Dressing Like Disney Characters For A Day

Dressing Like Disney Characters For A Day

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Hello. Friends. And welcome to another video, this, week I'm gonna be putting together a, Disney, character inspired. Outfit, and Disney. Bounding, now if you don't know what Disney bounding is it's essentially, using, normal, / modern, clothes to, dress up like a Disney character without, looking, like you're wearing a costume so using the same color palette that the character wears zeroing. In on specific accessories. Or just generally, capturing, the essence, of the character in, an outfit, the term Disney, bounding, comes from the blogger lesli Kay who created a general, Disney, fan blog called Disney, bound back, in 2011 basically, because she was going to Disney World and was excited that she was Disney, bound then, one day she created. A few Polyvore, sets of contemporary. Outfits, based on some of her favorite Disney characters, and the response was so positive that she made this the entire, focus, of her blog as a result, creating. A modern outfit, in the style of a Disney character became. Known as Disney, bounding the trend also caught on because, people over the age of 14 are not allowed to wear costumes, to the Disney parks I think because Disney doesn't want kids mistaking. Non-park, employees, for, the character, actors that they hire to roam the parks, probably, both because, you don't want kids just running up to random people and also because Disney is very particular, about the way they train their character, actors, to stay on brand, so Disney bounding allows adults to dress up as Disney characters, without, getting kicked out of the park and over the last eight years Disney. Founders have grown into a robust, community of fans who embrace the style challenge, of dressing, up like different, Disney characters, and even Disney rides in creative, ways, now I remember seeing, some of these Polyvore, edits on tumblr years, ago and they always really interested, me even, before I lived in Southern California and, went to Disneyland pretty, regularly, but the trend popped back into my head up full of weeks ago when I saw refinery29. Had, done a video called, why adults aren't allowed to wear costumes to Disneyland, so what I thought it would be fun to try and to give Disney, bounding, a go myself and then take our attempt to Disneyland. Alright, so. Let's see what we can do so the first step to Disney, bounding, is to choose the character that, one wants to bound, as, now, because if the Disney bounding community, is pretty big and has been around for like ten years people have bounded. As literally, anyone, and anything, it's so nothing is off-limits as long as it's Disney I personally. Enjoy the classic, 2d, animation, movies the best preferably, ones that came out before 2000. Just so it has some nostalgia, element for me so that whittles down our list right off of that I'm also hoping, for a character that has a clear, romantic, interest, slash friend slash, sidekick, so I can make Tyler, dress up with me and that narrows it down even, further, I think the first idea I had was to do Snow White I think we've established a, bit of a meme around, Snow White or at least her well and she's definitely my favorite, classic, princess, unfortunately.

Snow, White's clear, second, character, would be Prince, Charming who is probably of all of the Disney princes, the, one with the least personality. I mean he doesn't even have a name and he makes the questionable, decision, to kiss a dead body as matpat, says number, one corpse, germs and number, two corpse. Germs Snow White's other pair options would probably, be one of the dwarves or maybe the Huntsman, which I'm not super, jazzed about because, of that whole he, might murder you thing I mean he lets her go but, he thinks about it so there's not a great Tyler. Option, with Snow White in my opinion, my second, thought was to do a villain, character since, most a villain outfits, are more in my preferred color palette, my first instinct, there was Maleficent, of all of the Disney characters, she's, probably the one I would want to dress like the most I mean she's got the Cape the, eyeliner, the bold lip the collar and she transforms, into a dragon, she's definitely petty, but she enacts, her pettiness in, style however there, really isn't a companion. Character, to Maleficent, her only friend, is the little crow who hangs out with her and unlike other Disney, birds he isn't really a character himself other options, for a second, character, could be the. Spindle and I think that's about it so, my third idea for a Disney bound was to do Jafar, from Aladdin. Aka, a Disney, villain with, a clear companion, now from just some cursory, research, the, Jafar, Disney, bound seems, like a decently unsaturated. Space he's been done but not a ton which is ideal Jafar, is also pretty underrated, ly stylish, he's got a good color palette some, pointy shoulder pad action, a long sweeping, cape a golden, cane and some, seriously, villainous, facial, hair snidely, whiplash who, his, sidekick, the parrot Iago, is also, very brightly, colored and has a lot of character, so he would be a great Disney bound for Tyler as long as he's down for it I think he still the show so I'm okay with it it's also kind of topical. Because the live-action remake, of Aladdin is coming out like this month and apparently, Jafar.

Is Hot now just. Saying so I think Jafar, and Iago, should, be our choice says okay, so we have to put together two, outfits, that aren't costumes and, also. Don't include any accessories. That would get us kicked out of the park they say anything that drags in the ground is a no-no, for masks, now I've noticed, in other Disney, bounds, some people will stick with like a contemporary. Casual. Wear look and some people will go for a more mid-century vibe, I think because Disneyland, opened in 1955. They're sort of a 50s, nostalgia. Wrapped up with the park and Disney itself has also started selling, Disney bound issue dresses, in a kind of mid-century, silhouette. It's like a decade, bound Disney. Bound now as a decade, enthusiasts, I think the idea of doing a retro, Disney bound seems really fun but I feel like Jafar, as aesthetic, does not really lend, itself to this look I mean the shoulder, pads say no so I'm thinking, why, not pick a different, decade to focus on and since, and the movie came out in 1992. The, early 90s, seemed like an obvious choice the shoulder pads say yes so taking a look online, it seems, like a direction. We could go in for Jafar is like a fancy, blazer, look, this is something that in my head is kind of late 80s like the Working Girl Power Blazer but it looks like there were still a lot of Blazers, around in the early 90s, like at these high fashion, runway shows, so, something, like this, could. Be a good base for like, a non costume. Jafar walk now for Tyler's, outfit, Iago, is a parrot, or to be more specific a scarlet, macaw whose, tropical, color palette fits well with the 90s theme as like bright and neon, colors were pretty present, early in the decade Iago's. Look is more rounded and feathered, when you compare it to Jafar's like very severe, angular. Look so we can maybe ditch, the Blazer for this one and go for something a little more casual, something, that incorporates kind, of like a color-block, or pattern, in Iago's, general, color palette, sort of as seen on Zack, Morris from Saved, by the Bell, and also very, notably, on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air himself. Will Smith will also wears a lot of these flat, brim hats in fresh prints which could function well as a sort of beak now here's an interesting thing, Hillary from, Fresh Prince of bel-air kind, of wears the blazer style, that I'm going for with my Jafar look like all the time so it's kind of like we're will and Hillary from Fresh Prince of bel-air now here's an even more interesting, thing Will Smith, is now, playing the genie in the live-action Aladdin. In 2019. So it's all coming, full circle this feels right. Well. Our outfits, at least so, we went out shopping to, a few different stores vintage. And non to search for our outfits, beginning, with our blazer quest. Not, zero yeah they'd be more flip I don't, know be able to find a true flip yeah but we need like something we decided pretty early on that we were gonna go for a black, blazer partially. Because there just weren't that many red options, it's not quite right it's more Cruella but also because, Jafar's, outer layers, are black and then the inside, of his cape slash robe thingy is red this proved to be more difficult than, we thought the shape of it isn't quite right now yeah this is more like, ringmaster. But. Then we found this, mannequin, kind of decked out in like exactly. The silhouette, we were looking for the Blazer itself, is pretty plain but, it has the right boxy. Look so we decided, to go with it as for what to put under it we needed something red, so we found this high-necked. Plain, t-shirt, dress to represent his, under, cape and with the base of my outfit, now accounted, for it, was time to embark, on an accessories, quest the attorneys, originally, I'm, stuck so one of the defining, elements. Of Jafar's getup, is his golden, snake, staff he's pretty into snakes I mean he turns into a snake so we were definitely on the hunt for some snake stuff we sort of like quickly, stumbled, upon this, golden, snake belt that looks right that's, pretty cool it's not a Cobra but it is a snake, we rattlesnake.

