Documentary Technology Design Building Waiheke Canopy House 2018

Documentary Technology Design Building Waiheke Canopy House 2018

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Minced, your design. Just. How's it feeling yeah really. Good, usually. For. The past 20, years wedding, dress designer, Robin, Shea has, been living in suburban toed honor and working, from her garden studio, I think, I made my first wedding dress for somebody when I was. 17. It's. A long time ago I really. Love my job I wouldn't, want to do anything else yeah. It's, good to be romantic, isn't, it Harriet absolutely. There's, definitely. An element of romance, in the project, Robin has embarked, on building. A holiday home to eventually, retire to with her husband, David a commercial. Property manager, who she first met 20 years ago, we. Were set up on a blind date yep, yep it seemed to work there okay. There's. A bit slow on the, marriage. Thing but you got there in the end you know. Timmy's. Teeth took ten years to propose, yep. The. Couple's share a blended, family of five. But the children have long since left home, we're. Just sort of used to our own. Company we do, everything. We do we do together yeah and this, project has been something that we both. Participated. In right from the word go. After. Living in the suburbs for much of their lives Robin. And David I came to get closer to nature I've. Sort, of always liked, the thought of ending up with um. Building, a house or being on a site that has got some some, bushes made of, inspector. And and that's what we've ended up doing so we couldn't, be happier to. Find the type of pristine, natural environment. That they're looking for Robert. And David have set their sights on way hickey Island but, it's five hours away from Toad honor meaning, a drive to Auckland and then a ferry ride just, to visit but after, taking a holiday on the island seven years ago they. Were hooked when we know we're coming up for a weekend we both, get so excited and you have this real heart palm to the island and I don't think it's just the fact that we're building house I think it that, we really do we.

Love It here. Once. A sleepy outpost, for artists, and alternative, lifestyle, errs in the, last decade. Waikiki, has become a hotspot, for high-end, tourists, named. One of the top ten destinations in. The world by Lonely, Planet in 2016. Property. Here has become expensive, and hard, to come by so I. Guess it's low tide now. The. Section that Robin and David bought over two years ago isn't, far from one of their favourite, swimming beaches and after. A lengthy consent, process, they're finally, well underway. This. Must be pretty, exciting. I mean you've been thinking about this for a while haven't you you've been waiting for something to happen on now it's all starting to gel and yeah we're away so what's, the plan look what's the big dream we. Want to be in the, bush we want to be a treehouse, that way yeah gonna treat. My. Treetop. Hike we wanted to be feel like we were in the bush and, get. Tell me a little bit about the site then, or. The site in town it's a little challenging. It's. It's, quite steep I think, I could succeed the, first time you came up we said nothing nothing, good comes, easy and, I sort of thought about it for a while mmm. He's on to it at. The bottom of robynanddavid steep, narrow, site will be a garage with. A car we'll stay put, from, there a path only wait enough for a small off-road, buggy weaves a hundred, metres through native bush to the house which. To reach up to the treetops, and views is made up of two small, angled, towers. One, will contain two guest rooms and the other a pint-sized, garage, for the off-road buggy which. Will be topped by the master, bedroom. Forming. A bridge between the two will be an open-plan kitchen and, living space. This. Will be clad in cedar weatherboards, while the towers, will feature lightweight profile. Metal. Not. So lightweight, is the glazing, which includes, a four meter long, 220. Kilograms picture, window and doors that open, onto decks that cantilever, into the canopy. Embracing. Those sea views that Robin and David have sacrificed much. Simpler, and far, more sensible, access for. So. It's a very kind of three-dimensional, almost. Different, ways of experiencing. Not, just the views but the sight absolutely, yeah I love the angles, that we're gonna get the different different levels the. Different views from different rooms, totally. Different to what we've got at home, nice, what's. The timeline for the bells initially. We were looking at six months. It's, keen yeah, thing, we'd like to probably, get. Over and done with this most of the construction pre-winter, because. Of the difficulty, with the cycle being the track and I think the build is aiming for that too because they don't want to be challenging. It the, track and winter which, brings me to the budget, what, kind of budget have you got for this very difficult build, up a crazy hill, at the back of the site I could, go for a long time. It's. More expensive than we would have hoped that's, more expensive on the island for all the reasons came, support materials, and so forth I think we were originally budgeting. Around. About the, $4,000, per square metre to. Build and. I've. Got no. Expectations we're, going to be able to stick for that and, I think it's going to go well north a bit with, the space. Robin. And David are now three months into, the era ambitious, half-a-million dollar build which is nestled, in the hill overlooking, the beach but. With their major access, issue I suspect, some of the biggest challenges, with their project are yet to come. This. Looks like it's going to be a bit of a challenge guys, and. After, heavy rain last night it looks like even just walking up to their site will be a test, boy. This, is going, to be seriously, interesting. And we're. Not even carrying, anything I mean it's. Very very, slippery. Luckily. There's a tree here for me to hold on to, this. Is mad crazy. Oh. This. Is easy up through here, avoiding. The most slippery section, of the track by going straight through the bush we're able to rejoin, the path further up where it's a lot drier, the, first time we came up here I had heels on.

