CBN NewsWatch: December 20, 2017

CBN NewsWatch: December 20, 2017

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Thanks. For joining us for CBN Newswatch, I'm Mark Martin the, House passed the GOP, tax bill Tuesday and although lawmakers. Voted along party lines they, hit a bit of a snag Abigail. Robertson brings, us that story from Washington. Republicans. Are calling this a moment decades, in the making, passing, the largest, tax overhaul, since. The Reagan administration. This, is profound, change, and this has changed that is going to put our country on the right path the. Bill initially, passed both, chambers but. The house must vote again because. Its original, version contain. Provisions that violated. Senate budget rules despite. The delay, Republicans. Remain confident, the bill will clear Congress and the president, will soon sign it starting. Next year in February, every American, should check their check because they're gonna get more money to bring home the new tax plan slashes. The corporate, tax rate from 35. Percent to, 21, percent which. House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy tells. CBN, News will lead to economic and, job growth it. Also doubles, the standard, deduction to. $12,000. For single filers, and. $24,000. For married couples have. You taken an average family, of four making seventy. Three thousand dollars they're gonna save $2,000, on their taxes, that lets you keep more of your money so, so many Americans, that paycheck to paycheck or, struggle. To be able to have that vacation or save for your kids college this. Is going to make a difference and for, many it simplifies. The tax filing process down. To a postcard, the uniqueness, is instead. Of spinning weeks, or paying somebody a lot of money to fill out your taxes you'll do it in minutes that's. The difference, Democratic. Opponents, call the bill a tax scam, and argue. It is just a cut for the wealthy and will, raise taxes, for the middle class. But. McCarthy, says that's just misinformation. And, urges. Everyone to read, the bill just, read the bill don't judge anybody else read, the bill at the end of the you're. Gonna be able to pay less because, the the rates go down you double, the standard deduction so, already, off the bat you, get twice as much tax-free, to start out with once the bill passes, the house a second, time it will, be on its way to the, President's, desk the, work in Washington, is not over, lawmakers. Still face a budget, deadline by the end of this week no, agreement, and the government, will shut down. Reporting. From Capitol, Hill Abigail. Robertson CBN, News. An. Update, now on reports. The Obama, administration. Blocked a Drug Enforcement Agency. Investigation. Into Hezbollah international. Criminal, network now, a congressman is calling for an investigation North. Carolina's Republican representative. Robert Pittenger is urging, the House Oversight, Committee to, look into the claims he, says it's no wonder President Obama did not label Hezbollah. Radical, Islamic, terrorists, earlier, this week Politico, reported, that after, an extensive, investigation by, the DEA, into Hezbollah's, international. Drug, trafficking and money laundering the. Obama administration. Put up roadblocks in order, to appease Iran, as they work to strike a nuclear deal. We. Need a full investigation of. What the Obama administration, did, to. Not proceed ahead with. The investigation, of Hezbollah, and. They. Were on. Converging. In on on, some. Of very leading officials with. Hezbollah. And, with. That they were prevented. From going forward and. A lot of roadblocks were put in the way because they didn't want, to do anything that, would, discourage. That, Iran agreement. The. US will be quote taking, names that's the warning UN Ambassador, nikki Haley made ahead of a General Assembly vote, tomorrow the. International, body is holding an emergency session, Thursday. To, vote on a non-binding. Resolution, that, communicates, the world's, displeasure, at, president, Trump's action of recognizing. Jerusalem, as the capital of, Israel and has plans to move the US embassy there Haley. Who has been aggressively, vocal, about the UN's bias against. Israel had, to use her veto power, Monday, to block a Security, Council resolution.

