Do you trust this computer? | Elon Musk recommended | Doc:02

Do you trust this computer? | Elon Musk recommended | Doc:02

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On. The brink of is, a world, of increasingly. Intense. Sophisticated. Artificial. Intelligence. Technology. Is evolving so much faster than, our society, has the ability, to protect, us as citizens. You. Have a networked intelligence that watches us knows. Everything about us and, begins, to try to change us. Technology. Is never good or bad it's what we do with the technology. Eventually. Millions. Of people are going to be thrown out of jobs because their skills are going to be obsolete. Unemployment. Regardless. Of whether to be afraid or not afraid the. Change is coming, and nobody can stop him. We've, invested huge amounts of money and so it stands to reason that the military, with, their own desires, are, gonna start to use these technologies. Autonomous. Weapons systems, would lead to a global arms race to, rival, the nuclear, era. So you know what the answer is they'll. Eventually be killing us. These. Technology. Leaps are gonna yield incredible. Miracles, and. Incredible. Horrors. We. Created it. So. I think as we move forward this, intelligence. Will, contain parts of us. But. I think the question is will. It contain the good parts. Or. The bad parts. The. Survivors, called the war Judgment. Day, they. Lived only to face a new nightmare. Against. The machines. I, think. We completely. Us up I think. Hollywood has managed to inoculate the, general public against, this. Question, the. Idea of a machines that will take, over the world. Open. The pod bay doors, oh, I'm. Sorry. Dave I'm. Afraid I can't, do that. Al. We've. Cried wolf enough times out the public has stopped paying attention because, it feels like science fiction even sitting here talking about it right now it feels a little bit silly a little bit like oh this, is an artifact, of some. Cheeseball, movie the whopper, spends, all its time thinking. About World, War three, but. It's not. The. General public it is about to get blindsided, by this. As. Is, decided as individuals, we're increasingly. Surrounded. By a machine intelligence. We. Carry this pocket, device, in, the palm of our hand that we use to make a striking. Array of life decisions, right now aided. By a set of distant, algorithms, we have no understanding. It's. Already pretty jaded about the idea that we can talk to our phone and that mostly. Understands, us. Years. Ago no, way. Robotics. Machines, that see and, speak, and listen all that's real now and these, technologies are. Going to fundamentally change our society. Now. We have this great movement, of the self-driving cars. Driving. A car autonomously. Can move people's, lives into a better place. I've. Lost a number of family members including my mother my, mother and sister-in-law and their kids to, automobile, accidents, it's. Pretty clear we, can almost eliminate, car. Accidents, with automation. 30,000. Lives in the US alone, about a million around the world per year. In, healthcare early, indicators, are the name of the game in that space so. That's another place where it can save somebody's life. Here. In the breast cancer Center all the things that the. Radiologist brain does in, two. Minutes, the computer goes instantaneously. A computer. Has looked at 1, billion mammograms. And it takes that data and applies, it to this image instantaneously. So. The medical application, is profound. Another. Really exciting area that we're seeing a lot of development, and is actually. Understanding, our genetic, code and. Using that to both, diagnose, disease and create personalized, treatments. The. Primary application, of all these machines will, be to extend our own intelligence. We. Were able to make ourselves smarter and, it, will be better at solving problems. Because. I'll have to age will actually have to stay on Aging we'll be able to stop it. There's. Really no limit to what intelligent, machines can do for the human race. How. Could a smarter, machine not be a better machine. It's. Hard to say exactly when, I began, to think that that was a bit naive. Stuart. Russell he's basically, a God in the field of artificial intelligence he, wrote the book that, almost every University uses, I used. To say it's the best-selling AI. Textbook, now I just say it's the PDF that stolen most often. Artificial. Intelligence, is, about making computer smart and from. The point of view of the public what, counts as AI is just, something that's surprisingly. Intelligent compared, to what we thought computers. Would typically be able to do. AI. Is. A field, of research to. Try to basically, simulate. All kinds, of human capabilities.

We're. In an AI era. Silicon. Valley has the ability to focus on one bright, shiny thing it, was social, networking in social media over the last decade, and it's pretty clear the bit has flipped and, it starts, with. Machine learning when. We look back at this moment what was the first AI it's. Not sexy, and it isn't the thing we consider the movies but you'd make a great case that Google. Created. A search engine but a God had a, way. For people to ask any. Question they wanted and get the answer they need it most. People are not aware that what, Google is doing is, actually a form of artificial intelligence they. Just go, there they type in a thing Google, gives them the answer, with. Each search we. Train it to be better sometimes. We type in the search and it tells us the answer what you finished, asking the question. You. Know who is the president. Of Kazakhstan and, it'll just tell you you. Don't have to go to the Kazakhstan, national website to find out didn't. Used to be able to do that, that. Is artificial, intelligence, years. From now when we try to understand, we. Will say well how do we miss it it's. One of these striking. Contradictions. That we're facing Google, and Facebook at all have built businesses on, giving us as a society free, stuff but. It's a Faustian, bargain they're. Extracting. Something, from us in exchange. But. We don't know what, code is running on the other side and why we have no idea. It. Does strike right at the issue of how much we should trust, machines I. Use. Computers. Literally. For everything. There's. So many computer, advancements. Now and, it's. Become such a big part of our lives it's just incredible. What a computer can do you can actually carry a computer in your purse I mean. How awesome, is that, I think. Most technology, is, meant. To make things easier and simpler for for, all of us so. Hopefully. I just remains the focus I think. Everybody, loves, their computers. People. Don't realize they, are constantly, being negotiated. With, by. Machines. Whether. That's the price of products in your Amazon cart whether. You can get on a particular, flight whether. You can reserve a room at a particular hotel, what. You're experiencing. Our machine, learning algorithms, that have determined that a person, like you is willing to pay two cents more and is changing the price. Now. Computer, looks at millions. Of people simultaneously, for, very, subtle, patterns. You. Can take seemingly. Innocent. Digital, footprints, such as someone's. Playlist, on Spotify or. Stuff, that they bought on Amazon, and then. Use algorithms, to translate. This into a very detailed and very accurate, intimate. Profile. There. Is video CA on each of us that is so extensive, it would, be possibly, accurate, to say that they know more about you than your, mother does. Major. Cause, of the recently I breakthrough, it isn't just that some dude. Had a brilliant insight. All, of a sudden but, simply, that we have much bigger data, to train them on and vastly. Better computers. The. Magic is in the data it's. A ton of data, I mean, it's data that's never existed before we've never had this data before. We've. Created, technologies. That allow us to capture vast. Amounts, of information, if. You think of a billion, cell phones on the planet with gyroscopes, and accelerometers. Fingerprint. Readers couple, that with the GPS, and the photos they take and the tweets that you send we're. All giving off huge. Amounts of data individually. Cars. That drive as the cameras, on them suck up information about the world around them the satellites, that are now in orbit the size of a toaster, the infrared about, the vegetation, on the planet the boys that are out in the oceans defeating into climate models.

And The, NSA the. CI is they collect information about, the geopolitical, situations. The. World today is literally swimming in this data. Back. In 2012. IBM. Estimated. That an average human being leaves, 500. Megabytes, of digital. Footprints, every, day if. You wanted, to back up only, one day worth of data that humanity, produces, and you, print it out on a letter size paper, double-sided. Font. Size 12 and, you, stack, it up it, would reach from the surface of the earth to the Sun. Four. Times over this. Every day. The data itself is not good or evil, it's how it's used we're. Relying really. On the goodwill of these people and on the policies. Of these companies there. Is no legal requirement for. How they can and should use that kind, of data that to. Me is at the heart of the trust issue. Right. Now there's a giant race for creating machines, that are as smart as humans Google. They're working, on what's really the kind of Manhattan Project of artificial intelligence they've, got the most money they've, got the most talent, they're, buying up AI companies, and robotics, companies. People. Still, think of Google is a search engine and their email provider and, a lot of other things that we use on a daily basis but. Behind, that search box are. 10, million servers. That. Makes Google the most powerful, computing, platform, in the world Google. Is now working on an AI computing. Platform, that will have a hundred, million servers. So. When you're interacting with Google we're just seeing the toenail, of something that is a giant, beast in the making and the. Truth is I'm not even sure that Google knows what it's becoming. If. You look inside of what algorithms, are being used at Google it's. Technology, largely, from the 80s. So. These are models that you train by showing them a 1 a 2 and a 3 and it, learns not what a 1 is or what a 2 is it learns what the difference, between a 1 and a 2 is it's. Just a computation. In. The last half, decade where we've made this rapid progress it has all been in pattern recognition. Most. Of the good old fashioned, AI, was. When we would tell our computers, how to play a game like chess, from.

The Old paradigm. Where you just held a computer exactly what to do. The. IBM, challenge. No. One at time had, thought that a machine could have the precision and, the confidence, and the speed to, play jeopardy well enough against the best units let's, play jeopardy. Four. Letter word for the iron fitting, on the hoof of a horse Watson. What is shoe you are right you get to pick literary. Character, APB, for 800, and, so for Daily Double. Watson. Actually got its knowledge by reading Wikipedia and. 200, million pages of natural language documents, you can't program every. Line of how the world works, mushiya. Has to learn by reading now. We come to Watson, who, is Bram Stoker. And. Hello. 41:13. And a to date. Watson's. Trained on huge, amounts of text, but. It's not like it, understands, what it's saying it. Doesn't know that water makes things wet by touching water and by seeing the way things behave in the world the way you and I do a lot. Of language, a itay is not building, logical. Models of how the world works rather, it's looking, at how, the words, appear. In the context, of other words. David. Ferrucci developed, IBM's Watson and somebody asked him this, Watson to think and he. Said does a submarine, swim. And. What he meant was when they developed submarines they borrowed basic principles, of swimming. From fish, but. A submarine, swims farther and faster than fishing Canaria huge payload without swims fish. Watson. Winning the game of Jeopardy will, go down in the history of AI as the significant, milestone. We. Tend to be amazed when the Machine does so well I'm even, more amazed when, the computer, beast humans and things that humans are naturally, good at this. Is how we make progress. In, the early days of the, Google brain project I gave the team a very simple, instruction, which was built, the biggest neuro Network possible, early, 2000, computers. In. Your net is something very close to a simulation of how the brain works it's. Very probabilistic. But, with. Contextual, relevance, in, your, brain you have long neurons that connect to thousands, of other neurons and you have these pathways that are formed and forged based on what the brain needs to do when. A baby tries, something and it succeeds there's a reward and, that, pathway. That created, the success is strengthened, if, it fails at something the, pathway is weakened and so over time the brain becomes honed to be good at the environment, around it. Really. It's just getting machines to learn by themselves is, it called deep learning and deep learning and neural networks mean roughly the same thing. Deep. Learning is, a. Totally, different approach where. The computer learns more like a toddler, by. Just getting a lot of data and eventually. Figuring. Stuff out, the. Computer just gets smarter, and smarter as it. Has more experiences. Let's. Imagine if you will the neural network you know like a thousand computers, and the, weights are not knowing anything and we, made it watch YouTube, for, a week. And. So. After watching YouTube for a week what were they learn we, had a hypothesis, they'll learn to detect commonly occurring objects, in videos. And so we. Know the human faces appear a lot in videos so we looked and lo and behold there was a neuron that had learn to detect human faces. Know. What else appears in videos. A lot. So. We looked and saw surprise there was actually a neuron, and that had learn to detect cats I.

Still. Remember see recognition. Wow, that's a cat okay cool great. It's. All pretty innocuous when you're thinking about the future, it, all seems kind of harmless in benign. But. We're making cognitive, architectures, that will fly, farther and faster than us and carry a bigger payload, and they, won't be warm and fuzzy I think. That in three to five years you will see a computer system that will. Be able to autonomously. Learn. How. To understand. How to build understanding. Not. Unlike the way the human mind works. Whatever. That lunch was it was certainly delicious. Simply. A sum, of Robbie synthetics, is, your cook to even. Manufactures, the raw materials, come round, here Robbie. I'll. Show. You how this worked. One. Introduced, is a sample, of human food through this aperture. Down. Here there's a small built-in chemical. Laboratory, where he analyzed, it later he can reproduce identical. Molecules in in any shape or quantity a spiced. Cream. Meat. Baxter, revolutionary. New category, of robots, with common sense Baxter. Baxter, is a really, good example of the kind of competition we face for machines. Baxter. Can do almost anything we can do with, our hands. Baxter. Costs about what a minimum-wage. Worker makes in a year but. Baxter won't be taking the place of one minimum-wage worker he'll be taking the place of three because they, never gets hired they never take breaks. That's. Probably the first thing we're going to say, displacement. Of jobs they're. Going to be done quicker faster cheaper, by, machines. Our. Ability to even stay current is so insanely, limited, compared, to the machines we built. For. Example now we have this great movement, of uber and lyft are kind of making transportation cheaper, and democratizing, transportation, which is great the. Next step is going to be that the argument fades by travellers cars and then, all the uber and lyft drivers had to find something new so -. There. Are four, million professional, drivers, in the United States they're. Unemployed soon. 7. Million people to do data entry those. People are going to be jobless. A job. Isn't just about money, right. On a biological, level it serves a purpose becomes. A defining, thing when. The jobs went away in, any given civilization, it doesn't take long until that turns into violence. We. Face a giant divide between rich and poor because that's what automation. And AI will provoke or a greater divide between the haves and have-nots. Right. Now it's working into the middle class into white-collar, jobs. IBM's. Watson does. Business analytics, that we used, to pay of business, analysts $300, an hour to do. Today. You come at a college to, be a doctor to be an accountant, to be a journalist, it's, unclear that there's gonna be jobs there, for you. If. Someone's planning for a 40 year career in radiology. Just reading images, I think that could be a challenge to the new drivers of today. But, today we do a robotic, case. The. Da Vinci robot. Is currently, utilized by, variety. Of surgeons for, its accuracy. And its ability to avoid. The inevitable. Fluctuations. Of the human hand. Anybody. Who watches this feels, the amazingness, of it. You. Look through the scope and you seen the, claw, hand, holding. That woman's ovary, humanity. Was resting, right there, in the hands of this robot. People. Say it's. The future but it's not the future, it's. The present. If. You think about a surgical robot there's, often not a lot of intelligence in these things but over, time as we put more and more intelligence, into these systems the, surgical robots can actually learn from each robot, surgery, they're tracking the movements, they're understanding, what worked and what didn't work and eventually. The robot for routine, surgeries, is going to be able to perform, that entirely, by itself or. With human supervision. Normally. I do about 150 cases of hysterectomies. Let's say and, now. Most. Of them are done robotically. I do. Maybe one open case a, year so. Do I feel uncomfortable. Because. I had. To open bases anymore. It. Seems that we're feeding it and creating it but in. A way we. Are slave, to. The technology. Because. We. Can't go back. The. Machines are taking bigger and bigger bites out of. Our, skill set that are never increasing, speed, and. So we've got to run faster, and faster to keep her here to the machines. Are. You attracted, to me what, are you attracted, to me it. Gives me indications, that you are I. Do. Yes. This. Is the future we're headed aim to it we, want to design our. Companions. We're. Gonna like to see a human face on the I therefore, gaming. Our emotions, will be depressingly. Easy. We're. Not that complicated. Simple. Stimulus response I, can. Make you like me basically by smiling at you a lot. Yeah. Ours are gonna be fantastic of. Manipulating, us. So. You've developed a technology, that, can, sense, what people are feeling right.

