Cruise Ship Room Credits up to $250 Cruise Line Shareholder Benefit Program

Cruise Ship Room Credits up to $250 Cruise Line Shareholder Benefit Program

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Hurting, it and we. Are we, think we're live are we live I think we're live hey how's it going everybody it's, Bruce here with traveling with Bruce we are live hey what's happening how's it going, just. Got a double check my phone. To make sure it doesn't interfere with my noise. How. You doing everybody Bruce, here with traveling with Bruce welcome to Thursday, January. The, 18th oh my goodness. Thursday. Tamar's Friday whoo fantastic. I gotta. Tell you man what. A 48. Hours I've had just, unbelievable. As, you a few folks are watching yesterday, you know the. Trials and tribulations I went through. The. Last 48 hours regarding, this whole YouTube thing that's, going on this whole new, monetization. Reboot. And reassessment. And re, qualification. And oh my, word, you. Know normally it. Wouldn't bother it. Doesn't bother 99, percent of the youtubers, out there so if you're watching other, youtubers out, there who who. Do their thing you'll, see you. Know they, don't even mention it because. If you've got a hundred thousand, subscribers or, a million subscribers or, 25,000. Subscribers what does it matter you're, fine but. Those of us in this little area like me I'm. In this gray zone where I'm, gonna have one leg over the fence cuz I'll have enough few hours but. I haven't got enough subscribers, and, despite. Getting halfway, there and since, they've moved the goalposts I might get kicked out and oh I don't want that to happen something I'm gonna off the air but I'll, have, to reapply for monetization, all over again and I think, it's gonna be a two months process anyway. What. What a couple of what, at 48 hours by the way it looks like some we got some Teresa's, here we have some people here hi Theresa how you doing Gail. E is here. Fantastic. Welcome, you guys if. You're just watching me and you're just linking, in and you haven't, watched me live before. Give, me a thumbs up that you're getting the single okay because it's a cheap way for me to ask for a thumbs up just I love thumbs ups also. Drop. Me a line here on that text box you got just say hi tell. Me what town you're from where are you are in the u.s., galleys. From the UK, were. Yet and and. Let me know I'm I'm in Creston British Columbia here in Canada, you, can see a bit of a shine on this side of my face right now because that's, the outside to. My living room window here and, we've. Had just a cloudy kind of day but we're about 38 degrees and so it's a bit of a melt fest. It's. Not fun it's that it's it's it's it's not cold but it's not warm so, you know not fun, again. Lee sir Thomas is here Hey Bruce Big Bear a Big, Bear California hi, dear Thomas. Waterloo. Ontario for, Teresa welcome. Theresa, is. Recognized. To you before you a first-timer, I. Thought you, were here yesterday it's, my memory it's it's, I have an incredible memory, incredibly. Short that's spectrum. Mark is here from head over PA how you doing welcome. Back mark. So. I was just gonna say to you guys you. Know those are you're watching now live of course and those who will watch this video tonight, tomorrow. It's. Last 48 hours has just been insane, and and.

I'm That I'm in that one, percentile, or or so or it may be even less of. Youtubers. That that. Have. Enough, hours. Watched, to. Make the hurdle it's. About I'm about eight or ten days away from actually doing it but I have no doubt in my mind I'll have no problem making the hurdle but. The the subscriber, count' that's the one that could, trip me up and, so yesterday I made the appeal. And. You. People listen I, tell. You the folks who watched me yesterday a. Bunch of you guys came through and its really paying off I was. Talking yesterday about how many subscribers I had got. My notes here today I had, yesterday 289. Subscribers. When, I was doing my live broadcast. My live stream yesterday at this time as. Of a few minutes ago. 316. Subscribers. So. 27. Subscribers. In 24. Hours that's, a ton, of course, is. An. All-time record for my channel I've never had 27, subscribers, in one day um, I. Went to bed last night it was about 290, 297. Were in the bin and I woke up this morning and next thing you know we were at 309. Just, blew, past 300. I mean that's not even a barrier, I couldn't believe it Paula. K is here hi Bruce thirty degrees, beautiful, chilly day and Hanover you're also an all right. Theresa, I'm I'm, yeah Tracy you are you're crashing sister that's right so we we met before you're my subscriber, from yesterday one of my new once fantastic. -6. Here right now and water - I used to live in Waterloo Ontario I. I, kind of call that an, area that I grew up in Kitchener, Waterloo I, know the area well Gailey, is saying been, spreading, the word I've talked to one of the people at resort condominiums, international RC. I real carry international after. I sang your praises she's, going to check you out and put, the word out well. I'll. Put all the time no. I want that's. Fantastic. Thank, you so much this is just, tremendous, 3, s is saying I put, you on my facebook, thank you. Mike. Hamilton, 31, in Jersey may Mike how's it going 31, in Jersey Worth were like 38 here so. Yuck. Right, it's just yuck winter. What. Are you gonna do I was. Rummaging. Around in my and my bedroom about an hour ago I came across this, little thing I want to show you folks you, recognized one of these are that's, my little room pass card from from, my. Norwegian. Epic Cruise. That I had back. In. 2015. And, on the back here I have, a little sticker here it says, Mandarin. Spa, gave. Me the this gave me the thermal spa pass I bought a for. This cruise I purchased, a balcony, room and I, wasn't. As the standard, balcony room oh no it was, the balcony, room that gave you access to the spa for the entire cruise, and. Well. Worth it let me tell you the if you ever been on the epic go. To the thermal spa at the back of the ship it's. From the largest spas on, the seas fantastic. Let's. See if I'm getting investors here just gonna check make sure I'm up to date no I'm cool month asleep yeah. That the epic. Was interesting ship I like certain things about it didn't like other things about the ship the, itinerary, was fantastic. Leaving, Miami and seven-day. Caribbean, cruise, went. To went. To Jamaica, for, the first stop. Then Cayman, Islands and to, Cozumel, and.

