Triple Episode: Woman Receives Explicit Videos of Fiance's Cheating | Couples Court

Triple Episode: Woman Receives Explicit Videos of Fiance's Cheating | Couples Court

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This is Couples Court with the Cutlers. This is the case of Banks versus Banks. You all have been together for 19 years, you're married, and I notice in the court papers, there's a ten-year age difference. Ms. Banks, you're ten years older -than Mr. Banks. -Correct. -[Judge Keith] But Mr. Banks... -[Judge Dana imitates snarling]'re concerned that-- -[Anita laughing] -Oh. -Really? I was just-- It was just a little love between us. -[Anita] Okay. -I ain't mad at her.

Yeah. I mean, ten-year age difference. But Mr. Banks, you're concerned that your cougar may have found a younger cub. I believe she wants somebody younger than me. -[Judge Dana] Oh, boy. -[Judge Keith] Oh! That is not true, Your Honor, at all.

-That is not true. It-- [laughs] -[audience exclaims] [Judge Keith] Well, Mr. Banks what's at stake here? I mean, if she has found somebody younger, what does that mean? That means that I have to find me somebody else. We're gonna get a divorce, Your Honor, if I found out that she's cheating on me, because I'm too good for her. -I mean, to her... -[audience exclaims]

...for her to, you know, cheat on me. -Okay. -[Judge Keith] Yeah. That's-- -that's 19 years. -Now. -[Selvin] Yes. -You-- And you gonna walk away from it. -You'll walk away from it. -[Selvin] Yeah. I'm walking away because I, you know, I'm faithful to her.

-[Judge Dana] Okay. -I mean, we had some times where I wasn't but we got through that. And we, you know, we shouldn't have to deal -with that anymore. -But Your Honor, I have never cheated on him.

-Okay. -[Anita] With him... it's like he can go and smile and talk to anyone he want. I have to sit down, don't say a word... [audience exclaims] -...and... -[Selvin] No, Your Honor. No. -...if I do-- What? -[Judge Dana] So, you're saying

-it's a double standard. -That's not true. -[Anita] It's a double standard. -It's like he can do and smile -and be Mr. Friendly... -[Anita] All of that. ...but if you Ms. Friendly, -there's a problem. -I am cheating. Okay, Mr. Banks, she says you smile and you, you know, you're friendly with everybody and do you consider -that cheating? -You know, a woman -and a man have two different... -[Anita] It's inappropriate.

[Selvin] I'll always tell her about hugging men, and she let a man come and hug her... from, you know, front on, like, you don't do that. -[Judge Dana] Hmm. -You can't have a friendly hug -with a man? -[Selvin] Oh, what? No. No.

I mean, she's should hug a man from the side or something, -she will hug the man from-- -[Judge Dana] Ah... He's talking about the Christian side hug, -like-- -[Selvin] There you go. Yeah. -[Anita] That's what I-- -Good morning and keep it moving, not the... [laughs] [Selvin] She knows that that bothers me.

[Judge Dana] Well, okay. But the issue for you, Mr. Banks is that you think she has a new cub? -[Selvin] Absolutely. -Is there a particular cub -that you're worried about? -My buddy, Anthony. -[audience exclaims] -[Judge Dana] Oh. -[Judge Dana] Okay. -[Judge Keith] Okay.

[Judge Dana] Tell us about that. He happens to pop up every time I'm not home. -One time I was out of town-- -[Anita] Look-- Listen, let me talk. One time I was out of town, he called.

I was on the phone with her and I heard a knock on the door. I'm like, "Who is that?" She goes, "Oh, that's Anthony." I told her, "Give him the phone. Man, quit coming to my house when you know I'm not there," -because he knew I was leaving. -[audience applauds] -You know I'm not there, -But-- don't knock on my door. So I told her, I told him, but later on, I come home, I asked him, "You didn't come back to my house?" "Oh, yeah man, I did. It was an emergency.

I had to use the bathroom. My wife wasn't at home or something, I had--" -That's true. -"And I came up to the door," -But that's true. -"and I knocked on your door, -Anita let me come in." -And use the bathroom.

-But what you tell me? -[stammers] I told you "No," because I didn't want no argument. -Of course. -You know how you are. I had actually forgotten that he had came in and used the bathroom.

-[Judge Keith] Okay, Ms. Banks. -Hold on. Just a sec. I just want to get some clarification on this gentleman. -You say he is younger than you? -Absolutely. [Judge Dana] Now, you're ten years younger. -Right. -[Selvin] And he may be 15,

so, she want to step down another five, I guess. -[Anita laughing] -[Judge Dana] Okay. All right. -[Anita] That's a joke to me. -[Judge Dana] All right. -Because it was a-- -You like young men, -though, right? -Look-- I didn't know how young -you were when I got with you. -[scoffs] Oh, okay. Okay. You know why I got with you, because I felt like you were a gentleman.

-So, that's why I got with you. -[Selvin] That's true. [Judge Dana] And that ain't got nothing to do with age? Ain't got nothing to do with no age. -I did not know how old he was. -[Selvin muffled laughing] Do you have any other reason to believe that she's cheating? Well, one time, Your Honor, I was working third shift, right? -And I leave home... -[Judge Dana] Okay.

...and I left my ID to get in the building. So, it was like a half an hour drive to work, so, I got there and I seen I had left my ID, so-- What time of the night are we talking about? [Selvin] It's eleven o'clock at night, I'm working third shift. -Okay. -Okay. [Selvin] So, I comes back to the house. -I knocked on the door for... -[Anita] Where was I? [Judge Keith] Hold on, Ms. Banks. Hold on. It tooks her a while to get to the door.

She comes, she surprises me. I'm like, "What took you so long?" She had some kind of excuse, so, I go-- I'm a suspicious person. -I'm asleep. -So, I goes to the front door, the screen is open. "Why is the screen door-- We never-- We don't use this door."

I looked, there's footprints in the snow going to the side of the house and out to the screen. I called her 'cause she always tell me, "Oh, you tripping, there ain't nothing," "Come here, let me show you. Come here. Why are these footprints..."