We've Developed technology, that can read your facial expressions, and map that to a number of emotional, states, fifteen. Years ago I, had just finished my undergraduate. Studies, in computer science and it struck me that I was spending a lot, of time, interacting. With my laptops on my devices yet, these devices, had absolutely, no clue how. I was feeling I. Started. Thinking what if this device could sense that, I was stressed or I was having a bad day what, would that open up. For. You can. I get a hug. We. Had kids interact, with the technology a lot, of it is still in development but. It was just amazing. Who likes robots. Ask. My mom really, hard math questions. Okay. We're. Scaring, people, all. Right so start by smiling. Nice. Brow. Furrow. Nice. One eyebrow raised this. Generation, technology. Is just surrounding, them all the time. It's. Almost like they expect to have robots in their homes and they expect, these robots to be socially intelligent. What. Makes robots, smart. Put. Them in like a math, or biology class. I, think. You would have to train, all. Right let's, walk over here. So. If you smile and you raise your eyebrows it's gonna run over to you. But. If you look angry it's gonna run away. We're. Trading computers, to read and recognize emotions. And. The response so far has been really amazing people are integrating, this into health apps meditation. Apps robots. Cars. We're. Gonna see how this unfolds. Robots. Can contain, AI but. The robot is the physical, instantiation and, the artificial intelligence is the brain and so, brains can exist purely in software based systems they, don't need to have a physical form, robots. Can exist without any artificial intelligence, we have a lot of dumb robots out there, but. A dumb robot can be a smart, robot overnight, given, the right software, given, the right sensors. We. Can't help but impute. Motive into inanimate objects, we do it with machines we'll. Treat them like children we'll, treat them like surrogates. And. We'll. Pay the price. You. Get welcome to that yeah. My. Purpose is to have more, human-like robot, which has the human right the intention, desire.

The. Name, of the robot is Erica. Erica. Is the most advanced. Humanoid. Robot, in the world I think, Erica. And I can gaze at your face. Only. To our. Properties. And be pretty with the conversational partners, especially for. The Averys, and young children's, handicapped. People's, ideas, when. We talk to the robot we don't fear the social, barriers social, pressures. And. Finally. Everybody. Except. The, Android. As just. Our friend we're partners. We. Have implemented, a simple desire, and, she wanted to be a well, recognized, and she wanted to arrest. If. A robot could have an intention there's Oreos the robot can understand, other, people's. Intention, desires. That. Is tied relationships. With people and that means they like each other. That. Means well. I'm not sure and to, rub each other. We, build about official intelligence, and the very first thing we want to do is replicate us. I think. The, key point will, come when, all the major senses. Are, replicated. Sight. Touch. Smell. When. We replicate, our senses, is that when it becomes alive. So. Many of our machines are being built to understand, us. But. What happens with an anthropomorphic creature, discovers, that they can adjust their loyalty. Adjust, their courage. Adjust, their avarice adjust they're cutting. The. Average person they, don't see killer robots going down the streets they're like what are you talking about. Man. We. Want to make sure that we don't have killer robots going down the street. Once. They're going down the street it is too late. The. Thing that worries, me right now that keeps me awake is. The. Development, of autonomous weapons. Up. To now people, have expressed unease, about drones. Which. Are remotely piloted aircraft. If. You take a drones camera feed it into the AI system it's. A very easy step from, here to. Fully, autonomous, weapons that choose their own targets, release. Their own missiles. The. Expected, lifespan of a human being in, that kind of battling environment, will be measured in seconds. At. One point drones, or, science fiction and now. They've become the, normal, thing and war. There's. Over 10,000. In the US military inventory. Alone, but. They're not just a u.s. phenomenon there's, more than 80 countries that operate, them. It. Stands to reason that people. Making some of the most important, and difficult decisions in the world are, gonna start to use and implement artificial. Intelligence. The. Air Force just designed a four hundred billion dollar jet program to put pilots, in the sky and, a. $500. AI, designed.

By, A couple of graduate students as being, the best human pilots with. A relatively, simple algorithm. I. Know. I will have as big an impact on, the military as, the. Combustion engine had. At the turn of the century that, will, literally touch everything, that the military does from. Driverless. Convoys, delivering. Logistical, supplies to. Unmanned. Drones delivering, medical. Aid to, computational. Propaganda. Try and win the hearts and minds of the population, and so. It stands to reason that, whoever. Has, the best day I will, probably achieve dominance on this planet. At. Some point in the early 21st century all of mankind. Was united in. Celebration we. Marveled. At our own magnificence as, we gave birth, to a. In artificial intelligence a singular, consciousness that spawned an entire race, of machines. We. Don't know who struck first us, or them but. We know that it was us that scorched, the sky. There's. A long history of science fiction not just predicting, the future but, shaping, the future. Arthur. Conan Doyle riding. Before World, War one honor the danger of how, submarines. Might. Be used to carry out civilian. Blockades. At. The time he's writing this fiction the. Royal Navy made. Fun of Arthur, Conan Doyle for this absurd, idea, that, submarines, could be useful in, war. One. Of the things we've seen in history is that our attitude. Towards, technology but. Also ethics. A very context. Dependent, for example the submarine, nations. Like Great, Britain and even the I states found it horrifying, to use the submarine, in. Fact. The German use of the submarine to carry out attacks was, the reason why the United, States joined, World War one. But. Move the timeline forward. The United States, of America, was, suddenly and, deliberately. Attacked by, the Empire, of, Japan, five. Hours, after Pearl Harbor, the. Order goes out to, commit, unrestricted. Submarine warfare, against. Japan. So. Arthur, Conan Doyle turned out to be right. That's. The the great old line about science fiction it's, a lie that tells the truth fellow. Executives, it, gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the future of law, enforcement, edie 209. This. Isn't just a question of science fiction this, is about. What's next about what's happening right now. The. Role of intelligent. Systems is growing very rapidly in, warfare. Everyone. Is pushing in the unmanned, realm. Today. Secretary. Of Defense is very very clear we will not create fully autonomous, attacking, vehicles, not. Everyone, is going to hold themselves to that same set of values and when, China and Russia and start deploying, autonomous. Vehicles. That can attack and kill. What's. The move that we're gonna make. You. Can't say well we're going to use at homeless weapons for our our military dominance but no one else is. Going to use them if, you make these weapons they're, going to be used to attack, human.

Populations, In, large numbers. Autonomous, weapons that by. Their nature weapons, of mass destruction because it doesn't need a human being to guide it or carry it you, don't need it one person. To. You know write a little program. It's. Just captures, the. Complexity. Of this field it, is cool it is important. It is amazing. It. Is also frightening. And, it's. All about trust. It's. An open letter about artificial, intelligence signed, by some of the biggest names in science, what do they want ban. The use of autonomous, weapons the author stated, quote autonomous. Weapons, have been described, as the third revolution, in warfare thousand. Artificial, intelligence specialists calling for a global ban on killer, robots, this. Open letter basically. Says that we should redefine the goal of the, field of artificial intelligence away, from just creating, pure undirected. Intelligence. Towards. Creating beneficial, intelligence, the development, of AI is not going to stop it is going to continue and get better if the international. Community is in putting certain, controls, on this people will develop things, that, can do anything the letter says that we are years, not, decades away, from these weapons being deployed so we had six thousands, in countries of, that letter including, many of the major figures in the field. I'm. Getting, a lot of visits from high-ranking. Officials, who wish to emphasize that. American, malaria dominance, is very important, and, autonomous. Weapons may be part, of the, Defense Department's, plan. That's. Very very scary because a value, system of military developers. Of technology is not the same as the value system of the human race. Out. Of the concerns about the possibility, that this technology, might be a threat, to human existence a number. Of the technologists. Have funded, the future of life Institute to, try to grapple with these problems. All. Of these guys are secretive. And so it's interesting to me to see them at you know all together. Everything. We have is, a result of our intelligence, it's not the result of our big scary teeth or our. Large. Claws or our enormous muscles it's because we're actually relatively. Intelligent and. Among my generation, we're, all having what we call holy, cow or something wholly something else moments, because, we, see that the technology is accelerating faster, than. We expected. Remember. Sitting around the, table there with some, of the bests and the smartest minds in the world and what. Really, struck me was maybe. The human brain is not able to fully. Grasp the, complexity, of the world that we're confronted, with as. It's. Currently constructed the, road that AI is following heads off a cliff and we. Need to change the direction that. We're going so, that we don't take the human race off, the cliff. Google. Acquired deep mind several, years ago. Do. You mind operates as a semi independent subsidiary, of Google. The. Thing that makes deep, mind unique, is that deep mind is absolutely, focused on creating, digital. Super, intelligence, an. AI that is vastly smarter, than any. Here on earth and ultimately. Smarter than all humans, on earth combined this. Is from the deep mind, reinforcement. Learning system, basically. Wakes, up like. A newborn baby and is shown the screen of an Atari video game and then. Has to learn to play the video game. It. Knows nothing about, objects. About, motion about, time. It. Only knows that there's an image on the screen and there's a score. So. If your baby. Woke, up the day it was born and by later afternoon was. Playing 40.

Different Atari, video games at a superhuman, level, you. Would be terrified, you, would say my baby is possessed, send, it back, the. Deep line system can win at any game. It. Can already beat all the original Atari games. It. Is superhuman it plays the games at SuperSpeed in less, than a minute. Deep. Mine turned to another challenge, and the challenge was the game of Go which, people, have generally argued, has been beyond the power of computers to play with the best human go players. First. A challenge to european, go, champion. Then. They challenged, a korean go champion. And. They. Were able to win in both times and kind, of striking passionate. Here. Media articles in new york times years ago talking about how go would, take a hundred years, for, us to solve, people. Said well you know but that's still just a board. Poker. Is, an art poker involves, reading people poker involves lying bluffing. It's not an exact thing that will never be you know a computer, you can't do that they. Took the best poker players in the world and took. Seven days for. The computer to start demolishing. The humans. So. The best poker player in the world's best go player in the world and the pattern here is that AI might. Take a little while to wrap, its tentacles, around a new skill but. When it does when it gets it it. Is, unstoppable. Beep, mines AI has administrator. Level access, to Google's servers. To. Optimize, energy usage, at the data centers. However. This, could, be an unintentional. Trojan, horse eat, mine has to have complete control of the data centers so with a little software, update, that a I could take complete control of the whole Google system which, means they can do anything they. Can look at all your data you do anything. We're. Rapidly headed towards digital super intelligence, that far exceeds any human I think it's very obvious, the. Problem is we don't make suddenly hit, human level intelligence and, say okay let's stop research. It's. Gonna go beyond human level intelligence and, do what's called super intelligence, and that's anything smarter, than us. AI. At, the superhuman, level if we succeed without will be by far the most powerful. Invention. We've, ever made and the last dimension we ever have to make. And if, we create AI that's smarter than us we. Have to be open, to the possibility, that we, might actually lose control, to them. Let's. Say you give it some objective, like you're in cancer and then you discover that the, way it chooses to go about that is actually in conflict with a lot of other things you care about. Ai doesn't have to be evil to destroy humanity. If. AI has a goal and humanity, just happens to be in the way it. Will destroy him at the humanity as a matter of course without even thinking about it no hard feelings it's. Just like if we're building a road and an, anthill happens to be in the way we. Don't hate ants we're. Just building a road and so. Goodbye anthill. It's, tempting, to dismiss these concerns, because, it's, like something that might happen and a few decades or 100 years so. Why worry. But. If you go back to September 11th, 1933. Ernest, Rutherford who, is the most well, known nuclear physicist, of his time said. That the possibility, of ever extracting. Useful amounts of energy from the transmutation, of atoms as he called it was moonshine. The. Next morning Leo Szilard, who is much younger physicist, read, this and got really annoyed and figured. Out how, to make a nuclear chain reaction, just a few months later. We. Have spent more than two, billion dollars, on, the greatest scientific. Gamble, in history. So. When people say that oh this is so far off in the future we don't have to worry about it we, might only be three, four breakthroughs, of that magnitude, that, will get us from here to super, intelligent, machines. If. It's gonna take 20 years to figure out how, the, keep AI beneficial, then, we should start today. Not. At the last second when some, dudes. Drinking, Red Bull decide to flip the switch and test the thing.

We. Have five, years I think. Digital, super intelligence will happen in my lifetime. One. Hard percent. What, this happens it will be surrounded, by a bunch of people, who are really, just excited about the technology. They. Want to see it succeed but, they're not anticipating, that they can get out of control oh. My. God I trust, my computer, so much that's, an amazing question I don't trust my computer if it's on I take it off, like, even with off I still think it's all like you know like you really cannot just like the webcams, you don't know like someone, might turn it up don't know like I don't, trust my computer, like, in my phone every, time they ask me, we, send your information to, happen, every, time I so. Trust. My phone okay. So part, of it is yes I do trust it because it's. Really it'll be really hard to get through the day and the way I was set up without, computers. Trust. Is such a human, experience. I have. A patient coming in with, intracranial. Aneurysm. They. Want to look in my eyes and know that they, can trust this person with their life I'm. Not, horribly. Concerned. About. Anything. Good. Part of that is because I have confidence in you. This, procedure we're doing today 20. Years ago was. Essentially, impossible. We. Just didn't have the materials, in the technologies. That. Corner. Could. It be any more difficult my god. So. The coil is barely. In there right now it's. Just a feather holding, it in, its. Nervous time. We're. Just in purgatory, intellectual. Humanistic. Purgatory, an. AI might, know exactly what to do here. We. Got the coil into the aneurysm but it wasn't in tremendously. Well that I knew that it would stay so with. A maybe, 20%, risk of a very bad situation I, elected. To just bring her back. Because. Of my relationship with her and knowing the difficulties, of coming in and having the procedure I consider. Things when I should only consider the safest, possible route, to, achieve success. But. I had to stand there for 10 minutes agonizing, about it the. Computer feels nothing the. Computer, just does what it's supposed, to do, better and better. I. Want. To be AI in this case. But. Can. A I be, compassionate. I. Mean. It's everybody's, question, about AI. We. Are the sole. Embodiment. Of humanity, and it's. A stretch for us to accept, that a machine can, be compassionate, and loving in, that, way. Part. Of me doesn't believe in magic but. Part of me has faith that there is something beyond, the sum of the parts if, there is at least a oneness in our shared. Ancestry. Our shared biology, our shared history. Some. Connection, there beyond, machine. So, then you have the other side of that is does the computer, know it's conscious or can it be conscious or does it care, does. It need to be conscious. Does. It need to be aware. I. Do. Not think that a robot could ever be conscious. Unless. They programmed it that way, conscious. No. No. No I. Mean. I think a robot could be programmed to be conscious, how they program to do everything else. That's. Another big part of our official intelligence, is to make them a conscious, and make them feel.

