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Hello, everybody. Happy Thursday and happy Cinco the Mayo. Whoo. Cheers. Happy Cinco the Mayo. So, we are so excited here to come to you guys today. I'm not going to wear this hat this entire time and and and Janice, you will be drinking the whole time because you know, we do have a really good training ahead of us here today. So, we're so excited to

be with you guys today. Let me take off the silly hat but you know, hopefully, you guys are enjoying your Cinco the Mayo and you know, this is so perfect because it it lines with this upcoming trip to Cancun. Janice, how excited are you about this upcoming trip to Cancun? extremely excited. I mean, especially after, you know, recently getting back from the Hawaii incentive trip.

I definitely want to be in Cancun. It's it's a do not miss. You now, because that was your first trip, right? Now, you got the opportunity, the taste of what it's like to to be in an all-inclusive Avon destination trip. So, awesome, right? So, hey, before we get started. Unbelievable. Unbelievable, right? Are we live? Are we good on the team page? Yeah, we are. We are. I

just good. We're good there. Uh if you catch us today live, let us know that you're on, where you're coming from. If you catch us later, see who and and where you're coming from. Um but we are excited today. Um we have Candy Kincaid, Manning the Questions and Comment. So she's going to be on there. And I've

got excuse me. Janice here today with me live to go through the slides and let's get started. Right Janice? You ready to get started? I'm ready Let's do this. Great. Alright. So, we want to talk to you guys today about strategies to invest and promote your Avon business. Again, my name is Natasha Leitner. I've got my trusted sidekick, Janice here on the screen and our other one, Manning the the comments, Candy Kincaid. Thanks again for

joining us. We are Team Hello Beautiful and we are excited to share these great strategies with you. Um if you are catching this also on YouTube replay so we know that you joined us. Alright, well, let's get started. So, you know, we wanted to talk to you guys today about how, you know, strategies and how to invest in your business Um and you know, welcome everybody. We're so glad you could join us. Um

these are the topics we're going to cover today. How to invest in your business, the strategies to increase your sales through investing, actual examples that we have put together or have used ourselves on how you use your investments. We're going to talk about convention and you'll know why by the end of this, why it's so important to be there. and then we'll do a quick recap. So, let's get started. So, the first thing I

wanted to talk about with you guys today is how to invest in your business to grow, okay? The the biggest thing here is, you know, growing your business and learning about ways to invest in it but before I do, I think it's really important to kind of call out that, you know, Avon, the beauty of this business, is that it actually requires literal to no upfront investments to get it. That's what I love about this business is that you can literally sign up for free right now. There are no cost to you. There's no

website fees. You know, you get online tools. Um you have free online digital brochures. Uh we

have just in time ordering and there's no investment required in inventory to get your business started. That is the beauty of this business and the reason why I'm sharing this with you guys today is that you can start your business no money, you know, invested in it, but as you want to build your business, you want to start thinking about ways that you can invest in your business wisely, through Avon in other ways, so that you can grow it. So, let's get on to that, and let me show you when to invest in your business. So, there's a few ways that you can invest in your business, and these are really four great opportunities. First of all,

when you are promoting your brand through demo opportunity news. Um I'm going to go through in this a little bit more detail in a little bit but you want to be a walking, talking billboard, and that's simply by using the products. You have the opportunity as I'm showing you today and same with Janice. Um we are wearing the clothes. We buy the clothes to try them out. So, we have that

testimony and guess what? It sells. Um this is an investment though. I'm investing in the product before it becomes available so that I can it and share it with my customers. Um you want to capitalize on those special offers that Avon has because those are high awards, low cost, and great values. And

we're going to go through what those are exactly. But you really want to be thinking about how can you increase your award sales if you're working towards a goal. At a really great value. And then how you

can use that to then promote to your customers. Um and then make that extra income that you're looking for. Um this is a really great time to invest when you are for vendor events or let's say you're having an in-home party or doing some kind of event, this is the time to identify those opportunities and when to invest in Grab products to support those events when they are, again, high award value, low cost, great value. It's such a great time to invest in your business. Finally, investing in your team and your customer base. How many of you out there, you know, do customer or team incentives? Investing in your business is such great opportunity. Again, you're

building award sales and you're coming up with that strategy to reward your customers and your teams through some kind of incentive and we're going to again show you examples of all of these but these are really great times to invest in your business. So, it's really important that you guys are familiar with what the what's new is. Oftentimes, you might hear us say things like demo the product. We might throw out the word what's new but I wanted to really walk through what this this tool actually is. Um but before I share, you

