Cobra Interview by We Love Mass Meditation – December 23rd 2017

Cobra Interview by We Love Mass Meditation – December 23rd 2017

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I. Greet. You in, the love and the light of the, Infinite Creator. Event. Is, coming soon YouTube. Channel here's. The latest Intel. Cobra. Interviewed, by wheel of mass meditation. December. 23rd. 2017. By. Theris zoomy some noir TZ. Here PFC. Warmly, recommend, this new interview, with Cobra which was conducted by Hoshino at wheel of mass meditations. On December, 23rd. 2017. PS. Yoda is saying do or do not there is no try Yoda. Hoshino. At wheel of mass meditation. Has done an interview with Cobra on Saturday, December, 23rd. This, is the first time that WL, mm has such an opportunity to so during. The interview, we managed, to go through a number of questions about mass meditations. Current, situation. About their planetary, liberation and, a number of general questions, at the end I would, like to use this opportunity to, thank ska, bruh for the time doing, an interview, with me and I hope everyone will enjoy it, this. Interview, is transcript, only. Beginning. Of the interview, transcript. Mass. Meditations. Ha. Scheana would positive, VT do mass meditations. In their own time as well, Cobra. Yes, they, do mass meditations. As well H. Do. They do these at their own time or for a specific purpose. C, they, do it for their missions many times when they helped other planets, and other civilizations, and, they, do it to connect with the source H. At, the moment are they doing any meditation, to help Planet Earth, C. Yes, of course, H. A resistance. Movement or, the platy and aware of any of the mass meditations. We are doing, daily on the wheel of mass meditation. WL. Mm blog. C. Yes, of course, they are aware of this and they are supporting, this fully H. Would, they be joining, us in the meditation, as well see. They, are joining in many of those meditate, in their own ways yes. H, how, about the Dragons, see. You, need to specify this question, H. Like. The Red Dragons or the blue dragons are they, doing meditations. With us says well are they. Aware of it si, I would say the blue dragon especially. As having their own meditations. And they, are also aware of our meditations. Especially. The larger mass meditations. Which are announced, on my blog the portal and when, they go viral they the, blue dragon are aware, of it and supporting, it H. Is the resistance, movement testing the surface populations. Readiness, for the event by washing, to see what they are capable of, see. I would not say they are testing, but they are observing, the surface population, and they are improving their model for human behavior and, their understanding, of the human behavior and based, upon that they are adjusting, their plans for the time of the event H. Would. You be able to tell us the viewer opinion, of the resistance, movement at, this time on the surface population, what. Do they think of us see. They, are aware of the fact that the surface population has, been suppressed tremendously, and they expect that at the time of the event when, this suppression, is lifted, many, human, beings will, cooperate to a much greater degree with the light forces there. Will need to be a lot of guidance a lot, of healing and a lot of support but basically the humanity, as a whole will be able to go through this transition quite, peacefully, when the time is right H. If, we want to ask the resistance, movement, to give us a score say, from zero to 100. What, is our score at the moment in terms of readiness to the event, C. They, estimate, that the awakened, part of the population, is quite ready for the event itself what. Is the main problem is that between various, factions of, the lightworkers, and the line wearers, there is quite a lot of conflict, and not enough cooperation. There, have been some improvements from last year but there is still a lot of room for improvement, H. What, we can do to improve the score C. You, mean the humanity, as a whole or just the awakened part of humanity. H both, please, see. The, awakened, part of humanity would need to learn to cooperate more, and fight less the. Rest of humanity will need just to start searching for answers and not be satisfied, with what the mass media is serving, them H. How, can we organize mass, meditations. And other support, structures to assist humanity. See. I would say the mass meditations. Are quite organized, the. Thing that is necessary, is when there is an important, meditation. We need other groups to join us as well this is a group effort this. Is the main thing to do H, do, you have the information of the number of people participating in, any of our daily mass meditations. See. I have, Intel from the resistance, movement, about this and basically, the number of the daily meditations.

