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Christian World News - January 19, 2018

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There's. Also a lot of hope because, the 33, babies that we have in this ward today would, have had no chance a, few. Years ago. This. Week on Christian world news it's a place where doctors, are in short, supply and, gardeners. Are, being trained to be surgeons, but despite the obstacles lives, are being saved. Thousands. March to end abortion, in America this. Woman remembers, the horror of her own forced. Abortion. See, how she's using her trauma to help save lives and. Building. A kingdom, with, computer. Code how, these tech savvy entrepreneurs. Are bringing. In a harvest. Hello. Everyone, welcome to this week's edition of Christian world news I'm. George Thomas and, good to see you good, to be seen and good to see all of you thanks for joining us well for more than 20. Years ray, nurture har has dedicated, his. Life and career to. Serving the poor and vulnerable in 1996. He moved his family to a remote, corner of Africa to, be a medical, missionary a remote, corner not too long ago I traveled to that remote, corner in, a spot, near Malawi, for a up close look at what life, is like for a doctor, trying desperately to, save lives and bring, hope in very, difficult, conditions. Dr.. Reneau Johar's commute, to work takes, just, a few minutes sometimes. At nights when. They call me for an emergency yeah it goes faster, sure sometimes on the bicycle yeah dr.. Nahar started, as the medical director of in coma hospital, in Malawi, in 1996. So, I've worked in in the West I've worked in the Canada and in South. Africa, and in England. But, I think, what. I do here, makes the biggest difference as. Medical. Director to her hire dr., Katherine Hodge to, solve a problem the hospital approached. Me and asked me to consider opening, a neonatal unit because they recognized, that it was just a missing. Piece. Of the hospital, care they. Do what, they can with the little they have babies. Sleep five or more to a bed the, smallest sleep, in makeshift, incubators. We. Designed, this, box which, just has warming, light bulbs underneath and since then I don't think we've ever had a hypothermic, death, yes. Even. During an African, summer underweight. Babies died of hypothermia. HoJ, was obviously, the perfect person for this two-year journey but she, had to go through an emotional learning. Curve along, the way a lot, of grief because in the states I had never seen a child die even once and then what time was able to move, to this new, role. Of setting up a, really heartbreaking unit, but one where there's also a lot of hope because, the 33, babies that we have in this Ward today would. Have had no chance a few. Years ago most. Of them. To. Understand, the magnitude of, the healthcare crisis, you're on the African continent, you just need to look at the doctor-patient. Ratio, for example in the United States there are about 400, patients to one doctor here, in Malawi get. This there, are, 50,000. Patients to. One single doctor, the. Focus, at this teaching hospital, is bringing, up national, doctors, Daniel, Camuto started out as dr. terrors gardener. My, dream is to become a Serena the Vedic surgeon they're, also currently, training 300. Nurses, and in coma olives, Ambani finished, in nursing school, a while ago, she's, been at in coma for more than 30 years you, know any of what a child who is very sick, at the beginning. And then in two or three days time you find that child smiling, at you coming to you you know that you feel good that you have done something nice. As you. Can imagine living, in a rural community like, this can be difficult both. At work and at, home. The. Electricity, is probably. The most common challenge, we have also, the water needs, to be pumped from, a river five, kilometres from from, on coma so. One of the many goals at the hospital, is to keep the people they trained to stay in that rural often. Frustrating. Setting we, hope that it's their Christian, conviction. That, brings them here and makes, them stay we. Also try to give them a decent housing, plans. Are currently underway to build a number of small apartments, to, offer more staff low-cost.

