Documentary Design Building Beautiful House In Black 2018

Documentary Design Building Beautiful House In Black 2018

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Minced, your design dream. House would come, with a dream, location, but. They've chosen a flood-prone site. In an estuary between, Nelson and macho acre right. Next to a busy main road it's. Extraordinary it's beautiful, yet it has all these challenges. How did you come across it we drive by one day no, we drove to more much Eureka we use the wave so I didn't, see it we, were, looking Oh we, drove to make sure acre and, on the way to the eve of course we saw, this the, site the, real a number of issues that's made. It really challenging, to say well could, you actually build a decent house here so I saw that probably is a challenge yeah, yeah, so, what, have you got planned I, think. One of the things that we had to think about because, the roads quite close was mitigating. That noise and, so. I talked to my designer, and. He's. Designed, a pavilion so, that we've, got a, big, chunk of outdoor. Living where. We won't have the road noise, because. The building will mitigate. That, the, building challenge here I think, was dictated, by the council, and saying that we, had to take into account the, inundating, sea levels one of the things I thought of was if you build them to, a formats, that they. Can be relocatable, in the back of a truck and that's, the way it's been designed the connections, between the pavilions, are basically, just entrances. That can be, but, the change will just chop them half and you can just track your pavilions away. George. In Avon's house may, one day have its feet in the water so, 90, wooden piles will be driven into the ground to sit the floors well above the rising seas. Specially. Made noise-reducing, and heat retaining panels, will form the walls of two transportable. Pavilions. When. As a bedroom wing the, other houses an open-plan, kitchen and, living space a, third. Garage, pavilion, will be built conventionally. From scratch this. Will also house an office for George's retirement, projects. Inside. George. Wants, mmm, black space opening, onto a deck that's enclosed, on three sides giving. Shelter from the wind and constant. Traffic noise facing. Away from the motorway towards, the west and the hills a cladding. And roof, of corrugated, steel will, reflect the iconic, Apple packing sheds that pepper the coast the. Outside, too will be all black. It's. All starting to sound a little dark black. Black, white. Black. My. Designer. We're. Talking is it the whole thing. Externally. And internally, until. E as well all, the external. Walls and sighs and the, ceilings, are all dark. When. You say dark. It's. Kind of experimental. You know I have lived in those colors. Before but, because. Of the volume of spaces, I can see this working quite nicely I also. Think that we. Love arts and. Present. Ourselves very, nicely against, the black backdrop, I suppose I was the driver of it I think, Yvonne is on board with it all. Yeah. You, know the. Project will show, us in the end I love, this area I love the. History like. Right now that you can actually hear. And. And that's the thing that I suppose is quite. Confronting with, this road clearly, you guys are getting more and more deaf so it's not a big deal but. It. Would be for me but I think it's awesome that you're bringing design. To. Address, those, issues because, you, can always think, around, those kinds of challenges so I'm looking forward to seeing it good. Well we hope to see you. George. Is determined. To finish the build in six months, and keep the budget under, $500,000. To, prove that it's possible to, build affordable, energy efficient, housing i get. The sense this, is as much about leaving. An architectural, legacy as it is building. His dream home. With. George planning, to spend every waking hour on-site Yvonne, will keep working as a health and safety officer. In a small nelson hospital. It's. An enormous, amount of energy and it. Never. Stops really if, it's not working he's not happy his downtime, is when he's sporting. So. Yeah and that's just who he is, tiring. At times but. It's. All good. The, back of the garage is, this building here yep, so from the dick we've got one lift here one. D of one deer it's a big day for George, the build is underway. The. House needs to be built at least two meters above the high-tide mark which, means putting, the pavilions, on poles, 90. Of them the. Design is, based. On, three. Pavilions. Around. The courtyard that's also raised so, everything. That we're building has, to be on piles and off the ground to. Combat. The innovative sea levels that they're predicting for the next hundred years as well as keeping the house above rising, sea levels, these timber, poles are fast to put on and cost-effective. For deep foundations. Not. Removing, any earth is good for the environment and, the, bank account.