Half. Way up and thought I can't do this and we'd back down to the car I think and got the jindal so what does that mean what, does that mean for when you invite guests, no. Heels heels. Oh well. Things. Progressing. I see my. Goodness, the builders, might have knocked off for the day but it's clear they've been busy it's, really, interesting this the way that you can already feel that it's, Knisley into the bush I can. Really see, why. You, want to be here, you're gonna get the views we want and, the privacy, and. Reppin. The trees which is what we wanted was ya Robin. And David aren't the first ones to let the romance, of living in this beautiful bush overtake, the practicalities. Of dragging. Building, materials, up here, built. By, a mystery, man called Jeff this classic, key we shared is where they've been staying during visits to their site. Wow. This looks really wonderful. The, real McCoy yeah absolutely. Good. Old white Hickey Jeff, obviously had. A, similar. Idea yep. His. Retreat. What. A great surprise. The. New home is being built around 15, meters from the Shack the. Architect, has really. Wanted the house will have some tie-in. To do, I can't. Wait to see the way these two end up kind, of nestled, together. Robin, and David have had to head back to work and Toad honor but. I'm keen to stick around on the island and see what the builders are up against, good. I do. Priscilla. Foreman, Dale Sheffield, along with his faithful sidekick Bo, have, been at the helm from day one come, to do some work today, oh I. Don't, know how strong you are but, this, is all the, straight-up stuff's kiln-dried so, Mary I'll borrow your dog. Try-try, with these two yep. That's. Too heavy we'll drop you down to one probably. Easiest, just to carry. It on your shoulder like that maybe. Okay. Just. Like a pull-up that you don't trip by, you're supposed to be helping, as. An. Ex-boxer. Dale, a local, way hickey on his pretty. Impressive, fitness, levels I have, a feeling, he's going to put me to shame whoa. She's. Good slope so, every other day you're carrying materials, like this up here yep. You. Need a decent bricky to get going like this I hope you had your weight bucks please. All the wheat backs for this, this. Is definitely eggs and bacon. Nearly. There mate I'm. Sorry. Here's. The rest of the tribe. So. This is what you guys get to do every morning. Hey. Respect. Dale. And his team have made impressive, headway, and have almost finished the framing. I'm. Still, getting my head around paper, you guys have, carried, already, so, much gear up here yeah but, the worst is yet to come with that yeah. We've still gotta bring me roping, up in, some, of those sheets. 15. Meters low so, yeah. Kind, of a little bit unsure of how we're gonna go about it, but pretty much we have to manhandle it, and then we've got strip boards in the, double glazing to bring up so good. Luck with that yeah, thanks, oh you got a tough bunch of boys yeah. It, was definitely a few complaints is that, yeah. Pretty much to set them down and. Say. Hey us yep, take your concrete poles. Just. Get all.