know, about the tool. I think it's really important to call out that sharing your personal testimonies with your customers and out there on social media, that is the key to success in this business. Simply by using the products, sharing those, I mean, sharing your testimonies, what you love, your favorite products with your customer, that's going to not only gain the momentum but the excitement. If you are excited about something, guess what? Your customers going to be excited too. And what's really great about the what's new tool, it's, you know, something that you will get in your packages, when you place an order, you can also find these digitally online, is demoing out of the what's new, is, you know, that you have that opportunity to, as a representative, get products, two campaigns in advance of when they get released, so that you cannot only try the product, but you have the to share that. So, here are some

of the really big key things about demoing and having those opportunities. Demo opportunities are only for you as the representative. So, if you are a junkie like me, a skincare junkie, I love getting access to skin care in advance, not only because I want to try it but I know if I try that product, I have the opportunity, almost a month in advance to to get it all hyped up and share that my customers.

But guess what? You usually get a really good value in terms of buying these in advance. You always will get your Avon discount, you know, whatever your commission rate is. So, there's that high value and high reward. Um you are going to have opportunities to pre-invest in bundles, free gifts. This is a great way. Again, to invest in your business because you have the opportunity to get these in your hands and then start thinking about that strategy on how you're going to share that it, sell it. You're going to have access to the products as I'd mentioned, two campaigns in advance. So, for example, you

can see the what's new here. It says, campaign thirteen. Campaign eleven, which we're in right this moment, you can order these what's new items in advance. I have already done that. I've I've picked up my skincare, my my new Estinoxanu Solar. I mean, this stuff's going to be amazing and a great time to be promoting it in advance. Now, The final thing I

just really want to share is, you know, you gotta be that walking, talking billboard, and if you use these exclusive previews, it's such a great way to share by wearing it, by promoting it, by trying it, and giving your testimony, that's what's going to really get you out there, and by sharing the buzz, I would say, get the, get the buzz out there, people get excited when you're excited. So, this is such an important tool that Avon offers, and I really hope that you guys will go in there. All you gotta do is get on to Avon. com and if you go under the digital catalog, you'll have access to all the what's news. Okay. So,

next, we want to kind of talk about here real quickly is capitalizing on special offers through Avon. You know, Avon offers so many different tools and opportunities that will help you when you want to start thinking about investing in your business. It's that high value, high reward sales through these following opportunities. So, as I just

mentioned to you about the what's new, the what's new often times has these new bundle deal offers. Um it's such a great way again to create the buzz with the customer and offering that presale. If you look to the the right here on the slide, you can see that one of the bundles that are being offered right now is the whole Skin skin so soft bug guard bundle. You're going to simply by purchasing one of these bundles, not only are you going to get a lot of great products for a really good deal but you're going to get all these add-ons and how can use these add-ons to share with your customers. Maybe it's

a free gift. Um you know, doing some social media and showing it off but this is such a great deal. So, this is that opportunity. It's such a great opportunity. Let's say for example, you have an upcoming vendor event and Buggard is a big seller for you. This would be the time to invest in your business and stock up on these bundles so that you have them and you're ready to go for your vendor event. Oftentimes too, I

think it's great. You know what getting one for you and one for your customer. you always want to be trying these great products and these are great deals for you. Remember, you

know, as an Avon representative, you have such a great opportunity to Avonize yourself and in your home, you have the opportunity to get these great products for yourself, not just for your customers. Um another really great opportunity that Avon offers is the live shopping events. How many of you guys out there have been on these live shopping events? They are fun educating. They really

build that excitement but guess what the best part of it is? Is that there's always a great gift with purchase. Now, even as a representative, you have that same opportunity, okay, to get that same offer that your customers do. So, these lives, if you're not familiar with it, Avon, every couple weeks, we'll do a live and the customers can go and learn about the products. There's always a theme and with that in a twenty-four hour period, there are special codes that the customer can take advantage of and they usually come with a lot of really great valued products but guess what? You as the representative can also get these codes and use them for yourself just by just by putting them in at the checkout right here on Avon. com. So, what's great is, if let's say you're ready to put your order in, you're going to be able to get a lot of great free products that you could use. Again, promote giveaways, gifts, lots of opportunities.

