Trading Secrets Revealed !! | Ft. Rolf Having Over 10+ years of Trading Experience

Trading Secrets Revealed !! | Ft. Rolf  Having Over 10+ years of Trading Experience

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hello today on this channel we have an amazing reader with us who has been trading for the past 10 years and has been consistently profitable in his trading Journey he is also the co-founder of trade society and has assisted thousands of people all over the world and becoming profitable Traders today he has revealed his trading Journey strategy the Holy Grail of trading and a secret recipe for becoming a successful and consistently profitable Trader in this interview for those who are new to this channel on this channel we focus on providing real education techniques and strategies for Traders who are serious about their trading career I plan to upload many more videos to this Channel and bring on Amazing Traders all around the world to share their knowledge with you so make sure you like the video and subscribe to this channel now without any further Ado let's get started so what's up how have you been good yeah and thank you for having me yeah it's it's like I'm glad to have you I have already told you that I have really learned a lot from you I've also been in you know that Instagram lives you used to take before but I cannot really find your Instagram ID right now I'm not sure no I'm completely I'm completely off social media for for the most part okay like like a social detox plan to to come back so I found that it's in too much noise and I didn't like it so much so I decided to take a break of it initially and then I enjoyed it as much without it so I decided to stay okay okay no those sessions are really helpful for me and a lot of your viewers like must be missing those sessions but it's good you know like many times you feel that something's not right for you you should take it out of your life I guess right and now I'm very active on YouTube mostly so yeah that's where most times okay and that's that's really good okay so Rolf I have been following you and your videos for a very long long time now and I have seen your story and I know like the success you have achieved in Forex and trading as a whole so how about you share your story with our viewers so that they can know where you came from and what your story is like right yeah okay cool um so when I was 14 or 13 had my first job and I really started to like to make me on my own I was doing The Paperboy stuff and I really like to earn money back then so very early on um so this was before 2000 um I started getting involved in making websites and yeah back then you could make a decent amount of money um online and they were really fascinating and ever since then I I knew that I was never going to work for anybody else and I was always trying to work for myself and um then I was finishing my high school and I was thinking about what should I do with my life and I thought okay let's let's go to university I didn't want to get into a job and I felt that University was buying me some time and I was already started to get into Forex a little bit as well into trading so I thought okay I five years until I get my degree and I will just use the five years to put as much time into my trading into websites into all of that and see where it goes and then I was finishing my degree and um it was about time to get a job or do something else but obviously as a student was working as a student always next um besides my studies obviously you cannot save enough money to have a decent life find a trading account especially in Germany so I thought okay I will head off to in uh to to in Asia find a country where the living expenses are much much lower so I have more time to to pursue this dream so I kept funding my trading account growing it and started doing Adrien and trade society and then over time as everything grew I knew that I really didn't need to to get a job and this is not something that I could pursue for for indefinitely hopefully so yeah that's uh how I ended up uh here now eventually okay uh yeah you are in Thailand now right like somewhere a few years back I I knew that you were in Thailand because you used to post all those stories and all so right yes I've also heard that you have said at a many of times that you like to travel a lot right yeah yeah so how does it go for you how is traveling and trading for you is it like a deep like a dream came true or it is many people things it as it's very cool to travel and trade it looks very catchy right but is it that good uh it's tough what do you think about it is that good on uh it only looks that good on Instagram in reality it's uh it's very different and it's very difficult I would say because obviously as a Trader you need to be in front of your charts most of the time or at least a few hours every day and so it's not how you would generally travel when you're on holidays what I ended up doing is that I would pick a city and I would stay there for a few for a few weeks and so I was not forced to do all the sightseeing all the exploring in just a few days so I could um split the time between having a few days where I just work and then have the weekend off where I can explore things or go out on the evenings or mornings depending on the time for time zones that I'm trading SO trading and traveling is a very different from what people think it's it's still nice it's obviously um something that I wouldn't miss but it's uh yeah it's a lot of discipline I would say needs to get in that that you manage your time manage yourself and then it's doable yeah uh the same thing like actually happened with me I once decided to you know like travel and trade because I have seen a lot of people do that and I saw it on Instagram so it was very new thing to me and it was very good too like you know you can travel and trade but when I try to do that like my growth was completely like miserable I was not able to focus I think to travel to travel and trade it's not what you see on Instagram because it affects you mentally you are not that focused and focus is something that you need while today right so that's what it's glad to see that I'm not the only one uh struggling with that yes you're very organized yeah you need to have like a set schedule but I think um that's true for if you want to get into trading and you still have your nine to five it's the same thing applies