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Introduction, good, afternoon everyone. Thank, you for attending, this workshop, on, pool technologies. My name is Jeff bouts I am, the director, of instructional, technology at. Syracuse. University. I work. In a group called the faculty, Center for teaching and learning and, I work at the School of Information studies at. Syracuse, University so. We. Are the, only faculty center that we have on campus is. The one in the School of Information studies, so. We. Support, our faculty with, their teaching endeavors. And we also support them with their research endeavors, as well one. Of the things that or. One of the goals that, the. ISchool has for me specifically, is to try, to get our faculty, to use more, technology in the classroom, so it's. Kind of funny to say that. I, work, at the School of Information studies but. Most of our instructors don't use technology in. The classroom so. That's. The that's, the paradigm that we're in so. A lot of them don't want to use it because, they're. Afraid they. Don't want to look silly in front of their students, in the event that something happens that, they don't know about or. Don't know how to fix and to. Me that's silly because the students don't care and, if you look silly they, want you to use the technology, because they're using the technology, so, I'm a firm believer in, embracing, the, technology that the students are already using when they're coming into your classrooms, instead, of trying to tell, them to put their technology, away I'm, having the instructors, tell them please bring the technology in because. We're going to be using this in our, classrooms, so, the. Tools that I'm going to show you today are specifically. One tool. So. My ideal, is any tool that I'm going to show you how to use it's, free it's. Easy to use and the students, don't have to have accounts. In order to use the tool so. You, do as the instructor, put the students, dollars and that's the key so it's very easy for them if, it's not so easy for you but, it's easy for them and that's the point now, having said that. The technology's still easy right. It's, just you have to get used to using it and yes. You. Do have to take some time and I, know that's a tricky. Subject with, faculty. And. You, will notice that too and I'm, sure you've already noticed it.

Finding. Time to do something extra, for, your class so. What. I've given you is a handout, of. Some. Of the tools that I am promoting. For. Our faculty to use so. What I do each semester is they get workshops, on these. Tools and I'm trying to encourage our faculty to use this one. Of the tools specifically. That you'll see on the list is called kuku anybody, ever heard of that fool before. Anybody. Use ever use that in. Their classroom, you're used to heck was it successful. Yeah. The, students enjoy that right, and it's, a Kahoot. Is a young it's a gaming type, of software, it's, free, and it's fun and students, love it and it's a great way to review things, and. It's kind of a competition type, of thing as well funny, competition. So, you can make it so that you get points, when you answer questions right but, not only do you get points for asking, the questions right but you get points, for how fast you answer the question as well then, Kahoot keeps track of all of that for you it is free, it's nothing you have to pay for to use so, that's that's the best thing the. Students don't have to create accounts to use it in this one so. That's one of the tools that were using man this thing is taking a really long time. Another. Tool that you'll see, on there that I use a lot is one called participa. Anybody, ever heard of that tool before you'll, see it on my list yes sir I've used it only. In demos not in class okay. So. Would. You like. Her without having students pay per click. That's. Exactly, what it is it's, a polling system that you can use in your classroom. You don't have to require students, to purchase clickers. In order to use it they can use their phones they, can use their tablet, they can use their laptop, and what. It is is you create an account, it feeds right into PowerPoint, also. So, you create, your question slides right in your presentation, that many students will take out their phones and they'll be able to participate in, your poll whenever it is that you ask them and then, they'll. Be able to see the results, up on, the slide once, again is free it's. Relatively. Simple easy to use and students, don't need accounts, in order, to use it so, I'm going to encourage you to. Check out that tool as, well the. Tool that I'm going to focus on today is actually called Adobe spark, does anybody ever heard of that tool before the, bill be smart