Exes. Isn't, the only challenge that, Dale and the build team are facing, because. Robyn and David are determined. To get above the tree canopy and capture, views from every possible angle this, very little that is square about the design. Spinach, okey-dokey reprobate. Or. But, what's angles, going on flicks. The grace that. Way and. This, way so yeah. That's it's been a little bit of a interesting. One to try and frame up specially, internal, small, all rafters, have got plum cut for me in so basically their tap, onto six degrees every. Cat has been a compound cut to make that work you, definitely gotta be thinking about your Nick's road because. Because. Of all those angles in that's, that's what makes us a little bit more interesting, this house even our Tanya under screaming at home between. The physical and technical demands, of this job these guys have really got their work cut out for them I like. Challenges, I don't. Have a challenge, I'd be pretty, bored. Yeah. That's. The sort of job I like. It's, early, awesome, but, over on Waikiki, Island, the hot summer weather is, sticking, around. The. Weather's been fantastic, for these guys this site of winter would not be pretty, pivotal. Is out, getting a concrete, tracking, come. Walk way before. Winter Robin and David have booked a contractor. To concrete, the all-important. Access track and just under a week which will make getting materials, to site much quicker for the bail team. There. Be enjoying this. The. Way this house has been designed, with two length towers, gives, it a modest footprint, and allows it to sit lightly amongst, the trees. Now. We're seeing the, the, structure. Taking, shape, there's, all sorts of little surprises, in terms of angles and overhangs, and its kind of better than we ever expected I think. As. Well as checking our progress, Robin and David have timed their visit to witness a milestone, in their build today. The, most cumbersome, and largest. Single, item is being delivered to their tricky, site. Well. It's. A tank it's. A big tank, the. Island has no piped, water supply, so, tanks are essential, and a local company has hatched a plan to chopper and Robin and David's. Along. With another for a neighbor who's chipped in just. A couple things working around, understand. Lights and helicopters. No. One is essential, to the task they need not to be around the Lodi area or underneath the helicopter, because. They can't fly over any houses, the, flight path is extremely. Limited and is only possible thanks, to the kindness of locals, with a rare commodity in these parts, a sizeable. Flat piece of land. The, tank is attached by a remote, hook which is operated, by the pilot, and should release the load right next to Robin and David's house. But. From a hundred and fifty feet in the air and with the wind picking up that's, no mean feat, particularly. While trying to avoid any damage to the tank the trees and the house. It's. A release to get it down oh wow. Thing. The, tree or up Oh a, little bit of damage it was here raising, no ice it's, a pretty small little hole for him to thread that down through there and it was the conditions, in this gully at the moment and quite gusty so it made her a little bit Shellington yeah but he did.

Well Nice. Result, heavy. With. Every trip to the island Robin and David have a full schedule of work lined up for themselves, do. You think BEC here. When. They first bought their section, part, of it was smothered, with invasive weeds and one, area had been used as an unofficial dumping, ground but, Robin and David have put a huge amount of work into improving, it every. Time we visit we've, just come to love it more and from. The first time, sitting. Outside in. The evening and looking at what used to be here compared, to what it's even now, it's. An immensely, satisfying. We, love it yeah it's, nice when, we're both in our boot situations, are so different it's nice to get totally, out of it and get. Duty and, and. Be physical, so. Far the two of them have planted over 250. Native trees and they plan to put in another, hundred and fifty more. Look. It. You're. Going to love it the year. During. Their visits robynanddavid continued. To stay in Jeff Shack but. Since building began it's become, a very popular, spot. This. Is our kitchen at the moment usually we would be our. Kitchen would be inside but now that it's full of builders, staff. We've. Relegated. To out here which is fine when it's, warm. And dry but a little bit challenging when it's not it's kind of unusual sleeping. With you know a chainsaw down there and yeah the school saws and we've got um every. Kind of store known to mankind I, think comes power tools without it where would they put this stuff I wouldn't want to cut it up every day it'd be ridiculous. Two. Years of working on this section has given Robin and David a real connection, to Jeff Shack and Vaughn, McQuarrie there why Hickey based architect, who, happens to work from a Shack of his own has, really, tuned into that what. Kinds, of things in, terms of the way that you've designed the house, came. Out of Jeff Shack you. Got just check here right, and and, we use that kanika to sort of create this separation. But there's also that dialogue, between. The two and and the scale of Chiefs. Shack is very similar and plan to, the scale of that upper she'd, I guess you could call it Jeff ship I think it's quite a, pioneering. And romantic. Little. Structure, on its own and nothing what they've and Robin are doing by coming, to Waikiki, and building, this house. And. A really challenging location. Was quite pioneering, and romantic, as well and hopefully, we. Capturing. Some of that in this house. Lovely. Both. Worn and gifs Shack are imbuing. The build with an authentic connection to, this unique site. But. It seems the golden weather on the island has ended. Overnight. A severe, storm dumped, over a month's, worth of rain with. A devastating, effect. It's. Been described, as a once and 500. Year event. The. Deluge has, caused multiple landslides.