You. Know was it was okay good weather we were, fine, I think we did it in AI was January was, January the first week of January 2015. And we. My wife, and I had just flown back flown. To Miami from Germany we've flown from actually. Heathrow. And had, been in Berlin for the holidays, to visit her daughter who was living in Berlin at the time so. We visited, the daughter first, and. Experienced. A Berlin winter, mild. Like. Jersey, 30 degrees like, here 38. Beautiful. Lights. And the Christmas decorations gorgeous, Berlin really, loved it and, and. Then we flew from we, ended up working our way to Paris, by a high-speed, train and, then we took the Chunnel ice. Be train under the under. The channel to. London spent a night in the. Airport at Heathrow and then flew to Miami non-stop. On British Airways the, Knicks spent, one night Miami, and the next day bingo, we're on the epic and we. Got warmed up because. It was it. Was debilitating, being. In this 30 35, 40 degree weather you. Know in Europe in, Paris and London Berlin. Do you quite low elevation, wise and, of, course in one than your virtually, it's just, about sea level and so. 33, degrees feels colder. It just it just hit, the air is heavier, and I'm. Used, to having being, in elevation, here in Creston were a little higher or a couple thousand feet above sea level with Calgary where, I used to live 3,800. Feet above sea level so thinner air, but. It was a great cruise it was a nice break warm, weather really enjoyed it and and. We were really happy to to. Get it in so, this is a memento, of my of, my trip from from. The epoch and and I, kind of look at that once in a while I think fondly of that that, trip. You. Know on this this this whole YouTube channel thing I asked sing again thank you every, for your help I appreciate, any help you can give me to get the word out that my channel exists, I'm, still being discovered of course by you know a lot. Of people I. Know that my view counts are rising as well and that's. An encouraging, sign I just, checked my stats the other day it looks now like about. 10%, of all my views are from subscribers, and 90%. Of all the views are not subscribers, so these are these might be one timers that see, a video or two and then they leave never come back and, then it's a bunch that kind of come around once in a while and I've got to convince these folks my. Casual, visitors, to. To, come, on in and subscribe to my channel if you wouldn't, mind cost. You nothing it's free and. If you do subscribe consider. Even. If you're a subscriber already, there's a word. Tells you to subscribe no matter which like this is theirs. It says. Subscribe. To this channel and right beside it is a little bell icon if. You click on that you. Get notified every time I announce. That I'm going to do an upcoming livestream, or or anything like that and.

Sometimes. From, time to time I might think change the time of these although during the week I kind of like this timeframe for this video for this livestream. Saturdays. Though I kind, of like to do it around two o'clock Eastern, Time make. It a bit earlier in the day and, and. Do, it for a while and then and then I'll take sunday off and rest my vocal chords. Anyway. So if you do that that'd be great so the subscribers. Were coming on thank you so much and, we. Still have six. Hundred and. Eighty. One to go until. February the 20th that's the cutoff date I have to reach a thousand subscribers by then I, think, I will have my four thousand hours of view time reached. Sometime. Late. Next week maybe Friday maybe next weekend, somewhere. In there I'll hit it I like I'll let you guys know that the you know step 1 of 2 are done but I have no fear about the both, the minutes the minutes will be there so, we'll see how it goes anyway. Let. Me just check my my my notices, or whatever you guys are saying here sailed on the epic Theresa saying sailed. On the epic the thing I didn't, like about it was the casino, was. In the center of the ship, I remember, this you're right. Really, inconvenient, these slot machines. I was can, be a center of the ship and the, smoke from people smoking would blow in the restaurant, below and if. You were just trying to get around let's just kind of get by you know you're going from like one, end of the shift to the other you, wanna you know you want to. Get. Past the casino and and avoid this and. You got to go through it I mean it's such a pain such a pain and these some of these slot machine bakes that they had they. They have them like look like three over here and, then two or three over there and they're like at the outskirts, of the casino, area and they're, well in in a public walk area and. It. Was inconvenient. And if you wanted to play one of these things you have people always walking behind you all the time and you. Know you're trying to sit the chair and play and, then, you get you know people bumping you they don't mean to bump you it's just packed, with four, thousand, one. Hundred passengers whatever, it was at, times. You, know in some areas of the ship especially, on sea days, certain. Areas would be busier than others of course the casino is open all day long when you're at sea and so. In the evening it's not it's. Not so bad a fewer people are out but at noon or afternoon everybody's, awake. You. Got four thousand people you know heading. Wherever they're headed especially for lunch, whether. To go into a buffet or to a restaurant or to the bar or what have you and the casino is a was. A pain in the rear end where it was located great. Strategy. For Norwegian. Tide yes they, just want people to you know make you walk through it more often than tuck it away somewhere and, try.

