CSUN Commencement 2018: Education and Social & Behavioral Sciences II

CSUN Commencement 2018: Education and Social & Behavioral Sciences II

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Good. Evening my. Name is William Watkins vice president, for student affairs and Dean of Students, it's my honor to declare the opening of the California, State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony for the Michael D Eisner College, of, Education and, the, College of, Social and Behavioral Sciences. I. Ask. That you now all please rise and, remain, standing. While. The Jazz a band under. The direction of, Professor Matt Harris plays. The national anthem, accompanied, by vocalist. Megan McDonald. Oh. Thank. You and please be seated. Thank. You Megan for that wonderful rendition and, how about a cheer for our signers, here thank. You very much. Celebrating. This occasion with. Us this, evening and seated on the platform are, members. Of the president's extended. Cabinet. Also. With, a Michael D Eisner College of, Education we. Have interim, dean shari Tarver, baring, associate. Dean christine, Hayashi, and, department. Chairs, Joyce Burstein. Elementary. Education. Kathy. Peckham, harden for special, education. Jody. Dunlop. Educational. Leadership and Policy Studies. Alberto. A story for educational, psychology. And counseling. Flavia. Fletcher, for deaf studies and, Julie. Gainsbourg, for secondary, education. For. The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. We, have interim, dean matthew. Khan special. Assistant to the Dean Silvia, McCauley and, department. Chairs Teresa, white for Africana Studies, Susanne. Shelled for. Anthropology. Edj. Coeds for geography. Susan. Fitzpatrick, Behrens for history. David. Leash for political science, jill. Quilici for psychology. At. Bartle, for social. Work. Karen. Morgaine for, sociology. Craig. Old word for urban, studies and planning and, Vicki Jensen, for criminology, and Justice Studies in. Addition, faculty. President Adam, Swenson. Associated. Students president Jonathan. Goldenberg, and, CSUN. Alumni, president, Cindy chernow are joining, us as special guests on the platform today. Also. Joining us in the audience is special, guest Milt, Valera member. Of the CSUN, Foundation. Board will, all the members of the plan form party and our special guests please rise, and be recognized. Thank. You it's. Now my pleasure to present to you our president, dr. Dianne Harrison. Good. Evening and thank you vice president Watkins, I first want to give my thanks as well to Professor. Matt Harris, the, Jazz a band mega, McDonald, for that beautiful, performance of, our national anthem thank, you. As. President of the university, it is my distinct, honor to welcome you to the 2018, California. State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony, for the 2017. 2018. Graduates. Of the Michael D Eisner College, of, Education and. The College of, Social and Behavioral Sciences. On. Behalf of our distinguished. Faculty and staff I, congratulate. The. Graduates, being honored, here today I, want. To talk briefly with you about making a positive impact in the world despite. The inevitable ups, and downs, Winston. Churchill, said success. Is not final, failure, is. Not fatal it. Is the courage to continue that counts you may, have experienced, some challenges in, your coursework, or, in, other areas during, your time here at CSUN.

Yet. Through it all you persevered. Working. Through the hard times to achieve success, and look. Where you are today. Now. I ask you to reflect on that as you move into your next phase of your. Lives, your. CSUN education. Has done more than taught, you work skills, and the, expertise, of a particular major, it. Has taught you how to think critically how, do we evaluate processes. Make. Improvements. Whatever. Your degree your, major your, background, you, have the ability, to innovate. Enact change, I know. That, like so many CSUN. Alumni, before, you you. Will be innovators, taking. The initiative to change things, for the better whether. It's in your profession, in your communities, or in the world dream. Big and act, bold. Allow. Me to thank the faculty and staff who, share in the pride of your achievements. They. Played a significant. Role it's, supporting, your success and, their. Efforts, to advance student excellence, to. Advance our understanding of. The world through groundbreaking. Research and, the, university's, mission make. Them the heart of the university, but. Our outstanding faculty and staff cannot do their jobs without sufficient. Funding, governor. Browns revised. 2018-19. State. Budget, proposal released. Last Friday. Leaves. The, CSU. 171. Million dollars, below, the amount we seek to maintain our, operating, funds. Academic. Excellence student. Support critical, business and, community, partnerships, are, all. In jeopardy I take. This opportunity, to ask each of you to please, join, me in appealing, to our state lawmakers. To make, CSU. Full, funding, a priority. For 2018-19. Graduates. Much. Of your experience, at CSUN, was shaped by the generosity of, alumni, who, came before you, who have, supported scholarships. Enhance. Programs, and, improve. The campus facilities, for your benefit, this. Year it was very heartwarming. To. See six. Thousand, three hundred and ninety of. You and Counting, contributing. To the senior class gift we.