Housing, You. Know Nursing, is a passion, so, if, people have got that passion, to wake and looking. At how poor people here, are you. Can stay and you can still go on so, I feel this place is ideal, for a, Malawi and woman, and it's, ideal for doctors, like to heart not for the salary, or the luxury or the amenities, but, for, the necessity, the. Next town is 50 kilometres, from here in an emergency situation that. Could be the difference between life and death. Well. These for these folks are on the front lines saving, lives every single day I saw you there in the doctor's. Room with, your doctor, shirt you didn't actually perform, surgery did you okay good sure. I know, the. Patient - all right, well it's been 45, years since the Supreme Court legalized. Abortion. In America every, January pro-lifers. Rally in Washington, to end abortion, the. Annual March for Life brought tens of thousands, of protesters to, Washington, DC January, 19th. The theme love, saves, lives, before. The event President, Donald Trump addressed pro-life, supporters at, the White House. The. March for Life is, a movement born, out of love, you. Love your families, you, love your, neighbors, you. Love our nation and you. Love every child born. And unborn because. You believe that every life is sacred, that. Every, child is, a precious. Gift from. God. The. National Right to Life Committee says, more than 60, million, of War have been performed. In America since, 1973. The. Woman in our next story is now a top, pro-life, leader but when she was an unmarried. Pregnant, teenager, she decided abortion, was, her only option until she suffered through a terrible, experience on, the abortion table, Paul. Strand brings us her powerful story. Katherine. Glen Foster is a wife and mom who also leads Americans, United for life one, of the premier organizations. Fighting abortion, babies, are saved millions, of babies have, been saved, by our work for her this isn't political it's personal, because. Catherine herself suffered, a horrific experience, at an abortion clinic almost, two decades ago when, I was 19 years old I had. An unintended pregnancy, I felt, incredibly. Alone. I thought. It really was. It. Was just me, trying, to. Trying. To figure out what to do and, salvage, my life the theme for this year's march for life on January 19 his love saves lives. Maybe, someone to really love and stand with Catherine could have saved her from what happened next but no such person came alongside her so I went online I, found the second, cheapest, abortion. Center I could made. An appointment for that Saturday because I knew that I couldn't, wait any longer I wouldn't. Have had it in me I was already bonding, she certainly didn't feel like a liberated, woman exercising. Her reproductive freedom, making, a pro-choice decision. Went into that Center. Because. I thought I had no choice I thought I had no other option, and I. Was terrified what, I found there was. Coercion. Lack. Of information. At. Times, outright, lies. At. Times force, as, the, abortion was about to begin I asked. To get my, I said please let me up let me off this table out of this room I don't. Want this anymore, foster. First described, the shocking experience that followed to CBN News a year ago at a protest outside a Planned Parenthood building, and I said no I can't, do this this is wrong I feel really bad about this, let me just go you can keep the money. And they, shouted for more people and I, had four people holding me down one. A nurse. A staff, member on each arm the doctor aborted, my child I'm screaming, you know it was that's. Not choice it, was not pro-woman it was not, pro me they didn't listen to me they did not care, about me they didn't respect my opinion, they they, were just in and out they wanted me gone and they, wanted my baby gone now, in the present catherine still can feel the grief and guilt of that day so many years ago in the end I was left, alone in, the recovery room. Wishing. That I could turn back time and, just go, in an hour a week. A month back, in time and. Redo. Everything, it. Took me a long time to recover, physically. And, then, mentally. Emotionally spiritually it. Was it. Was devastating but, Catherine pushed on finished, college then law school she Wed had kids and because, of what happened to her at that clinic she took up pro-life legal work and eventually, the presidency, of Americans, United for life where, we, work and the legislators. In the courts in the culture, to make sure that other women, don't have to go through what I went through she's, particularly proud of what state law championed, by her group the, state of Wyoming, just last session, passed.

