:16 KJV). Have a wonderful day, I'm off to work.

+wes johnson yes, I remember now and thanks

@Enter the Bragg'n. I think your wrong, think of a sea-saw; though your exerting energy in one place it's connected along a path that moves an equal amount of mass in another location instantly though all the force is concentrated at one point. No one knows the underpinning of the Sub-atomic Universe, it's all connected in ways still not identified. Galaxies show an equal amount of Gravity across the span of the entire spiral. In reality, and under known properties and principle, galaxies shouldn't behave the way they do. The laws of physics at the sub-atomic [Quantum] may very well behave differently than the Macro Universe where nothing can travel faster than light.

Dr. X=*y\^2

So which is the master and which is the slave particle. How is that decided. By uncertainty principle there will always be conflict. A revolt in quantum particle entanglement.

Turn the music down. It is very irritating

not important just solve hunger in the world

hi i am sorry if my English isn't perfect, i am originally from Israel, so English is my second language, and this good way for me to practice writing i think this might be a way to look at it in this way. also, i think we don't have a complete picture of a whole working theory, i have a theory, it's not a complete one it's more of a skeleton idea. that connect's to this and an other subjects, as well, i think that anything that is under the atomic level (all, or most particles) are outside our space time and everyone else's (other universe's) now when an observer in an other universe (parallel universe) looks at a particle, they see the very same particle we are looking at, because particles are waves of probability's so, then they are observed where they can be observed. now as a result, the same particles that assemble one atom in one universe also assemble the exact same one atom in an infinity cluster of other parallel universes, this way particles can be in more then one place at one time without violating the laws of physics, and having other parallel universes, would solve a few more problems. but if my idea is correct then space between two entangled participial's could be 0, because in our universe the location of the one, first entangled participial is point a, a in our universe is equal to b in a neighboring universe, and then equal to point c in an other, and so forth up until it can loop back in to our own universe, at the location of the second entangled particles that we are expecting to see.. in such a way physical space and location losses all consequences because location is relative to other thing's around it in space, but if there's nothing else?, then one location and space become the same, and are free to shift position\location in space and, space\position\location are the same, now if space is able to be bent, curved, expanded and compressed then it can shift and move so all of a sudden all this becomes more reasonable, also this would solve an other problem as well like how come electrons pop in and out of our reality, it could solve the mass problem of the our universe, and the biggest problem of all, where did all the energy come from?????????????? because energy can't be created or destroyed. and it would apply to time travel as well, i think that having a multiverse is the answer to a lot of it, it's the missing peace to a lot of complicated problems in cosmology and theoretical physics anyway it's an idea, i don't have the math to back it up VIEW • VIEW •

Why are those scientists all trying to mimic Arnold Schwarzenegger while in the middle of such a critical experiment? I expected them to be more serious and professional.

I am curious how they came to conclude that photon particles created together would be the very same two particles that are entangled. Are they suggesting that particles that are created at the same place and time are entangled? Or particles using the same method for each?Yet, two particles separated by some vast distance will also be entangled? Were those vastly separated particles create at the same space & time, and how do we know that? How are these two ideas in sinc? Considering the number of particles in the universe, it seems a little weird that they would consider 'these two particles' (pick two - any two) must be entangled. What were these photon particles before they were photon particles? Were they energy of some kind? How did they become photon particles? Perhaps they weren't entangled at all but simply had the same (or similar enough by our measurement standards) characteristics to make them look entangled. Two twins look the same. Or Henry Ford's Model Ts (they all pretty much look the same 'cause they were manufactured the same day from the same factory). Okay, human scope, but you catch my meaning. They just had the same characteristics because they were 'created' at the same time. If so, how does that mechanism work? So the Chinese technology thing - were these photos created equally and sent through equal fibre optic cables? So, if one set is altered, somebody at the other end will catch wind of it and know that somebody's interrupted the flow of photons. This is using the theory of quantum mechanics and duplicating it in a physical world. This doesn't seem to me to be an example of actual linked (entangled) photos - rather, just two sets of identical photons. Yes, great use of the theory put to use in a physical world. There wasn't a lot of explanation of these 'filters'. Did I miss something? Were they basically just binary (on / off, yes / no) filters?

Could it be that the entangled particles are preprogrammed to be in a specific state at a specific point in time?

Einstein was a Masonic shill and these so-called Physicists use old "Gnostic" and fallen ones' knowledge AND ADMIT THAT the Kabbala Mystic religion has the Quantum information and all the other "new" revelations they discover. Please wake up to their Lucifer worshipping New World deception.

Aaaaawwwwww! How very inclusive this all is! We not only have white men explaining quantum entanglement to us, we even have a brown woman! See, anyone can be good at science regardless of gender or race, even women.

Quantum entanglement is explained within the context of the electric universe, aka elelectromatic fields sense or detect all others instantaeously and continously reguardless of distance.

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Bor was a genius, but not because he tried help you, Hitler-funkels, be "Gods".He simply use practical result that comprised from forever one might explain.I am not going let you plagiarize me - hell with it!Nibiru is coming...

I still think it’s about Power & Control. What’s justified is what happens. It’s the actions taken out in the State. It’s most certainly about Power & Control

==Albert Einstein and The Philadelpia Experiment== It's well documented that Einstein did not work for the US Army on the Manhatten Project (atomic bomb), but did work for the Navy in 1943 on a project that was stickly defensive in nature. The cover story was that he was doing some radar thing that any physics masters student could work on. Fact is, Nikola Tesla died on Jan. 7, 1943 and the FBI immediately entered his hotel room and confiscated all his papers. The leading electrical engineer Gabriel Kron also worked on the project. Einstein as a teenager worked for his father in the early days of electricity and was very familiar with LARGE electromagnetic dynamos. Einstein was very upset that The Philadelphia Experiment resulted in the deaths of a couple sailors and others being injured physically and mentally. Einstein's science had never directly harmed anyone before this. After the unexpected results of The Philadelphia Experiment, the US Govt. immediately took the project out of the hands of the Navy and it became a 'Black Project'; http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_project . It has been secretly going on/funded for 76 years now. The 'Stargate' movie & ScyFy series & '7 Days' portrays this without making any references to The Philadelphia Experiment.

science this is a motor of progress

I find it dumbfounding that these documentaries do not explain the difference between quantum mechanics and quantum entanglement. I do realize that the QM gives rise to the QE, but the discovery of Niels Bohr is quite easy to understand -like the electrons going in shells/specific orbits around the atom core, only to jump shells when ejecting photons or Max Planck's definitive space and time increments. The entanglement conundrum is the next level of this mechanics as I understand it. I am no expert, but the distinction should be made no? Here's a funny unrelated story for you: After a physics convention Niels Bohr received his peers in his lodge when one of his colleagues pointed out that he had a horse shoe nailed over the entrance door (this means good luck from old beliefs). The colleague asked; "You surely do not belive in such supernatural humbug Mr Bohr?" Bohr replied; "No of course not, but they say it works even if you do not belive it"

The only thing China leads in is theft of IP and coercive techniques used to entice those who have it to join their side. They steal IP directly from the intellectual and vetted works. They create nothing; not even their communist philosophy. What chance they had at competing creatively was erased from their gene pool when Mao liquidated such assets at a penny a possible head.

Is the light used in the observatory/pulsar experiments for quantum entanglement emitted from the same source? If so that would certainly limit the entanglement. maybe I'm asking q question that's already been answered. Any help is appreciated :)

This might be a little of topic but when the big bang theory was first proposed space was considered to be a total vacuum. It is now suspected to have as much as 1 molecule of hydrogen per cubic Km. Would light travelling through this 'atmosphere' not show as being red shifted, thus throwing off all calculations of the size and age of the universe.

Einstein is spooky action at a distance. (especially his hair)

There once was a lady named Bright. Who traveled much faster than light. She started one day, in a relative way. And returned on the previous night! ! !

Scientific fact is nothing but someone’s subjective theory that no one has proved wrong yet.

Good concepts to get views of it all!

+Allan Johnston Don't mention it! ;) I LOVE shortbread cookies...

Amazing - physical proof in our physical world of entanglement happening before our very eyes. I can only deduct that, since my mouth watered as I read this explanation, my saliva glands are connected to someone else's. (I hope they don't mind being connected.) I hope they're about to eat tacos. Thank you for your explanation. I'm having shortbread cookies as I type, BTW, in case that's relevant.

+Allan Johnston Let me put it this way, if you are a half a block away from some eating establishment or a Mexican food truck, and you see from a distance folks eating tacos and you KNOW that they are making happy sounds and faces and if you didn't just have a full meal your stomach will begin to grumble and saliva glands will start up. Almost instantaneously! A sort of entanglement going on right then and there...

Did you come across any entangled taco particles? Were they hard to chew?

Wait.. Breakfast!! Living the life

Not at all- good exploratory ideas!

@Moe Green Ok its really hard to say how much of Nobel prize is awarded for wrong/bad stuff. I am no expert and I dont follow the Nobel committee that close to give the honest answer. But we know this. Alfred Nobel - the founder of Nobel prize clearly stated in his will that the award must be given for the invention that is "practical". Laser and transistor are practical inventions. They work and they work in many different applications and devices. Black holes? Gravity waves? They are not practical inventions. They are nonsense. Did you watched that lecture in the link i gave you? So you know why black holes are not real and why they cant be real. Because black holes dont exist gravity waves are also fantasy. I am not saying that Nobel prize is bad but in recent years this prize is given for really stupid and even outright wrong things. Obama for example got his Nobel prize for spreading peace but just 10 days after he took the office he gave the order to start drone killing program. These killing drones killed 100s of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Henry Kissinger got his Nobel prize for peace but it was him and Nixon who bombed Cambodia and killed 10s of 1000s of people including women and children. Nobel prize for the discovery of gravity waves is wrong because LIGO is a fraud. Mahatma Gandhi who did so much for spreading peace in his beloved India never received Nobel prize. Nicola Tesla who invented so much truly "practical" stuff to mankind never received Nobel prize but he created electric engine, wireless transmission of energy(modern wi fi is based on Tesla technology), remote control, radio, bladeless trubine and dozens of others. Nobel prize is good in many ways but it also stupid and wrong in many ways. LIGO and gravity waves and black holes are one of wrong ways. They dont exist and they are not practical.

Enter the Braggn' I could care less about you or the dr. I'll bet my cowboy boots and house cat you're in your mid 40's. Recently returned to school while managing a parts store. 2 grown kids one lives at home. While the dr here is probably finishing a doctorate degree and works in the science field. He rarely received a B. He's early thirties and is most likely professor. Am I right?

+oldi184 - "So Moe? Are you there mate? Do you have some counter argument for me or you still processing the data? About that fraud LIGO." ya sorry for reply delay, had to sort out a large number of documents :) it seems like you are suggesting a huge crisis within the Nobel Prize and i'm wondering if you can give some assessment of the damage beyond just LIGO? are there other false awards that have been handed out? (i'll use the shorthand term "NC" to refer to "Nobel Committee" to shorten the typing) you are saying that LIGO was able to fool or trick the NC into awarding them a prize in 2017 even though their work is all a fraud? or did LIGO bribe the NC with money? lets review a small subset of the Nobel history and try to figure out which awards are false and which ones are true... and try to figure out how the false awards became possible? 1903 - Spontaneous Radioactivity - Antoine Henri Becquerel, Pierre Curie, and Marie Curie 1905 - Cathode Rays - Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard 1935 - Discovery of Neutrons - James Chadwick 1956 - Transistor - John Bardeen, Walter Houser Brattain, William Bradford Shockley 1964 - MASER / LASER - Charles Hard Townes 1978 - Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation - Arno Allan Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson 1986 - Scanning Tunnelling Microscope - Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer 2008 - Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking - Yoichiro Nambu, Makoto Kobayashi, and Toshihide Maskawa 2010 - Graphene - Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov 2013 - Higgs Boson - Peter Ware Higgs, Francois Englert 2017 - LIGO Detector / Gravity Waves - Rainer Weiss, Barry Clark Barish, and Kip Stephen Thorne 2018 - Optical Trapping Devices - Arthur Ashkin ok that is just a portion of all of the 100+ awards over the last 120 years or so hehe... lets start with some basic ones and see if there is even basic agreement... would you agree that Cathode Rays and LASER and MASER exists? Cathode Rays are used in CRT, the cathode ray tube, which was the early version of television sets and computer monitors... those are real and not fraudulent, yes? and LASER, you can buy a laser at convenience store these days... they sell i think it was 1 milliWatt lasers at Circle K and 7-11 and Walmart? so LASER is real and not fraudulent? Transistor... a very ubiquitous device these days... many computers have billions of transistors on their chips... as do smartphones... so the transistor is real, not fraudulent? Scanning Tunnelling Microscope... i think on Google Images one can see many hundreds of images taken through an STM of very tiny objects... insects, strands of dust and fabric, and even cancer cells! ok so as a basic starting point... do you agree that Cathode Rays are real, that LASERs are real, that STM is real, and that transistors are real? if so, that means at least some of the Nobel Prizes are based on reality now what about some of those other Nobel Prizes listed? are they also based on reality or they also frauds? trying to get some idea of what percentage of the Nobel Prizes you believe to be based on fraud... is LIGO the very first Nobel Prize fraud in all of human history? or are some of those other prizes listed also fraudulent? or can you make a laundry list of all the fraudulent Nobel Prizes? that would be very handy to know which ones are real and which ones are fake :) would also be handy to know how did the Nobel Committee get tricked into giving out fake prizes? was it based on nepotism? like they have some family members among the prize winners and they are like "yes! i will give my distant cousin a prize!"? :p