And Widespread damage, leaving the island in absolute, chaos. With. Robynanddavid, hundreds. Of kilometers away in toda, a dowerless surveying, the damage. Spot. A lot I can dog that really. Can, get rid of the water. But there's no roof on yet so. It's. Just gonna keep on coming it we get, trench or rain again so. Yeah. Pretty, much just hanging out for that right. The. Long-run roofing, which was supposed to have arrived a month ago has, been held up by supplier, delays, and issues, lining up barge transport. But. The house really, does need that protection soon. Particularly. The strand, board flooring, which can't tolerate prolonged. Exposure, to water. Basically. It just starts breaking down. And. Then. Pretty. Much she got cut all back up. So. Yeah a little. Bit stressful and to, make matters worse with. The track completely, sodden, the contractor. Had been booked to pave it has, had to cancel. In. An. Attempt, to generate, at least some, kind of progress, Robin, is squeezing in time around her wedding dresses to work on furnishings. Yeah. We didn't like it very much at all that rain you're the one. Sitting out and getting wishes, just making Dale Dale's. Life. Not. That great, down. Thinking. He may be done by June I. Yeah. We're kind of sensing, that that's not gonna happen a lot of suppliers. You, know you have, have, seed and, we. Need help to get, things up the hill and. I suppose Dale and his boys are the only ones there to do it and that stops them doing what they want to be doing we, should have thought of all this when we bought. The site but you know we. Were all in lovely. Lovely. Romantic. This. Is gonna be amazing. Mode, not. Reality, mode but. We're. In it now. Almost. A week after the storm caused, havoc on my Hickey Robin, and David's long-awaited roofing. Is finally, being transported, to. But. Now it's being delivered there's just the small matter of getting it up the hill the. Free largest, sheet sway just under, a hundred kilograms. And are, 15, meters long it's. Just gonna be a case of trial, and error, we're. Just gonna have to, still. Be a little bit careful because of tracks, not in the best condition after all that right take. Your time, guys. Don't ride their hero be. Safer with. Sheets so long there's no way they'll make it around the tracks tight corners, so. They're gonna have to forge your path straight up through the bush. There. You got to start turning now. We. Come up more now. As. Well as attempting, to protect the trees they, also have to try to avoid scratching. Or bending, the metal all. While, grappling with a heavy load on steep, uneven, ground would. Mean. Up through this one. After. A massive, effort the guy's managed, to get the first 15, meter sheet up to site but. There's still plenty to go, it's. Just awkward because I'm everyone's. Like. Different. Pipes and whatnot and um. Because. Of the grounds uneven at some point if someone, gets a lot of weight, since. The storm the path has began to slowly dry out but. They've missed their window with the concrete contractor. It could now be months, before he gets paves, okay. Can't. Drop the shape say like that this, you want to have to bring another one up. Yes. Yeah. Let's put a bit of an effort don't it. That's. Why we're gonna protect, the native trees. The, next day dawn still, and sunny, perfect. Conditions, for the roofing team who have arrived from the mainland. But. It looks like they weren't fully briefed on the access, issue I.