"Oh, that must be the mailman foot--" Mailman? It's eleven o'clock at night. -Or either a deer or something. -[Judge Dana] Okay-- -A deer with feet this big? -[Judge Keith] Wait. Hold it.

[Judge Dana] Okay. How do you know that the mailman didn't have those footprints -from earlier in the day? -No. It had just snowed about evening time, five o'clock after the mailman... -[Judge Dana] Oh. -...roughly about 12:00 or-- So, we're talking fresh snow...

-[Selvin] Yeah. -...and fresh snow prints? -[Selvin] Yes. -And, you know, Ms. Banks, a deer? Really? -That's what your going with? -[Judge Dana] Oh, they have -little kind of circles-- -That is his assumption of what-- He actually don't know what time the mailman came. We got kids. They could've did it.

-We don't use our side door. -[Judge Keith] But everybody -uses the side door as... -[Selvin] Everybody-- No. But they go through the front yard

and stuff sometime, running around or anything. Were these footprints right up to the door, just out there in the yard? Right out the door, like someone was trying-- You know, a normal person would go out the driveway that's leaving, this footprint was up the side of the house through the neighbor's yard and out to the street. -[Judge Dana] Oh. So... -[Judge Keith] Okay, so-- know what? Are you thinking that maybe the reason it took her so long is that person was coming out -the front door... -[Selvin] Get out-- Yep.

...and she was coming to the side door. -Yeah. That's what I believe. -That's what he thought. -That's why we're here. -Yes, that's true. -I really believe that. -He did really believe that. I got to ask a question. -Was somebody in your house? -[man] Yes.

-Nobody was in bed with you? -[Anita] No one was in the house. I was in there asleep, and that's what took me so long to get to the door. And I'm wondering why you didn't use the key? -Why you didn't call me? -Because I wanted you-- -[Anita] He was trying to-- -Because I like to come home without you knowing I'm coming.

Mr. Banks, this sounds like a stupid question, but I got to ask it, anyway. Do you trust your wife? No. -[audience exclaims] -[Judge Dana] Wow. [Judge Keith] Okay. Maybe it wasn't a stupid question.

-No. It was the question. -[Selvin] I mean, I wouldn't be here if I trusted her. I wouldn't be here. That's what I'm here for. I've been loyal to this man for 19 years, it's like...

[Judge Keith] How does that make you feel that you've been loyal for 19 years but yet -he says he doesn't trust you? -I feel like I'm nothing, you know, that I'm nothing to him. -[Judge Dana] Yeah. -So, it makes me wanna say, "Okay, it's over..."

for him to keep doing this. [Judge Dana] And this ain't gonna be news to none of us that you can't have a successful marriage without trust. -[Anita] Without trust. -[Selvin] Mm-hmm. So, yeah. You're in the right place. [audience applauds] [Judge Dana] We gonna figure this out. [Judge Keith] And so Mr. Banks, do you have reason to believe

that these footprints were left by this friend, Anthony? Could be or it could be. [Judge Keith] They looked like about his foot size? Yeah. Me and him have about the same sized foot. Does he know your work schedule, like, when you leave the house for your-- [Selvin] Yes, he does, Your Honor.

So, he would know if you left the house that you'd be gone all night? -Yeah. -[Judge Keith] And so the coast -would be clear? -Yes. -Your Honor, he is paranoid. -[Selvin] Actually, Your Honor, he calls me all the time at work. "Oh, what you doing, man?" "I'm at work like I was yesterday when you called me or last week." [chuckles] "Oh, man, I forgot what hours you work."

But, Your Honor, what do I have to do with it? That's what I keep telling him. That's your friend. Well, if he's keeping up with his hours. He's trying to keep up with his hours so, he can keep up with you.

-[Anita] But he thought-- -[Selvin] That's what I think. [Anita] It's not... -That's what I think. -Judge Cutler... [laughs] -Judge Cutler, that is not true. -[Selvin] That's what I think. [Judge Dana] Well, we got your side, we have her side, and we have that other man's side.

He is here. Ron, would you escort him in? -Yes, Your Honor. -[audience exclaims] [indistinct chatter] -[audience exclaims] -[Judge Dana] Yeah? -[Judge Keith laughing] -[Judge Dana] He is younger, -Mr. Cutler. -[Judge Keith] Yeah.

-He has dreads, Mr. Cutler. -Yeah. [Judge Dana] I can see where there could be some issues. [Judge Keith] Nice-looking young man.

Good day, sir. How are you? -How you doing, Mr. Cutler? -I'm doing fine, thank you. -Mrs. Cutler. -How are you? Would you state your name, please, for the record? Anthony Bond. -[Judge Keith] All right. -[Judge Dana] Okay.

So, you are the Anthony that we've been talking about. Indeed, indeed. Okay, how do you know Ms. Banks? I've known Ms. Banks

for a quite a while. I've known her-- We all stayed in an apartment complex back in, like, maybe 2009, and I was married at the time. And I met her before I got a chance to meet Selvin. And he was away at that time. And when he came back, me and him got to know each other, we became friends. So...

So, you know her and you're friends with him? Yup, I know both of them. [Judge Dana] And you consider Mr. Banks a friend? Yeah, he's a good friend of mine's. -[Judge Dana] Okay. -[Anthony] Yeah.

He has testified that he has told you not to come to his house when he's not home, -is that true? -That is truth to that, yeah. [Judge Dana] Okay. Have you been to his house when he's not home? I've come by but that's unknowing of him not being there. [Judge Dana] Okay. So you thought he was there? -Right. -[Judge Dana] All right. Mr. Banks, do you wanna ask the witness a question?

Yeah, I wanna ask him questions. [Judge Keith] 'Cause typically we ask the questions but you got a question you wanna ask him. -[Selvin] Yeah. -Okay, what's your question? Didn't you tell me that she let you in the house one time when I said, "Man, don't come to my house." And when I asked her,

I said, "Did she let you in, man, 'cause she said no?" And you told me, "Yeah, man, she did let me in." -Mm-hmm. -[Selvin] "I came in for a while, I had a talk with her and I left." -No. -No, there wasn't no talking. I used the bathroom and I left.