Theoretical physics is the biggest liar Present science has many mistakes. From atomic structure to the mechanism of light, from gravity to magnetism, from energy to space and time. Science says 1 electron and 1 proton able to form a hydrogen atom. That is impossible. The 2 particles attract each other with the strongest attraction force in nature F=Ke x pe/rr. Therefore they must stick together under that force. The electron is impossible to circle/wave/cloud around the proton to form a stable atom. If the standard model of atomic structure is wrong, the rest of science will be all wrong. Science says light is photon particle emitted from electron changes energy level, photons travel in vacuum at speed C. It is all mistake. There is no such thing as photon particle. Electrons don't have orbit or energy level. Sun light reaches Earth instantly, travels in air at C speed. The Sun is not ongoing fusion reactor, the Sun does not radiate energy into space. Energy must coexist with matter. Gravity speed is infinite. Light speed in space is infinite. This blog is my theories about nature. Please read, think and comment. fuckedscience.com

Quantum entanglement is a misinterpretation of electrostatic force at work. Spooky action at distance is not spooky at all. Any pair of charged particles are connected by Coulomb's force, therefore they are entangled at any distance, they share information instantaneously.

"We see an enimga through a mirror dimly lit" - Paul of Tarsus 50 a.d.

An alternative to entanglement is synchronized behavior of the observers. This program reminds me of Feynman claiming nobody understands the double slit experiment.

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Einstein wasnt wrong. We simply cant see other dimensions. If you were to think of another dimension as a such tightly wrapped or solid object that can pass through our current dimension without any notice and that connects these particles together. Just like the effects of sound in the air moves slower than the sound in the water... If you viewed a particle, the effects is like a wave that taps a solid object (makes it seem instant) and automatically effects the other particle. Why hasnt anyone thought of this yet? Im in Afghanistan as a damn network admin.

if you realize there is no such thing as photon/quantum, you know how foolish is science.

Music is not only inappropriate, but also too loud.

Chek out celebrate truth on here guys it's crazy truth that there exposing NASA to have learned so much it's made be a believer in it over 200 experiments proving the earth isn't round also 200+ bible versus

"Physicists" should be embarrassed to have had a taboo on the resolution of EPR to the extent of RESISTING Bell's efforts!! .. and they call themselves "physicists"? Physics should be about getting to the bottom of the workings of nature, not hiding from them!

It’s all in the magnetic fields and the fact every smaller magnetic field is contained in a larger one. All protons have a magnetic field and are all within the galaxy’s magnetic field therefore all protons magnetic fields in our galaxy are connected.

Thank you soooooo much for sharing this

Heh.. since when did causality imply it was in a temporal relationship that could be ascertained by us.. i dont remember it being like that. QM really is undeterministic though.. that is what einstein couldnt accept. It doesnt refute the idea of causality merely the idea that it can be determined and reconstructed. I only watched the first 5 mins and i found it was going in this direction so.. i thought a lot of people would be mislead.. qm is after all a world of fantasy

perhaps entanglement doesn't work in straight lines but curved lines, and is why time doesn't have any effect on the other, like when we do the measurement. it's like a straight coat hanger but slightly bending it like a bow so when we turn one side the other is turning at the exact same time. of course quantum particles work in all angles and is much different than this crude example, maybe all electrons are bent by gravitational matter in all of space and when we do anything to one the other is changing at the same time do to this bend, i,m no physicist otherwise i might be able to explain this better but i,m sure anyone can see what i,m saying, .. if all quantum particles work in bent geometric patterns then time and space would have no bearing on each particle they can both change at the same exact time" whether one particle is here and the other in the andromeda galaxy, if the entanglement is always curved then it doesn't take any time at all because both are doing the same, . this would rule out faster than light communication, ..yes no doubt i explained it wrong but a physicist could figure this out, if true, if not it was just a theory of mine, what i,m trying to imply is if we had a bent coat hanger and put 2 particles on either end and the coat hanger was 10 light years long then no matter how we change one end the other is being changed at the same time, this is a very bad example and i,m sure it is much more complicated than this but all electrons and particles could work on a curved principle,*

Maybe there are still hidden variables that control the randomness of pulses from two quasars! God knows....

'... Until We Look At...' NO. Until it INTERACT, then we look at the INTERACTION. Our astonishment comes from the fact that we are nombrilists and anthropomorphists. The real is statistical in itself. The problem between relativity and quantic is the non-locality of the second against the continuum limited by speed of light in the first. Still unsolved issue.

+RVGENomini rational thinking is all you need. It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is. Richard P. Feynman

+Joe Chang A mind isn't required to agree with yours to be considered open. It sounds like you invent your own truth without testing it, which isn't scientific in the least. You don't love science, you love using it as a vehicle to feel important because you're the "inside man" with all the secrets that real scientists don't have. You've probably never been in a lab yet science is done by experiment. Grow some nuts and test your ideas, that's the only way they'll gain traction. Until that point you're just fooling yourself that you know something important. I'm rooting for you to step up like a man and see if the puzzle of nature matches your depiction of it on the box.


+RVGENomini I love science, I seek truth. Open your mind.

+Joe Chang Hope you didn't drop a lot of dough on that victim card, bud.

+RVGENomini You are correct that QM and GR are BS. All science forums banned my ip, I wish more people read my blog.

+Joe Chang No, I'm not the one writing a blog about my personal physics theories while simultaneously claiming quantum mechanics is bullshit. If you're correct and your personal theories back you up, technologies would inevitably be able to be derived from your work given the amount that is based on QM, GR, the speed of light, etc etc. You should be at the forefront of innovation with your ability to debunk multiple fields of science. Is it just easier or safer for you to write a blog and comment on youtube videos instead of helping improve the world directly? Would you rather have other people do the work for you? Maybe you do other things but I'm working with what you've shown up to this point.

+RVGENomini how about you? any insights?

+Joe Chang What technological innovations have YOUR personal theories led to? ie, what technology has been invented due directly to your personal insights?

NASA lied about solar sail.

+RVGENomini LEGO lied about detected gravity wave.

+Joe Chang What technological innovations have your personal theories led to?

+RVGENomini Theoretical physics is the biggest liar Present science has many mistakes. From atomic structure to the mechanism of light, from gravity to magnetism, from energy to space and time. Science says 1 electron and 1 proton able to form a hydrogen atom. That is impossible. The 2 particles attract each other with the strongest attraction force in nature F=Ke x pe/rr. Therefore they must stick together under that force. The electron is impossible to circle/wave/cloud around the proton to form a stable atom. If the standard model of atomic structure is wrong, the rest of science will be all wrong. Science says light is photon particle emitted from electron changes energy level, photons travel in vacuum at speed C. It is all mistake. There is no such thing as photon particle. Electrons don't have orbit or energy level. Sun light reaches Earth instantly, travels in air at C speed. The Sun is not ongoing fusion reactor, the Sun does not radiate energy into space. Energy must coexist with matter. Gravity speed is infinite. Light speed in space is infinite. This blog is my theories about nature. Please read, think and comment. fuckedscience.com

+RVGENomini BS. what is quantum? What is the mechanism?

+Joe Chang Einstein isn't the gatekeeper for all things quantum, experiment is. Classical physics fails to predict observations like the double slit and blackbody radiation. Call QM bullshit all you want, it works quite well right now despite some of its shortcomings.

+RVGENomini Do you really know what is quantum? Do you know better than Einstein?

+Joe Chang So you have no idea how the computer you used to post that works. K. Better let all the microchip companies know so they can switch back to classical physics and build worse products.

+RVGENomini quantum anything is BS.

Cool so tell us why your classical theory given here applies to any quantum phenomena we observe.

You could do that?

+Feyser1970 --- Theories have never, ever made the World advance. Only facts and demonstrable experimentation has made the World advance. You should keep in mind that if all you've got is abuse then you've got nothing.

does it mather ? if quantum entanglement or not work the way it does? something is missing but we dont know what . einstein was sure a medium was needed and for once i conccur with einstein. the fact that science cant extripate light from the medium ( whatever the medium will turn out to be) doesnt change one fact. it doesnt mather! why ? nothing ought to be reified by something, something ought to reify nothing! remember this sentence. i suspect it will come handy in a near futur!

Feyser1970 How would you know? You can barely English. And Moe. Neutron stars are nonsense. The island of stability forbids them.

+Enter the Braggn' poor ignorant, in entanglement there is not a transfert particule like for forces, please read abook before telling nonsense

+Robert Cathcart of course you are smarter and all your theories make the world advance, poor moron.

+oldi184 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eysecnh7yqc

+oldi184 - "Because black holes dont exist gravity waves are also fantasy. " keep in mind that gravity waves do not depend solely on black holes :) neutron star collisions can also generate gravity waves, and neutron stars are not black holes according to the equations, even shooting a cannonball into the air generates gravity waves... now if this is the case, why do we not hear about cannonball generated gravity waves in the science journals? well the scale of the waves generated by a moving cannonball are so incredibly tiny, the chance to ever detect them is close to zero... probably even with 100 to 200 years of technology improvement made to gwave detectors, detecting the gravity waves of a moving cannonball would be too difficult a project also there would be a huge problem with signal to noise pollution... the gravity waves of moving cars... moving airplanes... moving planets... all of these waves overlapping each other... how to figure out which wave belongs to the moving cannonball? like trying to find a needle floating in a huge ocean of waves :p what makes the collisions of neutron stars and black holes nice is they generate much more powerful waves that can be detected many light years away from the collision region... and because their waves are much higher in amplitude, they are not drowned out by weaker wave generators now, i understand you do not believe in black holes... in my opinion this is just fine :) black holes are one of the extreme states of the universe... they are exotic as all get out... there is nothing like them nearby to our Sun or in our daily lives... they are very very strange and mysterious... so to not believe in them when first hearing of them is totally normal i think in fact, maybe it is even a good omen to not immediately believe in them? when Einstein was first presented with the ideas of black holes said something akin to "this is some major nonsense!" (not an exact quote mind you :p) only some years later after being exposed to years and years of subtle evidence of them in astronomy photos did he start to think "well maybe they are real" hehe if you are curious to expose yourself to some of the subtle evidence pointing in the direction of black holes, i would point you to the work of the astronomer Andrew Mia Ghez... 53 years old, educated at CalTech and MIT... she has studied the region of Sagittarius for over a decade i think? possibly even for two decades? she has access to one of the best telescopes on the planet... the Keck observatory in Hawaii... i do not know if she is the director of the observatory, but definitely she is granted a large amount of telescope time there :) she helped to pioneer the adaptive optics that help to get rid of the wavy noise contributed by our planet's atmosphere to telescope images in the spatial region of Sagittarius that she studies the most are a small collection of stars that are orbitting something that is partially invisible... an object that is not radiating in the visible spectrum, but which does sometimes radiate in the radio-wave and x-ray spectrums... at least i am pretty sure it does not radiate in the visible spectrum... not 100% sure of that :) when studying a subject that has alot of crazy sounding concepts attached to it, you can escape some of those concepts by renaming the subject so for example, the name "black hole" makes many people think of wormholes tunneling through space and such things... or of objects falling into a hole where they are swallowed in my opinion, when first studying them you can rename them to "black somethings" lol... or perhaps "extra black somethings that rarely radiate light" :) or perhaps "black gunk", "black stars", or "very compact radio-wave sources" if the concept of a "hole" is interfering too much with thoughts about them and then can study the motions of the stars seen by Andrea Ghez... one of the stars, nicknamed "S2", has a mass around 14 times our Sun's mass... and this star when it is orbitting near the semi-invisible object that emits x-rays gets accelerated to incredible speeds so there is something that seems to be tugging on S2 with a huge amount of force... what to call it? maybe a "black something" :) an animation of S2's path and speeds can be found here: v=Eysecnh7yqc the "black something" is portrayed in the animation as a white/blue sphere near the bottom of the elliptical orbit if Andrea Ghez is not a fraud, and much of the work of Keck Observatory is not a fraud... as well as the ESO telescopes... if they are also not producing fraudulent data... then there is something strange and partially invisible accelerating stars in the area of Sagittarius :)

