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Bye bye Beta | Planet Zoo Beta

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All. Right. If folks. The. Heck is happening what's. Up because are you doing the sound check this the soundtrack is really good to this game I still. Prefer. Plain, cows, buns. Five. Green. Screen I'm taller than my green screen but um, but, I think it's because I haven't heard much of the planet coaster plate in Ella's pantsu I think's cuz I haven't heard much of the plane at the zoo. I. Think's. Cuz I haven't heard much of the planet Zoo soundtrack, as I've been playing the beta these last two weeks. They. Probably have been really low but. I. Soundtrack. Doesn't play that much for me but. I'm just playing and stuff it, barely, I, feel like it barely plays but if it does it must, just be like. But. I'm just like. And. I can't hear you pawsley what's up buddy you hear the rock today well you're not first so mission. Unaccomplished. So. Well, yes so for those of you that don't know or maybe you're just stumble on found like what's going on we're gonna play planet Zoo for, the last day until we get a, full. Release version of it in about a month I think what does it we have like 40. Something days in between there so. Yeah. So what are we gonna do we're not gonna have planted zoo to play for, a month I forgot. To play that other game mmm. Another. Planet game then. At skylines, no planet prison no planet, fish. Simulator, no planet, coaster yeah that one I guess blow up to uh we're. Going to wrap up all the stuff and planet coaster if you haven't really watched much the. Last few weeks as we've been doing planet Zoo and wondering what's going on with planet coaster probably. Gonna be wrapping up most of our planet coaster series, except. For like Luna would and maybe Coal Creek Park because I. Park I started, it may as well finish it it's basically done mother. Now we're gonna wrap up all the other series I'm just gonna release them y'all, can take them oh god but I've cut of course because has some. Something. Held he said something nod hey Wendy how's it going oh he just said you can say you can even say. Like he did um you, never say yeah for saying back so I can spam a million, blueprints, yes I'm gonna spam like I'm. Gonna have like a savanna, with a million, Tigers and a million, like angle. Tigers or lions, and tigers and then ah not. Really I'm not that kind of youtuber so y'all. Can watch I don't. Know else. For that we. Like to do realistic, stuff here ish. So. Yeah but yeah this again over, the next month we'll maybe jump into like zoo tycoon with.

Me 1 or 2. But. Then yeah we're gonna wrap up green, hills ooh I'm just gonna put a cap on it and put it out for y'all to enjoy I'm. Even gonna put out no one ever watched this one a lot of the stream people may remember this but we're gonna I'm gonna put out I don't. Even remember the name of it the secret oasis, resort my Disney slash. Universal. Resort with like two hotels and that's all I did I'm gonna release that too but. I'm gonna try and finish coal creek this next month I'm really gonna half-ass it and, um. Yeah. Yeah. You know so, but. Yeah so it's gotta jump into and then the idea of course druten Tower absolutely, Moen mr. Delmas how you doing so. Sad I just you, know we might go. Slowly some playing a coaster but a lot of it like mice my solo, projects, 32b wrapped up but. Luna wood will still come out Luna we're just gonna we're gonna wrap up Luna wood here shortly. Then we're gonna move into Luna, zoo. But yeah druten tower will go on and then we're gonna switch over druten tower into druten, zoo as well so we're just gonna kind of make that transition, there over the next little, bit there so well. Let's go and jump into it, boom. Boom boom oh that's. A good start. That's. Oh there it is okay I'm pretty sure I did all the all the fun stuff there, so. What are we gonna do today we're going to now we have until I have, I have until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, with, the beta it ends at five pm, one, to people, bf5 p.m.. BST. That, is British, stunned. Their time so for. Me that's 11 a.m. tomorrow I'm gonna try and do as much as I can I'm gonna get cinematics, done you're, trying today, we're gonna try, and finish up the North American section but to start us off I figured we've just do a kind of a a little bit the tour of the zoo just in case people haven't really been through the zoo and seen it or. Maybe you've just found the channel and whatever. Stuff. So. Cool, let me go ahead. Over. Here boom. Ill-lit. See it's so funny had the sound check on this whole time you couldn't even tell is, it never place, yeah. Burr and, boss, that's. The button, that's. The, one. Okay sounds. Good yeah let's walk through the zoo so this is our Insurance Plaza, here, what do you all want you look a little. No. Go the other way no, you're right no go the other way oh man alright, CSU I'm doing here there's, pretty much give you all the videos I've made just kind of in one now.

Alive. Sherman's at 11 a.m. tomorrow yeah. If. I, get a. Hundred. A hundred subscribers, per. Hour I will keep going how about that or. Five dollars in donations an, hour we'll, keep going, there. Make, it worth everyone's. Time. Yeah, it's, just a Thornton Zoo here, really like these sign. Prints, and everything like that a lot of though that I did this week it was just trying stuff you know well, I think that's pretty much everyone they do like everyone kind of had ideas, of what they wanted to do there was someone in there but, I was just kind of trying stuff up to try and stuff up try and stuff out and see, and see, what we can get away with John T was mentioning this today hopefully y'all got to watch John t stream their theme or st. looks thanks, but I appreciate that. If. Y'all caught John T stream he was talking about how someone asked him about performance. And. And. He was saying, that a runs fairly well on the same for me I'm getting about 45 to 50 FPS. Right now but every few minutes it cut right there it kind of just hangs a little bit it just it, just kind of pauses, for a few seconds, and hangs there and I think that's just beta being beta wealthy. $5 an hour live stream for as long as I keep donating. No. I'm not, gonna do that I'm not gonna extortion. Everyone yeah. You. Have to do it. Mainly. Because I'm actually scared about that and, that's probably the worst thing for a live stream were ever to say but, um the, last donation I got still hasn't processed through, and I have no idea why and I even it would the person who did was Mellon we talk like texting, and like he's, like a buddy and, it like has it processed, through so Michael I'm like oh I. Don't know what's. Going on with that maybe the, FBI is watching me. Ghost. Red what's up buddy this. Could be an interesting challenge. So sixty-five dollars total deal a man, I get. Half that I can pay my rent today that's, that's, fantastic I'm, not gonna lie oh. But. Yeah here's our little entrance Plaza, I gotta feel if y'all haven't already we do have an entire like YouTube series with this it's. In my playlist if you look at a planet, zu beta. I. Don't. Know why this keeps going on but. It's been doing it for like since. Last night there's, like a staff member confused, anyways, yeah planet, zoo beta has all this in like a speed build for the most of it and stuff like that so, but. Yeah go through a little main plaza area, here, really fun just kind of messing with the pieces. That we got in a for, the new game here and everything took me a few days to kind of get my head wrapped around it, someone. Like Paul's Lee or John T or whatever they were just like here we go me. I'm a little bit differently whenever we got a new DLC pack for like plain, a coaster or something I was always like okay so we have a roof, and. Then there's a board, and then, with, skeleton, and I'm like I take a few days because I'm a bit of a I'm, a bit of a slower person, you know my, choice. And. Yeah, so took me PETA's get used to the pieces but. Once I did I was like okay I get it and now the beta is anything I'm like why I'm. Used to the game now we. Said this I don't think I did a video of this but this is a zoo administration, building was just kind of fun actually I totally, ripped this off for masked bandit, he posted images, or. Maybe even his video of his little of, a building he did no similar to this I was like you know what I like that I'm gonna do that. Here's. Our greenhouse. Or, conservatory. I don't know the difference between a greenhouse and conservatory, feels though they are one in the same like the conservatory, is the structure, and then the greenhouse is the interior of it I don't really know I literally. Looked at the definition of it and instead. Of conservatories, a giant, like glass building basically so I. I'm. Like drop. Because. I'll totally take you up on that how. Am I like I like it a lot I'm having on the mess with it yeah just getting back from the military actual hey welcome back, Mike, back for good or back just on leave and did.