you're not gonna see it on that list I'm. Gonna show you where, I have the. Handouts, for you to take because I it's there's too many in. Order to print out its kind of silly, when I already have them online I'm, gonna show you where you can get them online and, you'll be able to download the. Documents nobody's. Heard of at goalie's Park. But. Don't be spark is a new tool from, Adobe, Adobe. Spark, right and it's, actually three tools in one and, it's a fantastic tool. To use in your class when, you want to spark creativity and. If. You have an a project, that you want your students to do this is a great tool to use for that and here's why the, three tools their posts, pages, and videos those. Are the three tools post, pages and videos this. Is what adobe closet this is a new tool it's free so, posts, are nothing but images, so, you're gonna be able to create your own images, using. Adobe smart post and you're gonna be able to download those images as JPEGs, or, pings. Or, gifts. The. Second tool is pages, this is going to allow you to create a one-page. Web page, so. It's just a one page where, you can keep scrolling down and you'll, be able to see the content, that's on Paige it's. A lot of fun is so easy to use then. The last tool is videos, where. You'll be able to create, videos. Your, students will be able to create videos using, this tool and. Adobe. Will store. The video for, you and for your students, you have, unlimited, space, at, this point Adobe has said we. Will keep it unlimited, but we'll see how that goes and they say, if they don't, keep it unlimited they, will help you take, those videos and put, them someplace else for, you. And. You're able to add text. Videos, images. Anything. You want onto those videos there's no limit to the amount of time that those videos can be awesome. Which. Is nice so I'm going to show you how to what that's all about as well, if. And when I. Ever. Get up on the computer. So. The. Whole reason why this is doing this anyway, is because I wanted to use a wireless mouse and it, didn't recognize. My receiver, that I plugged in so I'm like oh well just restart, and, then when I go to restart, it says update. Every start and I'm like oh boy, and. The. Tubu I got started late anyway, because the last session ran over so there. You go this, is doomed from the beginning. So. Looking, at that list of tools that I gave does. Anybody have any questions on, any of those or any of those that look particularly, interesting, to you, yes.

It's. Called participa. And it is on that link it is in that list if. You keep flipping the pages. Anybody. Ever use symbaloo. Symbaloo. Is a fantastic. Tool, to use it's. A visual. Bookmarks. That's, what they are they're. Visual bookmarks, and. What it allows you to do is create tabs so. You can organize your visual. Bookmarks, so, if you're giving a project, you. Can actually start a similar, page and, you, can put research. Websites. In there already that you want your students to use you. Can embed that page into your LMS and then, your students already have that information built, directly why. Not give, them the pages already if you already know you want them to use particular sources, so. You can use symbaloo, to, help you with that such a fantastic, tool and I can show you that. So. Close. Coming. Up. Yep. And it's a great tool to use it's like a um it's, a. An. Alternative to a discussion board and. I, so, and students are able to add images, videos. Sound, links, to their padlet and other, students can reply to the padlets as well and, it puts everything on one page for. You it's. Fantastic to use and the students love it and it's also embeddable, so, you can embed it into your lms as well. So. With, the dopest part you have to create an account and what. You can do is use your Google, account if you, have one of those you. Can attach it to Google, or, you can create a brand new account so at, Syracuse, we. Give our students Google accounts, so, it's very easy for them when we use this tool right that's what that was a plus for us to. Be able to use the dhobi spark because everybody, has Google accounts already so it's beta had to use their personal Google. Accounts, we give them one so, they can use the one that we give them so. Keep that in mind you can use Google or, you can set, up a different. App the, website, to, go to is called spark. Adobe. If. They don't want to take you to where the documentation. Is. That, spark with a care with a seat that's a que. So, I'm going to take you to our faculty. Center website and at, the iSchool. It's called faculty center that I school that's, why I got, eating you you're. Welcome to go to this site at any time that you'd like to to. Utilize any of the resources