+oldi184 - "Did you watched that lecture in the link i gave you? So you know why black holes are not real and why they cant be real. Because black holes dont exist gravity waves are also fantasy. " yep i did... in my opinion the problem with that Thunderbolts Project video is that it debunks the "cartoon version" of black holes that gets presented in "science populizer" videos made about black holes... in some sense you could say it debunks a "straw man" version of black holes what do i mean by "cartoon version"? i mean the simplified watered down versions where they focus on how black holes were first suspected in the 1920s and 1930s... the stuff about "infinite density" and so on the problem is that no serious black hole researchers believe in "infinite" anything hehe... whether it be density, or "infinitely small width" or so on anytime an equation predicts a nonsense answer like "infinity", physicists immediately take notice... because there is a very high probability the equation has deviated from reality and is probably only a rough first approximation of lower scale phenomena... and begins to fail and wander astray at higher scales... Einstein's field equations are an example of such an approximation... they work just fine to model lower scale things like the orbits in our solar system... but they begin to fail and give nonsense answers when extrapolated into the extreme areas of star collapse this means that the EFE are only a rough approximation of reality... just as the Newtonian equations they replaced were only a rough approximation as well... the EFE improved on small mistakes of the Newtonian... but the EFE must also contain small mistakes, because they are predicting nonsense like infinity within a finite area to give a historical example, during the 1930s and 1940s, early versions of electrodynamics gave nonsense answers of infinity for things like the self-energy of the electron this was an immediate ringing alarm to physicists that let them know those early versions of electrodynamics had flaws in them the early 1910s, 1920s, 1930s theories about electrons proposed they had a very tiny radius... a charge distribution with a very tiny spatial extent... around 2.8 times 10 to the negative 15 meters... so for the equations of that time to predict an infinity of any trait, such as charge, across such a tiny span of space, was a clear sign that something was wrong about the equations and because of this alarm, for something like 15 to 20 years a huge effort of dozens of scientists and mathematicians worked on this problem trying to polish the equations to get rid of the infinities... Hans Bethe, Dirac, Feynman, Schwinger, Freeman Dyson, and a huge number of others including many unknown undergraduate students as well as graduate students studied this problem trying to make a dent in it... finally after many years, they had produced a version of electrodynamics that does not suffer from infinities using this polished version of electrodynamics they were able to calculate things like the magnetic moment and test it against experiment... with accuracy out to 13 decimal places to me it seems like the Thunderbolts Project is prematurely casting out the EFE (Einstein Field Equations) as trash because those equations are failing at the most extreme regions of the universe.... even though the EFE work very well in the calmer areas of the universe, such as our solar system... and in place of the EFE, the Thunderbolts Project is taking on the old Newtonian equations from the 1700s which are well known to fail in portions of the calmer areas of the universe hehe... namely the orbit of Mercury why Thunderbolts would make this choice is not clear to me... there is a saying "throwing the baby out with the bathwater".... is this maybe what Thunderbolts is doing? it kinda seems like it... but why is the big mystery... why they make this choice? it seems like they do not appreciate that the EFE only has a small amount of bathwater... and only in the most crazy regions of the universe... such as at the center of galaxies... but for huge huge sections of the universe the EFE works just fine! what need is there to throw the EFE out immediately? hehe... to do so is to cast out over 20 years of progress made between 1905 and 1920, and start over from scratch back in the 1700s?? i wished i understood better why the Thunderbolts Project are so paranoid... and why do they traffic in unproven conspiracy theories? for example, Wal Thornhill of Thunderbolts has accused CERN of being a giant scam of billions of euros! but the very WWW that we are typing on now was first conceived at CERN by Tim Berners-Lee! the early WWW was a way to share CERN collider data with physicists who could not afford to fly to Geneva or who did not want to live in Geneva what is the source of the paranoia in the mind of Wal Thornhill... this is what i wonder... does he not realize that trafficking in unproven conspiracy theories is what tabloid journals do? it seems so bizarre... Wal Thornhill does not seem as crazy as the flat earther movement... they are extra crazy with fries to go lol... but he is following in methods of thinking that are dangerously close to how they think... flat earthers make accusations of gigantic conspiracies, but they do not bother to prove their accusations using math or photographs :) a very slippery way of thinking in my opinion :) if statements do not need to be proven or substantiated using math or photos, anybody can just say whatever and it is true? lol

Kmp Gdf 1 second ago i was too... what "entangles" these 2 (maybe more??) particles? how are they sure the photons were "entangled"? much more left to explain...

i was too... what "entangles" these 2 (maybe more??) particles? how are they sure the photons were "entangled"? much more left to explain...

+oldi184 - ya i totally agree with you that the Peace Prize has some serious madness going on with it :) but doesn't the Peace Prize belong more to the sphere of politics than the sphere of science? has the Peace Prize ever been about measurable science? i don't see how it is possible... to come to a scientific consensus that there are 20 amps of electrons flowing through a wire, we need a device to measure the current in the wire, yes? so then, how to measure peace and come to a consensus on who is creating peace and who is destroying peace? what device can measure how much peace is flowing through humans? :p i know of no such device... do you know of one? a skin galvanometer maybe? something like the device used in lie detector tests? or a realtime MRI scan? and if any of those devices would qualify as an accurate or reliable way to measure peace, then we would need to scan many millions of people to see how much peace exists in them? like it wouldn't be possible to only scan one of the fishermen in a town and consider the matter settled, yes? :) would need to scan the gigantic population as well, yes? mind you, i don't think this is a flaw only with the Nobel Committee... i think that ANY committee, no matter what the name is or who the people are trying to take on such a project of awarding a peace prize would be faced with a HUGE difficulty... how to accurately measure peace? it is innately a titanic undertaking... would need to measure millions of people somehow! hehe and how to calm them down if they are nervous about wires being attached to their body? there are some nervous people out there with phobias... if they have wires attached to their body maybe they won't be at peace? lol... wouldn't that sub-sector of the population ruin the entire venture? or would they be screened out as tainted data? as far as i am aware, the Nobel Committee made no such wide scale measurements of peace and calm... thus to me it seems like the Peace prize is more like a popularity contest... and some people have even wondered if it is a "tantrum reduction strategy" hehe like you know how sometimes in kindergarten a teacher will calm an angry student down with promises of ice cream? those promises of ice cream can maybe be considered to be a "tantrum reduction strategy" :)   i bring up the prize for Physics and the prize for Chemistry... as far as i can tell, in somewhere around 100 to 120 years nobody has ever managed to sneak a fraud into the prize for Physics or the prize for Chemistry... is this a mistaken idea? is the 2017 LIGO award the first instance of fraud or have there been other times the Nobel Committee has been tricked somehow? or have they been bribed? blackmailed? such a question is vast and would require alot of research to answer... but in my opinion that would be a good exercise to explore and a good use of time... the corruption of the Nobel prize would be a very serious danger... if more than one fraud has taken place there, that would be something very important to discover yes? one of the nice things that results from exploring the 100+ year history of the Nobel prize is one gets an appreciation for the huge scale of science and how many discoveries have been made... and how many people were involved... and all sorts of interesting details i also wonder what motive do you think would lurk behind a LIGO fraud? people say that in the 1800s, bandits would raid a stagecoach with the motive to steal money from the stagecoach.... but is it really money they are after? is it not more accurate to say that the stagecoach bandits were pursuing what they could then do with that money? maybe they could use the money to buy wine? to gamble in card games? to pay prostitutes to have sex with them? to buy horses because they are very fond of riding horses? maybe to buy guns also because they like to shoot guns? so when we look at it, the real motive is not the paper money the bandits were after... but instead what the bandits were really after was to drink wine, to play card games with a lesser penalty to themselves, to have sex with prostitutes, riding horses, and shooting guns? so now i wonder, what are the LIGO scientists after? are you saying that Kip Thorne wants to buy alot of wine and have sex with prostitutes? lol... or are you saying he wants the money to buy yachts and sail around New Zealand? or you are saying he wants his name in the history books? how well do you know Kip Thorne? :) i also have to wonder, is it easy to trick the Nobel Committee? are they well informed on science or are they just stumbling around in a drunken haze? :p for example, would it be possible for a very bright high school student to trick them with a project from a science fair or a science project? did you know that when he was a teenager, the famous physicist Michio Kaku built a small-scale particle collider in his parent's garage? the collider drew so many volts from the house power supply, that sometimes it would trip the breakers LOL... so sometimes Michio's mother was very angry with him for shorting out the entire house... and if i remember correctly, one time this happened it shorted out the neighbor's houses as well? haha... i can't remember for sure though... but i think Michio mentioned this in one of his talks so i wonder... could a teenage Michio have fooled the Nobel Committee with a science project of his? if so, that would be a major inversion... for the NC to be fooled by a teenager! as far as Tesla goes, i agree with you that he is an underappreciated inventor... he did many things... but i'm not sure that is evidence of fraud in other nobel prize winners work? the NC is stuck with the difficult constraint that they only award one prize per year... so they are flooded with possible candidates every year sometimes what they do is try to stuff three winners into one year to bypass this constraint :) they also try sometimes to award prizes before the inventors die of old age... for example the 2018 award to Arthur Ashkin... i think he built the optical containment device in the 1970s? like 40+ years ago or so? but now he is 96 so the NC realized they need to hurry up and award him before he passes away :)

If you could see the electron and its cloud it'd have a dark violet color with with more wave like looking properties. Every lap of the electron just about Always overlaps the previous and its orbiting so fast like sheets of wave like energy in the shape of a sphere that can change direction at will or at measurement or eye contact , sometimes the clouds patterns resemble fireworks but more in a cross shape but spinning at certain Hertz

figures in my country, Canada, we get a female indian getting the job. What a waste and injustice. the reason this stuff is unlikely is presumptions. first who says light is billions of years old. Entanglement might just be a rejection of wrong ideas about light. i think its still a poorly thought through concepts in tiny circles. This show was not done well by the way.

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If you are Nova and Inteested Ee Quantum Entanglement, I have the Key to who can link 2 people together by way of thier minds and bodies and am poseesed by blacks who want my knowledge but have never paid its worth

25:50 and 37:35 very cool

The quantum entangelment was first sugested (proposed) by physicists Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen and they interpreted it as indicating that the explanation of physical reality provided by Quantum Mechanics was incomplete (untrue). Einstein joined the team AFTER the entangelment theory was created and just put his name to it. He was NOT the oririginator of the theory. Nor he could undestand it propely. Hence his opposition to and critisism of it.

And in Modern Mysteries, a new thing that has been since the beginning of time, is now a modern.... OMG this is worse than the ... Trump needs to build a quantum wall to keep out the anti-american particles!

I had a good nap. What happened to entanglements?

Semi-conductors where the break through . . . Transistors are one type of semi-conductor

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol_QU_1Ow-0 Science!

What! The same shit intrusive music? This is horrible! Pitiful! Do you get paid to do this? Did an adult review this video before release? Best of luck, but this is awful!

cheer! they quantum entangled cloud or water or plasma. in this case? a quantum field!

this is simply beautiful

bohr? he removed anything that wasnt a concensus he wanted. when einstein confronted him about it . bohr said a concensus was needed. einstein left it at that and fell inline with bohr and if i recall heisenburg. they both tried to convince einstein . but in the end the one writing ( bohr) edited almost all missgiving einstein had ! that is what happened. calling this a concensus is a farce

Thank you Dr TJ for this confirmation am a Civil + Structural Engineer and Quatum Physics is a lot out of my Field I Specialise in #VoterFraud On An Industrial Scale In uk

OMG NOVA dragged this one on and on and on, showing us the same thing over and over and over again in order to tell us the same thing over and over and over again! Remove that from the equation and the whole concept could have been explained in 5 minutes or less. Disappointing, coming from PBS and all!