Its First pro-life. Law in 28, years and, that. Law is an ultrasound, requirement, meaning, if an abortion Center records an ultrasound, with a patient and she asked to see it they must show her the baby's image which, didn't, happen for 19 year-old Catherine that's part of my story because I was there in the, center, and asked, to see my child's, ultrasound, and I asked, and I was refused they said no and, that's. Always haunted me I've always. Wanted. And, wished again that I could go back and knowing, that women in Wyoming, now have that right is so. Impactful, Paul strand CBN News, Washington. Wow. Powerful, story thanks Paul world. Renowned, evangelist, Luis Palau announced, this week that he has stage 4 lung cancer, Palau, shared the news in a video on his web page with, his sons by his side. He says instead of fearing death he's, cherishing. Each day and looks forward to the day he, will finally get to see God face to face Palau, says he has peace that surpasses all, understanding the. Family asks that people continue, praying for, his full recovery. Up. Next, skateboarding. Is now one of the hottest trends in China. See. How this missionary, took. His passion, and turned, it into ministry. Get. Pat Robertson's, latest teaching, ask, anything. And. People have done just that, and Satan read our minds, what is the real deal on cremation. What are the really bad since. Longtime, partner. With CBN and, we'll send you Pat, Robertson's, latest teaching, ask, anything, I think it's hard for people today to know what's right or wrong but there is a biblical standard, I try, to stay close to the Word of God they give you answers, from the Word of God get biblical, answers to today's probing, questions, on Finance relationships. Career, hell, spiritual. Well-being and much, more what's the Bible saying when we're dealing with issues for example a transgender, and then how as Christians, do we deal with it a good question when is it the right time to sever ties with, a family, member ask anything. Biblical. Answers to, life's most probing. Questions. Call, now to get ask anything. Life. It's. Meant to be lived, fully. Jesus. Said it I came. To give you life. Life. To the fullest. Life. In your family. Life. In your finances. Life. In your body mind. And spirit. Life, in your every, day. At We're, taking what Jesus said seriously. We're. Here to help you discover, life. Life. Live. It fully. Skateboarding. It began, as a Western, phenomenon but. It's growing in popularity, among, Chinese. Millennials, not, too long ago a British skateboarder. Moved to China to train, young people in, the sport but as Meng Fei Lee reports, he's also giving them lessons in life. Skateboarding. Is the hottest, trend in China in. Many. Chinese cities, Millennials. Get together on weekends, to practice, and perform, skateboarding. Dance he, has drawn attention from. An overseas, expert. - James. Tyson was born and raised in the United Kingdom from. A young age he, was passionate. About skateboarding. He gave him identity. And purpose, in life. While. I was young I didn't want to do anything except, skateboarding, I wanted, to get better even, though I was in school I couldn't concentrate on my studies my. Mind was full of skateboarding, I felt the same sense of freedom and open expression, bore. Into, a Christian, family James. Found skateboarding. Was more satisfying than, religion.

The. Temptations, were around me I tried, to leave after a while but the next day I couldn't, resist the peer pressure I was part of the group. We were the cool people although, James experienced. Some challenges he. Believed he could use the sport to escape, all his problems, however. He, did not realize, he needed, in his life more, than just skateboarding, I was. Injured so bad from one accident, my back pain was unbearable I started, to feel lonely and, hopeless I thought, my life was a joke in. The mists of his misery, our friends, came to visit James, and shared, how God had called her to overseas, mission, work, James. Was deeply, touched and decided. To quit all his bad habits, he, packed up his belongings and, decided. To do the same James. Moved, to Nani where he's now lived for more than 13, years, James. And his family started, a skateboard. Ministry, and with. Other Christians, who teaches young Chinese, how to win the skateboarding, contests. More, importantly, they, bring the Chinese use to Christ. I love. These Chinese, they. Are very talented I want, to train them to become better and, I don't want them to repeat the mistakes that I made my life only God, could provide the true freedom James. Best friend super, Joe came to Christ through, the ministry, he, now designed, skateboards. With biblical, images. Via. The Hangout. After, witnessing james godly, behavior I knew, God could change me too I accepted. Jesus to, protect me from evil we, need to live with purity and true freedom more, people have joined James and his team most. Of them are Chinese Millennials. Joe. And James are the leaders of their Bible study over. The years they, have been tyst several. Young Chinese. Skateboarding. Will be the next hottest game among the young people from around the world I would, like to invite more people to join us my team and I could sharpen their skills more. Importantly they, need to know following, God is the coolest, thing we can all do in life. Mumfie, leave cbn. News. Well. Some use, sports others, are spreading, the gospel, with the ABCs, that's, the tactic, of an English language, school in a tiny Cambodian. Village contributing. Correspondent Miranda. Lee takes, us there. In. Cambodia, it's actually, illegal, to go up to someone on the street and tell them about Jesus or, hand them a track it's, considered, disturbing, the peace and you could even be arrested. This, month my team is working with a man who's using teaching, English, to get around that. Less. Than 2% of Cambodians, consider, themselves Christians. Saw, King cat says he's one of those few thanks to a missionary. To his village when