That. One's moved about that play to the bottom ramming, them into soft or wet ground, Ed's to this strength and stiffness because, it compacts, the soil around them. Unless, of course they. Hit rock, beneath, the surface I. Think. I heard a crack, terrific, marks, on the ground the course, you're. Trying to get the piles in exactly on the spot, but. It seems there's some big rocks underneath this, base. And, Sue's. Yet one of those annexin rolls a bit to the side and then you've gotta basically down, the wreck that's. Quick. One pile that's got to come out, and. That's the first one out of there maybe, 30, so. Hopefully. If you don't have to be near those ending. George's. Team includes, local builder, Darryl who, as a licensed. Builder should be, in charge but. I suspect George, as architect. Project, manager and client might, give him a run for his money. I. Like the bit perfect. You'll. Hear their a lot on this job. The. Program, that, are, pretty. Much who. Complained. Is the. First trick project, that actually. Needs to be run on time a. For. Cost reasons but also you. Know I want to be living in this house before it's a winter 2017. It, may look like it's all go but, George is taking a gamble starting. As tasman, council hasn't yet signed off the build with. His legacy, hinging, on a fast efficient. Build and with a site that will bog up in winter he. Doesn't want to spend the summer negotiating. With planners. We've. Got approval to do the tiling but out the conceit about, the next stage will be disappearance. And the joists, will. Have to have a year Bulaga seem proper so you've got to wait till. That and that hopefully. Can I be signed off for Christmas. Thank. You, it's, all about timing and. Staying. On track, they're. A little bit mad I guess quite a few people looked at the section before them and no. One really considered. Doing anything here I think. A lot of people cause, that they couldn't. But. Here, George just had a look and loved it instantly, around with it oh the whole town's actually talking about it at the moment that's been of a contentious, project. Mostly but doesn't. Bother me at least a. Contentious. Project, starting. Without the Lincoln Cent George's. Optimism, has put him in a place I wouldn't, want to be, to. Get the house closed, in by winter, he's, going to need the Tasman Council to cooperate. By. January. Building. Consent, has come through here in Tasman, Bay and, I'm, curious, to know how George and Yvonne's plans were approved for, a site so, vulnerable, to flooding, sure.

It's, Amazing. To really, enjoy. And witness this how, on earth, the. Georgia have on managed. To. Get to build on a site like this I know it's just incredible right so, the, particular piece of lien that they've selected as, a legacy. Title, so it's being titled way back in the late nineteen sixties and so it, was always able to be built on it was just a bad identifying, someone with the right dream got to make that happen George has been very, focused on the need to engage really, early with Desmond District Council and had a really good think about how he can create, a fabulous design, make it work for himself make a route for the neighbors and and of course all of us physical, environmental, elements, that we see so, what exactly did. George have to change some. Of the elements, that needed to be considered, are, around, the fact that the. Property is only two meters above mean sea level for example before, you get started yes it's not a lot to work with Thea Georgia, navona have elected, to to. Raise the, dwelling itself, and to. Be able to relocate their property in the future should, environmental. Change driver need to do that that's, innovative stuff. George's. Driving, construction. As hard as he drives himself and the, build is well and truly underway. The. First three weeks. After. A nine-hour, day and, then half-hour, travel to from work you know the pretty long days I'd. Get home sitting it's here and I do fall asleep you know even. Though I'm a quote by. Standards, of fitness I'd be called quite fat but. This kind of works another, level I must. Say there you, know I feel. Eloquently. Competent. To, participate. On-site all day and come home Levin beer, there. Are two separate, builds going on today George. Has brought in a team to knock off that traditionally, constructed garage. Which. Will then provide storage, and shelter, on site, while. He and Daryl, race to get the two main pavilions, ready for the arrival of the noise-reducing heat retaining, set panels, and the link was right 100. The. Polystyrene, is. Again. This is a high, energy efficient, house so we are doubling up on the code, for the floor, insulation. So. We've got this thick, insulation. Heping which also stiffens. The floor up well, good. Well. George readies, the house for cold south island winters, keen. Gardener Yvonne is making the most of the summer Sun. I just, like being out here it's, such a I, mean. You, don't even notice the road noises just quite, a peaceful. Spot. And luckily, George. Works I put her over that lease, and. He sometimes doesn't, get that not everybody's, mic and he, finds that quite frustrating. So I have to try and temper that intolerance. A little bit you, know why aren't people to work at 7:00 o'clock every. Morning and. Everybody. Functions, quite the same way. George. As. It turns out this. Isn't the first house in Nelson George has designed. Well. This is something. A little bit different George, yes. My goodness, that morbid yet mystical, it's abstract, and it's elegant. Its refined, it's. Very. Super, modern so this was your first build and Nelson, it, was, yep. It, was. Intended. To be a retirement. Home no. Way yes. I'm, kind of shocked I thought, George was building, his retirement, dream home but, he's done that already well. What have you. My. Goodness, and you lift this I did. Oh it's, magnificent. You, know a good. Martini, or a glass of wine I'd be quite happy sitting right. Here what. Were, you thinking.