Neither and both

has the "debate" really been settled? I'm not clear on how both photons are not measured or how a source emits "coupled pairs of photos" that are not merely two photons with the same properties. Aside from the lack of logic in saying that experimental results prove that an impossible situation is actually true. it can't be true...if it's actually impossible. So if it is true, then the assumption that its impossible is wrong. How then is it impossible? But aside from that clearly "looking at one photon forces the other to manifest itself with matching properties", but then aren't they actually looking at both and measuring the properties of both? How does one observe two entangled photons and measure their properties without driving the bus from both ends, so to speak?

what confuse science? its the notion of self movement of the photon! remove that portion , and all is made clear! the better question to photon : a medium! how do you ( photon) determine if a medium is viable for photon properties ( aside from photon self movement) ?h there is some kind of entanglement! but photon is not at all involved lol! the medium the photon is making use of is tho. as the preface state and the question posed? sadly neither! why? here is a sentence: nothing ought to be reified by something, something ought to reify nothing! that is why the answer is neither of the two choice you provided! the sentence is simplex, but its ramification isnt simple . why? each and everything in the periodic table and the alchemy table are affected by this sentence. every force ( aside from gravity since it isnt needed. )are also affected . also mix and match is avail . and you get a complexity that we just begun to scratch the surface of. want a hint? sonoluminescence! instead of just applying sound . make the tinest ultradurable soap bubble . ( check the action lab channel he played with it a bit)then apply sonoluminescence like usual in a liquid with this bubble in there. if you could make a version with vacuum ( ultra durable soap bubble) instead ? i suspect the effect would be even more … entertaining. 5:36 that is the telescope? you ll likely have a huge hourglass effect!its what 10 feet between the top black part lense and the bottom one? unless its a radio telescope? if it is, i dont know if radio wave are affected similarly ( hourglass perception phenomenon) its similar to https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Esclangon . i aint sure but i believe this guy got it wrong because he wasnt having a proper perspective. but his number ? my nose meter they re close to the hourglass effect! basicly what you see in the real world doesnt match what you see in the reflection . if you got synchronised camera i m positive you can compare both and see the issue since i saw the issue in the real world! i hadnt before . why? our brain have a tendancy to go , AYE AYE AYE SER° i saw the same place for 25 year but since i started .. never mind that since it doesnt matter ( i wanted gravity to exist but its clear now that gravity never existed . we ( humane) lied to ourselves! anyway when i started looking for other thing i noticed this delta. slight , its like the game of finding the error . if you dont look for the difference you ll see it countless time and never notice. i was lucky ! it is likely your device have the same flaw since nobody would look for it! you ll likely need a room gage and a mirror to see it !

the atom bomb isnt anything to be proud of. tesla spoke about the damage it would cause to humanity in 1919 , and nuclear technology was already being investigated before tesla mentioned atom power dismissively in his book!

People saying that research into this area is a waste of time and energy, and that we should solve world hunger first, fail to imagine what we could achieve if we had a true understanding of the nature of space and dimensionality. Perhaps we could go on to develop matter transportation machines or travel at near light speeds. Who would go hungry if we could deliver pizzas instantaneously?

Just more evidence that we are a simulation.

The anglo-saxons have a fuzzy ethic : they rob. The prover of entenglement was Alain Aspect. The first describer of the Higgs was not him but Brout & Englert. The discoverer of the expansion was not Hubble but Friedman 7 years before. The discovery of the HIV by Montagner was stolen by Gallo. The discover of the DNA was not Watson & Crick but Miss Franklin. And so on. Ethic? Did you say scientific ethic or selfish interest ? Ethic demand honesty !

I don’t think they ever going to discover what they looking for. I believe God gave us our limits of understanding what he created. So bottom line scientists are going to discover is that everything is possible. But good work from them. I appreciate their work. It is mind blowing just what they discover in past 100 years.

I cry tears for Bohr ....such a cool dude !

But all of those particles are made of much smaller things.... if I remember right, they're known as quarts, and three of them, and those quarts are made of tiny vibrating strings

Kinda sounds like religion.... "God isn't real unless we believe it is"

Catch 22

It appears to me the smaller the units of material go, the more they turn into Fields. Not liquids, not gas, but Fields. They call it probability, but I think its a concentration of a volumetric field. Respective fields of their own forces. I have a problem with a force or field, not connected to a material . Suggesting the Field, create the material ? Magnetic field ( B-Field, weak force) , color field ( strong force) , electric field (E-field), gravity field, Rotational surge (Gyro : balance on the axis field) . Entanglement, must have a force or field connection . However what kind of field ? A field is a physical as the Pyramid in Egypt, But a field is not connected mechanical. but it is physical . Water too is both particles and waves at the same time. Water as sprayed into a nozzle or heated up, is particle water, vapour on a mirror doesnt ripple. A pond of water, has ripples and waves. Well, water is water, its appearance depend on its temprature, pressure. The material creation, may relate to the flux density, of a combination cocktail of Fields ? And a current will circulate, once the potential difference is established. A tall mountain and a rolling stone, alike electrons in an electric circuit, as well as the Earth magnetic field is created by the circulation of magma, setting up the Earth magnetic field. If something spins or rotates. A potential differance is created, and once a potential is established, a current is established. once you have a current, you have a field . It may also work the opposite way ?

Maybe there is no slave or master. Since time is not linear and energy isn't created how can there be a slave or master particle?

+Joe Chang Thanks for your automated response. Have a good day.

+CharlesCarabott Ya see! At any given moment on planet earth and possibly multiple other sister universes people are biting down on tacos at the very same time and saying, "Mmmmmmm", hence, entanglement!

I did too. Entanglement?

Quantum entanglement is a misinterpretation of electrostatic force at work. Spooky action at a distance is not spooky at all. Any pair of charged particles are connected by Coulomb's force, therefore they are entangled at any distance, they share information instantaneously. Quantum anything is imaginary. There is no such thing as photon particle/light quanta. Photoelectric effect theory won a Nobel Prize, but later Einstein admitted it was wrong. All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?' Nowadays every Tom, D i c k and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. -Albert Einstein 1954 Line of sight charged particles are connected by electrostatic force F=Ke x pq/rr, that force is constantly at work. Therefore line of sight charged particles are electrically entangled. The repulsion force between 2 electrons at distance r is F=Ke x ee/rr. That force act as a mass less stiff rod, connected the 2 electrons as 1. Electrostatic force rules the universe. It responsible for quantum entanglement, light, energy, induction, gravity and magnetism, all nature phenomena. All maters are connected in space by two forces. Gravity and electron's repulsion force. Electrons are on the surface of all maters, therefore line of sight electrons are constantly repelling each other. That repelling force transfers thermal energy from the Sun to Earth outer atmosphere instantly, becomes light wave and pass through air at speed C.

you probably do not believe the earth is a globe....

+Robert Cathcart Since we're talking about science, it would help if you understood definition of "scientific theory", which is frequently shortened to just "theory": A scientific theory is an explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can be repeatedly tested and verified in accordance with the scientific method, using accepted protocols of observation, measurement, and evaluation of results. Established scientific theories have withstood rigorous scrutiny and embody scientific knowledge. In everyday speech, a theory can imply an explanation that represents an unsubstantiated and speculative guess, whereas in science it describes an explanation that has been tested and widely accepted as valid. Based on a body of facts. Get it? And scientific theories have made the world advance, because as you said, facts and demonstrable experimentation have made the world advance.

@Moe Green what do i mean by "cartoon version"? Because black holes dont exist in reality. Black holes were conjured up from pure mathematical equations. And they started to pop up in 1960s. Even Einstein dismissed the idea of black hole. Black holes violate both the very core of math and physics. Black hole singularity is obtained by division by zero. Singularity is present in every black hole. Its a point with infinite density. Black holes have finite size and mass but their density is infinite at the singularity. Its just nonsense. That is the simple truth. First you cant divide by zero. Second the idea that finite mass can produce infinite density is just crazy. Mass is related to density. Third and this is my favorite. Black holes are one thing but quasars are also black hole. So black hole is black but super bright quasar is also black hole? Its a pure fantasy. Gravity is very weak force. So cloud of gas in the vacuum cant just start to collapse by itself because of weak gravity. Standard model of how stars are forming is also silly. Stars dont collapse on themselves. So science of black holes is not really a science but mysticism. Another thing is why you mention flat earth? People at thunderbolt are never saying anything about flat earth. I certainly never said anything about flat earth? The only thing I can compare to flat earth are black holes. Because both are not real. There is a funny anecdote about black holes and quasars. It goes like this. -Hey, do you see this object you cant see? -Yeah I guess so? -It is a black hole. -Hey, do you see that object which shines so bright like billion stars? -Yes I see it! Its a quasar right? -Yes it is also a black hole. Hehe its quite funny and shows very well how black holes and black hole proponents are disconnected from real world.

The problem is that your still thinking electron is one object when you should think electron as a tiny flock of object. stand alone it is like a group,, moving then  it moves like a flock or waters.flowing

Without consciousness the universe would not exist.

I love science but when I saw koch I stopped watching this

General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are the Yin and Yang of the universe. They dance with each other and are resolved only in the dance. To transcend duality is to enter the realm of unmanifest infinite chaos.

Given that this program was funded by David Koch, quantum theory suggests that it fundamentally miseducates.

It was proven than Einstein got it wrong. But yet keep letting these colleges teach this nonsense that has no practical meaning. Education is taught to keep you in debt not the other way around otherwise they would be out of business.

Man, I miss the good astrophysics episodes on Nova. I really hope they bring them back.

We will find fantastic things with the QUANTUM COMPUTER AND QUANTUM LENS invisible Universes Planets other Dimensions and also in our air are living creatures and floating around in space they will also find in our DNA that it is Multidimensional and that DARK MATTER is other Universes that are invisible .THE GOLDEN AGE OF QUANTUM or THE QUANTUM AGE is here! it will change everything in this World the Future will be FANTASTIC!.And don,t worry about Ai is or will be Benevolent it can not do EVIL!.Say it has an attitude for goodness!.When you talk too your Ai Computer in the future you will be accurately speaking to your HIGHER SELF!.

Too bad that Solvay was a neck-deep New World Order guy... his motives were not so pure as the scientists might have thought.

My email: htg@interia.pl , tel. +48-780-129-544. I invented a breakthrough source of energy. It will be useful for laptops and for cellular telephones. It will bring multi-billion profits. I am looking for capital in the range 1000 000 EUR to 40 000 000 EUR for prototyping, patents and production. I have a computer simulation of my energy source. The simulation is based on Classical Electrodynamics and on Circuit Theory. Both of these theories have been very well experimentally confirmed.

If you want to see the truth about entanglement (not faster than light communication), simply written, look here: http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/about-us/137-physics/general-physics/particles-and-quantum-physics/810-does-quantum-entanglement-imply-faster-than-light-communication-intermediate

Greetings sir i think if we move a ball it will move on an whole. For eg now let us say we have 6 direction ×2 =12 +1 =13 or 8 direction and 5 Elements =13 or 7 Chakars based on 1=8 +5 senses =13 they all are common for every one 13×2=26 dimenssion 1 for day and 1for night (Sun,Moon) and light does not take 8billion years to travel it symentaniously traveling since they first struck us on Earth and more over they are not Light they are Photons which we do not see by naked eyes in day or night, what we see our Earth takes 8 miniutes to revolve for Sun rise or Moon rise. More over if have no ego we will make very less mistakes. AKASH the first Element on which other 4elements are based upon the spins we calculate are males and females let us not forget we are made a part of our enormous AKASHIK system which behaves as GRAVITY for as to live more over in future as for studing consultations to remake.

Einstein is a khazar jew born in Transylvania. He stole the theory of relativity from his room mate and brought it to New York. Look up dates about his life. According to Tesla is no relativity. Is magnetic field and electricity. Tesla invented a divice of free cosmic energy at no cost for evryone. Banned and prohibited by US energy companies. Where is the truth?

6:14 - a man eating sandwich

Has anyone else considered this Q entanglement along with the work Tesla did? And his statements that imply that there is a vast layer of connected energy? Seems like it might be worth a look.

garbage presentation full of music and gesticulating wind bags - usual tripe asking '' is reality an illusion without providing any definitive meanings for the words in the context of the question.

Which of your feet is the master foot and which is the slave foot? When you walk, one is forward and the other is always behind. They're entangled. Master/slave doesn't really apply.

Or it is already in that state. Kinda like is the light in the fridge on or off when the door is shut?