Designed. To reverse the president's, decision every. Member nation including the UK, voted, for it, meanwhile. Christians, in Jerusalem are, cheering Trump's decision as Chris, Mitchell reports some. See president, Trump's announcement as one more step toward Israel, fulfilling, a prophecy. The. United, Nations Security Council met, on Monday to reverse president, Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem. As Israel's, capital it's, the latest development, in a long history, involving. The holy city in. 1980. Israel passed the Jerusalem, law it, designated. Jerusalem, as the, eternal undivided. Capital of the Jewish state then. It protests. The nations, of the world move their embassies, from, Jerusalem, to Tel Aviv but, later that year a group of Christians founded, the International, Christian embassy Jerusalem. They said we need to act and we need to establish an, International. Christian, embassy Jerusalem. In order to show the whole world that, no. Matter what our governments, are doing there are Christians, around the world which do believe in, God's covenants. And faithful, promises, to, the Jewish people and that was our founding hour in 1995. I cej, vice president, David Parsons helped. Write legislation known. As the Jerusalem embassy. Act destined. For the US Congress and we said three things Chris recognized, Jerusalem, as the capital moved. The Ambassador. There. Immediately. And, then worried about building a building but as the bill went through Congress, it got changed to build the building first and now 22, years later after, all these delays and, waivers, it is, back to are ordered, both men see Jerusalem, as being on a 50-year, cycle, known in the Bible as Jubilee. Where, every, 50th, year is a year of liberty and restitution. 150. Years ago British. Archaeologist. Charles Warren discovered. The original, City of David 50. Years later in 1917. General, Edmund, Allenby captured. The city of Jerusalem, ending. 400, years, of Muslim, Ottoman, rule in. 1967. Israel recaptured, the, old city in Temple Mount for the first time in more than 2,000. Years then, came. 2017. If he believed God would do something, significant. This year here in Jerusalem, and lo, and behold at the end of the year your government, Donald, Trump the American, government, decided.

To Recognize. Jerusalem. As the capital and, also move the embassy here something, new and, exciting, is happening for. Jerusalem. Itself, that, propels. It releases, it further in the to its prophetic, destiny now. This is the hope more nations will follow Americans, lead and move, their embassies, we're, hearing word Guatemala, may. Come back Tanzania. The Philippines. You can start listing all some of these countries that we hope they have the courage to follow the, lead, of the American, administration, now to return, to Jerusalem, they, feel it's critical, for Christians, around the world to, pray for Jerusalem. The violence, that's been threatened, that God in a year of favor in a year of Jubilee. That he would take care of that we've been praying that here in Jerusalem it any fire, any anger. Would be doused but also I do believe, we need to pray for the Arab world you. See all the unrest. That you have in the Arab streets around the world anyway, you see the sense of delusion, and deception. When the Arab streets well they feel that this is a city that has no connection whatsoever, to, the Jewish people we need to keep praying that this would be a unified, City Chris Mitchell CBN News Jerusalem. A. Japanese. Newspaper says. North Korea has begun to load anthrax, onto, its intercontinental, ballistic missiles. The reports cited by Bloomberg News says that North Korea is testing, the biological, agent, to see if it can survive the immense temperatures, that missiles generate, just. This week the White House released a security paper noting, that Pyongyang. Is pursuing. Chemical, and biological. Weapons that, could be delivered by missile the, US has worked for years to prepare for the possibility of an anthrax, attack, the. U.s. is putting pressure on North Korea this week with a newly and, International. Group the, US and Canada, say that countries, from around the world will, meet in Vancouver, on January, 16th, to, show solidarity against. The North's and nuclear program, to, send. North Korea a unified. Message from the international community that. We will not accept you as a nuclear, nation, a nuclear, weapons nation, and that, all of us share one policy, and one goal and then as the full complete, verifiable, denuclearization. Of. The Korean Peninsula. Secretary. Of State Rex Tillerson is, meeting this week in Ottawa with the Canadian, foreign minister. Pro-life. Activists. In Canada, are outraged. The government's, latest move Prime, Minister Justin, Trudeau is asking, all businesses, to sign an agreement supporting. Abortion, and, transgender. Rights if they, don't they won't be able to receive summer job grants, from the government, activists. Have spoke out saying the measure directly, discriminates. Against faith-based, employers, and nonprofits. Critics. Say the measure will prevent students, as young as 15 years old from, working for businesses, that do not agree with the government's, views a major. League baseball, star is donating, his multi-million. Dollar home to, a Missouri based Christian.