Are Ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand. S for each in various meditations. H. So. The, resistance movement, do track the number regularly. See. Yes, they, are monitoring, this all the time H. Is there any way I can track, this myself, see. It is not that easy for you to do so from the perspective, of the surface population, what. You can do is to monitor the traffic on your blog but it is just a very rough indicator, of a number of people meditating, H. Agree. I tend. To do a bit of maths myself, to figure out the number of people meditating, in each meditation, using, the page view as a proxy, so. I think your, figures, are consistent. With what I can see H. How, much was the effect of our global synchronized, meditations. On winter solstice and how much our mass meditations. Promoted, on WL, mmm are accelerating. The process, see. The, Winter Solstice meditation. Did not reach the critical mass but it was still an important, breakthrough because it supports, certain operations. Of the light forces which were taken place on the particular, day and we are still within December, and the period of multi-dimensional portal. Opening and I would encourage people to continue with, that winter, solstice, meditation. At least until the portal is closed because of the certain things going, on for the liberation, of the plan at this moment H. Would, you be able to reveal the information that, how close we were to the critical, mass for the winter solstice meditation. Si. I would say there were between 10,000. To 15,000. People meditating. But, it is still a very successful, meditation. And it supported, one of the critical, operation, of the light forces so it was good H. What, has been cleared on plasma playing by the winter solstice meditation. C. This, is still classified, information at, this point I will, most likely be able to release this Intel within a week or two H. Would, it be a good idea to, create a mass meditation. To activate, ascension codes for the. 144,000. And other light workers light, warriors who are on this path right now, C. Not, yet for this because. For this the plasma, condition needs to be better for this activation, to have the full effect H. Are you familiar with the OA 101, one no code and decree C. To, a certain, degree H. Would. You be able to tell us any good waves to make use of this code and the decree, C. You, can use it if you feel so guided, I will, not make any further comment, on this H. During. Our meditations. We usually have a step to visualize, a pillar of light emanating. From the Galactic, Central Sun then. Going through all beings of light inside our solar system, through, the Sun in the moon and then through your soul star chakra and through your body to the center of the earth is that.

Being Used to make connection, with our higher selves, and Agartha, in the underground. C. It, is basically not only to connect with your higher self but, also to connect, with the Galactic Central Sun and also to have this vertical connection. With different, elements on earth including, the Agartha, and including, all the light conscious, beings throughout the galaxy, I would, say complete, connection, with our own higher selves, and all beings and complete consciousness, of light H. If, possible. Can you reveal whether the light forces, have used the opportunity of, winter solstice, to clear any of the plasma identities. And the uld bethe entity, c, yes. Were using this opportunity, to make progress in, removing, all of these entities but of course the process is not yet completed, H. What. We can accomplish as a light worker by doing the winter solstice meditation. Everyday over the period of multi-dimensional, portal. Opening, see. This, is still sensitive, information today, as we are still in the middle of the multi-dimensional portal. Opening as the operation, is still ongoing so it is not yet complete, if, everything. Goes right I will be able to release more information in, a week or two but I cannot promise h, how, do the light forces detect, plasma, or a through parasites. See. They, have advanced, technology, that can see the plasma in the same way as we can see with our mobile camera the physical, plane actually, it, is a type of technology that can see everything on the plasma plane H. How, do the light forces remove, these entities. See. They, are doing this but I would not say how as this is against sensitive, information, H. We, are doing a violet flames and white flame of an on these entities every, day in one of our daily meditations. Are we helping the light forces, in this aspect, see. Yes. Of course. It, is helping a lot this. Kind of practice is highly recommended, and encouraged, by the light forces, H. I have a question, about command, PB Stardust, we, are currently encouraging. People to use the command PB, Stardust, protocol, after the multi dimensional portal, meditation, is there, any way we can make use of it more efficiently, such. As saying them out loud if, possible, see. I can say that people can say these words aloud to make it more efficient, and the. Other factor, here is that the more we make it viral and more people doing this the, efficiency, of this practice, will make it even better because the Play DNR learning from the feedback of the people using this protocol, and making, it more efficient, so. I would, encourage people to make it viral as much as possible currently. There is not enough response, the. Play daeun were expecting, a little more of interest in this because this protocol, can help many people so. If you make this a little bit more Widespread, it would also encourage, the playin as they are also developing, other protocols, for other situations. But they are not yet at the point where they could be released and also, they, said if this command. PB Stardust, protocol, is widespread, enough, then, they will release other protocols, for other situations. H. So, when, a person says the command PB Stardust, out loud three times would. The platy enable to continue, to monitor the body of that person see, the, played Ian will continue, to be involved with the person invoking them so.