Thank You for that and hope that starts a tradition, of your giving back to the University. And. Finally. I want to acknowledge the, valuable, support of your family, and friends. They, have provided love, sacrifice. Support. And, encouragement, to assure your success, to. The parents, families, and friends who are here today the. University, community and I thank, you for, entrusting. The. Minds and the futures, of your, graduates, to CSUN, we. Salute, you and we now ask you to stand for, a well-deserved round, of applause with all of the families, and supporters, please let us. Thank. You. And. Now join. Me in congratulating our. 2017-2018. Graduates. I. Will. Now ask. Shannon. Meskhi, graduating, from the Department of deaf studies and, Megan. Vent, and. Megan. Vent graduating. From the Department of Psychology to, address the graduating, class and guests of the. Michael D Eisner College of, Education and. The College of, Social and Behavioral, Sciences. Ceremony, this evening. Shannon. And Megan. Good. Evening. It. Is a great honor to have been chosen to be the student speaker at tonight's commencement I, want. To acknowledge President, Harrison, all. Of the faculty my fellow graduates, and our biggest fans, for. Being part of such a memorable, event I. First. Started college in 2008. I remember. The very first day walking, around Valley, College with my sister, and. Hearing, her jokes that she was on the 9 year plan I thought. To myself that will never be me well. I was right it took me 10 I. Wanted. To make a speech today because the thought of it absolutely, terrified me, public. Speaking terrifies, me but. What is even more terrifying is the idea of honoring myself and acknowledging, the accomplishments, that I've made I. Grew. Up with an idea about myself a feeling. That I carried. Well into my 20s a feeling. That I wasn't smart. And. I spent quite a bit of time and energy constantly. Striving to. Do better or prove myself wrong and any time I failed it just reaffirmed what I thought to be the truth.

Because. Of this I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do when I started college and, instead. Of pushing through my fears and confronting, my doubts I left I. Took. A break and I moved around a bit still, trying to find what I was passionate for I. Wanted. To be of service and find a career that contributed, to my community, but I just wasn't sure what that was. Sorry. I lost my place. Thanks. Okay it wasn't until my manager, at a restaurant looked at me and said you're, a lifer, like me you'll be serving for the rest of your life and that. I knew I had to make a change so. I rien rolled in the local community, college in Mammoth and I took a couple of classes to get my feet wet the. Very first week into the semester, I found out I was pregnant. Right. Then and there everything, changed I, had. More Drive and motivation than, ever before, and I knew if I wanted to give my daughter the life that she deserved I had, to go back to school I had, to get a job and I, had to find something that I loved so, my. Boyfriend I moved back to Los Angeles to, be with family and I apply it to be a student CSUN, while. I waited for a response I was offered a job working as a one-on-one aid for children with extreme behavioral, disorders, I fell. In love with the work and I. Ended up finding my passion was working with the autism, community and, even better there's a big need for it. Now. Here I am two, years later married. With two children and, I, still managed to make the Dean's List. Between. Being pregnant, breastfeeding two, babies. Planning a wedding all while working in my chosen field my, two years at CSUN have been nothing short of, a challenge. But. School ended up being the thing I most looked forward to I wasn't. There because I had to be I was there because I wanted to be I loved. What I was learning and I loved the opportunities, that came with having an education. One. Of my biggest inspirations to. Finish school and show up for myself was. My sister Kelly. My. Sister, who defied the odds when. She decided to start college as a single mother living on welfare in her, very first year of sobriety. Whoo. Since then has created, a family with her soul mate risen. Out of debt and dedicated. Her life to serving others I am, proud to say that she will be walking with me tonight I.

Know. Our stories, aren't exactly unique and I commend all of you who are graduating with me tonight I want. To take a moment to acknowledge those, that find that they were the oldest one in the classroom, our, the one with two jobs or the. One caring for disabled family, two. Minority, or immigrant, students that struggle to complete their degree. Through adversity. To. Students. To. Students tried to overcome disabilities. And the obstacles that came with him. To. The mother that attended night classes so she could care for her family during the day and the, one who's only free time was spent chugging, coffee between classes, because. Their kid was up all night with the flu and. To. Anyone who, has gone back and forth multiple. Times asking, themselves is this worth it and I'm. Here to tell you that it was you. Did it we did it thank you. Hey. Ladies. And gentlemen faculty. And staff friends. And family, President. Harrison my. Lovely, interpreting, cohort. But. Most importantly, my, family hi. Mom. It. Is my pleasure and honor to be standing in front of you all today, four. Years ago my journey at CSUN began I walked. Onto campus, wide-eyed. And unsure, of how my life would unfold from there on out many. Of you in front of me today have, had a similar experience, for. Some of us our journey may have taken a bit longer or, with a few more twists and turns along the way but. We made, it, from. The long nights in the library the all-nighters, where we swore the majority of our bloodstream was coffee -. Cheering for our fellow Matadors, at their games or simply, turning in that last green book and scantron. For. Me these past few years have not been easy, they. Required, dedication. Commitment, and a certain gusto. That I didn't know that I had until I arrived here there. Was something about being in an environment where I was challenged, to succeed, that, allowed me to thrive. Fellow. Graduates, I see. You in front of me today and I am in awe of how beautifully, diverse you, all are you. All have differences that make you a unique and remarkable addition, to this campuses, history, but. There's one thing that we all share, that. Fierce Drive that all Matadors, have to succeed. Knowing. That with whatever life throws at us we can, bloom where we are planted, with that. Being said as we, prepare ourselves for, the next journey ahead of us let, us all take a moment to reflect on our trials and triumphs our, struggles, and successes and, know, that in the end we were exactly, where we belonged right. Here at CSUN, we. Are brave we, are motivated but, most important. We, are Matadors, and once, a matador, always. A matador. Let's. Give Shannon and Megan one more thank you. Nice. Job ladies. The. Michael D Eisner College, of, Education and. The College of, Social and Behavioral Sciences. Would. Like to give special, recognition to. Those, students, who have demonstrated outstanding. Scholarship. And other, special, achievements. While at the University. These. Students, can be identified, by, their honors, medallions. The cords, and the sashes that, they are wearing, will. Those students, who are graduating with honors academic. Honors or other special, honors please, rise and, receive our applause. Thank. You and please be seated. Let. Me remind. Us that every single one of our graduates, here today whether. Honors, students, Matador. Rising, scholars, those. Who are graduating, regardless. Have how long it took you to get here or, what. Your GPA, ended, up being. You. Qualified, for graduation. You're. Here. You're, all winners. But. You have truly achieved, a life-altering milestone. By. Getting your degrees your. Families, are proud we are proud and you should be very proud of yourselves, as well at. This, time I want to invite dr. Shari, Tarver, bearing interim, dean for the Michael D Eisner College of, Education and, dr.. Matthew Cohn Dean. For the College of, Social. And Behavioral Sciences. To the podium who. Will highlight three students, who are deserving of additional, recognition and, who, serve as examples, of, the excellence, and extraordinary, achievement.

