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stuff so why are you yourself  trying to perfect things that god is   supposed to perfect later down the line  like we just got to make it make sense   y'all tell your girlfriend to push you off  the ledge jump go go start apply go to school   do it okay slide in his dm how about hey how about  hey guys i launched my hair business if you guys   remember from some of my previous videos i've been  talking about launching this video for forever not   this video launching this business for forever  and i just finally felt like it was time to jump   this video was not to discourage anybody from  having just like super elaborate preparation   but this video is to encourage people that when  you have god you can literally do whatever it is   that he's telling you to do and whatever time that  he's telling you to do and it's still going to be   great and it's still going to be successful  this is not clickbait this is the honest   truth about me and my life and my business  and this is just encouragement for anybody   and i think you guys will just tune in so  obviously i am about to do like a little chit chat   with you guys as i get ready i'm going to church  with my boyfriend i believe um and i'm literally   just going to install my part wig while i talk to  you guys but today was a very special day for me   i decided that today was going to be the day where  i re-released my hairline and i just want to talk   to you guys about that what it feels like to do  a launch and you know just expectations and all   of that type of stuff that you guys should expect  if you do plan on launching or if you just want to   know a little bit about what's going on in my life  and how i move and operate on a day-to-day basis   so i launched my hairline i had  my hairline open from like 20   i don't know any days but like  around like 2017 2018 to like 20 20.   i stopped doing here just because i felt  like the holy spirit was leading me to   like draw back from doing hair a little bit and  to go forth in doing my waist beat business so now   that my waist business is running really well this  is what my you part wig looks like by the way guys   it has combs and i just stick them in and i  keep it pushing here's what this looks like   this here is i believe it's going on four years  at this point or three years i got this here in   2019 so it's going on three years at this point  i've added a new bundle twice during the three   years and i think i'm gonna add another one soon  or i'm just gonna get a new wig because i swear by   this wig so hard that this is my everyday this  on the website this is called the everyday wig   because it's literally a wig you can wear every  day of just a regular 24 inch wig that you can   style however you want and if you want to put it  on the side part you guys see you can just put   it on the side part i'm looking like well michael  jackson thrillerish right now but you guys catch   the drift i'm going to wear in the middle part  today obviously because my middle part is left out   but um yes i had this here for three years  and it's like i don't know this hair is my   bestie it literally does not ruin the only thing  that happens is over time just like real here   it will just shrink um because it's obviously  not growing it's weave so that's why i add new   bundles because i just want to keep the length  but yeah so today i re-released my hairline   and i made that decision a few days ago because  if some of you guys have been following me or   have been subscribed to me for a while i've been  talking about re-releasing my hairline for about a   year now i've been posting it on instagram i talk  about it all the time to my instagram people and   all of that and they always write me and ask me  when is this coming out when can i purchase when   can i purchase when can i purchase and i just  you know used to tell them like just hang tight   hang tight and i got tired of telling them to hang  tight because at a certain point people won't get   tired nobody's waiting on somebody's business to  start for a year they're just going to go find   somebody else that sells what they're looking  for and they're just going to move around you   and i didn't want that to happen too bad  because i'm sure it's already happened because   i was pretty much like one of the first  people that i saw that started wearing you   parts in this way like you guys see i only  have a really thin part of my hair out like   normal you parts you got to leave out like this  much in here but i constructed my wigs in a way   where you only have to leave a normal amount of  hair out i only have like literally the edges like   this the little tiny edges of my sides out i don't  have like my perimeter starting from back here and   it took me a while to figure out how to construct  my units in this way a lot of trial and error   and i'm still trialing an error in because my  website still doesn't have all the products that   i plan on releasing once i open my website but  i was just like i cannot keep pushing this back   like i cannot keep not doing this like at this  point i feel like i'm holding up my blessings and   my miracles from god i'm holding up the way that i  can bless other people because i have not released   this hairline yet so i'm just like god you know  what i'm just going to do this like i'm just going   to jump and whatever happens happens so i did some  like little touch-up