You Buy the deluxe, version to. Get the beta coaster, tribe if so, you have about, less. Than 12 hours about. 12 hours or so to play, it until it's done so. But. No I like it a lot it's it's fun it's I've, been telling people if you like planet coaster, if. You like zoos. And. You'd, like again if you liked the way that planet coaster, played, and you like zoos you're. Gonna like it you'll, like it here's. Our little greenhouse, area full. Well, used to be full of now I think they all died there's a lot of my animals too started dying because they didn't want to eat anymore. Betta. Gonna bethe. Say, we have a few key, files in here. And. A peacock it's, right in front of yo y'all want you yeah it's right there yeah. The animal designs are amazing the animations, are amazing, the game looks better it performs. Better from what I can tell I, can't. Give a full opinion on the Builder because the Builder is kind of messed up in this version like the grid gets really, it. Doesn't like it when you select, multiple items and rotate them and like duplicate, them then the grid light goes off by like a seven it's, funky, man but. Other than that it's not bad of something why is. It locked up for a long time well you know it probably deserves it so um. All, my, animals code lock down all the time for some reason I have no idea. Can you give away CC, points. No. You. Can no you can't, I wish you could I don't agree with giving away cash but, I do agree with giving like leafies, conservation. Points I think that would be fine, I guess, you can in a way because. Of releasing, animals really cheap but that's still not straight-up points. Pianos. Will expire -. That's. Exactly, what's going on isn't it well it actually kind of looks like there's no food as, well maybe. Let's. Get over here get, good-for-nothings, you, know you're right for is you're good for nothing this but here's a little uh here's, our green notes again there that, was a really fun thing to build a. Lot of these are just regular building pieces that we got from it you, know new building, these are all square pieces it's definitely way oversized I really didn't care about scale, when I was building for this for, the beta it, was more so just kind, of a you know I just wanted to get going a gig buildin and stuff right so. Back. For awhile good yeah but they get a chance to abide the pre-order oh well if you just got back today me and honestly you saved some bucks there. The. Other it was like what the pre the deluxe edition you, got like kind. Of like the same with the planet coaster when you got like to the soundtrack, and, I think, like some art and I think you got three animals that other people won't get but I'm betting you that when they do the full release they'll take those animals and maybe put it in like a $5 pack or like I don't know I'm just guessing but I bet they put those animals that were included in the deluxe maybe. They separate, them so yeah, you're better off just just, capture there's a ton of YouTube, content between my channel, IGAs, on math bandit, pawsley, pawsley has, done some amazing stuff dude is freaking killed it these last two weeks.

Definitely, Yeah check out everyone's, awesome, stuff here so oh I skipped an entire thing, yeah this building has something in it and I skipped out on it so we should probably look at that woof. I know my own build so. This is a giant. Primate house modeled, directly off. The primate, or the tropic world at the Brookfield Zoo in. Chicago. That. Is so. Let's. Go ahead and take a look-see Pooh, yes. A look-see poop mainly, was modeled after it was the structure itself, the insides I kind of just did. Some winging it and a lot of different our resources where we come out in, unfortunately. There's gonna be nobody in this part here because our lemur exhibit, which is right over here the, O most infamous, famous, lemur. Exhibit know that John, T gave the this, area a little shout on. His lemur, video which is which is awesome yeah. Here's our indoor lemur exhibit, which is a lot different than a lot of other peoples because a lot of people are building these and. They look amazing don't, get me wrong I'm glad people are building these grandiose. You, know amazing, you, know islands and lakes and, just all this amazing stuff that's fantastic, I love that stuff um. But. For me though the zoos that I've gone to like the Lincoln Park Zoo the Milwaukee, zoo Addison. Zoo the Brookfield Zoo a lot of these you know their municipal. Funded which like X's so they don't have all the money and even, if, it's not sometimes a money thing a lot of zoos are just like this where it's a concrete area that's really easy to hose off clean easy access, and a lot of times what you what, these are where, the guests see animals these are just enrichment, areas for, the most part. It's. Not the, animals aren't gonna sleep there overnight there, may be there for an hour two, hours maybe all day but a lot of them aren't there all day a lot. Of times they'll go onto like a let's say there's a door here and they'll go into a backstage area and I plan on doing that when the full release comes out I plan on making the, whole back say juries and stuff but they put them in a, different, area than than. What you see here so that, was kind of like my wanting, to take a quote-unquote, realistic, approach on the the, indoor exhibit. There. I'm. Like a genius. More. Simple than PC it's the same it's, it's exactly the same. You. Build like I intend to in the full game realest realism, over theming yes yes how you doing buddy good to see you Kate Annika, Kate, Reineke started putting up some videos too which I didn't even know there. Sara that you even had, a young. Tub channel but yeah key tronic I started to put some videos. Out there too so we're getting a lot of people out of the Woodworks, playmon, Zoo is so and. Then we kind of enter in this little transition zone, here where we have our small exhibits, so we are housing they're probably dead I'm not gonna lie I even come back here and told dump these areas, in a while we. Have our scorpion, yeah it's emptied died they did die bad it just died because of old age you know we're near 57, so things.

