Dedication of the Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health

Dedication of the Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health

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Good. Morning and welcome to the dedication, Chapel, for the Alton and Lydia Lim Center for science technology and, health, please. Welcome Biola's, provost and senior, vice president dr.. Deborah Taylor. Thank. You so much for joining us here today on. Behalf of our board of trustees president, Corey and the, entire Biola, community, is my privilege, and great pleasure to. Welcome you to this very special chapel, dedication, for the brand-new, building, on our campus the. Alton, and Lydia Lim Center, for science technology and health and I, want to give a special welcome to any of you who are joining us today through, our online live, stream broadcast. Moments. Like these are precious, in the, life of any institution, these. Are the signposts. That help us remember God's provision, his. Favor and his blessing, and I, couldn't, be more thrilled to be celebrating this moment with you today a. Building. That you're looking at right now which. Is an amazing piece, of architecture. And. Dynamic. Technical, technology, it only, comes about as a result of a great deal of Prayer. Collaboration. Planning. And just, hard work for. Many in your the audience surrounding, you today have, been part of this and they have worked directly on this project our, advancement, team our facilities. Academics. Communications. And marketing and, for. Those who personally, supported, this financially. And prayerfully, this. Dedication. Is the consummation, of many years of dedication, and we, all celebrate. Together and. To. Our students, and faculty, and staff in, the new school of science technology and health we, honor you today as well and we're, so excited for the opportunity. You have to study and teach, and research. And work in this amazing. State-of-the-art. Building. So. Would you please join me in welcoming, dr.. Bazar Vera Meany our associate. Professor, of biological. Sciences, and director. Of our new Stuart honors science program, and he's, going to come give the morning invocation. Good. Morning please stand. Please. Join me for prayer. Our. Father. God. Of all blessings. Source. Of all life, giver. Of all grace. We. Thank you for. Your immeasurable. Kindness, to us in Christ. We. Thank you for your spiritual, provision. Of making. Us alive, in. You. We. Thank you for the amazing provision. Of the Alton and Lydia Lim Center for science technology, and health. Thank. You Lord for your faithfulness. Thank. You Lord for the faithfulness, of many who are gathered here who, because, of their faith and their. Obedience to, you, have. Been so generous with their time with. Their resources, to make this Science, Center. A reality. Lord. We pray for generations. To come. That. This Center would be a place where faculty staff. And students, could, study the wonders, of your creation, and, marvel. At the work of your hands. Great. Oh Lord are your works, they, are studied by all who delights in them. Lord. Weeds alight in your works and in, who you are Lord. Would you use this building, for. The praise of your name and, for. The making of many mature. Ambassadors. For, Christ's, in the, science, fields. For. Decades to come. Thank. You Father for your generosity for, your spiritual, provision, and for the physical, provision, Lord of this building, Lord would we be good stewards. Of it would. We remember, every time we enter the doors of this building God, that you are good. That, you are a good father and would, you use this building Lord to make an impact, for your, kingdom, for. Generations, to come in Jesus. Name Amen. It's. My pleasure to welcome and introduce jr., biological, sciences major Joslyn, Wong. Good. Morning everyone the, passage that was chosen for today's dedication ceremony. Is Psalm, 111. Verses. One through four which, says praise. The Lord I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart in the. Company of the upright, in the congregation, great. Are the works of the Lord, studied, by all who delight in them full. Of splendor. And Majesty, this is work and his, righteousness endures, forever. He. Has caused his wondrous, works to be remembered, the, Lord is gracious and merciful, as. We, celebrate the grand opening of the Alton and Lydia Lim Center for science technology and, health I marvel.