That, Can be found among, csun's very, accomplished. Student, body. Thank. You dr. Harrison, and good evening it is. My great, pleasure to present to you today two, extraordinary, students. Who, deserves, additional. Recognition from the Michael, D Eisner College, of, Education please. Rise, when, I call your name and stay, standing, while I speak briefly about your accomplishments. John, pack. John's. Right over there in case you haven't seen him. John. Peck has, earned a fruit 4.0. GPA. As, a graduate. Student of csun's, educational. Leadership, and Policy Studies in, higher education, program. And also. Works as a lecture, for CSUN's Department, of deaf studies, his. Research, investigates. The, resilient, processes. That, deaf collegians. Undergo, in relation, to their, social, identities. And surrounding, contexts. Through, community, cultural, wealth within. Higher education. Utilizing. The framework, of critical, race theory, and the, genealogies that. Stem from critical. Critical race Theory itself, that's. A mouthful, and that's, a, wonderful. Wonderful. Objective. In his work, that he's done throughout. The years at CSUN. John, has grown to become versatile. In various, aspects. And activities, he's involved, in he. Has been involved, in several workshops, panel. Discussions, and presentations. Narrating. The Deaf experience in regards to audism. And the, manifestation. Of various oppressions. His. Recent, involvement started, in. 2017. With. Bill poder z' workshop. Entitled. Theatre. Of the oppressed. Developed. By Augusto, boo, la which. Uses. Theatre as a means, of promoting social, change. He. Looks forward to what the future holds and has not given up on his dreams of obtaining a Doctorate degree his. Thirst for knowledge is, not only limited to, work in the classroom but. Also from, the communities, he interacts, with and involved in as a proud. Member and, advocate, of the deaf community he. Wants, to actively, dismantle. The social, constructs, and dispel. The myths associated, with his community, he. Lives by a reminder. That mistake. Are a learning, curve that, each and, every. First, second. Third and fourth mistake. Provides. An opportunity to become better and that, you are always learning. Congratulations. John well, done. Well. Ashley McHenry. Please stand. Ashley. Is a first-generation college student. Who entered CSUN, four years ago, uncertain. Of how her time here would unfold, she. Now stands, here today as a graduating. Senior, with a deep love of deaf Studies department, as well, as campus, as, Ashley. Will tell you her major in deaf studies focusing. On American, Sign Language in, American. Sign Language literature. Along with her minor in creative, writing really. Helped, to guide her to become the person she is today she. Is a hard-working, student taking. 18, units for, three straight semesters. Working. Two jobs all. While staying above a 3.0. GPA, she is, also a self-published. Author for, her poetry book called her, name is Flo which. Is available on, Amazon, case your need, to shop online later look, that one up she. Is a member, of Alpha Sigma, Theta, the, only deaf, culture, sorority. On campus. Ashley. Believes without the, help of her family mentors. And her experience, of working and living in CSUN, housing, she, probably wouldn't be graduating, today, she. Is also grateful to be making history and her family as the first in her family to, graduate from college. She. Will be starting, her master's, program, in fall, 2018. For. Educational. Leach leadership. And Policy, Studies here. At CSUN. With, the goal to work in higher education and. Focus on students, from minority, backgrounds, especially deaf. People, of color in order, to create equity, in those students. Success. Congratulations. Ashley. Well. Done. Thank. You interim, dean Tarver barring it is now my honor on, behalf, of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. To, present one outstanding student, who also deserves additional. Recognition, please. Rise. When I call your name and stay standing while, I speak briefly about your accomplishments. Jacqueline, de Guerre Oh. Jacqueline. Is the daughter of Guatemalan, immigrants, Ricardo, and Blanca de Guerra she. Is the youngest of eight and one of the first in her family to, graduate, from a university. Jacqueline. Has been on the Dean's List every semester since, her arrival at CSUN in fall, 2014. She. Is graduating today with a degree in psychology with. Honors plus. A minor in Family Studies. And. A 3.9. Grade point, average. One. Professor stated jacqueline. Is quote a super, dedicated student, who, worked as a mentor, in the department, center of achievement, in psychological, sciences, or caps, she.