things to my website and you   guys um can just click the link and see what my  website looks like i don't really want to i'm   not trying to add curls to my hair i got caught in  the rain the other day so this is the natural curl   pattern of the hair and i kind of want to keep it  that way i just want to smooth it out a little bit   but yeah so i find fine to my website like just  put like the last finishing touches that it needs   like i have things on there like you have to  have um you have to upload your id and a selfie   because one thing i'm not gonna do is the  hair fraud okay normally like before this   is my first time selling here online you  guys know i've done hair in the past when i   lived in philly i worked in my mom's shop but i  always collected cash shapes or in-person money   so i never really had to deal with people i  wasn't seeing face to face like these were   all people who either had to hand me the cash or  let the cash app go through and all that jazz so   um i had to just put things in order to make  sure that my uh website wasn't getting fraudulent   orders and if you guys plan on releasing a  website that has like high ticketed orders   such as hair or whatever your thing is just  please get that so that people cannot do   charge bags and if they do you guys can get  your money back because it's really expensive   like if somebody hair is very expensive  and at the end of the day it comes out of   like the cost of the hair obviously  is a part of the wig so when you go   and you purchase the hair for the wig and  somebody does a charge back it's not like you   did a service for them and you just like oh you  know i'm just out of some money like no you're   really out of money and product and that's  not cool so you guys have to be very careful   i'm gonna use my crimper so i don't remember where  i left off it but i was telling you guys how i was   gonna get my crimper so i can touch my hair up  but yes guys so i decided that i was going to   launch this business back and um so i  did my last little minute stuff i told   you guys to check up make sure you guys aren't  getting fraudulent orders and stuff like that   but i just went for it like i and last night right  i said i made this decision a few days ago but   last night i was talking to my boyfriend and i was  just like i just feel like i failed a little bit   because i didn't do like a big pre-launch like  i didn't do like a countdown i didn't do all   the stuff that business coaches just tell you to  do before you're launching but let me tell y'all   something god is my business coach and i believe  that i am exactly where god wants me to be i   believe that wholeheartedly and no business coach  or nobody giving me criticism about my business   can tell me otherwise god wanted it to be this  way because god wanted it to be this way honestly   i was probably supposed to do this a while ago and  god has been giving me grace so you know he has me   doing this because he needs me to just finally go  out and do this and we can make all these excuses   like oh well i don't have this photo shoot done  like i had this really elaborate big photo shoot   that i was supposed to do for this and prayerfully  if it's in god's plans for my business it will   still happen but it just wasn't the right time it  wasn't the right space it wasn't the right season   i ordered all these clothes all this jewelry you  know just all this stuff for this photo shoot   that just never took place and sometimes we can  try to plan and plan and plan and plan and plan   our way into things and god just want us to do  it like sometimes there you know how many times   i redid my website for my waist for my wig speed  business so many times you guys so many times like   i can't even tell you how many times i've had to  touch things up on my website but had i said like   if if at the time when i made my wastebeat  website in like 2018 or something like that   if i was like oh i need to have this not need to  have that and or if i even saw my website today   and wanted it to be up to that standard i would  have never had a website you guys like if i can   find a video of like i'll just insert a video  or picture of how my product pictures used to   look when i started versus how they look now and  if that's not the motivation to just start then   i don't know what is this like i literally  just use my resources and that's one thing   that i will never let anybody bully me out of like  using my resources i use what's available to me   that's not going to force me into debt that's  not going to break my pockets i have a camera   i got a phone i got some lights in my house  and if that's what i'm going to use to make   my business look proper then that's just what i'm  going to use like and at the time i started both   of these businesses at my mom's house like i had  nowhere near the aesthetic that i am offered today   with like the apartments that i've lived in and  just the space like i got all this free space now   my mom's house i had a little corner i used my  curtains as a backdrop like my window curtains   that was a backdrop for me to take my hair  pictures and i didn't let that stop me   i did not let it stop me and i'm  not gonna let nothing stop me now   so that's why i decided to just launch  my hair business without any countdown   without any big drop without any like you know  what guy i'm gonna do this and i'm gonna trust you   i made a video a few years ago