A, Garter. Snake which, besides, being sneaky, could also serve to cinch our blazer at the waist like with this mannequin so we snagged it in addition to that we also ordered this hand wrap bracelet, thingy just for even, more snake right now I am, too snake as that guy is - cowbell the other prominent, accessory, that Jafar wears is his headpiece which, is mostly black but includes, a red feather and a red jewel on it now there were a lot of hats in the early 90s, that people seem to have worn with Blazers but, they don't all look great on me this can't be right no yeah this can't be right it's almost like a Cyndi Lauper from hell look what's, happening where am I luckily we, happen to have this black bowler hat that we used in our 1987. Fashion video that seemed kind of like the right look and we found this red hair scarf that we could tie around it to represent Jafar's, red feather we should just try it out here we should just test it out to stand in for the jewel on his hat we found this kind of like a dangly, brooch online that seemed like it would pair well with a blazer and also looks a lot like his thing so we ordered that too so with some progress, made on my outfit, it was time to take on Tyler's. Look which started, with our hunt for a color-block, top and luckily, for us this, sort of casual, 90s style is pretty in right, now so we were able to find quite a few options to try on that's, not bad it's just like - can Sam Vimes, like windbreaker, combos. It's, not quite red enough isn't it no isn't really what. I would describe as Chandler. Bing asked button downs like, a polo shirt and, this pretty promising hoodie oh that's. Great, that, blue looks really good it does have like the wings 5 it's very yellow and blue yeah, but if the rest of your outfit is red I feel like it would work so we decided to go with this as our top the other main features, we had to shop for or his beak and his talons, we had mentioned earlier that we would probably want a hat to stand in for his beak I don't know there's so much yellow, on this like hoodie I feel like you should Renne his beak is orange, but his head is red so he figured that the shape of the Hat was enough to like suggest, his pecking, abilities, like that's kind of the vibe as, for his feet we found a pair of vans that could work, could be a talent, maybe and with those we were pretty much done with Tyler's. Outfit, especially, since we had ruled out any other accessories. Early, on yoga, Keanu Reeves yeah. Well, you leave Vanilli so with our outfits chosen, we were bound to, Disney bound I'm sticking by that all right so, we are here now at Disneyland, ready, to vlog our outfits, we did come in the afternoon a little bit just because it's a little hot out and, there's a roller coaster going by and, our outfits, are pretty young too, steep. Voice. Crack, really bad frosty. Oh a. Parrot we had gotten into the park without a hitch so I think that our Disney bounds, had passed the not, a costume test, so we've got a couple of hours of wandering, around taking. Some, pictures, and then seeing how we look it seems like a popular, move to take a photo either with the Disney, character, actor that you are disney bounding, as or, to go to a portion, of the park that has some theming, associated. With your character, for Disneyland in, LA Adventureland. Is the spot that has a little bit of that Aladdin, Agrabah. Bizarre feel but there's not a lot of it they use them in a lion themed restaurant, but it's gone now. But here all we've got as the bazaar and it was also very, crowded, your party town is a madhouse. This. Is a busy area everyone. Wants a piece of it even, crying, child so, for our all-important. To Instagram, we went somewhere else so, we're actually right now filming by, like where Star, Wars land is gonna be just because they've gotten good like desert, arid, looking rocks yeah and with a sufficiently, desert.

II Background, chosen, it was time to review our final. Outfits, so for my Jafar look I ended up with a black bowler hat and red sash our shoulder-padded, black blazer a red dress black, tights red shiny loafers, -, golden snakes a golden, bag not a lamp but it's quilted and a few red and gold vintage, jewelry pieces, one, good thing is that the sideburns, are on-brand unfortunately. While my sideburns, are pretty thick my other facial, hair could, have been better I've noticed you trying to stroke your beard several times. You. Had a long one recently, right, that. Was a mistake I wasn't thinking about the video lack, of beard aside I also put together a Jafar, inspired, makeup, look that included, some purple, eyeshadow and some heavy, eyeliner, to both cement, my villainy, and also, to protect my eyes from the Desert Sun so, the eyeliner serves, both a fashion, purpose and a practical, purpose he's like an evil football, player in the desert always. Exactly. So as for Tyler's, final, Iago look we ended up with a red flat brim hat our red yellow, and blue hoodie our red sweatpants and, orange, sneakers I didn't shave because I feel like Iago, is the kind of guy that has a 5 o'clock shadow or, in my case like a five day shadow, I don't, grow facial hair very fast but I thought it fit the personality, now I will say that though Tyler's, outfit, had fewer elements than, mine I think he embraced, his character, with a lot of gusto, as. Well as the 90s vibes feel like I'm ready. Like, try, it there. You go there you go yep. You're going so fast, those, are you want to go out of frame all right go for it, further. Further you're not out nope further further, are you out though unfortunately I think all of his dancing, made him get pretty hot pretty fast. After. Our individual, shots we needed a few pictures of Jafar and Iago together, starring, mary-kate, and Ashley Olsen in, that pursuit of power and. World, domination, and after a few different attempts including a, couple where Tyler almost, injured himself we finally, had a few photos that were suitable for the Graham now although Disney, bounds like don't have to be super obvious to other people, I was curious to see what, you guys would think of our attempt, specifically, if you guys could guess who we were trying to be and also if you thought we pulled, it off so I uploaded, these three photos to Instagram, to get a few opinions now based on your guys's comments I would actually say that a majority of you were able to identify that we were trying to be Jafar, and Iago I think that Tyler's posed in the third picture is a little bit of a hint but regardless, I feel like it's a positive indicator, for our efforts that you all were able to guess I was also very excited, to see a lot of people guessing our like late 80s Early, 90s inspo. Like Will and Hilary from Fresh Prince Lisa, and screech, from Saved by, the Bell Dionne and Murray from clueless the, Heather's just generally. And also, the, Backstreet, Boys in, Paris, gone wrong which is a thing I guess there were also a few less, accurate, guesses that I enjoyed like, Caillou, Carmen. Sandiego and, Alvin, the chipmunk, Cruella Deville and Snow White the Pixar ball and my, last two brain cells deciding. What I should wear so I guess all in all I would say this was a successfully. Conveyed, Disney, bound mostly. Now with the social, media portion, of the Disney bounding experience, complete, it was time for us to explore, the park in character. Watch out. Mind control uh. Back. Off buster do we get some churros you. Will buy, churros. And. Marry, me to the princess, so, we headed back to our little slice of Agrabah, in Adventureland, or we did find a magic, carpet mosaic. To pose next to but disappointingly, not, much else here's another Aladdin. Themed attraction. It's. A penny flattening, machine that is prime content, right there they're really going light on the Aladdin TV especially for having a movie coming out yeah also because all three of the designs are Milano looms in fact I was pretty shocked at how few Aladdin, products, they had for sale where's the Jafar merch where's the Iago March we're both getting us right in the stick here listen I'm hot now don't. You know so, I had to settle for some rubber snakes, say hello to my little friend. Do you need more snakes. Jafar.

Meets Britney. And. Then Tyler. For, his part found like a yellow and red macaw, that could have been Iago, or could have just been a Rando, bird from the Tiki Room are you in a stare-off with an acrylic parrot, like that Birdman, that's. A mating dance are you, trying to mate with the acrylic parrot. Should. I be jealous, this, is bizarre after. We had thoroughly exhausted all, of the Aladdin, themed stuff we could find, we continued, exploring, though I would say that the heat of the multiple, layers of my outfit, and Tyler's, sweatshirt, were increasingly. Taxing, all right Tyler's feeling pretty hot feeling, pretty. Steamy pretty sweaty I knew, okay my, back's a little sweaty, just under the blazer and, the belt and, the tights but, my feet are doing okay for now which is a big win I feel like part of the challenge of Disney bounding is that you have to wear your outfit around Disneyland, and I'm, doing okay so far so, after bouncing, around the park riding the carousel eating, some dinner and trying, to steal a giant torch. I think. It was time to end our, Disney bounding, day all right are you ready to go home yes, my. Feet have finally, started to hurt I'm sweaty. Fresh. Prince of bel-air more, like swamp prince of bel-air am. I right about to get a caramel so that was our Disney bounding, experience. Overall, I very much enjoyed, the process, of putting together these, outfits, from, choosing, the characters, to figuring out how to represent, different components. Of their look with modern clothing in our case including. A 90s inspired, vibe made, it a little more challenging but you know I love me some decades, so I'm always down, besides, that I also thought it was fun to try and straddle, the line between like, outfit, and costume, and I think there is a possibility, that we will try his knee bounding again in the future come to think of it Maleficent, and the spindle, could be an interesting choice I mean maybe we could get Tyler into one of those spiky, punk hairstyles, that sticks straight up it's not necessarily, decade appropriate, for 1959.

But, It could be fun thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to smash, that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to share, mash that subscribe button here are my social media handles and a big shout out to Carter. For watching, thanks, for watching Carter, and I will see you guys next. Time.

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Also, there also used to be a small cast Aladdin “play” in an Aladdin-ish area in Adventureland but then was closed for a long time, then was for Moana meet and greets, and is now the Tropical Hideaway. So you guys only missed the Aladdin theme by like, 10 years lol

When I saw the thumbnail I thought you did Mr Facilier

As a person that bounds I’m so impressed at how researched you guys were, and how good your 90’s inspired outfits came out instead of being costumey. Great job!

Tyler embraced his character very well...AFLAC

I thought when you said to stand in for his jewel..........a juul and I was confused

You have to try magnetic eyeliner!!

Give Tyler a mohawk for the spindle!

Disney is in Anaheim not LA.

what about the jewel on your hat with the red scarf?

I would totally disneybound as Winnie the Pooh :)

i unironically really love tyler's hoodie!

It was cool seeing you there at Disney while you were filming the video!

WAY TOO CUTE !! How about Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too !!

this look suits tyler very much, I could see him wear that in the 90s

I want to die because that clearly says "Raja's Mint" as in the place that makes money not mine lol

u both remind me of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Will and Hilary Banks

wow, I posted b4 I seen other ppl said the same. lol

And the bat wing

I love this video

In the thumb mail I thought you were Mary Poppins

Sometimes they got some real dirty looks

I named my cat Jafar

This is sooooooo cute! You both did so good, and I love all the thought that went into the 90s vibe and the ways you represented the characters!!!!!

I watched Aladin and then accidentally came across this video 0.0

Shows how long it’s been since I’ve gone to Disneyland, I didn’t know the magic carpet ride was no more.

Snow White’s prince is named Florian

I think the obvious pair for Safiyas Maleficent would have been Tyler as Sleeping Beauty.. No?

DO MOREEEEE!!!!!!! please?