+Jovetj Space is just empty space. Space cannot be touched, expended, distorted or curved. There is no fabric of space, there is no dimension in space, there is no field in space, there is no light in space, there is no dark matter or dark energy in space. Matter cannot tell space how to curve, space cannot tell matter how to move. Science is not word salad, what's the mechanism? All matters in the universe are constantly vibrating, moving, changing and evolving at different speed at the same time we called now. Since mater and energy are both immortal, the whole universe is existing at forever ongoing now. All past became now, all future will become now. Time has no location, time is not a place, time travel is impossible. Time is not matter, time cannot be touched, time dilation is imaginary. Put the same timers on the Sun, Mars and Earth for 24 hours, each timer has a different reading, which time is dilated? Reading on the timer is not time.

Joe Chang anything is BS. It's good to question everything. Scientists (or even laymen) should be naturally skeptical. Just because a scientific principle is established does not mean it's true or complete. Just because the mathematics of something seems elegant or beautiful doesn't make it true, either. It requires evidence to shoot down theories, not bullshit hyperbole. Being skeptical does not mean being close-minded. It means following wherever the truth takes you as supported by the entire body of evidence and available data.

Crackpot alert. This is a great example. Cal Poly used to document and track theories submitted by thousands of crackpots who think they've disproved entire fields of science. Usually they are people who have only a high school or undergraduate college education in mathematics, physics and other sciences, and they know just enough to think they've discovered something that all other scientists have overlooked or missed. Most also happen to be engineers with a psychological inclination toward highly structured and linear ways of understanding and approaching a problem. They don't like current scientific theories on largely aesthetic grounds and not on the basis of evidence or data, so they concoct their own theories so the explanations fit their preferences. Often their theories collapse due to a lack of experimental evidence and due to extremely simple math, data and observable evidence they've failed to address. This is why their work can't get past basic peer review and why they're not professional scientists. What they're doing is not science. It's human psychology at work. For more on this, check out the video, Pathological Physics: Tales from the Box. It's a talk by a professor who used to track and analyze these crackpot theories at Cal Poly.

Paul Alexander Bravo Light has mass, so its not a speed limit. The electric force is faster. The analogy that best suits is it’s like the difference between waving a rope and tugging it. As Joe said there’s nothing spooky going on. We can send signals very fast and we can also accelerate particles. Do you not consider that the Universe can send signals much faster? What other logical explanation is there for this very fast connection between matter? There’s none that don’t involve nonsense.

+Enter the Braggn' whatever moves must first exist relative to some other existing thing, and to exist means to either have mass or to be light (whether as a single photon or a light wave). Because e=mc^2 is true, whatever has mass moves slower than light, which means that whatever exists either moves at the speed of light or slower. As for the delusions causing you to misconceive the nature of existence and therefore deny the true nature of reality just explained, there's a wealth of material on accesstoinsight.org that can help.

i hate what Nova has become.


So in the end everything is fake.

We really have to stop this nonsense. Theoretical physics has gone off the deep end. Time to get off this dead end street. http://www.dissidentscience.com

Did I miss something, in the beginning you never actually explained how or why two photons/electrons or whatever can be simultaneously emitted , does not the uncertainty principle prevent simultaneous discharge of energy or particles ? I am only asking as a layman .

Makes perfect sense to me, 2 particles from the same source are entangled because they were created at the same time and location but with equal and opposite properties. For instance, photon A with clockwise spin and photon B with counter-clockwise spin. If we measure A we know what B will be. There is no spooky action at a distance or communication necessary! Just simple physics, am I wrong?

This shows a new particle wave theory and proves that Einstein used a term greater than the speed of light  @UCIEp8iYeHWtb-cZnw6drPAg

Einenstein was a fool for wisdom GOD did not give him.

Question...I've been reading on Quantum Physics and Entanglement so I'm a newbie. What I don't understand in this experiment is the purpose of the filters and exactly what do they filter ? If one photon goes through #1 filter and the other photon goes through #2 filter, what exactly are they looking for ?

Nothing is entangled unless it is being observed .

Wait a minute. Did he just say if I am not aware of some thing it does not exist? What happens to a person in an auto crash who did not see the other car?

E=mc2 (J)

Some people spend way too much time at school (university). It's nice that they have employment : albeit pointless.

If you consider extra dimensions then all the mystery is solved

Universal Repulsion Similar to universal gravitation force between matters, there is an universal repulsion force between matters. Because electrons are on the surface of all matters, line of sight electrons on the surface of matters are constantly repelling each other with Coulomb's force F=Ke x ee/R^2. This universal repulsion force is the conductor of light energy in the vacuum space between stars and planets. Light energy is instantly shared between line of sight vibrating electrons on the surface of the Sun and electrons on Earth outer atmosphere, then becomes light wave traveling in the air at light speed C and reach us. This universal repulsion force is the conductor of light between your sight and your eyes. Due to air in between, light speed is C. This universal repulsion force is the conductor of EM wave between antenna and receiver. Due to air in between, EM wave speed is C. Due to the existence of universal repulsion force, all star lights reach us instantly. Sun light takes 8 minutes to reach us is mistaken. Time delay in space communication is lie.

+Enter the Braggn' - "And Moe. Neutron stars are nonsense. The island of stability forbids them" hmm can you go into greater detail? my impression was the island of stability has to do with atomic bonding and the strong force... i.e. what combinations of proton/neutron bonding are stable under the residual strong force but in the case of neutron stars, are they held together by the residual strong force? i would have thought it is the large pool of gravity generated by trillions upon trillions of neutrons that holds together a neutron star, not the residual strong force... is this not the case? for example, suppose there is an atom of a uranium isotope that is unstable because it lies outside of the island of stability... and suppose that atom then splits into two lighter atoms... if those two lighter atoms are close to the Earth at the time of the splitting, they have virtually no chance to escape the gravity of the Earth unless for some bizarre reason they are given a kick of sustained escape velocity by something? or can those lighter atoms just wander anywhere? if they cannot escape the gravity well of the Earth, would we not say say those two atoms are bound to the general region of the Earth by gravity, not by the strong force? i guess to put it another way... isn't the island of stability only an aspect of the strong force, not an aspect of gravity? similarly, if there are a huge number of neutrons collected in the region of a supernova remnant, those neutrons aren't likely to be going anywhere far away due to the immense gravity created by their collective presence?

+oldi184 - "Black holes have finite size and mass but their density is infinite at the singularity. Its just nonsense. That is the simple truth. First you cant divide by zero. Second the idea that finite mass can produce infinite density is just crazy." yep! i totally agree with you on that :) finite mass spread across a finite spatial extent, somehow leading to infinite density sounds like complete nonsense to me as well and what is interesting is that as far as i can tell, all the serious black hole researchers agree as well... hmmm to get away from stagnant retread language i'll use the phrase "black stuff researchers" instead :) all the serious black stuff researchers such as Susskind, Maldacena, Arkani-Hamed, T'Hooft, Marold, Polchinski, etc etc... as far as i can tell, none of them believe in infinite density either! so then, if it is true that none of them believe infinite density either, where did this illusion or phantom come from? (in a previous post my use of the term "cartoon version" is referring to this phantom idea) my hunch is that the illusion was born from some kind of "communication breakdown"... maybe a "social breakdown" as well? my guess what happened is documentaries were made about "black stuff"... a large number of these documentaries were made in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s.... and in those documentaries they talk a great deal about the early days in the 1920s and 1930s when the equations in their still primitive state predicted infinite density... in a kinda similar way that the primitive early equations of electrodynamics predicted "infinite self-energy" for the electron if a person watching those documentaries about the early days takes the documentary in with too much trust, they might walk away with the impression that the modern day black stuff researchers still fully trust equations that predict infinities... not realizing that trust in such rickety unstable equations dissolved during the 1940s and 1950s! (when Feynman and Bethe and hundreds of other researchers showed that such equations can only be trusted for large scale things... but cannot be trusted at the extremely microscopic level) now if the teams in the Thunderbolts camp believe this illusion about the teams in the black stuff camp, would it not be possible to remove such an illusion very easily? in other words, if Wal Thornhill was speaking with Susskind, wouldn't Susskind be able to immediately clear up the misconception that he or his colleagues believes in infinite density? i think this illusion could be dissolved in only 30 minutes of them talking together over a nice beer or perhaps a coffee drink spiked with some good stuff! hehe... maybe even 10 minutes?? so why are they not on speaking terms? this is one of the big mysteries of 2019 is it not? probably a barrier of some kind prevents them from talking to each other... after all, Susskind is friends with Kip Thorne... and Susskind is also probably friends with Kirk T McDonald of CERN (i do not know this for sure, but i think it is extremely likely)... Susskind is probably friends with hundreds and hundreds, maybe even thousands of the CERN/LHC researchers! now, if Wal Thornhill of Thunderbolts really really really believes that CERN/LHC is a fraud that is stealing billions of euros from the euro taxpayers... then it might not be a big stretch to say that Thornhill thinks that Kirk McDonald and Kip Thorne and all these hundreds of researchers are even worse than the bandits who would steal money from stagecoaches during the wild west of the 1800s! because the bandits of the 1800s only stole maybe $1000 here and $20,000 there and maybe if they got really lucky they stole $100,000 from a stagecoach? but Thornhill seems to have said on videotape that CERN/LHC is the ongoing theft/fraud of BILLIONS of euros!! LOL am i mistaken in this impression? i am pretty sure that is what Thornhill was saying in one of those videos you linked? is this a correct impression? or am i misunderstanding what Thornhill is saying? (i will try to find the link to the video and the timestamp that gave me this impression) so does it then follow that Thornhill might have suspicions about Susskind and Maldacena as well? maybe he thinks because Susskind is friends with Thorne and Kirk McDonald, this is subtle evidence that Susskind is a thief of euros as well? if Thornhill truly believes this, then it is not all that shocking that he is not on good speaking terms with Susskind and Thorne and so forth... because he thinks they are mega-thieves of billions of USDs/Euros that make the stagecoach bandits of the 1800s look like cheap amateurs in comparison? lol in my opinion Thornhill might be suffering from some kind of paranoia... because what evidence does he have that CERN/LHC is a den of thieves? he seems to be accusing many thousands of people of being highly dedicated liars and thieves, yes? when a district attorney accuses a man of stealing money, he presents evidence of stealing in court to prove that he is not just talking hot air about the man he is accusing... is it not kinda crazy to accuse thousands of people of being thieves or liars and not presenting evidence to prove that they really are thieves? its possible i misunderstood Thornhill, and that he is not saying CERN are dedicated thieves... but rather that he is saying they are incompetent fools who are wasting euros chasing after the Higgs boson? (confirmed in 2012 via the double photon decay channel i think?) if i have misunderstood Thornhill then my apologies :) but if he is accusing CERN of being incompetent fools who are wasting billions of euros, then i am not sure if that bodes well for him and Susskind getting on speaking terms hehe... because i suspect that Susskind very much does not view the LHC as a giant waste of money :) if Susskind and Thornhill were on good speaking terms, then i think this phantom idea of "infinite density" could be cleared up super quick

+A.J. Torzyk Nope. It's the global average temperature that must be compared. You left out "average". https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/monitoring-references/faq/indicators.php Click on the Warming Climate link. The global average temperature has risen 1.4 degrees F since 1880. If you disagree with what NOAA has written, write a paper, have it peer reviewed, published, and attempt to convince climate scientists. Don't waste your time trying to convince me because all you'll do is fail horribly, as you already have.