um when i first  started youtube and it's called something like   don't check the analytics or don't check the  numbers y'all i haven't even went on my hair   website i can't tell you if i made a sell  or not like i literally did not watch that   i released it here website posted on instagram  i made eight i think i posted something on tick   tock i posted something on pinterest i just been  posting all my social medias and i just let it go   i let it go because i believe that everything  that's for me god already has destined for me   god already has it in the works it's already mine  i don't have to go and run out and do this and do   that and beg this person and hey do you know this  and do you know i launched this do you know how   launch that i don't have to do that because  god already has my customers waiting for me   god already has the people that he wanted he wants  to buy from my site god already has the people   that are going to see this video you you guys  get where i'm going so sometimes you think that   you is running the ad and it's this and this  is going to give me the sales and that's going   to give me the sales and honestly like if you just  do what i tell you to do and you just keep working   all of that stuff is going to come to you and  then here's the big kicker the word says seek ye   first the kingdom of god and his righteousness  and all these things shall be added unto you   that's the big kicker okay i'm seeking god  right now in my life like i'm not seeking money   i want my businesses to thrive because that's my  livelihood i'm an entrepreneur this is how i eat   so yes i do expect that my businesses will thrive  and they will do well but at the end of the day i   have a responsibility to god first i have to seek  first his kingdom i have to look to god first in   everything that i do and then everything else is  going to be mine like i'm seeking god right now   me and my boyfriend last night we just did bible  study i didn't have time to just be like preparing   i prepared for my drop this morning you guys  like i went on my laptop this morning i didn't   even send the email out to the people yet and let  them know that my website dropped that's how like   not together this drop has been but i believe  that if these people who have been waiting on   my products want to purchase from me they will  and if they don't god will just send me other   people that want to purchase because i believe  in my products like i am one person i don't play   about my business and that's how i've been able  to be a full-time entrepreneur for so long i don't   eat off of social media like my money literally  comes through my businesses and the reason why my   businesses thrive is because i take my businesses  seriously i'm running this thing even though it's   just me i'm running my business as close as i can  to like a fortune 500 company it just me myself   i don't treat my business like a side hustle  i don't treat my business like a hustle   i treat my business like a business so you know  um i don't know what the point of me saying it was   but yeah i take my businesses very seriously  nonetheless and i know that my customers trust me   and they support me and even the people who have  never bought anything from me they still support   me too my text community shout out to y'all i love  my tech community um if you guys aren't already   in my text community make sure you text the number  that i'm going to put on the screen right here and   you guys send a text message you can put anything  even if you put a period it'll still come through   to me and i'll be um able to add you guys into my  text list so we can text and this yes it's real   text messages i can send out mass messages  but i can also text everybody individually   so you guys if you have a special message if you  want to just chat with me whatever the case may be   you can send me a text message and i just got it  back today like i didn't have it for a few weeks   because i had to fill out a form and something  something and i finally did it and got my   number back so yeah guys send um send a message to  my text community but whatever let's get back into   this drop this is literally just encouragement  for me some people look at me as like   i guess success successful i don't know to god  be the glory if that's how somebody views me   i've heard people tell me that before but i don't  want to be ungrateful and not like acknowledge   everything that god has done in my life  and just be like oh i'm nowhere near   where i want to be so that means i'm not  successful like no if this is success for this   period in my life right now then this is success  it is what it is so to god be the glory and i   thank you lord that i'm able to be an example for  people but um yes so this is just encouragement   to anybody who wants to start a business or who  has anything in their life that they plan on like   launching or doing whether it be school whether it  be applying into the tech field knowing that you   got your degree in social work whatever the case  may be you really just have to trust god and don't   look at the don't look at the um the realities of  things don't look like oh well i have my degree   and this is no way i'm gonna get higher than that  if god told you to apply for that tech job sis   apply for that tech job okay do whatever it is  that god is calling you to do because you don't   know what you're missing out on you could be  