CBC Winnipeg News April 11, 2018

CBC Winnipeg News April 11, 2018

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But while you're enjoying the party outside we. Are enjoying, the party inside. Bell mts place here fans. Have been walking, by, really. Pumped there's as much a white out in here as there is out there folks, getting their food and their drinks, getting ready for the game I had a chance to look inside the, empty arena when we got here and there's whiteout towels on every, seat now speaking, of the. Whiteout what is a Winnipeg, playoff game without. The whiteout coming, up I'm going to be talking to some local street vendors about the special, spin that they have put on whiteout. Gear also, we're, going to be getting some insight, into, the. Enemy yes I'm talking about the, Minnesota, Wild we're gonna be talking to a reporter, who covers, the wild and she's, going to give us a little bit of an, idea about how the wild are prepping how they're feeling about their first playoff game against. The Winnipeg Jets coming, up Janet, back to you. Thanks. Very much Marjorie, are the the enemy, so much for friendly Manitoba all, goes up, and smoke whenever we're talking. Stanley, Cup here we want that, cup to come home Nelly, Gonzalez, joins me now Nelly you've been talking to some of those fans, who would so love to see this team the Winnipeg Jets go, far into these playoffs you were talking to them yesterday at the ice blacks and people, are pretty excited they're, very very excited, and today when I notice a little different is that fans are actually a little more nervous about tonight's, game I mean this is a big moment for. Winnipeg Jets fans, but, I'm also noticing or, I noticed today that a lot of people were panicking, at the last minute looking for white, out merchandise, at the last minute, take a look. I'm. Torn, I don't know how, much of it. Many. People piled into the Jets store on Portage, Avenue over, the lunch hour looking. For anything white t-shirts. Jerseys. Hoodies. The store was so packed with last-minute shoppers, the lineups went around the entire store, this. Woman is shopping for her daughter I am she. Actually saw I. Really. Like this white we, are Winnipeg, hoodie and I'm like okay. I can, find it so. The. Best value 199. Dollars but definitely. Yeah I'm. Sure everyone here is right for I guess the big. White out party today Paulette. Tree Wynne is from Brandon, she checked into her Winnipeg hotel early and said she's noticed, Jets fans in the city from all over Canada and, it. Isn't just Brandon, it's like, we see lots of vehicles from Saskatchewan. On the road here, and everybody's, wearing, Jets. Hats and Colts and Corey, Siddal was excited, to show off her little granddaughter, who dressed up for the white out we're, very excited I'm, glad to see the Jets are calm about it but we're not so calm about it and, she's, not the only Jets, fan who's a bundle, of nerves today, well, I had a hard time getting to sleep last night so it's excitement, a lot of but, I think we'll about, wanting to jinx anything buddy we'll be able handle Minnesota the, party on Donald Street is expected, to be packed for fans who aren't able to watch the Jets game at Bell MTS place Winnipeg. Transit buses fire trucks are all showing their support for their hockey team Winnipeg. Bars are expected, to cash in tonight silver. Heights bar has extra, staff on and is marking the playoff occasion, tonight with a jet special, well, the Minnesota, wild, boar balls so we they're meatballs of course we. Tried we had so much success with Santa, was a shark bites that, I decided, that all my customers said well you got to do something for every kind of playoff team. And, of course Nellie Winnipeg police are getting in on the action tonight as well, actually, yes they actually have a message for fans out there today to be careful, be safe but. Have fun I mean Winnipeg police officers if you notice tonight they are walking around with white caps on to.