To Get you to play right. The. Other thing though about the casino is that I find I enjoy is what. I enjoy more than anything else actually is I like watching, people play those flipper machines, you know where you slip the corner in little slot and then it gets flipped up into the air and it's. All inside this glass container the, thing and you can watch, the quarter hit come, down and land on a tray and then these little pushers, push, the push, the quarters forward, all the time but there's always that lip at the end so the the quarters don't, really fall off very often, it's. By design and anyway. You get lucky once in a while you see someone to flip a corner up there in a land and it'll knock a couple of quarters around and four or five quarters sort of fall down and mixing, you know the players looking down between his legs and little catch all down there they got they got 6 more quarters to, put back into the flipper, machine and off they go and I. Know I think. This. Norwegian. But I know for Princess cruise lines what, they'll do is they'll they'll have the, casino manager will take like a $20 bill or a hundred dollar bill and, they'll they'll fold, them up into these are brand new crisp bills so they'll fold them up into a small little square and then. They'll place them on top of these quarter. Locations. On top of these quarters and people. Will now start putting these quarters into aim at the spot where the $100, bill is as they want the quarters, to flip up and be pushed forward and push all the other quarters, over like a little avalanche until that hundred dollar bill gets to the edge and they're trying to get that that. Gets that under dollar bill I've. Seen him go for 20s and I talked. To one guy one suka who got a $20 bill to come out of the machine and I said well what did it cost you to get the 20 and he said about a hundred. Yeah. At the play for the last 20 to get the 20 backed at least so. But. It adds up and cruise. Lines have to make money what he gonna do. Theresa. Also said I sailed, on it when the ship first came out and they, might have changed, the smoking policy since, then I don't I don't know if they have Theresa, I'm not sure. Yeah. Smoking, in the casino is still kind of a you. Know one of those sacred rites that have, been hung on to in Las Vegas and, and. Here, in on cruise ships although in Vegas now they have smoked non-smoking areas but. Yeah the, the epic what, I didn't like about the epic was you. Basically had to make reservations for everything you wanted to do I mean if you wanted to go to the comedy club, you. Know it would hold maybe 250, 300 people at most and with. A ship of four thousand two. Shows a night they, were solidly, booked all through the cruise so you, you you basically, went you know to the reservation, desk yes services, I guess they called it on the first day and and now you had to predict. Going. Forward the next two three four nights you, know what are you gonna do is my wife card look at each other or do you want to go on you.

Want To go to more nightclubs, tonight, and then you say okay well we're go do. The 7:30 show or whatever always they go oh sorry it's, fault we only have seating for the 10 o'clock show. Be. Awake at 10 o'clock and, so what about the next night it takes takes, forever to do it it's so inconvenient but. It's. The way it is with these big ships when you accommodate, this many passengers, you've, got the pluses and you get the minuses, and one. Of the pluses is price. You. Can have on one vessel and, one. Crew to run this vessel. Upwards. Of forty two hundred people in in this example on the epic of course on the, allure of the Seas and the harmony, of the Seas five. Thousand. People and more the, economics. Of scale are so. Good for the cruise line every. Hundred, passengers they can add, they. Can squeeze on this boat this, is this is money this is just pure money and so, for, us as travelers, week sometimes, run into some. Fantastic. Offers, for. Either inside rooms ocean. View or or balcony and. You. Know some of these deals are kind of too good to pass up from time to time what we have to pay the, price we pay to get that deal, is, we. Have to share the ship with four. Thousand other people and if. You want to do something that's kind, of popular, you're. Gonna be with a bunch of others who are you know or in it like you are so. Sometimes. You have to do events that you, know aren't as popular or more a niche to you but I find. Heading to the spa is. A good, part of my day because I'm there to relax and unwind from. The stresses of life and. Going. To the shows as a secondary, thing for me about. A comedy club once I'm all great yeah I love to yuk it up but I need the early show all. Right what do we got here. Gately. I'm just gonna check my messages make sure I'm up to speed here. Okay. Theresa said she was, early Mike says that keep. Drunk. And happy that's, right mark. Keep. Them drunken happy gay Lea says my friend has a timeshare, with resort condominiums, International, which. Entitled, her to buy into a package, which. Gave her two seven. Night or, 114. Night. A, cruise. Only and then she goes on to say -, let's, see once I'd like to stay anywhere, for two people each person must pay pork taxes, and all, other expenses though, our first cruise with this NCL Jade, Norwegian. Jade East, Mediterranean, our second, will be, Carnival. Vista I'm. Just going through the various messages. Because it's along on the 27th, Eastern Caribbean and we'll be staying in Mexico sometime this year also I'm not sure what it all, add up to but I thought it was a good deal yeah it sure sounds. Like a fantastic, and. Smart. Move on on, Royal, Caribbean International, part. 2 to, cross-promote. From, one to the other as it sounds like you're talking about yeah, a timeshare, with having. A timeshare with resorts, and then having the ability to cross-promote. Into the two cruises, fantastic. I'm, surprised, that, you. Know Marriott. Hasn't, teamed up yet with, carnival. Or with. Norwegian. Or maybe, MSC. Maybe, that's coming I don't know pretty, interesting stuff if you think about it you. Know if MSC, can afford. Twelve. To fourteen billion dollars, over. The next five to seven years to build out these new ships. You. Want to build out a golf course Resort say in Palm, Desert California with, 300, condos. One, runyan billion a little running a lot not. Running at the cost of a cruise ship but anyway making, the cross-promotion, deal makes a lot of sense to me Wow. Theresa, is saying a lot of the bigger and newer ships you have to book your entertainment, you're absolutely right, I'm. Now hearing stories. They're, starting to trickle. In about. How you now have to start paying, a premium. To. Get a better seat in the theater so if you want to see these shows like you know the Broadway show or whatever, is playing you. Know a second, night is such as such a third night its own so you want, on, the lower level, you want one of the seats they'll, charge you more money you want to see the front row on the balcony, they, want a price for that where it used to be first come first serve if you get into that show room you. Know half an hour before showtime there's nobody there pick the seats you want sit down and enjoy whatever. Things. Are changing and with five. Six that, six thousand five thousand passengers you. Know with world care being having those those what. Is it aqua shows in the back limited. Reserved seating unbelievable. So that you have to pay that price.