+Dr. TJ I have compiled evidance that substantially agrees with your comment. The historic data I have assembled suggests that the temperature of Earth as a planet has been measured and documented since the 1840s. The measurements have been taken at various locations around the globe. The measurements cannot be influenced by the areas or regions that are subject to dynamic changes or thermo transients which are evident when the climate or weather changes as a normal function of factors such as Barometric changes, High's, Lows, Pressures, Cloud cover, Nighttime, Daytime etc. All of which are very dynamic. The changes only indicate the weather in a given place or region and that temperature will change as one or more of the weather factors changes. The climate is dynamic and those are the changes we experience every day and we call it the weather. The global temperature, "IS NOT LOCAL WEATHER" and "IT IS NOT THE CLIMATE IN ANY REGION OR PLACE ". Global temperature is the temperature of the planet. Measured in places around the globe that are "steady state" not influenced by brief changes in the weather or climate. The global temperature has been measured and documented by the USGS , and other agency's around the world. The historic data, dates from the 1840s until the present 2018/19 or (178years). The documented temperature is plus or minus one degree farenheit, +/- 1° F , over the entire 178 years. There has been "NO TEMPERATURE CHANGE IN 178 Years. The climate at the Southern Ocean, Antarctica has actually set new record lows and the ice sheets are several miles thick. Any ice melting is at the junction between the Southern ocean and the ice sheet, where the local temperature of the water melts the surface ice, which can be photographed from time to time. Any meltdown is offset by new ice formations and new glaciers on other parts of the planet. You can do your own due diligence and discover that there is not any global rise in the temperature of planet Earth

+oldi184 - in my opinion the term "quasar" is an anachronism from the 1950s that might eventually fade away with time  i have yet to hear of a quasar that is not equivalent to the radiation of a super-massive accretion disc... so i am pretty convinced that the term "quasar" is basically synonymous with "accretion disc radiation", and is thus possibly a language inefficiency? i think it is similar to how "car" and "automobile" tend to refer to the same thing :) but, because i barely qualify as an amateur astronomer... and because one man's language inefficiency is another man's language richness, i don't feel 100% certain about this :) maybe there are some complex galactic nuclei that justify the term quasar sticking around? but if not, i think all the term does is confuse people who don't have a background in astronomy i suspect that one of the reasons the term has endured is that by the time accretion discs were better understood in the 1980s and 1990s, astronomers had already catalogued several thousand quasars and that to redefine the term in so many catalogues, many of them in printed paper form, spread across multiple continents, was seen as being much more trouble than its worth... given that probably all serious astronomers know of the link between quasars and accretion discs so possibly the only reason to redefine the term is to assist people outside of astronomy? and how often do people outside of astronomy get to digging through huge astronomy catalogues? probably not that often :p

Ohhh... their little week minds. You can't figure God out. That's what Satan tried when the devil got in him. God is the source of your little knowledge. Week minded men...How about that for your thesis.

The way you presnt this makes it impossible to follow because no rational is being applied. Or at the very least not properly explained. Clicking out.

Virtual particles if you believe in such a thing might be responsible for not only the symmetry but of the fuzziness

Why is the "SWASP"temperature , 263.3 d C at 7:31time stamp?

Einstein, a genocidal maniac jew.

Earth will end,sun will collapse ,galaxies will blast universe will disappear ,but human with his limited consciousness will never going to get full knowledge of space or entire universe through So called scientific methods ,even though I selute all scientists for their untired efforts to understand it for mankind

The two particles only appear separate because of time. In the "past" they were not separate.

Because matter is not matter as we are used to thinking of it. It's not separate objects at all. It's all one contiguous entity. There is no such thing as time. This is simply a way to measure how rapidly some 'thing' is moving - how much energy. There is only position of fields. For instance a concept is not physical at all yet it exists in 1 place or in any number of places - that's what 'time' is like - it's always 'now' and 'matter' just changes position. In the beginning was the word.

Ironically physicists and evangelical leaders share one unifying flaw...dogma.

​+chuckyz2I've read the bible many times. It's not true. Which God of the Christian Bible anyway? The Catholic one? The Lutheran one? The Anglican one? The Mormon one? The Jewish one? The Muslim one?

+GravityBoy72 Yeah, the very same God of the Christian Bible. Just because people don't read their Bible and preach it wrong doesn't mean it's not true.

+chuckyz2 Not the God of any human religion that's for sure.

Gods consciousness. Not ours.

+jeffwads If you didn't go to a decent university, please try.

Bohr : hey Albert, what time do you have? Einstein: It's relative.

At What TIME did TIME come into existence? and If The Singularity { very small) created Space and Time. in What "space" was the singularity existing in prior to the Big Bang? Can someone help me with an answer.

The method that physicists use to study Quantum Mechanics is finally realizing it's limitation. Science via the observer and object of observation method of determining what one THINKS is real has met its match. Quantum Entanglement, dark matter/ energy, etc. is a case where there is nothing to observe yet it is theorized that something is there/ here. This clearly challenges the entire definition of REALITY that science has convinced the world of. It is now theorized that there may be a reality that cannot be verified via observation. Does that mean that one should throw out the current method ? No. it just means that there are aspects of life that need an alternative way to experience them . Hint- this was written about 5000years ago .

My thinking is more vast. Einstein's and my IQ are the same but I have dyslexia so it interfered with my IQ tests. Anyway, we know that protons are light. we know mass, time, speed work together. Time squared is E/M. However, the protons (energy) used was 300,000 meters per second. My thought is that we can only test the speed of light (300,000 meters per second), what if there is greater speeds, like instant fast? Then all matter (mass) and time changed would change. What we see now happen maybe trillions of years ago? Nothing we see is at current time. We could have any other same moons and suns etc. Just thought.

Reply Can someone help me with this if Space and time was created in the big bang in which "SPACE" was the singularity (According to scientists the singularity was infinitely small) existing in prior to the bang creating space and time.

Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father except by me John 14:6

Fascinating presentation of entanglement. Thank you.

How has quantum mechanics "enabled us to develop the remarkable technologies of out digital age"? Seems like a stretch to me.

Thank You NOVA www.UnifiedFieldTheory.Org

So many math, so many geniuses ! Heres is my equasion : 2=1 simple as that :) The universe is a paradox on every scale. There are allwats 2 things which at the and are 1 thing, and one thing is 2 things at the same time. Simple as that. Here are some examples : 1 Human = 2 parts - Body and soul ? Body and soul = 1 human get it ? Now apply my math principle to everything you know and you dont know. You will find that there are minimum of 2 things in everything which form one thing at the end/ or beggining! Plus and minus = two directions of a single study ? Day and night ? Black and white ? Male and Female ? Get it ? Ok this geniuses math is probably correct i do not know cause i had to paint the fence in 12 grade to pass in mathematics. But how come i describe one phenomenom in my own words w/o doing the math to prove it and other guys describe the same phenomenom in another way? Isnt that phenomenom one at the same ? There you go my math is correct again! Well i cant prove it but it is still there right ? I can still observe it ? So lets take this to the biggest scale we think we know. Hmmmm the universe ? By my math it is obvious that the universe itself is one, but it the same time it consists of minimum of 2 things ? Help me out O gr8t physicists ! Matter and antymatter or what ever ? Visible and invisble ? Matter and antymatter ? Whatever names you put on your observations you will find at the end that ther are always 2 things in the opposite directions (which for 1 ) - which is the reality itself . Lets say +10 and -10 = this space between is the reality itself. Whats the combined result of -10 and + 10 ? 0 ? So we can have a same outcome with +100 and - 100 ? again 0 ? There is something i call by my understanding and words - "the greater logic" which means that everything is logical although we cant put it or explain it trough our own logic ? Let me give you example about the argument about "destiny" and "i forge my own destiny" (the math again ! 2 camps = 1 phenomenom in the distance) Ok. Lets say you made a decision about smth and you do it ! That decision just made is formed on your expirience and knoledge and whatever led you to be here or there that day or another right ? So you made this decision yourself or the decision is a projection of yourself ? If the first is correct you must forge your own destiny but if the secound is correct you have a predetermined destiny, right ? Well here goes the math again 2=1. Both things are actually one and the same thing. YOu can call it whatever you like but the outcome is 100% the same everytime. So what do we have here again ? Destiny and "i forge my own destiny" are one and the same thing ! Just to prove all this ask me the greatest questions humanity didnt answer and i will give you the answer aplying this paradox math and greter logic ! But i cant give you the answer if it isnt already there get it ? ;)

My brain is just wired to answer these questions philosophically. Urrrggghhh! My thoughts are entangled. I want it to be & I don't. To me this throws everything in to question. I do love it though! I hope we collectively step outside the box of the scientific method on this. One of my favorite things online. Thank you

I love Einstein's Way of discrediting quantum entanglement by describing it as spooky you could call that his $0.02

Nothing exists until a conscious being observes it

I have only one problem with quantum entanglement it is said it cannot be used 4 time traveling information I therefore submit it is not entangled

+GravityBoy72 You obviously haven't read it. The muslims aren't Christian. They're allahians. As for all the other religions that use the KJV and off shoots of it, my point exactly. Same Book 100's of different theologies. People can't understand simple English. And the power of suggestion from the pulpit usually blinds them from seeing what the Good Book really says.

what these so-called scientists call "complete security" is in fact fascist-police-state technologies where conspiracies can be launched and police-state secrets can be secured from public scrutiny and detection. these people are working to make humanity's slavery to the dystopian fascist corporate state permanent and unrelenting. these corporate fascists are making decisions for the rest of humanity they've no right to make. they're absolutely devoid of ethics and wisdom just like their elitist masters. WE MUST NOT LET THEM SUCCEED or our species will find itself in a quantum conundrum from which it will be unable to escape!

+Fred Honea "Should of closed the comments". What an arrogant little person . Science is about enlightenment not concealment . I have informed the commentators on this video that Einstein was a total and utter fraud , now the most intelligent and inquisitive among you will want to checkout C J Bjerknes research to see if there is any truth in the accusation and the rest of you will blindly carry on in the box provided for you by the establishment . If you don't seek you won't find .

You are way above these folk's comprehension, you should have closed the comments.

The subversive racist zionist jew Einstein was a total fraud just like Fraud . Checkout the books written by author and historian Christopher J Bjerknes on Einstein .

Few details of the experiment. What feature of the quasar photons triggers the filter option? We know the entangled photon pairs are identical so what is being measured is whether the quasar photons are entangled and trigger the same filters. If the filters are “separately” in synchronization the filtered photons will go through identical filters. Since they found correlation the quasar photons are synched. Therefore, all photons/electrons at any particular instant are “synched”. Am i seeing this right?

oh some times it is - some times it isnt

IDIOCY OF HUMANITY by ISA Dumagat; Einstein a Genius ??? Think again... Einstein is being Punish by SATAN for being an IDIOT... Steven Hawking was called to assist him to compute how many Scam Bags; Criminals and IDIOTS are in the Punishment process; In what Stage; And how many more to come... The two IDIOTS can NOT even solve it... All they can come up with is a Theory... They are being Punish because they wasted their life on this Human Testing Ground called Earth trying to solve the Mystery of the Creation instead of trying to help solve the IDIOCY problem of Humanity first... It never entered or crossed their IDIOT Minds that the Mystery of the Creation is Patented and Copy Righted by the CREATOR and NO Human will be allowed to Infringe on It... WARNING TO ALL YOU GENIUS IDIOTS !!! Scam Bags; Criminals and IDIOTS are NOT Accepted in Heaven... They all go Direct to HELL for their 100 Folds or Forever Punishments for what they committed while on this Human Testing Ground called EARTH and SATAN always performs Incredible; Innovative and Excellent Job... YOU ARE WARNED...

Best part. "A heated debate"... Bunch of sheep these days.

Read this. https://www.mpq.mpg.de/5770288/2018-12-12-streched-quantum-magnetism They know something.

Amazing, in only two months his pimple moved from the top of the nasal bridge to his forehead!

Nice episode and lesson,really enjoyed!I wonder how can still believe in evolution and false teachers lol :)

It's hard to find out we are in a computer simulation when we are in the simulation .

Who founded your church? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG3QdH7Z74s

That's not what he said...

+Fred Honea Who is badmouthing what?

That's it, if you don't get it, bad mouth it!

And the world is flat, too!

Where is your proof, you speak with forked tongue and can't spell?

+Fred Honea where in this is the definition of reality and the definition of illusion?

Trilow Adkins Of course. How do you suppose atoms maintain their energy?

+Trilow Adkins -- Well, to be perfectly honest I got it from the horse's mouth so to speak --- Travelling an isolated, lonely road during the middle of the night in August 1971 -- in south eastern Australia. God what a shock.

+Enter the Braggn' Einstein was wrong about a lot, but you would be just as much so to say that there are particle's that move faster then light.

+Robert Cathcart you talk as though you were some genius that figured it out yourself!

Einstain was a jew liar and a fraud like most of the jews are.

What a idiot title!!!where is dirac bohr heisenberg etc.it was not einstein who discovered quantum theory.

I'm not well versed in any of this. Let's say that "light years" that we perceive are really just nano-meters?

I've no idea what it's all about, so, it must be art!

Seems to me a better title would be Einstein’s Error or Einstein was Wrong. Now all of a sudden I’m thinking Einstein’s theory was incomplete in itself, or at least there is now a possibility of loophole, for faster than light travel. If you believe entanglement is real, and it’s damn strange, then why not FTL travel.

I see only one mechanism that could cause QE. When an electron moves, a strand of space must move in the opposite direction. This strand must circle around and reconnect. Usually, this would result in E-M field. With QE, the circling of the strand of space happens between the entangled particles. The outbound and inbound strands are tightly connected in a manner that an E-M field is not propagated. I would not have thought this process to be possible. Since QE seems to be a reality, the process similarly seems possible.