-Oh, but you didn't stay... -[Anita] Thank you. -...and talk to her? -No, we didn't stay in, there weren't no conversating-- But she has told me she never let you in, -none of that occurred. -And the reason that I told him that is because it was gonna strike up a argument. -And we would be arguing-- -Why not just don't let him in? -[Anita stammers] But-- -[audience members laugh] And let him go to the gas station and-- [Anita] That's just being-- Okay, Mr. Banks, that is kind of inhumane, isn't it? You know, a friend of both of you alls says, "I have to use the bathroom," and you'd be like, "No, go down to the gas station."

-[Anita] Yeah, you know. -I mean, do you really -expect somebody to do that? -[Anita] How would he expect me to say that? You know, -how would he expect me... -Because-- to say that me to say that? -"Because my husband..." -Is not at home? "...not at home and he asked me not to allow you in my home when he's not there."

[Judge Keith] Okay, look. I understand, I just don't think that's realistic. -Yeah, I mean-- -I just don't think-- But, I mean, the undercurrent to all of this is-- -[Anita] Thank you. -[Selvin] Tell me about when I-- Your husband told you he didn't want... Anthony in his house... and then after that point in time, you let him in the house and then lied -to your husband about it. -[Selvin] Right.

-[Judge Dana] All right. -[Judge Keith] Mr. Bond. [Anthony] Yes? Mr. Banks is concerned that his wife is cheating. Does he have anything to be concerned about? I mean, I think he has a little bit to be concerned about as far as, like, she's still, you know, kind of vibrant, and she still has her looks about herself. -[audience cheer] -You know, -but as far as-- -[laughs] That's not my fault. [Judge Dana and Judge Keith laughing] That is not my fault.

Thanks, man. Thanks for the compliment. [Judge Keith] Mr. Banks, that's a compliment. [Selvin] Yeah, thanks, man. Thanks. [Judge Keith] So, you think Mr. Banks may have something

to worry about 'cause she's still-- -she's still got it going on. -She still got it going on. She has a lot of vitality about her you know, and her looks are still there. So... [audience murmurs] Okay. Well, then the question is, does he need to worry -about you? -[Selvin laughing] Uh, no. Because as far as our friendship I value our friendship, you know, and I've told him just this numerous times, we've had many of conversations. And I told him like, "You don't have to worry about me ever having to, you know, do something that's gonna break the trust that we have or the friendship that we have as a whole, as, you know, -me knowing him and her." -So--

"And I wouldn't want to mess that up." Let me just ask you point-blank. -Go for it. -So that there's no question-- -[Anthony] Mm-hmm. -[Judge Dana] Have you had sex or any kind of intimacy with Ms. Banks? -Absolutely not. -[Judge Dana] Absolutely not?

[Anthony] Absolutely not. [Selvin] I hope that's true, man. -I hope that's true. -[Anthony] Oh, it's true. [Anthony] It's true. -Thank you, Mr. Bond. -Thank you, Mr. Bond. -You can stay right there. -All right.

-[Judge Dana] All right. -[Judge Keith] This court has done a full and a complete investigation. At this time, the court will call a certified polygraph examiner, Michael Williams, to determine: Is she cheating? Ron, please escort Mr. Williams in. -[audience cheering, applauding] -[Ron] Michael Williams. Would you state your credentials, please, -for the court? -I'm a retired federal agent with 25 years of federal service.

I'm currently a certified polygraph examiner for the state of Georgia and also a private detective. You conducted a polygraph examination of Ms. Banks, correct? [Williams] That's correct, Your Honor.

[Judge Dana] You asked Ms. Banks, "Since being married to your husband, have you had physical, sexual contact with Mr. Bond?" -What was her response? -Your Honor, she said, "No."

[Judge Dana] What did the lie detector determine? What did the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined she was being truthful. -[audience cheers] -Yeah, see? [indistinct chatter] One more. -We have one more question. -[Anita] Okay. -[Selvin] One more. -[Judge Keith] You asked

Ms. Banks, "Since being married to Mr. Banks, have you had sexual intercourse -with any other men?" -With any men. What was her response to that question? Your Honor, she said, "No."

Are you ready for this answer, -Ms. Banks? -[Anita] Yes, I am. -I'm ready. -Mr. Banks, are you ready? Yes, Your Honor.

[Judge Keith] What did the lie detector determine? Your Honor, the lie detector determined -she was being truthful. -[audience cheers] See? No, no. I don't want no hug now. -No, no, no. -Okay. [laughs]

-No, no, no, please let go. -[Selvin] I'm sorry, baby. No, you're not. You're not sorry. -I am sorry, I am. I really am. -You are not sorry, -you're not sorry. -[Selvin] I'm sorry.

Mr. Cutler asked me what we're gonna do with you all. I'm not sure. -[both laugh] -[Judge Dana] But I got -a few words for you. -Okay. [Judge Dana] One, you all are really cute. -You all are really cute. -Thank you. [chuckles softly]

-[Judge Dana] And-- -[all applaud] [Judge Keith] Not just cute, you know, vibrant. -Vibrant. Vital. -Vibrant. -[Selvin] Vibrant. Vibrant. -Yes, yes. So, here's some things, Mr. Banks,

-she's a good person. -She is a good person. [Judge Dana] So you have to start from the premise that good people tend to do good things. -Right. -And if you keep that in mind... -[audience applauding] -[Anita] Hmm. won't be worried about all this other stuff. -[Selvin] Right. -Yeah, because she's a vibrant, outgoing woman, that's what you liked about her. -Right, absolutely. -That's what attracted you -to her. -[Anita chuckles] So you can't use that -against her now... -Right. [Judge Keith] beat her over the head with it

-just because you think... -That is what he do. ...she might be cheating with somebody. -And Mr. Bond... -[Anthony] Yes, ma'am. some grace to your friend, Mr. Banks. Oh, yeah. No, I'm gonna give him some hard time on this, you know, he's gonna get it. -[indistinct chatter] -[Judge Dana] Okay. [laughs] Ms. Kozak, you all are dating,

this is your first significant relationship in some years, and you had a prior appearance in this court as an accused? [Lewers] Yes, Your Honor. But you fear issues of infidelity with Mr. Kozak are now appearing in your relationship. -[Lewers] Yes. -Tell us why you've opened -this case. -Okay, Your Honor.

