i built an entire sims house inspired by this chair

i built an entire sims house inspired by this chair

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There's this item from the new high  school pack that I am obsessed with,   but I haven't used it yet. It just keeps not matching and  like, not fitting into my builds. I'm talking about this swatch of  this ottoman from High School Years.

I think this is like, the most beautiful  item in the entirety of The Sims 4. I just love the pattern on this so much. And I think I want to try and build an  entire house inspired by this ottoman.

Like, the color scheme, the  pattern, it's just so pretty,   and I feel like this is reasonable  inspiration for a Sims build. To be honest, I haven't really given  much thought to the exterior of this,   I've just been kind of like, daydreaming  about the interior with this ottoman. But I guess like, the greens and yellows  are kind of the vibe that we're going for. I'm just gonna wing it, I feel like  it usually works out when I do. I also don't really know how  big I want this house to be. Again, this is not something that  I had really given much thought to.

I really just was thinking about the ottoman. I feel like it's probably just  gonna be like, one story, like,   I don't really imagine this being a huge house. But maybe we could sneak a second floor up there. It won't be a big one, but we could  have like, an attic or something. All right, so is that ugly? I'm not really sure.  Maybe if this comes out a little bit further. It needs like, some more dimension.

I also made these like, shorter, maybe  I should put them back to being tall   because the roof is kind of tall now. And then what if we shrunk it a tiny bit? I'm just thinking about like,  where the columns are gonna go. And this way we can have just two of them.

Okay, it's kind of a weird  shape because of this like,   front porch thing, but I feel like this is okay. I think it looks nice, it looks like every  house I ever built, but it's a good method. I mean, it works. It usually makes for a cute house.

Oh god, we have to like,   shrink some of this a little, we do not  want to have this clipping this much. I don't really think that I want to  do anything really fancy on the back. I almost want to wait until we do  the floor plan to figure out like,   where the dormer would go on the  back, but that's probably a bad idea,   but honestly I'm kind of just thinking we'll do  like, a really small little dormer back there,   have a back door on this side, and then just  have that be the whole back of the house. Let's talk floor plan for a second because  I think I want to have the front door like,   right here and then like I  said, a back door over there.

I'll probably pick a different door,  but just for now, we'll leave that. And we're gonna need a staircase upstairs which   I'm really not sure about, maybe  if we had it facing this way. Well, now hang on, that could actually  be good 'cause there could be like,   a bathroom right here and  then a pretty big bedroom. And then both these rooms will have windows. I  feel like that's actually pretty nice and then   we could probably close this off and  that could be like, an extra bedroom. Maybe that could become a  bathroom. This is kind of weird,  

I guess thinking about it now,  it's a little bit odd of a layout. The stairs are just in kind of a weird spot, like,  it's just hard to do something with this area. We need to have a full kitchen, living, and dining  space so I don't really know where to put those. I do think that having like, a slight  hallway kind of helps in this space. I don't really know what's going to go  over here and I could put the door there,   I just hate how that looks. Like, I hate how it looks in the corner.  I never ever want to put doors in like,  

the one tile wide spaces because I hate  how it like, clips a little, you know? Like, it's just so, so annoying. If it was just slightly off,  like, if it was right there,   it'd be fine, but obviously it's not  because we've got the stairs there. I guess this could just all be open, we don't  need to like, block it off into hallways. I think the thing that bothers me about it is   the fact that like, there's a  very obvious gap with the wall. Like, this has always bugged me a lot, but  that's just -- there's no way around that,   that's just like, how The Sims 4 works. We could probably try and stick a  column in there or something to hide it.

I also hate how that rail is clipping, you know  what, staircases and their railings and like,   everything about them is very annoying to me  so maybe I'll just pretend it's not happening. Let's just forget that. I'm just gonna put some like, random furniture  in here just to kind of like, fill in the space   so I can figure out the scale of it a little bit  better, but I'm sort of picturing we could have   like, the kitchen over here, we could probably  have like, a little island coming out from it. We'll do living room over here  facing like, a TV on this wall. And then there could be a dining table like, right  here in this area and then it's a two-bedroom,   two-bathroom house, which  is actually not that good.