This. Was to, be a, dream. Retirement home and. That'll. Win very role until. It was finished and, I'd, had. The chores list for me long been. Through that and thought well what's, next is it, less about, literally. The, object, that you're creating and more about the process you, know it's, not about necessarily. About, the building, it's, about how you feel you, want to live and. Express yourself were there any ideas, that you explored, here, that, you've, extended. Or tried, in a slightly different way this. House is a high-tech energy-efficient. House the, one we're doing over there we're going to go for, better, insulation, better, glazing. Better. Mechanical, ventilation recovery, system so, that. Level is going to be up what, can I say you know, both. Houses are lovely houses and we would have been happy to live them either. But. We've just made the choice there but, you just got itchy fingers. In. The process and really, a, deep. Passion for you yeah yeah, yeah yeah I love what I do and. As. I say you know we. Don't know how long we're gonna be in the next house for. If. Health takes us to. Ripe old age you might stay there for a long time but you don't even know what's around the corner. Since. Selling the first house George, and Yvonne have been renting close to Yvonne's work but. George reckons, he loses too much time, commuting, to the new building, site, so. They're. Moving in. This. Is it into. The project so. This. Is gonna be it for the next two months, why, pay you know big rent in town security. For sites I like being on site anyway, so I was asleep here and, I. There's. A treble in, there and a half day, so. It all makes sense to me just to come, out here. Till. We need. Toward. A chair and a bead I. Wonder. Whether Ivana, is going to be as enthusiastic about, their new accommodation. The. Garage is now complete, and the team is ready to start hoisting the steel frames on to the removable, pavilions. From. Here on there's, no room for error. Everything. Has to be precise, or George's, prefabricated. Panels won't fit well. We're trying to coordinate as much as we can because you've got a high Abe coming so. Anything, that we can or, we don't, have to lift physically. They. Use a higher for I think it's a bonus and. It does put a bit of pressure on people to. Have. That work ready. I think. Most people have struggled with keeping. Up. But. The invoice did you tell her nearly 70, year old to slow down. It. Makes no sense is it we're. Trying to get three. Portal frames up and they're, better the basic structure that's kind of supports strikes, with each lay the pebbles we wonder have them on the inside of the house not. In the walls because the walls are all insulated, and of steel as a conductor you. Don't want that in, contact with the outside here so, they're going to be visible and. We're. Going to keep them in black steel we're not going to paint them so. Again, bit of a feature. It's gonna go my way a Timbers. Forgiving you could put a planer on it and you know but still, we've. Got a millimeter, and a half on each side. To. The subpoenas, so everything's has to just, fit. Perfectly. Bareback. It's what we want to hear. Good. Yeah. I think today's aim, has. Been achieved and that we've pretty well I'm happy, that's all. The preparation, work that we put into it was this one the. Next stage of the build is going to be critical. George. Has meticulously. Designed, 120. Insulated. Panels, that must all interlock. Perfectly, to, form the structure of his house and, they're. All precast. So. Any mistakes will, be a big problem. It's. The day of reckoning for George his, structurally, insulated panels. Have arrived on site his, design, depends, on these panels for sound and heat insulation, and his, budget depends, on how quickly he, and builder Darrell can put them together.