missing out on a hundred thousand dollar raise   a hundred thousand dollar raise because you're  being fearful or because you're waiting to take   this class and to get this connection  or whatever the case may be god said go   god said go nothing is ever going to look perfect  god will perfect you in his due timing god is   going to perfect everything concerning you like  god will perfect all of that stuff so why are you   yourself trying to perfect things that god  is supposed to perfect later down the line   like we just got to make it make sense y'all  we really do yes god will perfect everything   concerning you like you literally do not have to  worry like the word says worry about nothing be   anxious about nothing but in everything by praying  and supplication make your requests be made known   to god he said seek and you will find knock and  it will be open like that's literally in the   word like we literally can ask ask and it shall be  given that's the beginning of it seeking you will   find knock and it will be open like that's the  word of god that's the living word so why are we   going into things worry why are we letting people  tell us oh monetary website see if how many people   are viewing it see how many people but to be  honest i didn't launch my website for a launch day   because that's what i see a lot of people do  you guys see all the time like somebody launches   this business and next thing you know a month  later is crickets like you don't hear anything excuse me you don't hear anything else from  the business and you like this what happened   like we were rooting for you and they put so  much they don't pour thousands of dollars into   a business coach and a launch strategist and  all of this stuff and it's no business see me   i'm just gonna post like it's a regular day i'm  just posting and if somebody see my stuff and they   like oh i want what she has of course you have  to build a relationship with your people your   customers have to trust you but for the most part  your customers are going to come because you're   posting day to day not because you just did this  big launch okay and that's the reality of things a   lot of people when when you launch something some  people are still going to be cold to your business   meaning like they like i don't trust this girl i  don't know what she about i don't know if she's   gonna [ __ ] my stuff out whatever the case may  be and they want to see you post on a daily basis   so that they can say oh you know what it looked  like she shipped her stuff i see her like she   continuously i always post when i'm going  to the post office because it allows people   to trust you more so i'm gonna shut  my mouth i'm spraying my perfume but yes they like um they they like to see that  you're consistent in your business like you run   your business like a real business they don't want  to see you know you post in one month the next   month you fall off then you come back six months  later and then you post and you like hey y'all   they don't want to see that the customers don't  want to see that they want to see some consistency   okay so like i said i launched my business so that  when somebody is in a grocery store and they're   like girl your hair or when people on tick-tock  and they like hair details i can say this is my   website not oh i'm launching in a month you guys  can purchase no i'm i'm sick of it it's been a   year and i know people are sick of me they're  sick of me that i didn't launch this business   yet and that's why i'm just jumping and doing it  like i don't care if it's not perfect i think my   website looks great i think i did a really good  job creating my website but nonetheless i just had   to jump and this is your sign to just jump you  have to jump sis you have to jump i don't care   tell your girl tell your girlfriend  to push you off the ledge jump go go   start apply go to school do it okay slot in his  dm how about hey how about that how about that but for real though y'all like this this  launch honestly i'm not even gonna say it   really taught me anything it just taught me not  to be fearful and to go forth and do what god   is calling you to do and i'm still heavy on the  not checking the numbers sometimes that could be   to my detriment because the finances be out of  whack child but you know once i get it together   in that area i know that you know most of the  other analytics will start falling the line but   i'm not a numbers person i'm not going to keep  staring at the numbers always are they watching   it are they liking it are they this are they that  no just go for it because having rejoices over one   soul in the same way haven't rejoice when one  person gets saved i'm gonna rejoice if one person   saw my video and they said this is amazing  and this helped me so much because they can   then go forth and say look at this look  at this video this girl talking about god   she encouraged me to go back to church  i want you to come to church with me   that's how it's supposed to go we keep obsessing  over the numbers whole time the numbers don't   even mean nothing i was making money on my  website when i had a couple thousand followers   if anything sometimes i was making more money  with less followers than i am before followers   like so it don't matter what the numbers say  you guys whatever god has for you is for you   so lord i thank you for even allowing me to be  here in this place in this space right now to   