Kaylee, Is saying now after listening to you and checking out some of your tips I'm not so sure so, maybe I find you better deals I don't know. There's. Deals everywhere. Paula cases we got we got spa all week it, was wonderful, use the shower instead of the cabin shower I mentioned. That before a few, times they are humongous. I said. It before I'll say it again for anyone who's new who's just joining me for the first time, tell. Us where you're from type in say hi give us a thumbs up I was. I've, been on a number of cruises and I've, never once, not once have I used the shower in, our. Suite, in. Our on our cruise ship I've, been in balcony rooms I've been on the inside rooms I've, never taken a shower in our suite I always shower, in the spa area because. The showers are, man-sized. Like big man size, and. They're they're like 9 10 feet up. Fantastic. And they include the the detergent. And the body, soap, and, it's. All there and the towels are there and I, just take my shaver with me and, I'll. Have my I'll, have my steam bath and. Up. In the spa for a while and in the jacuzzi for a while and my skin is nice and soft and warm got my shower going I'm Shaymin. Fantastic. Why do it in the room I leave the bathroom to my wife because. She just loves it she gets the, whole bathroom to herself and in them the the vanity. Area in the room that's all hers and, we. Aren't in each other's way. Happy. Look happy wife happy life there you go. And. Oh. Gaily. Says well maybe it is that, don't. These. Spa showers are fantastic. And you, know unlimited. Water obviously and and. It's quieter much, quieter if you have to pay extra to use the spa. Fewer. Very few people will pay that and a. Lot, of folks figure hey I'm at the I'm out on the pool all day. I've got the jacuzzis out there and I'm getting the waiter to bring me those rum drinks right at the you know right at the pool and. After. Three four five hours of Sun tanning and hanging I'm gonna head to my room maybe have a nap have a shower get ready for dinner hey, whatever works for you fantastic, works. What works for me is a bigger shower because I'm a bigger guy like, my ice cream and the. Spa is the way to go so there you are now, today I got. Some info for you guys let me just check here Theresa saying very smart my mark is saying I never compete, for bathroom space with a woman yes. You. Got it you know that's, right Theresa says you see. I. Found, some information today I got, a couple things I'll tell you folks about today I was, we were talking yesterday for, those of you were with us yesterday and. Those of you who weren't we. Talked yesterday a lot about the MSC cruise line and this new cruise ship, that they. Just christened out of Miami about two weeks ago called the MSC seaside, and. We. Had heard and seen I've seen a video on YouTube of a Canadian family that we're on a an, ocean view room and they, were having all kinds of problems on the ship I mean, problems. On this ship. Everywhere. And, the. Speculation, we're having here on this on this discussion channel, is is, it teething problems for a new cruise ship, one. Of my viewers are saying you know when Royal Caribbean launches. A new ship you don't have these teething, problems because they know what they're doing and, I'm thinking you know once you've built the fifth incarnation, of. The same kind of ship you know five thousand passengers each one you built the fifth one now yeah, kind of got it going on as to what happened, you know all the problems on the first one you, know whatever problems, happened on the second one you started correcting it already by, the time the fourth edition of, that version, of ship would come out you. Know there shouldn't be much of anything to worry about now at least you'd hope so but in the case of the msec site, brand-new.

Design The, pictures are stunning, I've. Really, been impressed with the look of this ship and that, got me thinking yeah, the. Logistics, of building, a brand-new design for, a cruise ship with all of the propulsion. And air conditioning, and plumbing and he, and, wiring, them electrical oh my. Goodness you know you're building everything from scratch as a first-time template. Design. And you're. Only going off of architects. Drawings at, the very first time you can't say well how did we build it the last time you know you know there's none of that you're you're you're winging it and so, there, are teething problems, evident, with the seaside, and I was saying to some folks, you. Know maybe three, five six months from now it won't be so bad they'll have it kind of they'll fix it they'll whatever problems are on the repair the. Problem is if you're if, you're the poor guy in, a balcony room and, there's. You know toilet, is backing up on you or your sink is leaking or, you, know you're not happy with what's, happening I'm sure you're. Gonna luck I mean you're, on that cruise that week and that's the story and you gotta live with it deal with it and it's. Not a good thing so I. Always. Sort of hold back from from you, know what. Would I want to jump on a brand new cruise ship for for, the you know the first or second cruise throughs I don't know because that's when the, first time problems, show and the crew is busy trying to figure out how to work everything they're still learning the whole the, whole ship and now, you've got these courts coming up and and you, know here comes the duct tape let's fix it until we get back to port anyway. So I thought, I'd take a peek at at MSC, Cruises, because, the line for. Most of us in North America, we're not really familiar with MSC, cruising, that much, in. The last few years the, name recognition. Is, starting to come up especially among active. Cruisers, yes or. Occasional, cruisers if you haven't been on a cruise sorry say, for ten years, MSC. Cruise lines didn't exist in North America really ten years ago it. Was really an obscure name but, it's becoming prevalent. And it's going to become more prevalent the, company, has. Sixteen thousand, five hundred employees this is big, they're. Based in Geneva Switzerland and, they they're, the fourth largest cruise, line, in.