Really. Incredible saying. All of this. Basically. The. Walls the, rows everything. The. Whole building, is already here. It's. Just waiting, to be assembled. Hello. Good, to see you again, nice. To see you George it is so, am, i guessing right that you're, the only one that's camping, out here you've, left your wife. Presumably. In a sensible place look, this. There's. A plant by the front door don't you that's. It's. A field in touch huh. Just. Mind your stomach yeah boy this is funny Billy Butlin. So. Where'd these come from going. Backwards Nelson, for China. In, the, States, no, right yeah and it's kind of crazy isn't it that that is, necessary. To get this kind of product, immediately a very expensive my. Some say that on. Average for. The roof and the wall were. Paying $200. A square meter. But. We're getting a bit. Of construction I believe and a bit written over the house they're traditional, so saving. Is in the labor and. That's. Probably up to 25, to 30% lease, it's. A benefit, in terms of savings. But particularly, the amount of labor and the equipment, that's, right, yeah it's, I think something. That. Needs. To be demonstrated a bit more Newseum that people can see the alternatives, to just. Temporary. Houses I agree. With George I'd love, to see more prefabricated. Systems, like this not, only used in New Zealand but. Made, here as well just. Like a bought one this. Has been sitting around it as a way of making buildings. For actually, quite a long time we, just needed somebody like George to kick. It off here. The. Panel's, fit together perfectly which. Is a testament, to George's planning, and design. Made. Out of two layers of strand, board were thick polystyrene. Sandwiched, between them, their, ability to interlock means you can build about 30 percent faster the. Real test will be whether they're enough to keep out the road noise and the, South Island cold. Darrell. You've done a lot of traditional. Construction how, do you find it in terms of speed well, it's pretty much a finished. Product on the inside, so there's no jib. Everything's. Straight not. Having to play in your frames down or. Until. 8, at huge. Failings and this was put up in minutes yeah yeah. It's looking pretty good so far well. The panels may be contemporary. Technology. George, has, future-proofed the pavilions, with an idea as bold as it is simple, you. Did design. This in the first place to be able to cast, off the new I mean the idea of a relocatable. Well, you, know we, don't know what the future is going to bring you know whether we ever get this meter, rise and sea level or not but. I thought well if you go down again they have a trick there fail you might as well make it a house and exit II could. Be not. Floated, off but next retract off site so, yeah the whole thing you. Know three pavilions connectiveness. Two. Bits of corridor. And flat, roof that, you can put your chase or through as it were and, drive. The track and leave a house and where, you go so I just suddenly, realized, it's a raft that you're building you're dealing the ark yeah. I'm. Actually really enjoying. This, the sense of what this landscape, brings. To, your house and in, what you're doing with it and it just makes so, much sense to me and one, of the reasons it does make sense is it, draws so heavily on local, architecture. This.