be able to talk to your people and send forth  some encouragement that they need to just go   just go i don't care if the numbers are  zero i don't care if you didn't get one sale   the site is up now so next time you're in the  grocery store and somebody likes this where are   your bracelets from girl this is from my  website here's a discount code if you buy   and also here's my text number if you got any  questions just shoot me a text message not oh my   gosh girl i plan to start my business a month from  now and if you still want it in a month i'm like   that's not what customers want they want  it and they want it now they want it now   so i'm tired of not being there for the people  who need my stuff like i'm tired of not offering   these are quality hair extensions these are three  years old you guys i'm not making this up i'm a   woman of god i do not lie these hair extensions  are three years old they're three years old   and they still hanging on and i'm arrived with  them until the wheels fall off because that's   just that on that okay but yes i want to offer  quality hair extensions i'm tired of seeing the   the hair extensions be struggling okay when i say  struggling like the wigs be struggling i wanted to   offer women a natural looking sew-in looking wig  okay because the frontals wasn't given what they   were supposed to gave i was sick of the frontals  like i was never really a frontal person because   i'm as you can see y'all saw this little hairstyle  i slept on i'm not one to like to spend a lot of   time on my hair i know i'm a hair stylist i know i  make wig but i'm just not going to sit here for 10   10 hours trying to lay the front to it i'm not  doing it i'm not doing it speaking of that let   me keep doing my hair while i'm talking hold on  once again i'm back i just had to put a little   bit of moisture into my hair because it was giving  dry and it just feels like i just gave the hair so   much life i put some um meow organics leave-in  conditioner in it oh my gosh it feels so good   and i also put coconut oil in it i don't also put  coconut oil in my hair because coconut oil can be   very heavy but i just put a little bit after i  put the moisturizer in the hair and it's giving   it like banana i got a little bit more time  to do my hair because my boyfriend said we're   not leaving until six well until like an hour  from now i'm just gonna put a little bit more   uh time and attention into my hair just in case  one of the sisters at the church want to ask   me where i got my bundles from but yeah if you  haven't already make sure make sure you subscribe   make sure you hit the subscribe button i don't  really have a numbers goal but the more you like   this video the more someone who might need to  see this has the access to possibly be able to   see this and that's what really matters like  i want this message to go out and reach the   people it's intended to reach and you guys can  help me do that by just hitting the like button   like all you got to do is hit the thumbs up  button and it's like literally that simple   and you can show me some love and some support  but yeah i think that i finished talking about the numbers thing and the launching thing  i'm just trying to explain to you guys   don't let anybody bully you into thinking  that everything has to be perfect before   you go and start something before you go  apply for the job before you start school   before you launch your business like it's never  going to be a perfect time since there's never   going to be a perfect time like but god can  prepare you and equip you and literally send you   everything that you need in order to accomplish  whatever it is that he needs to accomplish you   guys see how my hair is like pressing out so  much better because i put some moisture in it   the hair needed moisture like it needed moisture  i don't really put much in this hair often um but   when i do wash it i do add some wish to it but  you guys see that like it looks so much better   but yeah you guys i'm excited for the launch of  my hair business it's literally you part wigs i   still will offer um customized like closure wigs  i'm not going for those i'm not going that far   but i still will do clothes uh closures for  my customers like some people have alopecia   everybody does not have a full hairline you know  so some people still do have to wear closures   so i still want to be able to offer that but it's  definitely not going to be on my website it's just   going to be for my customers who purchase from me  and who really are serious about getting their wig   from me because they know they want quality when  it comes to their hair so i'm still going to offer   those people closure wigs just email me and i'll  have that customized for you and i'll send you an   invoice for it and so on and so forth but i really  just wanted to get the message out to anybody who   was struggling with trying to figure out how to  launch their business and if it was the right time   as long as you have a quality product people are  going to buy it like that's what i want y'all to   understand if somebody wants your stuff they're  going to purchase it regardless or not if you did   this elaborate three day or three month plan  and prep for your launch and all that type of   stuff somebody bunch of stuff they're going to  purchase it and that's just point blank period   and i really want y'all to stop getting bullied  by a lot of these coaches that