Camp Texas. Rangers, pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife are, giving, up their, 32,000. Square foot, home that, sits on more than 100. Acres the. 9.75, million, dollar lake house will, be converted, into a camp for children with, special, needs and chronic illnesses. This will be the third facility, for Camp Barnabas, and is the largest donation in the history, of the organization the. Hamels also operate, their own foundation. That supports quality. Education. In the US and the couple is establishing, a school in Africa good. For them that's wonderful, one. Of the country's, top conservative. Think-tanks has named its first, african-american. Female leader. Kay. Coles James, will become the sixth President of the forty-four-year-old, Washington, dc-based Heritage. Foundation, James. Most recently, served as a senior advisor on president, Trump's transition, team she, has served under multiple, administration's. In her 30-year, career, and also, as Dean of the School of Government at, Regent University House. Speaker Paul Ryan called, James quote, a brilliant, choice, describing. Her as a start. Of the conservative, movement for, decades. Coming. Up Silicon. Valley Tech's who are bringing their innovation. And expertise. To the church learn, all about code, for Kingdom when we come back. Welcome. Back Google, Apple, Facebook Silicon. Valley is known for big technology but. Did you know some powerful, players in the tech world are also using their talents, for a higher calling, they're, giving the best of their creativity, to their greatest passion, the gospel, Caitlin, Burke has their, story from California. Silicon. Valley is home to some of the most brilliant minds and technology, and innovation their. Skills are put to work at places like Apple, Google and, Facebook a win, for their companies, but a loss for the church as a minister, at Menlo Park Presbyterian. Kevin, Kim watched bay area churches miss, countless, opportunities to, learn from those filling, their pews within. The 3,000 people that are sitting in our pews there's so, much human.

Capital There's so much potential, we have leaders in politics. Leaders in government leaders in medicine, leaders, and technology, leaders in finance. But then when you try to take. A look at all right where how are we deploying, these, people we're asking them to you, know lead a VBS, or uh sure people do their sees that realization. Led him to learn more about people's, gifts and how they could help bring innovation, to the church the, church, needs. To be more creative needs, to be more disruptive I mean God deserves, the the best of our imagination. Out of that way of thinking came, code for the kingdom a modern day idea, session, or hackathon. Kevin's. Friend Neil Austin, a Google, business development, manager helped him get it started, a hackathon, is one of the most common, events here and the idea is you get together for, a weekend, and you solve a problem and you solve it by hacking, which means not creating something that's awesome, and permanent but, it answers a question our first one we brought in 250, of our friends. Who were designers, and developers at, these major tech companies Friday. Night you. Come in you meet everybody and then, you pose these big innovation, challenges in front of them so you say here's, the. Orphan problem in the world and here's, global. Poverty and here's and on human trafficking and here's evangelism. So we had all these kind of big innovation, challenges, and then we cast. It out to the 250, people we said what, ideas. What, platforms. What. Technology. Would you create to move the dial on this the ideas, in the product that they came up with there. Were a pretty amazing in fact so much so that this leader, of a major Christian, tech company who happened to be there wanted to check it out he said your guys what, you you, guys did in a weekend my guys couldn't do in six months Kevin, Neal and their friends hosted these events for five more years during. That time they came up with thousands, of ideas but, noticed they were beginning to lose momentum because, of a disconnect, and getting those ideas to, market it's, really hard to sustain the kind of projects are gonna make a difference and an impact and that's something that both Kevin and I worked very hard at is making sure that it continues to live on Neal, did that by going out on his own and launching the faith-based tech company, called carpenters, code I was never intending to leave Google when I was working on the hackathons, I thought I could mentor people and, be, an advisor and let them leave and go do it I got. Called into doing it so I think that was a course correction that I wasn't expecting, carpenter's, code developed, a prayer app called abide abide. Is, gives, you guided, audio, meditations. And they. Vary from two minutes to about 15 minutes they're, all all focus, back on Scripture so, we take verse of the Bible and a topic, around that and then, really just take you through a process of reflection meanwhile. Kevin Kim took what he had learned and started his own company focused. On missional, tech work, it's called basil technologies, that the idea is that God. Would fill us as, technologists. Developers, and designers with His Holy Spirit to do his, work and so our focus, was product, development so we didn't want to be all about ideas and by. Hey what about this what about this we were, like we will do, fewer, ideas we will work, more closely, with these ministries and nonprofits, and then, we will develop product, every Monday night a group of Christian volunteers, from some of the top tech companies, in Silicon, Valley come. Together to talk about some of the problems, that Christian, organizations. Are having they, then harness their combined innovation. Creativity, and expertise, to figure out not only the solution, to the problem, but how to implement, it, one of Basil's current projects, is a partnership, with the international. Justice mission we. Had. IgM come in and we, did a brainstorm, with them which, was led by one of our team members who's, an expert in design thinking and so in this brainstorm, session, we, discovered, from international. Justice mission that. These. Perpetrators. Of human trafficking, were using, technologies. For their evil purposes, and so, a lot of our people who work in tech they, were like men that can't, happen and so we want to do something about it the team hopes that by making major tech companies aware.