Entire Coastline, is, full. Of buildings like this old. Agricultural, packing. Sheds that. Sit with their toes in the water and. It's. Clearly a big inspiration, for, georgeanna, bonds bills which, is only just around, the corner and of, course this, area isn't just, about the buildings, it's. About the environment and, Yvonne, is keen, to plant this section sympathetically. I'm, really, looking, more, for both. Productive, and native probably, used fruit trees or screening, around the water, tanks, and. Just. As, fellows, and. Yeah. That's, probably it I'm not going to I don't want to be a slave to the garden, so I don't. Have to be quite selective about, what I do I'm. Not sure how much a few trees will soften the black house but. One of the black houses George's, vision, Yvonne's. Planting, decisions are, going to be vital for how their home is seen from the road, definitely. A joint project and, and he talks to me all the way through and that's good it's got to be a space that works for both of us say yeah. But, the. Design, and builders definitely, has his. Project. I've, done my fair share of living in tents, but, life and a caravan, in the middle of a building site is hardly, the dream home George promised, at Ron. Wow. Exciting day yeah, doing those first panels up it's, funny isn't it it goes, from almost. Two-dimensional. Even, with the framing there and to suddenly have those panels, and to immediately. See. Where Windows are yeah. Because you're basically building a solid wall and that's I think it's no longer, transparent. This must, be a special moment because I mean the preparation, that's gone into this is huge. Almost. Suspicious, when he married me. I'm. Always intrigued by people. Who. Do. Something really extraordinary it, created. Beautiful, house as you too have done and then thinking oh that's, too easy let's let's go on to the next adventure and, and, here, you are. And. This is the next adventure, how. On earth, does. It feel to be living, in this it. Wouldn't have bothered me if it had have been their teeth as long as it was waterproof, but. Once, you get to their points of, completion, and. Code compliance, you know Becky you think well you know you. Don't Luther but you say completion. George and I'm really wondering is. That the, goal or, is it the journey that you love I think, you're right you know by the time we get settled, here. Even. Thinking, well what's next but you know we, do want to stay here for a significant. Period of time I think and. Enjoy the area, in particular kind. Of adjustment, actually. Fantails. Following, you around the section, and fine. And the garage. When you're in there and out again and, mice. Following. Your yeah. I. Had, shimmer Easter, Egg for mice oh really. Yes it's the time of the year that those all creatures, finds all. The comfort, and you, know. And, clearly. They worked out who is, mister installation. Sharing. A tiny Caravan, with visiting, rodents, may feel novel, now but, with the cold weather on the way I'm wondering, how long their optimism, will last. It's. The start of winter a time, when George had hoped to have the build already, closed in today. They're finally lifting on the ceiling, which has taken a lot of preparation. Hey. We need to mark those chains at some point for, the right height the. Team has assembled 24. Small roof panels, into six large, panels, the, theory is the six panels will go together more quickly saving. Both time and money. The. Prefab, should really prove itself to be a bonus. Doing. It this way rather than lifting. 24. Panels up to make up a roof for now lifting six up so. A fee, that will save us a lot of time, stop, pulling your way pulling your way.

We've. Done all the prep work to make sure that can, go as smoothly as possible so, we know pretty much where the panel's hit the land on the edges it's, got to come about. Five. Mil extremely. Precise, cuts means a tight fit and George and Daryl persuade, the panel's into position, more. So. That was the first petal of six the. Next one will be the same size and the other side of the roof and then we've got four. Large panels, we're about twice the size of what we just did to. Finish off this building so if we can get them on. Sort. Of as we've got the first one wrong we should be all right yeah. Keep coming. These. Largest, ceiling panels are 22, square meters in size and, weigh about 3/4. Of a ton the. Idea of lifting a roof on and such, big pieces is exciting. But, George and Daryl, will have to get it exactly. Right if they, don't they'll. Find the last panel doesn't fit. So. If you push your in a bit further Darryl's the, tops about seven, the bottom here's ten these. Are seriously. Big pieces of roof they're levering, precisely, into place keep, going it's, coming. Yep. That's. Us. Darryl. Is keeping, continuous, communications. With the crane operator, to, help guide the huge panels, into place. We're. Not you lean up on that wall with, both builder, and owner feeling, the pressure tensions. Are running high stop. Nice, not. George. You need to be quietly, no, you, need you need to give the proper instructions, Darryl no. You're not. To. Add to the stress there's, another problem the, connecting, timber is glued into the wrong end of the panel. So. That leads to be rectified, of. The wrist the afternoon, and then we'll. Come back tomorrow and, do the other tune remaining, panels of this roof. Say. Better. Than disappointment, even with the best laid plans things, can go wrong a. Disappointment. For George who, has to keep the crane for another, day adding both time and cost. A trip. To Christchurch. To see daughter Sam, and visit, Avon's brother David. Let's George escape the pressures of the build and gives. A Vaughn a break, after six weeks in the caravan. He. Likes George. Come. With me. It's. Really cool case yeah yeah. So first break since June, reason is, ticking. Away from the sights yeah flush. Toilet, tick. Shower. With the power tick, it is quite nice just pulling.