If The person is working with the played Ian Moir the played Ian will also interact with that person more, H. Are there any other protocols, being developed, by other positive, ETS, see. What, they said is exactly what I have just mentioned this. Protocol, needs to be known little bit more and widespread, people. Don't need to believe in the Pleiadian they, don't need to believe in anything but they just need to test the protocol, and see how it works for. Many people it may not work but for many others the protocol, is quite efficient, and this is what the planean want they. Want to reduce the pain and suffering on this planet H. Is there any way we can use to improve our meditation. Technique, C. At this, point the guidance is for everybody to use their own meditation. Technique, and we. Are not releasing any other meditation. Techniques, at this point as it is not the right moment again. Because. The plasma conditions. Are not right and some of the meditation, techniques, are very powerful and, the situation, is simply not ready for that H. So, in future, if we are more awakened or more people are participating. In mass meditations. Then, I guess you may be able to release this information on. Your blog C. Yes. It is possible H. If, people, cannot join our meditations. Due to timezone restriction, would it still be good for them to do the same meditation. At another time say, 3:00 a.m. GMT. Instead, of 3:00 p.m. GMT for, the alert meditation. C. It, is encouraged, for everyone, to do it at the same time as everybody else is it would a much stronger coherence. Field but. If they cannot really do it it would also help if they can do it at some other time H. It seems that many people are receiving, messages from the light forces during meditations. Not, only the mass meditations. We are doing but also meditation. In their own time as well is, it because our telepathic, ability, is enhanced, during meditation. Si. Basically. During, the meditation, the channel is opened, the, light forces can give as much guidance as possible, in that particular, time H. Is there anything else that we can do as we gather and alert people to the various meditations. Say. Through our blog or any other media you would recommend, C. At this, point this, will just grow organically. When. People are awakening enough, they, will just join, simultaneously. Current. Situation, H, due, to the fact the event has been delayed a number, of years from the original expected, date does, this mean the time window between the event and the ability, for those of us ready to ascend has been shortened, as well, especially. Since we are close to the year 2025. Which. Is the end of the event time window. 1975. To 2025. See. Actually. 2025. S current, plan is the end of the the event time window, ascension. Process can take much longer than that H. With, the ascension process be continued, on the planet, earth or somewhere else see. It is not the highest purpose, to release this information yet. H. On the day of winter solstice, you posted on your blog that rr9, is completed, can, you please let us know what it is about, C. This, is about the certain operation, of the light forces and this message was meant for the resistance, movement, and not for the surface population, H. It, looks like we are getting more disclosure, from both the mainstream, and alternative media. These days what. Can we expect between now until the end of February. C. We, can expect this disclosure, theme, to continue, the, dragon' sources, were expecting, a huge push towards disclosure. The resistance, movement, is not yet 100%. Sure whether it would happen or not between now and the end of February, what. Is known as the certain operation, of the light forces will be completed, by the end of February, in that. Timeframe I would say there is an end of certain cycle, and certain things will be completed, and certain new things will begin I will, be able to say more about that as we approach that time H. Can, we expect more disclosure, from President, Trump or President, Putin si, I would not expect more, disclosure, from high-level, politicians but, I would expect there are more independent sources, that will come with new information, H.