The World number, one being Carnival, Cruises then we have Royal Caribbean then, we have Norwegian. And now, we've got MSC, now, Carnival. Of course owns Princess, Cruises they own Hall in America, they. Also own a. Seaborne. They, have a number of brands underneath their brand they own Coon art for example whereas. Whereas. Royal. Caribbean own celebrity and as, America, Lee and then you've got Norwegian. With, I think Regent, Seven Seas and, now. Way of MSC but MSC just has its own line but, MSC, is actually, owned by another company they're. Owned by the. Maritime. Mediterranean. America Mediterranean. Shipping, company, that's, actually owns MSC, and the Mediterranean. Shipping company is a private corporation which. Makes MSC, a private corporation, but. Mediterranean. Shipping is the world's second, largest container. Shipping. Company. And there, is number two in the world and they've. Got. 471. Vessels. 480. Offices. They. Operate, 150. Countries and you have 24,000. Employees then, you add the. MSC, line with sixteen thousand five hundred employees fourteen, ships now nine, more on order, they're. Gonna have 23 ships in the next five years or so they've. Got 5.2 percent market, share of the, cruise, market and that's, growing they're. Really known for European. Cruising Mediterranean. Cruising northern Europe. That. That area but. Now they've in, the last five years they've expanded into the Caribbean, and. They're heading south america, and now. Into asia they'll go global they will be global. Just like all the other lines and it'll, be interesting to see how Carnival. And Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, and Disney, lines and the other how. Will everyone react, to MSC, as they keep bringing these ships, like every six eight months another one another four thousand passenger ship will, join their fleet their capacity, will grow their selection, will grow at the, moment, the prices, on some of these cruises. Are pretty good especially for the MSC seaside. The problems, notwithstanding the, teething problems notwithstanding but. I found the crews this morning that is. A. Cruise, I believe wasn't departing in April out of Miami seven, nighter a balcony. For, 528. Bucks, that's. A killer price that that that is you, know Ocean View pricing, for a balcony, for a balcony sweet you're. Not gonna find 528. On Hall in America you're not gonna find that on Celebrity that's. That's an incredibly. Good, offer and you. Know if you can have if you can wait until. If. You, can wait until you. Know April to take that deal way, to go, so, a pretty, good deal on. The on, the MSC. Sea. Side there, are a number of cruises by the way that are, that. Are available. Let, me just this guy here so. MSC. Seaside, there's some really good deals they're definitely worth worth, inspecting, looking into. If. You have the chance. Yeah. I was shocked, at that now, the other thing they're doing over at MSC is they, are building, a private, island in the in, the Caribbean. They, are building something called ocean Cay. It's a private island actress in the Bahamas and it's. An 8 a, 5. Acre. Island. With its own pier so they won't have to you don't have to get off the ship and onto a lifeboat, or a tender and on to the shore it'll, is Park at its own pier company, owned and operated you, can just walk off the ship, six. Separate. Beaches. This. Will have six separate, beaches. There'll. Be a spa and wellness sanctuary. For, the yacht yacht. Club, guests, which is kind of like Norwegians. Haven. That upper class where. Where they have special rooms on the upper level of the ship well they have that the Yacht Club on these MSC lines and you'll.

Be Able to go to the spa and wellness sanctuary, for an extra charge. There'll be an island lagoon as well. There. Will be a pavilion for, weddings, and celebrations, and, this. This, wedding business for, the cruise lines is becoming, massive. It, is going to be a very, big, part of Cruise Lines profits, I. Can. See why they're doing this you have a private, island you're offering a private pavilion, for. The wedding an idyllic setting, will. Be perfect. Everything will be set up the food will be you, know catered by the cruise line handled. By the chef's all, the, entertainment, will be in, the pavilion and then you can continue entertaining. Yourselves on the ship when you're done that I mean. That's just that's just a fantastic a fantastic, offer so. This, this, island, that's coming they're going to open it in the fall of 2019. And. The seaside is expect to make weekly stops out of Miami and I can see when they had a second, cruise ship it'll, make weekly stops and eventually, you know they'll have five or four or five cruises a week in the Caribbean, from different you know different ships so, they'll have a ship leaving probably from a fort for. A, Lauderdale another, one from Port Canaveral another ship leaving from I mean maybe one from Tampa, and all, of them will ply the Caribbean, and they'll all make a stop, one. Day a week at this private. Cay. That they're building and, there, you go that. Is what's happening in the cruise business the. Cruise company, the MSC, people they're smart to do it because. They. Don't have to pay extra portage, fees and any, fees. At the at, the pier if you're. Stopping in Nassau you're paying through the nose if you're paying if you're stopping in San, Juan you got to pay you, got to pay ahead ahead, fee. For every person getting off the ship. Here. The the cruise line keeps it all they they the only island or lease it for 99 years they may pay an annual fee to run, you know have the land, but. What they do on the island how much money they make is in-house. Brilliant. Move and you. Know for the passengers, with children and, you know honeymooners, and. Wedding, parties I mean here this is great and for someone like myself and my wife. What a wonderful day to just relax and enjoy, one. Last thing I'll tell you about MSC, they're also bringing out. They've. Started it with the seaside and they're gonna do the shipwide there, they brought out what's what I've called the bracelet, pass. And I think other cruise lines are doing this too this is not the only one where. The bracelet has an effect of chip in it and if. You're part of the Yacht Club you can go anywhere on the ship but, if you're down in the buffet area now you want to go back up to your private, enclaves, up at the top of the ship you have to go through a certain. Security doors you, just flash, your wrist in front of a sensor by the door unlocks lets you in and it. Keeps track of that it was you that went to of course there's cameras of course for that as well but, apparently this, app this. Necklace. Will come with an app this is it'll, come in a bracelet or necklace form, and on. Your smartphone in phone you'll download an app and if, you're on board the ship with the kids mom. And dad are at, the pool sunbathing. And mom, wants to know where the kids are because it's getting kind of lunchtime for the buffet or something like that where. Are those you. Know where's the eight and the fourteen-year-old, where are those to pick. Up the smartphone and, hit. The app and it'll. Show you where your two children are cuz, the wrist. It's a tracker. So. Kids. Won't won't, be hiding on mom and dad very well you won't play hide-and-go-seek kids, yeah go ahead just don't take off the bracelet. They're. Up to 20 you'll find him every time so, that's a pretty cool a pretty, cool invention.

