Can Technology be Enlightened? - Dr. Francesca Ferrando, NYU

Can Technology be Enlightened? - Dr. Francesca Ferrando, NYU

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Hi. Everyone, my. Name is Francesca. Ferrando, I'm, a professor, here at NYU, and I. Am a philosopher of, that posthuman, I, would. Like to thank all of you for being here today to, discuss this wonderful, topic, I would like to thank undress. And Lucy for organizing, this event and I would like also to say hi to Barcelona, I was, studying there as an Erasmus student and, I truly loved it, so, hi everyone, I'm really. Excited today to, discuss. Whether the, topic of the alignment, of, Technology. So. Let's. Address this. Question more thoroughly. Can. Technology. Be. Enlightened. More. Specifically. Can. We. Become. Enlightened. To. The use of technology, and in. Our interactions. With. Technology. Before. We can address these questions. We. Need to ask another, crucial, question, a. Question. Which. Was at the base of all, ancient, philosophies. What. Is that, we need to live a happy, life. In. Order to live a happy, life. We. Need to know that, everything. Is. Possible. For. Instance. Thinking. Through nature, in the new burnished, we. Can become our own, work, of art. But. It is also important. To remember that. Everything. Is possible. In the, material. And semiotic. Network. Of, transcendence. That. Is existence. Everything. Is possible in, a material, sense. Through. The relations. That. I create in my life every. Day. Through. My intentions. My. Thoughts. My. Material. Networking. In, this lifetime. It. Is not just, about my. Ideas, or about, who, I want to be, it. Is not just, about the. Abstract, dream. Constructed. In my mind. But. It is about, how. I, am. Actually living. This life and. What. Disease. Creative. So. How can. The. Quantumness. Over, sip eligos help. Us with this this. Is the topic of this wonderful event the quantumness, of our, Sabella, goals, the. Quantumness, of. Asparagus. Helps. Us, understand. The, unlimited. Possibilities. We. Are part of. In. The sense, we. Are. Beyond. Humanity. Beyond. Technology. Beyond. We. Are as. An. Open network as, a, bridge. We. Are. Norther. To understand, more clearly his. Concept, of being, I, want. To play a little game and. I. Want you to, imagine. Now. Imagine. Imagine. That, you are much, more than. What you think you are. Now. Think of your body, extensively. Expanding. To. All the, connections. And interactions. That. Make you, you. All. Your. Organs. The. Bacteria. That, inhabit your, body. The. Gut flora that, keeps you healthy. The. Clothes you, are wearing. The. Food you, eat every, day. The. Water you are. The. Water you, intake, and expel, through your body. The. Thoughts you. Have. The. Emails, you. Write. The. Websites, you. Visit. The. Energy. You. Give and, receive. You. Are. And. You're, also. Part. Of a species. Part. Of a, planet. You. Are living in a changing world and. These. Changes, include, our, daily. Interactions. With. Technology. You're. Living in a continent, where. Some people spend. More time in front of a screen, then. Doing anything, else. This. Enchantment, with, technology. Comes. From its. Power to. Materialize. An all. Human. Dream. That. Everything, is. Possible. This. Is one of the most ancient human. Dreams. The. Idea that yes, everything. Is. Possible. But. Once, technology. Becomes. An addiction. Big. Power is, lost. In. A society. Where. Babies, learn to say iPod. Before. They say mum. We. Need to rethink. Where. We are and, where. We, want to, be. So. Let's go back to our question. Can. Technology be. Enlightened. And. Again. Let's. Not think of technology. As something, abstract. But. It's something very material. Embodied. And. Dimensionally. Specific. Yes. Everything. Is possible, but. Nothing, is. Neutral. Everything. We do is driving. Us to. A specific, direction. As, a. Species. We. Can become, empowered, by. The unlimited. Possibilities. That. Technology is, opening. But. We need to do it. Mindfully. And with full. Awareness. Otherwise. The. Power of, the. Technological, paradigm. Shift. Is. Going, to push our. Human. Techno. Addicts. To. Complete, oblivion, of. The. Reason, to live. Eventually. Bringing. Anxiety. And. Emptiness. So. What is the. Reason to live. Why. Do. We live the. Reason, to live. The. Sense of living is. That. By. Living by. Existing. By. Being. We. Are shifting. The. Directions. Of our. Species. Of. Our. Planet. Of. This.