So, I know that Will is cheating on me, you know. I've been here before. I've done this, all the tell-tale signs are there...

and, you know, I'm-- I'm praying that it's not true, 'cause I do love him. And I want to continue building this relationship. But I'm about to renew my lease, and I don't wanna make the mistake adding him to my contract if he's cheating on me. So, you guys have stuff at risk. -[Lewers] Yeah. -[audience applauding] Mr. Kozak, she says, you're cheating on her,

what do you have to say about that? I-- I'm here to prove that I'm not, and I'm being faithful. So you're, like, "This is not me." It's-- It's not me. I think she's paranoid, and she's worried for all the wrong reasons. Because her past relationships hurt her. -[Judge Dana] Got it. -And she says,

this is her first long-term relationship, so, you know, she is wanting this relationship to work out, she wants to believe that you're not cheating, but she says the warning signs are there, the tell-tale signs, because she has stood where you're standing right now. If she believed that-- that she wanted this to work, we wouldn't be here right now. All right. But you, Ms. Lewers say, you see the warning signs, you've been here and done that. Tell me, what warning signs you see? [Lewers] Okay, first, Your Honor. In the beginning of our relationship, we also were very intimate like, every day, multiple times a day.

-Oh, boy. [Lewers] Now all of a sudden, we lying in bed, he's turning away from me. And I'm, like...

you know, "Let's do something," and he's, like, "I'm tired, I'm not in the mood." I've started working a lot more, too. You know, from the beginning, too. And I didn't have this job from beginning. -[Judge Dana] Okay. -But now I got a new job.

I work more hours, and I'm-- I'm exhausted. And, you know, I don't always wanna come home and have sex with her. I'm sorry. You know, I'mma be tired, and I know I gotta-- I do things all day. Every day. Not just work, I got, -I got other priorities. -[Judge Keith] Okay. But, Mr. Kozak,

you know, the court papers indicate that you're 23 years old. Man, if you ain't doing it now, you ain't never gonna do it. [all laughing] [Judge Keith] I mean...

[Judge Dana] I mean, Ron, am I lie-- Am I wrong? -[Ron] Not lying. -[Judge Dana] Okay. [Judge Keith] Yeah. I mean, at 23, you should have boundless energy. Yeah, especially for that activity.

If you're not gonna have it at 23, you're not gonna have it at 53, -I can tell you. -[audience chuckling] -What? -Can you tell that we're 53? -[woman] Oh. -Oh, at 53, you know, you still have some energy, -don't get me wrong. -I'm-- I'm, like I-- -Okay. -I haven't missed a beat. I was, like, "What have I missed?" Okay.

All right. But-- There's a difference. You gotta put some extra work into it. -All right. -Yeah. That's why you work out, Mr. Cutler? Yeah, that's why I work out, you know, stay in shape, hit the treadmill.

You got to put some extra work into it. All right. Well, I appreciate it. At 23, it should come naturally. So, those are your warning signs, have you seen any, or do you have any evidence that supports that he's cheating actually? -Oh, yeah. Like... -All right. Tell me about that. time, when we finally were being intimate, he is on top of me, you know, we're getting into it, and I lean up... to go kiss on his neck, and here I see in the light, a hickey.

[audience exclaiming] Uh, you're sure it was a hickey? Oh, like, that's definitely what it looked like. [Judge Dana] Where was it? On his, like, shoulder, neck. Right here. Like on the collarbones?

[Lewers] Yeah. That's what I meant, collarbone. Okay. What-- did-- Go ahead, love. Are you-- Are you saying that's not where you put it? -I mean, what are you saying? -[Lewers] No. I know for a fact, it wasn't from me. We ain't had sex in weeks. -[Judge Dana] Oh. -[Judge Keith] Oh, okay.

And hickey don't last that long. -[Judge Dana] Oh, okay. -[Judge Keith] Okay, all right. Okay. All right. So do you have a demonstration

-about this hickey? -[Lewers] Yes. Ron, would you go help our litigate -with this demonstration? -[Ron] Yes, Your Honor. -[Judge Keith] Mr. Kozak, you know-- -[audience cheering] He's been working out. -Yeah-- Yeah. [chuckles] -[laughs]

[Judge Keith] That-- That vest covers a lot. So, where exactly did you see the hickey on Mr. Kozak? -[Lewers] Right exactly here. -[Kozak] Is that lipstick?

[Judge Dana] It was like that. Right there on the-- kind of like on the collarbone. -Yeah. -[Judge Keith] Yeah. -Mr. Kozak-- -Was it-- Wait, hold on. Was it a fresh hickey, or what? Did it look like it was fading? -What did it look like? -It looked fresh. Like, you know, how bruises are colored -like purple and stuff. -[Judge Dana] Yeah.

It looked like red. -[Judge Dana] Oh. -All right, Mr. Kozak. This incident happened right after I got off work, and-- and you know, I tried to explain to her, she wasn't accepting any answers. But, you know, it happened while I was at work, lifting a box. -You know, in and out a freezer. -What do you work?

Where you're getting hickeys while you're lifting boxes? It wasn't hickey, it was a bruise to my shoulder. [Judge Keith] Oh, okay. Because I'm left-handed, and I hold a box a different way. And it's-- and it's full of frozen products. -Yeah, and you were-- -And it was heavy.

You were working with no shirt on? No. And there was no tear on your shirt? -A box doesn't make a-- -But it bruised you that -bad, right? -A box doesn't make a tear in a shirt. -And you brought a box. -[Kozak] Mm-hmm.

