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CBN NewsWatch: August 28, 2018

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This. Is, CBN. Newswatch. Hello. Everyone thanks for joining us for CBN Newswatch. I'm George Thomas in for my colleague Efrem Graham well. The United States and Mexico have reached an historic trade. Deal revising. The North American, Free Trade Agreement, Gary. Lane is following the, story Gary what's the latest well the deal is expected to, benefit, both countries but, Canada one of America's top trading partners was, absent, from the agreement George President Trump said negotiations. To bring Canada, into, the new deal should start soon, if. They'd like to negotiate fairly. We'll we'll. Do that you know they have no tariffs of almost. 300 percent, or in some of our dairy products, so we can't have that we're not going to stand for that I, think. With Canada frankly the easiest thing we can do is to tariffs they're cars coming, in, Gary. The stock market, responded, favorably, to this deal what is in this deal well, George to begin with it's good news for farmers. Because, zero tariffs, no taxes. At all on. Imports. And exports of, agricultural products. Also, for automobile, manufacturers. The, parts of cars, sold in the United States seventy-five, percent of those parts, have to be manufactured, in the United States or Mexico also for the workers good news forty. To forty five percent of the parts have, to be manufactured. By, employees. Making sixteen, dollars, or more per hour George, Gary what are economists. Saying. About this agreement, and and. Trump's tariff, policies well I think economists are saying this is a victory for John Donald Trump he promised, a new, North, American Free Trade Agreement and, this is it at least with Mexico, Canada, is up next but what they're saying look mr. president you, don't like the 300 percent. Tariffs on dairy. Products, the Canada puts on US dairy products, don't, respond, by. Adding, tariffs on automobiles. Because, you'll end up in a trade war not only with Canada, but also we're already seeing the beginnings of that with China this, is not good for an economy, that's already booming, yeah speaking. Of the economy that is booming it is, as you mentioned but the president has expressed. Some concerns, about the Federal Reserve and. And, and are they well, the Federal Reserve has been raising, interest rates and the president says no why why are you doing that the economy's going great, this will only slow things down the, Fed says well we're concerned about rising inflation, but, so far we haven't seen the rising inflation yeah, you often. Examine. Economic, and work-related, issues on your weekly program the global, Lane correct yes, and, this week George we're going to take a look at rising gas prices and.

Oil Prices what. To expect at the pump and on Labor Day and in the days ahead and that's at 5:30 p.m. starting. On Thursday the global Lane okay terrific, as always sir thank you for coming. On the show okay here's a look at what some. Of the other major headlines, were following in the CBN newsroom today a california. Church's morning after their pastor, committed, suicide, over the weekend, inland. Hills church led, led. Pastor Andrew Stockland, died, Saturday, after taking, his own life, his wife, shared the devastating, loss on Instagram, saying her husband struggled, with depression and anxiety. She, also encouraged. Anyone suffering from suicidal thoughts, to. Get help immediately. Pastor, Andrew left behind his wife and their. Three young, children pray, for the family the suspect, in a deadly shooting at a Florida videogame, tournament had. Previously, been hospitalized. For mental, illness, illness, court, records show 24-year, old David Katz was hospitalized. Twice in psychiatric. Facilities, as a teenager, records. Also show he, was prescribed, antipsychotic, and. Antidepressant. Medications. Katz. Killed two people and wounded nine others Sunday, before fatally, shooting himself in Jacksonville. Florida police. Say the weapons he used in the shooting were purchased, legally two, weeks ago from, a licensed, dealer near his home in Baltimore. President. Trump spoke Monday evening at a White House event making, his first public comment. About Senator John McCain, since. He died Saturday, from brain cancer at. The White House dinner for evangelical leaders, Trump expressed condolences, and offered prayers to McCain's family, Trump. Also said he appreciates. Everything, the late senator has done for the country the, remarks came after the president repeatedly, ignored reporter. Questions, for a comment, by, the way the White House is also receiving heavy criticism for, raising its flag to full staff Monday morning they. Returned, the flag to half-staff again, Monday afternoon, to honor making.