Commemorate. The event tonight so they're all walking around with some white special, caps you know to remember the event and just to honor it and just so you know it's a huge deal, to have a police, officer change a part of their uniform they're. Not allowed to do that it took special permission and great community spirit for them to embrace it that much that's right they said they did say that today thank you so much Nellie you're welcome, our Nellie Gonzales reporting live for us tonight now. So Natalie has been talking to the fans I wonder how the players, are feeling. It now now of course they're trained professionals, so are we say they're they're just focusing, on the next game right well, let's check in with Margery Dallas because she's been going through tape on today's skate she might have some intel on this Margery. Well, you're right Janet, both the wild and the Jets took to the ice earlier. Today of course both, teams getting, ready for, Game one which, kicks off tonight Jets, stars Blake, wheeler Patrick line a mark shy flea all stressed, the importance, of sticking to their gameplan Jets. Coach Paul Murray said he expects the wild to play a simple game he. Has coached against wild coach boosts brew drove before Boudreaux. Said he and Murray's know. What to expect from each other the wild coach also said he is very well aware the Jets, are favored, to win this series I'm, sure we know we're, Winnipeg, stands and rightfully. So they what won nine out of ten they're the second second. Overall, in the league and I can see why teams are picking them all but you, know we're here we're gonna play the game and, we're glad we're invited, to play you know so. We'll. Give it our best shot. Game. Two of the series is on Friday starting, at 6:30 then the series will shift to st., Paul for two games Sunday at 6:00 then Tuesday at 7:00 if necessary. Back in Winnipeg on, next. Friday for Game five game six will be on Sunday back, in mini and if it goes to a full seven. Games that game will be played on Wednesday. As I mentioned, coming up I mean we've covered a lot about the Jets but we want to know a little bit about, the Minnesota Wild and I'm going to be talking to reporter, who covers, the wild she, is here in Winnipeg and she's going to give us a little bit of insight, into how the Minnesota, Wild are prepping, for the beginning of this series Janet. Okay. Thanks very much and Marjorie as you mentioned, of course there's, going to be another home, game on Friday, and, every time Winnipeg. Winnipeg. Hosts of a playoff home, game there's, going to be one of these street parties, so, if you missed today's party it looks like fun you want to come down on Friday, remember. You'll be able to do that as well every, time Winnipeg, hosts, a playoff, game they, were suggesting that. You bring a, lawn, chair if you want to sit and watch the game here because there's big screens set up you can sit and watch the game I don't know where you'd put a lawn, chair but, perhaps off on the side just. A thought for next time. It's you know fantastic that they have they. Have the big screens here so people can watch the game because. It's. Not easy to get a ticket to go inside, the, building and watch the game ticket, Giants StubHub was, advertising, playoff, tickets for more than a thousand. Dollars, American. For. A seat, one seat, here, tonight for, many people taking in a Jets practice, at the ice Plex well that's a great way to get up close to the the team this week so, CBC hit the rink actually, to, find out if Jets fans would be willing to pay something. Close to $1,000, a us. Just to see them play in person I would. But, as. A season, ticket holder I, can't. Bring myself to selling, it for that much at that's. Bad doesn't. Surprise me a big hockey town and, people, are out to make make. A buck. People. Will pay it if I was going to be at home this week yeah I would think about it seriously yes just. For one single ticket one single ticket. We've. Waited a long time to see the Jets. Move. Up in the standings and, I think the city of Winnipeg, deserves. To have a team this, good because of the fans here. Well. I'm listening to the the fun here at this party so many people, are here, talking. About this this game tonight, and getting excited about it I'm joined now by Dane aspiring cotton, Dane is here to prove that yes I am indeed the shortest, TV, host ever she's also here because she's one of the people who helped to organize this one of a major army of people who helped organize this dana is president, and CEO of, economic.

Development Winnipeg that's, the organization that together with the city and also, with TrueNorth organize. This party Dana why did you want to do this you know what we knew that Jets fans wanted, somewhere to celebrate, we knew they wanted to come out and be a part of this game there's. 15,000. People that are tickets but there's, thousands, more that want to be a part of it so this is our way to give back to Winnipeg, ours and give, everybody a safe fun place to come and celebrate and Dana, tells me there are people here with lawn chairs there's a whole stack of people right up by the screen that brought their lawn chairs parked themselves early and they're ready to watch so, that is the key for Friday yeah. That's. Always the way yes we. Didn't quite expect the crowds we have tonight so this, is pretty great what. Were you expecting well it's a little cold in April in Winnipeg but weird, it beggars are hearty so we knew there'd be a crowd this, is even bigger than we expected, so we're really excited about it well, it is a fantastic, community feeling, down here but there are some people are gonna be concerned because, you have beer concessions, over there like people can can buy alcohol here and drink it so, how some folks are gonna think that's just an invitation. For trouble they'll be worried people will get drunken, and disorderly what, do you have to say about that you know what we've got a very extensive, safety plan in place you'll see in, addition to the beer vendors, we've, got police officers, everywhere we've got the downtown bins doing safety we. Want a great environment, for Winnipeggers, to have fun and and we do that pretty well as a community we come together when there's big events and we can have fun and be safe so that's our message to everybody have, a great time be safe and enjoy. This, we. Will thanks so much Dana, Dana, aspiring from, this, the economic. Development Winnipeg, one of the hosts of tonight's event, of course with the city entry North are putting this on and they're gonna do it every single. Home, game, Marjorie, dalhouse what do you think. I. Think. So I have never seen anything like this before it is pretty crazy down here if, you're not down here right now you should check it out because I mean, really when's. The last time, we saw something like this and maybe when's the next time we're gonna see something, like this well, we've been talking about the Jets and as I mentioned, we want to learn a little bit more about our opponents that's the Minnesota Wild Sarah, McLellan, is, a reporter, who covers the wild, for the Minnesota, Star Tribune she's here in Winnipeg and she joins me now hi Sarah, hi are you good, how are you good. Thank you for joining us today now I want, to get a little bit of insight from you about, the wild. You've, been covering the wild now for about how long about a year this season yeah actually started, earlier this season. And tell, me a little bit about, what. Do you think the chances are of the, wild against the Jets. And, now the tables have turned they, are. An underdog I think the Jets obviously, are coming off a franchise best season, probably, the pressures on them so I think the wild have embraced this role where they're under the radar.