At The great works that the Lord has done is doing, and will, continue to do through this building this. Beautiful facility and the opportunities, that it brings is such a testimony, to his, splendor, his majesty. And his provision as. A. Student pursuing a career in medical research I'm already, so blessed by. The state-of-the-art, equipment the. Dedicated, research, labs and the collaborative, spaces that, are now available in the Lim Center, these. Gifts, will enable me and other students, to, be more well equipped as we. Continue, to represent the name of our Lord Jesus in, the scientific, field. So. I would, like to express my sincere gratitude to God and to, all of you who, have made this. Building, possible we. Sincerely appreciate. Your investment, in us. So. May, we continue. To praise and give thanks to the Lord through, our celebration, this morning and through, our diligence, Wonder. And delight in. The, study of his wondrous works. Generations. To come Thank. You Thank. You. Jocelyn, and greetings honored guests and friends, and supporters, and students. And, faculty. And staff and alumni. I. This. Is like an amazing, day let me just say that here at Biola University, I know. It's sunny, out there for some of you if for a while I thought you were saluting, me. But. Bear. With us it's going to be it's, going to be warm it's going to be exciting for the next few minutes as we're gathering together I'd. Like to especially thank our elected officials and representatives who, are here in attendance today u.s.. Congresswoman, Linda, Sanchez is, represented, by her, maguro sino and California. State our, state assembly member in caldron. Is represented. By Alberto. Ruiz so. Alberto. And Irma wherever you are thank, you for. Being here and please convey. To your. Respective lawmakers, our gratitude for your being here from. The city of La Mirada councilmember. Steve de Roos and John. Lewis and city manager, Jeff Boynton are here so welcome as well part. Of the delegation of, local. And state and national. Civic. Leaders that we have the opportunity, and blessing to. Work alongside, I also saw from a distance dr. Jane Anderson here she was our first graduate. I believe of Biola University to, go to medical school and now she's on the faculty at. UCSF. So Jane welcome as well. What a glorious day it. Is to, worship and to celebrate, this important, moment in the life of Biola University and, actually this is in many, ways a form, of worship as we gather together today, during our regular. Friday. Morning, chapel hour which we've decided. To dedicate to. Giving honor to God for what he, has done and. Is doing, through. His work in the world through, the study of his word for the proclamation of, the gospel. Through. The sciences. Science. Technology, and health these, important. Vital disciplines. Among. God's great. Men you of truth, over. The past few years we've. Anticipated, the completion, of this building, what. We've had in mind as leaders. Is to. Take Biola University to. A new level in preparing students for professions, in the, sciences. Attracting. Students, who are extraordinarily, capable. And, providing. Them an education. Deeply. Rooted in biblical thinking, and moral. Grounding, and an. Ethical decision-making so. That they can become leaders in the greater Sciences. Professional. Sciences, and research and, in teaching and. I believe we have a holy obligation. Rooted ethically and theologically. To have exemplary, science, programs, and faculty.

This Is our sacred calling, and this. Is a testimony, today to. What God has. Done for, unless. We are positioned, to be credible voices in, the, sciences, the, Christian, intellectual, tradition. And moral, tradition. Generations. And millennia old will, largely be absent, from key decisions, relative to science technology, and, healthcare globally. The places, where. Moral, reason voices, need to be more. Than ever before. So. Where are we today well. We've come a long way and our ambitions, call us for. Even greater growth, and excellence along, this trajectory in the sciences, here at Biola University, we. Are committed to continually, strong undergraduate. Programs. Enrollment. And interest, in the sciences, have, been on the rise and this. Year we have projections, for an increase of 25% and, new students coming to Biola majoring. The sciences. The. Quality of our science faculty, has. Become stronger, with. Degrees, graduate, degrees from MIT Cornell. Stanford, Berkeley Duke Brown UCLA, UC, USC, UCI. Among many more, postdoc. Work at places like Penn. Including. Among our faculty Fulbright. Recipients. We. Have a strong track record of biology. And and. And all of our science is for students being accepted, into great medical school programs, and other. Graduate, programs in the sciences. And there's, a high demand for our, graduates, in the sciences, and professions like, nursing and. Communication. Disorders in, kinesiology. In. A conversation, I had this week with Professor. V Remini we were talking about one of our graduates, her name is Angela, Angela, came here as a ballet dancer, got interested, in the sciences, and before. Long well at Biola she was doing internships, at Cal Tech at. MIT and today she's in a doctoral, program at UCSD. Studying. In with with some significant, scholarship, support. Behind or giving credibility to her work in the field of neuroscience, but. It's not just doing science. But. It's contemplating. Science, Biola. Has earned a global reputation for, our programs. In philosophy. Of science and science and religion, through, which we continue to attract leading ethicists, and philosophers. Back. In the day Biola School of missionary medicine, founded in the 1930s. Has. Been the roots for us - today we have global partnerships, in places, like Indonesia where pre-med, major study, in summer intensives. And where, we've co-hosted, a conference, on Christianity, and global health and through. The establishment, of a. Stewart Honors Program in, the sciences, a visionary. Program, unlike anything in Christian higher education will bring scholars, leading.