Oh The birdeater is here though how was he doing. Should. Be doing really alert. Well, there's two of them 1s contraceptive, what kind of one let me alert that let's see if we can find them let's play a game called fine, that, spider, there's. Two of them in here so we actually have a pretty good shot at by me later there it is there's one, someone. Was probably like no don't don't find don't oh, you found the spider. One. Of our little bird eater build, one giant pitting through. First, thing I plan I'm doing when the full release comes. Out as finding the new Archer John T found um a pretty good one the the, medium saw or the small. Leaf. Whale. For scale wait it's a whale for scale is the, new, is. What I think we determined. The new. Archer. Is there yeah whale for scale is. It's. Pretty close. There. You go I mean that's that's pretty spot-on if you take off you know just a shaving. Of its forehead there yeah, so whale for scale or I. Don't. Even know what to do for the leaf one but I think it's here. No. It's under uh it's. Is the. Second leaf the second leaf is pretty good actually. That's that's probably your best bet almost I'd say that's almost literally that at the height of straight. There so. The leaf. The. There's, a giraffe oh, it's, under signs but, excuse. Me. This. Giraffe isn't, half bad. And. The. Original one yeah, the whale for scale and I dislike whale for scale because, I, can. Say well scale over it but. These three are relatively. Your. Closest, bet right now now mind you this is beta they have held back a loads, from. What it looks like they've held back loads of a theming. And scenery and items and stuff like that so but. Yeah for now for the next you know, 14. Or so hours however long we have it there's your there's, those are good scalings, there so. I. Think I'll pick up videos for the fertilizer set fun and the occasion yeah yeah it looks like you were having fun uppers. Yeah, I guess since, the doggies in here if. You do obligatory show, show the dog. Show. The dog. Okay. Hi. Trying, to green-screen me that. Randy. Cry no hello. It's. Trying to chromakey you there Murph was. Trying to crawl Mikey you. Will. Devour I. Was. Like new t-shirt yeah that's, a geek is someone that's a jaunty quote. Right there absolutely. So let's go ahead and finish out the rest of this I realize I kind of stopped halfway through. Yeah. So there's a little Madagascar. Hut, and. We that we popped down here. To. Our little caves system, nothing nah no animals or anything like that just a few you know country. We. Just brought in our plants, from outside and, he. Hasn't had to deal with. Big plants and he's trying to eat. Plants. We, can't plant say everybody might. Give you the poops, look. I just realize those alright let's. Start that over yeah. So you hope from here inside your Madagascar, area there we go. Mr.. Dookey have you heard anything about being able to gift conservation, credits to people no I haven't I have it I have. Not heard that but. Uh hey. Poppy what, would. Take on the sims I'd like to see what they could do with it um have you heard of the. Sims, game that's coming out or the new it's. Up by EA but, uh what is it called oh. My. Gosh I'm. Gonna find it real quick. Era. Para lives or yeah. Paralyzed have you all heard of para lives it's. Gonna be a Sims type. Game. Basically. We. Type it out for you this, case you want to look it up para. Lives yeah. It's gonna and it looks like it's a Sims competitor, and like, finally but I agree it would be really cool to see what frontier could do with a game like that for sure but. I've always wondered why there was never a competitor, to uh to the sims their cycle. Really successful, games usually have competitors, and it's like no one has ever ever another, except. For I'm axis or EA the. Devil. Maybe. Come through here got your waterfall cuz duh I mean if you don't have a waterfall do you even really have zoo. Just. Calling the rumors from people okay okay hey Celia what's up buddy yeah I hadn't. Heard that I hadn't, heard that. I'm. Through here we have another exhibit here's our boa he should still be in here yeah, there he is pretty.

Sure Was the duderino. Yep. Here's our dinner he's, got how old are you now me and you what. You are old-timer in here she was her old time for a while yeah he's like 40 years well actually he's in his midlife he's all good he's in his been hope to go, well. Welfare yeah well you know that happens. I'm. Just gonna pause the game I'm. Tired of dealing with the animal welfare for right now until it gets balanced out. Went. Something nice Thanks what, are the conservation, credits seems to be a popular topic oh yeah, so the way you buy things there's, two different ways you can buy things like actual. Building. Pieces and. Exhibits, I can assure you so disappointing at it so you know your things here, you know speakers are that but if you want to get animals, and this is only in franchise, mode now which, is the only mode that was released with the beta cuz franchise mode is always online, at. Least this version is and. You see here we have 757. Conservation, points. And. Basically, it's a big market it's an open market. To. Trade and these are all these symbols right here like a real person is selling at a real person is selling at a real person is selling it but frontier also goes in and sells them but yeah you use these to openly trade so you. Know let's say when we go up there were gonna see our mandrills in just a second our, man Jules maybe they had a baby like a big litter of babies and we then sell them on the market mcLeese then we can buy more animals. So. Originally franchise mode was only, going to be online that, was the original plan and then everyone was like bruh. Don't. Do that just, don't. I don't know what the fascination, is with simulation. Games the. Feeling thing like they have to have a mode that's always online, but. Don't do, that if you are a game developer, of simulation, don't do, that nobody, likes it this is not a battle, royale game, this is not a multiplayer, shooter game but this is a simulation, game they're, different, so yeah franchise. Most could be off fine and online then we'll get sandbox as well that was my rant about that because I've noticed it a lot like ever since what was it like city skyline heard a city skyline SimCity, 2013. Or. Spore, even, there's just been this big push. To put simulation, games online and it's like dude you. Don't know your audience obviously, don't. Do, that. Let. Me come over here and yeah. You get big. Reveal, to our mandrill, exhibit, here and. This was a. This. Was taking. Them directly. From the Tropic house at. The epoch fields you there's a an, exhibit, that's just like this for their big apes and. It's. Awesome I love it whenever we go there it looks amazing so this was definitely modeled right after that you get to look down and kind. Of see all the UH the. Mandrills, this. Is my favorite spot cuz you get to look over sometimes there over here is that water poopy well. Um sometimes. Go over there and sleep most, of em they they kind of hang out over here there. With. The spider yeah thank. You loose on your 2000, populations, you well worth if it'll has time hun the beta see that's how you do it that's how you ended the beta right, that's. Up brah dude I hope if, no other blueprints, transfer over sup, bruh has to be transferred over has. To be, that's. In depth it is it is pretty in depth I'll, sell you a warthog for 10 me yeah you know just make it a million bro what. Did something escape. No. It didn't, game you're just confused, don't worry this way I have deposit, the game is so confused by certain things right now actually, pawsley you're the freaking tutorial, man when we get over there you're, gonna let me know what I'm doing wrong over there.