It's kind of big and somehow kind of small at  the same time, but I feel like this is a nice,   reasonable layout, I think it makes sense. And then somehow the ottoman  is gonna fit right in,   it's gonna match everything,  it's gonna be beautiful. Oh my gosh, hang on, imagine if we had  like, the yellow swatch of this chair. Okay, this furniture is not gonna  stay by the way, this is just like,   so I could think about the space. Let's put some windows in really  fast because we kind of need those.

I think I'm kind of leaning  towards the Cats and Dogs windows. I'm not sure if I like that circle one or not  actually, um, maybe I'll put this one instead. I don't know, I need to think about it,   but I feel like these are nice,  they're just pretty, they're big. Oh, that's gonna be the kitchen so is that  actually gonna fit? Maybe I'll do a smaller one. Okay, we will not have any cabinets  on that wall. There just won't be any. Apparently there also won't be  a sink centered on this wall.

Oh god. This is the problem, I always want like,   everything to be centered, but the  scale of this is not good for that. I'm gonna come back to that,   I don't want to think about it right now.  I'm just going to do everything else first. Maybe it needs to be a square window, like, just  a little -- that's probably better actually.

Get a nice big window right there, we'll  put some pretty windows right there,   maybe some in the back. I guess I didn't really think about  what those back windows would look like,   because the house doesn't really fit them. Oh, we can have that one  upstairs and this one right here. Okay, and then in the back, it'd be nice  to have like, one window in the bathroom   and then a window there obviously,  but if I center that, where is it? Okay. I guess I kind of wish there was like,  maybe a little bit more going on with it?

Maybe we could try and do something -- wait,   what if we had like, a built-in  desk nook or something right here? It's gonna be kind of wide, but we could try  and make this into like, a proper office space? We'll do like, a computer, we can use  like, a desk. Something like that maybe? And then we'll just you know, scoot  over the rest of the furniture. Then what goes over here? Like,  now this wall is kind of blank,   I don't know, we'll think about that. Let's work on the exterior more though  because I keep going back and forth. Do you think having a green roof  is like, too much, or is it cool? Because I feel like it's kind of cool.

I don't know, I'm really struggling  with what I think this should look like. I feel like it needs to have like,  a more substantial wall color,   but I don't know, maybe we could do the yellow. The house is gonna be really colorful on   the inside so it might be nice to  have like, the bright yellow walls. We'll change the roof if we do yellow,   don't worry, but I think the  yellow could be kind of cute.

Why does that swatch look like, so  off? I always use this one, I know,   I just -- I love the color  of this brown on the roof. I think it's such a nice color. So many of them I just -- like, this  looks like, weird and faded to me. I just love the like, richness of this one.

I wonder if we could do any  sort of like, accent colors. Like, what do you think about  having some shingles or something? I don't think I like those  swatches. Ooh, that is a nice color.   Maybe I'll do an entire house  based on that swatch next. I'm just staring at it trying to decide if  I like it or not, and I think I like it.

I think I'm gonna keep this. Oh, imagine if we use these Get Famous  flower boxes. That is so pretty. I feel like that really helps, I think that  really makes it look a little bit more cutesy. Like, we're going for. I forgot about the front door, hang on,  I meant to change that. I forgot to. I'm gonna use this Cats and Dogs  front door, I know it clips like,   the tiniest bit, but to be  honest, I just don't care.

And I think it looks so good so I'm gonna  use that in both the front and the back I   think because it fills up the wall, it matches the  windows, it only clips a little, little bit, like,   you can't really tell when you're looking  at it like this so we'll pick that one. Should we do -- oh, where did my staircase go? Oh, I made the walls taller,  that makes sense. I understand. I don't know what color floors to pick.  I feel like I want a light-ish wood,   but I don't think I like how uniform this one is. Also I'm just gonna get rid of this furniture  now because I know I'm not gonna use it,   it's not the vibes. I do like this one, this one  is from Island Living. Ooh,  

what about like, the really light color? I never use that. Although there's  gonna be a lot of like, gold   sort of accents places so I don't  know if it needs to be a bit warmer. Like, if it was something like  this, would that be better? Or I could stop trying to use random  packs and then do something like,   from the base game, that might be better. Um, no. Cats and Dogs? Oh, you know  what, this like, yellow-y toned wood,  

'cause the house is quite yellow-y  toned, in case you hadn't noticed. That might be nice and then we could put  like, the white painted wood on the decks. All right, I feel like that's pretty good now. For cabinets, I know I'm  using Dream Home Decorator,   I just don't know which color yet because  I really like the idea of the green,   but I also feel like this green isn't  really the same vibes as our ottoman.