High School students coming to Biola and. Faculty. And researchers, of global renown in the sciences, to help our students in science technology, engineering and math to. Help them, augment, their education, with incredibly, leading. Faculty, and we're so thankful. For. The Faculty, of Biola. University in. The. Sciences, so if you're a faculty member the school of science technology and health please stand so we can recognize you. We. Also have faculty emeriti, in the audience like Rafe Payne and Paul, cold and. Jim Rin in waltz tango, while. Being the, Dean for many years of science and math who. Have helped lay of the strong educational. Foundation, on which we are building the future of the sciences, at, Biola University so. Dr. Payne dr. cool dr. rim dr. Stangel thank, you as well where are you could you please stand also. We're. Here today because, most. Of all and above. All, God's. Providence, and his, sovereign, hand on Biola University as. We've, embarked, on this major initiative, in the sciences. Because. Of the faithful support of those like you who, believe. In, and love Biola, University an. Institution, with a 110. Year strong mission, rooted. In God's calling, and, vision, biblically. Faithful, and Christ centered and we. Are also here. Because. You have prayed. God's. People, so. On behalf of the many many moments times. Of Prayer public, and private on behalf, of this project, and for the future of science technology and, health at. Biola, I want, to say thank you, it. Was on January 14 2014. That. I wrote this in my prayer journal early. In the morning one day when I was a bit, despairing. About, the possibilities. Of this building, actually coming to be I wrote. This morning I'll head toward Pasadena, to meet with a dear couple and ask them to give a significant, support gift to Biola, lord. Give me wisdom through, the promptings, of your Holy Spirit show. Me what I cannot see. Flow. Through my mouth the words that are first honest, and second compelling. May. I be a trustworthy, representative. Of you and a viola, may. My conversation. About fundraising be as natural, and as disarming, as my conversations. About Biola's mission and vision. Lord. The same conversations. Need to take place about our Center for science and health and the stakes. Are significant. The amount staggering. This. Will be sixty million dollars, far more than we have ever realized, and so, much more than we can ever raise by crediting, ourselves.

May. This dimension, of my work be seasoned, with miracles, for. Which you and only you receive, the credit at. That point we only had a few million dollars in the. Bank, but. To the day one, year and one week later I. Received. This parking, pass. Adam. And I drove into the gated community. The. Home of Alton Lim who felt, led to help Biola what began as a conversation. Possibly. Investing several, million dollars to Biola became a twelve million dollar donation to our Science Building, it was the miracle, story that. So many of us were praying for it. Was a miracle story that I wrote about my journal. Just one year and one week earlier, to the day and, it. Was a story of how God used Alton, Lim and the entire Lim family in this building and in. Thanksgiving the board of trustees wanted to alt honor Alton, and his, late wife Lydia, by naming the building in their honor and Alton. Would be quick to say that all. The glory, goes. To the Lord, and. As during these months we kept praying and one. Day hundreds, of us stood. Along a chalk line outlining. The perimeter, of this building, and. We gathered just to pray and we prayed together in, faith in an expectancy, of what God would do in our midst and it was on one of these prayer occasions, that I shared the news that a five million dollar challenge, grant provided. So generously, by. The hawk family trust had been matched and much. Of this was made known and some of you were there on may 9 2015. At the Ace Hotel downtown. Los Angeles the, gala launching, the public phase of our campaign, that. We announced that the Alton and Lydia Lim family had generously given, this gift to the science building the, largest single, gift in Biola's. History and today. We are pleased to have many members of the lymph to celebrate with us the. Opening, of the. Alton, and Lydia limbs Center for science, technology, and, health limb. Family members please, stand so that we can acknowledge you. Going. Hey fat choy. Happy. New year today's Chinese New Year, and.