Would. You be able to tell us the proportion of plasma, top lit bombs that are left to be cleared, si. I would, say that many has been cleared already and there are a few much more that needs to be cleared, so that problem, has not been resolved. Yet but will need to be resolved, before the event can happen the. Event cannot happen without these, plasma. Top LED bombs being, removed H. How, many archons, are there remaining, on plasma, and the three plane if this can be answered, see, not, very much, only a few powerful ones but the majority of them has been removed H. What, is the status in Antarctica, have, all the basis of the Draco, and Chimera, there now been cleared, see, not, all of them but, I would say at least 85%. Of, them H. What, is the situation with the stasis giant. Beings were. There some in Antarctica, were, they awakened, si. Not, yet most. Of them are still in the stasis State some. Of them are awakened, but some of them are not I would, say some of them are in North Canada and Siberia. And their awakenings, have not been triggered completely, H. What, is happening, with the ongoing, battle against the AI dot, apostrophe. Dot s has. There been any success, with diminishing, their control, over humanity. Si. Okay this actually is the same battle, against the veil and all this gala, technologies. It. Is progressing. But it is far from being over at this moment. H is there anything we as a surface, population can, do more to help weak in the AI control, over humanity, see, I would say connect with the soul as much as possible with, our higher selves, the, key here is to be in contact with your emotions because, the AI program tend, to suppress the emotions, I would, also say all the technologies, like the smartphone's, are produced to control, and suppress, the emotions, of the humanity, H. So. Would, you recommend that we do not use the smartphone as much as we are at the moment, si. Use. It in a balanced, way but not to abuse them H. What, is happening, off-world have. All the slave colonies, now been liberated, see. The, solar system, has been liberated what. Is happening now is the battle between the light forces in certain, various factions of negative, secret space programs, in the sub lunar space H. Have, the offworld breeding. Programs, been shut down si. Yes. H, how, are the people who are used in these programs, able to access healing. See. Those. Beings were teleported, to planets, and other solar systems many.

Of Them have been taken to certain places in the platy and star system, there, is a huge planet dedicated. To healing and they are then subject, to very intensive, and very efficient, healing process, H. What, is the current situation in, sub lunar space, si. Basically. There, is a total in full-scale, war between the light forces, and dark forces in the sub lunar space both, on the physical, and non-physical planes. I would, say the main battle there is happening, right now H. I think, you have already answered this but can you confirm again that the rest of the solar system, now be considered to be totally free of darkness control, C. The, solar system, except the sub lunar space is considered totally liberated H. Is there any darkness control, over any other areas, of the outer space, si. No, I would, say the only control, they have is through the interplanetary, probes, that NASA sent to the solar system, and whatever they can access and a, certain number of probes through the lowered military. Bass program, and that is about it h-hour. Megan anand cannon currently to be considered, reliable sources. Of information. See. I would, say about 60%. To 70% only. H. Both, of them see. Yes. H, have, you heard about the FBI cosmic. Agent, are. You aware of that as well see. Yes, but, I would not comment on that because everybody, needs to follow their own inner guidance regarding, all, those sources of information, H. Can, the current situation with, arrests, of pedophiles, in the USA, and Trump's, order for the seizure of pedophile, assets, be, considered, a prerequisite, for the mass arrests, C. Yes, this, is part of the process I agree. H. The, controlling, powers need to be cut off from their supply of money before, they can be arrested is that correct, see. They, don't need to be cut off from the supply of money completely, but it helps the light forces if they have only a little bit of money of course, H. As you, have mentioned before the financial, reset, will happen at the time of the event so, their supply of money will be cut off anyway. C, yes. Exactly. H. Why, are we not hearing about any of this in the mainstream media. C, the, mainstream, media especially, those in the United States and the Europe or under almost complete, Cabal control, so. You can see some of these in the mainstream media in other countries, but the last place we can see any of this is in the mainstream of the u.s. H. Will. The media be the last to be freed from Cabal, control. See. The, liberation, of the media will come at the same time, of the liberation, of the planet and deliberation. Of the financial, system it, is all part of the same effort H. What. Will be the effect of the end of internet, neutrality in, the USA, on the ongoing disclosure. Process. C. This, is one of the attempts of the Cabal to disrupt, the disclosure, process but. The disclosure, process will, be going on anyway the. Played and have communicated. That if at a certain point there is an attempt to bring down the Internet. They can begin to intervene, more physically, there is always this option in the plan H. Recently. A trail, of ionized gas in the upper atmosphere was, reported, by a tracking, station as, a possible, huge spaceship, entering, Earth's atmosphere, our.