So maybe I'll go for yellow and  then add in green in other ways. I'm serious, these yellow cabinets are like,   my favorite thing that has  ever been added to The Sims 4. I love the yellow swatch so much. I also really want to center the sink, I know  this is silly, but I'm really wanting to like,   overlap the cabinets a little bit  just so I can have a centered sink.

If I alt place it well enough... Oh, I guess that's pretty bad  because there's a hole. Oh no. Well, maybe we could have  like, the full cabinet there   and that one could be clipping in the  corner because that's not as noticeable. It's pretty noticeable over here,  it's kind of annoying. What happens  

if I put a dishwasher -- oh, the  dishwasher helps with the clipping. And then a sink there. And then if you just don't look at that  too closely, maybe it won't bug you. It bugs me, but maybe if we just like,  you know, try not to think about it. Zoom out, maybe it's fine? I want the  sink to be centered, like, really badly. I'm sorry, I know I have picked  extremely expensive appliances,   but they're beautiful and they're  gonna look nice with my cabinets.

And if I'm being honest, that is all that I care  about is that they look nice with my cabinets. I don't love this, like, I wish that the fridges   filled in the space better.  I hate how there's gaps. But maybe if I put a wall there, it'll be okay. I didn't really think about the  multiple shades of yellow to be honest   because now I feel like this  chair is really out of place.

Well, that's not my problem and I can't do  anything to fix it so I'm just gonna not care. I'm just gonna put whatever I want down. I'm not really sure about  color scheme. I do love that,   but that's just not gonna work for this room. I think that's really nice though. Um,  no, not that rug. How about this one? Ohh, the dark green. Would that  be good underneath the couch?

Is there perhaps a -- oh, oh, that  might be nice for this kid's room. I'm not really sure about how to  tie these together to be honest.   Maybe we could use this one over here.

Is this too many fuzzy rugs? Like,   at what point have you crossed the  line into having too many fuzzy rugs? To me, that is a little bit bland and I almost  want to have like, a pattern underneath it. Like, one plain rug, one patterned  rug. Ooh, what do you think about that? That's actually kind of interesting. I'm not sure  if the color of the chairs really works anymore. I could probably try and use those somewhere  else though and we could go for like,   the lighter yellow on the chairs because  that ties in the cabinets better.

The thing is, I feel like color scheme-wise, this  kind of matches, but like, style-wise, it doesn't. I like the rug, I'm just -- I'm really having   a hard time thinking about  those two things together. I don't even know where I'm gonna  put the ottoman, that's the thing. I'm basing the entire house off the ottoman,  I don't even know where it's gonna go.

Oh, that's a beautiful couch. I think that  ties everything together pretty well too. I'm kind of struggling with an accent chair. I'm not really sure what to pick. I wonder if  this Tiny Living chair would be good as like,   the accent chair because it has the yellow pillow. I think I need a different coffee table though.

Is glass good or should it be more wooden  so we have the wooden dining table? I wonder if that one from  Dream Home Decorator could   be good because it's kind of an interesting shape. We can also then use like, some  other pieces that kind of match   it a little bit better like the  bookshelf to build it up a little. And maybe we could put a window,  that's gonna look bad from the outside,   but I don't really care, I think that  maybe a window might be a nice touch. Or we could do art or something.  Hm, this is a weird house.

I really don't know what  I'm going for, to be honest. I'm very unsure of this. Okay, maybe a back door   in the middle actually would be a good  thing because I'm not really sure what   else to put and I think that the door  would help like, split up the space. Although I don't know how I'm  gonna fill in this backyard. I don't know what this backyard is supposed  to be, like, do I just put a really big porch? There could be like, a patio space  there too. I kind of hate the back. I like the inside, but I kind of hate  the back. I think we could also probably  

get a smaller desk now which might help. Okay, let's start thinking about wallpapers for  a second because most of the furniture is in. I'm still a little bit unsure about some of it,   but I feel like once we get some  wallpaper in, it'll start looking better. Oh, that tile is interesting, but I don't  think it looks good with the cabinets, right? Like that just looks weird. That does kind of match the vibes though,   but maybe we could do that tile in the  bathrooms 'cause that's kind of fun.