Would. Have rather have drawn to it rather. Than walked up. Yeah. I don't have the builders have done it has. They got most of that here lifter done or something. Dale's. Team may have already put in the hard yards getting, the steel up the hill but, it still has to be raised to the top of the house without. The help of heavy, machinery. So. I'm trying to get a 15, meter seat. Five, meters. There's. Quite flexible we, don't, want to damage it we're gonna be really careful on how we get it up there make. Sure nobody, gets cats, or injured. Your, boys all go down there, wait. Oh really when you guys are. Okay, you two want to jump up please. We're. Gonna try and keep this alright, because. If we bend up too much it's gonna fall yes, hey. Everybody, just corner grabs. As far as you can and on three, we're, just gonna pull right up so, one. Okay. Really. Residential's. Wearing you really dealing with about, six. Eight meters. 15. Meters sheets, on residential, is quite. Bizarre they've basically shot. The roofs straight, at the water so. There's a roof sexually, corner, running. Lengthways, with the roof rather than horizontal. The. Singular, roof plane has been designed this way to follow, the contour, of the tree, canopy like an elegant, grown-up. Tree house things. Will be yeah, a very nice-looking house. Patio. I've gotta see it more it's too far away from home. Through. Formidable, teamwork the last piece of steel has been successfully. Maneuvered up and it, seems the roofers have recovered, from their encounter with, the hill this morning it. Was a, good wake up this for sure, but, once. You're up here not. Much you can say it's just beautiful. New Zealand I, couldn't. Think of a better place to work. Yep. Oils, sweet. With. The roofing well underway it gives Dale and his team a chance to start putting some of the double glazed windows, in which, will give the house some much needed protection, yep. There. Are 23, of them in varying, sizes to frame the many wonderful, views of both sea and bush, that, this house has been artfully, designed around, after. All the Swiffer and stuff there. Has been a long time coming and definitely, glad that the the, floorings got some. Protection now. A lot. Happen in two weeks since we've been here oh that's. Right. Windows. With. The weather settled, Robin. And David are finally, able to make it back to site to check on progress. Wow. I never. Thought we'd get a view like this from here I mean I knew it would be up high but never thought it would be quite, that. Good stunning. Couldn't have asked for better. And. We actually get a view from. The kitchen kitchen island, I'll be here so. I'm. Working. Away, with. The the open ocean three deer oh. Look. A big window in the bedroom oh. You. Know a day like this those boats, they, just, dip just really, sort of sets it off it's. Pretty special, isn't it yep. Wow. In. The to me and there's two he's going to his happy gotta. Be nice waking up here in the morning but so. Lately mm-hmm. Reaching. Up through the tree canopy was always a big part of Robin and David's design, and getting. All 23, windows in place is now the top priority, for Dale to, get the house closed down before, winter you might hand out and what have you got it there. So, on look. At that. Well they while most of the smaller joinery, is now when there's. No sign, of the large picture window, so. How have, things gone with this window Dale oh, no. The best for first one we, did a quick measure just, in case and we realized that that's, actually been made almost a meter too short, a whole meter here, it's actually my fault because I signed on the measurement so you know that's, quite a big opening too so, definitely. Want to get that one close then before we get any um your. Whistle is coming this way oh they'll, come very, well yeah. With. Winter just around the corner, Dale is crossing, his fingers the, new window gets here before the, weather does. My. Hickey, Island one of the smallest parts, of Robin and David's bills is proving, the trickiest. The. Staircase. Has. Probably been the most challenging part.

All, Sorts of little things that are kind of different from other, bolts that we've done in the past as well, as the awkward angles, of the houses shape, the, staircase that links the two floors of the main tower connects. To a steel structure, that will support a floating, wall. Because. Of the difficult, access all. The steel is being welded together on site. We. Might end up using this. Don't, mess it up. Yep. Today. I've. Come to, lend a hand. No. Pressure right. Never. Go let of course your fingers everybody see, if I couldn't do. It like it supposed to be sad. It's. Fair to say welding, may not be my strong suit so, what. Do you reckon a. Little. Bit, rough. To see how far away um, just, where the offs Jill Scott untucked, yeah but. Fewer along here you've actually done, quite a good, improvement, so you gonna reweld it. No. I'm not gonna believe reward, I'll just touch up the bed boots I'm. Getting the sense that Dale, will get this done a lot faster, if I just leave, into it. By. April the stairs, and roofer complete, and Robin, and David are back on the island to shop there hard-working, team of barbecue. Living. In total you're, not here all the time so. It must, be quite, exciting, seeing how progress is going hugely, exciting, is big bites because. Sometimes. Two or three weeks before visits, and the, progress, is just like. Kids and a lolly shop and we get here actually you kind of go through it you hear I mean I lay, in bed at night and said you can you walk through the house can, you can you walk come on come with me walk, up the stairs because we can do this and I've, done it for months, but, now we actually do it and I go oh. Wow. No it's the furnace you know it's got all these other levels to it in the dimensions, well, that is the best kind of architecture, where you know, you imagine and you, get excited. But. Then you discover something completely. New there's, a lot to celebrate today, but. There are still plenty of challenges ahead. The. Largest, window and a set of sliding doors are still missing and the, cladding has been delayed leaving, the strand board exposed, to the elements for even, longer I think. We just have to be hopeful. At the. No, more significant, rain event so, when another one of the lifetime, done my, key island so, you don't believe in climate change then. We're. The patterns I think it's all about where the patterns and mailers, where the patterns be kind. But, the weather has other, ideas. In a. Period of less than two weeks not. One but two severe cyclones, better the country. The. Storms forced Dale and his team to abandon, the site and lead, the track up to it impossible. Hopes. Of getting it paved anytime, soon can be forgotten, and on, top of that there, is still no sign of the missing joinery, or, the cladding.

