Creepy Videos of Scary Stuff and Strange Things Caught on Camera

Creepy Videos of Scary Stuff and Strange Things Caught on Camera

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The following scary videos on this top countdown list have some really weird stuff that will keep you creeped out. Caught on camera are strange and scary things that need to be explained – but be warned: sometimes, one of the scariest things of all, is knowing all the answers . . . 18. Shadow Hunters UK TV: A ghost hunting channel called Shadow Hunters UK TV has a really creepy paranormal investigation full of scary things caught on camera. Take this highly unusual encounter, for example. We’re looking at her right shoulder. At 28 minutes and 20 seconds, this strange object

floats up and mysteriously disappears in midair. Was it paranormal? If not, how does this unexplained event occur? Tracing the path of the orblike object reveals some more creepy things to question, like how does it start off as a white orb and then somehow change to black before vanishing? Watching the video up close and in slow motion just makes the scary metamorphosis even creepier and harder to explain. Moments later, the ghost hunters say these spirit rods move by themselves to indicate a ghost is near. Scary stuff if true. Later, they are talking about how haunted this place is, and how they will come back for more investigations to make more scary videos, and that’s when their best evidence of paranormal activity is caught on camera. The ghost hunters look at each other in terror and surprise as their paranormal equipment detects a ghost walking down the stairs shortly after she feels a presence touch her on the foot. When they both looked down earlier, their equipment didn’t register any of their movements at all. Therefore, there’s no reason it

should be beeping now unless something they couldn’t see walked past them down the stairs. Was it a ghost? 17. G. S. I Ghost Sighting Investigators: Jon and James of the Ghost Sighting Investigators, or GSI for short, go exploring an abandoned place called Codnor [PRONUNCIATION LINK] Castle where a teen once lost their life and now haunts the building as a ghost. When they invite the ghost to knock, they hear a loud banging, the camera goes blurry, and one of them thinks they hear a ghostly voice whimpering coming from the doorway that is not caught on camera . That’s not the only time they hear the loud banging noise in this haunted abandoned building. Things only get creepier as when they attempt to use their K2 meter to communicate with a ghost and are surprised when it seems to work, just not in the way they were hoping for. Paranormal investigator James thinks he hears

a creepy noise behind him, like somebody running their nails across the wall. In no other rooms does the K2 meter go off like this, only this one. Was this unexpected reply a sign of paranormal activity, or a spooky coincidence? 16. andygrosslive: Paranormal researcher Andy Gross has caught some of the scariest moments of his life on camera, and I mean some really strange things he cannot explain. Keep watching these creepy collection of ventriloquist dolls to see which one he says is haunted.

While filming his collection, a ventriloquist doll’s head moves seemingly all by itself on stream. Here’s some more of Andy Gross responding to this supposedly paranormal experience, which could help us decide if this video is real or fake. Do you think his reaction to seeing the moving doll is genuine? If he’s faking this paranormal investigation video, then maybe he’s somehow moving the doll himself. At 3 minutes and 43 seconds, there’s no string to be found, so that explanation for the weirdness is out. With that said, this does appear to be on a puppet stage, so could there be a way for him to get his hand into the ventriloquist doll without showing it on camera? The video evidence he caught of a moving doll is certainly creepy, but if the doll’s head is really moving by itself, or if the whole scary thing is fake, would need a second camera angle to fully verify.

15. Marissa Saenz: Marissa Saenz [VIDEO PRONUNCIATION] believes she has caught a toy moving by itself, which is scary to think about, and even creepier to watch. The remote control is on the ground in plain view of the camera when she tells the ghost to touch the toy and make it move. Everyone agrees that the way this toy is moving by itself is scary, especially because it doesn’t happen until the moment after she talks to the ghost, but as one commenter explains, this remote control car could be picking up interference from any nearby radio signals. I was wondering what you thought of this explanation, and would this activity be strange enough to make you wonder if your house was haunted like Marissa suspects hers is? If anyone watching had a Barbie Corvette like this one, feel free to let us know if the toy ever moved on its own. That would help us explain if this weird video is a glitch

or a true paranormal experience. 14. Laughing Ocean: The topic of whether Tesla ghost videos are real has yet to be fully explained. Skeptics

say the motion sensors are glitching out and not detecting any paranormal activity . . . but then creepy videos like this one makes me wonder if these types of rather realistic ghost sightings are more than technological error. While investigating the cemetery, a ghostly figure appears – or at least that’s what they make of this strange and mysterious sighting detected by Tesla at the same moment they ask for a paranormal sign. To be fair, this could have been a grave marker or a statue shaped like a person. But if so, then out of the whole cemetery, why only this

one, and why did it happen when they are asking for proof of a real ghost sighting on video? Was this a strange and mysterious coincidence, or was there really a ghost haunting them outside of their Tesla while on a paranormal exploration of a spooky cemetery on that day? 13. kirk stokes19: kirk stokes19 still wonders if anyone will be able to identify this strange unknown creature sighting he had caught on tape years ago. He was exploring the woods when felt watched by a giant animal and so he pointed his camera in the direction he felt eyes on him only to find this dark figure staring him down from not too far away. Even from this distance, he could tell the large beast was not friendly and he did not feel comfortable investigating any further, plus the camera battery was low and, since he could not record the creature for much longer, he got out of the woods fast.

