Dr. Matthew Stevenson releasing the Prophetic Word for 2018!

Dr. Matthew Stevenson releasing the Prophetic Word for 2018!

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Is, tomorrow. I least. I'm not a clock discovery. To you there's, so much more to you than what you are aware of I've got a purpose. Together. And you are going to make time. To see the word of the Lord. Very. The purpose is inviting movies your eyes are open to the ways of mankind, and you. Reward each, person, according to, their conduct, as their deeds deserve I'm, not even halfway through this upon. What God wants you to do is continue, to, bless the evil and the wicked come. On sir, if. You missed it she went to miss major baby I'm. Not trying to act like this is going to be here all the news and all but, if you are offended this year, if says I've got your name down this year, notices. Somebody is talking about the toilet on you I am commissioning. You to bless, them. Here. I'll tell you bless. Them bless them, because, God is looking to reward me and according to their deeds. Verse. 20, is our activities, you, perform. Strength, and wonders, in Egypt, and have. Continued. Them to this day in, Israel. And all mankind have, gained the renown, of yours, let me tell you this the. Reputation of, God is about. Which. Was a culture, that held them, signs. It won't be in jeremiah. 30:7. Tasteful, 20 movement we're great to Tara maya32. 17. To 20 I want. To address the crisis, in America, is going to be strictly, supernatural. If, you are a Christian, that, is uncomfortable, with. The supernatural, you are going to build extremely. This place there's, going to be some deliverance, is that our only supernatural. Get, one with these surround, visions, that the one of the only supernatural. A part, of the wisdom for this year is you ought to spend a lot of time praying in the spirit, because. Well. Because. But. Ever. Now. God, showed me that the harvest, is white and. Many. Of you are going to be marked, harvesters. You took me to the scripture where, Jesus his first scandal, was that they called him a friendly. That. Isn't publicans. And they, accused, him for being a friend of sinners God. Is sanctifying. You in completing, his work at the to review because, he's about to establish. Relationships. With. Limited. Tormented. Talented. Tormented, people it's gonna happen and God. Is going to entrust, Christians. With. Access. To talented. Tormented. People who want you to see what I say I see, something happening, with, intercessors. Around the world there. Is a CERN and I want you to some procedures, in the fear of the Lord there, is a broadening. Of, intercessory. Responsibilities. Intercessors. Must. Go through things so that their patients. You. Surrender. The right to your personality, you. Submitted, the right to the Preferences. Heartlessness. God. Makes you comfortable. And. It's season listen. I saw. Men. And women. Being raised in, prayer once again because. Bobby's one of the guinea actually. Behind every. Prayer. Is going to begin to be the source by which things, are expedited. In the year so if you are an intercessor. Or you you feel like you've been caught by dr. prayer leadership, and I really feel burdened by my say box in the room I consider, this a box the mail on us these, are men who, are trying to force themselves to, preach it and. So. Let, me just release, you from that burden you do not have to start a church you, do not have to preach every Sunday if you have any men's call, to pray man, up and pray that. God as if, it is the most powerful thing God is giving you and stand, as a priest, God is looking for mega-cool. Wrestling. Bread to pull, them. Up for the nation it is so that's coming in this season, I also saw, where, there is a very powerful rival, anointed, Big Bird yes I, seen the body of Christ God is creating. Text, books live for the future listening, so, this is a season.