Would you like to demonstrate -how you got this bruise... -[Kozak] Yes, I would. [Judge Keith] ...on your collarbone, that, you know, Ms. Lewers thinks is a hickey? I carry it like this. And so, I can see where I'm going, and I don't drop it, and I don't bump into anything -in the restaurant. -[Lewers] How you see past that?

But the problem is, the hickey's on the other side. See, she put it on your left side. [Lewers] Yeah. You can't even get your story in line. Well, her story is out of line then. Now, are you sure that -that was from the box? -I'm sure.

That's his story, Cutler. -He's sticking with it. -He's sticking to it. All right. Do you have any other reason to believe

that Mr. Kozak is cheating? Yes. The lying about work. -The lying about work. -[Lewers] So, in the beginning of our relationship, he worked, like, part-time hours, 30 hours a week -at the most. -Okay. [Lewers] Shortly after he had started working full-time hours plus some overtime, which is fine, no problem, more money. -[Judge Dana] Right. -So,

I get on our account, we have a shared account, bank account. And I checked it when he got paid, and the money didn't increase. -[Judge Dana] Huh. -[Lewers] So, I asked him about it, and he's like, "Oh, well, they're taking more taxes since I'm making more money." -Okay, I let that slide. -Which is reasonable. -Yeah, but-- -It's reasonable, but is it true? If I'm in the right tax bracket, it is reasonable, and it's true.

But that night, I had been cleaning the house... and had found his work bag, with his pay stubs in it. -[Judge Dana] Oh. -And these hours definitely we're not matching up with what he was claiming he was working.

So did you ever go and confirm that he's working when he says he's working, have you ever done that? Actually, when that happened, I had started sending my niece, Desree, to his work, to check up on him. [Judge Dana] Okay, and so, she-- Did she see him at work? That's what she claims. Mr. Kozak, I mean-- [Lewers] Because he needed some alone time. [Kozak] All these accusations and all the-- of her just thinking I'm cheating, it-- Honestly, I wanted to get away from her. I-- you know, she would drive me crazy and I-- I-- I couldn't stand it.

Coupled with everything else, I mean, you can understand why she thinks that you're keeping time with somebody else, right? Oh, I understand why, but, you know, it's not true. And she's even said she sent her niece up there, to see if you were at work. And I was there. And I called her out on it, too.

[audience exclaiming] What does your niece say about your relationship with Mr. Kozak. Oh, she absolutely agrees with me. She tells me that he's definitely cheating. You know, she knows the signs. She's been there. And she told me that I should leave him. Well, we have your side, your boyfriend's side, and we have your niece's side.

-She is here to testify. -[audience applauding] -How are you, Ms. Massey? -[Massey] I'm good, how are you? Good. Good. Now, you have been here, you were here before, -is that correct? -[Massey] Yes. And you were accusing your aunt of cheating...

with your boyfriend, is that correct? -[Massey] Correct. -All right. Let's go to the clip. I suspect that he is... cheating on me with my aunt. [audience gasping] -[Judge Dana] Your blood relative? -Blood relative. Why would you think that your aunt is sleeping with your boyfriend? Well, 'cause she's done it before.

So, how has your relationship with your aunt been since you left court? Since leaving court, me and Cassie's relationship was okay, I mean, it didn't really go back to the way it was, because, obviously, after leaving, um, here, they had both admitted to sleeping together. Um, now, when she admitted it finally, I had already broken up with him. So, I mean, I was-- I was hurt, but I was okay with it, because I knew he was trash anyway. -Um... -[audience laughing]

She still comes to me and confides in me with her problems and everything. Um. I just wouldn't say, it is what it was used to be. But you all grew up... if I remember, like sisters. -You all were very close. -[Massey] That is correct.

[Judge Dana] And she still sees you as a confidante, even though it may not be what it was, you all, I would still say, it sounds like, you still have a close relationship. Oh, yeah. At the end of the day, I'll always have her back, um, to an extent. [Judge Dana] Well, you know, your aunt has testified that you believe that Mr. Kozak is cheating on her. -That is correct. -[Judge Keith] All right. So, who do you believe he's cheating with? I'm gonna let him tell you guys that.

[audience exclaiming] -All right. -Mr. Kozak. I don't know what she's talking about. We have done a complete investigation to get to the bottom of this to find out the answers. At this time, the court would like to call former military interrogator, Lena Sisco, to find out, is he cheating? -Ron, would you bring her in? -[audience cheering] How are you, Ms. Sisco? I am well, Your Honor, how are you? [Judge Dana] I'm good. It's good to see you as always. -Thank you. -Tell us what you did

-to investigate this case. -So, I first had the accused write a witness statement, and I went through it, looking for any indicators of truthfulness and deception. And then, I studied their case files, and I put together an interview plan, and then, I interviewed Mr. Kozak

to see if he was cheating on Ms. Lewers. [Judge Dana] All right. Mr. Kozak...

you're looking down. You've got a weird smile on your face. Do you have something you need to tell this court...

and more importantly, Ms. Lewers. Yes, there is actually. [Judge Dana] All right. Last December, when me, you, and... Desree got drunk, and you passed out...

me and her had sex. [audience exclaiming] Okay. So, that's what we on. So, Mr. Kozak, are you saying

this was just a one-time thing, you're now confessing, -or what's going on? -[Kozak] No. Why are you smiling like it's funny? Well, I-- I got a hold of her a couple of days later, to see if it was just a one-time thing, and, you know, it was a re-incurring thing... and it happened more than once. So, you've been having sex -with her niece? -[Kozak] Yes, I have. -Since December? -Yes. Ms. Massey, is that true?

[Massey] That is completely true. I have receipts. -[Judge Dana] You have receipts? -I have proof. [woman exclaiming] -Oh. Oh, what-- -These are text messages

between who and who? Me and Mr. Kozak. All right. [Judge Keith] He wrote, "I can't wait for all this to come out, so we can finally be together. I hate acting like I'm happy. I just wanna be with you." -[Lewers] Wow. -[Judge Dana] "I know, baby boy, you just gotta get up the nerve to tell her, she's gonna be mad, but, oh, well."