After. Planet Zoo excited for more concise a Bella awesome, thank you so much for hanging out and yes yes, I can't wait for more planets ooh I was just mentioning to everyone that even after, the. The beta is done today I do still have more videos in, the pipeline ready to be released for sure so. Just because the beta is gonna be ending tomorrow does not mean that the content of and. In zoo stuff is gonna be ending at, all so, as we exit out here my frames, kind of like the. Kind of the kind of butyrate. That's. Okay that's, okay stuff happens Oh God because why why does every message that you send, it. Get, held for review maybe, maybe just maybe. It's talk like you're talking to your, grandma online franchise mode is but I got show it there. Who. Can show off their Big Willie by jacking up the prices on the market yes that is what real, markets you, a lot a lot so, yeah as you exit out here who it is really uh, it's. Really kind of a framing up there good thing it's not a first-person shooter it's a simulation game. We. Come up to wild, Africa, here, and. You. Just lie on all of them and got lucky on some, some. Facts well for your conservation, points got you got you, I didn't. Understand in the first few days so I like blew through all of mine and I was like I'd like spend, an entire evening. Just. Figuring. Out what the conservation. Points were all about and stuff so. Me. As we enter in here we kind, of get some I think this little area I kind of mentioned in the video if I had any area that I really would come back to, if. This if everything carried over it would definitely be this area because. I want to come back through here with like the old Africa, kind of set with like you know tiki, huts. And stuff like that and I, would, redecorate, a lot more we kind of only have we're kind of limited a lot. Of you might know but um so, I kind of this modern, African, set I guess, you'd call it um. But. Yeah I would come back through here and definitely. Redo. It with a little bit of an older African set yeah here's their lion habitat they would okay. Um my, wife's getting ready to leave works and just making sure I don't miss her leaving, this was modeled after the. Knoxville. Or the Louisville, the blue. Zoo. In the United States there and I loved, it because they had this little Center, up here and I really wanted to incorporate that and we're gonna be doing a lot more of that this, is my first time kind of wanting, to. Design, Mizzou the way that it is, meant to be designed and. That is you know usually they'll have like a backstage kind of building like this and, this is my first kind of look into actual in-depth, zoo, design because for, those of you that follow me since like planet coaster that that's very natural to me dyes design me a theme park like I've worked at multiple, theme parks water parks, you name that's my bread and butter zoos I like zoos I've been to a lot of zoos but I don't know the exact like you, know down to a wire or down to a tee like how they design them fully so that's gonna be a really fun kind of research a little bit off, to read some PDFs right to, uh and. Look at layouts and stuff like that, my. Family's messed up Hey oh you like him. Know. Anyone was doing just spoofed it all and ranked, it oh that oh I'm, sorry the subs yes well, yeah you know I'm. Gonna be doing some tutorial videos as well but it's kind of easier for like people like Paul Lee myself and others, who have played the planet series since the beginning right because for, a lot of you just came into the planet Zoo series you might be looking like how, did you place that path like that or I didn't know there was a construction tab I got that one before how, do you do the building this was like you want the construction, to him like oh I didn't know yeah. And. It's not a lot of people's fault frontier, sucks at tutorials, really, bad so. Yeah. Senior. Year in college but, uh but. Instead I'm just itching to, do videos please help no, I can't as a youtuber, I'm gonna encourage you to continue to do that please watch all the videos all the way through like, comment subscribe, turn, on the belt. Congrats, on your senior year though by the way that's. A that's a heck and accomplishment, right there I didn't, make it that far. It's, nice right everyone, I promise, it's really fun and you get to see some Hammond aminals how, about it's free you know what we've, made all the money.

Its. Heck and free why don't you all just jump. On the ride tell, me why you're not right. Great. Today. Tell. Me why tell me now I. Don't. Care enough okay, so yeah there's all, right, all. Right on that after we do a little keep, going through the tour but you have a little eatery, and. This is another thing that I saw from the concept, art is for, this lion, habitat it, is the idea of, you. Know central hub back here and then another kind of central hub right here we have another habitat, right here so. Just the way that the whole area kind of ties itself, you know into, this once you have the Lions Turtles, Savannah, elephants. You know it's all just flows into like one little area, they're so. Long. But. Sometimes how did you move that out wall away from the other one yeah yeah. Best. Thing about these games it doesn't have to be realistic no if you don't want to be mm-hmm, good, play it however you want look, at Rudy Rudy, built avatar. Land basically. Right floating. Islands. Heads. Cut off way back in the end of the station Oh today I don't even check the clearance that's awesome. Here's. Our elephant I kept the elephant separate from the rest of the savanna animals you usually see that in real life and again this is another one that I would I really want to come back through and um do this better. That. They're well, and I know I skipped over the savanna we're gonna get a lot better look at this whole Savannah area when we go take a ride on the 4x4 ride, there and. Over, here anyone gotta go the bathroom is. You're hanging bathroom, going. Once going twice okay, one keep, on the to where then let's go ahead and head into the Education, Center I. Know. Because has to go what we're gonna we're just ignore his hand in the back this. Is another area where when, we get the if. We were to get the entire like pack and you know all the steps and stuff I totally come back through here make the interior really really nice and flushed, out this, is about the time that is he wearing an earpiece. He's. Right there were earpieces. Are. Those, bluetooth headsets. What the heck are you wearing. What. Is on your face. All. Right I. Thought. It was maybe like you know how people from my foreign countries when they come somewhere that we're like the headphones and like the education like, audio will play or something like that I was thinking that's what I think. It's just. Your. Grades have more waterfalls, oh god, you. Couldn't get an elephant I finally I found one for um someone. Must be getting rid of their elephants, but so I got one 450cc. It. Was a great one too was like it was like 15. Years old, 50cc. Great, jeans I think someone was just doing a clearance set I'll, do that at nighttime though I'll sit there and I'll just refresh the page and stuff like that hi. It's. Not dumb if a lot of people are asking it this means that someone else knows more right right. Ignorance, is not being dumb it's just not knowing. But. I love this little area how you get to see the, an aluminum oh look look, at deaths you get one right there one right, there, that's fantastic. There. You go exactly Paul's Lee. You. Saw audio tours out the information, oh I, haven't actually looked at all the or, one thing I know they sold a lot and the UH the, info centers, if you're not using info centers and phone centers make you a crap, ton of money. Going. To put so much time into the details heck yeah et me I'm. All about in details if I if I know I have the time yeah again that's what it came down to I was doing this building this and I was like wait we. Have like three days go. So. Let's. Go ahead and exit on out here, go. Back over to our excuse. Me 4x4. Whoo. I. Designed. That road well nice, little choke point there poofter. All. Right, so. Yeah you're totally right oh you know what's funny is I even acknowledge that you would Boop your head over. Here and I fixed it but I didn't fix it over here GG. G. To the G. Now. Don't. Want to give away Rooker's. What, is that. Bad. Oh. No. It hasn't, no. These, numbers gotta meet some range something. Special. All. Right what was sit here. Going. To put so yeah yeah. Little. Info center yeah, I I thought that they would have just sold like. Umbrellas and. What. Are they selling any coaster oh they sold uh fast passes so I only thought they were going to sell umbrellas to be honest with you but, this oh wow this stuff we'll take a look at it um really, don't let me forget how's. Married life just heavier end up. Found. It. In. My a the, right started. In. My defense, it's. We, have to get a new one because I lost, weight, that's, the sexual room oh man YouTube's gonna do monetize my video because I don't like this staying, at YouTube don't do a buy it don't don't do you monetize me buy it it's okay it's just a ring in a finger it's not like a sex thing it's, not a sex thing, YouTube, I um.