For The Pick of the rain why have, you, been lazily, put books together stop. Him. People that will put the well-polished. Text. To, paper because. He's trying to send them several. Seasons of heaven. Regardless, when to allow people to, know, you in, some years but. Sometimes. In. The. Book. Because. Generations. Get, to. Buy. What you might now so, we'll see that oh. This. Is going to be here and God is going to convict, me of you I hope you're not bored cause I'm ready promise I'll God is gonna convict, many of you to prison minister. Well. Now I know that's not a word about a being. We. Are. In. Jail. God. Is one to raise an army you. Want rice. Come. On sir, you. Must. Posture, your stuff because, it is a prosperity. Test, I received the word of the Lord. You, better zone firms I hear you Asian, so, this year is going to be a different, God on the bus starts, a lot of new traditions, a lot, of new patterns allowed. The new things, will be set. About what happened this year and, here is something very strong I'm going to get into the nation now here is something very strongly, dollars convicted, me about I don't care if you've been in ministry 20, days a. Year. The work told me this is the year I want, you to start. Thank. You how, they're going to be no. Thank. You see my hand of the Lord came upon me strong, and he said I want you every, day working, on your store, what. Most people think about when you are not here at once you build in legacy, now what, that means is that you've got to focus because. Concentrate. On legacy is not an easy thing to do when, you have Kermit. Annoyances. And and names but I'm challenging, you spend, trying this year working, on legacy, working. On even if you are an unwed person, and you're unbearably, I want you soccer parent, but what type of inherit, is natural, and spiritually you won't go grandchildren. To that I believe the reason the Spirit of God is challenging. Us in that way because he wants us to be focused. Favor. Can distract, us. So. You didn't know that there was anything dangerous with baby but. A lot of people had an adverse event so they lost it God. Does not want you to worship what he gives you he. Wants you to receive, it and use it as ministry, so I don't even. Concentration. It's a lot funner but God wants out of us I received, the word of the book whatever my sleep the word of Reliance, earned about my president, I'm going to the nation out of here an intercessor, you do begin to write this stuff down look for a lot of it some of it can be reversal module not I'm, concerned, about the help I begin to have visions of our, president, falling DC, and collapsing. At the. Press. Conferences. And I started, to see strange. Of, cellular. Activity forming. At the base of his stomach bacteria, that night something in his heart pal we need to break now as much as you don't like if you think whatever it is it would be absolutely, catastrophic, because. I'm going to tell you a secret as a making, profit who would give office if you were to. Be. Better he, been led to disagree, he better now okay did not like it but you have got to be very careful, about causing. Death or. Calling, forth death or saying casual, stuff because, it would really be dangerous as I said before and, they. Viewed the worth of last year we got preparing, for war attention I really believe that by the time the end of that era is is closing. That we're going to be right for more attention North, Korea. And our products, a very dangerous chemical warfare and important you thought holidays, to do it we have got to really pray, for, strong, strong. Strong, comes, some strong. Influence. And we've got to pray for the physical, health you're going to see it come out speculations. Of the physical, health based on the work that those, two areas the stomach in this part that we got to pray that, no bacterial, infections, of no pop things taken, out of here because they have so we, would be a much worse position I, know become black points the other white there but to tell you you've.

Got To allow the law, of honor to work here's how it works it's not really. Something. That excites me dr. Basu such a garden, God told me tell, my people I'm about to Dennis with the dollar. Come. On Sarah I'll be one of those wackos, that's, sitting in your basement and, judge America, and talk about the end is near is coming you keep that stuff in your house I have, heard from the Lord you told me this, is the word I will do, more with, the dollar so, what you see this be wise and, what. You're saving and how you're saving, it because things are about to shit well not, cost what they can, write the body has put to be a sweet, spot in the real estate. It's, fun to be a very beautiful thing he will do more with that down now where's the running of that if you are upset because that's all you had you're, going to miss out on the opportunity to. A quiet eight to a quiet quickly, he's going to do more with the doubt the. Best me he's able to do more, these, were two below on the American, dollar you will see a change in, its value, and what it was worth is one to be really really difference, is ease the word of the water receive the word the Supreme Court is on the heart of God there, are great conspiracies. Getting ready to brew