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Let's start chatting girls! He is handsome sis! You look good together. You guys just want to know about this person! It's crazy! We'll do a Q&A and life update. So I finished my real estate course... I'm going to take you guys along with me. We'll eat gelato! We'll visit the Amalfi Coast! I have a lot of things going on! Oh my gosh.

I'm also launching my own swimwear line! I blanked out back there! "What am I launching again?" I'm still waiting for my samples because our manufacturer is not based in the US. We have a lot to talk about... Let's start chatting girls! Because I know you have a lot of questions, I feel like, I kind of know what you guys want to ask me. I'll just answer what I can.

I feel like I just want to keep this to myself. I mean, of course, duh I already posted about it, but I still, you know, want to keep more to myself, in regards to this new thing. Because it's new and it's better to keep things private first. You know, I was always out and public.

That's it, I think you get it. All right, let's go. I'll chop my onions first.

I can also chop without looking... It's been a while. Anyways, I'm just showing-off. We'll speak in Tagalog-English today.

By the way, I haven't read your questions yet. I just had an idea of what it would be like based off my recent post in stories . I don't want to give a timeframe for when I've moved on because my story is so different from your story. On my part, even before the divorce or anything.

I was already emotionally disconnected. There's no third party. All the other things that we are not a match. Some people would say, "Oh you need to rebound to get over it!" I feel like, a breakup, you know, it should teach you a lesson.

And for me, what I did was I really focused on myself. You really... So if you don't even know yourself, then how can you move forward? Right? So it was a different type of journey and that is important.

At some point you have to give yourself, I guess, a time frame in a sense where you can say "I'M DONE!" Not necessarily, but it's just, you can't cry forever. When I was a teenager, you know in the Philippines. If your skin is dark... everybody called me "negra," growing up, everybody called me stick-thin, everything! Even when I started working as an actress, people are like, "Oh, you have to have fair skin, because you can't land acting roles."

I'm hard-headed, I'm a very stubborn person. I like to prove people wrong. I was so insecure growing up, You know, Americans want to be "morena"/ tanned. My skin tone is nice.

It's really sad because with us Filipinos, we really are brown-skinned. I have to stand up for those girls who are insecure during their teenage years. Because let me remind you if you're watching this... Because I've experienced that. I was called "negra," dark-skinned all of that. I grew up insecure because of my skin color I felt like, oh my gosh, I'm unworthy because everyone's, you know telling me, that I have to be fairer.

I believed in myself. I believed in my talents. I believed that your skin tone, your skin color shouldn't stop you from being whoever you want to be and from being successful, especially in that field.

And I guess I was able to prove that wrong. Even if I always landed the villain roles I was really good at what I, you know, at what I did before. So my advice, is to believe in yourself. Your skin color is beautiful. Our skin color is beautiful. If you visit Europe or America, my gosh, everyone loves our skin tone and just be proud of it.

Be proud of being Pinay. Be proud of being morena. Second, I'm not in my early 20s anymore where I'll go "Oh my god! I got a new boyfriend!" So odd for me as a 33 year old woman to even say, "Oh my gosh, I have a boyfriend." Because I don't. Because that's not important. We have an understanding. I think we're pretty much on the same page.

I would say, match in my lifestyle and his lifestyle. And one of the things that I've learned after divorce and dating like... It's kind of hard to connect with someone that's single with no children.

Obviously, they have to be single for me to date them! But I'm saying, someone with no children. But if they're not understanding then you guys are going to clash. Those times when I don't have Anika, I use that time for myself. So, it's there. I guess it's really important to find a new person that that you guys are also on that same page and same level. Oh by this time, I have to be dating.

I didn't even give myself a timeframe. I think, I guess, because in the beginning of my divorce like I really focused on myself and really healing and going through all of that. So now it just happened that I was more open when I met this person.

That's why when I tell you that fitness saved my life because it was really my therapy. And I feel like I'm always saying this, but He listens. God knows your heart. He really knows what you're going through. Just for you to say, "Oh, you're very spiritual."

Because they will be your support system. I just want to read all your comments! Who's the hot boyfriend? You look good together! No! I just don't want to! He's mine! He is very handsome. Super hot. You know that saying that goes, throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack. That's me. I'm the lady in the wild because it feels like you can throw me anywhere and in any situation and I'll come back stronger, leading.

I could really attest to that because of what I went through. I really feel that connection. It may not be true that the wolf is my spirit animal but because we just share so much like the traits, right? I usually follow my my instincts and all of that.

Yeah, that's my spirit animal. That's me. My only regret was not exploring the world more when I was younger. I'm the type of person that I don't necessarily like having any regrets. The reason why I'm such a risk taker is because I don't want to wonder ten years down the road, I don't want to ever ask. This is like, what if? I have a lot of regrets in life...

Like really, you know, mentality and independence and every single thing. The rest are almost the same questions about the person, but I don't want to really disclose as much. It's the romantic, giddy moments... There is no rush, guys because I've already done that.

I'm already divorced. Anyway, don't think that I'm taking this very lightly. It's just I feel like once you have weathered the storm you get to laugh at it, right? He's so handsome! You look good together. Who makes your heart beat faster? I'm going to stop right there because some of the questions are redundant. See, I'm not used to this anymore.

We have a lot more to talk about. And I'm going to take you guys along with me to Europe. Whatever time is where you are watching this. Thanks for all the support!

2022-08-21 01:11

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