I I think that's gonna become industry, standard that's gonna be you know something. Every Cruise Line will have in the next five or ten years it's, just incredibly, expensive to install, at. The very beginning because on the, sea side there they're saying that they have over six hundred sensors. For. The bracelet, that, you can access areas. Into and this also includes your room I mean you come to your room just put in front of the sensor and it let you into your room you don't even have to have the card anymore and you want to charge a drink to your account II you. Know that the server will have a little iPhone unit they'll just put it near your wrist charge, a drink to your account done I mean it's really convenient so these are, gonna become antiquated as. Modern. As these were when they were first issued right, unbelievable. Anybody. Out there who's just watching, me. Live. Let. Me know you're here give, me a thumbs up that you're getting a single okay text. In work where are you what's your what's your hometown where you watching me from so, I can say hi to you welcome, to my chat, you can ask any question you want about cruising I've got a few other things gonna, bring up here about about, the cruising industry, I like to do these live streams, daily if I can also. Thanks, to everybody who's become a subscriber of my channel if, you're not a subscriber please, consider subscribing, to me I need to get to a thousand, subscribers by February the 20th under, the new YouTube. Monetization, rules. I'm. Monetized, now that's, why there's commercials on my videos, but. I might be kicked off by Feb 20 if I don't have a thousand subscribers so I'm desperately, trying to get there we had a record day yesterday. 27. Subscribers. Kicked. In yesterday, wonderful, thank you everybody welcome, everybody and I. Hope I don't disappoint you um the. Other thing I wanted to tell you about today folks was I got. A deal here for you how would you like to get up to, a two, hundred and fifty dollar room, credit, on. Every. Cruise you, take. Let's. Say with Royal Caribbean or, Norwegian, or Carnival and that includes the subsidiary. Lines. Unlimited. Like say let's, say you're doing three cruises this year you want to do a cruise on Carnival, another. One on Carnival, and one on on. The, Royal Caribbean, how, would you like to get a room credit up to 250, bucks overt above any other deal you got some. Good here's. The deal it's called the shareholder. Offer. If you're. A shareholder, of, these, three, companies they're publicly traded they. Have a shareholder benefit program and the deal is simply, this as. Long as you own 100, shares of, any. Of these three companies. You, can get a credit. A room, credit on any cruise you booked because you're a part owner of the company now about. That so, in the case of. Norwegian. The stock trades today at $58. 70 cents so 100, shares is a fifty eight hundred dollar investment you. Can hold the shares forever, or, you can just hold them for a couple of months while you take this cruise if you've won, it. Pay a dividend, but. For 5870. Dollars you're, in a growing company because of course they're adding ships to their fleet and they're expanding their line, and passenger. Count and the. Deal is this that if you a book, a cruise, for. 15 days or longer. Any cruise. On the Caribbean, line including, I believe. Regent. Seven Seas their second the secondary line. You. Get a $250. Cab, and credit now. It only applies to one, person that's a cabin credit it has to be double occupancy so. If the husband and wife are going um one. Of you is a shareholder you. Get a 250 dollar credit for a 15-day cruise or longer if you're. Going on a cruise for between 7, and 14 days, it's. A $100, cabin, credit and if. It's up to 6 days it's a short quickie that's. A $50, credit, and it's, unlimited you, can go every month on a cruise if you want twice, a year three times a year doesn't matter, every. Time you go into cruise if you're a shareholder of the Company you, get these room credits over and above any promotions.

That They're offering so if they're offering you that you, know they'll sometimes have five offers. On a, Royal Caribbean on a Norwegian. Deal like, one week one. Week cruise, in the Caribbean. You know maybe in March or April towards, the end of the season they. Start offering more offers. Package. And you get a free drink package, or they'll offer you four especially. Nice add this. To. The deal because you're a shareholder on top of that not. Bad deal so you might not get a dividend, for owning the fifty eight hundred dollars with a stock but. If you're getting $100, a room credit, once. A year just one cruise a year, a, hundred dollars against the fifty eight hundred dollar investment not. Quite two percent on your money go, on to cruises it's like 3.8 percent yield, on your investment, it's, a tax-free, yield, you don't have to pay tax on this benefit this is a cash this is a discount this is a credit, to your account on board, spending catch. Can't use it in the casino but you know for. Me to buy the spot package right there there's my spot package on every cruise one-week. Cruise guaranteed, two hundred fifty bucks on a 15. Day cruise like a repositioning, cruise at 16 days long. That. Could be an Internet package that could be the tips that can, go towards especially. Dining that can go towards my wife's drinks, onboard, I mean whatever spending, you want so good. Deal can't, turn into cash but hey what an offer the. The. Only couple, rules apart, apart from 1 / root of course you. Have to use the claim, the credit 15, days before the cruise or earlier, so not a lot 7 days to go so, if you're going on the cruise three months from now, you, can you can buy the shares today and next. Week you contact, Norwegian. And you, can get, that credit. Applied to your account and it'll be waiting for you in a onboard not. A bad offer it's, not transferable. To the shareholder, in their name of course. And oh, yeah in the case of NCL it's good for NCL Oceania, and Regent, Seven Seas so all, the lights so, hey take one of each once a year not a bad deal Royal, Caribbean also.