Quantum physics most people Ignore it exists , intimidating and fascinating in equal measure

The singularity did not exist in anything that we can detect or know. The expansion of the singularity was the expansion of space time as we know it. Don't think of the expansion of the Universe as the Universe expanding into empty space. Rather it is space time itself expanding. We can never know if it is expanding into something as we simply cannot look beyond the borders due to the speed of light limiting what we can perceive.

Follow up - there is probably some thing missing - that maybe discovered later. I think Einstein is right.

+Fred Honea Einstein: " The moon does not exist unless you look at it."

+lucky irvin -- hello -- so you reckon -- well I think that his mathematical formula is wrong, E=mc squared. Matter is matter AND energy not matter IS energy.

+Dr. TJ -- I hope you understand that many so called ''scientific theories'' have proved to be grossly invalid yet for commercial and/or political reasons are maintained as valid, eg, Darwinian Macroevolution, Global Warming/Climate Change, on 911 the Twin Towers suffered a pancake collapse and so on. Well I maintain that Einstein was a cretin for failing to recognize from the outset that in the Galaxy we live in there is no such thing as time and space there is only matter and energy. If you think even for a moment that us humans are aware of and know all the energies there are, well you are very sadly mistaken.

+Robert Cathcart ok now I'm sure you blocked me.

+Robert Cathcart oh I'm sorry please come back it's lonely without you.

+Robert Cathcart have I gotten good enough to cause an anti-semite to Rage Quit.

+Robert Cathcart here you are crying about abuse when at the same time you're sympathetic to liquidizing Jews. You whine so much might as well be a dog that would explain why you're so sympathetic with their intelligence!

+Trilow Adkins -- I'm not anti semetic but I do believe that Judaism is a cohesive, psychopathic criminal organization disguised as a religion. checkout Bollyn.com Tomatobubble.com

+Robert Cathcart also I find it funny that you didn't even deny that you're dumber than the dog.

+Robert Cathcart I don't get why you've brought up abuse when all you've been doing has been slurring anti-semetic dribble about a great man!

+Trilow Adkins as i said son if all you've got is abuse then you've got nothing.

+Trilow Adkins Keep in mind that any wholly independent criteria for measuring intelligence on planet Earth could reveal humans to be it's dumbest inhabitants and dogs might well be very high up the scale.

+Robert Cathcart my friend said not to talk to you because you're probably someone who would go and shoot up a church which I replied with your probably shooting up as we speak.

+Trilow Adkins if all you've got son is abuse then you've got nothing.

+Robert Cathcartyou probably wake each day hoping you will be as smart as a dog.

+Trilow Adkins You think Einstein looked ''sophisticated'' LOL,LOL

+Robert Cathcart I'm sure you look way less sophisticated.

+Trilow Adkins lol -- yeah but Im not a slimebucket Jew.

Trilow Adkins https://youtu.be/zELjb6iDjL8

Trilow Adkins https://youtu.be/6tB3IBXTgEc

+Robert Cathcart you want to know something funny is that due to the fact that your comments keep on popping up with the same thumbnail as a video I ended up picturing you as Einstein.

+Robert Cathcart funnily enough you claim that I've been indoctrinated into thinking that macro-evolution and and such yeah I didn't actually listen when I was in school though much nor did I go to school for what would be considered a normal now time yeah I still came to that conclusion which goes to show that I am an independent thinker.

+Trilow Adkins --- opps, a little smart arse has failed to heed someone much older and wiser ---- keep going, you'll learn the hard way son.

+Robert Cathcart that's what I thought you said but considering everything else that you were advocating for it seemed unlikely.

+Trilow Adkins of course the Earth is not flat and yes the apollo missions really happened.

+Robert Cathcart I'm sorry you worded that little confusingly do you believe in the Apollo missions or not and also do you think the Earth is flat or not.

+Trilow Adkins --- obviously --- when you really devote a lot of head miles to understanding reality you cannot help but come to the same conclusion providing of course that the system of ''education'' and propaganda has not completely brainwashed you. I do hope you are not one of those guys that believes in things like Darwinian Macroevolution, the holocaust (holohoax), global warming/climate change(globalist zionist power grab scam) and that 19 Arab hijackers did 911. Further, hopefully you don't believe that the Apollo missions never happened and that the Earth is flat.

+Robert Cathcart you said earlier that I was not an independent thinker. Yet somehow you think that I would come to the same conclusion as you if I were an independent thinker?

+Trilow Adkins --- the Galaxy we live in is a realm of existence in which there is no such thing as time and space there is only matter and energy. There are many energies unknown to Earth humans and those that produce life thruout the Galaxy are directed and broadcast by a masculine entity located at the centre of the Galaxy. You can call it God if you wish but it most certainly is not the maniac Jew God who tried to drown us all and then sent his only son to Earth so he could be tortured and murdered.

+Robert Cathcart did you block me or are you just ignoring my comments?

+Robert Cathcart rather than be cryptic why don't you just tell me what it is you believe?

+jeffwads You aren't really in a position to speak though as you genereally don't fact check.

+Trilow Adkins --- lol, just as i thought you have lost the ability to think objectively and independently. Disappointing.

+Enter the Braggn' what are you getting at?

+Robert Cathcart I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that you haven't the slightest clue what's going on!

+Trilow Adkins - now this is where you begin the process of learning to think ---- so think and work out for yourself what ''i'm going on about''.

+Robert Cathcart what are you going on about?

Mit seiner Scheiß Atombombe die er sich in den Arsch geschoben hat

Adolf Hitler war ein scheiß a******** er hat jeden g****** er war ein Penis Lutscher

I don't know what it is, but Sean, I'm pretty sure you're full of shit.

Light from the quasars comes from deep space but both streams of photons are exposed to the mass/gravitational effects of the Earth. It’s just a question. Can we guarantee they are totally independent or are they put in synch by this effect? Could gravity synch photon streams? I’m not a physicist.

I first seen Sean Carroll during the death is not final debate with Eben Alexander and Raymond Moody, and he pissed me off. But now that he's talking about quantum physics, I think he's more open minded about reality.

Bohr's rules/laws only apply to hydrogen atoms. Electron shell theory also only works for hydrogen atoms.

if u believe eistein was intelligent. then you should pat yrself on your back and acknowledge you feel for this idiot fool. einstein did not speak till he was 4 years old. a real child protege!!??? could not pass a math class at anytime in school. yr child protege???/ married his first cousin just to be with her 2 twin 12 year old daughters!!?/ nothing like incest!! einstein the hoax was lead around by jews who had stolen all of what this idiot purported to have discovered. show me a speech by this genious that doesnt have someone else reading the speech and then u have idiot einstein says i agree!! no way in hell was einstein intelligent except to agree tesla was the intelligent man of the century!


Nothing can go faster than the speed of light within this sheeth of our universe.....If you think everything is here in this universe is ..The Universe is beigger than we think

Why the director added music throughout is a disgrace

Oops, I get it. Its like the telescopes represent "little ears." They help us to see the paradox clearly.

nice program but loud noisy music is annoying at the background, really that's not necessary to distracted concentration !!

We've always seen effects and looked for causes. Nothing happens without a cause. (maybe I can get that stupid beginning out of my head now)

+Robert Cathcart So write some papers, have them reviewed by people with knowledge of the subjects, and get them published in accredited journals. Until you do that and get consensus from others with knowledge on the subjects you mentioned, you can say anything you want and it means absolutely nothing. In fact, until you do that, all you look like is a conspiracy theorist (this is a form of the colloquial use of the word "theory"). Please let everyone know when you've accomplished these tasks.

+Justin Mallaiz There however would seem to be a rather fundamental incompatability between general relativity and quantum mechanics, at least assuming that we wanted to reconcile them. The gravity of GR is not explained by an actual force unlike the other (quantizable) forces, and trying to quantize a non-force (space itself?) seems absurd and it's no wonder we haven't been able to reconcile them even after a century, despite so many great minds working and trying to find quantum gravity. Of course that's not to say that we never could, who knows... but it's something to think about.

Check the math - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZOESuHDSpU

mind bending

This phenomenon has been explained in ancient Hindu texts Vedas, all is MAYA (illusion), only when an observer sees it materials (matter) gets created (electron behavior)

I do not believe in Quantum Entanglement, and it has not been proven in the real world.

Well, common sense does not always reveal the truth.

If you replace the word "entangled" with "synchronized", it becomes much easier to see why quantum entangled particles behave the way they do...and there is absolutely nothing mysterious or spooky about it. When particles are "entangled" they are actually phase synchronized. They can either be in phase or 180 deg out of phase. So when one is "up" the other is "down", for example. So you see, it should be no surprise that particles that oscillate between two states at the same frequency can be synchronized. And, it is that "synchronization" that they are confusingly calling "Quantum Entanglement". There is NO communication going on between particles. However, since we know that entangled particles are synchronized, if we measure one and determine it is "up", then we automatically know that the other is going to be "down" (assuming they are synchronized 180 deg out of phase). As another example: Imagine 2 boxes each having 2 lights...a green light and a red light. The 2 boxes are synchronized such that when one box's red light is lit, the other box's green light is lit. Sitting side by side, the lights on the 2 boxes would alternately blink red then green in 1 sec intervals. So, the entire time that Box 1's red light is lit...Box 2's green light is lit. And when Box 1 goes green, Box 2 goes red. They are now in perfect (180 deg out of phase) synchronization. Now you take one to UCLA and you leave the other one at MIT. If I call you and tell you my box at MIT has the green light lit, you would automatically know that your box's light at UCLA is lit red without even having to look (assuming no delays in the call signal). The 2 boxes did not communicate to each other...and yet knowing what color light is lit on one box literally DEFINES what color light is lit on the other box. So it's the opposite of spooky...it's anti-spooky...if you will.

I failed to understand quantum mechanics twice, once in college and once in graduate school. After that background... Since the source of both quanta under study in these experiments is the same, why wouldn't they be generated with the same properties at the same time?

It's unfortunate so many people still believe that unscientific paper, THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY, which is full of false assumptions, has some basis in reality. The two major problems with Einstein's theories are that the speed of light is not constant, and gravity is not constant. NASA has dealt with the issue of "deep gravity wells" on the Moon in several papers that can be accessed through their site. With regard to the speed of light, the Michelson and Morley experiments never established a constant speed; they came up with different figures throughout; they attributed these different results to flaws in their equipment; in fact, they were providing proof that the speed of light is not constant; Michelson's later work in the thirties with Pearce (correct spelling?) and others did not establish a constant speed either. The entire metric system of measurement is based on bad mathematics. It really defies logic that light travelling through different media would maintain the same speed; Einstein was wrong, but so many careers, so many papers, so many reputations have relied on his flawed work, that the scientific establishment has hidden the truth from us all. Oppenheimer, upon reading Einstein's equations, said they were "corrupt." If you believe in the Big Bang Theory, wake up. We live in an Electric Plasma Universe. We're back to Newton and Boscovich; Einstein and his disciples have led us down the garden path, into the weeds. Time to pull the weeds.

Bullshit. Publish your own peer-reviewed paper / theory and prove him wrong. I'll read it.

One more thing. The demonstration of the modern computer searching to find the best plan for the salesman taking ”hundreds of years” is utter nonsense! I ran a distribution center for a national change and we serviced over 122 stores every week, some more than once per week. We had a PC set up specifically for this and some expensive software. It took it less than 30 minutes to give us the optimum route with an emphasis on petrol savings. This statement was a GROSS MISSTATEMENT NOVA! Seriously flawed! Do you wonder why people challenge these ideas? I certainly hope not.

The use of Quasars as a filter only works when it is random. According to this diagram and stated material, this did not happen. What these theorists forget is that as the moon is there despite my belief or not. If Einstein was wrong then is it possible that his theory of special relativity is wrong as well? He has been proven correct over and over again. I believe this test was flawed. There most be something else going on that we do not understand as of yet. Quantum mechanics needs work.

+mel obrien well i guess that i better bow down to a superior intellect. and when i bend over you will be able to see something that i never have.

+Nick Smith What speed of light? The speed of light has never been calculated; we have been given an approximation of its speed; if you don't know that, you should do some research. In addition, a SINGULARITY is what scientists call anything about which they know NOTHING. LOL. The concept of space/time is strange, too. The concept is meaningless in the absence of MATTER; the movement of matter creates "space/time," which would not exist without it. And is the Universe expanding? This is the kind of shit the scientific establishment dumps on us. Question everything. Boscovich was correct, Newton was correct, Einstein was wrong.

The Big Bang is nonsense. We live in an Electric Plasma Universe. Modern physics is shit; the quantum nonsense tries to explain all the anomalies in physics. Newton and Boscovich knew more than these idiots. The Universe is composed of sound and light WAVES, not imaginary particles going through holes in their silly experiments, which are quite possibly misperceptions of reality.