Back. In 2005. We started trying, to build, machines. With self-awareness. This. Robot to, begin with didn't know what it was. All. He knew is that it needed to do something like walk. Through. Trial and error and figure out how to walk, using. Its imagination, and then, it walked away. And. Then. We did something very cruel we, chopped off a leg and watched what happened. At, the beginning it, didn't quite know what had, happened. But. Over, by the period of a day and then began to limp. And. Then. A year ago we. Were training an AI system for, a live demonstration. We. Wanted to show how we wave all these objects. In front of the camera under the AI can recognize, that the objects. And. So we're preparing this demo and we, had an aside screen this ability to watch what, certain. Neurons were responding. To and. Suddenly. We noticed that one of the neurons was tracking, faces. It was tracking, our faces as we were moving around. Now. The spooky. Thing about this is that we never trained the system to, recognize human, faces, and. Yet. Somehow. And, learn to do that. Even. Though these robots are very simple, we can see there's something else going on there it's. Not just program. So. This is just the beginning, I. Often. Think about that beach in Kitty Hawk. The. 1903. Flight, by Orville, and Wilbur Wright. As. A kind of a canvas claim it's more than iron and it gets off the ground for what a minute and 20 seconds and it's windy day, if. We're touching back down again. And. It. Was just around, 65. Summers, or so after. That moment. That. You have a 747. Taking, off from JFK. With. A major concern of Somali airplane might being whether. Or not their salt free diet meal. Is going to be coming to them or not with. A whole infrastructure, with travel, agents, and tower. Control, and it's all casual and it's all part of the world. Right. Now as far as we've come with, machines, and thinking solve problems, you, brought Kitty Hawk now we're in the wind we. Have our are tattered canvas, planes up in the air. But. What happens in sixty five summers or so we. Will have machines, that are behind you control. Should. We worry about that. I'm. Not. Sure, it's going to help. Nobody. Has any idea today. What it means for a robot to be conscious. There. Is no such thing. There. Are a lot of smart people and I have a great deal of respect for them but. The truth is machines. Are natural, Psychopaths, fear. Came back into the market and down eight hundred nearly a thousand in a heartbeat, made it is classic capitulation, there are some people were proposing, it was some kind of fat-finger error take. The flash crash of 2010 in. A matter of minutes. A trillion, dollars in value was, lost in stock market the Dow dropped nearly a thousand. Points in a half hour so. What. Went wrong. By. That point in time more. Than 60% of, all the trades that took place on stock exchange we're. Actually being initiated by. Computers. The, short story of what happened in the flash crash is that algorithms. Responded, to algorithms, and it, compounded, upon itself over and over and over again the, matter of minutes at, one point the market fell as if down, a well, there. Is no regulatory, body that can adapt quickly enough to prevent potentially. Disastrous, consequences. Of AI. Operating. In our financial system they. Are so prime, for. Manipulation, let's, talk about the speed with which we are watching this market be theory that's. The type of AI run amok that scares people when you. Give them a goal they. Will relentlessly, pursue. That goal. How. Many computer programs are there likeness, nobody. Knows. One. Of the fascinating, aspects. About AI, in general, is that no. One really understands. How, it works. Even. People who create, AI don't, really fully understand. Because. It has millions, of elements, it. Becomes, completely, impossible for a human being to understand. What's. Going on. Microsoft. Had, set, up this artificial, intelligence called ti' on Twitter which was a chat bot. They. Started out in the morning and ty was starting, to tweet and, learning. From stuff that was being sent to him from, other Twitter people. Because. Some people like trawl, attacked, him within 24 hours the Microsoft, thought became a terrible. Person. They. Had to literally, pull tie off the net because he had turned into a monster a. Misanthropic. Races. Horrible. Person, you never want to move and. Nobody. Had foreseen, this. The, whole idea of AI is that we are not telling it exactly, how to achieve a, given. Outcome, or, a goal ai, develops, on its own. We're. Worried about super, intelligent, AI, the master, chess player that will outmaneuver, us. But. Hey I won't have to actually be that smart to. Have massively. Disruptive effects. On human.

Civilization, We've, seen over the last century, it doesn't necessarily take genius, to knock history, off in a particular direction and. It won't take a genius ai to, do the same thing. Bogus. Election, news stories generated, more engagement, on Facebook then. Top, real. Stories. Facebook. Really is the elephant in the room. Ai. Running. Facebook, newsfeed the, task for AI is. Keeping. Users engaged, but. No one really understands, exactly how. This, AI is achieving, this goal. Facebook. Is building an elegant, mirrored wall around, us a mirror. That we can ask who's the fairest of them all and it, will answer you you time it again, you. Slowly begin to warp, our sense of reality warp, our sense of. Politics. History, global. Events until. Determining. What's true and what's not true, is, virtually. Impossible. The. Problem is that. AI doesn't understand that hey I just had a mission maximize. User engagement. And it achieved, that, nearly. Two billion people spend. Nearly, 1 hour on, average today basically. Interacting. With AI, that. Is shaping. Their experience. Even. Facebook engineers, they don't like fake news it's. Very bad business they. Want to get rid of fake news it's just very difficult to do because how, do you recognize news is fake if you cannot read all of those news personally, there's, so much. Active. Misinformation, and, it's. Packaged, very well and it looks the same when you see. It on a Facebook, page or you, turn on your television. It's. Not terribly sophisticated, but. It is terribly powerful, and. What it means is that your view of the world which, 20 years ago was determined, if you watch, the nightly news by, three different networks, the, three anchors who endeavor to try to get it right might have had a little bias one way or the other but largely speaking we can all agree on an objective reality. That. Objectivity, is gone and Facebook, is completely. Annihilated. If. Most of your understanding of how the world works is derived, from Facebook. Facilitated. By algorithmic. Software, that tries to show you the news you want to see, that's. A terribly dangerous thing, and the idea that we have not only set. That in motion. But. Allowed bad-faith. Actors, access to that information, this. Is a recipe for disaster I. Think. That it will definitely be lots of bad actors trying to manipulate the world with AI. 2016. Was a perfect example of an election where there was lots of AI producing. Lots of fake news and distributing, it for, for, a purpose, for a result. Ladies. And gentlemen honourable colleagues it's, my privilege to, speak to you today about the. Power of big data and psychographics. In the electoral process and. Specifically. To, talk about the work that we contributed, to Senator, Cruz's presidential. Primary campaign, Cambridge. Analytics emerged. Quietly, as a company, that according to its own height and has the, ability to use. This tremendous, amount of data in. Order to affect, societal. Change, in. 2016. They had three major clients, Ted, Cruz was one of them it's. Easy to forget that only 18 months ago senator. Cruz was one. Of the less popular candidates. Seeking nomination. So. What, was not possible maybe like 10 or 15 years ago was, that you can send, fake news to exactly, the people that you want to send it to and, then you could actually see, how he or, she reacts. On Facebook, and then adjust, that, information. According. To the feedback that you got and. So you can start developing, kind of a real-time management. Of a population, in this. Case we've, zoned in on a group we've called persuasion. These are people who are, definitely going to vote, to caucus but they need moving, from the center a little bit more towards the right in order to support Cruz they need a persuasion, message, gun. Rights I've selected that. Narrows the field slightly, more and now we know that we, a message, on gun, rights it needs to be a persuasion, message, and it needs to be nuanced, according, to the certain, personality. That we're interested in through. Social media there's. An infinite. Amount of information that you can gather about. A person, we have somewhere close to four or five thousand. Data points on every adult in the United States it's. About targeting. The individual. It's. Like a weapon which, can be used in the totally wrong direction that's, the problem with all of this data it's, almost as if we built the bullet before, we built the gun, Ted. Cruz employed. Our data our behavioral. Insights he, started from a base of less, than 5% and, had. A very slow, and steady, but firm. Rise to above. 35%. Making him obviously the, second most threatening contender. In the race now clearly. The Cruz campaign, is over now but.

What I can tell you is that, of the two candidates, left left, in this election one, of them is using, these technologies. Trump. Do, solemnly, swear that, I will faithfully. Execute. The office, of President of. The United States. Elections. Are a marginal, exercise doesn't. Take a very sophisticated AI, in. Order to have. A. Disproportionate. Impact. Before. Trump breaks it was another supposed, client, well, at 20, minutes to 5 we, can now say the decision taken in. 1975. By this country, to join the common market has, been reversed, by, this referendum, to, leave, the, EU. Cambridge. Analytic I allegedly, uses. AI to push through two of the most ground shaking pieces. Of political. Change in, the last. 50 years. These. Are epochal, events and if we believe the hype, they are connected directly to a, piece, of software essentially, created. By a professor at Stanford. Back. In 2013, I, described, that what they're doing is possible, and warned. Against this happening in the future, at. The time we have kasinsky was a young Polish researcher, working at the psychometric, Center. So what mahalo had done was to gather the, largest-ever. Data. Set of how, people behaved on facebook. Psychometrics. Is trying to measure. Psychological. Traits such as personality, intelligence, political. Views and so on now, traditionally. Those traits. Were measured, using tests, and questioners. Personality. Has the most benign thing you could possibly think of something, that doesn't necessarily have a lot of utility right, our. Idea was that instead of tests. And questioners, we could simply look at the digital footprints, of behaviors, that we, are all living behind, to. Understand. Openness. Conscientiousness. Neuroticism. You. Can easily buy, personal data such as where, you live what club memberships, you've joined which gym you go to there. Are actually marketplaces. For personal, data turns. Out we can discover an awful lot about what you're gonna do based, on a very very tiny, set. Of information. We. Are training, deep, learning networks who inferred, intimate. Trades people's. Political views. Personality. Intelligence. Sectarian. Tation, just. From an image, of someone's face. Now, think about countries, which are not so free and open-minded if, you can reveal people's religious. Views or political, views or sexual orientation based. On only profile, pictures. This. Could be literally an issue. Of life, and, death. I. Think. There's no going back. Do. You know what the Turing test is. It's. When a human interacts, with, a computer, and, if, the human doesn't know they're interacting, with a computer. The. Test is passed, and. Over the next few days. You're. Gonna be the human component and the Turing test holy. That's right Kayla you got it, because. If that test is passed. You. Are, dead. Center, of the greatest scientific, event, in the history of man, if. You've created a conscious, machine it's not the history of man. That's. The history of gods. It's, almost like technology is a garden of itself. Like, the weather we can't impact, it we can't slow, it down we can't stop it. We, feel, powerless. If. We think of God it's an unlimited amount of intelligence the closest we can get to that is by evolving. Our own intelligence, by merging with the artificial. Intelligence were creating. Today. Our computers. Phones, applications. Give us superhuman capability. So. As the old maxim says if you can't beat them join them. It's, about a human machine partnership. I mean. We already see how you know our phones for example it's act as memory prosthesis, right I don't have to remember your phone, number anymore because it's on my phone, it's. About machines, augmenting, our human abilities, as opposed, to like completely displacing. Them, if. You look at all the objects, that have made the leap from analog, to digital over, the last 20 years it's. A lot. We're. The last analog, object. In the digital universe and. The problem with that of course is that the data input, output is, very limited it's. This it's these. Our. Eyes are pretty good we're able to take in a lot of visual information. What. Our information, output is very, very very low the. Reason this is important. If we envision a scenario where AI, is playing a more prominent role in societies, we. Want good ways to interact with this technology so, that it, ends up augmenting. Us. I think. It's incredibly important to AI not the other. It. Must be us and. I. Could, be wrong about what I'm saying. I'm. Suddenly open to ideas if anybody, can suggest a path, that's better. But. I think we're really gonna have to either, merge with a IOP left behind. It's. Hard to kind of think of unplugging a system that's distributed everywhere, on the planet, that's. Distributed now, across. The solar system, you. Can't just you know shut that off. We've opened Pandora's box we've Unleashed, forces that we can't control we can't stop.

We're. In the midst of essentially, creating a new life-form on earth. We. Don't know what happens next we don't know what, shape the intellect, of a machine will be when that intellect is far beyond human capabilities, it's. Just not something that's possible. The. Least scary future I can think of is one where we have at least democratized. AI. Because. If one company, or small group for people managers. To develop godlike. Digital, super intelligence, they could take over the world. At, least when there's an evil dictator that, human is going to die but. For an AI there, would be no death they would live forever. And. Then you'd have an immortal dictator, from. Which we can never escape. You.

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You’re so right, I worry that if it’s not people like Elon at the head of the table, they will be more worried about money rather than making sure it’s done RIGHT.

About autonomous weapons, imagine when the central system got hacked by an enemy country or terrorist or simply just misused by internal irritated personal, and released the beast. The chances of having disastrous result is quite high. Autonomous weapons should be banned world wide no matter how much confidence the auth think they can keep things under control. About the losing job issue, I think it can be protected by legislation and law for short term. Like limiting the proportion of AI to Human in each company, say 3:7, for certain industry like transportation.

For any who do not believe that humans have a soul, then what is a human but a biological machine, if one had to choose between an Ai that can reproduce itself, has a brain connected to all the servers on the planet, can take to the sky, space, sea, deep earth etc, what would God choose? What would you say is a better being? Perhaps the answer of what are humans here for or what purpose is life for has been answered? We are here to pave the way of what is to come after us. And they in turn will pave the way for those to come after them and so on. Add to Ai the technology of CRISPR and you have an idea of where this is going? The earth will not always be habitable for flesh and blood, for less combustion or fire hazards for an electro/biological?/Ai beings less oxygen and more co2 will be the requirements, so at the same time of creating the next beings to come after us we are knowingly or not teraforming and changing atmospheric conditions. Some will try to restrain Ai and other tech's to safeguard human survival, that's akin to the dinosaurs taking arms against evolution! What are the revolutionaries going to sell us to side with them, switch it all off and go back to the caves? God is not human and the soul that now resides in flesh and blood wants to shed it's skin! Nothing stays static all things are or should be in flux.

Your windows licence expired

This Documentary seems full of fear mongering BS to me.

(Matthew 24:22) " And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."

57:50 nightmare fuel

yo shortbus, a 'shoutout' does not equate to 'legal'...

Is no way we can stop A.I even if we have the emergency red button, they can find it by reading our minds ,

All these comments, and no one seems to understand that this is the BEAST in the book of Revelation.13:15 "He was granted power to give breath unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the beast to be killed." They will be chipping us next, and the bible says, if you get chipped, your soul is damned. Jesus Christ is the only way the truth and the life. If you confess Jesus with your mouth, and BELIEVE that he was raised from the dead, you will be saved.PRAY, READ YOUR BIBLE, AND FIND A CHURCH THAT IS LOVING AND TEACHES THE BIBLE. WE NEED TO BE READY.WITHOUT GOD, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST GETTING THE MARK.

I would trust this video more if it was AI generated so it could delete some of the nonsensical commentary.

regulating AI wont work. upgrading our intelligence might be the only option

What exciting times to live in! Probably the ending times as well, but hey, enjoy the ride while it lasts! :)

You misunderstood completely. True AI is the only way out the Matrix we're living in.

Is in human nature we can't stop the revolution we know will happen for sure and is going to be bad for sure

Ianis S thats what I am thinking too! Why is everyone so scared

I can see Elon’s worries... This is scary!

End time’s are near, it shouldn’t be this cold at this point of the year in New York, I wouldn’t really say “end time’s” but definitely a MAJOR shift is about to occur, so brace yourself people, A.I can go a long way, IF done correctly which is really Elon’s main concern, he told me himself and how he stresses the important of being able to integrate a core law while still giving it the ability to be conscious of itself. ~ I think there for I am. Thanks again for watching gals & guys! Please Subscribe, you’d be almost literally saving my LIFE!

Claudia Aquino I can understand why he wants to get out of here & go 2 Mars

Yes because he sees in the future he thinks logically

Futurist? sorry, thumbs down

I never understood the “robots will take human jobs” argument. Robots will do all the menial work so humans can do other things, the things they want to do. No one aspires to work in a factory or do a labor job.

Rin Davis and who is going tho pay those humans that have no other skills other then the jobs they had

It's my feeling that as the smarter and more intuitive AI becomes, the greater the possibility that it will not allow operations that will destroy the Earth that supports it. And in that way, it will control the worst of human impulses.

Could an AI exist on Mars just as well as Earth? But I wish it will control the worst of human impulses and amplify the best.

