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- (classical music) (Screams) - [Kailyn] That's terrifying! - (Ryan) The bottom of the pool is 15 more feet. (gasping breath) - ♪ Oh, I'm falling. ♪ - [Kaylin] You got it, Eugene! - ♪ In all the good times. ♪ - [Ned] Oh, oh God.

Clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams! (Cheers) - Oh. Oh Oh. No. That was too many flips. That's what we're doing today. Today. We're high diving.

(Upbeat music) Are you registered to vote? Hey, click the link below and you could win a chance to fly out to our studio here in Burbank and be in a video with us! What an opportunity! Go register to vote! - That's our professional for today. And he's just gonna springboard right into the. Yeah.

I'm not doing that. (laughs) (intense music) - Try guys and friends are here at the Mission Viejo high dive facility. We have five different platforms. One meter, three meter, five meter, seven meter, 10 meter. And we're gonna be working our way up to the highest dive setting, but I'm afraid of Heights. (laughs nervously) I'm really afraid of Heights.

- Today, It's myself and Ned representing the Try Guys. My problem is that I go for things a hundred percent and that usually ends up in what I really don't want to happen today, which is a back flop or a belly flop. (water splashes) (group laughs) - [Max] Yes! - I would say today I am anxious. I am eager and I'm excited, which is just like, and every day in my brain, anyways. - I have never doven, and do- I've never dove.

I don't wanna be doing this part anymore because it's making me very nervous. (gasps) - When he hits the water. It sounds like a car accident.

- I can't- (gasps) - I-I- I don't- - I Don't think I can do that. My balls have retracted inside my body. - [Kaylin] That's safe. Good. - Is that safe? Yeah. You know, we're not planning on a third child, but, you know, want to have the option? - My name's Max Showalter.

I am a diver and former US National team member. I've been diving for 12 years now. I actually did not want to do diving. Originally.

My dad came into my room one morning and said, you should be a diver. And I said to him, I am absolutely not wearing a Speedo. A Speedo is a 13 year old closeted boys' nightmare.

Reluctantly, I went to practice and then in true Max fashion came home and my dad found me on YouTube watching Olympic diving for hours on end. - I think that we have no better expert because he also does drag his spare time. Hey max? - [Max] Hey! - What's your drag name? - [Max] Cherri Poppins. - (laughs) I thought it would be something like tuck position.

- So today we are gonna start in the dry land and we're gonna work through the basics of diving. Then once we have all the basics down, we're gonna go over to the springboards and we are gonna get wet. We're gonna do jumps.

We're gonna do some headfirst lineups. Once everyone gets comfortable landing on their head, we are going to take the long trek all the way up ten meter. (upbeat music) So today based off of the limited experience, we have. - We don't say limited here, we say has potential. - Okay, Based off of our positivity - Room for improvement. Room to grow.

- [Kaylin] We're manifesting good form and good dive. - Okay. So based off of the endless and bountiful potential that we have today. - That's nice.

- Great. - Let's get started and just do some basic jumps on trampoline just to see where everyone's at. So when you jump, you wanna make sure that everything is as tight as possible. - Look at that pointed toe. - And just try to land back on the little white cross as frequently as possible. - Alright.

- Who's first? - Go, Ned, come on. - Oh, no. (Ned grunts) - I'm terrified of Heights. Anytime I see TikTok videos of divers jumping off the big platform. Oh, just makes my stomach drop. (Laughter) - Second- - I'm so scared for today. I'm drenched in sweat.

I, my look at this, I like there's. There's sweat underneath my feet. - [Kaylin] Yeah, I'm definitely- - [Ned] I've just left a footprint now.

- [Kailyn] ...clammy now - [Ryan] She's a clammy girl. - [Eugene] Oh my God. Is that her drag name? - [Group] Clammy Girl. - [Max] Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the stage.

Clammy Girl. - I've been one of those, like, where you're out in Mexico and they say, Hey, climb that rock face and just jump in. But this I don't have body awareness.