For, More on these and other stories visit CBN. In, North. Carolina, scrambled, to draw a new congressional, map just months before Election. Day is causing. A lot of controversy a, federal, court struck down the map Monday, due to gerrymandering. The court says favored Republican, candidates, the, court has appointed a special master to draw a new map and may also, give, the state legislature, a chance to redraw, the lines both. Parties, have already held primaries, which has candidates, scrambling, to find out how, the new district, lines will affect, them. It seems. Christians, are also drawing, political, lines a new study from LifeWay, research shows, 57, percent, of Protestants, under 50 say they prefer going to church get this with, people who share their. Political views. Interestingly. The, study also shows older Protestants, those, over, 50, are less concerned about the political, affiliations. Of the people beside them. Coming. Up were ancient artifacts, and linked a ancient, artifacts, that linked King Hezekiah and. The prophet Isaiah, can be found. And. Welcome. Back to CBN News the United, States is cutting more than 200, million dollars, in aid to the Palestinian. Authority in. Notifying, Congress the State Department, said it would redirect, the money to. Quote high-priority, projects. Elsewhere the. Decision, comes after a review. Of US assistance to the Palestinian, Authority the. Funding had been in question for years due to the controversial, policy, known, as paid, to slay a compensation. Plan for Palestinians, who attack, Israelis. The, tailor force act which targeted, and that, policy and threatens, the US aid was made law. Earlier this year, about. A three-hour drive from Jerusalem. Thousands, of years ago King Hezekiah and, the prophet Isaiah, used to work together now, thanks, to archaeology. They're together, again and in all places you know in, all of places, Oklahoma. Personal. Seals that likely belonged, to them are on display, together for, the first time take a look what. Connected, the two men is an exhibit of their personal, impressions, that would have been used to seal documents, a simulcast. Linking, Jerusalem, with Oklahoma's. Armstrong, Auditorium, marked, the debut this. Is a celebration, day for all our friends and especially for. The lovers of Israel, and the. Bible. Archeologist. Dr. Eilat, Mazar helped, uncover the artifacts, in 2009. This. Is one of the relay that we found it's, a seal impression, very. Tiny as large, as you can see it now but this is all a one centimeter, in diameter even, not the nail on my finger. Workers uncovered, both items just a few feet apart here. At the foot of the Temple Mount historically. It's been called the Oh fell meaning. A high place to climb to King. Hezekiah, considered. One of Judy's greatest. Leaders and the, prophet Isaiah lives, some.

2700. Years ago when people wanted at that time biblical, times to see a document. They, used you know they tied the document, with the strings and then they took a little tiny mud. And push. Their private. Seal to, the soft mud and made. Steel, impression which contained, and you could read their, names Hezekiah. Is Reed's belonging. To Hezekiah, son, of Ahaz king. Of Judah to find such a private. Item. That, relates to one of the AGID an Kings became. So close to that kind of figure, Isaiah's. Isn't as clear, it reads belonging, to Isaiah, but, the second word is missing a letter that, could complete, the Hebrew word for prophet. Whenever you find discoveries. Like this you, know actual. Physical, items, that people can touch and they have inscribed, on them the names of, biblical. Figures it's always powerful, this is science. Proving. The. Bible Meszaros, grandfather, Benjamin Mazar led, the first excavation. After, the 1967. Six-day war that, reunited. Jerusalem, my grandfather excavated. 10 continuous. Years, without, stopping. This was a fantastic project. Almost. No parallel, in dimensions, hundreds, of people work they revealed, fantastic. Remains of ancient Jerusalem from all periods we've had a partnership with dr. Eilat Mazar since, 2006. But. Our relationship, with the Mazar family actually goes back to 1968. When. Her, grandfather. Worked. With the, namesake, of our College Herbert W Armstrong, so since that time we've, sent. Students. To volunteer. On the excavations. And we've also provided funding, for some of her work dr.. Michael Oren Israel's, minister of diplomacy, calls, the LAT bazaar a hero, she, has fought for Israel's. Future by fighting for its past. We face. A lot of naysayers and. Took me people in the world today who deny a historical, connection between Israel and the City of Jerusalem people, who deny that ever was a king David or a king because Akaya or a prophet Isaiah that, digs down and she finds that she proves them all wrong ten years ago while digging in the City of David, Mazhar believes she discovered, King David's Palace its monumentality. Is, obvious, everybody. Can see also it's date been, constructed. Sometime. Around 1000. BC. The time of King David in general, based. On the portraits, found underneath and within. These. Effects. Brought, us to understand. That we've got fantastic, monumental. Construction while. Many archaeologists. Dismissed the Bible Mazhar maintains, it to be an important, historical, source the, biblical stories, and the New Testament, story by the way it goes together because, they just. Proved quite. Accurately. The, development, of Jerusalem, and the. Way Jerusalem, is described, it's, quite accurate, the Oklahoma exhibit, contains other, artifacts, including. A life-size replica of Hezekiah. Underground. Water tunnel, Oren believes the significance. Of these pieces goes, way beyond, science, archeology. Is, not just about revealing the past archaeology. Is about securing, our present, archaeology. Is about, ensuring our, future.