Has Been a volunteer for the CSUN helpline where she successfully implemented. Crisis, interventions, as president. Of the multicultural psychology, association. Jacqueline. Was instrumental, in, helping the association, regain, its university, recognition. She. Has tutored freshmen, and sophomores. In her role as instructional. Student assistant, for, pre statistics, courses at CSUN, and has. Also worked as a student, research assistant, for a National, Institute of Health funded. Research, program, called, build poder. Jacqueline. Has been the recipient, of many awards and, scholarships, including. The Associated Students scholarship, and the National, Science Foundation, graduate, research fellowship. The, latter of which will, help fund her graduate education. Jacqueline. Has been accepted into. And, will be pursuing the joint master's in ph.d program in developmental, psychology, at, UC, Riverside in, fall, 2018. She. Aspires, to become a university, professor and researcher to. Help empower other, students, of color just as she has been empowered by faculty, of color here at CSUN. Congratulations. Jacqueline. Thank. You, it. Is now my pleasure to, ask. Dean. Sherry Tarver. Baring to, now come and present the candidates, for the doctoral degree. Will. All candidates, for the doctorate, please rise. President. Harrison, from. The Michael D Eisner College, of, Education I, present. The candidates, for Doctor. Of Education. These. Candidates. Have completed the, requirements for. The doctoral, degree as prescribed. By the state of California. And the trustees of, the California, State University and. They. Have been recommended by, the, Faculty, of California State, University Northridge. Please. Continue, to stand as President, Harrison confers. A doctoral, degree upon. You. Hang, on. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California, State, University, Northridge. And by the, authority vested, in, me by. The Board of Trustees I, confer upon. You the. Degree of Doctor. Of Education. With. All of the rights honors. And. Responsibilities. Pertaining, thereto. Congratulations. Please. Be seated and. Now. I'd like to introduce dr., Ely, our Provost, who will now present the candidates, for the master's, degrees. Thank. You. President. Harrison, from. Michael, D Eisner College, of, Education there. Are five disciplines represented, by. The graduates, in this, ceremony, today, they. Are from the department's, of, educational. Leadership and, Policy, Studies. Education. Of psychology, and the counseling. Elementary. Education, secondary. Education. And. Special. Education. And. From, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. There are three disciplines represented, by. The graduates. In this ceremony today, they're. From the department's, of as apologi. Geology. Geography. And. Psychology. Where. All the candidates, for the, master's, degree, from Michael, D Eisner College, of, Education and. The. College of social, behavior science, please, rise, and, remain. Standing. President. Harrison I have. The honor of presenting to. You the, graduate, class of 2018. These. Candidates, have. Completed the. Requirements, for the master's degree. As prescribed. By the state of California. And the trustees of. The California. State University and. They. Have been recommended, by the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. Candidates. Please continue, standing as President. Harrison confer. The master's, degree, upon. You. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by the, authority vested, in, me by the Board of Trustees I, confer, upon. You the. Degree of, Master. Of Arts in anthropology. Master. Of arts and public archaeology. Master. Of Arts and Education. Master. Of Arts and educational.

Administration. Master. Of arts and geography. Master. Of Arts and psychology. Master. Of Arts and special education. Master. Of Science and applied behavior, analysis. Master. Of Science and counseling. And the master of science and geographic. Information science. With. All of the rights the, honors and the responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulations. And. Please be seated. At. This time I will ask dr. Shari, Tarver, Bering and dr. Matthew Khan to return to, present their candidates, for the baccalaureate degree. There. Is one, mighty. Discipline. Represented. By the graduates, from the Michael D Eisner College, of, Education today. It is from the department, of deaf studies. And. There, are three disciplines represented. By. The graduates, from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Today they. Are from the department's, of anthropology. Geography. And. Psychology. Will. All the candidates for the baccalaureate degree, please rise and, remain standing. President. Harrison, I have, the honor presenting, to you the, undergraduate, class of 2018. These. Candidates. Have completed the, requirements for. The baccalaureate degree, as, prescribed, by the state of California, and the trustees of, the, California State University and. They, have been recommended for. The degrees by, the Faculty of, California State University Northridge. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by, the power invested in, me by the Board of Trustees I, confer, upon. You the. Degree of, Bachelor. Of Arts, and anthropology. Bachelor. Of Arts, and deaf studies. Bachelor. Of Arts, and geography. And. Bachelor. Of Arts, in psychology. With, all of the riots, the honors and the opportunities. Pertaining, thereto. Congratulations. And. Please be seated. Members. Of the platform party and, the department, chairs will, now offer congratulations, to. Our degree, recipients. I ask. That the degree recipients. Please move to the platform, as directed, by the marshals please. Come, forward, as your name is read, you, will. Be, congratulated. By a member, of the platform, party and receive. Your diploma cover, and. Certificate. Afterwards. Please return to your seats as directed, by the marshals, commencement. Staff and ushers. We. Ask that guests, please help so that we may proceed in, an orderly manner we. Remind you that the aisles must be kept open and you, are asked to stay in your seats until the end of the ceremony out, of respect for our graduates, and the safety of our guests, noisemakers. Are not permitted. Finally. And again, out of respect for your fellow graduates all. Graduates. Will remain throughout the entire ceremony until, all degree recipients, have been recognized. Now. Reading the names for the Department of deaf studies. Ricardo. Antonio Carranza. Zambrano. April. Corrado. Stephanie. Renee Garcia, Hannah. Bender. Anna. Hazel oome Anya. Eileen. Gwon. Robert. Brayden via. Erik. Marquez. Shilin. Barlow. Michaela. Howard. Colette. Fernandez. Jasmine. Victoria, roofin. Bethany. Ml Sexton, Ryan. Litski. Dean. Right. Jacqueline's. Cimmerian. Merari, Xuan. Veronica. Cruz. Fernando. Alonso. Peedro. Jimenez. Frances, Melissa Zaragoza, Rams L, Katherine. Kelly. Haley. Elaine Bickett. Kylie. Nicole camp. Alya. Nicole Thomas. Karen. Elizabeth, Hicks. Gloria. Aquino and uh, Lee. Ann. Eileen. Ruiz. Michelle. Pelayo Rangel. Jaime. Bravo. Sarah. Cohen. Maria. Camacho, Ramirez. Ariana. Rojas. Andrea. Mejia. Shannon. Meskhi. Alexis. Alvarez. Phillip. Azusa. Jocelyn, yanez, Emily. Mota, Melissa. Renee Lawton. Amanda. Cashy. Vanessa. Galvan. Karen. Bogan burger. Cindy. Escobar. Cindy. Leigh. Kody. McVeigh. Valentina.