I hate when my ass gets stuck on the ceiling ewww

wait this is so cool

I like Tylor's outfit more

Tyler is a prince himself


why did you not go as belle and gaston

Hi! I know this will probably get lost in the comments but my friend has published an awesome story and if you have time or you're bored she would really appreciate it if you check it out and let her know what you think! Title: Accidental Kingdom Eleanor Martin is a small time college student from Long Island. She anticipated doing many things with her life, but one thing she did not put into her planner was one fateful afternoon where looking for her cat, she finds a whole lot more than she bargained for. Stumbling into an alternate universe, she finds out the truth about her past, entangles herself in a battle against a mad king and even has time to find true love and friendship along the way. LINK: https://my.w.tt/X4vPyQwSLW

Safiya Nygaard do it again

When are the livestreams?

I would love to see more videos like this!

Alisa Co

I want to Disney bound is the white rabbit from Alice in wonderland

How come you stopped using your new intro? I really liked it!

Hallo iedereen, als je mji Kan verstaan like Mijn comment

"The Pixar Ball"

Hey, in Tyler's video, didn't they say they were going back to Japan in May 2019? Well well well, it's May 19, you know

I almost Damn near shit myself at 9:20 when the ad came up and death stared me

when I saw your Instagram name I was like 'who's safi yany?' and then I was like 'ohhhh safiya ny'

Loved it

this video showed me how into fashion i am

You uploaded this video the day I left on vacation for Disney World! Loved this video and was such perfect timing for me

Me and my friends are planning on Disney bounding at school as Disney princess and are going to try to speak like our Disney princess, we are going to see if anyone will notice that we are princess.


Please do another one of these!

What if they had done Aladdin and Jasmine

I frocking love your content!❤️

I feel like Tyler looks like tweedle dee or tweedle dum

How many people born after the 2000 got her joke about his beard?

I want more

At downtown Disney just hoping to see Safiya and maybe Tyler too

Me: Mom I broke my phone Mom: HOW Me: I shmashed the like button and Subscribe button too hard

I love how thorough you guys were! You both looked great and please, try disneybounding again.

The prince in Snow White does have a name - it’s Florian :)

Omg this video is so awesome!! I can't wait for my trip to Disneyland this year in October, maybe if you try this again you should do Scar and a hyena! Well anyways, have a nice day Safiya

When every u say hello friends I think of Walmart at the self checkout because it say welcome to Walmart

Okay, but Aladdin is my fave movie and Jasmine is my favorite princess. I named my dog after her. I’m so glad someone has realized there is NO ALADDIN LOVE AT DISNEY. Like, none.

I’m so gonna do some disneybounding....but in school, cause I’m from Mexico and THERE IS NO DISNEYLAND IN HEEERE :((((

snidely whiplash who? OMG I'm dead!!

We had to do mc hammer dance in a show and we aren't 90s kids

I love how she did Aladin but instead of Jasmine and Aladin she did Jafar and his parrot LOL #couplegoals tbh (I low key hope she'll do maleficient too tho, that would have been so her aesthetic)

Sofia: dresses up like innocent Disney characters Me: wears a nazi shirt to school this was a joke

Did your forget about the mirror for Maleficent?

I love Malificent's style

I do like it, but Megara and Hercules would have been cute, too.

Can this be a new series??

I love this so much omg

No on ml e that Will Smith theory


When or if you Disney bound again you should always make Tyler be a bird

What about THE SLEAVES

The girl wearing the pooh costume in the thumbnail looks exactly like veronica merrell

Tyler reminds me of twiddle dum

Does someone have any tups for a boy who is twelve and also wants to do disney bounding?

I miss Polyvore

If you have a black wedding dress , then you could do like a maleficent type of entry , like lights flashing , doors banging open .....

She looks fancy.

Lol “apparently Jafar is HOT now” I literally was crying of laughter

Do a wedding updates

*My last two brain cells deciding what I should wear*

Irony is... watching a Disneybound video and there is an Universal Studios ad at the beginning.

This video has been in my recommend for a week, I GIVE IN YOUTUBE

“He’s been done but not a ton which is ideal” safiya ~ 2019

9:23 the background . I can’t


i genuinely loved your whole outfit. it really fit the whole vibe that jafar gives off. but the shoes really ruined it for me

I miss polyvore

Why is it that Tyler is a featured creator for VidCon but, Saf isn't?

Maleficent is my favorite villain because she was just mad she wasn't invited to a party.

Safiya be looking like ateez during hala hala promotions

This video was so fun! please do more!!!!

You should do Disney bounding again

Dr Faciliere would have been a good choice

you could've used the frankenshadow for this look

I spent 90% of the video waiting for the Heathers to be mentioned and when they were I just yAy

You guys should try cosplay xD

Hello Safiya, I love your videos and your voice tone! I had an idea while checking my mailbox and I was wondering if you could make a video about what happens when you click on the links that show in spam messages? (maybe while using a device that doesn't have your personal data as it might be dangerous). Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Cheers

18:29 I have that snake in my house


They also used to have a genie lamp in the bazaars but they have closed it in the last two months

Dress up as a different Disney character everyday for a week pleeeaasseee

I’m just coming back from my first Disneyland trip. Amazing

Can you do a full face glow in the dark makeup?pls pls pls sis?

i knew someone would say heathers lol

You guys look so cute!!!

I've never heard of Disneybounding but I've definitely heard of casual cosplay. Which is this exactly.

i mean the shoulder pads say no the early 90s seemed like a obvious choice ..the shoulder pads say yes

you look like when heather duke got heathers red scrunchie after heather chandler died and then heather duke takes on a red color pallet very specific but who cares

i found an image and tell me it doesnt have a reseblance https://www.pinterest.com/pin/182888434848147562/

Hi ! Safiya and Tyler Before this we had texted you from our dad's phone(DEEPAK SHARMA) WE Sisters.. we both loooooooovvvvveeeee your videos as well as you and Tyler too

This is our mom's phone

I think you must try an indian look WHAT DO YOU THINK???? Hi! Safiya we love you a lot We are two sisters texting you from our dad phone.......from India Think about our suggestion......

Can you do more of these pleassssseeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love this sooo much

YASSSS LOVE WHEN PEOPLE DO DISNEY BOUNDING! This is awesome that ur doing it!

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MOTHER'S (FATHER'S) DAY Many people around the world celebrate this day to honor their mothers (fathers). But God never commanded this day to be instituted nor celebrated. God commands us to honor our mothers and fathers every day, not just one day out of the year. Furthermore, God would never created a day of celebration rooted in evil pagan customs as is Mother's Day and Father's Day. It's important to know the truth of all things, especially if what you are doing will cause you to go against the ways/commandments of God. Read: http://www.truenation.org/Mothers_Day.pdf Visit www.truenation.org for further information and tons of educational videos about the truth of the scriptures.

You and tyler could have been Jasmine and Aladdin

Is it weird that at 8:25 when Safiya says "I see" I immediately thought of Bohemian Rhapsody and "I see a little silhouette of a man"

The Pixar Ball

I'm surprised they didn't have more Aladdin merch seeing as the film / movie is out this week.

I just got back from Disney World and there was a lot more Aladdin merch there

subscribe to Marisa Gonzalez

16:00 safyia is taller than tyler

I am as to snake as this guys is to cowbell

Was the eyeshadow your Franken-Shadow??

What is the shop that Tyler stoped at called? X

The way you edited picking which character you're going to be and the outfits reminds me of how I did PowerPoints for school

you should do more i loved this vid

The last photo of Tyler was hilarious

I have like 3 black blazers jacket things that I rarely wear lol

Maleficent has the sleeves! How do you not mention those sleeves after your wedding dress video!

17:18 wtf hi I know her


We have a word for this in the coplay community. "Undercover Cosplay"

Hey Saf! I'm a Fiend!!!!

Hey Saf, you ever watch Peter Hollens' Disney Villains Medley? The Jafar look there is different than yours, but so bomb! I think you'd love seeing all the bounded-villains! https://youtu.be/tBYGmHagPDE

safiya where did you get the blazer i have to a 1990s look for school and was wondering

In Swedish “ja” means yes and “far” means father... YESFATHER

I remembered when I was in drama class and we studied melodrama so we watched sooooo many Dudley do right episodes and I did a voice you did in a video. I ended up saying Shnidley Whiplash

Next time you could dress up as Dorothy and the lion

12:57 so we just gunna ignore that kid on the fence with no guardian?..... K

Damn bangs look really good on safiya

Tip: why cant you mix all perfumes from a store... (love ure vids)

God, I love these two so much.

I got a Regina (from OUAT) vibe from that outfit!

Hey Saf! I'm a Fiend!

HA! you call that a lot of eye liner? That's nothing

people: dress up as Disney characters, but not exactly as them me: I sleep people: dress up as Disney rides me: R E A L S H I T

You should do dressing like Ashley tisdale 2005 for a week

You should make a video where you buy things on wish and where a different costume to Disney land every day for a week.

Queen of hearts and tweedle dee!

This video is so satisfying

All hail Safiya - Youtube's unproblematic queen.

So cute!

Little Safiya is so cute

Fantastic video as usual saf I might try disney bounding myself I'd love to do it as princess aurora (sleeping beauty) she's my favorite princess and character too

That was a surprisingly fun video to watch. Normally I never watch videos like this, but it caught my attention and once I started watching it, I was thoroughly engulfed. It might help that I really enjoy going to Disneyland.

Safiya you are so damn sexy


when he was talking about dressing like maleficent was like DROOOOPPPPPPYY SLEEEEEEEVEEEEESSS



Am i the only one who skipped and tried to guess the characters?