Oh my God. Oh! Oh my God! (grunts) - [Max] Okay. But there's beauty and grace in here. - I swam as a child for 12 years. Swimming is very different from diving and I think there's also a fear factor with diving.

That's really important to overcome Whoa. Too high. No pressure, Kaylin. We all just think that you're gonna do the best. (cheers) - [Ryan] She's flying.

- So I actually in high school, I was a swimmer, like, growing up my whole life. I was a swimmer, gave it a try one season, but we never did anything like that. I never had a full platform. It was just the springboard. So, I am a little nervous for the full 10 meter, but I've done some other stuff before. - Alright. Last thing we're gonna do on the trampoline before we go over to dryboard you guys, we're gonna add a half twist to it.

- [Eugene] Oh, what? - [Ryan] I don't think my body does that. - [Ned] I don't know. - (grunts) - Yeah, yeah! Okay. Think about as you come up,

you basically wanna, like, reach up to the sky and then half twist and land on your butt. - Yes! Yes! - [Ned] You can do it. - [Kaylin] You got it! You got it! - [Max] Like sit down, stand up. - [Ryan] It's just not for me. Not for me. - [Ned] We're dialing it in.

(cheers) - Nice! Alright. You guys, I think we got enough trampoline. Let's go get on the actual diving board. - [Eugene] Actual diving boards? - [Max] Onto those diving boards.

- [Eugene] Oh, okay. Those, oh. - [Max] Those fun ones. (Rock music) - So what is this? What is this death pit you have here? - Yeah. So, this is the death pit or otherwise known as the foam pit.

So dry land or sometimes referred to as dry dive is the practice grounds for all of the wet diving that we do. So a lot of people think, how do you get into the water? And just go from doing a summersalt on the ground to doing three and a half summersalts in the air. All of it is done on dry diving boards into a foam pit.

Before you go into the water because it's so high risk that you're safe and everything is locked down and sound. - So, this hurts less than water. - This hurts way less than water.

- [Ned] Way less than what? - Significantly less. Let's just do a front jump. You don't need to do any actual jumping on the board.

(whistles) - [Kaylin] Oh yeah. Okay. - [Eugene] Oh, it's like a cloud. - Okay. And you do like a bouncy bounce first. - [Max] If you want. Yeah. - Okay.

- [Kaylin] I feel like I need to practice the bouncy bounce. - [Max] Nice. Okay. Great. - [Kaylin] The bouncy bounce is what scares me. - [Max] Walk to the edge. - [Kaylin] Walk the plank. - It's just like Florida.

- [Max] Maybe give us a little flex. - It's just like Florida. I grew up on the water in Florida. I've done front flips. I've done back flips. So yeah,

I like doing flips low to the ground. - (in a southern accent) Come on, Ned, honey, you got this. Don't be scared. Just like in Florida. - Ow, My ankles just smashed together. - This diving board is built to throw you up in the air, be patient. So as you push down, instead of trying to be like, whoa, and get off the board.

- [Ned] Yeah. - Let it actually throw you up in the air. Nice. - [Ned] Oh, I see.

- Great. - [Ned] Comfortable doing it. Oh, he did the same thing as I did. - I did. I got impatient.

- You really gotta let it actually throw you in the air. So we did the normal front jump. - [Ned] Oh no. - This is the exact same thing. Just turned backwards. - Oh no. - So divers leave about half their foot off the board because you put all of the pressure into your actual ankles as you're jumping.

- You can jump as far back as you want. - How many people do you or your friends know that have hit their face on the board doing that? - Yeah. That's like my only actual fear. - Doing that? - [Ryan] Yeah. - No one I have ever met. Well, what about just like a back, the backward entries in general.

- My fiance was a diver and he scalped himself. (gasps) Not to scare you. - Yes.

- Not to scare us. - Time to go home. - He was like, wig.

- I will take the back jump to Mordor. Though I do not know the way. - The- One of the most difficult things about diving that most divers don't talk about is it's about 30% physical and 70% mental. - Okay. Oh, it's so much more terrifying going backwards. - [Ryan] Look at how foamy your clammy feet are.