So, make sure you're checking those out and you may remember, when those codes come out, they only are good for 24 hours. Finally, convention bundles. I hope all of you out there have signed up to be either in person or virtually but what I love about the convention is it is the biggest, most amazing opportunity of the year but what happens when you're out there, you get exclusive opportunities to buy special offers and deals for these amazing, I would say, like, they're, they're valued, high, high value, low cost bundles and these bundles, you know, are going to help you get ready for the fourth quarter, maybe get you to that goal, you're looking to get to Cancun, President's Club. It's such a

great way to invest in your business. So, get ready, guys. If you're going to convention, you're going to have a special opportunity to invest in yourself and your business and you want to be Prepared. So, start saving that money, put it aside because this is going to be a great opportunity. Get new

product exposure and get ready to go big in the fourth quarter. Okay. So, I like to make sure that I kind of go through this when we talk about investing 'cuz investing means you investing in your business, okay? That means investing money into the products and opportunities. So, the one thing I, you know, I'd like to make sure that you guys are really thinking about is that investing in the right times can help you grow in your business. You want to really be

thinking strategically about when you need to invest in your business. You know, we talked about all those opportunities and we're going to go into them even in more detail next but when should you be investing? You know, when is it the right time? Maybe it's the products that are out and you want to invest in them. Maybe it's a an event but you really want to be doing it at the right time.

This is super, super important, but you gotta know your budget. Do not spend more than you have to give and remember, you have to be willing to invest in your your business in order for it to grow. So, when it comes to investing in products, be sure you have a solid strategy on how you're going to use them 'cuz if you're just investing in your business but you're not, you don't have a plan, you're just going to have products sitting in your, in your office and not know what to do with them. So, always

have a plan. Remember, we're in the business to sell products and not carry that inventory of products. So, investing is a great tool. If you use it properly. So, I hope when, you know, the end of this, you know, this meeting today, you're going to really know what and when to do it. Finally, this is your business.

You know, the beauty of this business is that we can all do it in the ways that work for us. But remember, only invest in product you know you will use or have a strategy to sell to your customers. So, with that being said, I'm going to hand off to Janice today and she's going to talk about strategies to increase the sales through investing. So, Janice, go for it. Thanks,

Natasha. So, benefits of investing, some of the ways that you can utilize your investments Is, you know, for these vendor events or open houses, if you're doing a vendor event, look for products that are on sale. So, you know, plan ahead. Um you usually know that your event is out in the future. So, be looking at the what's new or you know, for special bundle deals so that you have items to have at these events. Um also, you know, if you're investing wisely, you can create customer loyalty and by that, I mean, you know, invest in those special deals or bundles and them to your VIP customers but not only that, you can even offer 'em to your new customers if they, you know, give a first-time order, give them a free product, and that's going to create customer loyalty. They're going to

want to come back to you and order, order again because they know that they're getting something besides just you selling them products and then, it's good to have items on hand especially if somebody needs something quickly and by then, mean, you know, if you have a lot of local customers and they know that you always carry, for instance, like the Bug Guard. I know during the summertime, I had customers reaching out to me, you know, I'm going up north this weekend. Um do you, you know, I don't have time to order Bug Guard. Do you have any on hand? So, you know, take advantage of those special promotions like Natasha mentioned, we have the Bug Guard bundles right now. You know, maybe you want to get a couple of those so that you have that those items on hand when your customers request that and then they know that you always have that for them to reach out to you and then, investing in seasonal products that you know your customer will want. So, you know, I just

started last May but I had my first holiday, the Christmas holiday with Avon and everybody, I mean, those products are in high demand. The you know, special holiday items that you put out for for Christmas and also just, you know, they have slippers, things like that, ornaments, you know, your customers want those a lot of times for gifts and they sell out really quickly and so, instead of having a disappointed customer because that item is no longer available, perhaps you want to, you know, purchase a few extras on hand and then, that way, you have a happy customer who's going to know that thinking of their needs and their wants. Such a good point, Janice, and I, you know, everything you said, it's just, it's so perfect because if you think about the what's new and what we're talking about, usually you get to see that in advance, even before you can put your order in, right? So, if you know the holiday stuff's coming out, like, I don't know if everyone knows this, but you get the opportunity to purchase two of every single line item. So, for example, if It's the holiday time or let's say you're there's a great summer fashion which is coming out. You could buy more than one size or items. So, one for you

because I'm sure Janice, I know you love the Christmas. I'm sure you bought one for you but buying that extra one on. You have no idea how many of those lanterns I have. Did you go to me like thinking about this in advance. So, that the beauty of

the what's new is that you're going to see all that before. It's even out for Purchase even for the representative. So, by planning and and you know, reaching even out to your customers, I'm sure Janice, when you see some of these products that you know that your customers are going to want, even before you can buy it, you're out there posting and saying, hey, you know, look at what's coming. Who wants one and then you're making that list of like the people that are on the wish list. Hey, if you want it, I can get this many now but as soon as it's available, you know, you you kind of know who who wants it and I think just kind of preparing in advance really is going to, you know, show that you are focused on that customer service. So, those are all really, really great. It