that, we have on this website so. We put everything up here for our instructors, to be more successful when they're teaching endeavors, you're, welcome to go onto this website as well if you'd like to, pull any resources, that we have so, what are the spots that you're going to see is. One, of the spots you're going to see is called teaching in technology, and. If, you go all the way down here you're going to get spot called session handouts. This. Is where the Adobe's work. Information. Is. So, we break it up my. Semester. So. These, are all of the, sessions. That we did this semester for, our faculty these, are all the resources that are on there you'll, notice that the very first section is called Adobe spark. So. All you have to do is click on that and. Then. It's because, it was the first one it's at the bottom, ok. So then you're going to see. Adobe. Posts, pages. And, videos and. You can also watch the recording, of the session if you'd like to as well. So. The recording that we did for our faculty that's, on ok. It's all for you to use it as, much as you want so there's. The documentation. Okay. So here's the BB spike. And. What. You're going to see up here is. You're, gonna have a spot to log in or you're gonna have a spot to start now for free always, free there is no spot for you to sign up to, pay for it you. Can. So. I'm going to log in. And by, the magical, powers of the internet here. At the conference center, speed. Was. Amazing. Free. To the internet gods. You, can see how you can. Continue. With Facebook global, or sign up with any right. So. I'm going to sign up with my continue, with my Google account. It denies like this. Weird. Alright well let's play game. Yeah. All, right this. Is what you have and once you finally get in we're, going to see our a list. Of your fries you show up automatically, up, on his site things that you've already made and, my. Objective was I wanted, to show you things. That. You can do on Adobe and also. Give you some information as, well at the same time so instead of me using a PowerPoint I'm. Using Adobe instead. So. I'm, going to show you. Folks. First so. Post our images, okay, so here's an image that I mean for. This conference. Okay, so, basically. What, I wanted to show you was making. Your image and this is something that you can create as like maybe. You have a a. Project. Where your students are doing something, and you want to invite other faculty, to come in and view, what your students are doing you, can create something like this to.

Invite Them, you. Can have text. And you. Can have images and you can split it up in different ways on the page so. This is an image right so you're creating things. Image. Wise for you to use the. Nice thing about using, this tool and one of the nice things is. It. Gives you a whole bunch of suggestions, on different. Ways that you're able to lay out your paint, so. It's like done, it's, like idea, builders, and. All you have to do is click on it and then it shows you what it does. So. That's one of the things. And. I'm going to I'm going to show you this in just a second, when you want to add a photo. You. Have a the, ability to search. Creative. Commons photos. That, adobe spark you choose you're, able to use those photos. For. Free without, having to worry about the hockey rink and the. Beautiful thing too is adobe automatically. Puts in the. Information. Where it got the photo from for, you so, that's nothing you have to do extra. Okay. So those are posts, not, posts are nothing more than images. Now. Let me tell you what a page is. Okay. So here's a page that I made for. This particular session. Remember. A page is a one-page web page. So. I'm going to go into preview mode so you can see it. So. Check this out you, don't need to know any HTML, you. Don't need any coding skills in, order to create something like this. Okay, so, it's. Once, again instead of me using PowerPoint, I'm using. Adobe. Page night so, you can have your students do this use, this tool when, they're doing the presentation, so, my presentation, is the, difference between technology. Use and technology. Integration that's. My presentation. So. I'm, putting it a link here and this is part of the page, you, must be putting links and. I'm, gonna open in a new tab because I want you to see this, so. This is what it could have been this. Is what I could have showed you right. A table. That, gives you using. Technology, and technology, integration is boring, who. Wants to see this throughout a presentation, so what now. I'm going to jazz it up and show, some pizzazz, into. My presentation, just. By using this tool. Check. This out be amazed. So. I scroll, down look, there's an image of a woman using, technology, there's, the