We could always do something like, more  simple, but also kind of cutesy in the kitchen. This one has some blue in it.  It's a different sort of blue   than the blue we've got everywhere else. Oh, maybe what I'm learning is that I'm not  good at decorating things that are trendy.

Okay, so really quick, I want to try and clutter  up the kitchen a little bit because obviously   we know that these cabinets clip a little  and so I want to put some stuff on them. One, to make them less noticeable, so you  look at the top of the cabinets and not   the bottom where it's clipping, but also so  your Sims don't try and use those cabinets. Like, I want to put some like,  plants here or something. They can use the other counters to prepare  food, right? They don't need to use this one.

You know what, I might even get a fire  alarm. I don't usually bother with those,   but maybe today I'm feeling safe  and I want to have a fire alarm. Okay, this is like, an off-white,  and none of the tile matches it. I didn't really think about that part,  but you see how it's like, kind of creamy? They gave us this tile,   but even then I don't really think that  this tile matches -- like, oh my god. We have the linoleum, is  that too dark, or is it okay? I think that actually is better. Never  mind, okay, false alarm. It matches. I think I'll put a tub up here  because we have a shower downstairs.

I probably shouldn't do like, a singular tub, it  should be like, a shower tub combo, but there's   a window there and it's kind of throwing me  off so I'm just gonna leave it like this. What about that base game leaf wall? Is that like,  absolutely ridiculous, or is it kind of cool? I'm really struggling to figure  out at what point it's too much,   and I feel like it's leaning  a little bit towards too much,   but it is very similar vibes, you  got to admit, so that's interesting. Maybe I can use it, maybe it's fine. Um, I think I like it. I might give myself  a few little bits of like, green stuff,   like, maybe this wall could be  green, this wall could be green. And then we could probably paint  a lot of the other walls white,   especially these like, plain little random ones.

Maybe that one could be brick, just  to have a little bit of texture. Is that like, super random though because  there's no brick anywhere else in the house? This is what I'm not sure about. I always  struggle so much because of this, like,   it's why I always leave the painting  of the walls 'til the very end.

I just genuinely struggle so  much to make it look good. I think it's okay, I think that's nice. Oh, I  forgot to paint this wall. That's my bad, sorry. All right, there we go, I think that is nice. We could maybe even get a window right --  no, that looks weird, nevermind, sorry.

See, I think that hallway looks really  good together. I think that's really cute. Okay, but now I gotta do  the bedroom which is like,   the main star of the show because  that's where I'm gonna put the ottoman. And it has to look good because that  is the entire point of this build. What if we had a white bed? I know that might  be a weird thing to say, but I like that it's   got the gold, and I like that it ties in  some of the like, white from the flowers.

And then we could probably use a lot of other  color on the walls and in the rug and stuff. Oh my god, there's a floral swatch on this too?   It's a different shade, but  there's also floral on this. That's interesting. Maybe  that'll be for the next build.

We could probably use this white dresser.   I guess I didn't really think  about those, that's kind of cool. Although, does this come in like, a  blue? Of course it's a different color,   but what if we use those nightstands? White bed, but teal nightstands. I wouldn't   usually go for something like that,  but I think it looks kind of good. We're gonna have to use a  sort of small rug though,   which is annoying because I'm not  really sure about how it'll fit. I guess this round one might actually work,  but it's gonna need to be a different color.

That's too much, that's way too much. Oh no, that's not good. I don't -- I don't  like that, I don't like those swatches. Yeah, okay, that won't work. What about  that base game square rug that I always use? Does that one match the swatches at all?  I mean, it's a bit big for this area. I usually would prefer if there's  like, more space on the walls. I think it might need to be yellow, but then a  lot of the yellow rugs are like, really bright,   or like, really patterned, and I  want this pattern to be the main one.

See, that's just not the  vibes, that's way too much. Well, okay, hang on, maybe if we  did use the fuzzy rug in the yellow,   but we had a lot of the green on the walls? No, that does not look good. That looks actually  quite terrible, now that I think about it. Um, yikes. This is kind of starting to  grow on me, but I do feel like it needs   some more of the dark green. I'm just not sure if like, painting  all of the walls the dark green   is the move because the green kind of clashes  with the nightstands and I like the nightstands. Okay, see, like, for example, I love this  little desk, but every color in this room   is now like that color, so I feel  like maybe if we did the darker swatch   and what if we had the yellow  chair to go along with it.