uh you need to make sure that because you only have little amount of time maybe in the morning a little bit maybe in the evenings so that you know exactly at what time you're going to sit in front of your charts when you come home or before you work and then exactly know what are you going to do with that time because you don't want to waste it because you also probably want to spend time with your family with your kids you have hobbies with your friends so you really need to make sure that you really know when you have blocked out a trading time that you use it most effectively and so that's uh yeah it's the same whether you want to travel or whether you have a nine-to-five job at sports very uh yeah you need to have a good schedule and then discipline to follow the schedule yeah it is like discipline is the key right or you're in trading so yeah yes once I was watching your uh Instagram live a few years back when you were on Instagram I was watching your Instagram live so there were a few things that you gave a lot of uh importance like every weekend you used to put the stories of back testing and analyzing the total chart also about journaling or maintaining a journal so why do you think all of these things are important or why is it necessary all right yeah so um back testing for example I'm just doing a back testing session I've been doing it over the weekend and for me back testing the purpose of back testing for me is that trading can be very repetitive obviously it can be very boring and dialed because once you have a strategy you're just executing the same thing day in and day out and I am more of a creative person I need to have some creativity and some people look for or get the get their creativity outside of trading they play an instrument or they do some Arts but for me back testing brings this creativity a little bit back into the trading world so for example you think about okay how can I approach a new strategy what are the things the objectives that I want to achieve what are the tools that are there how can I combine different uh time frames different trading tools or systems that I can test what about different entries and exit strategies uh trade management approaches so they're very nice mental challenge as well so that is how I Define how back test fits into what I what I do yeah okay so you also like need to be prepared for what's coming on Monday right like so that you can back test on the weekends and then you can be prepared or for the new week that's up ahead correct yeah also it's like you also like uh mentioned about journaling like you used to maintain a journal and then put everything of those on the journal why do you think to maintain a journal is that important like how does it help a Trader you can ask that question or every of your viewers can ask it do you need a tutorial just ask yourself do you remember your last let's say five or ten trades and do you really remember every little detail about your trades was the entry got executed was it a bad entry to early too late was the trade management okay did you maybe mismanaged each trade could you have gotten about exit what was your stop-loss placement and if you obviously you know I so personally for me I don't remember every little detail about my last 10 trades and that shows you immediately the need for a trading Journey you need to have a place where you can record what you have done that you can learn from that and you can do more of the things that work you can find out the things that are not working for you you can find your unique personal weaknesses every Trader usually has those things that they keep repeating and repeating and it's costing them a lot of money and you need to have a place where you capture your trades it's also a tool for accountability um so it helps you accountable when you have to face the data and there's no way around around it you cannot sugar coat it the journal doesn't lie to you you see the data it shows you you have messed up and then it's up to you are you going to keep messing up or do you do something about it but the job is really it has many purposes but it needs to be a it's a sign that you take the trading uh serious enough yeah so would you see it it helps you be become a better Trader like it shows you the reality of what you are right now and it tells you what your mistakes are so that you can actually learn from it because do you think it's like that yes because I'm sure you know when you are about to take a trade and it doesn't look perfect but in your head you can always make it sound okay you can always find excuses why you should be a little bit too early you think oh the market is going to run away from me or you have lost and you just keep widening the stop loss a little bit you know you shouldn't be doing it but you think the market will turn around and one thing is um good about a trading journal when you keep that in mind you have to come back to your trading journal and enter this trade in your trading journal and what how is it going to look in your Journal if you know you have to enter for the 10th time that you have messed up and made a stupid mistake and you know you shouldn't have been out so as a Trader we are always sitting in front of our screens in our trading desks all by ourselves and that is uh it can be can be challenging then to improve or make the right decision because if it's only in our head it's all it sounds better than it is but if you have this place it's uh it's a little bit like somebody's looking over your shoulder holding you accountable and that is very important I think for Traders because it's such a lonely activity and that's helpful I completely agree with that from the time I started maintaining Journal I was actually able to look at my mistakes and this time I was able to actually find a way to solve them I feel like trading is something where you will do a lot of mistakes and the only way to go forward is to solve all of those like to find out a way to so that you don't do that mistakes again and I think that journal like maintaining a journal is a way to do salted uh also say yeah go ahead go ahead sorry there's a I have told the story on my YouTube but um a Trader sent me his journal and he said that Roth I am about to give up on trading I've been trading for two years and it's not working here if you want to take a look you can do it but I'm done with trading and I was looking into his tunnel