Dimension. The. Reason to live is that. By living. We. Are actually. We. Are actually seing. The potentiality. Of existence. By. Choosing one, models. Of the bendi which. Means a way of living in letting. Instead. Of another. We. Are actually, creating. The, cantos. The. Material. Actualization. Of. Existence. This. Irresistible. Agency. Can. Cause confusion, and. Illusion. So. We need to meditate on our. Location. In this world in. Which we, are living. What. Do we stand for. What. Is our vision. What. Is it that. We want, and. I'm. Asking you again. What. Is it. That. You. Want. Ways. Of. Revealing. I'm. Talking. To you through, my digital, avatar. Right. Now I am in New York City, five, hours earlier. Than you in Barcelona. Here. Is five in the morning and, I'm, sleeping. Even. Though much physical, body and mind. Are resting. My. Avatar. Is giving. You a message. This. Message. Which. Is related. To the. Prophecy. Of technology. Is. That, technology. Can. Be enlightened. And. Can. Bring. Enlightenment. In. The quantum, arcipello. Goes, of, possibilities. Yes. It. Is possible, technology. Can, be enlightened. But. Technology is, not, a singular. Term. It. Is a plural, RC, peligro of different. Technologies. And. Of. Different, ways to. Interact, with. Technology. Furthermore. Technology. Is a notion. Stands. On. Relations. Let's. Bring an example. Currently. Digital. Technologies. And humans. Are. Intrinsically. Correlated. As, many. Of the inputs, to. The development. Of technology. Come. From, some specific, human, bodies, human. Minds, visions. And needs of the, people who, code. Right. Now for, instance the. Tentative, of, making. Technology, more, addictive. By. Some of the companies, that are, managing. Platforms. Used by, a large majority of users, including. Children. Is. Based on the will to gain more. Time of the users in, front, of the screen. Facebook. For instance is. Based on advertisements. Which. Are embedded, in content. Accessed, by the users, when, they are online. This. Is why is between. Little, comas free for, users. Since. You are. Paying by spending, time on it and by, sharing data. This. Data that. You freely, provide, is. Used to. Sell access to. You. For. Instance, by. Targeting. Specific. Ads in. Your newsfeed. To. Summarize. These. Companies, are actually. Making. Money when. You, are using. Their, platforms. So. They want you to. Spend more and more time online. This. Is what coders, call brain. Hacking. Or. Addiction. Coding. Brain. Hacking. Addiction. Coding, and. This. Is something we. Need to reflect, upon. Is. Addiction. Something. We, want in. Our. Social, and. Individual. Relations. To. Technology. My. Answer, is, no. Addiction. And enlightenment. Do. Not go hand, in hand. To. Become enlightened. There. Cannot be any, attachment. Left. Following. The. Addiction, to technology. Would. Be impeding. The, process of. Enlightenment. But. Of course. Brain. Hacking, is, just, one, example of, intention. In.