Not As many maybe outside, expectations. For them but, they're embracing it they've had a quality season, I think they feel confident, in their chances now, what, do you think are some of the strengths that the wild have against, the Jets a lot of people have talked about how the. Wild are really good at plugging up the neutral zone how, are they going to with their game plan do you think it's going to be against the Jets well they're gonna be tough out all over the ice they're ferocious on, the forecheck, they are gonna plug up the neutral zone and try to be sturdy in their own end but it's an inexperienced, blue line they're missing some key players like Oh Ryan Suter who's very experienced. So a little bit of an experience, on that back end but they, compete, and that's kind of their identity, this season they've had to weather a lot of adversity and their experience, that's one err edge they have over the Jets they, have two players that have want to combine three Stanley Cups they've got a lot of guys that have been here before okay now what, do you think the strengths, are for the Jets I mean you have to have a little bit of insight on how Winnipeg, is going to do yeah for sure I think that offense, is is very impressive, obviously, with Patrick, line he's 44, goals. They're going to be tough to stop and I think that's probably what this series could boil down to can, the wilds, new look defense pulled, up and stopped, a very, high-scoring Jets, team that might be the battle to watch this entire series now I want to ask you one more question you, know a little bit about rivalries, some, people might say how have you covered hockey you're a Canadian, girl so we know rivalries, between the wild and the Jets but you and I know a little bit of rivalries, because, you grew up in Edmonton right I'm from Edmonton originally. I grew, up mostly in Arizona but I was born there grew. Up watching the Oilers so I remember the flames and Oilers Battle of Alberta, so, I'm interested to see if this rivalry, between the Jets and, the wild can reach that level all, right I also, I grew up in Calgary by the way so I know a little about rivalries, with Sara I want to thank you so much for joining us and we. Know that you're gonna have fun here and Winnipeg just as we're gonna have fun covering, the Jets in Minneapolis, thank you so much thank you, that's Sarah McLellan she, is a reporter, she covers the wild for the Minnesota Star Tribune now, to see what's happening, traffic wise because it's a little bit of a mess here downtown let's, send it to CBC Sabrina, karna Valley. Well. If you plan on attending the, Winnipeg wite-out Street party tonight there are a couple things you need to know ahead, of time now, Donald, is completely, closed, southbound Donald in between Portage Avenue and Graham, to, accommodate that street party and it will be closed until tomorrow, morning, that's Thursday April 12th, at 1:00, a.m. that's when it's set to reopen, also.

If You plan on taking one a pig transit, this evening, there are some reroute, that have been set up because. Of some of those bus stops along, Graham, so make sure you check your schedule ahead of time you can also call 3-1-1. For that information, and just provide. Yourself with a little bit of extra time most. Alternative, routes in that vicinity well it's gonna be Main Street and Osborne, those will be the busiest routes to accommodate, that Donald Street closure and you can always check the city of Winnipeg website, for updates, on that closure as well city Winnipeg dot CA back, to you Janet. It's. Not the final version but Canada, and seven First Nations have signed an agreement in principle to, transfer, some of the cap young Barrett's land into, indigenous, hands the valuable property, has been the subject of years of legal battles and an eyesore, of crumbling, buildings in Winnipeg, tuxedo neighborhood CBC, reporter Sean Cavanaugh, has more on what the future development might look like and the symbolism of today's agreement, hundreds. Of members of the seven First Nations packed, into the main hall of a sin of Oya downs for the signing court, cases and negotiations, going back more than a decade led. To today's agreement. It's, been a long. It. Really has the, 64, hectare site has been empty since 2004. When, the Department, of National Defense, moved its soldiers to Shiloh, today, an agreement in principle where, the First Nations would get approximately a hundred and ten acres, to develop as an urban reserve a deal, absolutely. Historic and, potentially, very lucrative I think it's a billion dollar in. Some ways a billion dollar opportunity alone, one, of the major questions what. Will treaty ones development, look like I think we're looking at condo development, right that government, commercial, space. Arts. Culture. Indigenous. War museum cadet, programs, indigenous, cadet programs. Green. Space, convention. Space hotel. Space beaches. And his partners say before, a single building goes up there's, another deal to be worked out for. Us 21 the forefront of our discussions. Was okay what about Kennison everybody knows that. It, is a.