and I found that there are there were two mistakes that he kept repeating and okay if you would exclude the traits that those two takes have in common he would have been a profitable Trader so I said just Trader and said hey I'm at the core there is profitable trading strategies so your trading strategy seems to be making money but those two things you keep repeating them and they put you in the red but he would stop those you would be a profitable Trader and the trader answered and he said he had no idea he didn't know that uh was actually the case he saw the strategy was losing and then he had new motivation to keep um keep trading and keep added so a journal is uh is really really so valuable on many different levels uh that's uh such an important Yes actually actually it is but you know you me like most of the Traders those are successful they know that maintaining a journal is essential and we even like yes tell our viewers to maintain a journal but why do you think it is so hard that they excuse it or they are not able to maintain it why do you think it is so hard about maintaining a journal I think the um a few different reasons I think the most well one reason is that that people don't take trading seriously enough it's just something that they think is maybe a way out and it's um they're not putting the time and they don't make it seriously however um I think that many teachers are not aware of the benefits that a journal can have so they don't see the point of actually journaling and then obviously it's a very dull activity you sit there with your Journal you type in the data and then you don't even know what you are actually getting out of it so I think that's a very very big mistake or a big issue if you don't know what the journal is going to give you uh then it's it's quite pointless obviously to do it and then you think you could be doing better stuff one of another very major point is that I think is that the conception of what it is to be a Trader all it takes is very screwed on skewed on social media is all about entries and strategies the marketing is only about that and it gives the import or it gives the impression that you just have to find a trading strategy and that's the solution however now obviously that's not the reality and you can have best trading straight and give it to a Trader who has not master the skills that are required to execute the trading strategy on good level then the best strategy is also going to lose money so I think it's very important that you overcome or get over this thing that you think okay I only need to find a strategy and then everything is solved and I'm going to make money so I think those are among the top reasons why journaling is oftenable intent yeah it's it's work and yes yeah that's true all those reasons I think something that stops most of the people from doing it but everyone should everyone watching this interview right now journaling is very important if you want to be really a professional Trader then you should maintain a journal I would like to ask you what are the things that you put in your Journal so that's why viewers can actually learn from it and they will know what to do when they maintain a journal so that they get to start the right way so I think in the beginning when you are a struggling Trader then and you have never done or had a journaling routine keep it very very simple uh make sure that it is it's doable it's not something that is going to take up hours and hours every day so you just want to get into the habit of journaling and at the beginning the most important thing the most bang for your bucket is where you see the biggest improvements in beginning you don't need to get into the Nitty Gritty should you set your stars a little bit further away or tighter should you manage this a little bit differently what you really and what I've I've looked at hundreds and hundreds of trading journals I've done dozens of YouTube videos about reviewing journals and what I found is that the struggling Traders what they need to make sure is that they get into this process oriented mindset so they just they look at their trade and they're judged by the process and you can ask yourself did you obey your trading entry routes did you obey your trading exit rules and did you obey your trading management rules and you need to have a trading strategy obviously so that you know okay what are my entry words what I'm looking for in a good trade and then you can just say yes I did adhere to the rules or no I didn't and you do that for your trade management and your strategy uh your exit as well and those three data points are very very good start for a trading journal so you ask is the entry good exit the management and then this is doable it takes not very long for every trade that you take but you get a lot of insights already into your trade what I would also recommend at that point just grab a screenshot of the trade so that you can come back to your trades I do that usually every um every weekend or every second weekend that I go through my last mixed trades and I just look at the level of execution they look very similar did I make a mistake and those are very very good starting points for maintaining a trading journal yeah that that's exceptional I would say and I've also like heard that you are the founder of edgewang like it is a trading journal it is a training Journal too right would you like to say like tell my viewers about that yes so um I studied Finance um in University and I was working in a corporate job and my my former boss was paying so much attention to numbers and numbers and numbers and this is where I started to really get a well I saw the importance of really knowing your numbers that you can then come back and analyze it and tracking and so on and um I was trading and working at the same time so I thought that's interesting um this should probably apply to trading as well so I started just very basically in Excel sheet track my data and um that was really really a big help already in the beginning and then I met Moritz who is my co-founder for H1 and he used to be a professional poker player and in Pokemon everybody is tracking their poker history everybody without exception um every every poker player does it and he brought this to trading as well when he transitioned from poker to Forex immediately he had it was natural for him that he was also recording his trading and so when I met