We. Are truly honored to be joined this morning by. The. Head of this wonderful family a man. Of God who has become a cherished friend of Biola University, will. You join me in expressing our profound appreciation. To. A man who along with his beloved wife Lydia is the, namesake, of this building, we dedicate, today ladies. And gentlemen the man who will turn 100. Years old in June mr., Alton Lim. We. Love you Alton Lim. Today. We dedicate this, 91 thousand, square foot state-of-the-art science, building, and we. Celebrate, not just because it is the largest academic, facility, ever built on this campus, which. Is affectionately, being known I here as the Lim. And. Let. Me say when we launched. Out in prayer for this our. Prayers did they did go out on a limb, so. We. Dedicated this building not just because of the brilliant women and men who will study research, and teach within its walls, but. Because of the God we serve, who. Is the author of science, technology health, and every academic discipline. And as, our founder Lyman Stewart said on a day like this. 115. Years ago dedicating, the cornerstone, of our, original building, in downtown Los Angeles on the corner of 6th and Hope, streets he said these buildings, are not to be a monument, to any man, nor. To any set of men but are to forever stands solely for. The promulgation of the eternal truths of God's Holy Word, over. Its portals, and running, across the front of this central building will stand the inspired, declaration. Forever. O Lord thy. Word is settled. In heaven. May, those same, words ring true today, may, Biola stand, steadfast, in our commitment to, that foundation, and confidence. And indeed, breakthroughs. In scientific, research today are, increasingly. Challenging. Purely, naturalistic, assumptions. And are, providing, what is in fact a better framework. Demonstrated. By excellent, scientific, methodology. That, points, to the majesty, and awe of God's creative hand in designing the, universe, it, is. This twofold commitment. To. Be unapologetically. Christian, in worldview, and to, have the highest standards, for excellence, in the science. We practice, that, will give credence, to. Our school, science technology, and health led. By our founding dean dr. Paul Ferguson and, so.

Today We are not merely replacing, an old building. We. Are in fact embracing. A new vision a growing. Vision to become a leader among, faith-based, universities. Offering. A rigorous, education in science technology. And health that, will help fill the void of. Christ-centered. Intellectual. And moral leadership, for. A future that will need our graduates, more. Than ever before. Thank. You so much for. All you have done standing. With us supporting. Us and praying. For us and believing. In what God could, do that, God's work in, God's time will. Not lack, God's, supply and God, has also supplied to us, incredible. Leadership from. Our founding dean so please join me in welcoming dr.. Paul Ferguson. Thank. You president, Corey good. Morning what a wonderful. Morning this is thank you so much for. Being with us and we. Do love you Alton, Lim and Lim. Family we. Are so appreciative. Well. My task this morning is to share a little bit more of what the vision and mission of this. Great school of Biola University is, and. The. Source of our scripture this morning that Jocelyn read. The. Second verse. Of that wonderful, chapter in Psalms, great are the works of the Lord they, are studied by all who. Delight in them, it. Is, known it's been known for centuries as the research scientists, Psalm and why. Is that, why. Has it been so popular. That. Hebrew word for delight, is to, enjoy. To. Lean in to embrace. With. The sense of being empowered to do well, to. Perform well and, over. The hundreds. Of years. Believers. Who. Enjoy. The works of the Lord who want to know the Lord better who, want to see the creation and the Creator. Have. Actually referred to that verse in fact. This particular verse, which is on the dedication, plaque and it's kind of the theme of our dedication, week and our building today. Great. Other works of the Lord they are studied, by all who delight in them. Was. A very favorite verse of one of the great physicists, of our time John Clerk Maxwell who, was the first Cavendish, professor, at Cambridge, University in. Fact he had that verse emblazoned. On the Cavendish. Labs at, Cambridge, those. Great wooden doors. You. See all who walked in would see it over. The years Cambridge, as you well know was, the site of incredibly. Deep. Research. 29. Nobel laureates came out of Cavendish, lab DNA. Was discovered by Watson and Crick in the Cavendish lab, but. Clerk James, Clerk Maxwell felt. So strongly, that, there is no distinction, between being. A great scientist, and a devout believer there's. No distinction, between. Studying. All aspects, of creation, from origins, to how we function, and, loving. The Creator in fact, this is what he said in the 1900s.