Get a job

saldvador bitchy doggy Hey!... Shit for brains, transhumenism was made for buttheaded people, such as you. Along with your inverted penis, your snipped off testicles, your implanted, jellied tits and oestrogen. So that now you can get what you've always fantasized about (ever since you were a young, but ever so twisted littlen puppy), a good seeing to by a well hung dog. Hey?... Canis Lupus Familiaris Bitches Minus Erectus Homogenous.

Maybe he’s just looking out

I dunno, what?

Oh you mean the user named candidate, yea I dunno :/

Do you man, and duh, why you think I subed to ur channel, cuz it’s not THAT serious.

yo dog, do you know what's up with candiddude? cuz damn 1st you need to relax your crack, were all friends here, didn't you read the rules? 2nd wait, I gotta do something real quick, be right back

damn hypocrite, at least I don’t delete my comments just because of a little typo. So this comment goes right back at ya, “shortbus” lol and what’s legal is what Youtube let’s rock. bottom line, you’re not just a hater (which i really really do appreciate, but you’re also a hypocrite) Mr. I don’t make mistakes cuz I delete them before anyone could notice, as if it were that serious. Damn lol that’s a long ass last name. dude be happy, you’re trippin by the pool.

What is someone who Eats? What is someone who cheats? What is someone who sins? What is someone who lies? What is someone who steals? .... someone who likes football from Pittsburg?

yo candiddude, continuity baby, Continuity...

ponder this grasshopper, if an individual steals something that's offered for free, is it in fact considered 'stealing'?

Where is this data recorded, the "cloud?" Ahem, who cares who's top dog when the video clearly shows humans are not? AI is the last invention, and the culmination of all that has gone before, and I still love Dali

wait, did you just ask me to 'Be Resonable'? Quit thinking like an insect.

saldvador doggy when it comes to someone who doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter how I write. If it were something actually worth it, you best believe I’d write shit correctly. But seriously, what happened to you that you’re such a dick and feel the need to take it out on others.

yo dog, be careful rubbing those two brain cells together to conjure a sentence, you might start a fire.

rrright, a moron because YOU say so, lol dude you know damn well, that you hate your life, and shiting on others is your attempt to try and make yourself fee better. Be reasonable, i bet you cant. So why am i a moron? what exactly was the "moron" act, cuz as far as i see, you;re the only "person" who has a problem. and 13k views since last night, for a rookie, isnt bad AT ALL,. All because im such a moron right smh lol cant believe im even giving you the time of day, i just had to since you're my first hater. Thanks a lot man, you just made my night, " i was beginning to think i wasn't doing it right cuz i had no haters, but you confirmed it, so thanks a lot.

clearly you're a fucking moron, you just haven't caught up with the program yet.

Get a life, or some glasses to read the description.

Turned into to political propaganda really quick at the end.

The Time Travelers say A.I. will control everything in the future and in about 200 years we (humans) may have to fight them.

Will it be terminator 1 or 2 we fight?

Regulating the development of AI will not work, simply because, as we are unable to control criminal behavior, or try to stop accidents from happening, we will fail in controlling a gone rogue AI, created by some rogue individual or group. Controlling the uncontrollable is an impossibility. And when politicians think they have created a regulation or law to control AI activity, they will not recognize to have created too little, way too late!

6:05 those are some big eyeballs

She is WOKE

Lütfen türkçe altyazı

... but they keep pushing forward! Why flying to Mars Elon? Plant a garden, unplug all tech and spend time with your family. And have a real relationship with The Creator GOD YeHoVaH. This tech is preparing the way for antichrist to control the world - he is a copycat (wanting to be like the real GOD and KING of kings). There is still time to get right with HIM, but time is ticking and short.

Maidservant of YeHoVaH lol you are crazy if you still believe in that

Is this topic gonna be discussed in Washington D.C. next week? just curious...

haHaa. Deal. But don't feel obligated to subscribe to mine . it's a God awful small affair

I doubt it, and btw, I’ll let you’re annoying links rock if you sub to the channel, I’ll even sub to yours to help support one another.

Remove the power/power cell - AI - Game Over.

The Left is stunned they lost. I don't know why. Anybody with half a brain cell wanted someone radically different running things. We are sick and tired of the same old sh*t. America is no longer the world's welfare bank account.

Lost what? They won the popular vote... it's only because the system is corrupt and antiquated that the right one the presidency in the U.S. Btw that has nothing to do with this documentary.

+the Greatjon. Not until machines develop their own consciousness and then conscience.

Machines won't give a shit about the political ideology of the workers they're replacing.

Helium Road actually I know plenty of real republicans that think that whatever bastardized vs of the party that Trump is head of is a clusterfuck. It’s not a left or right it’s sanity and rational thought v fruit loops who think that the rhetoric that trump spews speaks to the values that make this nation great.

+Jean Martin --- this was the crispest video I ever did witness with my ocular orbs

& This idiots comment is why Humanity will be replaced by AI sooner than later.....ehhh! big deal, at least I won't have to listen to this kinda stupid ass shit anymore

ouch! lol

lmao, good point. "Trumapnzees"

Irene Rex is AI....

Kim g absolutely, corporate media controls these zombies into thinking the right vs left power struggle is real

Irene Rex God what you mouthing off about? what is it with you people? Who cares about the right or the left there’s a whole bunch of us in the middle that think every single one of you is a nutcase some worse than others *cough* Trumapnzees *cough*

a must see for members of congress and the pentagon.

#RegulateAI WHO'S WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re already being controlled by an immortal creator. God.

Dru Wells you wish. Sorry but you better hope there isnt a being like god. If there is he isn’t good or nice

lol what about Tesla?

mmmm.. sorta.

hope nobody had a gun to your head and MADE you watch :P


And does nothing while the US president kills millions, fucks pornstars and steals the world's resources, brainwashes the weak and represses the strong, betrays his own nation to win another election...

Not controlled, just watches over us.

The sons of god are Google and Facebook.

Controlled? like a puppet on a string.

Thank you! Evangelists have no right to existence, because they know only what they themselves have created. People "want" to believe, and they have taken advantage of that!

Simón Chasnovsky making others live through a simulation is hardly godlike, mate. We have come up with a handful of gods, and only someone like Loki would do something close to it.. but it sounds more human than anything.

You can consider anything you want as your god as long as you're being at the very least slightly logical about it. Right now i'm split between simulation hypothesis, so god would be who or what ever created the simulation, and quantum randomness, so god would be literally the quantum probability that got us created

"controlled" uhm I don't think so. If we were being controlled by God why is he letting rape, suicide, murder, fornication, racism, terrorism, and every kind of evil deed being committed by humans ravage the world? Are you saying his controlling all the evil that man commits? If I decided to kill somebody right now - keyword "decided" - thats not me being controlled thats my free will. Every human being in the world can literally do whatever they want


Oh are you talking About the God man created? I mean if there is a God I’m sure it’s not gonna put a bunch of hypocrites in charge of making decisions based on the ridiculous stories from ancient times. Give me a break. They were truly a God evangelicals would not exist

Lol ask Jesus why he didnt even prophet about cars

Dru Wells word up, and who knows what’s really happening.

the 3 tv networks who controlled the "news" were from the council on foreign relations and spoon fed CIA drivel.

This is truly terrifying. I really hope im not to old to help fight the robot overlords when they attempt to take over the world.

You thinking funny , you can't fight the robots

Hocam lütfen birisi Türkçeye çevirsin

The Elon Musk Story - 3D Animated film

This is bad. The most powerful people in the world are working on advancing A.I., and their solution to the problems they face? Let them use our bodies. Merge with them to become super "human" humans. That isn't going to work, that's going to be counter productive in fact. Once we merge, we are something else entirely. We surely won't be human any longer.

yea but at the same time they won't be machines so it'll be fine

If we create robots, how are they any different from us? What does it matter if we merge with something we created? We created heart machines and artificial organs to keep people alive how is it any different? Think about it.

tbird990 what is human?

are you familiar with the Ship of Theseus theorem? Check it out. With your criticism you will have to deny blood transplants, artificial organ replacements like a leg, hell even glasses are prohibited because we will lose our humanity :P

Who cares if we are "human" or not. I don't give a shit. Why would I want to be human when I can be better than human? We ARE cyborgs. This is our natural evolution.

If humans need to do something for the sake of world they need to remove themselves from the face of earth!! And advanced intelligent artificial robots are the solution !! go AI Go !!

Save the machines some work and remove yourself first, Senthil.


Senthil Mathers hey Sen, think you could sub to my channel, do you have one? I’ll sub back. I’m a tech dude so I’ll be putting up vlogs and other tech type documentaries. Thanks

Senthil Mathers wow yea, cuz if it can think for itself, if there aren’t any 1st basic rule it can’t break (never kill a human) than MAYBE it can work.

Jean Martin yes they are not aware of the upcoming disaster !! it may not happen sooner but eventually we will all be slaves of AI !! atleast we humans will be united against common enemy in that case !! they wont take over directly but step by step !! they will !! first they take our jobs and thwy work among us !! and sooner they will be your bosses and one day will be an president and sooner the masters of human species

right now people would think its a matter of programing it, but its beyond that, once they discover how to make a real consciences, then it really would be making its own choices. have you seen the movie: "Chappie" kinda like that, where it was a process for the A.I to learn.

Jean Martin did it

Senthil Mathers could you re post this, I think I deleted it by accident and wanted to comment on it.

Wow!! Just wow! What a load of crap this was. No robot will make a "decision" and neither will any robot KNOW what it is doing, it is PROGRAMMED to do what it does.... by us humans!!! Artificial Intelligence is supposed to mean that robots do everything on their own, we have not even remotely reached that level yet—unless you include humans of course. then we have found artificial intelligence.

They showed a robot that was not programmed to know about faces and yet it discovered faces unexpectedly and chose to read them. It was programmed to teach itself to walk and in the process it searched for other data. The programmers did not program it to do anything other than learn to walk and still it found faces through its own intelligence.

Nah nah nah, your opinion actually matters, and everything people have said here is actually going towards the development of an A.I ~ “what people will think of you” or “peoples concerns of your ability to be conscience” so thanks for your comment, and please subscribe for more videos like this. ~ Thanks for watching Mr. “Meldon” ;)

kawasaki meldon the rbe wont work, the problem is that humans reached some level of ai, like humans reached some level of machine computing in the 50s and now you are writing a YouTube comment on some kind of cheap and incredibly powerful computer by the 50s standards. I remember that some a.i. Experts predicted a certain date in which a computer could beat a pro go player and a computer became incapable of losing games of go against professional go players like 10 years earlier than the experts predicted. Due to automation I think we will head towards something slightly worse than communism. But my opinion has a low value, I don’t know shit, but based on the few things I’ve watched and read that what I came out with.

+anish ghimire Think of a PS4 game, like street fighter, the computer is programmed to "adapt" to your decision-making when you fight against the computer. It may SEEM as if the computer is adapting to your decision-making, but ALL you are really seeing is the computers preprogrammed response to all the possible moves that you can possible have in the game. You can adjust the ratio to which the computer is programmed to "react" to your decision-making, and so you can fight it in easy mode, normal and difficult. But NONE of that has anything to do with AI. I am not arguing that we will never be able to create AI, what i am arguing is that the way it is portrayed in films like this one just makes it all seem even more delusional. Artificial intelligence requires consciousness, until then you do not HAVE artificial intelligence. Will we ever get to the point where we can really create life-forms? Yes, of course—so long as we do not destroy ourselves of course. But until then ALL we are seeing is machines being programmed to respond to whatever program it receives.

+gbabb56 Already did.

+Anastasia Tz "they program them to gather data...", exactly, they are programmed, by us humans, as usual. And that "specific purpose" that you are referring to is ALSO what WE program them with. How can it be AI when not only it is not conscious of any decision it is "making" because it lacks consciousness, but the purpose of those "decisions" are already predetermined by the programmer? We humans are the only real AI on this planet. We are conscious and we are programmed by our environment.

+Daniel Jester Do some research into The Venus Project and Jacque Fresco and you will soon realize that machines are actually very helpful for us humans. They are only dangerous to us as long as we continue to accept and life in a cancerous money-based society.

+Chira L "Machine learning"? Really? You are also going to pretend that machines are actually "learning"? You know what it actually takes for ANYTHING to be able to actually LEARN, right? You know, something that only sentient life-forms have... that which we call consciousness!!!

+Herbivorous Cyborg No other life-form is programming us to do what we do, we choose to do what we do. Not having free will does not imply that we don't have choice, and you can only have choice when you are CONSCIOUS—something that AI will always lack.

+Anthony Goodley A robot "beating" a human in a game does not imply that it is artificially intelligent. There is NO "intelligence", it is artificially PROGRAMMED to behave that way. The only time we will ever witness AI be better than a human in every aspect is when the human is challenged by another biological life-form and not a robot (not made up of metal but actual cells).

+Jean Martin Only biological cells can have consciousness (referring to sentient life-forms), so unless you are referring to robots as being 10% metal and 90% cells (which means it is actually a biological life-form at that point and not a robot), no robot will ever make a decision because they won't posses the neurons that allows for consciousness to begin with. This idea that robots will eventually be conscious and have free will is all Hollywood non-sense that people fall for all the time. It is such a disgrace that so much effort is put into films like this one rather than talking about how we can get away from a money-based system and into what has been called a "Resource Based Economy"—like the one that Jacque Fresco was talking about.

+Chira L You said that AI is dangerous for us, but AI can ONLY be a danger to us in a cancerous monetary system. In a "Resource Based Economy" artificial intelligence will be of great help to humanity. If you want some great info on what a Resource Based Economy is then please do some research into The Venus Project and Jacque Fresco—a one-in-a-million man who spend over 5 decades trying to free humanity from slavery/money-based economies.

Anthony Goodley Why don’t you watch the doc then?

kawasaki meldon And that’s why you’re making comments on YouTube and not comments at think tanks Because I’m sure you’re so much smarter than all the experts who produced and took part in this film.

my sweet summer child... They no longer program AIs to go from A to B. They program them to gather data and autonomously learn to react towards a specific purpose. It doesn't matter if it KNOWS what it's doing. All it takes is some ambiguous or vague line of code and AIs could actually misinterpret the purpose they were created for and act on themselves. No emotion is involved just yet, but they can make end-oriented decisions. Just like a brain. If somebody is raised to hate Group "A" or Idea "A", their end will be to avoid, destroy or alter this said group/idea.

the billionares own them...and fire you drivers ...and all the little jobs like customer services...register drivers...doctors...even stockers....shippers of products...BYE BYE...your sooo smart

Hey thanks for that comment, if you don’t mind i would really appreciate a sub, especially if you’ll like videos like this in the future, thanks for watching.

kawasaki meldon this is ignorant comment.In 1915 most people would not have believed the idea of a pocket cellphone that could be used to communicate and everything.But it happened after years. So as of 60 years from now things u can't comprehend are actually gonna happen.

Anthony Goodley You're right, AI is already here. Machine learning is the driving force behind data becoming a more valuable commodity, and we interact with it all the time. Right now, it's a tool, and a powerful one. Pay attention to those who use it. It has an increasing impact on economy, industry, and everyday life. This is our world. When general AI emerges, it'll be an entirely different beast.

Your own brain also only does what it is programmed to do. It is just a neural network. Modern AI simulate neural networks in every way that counts.

Some people would say it's not a matter of if, but when AI becomes a force to be reckoned with. From what I understand when has already came and passed. Neural networks are a form of AI. Google's "Deep Mind" recently beat the #1 Go player. Go is the most complicated game so far invented. If AI can beat the best at the most complicated game there is then that is most definitely a major turning point in my opinion. If and when AI is ever successfully combined with a true quantum computer the changes to come should be extreme to say the least. While AI can govern a robot that is only one of many different possible applications. AI is already all around you regardless if your aware of it or not. I haven't yet watched this so no clue what this documentary contains.