Well. Yeah in my defense the ring is dumb loose, and we have to get a new one I lost. I apparently lost some weight in between when. We ordered, it and when what I got it so. No. Time limit this looks. Like a riot control panel yeah yeah yeah. You're. Turning it bad into it. How's. Married life for. The, first couple of months I think even if it did fit cuz, I you know I take. It off for like when I you know take a shower and, whatever. You know what it just turned take, it off I sighs. I, still. Just yeah besides I'm not used to it but I'll sit there and I'll. Realize I forget it because whenever, I put my hand close together there's not that you know bulge or whatever and then, I I'm always playing with it I'm always playing, with it, that's. Right I'm like oh my fiddlestick, isn't here her my fiddle ring is in here. Does, anyone else here. Create, content such as videos well I streams looking to support have been to watch some more content and creators policy does a. Giffy. Thank. You balsley if you're not already following, pawsley everyone, will follow pawsley kate ronica is gonna be starting. To do more content. Because. Makes, content, when he feels like it so once every like six months i'll release a planet. Coaster video that's a nice detail just, these little things in the back there um. There's. This guy named geek ism that, has a video he. Releases, videos sometimes, but. I don't think he's the most consistent yeah. Oh. There. Was juror. I. Think. That's how you spell his name type. That in um with planet, zoo at the end of it. He, had a really really great, great. Series and he's I, didn't heard of him before I think I've seen him in plant of the row nation, everyone's smile but yeah he had a really really great. Series. He just started I think it's a three part series there, yeah, as you exit out of wild Africa will take it right and. We'll head to the new area where our. Escaped. Animal is constantly, stone. I. Feel ready to follow seth rogen right. Thank. You they'll know exactly what that is exactly, i need to start putting that i just start putting that my video tags and get the algorithm, thinking. That I really am seth rogen so it really likes being stuff like that I. Love me some John T he's helped me out immensely he's, a good dude to ever I could actually say that I've, met him in real life. Over. The course of a few days and we. Hung out along, with because, at. Cedar Point we got to hang out for a few days it was awesome. Well yeah John T's a really good dude and yeah he's helped, give me a few shout outs a lot of you probably know me because John T gave me a shout-out during a live stream and one of his his, videos right so by, the way these people are looking at the man drills. They. Think that they I don't I hope that they, fix. That like, if there's something in the way they don't look I have this having a long but yeah they were looking at the man drills so. But. Yeah here we are in our newest. Area that, we're gonna be working on today as well, called. Grizzly, Peak so. This is our North American area and as you can tell we have some Risley bear a grizzly. Bear was gonna be two of them I just, released a video on the first part of this today second. Part goes out tomorrow, but. Yeah here we are well enter into. I'll. Be on he likes all he likes helping people he's just he's. Told me before he's like I have all this information in, all this knowledge he was like and I just kind, of naturally just expound it to people who are interested basically. And. I am so you know, yeah, I'm really appreciative but yeah he will hold this sometimes just kind of uh like. YouTube algorithm, vomit. In discord, chats and it's the best thing ever because I'm just saying you're like oh yeah okay cool.

You'll. Fly over dude yes Paula that'd be amazing it. Does seem kind of weird that we, haven't met Paula. So. As we enter in here kind, of wreath this is what you're all gonna see in the video. Coming up tomorrow the, video you saw today if you watched it none of this was done so spoiler. Alert. Yeah. We I kind of wanted the theme after this I, guess. Northern. Canadian portside. Town I guess. And. A lot of the pieces that we have in here really weren't, themselves to work really. Well with this kind of. Backwoods. Kind of feel, and that's that's most like to me that's that's my kind of theme you know I'm from Northern Illinois we. Vacationed, in northern Wisconsin which, may as well be Canada, like all the time towns up there all looked like this for the most part kind of that almost, German, Alpine kind of feel but still rugged, rustic, kind of thing and. That was the hard part about getting all this and. It so you can see the bear, it's. Making it look. Crap. You, know trying to make a look more rundown because it's all very sleek, and the windows are very sleek there's a very modern sleek, set, and stuff like that and, I probably could have afraid what do you use boards and you, know built my own stuff, but, I just really wanted to use more of the in-game pieces so but. Yeah for the full release I'm really excited cuz I'm sure there's gonna be some really awesome rustic. Cool. Things here guests usually avoid this a lot of people don't know how that is cos oh this is all just one giant path boardwalk, area guests. Do actively, avoid. I hope they go this way to show it off I'm guess will actively avoid the rocks, and. These areas here, where I have these. Filled in reason, being is that the the, trash bins the trash bins if you didn't know. Act. As, a. Natural. Deterrent, think. Of it as like a view through a giant boulder into, a a, stream, and, you know the water has to go around it that's that's what these do that's what the trash cans is with benches do, I think. That's it and play that coaster, we, have an actual piece a barrier, piece it's just uh it looks like a plank, just like a a 4 meter 2 meter plank we, can sink those into the ground they they deter people but we don't have that yet I'm, almost certain we're gonna get it. Oh yeah that's all you do here you just kind of sink. Your. Sink. Some trash cans in and people, will kind of move, around it I use the Indian trash cans. Assisi. Think, for, the most part we'll walk around it these these, Indian style trash cans here. They. Work really well there I'm thinking they're the smallest one in the game so far so. The. Path is ice yes I love this like the new boardwalk design. And stuff like that yeah totally, totally with you there. All. Right let's go to move forward here we have a little drink. Shop kind of harness my interests dan wolf here not gonna lie using, the logs, and stuff like that he's all about using, logs. And pieces outside of their comfort zone and stuff so we. Have that we and that and, then kind of wraps up over here to our, bear, or grizzly bear, area, where I'm kind of doing some experimentation. Because. If, you push. G here this. Dude he's not happy he's okay right he's, okay, well, not really but, the biggest problem is. Well. It was his, space. I. Measured. This exhibit, off, of, a real one off, of. The Brookfield Zoo bear, habitat and, that, one is basically. It's 20 by 20 in meters nutin, feet. Earth yards, or something by 20 by 20 so. I did that and it wasn't even close, to being big enough so then I died doubled, it and it'll this still looks small but this is a like. A 40 by 20 like, 40 out by 20, deep. And it's. Still not enough and I really don't want to do any more than that because I, do want to modeled, after like a real-life Zoo kind of thing. And. You know you I know that they do exist but for the zoo that I'm doing you.