Stretch. Of roadway that meets a lot of. Negotiations. On widening Kenaston, will start immediately with, the city of winnipeg several. First Nations leaders took, time to say to non-indigenous. People, don't, be afraid of an urban reserve when, I first started talking about urban reserves we have to get rid of the misconceptions. Everybody. Thought oh boy urban reserves there's gonna be a bunch of turned over cars and skinny dogs running all over. No. It's, not like that. This. Is a good thing there, are many details to be completed, though the financial issues have been worked out but not released the. Department of National Defense, will start demolishing the 40 buildings on the, base this, may Sean. Cavanaugh CBC News Winnipeg. Winnipeg. Police are asking for your help locating a man wanted, for a second degree murder 42. Year old Gilbert Chartrand, was stabbed to death at an apartment complex at, the corner of Agnes, and Sargent, one week ago police have, already arrested one man 28, year old Ferran, Henderson, but 24 year old Jerome Devon, caki gammak is still wanted police, say he is armed and dangerous and should not be approached if you see him call police, the. Winnipeg Police Association, is, applauding, a local bar for enforcing eight no gang color policy, and is encouraging, more businesses, to do the same two. Weeks ago Dale Kellan's the president, of the Manitoba nomads a local chapter of the Hells Angels launched, an online boycott. Of two businesses, he said discriminated. Against, his gang members hundreds. Of bikers and their friends took to social media to give the Headingley Sport Shop and Marion, hotel one-star. Reviews, they, later turned their attention to the Marion Street eatery after, the hotel took down its Facebook page, police association, vice president, george van Mackall burg says before, he was a police officer he, was a soldier and believed strongly in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms but he says when people choose to be a member of a criminal organization they, have to accept it will come with consequences, the. Worst thing that people can do is not the shine a light on this kind of activity, many.

Organizations. Criminal organizations, rely on intimidation. That's their first step and, you'll, never get out from underneath them if you if you knuckle the. Worst thing that can, happen to. Two, organizations, like this is to have a spotlight. Shawn on them because, it affected, it, will, eventually affect their. Illegal, businesses, or an activity, the. U.s. cyberbullying, Research Center. Calls the Hells Angels online boycott, a form, of cyberbullying, known as mobbing, then Mackel Berg says anyone, who has been to the Marion Street eatery and had a good experience should, consider posting their own reviews, to counter, the biker gangs online, attack o. Manitobans. Who earn minimum pay will get a wage hike this, fall the, minimum wage is going up 20 cents on October 1st from 11 dollars and 15 cents an hour to 11:35. The, provinces growth enterprise, and trade minister says the adjustment, will ensure Manitoba, stays competitive with, other provinces. Having. A look at our weather as you can see clouds have been creeping, in over the last hour in southern Manitoba which could bring a little bit of rain to start and then some light snow and slightly stronger winds the North is remaining relatively, clear now tomorrow we'll see a mix of Sun and clouds to start the day in Winnipeg, but we are back to the sunshine tomorrow afternoon and clear skies through most of the province and that's the way it's expected. To stay until, mid next week so, for it tonight and Winnipeg we're looking at a low of zero degrees, and flurries, are on the way not a whole lot of it though winds out of the Northeast at about 15 to 20 kilometers an hour by, tomorrow morning we'll be waking up to about minus 5 degrees with a mix of Sun and clouds and slightly stronger winds out of the north and by tomorrow afternoon we should hit a high of zero with sunny skies ahead but stronger winds gusting to about 40 kilometers an hour for, our long-range forecast, Friday is shaping up to be a sunny day and it's going to continue straight through the weekend, zero is our high on Friday still dropping down to the low double.

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