helps you, it helped you plan ahead, you know, know your customer's buying power. You know, if if they're always buying the holiday items, you know, being a new rep, you know, I didn't know that but just, I did post, you know, early in advance and I got some a lot of likes or oh my god, I can't wait for that to come out and so then, you kind of, you know, can gauge who's going to want those items. And then a flip for yourself. Yeah. For gifts for your family. Whatever. Gifts for the family. Listen, do your shopping with Avon, right? Why spend your money on other big box stores, right? Yup. I can get a

discount So, I'm going to buy, you know, the items that I need from myself. Exactly and you know, simply by using those products or even if like it's something for you, like I said, you're going to be buying clothes and shampoo and all the things that you need to to to live your everyday life if you're buying them through your Avon business, that's the investment, you know, or these products, you know, showing them in advance and I just wanted to throw out there that just kind of popped in my head, Janice, is that the fun thing about convention is there's always the preview. You're going to be able to actually see what's coming out especially the seasonal. I was thinking the same thing, the holiday items. They show em all right there and. Yup. You know, when I was at convention, I videoed it and then I could show it to my customers in advance and be like, look what's coming, you guys. This

is amazing. So, stay tuned. We're going to talk about convention later. Yeah, but so, so good and I love how it's it's bringing all the creative thoughts out and like, oh yeah and this and that. So, you

know, there's so many great opportunities and it just has get me so excited for conventions but I'll stop there because we are going to talk about that. Okay. So, types of investments you can use to increase sales. So, again, you know, we we've talked about this. Invest in those the Um you know, I purchased the shirt, the jewelry you know, and then, like we said, you get those items in advance. You can

show them and then, it garners this interest in it and not only that, I don't know about you but the jewelry, especially for me, I'm a, I can't stop buying the jewelry but and then even the fashion, when you see a picture of it in the book, it does not do it justice. When I my jewelry and that's one thing. Invest in it. Wear it out in public. I don't know how many times I have Avon jewelry on and I get so many compliments on it and I'm like, well, I sell Avon. Here's my card. Here's my QR code. Have

it on your phone. So, they can scan it, have a brochure with you, something that you can give them so that you know, you can follow up with them and you know, show those items off. Like we're saying, you know, show it on social media, etcetera. When people can it in real life that they're going to want to buy it. Trust me. Um

and then again, you know, the investments that you purchase during convention and the bundle offers, those items you can sell to your customers. You might create a different bundle for them or you might give those items away and if they can try the product, they're going to come back and they're going to want to purchase that product. So, again, investments in those convention and bundle offers because you're getting them at extremely reduced price but your reward sales are going up from that when you purchase it and then you can turn around and you can, you know, sell it to your customers or do the giveaway. Products earned from

Avon incentives. So, they did have these 1hundred-dollar My Way bundles. Um those were based on you know, how much sales you had for a campaign and you could choose from different $100dollar my way bundles and those those items, you were free to do with what you want. You could use em so

that you could create testimonies, show em off, you know, maybe and buy some of the demos but now you have some of the products that you can show. Um swag and by the swag, you get swag when you sign up for a convention. You get swag when you go to an incentive trip and again, those are items that you can either give away, you can create some bundle deals for your customers or you know, just show them off in your VIP groups and then, products earned from team incentives. Um you guys know being in Team Hello Beautiful, we always have Team Incentives and you know, take advantage of those opportunities. Sometimes,

they're based on sales. Sometimes they're doing a social media post but you never know if you're going to get some of those products that you can show off to your customers. Right. Or again give away you

know maybe give to a fundraiser etcetera. and then, how to use these investments to increase your sales? So, where should you invest? You can take advantage, I would, on the buy one, get one free items. So, that is, you know, when the campaign opens, I always go to the features and the special offers and I don't know if you guys know about that, especially a new reps, but that's the first place I go, and that's where I look at items that I can share with my customers and you want to, you know, give them an opportunity to purchase something and get something free. It might be you buy one and you get the exact same product free or it might be that there's a new product out like right now, we have the CBD shampoo and conditioner and when you buy that item, it's brand new. They can get the

roll on, the CBD roll-on free. I have a lot of customers that use that CBD roll on and now, they're getting a new product and especially something like shampoo and conditioner, that's something that we need, you know, everybody uses that daily. So, that's an item that now, maybe they weren't thinking about but they might purchase that going forward. So, you're increasing your sales. Take advantage of those low-priced bundles. Like we

said, when bundles of products are offered at reduced price, I mean, that's helping you out. You're getting it at a deal. Plus, you have your, you know, commission on top of that. So, the rep only bundles, like we said, the Bug Guard, fragrance, the skin care, the wow bundles. Those are the bundles that are offered at $50 in the brochure.