Christianity. Is the. Only scheme. Or form, of belief which, disavows, any possessions, on such a tenure, here. Alone all is, free you. May fly to, the ends of the world and find. No God but the author of salvation, you. May search the Scriptures, and not. Find a text to stop you in your. Explorations. What. Freedom, of discovery, that is. Maxwell. Was saying as scientists. And even more so as believers, you. Have nothing, but freedom to discover you will not find anything that, will. Confound your future or your understanding of life it is, that vision that we, are embracing and, the. Altan and Lydia Lim Center for science technology and health that is the foundation, of how do we create a new generation of. Talented. Scientists, who go into any lab or bench, top or bedside. And. Bring. The love of Christ to anybody they meet with, a wonderful, depth and. Markable, grace that's. The vision of this, new center that we celebrate today and, as. The president was saying just, a few short years ago on, the other side a groundbreaking. Were the the actual pragmatic, vision, of what. This. Center would do based on this concept that Maxwell knew so many hundreds. Of years old earlier and in, fact has never been anything new as you, walk through the building you will see us giving some homage to some of the great scientists, of our time whether, it be Newton Copernicus. Nightingale. Who. All said, the. More I study creation, the more I know the, creator Louis. Pasteur always, went into the lab to, praise God and with. That foundation this, was the, vision that was shared, just. A few short years ago and it's culminating, today. Our. Goal our vision, is to equip a new generation, of ethically thoughtful. Professionals. In the, sciences, and healthcare. That. Are grounded, in a Christian, worldview. That. Maxwell, first articulated, and many scientists, before him educated. In an academically, rigorous environment. You, heard jocelyn, saying that she is thrilled to study hard to research, well. Ready. To assume positions, of leadership we, need to be at the tables when strong decision-making. Happens, with only the perspective, that Christ can give and. That's. Able to provide the clear moral vision that the world so desperately needs and it so desperately needs, it now wears in such a wonderful position to do that and so. When we think of the foundations, that have been laid, the. Power of the Holy Spirit in guiding this entire, project, although we can say this morning and share with you to, God be the glory, great. Things he has done thank. You so much. It's. My, special privilege, to. Be here and, to dedicate our students, in the. School of science technology, and health as they. Begin to study in this. Nolan Center. I'm. Reminded, as, I do this a little bit about my daughter Irene, who, since has passed away but. Who went to school here and got, a minor in computer science in. 2008. And that was one of the reasons why we set, up a, scholarship. For her as well as you know donate. To, this, Center here, the. Matching grant. So. At. This, time I'd like the students, that, are in the, school. Of science technology and health to stand up we're, going to use this as a time of dedication, for them. And. It's with both, with gratitude, to, our Lord and Savior and also. The. Continual, commitment from. All our donors and faculty, and staff and others continual. Prayer, for. These students, that. We collectively, here dedicate, them for. The work of the Lord as they. Study, here in this. New school of science, technology and health our. Prayer is that you will grow in. Wisdom. And understanding. Of. All, that our Great, Creator has. Done and has, created and in, all this that your faith would grow and. That. You will go out into the marketplace and, that you, will make a tremendous, impact. For, Christ, and. As. You. Started learning here, in this, Center. Our. Prayer is with, what Paul. Wrote in the book of Colossians. Colossians. 1:16. Through, 17, for by him we're all things created, that, are. In heaven. And that are on earth visible, and, invisible, whether. Thrones. Or dominions, or principalities or. Powers all, things, were created through, him by. Him and for. Him and he. Is before all things and. In. Him all things consist.