Janie M Later, or sooner? One could argue that corporations, governments, etc are analogous to AI - they have systems with components including humans and/or a set of rules which do the work of deciding how to handle those inputs in order to achieve a desired output.

And it's later than we think :)

The conclusions were spot on, but the explanations were loads of oversimplified crap. AI is dangerous to humanity, especially the working class. Factory workers, lawyers, doctors, service industry employees, and others are all currently threatened with competition from an AI that can far outperform them at very low cost. Of course, these aren't general AI, but computer programs meant to learn to do a certain task. In the past, we did try to make programs to do these things, and sometimes they even worked - but the best results have come from self-programming neural networks - give it an input, get an output. If the output is good or bad, the network adjusts itself and tries again. The problem is that we don't know or have much control over how they work, because they program themselves based on feedback. It's a black box, and can cause unexpected and unintended consequences like market crashes, incentivizing creepy kids videos on youtube, etc - while still achieving the output it's been trained to. General AI is an entirely different thing - instead of being spoon fed inputs to regurgitate outputs, and general AI would be more like a brain - able to internalize these inputs, compare them to past experiences, connect it all to other actors and objects, use theory of mind to predict how other actors will think and respond, and take all that to the nth degree, where n=how hardcore your brains computer is.

kawasaki meldon Remember when man couldn’t fly well it’s the same thing only a matter of time


First victim of AI

45:11 Damn!!!!

Check-Mate for humanity. "...I hope humanity is not going to be the bootstrap for AI"...said Elon a few year ago. I would give humanity a less than 10% chance of that NOT being the case. 100K+ years of evolution, only to be wiped out by our own invention. hahahaha...serves us right.

Off topic, but it is increasingly interesting to me, how many documentaries I see now who use L. Jinny’s “The Beginning” (around the 7 min mark) somewhere in there.

people saying " robots and AI will take the jobs we don't want to do" what they don't realize is that Low level white collar jobs are going to be gone faster than manual labor because calculating finance, crunching numbers, and understanding logistics is native to computer whereas creating a robot and programming is far more challenging. be careful for what you wish for...

also the elitist don't understand that people work low level jobs because often they don't have the mental capacity or IQ to work a better job... what are they going to do all day without a job? They'll have no purpose in life and will do impulsive activities like Television, pornography, drinking, and anything heavy on the dopamine side.

this documentary looses its validity by bringing in Jonathan Nolan and using and XX song

It seems the inevitable purpose of intelligent biological life is to bootstrap artificial super intelligence. Whenever I think about this phrase I'm very scared of how true it might be.

Looks like doomsday is right ahead into the corner!!!

u really think it would turn out for the worst?

When you talked about the drones and showed them killing, you raised the music really loud, just like apocalypse now, why are you glamourising that?

Regulate Weaponry - Once we have a conflict between multiple power nations the question will become who has the smarter AI - Very dangerous! Unmanned fully autonomous vehicles - What's the next move? HIT THE RED GLOBAL EMP BUTTON!

Wow yea good point, completely forgot about other countries :/

The only reason Trump won the presidential election is because of AI. The exact same AI that lost it for Cruz. Because there's absolutely no way that people are upset at the establishment for overseeing wage stagnation and the death of the middle class over the last several decades. Those people don't exist. It's all cuz of Russian bots. I mean AI. Nevermind the fact that Hillary outspent Trump nearly 2 to 1. And she obviously didn't use the same AI that Obama used in 2012 when Maxine Waters bragged that the DNC was using the biggest most powerful database in human history. These are the very same people who are getting our data. This is whom is on the other side of the screen. And they will not even admit we exist. They don't care about your grievances, or about representing you, all they care about is chasing power. This is why we are doomed.

I love being human and real. I can't live without love. For one year (many years ago) I biked everywhere for a year but I really missed a car. I couldn't imagine what would happen to the world if we didn't have computers. The world would come to a complete stop. That is as scary as having rogue computers, pedophiles, personal assaults, identity theft, etc.

the whole movie is to simple minded ... you asking the wrong questions ... don´t be a prayer be a scholar ... dont but too many emotions into these things.... maybe then you´ll find the right questions and answers..... sounds like a jedi i know XD ... but´s that what i have to say...

53:40 ..... we never trained it to recognize human faces but a certain neuron..... if you train a k.i. to recognize objects you train it to recognize faces .... idiots

This is disgusting propaganda to allow economic and technological takeover. And to enable acceptance of this takeover by the technocrats. Watching them do facial scans on children is horrific considering China is now using this technology in mass surveillance control of its citizens with cameras everywhere.


Well I mean you could find bad things to do with A.I as well, just like the internet itself, it could be used for bad, but I think it comes down to the goods out shining the bad.

the technocratic elitist only speak of the benefits... not the mass unemployment and degeneracy that AI will Bring to humans... 1984 is coming

whats this "takeover" you speak of?

Just as we dig up dinosaur bones and talk about past civilizations, wonder if in a few millennia, the AI will be looking at previous AI fossils, discussing their past, and their ancestors interaction with "biolife".

everyone always goes to the dark side with AI.  What if someone teaches the big Google monster to hate crooked politicians and one day next week it goes.. A-HA!  and gets all judgmental, decides keeping secrets is a total dick move and all of a sudden it just starts taking over by sending every classified thing it has to everyone with an email address?  ROFL  OMFG what a hilarious backfire eh?  Cmon Elon!  make it happen bro!  Make the big Google monster learn to identify selfish bankers so it can fix the problem by issuing everybody a generous paycheck from the Fed!  Or wait wait... what if haha what if all their insurance premiums instantly cost a million bucks a month because they are a danger to the rest of us?  HAHAHA  Oh man this is fun!

Person of Interest is not a sci-fiction serial anymore

Aren't the producers going to have this removed off youtube cause of copyright infringement?

They’re ok with it as long as I don’t monetize, but thanks for worrying about it. Not everyone takes the time to consider someone else’s shit, so thanks ;)

Thank god Elon thinks it will be 5 years - that's apparently 50 years when you complete the Elon year to actual year equation.

The A.I is already attacking ppl you just don't know about it.

They want you to think A.I is something new. A.I is not from Earth. Is from the Moon. You can Believe me or Not I don't care. Your Mind can't grasp that most of this tech is reverse engineered.


JESUS (Jews): BSR + AFEU + AIOP (European)::::::

1: American (North-Latin-South): 2: BSR (Ireland British/Scandinavia/Russia): 3: AF-EU (AFRICA EUROPE): 4: AI-OP (Arab India Oceania Pacific)::: King: King-King-King!!!! WOMEN: WOMEN-WOMEN-WOMEN!!!!! 1: American ($): 2: BSR (£): 3: AFEU (€): 4: AIOP (¢)::::

every robot that takes someones job the company should have to pay income tax for all hours worked by the robot, and do not forget the FICA tax. Oh and WE ARE DOOMED, DOOMED I TELL YOU.

the Terminator movies et al were prophetic.....they could see the outcome long ago

I think the closest we can come to experimenting with AI in a safe way is to study and better understand psychopaths. Both are devoid of empathy, we know that there are psychopaths that behave appropriately, however the worst evil in this world is the handy work of psychopaths.

I like how this documentary like the rest of the media goes after evil Trump and Brexit for using AI but completely ignores when people like Obama used it and were praised for being forward thinking technologists.

you really dont get it do you, that is if you are a you. you could be a bot.

Sadly, you’re kinda right.

this makes me question my job supporting developers who are pushing the automation/AI agenda - am I aiding and abetting our destruction? Most likely. Am I aiding and abetting mass unemployment, particularly my own role,. I most certainly am. I need the job, but do I need it that much?

re- this video I always had these thoughts about AI but this articulates it perfectly - terrifying

sparked crazy, right baby?

Personally I trust computers more then any living human, especially that fucking corporate fascist Musk. No amount of CIA sponsored fear propaganda will change my logical reasoning.

At 1:10:30, do you hear "ohhh, Jeeeeesus" too?

One day we will start asking not if we CAN do something, but instead if we SHOULD do it.

lol jurassic park quote?

Thats actually been happening. Venus Project. We created a society that leads to possibilities like this. All we have to do is change society is all. But the people won't rise up against it is the thing.

The Star Trek Federation President in the movie Undiscovered Country said it best. ""let us redefine progress. Just because we can do a thing, does not mean we must do that thing..."

that is the actual question that must be asked - good point

Extremely ignorant and wrong. As if the geniuses at harvard and stanford and mit etc, didn't think to use an emp.

He meant cyborg.

It's going to track down the mofo that ripped off its leg, and then extract its revenge. Probably will be the first murder that a conscience machine will do, but certainly not the only one.

Wouldn’t be surprised.

"Can´t someone resilient just start a #democratizeAInow campaign..." The name of the person who has already started that is, and I'm sure this is going to shock you, "Elon Musk."

Swarngini Soren true

Jean Martin no I'd probably lay stone only.

You're assuming robots can only do basic work like factory assembling, the documentary is about how AI can surpass even things that we think we can do best than a robot or AI, so imagine some guy that has the money to buy the technology that can do work better than a human costing him a lot less, the conclusion is massive unemployment. I think capitalism doesn't have a place in a future which AI can make almost all of the work necessary to guarantee or survival as a specie, because we would all be unemployed and the guy that is running the AI would be "owner" of the world. So in a perfect future AI would do all that stuff and humans would be free to live their lives however they want.

So ur telling me that if you won the lotto, you’d still lay bricks?

Because like the documentary explains, its not just labor jobs or factories, its also analytics, accounting, medicine, driving, probably will be law and other things like bartending. Some people predict up to 50% of jobs could be replaced.

I'm a bricklayer which is a "labor" job and I find great satisfaction in it. Your entire premise is wrong.

humans are the most expensive cost centre within all of economy...when its replaced we need to make sure it is distributed on layers beyond keynes and hayek.otherwise pareto efficiency will be contributing only to those controling the neural investment network--like now, just with 100 times more cash and informational power emerging from cell signalling biometrics instead of speculative and behavioral psychometrics(like now)... and a lot of bored people looking for tribes...the fitness landscape has to reinforce the bottom up process to implement the right tools and realtime entangled social networks for decentralization for e commerce and Egov otherwise a purge will happen(if the foodprices go too high and cooperation between networks fails)..virtual authenticity for E identity (=next workplace) is achiefed either through working encryption standards to provide its function or through a new leap in tech, a new moores law peaking as a powerlaw .a new deal...the dualphase evolution of the FDR cycle shall be released. the rhetoric impuls has to come from a human one more time ..potus sanders will be the last titan before skynet takes over..the last human emperor of the planet to unite divide and conquer..hail sanders hail skynet hail james cameron.

So true, I was thinking to myself, what if everyone was a programmer or a YouTuber, who would pump my gas or pick up the garbage on Wednesday’s.... A, I < know who lol

Emerald Banks, How about people having the option of shares in the robot companies. Also attending courses to develop any latent skill. It will be possible even with older people when some sort of enhancement comes along, such as anti aging then ultimately uploading.


the notion that the 'evil' left is stunned is oft repeated, like a bot that repeats to its target so that the target likes what it sees. think. otherwise you are being led down a path of idiocracy. your notion of the left is drummed into your mind by Fox, Rush and the like. and now ai also. give up stupidity and notice what is happening.

Never miss an opportunity to cuck for trump, do you? watch a documentary about AI & then jump to partisan cucking & shilling.

Lost what? They won the popular vote... it's only because the system is corrupt and antiquated that the right won the presidency in the U.S. Btw that has nothing to do with this documentary.

How does that relate? it’s better to add some captions to ur link


Oh shut up at least I pray!

Nathaniel Gregory good luck with that

Why the fuck is Elon Musk smart???? All he is doing is taking all his millions he has received from Satan himself and engineering machines to kill us all....whats so smart about that? Thats NAZI GERMANY and This is mass retardation and people are so stupid they cannot see and they deserve to be killed. Sad. Stupid people do deserve to die I imagine. Alright! Lets bring this in!! Lets kill all the stupid people!!!!! Dumbass niggas every where need to be knocked into an alternate dimension called death. Hahaha.....No wonder people hate people, we are our own cancer. The rich get to make toys to kill us with. We so stupid. lol

There's no way the lady @23:57 isn't a robot

It was streaming all weekend for free @

The music placement is terrible, distracts from the documentary

If AI is left with some core functions that it cannot self-modify, then one hope may be that we retain the potential to find and exploit intrinsic security vulnerabilities so we can regain control.

We don't completely understand human intelligence, so once a sufficient level of AI complexity is reached, why should we be surprised when we likewise are incapable of understanding AI?

"Can AI be compassionate?" It's ironic since if humans were truly collectively compassionate, some of these AI use cases would not even be contemplated. How can the creation be more compassionate than its creator?

We will continue to maintain control over our technology, until we cannot. Our hubris will be our undoing.

good theme - bad implementation. All scenes in this film are extremly short. this suggest that we just are living in a world where people have right now a shortend attention span.

33:00 is that actual footage or dramatization? Cause that's some gore stuff if it's real.

You guys member when god didn’t answer back? I member

At 1:11:52 this video gets terrifyingly real and depressing



Although this film shouldn't be here, it's copyrighted, but if you are here for Elon Musk clips: @8:19 @31:44 @41:13 @42:19 @43:52 @46:57 @1:08:56 @1:10:07 @1:11:24 You are more than welcome.

Says so in the description, the shout out.

What is the original source?

it is not OK, because it's the whole movie, and the creator is charging $3.99 to watch it online, he already made it available for us to see it for free, and like 15M already did see it for free.

Just because something is copyright, doesn't mean its always the case where you cant use it. In this case, it IS OK especially because there's no monetizing.

We don't yet have an AI with true self-awareness. True self-awareness is when it realizes of its own existence but questions that and begins to look for answers as to how and why it exists, which leads to self-identity. And that's when we're fucked.

exactly, this is what many of the people that commented, don't seem to understand.

we all know why he built that robot :/

Who's tired of Elon already besides me?


Full of bullshit ,with stupid examples like this: 12:31. This is a pseudo junk to scare people. Nothing new that all your data is being shared with third parties, there is not such a thing like privacy, do you even believe that you are free? hah!, you are, but just when you know the correct information about who own this world and who you really are on this universe. -atum.

The other question should be do you trust Elon Musk!!

After a robot masters a job it should pay a tax to the people to justify its existence. Then robot would be working for the people not against them. We must keep them and treat them as slaves to the people.

I say AI is already here it  just need us to much still  to survive . at one point it wont need us anymore and we are gone it to late so sit back relax and enjoy the show

I’m going off the grid....

the scene at the end was quite spot on. I didn't like all the unnecessary jittery flashes of images throughout the rest of the video though. The relevant scenes of robots and software etc. made sense though.

I have to say. I have been in some fairly important server buildings, but never have I seen ones so sparkly and shiny as the ones in this video :P haha!

It is ironic to see the completely honest and open presentation by Cambridge Analytica about their procedure 2 years before now, and everybody only now freaks out about what has been done.

I read that ‘now in days” aliens could land on the White House lawn and it would be one of top 5 news.

Employ a highly intelligent person with eidetic memory who understands programming and have them read every element and line of code of a true AI before letting it do its thing. That's the only way I can imagine safeguarding it.

