Compoundly Review⚠️BEWARE⚠️ BEST COMPOUNDLY BONUS HERE!⚡⚡[Compoundly Review]

Compoundly Review⚠️BEWARE⚠️ BEST COMPOUNDLY BONUS HERE!⚡⚡[Compoundly Review]

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Hey, what's up everybody this is Robin and welcome to my compound, Reve review this is a product from Paul niggles and I'm. Here, at the compound, Lea website and I'm gonna read the header to you okay so the. Headline states the following on, lock. 187, dollars plus. Daily. Net profits, with this unique, copy, and paste, system, without, experienced. Or paid ads Bank. B in 30, minutes, per day winning, method is backed by, over three, years of consistent. Results. Okay so. The. Question is is this. Actually. A copy, and paste system. Can you actually do this without experience. Without paid ads in. 30 minutes, per, day what, I do believe you can okay, of course. If, this is something new for you it might take. 30. Minutes maybe, an hour a little bit more okay but, basically, in essence, this is actually, a copy and paste, system, and this product had been created by Paul Nicholls and he. In. Most cases most products, that I have seen, by him they are really of great, quality, okay so. Let's. Go to my bonuses, so I can show you what I have in store for you if you get this, drooling, by the way you want to stay to the end of this video to get everything, that I have prepared, for you, and you can click the link below this video if, you want to go straight to the bonus, page this, is launching, on. Sunday. 16. F 10. A-m. Okay. And that, is Eastern. Standard Time okay so let's go to my bonuses, the bonus number one is how, you can get the most out of compounding and hinders, more. Profits. How you can actually squeeze out the profits by. Using something. That, I have added to this this is kind of a tweak okay. The. Bonus number two is how to go through the. Compound Lee training 50%. Faster now why do I mention this now Paul's. Course, is awesome. It's great but, he, talks, a little bit slow. Actually. Too slow, sometimes. Okay so, I'm gonna show you a trick to. Make this. Even better and faster, for you okay, now. The. Bonus number three is how you can get accepted, as an affiliate for warrior + + GV soo because, why. Am I talking about this because. One. Of the networks, that Paul's talks about in his course is actually. Warrior + + GV, soo okay he, talks about how, you can pick the right product, but. What if you don't get accepted that's another problem but don't worry I have covered. This in this bonus number, three okay. Bonus. Number four this, is my personal, video review formula, for more, profits. You're gonna see that inside. Of my. Bonus ok now. Why am i presenting, bonus, number, four because. One, of the, traffic sources that, a pulse. Talks about is actually. Videos. Okay also, about YouTube, okay. But. You, have to present things in a certain way okay, this, is my way and this, has this is based on my.

