Transcontinental Qantas A330 | Australia's best domestic business suite | Melbourne to Perth

Transcontinental Qantas A330 | Australia's best domestic business suite | Melbourne to Perth

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Hi. My name's Adam. I'm at the Park Royal Hotel at  Melbourne Airport and today I'm going to be flying   across the continent to Perth … but not in a  typical narrow body 737 but in a wide-bodied A330   with Qantas in business class. So it's going to  be something special. Come along and find out what   the experience is like. In this video i'll show  you Melbourne's business lounge, our wide-body   aircraft and the business class cabin, the food  and drink on offer, the Great Australian Bight   and some mighty engine views and sounds. We begin  our journey at Australia's second busiest airport,  

23 kilometres northwest of Melbourne’s  CBD. The journey will take us across   the Great Australian Bight to the  capital of Western Australia, Perth. The scheduled flight time is four hours, noting  that the time zone in Perth is two hours behind   Melbourne. Staying at the Park Royal is great  for views of Melbourne airport's main runway.  

There's a covered walkway from  the hotel to the terminal. Business class passengers can use  the premium lane for check-in,   but today it's quicker to use a self-serve kiosk. After attaching your luggage tag,  you just need to use the bag drop. See you on the other side of the country! There's  also a premium security lane for business class   passengers although today the regular queue is  quite short anyway. Let's head to the lounge. There are two lounges here:  a Qantas Club on the right   and the business lounge on the  left. Only passengers travelling   in business class or frequent flyers with  platinum status can use the business lounge.

The business lounge was overhauled in 2018;   it has great tarmac views and is one  of Australia's best domestic lounges. There's plenty of seating options. I like to sit in the northwest corner  where you get the best views of the apron.

Breakfast options include fruit  salad and yogurt, eggs and bacon, Pastries and pancakes. As it's still  quite early, it's peak time for barista   made coffee. Thank you. I go for my  regular birch mueslI with a latte.   There are charging points but not very convenient  if you need to use your device while charging.   It's easy to keep an eye on your flight but  the staff will also make boarding announcements There's also a range of teas  and filtered water here.

That's my aircraft. It rolled  off the Airbus production line   in France in 2007. It's 15 years  old and is named King Valley. The bathrooms feature premium toiletries.

Time to head to the gate. The vast majority of Qantas domestic  flights are operated with their 737s   however they also utilise wide-body aircraft  for a number of their transcontinental flights   as well as on busy domestic routes  such as between Sydney and Melbourne. Qantas owns both the A330-200  and slightly longer A330-300.   The -300s are generally used exclusively on  international flights while the -200 variant,   which we'll be traveling on today, is used  on both domestic and international routes. Our plane will board from gate 11. This is our aircraft.

Announcement: "Hello everyone. Qantas flight 773 through to  Perth is now ready for premium boarding, we   invite our business class, platinum one, platinum  gold, and emerald and sapphire one world members   to board through the dedicated right hand channel.  General boarding will commence shortly. Just   make sure that you're wearing your face once  properly covering your mouth and your nose."

Qantas has a couple of different  configurations for the A330.   This one is used mostly on domestic flights. It  seats 28 passengers in business class and 243   in economy. Seating in business is in a  one two one layout. Today i'm in seat 4k. The seat features usb and  universal charging points   and the side console has space for  smaller items and a water bottle.

There's a 16 inch HD touch screen. The crew offers everyone still  or sparkling water before   pushback. There's plenty of  space in the overhead lockers. And cheers. Welcome on board flight QF773  through to Perth. There are individual air vents.   You must have your seat belt done up low and  tight during takeoff landing and whenever the   seat belt sign is on. The seat features  a shoulder belt like you'd find in a car. Make sure you only inflate your life  jacket after you leave the aircraft.  

Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is not  permitted anywhere on board. Qantas aircraft are   fitted with smoke detectors including the toilet.  Before takeoff, ensure your armrest is down,   your seat back is upright and your tray table  is stowed. One of the flight attendants asks me   to remove my GoPro from the window for takeoff,  so i'll film the footage handheld with my phone.

The ground crew holds up the steering bypass pin  for the captain, which means we're good to go. It's only a short taxI to the east  west runway we're using today. That chime on an Airbus after takeoff  indicates the landing gear is retracted. Today's flight is about 1470  nautical miles or 2700 kilometres. We ask that you remain in your seat  as much as possible for the duration   of the flight and please do not change seats.

This aircraft is fitted with  wi-fI but I couldn't get my iPhone   or iPad to connect. Thankfully there's  plenty of options on the IFE system.   After take off, the cabin crew come  around to take our drinks orders. There's a light under the  console and a reading lamp.