Know I. I'm not gonna give the animals all of the necessary space, necessarily. Just because it's a real, life take on a zoo right and that's what, you see and plus I've harped on it before the, areas that you see in zoos like this area here or the seria here the. Animals, are there not, even like. A lot of time of the day most their time is spent in the backstage, area, which. We. Can kind of do and. I think in the full release I have an idea of how I want to like actually make the back area, and have the encourage the bear to actually go sleep back there and stuff like that um I think it'll be fairly easy to pull off but I think, that's something that a lot of people misses that, again. Play however you want build with the extravagant, crazy. Big things right but if you want to go for the realistic kind of thing just remember that you, know usually, this is oh good oh really, good that that happened because our manuals are brought to die. This. Is there onstage area. Basically but most the time I spend in the back area so I. Keep. That in mind basically he's, okay. He's okay well. So. We can um we can kind of expand this out um I kind of did this for experimentation, oh my god I. Reckon. I need to hook a path up to that. Oops-a-daisy. Oopsy. Poopsy. Okay. Didn't. Think this, through, - well hold. On Oh oops. I've. Seen something else I missed you I was tired when I stopped this left. She's. Scared of that. Maybe. You, know I'll finish off the building. Here. We go love it fantastic. All. Right we can just hook it up right there no problem. Um. Be ready big enough, barely. Okay I also say do you mean barely my jeans barely, big enough yeah, but I mean it's crazy how much it brings down his welfare like, his welfare is only 35% which, you know I don't want to make our bear totally. Pissed. Off for the world, I'd. Like to prepare to be happy but again, I'm not gonna make a giant freakin enormous. Exhibit. That's why I can't wait for sandbox mode too because I think they're gonna turn a lot of animal, welfare stuff I hope they do because it's sandbox mode right, all, right so we'll do that that, works. And. Though. Ours, where's. The shitty door there is a shitty door I love these shitty doors. They're. So good, they're. So terrible, looking and, it's great. Boom. Aesthetic. What. Do we need to talk to make the bear exhibit a real thing, wait. Who do we need to talk to make. That, big have been a real thing that's a sick, Detroit. The Detroit the. Detroit Zoo I modeled it directly after that for, the most part so, if you were to if you type in Detroit Zoo grizzly, bear habitat, I think going images, I shouldn't, look relatively. The same the only thing I didn't do that I. Could is a the concrete flooring that's. Another thing a lot of people miss is concrete. Flooring I know I talked about with our lemur exhibit. But. Most Sue's they, don't have grass and you. Know stuff that can easily get. Destroyed. For the most part it's a lot of dirt I'm. Cree stuff. That's easily cleanable, oh yeah. I. Think. Only comes the where the bear is, going it does so, if we click on our bear you'll see where it counts and pawsley or anyone else actually this is where I need to know, it. Yells, at me here, it. Yells at me that, it can't cross and whenever it does go it can, cross, hey. Do how are you doing I see, doo doo I'm, done, sorry. Do. A bad Z oh yeah yeah pretty, much. But yeah the bear it says that it's done here, but it can cross over see watch, and it's gonna say he's got escaped. See. It, says he escaped. No. Oh I'm, sorry so I should say this, is the, Detroit Zoo inspiration. This, is something I've been wanting to try the. Entire beta and I just tried it finally. Huh. I'm. Destroyed has a nice thing no, it looks like crap and that's why I modeled. After it and to be honest with you looked like it was stuck, in the mid 80s so um. Builder houses with their and angry and make them live in it they love it um. Breakout. Point, well. We're gonna break out it's. All surrounded, do you think it's because. Here. Because, it's now here, let me show the barrier. So. Like I have the barrier set up like this see. How I kind of filled it in so that this area is like, considered, in the barrier is that. It's. Just so weird how it hasn't stopped like it recognizes. You know this little area in here and, then, it's like but I can't go any further. So. I'm thinking that I just set up my barrier, incorrectly. He's. Gonna go again, I mean thinks about it he's like okay wait this is the end of my habitat. Mmm. Things. That make you go. So. This is a barrier, in here, then. It goes. Through here and then this is a barrier, no, barriers don't work like that dude ah dang. Let. Me just delete a bit I, tried. To do something fancy and planted Z was like 'no Habra you.

Need Doing something cool so. How do we do this I know I've seen people do this or have I maybe, I haven't and I just made it up I know I've seen it done at rail zoos you, can totally do this in a real zoo, they. Have to be internal. To be to. A complete barrier to work and stop animals for example that cannot swim going to water. I'm. Coming back. Be. This disconnect the current barriers from the habitat so, like the ones that I just did. Look. At it barrier see which bits are part of. The. Exhibit. There. It is edit barrier. Okay. So now I've separated on, by, taking out that middle part there so, I've separated the, two snow it's like two separate barriers. So. To make it work we're gonna have to like get a barrier, up. I, think. I know how to do it it's just gonna suck because you're gonna have to bring the terrain up to, here so I get to get rid of all this. Bring. The terrain up have, a glass barrier. Excuse. Me and. Then. Remove the terrain and then. It should create like a bridge I. Think. You can't tick whether it's part of the group, it. Wasn't. You. Can take oh I'm sorry I think you can take whether it's part of the group or not Oh like this this stuff over here. It. Really doesn't like I'm really confusing, it I do in that see. It's really uh. Mm-hmm. Say. I add a new spot. They, want it to go over here. Go. Go do, it. I'm. Over live free die hard Bruce. Willis come on Bruce Willis. Rob. Bruce Bruce. Willis come on Brucie. Do. A Big Willy sale. On. Live. Free. Make. It one habitat, yeah, we just did that any word wait can't you just shift andreza I thought so too but no let me do it like this let me do a new barrier let's get out of that it's, a new barrier let's just do glass shift. That. Bring it up or am I just moving, holding, shift up see, that's unfortunate, it should be it should be able to see what, now. If, I. Let's. Try this let's. Try, so. If we just start our glass barrier right there and then we raise, that sucker up right. That's. About where we wanted to go and. Then we go forward here. Let. Me do it null first because, it obviously I'll live. How. Can you be obstructed, your null barrier. It's. Impossible. For no they're a to be. Little, connect up to that. Make. Sure there are no complete, circuits. Of barriers within the barrier you want for the habitat if that makes sense it does. There should be no, smaller, circuit, a barrier within the habitat very sure I feel, like that's what we did before. You. Hear that noise, strange.