Spaceships, Now coming on to the surface of the planet, see. Ok first the ionized, gas was not the spaceship, but yes spaceships, are coming onto the surface of the planet and there is a lot of activities, in the low Earth orbit. From various factions, so. I cannot, go into details here but I would say there are a lot of activities, going on in the near Earth orbit, and more of these will be noticed one way of the other H. Are the fires in California and. Attempt, by the Cabal, to destroy evidence, see. No, it, is actually using, plasma and directed, energy weapons, a little bit more openly this time H. Is the population, being targeted with energy, weapons to burn homes, see. Yes, this, is what had happened H. Do, you mean both the Cabal, and the general, population. See. The, Cabal is directing. Those weapons, H. Are the wine-growing areas, places around the world where ritual, abuse is conducted, see. This, is just happening everywhere, regardless of wine-growing, or not H. And is, this why these areas, are now on fire, C, no, H. What, is the current situation in, Syria the, pentagram, has been liberated, however. What, is the plan for healing, this area so that it can once again anchor, goddess, energy, see. Basically. The, five points, of the pentagram has, been liberated, but the whole Syrian, area has not been liberated. And there is a lot of healing needed, in these area, before the goddess energy, can be anchored again, H. I think, Russia has plans to go to Syria, and repair, some of the damages, there is, it part of the plan, C. Yes. H. Here. Is a question about Donald, Trump as there, are so many people who have elevated, him to a savior type position, should, be chose to work for the Cabal completely, or try to be more serve to self how can we best support and, bring to balance the very many light workers, who will surely be devastated. See. Basically. There, is too much drama around, him I would, say do not focus on him but focus more on the planetary, liberation, H. People, are sharing footage, of ships over Los Angeles, and south areas, of the US last night someone. Posed the link below and says it looks like the SpaceX, launch is. It what is happening see. Basically. There, is a lot of activity, in the public space program, and I would also say there were some secret launches, of the military, type satellites, and people, were seeing those in California. General. Questions, H. How, long will it take for someone that is spiritually. Ready to ascend after the event, si. I would estimate maybe, a few years or three or four year depends, on the person but not that much time H. What, do beans in the Chimera look so like do. They look like some of those ugly beans on a certain video on internet, si, basically. They, look like human, beings because they incarnated. In human bodies. And they do not look like monsters, they. Look like average human beings H. Do, you know about the negative experiments. In rigel solar system, where sparks, of a star star. Plasma, were inserted, into the Sol star chancres of beings against their will making, them extremely enhanced, and very powerful and then later used as super soldiers, by the dark forces against. The light forces, si. Basically. You are describing, implantation. Process, one, aspect of the implantation, process, and this. Was happening in the Rigel star system, a few million years ago, H. Is it true that the motor functions, of these beings were controlled, by the dark forces via, special, cybernetic, implants, and attached devices. Si. To, a certain degree yes H. Has, this problem been resolved, completed, si. Yes, the, rigel star system, has been liberated and that, star system, is now completely, free of this type of experiment. H how, do tachyon. Chambers, help prepare, guyís grids, to hold and anchor light before, the event and during the event how. Does this process work, C.