the motion of the Supreme Court we have got to really pray about, definition. And we've got to pray about our Constitution now how did you pray about this these things and. I know sometimes we do not tell myself this immediate, is a little boring but praying. To the Supreme, Court Satan, is trying to burn a lot of stuff who agnostic. And atheist judges. On that bitch and one of them have to do with a continual, of some of the scriptures of the Bible there's, I want you to really be pranked about the Supreme Court we need God's hand in our justice, systems that make sense to you and I saw continued. Trouble, that this is really odd but, I saw continued. Truffled, with and, you, know okay the, way I explained, the word of the Lord imagine. Trying to prophesy, about cellphones, in the fifties it would have been very difficult to describe that I have a computer. Just. Couldn't say so, a lot of what I'm trying to describe I don't have full language programs going to tell you what, I see, there. Is something, happening with the lovers, of time and space, okay so in the future you're going to see that the way that people travel is going to be a lot different as a byproduct, of, that in 2018. The way that, people make cars up I want to give you these I'm gonna summarize this make it out but if you work more like a car, factory something, like that you need to be planning to have another source of income, I see, automotive. Factories, experiencing, great trouble, this year, chevy. Important. Those things like, that experiencing. Great shakeups, because there is a change coming, intransitive. Transitive technology. And this one's a big people who were relying on factory, work so that's kind of a warning for, you I do see that the tides are going to begin to turn in real estate. You. Will see first, time since the since the since the decline, of America, you will see a buyers, opportune. Argit now, certain. That that means that stuff is gonna be cheaper, or you will be able to afford it but I see, that God is about to ship, something dynamically. All on the hands of those that stupid, because he wants. This. Is. The. Interrupted. Approach. Here. And it's. So. Fresh political, voices and upsets, are going to come, I. See, something, brewing with our military, we. Need to begin to pray for the top tier of our defence, team. Say. This trying to divide. And. Conquer when, it comes to American, security so. I really, do and I'm, going to try to find the way myself because this is my father was. A veteran I'm. So burned about the armed services, and how they elected, they are you know what you deal with military, people that maybe people you, deal with the people who are offered a variety of gods and so you, know you see a lot of them that lose their sanity. That, lose, our emotional, soundness, and Donna's vetting and openes creating an enroll a desperate. Umbro for, ministry, to those types of people that is important, because, they, are not quality, than we are not secure, so if you're out there and you can bill for a vote to be a chaplain or you've been promoted, on, to go into that area dissolute afford to.

Sit On it because God is concerned about, our sodium, I'm talking as it is in the spirit, it is so in the natural, that God is concerned about how little we understand, about war and militarism. In the spirit, so he's trying to join, militant. Efforts in the national and the spirit and a horrible economy. Service. Of the Lord. Ahead, of the corn this year I pulled it through the clock but God told me he was blowing off harvest, I'm going to talk about spiritual, anthem of eternal, harvest we're, going to find them weird things I know. I'm. Telling you what I've heard you'd want to see different light sources, you're, going to see different ways to energize stuff, what the Lord is doing is, opening up. The brilliance. Of variation, in, he's. Beginning to show and, make, the heat and fastening. And what he already put, in the earth my god I'm, a vegetable, start, doing real hot stuff, I mean supply, cord and you go by my god you're going to find that, God is creating, you know beta. Changes. People. Distracted. I would be careful with this but here's our same phone. There. Is in recent financial phenomena. That, we. Have. And. You're gonna watch, last issue is surely, more it's, going to put. All the resources and. All your hope and anything. That promises you quick money I'm telling, you in my own eyes I have, seen that they burst, and I've seen it fucking, stars, come, out funny. People. Don't concentrate, don't solo at best I think das won't blow except some, scheme, to make you more unclean, you already know to. Watch God, through, that I alone. Mg. : child. It. Is so. I. Have, seen a Wall Street phenomena. You're. Going to watch as God begins, to do odd things with. Investments. Hear the word of the Lord, there's. Going to come a day there, are packets, I've seen it in the spirit now but. I saw this, in a reed wedding now when I was little I would watch George, Jetson. A Jetsons. Now. Learn about to tell you sounds like it's going to be from the Jetsons but you, know. Especially. With, surgery. And military. There's going to be a game of robots, walk the earth I need you and, I, see both, body, technology. And an, opportunity.