Has The deal their shares are a bit more expensive they're trading 129, dollars a share and so, it's a 1200, and I need all our cost to buy a hundred shares if you're paying cash for the stock you, have a margin account I used to be a stock broker you, have a margin account you only have to put down about a quarter of that money or about a half of that money and they don't pay interest on the rest if you want to float, it but. The, stock does pay a $60, a year dividend, which, covers some of the interest cost if you're using a margin account to buy the stock on credit so, you. Always do that well, similar. Arrangement. Except that the, dates are a bit different if you take a 14 night cruise or longer, on Royal. Caribbean you. Get $250. Credit this, works for Royal Caribbean celebrity. As Ameri, no. Limits, 10. To 13 nights two. Hundred bucks six. To nine nights $100. Five, nights or less fifty bucks so, you're getting at least a ten dollar a day credit if it's a five-day cruise not, a bad offer so that's the cool little deal Carnival. The stock is $69. A share so, it's a 69 hundred dollar cost, to. Buy a hundred the, dividend is $45, a year these dividends, are usually paid on a quarterly basis by the way so divide that by four. And Carnival Cruises has exactly the same offer as. Norwegian. Does so. 15. Days or longer 250. Bucks seven. To fourteen days. 156. Days or less fifty bucks so, it's. It's an okay deal. It's free, money free. Credit a tax-free, deal you. Get the dividend as well the companies are growing in. The case of Carnival we're talking about princess, lines, Holland. America Line's. Seabourn, Kuhn, our Costa. Aida. Piano. UK, and piano, Australia, so all the. Lines that. Carnival, owns and operates. Qualify. For this, deal, as does, Royal Caribbean as does. Norwegian. So, that's a pretty good perk for for shareholders of the company and the, fact that you can do it more than once a year or so you know you're booking a cruise in the fall and, then you're gonna take a cruise in the spring, yeah. There you go you got to in like six eight months you're. Gonna get to room credits so keep that in mind folks your, daily tip of the day. So, fat is here hey how are ya welcome welcome to, the channel, Theresa. Says good to know when I go. Out in November one, port is will, the ocean cave that'll. Be when it's open good idea a Gailey says do you know anything about the carnival a hub app I have downloaded it to my phone but, I don't know what it'll do I don't know about the hub I'm, gonna have to look at that I'll. Check that out today, and tomorrow and let, you know on my next life what that's all about. Then. Theresa, is saying they have the bracelet, on the harmony of the Seas. Right harmony of a Caesar a diamond, yeah the the bracelet. Is the. New technology the, ships will will when they go into drydock, for. Their two week or six week red reef it's these. Features. Will be added to, these cruise ships so you know you're already spending you. Know a hundred million on the retrofit, anyway, on the drydock. Replacing. All the mattresses are replacing all the TVs and the, bedding and you name the. Do the technical upgrades here with the Wi-Fi. Throughout the whole ship will eventually, be done the. Bands will be be, done with the sensors everywhere. Yeah. I could imagine that you'll be sitting at the slot machine and you, know you you. Want to play and, all. You'll do is you'll just put your band up against sensor on the slot machine it'll, ask you how much money you want just, charging it to your room give. Me 50 bucks of playing money you, got $50, credit on the machine just off the band, on your wrist and now it just touch the button and play the slot machine. Unbelievable. The. Technology, they're building out on these is, just amazing. The. The idea of this this, you, know being able to keep keep, track of the. Children on board great idea a. Great idea, if you're with, a group of you know six people 810 you've, got a wedding on board and, the. Wedding is on the third day of the cruise and. You. Know twenty-eight, people are supposed to be in the chair the bridal that the chapel on board. The ship at, two o'clock and, it's. 1:30, where the heck is everybody. Well. Now, with, this the, ship can tell you where everybody is they know everybody in your party so, the wedding coordinator they. Know that the best man isn't here where the heck is the best man oh he's, sleeping in his room because he I was on a bender last night someone.