While. Work on the site is that our standstill, in Wellington. A special, feature for the interior, has been created, by designer, Lu right the, youngest of Robyn's three children, who she raised with David. Something. My parents really love about the site is the nature and the, beautiful sort, of native birds that hang around and the trees and I think it was kind of why. Mum was leaning towards the - yeah I mean they've stunning. Birds and like. Why, wouldn't you want something like that on your wall you know enter. Over your daughter, Lu, has made only one, visit to Robin and David section so far and that, was just before they started, building I mean the view is amazing but. The, fact that the house would be on this sort of Hill I was like you're nuts but, kudos. To them. They're. Doing it and I, think. It's pretty incredible building, a house together for, a couple could potentially, go sour but, for, the end mode you know it's the complete opposite it's just kind of brings them closer like they did a lot for me going. To university, and growing up we're really really supportive and always, there when I needed them so it's really, nice for me to be able to sort, of give something better to them it's not much but it's nice to give something better you know. It's, the beginning of winter when, Robin and David hope to have completed, their build but. The storms, have seriously, slowed progress, at. Least though after, an agonizingly. Long wait the missing, joinery and cladding has arrived and soon. The house will be weather tight at last, all. You guys must be so relieved to finally get this cladding, on weird, you, release, delight. It's. Been a, long, time coming and now, it's on we love the color we, love the way it looks I mean it really is that kind of classic, shared, conversation. Going on that's, starting, even at this point to kind of settle in and build a kind of relationship, with the trees the Minooka yeah. I'm pretty happy too with the cedar as well.

Beautifully. It looks like the back see. All the colors in the back actually and the in the cedar now it stained it's yes beautiful. The. Cedar wither boards are connecting, the house beautifully, to the native bush and, the. Corrugated, steel to, Jeff Shack I think. Back it, was about six months ago that you said to me that you thought you'd be in about now isn't it I. Think. I recall saying about six months ago would be in about May you've, had all sorts, of things going on what with rain events and all the rest of it and they've been serious one stood we've had the rubber down the really, down the track again and yeah, I noticed it's still not. Paved. We can't get the track. Concreted. Until. The bottoms formed, and the bottom hasn't been able to be formed because of the weather and it's sort of each, holds. Each each sneaks it step ups and I guess it is what it is now just have to try and make it work with. A muddy unpaved. Track, things, are not about to get any easier, they. Still have heavy bulky, materials like, jib board kitchen. Fittings, and furniture. To bring up, there's. No question, that Robin, and David's house is going to be the private, retreat, that, they've always hoped. And dreamed for. But. Even when it's finished, it will never be an easy site, to live on I just. Hope when, they, finally move in but, they feel that the big, compromise. That they've made for the access, has. Been worth it. It's. 11, months since Robin and David embarked on their dream to leave behind the suburbs, of the mainland. Their. Vision to build amongst, the native trees on Waikiki Island, has taken almost twice, as long as they'd planned the. Last time I was here was the middle of winter and, with, all those major weather events, it slowed, things down considerably. So. I really, hope they've, managed to make some progress. At. Last, there's. A concrete path. It's. So, good to finally see, it in place and it. Makes the climb up to the house so. Much easier. Look, at the way that it just fevers, in between the trees beautiful. The. Final Bella strating may not yet be complete. But. I love the way the house blends into the native bush. Chris. Hey doing good. Congratulations. Guys, oh it's, come up well I love, the way that it twists, and turns against. The trees and, and then, the link into Jeff Shack it's just, magic. In a way it's grounding. It isn't it you know into its history absolutely. Into the land yeah, it's lovely in, the decks as well the way that they're floating, and then, this view through, between, the buildings is beautiful, it's almost like a kind of very special, first big, window. You're. Right it's like but I don't think we've thought of it as a window but yeah that's right.