Own Results. Which. Work almost, 100%. Of, the time okay so this, together, with Paul's techniques, you're gonna make a killing okay I do believe that now. The bonus number five is how you can make your review videos convert. 28%. Better, and this guys this is so, easy, you can take what, Paul teaches you can take your, videos for example and. There's. A simple tweet that you can do and convert. 28%. Better pretty, awesome right the, bonus number six is how you can easily make easily. Make bonuses. For more sales, because. One of the things that you wanna do when you for example do, launch jacking or you review a product is to give the. Client or, the person, who buys this more, valued, up how can you create bonuses. You. Might feel that this is a bit complicated okay, and this is very much related to what Paul, talks about it one of his, modules. Okay. The. Bonus number seven, is simple. Facebook traffic tweak, or, tweaks, for more sales. Why, do I mention this well, this, bonus matches, also very, well with, the one of hit one. Of Paul's modules. Where he talked about how, to use Facebook. For traffic. Now he, mentioned, a specific way to do this but I have, enhanced. That method, and I, want to give you. My. Way. To do, it and I do believe that, doing. It my way you're gonna. Make. Even more, profits. Okay it's it's a very simple thing that you can do a simple tweak, but, it does wonder, for, your, results, results on Facebook. The. Next bonus is how to post affiliate, links on Facebook without. Getting blocked okay how, to do this properly I'm adding this together, where the other bonus is going to complement really really well the, bonus number nine is how you can get the best soul, air deals, and, I'm. Gonna recommend a, specific. Vendor that, I personally, know, and knows that he sells. Only, the greatest quality, of leads. Okay or. Clicks, from, so lads now. Why. Do I mention this well, because this is another. Traffic, source that Paul. Talks, about in his course now he don't, don't, get too much or too in-depth. In actually. How to pick, the best deals, okay, so I thought this, is gonna complement, really really well so your, coverage okay. The. Most important is how you can create a buyer leads list. Without, actually. Creating your product this has a lot to do with the water plus and give you so how to do that I'm going to show you inside the bonus the bonus number, eleven is how you can get 100%. Free. Buy, your leads and this, is a specific webinar. Okay it goes hand-in-hand with a bonus. Number ten and, you're going to learn a lot of awesome stuff okay now. Bonus, number twelve is how. To create, a blog, with, wigs, for free why do I mention this well, Paul, talks about creating. A block and this is a main component of his. Course, now when, I mentioned the word blog, don't get scared because blog, site is basically the same thing okay, in. The sense that you have you. Want to have some place, where, you can send people where you can share. Your message okay, and in. This case in many cases you want to showcase your review okay now. He. Talks about using a blog. WordPress. And that, stuff okay and that's okay but, what if you want to get started for free I have any could have included here a video. Training for you that shows you how you can get started. With this for, free with, Wix okay and the last minute bonus that I just added to this is a video, training on how you can, create, a blog for free not, only with Wix but also with, Weebly, okay so I'm adding another, training so. This is a massive, bonus bundle, that you can see if you click the link below this, video now, bear with me you want to stick to the end of this video okay and one more thing please if. You have any comments leave them below if you have any questions, leave them below this video any question, it doesn't matter I would, be happy to help also smash. The like button dislike. Button. Whatever. You want okay but please. Interact. Now, the bonus number 13, is words, great ebook, covers. For. Free when. You for example create your bonuses, you want to want to sell your own product, or anything, did you actually want to present. On your blog or on your side where. Can you create it for free well, I'm adding this bonus as well. Now. Where, can you create, 3d. Covers it covers, for free I'm talking about book. Covers, DVD, covers CD covers well.

I Have a specific place where you can do this very, very easy, for free and you can use this for your site or your blog or anything that you're presenting. The. Bonus number 15, is where to get plug and play. Made blog templates, okay what if you don't want to do all the stuff that's yeah. That involves, creating a blog. Okay. So, I wanted to add this to make your life actually. Easier. Okay this. Is not free, this is not a free source but it's pretty, cheap and you can get started right away okay the, bonus number 16 is this. Is a gift for you for your blog for your site for your promotions. 800. Icons. For your blog it's gonna do very very well now. Most. Of the methods that Paul. Talks about in this course they. Are free actually to apply, now. Some. Of them like the sole way that I talked about are paid of course, now, I wanted to add this to give. You even more, value, this is where, to get $500. Up to $500. In Bing, ads, credits. Okay credits. The. Bonus number, 1818. This is how you can get free traffic from Quora, okay, this is an awesome traffic. Source I have, used it and I keep using it until this, day okay, so this is something that I had prepared for you know, there's. Some other bonuses, here that I do believe, are gonna bring a, huge. Value to. This product now some. People might. Are asking themselves, but why is this, guy presenting, so so, many bonuses. Is it because the product product product, isn't of high value. Already, yes, of course it is but. I wanted, to give you all of these. Products. All of these tools to make, your life easier. So you can have an advantage, of other, people, okay. And you can get started right away to, make some profits, okay so let's go to the bonus number 19, Facebook. Live an awesome. Way, to get traffic okay, bonus. Number 20, goal setting to live a life of freedom, so, ask. Yourself why are you here why are you watching this video what. One of the reason is that you, want the life of more freedom. Right. So. The. Importing, the, importance, of setting goals in your life in. Your life this, is essential. To accomplish your goals okay some have added this bonus as well I have, that it's added in the bonus number 21, some. Inspirational. Stories, the bonus number 22, the power of execution. Do you know why. 95%, of people, trying, to make money, online don't. Succeed well. It's because. They don't, execute. Their. Ideas, okay they, don't put it into action okay so this, is a massive training, of video training, it's. Gonna help you to execute, those, good, ideas of yours okay the, bonus number 23, this. One is very much related to what. Paul talks, about in his course having. An email, list as a source of traffic, but how, to actually manage, this well it doesn't talk very much about that so I wanted to have this to, compliment. Paul's product, the, bonus number 24, is email, marketing basics. Okay this go hands in hand with, the bonus number 23, the bonus, number 25. Are. You still here are. You bored, or click the link below this video you're gonna get straight to the bonuses okay but let's continue the bonus number 25, is. Self-confidence. Okay, when. You're trying to make money online I give it you have tried and tried and tried and you, don't get the results you want you, might get frog frustrated. And this. Affect your own self-confidence. Right, so, I wanted to add this to actually boost your self-confidence and, make. This whole. Internet. Thing work okay, the, bonus number 26, is traffic and leads fats, fast-track, so. It's gonna help you as well I have, added now some other bonuses, that's gonna help we're gonna help you in your, blog. Post, okay, okay because Paul, talks about this. But, I wanted to give you some more information about, how to write compelling headlines, in, some, secrets, of high, profit, blogs. Also. Some blogging, advice, for beginners if this if you're just starting out of course this course is, not, only for the beginner, if you are in, user, there's. A lot of stuff that you can apply for, this okay the, bonus number 30 is from. Bonus number 30, those, three bonuses, are from, Paul, the vendor okay so these, bonuses, those, three bonuses are the. Bonuses, that every, other affiliate. Are, offering. To you as a bonus okay but, I wanted to include those as well, yes. Tom quick, walk through is, the, compound rolodex, of profit tools the.