him I had a trading journal he had a trading journal and we exchanged our journals and we combined them to make to look at what is he doing well well what am I doing well and we combine it to make a nice journal and that's how H1 started and now it's a it's a web based Journal we have been running it for I think five or six years and um yeah it's very customizable it works for every Market whether you're a swing Trader a day trader for every currency around the world whatever your uh you are in the world it works for you and we pay a lot of attention to this qualitative approach so tracking how disciplined are you how well are you respecting your rules um and so help you to learn and maintain good trading habits we're going away a little bit from this goal-oriented mindset where you only look at okay the trade is a winner I must have done something good the trade is loser I must have done something wrong but that's not the right way because obviously you can do everything right in trading and this trade still doesn't work out and that's uh you need to then look at the trade did I execute it well and that's uh that's a good way of going and then obviously later on you can go into the Nitty Gritty we have all the data everything else for you as well but the core is really this quality quantitative how well are you respecting your rules and that's big big part of schmunk as well yeah like it will be I think it would be very helpful for readers to directly have everything they just have to put the whatever they did on the day like their trees they have to enter the stop losses and everything they did while executing a trade and they can directly analyze from it so I think it would be very helpful to like maintain a journal like this big journal to directly shifting and like having everything in your laptop so right it makes a lot yeah and we that's yeah absolutely and a lot of Traders have those those notebooks um as well those Diaries but what I found is you don't get a lot of value out of it as you go back to the diary and really analyze it so we included a diary part in Edgemont as well so you can write down your notes you can tag it and that way you can combine the statistic analysis the process oriented rule-based analysis and also this diary component you have everything in there you can add screenshots to your trades so we really the goal of addreon is really that there's nothing else that you need you have everything about your trading in one place anything you need to know about your trading is is there as well that's amazing I would like really love to try it and I will try it sometime okay so now uh that was all about the journal right now there is this thing like this mentality if you you must have seen or observed this many new Traders what they do what they think is whenever they see a millionaire Trader for a successful Trader they think that they have some sort of a magical strategy like he must be using he's a millionaire he must be using this strategy or Holy Grail so what is your trading style all about what kind of trading strategy do you use so that our viewers know there's no Holy Grail there are strategies then you have to work so yeah so yeah unfortunately I don't have the Holy Grail I don't have a crystal ball but uh my trading style over the years has um become more and more simple I started with the indicators and all of those things and I still use indicators I think there's also a lot of misconception about them there's nothing wrong with it if you look at the best Traders Marty Schwartz the turtle Traders they're all used indicators so they definitely are very worth having I still use them I think um for strategy the strategy is not obviously it's important to have but what I've seen and I've mentored I don't know hundreds of Traders um over the years what I've seen is um you need to have the strategy right uh time frame context so the time frame choice is often overlooked people just ask you what is the best time frame but there are the quest the react question is what is the rest the best time frame for you because the time frame choice is very very very important because there are so many implications how long are you going to be in the trade or first of all how long do you have to wait for a trade if you're on the higher time frames and you are a swing Trader you have to wait for for days or hours at least and then once you're in the trade you have to hold it for a long time you may have to hold it over the weekend which not everybody likes have to hold it through news events which people don't like because there's another area of or a level of risk as well and so the time frame Choice when someone comes to us the time frame choice is something that is really really important and then that's why you put a strategy in there so for me basically what I do is I have a multi-time frame approach it's very basic the higher time frame um I look for the directional bias so on the time a higher time frame I look for what are the signals am I going to be long short oriented or neutral and then I will drop to the lower time frame and with some classical pattern analysis chart analysis um some price action I would just then determine or look for the entries into the direction that the higher time frame gave me okay so you like to combine the indicators plus some price action right you believe that indicators are essential and you can combine it with price action it all depends upon what time frame and what are you trying to do in the markets or what what are you trying to look for right right yes yes so one more thing I would like to ask is there are you know hundreds of strategies like indicators based and then price action and then there is Elliott wave and there are lots of strategies in the market so if someone is trying to get into Forex Trading or any kind of trading what do you think how do you suggest they should look for a strategy or a trading style yes I think this is very over overrated so a good Mentor if you have a trading mentor the mentor will help you take the strategy and adapt it to your own personal risk profile and needs and the way you look at charts and the specific strategy whether you use Elliott wave or a dungeon Channel or a moving average or no indicator at all that's I would say not I don't think it's irrelevant but it's not important um there has been those famous coin flip experiments I'm not sure if you have seen them where they