Out Of the projects, for. A couple of days and just, putting, your feet up and George, is building a new house. Good. I'm. Intrigued. To see what it's going to look like I, think it's gonna be very boy. I think of black as dark so. I'm, sure, it will all come to get they're both, got good creative eyes you've. Never been one to go with, what everyone else does no. I. Think, it's doing. What George's always wanted to do which, is nice I, hope. This is the last time with. A spare room for David, to come and stay there's, also room, to hang some of his artwork, he. Has a, very, good eye, for form. And in color, and detail layer so. Meticulous. Little. Bit you know we're giving this big long hallway. He's got more room to, actually hang a few things of, herself, as well. By. July, the team have managed to get the house closed in though. It's now a month past when George wanted to have the Bell finished. Today. He's, installing, a sewage, system designed. To prevent any pollution, to the estuary, site by separating, and filtering. Waste. Well. We're trying to get a profile, of what, the sandbank should, be before, the tops all goes on and. Again. This because new. Territory, for all these drain layers. So. Once, we get the first section set up they'll know exactly what they're doing and, they. Can take it from there this. Is pretty much a maintenance-free, other, than giving. Your sludge out of the septic tank every three to five years depending on the use, it. Looks after itself no, pure gravity, feed and, the. Scientific, evidence also shows that it comes up with the most clean healed, result so. For this environment, here it's probably. The only persist in there I think. Justifies. Being, near the sea. Basically. Child's, play with me laying these pipes have a little nice little sand, bed you know and then, till then cover it up basically. Within the next two hours or something so it's. It's I'm, very impressed. It's been insisting. To work on understanding roots. The raised beard keeps, there that water table, so. That prevents. Any sort of. Politely. Street so. It's been well thought out and well designed. A month. Later the, walls are primed and it's, time for the all-important. Black paint. Pretty, unusual at. The elevators. The, first of May of 2014, sometimes, much to the his play. 2025. Years before the word again while the widget here, or the painters bored me they said look you. Committed. Once it's on it's on it's, gonna take five or six coats to change this color I thought that go, for a boys that's it I'm happy. This. Is a big, moment for Avant it is, the first time she's seen a black paint actually, on her new walls and ceiling. That's. Black. Stack. Right. From the word go I'm I've been. Black. Inside. Not. Sure. But. I trust, my husband, as always and. Yeah. Because, Donna. Made, a good choice it's. Quite a soft. Warm. Black. I think love. The sheen, on it in the way the texture. Of the stream, would shine up. It's. Very cool very. Cool will, obviously add a bit of color and some. More black. Yeah. I think with the views and the light. Thinking. Lovely really, a nice living space I can't, wait to get Stefan. Good. It's, really good Yvonne, has, given the black her stamp of approval. But. It looks like the feature wall colour conversation. Is not over yet, yeah, yeah yeah they could no, they're not don't like the blue. The. Greens good blues, to light I think. The blue needs a bit more deep vein. We can add a bit of black to it. With. Consultation, of, course asure, always, consultation. It'll be on the on, the test board. I'm. Not, yet fully convinced, about the black interior but. You can't fault George's boldness the. Question, for me is whether, the finished house will be a beautiful, peaceful home, or. A noisy. Black box. It's. Been a month since I was last here in Tasman, Bay and I'm, feeling, a little nervous I. Can't. Wait to see George in yovan's home is. It going to be a black. Brooding. Or. A really. Elegant, time, oh. Wow. Gosh. So. Elegant. Oh. Look. Who's here today. Chris. Nice, to see you Wow, congratulations. Well. Done yeah. My goodness it looks. Amazing. Yes you should. The. Exterior, detailing, adds bursts, have red to the black sheds and the, court in steel window surrounds, balance the two removable, pavilions. Perfectly. Almost. Like eyebrows, looking, out to the main road will. Show me around I can't wait to have a look inside, Lygia oh. My. Goodness. This. Isn't anywhere near as black as I was expecting. We's all the black. Okay. Oh gosh. This. Really is black in here. Yep. Wow love the texture, and it feels nice doesn't it yeah it does it feels.