Me on going to Disneyland before the vid: 0% interest Me: sees captain marvel dress Me: 100% interest

Hey Saf I’m getting a message from next beat that it’s closed is there somewhere else I can watch ur videos you had previously posted on NB

Did I just see a clip from clueless

Jafar is a mix of Griffindor and Slytherin. He likes snakes but where’s red lol.

*”apparently, Jafar is hot now... just saying”*

*sobs* I wanna go to Disneyland... My childhood... *sobs more*

You need to do part 2.

More crusty related content plz

I love this

Hi saf! I am a massive follower of your vids! I love u so much! Can u pls reply to this so I can show my family and make them all jealous! Love u so much! Lol! Love u, xoxo els

no joke but I thought that Iago was actually Lago

Amy Lou Rogers lolol same

I love how organized and structured her videos are!

Safiya you should do the ordering whatever the person in front of me gets, but switch it up a bit and go to sephora, then do a makeup look with what you got!!!

you want to be maleficent, tyler could go as aurora :D

Saf!! The mid-century looks around the Disney theme parks come from the popularity of Dapper Days! This is a publicly created and facilitated weekend of “dapper” Disney bounds that happens on both U.S. coasts each year. Disney itself has begun to recognize the tradition by putting out dapper day pins as well as creating those dresses you mentioned in your video! It’s a really fun community event to participate in, and might be a fun idea for a video in the future! There are Facebook pages that set the dates and places/times to meet for group photos. I suggest you check it out! (I’m a cast member at WDW and a huge disney fan so I know a disgusting amount of info about all of this lol)

Yall should've chose the character Lilo&Stitch awww it would be so cute ☹

You should go one week wearing only youtubers merch!

I would have guessed that Tyler was the Pixar ball

Now tyler has to get a perm

The prince from Snow White is named prince Ferdinand. The only Disney prince without a name is prince charming from Cinderella. Which is quite surprising, considering he's more present in his movie than prince Ferdinand is in Snow White.

You are jafari and eago

17:13 okay Carmen sandiego is a queen

I cant believe you didnt metion maleficent's bat wings

You should do Lolita! There's many categories with a lot of styles like country Lolita which is like a European country side style. There's a lot of research involved. If you need to find a good source of people who know a lot, I suggest the Lolita amino on the amino app. They have lots of information wikis and there are a lot of Lolita professionals that you could talk to.

but what if we're in a baby universe, we just don't know it bc we've been here so long?

Disneybound- Who wore it best? Safiya vs Tyler.

The prince from Snow White does have a name, it’s Prince Florian.

Snow white's prince is named prince Florian

2:36 what is that character?

Where was she shopping at for Jafar??

amazing!! also i need those chandler bing shirts you showed

I think princess Jasmine and Aladdin would be good too. But I love your outfits

I totally love her outfit but when I looked at the thumbnail I definitely got more low-key Dr Facilier vibes...hbu?

I miss polyvore... :(

Hey safiya, could u make a video we’re u try a bunch of skin products like the derma skin scrubber pen and different skin products to see if they actually work because they look rlly suspicious and too good to be true

Can you try the diablo colour changing foundation?

I would have liked some more disneybounding

I dont know. Feel like she could have done better with her outfit.

More videos with Tyler please he is hilarious

Not hating because I love Safiya and Tyler but since you guys like to accuse Ladylike of stealing their ideas I should point out Ladylike Disneybounded a while ago. Still love the video, Saf and Ty!

this is just great lol

You guys should take this to Disney Sea in Tokyo. They have the actual palace and lots of other Aladdin themed shops, restaurants, and other attractions

Ur outfits r amazing u should do a part two

I’m sure it’s already been said, but Snow White’s prince’s name is Ferdinand.


I didn’t even recognize you in these bright colors!! I need you to make more videos they make me so happy :)

What a fun idea!

did you go to ZARA for tis Safiya

Omg did you see these Halloween Pet Bat Wings Cat Dog Bat Costume https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FD5DDLQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Dc34CbPEMVMV8

5:28 excuse you, safiya. jafar has always been hot.

After I watched this video I clicked on another video and got an add for Disney world and I have never seen that add before... creepy

Pornhub: We have a job offer for you.

Tyler's outfit looked more like Mario's ! :P

please do this again!!

did she just say disneyland in la???? um what

safiya, I didnt know you played jeremy in Be more chill..."You look like Keanu Reeves"

"you look like keanu reeves" would you rather he be batman, beyonce, or a sexy anime cat girl with a tail?

You shnag not snag 9:58

when I look at him....he does look like the Pixar ball

can you try Flex for another period video? i've seen advertisements for it but it sounds kinda weird

https://www.google.com/amp/s/footwearnews.com/2019/focus/womens/crocs-purse-handbag-optari-sol-totes-ugly-1202782826/amp/ Crocs Handbag. Just yk, just Incase

I love your outfits , the blazer really made in feel like a Jafar costume . You also nailed the color palette(:

The shoulder pads say yes

I was in Disney World when you posted this video and my best friend and I Disneybounded as Hades and Meg. Love your outfits!!!


Safiya doesn’t post that much but when she does the video is always awesome

I have benge watched all of your videos

Mix all the shampoos from Walmart and make a Frankenshampoo

You would look so amazing as the Wiona Rider Veronica from Heathers you look a lot like her.

Will this stop being in my recommend now?

T̮o̮ m̮e̮ y̮o̮u̮ l̮o̮o̮k̮e̮d̮ L̮̮̮i̮k̮e̮ Mary Poppins,

I do lots of Disney bonding except the Disney


Wait you are not allowed to wear capes to Disneyland? Not even medieval capes? Well I'm s c r e w e d

4:34 what about the dragon

tyler low key looks like eddy from fresh off the boat 15:28

Tyler looks adorable

Could you try thinx underwear is a period panty!

Fresh prince was iiitttttt

Hello Can you make Morning Routine ind 2050

I want another one of these videosssss❤️

I vote Scar and Mufasa lolol

Wait.. are you in glendale.. at the Glendale galleria?

Part 2!

Please do maleficent and the spindle!!!

part 2!!

Can you do some kind of review for SheIn?

2:25 when the video actually starts

Hm, I've never heard of Disney Bounding before, and I didn't know that adults were banned from wearing actual costumes, but it does make sense like you explained. I live in Virginia so we've only been to Disney a couple times in Orlando, but if we go again, I'll definitely try it! My favorite Disney movie (and one of my favorite films of all time) will always be The Lion King, so I would probably try Simba. I might also try Mary Poppins or something from Fantasia (two of my other favorite Disney films)

where did you guys get the color block jacket?

I so wanna do this now!

do another disney bounding video!!!!!

Can you do a video of a full face franken make up you mixed previously

Please do a part 2 eventually

Do you stil remember frede from buzzfeed?

I love your videos they make me smile everyday thanks for making the world a better place with your videos and please keep doing what your good at making people smile and laugh

Awww she could’ve gender bended a princess for him so you could be the villain! I mean it’s just the palette you’re going for really

Why is only one of them tan in the Aladin live action?

You should have looked for the blazer in riding stores beacouse there are a lot of black blazers with red inside

I thought you were jacqueline toboni

You should create a second channel for vlogs!!!!

This Blew my mind but Snow White's Prince name is Prince Florian

Y’all, is no one gonna talk about how we got click baited with Winnie the Pooh?


Please do more!

My name is Sapphire and my friends call me Saf or Saffy.

You too are literally perfect together and I love it!

Watching your videos is so soothing to me, favorite youtuber ♥️♥️


You’re such an original YouTuber. You post the most interesting content. YOURE DOING GREAT

U should make lipstick!!!!

You should do a furniture buy from wish

Safiya in a Hades disney bound and Tyler in a Megara disney bound could be really epic.

Ms. Safiya, could you please do a review of the 7 day T shirt with Your beau? There is a shirt by a company called ice breaker I think it’s called? It’s a 7 day shirt with 0 washes and I have got to know, is it worth the money? I don’t believe it, but could you imagine the space saved in a pack for a camping/hiking/climbing trip if it’s true? Thanks, if you have read this. Double Thanks if you actually review it.

In Epcot in Florida they have a Morocco world which has a ton of stuff from Aladdin

“And apparently, Jafar is hot now.”

“Heavy” eye liner. I don’t think that word means what you think that word means. That was like level 6 eye liner. Jafar would turn it up to 11.

at 18:52 Safiya was saying this is bizarre in the bazaar!!

I loved this you guys should do it again for sure

I would have thought you guys would have gone as Meg and Hercules!

Part two please!!!!

Thank you for sharing your disneybounding experience!! At 1:03 you show a Lilo Bound. That’s from my Instagram!! So excited that your showed it! If anyone is interested in daily Disney bounding ideas please check out my Instagram @afamilyboundtogether Thanks!!

I love Tyler’s look, but he definitely looks like he’s right out of the goofy movie!

I thought you were Mary Poppins in the thumbnail.

Your smile is too light hearted and sweet for you to look like a villain

You NEED to do this again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler could have done a gender bender outfit with so many of these.. a badass warlock would have looked dope with snow white!

But your outfits are dope af so maybe next time :)

you should transform into an E-girl because you love black

this was a very loooooooong video

I watched half of this this morning and we watched Aladdin in the cafateria

YAS! I just tried Disney Bounding for the first time in March and I think you hit on all of the challenges... The biggest one being wearable around the parks but still recognizable! You guys looked awesome!!