Over ear headphones are provided. The headphone  and power ports are conveniently located.   Here are the seat controls. The  seat has a partial recline mode   that you can use during takeoff and  landing. The seat can also go fully flat.   There's also back massage and lumbar  support buttons. There's loads of legroom. Captain: "My name is Dale Newman. In the flight deck today for our journey

across to Perth in Western Australia first officer Nicholas. Fom Melbourne now just passing the lovely city  of Hamilton fairly shortly on the right-hand side   Grampians mountain system, still a bit cloudy there today and shortly  there once again on the right-hand side as we take Currently 20 minutes past eight in the morning. One or two light bumps expected  about halfway but other than that   quite fine. That's all we have for you for the time being  from flight deck it's great to have you on board  

with us here today. Every time we'll leave you with Sandy and our great crew in the cabin for our journey across to Perth today." There's a second smaller business cabin  with six seats in front of the economy cabin. Let's check out the toilets  before my drink arrives. There's only one toilet on this A330 for  the business cabin whereas internationally   configured A330s are fitted with two toilets in  business. The toilet is clean, okay space wise   and has everything you need for  a four hour domestic flight.

The flight attendant poured my  drink while I was in the bathroom.   I wouldn't normally drink at 10am but hey, when in  business class. I know this is cliche, but cheers!   It's served with pretzels and almonds. You can also use this handheld  controller for the entertainment system.

There's a large and sturdy tray table in here. You can move it forward and back. I decide to watch the film The Eyes of Tammy Faye. The meal service starts just before 11am  Melbourne time. The options are beef lasagna,  

braised pork with vegetables, or a chicken breast  and quinoa salad. I go for the pork fillet. We're   also offered still or sparkling water or orange  juice. It's served with a slice of sourdough. I'll show you the dessert later. I've closed the window blinds so I  can see the entertainment screen. A few moments later. So I cleaned that up. Now  for dessert. It's a lamington with jam and cream.   I was going to order a latte but the crew  tell me that this is a converted aircraft and   is not fitted with a pod machine unlike  most other A330s, so I go for a tea instead.

We've now finished the meal service and it's  time to check out the other seat features. So this is in the full life flat position  but as this is a domestic flight there's   no pillows available so you might  need to bring something to sleep on   if you want to sleep. On international flights the  crew will also provide bedding materials such as a   mattress to go on here. There is a massage mode in  this seat position - it's a pretty gentle massage   but if you like that yeah why not. The Qantas  magazine and flight safety card are in here. There's also a light for the seat well.

Now there's not much left to do but  sit back, relax and watch my movie.   With about an hour to go, we make landfall. the crew come through offering icecream. It's a  

bit hard so I have to leave  it a bit before digging in. I’ve certainly had my calorie intake for the day. Another cool feature of this seat is the do not  disturb button, which makes your seat number glow   red. This lets the crew know you don't want to  be woken up for a meal service, for example.

These suites offer reasonable privacy,  particularly a seat like mine which is   closer to the window whereas some  seats are closer to the aisle. Captain: "Here once again we're just commencing our  descent into Perth at this time. We've got   around about 260 or so kilometres to go um. From  here, we'll be eventually towards the north   so positioning south of the airfield. Nice  views looking towards the south initially down   towards the area there you'll see the view of the  coast especially as we do that turn, landing towards   the north there and also the bigger views on the  left-hand side they're looking down the Swan River   out towards Perth. It's a fair day, you should be able  to see right there's the Rottnest Island too  

off the coast standing today. It's been our pleasure  having you aboard the aircraft today with us and as always we're looking forward to seeing you aboard another Qantas flight soon. We begin our descent with 27 minutes to go. So  how much is the fare? Fares in business class on   this route typically exceed $2000 Australian  dollars but I didn't pay anything like that.   I bought an economy class fare during a sale for  $221 Australian dollars. That was before Western  

Australia's borders had opened so there was low  demand. I used frequent flyer points to upgrade   to business class. It's a lot of points but I  think it's worth it for a journey of this length. But with borders open, more people  travelling and high fuel prices,   current economy flights on this  route will set you back about $330 or more. We're almost there.

This dam provides water for Perth. Welcome to Perth. We acknowledge  National Reconciliation Week and   pay our respect to the traditional  custodians of the local lands,   headquarters of our country we would also  like to pay our respects to Elders past,   present and emerging. The local time here in  Perth is approximately 11:48am. As the seat   belt sign is still on please remain seated with  your seat belt fastened. smoking and the use of  

e-cigarettes is not permitted while disembarking  or throughout the terminal and just a reminder   carry-on package may have lived in the overhead  lockers and could fall out so please take care. I think the QantasLink livery  really suits the airbus a320.   What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

We leave via the forward door. Flight  attendant: “Thank you, bye bye.” Here's a last look at our aircraft. Welcome to Perth, sometimes said to be the world's  most isolated capital city. The nearest big city,   Adelaide, is more than 2000 kilometres away. An  A330 from Sydney arrived just before us so it's   quite busy but as my luggage was tagged  priority, it comes out fairly quickly.   There are free rapid antigen tests available  here for interstate and overseas travellers.  

So here I am safely at Perth Airport.  It was a really enjoyable flight   and traveling in business class on a wide  body plane is a great way to travel across   the country. It's the first wide-body plane i've  traveled on since before the pandemic, so it was   a bit of a treat to travel in business class  and use points to upgrade. I would definitely   recommend it if you can snag yourself a seat  like that. I catch a TransPerth bus to the city.   I hope you enjoyed this video - if you  did, I'd be grateful if you can hit the   like button and subscribe so you don't  miss the next one. Hope to see you soon!

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