Quite. Different than I was expecting you know there's a lot more warmth and pepper sets the shame but the texture is beautiful, like. It we've. Got another color in here Lovelady. It just breaks. The back a little bit to know, that makes a problem but you know it's the highlight. The, black makes, it feel surprisingly, cozy, and, with. The house finished, the insulated, panels have reduced the road noise to a background murmur. Ah this. Is nice this. Is our white gallery, or, which we like to display, art I'm, looking at all sorts of details here too you know like this, yes, that handle by the way is something, that are designed in Turkey back in, 2003. I think it was beautiful. And water what are these ah. These, are David's, pictures, we've got a selection of his work which we're going to put up on this fall Wow. Gosh. Look. At this though I can't believe this this is gorgeous. It's, the most gorgeous Lake. Space I think of ever been oh there's, a lot of windows and it gives it a lot of light so certainly. I wasn't, too, shocked when I walked in here for the first time you know I'm really excited about house will come together with, with. The ours and the shelving, and the the, curtains, and the lights and there. Isn't quite a bit happening but I think it's all complimentary, black. Theory. But equally, that you know the texture, of the, Strand board really. Works in here but, in contrast. The, huge, refinement. Of little. Details, like the. Curtain rails you. Know the super. Elegant it. Is the. Modified. You know elegant, internal, side of a sheath and that's what. We wanted magic. So I guess. What I'm getting here then is that you guys are staying it sounds like again, yeah yeah. Well. You know yes. The. Outdoor courtyard, connects, the pavilions, perfectly, and the, fact that they can be detached and, removed at the sea level rises adds another, layer of genius. To George's, design. And then. You've got this lovely, little gap is, the separation. It accentuates the, the, two pavilions the connection, and it just feels very natural you know that, the whole winter summer thing I guess as well it's mean big thing here what, I love. Especially. There's. More going on in between, these. Posts, in the post it's an unopposed. Typical. Gorge. And. The flow through here is, magnificent. With, this going to the. Walkway to the mountains the. Sleeps to nowhere. Really but it's a good, representation, of what is in the area there's a lot of broken-down. Peers. And I think it just fits into the, whole. Environment, really nicely. What. A great spot it is yeah. I am. Utterly, blown away I. Love. What you've done I think, you know you've taken a, bunch of big, hairy audacious. Challenges. And. Created. A gym which to, me feels, like, it, really belongs, here, I love. It Tibet's it's, got a bit of attitude isn't it. Been. A little bit more adventurous in, this last, house but. I'm really, really happy with it. The, acoustic, performance, of the house is also really important, I mean that, road is busy, we. Can hear it how, do you feel about that there's. Road. Noise but, it's not. Invasive. We. Have double glazing on, the road side normal, opening windows and. You, had. A radio. Or TV on at low level you wouldn't even hear that what's. Happening in the background but we think it's quite acceptable. Because. It was a modular, build and, your, ambition, was to have. It them in six, months, how. Did you do when. He was 8 now isn't it hey mate but. I reckon you could knock off another, team at 20% in. That time frame what about the, budget the. Budget at the beginning, was. Remind. Me 550. 550, so, what did it come out at, 572. 572. Yeah. Wow. And, that includes counsel. Fees. Congratulations. And and architecture, fees know that well. That's. Extraordinary. Well. Nicely. Finished house - lets see - and, it's 300 square, meters roughly that, was part, of my goal. Was to design. And, build. Something. That I thought was gonna be worthy to live in and, I can say well you know if you can do that other than affordable, costs then. Why. Are we building one of these things for the people that need it you know so, all I'm left with is. Asking. Yvonne, you know isn't it too black for. Me. This. So. Much light anyway, and in. The daylight it's like a warm. Black. The. Painter said you, mind if my fur comes with a look at it he.

Confessed The other day that he's never got black in his own house. Well. Done it's, magic. The. Huge dick comes into its own for its very first party, and I. Get the sense there'll be many, more to come. George. George. Set out to showcase, a way to build affordable, and, energy. Efficient, housing in the, process, he. Designed, and built a home, that is both modest, and striking. But. Having achieved this, extraordinary, build, I'd like. To thank that, Georgina Vaughn can. Take the time to, enjoy, this. Beautiful home they've created, here. In Tasman, Bay. You.

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