This is so good content! Make more of this! I can't get overrrrr

Tyler's outfit is so good!!! I mean I love the neon / colorful hoodie!

well I didn't know about that "no costumes on adults" rule, and they must not be good at enforcing it, or maybe I just got lucky, because I for sure went to DW dressed as Olaf a few years ago with no issues :)

As a Disney Fanatic I approve

Does anyone think that she looks like Zoella aka Zoe Sugg in the thumbnail???

Will you please review the James Charles X Morphe palette? Maybe with some Disney themed eye looks? ❤️

Please do dressing like a Disney princess for a day!!,

*The sholder pads say "Yes"*

These are so good omg you combined so many things and they work so well!! Good job!!! :o

I loved this!

Your rocking that look

Congratulations for getting on trending

i loved it! we did aladdin for our musical and you killed the outfits.

I love the way she says “hello friends!!!”

Shout out to everyone who got exited when saf said Chandler bing

Would love to see you guys doing more Disney bounding! This one was great

More! more!! moreeeee!!!!!!!

3:36 Necrophilia

If y'all reproduce, those are gonna be some pretty babies.

U could have been jasmine n Tyler Aladin

This is so adorable I love disneybounding. Yall did great!

This is "Bazar"

Bruh did u just propose someone might dress as a spindle??

Thank you for always remaining a calm drama free corner of youtube

Jafar was always a little attractive...even a little

The pixar ball slayed me. Also you should have gone to cars land for the desert backdrop!! (its at california adventure though)

Tyler Looks Like Kid But Really Spot On Disney Bounding

Tyler looks so cute i cri

Illuminate confirmed

Safiya you forget the benefit if you bound malificent, her bat wings

omg tyler’s “aflac” sENT ME

Wait a moment 0-0 what day you filmed this?! I was at Magic Kingdom the 8 of may!

What about the bold lipstickkkk

"Apparently jafar is hot now" LMAO

Tyler looks like Ness

Love your videos

You did excellently and Aladdin is my favorite movie. I'm so happy you gave it 90's influence!

If you do another one you could do Captain Hook and smea

I want a friend or boyfriend like Tyler honestly

The Pixar Ball

i literally love you and your personality !!

You could done Jasmine and Aladdin instead

Post more vids

Can you do more makeup videos ? Not like tutorials but trying some weird products or expensive products or super cheap products

Still waiting for a Part 2 with you as Yzma and Tyler as Kronk

it would be so cute if u did mary poppins and jack!!


A first glance, I thought you were Mary poppins

You should where a bubble wrap outfit please

Oh my god Tyler could have literally been the perfect Pixar ball if you just added a star! whoever pointed out that comparison is a genisu

Hey saf I think you should do a week of different clothes and I love you so much I’m a big fan i been watching you for 2 to 3 years

*proceeds to dig through my closet so I can Universal bound*


Tokyo Disney Sea had a Genie body pillow. I have regrets not buying that

Totally silly but totally a-worth a-watching ❤️❤️❤️

I love your videos!! You're such an inspiration and your videos have motivated me to start my own channel! Thank you so much! Would love some support

his name is prince ferdinand silly

More wedding content?

Next time they should do scar and a hyena

I have been wanting you to do a Polyvore/Disneybounding video for forever!

Was that We Three Kings in the background??

the problem is *you can’t play as jafar*

If you do a part two, you should do Dory and Nemo!

50 likes and i tell my crush i like him

15:24 AFLAC

Croc purses are now a thing.... style one of those next video?

You should test out eShakti! They're supposed to make their clothes (looks like mostly dresses) custom to your measurements and sleeve/neckline/length for $10 above their prices. I think its a cool idea but I don't know how legit it is


Buzzfeed: *posts a 2 minute video* me: ugh I don't have that kind of time Safiya: *posts 21 minute video* me: ayyy that's so short, I wish it was longer

Sooooo..Tyler’s hit one million.....will he get a perm?

Prince Florian is in no way Prince charming. Prince Ferdinand is prince charming and that's Cinderella's prince.

You should do a video of “buying items based on just their description/title” from like wish or SHIEN or something, I was thinking it could be funny because sometimes the description doesn’t describe the product that well

This is.. bazaar

I didn't even know adults weren't allowed to wear costumes in Disney!

Jafar has an extreme Art Deco look. The bold geometric cut of everything fits. More over..Moroccan influences do fit the 1890s-1930s aesthetic which blends perfectly with the Art Deco/Rococo looks of that era.

I wish you went to Coachella you could go to Walmart and make your own cheap Coachella outfit and see if anyone notices

A zoot suit would’ve been perfect for jefar

19:38 that bearded dude with the blue short wants to cross the bridge, but I think Safiya freaked him out

Maxi skirt would’ve been cool.

It comes out today

5:28 from that sampling, only guys think Jafar is hot

Tyler really does look like Alvin!

Welp when you said that the live Aladdin was coming out on May 24, I realised it was the 24th today...

Is it weird that my first paring ideas for Maleficent were Diaval from Maleficent and Aurora/Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty?

You guys should’ve been Wall-E and Eva

18:34 Tyler made a friend

You and Tyler are so cute together.

You guys didn’t go into The Tropical Hideaway...there are great references to Aladdin there, on the left side! You’ll have to check it out next time you go!

You could have gone a LOT heavier on the eye makeup. ALSO if you had gone to a craft store you could have found some awesome red feathers to add to both outfits! oh well. Next time

✨✨Disney is a terrible corporation that does not the pay a living wage to actors ✨✨

Every time I watch one of your videos, I feel like I’m watching a badass class project

This is all your fault Jafar

“That guy” “THAT GUY” you mean CHRISTOPHER WALKEN??????

I really love how much effort and thought she puts into her video I love it, if it was anyone else they'd be like oh heres what I'm wearing and heres where its from but she does WAY more than that!!!

The pixar ball

1:11 2:22 3:33 4:44 5:55

can someone find me that snake belt safiya wore because i need??

Now that I think about it, you two do look like the Backstreet Boys in Paris gone wrong

You could hire someone or a fashion designer, instead of shopping to look for it, just an idea

You should have stoped people and asked them what character you are!

I thought you were Mary Poppins at first

I like u. owo

Jafar is also Dutch. Just saying

People who disliked the vid are Disney characters

Why is the broach on your blazer instead of your hat?

why is tyler literally the best fiancé ever

im a little sad tarzan wasnt included in the disney characters at the beginning when safiya was choosing characters /:

Please do more of Disneybounding! This was awesome!

_famous youtuber_ *_will smith_*

“Heavy eyeliner” Laughs in goth

Saf is literally the best. she has such good video ideas, her videos are always so well informed and well put together and shes a good role model for kids without coming off childish for her adult audience. And most importantly, she’s never involved in the drama. She’s everything

Okay Tyler is so cute in that getup I can’t.

You guys did an awsome job! I'm going to have to pick characters when my family goes back

You should of done Winnie the Pooh and tigger

14:43 i chime in with a haven’t you people ever heard offff

i freaking love to see more!!!

You are really good at this

I want the capitan marvel dress


Safiya Nygaard i didn’t got the notification for this vid :(


I still think it LITERALLY looks like Will and Hillary tho

its 2: 21, i need sleep, thanks for the video XD,

Anything is better than the hat in the thumbnail. it goes with nothing, male or female.

As soon as I heard “Chandler Bing esc looking..” I was like Friends? Chandler? Is that you? Everytime I hear anything to do with Friends, or any TV show, book or movie I’m like “I heard the call of my people. Where did it come from?” Lol

Wow 22k likes lol Well done!

pause at 9:12 and look at Safiya's bottom right.

Tyler’s outfit is so cute and stylish if I was a boy that would be a top outfit for me!!

When the video ended a Aladdin commercial came on lol

*sees that the real life Aladdin movie is coming out on May 24* Me: Oh! Hah! That's the day I'm watching this video! I'm gonna comment that, that's so cool! Sister: *Don't be stupid*

I honestly love that eye make up on you it’s a look

I low key wanted you to dress as Maleficent and have Tyler dress as Aurora!

Please do more!!!

As a former cast member I can’t stop cringing over you calling them employees and character actors lol. I loved the video otherwise

*May 24* Today is May 24 *Oof* The alive action Aladdin movie is out today

This outfits are awesome...for the winter. I'd be burning up

3:02 was he trying to be chandler??

The hot Jafar killed me

Ohh the nostalgia. That video from MatPat was my first, I think, and I did get to know Safiya from GTLive.

Dude, I actually want Tyler’s outfit lmao

ya I like cafey

9:20the tv behind safiya

safiya: *starts talking about blazers* me: so like hillary from fresh prince of bel air... and WILL SMITH IS IN THE FRESH PRINCE AND THE NEW ALADDIN MOVIE WOAH *I'M A GENIUS MASTERMIND* safiya: *gets to that point later on* me: okay maybe im not so special

i'm planning to go Disney bounding with my dad when we watch the new aladdin movie! i love your take on jafar, my dad is going as abu while im going as jasmine. thanks for the inspo!!

you guys couldve done maleficent its the same as jafar and the parrot

Yemeni children are *great* at Ramadan.

The new Aladdin cams out the day I’m watching it lol

Safiya at 18:53 - this is bizarre. Or.... BAZAAR! HA! okay I tried bye

I love the Jafar outfit but the shoes (in my opinion) are a bit much

11:29 *I'm pretty sure Chandler has that shirt*

the live action hot jafar makes me question why jasmine picked aladdin tbh

That was so Bazzar you did great!! :)

You guys should do a video about your favorite parts of disneyland!