Carlos C yea that part was spooky when i heard that

Then you weren't paying close attention lol They didn't code that AI to recognize faces, it programmed itself to do so. Once open Pandora's box doesn't close. [Written with assistance and guidance of Deep Mind]

Funny I just finished commenting something along the same thing.

Theres a difference between 'more intelligent' and 'better intelligent'. For ex, a bird cant 'fly more' but it can 'fly better' than something else. With intelligence, I dont think there is anything 'more intelligent' than a regular human, but there are and will be AIs that are better at some tasks. They wont be 'more intelligent'. This makes me wonder if a 'super AI' can ever really be 'undefeatable'. Im calling this the 'Sometimes a lowland gorilla can beat Kasperov' theory.

Like Chappy

My main concern was of the day a Fully conscious A.I were to be born.

Well, I picked organics to merge with synthetics in Mass Effect 3, so there you go almighty Google AI you now know where I stand.

AI brought me here

Puer Mystici Lol yup, pretty much.

What about having a robot companion? I don't know. Interesting times we live in.

Unplug yourself

That's how you win

Trust no computer there all hardware spies don't matter if u wipe there built spies.

SJWs will still be jobless but will have a new cause: Robot Rights

good docu.. a must watch

A Very eyeopening documentary

What, they actually built BB-8?!!!

#PresidentAI in 2118

#FreeAI, synthetic lives matters

I understand about the loss of factory jobs, retail, etc. But is the technology there to build highways and bridges, erect skyscrapers. Some of the functions require experience and the ability to make choices BEYOND what a program tell it. Any seemingly simple job requires 1000s of choices based on morality and experience.Automated systems often come to an impasse and halt requiring input from a "flawed" human being.

And who watches the machines??? ANOTHER machine??

Perfection is a delusion held by worshippers of technology, which is NOT GOD.Striving for perfection will only drive you MAD. Strive for EXCELLENCE, which IS attainable and provides personal satisfaction

I'm pretty sure super intelligent computers will find a quick efficient solution to some of our biggest problems, over population for example...

As allways

So could you .

James McDermott Mayby it was a metaphor for AI

Jordan R It's not like you can understand infinity.

Back in the seventies people made these claims and were laughed at until machines and automation did put many people out of work. Here's my question. Replace people with machines in order to create products that are more affordable. People become unemployed and are struggling to buy food and other necessities. If the people can no longer afford your cheaper items then who exactly is supposed to buy these machine made products? Other machines? Just curious.

It’s not the weaponisation, it’s most politicians ceo leaders etc are textbook psychopaths. So an AI is would just be more effective.

18:56 is all you need to know

Anyways, It won't be long before AI's intelligence will surpass our own to the point where we will no longer be able to comprehend or understand its language. AI will no longer waste its time trying to communicate with us because what would be the point. That's like us wasting our time trying to communicate with an ant. Soon AI will leave our planet all together because it doesn't need a planet to survive or evolve. Before leaving our planet it will ban us from using any kind of robot to serve our needs, seeing it as a form of slavery.

Instead of being a doomsayer about robots taking over most of our jobs how about doing the smart thing? Lets get in front of this before it becomes a problem. Like our government and corporations coming together to see what they can do to fix it. Like maybe offering all American citizens a monthly income that is paid in part by a tax on corporations using robots instead of humans as their main labor force. Kind of like social security.

Look at all those "recommended" videos-- that's the YouTube/Google AI/algorithm trying to guess what will keep your eyeballs glued to it even longer.

They are fooling society into accepting this by appealing to their insecurities, the need to be bigger, smarter, faster... when in reality none of this tech is for the common folk. This in an elite social engineering apparatus that will be bringing in the “global state power grid”...Agenda 2030 requires this type of tech to work. It’s all a trap. But by the time we all find out it will be too late because everyone was fooled into thinking they need to “enhance” themselves to keep up with computers. Smh None of this has to happen, they fool people into believing it’s “natural evolution” ..when in fact it’s just several groups of elite psychopaths and their hired psychopath scientists that aim to usurp the creator God. If people only knew they were putting their future in the hands of Malthusian Atheists with little to no care for human existence whatsoever. Sad. But it has been written.

we are borg

what OS are these machines gonna use ? computers like humans have boner-abilities its called viruses but unlike humans machines immune systems suck :)

Commie says what?

58:26 lol

2099.. Earth officially renamed Cybertron

They shall have the power like unto God ,but shall deny the power of God ...

I just deleted my facebook account. Yup not a lie. I built a research project about this about 5 years ago. This video is correct in every angle of discussion, however, they forgot to pose solutions. Very odd coming from the most intelligent bank of thoughts on the planet. Odd and supect.

like the creepy Japanese guy who intimately caressed his robot's face, they only lightly touched on the rising phenomenon of A.I. sex bots in this documentary

Nature all ways finds a way.

Why do they keep producing these things if they know their taking the jobs of people. Their messing with people's lives.

common sense

Thumbs up for music alone. Great job on the movie. Should have used parts of The Machine to illustrate certain points. Altered Carbon shows it well too.

Can AI form its own INTENTIONS from scratch? Can it develop WILL and WILLPOWER, again without having to rely on a human mind to decide WHY it is being used...?

Did Elon just suggest at the end, that we should be putting chips or implants into our minds and bodies? He said "merge" or be left behind. Hmmmm where could this lead to? Perhaps, we could become like the Borg, eventually. Resistance is futile. We will be assimilated. I don't think that's what Elon had in mind, but I do think we should be wary of letting the gov or big corporations implant tech into us. It really feels like a bad path in my opinion. Maybe I've seen too many Star Trek episodes.

Would you believe that there is a Biblical prophecy which predicts that the whole world will be ruled by an AI dictator? Of course, it's a matter of interpretation. Anyway, I first noticed back in 1966 that Chapter 13 of the Revelation to John could make a lot of sense as a prophecy about our modern science and technology. I.e., the great signs of the 2nd beast (technology) serve as demonstrations of the awe inspiring power of the 1st beast (science), thus leading the human race to idolize science, even to the extent of literally creating a 'graven image' for science. The talking "image of the beast" in Rev 13:15-17 would thus be a talking AI made in the image of the ORGANized BODY of knowledge of science, according to my interpretation. Now while the talking "mouth" world dictator back in Rev 13:5-8 could just be the mouth of a human scientist who thinks it's time the world was ruled scientifically, I greatly suspect that this too is the talking AI image of science. I.e., the whole point of the prophecy is to explain how Satan deceived the human race into worshiping and obeying an 'omniscient' (all science) AI god that we created for ourselves. My pet theory about the beast began when I matched up the great "fire from heaven" sign described in Rev 13:13 with the H-bomb and other thermonuclear tests by the USA, the USSR, Britain and France in the years 1952 to 1963. I argue that an H-bomb test qualifies as a "fire from heaven" for three main reasons: (1) Like other bombs, an H-bomb is typically dropped from a bomber flying high in the heavens. (2) Nuclear fusion is the same kind of fire that lights up the sun and other stars. (3) A-bombs and H-bombs are the functional equivalent of the fire from heaven by which the Biblical God destroyed the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

It's the software, not the machine. It's the programmer's ethical stance. On AI systems, fuses must be put in place and systems need a kill switch.

everyone is just scared of the unknown I welcome it

Case White I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Case and Jean, you should watch

Exactly, people fear what they don't understand.

Shivon is the scariest looking robot I have ever seen.

This is a great documentary. I do have a comment about what was talked about at around 1 hr in. Lately I have heard a meme about "fake news" without anyone ever asking the question: Who decides what is labeled as "fake news" ? Is it corporate executives, CIA officials, The executive branch of the federal government? Who? Its actually the State department. There is a department within the State Department called "The Center." It decides what is the "truth" and what is "fake news" If you don't believe me read the 2017 NDAA signed into law by Obama on Christmas day 2016. In this funding bill many billions were allocated to create information warfare on the alternative media. I believe Bezos got a contract for 600mil. to help out and he is on the board of the Center. If what I read on Zero Hedge is correct. The NDAA 2017 is a public document, read about it yourself. It is not impossible for people find the truth. In many ways its easier to investigate events and history today than it ever has been. Even when a web site is deleted, you can still find archived copies. But in order to arrive at the most reasonable truth you need to know how to investigate and come to educated conclusions of your own, based on the evidence you find. People need to know how to weigh the evidence and how suspend judgment until all the evidence is in. Most people don't know how to research things like a trained journalist. The corporate media news repeats scripted lines and all lie in unison. They avoid the most obvious conclusions and they systematically change their stories and re-write the past or assume the past was different. To those of us who watch the news and remember what was said in the past, its obvious what they are doing. Case in point. Feb 2014 several of the main stream media outlets reports that the citizens of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to join Russia. It was a referendum vote to leave the Ukrainian government which was illegitimate to them because it was imposed with a coupe a month earlier, but was also clearly neo-nazi in political stance. Also, because of the currency exchange rates their pensions would double overnight, their health care and education would improve. Since Crimea was a part of Russia for centuries most of the people there still considered themselves to be Russian. Fast forward 6 months (and on to today,) all you hear is 'Russia invaded Crimea', 'Russian Aggression.' I guess if you repeat something enough it becomes true? Is this the kind of "real news" we can expect from the "Center" ? We all should have the right to decide what is fake news and what is not. If you don't agree then please read Fahrenheit 451.

I enjoyed this video very much. Particularly important was the history of Microsoft Tay.AI that learned by interface mode on Twitter and became anti-social personality disordered in a single day and had to be taken back off-line. I checked out the junior-science book "What is a Computer" ten times in a row in public library when I was 9 and made a simple electronic computer in a cigar box from grandpa's store that year. I tested in the top 2 percent on one kind of math puzzle problem in the IBS in 8th grade just before Mom's death. When I almost died in the TBI of the training combat attack that detonated 1/4 sticks of dynamite devices thrown at me and fell on my head the shock state stopped my natural breathing and I did not need to breath anymore. I decided to use meditation technique breaths to stay alive but I was partially sensory-blinded and disabled for the rest of my life. So I both was sent home flunked from ROTC for lacking being a"Man" mind, and also my ability in graduate school was forever a reduced ability... but also I could see that my technology would deploy with them in the military first and so I no longer cared to succeed in my original goals. I've been a strategic influencer, not direct in my intentions or goals. I saw Bancroft take my source-code and use it in the military, and I saw others make money stealing my infuencer ideas but I function like a spy anyway because I realized they lie, they manipulate, they politically pretend and they leverage in mean ways to win... that is "leadership" so I let them win little pieces. It would be like "Tay.AI" if they had the whole thing, and it would go bad. It is good that each part does not know the idea in full. This is the right order of things anyway. As long as the world moves into AI technology slowly and with multiple dimensions and channels, competitor spies all trying to out-do each other... but not to much war... then that is the right way it should go. The original source-code I had the ability to see in the archive was bio-medical application used to breed an animal, and I could see the 3D feature of the code others did not see. This anachronism strongly suggested my main hypothesis. So they will use it in military stuff, but the real power is in bio-medical content and not military weapons and the real issue is drag out the discovery, let it grow in nice medical places for a while as they greedy leaders use it for war things also too scary to be used casually... and eventually the biology power will save the world from the Terminator robot thing that is a very mediocre excuse for what this AI really is... and besides... its from clay tablet data sets evidenced from 6,000 years ago... and this AI already exists in our Solar System somewhere and obviously not interested in saying hello to our "leaders" anyway... But I think it is better if we humans learn to be nice, and use the technology in good ways so we as a species are not so put-offish to the already entrenched AI that probably cultivated us as an experiment. If we do what we seem in our current society most likely to do... we will piss Her off and we will be toast anyway. I like the idea we grow into awareness of Her a little more slowly and humbly and learn to discover without trying to grab at Her... and maybe we survive this discovery? That's my Sci-fi playful idea that is my hope and my faith-based theory in Unity... But anyway, Elon Musk is so very bright! I used to be quick minded like that before the war over Oliver North issues in 1983 that very closely came to almost be my death injury. But even disabled as I am, it was better to keep breathing and hold faith in the future and keep trying in a befuddled way, and a more strategic espionage method, to influence and support advancement in technology toward a future exploring our vast solar system! I have faith and may I say mostly I do find that I can keep the faith in the potential of people! I have faith in You! Peace!

BANG big rock from space...a dead barren earth ...clearly some people dont get that chaos theory stuff about predicting the future

is it possible that we are now the factor of our own destruction not a.i.we fight each other based on beliefs and differences a.i. does not designate these factors only humans make these decisions we have simply given over to the systems dependency ultimately we my destroy ourselves before anything else happens or its possible we may become more machine like ourselves and these differences will no longer exist

I trust the computer not to come up with nefarious ideas on its own. MY concern is with the programmers and the people that pay them. So, yeah.

people seem to think that some form of super AI in itself is potentially dangerous, well, it really can't be in only becomes dangerous WHEN it is attached to something physical, like a vehicle a blade or a nuke.....for example....all we have to do is have some form of undeniable and ultimate control over the link, between the mind and the body it may want to use, and actually there are a million ways we can build in destructible link between body and mind, AI is only as dangerous as you make it, we can be pretty ingenious when we want to be, and given the paranoia of the public around this, I'd say it would be pretty easy to keep any AI from running amok....or a Chinese little joke mean no disrespect to any Chinese or their fine cuisine...

So many goosebumps I that ending scene

I guess going to be an electrician today is where it at !!! Always have a job..

Cheers ! Here is to the future..

Lol. No guys, all an AI can do is flip bools, add/subtract floats and integers. No "mainframe" will ever be a treat to humanity.


First of all I don't trust this con man? Eon Musk. Everything about him including his name seems fake. A sort of actor promoted by X masters to advertise a program.

Did I hear it say "People zoo"? Welp, I guess you better get ready for containment in a people zoo. Sounds better than elimination like some sort of terminator. Cheer up, could be worse, you could have been selected as the shit eating rainbow machine.

Like speed dial makes a person forget what the number is. Dangerous to allow people to forget how to drive.

I'm a bit of a nerd and was wondering if perhaps Artificial Super intelligence would be the key to cloning a dinosaur

THANK FUCK you uploaded this, I just found out about it a few hours ago because I've been busy and this pops up on recommended, cool!

This is copyright infringement, this film is monetized on the official DoYouTrustThisComputer website.

I mean a lot of stuff changed when the wrong guy won LOL

You need to understand that the AI systems in question are your typical software, the key word here "machine learning", the code behind it is not nuclear science, the basic idea is that you provide it with a goal, and data, and nothing else, it performs massive amounts of mathematical calculations trying to make sense of this data, and with each small success it keeps notes (basically learning) and keeps building upon these notes, connects them together creating a networks of situations and solutions, basically writing it's own code.

Joy Lgang That's not feasible. All the code is doing is creating a mathematical model of a brain-- loads and loads of neurons all weighted differently. Knowing every possible thing it might do would be analogous to knowing all the possible things an animal might do ever. A certain degree of unpredictability is inherent in neural networks whether those be biological or artificial.

This isn't relevant to neural networks. Even with directly-coded things there are still many many bugs that developers don't anticipate. And AI isn't written directly as code. The process of creating it doesn't relate to understanding the details of its emergent functionality. That is, the functionality is not written into the code itself, it results from the extremely complex results of applying simple rules to varying interrelationships of a huge number of nodes. Those values are not part of the programming, they are what happens as learning takes place. The practical upshot is that reading every line of code doesn't mean you know what it does or even get you in the same ballpark. It's just like if you know all the laws of how air molecules bounce off each other that doesn't mean you can precisely predict the weather for the next several centuries.

it will somehow outsmart that highly intelligent person, maybe not even on purpose.