flip a coin in the morning and the coin determines are you long short or whatever and then all the money was made by managing the trade and there was no entry system there was no strategy at all involved so that shows you really that strategy is very overrated and the failure rate of Traders is extremely high and I think one of those reasons is also that just traded put the wrong um well I put the focus on the wrong things so instead of stressing out about finding your best system and then you do system hopping just try to work on your skills find a strategy whatever it is when somebody comes to you for example you give them a strategy maybe and then you try to master yourself you try to apply the strategy in the right way you try to stop forming no Revenge trading and this way you can actually improve your trading skills much much faster whether you're making money or not um that is then the second question but first you need to earn those meta skills that it takes to become a a better Trader so don't worry it's I know it's very hard when Traders come to us it's super hard to convince or to not convince them but to show them that the strategy is second first of all you need to really make sure that whatever strategy you're using you can actually follow the the rules and the things so that's uh I know it's very unsatisfying answer for new Traders especially because you've only seen strategies at least that's it uh but yeah unfortunately that's not how it goes so find somebody who can really help you develop good training habits who is there for you and that is I think the right way to go about it yeah that's that's true YouTube and all the advertisement they have like you know made the new made it very hard for beginners because of all the ads they see and the cars behind a Trader with a laptop gold chains and all that that completely you know changed their mindset of how to look at trading they think of the first thing they think of is he has a Holy Grail strategy and that's how he had made that much but whatever you said that first you have to you know believe in yourself and you have to train yourself and secondly is like the second thing the first thing is to work on yourself so yeah because yeah again no matter how good the system is that you have if you cannot follow the rules then it just doesn't matter how good the system is yeah yeah uh also I would like to ask you uh there is point in someone's life or a teacher's life where he think that yes I have made it like there was a time in my life when I started to making 30 a year consistently for two years and I was like yes I have made it so what is that point in your life where you felt that yes I've made it like I've made it in trading I don't know um that's a very good question to be honest I still I still work probably much much more than I have to because there's always this feeling that because I've I've been trading for 14 years and I've seen many strategies come and go the markets are changing um and so I keep working much harder and I don't know if there's a there's a what really helped me and I talk a lot about this with Moritz as well about the mental side what really happened and by the way do you know Dr Van Tharp uh no like I may have heard about him but I don't really like yeah he was featured in the market with us he has been training and coaching one of the best traders that have been and he said that what you what is really going to help you build confidence is acquiring the skills so even if somebody takes everything away from you you have the skills to to make it all back and that's uh that was a really big shift for for my thinking where I was again I was going away from looking for the Holy Grail more and more and I was really putting a lot of energy and time and spend a lot of money on building myself really taking good care of myself investing in in courses we often go to well before all of this happened we often went to a seminar some other people we booked coaching sessions from other people to just always continuously work on yourself and I think I often say this to our students as well not many Traders will make it as a Trader but the time that you're spending now with this trading thing really make it worth it don't Focus only on charts and entries but try to find your own personal weaknesses build your strengths take good care for yourself read good books and all those things will help you even if you're not in trading anymore in 10 years there will still be very valuable and you don't you're not going to look at it as a waste of time so I don't think there's ever a time where I just say I think I've made it um I think you just grow your confidence grows when your skills grow and yeah but I don't know there's a single point where I could no that was a good answer actually that was a good answer because uh the thing you mentioned that you know there is a face where shifts his Focus from focusing on a Holy Grail to improving as a Trader like I think this is a phase like in every other Traders like Oliver tree like no matter what the who the trade Trader is this has happened to each one of them like it is it has happened to me and I've read a few books and even in that they have told about this that this shift is very common and this shift has happened with them too so I think that's a really good answer that which you gave I think this point came for or comes to a lot of people I think came from me you're gonna hit this point in your trading early on when you're not thinking about all of those meta skills and you just lose money and money and money and it becomes so painful and then there's this Crossroad where you're either gonna quit or you're going to ask yourself okay why hasn't this been working and how can I turn things around and then you or many Traders then start looking for for those things on how to take it seriously so this Crossroad is very very important and yeah that's that's it yeah exactly that Crossroad you need you know at that time and usually that is the time when many people quit but I think they should not because tough situations are meant to make you strong if you like if something broke you take it as a lesson and make yourself strong build a good character and do not quit because trading is a skill and skill requires a time and when you master it it stays for you for the entire life right it is going to reward you for being strong when you are struggling and then it