Do a video with ro please !

What is the song @16:31 ?

In the book titled "The Wicked Queen" it says how Prince charming met Snow White at the well before the evil queen kicks all her servants out. The wicked queen then realizes -after Prince and snow kept visting eachother- that she would soon loose snow white. The wicked queen has already lost her husband -snow whites dad- and didnt want to loose snow White -at this point of time shes not as wicked-. So to prevent Snow from leaving her she told the Prince -as he was asking for snows hand in marriage- that snow didnt love him amd wanted nothing to do with him. Soon after snow white was put under the spell the prince found out the wicked queens lie and went to snach his boo back

We Stan the Fresh Prince of Belair

It's like cosplaying but Disney

aweeweww 2:52

I love how incredibly thoughtful you are when putting the looks together. Absolutely brilliant attention to detail, era, and character! You are so clever!

I freakin love these

Can this please be a series??

Wonder how much Disney paid them to do this. Low key marketing for the movie. Pretty amazing.

A HUMBLE VIDEO REQUEST Who -   HELLO SAFF!!! WE LOVVEEE YOUR VIDEOS! Your videos bring nothing but good vibes.               We appreciate your hardwork, indepth research and ever entertaining personality.   What -  Pleasee make a video of you TRYING INDIAN OUTFITS for a week Why -   We know you're  half Indian; also, doing this would be HUGE for the bucketload of                DESI FANS you have!            How-    Instead of just the North ( which is the mainstream portrayal of Indian culture ), could               you also represent the  South, East and West attires( SO MANY STYLES TO POTRAY -                            kurtas to lehenga to saris, various draping styles, fabrics & designs in different               states of different regions ). Where & When - Don't care cuz we know all the content you put out is GOLD!!!                            PS: This could be a whole new series

Siddharth Raj I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!

My last 2 brain cells decide my outfits for a week XD

Hi friend

nahhh jafar bald he aint hot

You could do the Evil Queen in Snow White, and Tyler as the Huntsman

Lol Y'all are too cute. XD I've heard cosplayers also call it "casplay," as in, casual cosplay. :)

"That is prime content right there"

Jafar is apprrently hot now

I'd like to see another where you go against your comfort zone and pick someone in light colored princess clothes xD

Tyler, you’re cool.

That cowbell Will Ferrell joke.. much needed

I freaking love her videos. Not only is she genuine, funny and approachable, but she

I really like to listen to you talk. It's a combination of your voice and the way you annunciate your words that make it very pleasant. I'd totally listen to a podcast voiced by you.

The shoulder pads:Yes.

Is it just me or did you see Michelle Khare in a jasmine costume at 1:32

on the thumbnail it looked like mary poppins

What happened to crusty

I grew up with Disney like everyone else but i just don't understand the extreme obsession girls my age have with it


At 11:05 I thought that was her

Do part 2 please

Safiya: Jafar is hot now Tyler: *TRIGGERED*

is it just me or do you love seeing her thought process in this video?

I love Safiya and, all but did she just say... Chandler Bing pronouncing the D!!!!! I'm sorry I'm really into Friends as you can tell

Love this! More please

Do more Disney bounding!

Polyvore was great tbh

You go to Disney Land a lot, but have you ever been to Islands of Adventure in Orlando Fl? You know they have a Harry Potter world, ya???

You could of done jasmine :(

should have worn your jacket like a cape

this channel needs more subs

I was hoping for you to do jasmine and Aladdin

You’re my favorite YouTuber!! Had to be said. ♥️

Please try the iconic duo; yzma and kronk next!!

hm, strange. when i went to disneyland in china, everyone had costumes?

Safiya nygaard looks like marry Poppins if she was a detective

You should have looked for a hat that the brim was yellow

You should do a part 2 | | click here to agree

I'm a comment!

Click Here if they should do part 2

When Tyler put on those glasses he looked like Simon Cowell If your British you will know

Tyler could have passed as a tweedle from Alice in wonderland!!!!!

Woah conspiracy theories

aladdin and jasmine!

You should do more!!

my fav movie :3

You should of done Aladdin and jasmine

Fresh prince of Ababwa

Your outfits remind me that the best day I ever had at Disney (World) was during the Polar Vortex in 2014. Orlando was about 65°F and grey, which for a bunch of people fleeing a frozen New England was perfectly fine, but since most people had come for sun and warmth, the park was at about 30% capacity, so there were no lines for rides or characters, no sunburn because we were all wearing long sleeves, and so much fun!

She put so much work in the outfits and they actually did kinda looked like jafar and iago. I just wished they did some more Disney bounds

safiya looked really sleek and pretty in this look!

You kinda look like the guy from the princess and the frog

Why did he actually look like the disney ball tho

Shopping. I want to get some vibrant clothes this summer! Gets: Blue and yellow Black and purple Black and red I tried

You should totally make this a series!!

You really suit that hat especially in the 1987 video

You're both so cute...loved your look, Safiya...so great in that hat!

Mal’s bird is Diablo and if it wasn’t for him Mal wouldn’t have found Briar Rose cause her other minions were idiots looking for a baby for 16 years.

isn't the snow white prince called Florian? Prince Florian?

I would low-key wear her outfit, even to school.

God could they be any cuter of a couple?!

he looks like the subway surfer kid

The new Aladdin is HOTT

Do more dizney bounding :) I love it

11:44 why is that me every time the music comes on

my family and i went to disney world and every time we heard a kid crying the first person to say '"happiest place on earth" gets a point lol

Do this again with other characters!!!!!

I’m starting to think you guys are from philly.Fresh prince of bel’air?Eagles?

saf kinda looks like mary popins

Is there such a thing as perhaps newyorkbounding or seatlebounding? Where you dress up as favorite movie characters from a movie that took place in the city?

9:18 scared me a little

I wanted so badly for you to choose Aladdin and Jasmine lol

Tokyo DisneySea has waaaaay more Aladdin than California

I think you should do dressing like Disney characters for a week

Really want Tyler's hoddie

I would be totally down for another video of you Disney bounding. maybe you could make it a thing (like a playlist full of Disney bounding). Or even trying to make like a Disney bounding out of products that are not clothes (like cardboard? IDK) either way would be awesome. Gracias you're cool :)

15:04 “a red sweatpants”

Also great job I want more of these their so fun

I need that pua crushed penny it’s amazing

She really say disneyland in LA?

I live in Orlando and was confused at first when you couldn’t find an Aladdin ride

James: Tati and Jeffree suck Tati: James sucks Jeffree: wtf Safiya: DISNEYBOUNDING

You guys are so cute. But as an OLD, I really thought you were Carmen Sandiego

Please do more like this

Who films and takes the pictures when they are both in shot?

A couple of years ago my mom wore a Maleficent costume and didn't get kicked out ( it was Halloween though)

Your personalities are just alike, you guys are so perfect together.

Can you do more of these???? I love this one.

At 19:15, I think that is my teacher!!!!

I love your outfits

Noooo why did u change ur intro song

Saf, I love your dressing up videos the most. I think, you should dress up like the Archie comics for a week or for a day. Thanks!

I love how she has the option to do all the classic disney princesses and she chooses jafar and Tyler is happy to do the sidekick This is why I love Safiya

I would do lady and the tramp lol

Safiya looks more like Mary poppins

I had no idea this was a thing! But I love it!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2tOzz_FJqI I know these comments are annoying but please watch this video, we are trying to win a contest on who gets the most views by the 15th of june

the crow from malifcent used to be a boy so ...


This video is so cool :D!

most wholesome relationship ever

You should get married in Disney like if you agree

Can you do another Disneybounding please

I loved it!

You should do a week wearing zaful clothes! I really wanna see if they’re good



I’m sorry, but this is #sponsored and frankly, I’m upset you wouldn’t at least mention this in your description

Oh my god, it is so fun watching you with your engagement ring on...YAY!

this makes me so inspired to actually disney bound! i've been in love with everybody's looks on instagram- tyler's looks so comfy (if it was colder out)

More pls

8:03 one step ahead there, Saf :)

You guys actually did a really good job

Tyler: *flirts with a plastic bird* Saf: "Should I be jealous?"

Technically Cosplay But Subtle

can u do more plzzzzzz

Dress like deadpool hes a disney character

_I totally chose Jaffar for logical logistical reasons _*_and it's just a coincidence_*_ that I will get to ride the live animation hype train._

Ok but Jafar has always been real sexy.

Me waiting for a Jenna marbles x Saf Colab!

90s mary poppins....

will smith and hillary banks are jafar and iago? that's a vibe

Mmm m. M. M. M.

Cough universal is better cough

omfg the outfits were such a good match!!!!

this was so cute


I've never been to a Disney park and I'm almost 40. I hope to someday!

You should mix all you Francenstin makeup together

What eyeliner do you use??

Safiya you should look into Dapper Day at Disneyland sometime! Dapper day was an event that started separately but close to when disneybounding got popular and it’s a day where people come to the parks dressed in vintage or vintage inspired clothing pieces. Over the years Dapper Day has intertwined with the disneybound trend and has also grown into a big expo event at the Disneyland Hotel in the Fall and in the Spring.

I'm are you emo just a question because you are always wearing black

You could have done with a 40s look! It would really match the polished spirit and pencil skirts would really fit with his silluet. Plus the 40s was the decade of shoulder pads before it was cool in the 80s so..