Many comments are suggesting that this could be footage of a dogman encounter. I have no idea how they are coming to the conclusion that this is a dogman encounter, because I don’t see any real detail, but enough comments are sure that this is a dogman encounter that I wanted to get your opinion. What is this strange shape he saw while exploring the woods, a creature, a tree stump, rocks, or something else? 12. kesukseeker:

Kayaking in the Matanzas Inlet has gone extremely wrong for a YouTuber in Florida named kesukseeker [PRONUNCIATION LINK], as these scary moments caught on camera go to show . . . He isn’t able to see exactly what just scared him from behind, but his GoPro caught a giant creature coming from under the water. It appears kesukseeker has been unknowingly kayaking with sharks. But the extremely scary kayaking video isn’t over yet. As he examines his paddle for bite marks, a second shark attack is caught on camera – just as scary as the first – and he quickly flees to safety before a third scary shark attack happens on video. A look at his paddle reveals a row of ten tooth marks deeply embedded into the rubber, further designating an actual shark attack was caught on video. The shark most likely

thought the splashing from the paddle was a fish and did what they did best: attack without mercy. Fortunately for this kayaker, the bite was to his paddle and not a limb. 11. j0ibis: Some scary moments caught on camera from Carter Lake, Iowa shows a dark cloud system coming from over the tree line. If you ever see the skies looking like this, run away and seek cover fast, because what’s about to happen next is terrifying.

No, that’s not fish skipping over the water, but rather incredibly large chunks of hail heading straight for this man’s house. According to Google, the safest place to go during a hail storm is to the basement. Standing in the center of your house is not going to keep you safe because hail this large can go through your roof. Almost all of his windows are busted with holes, and his yard is littered with falling objects. Hopefully broken glass is all they have to fix. If their roof is damaged badly enough, they might have so many leaks that it needs

to be replaced, or in extreme cases, a collapse. There’s no way to tell until they have it inspected, so I wish them the best and hope they are safe. 10. @peterheistein:

Posted by photographer Peter Heistein on his Instagram account, this suspenseful video was taken by his stepson while exploring the Serengeti National Park in Africa. Cheetahs had been following his jeep for some time when one of them unexpectantly hops into the vehicle and begins checking everything out. It starts off by licking the backseat and then smells the interior. I’m not sure if that wide grin is because it likes being in here or because it’s stressed and challenging them. All they can do is hold still until the wildcat loses interest and decides to leave them alone, which it eventually does. But this scary event could have easily been their final moments caught on camera. They were within swiping

distance, and those are some huge teeth and giant claws. 9. John Spike: A ghost hunter named John Spike knows of an abandoned farmhouse that’s haunted where strange things happen every paranormal investigation. This old haunted farmhouse is one of the scariest places on earth to him, and to test his bravery, he takes a 30-minute challenge alone upstairs late at night. John Spike finds a dark closet and soon freaks himself out searching for the unknown. And while he’s in this closet, strange voices can be heard on camera. I’m not sure if more of his paranormal crew is downstairs,

but as far as I can tell, he’s supposed to be all alone, so it could be an impromptu ghost EVP session he’s caught on camera. Strange things seem to continue haunting him ever since staying in this small hidden closet space in the attic. He goes exploring other rooms of the abandoned farmhouse and has some more scary moments caught on camera of creepy stuff he cannot even begin to explain. In one room is this busted up chair, probably somebody’s favorite at some point long ago. As he talks about this space, more weird things

are caught on camera when the door appears to possibly open on its own. Was this a ghost opening a door is a weird camera angle? Strange stuff to think about. 8. Geni Ime: This mysterious winged creature was said to have been sighted at an unknown location years ago. The giant unidentified beast looks like it could be a high-grade sculpture of some kind, but that has not stopped the internet from getting freaked out at this video and wondering what else it could be. What do you think about this strange mystery?