- [Ned] My clammy feet. - [Kaylin] Yeah. - Get into it. (slipping noise) - [Ned] Gotta do it before- I just.

- [Max] There you go. That's great! - [Ryan] Oh wow. Oh yeah. Wow. Oh. Oh! - So keep your core as- squi- Core! - [Ryan] Core! - That was great.

Most of the battle in diving is standing up there and overcoming the demons in your brain of I'm gonna twist the wrong direction, or I'm gonna forget how to do this dive in midair. So really just mental fortitude. Great. That's perfect. Alright. So this is the fun thing. Now we're actually gonna get to do a little bit of diving.

I wanna see your guys' best attempt at a front flip. So it'll look something like this. - Easy. - It's something like that.

- Just something like that. - Great job, Matt. (Nervous laughter) You got it. You got it. - Send it. - Turn, touch, black.

- Okay. Okay. One more time. One more time. Oh God, I didn't do it. I didn't do it.

- [Max] Jump. - I didn't do it. I didn't. I Didn't, I thought about it. - [Kaylin] So everybody's watching. Yeah. - [Ryan] Can we shut the cameras off or just- - alright. So we are two for two right now.

O, for two. - [Eugene] Yeah. I thought about it and then I stopped. - Okay. We just turn the cameras off for one second, so I can practice.

- [Max] Don't worry. They're off. - Okay perfect. (cheers) - Okay, here we go. - [Group] Yeah! - Okay, (cheers) - I went straight into this thing. - [Max] Nice.

- [Kaylin] You got height on that too. - Alright. Next thing we're gonna do. We're gonna get in our suits and let's go get in the water. - Oh, boy. - Let's do some diving.

- Let's do it! - Alright. Now that you guys are in your swimwear, we got cute little Speedos on. We are going to get a little wet. The first thing before you guys actually land on your head, we gotta talk about the proper way of going into the water. The misconception in diving is that you have to go in like this with your hands crossed.

What happens there is your head ends up breaking the surface of the water rather than your hands. And that hurts a lot. So what divers do is we take our predominant writing hand and then take the other hand and just grab the top of it. So when you go in the water, you're gonna take all of the impact directly onto the palm of your hands. You're gonna bend over at your hips. So you want it to basically be a 90 degree angle and you're just gonna fall forward and land. As you fall, get your legs up as vertical as possible. - [Ryan] Oh, oh, oh, not ready.

- [Eugene] Who are you talking to, Ryan? (Tropical music) - [Eugene] That was beautiful. (laughter) - [Max] Yes! Yeah! - Clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams clams, clams, clams - [Ned] Ah, it burns! As you started to fall, you saw that the water was right there and you're like, oh my God, it's the water. So you tried to correct yourself by lifting your chest up.

The second you lift your chest, you lose all rotation. Now let's do the actual fun part that people enjoy about diving. We did front summersalt. Let's turn around and do that backwards.

- [Kaylin] Yay, I like going backwards - [Ned] Back flip. - So, we can do that. I want you guys to do whatever position feels comfortable. Don't think about the form or anything.

Let's just do a backflip. (applause) All of your summer salting action backwards comes from snapping your toes over your head. Exactly. (Laughter) - [Kailyn] You okay? Clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams (groans) - [Kaylin] All that preparation gone to waste.

- [Ryan] You didn't flip your legs up. - [Ned] Yeah. Ryan, I noticed. (slipping noise) (suspense music) - [Kaylin] That was so good! - [Max] That was great! - I think I'm more nervous for this than I am for going up there. You guys saw what happened to Ned! - [Eugene] Don't think about falling! - Did the rest of you see what happened to Ned? - [Kaylin] Come on, he's still breathing. - Remember, you're not clams. You're muscles. - Ah, I can't do this.

- [Eugene] You got, you got it. You got it. - [Ned] Just tuck your knees in. - [Ryan] Okay. - [Group] Yeah! - Alright, try this shit again. - Redemption, redemption! - [Eugene] Full, full cream, Fulmer.

