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Hi , OK, friends, so before entering the video, I will give an example first. How is my habit in the trading world, so I never stay in the market for long, it's only five minutes apart? Let me give an example of my habits in the market. friends, the market focuses on market analysis, candlestick information, can't be executed. Bay Here Hi, so we can Exception by, so it's my habit in the trading world, yes, that figure and one kill shot is a big risk, so I never take too long The open positions have finished living at WD, all with the hotel capital, so friends Hi because when humans are focused Uh, how about human focus, it's good in the beginning we still open the market first, not the market, it's human focus is good that's really compared to playing until he's over 20 minutes it's not good, friends, so hey hey hey hey profit pellets or not hey hey hey hey hi it's different, friends, so let's go straight to the video, don't forget to click the subscribe button, activate the notification bell, friends, don't miss what I share in each of my videos and forget to click like share whatever it is please comment and make friends who want to participate plus education on how to read Gmail steak a la trader in the Flower City, click on the telegram link below Hi, enjoy the in Indonesia Hi friends, so here I will share what I have experienced like that Yes, so hopefully this video is useful for friends, I will share how we can become Solo Traders to make trading for living it's like so we will discuss it right away Okay, so the first one is Menthol, auntie [ __ ] because friends when friends take an education to make friends able to credit so as much as possible find a mentor who really educates friends Al-mentally , the correct education is that the class doesn't have any grades, so we only pay once, my friends have received my education, so it's really full of education, you only pay once. -friends get an education class that has a class level, especially when you enter that class level, pay for the class level, pay for it, leave it friends, don't spend your money to pay for education like that, friends, so the solution is to find a mentor who really it's right to educate, friends, you can check first before joining the education, friends, check with members who have followed the education and until your money runs out in the mentor's education class, that's how it is, so don't ever study on YouTube Don't just learn on YouTube friends, because YouTube is 100% there is no channel that discusses trading and Hi everyone, the totality is really shared fish for free on YouTube, I don't have tons of friends because I personally like that because on YouTube it's not necessarily people who really want to learn, there are also people who are looking for knowledge to sell and buy back, so don't ever study only at YouTube with YouTube is not a solution for learning, friends, you won't get full knowledge on YouTube like that, friends.

Hey, for the second one, my friends, choose a broker that is comfortable for you, so friends, don't choose this broker instead because following other people, other people happen here, you don't have to join in, you have to trade there too, so look for a Broker who is really comfortable with friends, so when you find binary options or on Forex, you 're still looking for a comfortable broker that's safe because I guarantee that there is no truly honest Broker there must be a game from every broker so whether it's complicated wedd Aldo is lost Oh channel manipulation there must be friends so choose Br a comfortable and safe broker, friends, don't let it happen because you follow the trend, your friends are joining in at 1broker. Hi, take advantage of a good broker. Well, at least you convinced Nagita, so there are rarely cases of losing balance or how difficult it is for WD, so look for a broker who It's really safe. Now for those who are bitter, my friends, so here we will discuss how to learn, before friends make trading for living, these friends really have to learn how friends must understand each candlestick that has information. where so each channel brings information, friends, that friends have to study so that friends will know in the future where the price will go So don't study candlesticks because it's just the nature of the law, PDF is the fate of one candlestick pattern, just like that So it's not like that, friends, in a week, Fortune has information when the body is real, but there's more the characters are friends, so it's not just the green channel following the long axis, so it's not just like that, there's character because the channel has a body and the body axis is the strength of the price, that axis is the direction of the price, so the bigger or smaller the body, it means different things, friends. friends, so please study it, friends, to understand where the price will go in the future. So it's not just the information

in each PDF, only the red genetic body is the information, so it's genetic information. Now it follows the Porsche Karejo body, really, so it's not just like that . Please study again. How do I actually read the kennel specifications , a few characters that you really really have to read, well, then there's a way, my friends. Most of what I have noticed, of course, is that from my personal members, there are also those who often copy coffee. That 's careless, so we still have something to open the baby waiting for the lowest point to reach the cellphone Wait for the highest point so that's it. Please fix it, friends, because it avoids the risk called Sleding Tackle

or Loss thin because the effect of Sleding Tackle or Loss is very big, friends, psychology, friends, can be destroyed there because compared to us, Loss is far away That's from our open pose, we already know that we will be there, yes, when we lose thin or go to Sleding, our mentality is really destroyed, there we get emotional up . what is good and right is like and to keep doing things like that stay away from risk because this trading has a high risk Hi so it's difficult maybe learning how to read Celtic properly and correctly and also learn how to open positions Now for useful information Next, friends, these are traders' mistakes, so the goal is that we want to be able to be solo traders as well others can credit themselves, right. But here, there are still a lot of friends who often take part in trabars. If you join Raban , it's not wrong, but it's at your own risk, because if it was still the Aviator era, the goal was Kandilo Sin so they could buy it. luxury becomes a habit of training