You should have done endna

Brynndaboo!!!!omg i know her personaly!she is sooo nice!

I’m related to the voice of the parrot from Aladdin. He is my grandpas step brother

Loved this video! I've been wanting to disneybound as Hades forever! (he's my favorite villain)

Safiya looks like an old lady and Tyler looks like a five year old xD

But Ursula had her two eel sidekicks

And FYI Prince Charming’s name is Florian

Aladdin was made 1 year after Freddie Mercurys death. ;-'(

And apparently Jafar is H○T now That was probably my favorite part... she said is so seriously too

How can I be your assistant!!!

She also could have been lilo and Tyler could have been stitch!!

I’m usually more of a simply nailogical tuber, but I looooved this video!!!! The beard fuzz, lol. I wish you would have done more looks!

Why does the music near the end remind me of The Dark Crystal??

you should definitely do this again make a series!! or a series of i dress like a youtuber!!!

I’m 15 what do you want from me

Is Tyler half korean

Off topic but I miss Polyvore so much

The prince's name is Ferdinand :)

His hoodie is very winnie the pooh

Yes, more of this, please.

Why didnt they just do jasmine and Aladdin??


At 2:22 when Saf said "alright" I thought the next words out of her mouth were going to be "let's get started, shall we" in true Corrine fashion

I just watched Aladdin yesterday

Because of something Shirley Temple said at the 1938 Oscars, a lot of people think Snow White's prince's name is Ferdinand!

So glad you enjoyed your disneybounding experience! At 1:03 you show a Lilo Bound from my Instagram! If you want daily disneybounding ideas check me out @afamilyboundtogether Thank you

Can you do these types more often

1 comment said carmen sandiego?????

They do actually have that ride I have it on tape from my trip when I was super little

omg what if one of you goes as cruella and the other as a dalmatian

MORE Disney Bound!!!


Ive watched the new Aladdin like if you think she should! Edit: Wills really funny!

Just another excuse to go to Disney land right saf?

Such a cute video. Didn't even know this was a thing but I'm all for it. I would wear costumes all the time if it was socially acceptable.

The “retro Disney bound” is people dressing up on Disney dapper day which is (I think) where people dress up like people would dress like when the park first opened or something like that

“disney land in LA” ????

In all seriousness Safiya's boyfriend looks like Mario from the Super Mario Bros. movie from back in the early 90's.. #Safiya Nygaard !!!!

Snow White’s prince is named Ferdinand. Until the live action Cinderella we didn’t even have the nickname “Kit” for Prince Charming. If you can go as Jafar, Why not dress as Snow White & dress Tyler as a genderbent Queen Griselda (evil queen) or go as Maleficent & bend him to Aurora?

You should have done mike and sully

I wholeheartedly want to see Safiya try full scale Cosplay

these people are perfect together, their friendship is freaking awesome

Does anyone know the song that starts at 10:14

Malifacent, and scar are bae.

Disneyland in LA?? You mean Disneyland in Orange County (Anaheim) Lol

You call that heavy eyeliner? Go talk to the 7th graders.

You shoupd have been Jasmine and Aladdin!! Inless it isnt in the timeline that you like

Wait, it’s a hot day and you’re in hot outfits, so you chose to go to the park at the hottest time of the day?? I’m confused.

Love your channel and your personality, you spread so much joy. ❤️

Can u do this for a week instead of a day?

If Saf dresses as Snow White, Tyler could have done a genderbent evil queen

You should do lilo and stitch

16:10 my favorite photo by far

I’d love to Disney bound rapunzel

I would've done meg and hades

3:33 "he doesn't really have a name" Oh he does! it's Florian lmao


Is dapper day a day for disneybounders

You look so pretty in the thumbnail

Can you make more videos of those

Who did it first buzfeeed or saf

when tyler mentioned mc hammer, i thought it was adorable because the inspiration for aladdin's baggy pants in the movie came from mc hammer

the poster behind safiya at 9:20 scared the shit outta me

You called CHRISTOPHER WALKEN "that guy" lmao

I live in Orlando, Florida, which is legit like the best place (or worst place if you think about your walet and the heat) to live because it is like the capital of theme parks (Disney World). Love you, Saf!!!

I thought you were the bad guy from the princess and the frog oops

Lots of references to Sarah Sterling in the vid!! She’s a DisneyBounding QUEEN!! Give her a shoutout!!

Also, LOVE your vids always. Love your thought processes always. Y’all must do Dapper Day at Disney!!

“Disney bounding on wish”

Fresh prince of Bel Air ain't smelling so fresh anymore

Person: where did you get the idea of Disney bounding? Safiya: ummm I just thought of it Me: *coughs* buzzfeed *coughs*

AFLAC!(I swear I'm not an advertiser)

You should make this a series!

you should have picked alice in wonder land and maybe her companion could be the rabbit or cheshire cat? if that’s how you spell it

Snow White's prince's name is Prince Florian #Disney nerd

You should have done Milan and Shang


I guys should do Lilo and stitch

i saw the new aladdin movie today and it was sick

Why is the background music the Christmas song We Three Kings

What a coincidence! Just got back from Disneyland Paris & a Christopher Robin disneybound!!

Saf, you should do a "I dressed as Game of Thrones characters for a week" video where you compose 7 outfits in the style of 7 different characters, using like modern and casual clothes ! It'd be cool I think !!

look at the top right corner

16:28 Even Duolingo was interested Maybe he was checking up on his bird friend To see if he’s done his Spanish lessons

When (in theory) will you guys be getting married

I wish you guys would have gotten a picture with Aladdin and jasmine.

Hellu! ^-^ I am going to attempt to spam you so you will notice me ((: Please do a WHITEMARKET HAUL!! Super grungey aesthetic, right up your alley I think!

HIs looks more accurate than hers to me for some reason. Not sure why.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet!!

no saf u have it wrong its jafar meets talor swift

Literally the whole beginning of the video is clips of Disney clips

Tyler in the first outfit reminded me as Caillou like if you agree lol

"A golden bag. Not a lamp, but it's quilted." - Safiya Nygaard

Jafar also has the eyeliner

do dapper day!

More disneybounding

1:12 omg may 4th, mah birthday

Well done but Tyler needs to shave his ‘ moustache’

Saf: *starts naming maleficent things* Me once she was done: WHAT ABOUT THE SLEVES?!?!??

She finally fixed her eyebrows! So happy for her!

she should do a whole series based on disneybounding challenges ••i would watch it!

Was I the only one who so meg and was like she had to do meg and Hercules

can you try full face of elf

Doesn’t she look like Winona Ryder when she dressed 80s

When I was a kid, Aladdin had a play held every day in that section of the park. They really gutted all of the Aladdin stuff so sad to see!

I the thumbnail I thought she was Mary Poppins lol

U just talk toooooooooooooooooo much


Maleficent would have been perfect, if tyler had dressed in a morning suit all in black. Kind of like the look of Sebastian from the anime "black butler" It would have been perfect :)

Did you guys bring a cameraman or did you ask strangers to take pictures and video of you guys? You guys looked very very very very good I love how you guys put it all together it looks very very professional very very Disney thank you for sharing your beautiful outfits they're a lovely thank you for filming them!

i just saw the live one.

She looks like Mary Poppins

In the thumbnail I thought u were Mary Poppins


"Say hello to my little friend" Omg that accent

omg i love her sm

At 6:05 I want that dress!

amazing or what !

Safiya Nygaard Winnie the Pooh was the cutest

9:20 sliding into the dms (look behind saf)

Disneyland is NOT in LA!!


I just saw the Aladdin yesterday and yes jafar is now hot

I need a part two

I would have guessed Dr. Facilier.

ONE DAY.... I will do this for myself

Snow White and Dopey would have been cute.

You nailed it, especially with the snakes!

Can you dress like Kpop idol for a day really that will be cool like all your vedios

Ok but i really expected some dramatic bat sleeves here

OmG Mini saf is sooooo cuteeeeee

i also thought of clueless (dionne and murray, respectively).

oh duh you mentioned them

I live in Florida and there is a magic carpet ride but there is a camera l there that... if you wait long enough it will spit water at you. The rest of the area is. Pirates of The Carribean. It’s pretty cool. Love you! ❤️❤️.

Press the like button if you love how safiya nyggard always finds a way to entertain people

you have to do disneybounding where one of you is captain hook and the other is the crocodile

Me: *Casually drinking tea* Hot Jafar: *Exists* 8:14 - 8:17 My gay ass: *Chokes on tea*

those are the best shows ever

Flownder * when your the third wheeler

Safiya: Makes a film theory reference Me: Istantly subscribes

I used to do this kind of stuff as a teen just as normal everyday outfits and called it "secret cosplay." Never thought it'd be a real trend or anything.

19:42 that hand was cuteee

12:41 voice crack

For the Jaffar outfit I think you should of gone with heels instead of loaders

Next she should dress like a Pokemon trainer

I cannot recognize most Disney characters to save my life, even when they are in costume, much less when the outfit is loosely based on them so it would go over my head, but it is a cool idea for those really into it. Seems like fun when you know who you are trying to emulate.

How liked the new Aladdin

“Swamp prince of bel-air”

@Alisa Cox *clears throat* JAMES CHARLES

Why didn’t you go as Aladdin and aboo

More of this please!!!!!!!!!