Get Over there and get this. There's. No hiding anymore, I guess. So. What what are you gonna do so smart. Technology, new a new way to go. Millions. To install. But. Convenience all get up and it'll, all be integrated into the room, charge, system, so, it'll save the ship and the cruise, line a lot of money they'll have less staff on the, on the ship literally. Fewer, people on board, for. The crew to handle this all this complicated financial. Work saves. The crew money saves a ship money and the. Cruise line can, lower their costs, or increase their profits or a combination, of both. Sweetpea, is saying, is here hi sweet Pete I'm. Listening what's your main will, sub my channel well, sweetie. You know if. Channels as good as mine maybe, they will. We're. All looking for subs everywhere, you, know I get a lot of emails from from, people on YouTube they say to me, hey listen if you subscribe to my channel, I'll, subscribe to your channel I. Don't. Want to do that I don't, I will never watch their channel, if I don't if I'm not interested, they'll, never watch my channel if they're not interested and I've got an artificial subscriber, count' and I, would, rather have my 300 and what I got now 316. Subscribers. And growing. Being. Organic and real going. Forward so that when, I hit a thousand, I know I have a thousand, bona fide followers, of my channel, I don't have two hundred fifty you. Know sub4sub. People, YouTube. Actually frowns, on that and I, I just I just don't wanna get into that I know that the pressure is on for all of us that, need to reach a thousand subscribers by February the 20th to stabilize but, I just, don't want to do, it in a way that isn't you know genuine, and that's why I'd, rather appeal to you guys my. Viewers and my, existing, subscribers, if you know somebody, that you, think would enjoy this channel, or you. Know someone in your family that is, thinking about going on a cruise or or went, on a cruise ten years ago and it's talking about maybe going on another one send. Them to this channel, and they'll, get caught up with what's going on in the cruise game they'll. Find out all the new stuff that's being talked, about and I'll try to keep everybody up up to speed up with all the new technologies, and the news the new ships that are coming and then. They'll be up to speed again you know within a week or two watching, me as a binge watch for a while I'll, be up to speed on what's going on and then they can of course always, send. Me a comment on any of my videos if, you have a question about any particular video, or anything, about the cruise business you want to know I'll. Try to find out for you, and, join. The party and so hopefully we can just grow this a channel, the way it's going and grow. It out and we, can move this up and that would be that would be great. Sweetpea. Says there you're definitely correct I have genuine 3 and plus subscribers, for a few rules I'm upset here, either. Oh that's. Wonderful we've got another Yahoo on our on our count. Here we're gonna get rid of this guy if we can let's see as quick as humanly, possible uh let's. Go go go go. Here. We are block. This one sorry, folks but, occasionally. We get people that just don't deserve to be on YouTube, at all, and. You. Know they're here what are you gonna do. Yeah. Unbelievable. There. We go, yeah. We have you, know we have some, folks here who are just upwards. Of they're just no good they, they, don't do any good by us at all they. Don't make any positive contribution. To to. YouTube whatsoever, and. You. Know if I can get rid of these people. I would. I, would. If I had one button I could just get rid of them in one second I would do it but. Sometimes, we have to we. Have to tolerate what this nonsense, is and move on anyway. What. Else I'm going to talk to you today about on. Cruising. The. Technology, thing, is unbelievable, the, dry dock news. Keeps coming out I'm the, other day about every five years a ship goes in for drydock that's.

A Three million dollar cost for. Every day that a ship is in drydock so, you. Know if you've got a cruise ship in for 30 days you're looking at 90 million, dollars, in costs, to, get, a ship, you. Know refers now 90, million will do a lot of things, for a cruise ship obviously you're talking about you. Know all new carpeting, in the public. Areas a lot. Of flooring, and where the tile you know or where there's marble, on the flooring they'll replace that they'll, do paint. They'll do complete, recode, of the hull on the outside they might even you know upgrade, motors and propellers stuff. We don't see and we don't really want to care about but, in our rooms in our Suites. They. Can do a lot, of work in there in a short period of time and, you. Know you come, in you come into the key into your suite on the next cruise and oh everything's brand new it's fantastic. Yeah. I tell you sweetie, I I'm. I tell you the the. The, YouTube people have got a lot on their mind and they. Got a lot on the go and, what. Can I say you, know they should they agree, they should try. To keep that kind of stuff off but what are you going to do but. Anyway you. Know folks. I. Think, I'm gonna cut it off here we're, getting a few monkeys, coming into the wrench here I, want to thank everybody for watching me today, Thursday. Tomorrow Friday I'm on again at 5 o'clock Eastern, Time will, will, give you some more cruise updates and let you know how the channel is doing I appreciate. Everyone's, efforts in helping find subscribers, for this channel, I'm, confident. On Feb 20 we're gonna make it, will. Will panic, in the last week. But. In the meantime I think we're gonna be alright the view view minutes are fantastic, I really appreciate, you folks watching me and following me and. It's. It's been fantastic, I, will, see you all tomorrow this, is Bruce with traveling with Bruce saying good, day all have. A good night and we'll, see you all tomorrow take, care now bye bye.

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Can you get the shareholder deal if you buy the shares after you have booked and paid for the cruise?

I think your OK as long as you own the shares at least 15 days prior to the sail date. It takes 3 business days for your ownership of the shares to register so buy them if you can sooner than say 20 to 25 days of your cruise. You can sell them if you need to after your cruise, so you could acquire another company's shares for another future cruise. The shareholder benefit program is searchable on google. Thanks, Bruce

My advice: start posting new videos of footage of your prior cruises. You will attract more people that want to see videos of the ships, cabins, food, ports, etc.. Even if it's a cruise from a while ago re-edit with new comments about your experience and tips by you for future passengers of that ship. Than start re-posting them to your channel since it's new and updated info. People have such low attention spans they won't stay for too much chit chat no matter how valuable it is. You are delightful and engaging but to get the younger crowd post more footage of your trips/ships. Just my opinion. It's not worth too much LOL. Good luck with your channel!

Thank you for these tips. These are early days as you know for me and the channel. I will keep making adjustments as we go further and trips on cruise ships will be in the future too. Take care Bruce

I decided to re-subscribe. I'm just watch a little, but I'm glad to help

Welcome back Steve we are on the way to 1000 subscribers and beyond Bruce

Cold day here in Henderson, it only got to 70 here.

Oh you poor guy.... lol Bruce

Bruce, did you like the Epic? sounding like you were not so thrilled about that ship. Thinking you were more thrilled about spending time with you family instead of the ship. I am in love with the overpriced NCL right now so wondering what you thought about your extended trip on the Epic.

Our room was nice we had a balcony room. The spa was great, it was in the back of the ship and it had a balcony too. Food was Ok, in buffet. Had to reserve for comedy show it was a pain. Casino was in the middle of the ship and it was always in the way it seemed when you had somewhere to go. But it was big with lots of places to walk around and enjoy views of the sea. We were on a 7 day caribbean trip with 3 stops so the trip was nice and warm in the first week of Jan.

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