And So, our prayer is that you would learn this and, that. You would glorify God as you study all different, aspects, of his, creation, and. As, donors, and as faculty and, a staff, you. Know our prayer also is as Paul writes in Colossians, 1 9 through 11 that. You may be filled with the knowledge of Israel that's a prayer for all of you that, you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all, wisdom and, spiritual. Understanding that. You may walk worthy, of the. Lord fully pleasing. Him. Being. Fruitful, in every good work and, increasing. In. The knowledge of God, strengthened. With all might according to. His glorious power and let, me just take, 30. Seconds, and just do a short prayer father we lift. These students before you we just thank you Lord for bringing them here and Lord. We just pray, that. You would continue to, guide. Them that you would help, them to mature, and, Lord. We know that as they go into the marketplace that, they'll face all kinds of challenges but. We claim your promise that you're with them and that. Your. Plans for them are there to prosper, them and, to help them to grow in faith and to, honor you and to lift your name and so, father we just thank you for it and we pray that you bless them and guide them we. Commit everything to you in Jesus name Amen. Warning. I'm Wayne, Lowell I'm chairman of the board and, today. Is, an. Answer to a dream a, dream. Personally. And, a. Dream that the board had and, unlike. Many of my dreams I can, actually touch. What. I woke up to this morning. You. Know the dream that, the board had. Was. Really to. Create a place that we could integrate Bible. With, science I don't. Think there's ever been a discovery, that disproved. The, existence, of our Creator, you. Think about the three elements, of, the, science technology, and health building, science. The, laws of nature only, God. Only a creator. Could. Create, all of the, laws of nature and physics, that, works so well together. Technology. Technology. Drives, the world that we live in, if. You don't think that just wait a couple years and there's, gonna be the driverless mover that comes to pick you up you know, when I was growing up to go without electricity, was, a big deal now I think to go without the Internet is a really big deal just ask our students, and. Lastly. Health. You. Think about all the physical, needs, that. We have that just a part, of life and, a. Parent. Who is dealing with the child who is, physically. Ill or an, end-of-life. Issue. And. Our. Health professionals. Will be there to, help these people. But. You know is as important, as as it, is to have a building, it's, not about the building, it's. About the people it's. About our faculty it's, about our students, that will go out into, the world to. Impact, the world for Jesus Christ. So, as important. And as, happy. As I am to have a dream, come. True. It's really about the. People that are, going to make it happen, so, with that we'd. Like to pray, for our faculty and staff, in the school.