Fell Stead. Angela. Gorgeous. Isaiah's. Hernandez. Jerome. Lagaya. James. Solarte. Jeremy. Maritza, Alicia. McCord. Sandra. Hernandez. Danielle. Neff. Moishe. Sabe. Phony. On. Sandy. Fischer. Eleanor. Dick Merritt. Samantha. Benin Watson Hove. Anna. Miramontes. Sandy. Perkins. Jessica. Halpert. Brianna. Davis. Yesenia. Jimenez. Elizabeth. Linhart. Rel8. Allez Villanueva. Emily. Renison. Brenda. Reyes. Andres. Sanchez. Amanda. Is a Guetta Rob's. Aaron. Espinosa. Vanessa. Cardenas. Magdalena. Kajiwara. Alicia. Escobedo. -. Amana Roja. My. Shells Scott. Tracy. Reyes. Katie. Suarez. Evans. AHA goon. Marisol. Zamora. Stephanie. Courseö. Jesse. Oughta gone. Ashley. McHenry. Franca. Marquette. Katharine. Eileen Mitchell. Kevin. Emerson, Lambert. Lilly. Mian. Amanda. Dela Rosa. Sinclair. Lucas. Courtney. Was Carson, Tabitha. Cheryl Mobley. Jessica. Ann honcho, Castellanos. Cassandra. Peterson, Rebecca. Andrea Ayala. Michelle. Rios. Jessica. Hernandez. Diana. Lopez. Jose. Aceves. Moises. Cortes. Jonathan. Damien. Seren. McGirt Ian. Alison. Tejada, Yesenia. Corns ambato. Karissa. Sherman, Jake. Spurlin. Joana. Rodriguez. Diana. Rodriguez. Silvia. Guterres. Anna. Ara kellian. Adrian. Nunez. Jessica. Gouveia. Cassandra. Cain. Trevor. Jacobs. Joelle. Bernard. Kayleigh, kvass, ik. Joe. Angel Victoria zoo BIA. Lillian. Stern, Caitlyn. Marie Larson, liberty. Blue Mason. Laura. Murder Shaw. Jessica. Marie Vasquez. Roberto. Rodriguez. Sin. Lang. Bethel. Micheli. Xavier. Rodarte. Daniel. Kiros. Silva. Surface, Ian. Now. Reading names for the department, of educational. Psychology, and counseling. Raphael. Ortiz. Leticia. Abraham. Lorena. Ramos. Heather. Marie Hogan. Nicolette. Zamora, chi-town. Monique. Young. Hasan. Abdullah. Christine. Lee, Judy. Kareena Paris, Soto. Charles. Smith. Zara. Hidari. Matthew. Hilburn. Monique. Brown. Pollen. Immer off. Sharzad, say the body. Nell. Our Abdul, Aryan. Fahim. Ax cacar. Lilia. Miranda, Sanchez. Priscilla. K showers. Javier. Ibarra. Grant. Overmeyer. Caryn. Janu Seon. Anita. Marat Ian. Henrietta. Gaussian. Now. Reading names from the department, of elementary education. Claudia. Garcia. Mayra, Hernandez. Irene. Miramontes. Lucine. Talal, Ian. Amanda. Horton. Cindy. Flores. Stephanie. Areola. Melody. Schuster. Now. Reading the names for the department, of secondary. Education. Anthony. Renault. Michael. Flores. Stephanie. Ruby. Lucy. Chick Aryan. Now. Read mule. David. Dabrowski. Jonathan. Franklin, Guerra. Sawada. Minasan. Now. Reading names for the Department, of Special Education. Mary. Happy birthday. Jessica. Bonilla Buchan. Adrianna. Piznarski. Diana. Elizabeth, Chevis. Martha. M boola. Jaime. Paul. Annelle. Maura. David. Chavez. Lea. Paula, briones. Bing. Wang. Melanie. Sandy ball, many. F Doris. Julie. Read. Cindy. Man zone. Karina. Campos. Belen. Rodriguez. Jorge. Sierra. Now. Reading names for the department, of educational. Leadership and Policy Studies. Claudia. Saucedo. Dr.. Nancy Alonso. Nicholas. Is L&S. Luis, forever, Caston, on. Jesse. Never. My. Nasik. In our ask each era, para. Lupe Morales. To Mayan. Hey-zeus. Rodriguez. Cali, Adelaide. Juarez. Maria. Gabriella. Garcia, Lopez. Carla. Renault so. Melissa. Sybil, Goshen. Nicole. Muñoz, Fisher. Beverly. Nunez. Maria. Lopez a. Leader. Gomez. Irma. Aldama. Amma. Martinez. EDA. Elizabeth. Muñoz. Fidel. Montes. Danielle. Bloom. Ara. Clarin. Rochelle. Pitts. Ma. Monica. Therese art attached son. Edwin. Moscoso. Elizabeth. Moravian. Jennifer. Arabella, Zaldivar. Norma. Gonzales of Barsoom, Juan. Nuno. Miguel. Beltran. Anthony. Paul mallanna's. The. Hunley Minassian. Irene.