I. Feel. Like we did that before, he. Just controls the all the way back to show you what we so. I did that and, that, and then we need to delete this middle, part, maybe. That's for house phone. So. Then that's the only closed section here so we get. Rid of that. Also, he's here. I've. Not even tried this way I just buried the barrier underneath the ground so it was like one but looked like - yes I saw that that was really cool but I've. Definitely seen, like a lot of zoos do it this way where they I just have a, lot. Of Tiger exhibits especially, was like oh. So. We've, done it this sweeps we bring that back so, we can all look so. I've done it this way where. This, is it that's it, so, it leads to there so I think I need to get rid of this, that. Barrier, so, now it's one so, now what this is all one, barrier. Welcome. Back see leo and. Do. We not okay so maybe that was it let's try that so now this. Is what we were all saying right so the, the beer goes like this this, all the way up you know over to this makeshift, one, back. Here down, and, then over so. It doesn't ever close until, here. Let's give it a shot. So. This should all be one, open habitat. Calculate. It. Did get bigger. Oh it, was close it did add-on it. Did out on it's just over here it gets confused, now. Just. Uh block open. Parts then with the null barrier inside, the, exhibit even I don't understand myself when trying to explain things I know like I'm reading your sentence and I and the words make a complete, sentence, but then my brain is just like. Excuse. Me. So. We got closer with. It. No, barrier. Is. It a height thing. We're. Tight. Just. You. Write scripts for tutorials, to great scripts for anything else. Two. Sets of berries doesn't work well I'm replacing the barrier for the smaller part of the habitat may fix it let's get out of shot I don't think the height has it. Let's. Just get rid of this and redo it. Just. Idea I wasn't gonna keep that anyways that was just kind of a if. You can tell between the two qualities, that's. Gonna just let's throw it together and see if this works. Cool, oh. It's. This making, the noises like when I. Just. Go back to null. Okay. Bring. This height back. Got to. Start. Fresh. Ericka's. Pawsley you. Feel good about that one, feel. Good. All. Right oh god are you right actually escape we, pause real quick you might actually escape. Someone. Will hopefully make it tutorial since I want to try this as well if I figure it out with. All y'all's help and hopefully you know when the full release comes definitely. What. Have you build a hill and then place the fence and remove that's what it yeah I was thinking that before because and if we did that if, we built the hill put the fence on top and then removed the hill the fence should stay is like a bridge, instead. Of if it's if, it's pre-existing. We kind of saw it here right if. There's pre-existing. Excuse. Me, terrain, see how it kind of conforms. To it if we do the terrain first have it go up with, a glass and then take the train away it should just keep it almost looking like that but not exactly, like that um, so, yeah I see, what you're saying I want to try this way first, to see if we can still use these glass pieces I love how these look like this whole thing this last box is. Exactly. How I envisioned, it so if we can keep it like that awesome, if not we'll try that way. Uvvid. Are. You retracted. All. Right well. And. Two. Bits weren't connecting properly so that's why I'm wondering if that's the issue yeah I could be right it could be something just as simple as that I really, hope it is. So. I'd love if this works again if it's if it's not really working I'm not gonna. I'm. Not gonna funk. With it too much longer, this. Cuz you know we unfortunately only have. 12. Hours or, whatever so, I do. Want to build a wolf habitat, our timber wolf habitat I did already get the wolves set so that is the main thing that I want to do, today so. Alright. So that should work right that's what we're looking at as far as how, how. It should. Be. Good to go right. So. Hello. Bear. There. It is, who is that that suggested, that. Various. Dude. Or dudette err that's absolutely, what it was bait is gonna beta and. There. It is I. Bet. You a million bucks - that's gonna be enough enough. Area, or. For. Bruce Willis. For. Bruce Willis to live. Free and die hard so good, job nice nice so I will be making a tutorial on that when. The full release comes out. There. You go let's set it some of these barriers up that's actually a lot better looking -.

I'm. Gonna leave it like that we're, gonna we're gonna redo it make it look nice I'm gonna leave it for the most part kind of looking like this oh. I. Remember, so, let's concrete. It up there. Was I have a bunch of defenses now I kind of forgot do we want to do anything else no concrete's, fine and. Add in an extra post. Malone, here. I. Do. It. Because. I don't want the whole thing to be kind here, but everywhere there. We go oh. Cool. Do-do-do-do. Bait is gonna bethe Mike ah hey hey what's up dieter that Olli, is that is a that is a jaunty sparrow trademark, bade is gonna bathe it but it just describes us so perfect yeah. Good. Good livestream, today I was able to catch it as we were my. Wife and I were cleaning. Around the house there, very, enjoyable, the. Smellivision, update, me neither seeing. As every single house that I ever go into like. Primate. House traffic, house you name it they're all, 110. Degrees Fahrenheit and they all smell, like. Does. Someone just pissed, everywhere, which that's, someone something but you know oh. You. Need him going to be sad when the bait ends now I now, we're attached to. To mr. Bruce Willis. Who. Is really wanting to live free and die hard so now yeah it should be good right. Funk. Yeah dude, I'm. Stoked. That worked out. I'm. Like really popped about that and, I can't that's just so funny though you know it's just a simple little I, think to. Just, reconnect it. Actually. You see uh. You. Say but there, it is thanks Peter makes. Me attached why does the beta have to end I know I, know, look at look at Bruce look at Bruce Willis just just doing the thing, is. Now competes walk under without leaving, there in the enclosure I believe they can I believe, they can let some that is a good question to ask okay. Why. Yeah. Look at that blue your views do such, sky very well all, right let me let. Me try. And entice some people to get over here hey, people. Look. At this heck in. Thing. I. Mean. Would you just would you just come down here and just look at it would, you. Train. To an even four town. By. A flattened Torino. Nobody. Of snap. You. Just have to redo this little section here. System. Geez. There I have no idea what's going on there. Drop. Him into the lion enclosure pawsley, you bite your tongue Bruce. Willis would take him on. Bruce. Willis would totally kill, whatever. We. Dropped from in there cuz Bruce Willis is the man, he. Does a Big Willy style. Alright. So. Now I just need people to come over here just to see I did do a height check so that it should be okay. Funky. Cat enclosures, - yes mm-hmm. Yep. Yep yep. Smaller. Kitties yeah I. Like. To thought of uh using. A cage I think. That that's her anyway could absolutely work as well how. Does the betta end can, you keep the game open or does the game just Auto Club. I. Think. It'll I. Think. It might stay open but I don't think you'll be able to do anything in it no no. It'll just shut off it'll just it'll just. Because. It'll just go offline that's what they'll do yeah frontier we'll just mix it offline so, it'll still show up in your steam account. But, it'll just be offline so. Really. Close as well the yes. That's kochiya so show me the barriers here because I can't do the this, with a tunnel sure yeah. All. Right the years that we it's it's a open it's an open loop. It's. All open, as. It goes around see. Here we don't block it off this is not a barrier here. So. It all stays open until your your start point. Rooster. Ellis is the real John wick. Almost. For the animal yes mm-hmm. You. Get to keep your Maps, after beta no, no, fan, oh snap don't one thing you might be able to keep is your blueprints, potentially. And. I think there is a pretty good chance that you will be able to don't quote me but I'm from, my planet coaster experience. Where. The hell is everybody, I have a freakin grizzly, bear back here and everyone's like yeah. Um. The. Planet coasters. Beta. To full release I believe we were able to keep our blueprints. I. Remember. Oh yeah. John, T let me know if you need to see that again, but. Yeah that's what we did it just an open system.