To Invested, in that nor sound weird if, you are an investor praise them if you're wise by. Everything, that has something to do with robots, and robot. Technology, and robotics, and our less stuff because. In less than a decade they, will do surgeries, you. Will find a big point to be simple, Warfield's. They're, going to be minted with it bleed out that slo-mo, body things will come and bandaged them up it's going to be one of the ways of America the city's money it's, going to be put into the robotic, technology, so if you're an investor you need to take that and run with it and then put your time if you're not an expert then, just ignore that but I'm telling you we're shooting it Jesus is Lord you're going to laugh now there's, one of the available body technologies, a regular, part of our everyday life if you're going to see very oddly, especially. With. The, blind you're, going to see the robot start, to do the dogs do you don't only have dogs. And service animals they will be replaced, by robotic, technology, and the word to find that God quickens. In obey their minds to replace, stuff like that is going to move our culture, for and it's gonna be amazing I saw. This. Saw, happenings. In him they're. Going to be shooting stars, this year I, told you about, interested in reclaiming his reputation you. Know there's a lot of people that were fascinated. With the Eclipse but you wanna watch this year as far as do things that stars don't do different. Families, and species, of stars are going to be discovered, they're going to be shooting here and shooting, there and it's going to be we're doing a set in the Sun the heavens, declare the glory of, God. This, to happen because, he wants, me to Marvel. Again it's going to be a breath-taking, here. And the beauty, of the solar, system, is going to. Science. Heretofore. Sabbia, typing, something that, may have used to fight god. So. I'm. Concerned. About. Flooding. In, the south. There. Is a warning going out to southern states, about. How many legislators. And politicians have, not updated. Things. About riverbanks, Street. In Middleboro and and some of them are, so dated. That, it shouldn't be even safe to cross some, of the bridges or move across them but God's going to convict, a lot of them because we're going to see some, unusual, storms.

And Flooding in the south and. I think this is going to be how God sets it up for cities, to see you need new, leadership they, should have voted on this stuff and turn this stuff over ten years ago once, we saw the levees, were about to break every, city in America should. Have upgraded they everything, but, unfortunately. That is not been the case so, we're going to see that some of these that, seem like fantastic these are going to be the backdrop for, new and revolutionary voices. - director, teacher disease praise, the name of the boy you're also going to see pastors. Become mayors I see, this. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Now, I. Want. To talk really quickly, to. The african-american, crisis. There. Are three areas of favor that. God is quite to bless the african-american, later it's. Going to the media. It's. Going to end up that what I made up to be very specific there will be african-american. Men, and women that finally, make large media. Purchases. So. I'm not talking about air time I'm talking about networks. G1. Combining, this, isn't something that we're trying to happen, but, there are powers, that be that resists, that happening, my god but, I see a change of hands taking place in the spirit where God is going to finally, allow people. Yeah, people that, have gone that have gone unrecognized, in, fact when, I hear the Lord saying right now is watch this year as busy. You. Know I'm calling internal mess in it but. That will be assigned to you, God's. Going, to argue that you know undergo. Dishonor, what. Happens, is you leave no choice but, for God to be the one that, and. God, of the sea it's, not something nothing, alike but, men decide, it's really, different, when the boy prefers, you amen, so I'm not gonna have that you're gonna see some major channels, change hands here is a warning I, also, saw, some changes happening, with Comcast if. You work there that is with your career reason I wanna broaden your. Options. Because something is about to start to happen this year and. It's going to start as gradual. Cutbacks, and is going to start as gradual, changes, but, by the end of it the, company is going to do something that it didn't come out in I don't need to Comcast they're gonna end up a cable coming it's gonna end up something else we'll prepare for