Maybe, maybe? I don't really know what I'm doing. Okay, maybe my downfall was thinking that I could  match an entire house's color scheme to this. Maybe this was my problem.  Does the room need white? Maybe if there was some white walls in  here? No, because it has the white bed.

I've painted every wall a different color.  I feel like the room needs to be smaller,   I feel like that maybe is part of my problem. I like, need some more shape to it or  something, it needs like, some more   detail that I can go off of because  I actually think that just helped.

I feel like that made the room look  more interesting, the colors are better,   there's like, little nooks  that I can put paintings on. You know what, I kind of  like that, I think it's cute. Here's what I've got so far in the kids room, I  think it's kind of coming together pretty cute. I like the color scheme, although  I'm not sure if it's good or not   because the black rug with the white  furniture -- I don't know, I don't know.

I feel like today's build is not  my finest. I'm trying, I really am. I don't think we can put a doormat. I feel  like it's too close to the other rugs, like,   I think that's too much, but I don't  really know how else to define the   entrance because even like this shelf,  I'd use this, but it doesn't really fit. There's not really a lot of space  here. The mirrors all look too big.

Like, maybe if we just did a curtain  or something to kind of like,   make the space smaller and we could  put the thermostat next to it. I don't know. There you go, thermostat,  plant, umbrellas, that's the entryway. That's the interior of the house done, but  now we have to figure out the whole exterior. All right, I've kind of started putting  down a little bit of landscaping. I feel like this is a nice start although  I definitely want to add in some more like,   gameplay type of items, like  maybe a little garden over here. I should probably put a trash can before I forget,  and while we're on that, let's do a mailbox too.

I guess we should probably use those flower  boxes as maybe a bit of an inspiration for   the colors of the plants because these  flower boxes have like, loads of purple,   pink, and white flowers in them, so I  should probably try and go off of that   considering that's like, the main  color in the exterior right now. Okay. I might put a little bike too, just  to have like, something else to look at,   and that can come in like, a pretty blue color. I'll put some lights on  the front and the back. Um,   maybe if we had like, a  telescope on this little patio? And maybe this one could just have  like, some seating or something. And then I guess maybe this one could have like,  some seating or something like more simple.

I don't like it. I don't  like the seating. Never mind. What other sort of stuff do we  have? I guess we could do like,   a little fire pit, but I  don't love the colors on this. And I don't really want to use one of the kits,   like, I've done so well to not use  a kit anywhere in this build, so. I love this one, but maybe I should  swap it so the table is up there,   and then down here could be like, um. No, wait, put it back. Idea. Chess table.

There we go, that's more like  it. That feels natural to me. And maybe there could be just like, a couple  more little planter boxes or something,   like just something simple in the corner. I wonder if we could use that plant  swatch of the little door mat. And there you go, there's  like, room to grow out here. I'm just gonna go around and like, finish up some  terrain paint and then I think the house is done. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything  urgent. There's a trash can inside,  

we've got a trash can  outside, mailbox, thermostat. I even put a fire alarm and I don't usually  do that. Usually I embrace the fire,   so I think we've covered all the bases here.

Okay, I think that can be the house  finished. I built this whole thing   thinking it was gonna be inspired by  a green ottoman and somehow it's like,   yellow and purple on the outside, but  at least the inside is the right vibes. I will stick that on the gallery  in case you want to download it. And you know what, I think I'm proud of this.  It's definitely different than what I usually do. I don't love the rugs in here, but I was  trying to use the High School Years ones.

And I feel like at the end  of the day, it looks alright. If you like watching build videos  in The Sims, I do a lot of them,   like, almost every day on YouTube  so feel free to subscribe. And stay tuned for that entire build  inspired by that one wall from Get   Famous because I think I might actually do that.

That's gonna be a way different vibe,  I'm thinking like, dark tones, lots of   wood inside, I feel like that's gonna be pretty. But on that note, I'm gonna  go so thank you for watching,   have the best rest of your day and I'll  catch you all tomorrow, okay? Bye everybody. You know what, one of these days I'm  gonna need to figure out a different   way to landscape because I just -- I have this  method and it works and so I always use it,   but let's be honest, I really  probably should branch out.


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