Gabrielle, Aw. Kathleen. Anderson. Natalie. Landau. Nikki. Krisily, Oh. Marisol. Hernandez, paragon. Stephanie. Ventura Delgado. Joanna. Campos. Lilia. Moncada. Elizabeth. Bay Greg. John. Park. Brian. Magana. Shaniqua. Nicole, James. Victoria. Cooper. Marina. See Andrews. Caruso. Jeanette Gonzales. Myra. Gonzalez. Dominica. Mahouka. So. Say catchy Kias. Ashley. Simmons. Lindsey. Farnsworth. Brandi. Kirkpatrick. Johnny. Granado's. Adam. Alameda. I'm. Good. And. Now. Reading the names for Department of Anthropology. Cecil. Worthen, John. Lawrence, Joann. Minerva. Jeremy. Christian. Alejandro. A super, Eze, Andrew. Brown. Maria. Celeste respeto. Lena. When. Corellia. Grand, ek. Messuage, era wala. Vanessa. A chola Lopez Stacy. Martinez. Michelle. Pacheco. Heather. Raskin. Allison. Porter, hey-zeus. Castro. Julie. Swift. Rachel. Has seen. Megan. Curse kiss. Michael. Dilek. Brian. Lee to be nangka Vera Jessica. Harvey. Xavier. Fiato. Paul. Parrot. William. Gossard. Dmitry. Bernstein. Brian. Alexander Gonzales. Christopher. Martinez. Gregor. Mikoyan. Josue. Reynoso. Monocle. Imperial, Coll. Lauren. The heel. Kristin. Taylor mckarrick. Sona's. A heavy. Fernanda. Guido. Mitsui. Leigh Angulo, Hayley. Murray Kaplan. Jacob. Oscar. Victoria. Carmen, Hanuman. Farah. Abdullah, al akkari bari, Natalie. Gateau. Diego. Nicholas hfst, Avila. Jury. Campolo. Air. Until, a bitch, Chandra. O'Connor. Sara, Klein. Kathleen. IGN. And. Now. Reading the names for the Department of Geography. Karen. Samson. Carlos. Reyes Andrade. Kenneth. Barreras. Jonathan. Klausner. Jasmine. You ting tone. Deshawn. Alan, brown jr.. Mira. Habib. Laura's. Zelada. Shane. White. Luis. Guerrero, de Vera the third, Christopher. Not Oh Enrique. Zuniga. Home, RF, Pena. Jonathan. - Heather. David. Martin. Armand. R2, nian. -. Lord kara Marion. Savannah. Bar cygwin. George. Cabrera's. Henry. Pineda. Lewis. Figueroa. Jorge. Aceves. Dean. Charles Theodore. Kane. Hassle. Josue. Mendes, Rosales. Jackie. Chan. Luis. Garcia. Zaira. Martinez. Eric. Diego, Vargas. Gestapo. Moodle jr. Stacy. Courts. Johanna. Parousia Lopez. Zoila. Campos. Donald. Gregory kress, Joseph. Cha. Violetta. A gravis. Nina. A sore, Vanessa. Leyva mal Gaza and. Now. Reading the names for the Department of Psychology. Jose. Sotelo. Jasmine. Awad. Sarah. Malcolm. Jane. Chang. Sky. Warren. Marina. Nakhla. Sarah. Jane Chavez. Victoria. Genoan. Mauricio. Vargas, Maria. Perez. Karissa, Mercado. Just. Hland Romero, Marco. Lopez. Erika. Ella's Ave cash. Kelly. Amelia. Christine, de Guerra. Arpa. Amerian. Noon. A who seek Ian, Kylene. Steward. Terry. Vogelsang. Daliah. Or paisa Marta. Morales. Claudia. Melendez. Damian. Fonseca. Jose. Ron k ho. Heather. De lacked. Haley. Costly. Diana. Padilla. Karla. Wrong hell. Chantal. Muñoz, Jenny. Torres. Maria. Elena Castillo. Maritza. Escobedo. Samantha. Lynn body. Amy. Soleil. Daisy. Suleiman. Karen. Chinchilla. Demetria. Washington. Maribel. Alaniz del deaf a. Joanna. Rose Salvador. Megan. Oz USADA Vasquez, Ana, Lopez. Negrete, tiara. Hernandez. Genesis. Diaz. Iris. Paragon. Yara. Bell Garcia. Maria. Egit Arras. Catherine. Hernandez. Emily. Prince Ella our CEO. Rosemary. Gonzales. Susie. Magana. Jennifer. Gomez. Brittany. Friedlin. Daniela. Nunez. Maria. Martinez. Charlie, nettles, Christina. Sanchez. Samantha. Hernandez. Adrianna. Chucky Wonka. Suraíh, Alaniz. Liz. Leon Sanchez. Gloria. Mendez. Paula. Huerta. Maria. Jose Escobar Castellanos. Sabrina. Serafim, Nancy. Velasco. Alison. Rondon. Helen. Simonian. Diana. Warez. Valencia. Are fierce. Kimberly. May Peralta. Cassandra. Artemis. Diana. Rodriguez. Joana. Rodriguez. Katelyn, desert, el. Privity. Govindan. Linda. Galvez. Katelyn. Kelly. Narrator. Suqian. Jennifer. Boson, Katya. Victoria, Rodriguez. Kimberly. Gonzales, April. Torres. Kimberly. Sikozu media's. Natasha. Monte Oh. Alisa. Bajalia. Karolina. Ramos. Stephanie. Betta. Julie. Melendez. Daniel. Ortega. Richard. Arnold Castro. Ba. Hey cigar, Ian. Sydney. Love loys. Nibiru. Hello Rosa. Moreno, Cortez. Adrene. Felix. Elizabeth. Cortado Castaneda. Alejandra. Placencia. Raquel. Hobart green. Julio's. Say so Ortega. Cody. Nap. Alexa. Fuentes. Erica. Cadence, Dante. Denise. Hollandic. Sara. Schaefer. Arianna. Allegro. Alexia. Asam, Horry. Bond. Want core. Haley. Vargas. Amber. Romero. Arielle.