first point, that I want to make, using. Technology. There's, random, arbitrary and often but technology integration, is planned and purposeful, see how much nicer that is to see the information instead. Of just looking at it in a table you, see how the information just rolls on. Itself, all. I have to do is keep scrolling down, look. How cool that is. It's. Amazing, here's another point that I wanna make I can, show you point, by point, what. It is that I'm trying to say visually. Instead. Of using a table. Yeah. You're starting to get the idea I. Can. Make this as long as I want, here. I'm actually putting in two, points at once and. I. Could have put them side-by-side if, I wanted on this, page right I'm, using all the Creative Commons images that, Adobe gave me so, I didn't have to go out to a separate website and search I used the tool. So, I just going to show you this at the end these are the same. Ideas. That you'll see on me. On. That table and, this is what a dhobi put in for me I. Didn't. Do any of that all, I did was choose the picture. Adobe. Puts that in see how nice that is I'm covered. It's. All right there. Do. You like this you. Like this tool is, it cool or am, I wasting my time. Something. Great. Thank, you. Now. Let, me show you the last thing. So. That's a page. By the way. Just. To give you an idea when I go to share look. At all that I'm ways, that I can share this I, can. Do a link I can. Share it on Facebook, Twitter Email, I. Can. Also embed it it's like I'm in bed this website, is, paint into. My illness if I want to so. I can create my syllabus. Using. This page tool. And, pop it right into my LMS and my students now can see my syllabus this way instead of the same old boring PDF, that everybody does right. So. You're adding a little creativity, and, you're showing your students, these are things that you can do what. Happens is as. FPS. You, teach the way your table right, so. You see your professors up there and they're all using the same stuff PowerPoint. They're. Using PDFs, to death they. Give you five thousand volts that you have to read that you never even touch in class. So. You there's different, things that you can do in, order to jazz up and, engage, your students into your content, unfortunately.

You Guys we, have to do this today because. This is what students are used to this, is what they do, so. If you want to engage them in your, content. Then. Use the tools that, they are using to. Engage them or that's, my point that I kind of makes more that. Don't. Fight them. Let. Me make sure the sound is working. Okay. Sam. Last. Thing I'm going to show you a video they made. So. It's the video is 10 adobe. Smart classroom, ideas that's. The video now. Some of these ideas are gonna seem like high school ideas, okay that's okay but. What I want you to think, about is taking that high school idea and how you can apply it to your classroom, how you can make it higher educational. If. That's a word that you can use. It's. Very short. And, let's check it out. Here, we go. It's three minutes is that too long. Three. Minutes is a good time right three to five minutes, you got three, to five minutes anything, more than that Adobe. Spark, formerly. Known as. Adobe. Slate Adobe, spark and Adobe, voice. Robust. And user-friendly, hacks that. Are powerful, to. Use for, instructional, purposes. But. Don't be smart post works, great for creating posters, whether. You use the mobile app or desktop version. Your the option of resizing the poster, in a suitable size for, printing on a campus copier, or printer. This. Is an example of a poster, made thanks, don't be smart host the, event is to creating flyers you. Can add them to a classroom website, post, to a school or through, social media and as you or use for digital signage, here's. An example of a classroom flyer, where, you have an image on the left side and text. On the right side, another. Idea to using, Adobe Spy posts, as you can create sequence, of events retell, stories or. Create, comic strips the. Idea isn't necessarily, the comic strip but, the fact that you can add multiple images. To, my post. Memes. Are very popular on social media. One. Of the most popular, means was. The camp or the grumpy cat target. Size. Similar. To means you, can create images to share an idea or concept based. On characters, or quotes from, a text. The difference, here is that the intent is not to be humorous as a means but, to convey an interpretation. Serious. Well, then I'll fast forward it. When. It comes time for students, to share their work with respective, universities, or employers they will have a website readily, available, as. Far as I can remember we've been asking students, to create PowerPoint, presentations.