he was young at. The end of their worship. He asked me like do. You want to be doing Jesus I said yes now. In Cambodia many forms, of evangelism, are actually, illegal when. Cat heard God calling his family to the ministry, he wasn't sure how to get started I was, praying and then God show shows, that we. Can start with the English, teaching. The. Good seat private school partners, with the few existing churches in the country to, teach children in the community English. I'm, teaching from this book here it's, English. Lessons, from the book of Mark so, these, young ladies are, not Christians, but I get to share the gospel with them through this book a school, that started out with just a few students in a tiny room there's, now this two-story. Building, with over a hundred students, my. Life is for Jesus to Sophie, so. Whatever he called me you call me to do paddy, the. School. Has begun construction, on a new outdoor playground, and, hopes to one day have a full English library for, their students in Kampung. Tom Miranda, Lee CBN. News. Well. Up next Silicon. Valley Tech's who are bringing their innovation. And expertise. To church learn. All about code. For, kingdom when we come back. Get. Pat Robertson's, latest teaching, ask. Anything, when, a family isn't giving a full tithe does that limit God's financial, blessing in their lives a good question does God ever speak, audibly have, you ever heard God's voice get answers to today's probing, questions, on Finance, relationships. Career. Health, and spiritual. Well-being people. Want to know what does God say I know these things, ask, anything.

Available. Now. Hello. I'm Terry Newsom, did you know there are more than a hundred and forty eight million orphans in the world today, a hundred. And forty eight million but, it was three little girls that taught me about the plight of orphans eight. Years ago my husband and I spent nearly a month immersed in, the daily activities, of the Ukrainian, orphanage, as we waited to, adopt three sisters. I saw. Firsthand, the utter loneliness, the. Pain of rejection and, the, overwhelming desire. To be loved that experience. Changed me, forever and out. Of it grew a ministry from, my heart called orphans promise. Today. We're, helping orphans and, vulnerable children, in, more than 50, countries worldwide. Thousands. Of children are now in safe homes, they're being educated and they're, learning life skills I'm. Asking, you to join with me and become family, to these children will, you call the number on your screen right, now because every child, deserves, a, chance to be happy. When, you give. Smiles. Grow, bigger. When. You care. Homes, are, happier, on. You. Comfort. The hurt goes away. When we all come together to love. Miracles. Happen. And. Welcome. Back to the broadcast, Google, Apple, Facebook, Silicon. Valley is known for big technology. But did you know some powerful. Players in the tech world are also using their, talents, for a higher, calling, that's right George they're giving the best of their creativity, to, their greatest passion, the Gospel Caitlin, Burke has their story from California. Silicon. Valley is home to some of the most brilliant minds, and technology, and innovation their. Skills are put to work at places like Apple, Google and, Facebook a win, for their companies, but a loss for, the church as a minister, at Menlo Park Presbyterian. Kevin, Kim watched bay area churches miss countless, opportunities to, learn from those filling, their pews within. The 3,000 people that are sitting in our pews there's so, much human. Capital there's so much potential, we have leaders in politics. Leaders and government, leaders in medicine, leaders, and technology, leaders in finance. The church needs. To be more creative needs, to be more disruptive I mean God deserves, the the best of our imagination. Out of that way of thinking came, code for the kingdom, a modern, day idea, session, or hackathon. Kevin's. Friend Neil Austin, a Google, business development, manager helped him get it started, a hackathon, is one of the most common, events here and the idea is you get together for a weekend, and you solve a problem and you solve it by hacking, which means not creating something that's awesome, and permanent, but, it answers a question our first one we brought in 250, of our friends, who, were designers, and developers at, these major tech companies Friday. Night you. Come in you meet everybody and then, you pose these big innovation, challenges in front of them so you say here's. The. Orphan problem in the world and here's, global. Poverty and here's and I human trafficking, and here's evangelism. What, ideas. What, platforms. What. Technology. Would you create to move the dial on this the ideas, and the product that they came up with there. Were a pretty amazing, in fact so much so that this leader, of a major Christian, tech company who happened to be, wanted to check it out he said your guys what, you you, guys did in a weekend my guys couldn't do in six months, Kevin Neal and their friends hosted these events for five more years during. That time they came up with thousands, of ideas but. Noticed they were beginning to lose momentum because, of a disconnect and getting those ideas to. Market it's really hard to sustain the kind of projects are gonna make a difference and an impact and that's something that both Kevin and I worked very hard at is making sure that it continues to live on Neal, did that by going out on his own and launching the faith-based tech company, called carpenters, code carpenters. Code developed, a prayer app called abide abide. Is, gives, you guided, audio, meditations. And they. Vary from two minutes to about 15 minutes they're, all all focus, back on Scripture so, we take verse of the Bible and a topic, around that and then, really just take you through a process of reflection meanwhile, Kevin Kim took what he had learned and started his own company focused. On missional, tech work, it's called basil technologies. That the idea, is that God.