Of Science, technology and health so. Faculty. Would you please stand we would, like to pray and, Commission you and, the, staff as well please. Join. Me in prayer. Father. God it is with gratitude. Thanksgiving. And a, commitment to prayer that. We dedicate, our faculty, and staff in the school of science, technology. And, health as you. Teach and serve each. One of you in this. Wonderful new limb center, we. Are grateful. For the tremendous dedication. That. Each of you have shown towards. Our students, during the past years in preparation. For, this, moment of dedication. We. Pray and we'll continue to pray for you that in serving as God's stewards, of this, new teaching and research faculty each of you will also grow spiritually, and. Professionally. In his. Service, to our students, and all, of Biola's, constituencies. As. Solomon. Prayed in second chronicles 1:9. Now. O Lord God, give. Me wisdom and knowledge that I may go out and come, in before this people for. Who can judge this, great people of yours, Lord. We, pray for wisdom and knowledge in each one of you as you, effectively, model, godly character and, mentor. Our students, to fully impact, the world for, our Lord Jesus Christ in, his. Name amen. Thank, you you may be seated. Please. Turn your attention to, Biola's, chorale and brass ensemble, as they perform, a mighty fortress is our God we, will invite you to join, us on the forth first only the, lyrics are in your program. Please. Remain standing. This. Is with thankful hearts on this joyful occasion. And. With a great expectation. For. All that God will accomplish in, the. Years to come that we officially, dedicate, the. Alton and lydia limb center for science, technology and, health we. Dedicate, this building to. The glory of god and, with, a vow to be a redemptive, voice, in the, world today, to. God be the glory. Great, things he, has done. Well. Again we want to thank you for being. With us this morning on this historic, occasion we do, encourage you to continue. To, enjoy this morning celebration, there are refreshments, that are stationed, throughout this chapel area and we, also invite you to enter, into the new Lim Center for. Tours this morning the building will be open until about 11:30 and we, have faculty and students. That will be available in there to show you around and so, we just encourage you to enjoy that space while, you're with us here this morning this.

Afternoon From 2:30 to 4:30 we, invite you to join us, for, the science, and faith symposium. In mayor's auditorium. We. Will be joined by three nationally, renowned scientists. Dr., Doug axe dr.. Jimmy Lin and dr. Lauren white and this, symposium, today. Will be moderated, by founding, dean and professor dr.. Paul Ferguson and these, experts will discuss topics of science and religion in layman's terms and, we'll, explain, why science, further reflects, the existence, of God, and strengthens, their faith and their, respective scientific. Disciplines, so, you're all invited to attend the science and faith symposium, again it's from 2:30, till, 4:30 this, afternoon in, Mayer's auditorium, which is located over near the bell tower, finally. I would ask that, our board of trustees that, our program, participants, and those serving, on the campaign cabinet if you could please remain, close to the front for. Photos immediately following. The ceremony and, so, it's been a great morning together, and I invite, you to join me if you will as we close our time with. A word of Prayer. Lord. Jesus we are deeply, moved this morning by, what you have miraculously. Accomplished. In our midst, thank. You for this new building a gift, to the Biola community, and a testimony, of your grace and your favor and your. Provision. We. Thank you for the alumni and parents and friends, from all around the world who gave so generously, and so sacrificially. To. Make a day like today possible. And we thank you Holy Spirit, for moving in the hearts of so many people, people. Who prayed and people who gave and we thank you for. The growing worldwide. Network, of friends and supporters, who share this vision for. What Biola University can. Accomplish for your kingdom in the, fields of science technology, and health. We. Thank you for the miraculous, ways in which you moved in the heart of our dear friend Alton, Lim who, gave out of a strong sense of obedience, to you as. A way to thank you for your goodness and your provision, in his life. We. Thank you for the entire Lim family and for the joy they bring to this community, and Lord, on this day we. Pray for Alton, that, you might continue to be his source of strength and encouragement and. That your, hand would rest upon him, and bring him peace and. So. Lord it is with hearts of deep and genuine, Thanksgiving, that we do dedicate, this building to you today, we.

Commissioned, It into your service, and we pray. That what takes place inside these, walls will, revolutionize. The fields, of science technology, and health, we. Invite you Holy Spirit, to fill every office, every class, every, laboratory and. Every square inch of this building this. Is your space, entrusted. To us and we recognize, today our role and our responsibility. To steward. This space well and to use this building to deepen the work of our faculty, who. In turn will train and equip and, empower our students, to leave this place, fully. Prepared, to do the work you are calling them to do we. Love you and we praise you, and we commit all of these things to you in the matchless name of Jesus. Christ our Lord amen. Thank. You for being with us this morning you, are dismissed.

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