To Display their work now. They can use the dhobi smart page to. Create webpages to share information. Creating. How-to videos, used to be a very laborious job. Now. Through, the use of Adobe Spike video there, are many bells and whistles to make your videos stand up, there. Are story guides built in so that you don't have to build from scratch I would, use to teach a lesson guide, follow, the prompts, and add your own content, and audio a, great. Way to share the happenings, of your course is by creating a highlight meal with. Adobe spark video. By. The way that video took me about 10 minutes to. Me no, no lie about. 10 minutes and the voice I did. On my iPad. Because. The voice is a lot better you can download the. Adobe video. App for. Free and. It syncs, with, your account online so. Whatever you did here also shows up on your iPad and all you have to do and I'm gonna show you this just hold down a button it, counts you down three to one and you just start talking and, you talk right over the slide it's, so simple and then you just go to the next slide and talk over that and then it creates the video for you and. I'm able to embed this video into my, LMS if, I want to for my students to watch and your, students can do the same thing they, create a video in Adobe spark video they embed it into your LMS, as an assignment, and then you can watch each video at, night, or on your own time by going into your LMS, getting. The video you, can download the video as an, MP or file. And then you can use it for other things as. Well, so. Keep that in mind to free, it's. All free which. Is why I'd like to talk about it to you guys. Alright. So. Let's, take a look. When, you're ready to start creating, your own you. Have a choice, says well, what do you want to create right, which. One of these do you want to make you. Can make a video you can make a webpage or, you can make an image so, you just have to remember what they're saying like post image, doesn't, kind of make sense but that's, what it is anybody. Have a preference, for which one they want to do first.

Anybody. Care, hey Paige. All right. Let's. Do paint. So. Check this out so. Here we are we're. Sitting at home on a computer you just got all just, got back through your conference or I'll jet stuff to start working with Adobe right cool you. Finally get in and. Now you click, on page and you're like hmm. So. It's nice to help you just like PowerPoint, so, what, are you creating the page for remember a page a website, right it's one long page website, so, give me an idea what do we want to create. All. Right, oh. By. The way. For. Those of you that were in that last conversation, I am also an adjunct instructor, for. The, I school at Syracuse University I, teach I use t 335, which, is the introduction, the information, based organization. It's, basically organizational. Behavior, and I. Tell my students, I'm not teaching you how to get a job I'm, teaching you how to keep your job when, you get it I'm teaching you how to deal with people because. That's how you're gonna keep your job it's. Managing, people and managing yourself. When. Things happen that you don't particularly like in a company how. Do you deal with that so, those are the things. So. I use, all. Of, these tools in my, class because. Not. Only do, I preach. To faculty to use it but I want to use a tool to make sure that it's effective, and I use my students as my guinea pigs to see if they actually like it or not and if they don't then, I don't bother. If. They're not interested. Thanks. So what's your uh give, me a class, 1a. Syllabus. Ok. Now. Remember, we're making a website so, all I have to do is scroll down and. Then Adobe says what, do you want to do next. See. All these choices now. Do, you remember when you saw the one big picture and when you scroll to kept changing the one big picture those are called glide shows, that's. What applied so is so. If you want the one big picture and then it Scrolls down use. My Sona check this up if I, click that glide show I, can. Upload my own photo or. I, can use the photos and they Dobie gives me right, and it. Flips into credits, for me, so. If I click on find photos, so. We want to be careful with this topic right. Let's. Do. Let's. Do sociology. See. What. I won't, give us anything okay, all. Right, so. See anything interesting kind. Of blurry I. Will. Pretend that this is you okay, right here here you are. When. You find the picture you want you just click on save and there it is, piece. Of cake right. Off. To them for me, now. Once, again I. Keep. Scrolling down see, this guy right here I can. Now add another, photo, on top of this because this is my Clyde show I can. Add text this. Is the button that links to something else a hyperlink. And. I can put in a video right. In here as well how cool is that so if I make a video on a Delfy video, download. It as an mp4 I can then upload it into my page and, now my students can watch it for my syllabus, right so. Maybe I want it in my syllabus show, them how to use the LMS for, my class I could. Create a video in. Adobe, smart video and then embed it into my syllabus page see. How cool that is so. What, do you want to put in. Somebody. Else. But. I don't have a video. I didn't. Download it, it's. Got to be an mp4, I can link to it. So. If I put in a buggy. Will. Say. We'll, say LMS. How. To how. To use the elements you. Guys know what I mean by LMS by the way like, blackboard. Yeah, what are you guys what are you guys using. Kansas, Tampa campus blackboard. Thank, God Moodle. Stand. To. D2l. Okay, wow I haven't seen that one it's. Good anything. Else. Google. Classroom, awesome, really. Where. Student. Students. Awesome. Very. Cool that's a very good idea. Anybody. Using blackboard, ultra. Anybody. Aware of blackboard alter you. A blackboard, entrees. Candidates. Don't. Tell me they bought them - no. No they did as I asked him and. I said what did you do. To. Get canvas, into blackboard, and they're like we hired one of their developers, and. He made it for us it, looks exactly like it's so funny. But. It's coming for. Those of you using blackboard, it's coming, slide, board l.joe so get ready including. Syracuse.