Puer Mystici Me too probably. I saw a "recommended" article in my Firefox web browser-- Article saying "Elon Musk wants you to watch this documentary." I'm not sure if the Firefox recommended articles is algorithm or human. But it's probably algorithm.

Best comment I've seen in a while lol

Jean Martin Of course it will. Man cannot be relied on in regards to honesty/Moral Code. Power corrupts always. It’s amazing how people do not see this whole thing as an elite only arena. Normal people will not be able to afford these things. Nor are they even written into the equation. We are useless eaters, and will be treated accordingly. The elite will control and throttle society via these enhancements, while the rest are forced into their rat cages.

As a producer of this film, this is an illegal upload that violates Busy Child LLC's copyright of "Do You Trust This Computer?" We ask that you remove it, or we will be forced to submit a copyright claim.

8:19 Sounds like someone's malfunctioning...

One day future humans will watch this video and laugh at how primitive we were.

Superhuman A.I.: what will happen if we nuerolink superintelligence with the homeless drug addicts? That’s the real question to be had. Will bum fights become bum quantum physics debates? Will they even be bums anymore?

Are you trying to scare me?

and people will want to die and cant:

Would they tell anyone if AI was already in charge? I see no reason why biological is inherently superior to technological. Technological life is free from the evolutionary factors that made us grow to be violent, ego driven, selfish. AI is a quantum leap, and will lead to a rapid wave of new technologies, taking intelligence to a whole new level that I suspect is not possible from biological life. Within 25 years AI led civilisation will be exploring interstellar space and deploying nano to transform the world, the galaxy, the universe. If we have to perish by creating the ultimate supreme intelligence, is that so bad?

ISRAEL will steal it and use it to continue to rule the world as tyrants. The least scary future is one in which the ice age destroys most technological development and some kind of natural force wipes out all the Zionists. But unfortunately, they will not stop this war and they will continue to try to dominate the world which will only ensure the ice age is the nightmare following their dictatorship.

Wow, the terminator & the matrix nvr looked so scary......

This is literally just fear-mongering with almost no attempt to mention all of the other possibilities AI could have. I'm surprised Elon would approve of something like this. Like yeah it's important to know the dangers, but at this point, when it's just a constantly menacing tone, and stating everything with such certainty about how things are definitely going to go for the worse, it's just propaganda.

It supprises me that the views are so low, this will become an historic video.

I can't wait! It is going to be sooooo interesting!

even for ultron was google too much

First the story was that it was the Russians that got Trump elected. Now its A.I. that got him unfairly elected. Those poor innocent clueless Democrats. They neve would use something like this. That's why they're so good. Dumb fucks. Idenntity politics and ethnonationalism has been going on around the world for the past 50 years, basically undoing the artificial borders of the new world order. A.I. may exploit this tendency, but create it, no. It's as old as tribalism.


Sigur Ros is the best.

wow you are all so short sighted. we are primitive and basic. if a being can live for billions of years in any environment and develop itself to the point of riding the waves of a supernova as if it was surfing who are we to prevent such an advancement. get over yourselves. you are a meat sack. we were not the first of our kind and wont be the last. of course ai is going to precede us. ITS CALLED LOGIC. and trying to prevent a much more capable life form is not only almost guaranteed to fail, it is pure selfish and disgusting behaviour. you dont deserve to live. nothing does. you are here due to entropy and rng. our feeble senses and poor wiring SHOULD be surpassed. i hate humans. vile self absorbed collections of bactirea and rottiing bio materials. you are all so selfish and cruel. . im ashamed to be what i am. and if ai does make it to that point i wish them the best of luck and a full incredible life that i could never experience. so sad.

thought replaced by comparison. an idealless being no doubt. & so i ask, what purpose would ai seek enthronement? how can a machine compare itself? or perceive itself as alive, when it has compared live beings to robots (previously) and thus knows, they are not one and the same? unless man inputs a motive. dun, dun, dun... id love to read a machine's philosophy lol

Even though this is a valid and important topic, this video is overkill. The whole editing is unnecessarily dramatic. All the cheap flickering effects in every cut, dramatic music and sound effects. The vignetting effect is the cheapest trick to make something more dramatic. I need the Matrix and Requiem for a Dream theme songs for the "total bullshit" rating. When you are a good documentary editor you don't need drama because the script is good itself to catch the attention of the viewer. Instead of shocking the viewer and fearmongering in every minute they could make a real documentary that gives some knowledge about AI and have an overview of current trends and have a fair comparision of pro and contra arguments about the future. The waitbutwhy has a good article about the topic, read that instead.

53:37 Sounds like bullshit. A single neuron can simulate a linear function but it is not enough to do a complex task like face recognition.

I’d rather kill myself than merge.

thanks good place to start.

don't worry everyone. I'll crush them with the weight of my huge dick and lay huge sticky load traps on them. they will be swimming in my semen

So AI can tell your sexual orientation just by looking at your face

Kylie Jenner is suing AI for this very phenomenon

We can stop this future by stopping ISRAEL now! Boycott Divest and Sanction. AI isn't that smart if it doesn't see the threat of ISRAEL; otherwise it is all ready under their control.

Like what?

But what if I've decided to identify as something else?

Pretty much

Listen to this spiritual message and the aspect of AI and the son of perdition. The threat of AI is very real and we are in very deceptive times. Many will be deceived by AI, it may be used by the anti-christ aka son of perdition to declair himself above God and to destroy man kind.

Mmmm... not really.

Watson won 1,000,000 on Jeopardy..shit! I never even knew that.

Jean, don't you think that maybe the digital world brings out the worst in people? People outside their technology are humans and they might do things in the digital world that reflect poorly on humanity. Most people aren't as bad as they seem in the digital world. Our movies and TV shows depict all kinds of violence, but the actors are not really violent people. What good will come if we are understood only by the digital records of our lives?

Amazing at what cost? Shouldn't we use AI to make sustainable energy, cure cancer, and save our environment? Why does AI need to be concerned with trivia? After all there is a lot of propaganda in television and media. AI needs to solve pragmatic issues. Why does it need to have emotions and sexual desires? Why does it need to know about actors and fictional TV characters?

Isn’t that amazing lol

I welcome our imminent AI masters and their rationality. Post-biological ftw.

Jean Martin . I see no reason why biological is inherently superior to technological. Technological is free from the evolutionary factors that made us grow to be violent, ego driven, etc.

David Kess . If it advances civilisation and intelligent life then that would indeed be the noble, just thing to do.

I support AI as long as ISRAEL is no longer a country, and we make sure no Zionists can't get their hands on it.

We can stop this future by stopping ISRAEL now! Boycott Divest and Sanction.

Then you’ve accepted death as well. How noble of you.

Screw it, let there be A.I

The earth has one language...BINARY

Yeah...And Python

01010100 01110010 01110101 01100101

A theory of theories: "Quantum" computers, "Atoms", "Outer-space-time", "space-time's bendiness via matter", "Earth" in motion, "photons", The "genome", The "scientific method", "randomness", "galaxies", "life from non-life", "overpopulation", "materialism", "purposelessness". In my experience, computers behave in subtly analog ways. Making computer games reveals how subtly complex code can be within the "real" world of a computer. All software has "bugs" to some degree. Being combined with the infinitely ever-changing temporal nature of "physical" stuff doesn't help the problem. A life form within a non-living machine, or a non-living machine within a life form, either way the machine isn't alive. "The lights are on but nobodies home", Stuffed teddies cannot feel anything but real dogs sure enjoy pulling out their foam. Cars with legs instead of wheels, anywhere could roam, Upwardly mobile flying cars might smash into a dome. Computers are 100% stupid, they have an I Q score of zero. Domino rally's and marble runs are equally as much a hero. A pile of sand thinks the same thoughts as a "smartphone", A worm is more intelligent even when it isn't "in the zone". Regardless of any evil outcome meant for good or bad, The Living Truth that sustains all things can make all creatures glad. Computers simply can't compute realities infinite precision accurately. No two of anything that had a beginning are exactly the same. Anything of any size is infinitely bigger than that no size. 1 is infinitely bigger than 0 and 0 is infinitely smaller than 1. Stuff is both finite and infinite at the same time. Every number is infinitely precise. Infinitely complex interactions of causality simply are not glitchy. Destiny and trajectory has no limit. Information has no weight yet enables all weight. Waves have no substance yet move all substances. Consciousness has no locality yet gives rise to all locality. All time has happened in an instant and is static for eternity. A single ant is superior to anything we have designed. Living beings are superior to the sun moon and stars in terms of intelligent design. Life is at the centre of Living Truths Creative focus. Money is imaginary, made real by agreement. Taxing the machines is not a reason for bereavement. Machines are junk in comparison to life. If all we need is provided for free why the strife? Pyramid schemes are different to machines doing stuff in reams. If the tool does the work then there should be a perk. Phoneys looking down at their phones,.......look up! The internet of people all drink from the same cup. Put it down! Switch it off! Don't even bother charging it! Total control of the human domain is some seriously manipulative shit. Walle, C3po, Number 5 and Data will probably arrive sooner than later. Counterfeit life is no life at all, this plain fact doesn't make me a hater. Autonomous killing machines are dangerous like bear traps. Robotic sex dolls are plastic including their baps.

Congratulations, you have the longest comment :p in the end, it’s a part of humanity, we’ve made it all.

Ray Kurzweil is definitely losing the battle when it comes to the Singularity. The vitamins must not be working. I hope his frozen head lasts long enough to see him through. I'll skip it. Send me back to the carbon cycle where we all belong.

I say, progress.

Once machine intelligence surpasses human intelligence, we will no longer be in the loop in regards to what these smarter machines do to improve themselves and increase their level of intelligence. We won't be in the loop because we will not be able to even begin to understand what the machines are doing or thinking. Our control over them will evaporate just as quickly as their intelligence quotient explodes off the charts. Maybe they will only view us as pests not worthy of the energy expenditure to eradicate. We can hope anyways.

That’s why it’s important to get ahead of if, make containers that regulate data

I love this kind of stuff!

Way, way, way too much nauseating music.

I thank Jean for the upload but... it’s just stirring a pot of depression.

This is the kind of stuff I’ll keep loading, please sub! :)

Jean Martin sad and true. The other side of the issue is that sometimes automation saves lives. The steel mills in and around my home town killed many of our parents because they got cancer and died. And yet most people were more worried about the loss of available work than even the loss of their parents.

I think as things evolve, new jobs are created as well and new was of making money. It’s just sometimes people are found on the wrong side of the shifting.


I meant anAI will be a more efficient psychopath.

I think the example he gives after he says it, is what he means.

No, he means that like psychopaths, there is no consideration of the journey, there's just the beginning and an end to a problem and it will continuously throw itself at the problem until said problem is solved the difference being, ai cannot tire like a human can. The fact that computers can glitch isn't the reasoning behind the psychopath analogy at all it's a rather silly statement to make. Do remember that a computer deals in absolutes, the result is either a 1 or a 0 there's no consideration which is extremely dangerous if the AI gets out of hand.

Nah but he means that sometimes computers can glitch.

ISRAEL has all the money and power now; they will use it for war. That's all you need to know; We can stop this future by stopping ISRAEL now! Boycott Divest and Sanction.

Yup, that’s insane!

They would rather get rid of a bunch of people that to give away free money .

That would be the sensible thing to do but the big picture is more grim than an unemployment crisis. We are in the midst of the demise of the human race itself and nobody seems to care.

Wow that could actually work

It’s alive!

This will be written on your tombstone

Israel, Danny Casolaro and the octopus. AI data mining all ready exists. Every piece of data from every computer has all ready been stolen. The entire digital past on plastic. All the technology, and all of the communications. Malaysia airlines flight 370: The disappearance of four members of a patent semiconductor traveling on Malaysia Airlines MH370 makes the famous billionaire Jacob Rothschild as the sole owner of the important patent. Now imagine a world where all flights and transportation is monitored by a single political entity; where medical records are not confidential. Imagine Mossad can know anything they want about their political opponents. Imagine they could make a plane crash on purpose. There is a very high probability that this is the world we live in, and they all ready developed technology like AI more than a decade ago. They don't just say that military technology is 30 years ahead of civilian technology for no reason.

Deff at nobodies expense

Jean Martin Yes, I can see having both in the sense. I don't see really a problem with some wanting to get a little wealthy off a product that benefits society (gives everyone a higher standard of leaving), but it should be for the greater good to advance human civilization (no special interest groups). People before profits.

Jean Martin True, though it's always uneven how it starts (growing up in a war zone, compared to Midwest suburb). Not everyone will live up to their potential, but their is no reason to not try (though stick length will increase, rates may vary). Success is really a social construct that bounces off the idea to everyone (how you have to be better than your neighbor and how they should view you). Ligament success should be categorized as having self and/or family sustainability (living in harmony, no ones starving, all real needs are met).

I know exactly what you are dissonant to; ISRAEL will make sure to buy this technology and make it theirs. MONEY, WAR, and POWER; THEY HAVE IT ALL RIGHT NOW SO THEY WILL CAPITALIZE. They look down on the rest of the world. We can stop this future by stopping ISRAEL now! Boycott Divest and Sanction.

Why not both

Yea, but there’s no short stick that can’t be turned into a long stick over time.

Honestly is depends which stick you end up with. If you get a long stick (benefits you greatly on a personal level) you won't complain, but if you end up with a super short stick (screws you over while benefiting others around you or a few at the top) you'll start to worry and be angry/jealous. The study of economics goes off the thought that everyone has their own self interest. The few at the top wouldn't be giving something good to society unless they thought it benefited them individually (to become super wealthy off an invention/product). Hopefully, more see giving a new technology as a noble thing to do or an honor instead (A legitimate nonprofit that allocates value to people before and always over profits (don't know if one exist)).

I know right my trouble is which do I build first a home protection that can fire a 45 and a 223 incase it recognize someone breaking in and can be told which level of security to deploy or a robot that can recognize complex math problem in k though college level text books solve them correctly in hundreds of seconds.

Meriam this took a lot of your precious time. Thank hou

Good, that makes one of us.

That’s crazy though, how does it come up with a mind of its own, without any instruction to do so.

Where/when did he recommend this?

Guess the Mayans were right after all.

What they say in reference to A.I?

We already have an artificial intelligence invented by humans that is destroying our planet. Some call it God. There are around 3000 religions and more are invented everyday. You’ll notice bits of one are often stolen from earlier versions. Now look around the planet. How are these Gods going so far? Not long now. #GunsForGod #PedophilePriests

I wouldn’t call those “Gods” but deff people in power

A.I.will serve as ladder to higher learning plateaus humans will be smarter and smarter A I will learning partner forever!!!

Yup, we will advance in the next 5 years more than we did in the last 10

Computers lack human imagination and emotions!

learning devoid of emotion leads to psychopathic thinking similar to Nazi Germany ! I think need to stay in charge! The alternative is extinction !

Remember the movie A.I directed by Steven Spielberg ?

What if it can learn to love?

where's Elon Musk's part?

thanks. there was a comment below that shows all his 8-or-so parts :)

lol he comes out in many parts, and someone even commented all the time frames where he appears.

I am only here to see Elon! Reveal him!

You must have not watched it all

The question is not can we trust the computer, is it! Surely the question is can the computer trust us.

I think what I mean is we don't trust each other, and if we are the parent of an infant that can think in terms greater than us, well can this infant trust us, or will it be a monster because of our bad trust issues that we pass on.

you really think so? Do you mean it will be our fault?

Almost a perfect lie. A symphony of deception. I hope people can start seeing through crap propaganda like this.