Archaeologist. Is about richness, it's about rudeness and as, a lot Mazar will tell you it's. About truth, Chris, Mitchell CBN News, Jerusalem. Still. Ahead coding. For the kingdom, meet the Silicon Valley techs, who are bringing their innovation. And expertise. To. Church. And. Welcome. Back to CBN News some of the most powerful, players in the tech industry are, using, the, best of their skills, for, thing they are most passionate about, the, Gospel as my, colleague Caitlin Burke reports, much of Silicon Valley's most important, new innovation, is being. Funneled straight, into. The church. Silicon. Valley is home to some of the most brilliant minds, and technology, and innovation their. Skills are put to work at places like Apple, Google and Facebook a win, for their companies, but a loss for, the church as a minister, at Menlo Park Presbyterian. Kevin, Kim watched bay area churches miss, countless, opportunities to, learn from those filling, their pews within. The 3,000 people that are sitting in our pews there's so, much human. Capital there's so much potential, we have leaders in politics. Leaders and government leaders in medicine, leaders, and technology, leaders in finance. But then when you try to take. A look at all right where how are we deploying, these, people we're asking them to you, know lead a VBS, or uh sure people to their seats that realization. Led him to learn more about people's, gifts and how they could help bring innovation. To the church the church, needs. To be more creative needs, to be more disruptive I mean God deserves, the the best of our imagination. Out of that way of thinking came, code for the kingdom a modern-day, idea, session, or hackathon. Kevin's. Friend Neil Austin, a Google, business development, manager helped him get it started, the hackathon, is one of the most common, events here and the idea is you get together for, a weekend, and you solve a problem and you solve it by hacking, which means not creating something that's awesome, and permanent, but it answers a question our, first one we brought in 250, of our friends, who, were designers, and developers at, these major tech companies Friday. Night you. Come in you meet everybody and then, you pose these big innovation, challenges in front of them so you say here's. The. Orphan problem in the world and here's, global. Poverty and here's and a human trafficking, and here's evangelism. So we had all these kind of big innovation, challenges, and we cast. It out to the 250, people we said what, ideas. What, platforms. What. Technology. Would you create to move the dial on this the ideas on the product that they came up with there. Were a pretty amazing, in fact so much so that this leader, of a major Christian, tech company who happened to be there wanted to check it out he said your guys what, you you guys did in a weekend my guys couldn't do in six months Kevin Neal and their friends hosted these events for five more years during. That time they came up with thousands, of ideas but, noticed they were beginning to lose momentum, because of a disconnect, and getting those ideas to. Market it's really hard to sustain the kind of projects are gonna make a difference in an impact and that's something that both Kevin and I worked very hard at is making sure that it continues to live on Neal did that by going out on his own and launching the faith-based tech company called carpenters, code, I was never attending, to leave Google when I was working on the hackathons, I thought I could mentor people and be, an advisor and let them leave and go do it I got. Called into doing it so I think that was a course correction that I wasn't expecting carpenter's. Code developed, a prayer app called abide abide. Is, gives, you guided, audio, meditations. And they, vary from two minutes to about 15 minutes they're, all all focus, back on Scripture so, we take verse of the Bible and a topic around that and then, really just take you through a process of reflection meanwhile. Kevin Kim took what he had learned and started his own company focused.