We get them for thirty. So maybe you want to and usually they're unlimited. So, you can buy more than more of those. Um

you can maybe offer em to your VIP customer at a reduced price. Maybe, you know, you want to offer em at the price you get it or maybe forty dollars, whatever. It's your business. You work it the way you want it. We're just giving

some suggestions. Um but again, the convention and kickoff bundles, take advantage of you're going to increase your reward sales. Um the free products or bundles like Natasha mentioned, the live shopping events. Always promote those live shopping events. You want your customers to sign up for them because they can they give you know, gifts away during those. Sometimes, it's a hundred credit for them to use in the Avon store and then, they also give away those codes and I always share the codes with my Customers and those are usually with the purchase of 60 or 100. and just yesterday, I

posted that, you know, a customer of mine bought three skincare items and she got nine products free when we were giving away those home items and I mean, that deal to me was like unbelievable because you got all these home products and maybe she was always just buying skincare from me. Well, now, she has these free products she can try and that's going to increase your sales because we always use cleaners, the dish soap, the dish soap for your dishwasher and if she really likes that, now that's something that's going to be additional added onto her order every time she orders. she's going to want to, you know, stock up on those items. So, again, take advantage of those and take advantage of em yourself. I mean, I always put

those codes in when I'm putting my order in. Um Because why not get freebies, right? Everybody loves freebies. So really advertise those free products.

Can, when you go to a big box store and you, you know, are checking out, when you're leaving the store, do they come up to you and say, here's these nine products you can have for free to try. No. So, you know, make sure you're, you know, suggesting your customers shop small. Instead of giving the money to the big box stores, we carry the same items. Even better. I 1 00%. I love that. It really hit tone because you know, we're all small business owners, right? When you can be that customer service, you know, representative so to speak, where you are, you know, providing that excellent customer service. You're the one that's saying, hey, here's the great deals that are out there taking advantage of those lowest price bundles so that you can offer your customer who, let's say, you know, two of their favorite products are sitting in that wow bundle and they would have bought, like, let's say, they want to go and buy something. Well, you could

say, listen two of your favorite products are in this bundle and when you buy those together, those are way over the $50 mark. Look, you can get all of these for the $50 or like Janice said, I mean, you can offer them that sweet deal because they're your VIP. The other thing about the buy one get one because like, remember, and Janice touched on this is that everything out there that's a deal, you get as a representative. So, if you are using, let's say, that CBD shampoo and you buy that you're going to get that free gift. If you've already used that balm, then, you can maybe give that away as a free gift to somebody and have them try it. I think

the the idea here is using the product, sharing the products, getting it in the hands of everybody, especially if they haven't used it before and I love that, you know, I, that post you did, Janice, about really sharing, and that sort of, you know, what you said about being at the big box where noone comes to you at the end and says, hey, do you want 1 00 of free product? I mean, I think that that is huge and it hits home. So, that is 100% spot on. Okay. Thank you, Janice. That was super awesome. Really, insightful and I think like, you know, now, we're going to show you guys actual examples of what we just were talking about. We talked about the examples. What we're going to do is kind of go through a couple examples of what they look like in real life so that you guys can get inspired or you know, use this as baseline to go out and try and do this for your business as well. So, the, you know,

before we kind of get started in all the details, just wanted to, you know, remind you of the types of ways to use your investment to to benefit your business and as we mentioned, there are so many opportunities, you know, to use investments, to help your business, to grow, both personal, team, and at the end of the day, all of this is helping you to get more exposure. The more exposure you the more you're going to meet new people and you're going to get the product in the hands of people who've never had it before or something new. So, think about it that way. So,

here's how you're going to do it. You're going to demo the products. You're going to create those testimonies.