- [Ryan] Now it's summer. - [Kaylin] Alright. You got it. Just commit to it as hard as you can. - For your son.

- [Group] Yeah! - [Eugene] Full, full cream, Fulmer. - Yeah. - So we are up on the three meter platform right now, which we were just on one meter, which was three feet.

Oh, this is a little over 15 feet. - It already feels really high. - [Max] Too high. (laughs) - [Eugene] So, for competition, it's three meter and ten meter? - [Max] For competition, it is three meter springboard. So this is three meter platform.

- [Max] So the bouncy one over there and then only 10 meter platform. - [Ned] Wow. Okay. - [Kailyn] It isn't even a competition.

This is like, This is just like, for practice. - But between us, it's kind of competition. Right? - I wanna get you guys comfortable jumping before we actually go up to 10 meter and you have to fling your body off of that. - Oh, okay. - Feel my hands. They're so clammy. - It's so clammy. Clam stays.

- We gotta make sure that we're jumping in properly. So we're gonna keep our arms tight next to us and our core super, super engaged. - [Ryan] Oh, he really jumped.

- [Ned] Really jumped there, really jump. - You really can't tell where the water starts. - You really can't until he hits it.

- Yeah. - [Kaylin] You got this. - Here I go.

Woo. - [Kaylin] Nice. - [Max] But it's important to note that I'm not gonna bring you guys all the way up to 10 meter to do actual dives. We're just gonna jump up there mainly because you can't just train platform for one day and then go all the way up to 10 meter and take 35 miles an hour of impact directly to your hands. - Something about not having a spring is- - yeah.

- ... Messing my brain. - It'll definitely feel a little bit weird. This is very different than springboard. So all of the actual jump is gonna stem from how quickly your ankles pop. - [Kaylin] That was so good.

- [Max] I'm so impressed by him. - [Kaylin] That was so good. - [Eugene] You got this Kailyn. - [Kaylin] Hold on. - Yeah, that's the feel. That's the real feel. - Okay, I'm going.

- Believe in yourself, Ryan! - [Max] you guys were so impressive. - You jumping backwards, Ned? - [Ned] Yep. - [Max] Ned, what the (beep) you guys! - [Kaylin] You gave us no warning for that. - [Max] What is going on? So, we are up on five meter platform. This is two meters higher, obviously. than three meter.

So, this is the highest I'm gonna bring you guys to do actual dives today. - Okay. That makes me feel okay. - And a motto for you guys to remember and live by is to (beep) it and chuck it. - Okay. (beep) it and chuck it. - Look down. You're gonna be scared. Say to yourself (beep) it and just go.

- [Ned] He did some- - it is crazy watching him from up here versus watching him from the ground isn't it? - Yeah. - Cause it's like, you see how much, like, how high he gets before he even, like, leaves this area. - You guys are gonna go in pairs of two when we turn the bubbles on. So when the surface tension of the water is undisturbed and you land flat, it feels like landing on concrete. So when we're learning new dives, especially the higher up we get, or the more technically difficult these dives get, we wanna make sure that we have a little bit of a safety net.

So it's just something to break the surface tension and make it like a big fluffy pillow when you land. So when we turn on the bubbler system, the thing to keep in mind is the softest time of the bubbles is right as they come up in the first three seconds. So you're gonna want to go right as you see that the actual bubbles break, the surface tension. - [Ryan] Okay.

- [Max] You got it. - [Ned] All right. Ready? - [Ryan] Yep. 3, 2, 1. - [Max] Yeah! - Are you gonna jump or are you gonna do the- - I'm gonna jump, but I'm just going for it. See what happens.

- See you happens? No plan? - No plan. - [Kaylin] Alright. Bubbles. - [Eugene] Yeah! - [Kaylin] Ow! - Alright. So, we are up on 10 meter

and we are going to bring the guys up here and maybe do a jump. I'm gonna hang out up here and we are gonna get you ready to come up here and do a jump. - Geez. That took much longer to get water. - He was in the air for so long! - [Max] I specialized in 10 meter. So, the big one behind me and just through repetition, I actually ended up stress fracturing my L5 in my spine, which put me out of diving for two years.

