My employees were stealing from me and I had no idea. I almost closed my business | Phoina's story

My employees were stealing from me and I had no idea. I almost closed my business | Phoina's story

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They almost made my business collapse. I think that was in 2018 or something Because the same employees once I fire them, And they decide to just finish you off Until where you see her now. And everyone has to start from somewhere Let's get right into it, right? Haven't you started getting those 'questions?' - They usually do but you know They can't finesse you? - Not at all I'm just here You know sometimes instead of looking for trouble, it just finds you. I was just there, you know, They look at the slightest mistakes At one time they find you with a lipstick in the dorms or eye-pencil So those were the kind of problems I would land in In class you just find me doing their eyebrows, I would even pierce their noses and ears too In short, I loved beauty since way back in school Modeling is not reserved solely for the tall When I get home I would apply her Fair and Lovely oil. You remember the green lipstick? When you apply it turns to red, that one.

Because there was that stereotyping for guys who were from Nairobi I went to a school in the upcountry environment, I'm not mentioning names No. We won't be shaken by that - Kamianja - Kamianja Ours I think was worse - What's the name What was yours? - Karoti girls Like in our school, I'm telling you we were mixed. Some from upcountry and others from Nairobi. So we dint have any neutral people

So those from Nairobi were most hated In terms of studies, did you like Chemistry, CRE... Chemistry was my favorite by the way, CRE, how did you know? And math? Math was a bit tricky for me and the teacher too was tough. So math was not my favorite But we just struggled through. - Struggled through. That's nice

That's when many become hard headed. And you are like, you can't tell me nothing. Like maybe they've found you with those beauty products I'm telling you At times she'd just encourage me But opening day you find yourself back to same school with your items. The usual institutes They call and I tell them their vehicle is in Naivasha. Only to discover their driver lied that the car was in another location. So you are there fighting and the driver has lied. I was charging I think around Kshs 2,000 or 2,500 first of all, getting that job was a hustle for me Imagine from training, then you land in job immediately So nails was tricky for me. People would come to me that their nails broke off after two days

Opened a small studio at Hurlingam The clients were quite a good number I could no longer do it from the house. I need a bigger space I asked her if she could share with me the number You won't wake up in the morning to go through CCTV footage first They almost made my business collapse Once I fired them, are the ones that went outside there She always tried to show me hints of, something here is happening by the way So that she doesn't tell on them. Police came all over my premises They still from you, even when you have those systems I just decided I don't want involvement with Police all the time You find a client saying, each time I've come to your Salon Instead of using official till number? - Yes. They lie that it's not working and tell client to pay to their personal numbers Employees leave with their own clients Personally I've stuck to one hair stylist - You follow them wherever they go Or maybe they went with the employees completely and what measures Like you must know their background what made them leave their previous work place, Luckily they did catch up easily. So, employees is a roller coaster

Some are good while another one has issue, so it's really a roller coaster Your own products for that matter When they come here, maybe one has just come to learn make up But I tell them, you can improvise. Do some hair, learn how to make a wig Our house comprised of girls so you can imagine, When you meet your former employees in the streets, what's your reaction? I'm yet to run into them by the way. Honestly, I've never met. Because if I'm going for a wedding, I mean it's team Phoina all the way

So wherever I got requests, I used to recommend them at some time Even the other branch too I guess, It's located along Riara road at Sebuleni center Normally I've trained them, I know what they need I become Kailey or Rihanna I stay in the house and enjoy my work too You see? The classes are on yet you don't have any clothes - is this a Boss-babe? Here in Kilimani and Naivas too. what's her name? - Alice. You know her? No I don't. But just give her a shutout and trim a bit. If it's posting for you... And people should start paying influencers - Exactly Another one will come in handy We want to bring in new stock Just trying out you know? - This is trying out People come from far I tell you Yeah, they don't see the struggle. They just wonder, why did Lynn Ngugi come from

What kind of business is she doing? A green one? - Grey Personally I want a black one. Spotless and shinning till It blinds the haters When I just drive..., that's what I want - Haters! Where are you? The shine will blind the haters - Yeah Tomorrow I will make it instantly and then if they don't make it Nothing comes easy, just put in the work - True Please just go and pick them from the branches. So nothing comes easy Nothing is easy - Yeah, no shortcuts. Let no one lie to you Even those who claim to have 'Sponsors' I'm sure even them they don't have shortcuts Anyone with shortcuts out there, I don't know which mountain they face while praying May they share with us. But I feel like some hard work is required So relationship and heartbreaks Have you gone through such? - Well, this is Kanairo (Nairobi) cheeky Nairobi. I've been in a couple of relationships

Honestly I hardly have chill time to be unhappy I'm the kind they say is looking too much till they don't get one No wonder we don't find them. Me I just want someone Not to get someone who thinks what you do is a fallacy. They will be like, what exactly do you do? Please don't dictate what not to put on my TV. I think that's why I don't even date a lot

At one point your partner wants to watch... - Wrestling Yeah, or a romantic series. Me I'm like I want, who was murdered Street smart all the way - Yeah. All the way she was that person. Don't joke with her - A Boss-babe I'm here because of her. I don't have to toil so hard

And I thought we have just started... - My mouth almost got dry Godly things are not rushed Both of you look like sisters. I know you get that a lot. All the time. I remember we got in and one of my people asked me, now this seats...

Personally I'm training Eh! Done! So personally I'll come back for hair, and nails too What else do you have? - Make up and training on eyebrows too What's your comment on my eyebrows? - They are perfect. I just envision myself making them. They are not badly off? - They are really nice. I just leave them that way. - You are such a natural beauty

I try as much... - some of us if we appear before camera without some powder You just freelance - Yeah One day I'm gonna surprise my people I know they are used to see me this way. I will surprise till they ask, who is this hosting the show? By the way here, it's me and you Lord. May it come true Right? Yeah. So, my people before I surprise you next time all smart and... Joshua J. K. is in the field too

Don't fear anyone,

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