Would Fill us as, technologists. Developers, and designers with His Holy Spirit to do his, work and so our, focus. Was product, development every Monday night a group of Christian volunteers, from some of the top tech companies, in Silicon, Valley come. Together to talk about some of the problems, that Christian, organizations. Are having they, then harness their combined innovation. Creativity, and expertise, to, figure out not only the solution to the problem, but how to implement, it one of Basil's current projects, is a partnership, with the international. Justice mission we, had. IgM, come in and we, did a brainstorm, with them which, was led by one, of our team members who's, an expert in design thinking and so in this brainstorm, session, we, discovered, from international. Justice mission that. These. Perpetrators. Of human trafficking, were using, technologies. For their evil purposes, and so, a lot of our people who work in tech they, were like men that can't, happen and so we want to do something about it the team hopes that by making major tech companies aware. They can come up with effective, solutions, together at, only about a year old basil has plans to eventually expand. For, now however they plan to fine tune their process, and slowly, spread the word by putting some of Tech's best and brightest to work for, the kingdom Caitlin. Burke CBN News. San, Francisco, California. Parents. The Superbook, Bible app is a great way to get your child reading the Bible because in today's busy, world we can use some help the, free Superbook, Bible app has fun stuff your kids will love, they'll. Have a blast learning the Bible playing. Great games. Watching. Cool, videos. Discovering. Heroes, in the Bible they'll have fun while they learn God's Word the, Superbook, kids Bible app available now. Hello. I'm Terry Newsom, did you know there are more than a hundred and forty-eight million, orphans in the world today, a hundred. And forty eight million but, it was three little girls that taught me about the plight of orphans eight. Years ago my husband and I spent nearly a month immersed in, the daily activities, of the Ukrainian, orphanage, as we waited to, adopt three sisters. I saw. Firsthand, the utter loneliness, the. Pain of rejection and, the, overwhelming desire. To be loved that, experience, changed me, forever and out. Of it grew a ministry from, my heart called orphans promise. Today. We're, helping orphans and, vulnerable children, in, more than 50, countries worldwide. Thousands. Of children are now in safe homes, they're being educated, and they're, learning life skills. Asking, you to join with me and become family to these children, will, you call the number on your screen right, now because every child.

Deserves A chance to be happy. Hello. Is, this thing on. Do. You. Love. This it's. The new free, Superbook, kids Bible app you, can play games watch, videos find. Answers, to your questions, and a whole lot more the new Superbook, kids Bible app free. Downloads, available on iTunes, and Google, Play now. And. Finally on the broadcast this week CBN's, Operation Blessing, is, helping church. Victims, of an, attack in Pakistan in December, Muslim extremists, attacked a church, in Quetta killing, nine people and, wounding, dozens of, others Operation. Blessing partnered, with a local group to provide food. Boxes. For the families, of the victims to help them get through their, time of grieving. He's. So nice if we lived in a world where that, never, happened yeah. Alright, folks that is it for this week's edition of Christian world news thanks, for being with us until next week from all of us here goodbye, and God, bless you. You.

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