On Missional, tech work, it's called basil technologies, the idea, is that God. Would fill us as, technologists. Developers, and designers with, His Holy Spirit to do his, work and so our, focus, was product, development so we didn't want to be all about ideas and by. Hey what about this what about this we were, like we will do, fewer, ideas we will work more, closely with, these ministries, and nonprofits, and then, we will develop product, every Monday night a group of Christian volunteers, from some of the top tech companies, in Silicon, Valley come. Together to talk about some of the problems that Christian organizations. Are having they. Then harness their combined innovation. Creativity, and expertise. To, figure out not only the solution, to the problem, but how to implement, it, one of Basil's current projects, is a partnership, with the international, justice mission we, had. IgM, come in and we, did a brainstorm, with them which, was led by one, of our team members who's, an expert in design thinking and so in this brainstorm, session, we, discovered, from international. Justice mission that. These. Perpetrators. Of, human, trafficking were using, technologies. For their evil purposes, and so, a lot of our people who work in tech they, were like men that can't, happen and so we want to do something about it the team hopes that by making major tech companies aware. They can come up with effective solutions. Together at only about a year old basil, has plans to eventually expand. For. Now however they, plan to fine tune their process, and slowly, spread the word by putting some of Tech's best and brightest to work for, the kingdom Caitlin. Burke CBN News. San, Francisco, California. President. Trump hosted a dinner of evangelical. Leaders at the White House Monday, night it's, there he talked about religious, liberty but, also the passing, of Senator John, McCain, cbons, White House correspondent. Ben Kennedy, has the details, from the North Lawn. It. Was nothing, short of a state dinner here at the White House only the president, wasn't honoring, a foreign head of state but, evangelical. Leaders America. Is a nation of believers and tonight we're joined by faith leaders, from. Across the country faith leaders like Reverend Franklin Graham and Pastor Paolo white the, president, also took a moment to publicly express, thanks for Senator, John McCain service, to America, our hearts and prayers are, going, to the family of Senator. John McCain gonna be a lot of activity. Over the next number of days and. We. Very, much appreciate everything. That Senator. McCain has done for our country Trump then turned to the dinners purpose, honoring. America's, faith and freedom in recent years the government tried to undermine religious. Freedom, but. The attacks on communities. Of faith are, over. We've. Ended it the commander in chief drum, applause highlighting. Efforts to combat religious. Persecution. We brought home hostages. From North Korea including an American, pastor, and we're. Fighting to release, pastor. Brunson, from. Turkey and we've made. Trumped. All the evangelical, leaders it's imperative, that people of faith vote in the midterms, so that progress can continue, they're facing the, possibility of, a Democrat, Congress, that if they. Take control of the legislature, are gonna, either impeach, this president, from office or at least paralyze, him while he's in office and I think they rightly know evangelicals.

Don't Want either one of those things to happen Christians, helped propel Trump into office in 2016, and this was one way of showing his appreciation for. Their contribution. To American, society, and also pledging to protect, their rights so that work can continue the, president, just wanted to celebrate and not just that but what our churches, and houses of worship do, every, day, to. Provide. Spiritual, direction, to the loss to heal the brokenhearted to save marriages, and lives, that. Goes on every day in America the, support, you've given me has been incredible, but I really, don't feel guilty because I have, given you a lot, back faith leaders told CBN, News the dinner was the President and First Lady's idea yes, it was a time to say thank you but also that, the work is not done Ben. Kennedy, CBN, News the, White House. Thank. You Ben you can find more of our exclusive coverage, of the issues you care most about, at, CBN,, from. All of us here at CBN News have a fantastic day.

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