make you feel like   your business is going to fail if you don't  do a launch no if you don't ever start the   business it's always going to fail so if you're  waiting on that photo shoot or this or that   i'll start the business if you got a website  and you got some good pictures up there   start the business if you guys look on my um on my  website i want to just add that my boyfriend took   pretty much all of my pictures and if he didn't  take all my pictures i took them myself with   self-timer okay um we just took them over  the course of some different days when we   had some free time and we went when the sun  was looking right or you know in my apartment   uh complex and the whatchamacallit in like the  common area type of room where nobody ever is   and we took them pictures and they gave photoshoot  i don't know i can insert them if i'm able to   right here but they gave photo shoot in my opinion  so it gave what it was supposed to give but really   just don't want you guys to be sad if you guys  don't make any sales on your first day i like   i said i haven't even checked i have no clue if i  made a sell or not um and it really doesn't matter   to me because i launched this business to be able  to reach my customers and if i didn't reach them   today then i might reach them tomorrow or the day  after the day after day but you know what matters   the fact that i started and if my customers did  want to purchase they have my website to go to and the same thing with you in your job or  whatever it is that you have to go start what   matters is you apply for that job and the people  who you needed to help once you started working   that job are helped not all the oh i gotta have  perfect on my resume i gotta wait one more month   because i gotta stay at this job for six months  before i can apply for another one for my resume   child i don't know how many times i gotta  say it just jump just do it see what happens   and you know you know what the  craziest thing is if it doesn't work   all you got to do is try again you know how crazy  that is girl if it doesn't work all you have to   do is literally just try again if you want to do  a launch again you can literally just plan the   launch like if you want to do a strategic hey guys  we're rolling out this new product and you want to   do a big elaborate photo shoot and all of that  stuff behind it just do it like but you're never   going to be able to do it if you don't start like  i really want you guys to understand that nothing   happens when all your ideas and your plans sit in  your beautiful little head and on pieces of paper   all the magic happens once you  start i feel it in the spirit   but you know i'm not a millionaire yet i don't  have the most money if i told you how much money   i had in my bank account right now y'all probably  would be like oh i would never be an entrepreneur but this is what god gave me and  this is what i'm rolling with   i don't have the most anything right now  for me to start but i'm just going to do it   i'm just going to do it like i don't  know how to explain this feeling but   it's just like when god releases you to do  something after you've been in bondage after   you put yourself or allowed the enemy to put you  on bondage about something you just feel so free   like i feel free and you know most of the time  people are looking for like congratulations and   they're looking for promotions and i didn't even  check somebody tagged me so i saw that one person   posted my business that i launched my business  but i didn't even check to see if anybody posted   my business to like say congratulations to say  like oh shop her hair extension shop are you part   wigs they're fine in the open i didn't even check  you know why i didn't check because i don't care   because i honestly don't care like it is  what it is at this point it is what it is and   i just feel like you don't need if you're doing  it for support or congratulations or any of   that stuff then you should probably pick another  profession if you're not doing this to help people   to reach people because my hair business is  not just so i can send wigs to people no it's   so people can come watch my youtube videos my tic  tocs all of that stuff and get to know the word of   god and get to know me and see the light that's  shining in me so it can radiate to them in some   of their dark places is so that they can come and  meet me have an opportunity to connect with me so   that they can get a little piece of me i'm willing  to give out pieces of me me sacrificing my time   to package something to make something spending  hours and hours doing that and shipping it off   to somebody is not just so they can have pretty  hair on their head it's so that they can wake up   every day and remember oh my gosh the girl i got  this hair from she's such an amazing person and i   would love to connect with her in the future and  connect with her again whatever the case may be   i always say like even for my waist speeds it's  deeper than just waist beads like god didn't give   me a waist speed business to just adorn people's  waist like i'm bigger than that i don't know   if y'all thought that i was just so into selling  waist beads but i'm bigger than waist beads like   i love waist beads don't get me wrong those  those those my jewels but i'm bigger than that   god gave me this so that i can make  his name great so that people could see   this is a way for his fruit to be