I thought I was gonna retire. And then I got the itch and I couldn't stay away. Took my two year break and I went back up onto 10 meter.

It was the most exhilarating feeling to get back into the water after that injury. - You got this! - Kailyn's ready to go. She's the bravest. - [Ryan] Wow. - [Kaylin] Here I go. - They're really just throwing us off the deep end. As they say.

- Hey. Oh my God. That is so terrifying. - I'm feeling nervous, but kind of like nervous excited, I think. I haven't, like, walked to the edge yet, so. Oh my God.

It's actually not as scary. I don't think, - [Eugene] Oh, I, - [Ned] It's not as scary - [Ryan] Jump then. I guess. - It's like scary, but I'm gonna do it. Just start like this and end like this for me? - Yeah. Yeah. That's great.

- Off the deep end, here I go. Oh, God. - I don't want Kailyn to be nervous, that makes me nervous. Yeah! - [Ryan] Whoa, she was in the air for so long! - [Ned] Yes, Kailyn. - [Kaylin] Yeah! - [Ryan] It got so silent before you, like, when you jumped.

- Go Ryan. - Alright. I'm going! - [Max] Always, no matter what any professional Olympic gold medalist ever says to you, 10 meters, always scary. - Oh, you can see a lot. - [Max] So you're gonna get to the edge.

Don't spend too much time looking at the water. - Sure. A lot of distance. I feel like in the lion king right now, we can see everything that the light touches. Oh my God. How are you not scared with this? Kailyn! What is your problem? - I don't know! I think my brain's broken! - This is terrifying! The bottom of a pool is 15 more feet. - [Kaylin] Yeah. - [Ryan] That's all I'm seeing.

(gasps) Oh my God. I'm too scared. - [Kaylin] You don't have to. - [Max] You don't have to.

We can work your way up. - [Kaylin] You wanna work your way up? - [Ryan] Here we go. Ready? (cheers) - [Eugene] The sound it makes.

Okay, who wants to go next? - Maybe I need to poop before. - I need to poop too. - [Max] Eugene is next. - I'm next? Okay. I felt okay.

And then I watched Ryan go and he got real scared. And then he said he can't have children anymore, cuz his ball got so ripped off. How- how the hell? How shallow is this? - How shallow is the water? - Yeah. - 15 feet.

- ♪ Tell me somethin' girl. ♪ (laughs) ♪ are you happy in this modern world? ♪ - [Max] Shut up! - [Kaylin] You got it, Eugene! Eugene! You got it! - So much higher! As Jordan Peele said, nope. Why does it look so much higher up here? - [Max] It's not, - It's an optical illusion. ♪ I'm falling ♪ - [Kaylin] You got it, Eugene! - [Eugene] ♪ In all the good times ♪ ♪ I find myself fallin' ♪ Everyone can sing Shallow real quick? (mixed singing) - Yes.

- [Kaylin] Did you hurt yourself? - No. - Yeah? Feel okay?. - It looked good. - [Eugene] It was good? - Oh, God. Oh, my God

- [Max] welcome. - Thank you. - It's so great to finally have you here. - I'm really afraid of Heights. I'm terrified of Heights.

Oh, afraid of Heights. Okay. Oh my God.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. I remember as an eight year old climbing the inside of the statue of Liberty, I just had a panic attack.

I just pulled over to the side. I just started crying. Oh God. Oh no. Oh My God. It's so high. It's so high. It's so high.

- Remember your son. - Oh my, oh my God. Oh. My God.

- Even just walking up to the edge. I get all shaky. - Clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams. (cheers) - [Kaylin] He did it! - [Ned] Let's go! - [Eugene] Alright, coach. What do we do now? - You know, we go 3, 2, 1. - Fuck it and chuck it.

- Clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams, clams clams, clams, clams, clams - Ah, he flopped again. (upbeat music) - [Group] Courage doesn't doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day. Saying I will try again tomorrow.

- [Max] Period. (screams)

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