They Can come up with effective solutions. Together at only about a year old basil, has plans to eventually expand, for. Now however they, plan to fine tune their process, and slowly, spread the word by putting some of Tech's best and brightest to work for, the kingdom Caitlin. Burke CBN News. San, Francisco, California. Awesome. To see Christians in all kinds of fields what next, lights camera, and show business it's a new film that you don't want to miss we'll give you a behind-the-scenes, look at the new musical, the greatest show man. If. You. Haven't heard the greatest show man hits theaters, today you'll hear modern, music, see lively, dance and stellar theatrics. It's the timeless, story of PT Barnum that, is sure to touch viewers hearts studio, five gives you a behind-the-scenes look, at the film take, a look. Ladies. And gents this is the moment you were to fall doing. A movie musical is. One of the hottest things you can pull off in the business or still just the tailor support you. Better luck with your next job, those. People will never accept, us the. Story is so full, of heart and it's about imagination, is about passion and. Following. Your dreams and just abandon. Fearless, about. He. Was going to live the life of his dreams. PT. Barnum at your service, I'm. Putting together a show. And. I need a star nothing. Anybody said, would, stop him he, followed his own path and any. Setback, he had he, managed to turn literally. Turn that setback into a positive, putting together a show it's. The place where people can see things have never seen before. Okay. He. Believes that what makes you different actually, makes you special. What. He represents. This. Idea, that. You can be whatever you want you can choose, the life you want to be yes. You have to work hard yeah you have to have an imagination yeah you've got a head talent you, can do it. That's. Why to me bottom, is the. Unique. Get. Out front no. WD. And I want to introduce my newest hire mr. Philip Carlisle the, biggest, breakthrough, for, Philip. I think, for really, anyone in the movie. It's. The moment that you. Realize that you don't have to live within the boundaries that everyone else is set through history or through time you don't have to follow the rules you don't have to color. Inside the lines. And. What does your act mr. Cutler. Everyone's. Gotten it and in Philip you know um. Fall. In love. Even. Though it's set in the. Eighteen. Hundreds right and even though you. Know it is a musical, and musicals, kind of have their own sound. There's. Something about this one musically, that is very modern, and contemporary like, you can rerecord any of these and it in if you go on the radio. I know, that there's a young, woman or a young man who is gonna hear this song and he's going to need need, it need, to hear this is me needs a year that, you know I'm brave, I'm bruised I'm who I'm meant to be somebody needs to hear those words you, know. Literally. Everything that happens is like flying, in the air me grabbing him him grabbing me swinging around you know it's.

Just, It's. So cool to me everybody's, gonna be able to relate to in a different way and. Hopefully leave, with a very. Fantastical. Magical. Experience, and just probably, leave singing and dancing and it's. Just a beautiful message really. Does empower, people, to, just. Be themselves, we. Ended up with something I think, that's truly gonna be magical, so tell me do your wallet. Impossible. Concert. And, whenever made a difference by being like everyone else. And. We'll. Be back with more news watch right after this. No. Christian, Christmas displays, that's, what one Massachusetts. Apartment complex told an elderly Christian, woman all she wanted to do was to post a Bible verse on her own front door the, American, Center for Law and Justice says, the woman's apartment complex, ordered, her to take down her display, but, when the aclj, told them they broke the law and violated. Her rights they back down and now she's free to celebrate, Christmas according, to her Christian faith that's. Great and that's it for now on CBN, Newswatch you, can find more of our exclusive coverage. Of the issues you care about most at CBN., thanks. Again for watching have a great day. You.

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How on Earth can a Democrat defend their position of not wanting to pass more money in Americans pockets?

Canada IS doomed...

As always a great show balance inspiring educational and informative thank you CBN thank you 700 Club and thank you all of you Merry Christmas and God bless you all

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