All. Right so how do you use LMS let's, get back to my and. I'm gonna put in um I, don't. Know if the link. Okay. All. Right now notice that I can have more so. I don't just have to add the button I can also add in text if I want to as well. Right. Now, once I'm done with that you guys by the way what. You just saw there's I can click anywhere off of there and I can add more stuff. When. I'm done I just keep scrolling down and, there's my same options, again so. Now I'm ready to add more right, so. If I'm gonna start with Clyde so I'm going to continue on with that theme so, I'm going to add another picture, to, go after that. And. It. Still kept my search from the last one oh. Yeah. That's, perfect so. You. Can see how easy easy this for me to put in information, and this one already had text so I don't even have to add text to it I'm, just gonna scroll down to add something else oh. Yeah. That's sociology. Right there. Bunch of people sitting around talking about sociology, stuff, right that's. What you do, so. Let's add a photo on top of that oh. And. By the way when, you add photos, you. Don't have a lot of photo editing capabilities. So. If you're gonna add a photo already, how they edited, the way that you want, that's. A little I. Can. Add a caption here. Okay. So, let's see what it's starting to look like I have a preview up here smile, or anything like this, is all I have you, know I don't think I don't dance if you don't like my humor I'm screwed because I don't have anything else, so, I mask my. Knowledge. And humor. That's what I do so. One, guy emailed, me afterwards, he was a non-traditional student and he's like you'll never make it as a comedian. Alright. So let's do you want to go a video oh so. What'd you think of paint yeah, simple. Right so. Check out video it's even better you're gonna love this. So, it wants you to give it a topic on what you're creating the video for somebody.

Give Me another class :. Okay thank, you. Now check this out, but these are. Templates. But, Adobe. Video gives you what are you creating the video for. Are. You happy. Are you, creating it for hero's journey. Which. We have more options. Showing. Tell personal growth, that. Might be more of what you need. An. Invitation or, make up your own right. Now, whatever one you choose it, will walk you through page, by page, and what to include on that page that's. What's so nice about that. Alright. So which one did you want. Let's. Do let's. Do one we would do. It. Was a good example. So. This is just an example of what the video guys don't get confused by this just. Click on okay I'm ready. Good. Every time I go into my video it shows this and, I'm like oh here's my video and then I started watching and I'm like I'm, not my video. See. That first. Slide book. First. Slide overview. Concept. Example. Right. You. Would never think of that on your own. It's, showing you went to put in just, follow the prompt, don't. Go off-script, this, is an overview, stick. With that. And. Look at the other stuff you can put in on your first video slide you, can put in another video. Amazing. You, can put in text photo or, an icon right, and, what you want to say so. We're. Talking about bowling I'm, going to put in text I. Am. Going to teach you. That's. Our objective that's. Our overview oh look, at this. Remember. I told you about sound so. This is by using my iPad for my. IPad I use my finger and I hold down the button I have. To use my mouse here right. So. Let's try can do my overview. Yes. Aloud it. Works. So. It's, actually on. The iPad count you down on, the, system you just start talking, so it's recording me right now as. I'm talking so. Don't say anything derogatory, keep, it short. Too. Long too long-winded. So. It's actually by. The iPad, out you down on, the, system you just iPod so it's recording me right now as, I'm tired, it. Always throws in that background. Music. You. Can do 9 but. Look at all the different choices you have. So, if you don't want to use sound just, use the music that, it gives you that, nice. So. Just. Like a normal, video so. You can download the video as an mp4 then. You will need to put it into something where