You're going to use this for team incentives and rewards. If you have a team or you're building a team, a great way to reward them for hitting sales goals is is, you know, give them some product from Avon. You know, sometimes people when they start this business, they don't have a to invest. If you

if you award them with the gift of product that they can then use and promote, just like we're saying, demo and give a testimony, then, you're helping them grow. Vendor events, vendor events are such a great way to use your investment to kind of invest wisely, so that you're prepared with the best, hottest, and the most high valued products you can do that not only help your award sales, but will get you prepared for an awesome event. Custo incentives or VIP sales. You know, Janice went through that. Like, it's so important. I thought to be thinking ahead about your customers, who's using these products? You should know what your customers buy, and you should also know maybe where you have an opportunity to have them try something new, right? A, if you have a customer that loves our makeup, but they haven't tried the skincare and you have a, you know, free gift of skin care, maybe that's the opportunity to give it to them for a discount, or something, or, or having them try it. So,

you want to be thinking about that. You want to be thinking about how you can use your investment to donate to community and networking events. We have a whole training on networking and how you can use your business to promote yourself. This is such

a great way to do that. And finally, donating a local shelters. You know, there's so many opportunities for you to help your community and we're going to show you how. So, the first one here, I I don't know if you recognize her. That's me. This is an actual picture

of something I posted just the other day. Um I have loved that jewelry. The queen of fashion but I don't know. You know,

Janice, you're you're you are getting up there. I think you love fashion and jewelry just as much as me but you. I know. I we need to we need to compare how much we we each have. I do not have this set but after you posted this, I want this set.

See? And see that's what happens with your customers. You, you, they see it on you. want to deliver an order yesterday and I wore that Verde Green set and she, you know, I didn't say anything. I was

just, I had the ring on and she's like, I love those earrings. I love the ring. You know, what is that? And I'm like, I'm like, well, of course, it's Avon and you know, her birthday is coming up and Emerald is the birthstone for May and and it's got the green in it and she's like, you know, send me I had to leave. So, then I'm like, well, I will send you, you know, about that that jewelry and so I did and she texted me back and she was like, order it for me. It's

going to be a birthday present to myself. So, always a product. Wear, wear, and share. Wear and share. And you know, you know, I think that these are two really great examples.

You know, Janice was wearing it while, you know, delivering to her customer out and about. Guess what? When you wear the product, people are going to ask you about it. You are the walking, talking billboard, right? This example, if you just seeing me here, I actually took a picture, okay? And I promoted it on social media. I didn't even talk about Avon at all in my post but I know people know that I love Avon fashion and jewelry. So, they

knew that this was something and I love when I share on my VIP page, you know, coming soon, I get people excited. So, Janice, totally on par and no, now, your friend is going to be looking to get this beautiful, you know, earring and and necklace set which I actually wore that yesterday and you know, I mean, people are loving it. The compliments. I think that really helps and you can pre sell these products as I mentioned earlier. You can buy a couple per line items. So,

let's say you want one for you but you want to sell one early. I mean, you can do that and I think that's what's so great about these, you know, opportunities. The next one, okay? is using your investment for a team incentive. Here's a

really great example. Um this was in campaign eight. We did an early bird incentive where if you place your order by a certain date, you know, because the whole goal is to really to help people get their orders in early, that they get their products that they're looking for, not waiting till the end of the campaign. We wanted to

reward people for for doing that activity. So, basically, you're rewarding your team, you're investing in your business, and earning the award sales and it's a win-win situation. So, remember, think about ways. Again, you can invest in your business that helps you but it also helps someone on your team and they, these can be things like first order, new rep incentives, flash incentives, sales incentives, there's so many ways and it, you don't have to spend a lot. That's why if you

look at all the opportunities out there, there are really great ways. Again, high award sales, high value, low cost. So, think about that. Maybe a new piece of jewelry, something new that maybe someone would want but they haven't invested yet. So, those are just so many great opportunities out there.

Again, this is a great example. It was like the three new hand soaps and one of the well, it used to be an A box but I can't remember what they're called now. Isn't that terrible? But those new products, I mean, it's just such a great giveaway. So, again, your investment is small in comparison to, to, to getting people excited in in the possibility of earning big. Okay, and the next thing you can do is invest in customer deals and incentives. So,

kind of like doing something for your team, it's the same thing but for your customers. Rewarding them is a great way not only to them for their business but keeping them engaged. You know, buying or you know, some of these great products and these great great deals like some of these items shown right here, they were probably in a big wow bundle and you know, like there are some things that, you know, just putting those together, you know, you can hold a raffle. You can reward regular customers who order often. Maybe hold a VIP sale in your group. You know, maybe you put together this bundle and you know, because you got a few of these things, free or really low cost through your investment. you can offer them