Harbin. Adriana. Olmos. Karen. Limas, Rosie. Martinez. Alejandra. Carillo. Rachelle. How. Paul. Ebo. Julie. And Marie McGuire. Julian. Arias. Royal. Impero. Jessica. Ortiz. Ariela. Cruz. Kaitlin, Seaton. Nicole. To burn. Tyler. Chaplin. Roxana. Less Oh. Diana. Abun willows. Jacqueline. De Jarrow. John. Ellis Melkor, Martinez. Andrea. Villanueva. Patricia. Cabral. Leslie. Brisket. Boris. Sergio. Beliefs. Crystal. Venegas. Kaneesha. Grant. Gabriela. He Menace. Taylor. Doty. Crystal. Valderramas. Yesenia. Or Choa. My. NC, Dominguez. Bridget. Alexis, Martinez. Angie. Bethany Hernandez. Megan. Of by tell. Nicole. Trig Anza. Janet. Yama's, dias. Brittany. Austin. Malia. Sullivan. Marlena. Get a. Elicit. Oh Homer. Barbara. Mendoza. Melissa. Stottlemeyer. Roxanna. Diaz. Cynthia. Nava. Shawn. Christensen. An. Ace the release. Jasmine. Lee. Melody. Lane. McCain. McCain, Nelson. Robert. James on three now the third. Magret. Y'know key. Louisa. Carpathian. Kate. -, MIDI they. Just. Mean Assad those a day. Ponta. Mizrahi. Nari. Is Keys Ian. Dory. Germane, Ian, Jennifer, Alvarez. Are Amira's. Jeanette. Amanda's. Estefania. Mendoza. Harris. Car. Aaron. Moskovitz. Karina. Serrano. Alondra. Serrano. Sophia. Boot Wren. Jocelyn. Garibay. Lizbeth. Morales. Edgard. Morales. Kiara. Padilla. Ashley. Wrong. Protest. Melissa. Flores. Maja. Comeon. Lilia. Alexandra. Maguet. Iike sake. Jason. Not. Edgy. Marina. Maranon. Kalia. Shabazz, Ian. The. Vienna Robledo. Diana. Oh hon John Ian. Ashley. Nicole makes. Mendacious. Carter. Julia. Washington. Joshua. Jeremy, Beret Oh. Jacob. Dunas. Erica. Rizzo. Maria. Alejandra, Lunetta. Hannah. Jane Barnes. Gustavo. Gallardo's. Jake. Martinez. Says. Her Guzman. Lastly. Diaz. And. Ebola. Scares. Nicole. Oh my, god. Carlos. Goodliness. Lilia. Shippable. Roxanne. Rappaport. Jeanette. Sucre. Crystal. Fox. Andrea. Our chica. Daniel. Tennis. Cane. Saldana. Caitlyn, Bergman. Priscilla. Cambron. Ariana. Our ADA's, Michael. Pitts, Gabrielle. My estas. Francisco. Escobar. Lisette. Corinna Novis. William. Nice the third. Shawn, Drummond. Emily. Eggs Andra Holguin. Cynthia. Mejia. Jalen. Doc McGhee. Francisco. Omar munos. Luis. Paz de la Vega. Anthony. Rendon Lopez, the third. Estefania. Gonzales. Dilma. DeLeon. Gloria. Francesca. Morales. Necklace. Deegan cruz. Jessica. Santa maria laura. Lian-chu. Sean. Maher Gurion. Stephanie. Romero. Cindy. Arevalo. Ken. Arena Hannah. Jacqueline. Melendez, white. Rotter. Real men. Jada. Seas sabayon. Valaria. Hernandez, Hernandez. Juan. Carlos Maldonado. Caitlyn, Torres. Katya. Molina. Justin. Green side. Amanda. Guevarra. Marisol. Buderus. Elizabeth. A media's. Charity. Toll-free. Alan, Chan. Miriam. A vet Seon. Nadia. Liev. Aaron. McMakin. Andy. Missouri a goes, Benjamin. Hess. Muslima. No mere. Gabriella. Cornejo. Brianna. Valencia. Daniela. Gonzales. Sandra. Not a wall. Christine. Hatton Dorf. Elizabeth. Marroquin. Elizabeth. Called. Gabriella. Mandeville. Kylie. Loughran. Mark. McFarland. Mackenzie. Morrison, SH are. Nice Chappell. Jenica. Trebush. Johnny. Gutterman. Edgar. Guzman. Chrysella. Galvez Aldama, Leslie. Cruz. Ashley. Carbajal. Maria. Fernanda, Morales Cabrera. Madison. Mauro. Nicole. Sofia Garcia. Amber. Nicole Sanchez. Nancy. Rizzo Hernandez. Devin. DeLeon. Jesse. Gustavo Espinoza. Melvin. Guerrero. Ashley. Must say.