you can use captions. There's. No captioning, no the idea is to build the video now. You can take it then before and put it into YouTube and use, their free captioning, tool that they have. To. Help you write because you can always edit that too but. It's the same same, deal. This. Is the video, creation. It. Would be the exact same thing is that because what you're doing is creating the, image and then. Putting the image into something else. Right. That's. The post and then, the page would be a web page so, you manage to follow the same accessibility rules. For that piece that you would follow if you're creating a normal website. That. Answer your question like it would follow if, you just use the pages away it is it, would follow the same parameters, as all HTML, code in the background is coding it for you it's like using WordPress, or some other blogging. Tool you, know you know the screen reader will read the code that finding the, information. All. Right go. Ahead do. You know how nicely I. Don't, know how nicely please, I. Do. Not have not tested that it's a good question, but. That is something that we can test if, you'd, like. Especially. At Syracuse we have tools that will allow you to do that do you have those tools I do yeah so. I would be curious to know how that works, myself. So. All I did you guys just click on the next slide and now I'm ready to add more information right. I'm. Just going to slide my slide that's, all I'm doing, you'll. Notice too that. Over. Here in the upper right hand corner you have different options so I already showed you music you. Can do different layouts as, well. So. Maybe you want two things one, on each side. Maybe. You want something in here with a caption down, at the bottom there's. A way for you to caption. It yourself. So. Maybe. I want to. Maybe, I want to throw in an image. Of. Someone. I know, that I'm the only thing stopping you from lunch right now. That's. Important, especially. On, your grants. So. Now once, you started building your slides all I have to do is click on preview, those. Limits, so. It is actually by, the iPad, count you down on the. System you just icon, you so it's recording, me right now as, I'm talking so. Don't say anything derogatory. Can. You substitute your own music or are you stuck with that. Sugar. On me. That. Would work just fine it's, a nice mp3, file or a, way, even.

Worse. Now. Once you're ready to start sharing this information in this video what you're going to do is click on share and, in. Order to get your share options, you, have to fill out this basic. Information so. You, have to pick a category for, what it is. You'll, see that you can. You. Have the choice whether you want it to show up on the Adobe spark web site is being public for others to see you. Can turn that off if you don't work and, then. I can create a link. And. Once I do that. You. Can take a lot on this computer visit actually creating, the video now once. I do that it's going to give you all the other options as, far as sharing it on social media, or embedding, it or. Just, sharing. The link that is going to give us to that video that, I can now put into other things they, click on the link and it opens right up onto a web browser page, for. The interviews. There, we go. Painful. There's your link you can, put it on Facebook, Twitter email. It to somebody right email. It to your old class here's. A video that I just made for you or. Embed, it and here's, your download we're, downloading to mp4. So. Nice, for. Free. Any. Questions. Yes. Once we submit the team I think when you selected that teaching it gave three different, kind of options - can the ad might open or delete existing one, it's a good question. So. This, button right here allows you to add. See. How it keeps adding slides, if. You don't want the slides right here, delete. You. Get these three buttons on each slide. And. If, you want a similar. Slide to the one you just made if you can duplicate. What. You think of that, okay. Did that answer your question completely. And thoroughly. All. Right guys thank, you very much. The. Conference, I hope.

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