to your customers at another great deal. Okay. So, using Yeah, I'm going to I'm going to go through this one. So, using your investment for vendor events, you know, I already kind of mentioned this but not only does investing early helps you prepare for your vendor in other events but you can also use this opportunity to support fun giveaways during your events. So, you know, invest in those top-selling products. Um the ones that you know that everybody is interested in, make sure that you get those when their special offers or sales on those. Um and then,

use Avon gifts and sell at events or give or give them away and you know, at these vendor events, create a raffle basket and then, ask the attendees to fill out, you know, their information, their name, their phone number, and their Email so that you have contact information to follow up with them and that way, you know, you could possibly get some additional customers and increase your your sales. And you know use those those investments that you made in those demo products. Um to promote those products. Um you

know maybe you purchased two of the brand new item. And then when you're at this event or you know your open house you can have those items upfront and be like this isn't even out yet. But you could purchase it today. So it kind of creates that buzz around Avon. And

showing customers that they can have items ahead of time also. and then, use investments for community and networking events. You know, look for items are events coming up like on Facebook or in your community where you can give back. You can donate a raffle basket or you can donate some raffle items and you know, give to charities, fundraisers, but be sure that you're including your information with that basket. So, you know, Natasha put together this one that the pictures of and I love this one. This is from, you know,

the Bug Guard bundle. We got those bags. This is a great opportunity to utilize those bags. She put, you know, some

of the bug art in there but then added like a beach towel and her brochure and you know, a business card and that way, when somebody gets that from the raffle item, they have that information and you know, they may really love those products and then, they're going to follow up and say, hey, I want to order some more it was a great, you know, product to try. and then, again, use those demo opportunities, you know, for your donations, and promote those products so that you get, you know, new customers and then, if you have extra product on hand, think about donating those to any shelters, you know? there's women shelters, there's homeless shelters, you know, they're looking for bath products or creams, shower gels, deodorants, etcetera. We have we have toothbrushes. We have toothpaste. Give back to your community. Um you know and

then the people even at the shelter that run the shelter, they may reach out to you and say, hey, we really like those products. Can we order some of those products or you know, whatever. You never know where something like this is going to lead but it isn't even so much as like increasing your sales.

It's giving back to the community. that. Okay and so we talked about all the ways that you can utilize your investments to grow your business, but what you really want to invest in is yourself, right? And so the best way to do that is to attend convention and for convention, it's going to be held August 5th through the seventh in San Antonio, Texas. Woo hoo. Um and You know, this is going to be right on the riverwalk. I've never been there. My sister lives in

Texas. She's been there. I have friends that have been there and they just say this is you know, a wonderful experience being on that riverwalk and you can attend in person or virtually and the registration right now is $69 and that's till the end of the month through May 31st and then after that, it's probably going to go back up. So, if you haven't registered yet, I would highly recommend it and then new this year, if you are attending in person, you can bring guests and this is something new and they can register for sixty-9 for the all inclusive and they can attend everything with you. Um or I believe they can do the $39 too. The thirty-nine is just to go to, you know, some of the like training sessions and if you already registered and you decide that you want to bring a guest, you can go on the Avon Convention. com and you can add that way through your registration and then, another reason why you want to do this is like we said, they give away swag. Two hun, it's

usually over $200. Sometimes, it's new products. So, we're getting that before anybody else and they give important business updates and we would be the first to know about the direction that they're going with Avon, with LG, etcetera.

So, it's kind of, you know, neat that we are the first to know about those things. Um again I can't stress enough that expert-led training sessions, you learn so much at these things. You know, they talk about the new and up and coming products and how to, you know, utilize those products to advance your business. They'd usually do recognitions and celebrations of the top sales reps. So, it's a good way for them to get exposure. Exclusive convention store access. So,

items that are Avon logo items that you can only get at convention. Like for instance, I got this notebook. Um you can get T-shirts. You can get hats. So, those are items that, you know, you can use to promote your business. You can wear

your hat or your T-shirt out in public. Um you can also stock up on some of those items and you know, maybe you have a VIP customer that you want to give one of those items to or there's individuals on your team that you want to, you know, give them an incentive you have those items. Uh again, the Avon live shopping exclusives. Um those bundles that we can get for a fraction of the price but you have, you know, really good award sales and especially since this is taking place in the fourth quarter, you will know if you know, maybe you had a goal to reach President's Club, Honor Society, or you're really close to earning that incentive trip to Cancun, you may want to purchase some of those bundles at that reduced cost. Um again,

they give away surprises and giveaways. So, you don't even have to be just in person. They give away for in-person and virtual. So, I just wanted to kind of stress that but the giveaways are amazing. So, I attended my first convention in last August in Orlando and you know, it was unbelievable experience. I highly recommend it for everybody to attend You know, I got to meet individuals that I normally wouldn't have met. I got to meet other reps