a shift because, things are about to start happening mathematically. In that area and then here, is something that I heard that really excited, me I've. Heard, God been. A lot of heaven, I. Will. Get the. Last, laugh. Of, pace. Cancer. What. Is. The. Answer. This. Year. Hey. And. We'll see who drives his, MC. Teacher. Teacher. Okay. What you got an initiate, you better hear me. But. On the whole the water. Take. The shoes off. Okay. That's. Very escalated. But. Told me he was weakening, the power of gang violence. Wh-where's. Of a mother subway. By. Taking the heads off and I. Hate someone to cry out to God. Allow. The heads of these games, have. Moose in the house. Oh. God. Hears, and, he answers prayer. You're. Going to find that. New York is on God's heart I, see. Something, big born, in. The, boroughs, of New York City. There. Had been a darkness, that had claimed that as its own but. God is starting, to be fine. And, he started, I saw New York as a state, in travail. And they're, going to be new churches born, there they're. Going to be new ministries, born there there had been such a strong, witchcraft. And, such a strong. Perversion. With that area that, God is going to respond, again to intercession. He olds, knew George he, has, to answer them. So I see God moving. In the New York area you live there I believe that this weekend is going to turn, around. It's, going to be amazing. I. Tried. To bring and. Hurry new, psychedelics. So. There's a new. Whatever. This thing is gonna have people out there buying for days he. Wants. To bar release, and, increase, insanity. Upon the earth so. What I see them trying to do is release. Legally. And illegally. New. Drugs it's going to be new addictive. Methods, that make people hallucinate. And and commit. Crimes and murders that they legitimately, do not remember we, have got to continue, what the spirit, of mental insanity like, never, before, we've, got to continue what it is a very real thing other than when we say crazy well I know what we mean we mean like socially, but, I'm talking about there is a real, attack. From, here against. People's mental, stability and, he's going to use the power of addiction. Do it so we've got to be praying you, know it's gonna be beyond mushrooms, and and what, I started taking allowed, all that stuff I see odd things, happening, when they wanna begin to take, in their and beautiful, or show me you said it's going to be this. Generation. What, crack cocaine was, to relax my god out. Of their minds. Behaving in an animal-like, fashion, it is so imperative, that. Churches, cast out bail and I pulled, out there but I'm just going to give you that as a warning I understand. Inner healing, and restoration and.

And. I'm. Telling you well. I like the work somebody, has got to go to back, what, the forces, of addiction, the powers, are here and they've got to do. Restorative. Conversation. And really, have midlife. Through, that ministry, shall receive the word of the Lord. There. Are righteous, leaders coming, in the police, force. Yes. God. Is going to begin to expose white. Supremacist. Is. Going to begin to pull the cover off of, literal. Detectives. Who are in fact yes, what, what, hey and, you. Will find that. Not moves, in the police academy it's. Going to specific. Also see happening in Detroit, something. Is going on in Detroit with her policing, right now and I haven't been there here that I'm tell you I hear how the spirit of daughter has corruption, of an unprecedented level and, got a right to expose. And, disturb. The policing. And disturb, the policing, systems, in Detroit. And you're gonna find a God move it there, I heard, the Lord say Donald, Trump is not the last Trump, with political, aspirations. Well. There. Is another problem in his house that's. Been groomed. Okay. Watch and see it. Will be assigned their. New dynasty's, trying to be born about the world to, hold down the control, of the entire created, world might not they have heart bold will be we will we will be as the Kennedys. So. You're going to find that. If we don't pray for righteousness. On every facet America. Is going to experience, a stagger but. If you're in the house of God you're in the house of motion so you ain't gonna work man. Comcast. Here is off the last thing that I wanted, to give you i. Saw. Something, happening, with, new. Surgical. Technique. For. Things. Like. Down. Syndrome. And. I saw, where. There would be medical. Breakthroughs. And their, ability, to for. Know like, in the early, months of pregnancy if, a child would be born with a tendency towards. Down syndrome. -, what autism those, of you that