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Jana. Lily. Bailey. McCutcheon. John. Gorrie all. Tiffany. Bunin's. Nor. Inasa. Tanisha. Bowles. Kimberly. Soto. Miss. Cindy, chernow, will now officially. Welcome you, into, the California State. University, Northridge. Alumni Association. On. Behalf of, the CSUN, Alumni, Association, and. It's over. 350,000. Matadors, it is, my pleasure to, be the first to formally, welcome you as alumni of this, great, University. We. Are truly, honored to, join with, you in celebrating, your, achievements now. Each, of you can proudly add, alumnus. Or alumna. To. Your name. But. This is a really, special moment for me because both myself. My husband. My, son and, my, daughter-in-law, all, have, our master's. Degrees, from the College of Education and. Bachelors from, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. But. A little, ways ago, almost fifty years ago, when, I was getting my degree I was here with two small infants. And a working mother and little. Time to connect, with campus, but. Here I stand, as the president, of the Alumni, Association so. Grateful, for an incredible. Education from. CSUN, and now, the ability, to connect, back and to give back. Today. Marks the beginning of, an enduring, relationship. For. You with CSUN, we, encourage, you to stay, connected as, you go, through, and realize your, own personal. Dreams and aspirations, and. I've. Been watching that beach ball pop, along the, crew. And I am reminded. You, never know where your next connection. Is going to come from. My. Favorite, quote has always been, to, the world you, may only be one person, but. To one person you. May be the world. There. Are many alumni, like. Myself who. Are here. Willing. And eager, to, help you realize, your dreams, we. Hope as you go, through life and you do reach those dreams you're. Willing to aid the, next group of Matadors, behind, you. So. It, is with, my pleasure. Again to, congratulate. All of you and welcome you to our CSUN. Alumni. Family. Thank. You send a very nice message. Well. All of the baccalaureate, degree, recipients. Please rise. In. Academic, tradition the student who, has not yet earned a degree wears. The tassel to, the right of the mortar board when, the degree is conferred the scholar moves, the tassel to, the left and joins a select company, of, highly, educated. Men and women in, recognition. Of your new status will. All recipients. Of the baccalaureate degree. Move. The tassel, to, the left. We'll, all of our graduates, please rise. Baccalaureate. Dr.. Ole masters, please, rise now. Go, out into the world accomplish. Great things and. Come back and tell us about them so we can brag about you.

To. Officially, closed this ceremony, I asked that all of our faculty staff and CSUN, alumni, rise, for our university, alma mater hail, to the Matadors. Under. The musical direction of, Matt Harris, the Jazz a band and, sung, by Megan McDonald, the. Alma mater is in the back of your commencement program should. You need to follow along but I'm confident, you all know all of the words. After. The alma mater has, concluded, please, remain, at your seats, until the platform party. And faculty have, recessed and, we ask that our parents, and guests, please remain until. The end of the recessional. Again. Thank. You congratulations. And, once. A matador. Always. A matador. Thank, you.

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