from other teams and now, I'm friends with them. I earned the Hawaiian Center trip. Um I apologize. They're starting to cut our lawn here. Um but you

know, I got to attend that Hawaii trip and I got to reconnect with the reps that I met at convention and when you're at convention, I don't know do this at every convention because like I said, it was my first convention but they had a DJ who really hypes everybody up in the training sessions and it's just the camaraderie, the, you know, you feel like you're part of a family. You really do. So, I can't stress enough about going to convention. Um the the giveaways. I didn't even touch on the giveaways. So they they gave away appliances. They gave away diamond bracelets. They

gave away luggage. Um they when they're doing the trainings, they usually have the bundle of products on there and it it's, you know, sometimes new products that we don't even have and they're showing them off. They're training you on them and they'll give away that whole product bundle to people.

We had individuals right on Team Hello Beautiful who won some of the giveaways. Natasha got to go up on stage and drop her her planko or whatever they call that and she was trying to win prizes for herself and for somebody watching virtually. So that was really fun. Yeah, Annette, at the kickoff, when someone earned a $3000 shopping spree with Louis Vuitton, Candy on our team. Um she also earned

the $3000 shopping spree and she actually came to Pittsburgh and met Anne and I and we took her on a shopping spree. It was so much fun. Like, you know, just like you know, Janice like the the opportunity to invest in yourself is priceless. You

know, whether you you you join in person or virtually, you know, just investing the time in yourself is going to make a difference in your business. You know, being in person, they they never used to have virtual until COVID came. So, I love that they have the opportunity for people who can't physically be there but I will tell you that nothing beats being there in person. Um you know, there is nothing more valuable than meeting people and networking and celebrating and being with your team and the friends that you're going to have for a lifetime. This has, you know, being with the the company for 7 years, this is absolutely the highlight of my year is going to convention and seeing my friends, you know, I've had the opportunity to present on stage and share my, you know, tips and tools and things that have made me successful but I also love watching other people and learning from them as well. You're going to love it. So, I

hope you'll join us and really invest your time in yourself. This is absolutely a must-have. Janice, thanks so much for sharing your personal testimony because it it's it's it's true, it's real, and you know, it's going to inspire someone out there to get registered whether it's in person or virtual because it's a, you cannot miss opportunity, right? No, I mean, it's like, you know, When you go to convention, you know, you do have to pay for your registration and, you know, your hotel and to get there, oh and another thing, it was just announced, right? That airlines, Avon has partnered with some of the airlines and they're offering discounts for you to get to the convention. They never did that before. So, it's like, take advantage of those. To me, it was a small

investment. For the ways it helped me grow my business and just, you know, it it boosted my confidence. I was able to network with if people in corporate Avon, you know, that you would normally, you just see 'em on those lives. I got to meet them in person. So, I

can't trust it enough. I'm really looking forward to it. You know, the members of my team are going. So, I got to meet Team Hello Beautiful members that I just, you know, I saw their names on posts or maybe on a live but to meet them in person and now, I feel like we're lifelong friends like you said. Love that. you. Well, we're going to round out this training. Thank you so much for joining us today but I just want to recap, you know, what we talked about today and you know, to help, you know, you kind of think through again, what, what, why, why invest and, and, and why it's so important. Invest in your

business can increase your sales. It helps promote your brand and your product. It helps to create solid strategies for your investments. You know, if you create a budget for your investment and you spend wisely, there's going to be reward for you. You know, really think about how you can invest through bundles, incentives, and freebies. Um you know, as we keep stressing here, it's all about the strategy. What, what do you see

that's available and how can you use it for your business? Um you know, this business requires you to be active, right? And speak forward thinking. So, you know, hopefully some of the ideas that we shared with you today are going to help you come up with some ideas for your own business on how you can invest and use them. Investing in giveaways and rewards for your VIP customers, you know, learning how to use those investments to save money, time for vendor fares, and having some of those really important products on hand that you know, you literally sell out of all the time. Using the inventory to create a fundraiser for, you know, for a fundraiser gift basket or some kind of community outreach and remember, you know, donate anything that you have to your local shelter. If you, you know, you have something that might help someone else need. Finally, sign up for convention. The biggest

investment is in you. So, you know, thank you so much for joining. Meet me and Janice today, sorry, and Candy, again, was manning all the comments. Thanks, Candy for doing that.

But again, if you joined us on YouTube, let us know if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them, and thanks again for joining us today. Take care everybody.

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