[Judge Keith] "I'm gonna marry you one day." [audience exclaiming] -You wrote these? -[Kozak] Yes, I did. Well, wait, there's more. -[Judge Dana] "I love you." -[Judge Keith] "I love you more." [Judge Dana] "Hey, daddy. How was work?" [Judge Keith] "It was good, just wish I could have came home to you."

[Judge Dana] "One day, baby, one day." [Judge Keith] "I know, it can't come soon enough though." [man whistling] -[Judge Dana] Ms. Lewers... -That's crazy. I feel sick. [Judge Dana] I-- How-- I mean, this has to be a complete, utter shock to you. Oh, yeah. Like, I definitely, thought we were past this. Two years, you waited that long? And you hid it from me, and this is how you're gonna bring it out to me? Hey. I wanted to tell you forever ago.

He was the one that didn't wanna hurt you... -Okay. We're family. -...because, I mean... -You could have told me. -...I've been waiting to jump -on the opportunity to tell you. -We could have done this. Okay. Was this payback for what happened before?

-[Massey] No. -You're sure? I mean, it crossed my mind in the beginning, but, like I said, we both got drunk, and it-- and it-- and it happened. That was the first time, what about the second time, the third time, the fourth time, and all the other times? Sometimes, you just get addicted. -[audience groaning] -[man whistling] -I... -[Lewers] Okay.

So, Mr. Kozak, it wasn't work that was tiring you out, it was trying to juggle these two women, that's what was exhausting you. [Judge Dana] But what about when-- I mean, she's done it five times to me, why should I feel bad? So, it is a revenge thing? It was in the beginning, yes, but not now, no. So, you are testifying that you're in love -with Mr. Kozak? -I am. [Judge Dana] And you wanna be with him? We are gonna be together.

And Mr. Kozak, so, I guess, the hard question, the question dujuor . When you walk out of this courtroom, who you going home with? Oh, that's no question. -[Kozak] Desree. -[chuckles] You're going home with Ms. Massey?

-[Kozak] Yes, I am. -You got your stuff packed? -Yes, I do. -It'll be at your mom's before you get home. Half of its already at my house anyway. [audience cheering, applauding] This is-- This is bad. [Lewers] You know, I was done two years ago.

I thought we were over it, you know. Of course, you were, after you hurt me, over, and over, and over, and over again. Oh, because I did it intentionally? -[Massey] Oh, you... -Yeah, -I didn't feel bad... -...hold on, wait a minute. -[Lewers] ...for hurting you. -How do you accidentally sleep with your niece's boyfriend five times? Okay. And I understand that.

-I made my mistakes... -Okay... -...but I apologized. -...but I don't wanna hear that, "I didn't intentionally" thing. I was actually drunk. I actually made a mistake. I continued to do it

-because I wanted to. -Okay. I'm not claiming that that was a mistake. The first time it was a mistake, we shouldn't have continued it, but we fell in love, you can't help who you love.

-[Lewers] Okay. -The difference is, is you intentionally, sober, screwed five of my boyfriends, proceeded a relationship with two, one lasted almost five months. But, Ms. Massey, if you already know

what that feels like, you've done the same thing. And two wrongs don't make it right. I wanted to tell her after the first time. [audience applauding] I didn't, out of respect for him. You all are engaged. You've been together for three years.

But whether this relationship continues depends on the outcome of today's case, because you, Ms. Burries, have concerns about Mr. Mull's ex, -is that correct? -[Burries] Yes, Your Honor. [Judge Keith] All right. You've opened this case. Tell us what's at stake today.

Well, Your Honor, I feel like my family at stake. Um, Mr. Mull is the man of my dreams. I love him dearly. I... I just feel like he opened my eyes up to different adventures. But I feel like everything is at stake because I still feel like he's cheating on me with his ex.

[Mull] No, I'm not, your Honor. I love her so much, to the point that, like, I don't wanna do this, you know what I'm saying? Like, well, I works a lot. You know, I work two jobs. And I might, you know, have a little fun with my family, then come in late.

But I do-- I do love her, and I wanna take this relationship to another level. But in order for me to do that, I got to prove that I'm innocent of being-- uh, cheating, -so... -[Judge Keith] And that's what -you're here to prove today? -That's why I'm here today. Okay. So, Ms. Burries, what went wrong? You said you're concerned. What went wrong? It's to the point where I told him, "Okay, if you at your family member's house, if you-- wherever you at, you could stay there. Leave."

So, what happened when you told him, "Get gone"? -He left. -[audience gasps] All right, so how many days was he gone? Six months. After he left, he told me cheated. He admitted to it.

Like, after he left, though. And then this person that you got, that you say you cheated on me with, you got into a whole relationship with her. [Judge Dana] Did you tell her who you cheated with? No, ma'am. How did you put the two together? He told a family member and it got back to me. -[audience member laughs] -[Judge Dana] Is that correct? Yes. I'm definitely a changed man now. I just changed my life. You know I'm saying?

Back then, yeah, I did cheated, Your Honor. I did cheated but when we got back together, -you know, I changed. -No, you didn't. -[Judge Keith] So you got back together? -[Mull] I did. -No, you didn't. -Yes, I did. Okay, but you cheated on me again. [Judge Dana] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

-Okay. -All right, so Ms. Burries, the question of the day: why'd you take him back? -I love him. -[Judge Dana] Ooh-wee. -Why do you love him? -I mean, it's nothing that he can't do that don't make me smile. Yeah, we have our ups and our downs, but this is about the only thing right here.

This situation is the only thing that's actually affecting our relationship, no matter which way it comes. All right. So if you can resolve the issue between Mr. Mull and this ex, then everything would be great. Is that what you're saying?