have been wrestling with straining. With managing that all, fast and be encouraged, it will not remain this way things. Are going to change in America. But heavens, are open and it's. Going to positively. Affect the church but, you're going to see it also, radically in, the. World as well watch. Are worshipers. The. Sweets all miss of Israel is what I heard God say. Repetitively. Continually. God, is one God dead. Remember I'm telling you this God. Is. Going, to arrange. For. The world, to. Turn to, worship. The. New time the last year why did I say gods. Want to raise up men. Women who are friends with God to. Have told me this opportunity. Within. The. Compromise. To, all the church. Oh. That's. Why oh. My. God. Finally. I would like to say there. Is an apostolic ability. Now these, bulletins, up with kids are changing about this issue Bobby, why disappointed. Group business. There. Many Christians. The. Business. Don't. Blame God does, he promise you, you. Heard that mission. Dollars. Going on business. I. Anointed. Or business, da. Dismantling. His church, to, continue. To indicates, if. You are until, you make, it a spiritual. Issue you. Are which, I have a bit of them you start thinking about your business playing this and I pray the Holy Ghost because God can, explain. To you here is how you succeed, in business you. Get to a problem before anybody, else. Business. That makes you. On, a global level business, leticia Tokyo, this, is the text. Inspiration. Change. Ready. Oh. Oh. See. That boys home. I. Around, the corner. Multiple. Positive strains. God. Box you usually Akane this year any. More than forget it he wants you to use we, have coming in. Oh. He, will have something any moment. And you just didn't, have the courage to, move them. You. Have. But. The Spirit of God is moving. Because. Assignment. Has, not changed. Is. One. Of the people in here that. I know spirit, you're dealing with anxiety last. Year. Both. Hands. To. The point we had almost see a doctor, or something. Breathless. Panic. Attacks, that's. What, 2017. - Alana T I'm gonna let you go cut. With. This. Anxiety. If. You all around that person I, want. You to respectfully. -. Let's. Do that really quickly. Ordained. To. Anticipate, dawn. In. Your. Life. This, is one virus. Merit. Of surgery, right now. We, really, try to take your worship, life. Each. Other love you a real intimacy.

My, God. On. The. Over, your future. Doing. A walker anxiety. You, know what. The. Passenger. You. Will no longer suffering. But. The oxygen that, your heart. To trust the Lord. To change the life. Of. Trusting, God you've ever seen a, manuia. And. Make a heart, before time. To. The promises, of God in. Your life or. Your future. Deliver. This word I pray that, all. Will, have used to hear maybe. Call. This. Word. Push. To. Pull. Every. Believer here, you. Are aware of the. Opportunity. That lays before us, even. More than we are going to help us Oh God not. To miss this. Season. I. Was. To jump in, to. Embrace it help. Us not to be troubled about why, us, just be stopped. What. You importaint our lives. Break. The combination. Guess God the, fear. That. Was. To stand up. Heaven. Is reserved, the sons. Thank. You that as we embrace you that. You fully, embrace us and. You bring us into all you. Planned for us from. Before, time. Began, in. The. Oh. I. Might. Remind you one last time about the schedule, and. I, said you could get up there be with us and. Your workshops. This. Semester. Okay. So, we, will have the, doors open -. He ran in here at 7:30. A.m., will. Will have the. Early morning session starting, at 8 o'clock and, then. We will go right into our first, session, with dr. Sharon. Stone if, you have not checked in you, can do that for the next hour, or. You can do it early in the morning on your way in but. If you have not already checked in don't. Worry the team is already there to, be able to help serve you and if you're not able to Canada tonight will, be there again tomorrow morning, again. All. Right they're in this Michigan home, against, a new Sun raise, them. One last prophecy. Our. Conference, is about change, Hey. Hallelujah. Seize. That now, receive, it I. Believe. In this, business all, right y'all, ready to could have been a dick. Just. Before we do that, the. Devil know one more time hey. Yes. And. Is able to keep us along. Maybe present, us faultless before. The Lord with. Exceeding. Great joy to. Give, me all the lesser. Power. Both. Now and. For. Ever, everybody. Spread how they they. See. You guys tomorrow this all, right everybody. See, y'all.

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