Emergency, Cash booster, and the, traffic, power pack okay the. Rest of the bonuses they have been presented, they, have either been created, by me or from, good sources okay that X is going to help you now. Here. Comes the important part if. And. Remember. This if, you, get any of these following, exclusive. Bonuses, from. Number 30 33. And, on. You're. Gonna get these case. Studies for, example how, one, ugly. Review video made me almost, 500. Dollars, in one, day and this was without. Actually. Showing. My. Face on the cam this is a case study okay if you and I'm gonna show you exactly and. This bonus, which. Video I used okay, how. The page look like and I'm gonna show you everything I'm, gonna show you inside, my account so you can see that. This is real, I'm not taking this okay the. Bonus number 34, is how I made six hundred, and thirty two point. One, well. A little, bit more than six hundred six, hundred and thirty two dollars in seven. Days with, one, review. In this, case one, review. Video. Okay, this is also a case study I'm gonna show you that I'm gonna show you a sign my account as well, the. Bonus number 35, is how to make, five hundred dollars plus. Up. To five hundred dollars, per, week with, free. Tools. Okay. The. Bonus number 36. Is my youtube arsenal, and here you're gonna receive a lot of stuff you're gonna receive my. Rolodex. Of tools, that I use, for. Creating, all. Kinds of stuff how to do my videos how to record, them how to record, my videos or your videos in in HD. With free tools. How. To get your your. Video or your blog indexed. Fast, some. Really, really awesome stuff. The boomers number 37. Is where you can get highly, targeted traffic for, pennies now guys this this is not about solo ads okay actually. These are some other very. Awesome. Highly, targeted traffic sources, okay for pennies and. There's. Another source that I'm including, that. Where you can receive 300. Clicks per month from. 85%. Tear. Top. Tier 1 countries. And we're talking about Australia. Canada and, all, of these countries. Okay this, is not so as guys but a really awesome source, the, OTO, this is the bonus number 38, is how, and, where, to outsource, the, creation, of your, blog or your, site for dirt cheap so, you can focus on the most important, things of your business instead of doing it all yourself, okay so my include, including. This as, well. The. OTO. Bonus. Number 39, is word to get premium backlinks. For high, rank. It's now guys this is. Premium. And this, this source that I am giving you here is by, invitation, only, it has recently opened, and I. Wanted, to share this with you okay if you get any any. Of, the. OTO score the upgrade so once, at my side you can click any of this orange. Buttons. Here. Just. Click those you're gonna get straight to. The. Offer okay so now let's go to the, prices, and upsell, so you can see a little, bit more about what, this. What. This is about actually okay, so. The, front end product for. Nine. Ninety nine ninety five dollars this. Is on a dime sale okay and, is going up to 12 point. $95. But you, want to get the early bird price in the first six, hours. So the price. Of 995, is gonna stand for. Six. The first six hours then it's gonna start increasing. Okay. So. The front end product is a step-by-step, blueprint, for making 5 to 10k per, month by, using proven, and very simple to setup free graphic, machines so yeah. It, actually focuses, on free, he talks about a couple of paid, methods, but they are very few okay so, the focus is on free that's good one, set up these, free traffic, machines, they. Will earn you a very, nice passive, income, month, after month. On pilot. Autopilot, ok the, OTO number one cost. $27. Okay, now. They have a downgrade. Okay. So I think I made a typo here but just to be clear so the. OTO number, one cost $27. And so. The first one is correct here they. Have a downgrade, for $17. This is a done-for-you compound. Li funnels and this, is an extremely valuable upgrade. With a dump for you email, sequence, videos, reviews. Bones, is everything, set up so you can get started right away, basically. This is a plug-and-play, system. Okay the. OTO number, 2, is 37 dollars and the downgrade, is 40, sorry. 27. Not 17, as you can see on the screen $27. Just. Just. For you to know ok so this is the advanced, 3x, your profits, training, and this upgrade. You will learn how, to treat X how. Turn three times more your profits with, compound.