will reward you by like for your entire life so that's really good so yes like you and me like you know we educate people about trading right but we have seen that trading is projected now as a scam to many people like many people believe that trading is a scam and most of the people they only lose money right because even if you ask anyone about create about trading they say that it is a scam like you will only lose money over there so why do you think like a lot of people that majority about 90 to 95 percent of people why do they lose in trading what do you think is the most important reason behind this wow there's so many um yeah so I'm not even sure where to say us just so many I think that not taking it seriously is just a big one many people believe or not believe many people approach it like it's it's a gambling thing and trading is really something that you're not gonna get rich soon um It's Gonna Take years and years and years and if you approach trading with this not even gambling but this um wrong expectations I always ask our students when they come to us ask them so what do you expect from your trading and having unrealistically high expectations is very detrimental because it leads to over leveraging it leads to over trading because you're going to see that you're not reaching your expectations um however it's also going to be very frustrating and it's going to eat up your mental Capital once you see that you don't realize your expectations so that's that's very very important it's it's important that you have this it's absolutely clear you're not gonna get rich in trading anytime soon it's going to take a lot and a lot of time it's going to be very painful um so this is not a quick way out for at any case so I think the wrong idea about trading is something that is probably at the at the very top um I think that I would say this is why Traders quit very very fast and then obviously if you stick around and then it's really about taking trading more seriously once you have accepted okay this is not gonna be quick then it's about really taking it seriously and really the time that you put in um needs to be spent in the right way as I've seen so many Traders they work nine to five they don't have much time they have a family their friends and their trading is very unstructured they just look at ads they find a few entries and then they log off and go about the evening however you need in in my students I'm not sure I'm never sugar coding it I tell them this is your time that you're spending to learn Forex this is the time that you could spend with your kids this is the time or this is the money that you earn that you're spending for your trading education just for your own sake really make that the time and the money that you spend is worth it so put in the time in your Journal put in the time in your watch list in your preparation in your trading plans and really approach it seriously just take it for your own sake not only not even me but make it for your own sake because Timely navigate the time so this taking it seriously is then the next step I think but I think the biggest step is those uh the wrong idea about what trading is and isn't yes like it's whatever you said is just true because you know in our business what most are trying to do is they are going to they are trying to sugarcoat trading with a lot of advertisement and thing even I see a few Brokers they do ads of like in in India whenever I open YouTube like there is this ad where a guy comes and he says that I have made this many millions in one or two weeks and I'm completely shocked like that is I think one of the main reason that is that actually influences one's mindset because they came into trading by something that was very very sugar coated right yes and it's it's very sad that we have this thing in our industry because this can be our trading can be blessing for a lot of people but this is something which is very wrong and it happens a lot yeah that's one of the main reasons I'm not on Instagram anymore I just I just couldn't take it anymore and I said okay this is enough is enough and yeah I just I just went away yeah you absolutely understand right yeah yeah Okay so uh now I won't take like much time of yours and I would like to ask you one final question and that is for all all of us watching you so if you would want to give one advice to all the big nut readers or all the viewers what would that be to you know be successful yeah one advice yeah yeah I just think what would be the the most valuable advice I think it's in line with what I've said first of all I really understand that this is going to be a quick way out that's going to have you already make the right decisions whether you are or whether you want to stay trading or not I see many Traders come and go for good reasons um and you need to make sure that you again I have we have trust that we mentored they have kids their families and they have jobs and trading something that is not just something they do because they love it as much it's really something that they have a lot of they put a lot of Hope in it so in this time that you're taking away from sitting with your kid and putting it into your trading you never get this back so really make sure that the time that you use for your trading is really spent on the right things it's not about hunting in forums for the next strategy it's not finding a new indicator it's not flipping to time frames endlessly and find the best thing it's not about my uh 10x in your account by the end of the month it's really developing good trading habits I think that's the processes the good habits building the skills they will help you in other areas of your life as well and that's really where you see the power once you are able to discipline maybe outside of your trading then you can apply inside of your trading as well so really focus on those meta skills I think is very very important and not only inside of trading but outside of your trading as well yeah well said that would be a very good advice to all our viewers so finally I would like really thank you to be in the first ever interview that we are having on our Channel and it has been a privilege for me to have you here and it was really fun your questions are very nice so yeah I really thank you so much thank you so much that you like all those questions I really like

2022-11-02 20:26

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