Yes, Your Honor. I mean, I feel like he gives me life. I mean, my other family, yeah, they do everything. But it's something about him that makes me wanna be with him 'cause I know the type of guy he is.

So, what makes you think he's cheating right now? [Burries] Because when he did come back, he-- we was together for probably like two weeks. He started doing the same thing all over again, staying out late, still got the lock on his phone. So, he tell me he was one place and he never-- he don't be there. When I look-- when I got tired of it, I actually was like I'mma go to where I think he'll be at.

-Okay. -So, I went to the ex's house. And what did I see? I seen the car there -and he's inside. -[audience exclaims] [Judge Dana] What time of day is this? It's nighttime, like-- -[Mull] I just got out... -Like twelve, one, -maybe almost two o'clock. -In the morning?

-[Burries] Yes, ma'am. -What happened, Your Honor, I was at work. I got a phone call from my ex and told me to come over there once I get off work.

She got something to tell me. And I got there. We sat down and she told me that she was pregnant. And she thinks you're the daddy. -Everybody thinks you're the daddy-- -Yeah. -he the daddy. -[both judges] Yes? -Yes. -Ms. Burries,

what did you do at that point? So, I was like, "Have you had any sex-- have you had any sex with her now or then?" -He said, "No." -[Judge Dana] Okay. [Burries] But as soon as I get upstairs and have a conversation with her, she's telling me that they had sex that same night. She lied. She lied to get under her skin, Your Honor.

That was what she did. She lied to get under her skin. She know how to take care of her. That was the trigger. To me, it sounds like that she called your bluff. She's like, "Did you have sex with her?" "No, you go upstairs and ask her." You probably didn't think she was going, did you? -[woman laughs] -[Judge Keith] And she marched right up-- I knew she was about to go up there.

-[Judge Keith] She marched right on up there. -I knew what she was going upstairs for, your Honor. I already knew what she was going up there for. -[Judge Dana] What-- -I know this woman. I've been around this woman three years.

So I know-- I know what she thinking -before she think it. -[Burries] Yeah, right. So, she-- After she tells you, "Yeah, we had sex. We just had sex..." -[Burries] Mm. -What are you doing? What do you say to him?

I got upset, so I-- Basically, I left. -[Judge Dana] Okay. -I'm like-- I walked out. I was like, "Okay, I'm done with the situation." But not that long after, he wind up was like, he want to be with me.

He called me, he was like, "I wanna be with you. I don't wanna be with her. I'm just gonna be here for the baby. I'm just gonna try to make sure I be a good father to my child with her." Next thing I know, he comes back, I get a whole inbox -thinking it's him. -So, hold up. So he comes back. -You take him back? -[Burries] Yeah.

I'm thinking that it's an inbox from him, but it's an inbox from her, and it's all-- I'm thinking she finna say some words, but she didn't. -It was a whole sex video. -[audience gasps] That was something old, Your Honor. That's old. And I submitted it to the court. Okay. You submitted this to the court. And that's what we have here.

-All right. This... -Well... Do tell. -This is a video... -[Burries] And he's sitting there and says-- A very up-close video of a man and a woman having sex. [Burries] And he's sitting here and telling me all day, "That ain't me." But I know how your area look. It don't got to have a face to be a-- to know it's you.

Yeah, and this would give you a very up-close... -Yeah. -...view of what it looks like. [Judge Dana] You are the star of this video. [audience laughs] -[Judge Dana] Yes or no. -Most definitely he is. [Judge Dana] Yes or no? -Yes or no? -Yes, ma'am. -All right. -Okay, why are you hesitating

-to answer these questions? -You made the video, -not me! -That's an old video! -He's saying it's old, but-- -That's-- Stop bringing -something old to the table. -Okay, if it's-- if it's old... -[indistinct arguing] -[Judge Keith] Hold on. -...why would you tell me? -[gavel bangs] So, you're saying, "Yes, I made this video, yes, this is me in the video, but this video was made when we-- when I was with her six months before, not since I've been back with you." -Is that what you're trying to tell the court? -Yes, ma'am.

Okay. Were you intimate with her during this six-month period? -Which one-- I mean, which one? -[laughter] Let me do it this way. Let me clean it up. Let me clean it up. During that six-month period, the six months in question, were you being intimate with the ex and Ms. Burries? I was intimate with the ex and me and Ms. Burries were just talking.

So are you trying to say we wasn't having sex? No. -[Burries] So you won't-- you won't-- -Okay. I was just going over there fixing stuff -you wanted me to fix. -Oh, yeah, yeah, you right.

-You was fixing a lot of stuff. -[laughter] -You were. -You asked me to-- -You asked me to fix the pipe. -[indistinct arguing] [Judge Dana] Okay, were y'all together-- I guess you was doing pipes, too.

-[audience gasps] -What? What? -What did you say, Ms. Burries? -I guess he was do-- fixing pipes, too. -I was. -[audience cheers] Okay. But, Your Honors, while we been together still, they got a whole 'nother video that she sent me. -I blocked her on one page. -[Mull] What video?

She created a whole 'nother page. -[Judge Keith] Okay. -And I got a whole 'nother video. -I got that video, too. -She sent it to you? Yes. She created another page and sent it to me

right along with some pictures of her telling me I-- "Do you know where your man at?" [Judge Dana] Okay. -And you sub-- -[Burries] And I submitted that too. You submitted that to the court. [audience gasping] [Judge Keith] "My sexy Zaddy sleeping good."

That video took, like, four months ago. If it was four months ago, we got back together in March. So, I mean, I think we still in that little time frame. It wasn't in that time frame. This video is what she sent to you after he's come back to you and you've taken him back again.

Yes, sir. -Oh, boy. -And Mr. Mull, is your testimony that that's old and you're not still sleeping with the ex? I'm not sleeping with her. That's old. That's your testimony? That's what you're telling this court? Yup. That's my testimony. And I'm standing on it. [Judge Dana] Well, you know what, Mr. Cutler, there's her side, there's his side, and there's the ex's side and she is here.