This You're going to see some awesome. Inside. Techniques. To actually make this work a. Learn. Even more the OTO number 3 is ninety. Seven, dollars, and the downgrade downgrade, is forty seven dollars. So this is the license, and reseller rights where you can tell compound. Li as your very own product, and earn and, keep. 100%. Through. Entire funnel. Okay so, now do you have to get all of, these upgrades you don't have to actually, when I went through the first. Product. The the. Front end product actually. You. Can do a lot of stuff is some is its, massive, information that. You can act on upon right away now the upgrades, are gonna work for you if you. Want, to expand, and earn even more learn, even more advanced. Techniques. Okay, now. I was. Almost forgetting to get into, the members area to show you. Everything. Everything. That I can show about. This product so. If we're talking about the. Introduction, this is basically. An introduction to the. Compound, liqueurs, okay, the. Second. The second, video. Training. Is. The, sales machine he's, gonna talk about how. He's. Gonna, talk about two important. Things that are crucial, for. You to, make sales, with this okay, and doesn't, have to do. With a lot of traffic it has to do with something else that he's going to talk about in, this, section, the sales machine. Now. The market is to belt this, is about the, tools, that you need to get started okay, now. He. Talks about some of the tools I think one of them or two of them cost, a little bit, but. Don't. Worry I got you covered if you want to get started, for free you can get some, really really awesome information. And tools inside, my. Bonuses, okay now. Connecting. The dots this. This. Module, here this is crucial, for you. To understand, if you want to make a profit with compounding why because. Many of the courses out there they. Give you the information but, they they. Don't explain, to you they fail, to explain to you how, to actually connect. Everything even. If this might, sound complicated, it. Isn't actually it's a very simple process but you have to know how to do it okay, so, when you know how to do something it, suddenly became, or. Becomes, easy. To do okay so it's. Like a puzzle right you have to know. Where. Everything, has to be okay so, this isn't connecting, the dots now, the proven, process this. Is based. On three years of experience. Both from Anthony Mancuso, and Paul. Nicholls. Okay they're going to show you what. They are talking about and why this works, so well now. The structure. Is about, how to actually create, your blog in which, order. Okay, where, to put what and where, okay, I have, added some. Information. About this okay, because. I wanted to complement this a little bit more to have you covered, okay now, selecting. Your offers, I talked. About this, earlier when we talked about warrior, plus + GV zoo so they're gonna show you how, to actually select the best product but they don't talk about how, to get approved and that, is a big problem especially, if you're just starting out but don't worry I have this added, to my, bonuses, as well now, the, traffic secrets, talks about ten specific methods. On how you. Can get traffic to your blog to your site or, actually. You can apply this to anything to, any niche okay.

Some. Of them are paid some, of them most, of them are free, I want, to add more. Sources and I wanted, to add a tweak, to the, methods, that he already talked about like Facebook. Traffic. For example he. Talks about solo ads I'm, added, a bonus about how to get the best deals okay so, you're. Not gonna, be left out in, the dark now. The, free method, which, this course is this, is the main thing about this course he's gonna talk about this here now, the. Final thing here the final module module, is the overview, of the, whole course and they. Actually, what Paul's want and I sense this this when I watch when, I went through his whole course because I went through this whole course he. Want you to take action. Okay and they, say that. If. You want to get results, you have to stop learning and start. Taking, action, I'm not talking about the entirely about stop learning but you get the idea right you, want to take action, okay, that. Is the thing if you have any questions, please, send, your questions to Robin, Palmer dot, Sweden, at, also. Don't forget to, leave. Your comments below the video if, you have any questions. Smash. The like button dislike, the dislike. Button but. I want, to hear what, you think about this okay and I'm happy to help so, this is for, this was this, is my review, for the compound Lea product. Okay and. See. You soon guys take. Care bye bye.

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