able to be made  made come to surface in my life so that god the   father can be glorified because the word says  that god will allow our fruit to spring forth   so that god can be glory god the father can be  glorified so we have to have fruit and this is   just what my fruit looks like everybody's fruit  looks different so don't look for the fruit of   somebody else you saw on instagram that said they  made a million dollars on their launch yes that's   great and i love that stuff and this motivation  and it makes you feel so good and it's like oh   that can happen for me and blah blah blah like  it's so cool and it probably will happen for me   one day but that's not my reality right now  but that's still not going to stop me and i   really don't want that to stop you guys either  and here's another nugget if you're waiting for   support from your friends and your family and  people you know you're gonna be waiting forever   that business is gonna forever run dry if  you think that your friends and your family   have to be your first partakers because  you finally started selling something   absolutely not like absolutely not and it's no  shade towards friends and family but they just   are not your target audience how many people in  your family need what you're selling like how   many people in your family care about the fact  that you're trying to be a nurse and you've been   trying to be a nurse for 10 years now honestly  they got their own stuff to worry about and   the people who are supposed to support you  they're going to find you because you're   online doing what you're supposed to do because  you're consistent and because you're showing up   and because you are right in front of them at the  time when they need whatever it is that you had   so stop looking for people and your friends  and your family circles to support you because   they are not the ones who are supposed to spend  their money with you it's literally your target   audience and i've had plenty of friends support  me but they buy my stuff because they need what   i sell they're not just buying it like you know  for their health they want what i sell so they're   going to purchase it and you might not have  something that your friends and your family   want and they shouldn't be forced to give up their  money just because you decided to start a business   we need to detach ourselves from the whole  idea of thinking that people are required   to support us people are not required to support  us they literally support us to be nice if they   if they if they are our friends and our family  and they know us or they support us because we're   selling what they need like point blank period  so i'm just going to finish doing my makeup off   camera i'm literally just putting concealer and  some setting powder under my eyes so that i can   look awake i haven't worn makeup in months and  i really just want to feel e like i just want   to look a little bit cuter than i normally look  on a day-to-day basis even though i'm cute like   we're not going to pretend like we don't look  better with makeup on i'm not one of those people   that just because i'm naturally pretty i can  say oh my gosh i don't look better with makeup   no makeup has a little resin doesn't  when you know what you're doing so   yeah that's a little side note but whatever  all right guys this is the completed look   as you guys can see i'm church ready you know  i'm just getting first lady ready you know   because one day i'm gonna have to be a first lady  so i'm trying to dress myself appropriately and   stuff like that you know um but anyway thank  you guys so much for watching this video   um i wanted to just show you guys a completed  look because i was just so hyped you know   but uh thank you guys for watching this video  send me a like send me a like because if you   send me a like i might be able to like  get referred to more people on youtube   and then i might be able to buy some clothes that  actually fit me like i can't even dress the way i   want because the clothes in my closet don't fit me  because your girl has put on a few pounds okay the   clothes in the closet is getting very size eight  right now i'm giving very size 10 size 12 ish   okay luckily this skirt was you know a little  big for me always and the shirt is like a medium   it's a little tight on the arm but we just gonna  roll with it but yeah like this video you guys   send me a text to join my community so that you  guys can keep up with me so that you guys can get   motivational text from me when you guys might  be feeling down but i thank you guys so much i   really hope that this video encouraged somebody  to just go forth and jump okay i love you guys   so much and i just pray that god blesses you guys  and you guys feel his presence and you guys really   devote your life to living for god because he is  just amazing also i forgot to tell you guys i got   her name as a minister about two weeks ago so that  process is complete and i am now a minister of ecc   philadelphia atlanta and wherever um what whatever  other cities we uh open campuses up in which is   la and houston also as well so thank you guys for  everybody who's been supporting me on this journey   y'all know i used to be in these streets real  bad but now god took me out and i'm outside and   i'm outside for the lord you know but  you guys get where i'm going love you bye

2022-05-31 21:25

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