Relation, To technology. There. Are many other examples we. Can bring. For. Instance. Think. Of that email. You. Send, some. Days ago. The. Email. Full. Of wisdom and, kindness. Made. You in, the. Person who read it. Feeling. Good and inspired. Behind. It email. There. Was also an, intention. Which. Brought, specific. Reactions. Now. I like. To think of Technology. Through. The suggestion. Given by, Martin, Heidegger. In. His famous essay the. Question, concerning technology. In. Which he defines, technology. Is a. Way, of. Revealing. A. Way. Of. Revealing. A. Way. Of. Reading. In. Other words. Technology. Is. Neither good or bad. It. Is full. Potentiality. And actuality. In. The sense. Technology. Is not innocent. Since. Out of the unlimited. Possibilities. That. Can be actualized. Only. Some, maturely. Manifest. In. The sensitive. Texture. Of space-time. Following. Our previous. Example. We. Can state that an email is, not just, an email. Out. Of the unlimited, potential, of. Technological. Revealing. What. We are bringing forth, is. Relevant. To. The whole ontological. Intra. Acting, of. Existence. I. Would. Like to end this. Conversation. By. Bringing you. Into. The conversation. And. Enact. A short, meditation. To. Understand, where. We, stand. In. Our technological. Relations. Reflecting. On the, intentions. Aspirations. Actions. Reactions. Consequences. And materials. That, are. Entangle, with us. Realizing. How. These. Entanglements. Change. Us as. Much. As we, change. Them. Full. Relationality. Code. Changing, both terms of, the. Relations, a. Liquid. Movement. On. Hybridization. This. Is our, conclusive. Meditation. I. Would. Like to ask you to, sit comfortable. As you. Already are in this, beautiful room, in Barcelona, I. Would. Also like to ask. You to close your eyes, if. You are comfortable with, that. Now. Think, of the technology you. Use daily or a, bit early. It. Can be your phone, your. Laptop or any. Other, technological. Device. Choose. The one that you use more often if that, is possible and now. Focus. On that. Think. Of the body of such. Technology. Think. Of its shape, of. Its. Color, of. Its, material. Well. The materials. That, now constitute. Your technological. Companion. Came, from. Who. Made it. When. Is the. First time you. Use it each day. Is. It in the morning. In. The afternoon. And. For. How long do. You use it for. For. What purposes. Do. You use this. Kind of technology. What. Kind of searches, do, you do. What. Kind of videos, do. You play in it. What. Kind of conversations. Do. You have on it. What. Kind of a need of energy. To you experience. When. Working with it for. Instance. Are. You. Anxious. Are. You inspired. Are. You. In a hurry are. You. Relaxed. Are you mindful. When. You use this. Kind of, technology. Now. Take a minute and. Let. All the details, that you have recollected. Freely, come to your mind. Contemplate.

Your Interactions. And. Please. Do. Not judge yourself, nor. This, piece of technology. We. Are always, in. Relations. We. Are. The. Technology, we use. The. Technology we, use. Becomes. Us. These. Are. Intra. Actions. To. Call Karen Barad. Interactions. That are constantly. Changing the. Sensitive. Material. Framework, of space-time. Next. Time you, are on your computer or. On your. Phone. Just. Be aware of. The. Unlimited. Consequences. Possibilities. Actions. And reactions. Of. The. Waves, that. You are. Creating. In, these. Single-use, in, these specific. Moment. Yes. Technology. Can. Be enlightened. Technology. Can bring enlightenment. But. First. We. Need to, locate ourselves. In. This relation. It. Is a, co-relation. It. Is. Who. We are. My. Name is Francesca. Fernando, my. Website, is the. Posthuman. Dot org and I'm. Looking forward, to connect. To all of you for. Further, developing. This highly, inspiring. Conversation. On the, Enlightenment of, Technology. So. Thanks, so much all, of you I, really. Looking forward to meeting you and, yes. Let's bring enlightenment, through. Technology. Within, technology and. In, our, species. Thank, you so much for, your kind attention.

2019-03-28 17:18

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A wonderful topic of discussion Francesca, a key is observing our own interactions and reactions with technology on a daily basis. Realising the global network effect, occurring through a consequential flow of energy exchanges; SMS messages, emails, Youtube video uploads. "Enlightened technology begins with an enlightened human psyche." Francesca, great choice of cosmological background and in the foreground your selection of fashion dress merges into the background beautifully. "Gratitude" to you Francesca, promoting enlightened and inspiring posthuman philosophical guru vibes around the Earth and beyond.

Awesome talk. Thanks for all your efforts. In this month of March where we celebrate and lift up women you are for sure one of the women I think about whose presence and work in the world makes a positive difference to many. Ok. At first i was confused regarding the idea that technology could be "enlightened" - I think I was pushing the concept through the definition of enlightened as spiritually aware which led to thoughts of artificial intelligence and so I had some resistance. But as I listened I thought I could agree that technology could be created in such ways as to enhance and/or support one's conscious / spiritual not just awakening but ongoing nurturing and growth through one's life. So in that sense I agree tech can be enlightened as well as enlightening.

Thank you for including that guided meditation at the end. That was exactly what I needed right now.

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