Tachyon. Chambers, are bringing, that key on energy to the surface of the planet because the surface of the planet has been blocked from tachyon. Energy one. Aspect of the tachyon, energy is to harmonize everything. Tachyon. Chambers, are working as huge Harmonizers. Of the planetary, situation, because they bring that key onto the planet H. Recently. A lot, of light workers, have been suffered, from the plasma scale our way of weapon attack what. Can we do to protect against, these attacks, C. What, is very good to do is to go into nature because in nature there is less of the scalar or plasma, energy field and also, to connect, with others and to have a support, network to support each other in this critical moment, H. Would, you recommend tree-hugging, as well C. Yes. H. You, have stated previously that, the veil blocks all particles which are capable of traveling, at faster, than light speeds, this. Obviously, explains, why tachyon. Based propulsion. Systems do not work properly within, this scale offense, similarly. Scientists. Have long been puzzled, by the small number of neutrinos, which pass through special. Detection, devices at least much smaller, than is expected, theoretically, is this. Phenomenon also due to the veil si. Yes. H, or is there a different explanation, for why the number, of observed neutrinos. Is much smaller than expected, C. No, the, explanation. Above, is, quite correct, H. Recently. There is an article on prepare, for change about remote, scale or energy, healing are you, familiar with that C. Not, so much basically. There, are many technologies, being used and people. Need to use their own guidance, to find the correct one for them. Weblink. H, someone. Who works for our blog had a very good contact, with the twin flame in the astral, realms. Lucid dreams but, there were heavy Arcana interferences. Trying, to further prevent an obscure, our contact, the. Question, is if both Twin Flames are incarnated, on the physical plane is there, any chance that they can activate, each other and dream state before the event, or is it necessary, for them to meet in person on the physical plane for their full activation, sometime, after the event, see. The, activation, process can, begin before the event in the dream state but, can only be completed, from the physical, meeting after the event h. So. Are we expecting, to meet our Twin Flames on earth after the event, C. It, is an individual, process and the answer for this question is, unique for each individual. H. I have sent you in advance a list of frequency, that we would like to find out which one has the most beneficial. Impact, on an average surface, human, being and which one having, the worst would. You be able to pick a few of them which are more beneficial, than the others, below.

As The full list I have sent to Cobra before our interview. 1.618. 1 Hertz the fine frequency, 3. Point 4 Hertz, 3. Point 5 Hertz, 4. Point 8 3 Hertz, 7. Point 8 3 Hertz. 14. Point 1 Hertz. 136. Point 1 Hertz. 174. Hertz. 256. Hertz. 285. Hertz. 396. Hertz. 417. Hertz. 432. Hertz. 528. Hertz. 639. Hertz. 741. Hertz. 852. Hertz. 963. Hertz. 1050. 6 Hertz. 2675. Hertz. 6000. 390. Hertz. 8190. Hertz. 10,000. Hertz, C. Okay, I will pick a few interesting ones, the. First one is the five frequency. 1.618. One Hertz then. Of course we have the earth basic, frequency seven. Point eight three Hertz, and you have the 432. Hertz which, is quite well known I would, say these are some of the key frequencies, that are being used right now H. It, seems to be the case that most lightworkers, are attuned to 432. Hertz is there, any special meaning or purpose of, this frequency. C. It is a harmonizing. Frequency, because of the recording, system have been artificially tuned, to other frequency, which is quite harmful and recently. There is a movement from the awakened, part of the humanity, to record, much of the material to this more natural, frequency. 432. Hertz which. Is much more natural and much more harmonized, with human being H. I totally, agree with you, cobra, at the, WL, mm blog we have recently, established a policy to record all the guided audio in, 432. Hertz so. What, we are doing right now is to drive this process as well, how. About. 528. Hertz is. It good as well see. It is good as well but I would say, 432. Hertz is, my personal, favorite H. On, a lighter note at the end mr., Hoshino would like to visit planean for a short break after the event would, you be able to tell us whether there are any nice speeches over there C. Yes. There, are places on planets, in the planean system, which are quite watery and they have nice speeches and nice nature I would, say most people would like it very much there H. What, is the weather like and these planets over there are they, suitable for humans, see. Many, of them yes but not all of them some of them have nice weather with, mostly sunny skies and some of the skies on some of the planets are more greenish some.