15:24 omg when he said Aflac I died

You have gave me and my friends inspiration to go and do this but as marvel for our Halloween costumes

What abaut Moana & Maui it wold of bin very funy

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I want to Saf to do another one Like if you do too

Finally subbed to you LOL Love the videos


9:21 creepyyy girl at the back

I miss polyvore

My favret gess is my last 2 bran cells fond this outvite lol

Love it!

Tyler looks like a toddler and I'm here for it

You WILL buy churros and marry me to the princess. xD

Actually, Snow White's prince is called prince Florian, prince charming is Cinderella's prince.

Ok, at 6:44 she looked exactly like Veronica from Heathers

9:21 the girl behind creep me out

are you trying to mate with with the acrylic parrot ?? lol

13:00 Where is his parents Hahaha

Jasmine and Aladdin

My friend wants a Disney bounding themed birthday, I have no idea who I want to be yet but I'm excited

I mean... it doesn't really look like Jafar,like if i saw you at Disney Land i wouldn't know that you were wearing a costume

Baby Saf's face and pose at 2:52 is hilarious

You could have done Shan Yu and his sidekick Falcon (The bird doesn't have a name) His a villian before 2000s and clearly has a sidekick If you do another disney bounding I think you should do Shan Yu btw Mulan is my favorite movie :3

the pixar ball

OMG LOVE THE VIDEO!!❤️❤️❤️ Can you guys make this a series please ????

Who else caught the Picture of Will and Jazz from the fresh prince, Comment if you did!

I want to see jasmine and aladdin but that might not turn out well...

If Safiya Nagaard Maleficent (real life edition)has an partner

Please do part 2!!!


Wow it looks so cool!

Awesome!! DisneyBounding is such a blast!! So glad you liked it. At 1:03 you show a Lilo Bound that is from my Instagram!! Anyone wanting fun daily ideas for DisneyBounding check me out @afamilyboundtogether! Thanks!!

Gdi Saf you totally coulda done Maleficent. Just make it Kingdom Hearts style and make Tyler be Pete.

I thought she was dressing as mary poppins

Actually Snow White’s prince is Prince Florian :) Prince Charming is Cinderella’s Prince ♥️

When she was naming Maleficents features I’m was waiting for her to say her Bat like cape

Omg! You're so smart.. even when you're funny. Love your channel


Do another video like this! ❤️

I was getting heather vibes with her outfit before I heard the people guesses XD

Snow White’s prince is named Ferdinand!! He has a name!! Still no personality though...

I loved this omg if this was a series I would watch the heck outta it

Tyler kinda look like Winnie the Pooh

I wanted her to be Winnie the Pooh!

Safiya looks like cardi b when she was little lmaoo

I'd personally disneybound as Peter Pan; With an olive green vneck, same colour jeans/chinos a simple belt, light brown loafers, and some sort of hat

Saw the live action Aladdin movie last night. It sucked.


I once accidentally dressed like Julia Roberts in her hooker outfit from Pretty Woman. I wore a red and black silk football jacket around my waist. Blue jeaned shorts, a white tank top, black boots and my hair was in a ponytail. I didn’t know I was looking like her because at the time I hadent seen the movie. I watched it after I got a lot of comments on my outfit.

"The shoulderpads say yes" Lmao

As MatPat days: Number one, corpse germs Number two, corpse germs

Do a Disney bounding for a week video

I'm going to Disney World for the first time, and I'm disney bounding as Jasmine. You could say I'm JASSED...

Tyler looked liked Prince Charming though.....


So great! I hope you do more in the future!

Safiya Nygaard that was super fun!

Safiya Nygaard, you shouldv'e had a joke where you try to force crackers to Taylor as Iago

Safiya Nygaard, because you have a lot more clothes. You should try the Pureple outfit app again, to see what more and new outfit combinations you get. xx

The shade


I'd love to see you dress as Scar and Ed from the Lion King, iconic. You two looked great

What you can do nxt time is wear Disney for 2 weeks! All day and night!

Safiya Nygaard you can do maleficent and sleeping beauty. cause with disney bounding gender doesn’t matter

Safiya Nygaard love you and Tyler so much always looking forward to a video from you guys!

Safiya Nygaard more Disneybounding outfits, please!!!

I love them

Safiya Nygaard You did a great job! If I saw you and Tyler walking through DL, I would know exactly who you are!

Super fun!!! You broke down your thoughts so well!!!

You should do this for a week, also this was great

Safiya Nygaard It would be cool to buy some Wish costumes and try to style them as street clothes - like a Halloween week of looks.



Safiya Nygaard if the day you did this post on IG is the same day you went to Disneyland, then I just missed seeing you! Too bad

I checked with my parrots and they were feeling Tyler. And I want to dress like Jafar now.

Love how you were both feeling the heat but still had fun and kept up the enthusiasm and personas! Good job!

Tyler is so cute.

For your next Disney bound be maleficent and her bird or his human version from the live action film in that one sometimes he’s human and has a lot more personality


A long coat would have been awesome to make it more like Jafar outfit. But this is cool too! A video after a long time, thoroughly enjoyed

I am actually drinking black cherry and berries tea... I am not taking a break from it

Safiya Nygaard you should do more

U guys looked great

Safiya Nygaard gasp!!!!! I wish u could’ve seen you!!! I usually try to go on Thursdays from Las Vegas! I just Disney bounded as Ariel and my friend went as Eric.


We need this to be a series

Would be really cool so see you try cosplay next!

Loved it. I almost get pirate vibes in your outfit, and the pixar ball for Tyler's killed me

Safiya Nygaard I thought you were Mary popping

I loved the video !!!!! Now I want to Disney Bound !!!!

i will always break from the tea for you guys!!! you guys did awesome!

Jafars make up suits you!!

Hey Safiya

Where was that cowbell from

Great outfits! When you said it's Jafar I thought you'd go for a long red dress to match the silhouette.)) Still looks fabulous!

I really love your videos and I look forward to them

Love them

thanks. i needed this after consuming a lottt of tea this week lol.

Safiya Nygaard loved it!! Such a huge fan

How did you know

I liked it!

You kinda look like the Marblehead magician

Good to see you in a new vid!

I didnt quite get jafar vibes from this outfit, but rather, a new villainy all its own lol

Yeah our tea about the makeup gurus XD


Safiya Nygaard heyyyy


Safiya Nygaard this comment though!

Loved the outfits! I would honestly wear tyler’s just on a regular day. Please do another video if you go disney bounding again!

Safiya Nygaard you should try this again!!!!


Your multiple mention of shoulder pads is interesting!

You need to do more of these

Safiya Nygaard love the outfits !!!

Safiya Nygaard please please try more

Safiya Nygaard I was there kinda thought you guys were crazy

First of all your awesome. Second of all I'm lowkey loving for the sprinkle of shade you just threw at the beauty community.

I love you two together. You guys make a great team!

VIDEO IDEA!!! Could you try doing zero waste for a week??? You could go over some zero waste beauty products and things like that as well

Safiya Nygaard loved it, PLEASE do this again!!!

Your my fav youtuber !

I love you're "Helloo Friends" intro

was your purse Rebecca Mincoff

Safiya Nygaard I loved your final outfits!!

please dress like tim burton character for a week

Lol I was watching a video, then I was looking through my notifications. And I saw this video, and I clicked it immediately, without a second thought

LOL exactly what I did


Safiya Nygaard YAAAS

I absolutely love your content,is so original!!

This is SO cute

It was amazing!! So fun to watch... Pls make more videos like this! :love you Safiya

I've watched your video with a cup of tea

The two of you are just adorable. Disneybound!!

tyler looked so cute aww

You guys looked so good! Looks like you had good fun too

Safiya Nygaard such a sexy couple of people you are! Saf and Tyler sitting in a tree...


Safiya Nygaard, this was a video I suggested on past videos!

Your outfits are so cute!! I'm totally going to try this next time I go to Disneyland

She knows what's up

Safiya Nygaard “the tea” I’m DEAD. And yes, I’m GLUED TO MY SCREEN for the past two weeks.


The views are down since everyone is invested in james charles drama

Safiya Nygaard oh no you forget The bold lip :0 btw love your vids

@Alisa Cox is he referring to the booty community? Im dyinnnnn

Haha as much as I love seeing James Charles’ career end, I gotta say this was refreshing

HELLO SAFIYA I love what your doing so keep it up

I love it! You totally nailed it! But I think Tyler accidentaly ended up looking like tweedledum and tweedledee but besides that, fantastic job ♥

It looks amazing! I'd love to see you do more

Safiya Nygaard I love it plzzz do Disney bounding again!!!!

Safiya Nygaard y

You should do this for a week

I think a lot of the “retro” dresses are popular with Disney because of the opening date of the parks, which has let to the unlisted/unofficial Disney holiday of “Dapper Day”.

Loved your outfit! I checked out the pictures on instagram!

21 minutes on one character each? Underwhelming, tbh.

Do another Disney bounding please

*cough* jamescharles and tati tea

You are so drama free and happy and silly and I absolutely love that about you!

You should do a lady and the tramp one

oop iconic

Safiya Nygaard I was at Disney this day and I saw you both!! I really wanted to say hello, but you were filming and didn’t want to interrupt... I have to say I saw Tyler’s outfit from a mile away! You both looked fabulous!!

I appreciate and love how you add subtitles when we can't hear you clearly you deserve so many more subs

That was great

she knows the tea

I love this! Can this be a mini series or be a part 2? :))


Their amazing!!! Ilysm

You should do another Disney bounding with a princess

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