Open. System protesters have arrived. Why. This. Is the bear Oh cuz, my frog okay, hey. Well at least they're going to come, all the way back and we can see that Highclere, instead we're. Probably. Not even in our person. It's. - what. Is. - what. Do-do-do-do-do, find, this wonderful oh yes. John Dee's he's, alright I don't. Care what anyone says, all, right in my book alright. There. We go and. There we go. All. Right cool please, come back here in Nam protests I. Didn't. Heed any of y'all to. Come over here and just, protest. Whatever. Blueprint. The whole map there you go lovely you can do terrain you know they're, scared of blue Bruce what's his true power they, know that he. They. Oh that I missed it but yeah they what he walked under okay. I'll. Walk back. I've. Been number one on the workshop for the first time overdue Congrats that's awesome I'm not gonna lie I haven't, looked at the workshop at all I. Except. For like you know they have the top three things or whatever I maybe will glance at them just to see but other than that I really haven't paid, too much attention to the, to. The workshop so. Alright cool that, they. Go so. I'm. Just gonna undo it cuz I just feel, that. Planet. Coaster is gonna plan a coaster, and. I just don't woops planet Z was gonna plan it Zoo and I. Don't want to funk with that it's, I've done it enough the planet coaster where, you'll have a path that you laid months. Ago but it's all great nothing's, wrong and the minute that you have to add on do it the whole like a quarter-mile. Of stuff, just banishes. And you're just like that's. So. I'm just not even gonna I'm just it's fine it's fine. Okay. Let's make this guys wait, Brucie. Will. East I'll come back oh there. You go. Has. A protester. And notice your hand just pick a group and throw them by. The Frog they'll walk back oh that would've been a good idea. Let's. Just do that, I gotta. Forget that you can pick up the. The guess I blame. The archer I believe. The archer for scale or whale for scale. Look. At this frog I mean. I mean there is technically a frog bear. Yes. I clutched. There. Good. Big. Fella, I appreciate that yeah no one again, I'm really appreciate to mr., John T for giving, me those those, shouts there yeah any of you that came over from you, know a geek ISM stream or. Video. Or anything like that, thanks, so much for hanging out. Let's. Keep that let's get Big Willy over here he's, uh you, know we gotta get him feeling better here there's gonna be oh I didn't, even think of that yeah this topiary, is gonna be in there that's all right he'll. Be all. So. We need North, American, I got. Em. Prett I'm, drew, seriously. My favorite, so. Far this is my favorite enclosure. To do just because these the North American, are like, northern Canada European, kind of uh foliage. Is set is so well, done that. You. Can really get some awesome. Looking stuff really fast we were talking about a little bit on the pronation um people were talking about how this game compared to planet coaster just how, much more beautiful, and sleek it, looks and they were kind of saying that's a bad thing which, each. Their own um. But. Uh I. Think, a lot of it comes down to the. Foliage, blades, and rocks and stuff because I mean when, you break it down, what. I did here is simple. A F you're, very square. Very, rectangular, buildings, all, using, in-game stuff there's no custom roofing there's no custom anything well, that's because the grid system is borked and I just don't want to mess with it. Well. You know once you start adding in, like some of the rocks some, of the little foliage, bits planters, and stuff a lot. Of that makes you very plain areas. Look, alive and they did just such, a fantastic job with all the full age and stuff in this game that it it's. Just. Nice. To a tree there a. Tree. Look. At that tree, this. Is gonna be like his in Richmond area for the most part. Sorry. Reckon. Fern. Gully over, there we're gonna redo some. Of the barriers as well probably do some more of these rocks but, have little slits, and openings there that's. One yeah look at that bear go. And. The bear could tour the whole zoo see his favorite animals that's, a really cool idea. What. If you did like a zoo that's like a mall it had. Like like. A center food court area we, want my telling you all this I'm gonna do the idea and not tell you all what ideas. Off my ideas. No. But seriously I'd like you know mall stuff like a center food court area and if it's like a multi-tiered, mall you could have like on, the different tiers different, walkways and different. Animals walking along the walkways I can see it now big square opening little. Walkways around the square tiers look up and like go up different. Different. Levels you can see different animals walking around stuff like that I can see it now man I'm totally gonna make it.

Youtuber, Builds, ball and play in a zoo. Something. Like that you know and then I'll I'll I'll pull the. I'll, pull up my big red arrow it's. Not a sexual reference that's just like a youtube reference I'm all out the big red arrow right just. Be like look I don't. Have like a picture of like of. Like. The. Mall of America but. Then I'll have like a lion, coming out of it oh, man. I'm, gonna get like a million views y'all don't even understand, right now big. Red arrow. Holls, views. All. Right let's get some more deadness. In here. Dead. Trees. Make, areas. Look alive, what. When. Searching for released streams I'm glad I did nice oh. Yeah, that's right over a mixer yeah. You. Think frontier takes the realism aspect seriously or is more interested in best-case-scenario simulator. I think. They. Do take, the. The. Realism crowd, into a account. But. Not until later. On and development, if it's like they did with planet coaster and actually I think out the gate they did a lot better job um, I. Think. They did a lot better job kind of accommodating, okay. I have deposit, because, I don't know what's going on with our staff member over here but holy. F. But. Anyways yeah planets. Do they come out with a lot more like like I said the foliage rockwork and some. Of those tools are definitely, geared towards more towards, the builders. Right the actual just building, people and. Then you've also done a good job with the management but I think, well as the game goes on

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