Of Planets, are very much like a paradise, H. How, about the gravity, are they, suitable for human beings, see. Many, of the planets are suitable, for human beings H. So. There, are planets on the, plane en star system, which, simular air composition. As on earth see. Yes, there, is a planet, with oxygen, and atmosphere, with the right temperature and drive conditions, so. Human beings would be able to survive there H. Would, you be able to give us an idea of how big a replicator, for personal, household use would be would. It be as big as a standard, oven or a washing machine or perhaps, bigger like, a refrigerator. See. Basically. In most, cases you will have replicator. Of the size of a refrigerator and. A smaller one that I would say like an old TV set but a little bit smaller like. A size of a microwave oven H. Would, they microwave. Size replicator. Be only be used to produce food, see. Anything. You would need most, before producing, food and all the other things you need in your daily life H. Is it possible, to replicate the replicator, so. Like, whether we can create a smaller replicator, using, a larger one C, yes. Of course, H. Here. Is a question from a big star war fan would, you be able to tell us if a lightsaber, exists. For real C. Yes, they, do exist, for real actually. That's a technology that exists for real H. What, do the light forces, use it for it in practice, would, they use it to fight the dark forces, C. It is not a weapon it, is more like for laser or cutting tools which are quite practical. H. So, technically, they can still be used to kill someone, C. You, can misuse it of course but, the light forces use it to shape materials, or for other purposes, which, is more of a convenient or constructive, nature, closing. Comments, H. As we, are approaching the, end of 2017. Do, you have any message for us in the light worker community. C. I would say this is a key moment in human history and it is the highest purpose, for everybody, to discover, their missions, discover. Your missions, carry, out your missions, and anchor the light as much as possible because the light can make a difference, in the world, H, what. Can we expect in, 2018. See. Nobody. Knows because. Again we are in a critical time we, have extreme, situations. Extreme. Light and extreme darkness happening, at the same time it. Is also a period, of chaos so it is impossible to predict what will happen so. It, will be a very unpredictable, time, that's, why it is very important, to anchor the light H. I would say that when the dark forces try to intervene, the situation. We will recover and hit back with the light forces, and able to achieve more would. You agree with that si. Yes. H. How, likely we will see the event in 2018. Si. I would not make a guess or any predictions. About that end of. The interview, transcript. Victory. Of the light. Please. Like us and share with your social media. Please. Subscribe, and click the bell to be notified of our new videos, remember. To check out our playlist for. Important, Intel you may have missed a visit. Our sister, channel the event is coming soon, for additional, Intel and information. Stay. Tuned.

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Cobra is not represent Light Force, he only represented himself!!! People be awake up! He just a businessman and a good of beautiful stories maker's sells man! few thousands Cintamani stones sold to China with in one year. He used lie story of help Light Force to build a light Gird. Many Chinese light workers donated money to help build this " Light Force gird". what's king gird? Is this gird lose balance of few thousand Cintamani stones in China this side earth ? or all of this light force gird is business lie.

Cobra is not represents Light Force. He has been abandoned by Europe and the United States. He only developed the Asian market. He used Light Force name and made beautiful stories of Cintamani stones history to help him to sell thousands of Cintamani stones to China this year, also he sold 6 very expensive and over prices Tachyon chambers to China and Taiwan and 10 to Japan too. He lose a good reputation in China. He attacked Corey Goode and David Wilcock on his website May 2nd, 2017 , he continued said that Law of One is not accurate, do not pay attention to the Antarctic in middle of this year etc. So focus, please be careful of Cobra's information. He is not past Cobra. Happy New Year to every one! Show less

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