The. Cedar entranceway. Is a standout. Feature that immediately, draws you in there. Was a surprise to us actually we've put a workout had that was going to work when we saw it we were where we were delighted. This, is very much about the art and crafts between. The, architect, and the Builder and. You really, feel, it here, I mean the quality of, the craftsmanship, the. Way that all of these complex, geometries. Have been resolved, Dale Ernestina, does such, a good job it's beautiful yeah, it's, a piece of art in itself isn't it it is and does, it look as exciting, on the inside absolutely yeah, Oh show. Me come on that's good. Oh gosh. Look at this, isn't. It pretty it's beautiful. That's. Your daughter's work it's a nice blue. She calls herself yep the detail, is amazing it's. Beautiful. Lu's tui, is a direct. Connection, to the bush and the, views from the two guest bedrooms downstairs. Continue. The relationship. What. A lovely space, it's, so, cozy. And Caprice isn't it. Drink. From that, tight intimate. Narrow, vertical space, to wool. The. Big horizontal. It's great lovely it's like walking up a letter and getting to the top of the platform window, oh sure. Is well you got your treehouse yeah it's special and, it, really carries you right, through to the window and I love, what you've done with, the. Window seat Dale of course has, handiwork, yeah. Beautiful and the, the green of the squabs that I wanted to find something that reflects, the the treetops, and I think that's the perfect color it seems it's, beautiful it's really well with you and then, with lovely textured. Walls like this there's, a bit of Jeff Shack in here it's like yeah, that was the idea I think was not yeah yeah absolutely. If we love the textures of wood and then again it's a connection. To the bush I also, love, the way the decks you know they pop, out and they're different angles, to give you quite different slices, of the box yeah yeah, and that one is officially we're.

Right In the trees yet when you're sitting out the actually feel like you are and they kind of people you, know the other thing that I'm really enjoying in, this place is the, articulation. Of the different spaces you know from the big living space with, a angled, ceiling and then that intimate, very, low ceiling over the kitchen it defines, that doesn't it it's a lower ceiling yeah this is that space yeah I just love the. Way it's lower at one end hard at, the corner even higher in the other corner and yeah. It's. Beautiful the way it just keeps going and. Going. Wow. It's a whole, different space. It's. Lovely, isn't it so it's a twist, yeah and in, a different slice. Of Bush, NBA. And a different slice of ocean yeah beautiful. So, doll again has built. This beautiful cabinet, for us I'm. Not a lovely, bit of AK a, very over-engineer that's daily engineered, this one got a deal supports and everything all right yeah go anywhere that, the attention, to detail especially, with the Timbers is lovely including, the louvers a nice touch to have some, more cedar there yeah you, really are in a treehouse you feel, it up. Here - oh yeah yeah you. Know I seen the trees and what I'm getting here is yet another glimpse. Of the bush exactly, from another, angle, so, we're on the low you're also in, the bush. Every. Inch of this home has been designed, to showcase the, natural, environment surrounding. It when Robin. And David's, minimalist, style is allowing, that to shine. From. The outside, coming, to this place and. Then. Of course discovering. Just Shack did, you imagine that it would be like this, I think it's probably. Exceeded. My expectations, when, we have been staying into before we're finished with, that looking out going, that's, where it's going to be and, those looking, near and yeah it's really handsome. Yeah those experiences. Has really grounded, us to the site and we actually know every inch of it definitely for me that is so fascinating, because I mean you, guys have loved a substantial. Portion of your lives in suburbia. And in. Order to really get the bush to, really want. To be isolate. And most in nature, there's, a big ask I mean it's quite it's quite a you, know a shift, with. Probably. Ready for a change. To suburbia. As well, yeah. And, it's this, speaking. Of challenges in, the early, days getting, up here to cutting things out let alone making, that path to enable, you to get up here, did. It percolate. At all that maybe this was a nutty, idea and, that you shouldn't hate very mess. Well. We may have had a couple of moments of, thinking oh my oh my goodness what are we doing did you imagine that.

The, Concreting, of the path would take so long not. Because. The final. Piece was only done last. Week, so. Good. Timing, with. All. These challenges, it. All adds up to something so. How, did you do in terms of the budget um, I think for the house around about 750. Thousand. Yeah more than we thought always more than we thought so I know really retirement, then know I'll be working yeah, a. Long. Long time do, you think it was money well. Worth, spending I, don't. Know in terms of the, value of the house and the. Land but we'd like to think that we've, done the right thing I love. You.

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Wow. I love the finished result. The views are spectacular.

Fabulous build! Any reason for the ABRUPT exit from the beautifully crafted video? "Like" why...? Can you add on the "two seconds"?

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