, it has a bad effect, my friends, I can trade, if the mentor is not good, it doesn't mean that the trade is profitable, so what's more, the news is that friends can blame the mentor, even though there is also Menthol who really ... It's true, I want to guide the trabar, it can be the profit, but the result is Loss, friends, it can also have a negative effect, so the confidence of friends in the trading world reduces reducing thinning, which eventually disappears, so my friends think that friends can't trade so please avoid the greatest name, don't get used to the greatest, learn kelsri What if the mentality has stopped g it's educating friends that you can't trade like that. So don't ever trade, it's better to study candlesticks, study genetic information so that friends can become solo traders. If it's a matter of traders, yes, traders want to trade anytime, no need to

wait for a mentor, no need to waiting for other people to guide us in trading, it's like that, friends. Now Hi, here's another mistake, friends, friends, friends, friends are used to saving balances in securities accounts, what effect does this have when friends are PD First of all, friends, profit, profit, close the market, my thoughts are because there is a balance, this is what my friends do, most of my friends are itching to go to market, little by little, yes, the brain is market market market go so must get profit today profit.pdf like that friends so get used to the balance Now if friends it's better we deposit WD deposit WD the better system Yes, it's like that , friends, when you open the market for fun, there is no rail balance that will itch. But when friends, for fun, open the market, there is a real count, there is a balance . it's itchy once again to return to the previous loss, friends , the factor that causes Mr. friends, it still hasn't worked, so in the trading world, get used to Ariel's balance being zero, even for learning, friends, you have to use your session, usually I teach members, namely one the session is a maximum of two times Open the position as much as possible, profit both as much as possible in one series, it is a maximum of 10 minutes, friends use this 10 minutes for two open positions, so one day it can be 3C up to five sessions at that time there are 24 hours 24 hours we are looking for four sessions or three sides or 5cc of kroto substance to win, the important thing is that one session is a maximum of two times Open position, don't be more friends, it's to maintain peace Our habit is to maintain our psychology, our focus is there, friends , for friends too. How do you follow the pattern of these two sessions, friends, it can seem like one time, 14022, this session can be chosen or it can be Rp. 14,400, the expert, how about 14,000

later ? profit, then proceed to the second Open, quite a better system because our focus is still good, so don't ever stay too long in the market, don't map, ever force yourself to spend all day in the market, our lives are sitting in the real world, friends, OK, OK, so the car It's dangerous, my friends, it's psychology. Andimarket, be careful, follow it. It doesn't take long . We practice regularly, even if it's for a while, but the effect is more pronounced than that one day. in the market, the last one in this learning session, my friends are prohibited from constantly looking at the balance a little profit, yes the balance little by little profit, look at the balance, so friends forget the information that has been analyzed, so practicing is 2 of 2 even if that position does have to focus on market focus on the channel stick, friends , you have to focus on the information you get Because we just need to live a friend's benchmark Now, I was with us. We need a benchmark, so we really focus on the information market, which we will pursue. Confirmation for the Open position, this information is a benchmark for the place

. If you don't have a benchmark for the OP, you can just guess I see , maybe there are a lot of cellphones, but when friends have a benchmark, friends are the focus, friends. Wow, this is my benchmark. The information is here, so friends, all you have to do is look for confirmation . and confirm that you are asleep, friends, because we are here to analyze the market , we can't order or order when we are well informed the next minute we have to kenosis the scanner stick is green, can't we friends, we can only analyze it, analyze it by looking for information, continue to look for confirmation, we have received information and confirmation, we can execute it. the last solution, my friends, how do you make us solo traders? At least we want to make surround for living, tap to find and to earn income for everyday life, because right now looking for work is difficult, so in this trading Friends, yes, it's possible to earn kitchen money or cigarette money . It's really possible to get rich quick. I don't think so, my friends, I'm not sure that this tradition can get rich quick unless you become an activator . - Gradually, my friends have mastered the market and can make money looking for er, friends, so the solution, friends, study well, learn slowly, don't ever push yourself, because this trading requires patience, friends, what is being tested is patience. Because after we get confirmation information, we need patience to find the right point. ideal woman, we also use this patience to wait for that moment, because

in this market there is an aggressive market as well as an aggressive market, this is dangerous, so even that patience we can use to look for moments that are indeed personal golden moments, friends, once again open the position a maximum of two sessions, a maximum of two Opens in one session, no more, I underline no more than two Open positions in one session, a maximum of 10 minutes , get used to it and one more time, don't practice all the time. Look at the balance. Open once, see the balance of the disbursement of the balance. focus twice Open a position in the market because when you make a profit, it's clear the balance will increase uti increases when friends Loss balance will decrease so Deck Later on like that he always waits when friends are already focused on the market so I'm focusing really looking for information and confirmation because the balance will follow me Remind me again that's right Yes that's right anyway, don't forget to also avoid saving balances in delcon because the invoices, friends, can be itchy, plus I'm afraid because this broker must have been cheating, just reduce balances or lose balances Open somewhere but there must be something like that Hi, so the solution is to practice regularly not for a long time in the market twice Open position one session 1 cc eh in 10 minutes it happens a day can we take this mal3 Cecil ah one day after that another one for friends, so specifically for users on your number , what can you use? Menu In a tournament like that, the tournament facilities provided by Binomo Deposit Tsunami are like we are like friends when our balance runs out, OK? I can't continue anymore, so here for this tournament the effect is good, besides sharpening your analysis, friends. We can also get real balance results, even though the amount depends on our position, but the effect is to sharpen the analysis and we can get a sticky relaxed balance. that used to be friends, what was my experience in making trading for

living like the way to practice, the solution was to find a mentor, so maybe that's enough for the first time . what videos that I always share on my YouTube channel, don't forget to comment what requests and what to do , friends, sorry, don't forget to request in the comments column, what else should I make for friends, okay, maybe that's enough for now, assalamualaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh Hey butterfly

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