As far as I was able to research, the art studio responsible for making this creation, or the person who captured it on tape in the wild, depending on which version of events you believe, has never stepped forward, which only makes this strange video all the more mysterious. 7. BaNaNa JOe: A YouTuber named BaNaNa JOe says he was in the pool when his mom came outside with a camera to take a picture for memories’ sake. Little did she know what was in the creepy photograph was not something she’d ever want to remember, nor would she ever be able to forget. Behind BaNaNa JOe is a stranger they’ve

never seen before, the half-submerged head of a child with glowing eyes. His mother was too afraid to shout anything other than for him to “get out”, and when they looked back at the pool, the strange figure had mysteriously vanished without a trace. At least, that’s his version of events. The real story could be his friend’s eyes were glowing in the flash of an old camera and he thought it looked spooky and so they made a video. Or maybe this pool really is haunted like he says. It’s impossible to prove either way, and pretty creepy to think about. 6. Paranormal playground:

A YouTube channel called Paranormal playground caught this creepy photograph while exploring the Bacon Race cemetery in Virginia, which she suspects is haunted. Paranormal playground senses something is near, and when she points her camera in the direction she feels watched, she gets this eerie, haunting photograph caught on camera. In the distance, what appears to be a ghost wearing a white dress with long hair has her back turned and is heading into the nearby forest. Do you think she really saw a ghost haunting the cemetery, or were her eyes playing tricks on her in this photograph? If so, then I suppose mine are to, because I appear to see the same ghostly image. Creepy stuff, if real. 5. goreedy: Watch this area because you’re about to see something strange.

The unknown light in the sky flashes once and is not seen again. “Ooh, that was freaky” writes one reply. What do you make of this unexplained video? The person who recorded this video notes how weird it was because the sky was silent and it just happened once, this strange light in the sky that does not appear to be a plane, nor a shooting star, but rather something else. The question is . . . what is it? 4. Freddy Fresh:

Here’s an even scarier and more video of strange lights in the sky, this time sighted over New York in July of 2021. Take a look for yourself and tell me what on earth this silent pulsing light can be. He keeps filming the bizarre sighting for over 10 minutes, and when the clouds part and it’s finally time to see what the strange object is, the light is nowhere to be found. Gone. Vanished, mysteriously. Was something in the clouds, or was light from the ground reflecting off the bottom of a cloud to create this appearance. If so, what was originally causing it cannot be explained.

3. @_.brooklyn.marie._: Brooklyn Marie moves into a house with a creepy old basement she’s sure is haunted by a ghost. She goes down there often to try and communicate with whatever spirits are down there, and one day she’s searching around the basement when she finds some scary things she’s never noticed before – this chain that’s attached to a pole, like someone has been kept down there against their will.

The chain is only a couple of feet long and there seems to be a loop around the end that is too small for an arm or a leg, but just the right size for a neck. It could also be a dog collar, but considering a creepy old basement is no place to chain up a person or a pet, both scenarios are extremely messed up. When she walks past the chain into a small hidden room she’s never noticed before, she sees this mysterious light reflecting off of nothing at all. Brooklyn Marie thinks this light anomaly could be a real ghost sighting, though it also could be a ray of light coming from the top of the stairs behind her. When she goes down there again weeks later, this scary noise is caught on camera coming from deeper within the creepy old basement like something is waiting for her. Let me know if you can explain all of these strange things she’s caught on camera in her basement because she suspects these sightings could be real paranormal activity.

2. Toma Samila: This strange video is said to be paranormal evidence of a creepy ghost sighting caught on camera in Fiji , and it has been freaking out everyone who attended. A village is bidding a ceremonial farewell to a fallen chieftain when they record something spooky. Caught on tape is what they say is a mysterious figure towering above them all.

The camera is really shaky, but at 2 minutes and 18 seconds there does appear to be a human outline that locals later identified as the chief himself, the very same figure whose lose they were mourning. More strange things are caught on camera as black shadow figures walk in circles around the chieftain and then all converge at one. According to the person recording, they did not see any of these weird things until looking at the video the next day. Scary stuff, if real. 1. IMAN LASLOS:

Cave exploration can be scary stuff, especially when the cave you’re exploring is haunted. A mystic shaman named IMAN LASLOS is investigating a system of haunted cave tunnels because he knows there is a spirit of a person who went missing down here, a missing person whose spirit he is determined rescue and release. He reaches a wide open cavern that he determines is haunted when creatures of the night respond to his outstretched hand, and that’s when things get really strange and more than a little creepy. As he bows his head, the glowing red eyes of an unidentified entity are watching his every move. He goes deeper into a trance and calls forth more strange things in the form of a bright light anomaly that they claim is paranormal. They banish the spirit back to its own realm and, perhaps as a reward for rescuing the missing persons’ ghost, they find a strange talisman left behind in its place.

A little further ahead the cave becomes a tight squeeze, and in the small hidden space they find a secret marker where someone was buried, and as they pray over the makeshift cemetery plot, a bat flies overhead, perhaps the same one as before, and the camera mysteriously blurs.

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