-Ron, would you escort her in? -Yes, Your Honor. -All right. -[applause] We're gonna have you go straight up to the witness stand. -[Boddie] Hello. -[Judge Dana] Hi.

[Judge Keith] Good day, ma'am. How are you? [Boddie] I'm good. Would you state your name please, for the record? I'm Theresa Boddie. [Judge Keith] And Ms. Boddie, what is your relationship

to Mr. Mull? I'm his girlfriend. -You ain't his girlfriend. -[Judge Keith] His girlfriend. That ain't my girlfriend. -This is my woman right here. -[Judge Keith] Excuse me. Let me talk to Ms. Boddie, please.

You say girlfriend as in the current tense. Not ex-girlfriend. You're saying you are his girlfriend. Yes.

Ms. Boddie, how long have you two been a couple? -For about 11 months now. -[Judge Keith] Continuously? Uh, I would say off and on. About four months ago, me and Jermell got into it, and he left to stay with Davisha, just for...

-a place to stay, he say. -[Burries] Mm! So he's-- But he's not indicating to you that he is... In a relationship? No, not at all. Now, we've seen two videos, the one of him sleeping with you, and you had, "My Zaddy sleeping good." And then, we've seen this very intimate video. -[Judge Keith] Of sexual intercourse. -Mm-hm.

When were those videos made? A few months ago. [Judge Dana] Were they made during the time that you all-- when he was with you during that six months -or thereafter? -After. So they were made after he moved back in -with Ms. Burries? -[Boddie] Yes, Your Honor.

And let me ask you this. Why would you send those to her? I just want her to wake up and realize that Jermell is with me. He's just using this woman -and... -Using her for what? For what she has, you know what I'm saying? I work two jobs, I get my own money. That don't mean anything.

She's doing a lot for you and you're using her. And I just want her to wake up. I want another woman to do the same with me as well. Okay. But do you wanna be with him?

[audience exclaims] But do you want to be in a relationship with a man that you're saying and testifying is using people? Right. But the answer's yes, isn't it? Yes. -Ms. Burries... -[Boddie] When court's over, he's leaving with me. I just hate to tell you.

[audience gasping] [Judge Keith] You're confident about that? Ms. Burries, you look... broken. What is going through your mind as you listen to this testimony? I knew it was true. I want it confirmed. That's-- That's the whole thing, no matter where it came from. It was his side he was saying that it was a lie. It was her side saying it was true. I mean, how can you believe any one of them when both of them lying no matter which way it comes? But I sent you videos multiple times.

Baby, you can send me videos, but you just was telling me not that long ago that the video's old. Now you talking about, "It's new." Like, which one is it? I sent you two sets of videos. Mr. Mull, let me ask you point-blank, and I want you to look right at me, okay? No, look right at me.

Are you ready, right now, to come clean? It's out there. We would need it to hear from your mouth, from your lips, come clean right now. What is the truth? -That I'm not cheating. -[Judge Dana] You know what? We ain't got to play with this. We ain't got to play with this. There's a easy way to get to the truth.

This court has done a complete investigation. At this time, the court would like to call licensed and certified polygraph examiner, Dave Lawrence, to determine: is he cheating? Ron, bring him out. [audience cheering] [Judge Keith] Dave Lawrence.

[Lawrence] How are you, guys? [Judge Dana] How are you, Mr. Lawrence? [Dave] Just fine, ma'am. How are you? I'm great, I'm great. Mr. Lawrence, you have about 26 years in polygraph

examination and training. Is that correct? -[Dave] That's correct, ma'am. -You have trained other polygraph examiners so that they could become good at their jobs, -is that correct? -[Dave] I have. [Judge Dana] All right. Mr. Cutler. And so you conducted a polygraph examination of Mr. Mull, and you conducted what's called

a single theme test, is that correct? Yes, sir, we commonly call it the single-issue test. It is the most accurate and valid test and our standard today. So single-issue test for the single issue that we need to resolve today. [Dave] That's correct. All right, Mr. Mull. Your story's getting ready to be told. Do you wanna tell it?

Do you want Mr. Lawrence to tell it? Tell what? Ain't nothing to tell. [Judge Dana] All right. [Judge Keith] You asked Mr. Mull three questions. You asked Mr. Mull, "Since moving back in with Ms. Burries, have you had sexual intercourse

with Ms. Boddie?" You asked Mr. Mull, "Since you returned home to Ms. Burries, have you had sexual intercourse with Ms. Boddie?" You asked Mr. Mull, "Since returning to live

with Ms. Burries, have you had sexual intercourse with Ms. Boddie?" [Judge Dana] What was his response to those three questions? He said no to all three questions.

What did the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined on all three questions that he was being deceptive. -Man. -It's not news to anybody. It's not news to not a person sitting here. [scattered laughter] And let me ask you this, when was the last time -you had sex with Mr. Mull? -Last night. [audience gasps] Last night? -[Judge Keith] Was he with you last night? -Nope.

[audience gasps] -[Judge Keith] Ms. Burries... -[Judge Dana] Ms. Burries-- ...I can't imagine what kind of hurt and pain is behind that expression. Can you share with us what's going through your mind -right now? -I'm done. He can go home with her. [audience cheering] All right. It has been confirmed.

Ms. Burries, let me give you some thoughts. You don't have to put up with any old thing from any old body. Do you hear me? Because he's shown you who he is and what he is, and you're never gonna be number one in his life. [Judge Dana] Ms. Boddie, let me say this to you.

If you walk out with him, you didn't take home the prize, and if I were you, I wouldn't walk, I would run from him and find somebody who's worthy of you. [applause] [Judge Dana] This ain't it. This is not it. [Judge Keith] And Mr. Mull, you need to be truthful. No, Mr. Mull needs to get going. You-- No, he needs to be truthful.

You first need to be truthful with yourself. If you don't wanna be in a relationship, -don't be in one. -[Judge Dana] Be a man. Be a man, man up. Do your thing. Just don't hurt everybody else in the process. [Judge Dana] Leave a wake of destruction.

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