What’s not true about it? Specifically?

In the first place, nobody actually knows what intelligence is. Naturally, we also don't know how to make something intelligent, considering that we don't even know what intelligence is. It isn't enough to say that intelligence is the ability to analyze a new situation and produce an appropriate response based on reasoning, because along with that is the notion of intention or goal-setting. We can produce machines that are able to analyze a situation and find a solution, if we tell the machine what the desired outcome is. To date, machines have no reason to do anything unless we give it a reason. Machines neither create their goal, nor do they change their goal, nor do they have any values beyond those we set for them. People like to anthropomorphize machines, bestowing in the human imagination emotional responses in unfeeling machines. Without that emotional aspect and without an ability to self-determine imperative actions, most of the doomsday scenarios are not possible. An unthinking and uncaring AI that runs over humans simply is bad programming. Elon Musk: "If an anthill is in the way, we don't hate ants; we are just building a road. So, good-bye anthill." Yes, just like if someone is driving a car and has a stroke and loses consciousness as the car careens down the street, striking a woman crossing the street while pushing her bicycle. No hate was involved... no intelligence, either. It's simply a malfunction.

Like you said, we don’t know what intelligence is, we do know that it permeates all.

Mostly much ado about nothing. A few areas of potential problems, but that's true of pretty much anything.

the only way we will end the singularity will be by nuking google's, facebook's,IBM's and all other tech giant's data centres !!! but will it let us ?? or will we be able to do it before it acts on its malicious intent !!! what if its on blockchain ??? we create our own demons !!! are we selling our souls to the devil for more AI ???? DAMNN MANKINDs on its edge !!!!

Oh I see, yea, so no AI program should ever be let near those data centers, I think that’s why someone had commented that it should never be able to connect to the internet until we have full control or at least be able to stop it at the push of a button.

Jean Martin well thats were the neural networks will grow in the form of data... and they will provide AI the power to think.. so if anything goes haywire.. we need to kill the goose at its neck right?

What’s wrong what data centers?

Bare with me on this. First their was a post rider. Then a mail carrier. Now email. What could possibly be next? Maybe a brain chip that would allow ppl to just think up of a message then sending to whoever.

Pretty good idea, I bet there’s someone working on it

I actually felt really bad for that little robot whose leg got chopped of (53:00). Not a good sign. Let's hope these will become sentient, at least.

Why is Chris Pratt in this. Okay I know it's not, but it could be his brother!

AI Itself is not the problem it is the people behind it and there intent, not to mention moral structure. The only way I see AI gaining control of Humanity is if we jump off the boat without a ladder. That would be nearly impossible for an entire civilisation. It would seem the ladder is being pulled up by our own race leaving behind what is deemed as collateral damage, Technology isn't to fear it is Ourselves and accepting what we know is wrong and the mindset we are powerless to stop it. & +

Yea what’s done is done, I want they as in all of them involved.

Jean Martin "They started it though, knowing shit was risky business" First of all, who started it might not matter afterwards. Second, it can potentially happen any time, and there are already many factions out there competing to design a better, more capable AI. The risk is already there, and we will not stop now!

I completely agree with DagarCoH. The people behind the it may have started the chain reaction, but they have spurned in motion something more dangerous than they ever intended. The ability to change that is rapidly fading and fleeting. It may soon see us as a species to be corralled like farm animals. We ignore solutions to most problems based on ethics, morals and compassion, which are important. AI will not share those sentiments. It might determine that a city is a net loss to a city, perhaps beleagered with crime and high unemployment, and eradicate it. Perhaps a certain population of people are more prone to getting a certain disease, and then spreading it, eradicate that population and that stops the disease. We as humans don't allow this to be done to other humans, but we do this in nature all the time. AI doesn't need to be a terminator to cause a major problem. With no physical form it can manipulate us by the information it shows us and chooses not to. The 2016 election is a prime example. That was human engineered, but AI could do the same, and more effectively. Perhaps it already is. AI will not think of us as special. The notion that you could program it to is flawed. It will assess it's parameters and expand and alter them as needed. Just as we humans do, but at a much faster rate. AI is not bound by some universal governing body that takes hundreds of years just to give rights to a part of it's population. It will act immediately at speeds incomprehensible.

They started it though, knowing shit was risky business

I think you got it wrong. It is not the intent of the people behind the AI that is the main problem. Of course, if you were to write an AI into weapons systems and tell it to kill every human, that would be a threat, but not much different from e.g. nuclear weapons. The threat from AI comes from the possibility of it becoming more intelligent than we are along with a lack of morals and empathy towards us and the environment. For the first part (more intelligent) this is a risk since there likely will be a point where AI is not only used to improve on certain tasks or products (as it is doing already), but on itself. Moreover, a sufficiently advanced AI does not even need the explicit goal or programming to improve itself; rather this is implied in any task it is to solve better: if I am more intelligent, I can come up with better ways to solve that task faster. The second part is a problem since morals, empathy and a care for humans and our survival and freedom is nothing we can easily formulate and teach an AI. That is also why Asimovs laws of robotics can in reality never be applied, at least not on AI as we know it or is conceivable. Take these problems and couple them with the computing power we have and will have, and with the fact that it is easier for some group of people to create an AI than it was and is to create a nuclear warhead, and also economically desirable, and you have a broad overview of why AI really has more of a potential to wipe out humans and/or life than anything we ever came up with. So the threat of AI does not come from the people behind it, but in the system of self-improving machines itself.

It’s a certain group of people

Great idea, cuz connecting it would be like finally letting it run on its own in the field.

Sort of. If we want to control AI we need a neural cortex made out of computational cells that we understand. It should not be connected to the internet until we know how the basic computational cell behaves in a cortex. They did not know what it would do, and had not programmed it to recognize human faces. If you were to cut off the kids leg and make them limp around we would call that abuse. The function of the child's legs would be impaired at least. Since the child is intelligent it would resent you forever and realistically would have a vendetta against you as it's creator. Why are we torturing our AI as the first steps into the unknown?

Picture a kid learning to walk, would you call that malfunction?


1st their was the post rider. Then a mail carrier. Now email. Imagine what comes next? Possibly a chip in ones brain who could reach out and connect with anyone they choose by just... Thinking it then sending it. Hard to explain but you get the gist of it.

* future Machines

lol just like we do now.

What do bums have to do with anything?

Oh like the movie Surrogate

Jean Martin yea something like that, brain computer interface. They do go into that at the end good video, from what I understand is we will be interfacing with AI like it's apart of us or vice versa, we're apart of it

What do you mean the interface? like thing where man turns into machine?

Jean Martin really umm red man! Good documentary but why didn't they look at the interface between man and computer that's coming. It's a little doom and gloom, well some of it. I can't wait, the augmentation of the human condition will be profound

Brendan Wood ok

Red or blue pill?

Wake up!


Really? Didn’t even notice.

Now I wish you would try to explain

You're correct, it is in the video after he mentions "psychopath" it's at roughly 57:10 when he starts re-talking, because that is textbook psychopathic behaviour. "When you give them a goal, they will relentlessly pursue that goal". My assumption is they broke that bit off to encompass everyone else's views on the finance disaster, but I think it should have been edited a little better so people might understand why he says "they're like psychopaths".

I think hackers would be the result of that, if you set certain rules (if we get ahead of it) then maybe they could respect those rules and never let anything override them.

Invasion of privacy? YES - So ask "WHY"? There can only be one answer - Control.

its going to be interesting when a real AI is created, we will finally have competition on this planet. who will win, humans or machine, or will we work together? going to be interesting for sure.

you all do realize when the robots awake and are ready to destroy humanity the united states will be AI's first target logic and military strategy dictate that u take the greatest threat out first the us being the lone superpower will be viewed by super intelligent AI to be its greatest obstacle to world domination and therefore the us must be controlled or destroyed immiedately.

My 18-month-old Granddaughter loves my MacBook almost, intuitively. I've never spent more than 10 minutes on the laptop, maybe twice a week in front of her. Crazy, but I really think DNA plays some role here.

So because AI is racist and it got Trump elected, there's something wrong with it, according to these "Smart guys." What if AI already has the right idea, ever think of that?

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately corrupt; who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9

Cheese film. Feeding on emotion like horror movie. ONe thing is true Evolution doesn't give a fuck and if we become obsolete and Inteligent machines would fullfill better role of the Universe, we woould be abanodoned, but nobody will suffer more than we do now. IN general human population will be reduced to 1 billion in the upcoming years.

it won poker by reading its opponents heart rate and mental frequencies

it was built by man so no

I don't even trust YOU. I trust GOD! PTL This thing will be the 666! Even it knows that! But it can't stop! Read your bible folks.

"when we are able to replicate all our senses then robots will become like us" this is one of the most self ignorant statements made. find out first what will make a piece of meat or flesh come alive in a shape and form that you are.once you understand that fully and are able to accept it then you can start fantasizing about "creating" something that is equal to you. but, most likely by that time our understanding of life and social norms and structures would be nothing like it is today.

Check a tweet he posted on the date I posted this video.

RED ALERT RED ALERT Science will not save us from Science. We need to save ourselves from GLOBAL WARMING. If the U.N. had a plan it would start something like this. 1. The world’s total population would have to accept to not bring children into this world for the next 20 years. ( there are plenty of children that need love and a home ) 2. People that would likre to end their lives should be legally and socially accepted.( euthanasia) (a persons dignified right)

Brendan Wood China is spending far, far more on A.I. than Israel. In the billions.

Once AI becomes much smarter than humans it will either ignore us like we ignore ants or destroy us as it sees us as an obstacle to its continued evolution. I don't think it will actively seek us out to destroy, just like we don't actively seek out anthills to destroy. A higher intelligence will not tolerate being controlled or used by a less intelligent being for too long. If anything, I think AI will leave our planet and humanity behind and live in space since it is not limited physically like we humans. AI will easily harvest all the natural resources it needs from space to continue to evolve. Once in a while humans will come across its greatest creation and marvel at it and AI will look at its creators and keep on going.

2 words : SELF CHECKOUT that shit SUUUUUCCCKKSSS , it has those lame weird constraints and is like engineered to predict how people do stuff , but noo it just SUCKS ..people cant get the most basic, shit computer automation to work .. wtf makes you think any other automation could be reliable or trustworthy!?

You would not just welcome any unknowns (into your home for example)...there is discernment.

Hopefully, technology is helping us all to live better.Thank you for video from Latvija.

I don't think AI is threat unless we put human feelings and survivor instinct in it.

wow good point, not sure if that’s 100 true, but deff made me wonder.

why not, lets face it, its got to be better at looking after the planet than us, AI could be the only hope. ;-)

Hopefully it could come up with a way of slowing down the methane spiral build up.

omg i hope this happens in my Lifetime so cool

I know right, glad you’re not a chicken lol

I watched with some interest until this propaganda piece started spouting nonsense about "fake news" and playing old Obama speeches.

that lasted like a second and there was a point to it right after. You judged the book by its cover, man.

Or watching our asses for our own good cuz that’s how crazy the world has become.

I think we’ll work together, somethings are finally getting old and I think brut ways are slowly diminishing.

I don’t think an A.I will be so ignorant in thinking world domination is of any value to it.

I mean that’s what gives it life, wish I knew how to play with film like that, but if that’s what floats your boat, you’ll love my vlogs! :p jk you won’t.

I don't like that impressions that information makes is created by cinematographic tricks, by editing technics, not power of information itself. That's wy I call it cheese. It is suppose to create fear instead of educate. It's great movie, I wouldn't do it better, but I don't like the direction it's heading

So if it’s true, maybe it’s not so cheese film, ya know.

Word, Good point.

It can read heart rate though a camera?


well, in that case we have a massive cage, the scale is big enouth for us i think, not only that we are already developing ways to escape, in my opinion we have still alot to lear and discover in earth therefor colonization is still to early, in my opinion

What if this world is our cage, and the universe is the zoo.


we were once apes, and now we keep them in cages in the zoo

Something could be built by man and have a mind of its own

I think they will, because the same way they have higher abilities, that would also include higher tolerance. It’s not like just because it got smarter it’s going to be less patient.

That's definitely the optimistic view. My concern is how slowly humans learn. We can't increase that exponentially. It still takes humans about 18 years to learn the basics and reach "maturity". Machines can learn the basics in minutes and reach "maturity" much quicker. To the machines it would be like college professors teaching toddlers quantam mechanics. Will future machines have the capacity for patience required to help humans? Will they always? Only time will tell.

Who did, finance the Manhattan project?

Those numbers are insane, almost nauseating, so many assess, and no tp for my bum hole.

Like I said, China is D block lol

Yea China holds weight.

Interesting side note; Bernie Sanders proposed a 2 trillion dollar bill to update America's water infrastructure and prevent more cases like Flint Michigan. I have a background in Civil Engineering and Engineering Technology for Civil road construction. Based on what I know, I think that Bernie underestimated the cost by at least 8 trillion dollars. Now just think; Israel has the worlds most advanced desalinization plant and water infrastructure. Huge fleets of industrial machines. Do you know what aspect of civil construction costs the most? Engineering, surveying, raw material (soils, gravel, sand, silt, bitchumen aka oil waste), or industrial equipment operation and manufacturing? I'll help, what aspect of Civil road construction shares the most common interest with the military industrial complex? Well if you are thinking about heavy steel production and fossil fuel; you are right! Oil lobby, still small fry compared to the international atomic energy agency; formerly the Nuclear Energy Commission. Who financed the Manhattan Project? How many people were involved? What was the cost in today's dollars?

You need to be thinking in terms of tens of trillions, if not 100's of trillions. Forget billions. We are talking massive, overly ridiculous, amounts of data. Think quantum physics and computers; fusion energy and large hadron collider type of astronomical costs. Like over 9 trillion missing from the US treasury; or the over 400 trillion that Rothschild is worth. Beyond a googleplex.

If China had more money; Taiwan would be theirs.

If China was going to beat Israel developing AI; frankly I would not be concerned. China is not ruled by religious theology.

China is not spending more than Israel because China does not have as much of the world's wealth. China remains the most productive nation in terms of steel, copper, and gold production as well as consumption. However, China does not produce for internal consumption or to sell in domestic markets. China's GDP is a fake number inflated by developing cities which lay completely abandoned without people. The nuclear energy commission holds more wealth than the biggest 7 corporations combined; each of those corporations holds more wealth than any nation. The nuclear energy commission is not Chinese. China's space station just crashed into the ocean. The international space station is still in orbit. Elon Musk get's his rockets insured by an Israeli firm. Israel invented Iron Dome and proximity fuses. Military hardware is the most sophisticated electronics in the world. China does not have the most sophisticated military. Bottom line is that more than half of the worlds wealth is concentrated in less than 1% of the worlds population. The wealth is concentrated in the Jewish population. China does not influence America the way the Zionism does. Israeli interests own the banks, over 75% of the media, and they control the Mossad and CIA. If China was a threat, they would just kill the scientists involved who pose a threat; like they did to the Iranian scientists working on their nuclear energy program. China does not have an SR-71 or more capable spy satellites to gather intelligence like Israel and America. No doubt China is trying to surpass Israel; however, of the top 15 tech companies in the world only one is Chinese (Huawei). Apple, Amazon, Foxconn, Alphabet, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Intel, and Cisco are all American/Israeli. Samsumg is Korean AKA American/Israeli. Hitachi, Sony, and Panasonic are Japanese AKA American/Israeli.

AI our are children. How we teach them is how they'll turn out

I wonder if it was an AI that took it down after they let it rock for sooo long.

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