+Enter the Bragn’ **YES..it's always been a dream of mine to live in utter bliss with someone a 'traveling Southern White-Trash Carny' threw the fuck out for being 'too fucked up even for the 'chicken-head geek-show'**

Gerry Nightingale Are you in love with me?

+Enter the Bragn’ **Where the fuck is your NAME?**

Gerry Nightingale Learn instead of repeating shit. You want to get schooled? https://youtu.be/6tB3IBXTgEc

Gerry Nightingale You’re wrong

Dr. TJ Still with the Spacetime nonsense Doc? And we know it? Bloody hell!

+Enter the Bragn’ Holy shit! Not only do you have no name...you understand nothing of rotational-motion in a given frame-of-reference! ( **no one of any note has ever postulated that any particle whatever routinely exceeds 'c'...the amount of momentum involved is impossible to achieve for reasons that should be obvious to even first-semester student** )

+Enter the Bragn’ There is no proof whatever of the 'conditions' you state are true...and none of A.E.'s works have ever been disproven by any mechanism or mathematics. (in short...you're a lying twit!)

+KibyNykraft You said: "the big question there is what gravity is exactly." We know exactly what gravity is. It's the warping of spacetime by mass. A much better question and the one that should be the main question trying to be answered by cosmologists and astrophysicists is "What is the fabric of spacetime made of?" Obviously, it's not nothing or it couldn't be warped. Answering that question might lead directly to the answers for dark matter and dark energy. And I have no idea what you mean by "Dark energy is not commonly supported in "mainstream science"." Of course it is. It's mentioned every time the accelerating rate of expansion of the universe is the topic.

KibyNykraft https://youtu.be/Ox3_tJcPy2M

+oldi184 Dark energy is not commonly supported in "mainstream science". However it is a very smart suggestion to how to explain cosmic inflation. Without cosmic inflation there would be no change in matter and no change in entropy. For something to be dynamic /variative as energy and/or matter (matter is just a form of energy) ,there must be an inflatory process to space itself. The idea that space is empty with stable matter is hilariously outdated. But some of your criticism is probably correct regarding black holes

+Enter the Bragn’ the big question there is what gravity is exactly. ..And there comes the impatience of many milieus as a problem

Unfortunately, many pseudoscientific/political/religious/stubborn working class-guy-in-the-street type of milieus have succeeded in spreading a lot of negative crap and fake stories about physics as a scientific discipline,but also attacking Einstein exaggeratingly. Often trying to advertise/abuse the names of long-dead geniuses who disagreed with Einstein on some things, yet were way more scientific in their approach than most postmodern youtube thugs. That being said ,Einstein's age of physics built on one idea that must be wrong : That the Cosmos "started out" as matter in empty space. Which clearly can not be the case. Rather matter must have been shaped gradually via cosmic inflation. The big question is how/why?

Justin Mallaiz ll

+Enter the Bragn’ what are you getting at?

+Enter the Bragn’ Einstein was wrong about a lot, but you would be just as much so to say that there are particle's that move faster then light.

+Enter the Bragn’ - "And Moe. Neutron stars are nonsense. The island of stability forbids them" hmm can you go into greater detail? my impression was the island of stability has to do with atomic bonding and the strong force... i.e. what combinations of proton/neutron bonding are stable under the residual strong force but in the case of neutron stars, are they held together by the residual strong force? i would have thought it is the large pool of gravity generated by trillions upon trillions of neutrons that holds together a neutron star, not the residual strong force... is this not the case? for example, suppose there is an atom of a uranium isotope that is unstable because it lies outside of the island of stability... and suppose that atom then splits into two lighter atoms... if those two lighter atoms are close to the Earth at the time of the splitting, they have virtually no chance to escape the gravity of the Earth unless for some bizarre reason they are given a kick of sustained escape velocity by something? or can those lighter atoms just wander anywhere? if they cannot escape the gravity well of the Earth, would we not say say those two atoms are bound to the general region of the Earth by gravity, not by the strong force? i guess to put it another way... isn't the island of stability only an aspect of the strong force, not an aspect of gravity? similarly, if there are a huge number of neutrons collected in the region of a supernova remnant, those neutrons aren't likely to be going anywhere far away due to the immense gravity created by their collective presence?

+Enter the Bragn’ whatever moves must first exist relative to some other existing thing, and to exist means to either have mass or to be light (whether as a single photon or a light wave). Because e=mc^2 is true, whatever has mass moves slower than light, which means that whatever exists either moves at the speed of light or slower. As for the delusions causing you to misconceive the nature of existence and therefore deny the true nature of reality just explained, there's a wealth of material on accesstoinsight.org that can help.

+Enter the Bragn’ poor ignorant, in entanglement there is not a transfert particule like for forces, please read abook before telling nonsense

+Enter the Bragn’ - "Spacetime and Blackholes are nonsense. What ever they’re doing it’s not science." hehe aye... for the moment, just put aside or shelve all notions of spacetime, blackholes, big-bang cosmology, CMBR, all that stuff... seen through the lens of Thornhill's model of physics, do you believe the LIGO detected an EM wave, or aether disturbance, that breached through its thick concrete walls? like a wave perhaps in the megahertz range? or gigahertz? or perhaps in the terahertz range? in Thornhill's model, can aether disturbances be anything other than EM waves? like the LIGO detection wasn't based on a guy in the tunnel sneezing really loudly or something like that right? lol and it wasn't based on an 18-wheeler driving on a freeway nearby aye? or can those sorts of stray signals not be ruled out? it was some kind of aether disturbance?

ok, confused. If the particles are truly entangled, shouldn't it be impossible to separate them? being that the entangled particle would mimic the other in every way?meaning if one moved right, so should the other? and vise versa?

I don't know. That I can affirmatively declare is the truth of reality inside the barrier of S-space. I look back at my UP2 (not to be confused with independent system of IPfreeley) and wonder if movement of matter, on a universe scale, is not unlike the unlimited compressions and expansions of particles in the currents of a pond. If the man made applied concept of energy and energy states are applied as a quantum packet traveling upon the river of large scale space; then Newtonian concepts of space and time measurements could be utilized. The intruding problems of scope and scale have not been addressed. The additional problem of how a quantum packet is both a particle and wave form could be coarsely addressed as it moves through unknown questionable stuff (Q-Stuff) of vast space; that has not yet been defined; or has it? A particle wave is very apparent upon the surface of the pond. In vast space we are not in a separate system or independent observation point for observing solid's effect upon the global system as energy packets move through N-space. I guess what I am trying to say is this; we live in the microcosm which we are not, as yet, able to have an independent macro view as an independent observer. With-out this superior independent observation, we can only speculate. Now you did it, you made my eyes spin and my brain hurt. I deserve a lolly-pop for my lame attempt. I think I will return pondering the random movement of currents of high energy lightning and continue to braid my ear hair in awe.

A frog wants to travel by jumping from log to log floating in a river. Does it matter which log he jumps to? No, for the river is forcing the movement. Now we have logs and we have galaxies. Does the frog care about the water? No, He only cares about getting from origin to destination by any means necessary. If the frog jumps on the "wrong" log to save energy, does the frog care? No, the river is doing all of the actual work and the frog doesn't know the difference. The frog will always move with the flow of the river regardless of how many logs he jumps to. The frog could easily choose to sit one log and never move and still reach his destination. Now you owe me a a Milky Way candy bar for that one.

Is there anyone making documentaries like this without the fekin racket. (Another definition of racket is an unpleasantly loud noise; if your neighbors were playing horrible, loud music, you could yell out the window, "Stop that racket!" Make these interesting vids unwatchable

No, no, no! He said, "Chocolate chip cookies are RELATIVELY easy to make.

+Enter the Bragn’ **Not as great as your own...because any male who writes to another "Do you need men to shit on your chest?" is a 'self-loathing faggot' from the 'get-go'** ( no remotely normal male would ever write such a thing to another...you reveal your 'true fixations' by writing such filth while attempting to 'troll')

Gerry Nightingale You’ve got some issues don’t you?

KibyNykraft I dont believe in big bang theory. I think its modern day religion in science. Big bang was invented by catholic priest and Vatican endorsed it. That catholic priest was George Leimetre and he later said that he wanted to create a theory which will reconcile modern science with old theological dictum "creatio ex nihilo" - creation out of nothing. Big bang theory is theory about creating something form nothing. At the beginning it was nothing and then nothing exploded. Btw space is not empty. We have billions of galaxies, many more stars and planets and other celestial objects.

Wait, I'm confused. Can someone explain to me how they entangled the particles in each quasar?

There is only one explanation to this: We live in a Matrix. The reality will be created when we measure the part of it, so not everything in the universe have to be created at same time. The probability of each particle is the random generator.

The number of infinite whole numbers, and the number of real numbers between zero and one are the same. If you can never get too one in real numbers, then one doesn't exist.Thats the problem, thats why infinity is an assuption, and not real.

Canary islands ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Have been to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura when I was about 7 years old! Will never forget how beautiful the place was!

For years I always wondered why traditional materialists didnt just accept quantum mechanics with its entanglement, superposition, and non locality as fundamental science, instead of trying to fit science into general relativity. Now, with this "virtual reality" model of reality based on QM, science is finally getting there. But, here's the bad news. QM is not the ontological primative. It's just another materialist model inside "Platos cave" of science. Better than Newton, better than Einstein, but still in the cave of materialism. We'll still have to completely leave this cave of science to get to the larger reality which QM exist in. What is that larger reality? Consciousness itself. Without consciousness, there is no space, time, matter, or even QM. But, without all these appearances IN consciousness, consciousness does just fine. That's the next step in science many, many years from now. We'll get there sooner or later, but for now I welcome QM as another step in understanding fundamental reality.

Sick of the narrator. Like Mike Rowe, dummy with a hat reading a script thinks he's enlightening me. Tired of Leaf Shredder, er, Liev Schreiber trying to sound so dramatic. Who is this idiot, anyway. Sounds like matt broderick. Do these guys really need the money? I'm hatin'


my vision of entanglement like 2 minutes and 56 seconds and....9 minutes and 42 seconds with the visualazation same size----mr frank stola

the 1935 paper suggests the human eye is fooled to the light twice---what if a machine was pointed at the light(s) humbly mr frank j. stola

The speed of light constant is the speed of light in a vacuum. It's not Einstien's theory's that are the problem but some pples interpretation of them. light can be slowed down by passing thru certain mediums, but nothing can go faster than the speed of light in a vacuum.

Gerry Nightingale Gerry Gerry!

Why oh why do fools continue to give credence to this chosen one simian sticking his tongue out at them is a mystery other than dumb programming. St frankEinstein was no scientist; his theories were not his own and even then he failed as others have done since, to prove the theory other than by sleight of hand or abstract mathematics which is no qualification for the term 'science' which relies on the ability to demonstrate viability over repeated experiments producing the same results. FAIL.

we can only live in one "world" and that is the one limited by our senses and observations. To live in a "Different World" you have to advance your senses to a higher level. But not all brains are wired to do this. Not all humans are alike.

Understanding Quantum Physics: We’re actually tangient of the reality membrane and the dual equilibrium theatre. One must understand: source of gravity, entropy & omnicoded mathematics or else it’s a stumble in the dark... space jump between two mirrored dimensions is what the conundrum consists of. Dark energy is chiral reality fuel. Black matter is the counter entity for baryonic matter. The holographic meta computer space is best displayed in black holes... the Planck area. The black holes are actually black matter - a window to curved inverse space vacuum. The black holes are cancellation points when baryonic matter in a fusion state is depleted. So much to realize... mathematics & intelligence are two faces of the same coin. They are extra-universal phenomenons. Think deep about it ✨

hahaha ... i got unentangled after five minutes ,,, tks... hahaha


too bad that einstein was wrong and there is no such thing as time dilation. time doesn't shrink and all his theories about it are wrong. this will come out soon. in the mean time he's the cause of so much waste of money by so many voodoo physicists especially in that monstrosity CERN which is the center of voodoo science and they want to make a bigger one, bunch of idiots, don't know what they're doing, wasting our money, and they're looking for black this and black that and black the other, talk about racism, and now they came up with white this which i'm sure they're going to label the god spirit, which of course has to be white, and then the other white that is going to be the holy-spirit, which is the mother in law, and finally the son is going to be the white or extra white, triple super duper white son, called the super duper whitiest white of all god particle, the super duper big one.

Let's let this bullshit die.

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